Big Brother 12: Final HoH Competition Round 2 Episode Tonight

Tonight delivers our final Big Brother 12 Thursday episode of the season! Last night we watched as Britney was evicted and the Brigade faced off in the first round of the final Head of Household competition. We’ve got those spoilers if you’re anxious to find out who won the endurance comp in Round 1.

Thankfully the live feeds returned after last night’s show so we’ve been able to jump back in the house and keep an eye on the guys. I’m hoping for some good arguments when the decision comes down on who is taking who to the Final 2. Don’t forget that there’s still time to check out the live feeds with the Free Trial!

Tonight’s episode will feature the confirmed results for Round 1 as well as Round 2 of the final Big Brother 12 HoH competition where the other 2 HGs will duke it out. Oh the drama! We’ll have all those results posted here tonight!

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  1. Lane and Enzo fight to survive
    Let’s hope the comp will actually be live
    CBS has lied to us before
    Can’t stand anymore
    Of this production-interference jive

  2. im on board with hayden now. he is knocking it down. he will be the cardinals good luck charm this season hopefully lol.


    if he was competing in round 2, he’d win that too. he is competing agianst a couple of jaborni yo-yo’s who dont know how to do shet.

    he might as well me facing kathy and enzo. with enzo playing enzo, and lane playing kathy. he looked so stupid in round 1.

    but i need to see so more jury house footage. i dont feel like we’ve gotten enough. they should just put cameras in the jury, and let them talk game. hmmmm maybe not because it would take too much away from the BB house feeders. nvm

    • I agree…. I just posted that comment! I think next season if we have the live feeds we should be able to switch between the Jury House and BB house!!

    • I agree Marcus. Right now Lane dared called people who will be watching BB tonight stupid because some who don’t get on here or watch the feed will know it isn’t live. LOL

      Anyway I am happy Hayden won the first round.

    • I agree, they ought to switch the camera on to the jury house. Enzo, Lane and hayden are so boring.

  3. In matching the face with the event Hayden won that hands down. The next person was Enzo with three, Lane said that he didn’t even know who was up last week and he put them up[ that’s bad] And Britt was going to spread the cards out on the ground then put them up.Can this game get any better? Tonite we will see Ragan go in the Jury House, will we get to see Britt entering house? Why does Julie always say this is gonna be the best Big Brother House ever?

  4. It was sad to see Bitchney go. She played well and outlasted all other females so you go girl with your bad self. I liked her cuz we have one thing in common, our disdain for the skanky one and her tool.

    Should be good TV tonight because Ragan will learn of “the lie”. Cant wait.

    • I was so sad to see Brit go. When Lane and Hayden told her about The Brigade I felt so bad for her. When she was crying I wanted to go through my screen and punch those idiots in the face. They say they told her because they respected her? What the F? Brit deserved to win the whole thing dammit! I am getting riled up again just thinking about it. To see Brit go and that lazy azz Enzo stay? Well hope Brit wins the 25g’s. That girl did have grit and she should be proud on how well she played the game and to all the haters well stop being jealous of her. She can’t help it if she is fine and played the game well.

      • I SO Agree!! Should have been Brit, especially with these four door-knobs! Lane needs to pull something out!!! (Not that!!)

        Oh Hell….

      • I disagree Britany is not fine and I along with lots of others feel it was finally good to see her leave. It was more than about time. She is a sad sad girl and a poor role model for any girl or any human being.

  5. Why dont eveyone quit Bi33ching about the cbs and the season and just be happy for whoever wins??? In this day and age everyone could use the money.

    • Not me she’s still a witch in my eyes I did’nt forget what a rotten apple she was. good riddens

  6. I had held hopes out for Brendan or Rach…alas since both gone starting to pull for Hayden. Folks this is as it always has been a game. Some people played it good and others didn’t. Can’t wait to see tonights show! Especially Regan and Matt’s “reunion” and the truth about Mattie’s wife. Regan is gonna BE pissed!

  7. Also had hopes it would be Brendon but now I will settle for Hayden to take all since he is best of what’s left.

  8. Anyone else knew that Hayden was going to win several weeks ago? After the Kristen eviction it became obvious to me. Just goes to show how predictable this season was.

  9. I wish BB would set up live feeds of the Jury House!! This has been pretty boring so far and I think the Jury House is where all the action is now!!!

    Big Brother please consider that for Season 13!!!!

