Big Brother 12 Saboteur Sends HGs A Message

The Saboteur struck again today in the Big Brother 12 house when he (or she) sent a brand new message to the other HGs. Appearing only by video , same as premiere night, the Saboteur had a warning for them:

Two of the BB12 Houseguests had an alliance coming in to the game.

You can dial back your Big Brother live feeds Flashback to just before 2PM BBT to watch the HGs react to this mysterious news. Several of the HGs were quick to point out that the twist of pre-existing alliances had been done in many past seasons which made it seemingly suspicious to repeat again.

Could the Saboteur’s message be a false alarm intended only to raise paranoia and lower trust amongst early alliances? I’d think that’d be more likely than anything, but if two players did have a relationship before this season then who do you think it might be? Let’s hear some good guesses.

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  1. its either Monet or Enzo

    speaking of Enzo, i rele dont like that guy. every time he opens his mouth its like he is doing stand up. meow meow, WTF?

    this aint the laugh house, or the comedy club fool, this is BB12. shut up ur not funny haha.

    Monet is always quiet, and always lurking around with her fine ass. she doesnt say much and doesnt lean too much to one side.

    • I’m positive its monet…if you rewatch the premire online and mark off who’s where she randomly pops outta nowhere when the lights come back on

      • I agree about monnet she made little contact with other HG’s but Rachel still seems suspicios and Enzo is a tool he kinda remindes me of Jesse

  2. I am not exactly sure. it may be andrew, whowas acting quite strange during the blackout, or Kathy, because she is a cop and shouldve destrpyed in the HOH competition!
    i wish i had the live feeds, but im only 15 so im glad i can get on here to get all the insider detailss! :D

  3. Lol- who the hell says that? That’s funny. Yeah Monet is really quiet and laid back, she could totally pull it off. Matt and Monet are my faves right now.

  4. I think it is Kristen, because of her body language when they were told about it!!

  5. nobody has expected its Monet, and if i was in that house, i would just make a mental note.

    enzo said “man if i dont win i dont give a f—!, i got a wife and little girl and wife to go home to man, so im straight”

  6. supposedly, when the black out happened, there was 4 people that were moved or missig. (that’s what i heard)

  7. I think its Enzo or Monet. Monet is way to quiet and doesnt talk about it much, and Enzo just kinda looks like a person that would be it.

  8. Two HGs this season are both from Florida: Annie and one of the guys (either Brandon or Andrew)I think its most likely Annie and Andrew.

  9. @ ryan15- andrew and annie are from florida ragan and brendon are from california monet and matt are from illinois and brittany and the cop are from arkansas. LOl- I’ve been trying to figure this one out all day

  10. I think that Kathy and Britney are related. Same state, look alike and Kathy was the only one to help Brit when she got hurt

  11. Big brother better give them some alcohol, because my sh**. Been a big brother fan from day one and have watched from day one. But, seriously I don’t know what they were thinking this year, these people are so empty upstairs; in all the same ways, I don’t know. I’ll keep checking it out a little longer, but I’m not getting why they put these people together for the summer and expected us to want to watch them. It’s more intertaining to watch my dogs running around and playing in the back yard, than these people. And the blonde, the younger one, who is talking about everyone from their jiggle to their boobies to the natural color of their hair, I want to through up in my purse. Sorry Big Brother, I’m the Biggest Fan, but Not Good Choices.

  12. Should’nt have said they are all emptey upstairs, let me reverse it, they are all playing the game in the same way. Need more diversity among the group. They all act like they are walking on egg shells and they are scared to break one.

  13. Definitely Regan and lane. Annie and Andrew are brother and sister from different dads. Easy peasy mac and cheesey.

  14. The saboteur is definitely Kathy.

    I was watching the premiere episode

    Now, go to 37:27 in the video, where the blackout occurred. Note the people who were present. Only Andrew, Brendon, Monet and Kathy were absent. Andrew was being a prankster and Brendon was brushing his teeth. Monet cannot possibly be a mole, since she won the $10,000 in the hotdog challenge, she can’t possibly be making herself a susceptible target right at the start. So, where is Kathy?

