Big Brother 12: Week 1 PoV Competition – Spoilers

Power of Veto

Big Brother 12 may have just premiered last night but the game has been at full speed for almost a week now. We already know who fell under Hayden’s fire and became the first nominees, but now we’ve got the Power of Veto results from the live feeds. Who ever wins the Veto will have the option to remove one of Hayden’s nominations all the while staying safe from being named the replacement nominee.

The Week 1 Power of Veto results for Big Brother 12:

  • Brendon has won the Veto Competition!

The players in this week’s PoV competition were Hayden as HoH, Brendon and Rachel as the nominees, along with Enzo, Andrew, and Monet. The Veto ceremony isn’t far away so we’ll soon know whether or not the power will be used, but considering Brendon was on the block it’s very, very safe to say it will come in to play. The real question is: who will Hayden put up as a replacement.

Jump on the live feeds and enjoy the drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.


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  1. Hayden says he’s nominating Kathy as a pawn to get Rachel out. I hope Kathy stays. :(

    • I like both, I lik the inside scoop so when I’m wayching it I’ll predict what happens and I’m always right lol

  2. I love Kathy. I hope Rachel leaves. Annie should also be considered to be put up. She’s playing both sides.

  3. Great that Brendan wins POV. Now Haden got to ensure that boobilious is the one to go.I hope the cop lady is not put up as the pawn but Annie.

  4. I agree! I want Annie to go. Really I want Andrew out, but he is safe this week.

  5. I believe that the sabatour is Kristie or that other really skinny bi sexual female. Take note of their actions.

    • Could Enzo quit playing with himself. It makes me gag. It’s worse than evil dicks spitting tenfold

  6. @ Andrew #1, just want to say that I totally agree with your comments on the previous blogs about the Monet/Chima comparison. Just let it go though.

  7. I, personally, don’t hate Annie. I kind of want to see her go pretty far. Then again, I don’t have live, so I’m not sure how she’s acted since the first episode. I really dislike Andrew… I really like Kristen! Hayden too, I respect Matt for being so manipulative this early, but I really dislike him, from what I saw on his tapes. I don’t really have any opinions on the others yet.

    • I’m just glad it isn’t last years group. I’m still pissed about who “won”‘ because neither one deserved it. Hopefully, They’ll go on & get rid of that silly, LOUD mouthed, giggly, fake-bobbed idiot & get it over with. Even a lot of the guys want her gone. Just wonder who he’ll put up. Someone like Andrew might change a lot of minds.

  8. Oh! Actually, I dislike Brendon too, but I wouldn’t have wanted to see him gone this early anyways. Maybe Lane, not because I dislike him, but because he hasn’t stood out to me at all.

  9. @ blackgirl- someone compared monet to chima? First of all, I think it’s still too early to compare anyone. Second, Monet seems very laid back (right now at least) But with that being said, I see no comparison- At ALL

  10. If you carefully study all the players this season, they are like clone copies of previous players: (for example)
    Hayden=Nick Starcevic
    Brendon= Jeff (from last season)
    Lane=Stephen (last season cowboy)
    Ragan= Dustin
    Andrew= Dr Will
    Annie= Jen (he cry-baby)

  11. @Unkle- Wow, I’m sure you could find comparisons in everyone- keep going will was a doctor andrew is a doctor, dan was a coach, brendon is a coach- total BS

  12. I need some feeds- It sucks to have to wait for BB after dark- that’s like 4 hours away

  13. @Blackgirl

    It’s cool. I’m already over it.


    I agree, she’s actually one of my faves which is probably why I got so heated over the comparasion to Chima.


    Reread Kelly’s comment abot Monet & Chima.

  14. Spoiler sites are free, LOL. No, I really don’t know- most of the time I’m not home enough to really benefit from it- Today, I’ve had too much free time! LOl

  15. Off the subject- I love how when one of their “gang” gets hoh, they start talking about who they are gonna evict next week and the week after- Like now they have all the power and they will never loose it, lol

  16. I just can’t make a decision yet as to who I really like or want to see gone. when watching after dark that guy with the hat from New york seems to be talking all the time and uses foul language alot. he is not making points with me. just don’t know yet who I would like gone.