    • Can’t remember where I read it, but someone recently posted that Production won’t allow the jury to discuss “events” in the BB House unless the cameras are running… I had assumed that there would be ongoing reveals (Matt’s lie, etc.) So it is entirely possible that the jury will NOT hear about DUH BRAG-ADE unless and until Production wants that out there. Sure would make one heck of a show! Unless the jury is NOT muzzled, there would really be no point in broadcasting events in the jury house. (Unless Production wanted to influence America’s Favorite Player vote more than it already does… or unless they could show whatever went on with the alleged police intervention!)

  10. So psyched Brit is O-U-T!! No more crying and pmsing now…it’s time for the Bri-gadddde!! I’m for Enzo and Hayden!!(don’t care which one wins) Lane is lame,fell for Brit’s trap and his family is rich so no brownie points for him.

  11. i hate these houseguests i would have loved to see rachel in final 3 without her the house has been very boring plus i enzo shouldent be there they should evict his ass ima love the look on his face when he looses and the poor guy thinks hes going to be famous pleaze…

      • I think that he is dumb. He’s not playing to be dumb. Did anybody else catch the comment last night where he compared Britney to his favorite dog? Not too smart dumbo. When she hears that, you ain’t gonna get her vote. Go Hayden. Hope you win it all. Tonight’s competition will be dumb vs. dumber.

      • On another site I read that Lane had asked Hayden how to spell “liar”… Sounds to me like he IS that dumb… To give him some points, maybe he is merely ignorant…

    • Britney would have known it is next Wednesday. In fact didn’t she tell them that before she left? lol.

  12. I don’t get people. Rach literally said she hated all these people, she backstabbed, bitched, cried, she never acted as if she really loved Bren. And Ragan is the bad guy?!!! Just because he said what everyone else was thinking? Because he was tired of the way she treated people? I’m very proud of Ragan and will be sad when he finds out Matt lied to him.

    • My problem with Ragan was he always played the victim, and was WAY, too flamboyant. I’m sure that he is a nice guy, but that voice was, to me, like nails across a chalkboard.

      • Summer, why are you sure that he’s a nice guy? The guy’s got no morals and talked about the hundreds of men he’s slept with, even went into detail about anal sex with Matt! He also made some very nasty sexual comments about some Brigade members…I won’t even repeat the things he said. He’s one of the most disgusting people I’ve ever seen. I also don’t agree with someone making nasty comments about things a person can’t change, like Rachel’s complexion. Say what you want about someone’s personality, but don’t be throwing those stones when you look like you live in a glass house yourself.

      • I can’t even believe anyone would give him a talk show (it’s called “out”)on Sirius. Just imagine listening to him on there and what he’s talking about! Yuck

    • There is a time & place for everything and Raggity thought that BB12 live feeds was the place and the time was apparently all summer long to personally attack the HG’s he could not stand. He may stand by those words, but will his university stand by him? I heard that’s in jeopardy pending his actions on this show! :S Yikes, SOOO not worth it!

  13. yeah good point but rachel got fustrated all these people were gunning for her and brendon since week one and plus dont act like regan is innocent he was evil just like brittney they would always talk about rachel even after she had left she was a really good compitetor she was just playing the game up front. i think regan and brittney would talk about her just to make themselves feel better.. hopefully rachel gets to see all the bad things brittney would say behind her back.

    • @Javier. I agree with you. Rachel did have her moments but Ragan I think was far worse. Out right mean and nasty.

      • Tonight’s episode from the jury house was extremely bizare…First, Matt tells Ragan about the lie but basically Ragan just sits there.

        Then, Rachel and the rest go out to see if Ragan is ok.

        The next thing you know, Ragan starts all over again on Rachel bashing.

        Yet, Ragan doesn’t get mad at Matt, he instead turns his anger to Rachel.

        A PHD in communication should at least acknowledge to Rachel that the house was after her since Day 1.

        And he should acknowledge that the BB house was quiet and so was the jury house…so maybe Mr. professor of communications should admit that Ragan/Rachel are like oil/water.

  14. Did anyone else notice in Britney’s good-bye speech she thanked and told a lot of people that she loved them but NO TIME did she mention NICK? Could the possibility of the friends in the house be Lane and Brittney? Nick could have been someone standing in as her fiance while she was in the game and Lane could be her REAL fiance? Just wondering.

    • Lane is not her fiance. We’ve seen pics of Nick and he’s done several interviews. He’s a real person and he’s not Lane.

      However, I definitely noticed how she forgot (or left out) Nick in her speech. Even at the end when she added one last thing I thought it was going to be Nick, but nope, it wasn’t. I’m guessing she was just nervous and forgot considering she mentioned him when she was crying over the Brigade’s reveal.