    When the lights came back on, she was seated at the corner of the sofa, the exact spot which had a void earlier during the blackout. To cover herself up, she starts pointing the finger at Andrew, making people think that he was fiddling with the snacks store during the blackout.

    Scroll to 39:37, you see her covering her mouth, looking very secretive when they announced that the padlock was being installed.

    Kathy screwed her team up during the HoH challenge, being unable to grab onto the weiner.

    As a deputy sheriff, it’d be a wise choice to ally with her, since she has very good investigative skills. Sadly, she’ll be manipulating everyone else instead.

    During her conversation with Andrew and Matt at 21:26, she raised the topic of sabotaging people with slob, which is EXACTLY what happened to the Houseguests, as they are deprived of proper snacks.

  15. The two with the connection is Ragan and Hayden. Hayden was/is a student at Arizona State University and Ragan earned his Ph.D from there in 2006. He entered the school in 2002 and Hayden entered in 2004. It’s possible that Ragan taught Hayden in a communications course.

  16. Didn’t Kathy say she had a 22-year old daughter. I think kathy/britney are mother/daughter.

  17. Just want to say that I am an old friend of Kathy’s and she has a 22 year old son. Also, It wouldn’t have mattered if it was Kathy’s enemy laying there hurt…she would have jumped down and helped them out. She’s just super sweet!!!

  18. Hey, I just wanna say that the saboteur is telling a complete lie to caused chaos! How do I know that? Because on the first episode of big brother 12, they say “Tonight, 13 COMPLETE STRANGERS will entered this house!” Complete strangers will most likely won’t have alliances before they entered the house! I just wanna point that out!

  19. Wow, I already don’t like any of the girls but, Britney! I think it’s either Andrew or lane. lane is pretty calm,and he did say that he wanted to buddy up with someone who will do all of the thinking for him? He did say he’s not very good at it? so it could very well be him.And he is a salsesman for & oil company and he looks like he may have a cash?

  20. I like lane and I think it’s Brendon? he looks like he’s dumb enough to do this for very little cash he is a model? and probably wants free publicity!

  21. Does anyone else thinks it’s brendon besides me? all though he does have a nice body!I think he’s struck on his self!!!

  22. HEY! MARK I THINK YOU COULD BE ON TO SOMETHING? HE MAY HAVE TOUGHT HIM SOMETHING,IN COMMUNICATIONS CLASS?I was in Oklahoma the day the show started and I missed a few minutes of the show.And I may have missed something important.

  23. First, Annie lied and said that she was from Chicago when she’s really from Florida, so if there’s a ready made allience, it could be there. Second, yeah, I LOVE Kathy, but I’m pretty sure that she’s the gremlin in the house. When the lights went out she was not on the couch and nobody questioned her wherabouts, but when they came back on, there she was. I actually hope it’s her.. she could stir things up big time before anyone caught on.

  24. i think it is Andrew or Brendon the red neck. because the red neck (no offense) doesn’t say anything and he wasn’t there i believe . and Andrew looked like that guy on the screen. on the screen it looked like he had a hat on (for the Jews)(no offense again) . so i am suspicious of them both but i have better beliefs
    about that Brendon dude.

  25. Kathy & Britny. On the first night of BB after Dark on Showtime, they were sitting outside on the couch. Kathy said to Britny I am glad to see you here. Britny said I am glad to see you as well. It seemed like they had known each other there whole lives (very comfortable). Also the sabatour put X’s on both of their faces.

  26. It is going to be Kathy and Britney. They are Mother/Daughter. Kathy mentioned having a kid who is 22, Britneys age.. They are both blonde, and live 150 miles apart in Arkansas..

  27. I think it is possibly Matt and Annie or one of them and Monet. Annie is originally from Illinois now in Tampa and Andrew is from Miami area which are about 300 miles apart. Too far.

  28. I would like to see a BB13 where all the house guest are bound to tell the truth and play the game in a way that does not involve high level trickery. How novel and interesting would that be? i suggest it would be very difficult for all involved as we have become accustomed to cheating and subterfuge. Peace out

  29. I agree about Matt and Annie. They could be siblings.They kinda have the same facial features.

  30. I think Kathy, Matt and Lane are involved with the sabatour situation. Matt could be the sabatour or he might be related to James and Kathy could be related to Janelle.

