Big Brother 12: Week 1 Thursday Live Feed Highlights

It was our first night of Big Brother 12 with the return of the live feeds but the action was already in full swing by the time the cams turned on inside the house. Fights were already brewing and romance found a few lip lock moments before the night was over. Read on to see the highlights of what happened last night on the uncensored Big Brother 12 feeds.

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – July 8, 2010:

9:00 PM BBT – …and we’re live! Woohoo!

9:15 PM BBT – Annie is retelling the story of how Andrew put his head between her legs under her blanket and told her he would give her a Pap Smear while she didn’t have pants on. Needless to say this didn’t go over well and the girls (and soon to be the guys as well) are upset about it. Andrew did not do himself any favors with this move.

10:10 PM BBT – Monet, Annie, and Kathy are outside talking. Once Annie leaves both Monet and Kathy start talking trash about her. Neither seem to be much of a fan of her game so far.

10:15 PM BBT – Annie is still upset about Andrew climbing under her blanket and is being very vocal about it.

11:00 PM BBT – Enzo and Matt agreeing that Andrew has done himself in and that they need to eliminate that issue as soon as possible. They go upstairs to the HoH room and join with Hayden on more Andrew bashing. Yikes, this guy is lucky he’s not on the block this week!

12:20 AM BBT – Brendon and Rachel are in the cabana room alone and talking some game. Both have ideas on why they were targeted for this week’s eviction. Brendon is trying to negotiate with his ability to help win comps if they keep him here. Kinda tricky to talk eviction-avoidance strategy with your competition!

1:40 AM BBT – Kathy and Monet are back outside in the hammock talking more game. These two have bonded very well. They’re talking more about Annie and neither seem to care too much for her. Monet is aware that many of the HGs are gunning for her.

2:30 AM BBT – Brendon and Rachel are still in the cabana room and getting very cozy. Annie joins them and talks goes to getting rid of Monet or Kathy. Monet is preferred to leave over Kathy. Annie leaves and the kissing begins with Brendon and Rachel.

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If Rachel and Brendon want to keep this romance going for more than a week then one of them will need the Power of Veto this week to get off the block!

Don’t miss the Power of Veto competition later today. You won’t be able to see the comp itself, but as soon as the feeds return we’ll be able to figure out who won and who’s in danger of going home this week.

You can catch all of these events using the Tivo-like feature of this year’s Live Feeds which means it’s always live, even when you missed it! Sign-up now and watch it all live and uncensored!


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  1. Anyone having troubles with the live feeds embeddded in your browser?? I’m getting awful sound – everything is double.

  2. Got so bored with BBAD I turned it off. It was mainly Annie running her mouth – geez, louise that woman is a yakker! Anxious to hear about the POV!!

  3. Rachel isn’t on the show to try to win. She is just there for a Showmance. She was the only one that said anything about one in their intros and on the premiere.

  4. Kathys 22 year old son got a call right before the show stared form his mom and she told him she was saboteur.

  5. OMGGG!!!!! the sabotuer is MONET!!:P cuase she wasn’t on the couch wen the lights turned off in episode 1 , when the sabotuer had striked

  6. @Pirags- you are about a day late and a dollar short. She isn’t the only one that wasn’t on the couch.
    Plus, you should probably work on your vocabulary and spelling. Use Google Chrome or something.

  7. I’m really thinking this one is a girl! I think it’s Kathy, something about her reaction was off. And she’s a cop, she should know enough about how to get away with things. But really her reaction is what makes me think it’s her. Go back and watch when the lights come back on. First she moves, second the way she acts with Andrew, and the way she just covers her face

  8. No, but check her reaction with everyone else. Also what about no comments in the diary room.

  9. way to early to say..your guess is as good as mine,must admit a few people told me the same thing about kathy being the saboteur

  10. Just an opinion, but you know what they say about opinions……. Ok, so what would make someone a sab.?

  11. i just dont think she has the “it factor” to pull it off,they r more interesting people to give the job to then her..

  12. Ok, truce! You’re right, however i really think that this time it would be a girl. I think the first opinion people have is the guys ( from past years) So, it would definately throw people off to use a girl. (Monet seems smart enough and she’s pretty low-key)

  13. OK, i think it’s Lane. I haven’t watched any of the live feeds but just from the show my thoughts are on him…he turned beet red when Julie made the announcement and he hasn’t been making remarks of any kind about it.

  14. When will we know who one the pov.
    I hope the girl with the big Brain stays and the cop goes packing

  15. Ont the live feeds, they just cut out when they start the comp.? Do you get to see any of the comp?

  16. no they cut right before they begin,but u can sometimes see them in whatever outfit they have to wear before the comp…

  17. I wish whoever won it would use it to get rid of Andrew- he gets on my nerves already and this is only the beginning.

  18. andrew and brendon rub me the wrong way,let me ask you,do you find brendon hot ?!?! my gf thinks so,i find him ugly,inside out !! lol

  19. LOL He looks good, but when he opens his mouth ans starts talking, he ruins it all

  20. Yeah, I agree. They could send him home this week, and it wouldn’t hurt my feelings

  21. I think BB is the “rat”, just to keep the HGs on thier toes and paranoid as hell….

  22. annie and kathy im not a fan of..we kinda have the same opp on the house guests ! im surprised ! lol

  23. Not a good selection this year as far as looks go. But if I would have to choose- brittany I guess for the girls, and don’t hate me lol, but I would have to say brendon for the boys. (only because the other ones look like jackasses and I don’t have a whole lot of options.

