Big Brother 12: Week 1 Live Eviction Episode Tonight

Tonight on Big Brother 12 we’ll have our first live eviction in the BB12 season as either Annie or Rachel will be evicted. Not only that, but we’ll finally, finally find out who is the mysterious Saboteur. Sure, lots of you think it’s clearly Kathy, but until CBS confirms it we’re all just guessing.

The live eviction will be followed by a new HoH competition and we’re expecting a quick battle for the new crown, so probably no endurance battles this week. I’ll be here posting all the results live during the East coast broadcast tonight so be sure to keep checking back for the latest updates.

Share your thoughts and tell us why you want to see either Annie or Rachel go home. Be sure to vote in our Eviction poll too. Don’t forget to join us tonight in the Big Brother Chat Room during the live eviction show at 8PM EST!

Meanwhile, get your Big Brother 12 live feeds ready so you can watch the house react uncensored to who is evicted and who becomes the new Head of Household. If you don’t have the live feeds yet you can still get the $13/month discount rate. That along with your monthly $10 in free mp3s with your subscription and you’re getting a really good deal. Try it for free. Keep it for fun!

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  1. Rachel should go home because her laugh is annoying. Brendon can do so much better than her!

  2. I think Annie should go home because if not she’ll fly under the radar and make it to the final four. I think Andrew is the saboteur.

  3. i think racheal should go home she is annoying but on the other hand you have annie she trys to play all sides so they might better get rid of her for some reason i still think imn my mind that matt is the Sabataur

  4. #4 Heather – the more I see Matt (who is a cool guy) the more secretive he looks – like he’s hiding something – Sabo/Mole?

  5. Hey Roxie, Matt is awesome. He mentioned his wife but i cant recall seeing her/him in the first episode when he was saying goodbye. Maybe his wife is in the house. OK my mind is working overtime. @ Matt, who do you think the Rat is?

  6. #6 blackgirl – Good Morning!! Maybe your mind is NOT working overtime – that’s a great observation, BG!!! Personally, I think Britney (my least favorite hamster) is newly engaged to Kathy’s son.

  7. the HOH comp. will probably involve those oversized golf clubs they had last night

  8. chick from louisiana, dont you have to be rich to be on that average Joe show? If that is the case maybe Matt is the rat cuz he doesnt need the $$. Again I am blowing my own mind.LOL

  9. I really want Rachel to go home. I don’t want to watch her and Brendon play suck face and make out the entire season. Plus, her laugh makes me want to slap my Grandma.
    I think Annie should stay in for awhile because I want to see what she’s capable of.

  10. I want Annie to go. Im tired of listening to her whine and repeat herself over and over and over and over again. LOL! And Im a little excited to hear her speach she’s been bragging about. I wanna see what she’s going to stir up! we need drama filled action in that house. :)

  11. I still think Lane is saboteur. I think the saboteur has to be well liked and gains people’s trust which Lane is doing.


  13. #13 Lori
    I have been saying all along I think Ragan is the rat! Hoep we are right.
    I love to read everyone’s comments. Am sitting here at work and read them any chance I get!

  14. D they are only revealing to us the viewers so we can have some input as to what the sabo is going to put the houseguest through, unlike America’s player who just did what we wanted voting wise and game we get to drive the other nuts. While its fun to try to figure it out if they wait to long the houseguest will dwindle an it wont be near as much fun to see what drives who crazy.. There will be plenty more twist and turns and things to guess about its BB after all.. HAHAHAH

  15. I would rather see Annie go tonight simply because Rach and Brandan provide the HG’s and us viewers with an entertaining showmance. The best part so far is they know it so they carry on.

  16. TV Guide said there were 14 houseguests, but we only have 13. Is that a misprint in TV Guide, or is there another “guest/sabotuer” we have not seen?

  17. I think Lane is the Sabo. I think he is playing the big dumb. If you look at his bio you will note that he is not at all. hmmmmmmm!

  18. Hi Jim,
    I beleive that I read that the 14th guest dropped out at the last second. Anyone know?

  19. Pat # 23
    I read on this site people saying that there was another HG that dropped out beforehand.

  20. Pat, there was going to be a transgender contestant who dropped out last minute and decided not to enter the house.

  21. Didnt Katy say she has a 22yr old son and Kristin says she just got engaged. I wonder if it is the same person

  22. Brendan and Rachel make me want to drown kittens, not to mention her voice, or her stupid comments. “Like omg me and brendan have CHEMISTRY and like I’m a chemist so like awesome. I love science hehehehe” PLEASE send Rachel home. Annie seems like a crazy bitch which is far more entertaining. Saw enough Jeff and Jordan showmance to last me this season.