  31. i thought Hayden and kristen were related until last night when they talked they look alike

  32. I think the strongest theory I’ve heard thus far is the Ragan-Hayden theory. Communication Studies seems like a pretty easy course to pass for a credit, it wouldn’t surprise me if Hayden was the type to go for an easy course, I mean, he isn’t a brain seurgeon! And I feel like, with Ragan’s strong personality, Hayden would at least have known OF him, which still leaves a personal bias.

  33. You are right Matt does Look like James and Kathy looks like Janelle which are 2 all stars

  34. two people are not related but are related to 2 former houseguests so they dont know who the other is

  35. You are right its a relationship from two former bb housequests and they dont know who they are cause big brother said 12 strangers enter the house. two people are related to two former houseuests so there is not a real alliance cause they dont know who the other is

  36. It says ‘Had an alliance’ you guys, not ‘were related’ They aren’t talking about past contestants, because the current contestants couldn’t have an alliance with them.

  37. So what say you commenters about my suggestion to have BB be on the up and up no lying, no intrigue etc. Or is it so foreign that most people can’t even entertain the idea. If so may God help us.

  38. do you think 2 former houseguests sibblings are in the house this way they are connected for life and they are strangers

  39. It’s Lane and Rachel. They appear together in most of the ads for this years Big Brother. Rachel is over the top and Lane is quiet, nobody would expect it.

  40. Never thought about the fact that ragan was a teacher. ( that would be a cool twist) I don’t know. Originally I was thinking Kathy, But now I’m kinda leaning towards Monet. Last nite on BB after dark, enzo was saying how he thought the sab was a girl, and something about the way Monet looked down and tried to avoid the subject just seemed off.

  41. The 1 with the big bubes I 4got her name,she also lived in 4 a couple years so she probaly knows how 2 play people, i’m thinking if u go 2 Vegas u play cards so she must bluff when she plays and
    since she lives in las Vegas she must b great at cards which makes her good at bluffing

  42. Initially I like Brendon but as of late he is getting on my nerves. Is he there to play the game or to play with boolilicous.

  43. Also Kathy and the sabatour might have the secret allience, she would be the sucpicious 1 while the sabatour doesn’t, and the sabatour has 2 be a man cause look at the body features in the video it looks lik a mans outline

  44. Have we learned nothing from watching prior seasons of BB. It’s either the fish or a red herring by the saboteur.

    • WTF a fish is the sabatour, if u want help from a theripest I’ll give u my ex wifes number, any of u who believe that get help

  45. Also again the body features at the top of the screen looks like a women’s,maybe it’s a he/she, also my 1st comment I made a mistake, she lived in Vegas 4 a couple of years.

  46. I’m thinking that one of the people in this alliance might be the saboteur. That would give them an edge to make it to the halfway point.

  47. Sandy- so u mean the fish and the sabatour r dating or in an allience, u sure u don’t want her number

  48. The saboteur is Annie! She was talking to Hayden this morning about the lock on the door. She said she was holding Monet’s hand. But actually she was sitting on the floor in front of the stool, and a couple scenes later she was sitting in front of the stool. When the lights came back on, she gets up and is stumbling around looking for a place on the couch to sit.

  49. Ok guys, I figured out who it is

    It’s Kathy!! Kathy is missing when the lights go out and the two people that know each other coming into the house are Kathy and Andrew! Kathy sits back down right after Andrew throws the pillow into the room. She than gets up and tries to blame Andrew for scaring them when she wasn’t even in the room!!

  50. I also figured that Kathy threw the competition for her team by continuosly falling off the hot dog. She also was the first one to come to Brittney’s “rescue” when she fell, possibly a cover up so nobody would think she is the mischevious one in the house.

    If you re-watched Thursdays episode, you’d see Kathy is not sitting in the room until Andrew throws the pillow, than appears on the left hand side of the couch. She is the first to notice where Andrew went and blames him for being “The Saboteur”. Andrew could’ve raised his hand to be the mascot to make the other houseguests feel suspicious of him and not Kathy. Very smart move by him.

  51. I’m pretty sure that Kathy is the Sobeteur. If you watch the replay of the first night, she just jumped back on the couch as the lights came on. Also, She was totally throwing off the Weiner challenge. She’s a cop, she has to do physical skill tests periodically to keep her lisence.

