Big Brother 12: Week 1 Friday Live Feed Highlights

The action continued yesterday in the Big Brother 12 house with the arrival of the first Power of Veto Competition. Hayden’s nominees were feisty and ready to fight for their survival. Alliances are solidifying and road maps being laid out for future evictions (don’t count those chicks just yet!). Read on to see the highlights of what happened last night on the uncensored Big Brother 12 feeds.

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – July 9, 2010:

10:00 AM BBT – Brendon is talking with Annie and is upset about his nomination. He’s frustrated that he’s hearing others won’t change the noms if they win the Veto. Annie reminds him he’ll need to get it to stay safe. Brendon reminds her that Monet won $10,000 that first night. He’s trying to make her a target over the money as happens most seasons.

10:20 AM BBT – Rachel tells Brendon that if she wins the Veto she’ll take him off the block instead of her. She’s crazy!

10:25 AM BBT – Annie goes up to the HoH room and tells Hayden that he needs to get rid of Brendon now. Hayden thinks he can control Brendon, Annie disagrees. Looks like Monet is safe from Hayden’s targets as she’s in there with him.

1:30 PM BBTLive Feeds are back from the PoV competition and Brendon has won the Veto. You can expect him to use it and force a replacement.

2:00 PM BBT – Hayden, Rachel, Annie, Matt, Monet, Ragan, and Enzo are gathered in the HoH room. This looks to be one of the alliances, well, minus Rachel. They’re frustrated that Brendon won.

2:15 PM BBT – Britney, Monet, and Kathy discussing plans for evictions. They want Rachel gone this week and then Andrew and Brendon the following two weeks.

2:30 PM BBT – Matt, Enzo, and Annie warning Brendon not to protect Rachel too much because the other HGs will notice. Pretty much hinting at her pending demise and not to be too close to that one when it goes off.

3:00 PM BBT – Enzo and Monet meet up in the bathroom to talk strategy. Both agree that they want Annie gone and Enzo promises to talk to Hayden to try and keep her safe from being replaced as a nominee.

6:15 PM BBT – Enzo, Matt and Hayden in HOH discussing plans to backdoor Annie.  Enzo wants her gone and convinces Hayden they have the votes to get her out.

1:00 AM BBT – Annie is crying in the bathroom about her family situation.  She confides to Monet that her family wouldn’t sign anything for the show.  They go to the backyard and people are telling Annie to be strong. 

1:39 AM BBT –  Hayden and Lane discussing Annie and can’t believe she went to Britney and told her everything Hayden discussed with her in the last hour.  The plan is set to get rid of Annie this week. 

Brendon has saved his Big Brother butt and will stay in the game another week, but he’ll need to regain a better position in the house if he wants to stay longer than that. Rachel might be a lost cause at this point with the way the house is leaning. We’ll just have to wait and see who becomes the replacement nominee and who pisses off who over the next few days!

You can catch all of these events using the Tivo-like feature of this year’s Live Feeds which means it’s always live, even when you missed it! Sign-up now and watch it all live and uncensored!



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  1. I hope they will hold off identifying the sabo we need more time watching the feeds and identifying before being told would be more fun. I thought that the sabo was to mess with players game plans more than shaving cream on the doorknob kind of tricks. enzo and annie are doing the most to sway players. we have not seen the comps to see if anyone is trying to effect them more then just trying to win.

  2. I was thinking girl at first, but now i’m kinda leaning toward Matt. ( he’s definately smart enough to pull it off)

  3. So, what’s up with Annie and Brendon? I thought Brendon and Rachel were together.

  4. brendon and rachel just kissed again like 10 minutes hes still with rachel

  5. Not too much info, I think it’s funny. If my man was home he probably would have made me change the channel. LOL- Then we would have slept in separate beds too- haha

  6. Woah- too many subjects going on at once, haha. My computer disconnected me, LOL. I was asking about the new episode of bb airing on tv? What days?

  7. man they look big,but until u see her work out,u have not seen anything!! her boobs r out of this world !!!

  8. I bet if your gf would hear those comments, you would be sleeping in different beds again tonight, lol

  9. this was a test to see if u were my gf undercover !!lol u and her never been on at the same time !!! haha

  10. Sneaky- If I were your gf, I wouldn’t be undercover, I’d be over there kicking your butt. LOL

  11. thats why i love rachel ! lol she dosent have to win,but i would like to see her more then a week ! lol

  12. That’s if you are telling the truth- You could be a 40 year old from like pittsburg or something

  13. yeah, there’s usually only one or 2 hot guys. and then there’s the nerd, and there’s usually a gay one and a old one- we usually get left out. lol

  14. Sorry, LOl- I had to rinse the shampoo out of my hair, Haha- In case you were wondering what happened to me

  15. And that’s why I don’t get the feeds. Just like BB after dark,sometimes it’s so boring that I change the channel or go to sleep

  16. Damn- I should’ve said red hair, LOL- since that’s your thing. I know that’s why you like Rachel, LOL

  17. LOl- I know- Thought you were an open book, haha. Okay, okay back to BB. So, now what’s happening?

  18. I bet she looks like christmas- red hair, green bikini- all she needs is a bow in her hair

  19. so, who’s going up in place of brendon? Annie? I hope so. She gets on my merves.

  20. Of course, I think I can tolerate her better than Natalie, the nose picker from last season,lol

  21. Kathy is the plant. She is the only one unaccounted for when the lights went out.

  22. My fav so far is Hayden and Enzo. I hope they don’t turn on each other yet.I don’t really like any of the girls yet, maybe the older cop chick.

  23. I think andrew is the sabotour because he is a dr and doesn’t want anyone to know and he really doesn’t need the half million either.

