Big Brother 12: Week 1 PoV Ceremony Results – Spoilers

Power of Veto

The Power of Veto Ceremony is over in the Big Brother 12 house and fights are exploding right now on the live feeds! To find out if the PoV was used click “continue reading” for the spoilers. This should definitely shake things up for the first live eviction on Thursday night and the anger is already boiling over in the house!

Brendon, the winner of this week’s PoV, did just what we expected he’d do: he used the Veto to save himself and force Hayden to name a replacement. Hayden then selected Annie as the new nominee to sit beside Rachel for Thursday’s eviction.

Annie is convinced she’ll go home this Thursday and she’s pissed off. Get on the Big Brother live feeds right now to see what’s happening and catch any fights that are about to come up after Britney and Annie fought at the Ceremony! Annie is asking BB for some alcohol so that should help calm stir things up!

Update: Annie is pissed at Brendon because she thought they had an alliance. Uhh, did she not know Brendon and Rachel were hooking up? Now Annie says that she’s ready to “fight her.” Which her? Probably Britney after the PoV Ceremony shuffle between those two. Crank up those feeds and watch Annie crumble.

Haha, Lane just asked Annie if she was vulnerable then if she wanted a backrub. This guy is trying hard to get her! Now she’s going for his vote telling him how sexy he is.

What do you think? Which of these two should be evicted on Thursday’s live show: Annie or Rachel? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. I do not have feeds!!!!! I’m am happy about the Annie situation! Good job, Hayden

  2. I think Annie should go. But I have a sneaking suspicion that she might be the saboteur!

  3. @Alex: No, HGs can’t read anything while they’re in the house. Your comments are safe from their eyes until they are evicted.

    @Carrie: I agree. Down the road Annie could be a bigger challenge to eliminate.

  4. Woohoo let the backstabbing backdooring begin. Welcome to all new posters. Matt has a great site set up for us. Hope youre ready to make new friends!

  5. Let her try to fight britney! I went to school with her she maybe tiny but she’s pretty dang scrappy!

  6. I’m hoping Annie goes as like someone as said, she will be tough to eliminate later on in the show. Also I get a “Dumb Blonde” feel from Rachael even though she is a red head.

  7. @CD- she has that job when u have 2 b smart to do, go on YouTube and watch the 1st episode for bout 10-15 minutes and look for her on there

  8. I hope they vote Annie out…She is so annoying…and where is from??? She says Chicago, but CBS said Tampa??? What’s with the lying?

  9. I hope Hayden is smart to finish what he started. He can’t undo nominating R&B so its best to get Rachel out. Brendan will be gunning for Hayden either way.

  10. So, who can tell me what is so offensive in Matt’s tattoo that he has to cover it up with a patch?

  11. What are they showing on tonight’s episode? Is it just the nom. ceremony or pov comp too?

  12. I want to get the feeds but have dial up. Anyone else have dial up with the feeds? Is it worth it? Or does it take FOREVER to play??

  13. I decided not to get live feed this year after having it all the other years before…got tired of paying to watch fish, I can do that for free at home…seems like they were always blocking everything..yes I understand they want to keep things abit secret; but heck; those who pay for the live feeds should be give the extra opportunity to watch everything; not just what “big brother” wants us to see…

  14. I understand that Brendon used the POV on himself today, forcing Hayden to put Annie on the block during today’s Veto meeting. I have a feeling that Annie may very well be the first houseguest to be evicted from the Big Brother House this Thursday night, according to my predictions.
    Kevin Silvestris
    Worcester, MA

  15. Who cares if there is a podiatrist, sheriff, or mesna member in the house, let alone the secretive bi-sexual. When it comes to the game none of that counts. Jordan is an example of that.

  16. Annie having 2 cities listed may have to do with her bi-sexuality, men in one city, women in another.

  17. Is it possible that the 2 Arkansans, blond, beautiful may have some family tie?

  18. I did rewind the black out many times and Kathy was never in the room when the lights went out and she suck at ever competition, I think she is the sabatour.. I like Rachel let’s just see a summer showmance start it si probley r only shot at seeing one..

  19. @Shelly-I just watched the blackout again too!! You are right. Kathy wasn’t in the room when the lights went out and she was there when they came back on. I think it’s her. She might have also thought if she put the “X” over her face, that no one would suspect her.

  20. Peter Jay,

    my thought exactly.

    I think Kathy is Brittany’s mom. Think about it, they are both from Arkansas and when kathy introduced herself, she said she was 40 and had a 22 yr old kid. Brittany is 22.

  21. I think it’s Kathy or Brittany. They both suck at all the challenges. Either that or they are the secret alliance and matt is the saboteur.