  52. I think it might be Lance since he has been really quiet since they have been in the house.

  53. Someone just pointed something out to me, does anyone else think Kathy and Brittney sound strikingly similar?

    Aren’t they both from Arkansas?

  54. ok so im pretty sure the sab is kath too. like did she really get stuck in tht honey?? total blow. this is the second time she lost the game for her team and it was HER fault. and the way she came at brittney.. all leads up to her!

  55. Oh my,

    Kathy and Brittney are mother and daughter and they both live in Arkansas. They are both Arkansas Razorback fans (as shown by their shirts) and who was the first person to come and see if Brittney was ok? HER MOTHER, KATHY!!

    Rumor confirmed.

  56. I think it’s Kristin because there were live interviews of everyone except for her before the show aired….When everyone was introduced on the show I thought, “Who’s this chick”?….I guess we’ll see soon enough :)

  57. the saboteur has struck again. good – keep it coming. i’ve watched bb since the show began – i’ve always been fascinated by the concept of putting a lot of people under one roof who are from different cultures, ethnic groups, religions, ages and no phone, cells, tv’s, computers, clocks – to see how they make do of their time and energy. the sobateur is the best thing that’s happened on bb and i hope that he/she makes it through the planned-five weeks. this sobateur diverts the attention of the guests on each other and places all the focus on him/her. brilliant! can’t wait to see what happens next.


  59. Kathy or Monet are for sure sabatour and I am leaning towards Kathy since I saw she suddenly appeared on the couch as well but the Ragan/Brendan school theory goes nowhere for me because they said lifelong friends or big brother connection. I know it feels like it sometimes, but college is not life long! I do feel Brittney is guilty of something. The chick is way too neurotic. She is my least favorite this season.

  60. Kathy’s the saboteur I mean come on…She obviously threw the Have/Have not competition. And the saboteur targeted Brittany and Kathy…Kathy did that only as a distracter. People in the house would foolishly think that Andrew is the saboteur cuz he’s acting weird and stuff

  61. Saboteur should say one of the ladies swing on both sides of the fence with women & men so watch out ladies some one may like you like you.Think of all the drama be in the house LOL.
    And the person she trusted would be blame fighting starts up with that to LOL.

  62. replace the faberic sofiner puck in the washing mashene with a pink die dispencer that looks like a fabic softiner puck.

  63. leave the cosh pot in the center of the hoh room with pork hot dogs & pork rines & spit in it.he will flip out big time.

  64. I’m positive it IS Monet!!!!! She was not there in the black out till the middle of it and she was in the room when Kathy and Brittny where in the fight!!!! IT IS MONET!!!!!

  65. I can’t remember who it was on Thursday’s episode, but when everyone was packing their luggage (the one that they received from Big Brother) someone was packing a luggage that had wheels and I think polka dots but they did not have the luggage when everyone was standing in front of the Big Brother house. If anyone can remember who that was, I believe that is the saboteur.


  67. I think it could be monet and kathy, monet told everyone where kathy was on the couch, when neither of them were present in the room when the lights go out. monet magically appears on the ground and kathy next to her but on the couch. kathy over acts too much if she’s the saboteur and she throws competitions like shes incapable of anything, annoying strategy.

  68. its Kathy! Too chatty and vocal about worrying about who it is and then she started and finished the black out in a different seat! Rewind the DVR and pause people!!!!!!

  69. I believe the saboteur is Kathy.
    When you look at the tape – she isn’t sitting on the couch(left side) when it’s dark, however when the lights go up – she is sitting there.

  70. Hayden and Kristen are worried that others suspect them, even said “we have a problem” because all the other HGs were at a pre-show affair except the two of them. they are very comfy with each other, both 24, both expressed interest in each other on premiere night, and neither hangs tight with other opposite sex HGs. so, i think they may be the “friends”, especially since they spoke about being worried

  71. I think it would be two people that seem like they dislike eachother or have nothing to do with eachother because then they could stand up for eachother and bring eachother to the final two!

