Big Brother 12: Week 1 Monday Live Feed Highlights

The game is in full swing as all the houseguests are talking continually about alliances and who is doing what with whom.  The good news for the hgs is that there was no sign of the saboteur but plenty of speculation on when he/she would strike again.  For spoilers related to everything that happened on the feeds yesterday, continue reading.     

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – July 12, 2010:

10:32 AM BBT – Hayden and Kristen begin a long conversation about who they trust in the house and form a secret alliance with each other.  There’s some serious flirting going on between the two.  Possibly another showmance in the making?

11:26 AM BBT – Brittney’s telling stories about her fiance, the poor guy.  She lets everyone know that he’ll come in the room naked before he takes a shower just to “announce his nudity”.  He’ll join her in the shower after about 3 minutes in hopes they get it on.

11:57 AM BBT – Matt brings up to Annie that he thinks Rachel and Brendan are friends outside of the house and are using the showmance as a game to get off people’s radar.

1:00 PM BBT – Hayden and Ragan talk game for quite a while.  Ragan lets him know he trusts him and Kristen.  (Lots of game talk for it to only be the first week, just saying.)

3:02 PM BBT –  Annie is still trying to snatch some votes for herself and thinks she has quite a few.  The girls losing her mind.

3:35 PM BBT –  Make out time for Brendan and Rachel.

4:10 PM BBT – Ragan, Brendan and Matt discuss how they think Season 14 will be all stars starting from Season 8 and pick which previous players should be included and get this, they include Chima.

4:10 PM BBT – Britney wants to play games so they make up a bean bag game and play in the back yard. 

5:19 PM BBT – Rachel, Monet and Kathy all in the HOH bathtub together.  Sorry guys, they have on their bathing suits.

6:48 PM BBT – Lane tells a story of when he was engaged at 21.  His fiance left the ring on the pillow when she broke off the engagement and he still has the ring.  He says he wasn’t ready to get married at the time.

6:56 PM BBT –  Lane is talking about how he treats his girlfriends.  He says if she cries he makes her sleep on the floor.  If he marries and girl and they have a boy and then split, he’s taking the kid because men take care of boys and women take care of girls.  Not liking him too much.  I see why is ex fiance called it quits.

7:57 PM BBT – Rachel and Annie get into in the kitchen.  Annie accuses her of excluding her and rolling her eyes at her.  Annie says the house will see what they’ve created in keeping her around.

8:14 PM BBT – Andrew gets into it with Lane in the bathroom with Enzo, Matt and Britney watching.  Andrew accuses Lane of trying to stir things up to get him upset.

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We had a day of drama in the big brother house as everyone is talking game and trying to keep their alliances in tact.  Annie has pretty much lost her mind through it all and realizes she is the likely one to get evicted Thursday night.  Is it better for the hg’s to keep Annie who has no connection/alliance with anyone or Rachel, who is in a full blown showmance with Brendan?   

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  1. I’m totally starting to think that Hayden and Kristin are possibly the life long friends after their conversation last nite on BB after dark. Kristin has been so out of the loop, that I almost forgot she was in the house, LOL There is definately something going on with those 2.

  2. Rachel is getting annoying. And that laugh-PLEASE make it stop. Annie is just as aggravating. At this point they could both leave and it wouldn’t hurt my feelings.

  3. Annie please stop your complaining and accept the fact nobody wants you in the house. You’re going to be the first person sent home so go out on a good note.

    R.I.P George Steinbrenner

  4. Annie NEVER STOPS TALKING. seriously?! Shut up pleaseeeeeeee! Get her out. She’s so annoying that I record after dark and fast forward every time she suckers someone into a one on one convo… Please Annie shut up!

  5. Speaking of “run off of the mouth”, have you ever listened to Britney? Her continual chatter makes my ears bleed!!!!

  6. annie is not on the block!!! hayden replaced brendon with kristen, what have you been watchin???

  7. annie cant go home first her dr sessions are the best. rachel needs to go this week and britney needs to go next week cause i cant stand her

  8. @linnzie what have you been watchin??? hayden and kristen are in an alliance why would he put kristen on the block. annie replaced brendon and she is most likely going home this week

  9. Can anyone tell me… Did BB anounce that there is a life long frienship in the house or is it a rumor? When did it start?? I missed that!!