  24. It seems as if they could care less about the saboteur right now. They are all making fun of him/her. The saboteur should really start doing some nasty things to mske the houseguests really angry.

  25. I wonder if anything went down with the sab at the pov comp. I can’t wait to see that. I hope they picked someone smart and not so obvious. I want to be like “woah- never would’ve guessed”.

  26. Did I seriously just hear that 2 of the players were either lifelong friends or past bb alliances? Holy crap. That’s a seriously awesome twist. Anyone knows anything about this?

  27. Could it be a sab thing? Or do you think this is for real? What the hell is going on? Gonna kick myself for not getting the feeds

  28. Yeah I think I heard that about Kathy and Brittany. Something about them both wearing arizona shirts.

  29. its hard to say really,the feeds got caught off and then they said that 2 hg had a long term relationship …

  30. I think Brendan and Ragan may be the lifelong friends if it is true but I don’t think it is. Didn’t someone say they were affiliated with the same school? I really think this may be an act of sabotage to put the houseguest on edge though.

  31. What exactly did julie say about the sab? Did she specify that it was a houseguest? You think bb could be the sab?

  32. Yeah I really think Big Brother is the saboteur. I don’t see how all of these things could be happening without any of the houseguests noticing anything. Such as, the lock being put on the room where the food is kept, and tape being on all the houseguests pictures. That just doesn’t add up.

  33. That’s right. Forgot about that. Gotta be the genious. I don’t see anyone else being smart enough to pull this off halfway through the game

  34. we had our own version of big brother in canada,they did the same thing,it was just called “a plant”..the player got booted on week 3 and only got 1000 $ (people would vote in to tell him what to do (a little like americas player)

  35. Yeah I think BB may be doing about 75% of the work and the houseguest (saboteur) may be doing 25% of the work. Lol.

  36. does the sab have the option to win the whole game? Or will he leave after the half way point?

  37. @Kelly
    Julie Chen was asked that question during a preseason interview and she didn’t have an answer. I am not sure how thats going to play out.

  38. I don’t know about brit and kathy. Don’t the houseguests already know that they are both from arizona? that seems a little too obvious. I think it has to be someone else.

  39. I think that Annie should be the first to go since Andrew cant. From what I have seen on BBAD I would pick her. I also cant believe that the houseguests actually think that Andrew is the sabotouer. He is way to obvious and I would think that BB would want that person to not be that obvious. I think it could either be Kathy or the guy from Mensa ( I forgot his name) I am leaning towards Kathy though. SHe was talking to Andrew and she didnt want to talk about the sab.

  40. It also says could have been past big brother alliances. I’m going back and look at some of the earlier bb cast pics. (some of the ones that didn’t stay long in the house I wouldn’t remember) Especially from the earlier bb

  41. @ abby- we think alike. I wanted andrew out, but since he can’t go this week, i want annie. I really don’t like her

  42. @Kelly
    I don’t think they are past houseguests or were in an alliance. All these people are new unless they’ve had plastic surgery. Lol. I haven’t missed an episode of BB since season 2

  43. been a fan since day ! the good old days when we used to phone in to vote for the person to evict !! i miss those days !! lol

  44. @ abby- Oh, One of the other spoiler sites is writing it up as “saboteur spoilers- 2 players are lifelong friends or have a past big brother alliance”

  45. Lol- can’t say that I’ve seen them all. And I definately don’t remember who went home in the first 2 weeks. haha

  46. Oh ok. Lol. I think it is another act of sabotage. I don’t think Kathy and Brittany would both tell the houseguests they are from ARK if they were secretly playing with each other. I’d hope they’d be smart enough to tell them that they are from different states even if they were lying.

  47. It’s like they are trying to make suspects. Like andrew behind the sofa during the blackout, now 2 secret old school friends and ironically we have 2 people both from arizona

  48. Someone else said matt and monet were both from illinois? I’m going check on that

  49. Yes they are both from Illinois and Kathy and Brittany are both from Arkansas. The houseguests are so naive and paranoid to believe that. Its the saboteur. Lol. Seems to me like BB would wait for a Thursday night to break that kind of news…..if it was true.

  50. Andrew- miami beach florida annie- tampa florida ragan- west hollywood california brendon- riverside california. Now I’m really confused

  51. Could Kathy be the mom to one of the guys? When they were introducing each other to the other the first night, the first thing she said was she had a 22 yr old son. Don’t know the ages of the guys. Its been running through my mind since we got the 2nd mess.

  52. So far this season is (yawwwnnn) boring lol anything good on the live feeds? BB after dark is boring too :(

  53. I Like Kathy and Ragan..Andrew, the DOctor is for sure a good guy or he is using his Faith to hide what he is and I can not believe someone would do this but who knows in todays world? A lot os mess already going down and I do not think we will have the great season of BB as we did last year.There are no Jeff and Jordans on BB 12 that I have seen.I do not think we will have the great season as we did wioth BB11.I hate to say this but to much mess already happening just a few days into the season………….Hope it gets better….Thel

  54. “WITH” typo error……….Let us try to find something worth while with these new HG’s……..for sure Brittney is a Natalie Clone………..Or so I see…I do NOT like her and Annie seems to be trying to get Kristen as her ShowMance..or it appears to me….Jeeze, what is this world coming too? Thel

  55. Kathy is an officer of the law !!! And she couldn’t handle the thick syrup ??? OMG, my 7y/o grandson has C-P, wears beaces on both legs & he would have beat her hands down. Was she trying to act like a “LADY Or WHAT ” She has had tuff officer traing to get her job, & she acted like that ! My husbands side are officers, & what she done was ” SHAMEFUL TO HER CO-WORKERS ” Something smells like FISH.

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