  72. Kathy says here that she is not in it for the money. I believe it is her!

    Q: Are you on Big Brother for the money, the fame, the showmance or just to prove you can do it? (grayceejewel)

    A: Hi grayceejewel. The answer to your question is, the reason i want to be on BB is to prove I can do it. Nothing else, no fame, no money, no showmance.

  73. Kathy is ” Lazy ” she took strong tuff training to become a officer of the law & she could not handle “THICK SYRUP ” FAKE,,my little 7 y/o grandson has C-P, wears braces on both legs, & he could have done a much better job then ” Kathy “. She has ya,all fooled, she,ll go soon. I,m glad she dose not pertect my town. LOL,my husbands side of the family are officers, she,s a JOKE, plain & simple.

  74. Isn’t it funny how both Kathy and Brittney wear Razorback clothes all the time…Being from the south we love our college sports teams…but their is something with them two…they do seem to look alike in the face…Maybe they are staging the fights to throw people off…not sure..just seems odd

  75. I bet that since Kathy and Brittany are both from Arkansas, and because Kathy is probably the saboteur, that they are in an alliance. Also, in the Sunday night episode, it was shown that they were the two faces to have an x taped over their pictures, indicating a possible alliance? And maybe thats why they fought so much– to disguise that fact.


  77. Ok..i think it’s Monet because if you look at the tape and look Kathy and Monet where not in the room when the lights went off. Then when they came back on she was sitting on the sofa. When some of the house guests where up in the hoh room, Kathy said she thinks it’s a girl. Monet was quick to come back saying she was on the sofa when the lights went out….LIAR! :)

  78. i think you should keep it away from everyone becuase now there is someone in the house that thinks its anyone i think is a guy but every one thinks its matt i think its kathy

  79. George,

    This is exactly what i’m saying. They both wear Arkansas Razorback shirts, Kathy was the first one to come to her daughters rescue, they have a similar face, they sound similar, their both blondes, the Xs were both on their faces, the list goes on.

    I think they just argued with each other to throw everybody off. I also think that Kathy and Brittney, while their related, may not be The Saboteur.

  80. ok..i’ve done a little research myself looking back at the video of when the lights went out (because i have that type of time on my hands) but what I saw in the video before the lights went out that Brendon was sitting in the Right Nominee chair…and a few seconds later when the night vision kicked in…Matt was sitting there…so looks like we can’t go by the video itself as BB is doing some video editing to mess with our minds…

  81. I think the sabetour is Lane. He is way too quiet and he always has a suspicious look on his face whenever the sabetour strikes. Kathy is just the opposite and is very vocal, accusing everyone who is a suspect. Kathy said she thinks the sabetour is a girl. That woukd be a dumb thing to say if she is the sabetour, because she IS a girl. There are more men then there are women this season, so I think the sabetour is a guy. Last year, there were more guys than girls because Jesse returned to the BB house. The only time they have an uneven amount of people in the house is when there is a twist involved, so I am convinced the sabetour is a guy.

  82. Kathy is the saboteur….the game with the caramel gave her away….she just never tried to get out and the pink team girl is half kathys size and she got out of the caramel just fine!!!

  83. Okay, for those of you trying to examine when the lights were out, it won’t do any good. They were out for 20 or so minutes, as said by the contestants on showtime. I think there is a connection between Kathy and Brit though, it’s just so hard to figure out everything. I wish WE knew! lol

  84. There would have been an even number because one person backed out at the last minute, and that person was a girl. I personally think it’s Kathy, a Deputy Sheriff should not have that much difficulty with the challenges! She totally gave up on the have nots challenge. I also felt that she didn’t think the X on the faces of her and Britney were that big of deal because she did it.

  85. Kathy is the saboteur. Unquestionably! She blew the first hot dog challenge, then in the popcorn/caramel challenge basically just laid there. I think she threw herself into the mix by “X”ing out her own picture but really wants Britney gone.

  86. Kathy is the saboteur. She blew the first hot dog challenge, then in the popcorn/caramel challenge basically just laid there. I think she threw herself into the mix by “X”ing out her own picture but really wants Britney gone.

  87. we think it is kathy because our father is a cop and he could do all those challenges easily cops are able to do all those fitness activities and all she did was sit there in the caramel and look like a retard. She sucks a being the saboteur because she is being to obvious. The people in the household should have noticed it right away when she could not grab the hot dog and then with the caramel she took her sweet time looking through the pop corn too.