  17. @dany

    She kinda has too. She’s on the block. Hayden seems influential to the other houseguests. Some have gone up to him and said they’ll vote how he wants them too.

  18. The guys are really getting paranoid! Man, this is just the beginning. I can’t wait to watch this alliance fall apart in like a week. LOL

    • Enzos playing with himself again tonight. He’s the most anoying. And his jersey accent makes him sound like a fool

  19. with the feeds u can judge yourself about a person,not the way cbs wants them to make them look and fool people….

  20. Spoiler sites will tell you what’s happening at the moment, but sometimes the way they write them it’s hard to tell how the person is being when they say the things they say. ( funny, sarcastic, conceited, annoying)

  21. You really need to get the live feeds fixed it’s not like we’re watching for free we’ve all paid our 34.95 to watch so please get problems worked out so we can enjoy watching it.Thank You!!

  22. Just found out BB after dark plays at 11 instead of 1 that’s a little better. Thirty minutes. Until then, I guess it’s Roseanne. (Tv sucks tonight)

  23. i don’t have the lie feeds so i’ve been reading the spoiler sites to keep up with whats going on. I feel like Hayden, Enzo, and Lane are way to confident that they can win every HOH. I hope Hayden doesn’t put Annie on the block. He needs to get rid of Rachel to break up her and Brendon

  24. annie might go up actually,shes part of the 3 that hayden said he might put wich are … kathy kristen annie

  25. same here she is full of shit! she was saying before how all of her bf said she was great in bed !!

  26. for some odd reason,i cant imagine her being good in bed !! lol rachel on the other hand…haha

  27. I think Annie either going home this week or if she makes it though this week she could go far. I like her from ive seen so far and i feel sorry for her for what andrew did. I do think she has played dumb so far. Shes playing like Ronnie did last season and that didnt work out well for him

  28. @ dany- Brendon looks pretty damn good with no shirt on. lol- I’m not too crazy about his face though.

  29. i think hayden would be smart to get rid of enzo. enzo keeps talking about how hard annies playing but hes playing twice as hard

  30. Yeah, and he’s like not real muscular, and he talks kinda preppy- But he’s got like a whole sleeve tatoo- But he’s cool- It’s just funny

  31. last night they all were positive andrew was the saboteur now they all think its annie

  32. Hey yall! What’s shakin? Lol. Monet seems nothing like Chima. The houseguests seem pretty blah so far. I like them but if it weren’t for the saboteur twist; the show wouldn’t be very interesting. Who do yall think will go up in Brendan’s place?

  33. Yeah I hope its Annie. It seems as if she’s trying to play both sides. No one likes a floater. I really think Kathy is the saboteur for some reason.

  34. @ Abby- yeah agree, it’s not real interesting right now.I don’t know about the pov replacement- it seems like it keeps changing- I hope it’s annie

  35. im confused to why some people are already comparing chima to monet. it seems to me that monet is much quieter than chima, but i could be wrong b/c it too early to tell. im not sure who i want to go home b/c i dont know the hgs’ personalities yet.

  36. i hope its not annie so far i like her she seems pretty cool i just dont think shes playing very smart. i hope its kathy because i agree that shes the saboteur

  37. i think monet is going to be dramatic like chima because she cried about the face rahcel made

  38. @ boba- Monet is one of my favorites right now. I don’t get why people are comparing her to Chima? Maybe I missed something that they showed on the feeds, but she seemed kinda cool on the show. Laid back and not real dramatic like Chima. I don’t get it.

  39. @eric Really? I totally do not get the Chima vibe from her. She seems like a nice girl. I see her and Kathy bonding all the time. :P

  40. Yeah I think if Brendan had not won POV he would definitely be going home. He is playing both sides like Annie. I am a little confused by Rachel. From looking at the feeds it seems like her mind isn’t even in the game. Seems like she is more interested in a showmance or being on camera.