  22. I want Rachel to go. She is super annoying and fake! But she will con everyone into voting Annie out

  23. HAYDEN and KRISTEN are friends!!! KRISTEN is too comfortable around HAYDEN watch!!!! Im right!!

  24. The sabotuer is Monet for sure! And I think that Lane and Britney are engaged.

  25. It’s for sure Kathy and Britney.

    Who rushed to her daughters rescue? Kathy

    Who faked a fight tonight on the show? Kathy & Britney

    Who live three hours apart? Kathy & Britney

    Who look the same? Kathy & Britney

    Mother and daughter. 100% sure, that’s the case.

    • Kathy has a 22 year old son…not daughter. She has always been a super sweet person, so of course she would help when Brittney was hurt. And, she had an iv taken out just a couple hours before the popcorn competition bcuz she was so sick. That’s why she was so weak.

  26. @cyndarella- i think the sabo is monet too!! for who the secret alliances are i think it’s going to be a circle. Lane to brit to kathy to andrew to e.t.c

  27. I think it is very risky for Hayden to keep Rachel now. No matter what they say, I think Brendan and Rachel will be gunning for Hayden if they win HOH. What do you guys think?

  28. @Foles99-I didn’t even think about that….Kathy did say she had a 22 year old. They do kinda look alike….I guess we will wait and see.

  29. It is risky! Brendan is a risk to keep with Rachel. I like them together but keep focus on the game. He is smart and strong. He could win the hoh’s and veto’s. Rachel if your going to be in BB play.

  30. Either Matt or Monet for the sab. and I really don’t think it’s Kathy and brittany in the secret alliance. It just seems too obvious.

  31. I hope it is someone we don’t expect. It would be a good thing to not be so predictable

  32. Kristen turns her back to Hayden a lot! when some of the house guest talk! Would any one do that like that to a new stranger?? I think they are good friends. What does everyone eles think???

  33. Maybe the Sab is Kristin and Hayden might know it and if the Sab is not found out or evicted they will also have the chance to win the big prize . plus more???

  34. # 58 @karen- I never noticed that. That would be an interesting alliance. And it also wouldn’t be the obvious. I hope you’re right.

  35. I think Trevor might have something. I think its Kathy too. For going thru basic police training she couldn’t figure out how to do the hot dog challenge and got stuck in the sticky stuff? Then she put an x on her face to get suspision off of her, including Trevors points. But is it all to obvious?

  36. Did any of you people, who are trying to find out the secret alliances, ever come up with the possibility that the Saboteur L-I-E-D about the secret alliance?

  37. # 63 @Andrew- Yeah, I did think that too. There’s so many connections with people. It could be that the sab just wanted to start drama and get everyone paranoid.

  38. I have inside information from someone that works at CBS and Kathy is Britney’s mother. Just wait and see.

  39. I was trying not to assume that but?? It would be so obvious. I agree they do look a like and the both have some fire in their attitudes.

  40. If you get the night feed on Showtime you will see that Britney is the cattiest girl ever on this show. She is horrible, but the regular shows do not show it.

  41. i was reading britany’s profile at and she said her stradegy was to be elusive because people want what they cant have so you think she’s really engaged????

  42. It is very possible that the sabateur lied about the secret alliance. However, when Kathy entered the house she said she was 40 with a 22 year old son. That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have more kids. It’s very possible that Brittany could be her son’s fraternal twin. I also think that Kathy is the sabateur. She’s a cop that has to go through regular training to keep her job and yet she has neither the energy nor the drive to do good at the competitions? Just too hokey. I believe it’s very plausible that she staged the fight with Brittany, put the tape on her picture and on Brittany’s (she would want to remove the target from her daughter as well), and lost the comp so that she too would have to suffer through being a have-not. Heck, if she is the sab and threw the comp on purpose, BB might give her food in the diary room. No one would be the wiser.

    Just one girl’s opinion.

  43. After watching tonight’s episode, I now think that Kathy is the saboteur, because being a Deputy Sheriff, how can she be gone from her job for the whole summer? Also, given her age, I bet she would be happy to make it half way and collect $50k because she knows that she doesn’t stand a chance up against the younger crowd.

    Also, at the end of the show, the camera zoomed up close on her and being a Deputy Sheriff, she can be pretty craft in deterring you from believing that it is her!

  44. What’s the deal with Kristen,
    Everyone seem’s have forgotton about her?
    and for a bunch of smart people I am worries they cant get out of a paper bag without BB telling them how.

  45. Hayden is not too bright for targeting a 2 person showmance alliance when he’s in a 4 person ‘mofia’ alliance. Now that Brendon is safe, Hayden and his buddies are screwed.

    I’m seriously starting to think the Sab is Kathy. She has done HORRIBLE is the first 2 comps, which looks like she’s thrown them. A little too obvious.

  46. Like I said, clearly it’s Kathy.

    The whole mother/daughter twist is very interesting. If you put everything together, clearly you can tell that Kathy and Britney are connected.