  88. hello fellers . I Love the gay boy hes such a lil clever lil hottie id love to get to know him better. Anywho I do i do love big brothers its so fab olala !! =] Im so exited im going to see big brothers live soon Yaaaaaay mee !! Im gonna jummp on ragan so hard !! =] I think the *sabouture* excuse me spelling . Is dadadadadadad DRUM ROLL PLEASE hehehehe ANNIE totaly like why wouldnt it be Hello
    well ttyl!!! heheheh <3

  89. I believe it’s Monet, if think about it sure both were not there but Kathy was wearing light colored cloths which would reflect most any light and Monet was in dark cloths which doesn’t

  90. Alex…you might be onto something with the vegas connection. Andrew finished in the money in the 2008 world series of poker.

  91. I think it is between the two girls that had the green X on there faces. Both as got a sercet side. Kathy mess up in the food comp. and the other kinda throw the HOH comp.

  92. Its Kathy, but her and Brittany are related. I just noticed that when they were doing the introductions, Kathy and Brittany were sitting next to each other and Kathy didn’t say where she was from, not wanting the other houseguests to catch on that they are from the same place but Brittany did say she was from Arkansas

  93. Well bigbrotherfan#1…she didn’t have to tell anyone where she was’s written all over her shirt when she wears the Arkansas Razorbacks shirts…and the only ones wearing those are fans from Arkansas…

  94. The saboteur can only be one of 3 people. During the blackout Brendon, Andrew and Monet were missing. I bet anything it’s Monet but, I have to admit I didn’t notice Monet was gone at first but, after watching a clip of the episode again I don’t see how I could have missed her. Her hair has alot of volume and I was watching before the blackout and eliminating people there were 10 people present. I figured the saboteur would be someone you would least expect. And the person I least expected it to be was Monet.

  95. Kaitlin and Jade, Please don’t use the word RETARD. Let’s be kind & nice without useing hurtful words. I’am a retired CNA, & nursing is a wounderful thing, but words like that do hurt people.

  96. I read that someone who is watching B/B,s knows Brittney & she says Kathy is not related to Brittney @ all. She said she went to school with her & she knows Brittneys Mom & it is not Kathy !

  97. Kristin, 100% She is NEVER shown. Out of all of the houseguests, she is the only one not interviewed AND her reactions are never shown. If you watch the episodes closely, you will see they almost purposely avoid getting any camera shots of her. I actually forgot about her until a friend mentioned her. I would bet anything it is her.

  98. I think it would cause alot of panic and havoc in the house if cbs would let the house play and then let america vote to evict but let the hgs vote too so they would think they were in control but ultimately america is. Alliances would not be trusted and they would be completly clueless to what is going on

  99. Hayden and kristen are the pair. They were in the cabana room on BB after dark said do you think anyone expects anything and very chummy. So Im going them and I think Matt is the sabotuer.

  100. I think Kathy and Britney are related. And the Saboteur knows they are so they put the X’s to put the spot light on them. I think its Regan or Matt. Regan because he said backstabbing in the beginning and so did the Saboteur. And Matt just because he’s a Genius. Its not Kathy even though she looks suspicious.

  101. My money is on either Kathy or Kristin being the Sab. Kathy really blew the Have/Have Not competition. My whole family is cops and firefighters and no matter how difficult a task may be, we don’t give up that easily. HOWEVER, Kristin who? She’s never interviewed. You hardly ever see her on video EVER. I completely forgot she was even there until nomination night. Kristin is playing so low key that she’s either the Sab or her game is to skate under the radar for as long as possible to avoid nominations.

  102. But, I think Regan is the Saboteur. He’s a college professor. He was sitting on the corner of the coach when the lights turned off. When Annie told him she was a lesbian he said “I can’t explain the gift you have just giving me.” I could be wrong, but I think, I’m right on this one. People have secrets in the house, but the Saboteur is there to expose other peoples games. And start trouble.

  103. Do you think that the Saboteur is messing with the washing machine??? With all the tecno people and electricians around don’t you think that, that would not be an issue? LOL

  104. Would’nt it be funny if BB or the sab put baby gnomes all over the house? in the couch,drawers, etc… Let them think they won something (mess with their heads) see if they tell or go crazy and collect them. Or little figures of them. Excitement!!!!