      • She has only been with Nick for a few months. The time spent in the BB house magnifies relationships with other HG because of the 24/7 no escape deal. I think she is very confused about her feelings, but is smart enough not to act on them til she gets home and sees how she feels back in the real world.

      • Matt BBN, if Nick is a stand-in fiance he could still be doing interviews, just playing the part. Of course this is only speculation on my part.

      • still think nick is a stand-in fiance! i’ll bet she does not marry him at all! she’ll be single by thanksgiving!

      • @MV… i’m with you on your theory. i’ve thought for quite some time that lane is nick.

        we’ll know in a week:)

    • People, thank you for giving me the opportunity to jump in again. MV I am so glad you mentioned that she gave a shout out to everyone in her life EXCEPT Nick. The idea that she would, through nervousness, forget to mention, among a string of people, the guy that is supposed to be the most important person in her life right now is simply not credible.
      I viewed the omission as tantamount to disavowing her engagement entirely. The only thing she could do that would be a more blatant repudiation would be to take her ring off, although that would be of course very obvious to everyone that the engagement is over.

      Coupled with that, we all saw that as soon as Lane’s goodbye message started playing, the tears starting streaming down uncontrollably. This is not the reaction a woman would give to someone she views as her “big brother” (no pun).

      She used that “he’s like my big brother” phraseology again in her Early Show interview. It is similar to Lane’s repeated formulations to outside people (his family blog) that he views her as his “little sister.”

      So we’re to believe he would tell her – as he did after the Brigade revelation – that he has “lots of feelings for her,” if he viewed her as a little sister?? Come on now. And does your “little sister” walk up to you while you are showering naked from the other side of the partition?

      There is clearly a pact between them to vigorously deny to others that they are in a romantic relationship. This was for the purpose of the game and, now, with her ousted, so as not to humiliate their significant others on national TV.

      Britney and Lane are in love.

      The stars are aligned in the heavens again.

      I am at peace.


      • I can just hear Lane: “Brit my one and only, my all and every, I’m standing by and watching while my buddies chop you off at the knees because you only hurt the one you love… By the way, what are you doing for the next eight seconds…?”

      • Well the non-engagement thing would certainly explain why Bratteney had no problem promising things to Brendon and others in the house based on HER ENGAGEMENT to nick.

      • Sister J you have it right! Lane’s comments about the 8 second game were disgusting. I’m so surprised that there has been no discussion of that on this site. I’m sad that Enzo did not come through on these last two comps…it is what it is. I think Enzo deserves the $25K not Britney. She was mean, rude, lazy and back talked everyone in the house.
        Glad to see her walk out of the house. Go join your girlfriend Ragan and back talk everyone in the JH now.

  15. Yeah, this waiting is killing us all!! I hope Hayden. & Enzo. Make it to final 2…. Hayden has played good game & Enzo. He might only get 50k but he got far in the game and won only a pov witch totally saved himself… enzo would use the money wise…. lane has sat back did nothing pluss he did. Protray. Bra-gade… bye bye lane!!! Sun. Going to be live to boot out lane??? Well I can hope

  16. I was really sad to see Britney get voted out last night. I guess that is what happen when Britney thought she was safe. I knew Lane would let her down, just so he could be in the final 3 with Hayden and Enzo. Any person on Big Brother would have been upset to know that there was no way to stay in the house. As far as Hayden, Enzo, or Lane..i really don’t care who the winner is now. All my favorite are at the jury house.

    • Britney should have looked at Lane’s records in the competitions before thinking that she could rely on Lane. When did Lane win anything except for that one HoH when most people have gone.

  17. The jury house is a private isolated location and you need to get there in HELICOPTER first. When you are evicted you are taken to a hotel, then the next day to a studio for interviews and stuff, then you are taken to a private location by helicopter and driven up in a limo afterwards. I can see why there would be no police records.

    • How do you know this Abby? How many times have you given out false info? I don’t think anyone believes what you say because you just don’t give out creditable info.

  18. to Matt@BBN

    I would love to see a season of all posters from this site. With every move they make, we get to see their posts about what a scumbag Hgs from previous seasons were for making the same move.

    Also, wanted to say Thank You for letting us all be armchair quarterbacks in your BB world.

    You Rock.

  19. If you read Britney’s HOH message she had a whole paragraph to Nick. I was surprised to see it. Check it out.

    • That HoH message was over one month ago, subsequent to which she has fallen deeply under Lane’s sway.

      If this were my fiancee, after seeing her name almost every important person in her eviction speech, EXCEPT ME, I would be getting to her (via CBS) a storage space key where she could pick up her stuff when she returns to Fayetteville. Then, I would be on my way to the Canadian border into exile, so as never to show my humiliated, pathetic face in the Continental United States again.