  41. @amanda renee i didnt say she wasnt nice and shes definetly not as annoying as chima but she seems like a drama queen i havent seen to much of her yet so i could be wrong

  42. @Kelly

    Don’t listen to Eric. He’s just saying that to make me angry because he knows I got all crazy about him being racist for saying he’s like Chima.

    Like I said, I think it’s because she’s black. And she’s acting nothing like how she portrayed herself in the pre-season interviews. She’s real laid back.

  43. @andrew im not saying that to make you angry and im not being racist im just going by what ive seen so far

  44. plus she is spoiled like chima even allison grodner said she was the most spoiled contestant theyve had

  45. @eric

    Allison Grodner also said that Dan was the most sexist guy they’ve had. Did we ever see that person? No.

    And Chima wasn’t spoiled. She was just a whiny brat.

  46. i think crying over a face someone made is dramatic like chima although chima would have cried she would have start an argument with rachel

  47. @ Eric and Andrew
    You guys are never going to settle the Chima/Monet disagreement. I think you guys should let it go. Lol.

  48. It is dramatic. I do think she got a little too emotional and sensative. But saying she is like Chima is so… incorrect.

    Anyway, I’m sorry for all the racists rants and other B.S., I was a little angry seeing that comment again.

    Since pre-season, people have said she’ll be Chima. I do think it’s because she’s black and has the curly hair look. Just saying..

  49. Ok- so what else can we discuss besides chima/monet. What about the sab? Or how red that girl rachel’s hair is? Lol Let’s all be friends in here, and wait a few weeks to see who is the most dramatic person in the house.

  50. @kelly
    personality i think monet is possible playing the low-key card due to the fact that she might be put on the chopping block this week. i really dont understand why some people are gunning for her, i havent heard anything that would want people to vote her out already. i kinda like monet and want to see how far she can go.

    what if monet might be another jen and cries when when someone gives her a dirty look.

  51. @eric

    No. Not you, just other people on other boards and I find it annoying that they’re judging her before the game. Like before I thought I wasn’t going to like Enzo, Hayden, and Kristen. But I actually do like them now that I’m watching the feeds.


    My pick for the sab is either Matt, Kristen, or Ragan.

  52. @andrew i know what you mean i thought hayden would be a douche but i like him now

  53. @Boba

    They’re gunning for Monet because she won the $10K. Annie has been campaigning to get her out, which is hypocritical because had her team won, she’d have had that $10K instead of Monet.

  54. @eric

    You know, I’m really suspicious of Kristen. There’s just something about that’s a mystery and I think she could be the saboteur.

  55. I definitely think the saboteur is Kathy or Brendan. No one would ever suspect Kathy.

  56. @eric

    From what I can tell, the HouseGuests like her a lot and she seems like a real sweet girl. Like a new Jordan, but possibly smarter. lol

    But I guess it’s only the first week and too early to tell.

  57. @andrew it seems like she doesnt talk much and i havent heard her mention the saboteur. that seems kind of shady

  58. Is it true that Kathy’s son posted a comment somewhere saying that she is the saboteur? I could have swore I read that somewhere.

  59. i think the saboteur could be rachel b/c her head seemed to be only about her showmance with branden and she lied about what she does for a living.

  60. @eric

    Wouldn’t it be hilarious on eviction night that if she was the saboteur, and she really doesn’t talk slow and is actually pretty intelligent? I would laugh and have a heart attack at that! :D

  61. @bobo andrew and brendon also lied about what they do for a living although i believe brendon told them now. Also annie never told them she was bisexual but that doesnt mean shes the saboteur

  62. Oh ok. I think it would be beneficial to Hayden’s camp to get rid of Rachel or Annie. If Rachel doesn’t get evicted I think she and Brendan would come after Hayden if they win HOH next week.

  63. @abby brendon and rachel are trying to cut a deal with hayden to keep rachel around

  64. @eric this is so frustrating!! i cant wait until they revealed who is the saboteur.

  65. @bobo ive heard rumors about everyone in the house being the saboteur so who knows who it is. i dont think its andrew that would be to obvious i think hes just creepy

  66. @ Eric, I think if Hayden accepts that deal he’d put a bigger target on his back. He should probably go with the majority and evict Rachel or Annie. Just my opinion. What do you think?