  105. I think Kathy is the saboteur because she was one of the four that were gone when the lights webt out during the first episode. She is also the one who kept falling off the hot dog during the HOH challange. She also just laid there and rolled around in the carmel for 20 minutes during the have, have not’s compation and we know that she can get up and get the tooth to where it needed to be because she did it before. She might have done that to cause drama too between her and Brittany because she was the slowest one before Kathy came along and she was the only one in the out of the four theat were missing when Kathy and Brittany were argueing. Shes also the one who said the saboteur is probally someone who you wouldnt normally suspect and she also thinks (or knows) the saboteur is a girl.

    Monet was another person that was missing during the blackout. i dont really think it would be her but she is a suspect.

    Brendon and Andrew were the other two that were missing Andrew just wanted to scare the other hoouse guests and Brendon just went to brush his teeth.

    Kathy is the saboteur.

  106. Kat & Brit could be life long friends its not a blond thing they are not real blonds, look at the roots. Kat said she had a 22 yr son its to much of a coincident the Brit is 22 brought up be a single mom. I don’t think they are related but maybe her son is brits bfriend who knows. The sab well if bb could just get the feeds working hirer some real tech people maybe we could understand and see more of the game. I sure wish I could understand why they are sabing our feeds so much.

  107. Oh something else brendon is someone brought to the game by someone he met from bb. Did you listen to his interview

  108. If you look closely right before the light goes out there are a few people missing that suddenly appear when the lights go on again. I watched and saw Kathy and Monet appear at the end of the one couch and also Matt isn’t seen right before the lights go out but then appears where Brendon was sitting, beside Lane in the 2 nomination seats. Those 3 other than the 2 obvious, Brendon & Andrew.

  109. My guess is that the two with a connection are Matt and Monet and the saboteur is Kristen. Probably totally wrong, but I’ll go with it for now. :-)

  110. Please correct me if I am wrong about the blackout. Didn’t Julie say that BB was going to help the saboteur by turning off the lights? So if ya’ll heard what I heard it doesn’t matter at all who was sitting or standing or where.

  111. judy i really dont think it was rude at all were just saying what we think so i dont think you should say were rude because you have no idea who we are so i would appriciated if you kept your mouth shut (: thank you!

  112. I think that the sabatuer is… One of the thirteen houseguests! No I think that It is monet! She is always quite quiet, also she would not want to make as much money before the halfway point as possible, and she won the $10,000. Also she is one of the only people who has not mentioned the sabatuer in a diary room interview! suspicious! Also I am pretty sure if the lifelong friends thing is true that the sabatuer would have to be one of the people in the “friendship” because bb wouldn’t give away their secret to someone! Also everyone, it’s a friendship, not a relationship, or sibling connection! That’s all I gots for right now!

  113. I think that Britney is engaged to Kathy’s son..I think that is the connection. The sab I think is Kristin.. The X’s on both Kathy’s and Britneys face is a clue.. K-Kathy B-Britney= Kristin Bitting. If you also notice when Kathy sees the X’s on her and Britney’s face, she tries to deflect from it, presumably because of the connection. I also think that it is weird that this season there are quite a few people from the same state.

  114. I think that the two people who formed alliances before the show are Hayden and Brittney because they both come from the same state and are also around the same age.My second guess would be Ragan and Brendan because they come from the same state and are also around the same age.

  115. What if Kathy and Britany are Aunt and neice?
    Remember when the houseguests were getting their keys and Britany was walking down the street with someone who looked to be her Mom. But you only saw her for a few seconds and then that was it.

  116. I think there is 6 pairs of people who came into the game knowing each other like they did in a previous season… where everyone knows someone EXCEPT the sabotuer. I think the saboteur is the only one without a previous relationship.

  117. Saboteur=Annie which is no more…Or is their a male Saboteur also??

    Two life long friends/Related=Kathy and Britney also these are either mother and daughter or annut and neice….

    Kathy said at her introduction she has a 22 year old… Guess who is 22=Britney

    If you look at them together they look alike…

    I think also Kathy and Britney are in an Alliance…They are around each other alot!