    Oh also, the whole tape issue. Not only did that take the target off of both of them within the house, it also give America an idea that hey, maybe Britney is somehow involved.

    I’m sure the producers of such a large TV show know that if you keep something too secretive from the public, no one’s going to care. But if you hint at things, just like the lost Apple iPhone, you stir the pot and get people thinking/talking.

    Last but not least, although not everyone cries over something being wrong/happening to their picture; don’t you think Kathy was a bit careless in general about it? Yeah, you could say she pushed it off so it didn’t seem like a big deal… or you could be smart and realize that she’s not a professional actor and clearly already knew about it and didn’t handle the situation quite right.

  47. The three people who were not in the room when the lights went out were Kathy, Monet, and Matt.

    To be honest, I think Kathy is too stupid and ungraceful to be the saboteur. My current bet lies on Monet, with Matt coming a close second. Monet has had very little screen time — CBS wants to throw us off, so they put all of the focus on Brendan and Andrew during the lights-out sabotage. When they reveal the saboteur, they want it to be a “I would have never guessed!” moment. But if Matt is the saboteur, it will make things interesting for the most powerful group in the house.

    Speaking of that, when will people learn? Whenever four of the strongest competitors get together at the beginning, by the halfway point almost all of them are gone. The Four Horsemen, S6 in BB7, and so on.

  48. I don’t believe the lock was put on by the saboteur in the first place. I’m almost certain production put the lock on due to the way Julie worded things.

    I see your point regarding Monet and Matt, but Kristen and Lane have NO air time. Does that make them apart of the twist? Could that just be done to throw us off? Maybe they’re just boring and are there to level things out with the crazies?

    Agreed regarding making alliances at the start of the game. Very stupid move.

  49. I just read this on another forum: apparently there is an important Jewish holiday (Rosh Hashanah) that falls on September 8. The show doesn’t end until mid-September, if I remember right. That means that Andrew will not be able to go to the end of the game, and he knows this. Who would enter into the house knowing that they can’t win? This makes a fairly strong case against him.

  50. I think it is andrew or Cathy. Andrew was just up in Hayden’s room messing with the food and pillows!

  51. Interesting find Matt.

    Is Andrew going to starve and not eat slop when the time comes around? Will he break the rules and eat instead?

    I just find it seriously hard to believe that the producers would pick something so obvious. These Jewish holidays/rituals with Andrew seem like a mistake to me.

  52. For those that don’t have the live feeds, this bunch is a major let down from last season. Brendon and Rachel have no chemistry and the relationship seems fake and forced. The house guests spend most of the time in awkward silence with no one talking. There is Enzo’s humor and dominant personality and that’s about it. No drama, few laughs, and a lot of silence and crickets.

  53. There were two blackouts. What we saw on the show is what was edited. You can’t go by what was shown, even the house guests are confused as to who was where during the different blackouts except for a few people. If you really wanna know what’s going on watch the live feeds if you can bear it.

  54. I hope Rachel goes home cause her laugh is sooo annoying and she is so fake….please vote out Rachel !!

  55. I think the sabatouer is Lane he does not ever have a comment like he is afraid he might slip up, way to quiet, also did you see how red his face got when it was mentioned that there was one in the house.

  56. On last nights show whenever they talked about the sabatour Kathy was always there talking bout it.

    Also if u noticed she is always quick to blame people whenever the sabatour strikes and when they talk about suspects.

    And last in the have/have not comp she got stuck in the carmel! Cops take fisical tests at least once a year so I’m questioning if her town is well protected (and I know tthat u get tested because my dads a cop)

  57. juyst some thoughts! I think that Kathy is the sab……what in the heck was that at the competition? she just layed in the caramel not trying…and I agree with some of you that she & britney are either related somehow or mother & daughter! Also, Big Red annoys me with the whole scientist big boob showmance thing- I hope that Annie goes this week….did anyone else notice when they showed her in her bed? ummmm can we say unhinged? LOL just some thoughts…lol

  58. Matt, please tell me why none of my posts get posted, appreciate it. I like Hayden. Matt and Kathy. Don’t like Brittany ( too much like Jordan from last year), don’t like Reagan
    (his voice drives me NUTZ, and I don’t care for Annie, or that girl with the reddish blond hair – is that Krista? cause she is so fakey. The rest of the gang I am undecided.

  59. I believe Monet is the SAB….I don’t have live feed, but if you rewind the DVR a few times you will notice Monet was not on the floor when lights went off, but when they come back on she is…..

  60. @ Cindy.. I to have been undecided if it was Kathy or Monet, but Monet was wearing black and I was not sure if she was laying on the floor becuase her clothes were so dark that maybe I missed her.. and then Kathy were the heck was she when the lights went out but if they edited the situation then I can see how this could mess us all up.. I am sticking to Kathy because the girl threw both competitions..