  23. OK So I hope I understood right there is two house guest that are life long friends?…and would it be the sab and that person?
    I cant wait for tonight!!!

  24. Want Annie to go home…she is way too annoying. Does anybody else see a resemblance between Brendon and Andrew?

  25. I know she wont but I wish Rachel was going home tonight! OMG shelooks like Boy George back in the day…go ahead google a pic of Boy George when he had his long hair! GRRRR I HATE RACHEL!!!

  26. I think the two that know each other,are Kathy and Brittany because when they announced that tid bit they said they were a lifelong relationship.When Brittany and Lane have been playing pool,she says things like you know I dont like this or that,and she hasnt known him that long for him to know much about her.,unless???????? will be interesting.

  27. Annie needs to go- I love Rachel’s hair color!! And she is really bubbly- i like her!!

  28. Rachel needs to go, the only science she is interested in is the scientist. Her fake boobs, hideous hair color and those pants she had on last night…skank!

  29. Monet is the saboteur because when the lights whent off she wasn’t there and when they got turned on she was there

  30. Hayden and Kristen are the 2 that know each other. Kathy is the saboteur. Yep I agree Rachel IS a skank!

  31. Hey yall! Does anyone else think that BB will bring someone back this season a little further along in the game? There were originally supposed to be 14 houseguests.

  32. Wasn’t there a big verbal fight or something between Britney and Annie at the POV ceremony? They sure did not show any of it on the network show last night – if there even was one. Maybe that is what they are going to show as part of tonight’s live network episode.

  33. I’ve got to play poker tonight during the broadcast… sucks. Will someone please text me updates as they happen? Thanks.

  34. You know, maybe I’m crazy here but as I look at the messages posted here the people who most vehemently wish for Rachel to go are women. Is this just hate for making out with one of the more attractive house members?

  35. #41
    Please hunny! I can’t speak for all the women on here but I don’t think many people are jealous of Rachel. Brendan is not really attractive to me. He’s actually kind of dorky and sort of cocky. Just saying. Lol.

  36. toni you are so right!!! hayden and kristen are brother and sister …kathy is sab..

  37. #28 Melissa, you made my day! Crazy chicks are WAY more fun to watch than dumb ones!


  39. Hi Everyone,
    I would like to say first that I cannot stand Britney and Monet. They are both such bitches. I watch the aftershow on Showtime and all they do is talk mean about all the other girls. Second, I really think that Ragan is the sabetour. But I still don’t know if its he who is life long friends with someone or if thats fake. What do you guys think?

  40. @10- i kinda hope it is Matt. He is my fave. he was also in a band- “shooting blanks”, so maybe he doesn’t need the money. I don’t know. but I really hope it’s not someone so obvious as Kathy. Lol

  41. @ amber- I kinda think the sab and the “secret alliance” are not the same. However, if not then the sab is getting info from outside sources. Julie said it could have been either long time friends or past BB alliances. I’m wondering if the sab could possibly be working with someone from a previous season. ( that would make a past BB alliance) I don’t know, but I REALLY want to know.

  42. @ Amber
    I cannot stand Monet or Brit either. They are constantly talking about people for no reason. Did you see on BBAD last night when Brit and Lane almost got into it about the alcohol? Matt is also my favorite but I think either him, Kathy, or Monet are the saboteur.

  43. Hayden and Kristen are siblings (maybe twines) and she is the sabo… they probably didnt want to pick 2 from the same household to compete for the grand prize and that’s why she is probably the sabo and not eligible for the grand prize..

  44. Yeah I think BB could be feeding the sabetour info about the other guests. Its just crazy to think that two of them already know each other. I cannot wait till tonight. Sooo excited! Yes, I saw last night when Britney told Lane that she wanted him to wait to drink. She is so annoying. Did you see when she was like” I hate insecure girls” she is the one that is insecure. That’s why she is so mean. Monet is just a follower.

  45. i don’t know about Kristin and Hayden being related. You can tell by the way he looks at her that he has a huge crush on her. But on the after dark show they were talking about if anyone knew about them. Hmmm, I just dont know.

  46. Well here we go. The first eviction of the season here already. It seems like only 13 days ago the houseguest moved. Unforunately Annie will most likely be leaving tonight and will only be getting one vote to keep her in the house (Ragan). Let us pray that Brendon keeps his winning streak alive and wins HOH so he can nominate Hayden and Enzo!