    @mizz Britney comes from the same state Kathy does…

    Fact about Matt he was on Average Joe…Wonder if this means anthing?

  118. These are really great theories. Only two people were right about the actual sab (Annie), but I like the theories about who knows each other. I don’t think Kathy and Brit are mother and daughter though, if only because it seems like the obvious guess of everyone. Would BB really make it that easy?

    • Awwww, I reallllly hope so. (: Now that would be very cute. Because they always seem to flirt.. like on the live feeds.

    • I hope so too but then who is Nick? I think Blane and Brit are cute together and so are Hayden and Kristen. I hope they all get together after this is over.

  119. Kathy is not brittanys mom. In their interviews, Kathy said she has one son and is not married. Brittany said she has ‘a complicated family’ she refers to asking her PARENTS for money she says she has parents that were divorced and both remarried. Brittany also said she has an autistic younger brother that Kathy doesn’t mention. Also Brittany says her and her mom watched from season one and her and her moms favorite season was all stars. Kathy says she watched from season 3 and her favorite season was season 8.

  120. Also, did anybody else notice the facial similarities between rachael and Brittany?

    • Heck no! Rachel is skankee and Brits a doll

      They no way look or act alike. Brit is class, Rachel is trashey with a big mouth. She puts her foot in it every day.

  121. I believe that Britney and Lane are the ones with an alliance….Also I think that they are engaged to one another…When Britney didn’t use the veto on Hayden on August 4th just so she can ensure Lane stayed in the house it made me think there is something there..

    • I think your right. and when Brit did get hoh the picture of her boyfriend looked so much like Blane it was incredable. I think your on to something here. I hope so…


  123. WTF is anyone really watching the feeds Alliances Brigade Brigade is four guys Lane, Matt, Enzo and Hayden. Britney is a floater she wants a alliance the guys are just using brit to get info. Britney is not engaged to lane now that is real lame. Listen to the four guys everyone is so dumb that the brigade will go to the end. Brendon & Rachael are playing the worst game anyone could do. They put there cards out there for everyone and trusting in on the best game players “STUPID” I would love to just pop them against the head and ask them to walk up and be real game players.

    Please everyone forget about the 2 life long relationships. Sabator statements were just sabator statement to just to mess with your head what has been true? Nothing

  124. i think Kathy and Britney are mother and daughter, because on the first competition when britney got hurt Kathy ran out to check on her first. Or Kathy an Lane mother and son, because she said her sons name was Shane. Shane Lane however u spell it it ryhmes. suspicious? Or Lane and Britney, brother-sister, cousins, or going out-engaged

  125. I think Lane and Britney have a secret alliance. Maybe they are secretly in a relationship which began before BB12 or long time friends.

  126. They should do somehting to kristen becassue she should of appolidgized to Rachel she isnt that bad. I think they should do somehting horable to kristen i don’t like her at all so do somehting like hide something she loves dearly.

  127. the sabotour needs to sabatoge the brigade alliance between enzo, matt,lane, and the other 1

    • I think you are right. The Brigade excepts her exect for Enso. Sometimes Enso says things without thinking.

    you should release a statement ” My revenge is coming in double fold” prior to the evictions, but on live TV so that way no one has time to think or say anything.

  129. brendon and rachel. because they immediately became showmance as if they knew one another already. because before you become a couple, it takes warming up: meet, get to know one another, be friends for awhile then you become a boyfriend/girlfriend.

  130. I think that Hayden and Kirsten knew each other before coming into the house. One episode in the cabanana room, they were laughing with each other like they had a secret nobody but them knew about.
    Will they tell us in the end? I can not believe what pig the last three are. Looks like a cyclone when through the place but…. I live for Big Brother. It’s the best show ever.

  131. Despite the fact that BBN (Matt), insists it’s a lie there are no lifelong friends in the house, I STILL believe there is a possibility, and it’s KATHY AND RACHEL. They did not however work together as an alliance, only that they knew each other pre-BB. After watching their body language and listening to their 1st conversation alone together in Rachel’s 1st HOH room on 7/15 evening, I’m 90% convinced that they had already known each other before BB.

    I eagerly wait to hear if this was a complete fabrication or if my woman’s intuition is working or not. lol

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