  61. @Shelly… I have been reading on other comments about two blackouts, edited to one??? I guess I am not picking Kathy unless her tactic is to appear easy to beat in all competitions. Then this Lifelong Friendship does make you wonder about Kathy & Brit and Hayden & Kristen…There were alot of comments about Brit bashing the women, but none of the comments mention her bashing Kathy. Lots going on, I’m excited and looking forward to the season.

    On another note, usually by first episode I’ve picked my favorite, havn’t been able to do that yet….:(

  62. I think Kathy is the Sabo, and I like the thought that they may be related in some way. That would be good Drama. Hayden needs to cut his hair.

  63. This big brother season is really interresting, i really do think that it is Kathy the sab, cuz it was really weird that she wasnt in the room when the light went off. and for the showmance, i would love to see Hayden and Kristen together. as for brendon, Hayden needs to watch his back.

  64. One way or another, Brendon is going to go after Hayden. He doesn’t have to put him up for the first set of nominations but will probably do so if a replacement is necessary. If you get rid of Rachel that will split up the showmance between her and Brendon and will cause more drama in the house. I really don’t want to see another Jeff/Jordan scenario, Brendan will carry Rachel all the way through to the end. Plus if you keep Annie, even though she’s annoying and seems to be neurotic, there will be more drama. This group needs drama!

  65. I think Kathy is the saboteur, when they first mentioned the saboteur her reaction was very fake she is either a bad actress or just a wierdo airhead, being a deputy sheriff I don’t think its the later… she totally threw those competitions, she cannot be that weak…..

  66. I’ve DVR’d all the CBS shows and the BBAD. I have seen most, but not all.
    Hubby hates BB :-( and I tutor two boys during the day, so I have a bit of catching up to do.

    I haven’t seen the Annie “going off” or the Britney “yellings”, but Rachel just annoys me to no end.

    Every time I hear her laugh, I want to sew her lips shut. I really can’t believe she’s a chemist… WTF????

    I might change my mind after I see everything, but for now, please send Rachel home.

  67. The aren’t all that “brilliant”, it’s funny how they want to “lie” about their education, it really doesn’t apply..its a game!…I think Rachel, is very odd, and I agree, I don’t see any attraction between her and Brennen..they are boring..omg…

  68. Mr.or Ms. Sab.. can we liven it up a little Please!! seeing how there is no fast forward or pause! or when you click on a nother camara you have to start all over again !!! I Love BB but I want more~ give them stuff to do !! send them truth or dare cards LOL anything. Have ranom people walk in then watch them try to figure out what the hay!!

  69. Wow, the first BBAD’s were REALLY, really boring!!!!!
    Rachel’s still grating the nerves, we’ll see what happens.

  70. Wait a minute – didn’t Britney say she had just gotten engaged? Maybe she’s engaged to Kathy’s 22 year old son. Just a thought.

  71. I love Rachel-there is something about her you like-Annie I think should go. Good group. Like the first HOH contest with having two groups.

    I agree give them something to do or maybe we need some more creative people in the house.

  72. I know I am in the minority here, but I love Rachel!….At this stage in the game I would rather see one of the more boring people in the house go (Kristen, or Monet, maybe Annie….Also Monet seemed a little snooty in some interviews)….Also at this point I’m leaning towards Kathy as the sabo, and agree that there is a resemblance, and other coincidences between Kathy and Brittany….Just some thoughts….:)

  73. The afterhours show is boring and should be canceled. Annie complains too much please vote her off.

  74. I agree Karen. They need more to do in the house. Also, I think Kathy needs to go she is too weak and her lack of skills are affecting everyone.

  75. Good bye Annie! You are too annoying, & you showed your lying cards way too soon in the game! Not a fan of Lane either what kind of puppy dog ‘game’ is that dude playing? It’s a bit sad. I don’t mind the showmance as long as they keep playing the game :)

  76. matt=a GENIUS? Says WHO????? Matt says? OH! O.K. I believe it…. Mensa member? How can ordinary people check THAT out in that you need to be a member to see the membership list?????!!!!!!!

  77. Correct Kathy & Monet not in room whem lights went out but Matt absolutely was in the room he was sitting in the chair next to Lane

  78. I say get rid of Rachel – she is way too flaky for my liking. I thought Brittany or Kathy were the sabotuer however their performance at competitions sucked – a little too obvious for them to be the saboteur. I think either Lane or Kristen are the saboteur as you don’t see much of them and when you do they don’t say much

  79. Although it has been somewhat boring thus far, I think things will liven up after the first eviction. They all seem to be laying low and watching each other. They may not be as “entertaining” as past houseguests, but there are many, many days left to play. I doubt I could stand 3 months of high drama anyway. I say that they ARE playing the game…proof—the all know way too much about previous houseguests and their games, so they obviously have done their homework, so to speak.

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