  47. @Pascale: That is the CRAZIEST thing I HAVE ever heard! No way unless they are Cowboy and Nakomis from season 5 who grew up in completely different parts of the country, no way! Anyway Kristen said in one of her interviews she grew up in a loving household with her mother and FATHER. And Hayden is not adopted…

  48. @ Amber
    Yeah I saw that. They never said who they were talking about I don’t think. Probably Rachel. Its funny how they call them insecure but to me they seem the most insecure.

  49. did anyone else think that maybe Kathy & Britney are aunt and niece that would explain the resemblence.

  50. @ amber- I think they are secretly hooking up. But don’t want the house to know because they would be viewed like rachel and brendon are, a team or pair.( they might be hooked up outside the house possibly, but I seen him flirting with her too. That would be gross if they are brother and sister. Kristin and hayden obviously are hiding something. I just don’t know about being bro/sis.

  51. @ Torch. At first I thought Britney and Kathy were related. But after watching the after dark shows, I really don’t think so. They are so different. Kathy is polite and nice while Britney is mean and dosent have any manners. Don’t think they come from the same upbringing.

  52. @ chick from louisiana. Yeah I diffently think they are hiding something. Just weird we havent seen anything in the after dark shows about them. How would they have developed a relationship so fast and secretly away from the other houseguest and the viewers.

  53. @Amber. you are right. you know it would be like BB to throw in the pair it’s probably the fish but you their getting a kick out of all the speculation that they have created.

  54. @ Tourch. So true. Hahah. Anyway we will find out pretty soon. I am soooo excited. I can’t wait to find out the new HOH.

  55. He is annoying, but probably the sabetour. He gets everyone to do what he wants. He is the one that started the “Brigade” in the first place.

  56. @ Karen. Thats a very intresting idea. That would be crazy. Well we are about to find out. I have a glass of wine and some popcorn and I’m all set.

  57. I dont think it is Kathy. But weird about Brendan and Annie. YOu think they are friends from before?

  58. Im so disappointed that Annie is the Sabetour. She is going to go home and then what? uh, I dont like it.

  59. This will be an intersting hoh competition tonight if Braden get hoh he will hold all the power and know one can’t do anything about it

  60. So if Annie lied about the Sabetour not being on the block, she probably lied about a friendship in the house. Hopefully CBS and BB have something esle up their selve.

  61. i really hope BB has another twist for this if annie goes home. i really want her to stay just to see what she can do.

  62. This is just to funny, I can beleive she (rachel) lucked into that one… Really ?? Hilarious, things will get a little interesting now hahah Bren is REALLY gonna see the selfish side of her now, we just MAY see the begining and END of a showmance for the first time in BB history hahaha

  63. I think cbs should call another houseguest into the diary room…explain to them that annie was the sabetour..and make a similar deal with them so the sabetouring can continue.Maybe Rachel(since the sabetour has already hinted that it wasn’t someone on the block or Lane or Monet…someone who doesn’t draw attention to themselves. It was such an interesting twist I don’t think the viewers even the houseguests are ready for it to be over-the way they run to the screen when the sabetour has a message shows they are antcipating the next message. Maybe if enough of us band together they will let this saga continue…makes for very good tv.

  64. Can’t believe the Sab was Annie! WTF, that was a big surprise. I’m glad she’s out she was annoying. Rachel is on the annoying side too but I kinda like her. Annie I did not like at all. Now, Rachel is HoH so she’s staying another week.

  65. i would have never thought it was annie, crazy!! it sucks that she is out, i actually liked her!

  66. I always get the live feeds; but since we are watching internet tv now, I can not see the eviction; etc shows and that is a real bummer. Looks like since we pay for the live feeds, they could at least add the option so that we could go back and look at them later, how do you all feel? How did they announce Annie was the sab and have they told about the relationship yet, I don’t even know what the contest was that Racheal won. Such a bummer….

  67. that really does suck the sab was annie and now she is gone….i think the same ..America should pick another sab and make a deal with them because that was the whole part of this season and its gone in week 1 come on!!! this isnt fun!
    but i still want to know who life long friends are?anyclue?

  68. Rachel is an ugly Sl*t..She looks just like Boy George..Don’t like her atall and be glad when she is out.

  69. i think that brittany is the most annoying on the show. She talks crap about everyone and then pretends to be friends with them. Brendan was fighting with Reagan then she starts saying stuff to Brendan then cries after he yells at her. She put herself into the fight. She is just really immature and thinks shes better then everyone. I just think she is annoying and needs to go home!

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