  24. Well, I had the jersey shore reject, the surfer dude hayden or the rabbi- don’t forget what’s his name with the bow tie- regan, i think his name was- come on what did I have left to work with. And lane- well that’s just wrong on so many levels, lol

  25. I still feel Ragan is the rat…here is why….
    He is assistant professor in the University of California and a poet and podcaster. He is already a radio-celebrity with his own radio show on Sirious Radio.
    Ragan knows the business better than any other of the houseguests. He has published books, poetry and also owns his own blog and Wikipedia page (the only contestant with an Wiki!). So does he really need the money? Or is it just for show?

  26. she is awesome! Go rachel! put up the lame people like lane, kristin or monet.

  27. I think Kathy or Monet will be nominated. As much as he probably wants to nominate Andrew; he can’t.

  28. i hope monet, kathy, or kristen get nominated. then they get booted and rachel stays!!!!

  29. What would happen if the sab. would get evicted this week? You think bb would make another?

  30. Ok, any ideas on who is going up now? What are people saying in the house? Man, I need the feeds, lol

  31. Geez….if Rachel goes home the season could start to get really boring. She has been the most entertaining one to watch so far.

  32. @sunshine- but I have considered regan too. He was in another room with brendon at one point when the lights were out. Who knows? I just hope whoever they are, they do a good job at keeping us entertained and keeping themselves from speculation from the other houseguests

  33. Hi everyone, Can somebody please tell me why, when you want to sign up for the free 3 day trial, and then pay $39.99 for 3 months, you have to agree to let then bill you $39.99 every three months? The show will be over in three months, so why should I pay again? I don’t get it, and would love to watch it live, but…..thanks for information….

  34. If Brendon won POV that means Rachel is probably going home unless something changes. I hope they don’t send Annie home shes my favorite HG so far she seems pretty cool plus i feel bad for her for what Andrew did to her

  35. I think the saboteur is Matt, for a few reasons,1-he is the smartest in the house by far top 2 percentile in the world.2-he was the last to enter the house.3-he was the first to strike up a deal to stay another week.4-when the lights came back on they showed everyone’s reaction except his.5-he said at the end of the show that he couldn’t wait to see what the saboteur did next. Oh yes it’s Matt

  36. I was thinking that too at the beginning. I don’t know. I think it could be a girl. But if not, Matt would be the guy I would think

  37. I think most people suspect the guys, but hardly anyone thinks the girls.- that would make a great twist

  38. I think most people think it’s a guy because generally ,without stereotyping men,guys are more sneaky.I think girls are better at it tho.If it’s a girl ,I’m betting it’s Kathy. BB would assume that because she’s a cop , she’s witness to liars and cheats and rats all the time,thus knowing how to do it.
    It’s one thing to have a saboteur on the show,but if they don’t last long ,what good is it,therefore BB had to be stringent in their selection….so the question becomes who would BB pick?

  39. My thought is Kathy too. I watched the video again. When the lights come back on, her actions just seem off.

  40. @Marie… I agree. I hate the auto-billing thing that Superpass (and it seems like every other company) does as a “marketing” ploy. Just make sure you cancel at the end of 3 months. (you can cancel any time) Or, just don’t sign up (which is what I usually do with these auto-billing things). They count on many of us forgetting to cancel. I’m putting a reminder in my phone…

  41. Rico, thanks for your reply……and I will take your advice, and mark the date on my calendar, since I do want to be able to watch it, and will go ahead and sing up. But…..what would you be getting for an additional $39.99 after the show is over?? That’s what I don’t get….what would you be paying to see/for?? Wish BB monitor would tell us. I’m surprised I’m the only one questioning it………..

  42. @ Rico – a few seasons ago I did the superpass thing and stupidly didn’t read the rules. I thought I was just purchasing the three months that BB was on and it was almost a year later that I figured that out. I cancelled imediately and didn’t sign up again. Lesson learned and I am much more careful now not to go on an assumption. But thanks to these spoiler sites, I don’t miss a whole lot and it’s free. I can do without seeing all the bulk of the high school drama as long as I can have the current knowledge. So thank you all for keeping a lot of us informed.

  43. @Marie… What you get if you pay for another 3 months (and another, and another) is the other shows available on Superpass (like Ochocinco, Deadliest Catch, Mythbusters, etc.) plus any of the other Superpass ammenities (music, games, software). If you are only using it for BB, you’d better cancel before the next cycle.

  44. @Marie: Rico is exactly right. SuperPass is a large subscription service which features many, many shows like most TLC (Kate Plus 8, etc) and Discovery Shows (MythBusters, Deadliest Catch, etc.) on-demand. Big Brother is just one tiny part of what SuperPass is and what it offers.

    I kept my feeds all year after last season because I wanted the $10/month of free mp3s. So I got that each month, was able to use the Flashback when I wanted, and watched some Mythbusters from time to time.

    There’s lots to SuperPass, you just have to decide how to use it.

  45. Annie is going to get nominated and get sent home then Rachel and Andrew will get nominated next week and Andrew will go home then it will be Brendon and Rachel again.

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