  10. 1: was Annie making up that fight with Kristen? 2: my husband commented last night that you could make a really good drinking game by making everyone drink when you hear the word” litterally ” anytime either of them say it. Bad thing, we will all be drunk in 1st 30 minutes & have to record the rest. Lol’s 3: this catty this soon & I don’t just mean the girls, is goin to make for a good season.

  11. Asli Rae, so far i like Hayden, Enzo, Lane and Matt(the Brigade). I wish if Brendon was a member of the Brigade cuz i like him too, just cant stand his annoying toy at this moment. But as you know its early and things will change. Not digging any of the women yet.(may be Kristen, I think she and Hayen might be twins)

  12. @eric thank you & wow, that’s pretty low this quick in the game but Annie hasn’t helped herself in the crazy department anyways

  13. BG, of course you like the brigade guys lol. I like Matt a lot. He’s smart and keeping a lower profile than some of the others. Can’t stand Lane after seeing what he thinks of women. I might have to write about that in a separate blog. I do like Kristen. I thought she and Hayden were flirting last night but maybe they are brother/sister. Monet or Ragan is my choice at the moment for saboteur.

  14. i cant wait for annie to leave.
    but man imagine u finally get on BB, and its like the best thing in the world….and ur the first one evicted. that has to suck so bad. cuz ur not going to the jury house, ur going home. and u will never be asked to come back or anything.

    but it couldnt have happened to a better person haha. GET OUT!

  15. and i actually agree with lane. it was weird with how he wants his girl to basically punch him in the face, but i agree 100% when he said a man could raise a boy better than a woman, and a woman can raise a girl better than a man.

    it makes perfect sense, and is very logical. now i know there are prolly some cases of the opposite although i dont know how u could judge that, but i agree with him on that.

  16. Marcus, I have both a boy and a girl and I can tell you both of them wanted to be with me when they were little. But when my daughter was around 7 – 8 she wanted to be with her dad all the time until here recently when she turned 15. Whereas my son is only 3 would rather spend his time with me. He never leaves my side. Lane saying that when his gf cried, he made her sleep on floor pissed me off as well.


  18. @ mamabear they didn’t show it on the live feed so we only know what happend on bbad. Maybe it happend maybe Annie is grasping at straws to stay in house. Guess we will find out Wednesday or Thursday because if it dud go down either way bb is goin to show it. Atleast I hope they do!

  19. I’m going against the grain here, but I really hope Annie saves herself. I can’t stand another minute of Brachel making out.

  20. I think Lane is just talking to try to get people riled up. I know people who know him and they say he is a good guy and does not treat women that way at all. I bet it is just part of his game.

  21. keep Rachel Annie needs to go. I think Rachel and Brendan will do good to break up others alliances in there. They need to get someone they can trust to spy on Enzo to get them out of there.

  22. NO SHOWMANCE! RACHEL GO HOME!! WHO CARES IF ANNIE IS ANNOYING! Besides Annie would help Brendan take down the ‘Stupidly Named Alliance’ down one by one. I do like Matt and Enzo, though!

  23. Does anyone watching BB play poker? Watch for “the tell”, when someone lies they always have give an unconscious clue, maybe a raised eyebrow or staring sideways or whatever; always individual, always habit. You figure out a player’s tell, you get an advantage. That’s how you figure out if Lane’s lying about how he treats his lady, who’s the best suspect for saboteur, etc.

  24. i think Kristin and Hayden are brother and sistr. they have the same mouth with the very thin lips and if you go back to when hayden first got his HOH room they showed a pic of the two of them when they were small and it looks just like kristen.someone asked it it was his sis and he never answered, hu just said WOW my hair was short…

  25. While we all seem to be in agreement that Kathy is the saboter part of me says shes to obvious maybe it is some one else I am suspect of our good Dr. hmmm and as a female representative of Texas beleive me when I say if Lane states he treats his women that ways ummm its not for long while southern women are tempered and easy going when crossed we can be meaner then rattlesnakes..Shaping up to be quite the season.

  26. Lane and Steven Daigle are related and since Lane is the Sabatour Steven season 10 is coming back to help Lane act out his sabatour stuff

  27. I think that Kathy and Brittney are related… like mother and daughter? they look alike, sound alike in my opinion. Plus, the x’s on both pictures?

  28. I hate how haydon got jealous of rachael and brandons showmance and is now doing one himself with kristen. hypocracy!

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