  67. @abby i think it would better for hayden to evict annie because no one knows what side shes on but i like annie so i hope its rachel

  68. I definitely think it should be either Annie or Rachel. I mean, I like them sorta and I wanted Brendon out, but it’s whatever.

  69. @eric
    andrew might possible be the sabo, And if he is the sabo, then he is doing a bad job b/c so many people are already gunning for him.

  70. Yeah I sorta wanted Brendan gone as well. He is very easy on the eyes but his personality doesn’t do it for me. Although he is very intelligent; it seems like he is relying more on his looks to get him far and I think that is what’s rubbing everyone the wrong way.

  71. @boba Which makes me think that the saboteur is someone quiet but still social. You have to think about the people who aren’t starting drama or steering clear of it like Kathy, Ragan, Kristen, Lane, and Matt. Which is why I suspect them the most.

    Andrew is WAY too obvious. I just think he’s a bad player. And if he is the saboteur, then he’s trying to pull an Eric and it is NOT working for him.

  72. Yeah I have to admit, that whole incident with Andrew and Annie was a little perverted on Andrew’s part. Lol.

  73. @andrew you also have think about the people who werent sitting down when the lights were out. i dont have the live feeds so im not sure who was up besides andrew and bredan.i heard that monet and kathy wasnt sitting down either when the lights were shut off.

  74. The whole thing was Annie was creepy, I guess. I didn’t really care all that much about it because Annie was being really OVERDRAMATIC about it. I mean worse than when Monet cried about Rachel’s face.

    The thing that made me dislike him was when he was talking to Kathy. He was staring at the girls in their bikinis and then he asks her “Which body would you want?”

    And I’m like, that is SOOOO rude! I don’t like him. >:(

  75. @andrew everything hes has done has been creepy but i dont think annie was overdramatic its pretty messed up that a guy shes know for a few days would stick his head under her blanket and what andrew said to kathy was also very inappropriate

  76. its really starting to look like annie is going home this week everyone is talking trash about her but things change everyday

  77. wow. it’s like 1 a.m. here. I was making sure that this is live right now. I thought so

  78. @jackie i think its kathy or kristen theres no way its andrew that would be way to obvious

  79. Could Enzo quit playing with himself. It makes me gag. It’s worse than evil dicks spitting tenfold

  80. the women this season are really attractive.

    except the one with the scars n stuff, she looks and sounds terrible

    personally i find Monet to be the hottest in the house.

  81. Hey Blackgirl. Long time no talk to. How r u doing girlfriend. My posts r not posting. So if this doesn’t post, I will contact Matt.

  82. Kathy is really really good they shouldnt get her out I want to see Annie and Kristen and Andrew GONE and btw Kristen is the saboteur I heard they were looking for an inncoent looking girl who stays on the down low!!!!

  83. why does everyone want annie gone shes my favorite so far im glad hayden changed his mind about putting her up

  84. umm i think kathy is the sab but i want rachel gone or that enzo i dont like them too i like brendon and kathy. so glad that brendon won:) cant wait til thursday

  85. Brendon is a douche? Hell I liked him in the beginning but don’t have the live feeds. I do have BB after dark but haven’t watched it yet. So…..Brendon is the HS teacher, right? I work too much and am so behind…..HELP…..:)

  86. Has any one noticed how Hayden and Lane have the same mouth and some of the same mannerism’s.”Life long friends” brothers? They don’t have to live in the same state.

  87. Kathy is nothing but a dirty rat cop, she’s lazy and so far has “sabatoged” almost everyone by giving up. In the hot dog competition, she KNEW she was supposed to grab the top straps but instead just kept wrapping her arms around and falling instantly. In the popcorn comp she just LAID THERE! I can’t believe no one is totally gunning for her, and then how OBVIOUS would it be that the sabatoger put an ex on HER face, of course she would do it to herself to take the heat off of her no?

  88. I think the sabateur is Matt. He is blending quietly into the group and being very low-key, and didn’t he say he had a genius IQ? Guess we’ll find out Thursday. I think Kristin looks like Tatum O’Neil-anyone else agree?

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