  20. BBN Matt. Just read your message on Survivor Fandom. You do a fantastic job. I a Phyllish over there. Thanks so much.

  21. Live feeds… Lane is EXTREMELY stressed out. Enzo and Hayden seem to be much less so. Me thinks Lane is thinking the end might be near. In my opinion, better late than never! Enzo, I think your butchered hair cut last night may have earned you a few points….it was hilarious and you are so oblivious!!!

    • Enzo’s hair cut was fun to watch! I do think it was 10 times better than the chop job Matt gave him.

  22. “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.”
    — Eleanor Roosevelt

    Sounds good to me.

  23. off topic but did anyone else notice Brit said hi or thaked the whole world but never once mentioned Nick. at the end when she said I can’t forget GO HOGS I almost died. but still no mention of Nick

    • Indeed……..seemed strange, yet not out of character as far as anything else regarding “Nick” was for her for her whole time there.

    • Beth, we covered this territory already, above.

      Even more significant, in my view, was the way she started crying uncontrollably when Lane’s goodbye message was playing.

      Since she is in love with Lane, it is not surprising – and probably deliberate – that she left Nick out of her eviction speech. It was a way of telling him not to be in the house when she gets back to Fayetville.

      The spineless excuse for a man is history.

  24. Good Day BB Post-ers, Poets & Nifty Crew! :)

    Like i always thought Britt the twit chit is wearing that lovely AVON ring, b/c I highly doubt she’s engaged! It’s like she has to remind herself to talk about Nick! She’s very confused b/c its clear to ANYone watching BB12 this yr that she has feelings for Lane! That attraction surely is not fake, so yowzah for Nick! Good thing she has $10K, perhaps she can use that to get away w/him and rekindle what’s left if possible! ..or she might use it to jet away to the oil fields with Lane! lol. Ya never know!
    Ya dun know CBS would LOVE to have a reality show marriage! Hasn’t happened yet on any of their reality shows as it has on ABC and NBC (Bachelor & Biggest Loser) or has it? Survivor has many dating couples but many have broken up….so they would love to televise a wedding if they could! hee*

    • Brit complained so much about Rachels hair, have you noticed hers latey?. and did you see all the guys cleaning the house last night while sh sat and did her nails?

      • They should clean the house. Brit has done enough of it. Plus the guys are the ones who messed it up to begin with.

      • brit DID clean the house – not this week, but last..

        if you remember last thursday’s live show, julie asked brit what the hardest thing was about being the house with all males…
        brit said it was how messy they are – and then talked about having spent yesterday (wednesday) cleaning out the fridge – dishes – bathroom – running the sweeper – doing all the laundry, etc. etc. ….
        remember that?

        plus enzo took offense to brit saying the guys were messy – telling julie that brit was messy, too!

        so, yes – she did clean the house and did all the laundry.
        not this week, but last week before they tore everything apart during the coin search/luxury comp… what a MESS that was! lol

    • Jadelle, thanks, I had mentioned this as a possibility- and something to hope for – a few days ago. CBS would definitely definitely pay for their (lane and Brit) wedding if they got married as a result of the BB show.

      I just hope that my posts cheerleading their relationship gets me an invite to their wedding!!!!

    • survivors boston rob and amanda got married after their first allstars and they now have a baby girl

      • Hey gang, this show is not the Bachelor. They can hardly come up with new ideas for comps much less put a wedding together.

  25. Matt(BBN), will the families of the HG’s be at the live finale? If they are it will be interestig to see if Nick is there with Britney’s people.

    • Nick will almost certainly not show up to that finale now that she so publicly dissed him by not mentioning him in her eviction speech.

      Plus, he does not want Lane (and the rest of the audience) to beat the c–p out of him.

      For crying out loud, he did no interviews for the show itself at all, although he did a few radio interviews separately. It is clear that he never supported her doing the show at all, viewed the show as a threat to his relationship, and has sought to thwart her at every turn on this.

      He is a pathetic excuse for a man.

  26. I think CBS and Grodner Production’s have wrote this season off to a loss and they are going to take anything they can get.
    and Enzo is clorful and loud so it is in thear best interest to keep him.
    Have you seen how short Hayden is with Lane and how pairnoid he is?

  27. I wrote a poem about, Playing the BB show
    But now I’m not so sure, That we should even go
    All the women are married, And I’m having doubt’s
    With all the women married, That leaves the showmance out

    Then there’s the problem, Who should cook the food
    And an even bigger one, Who should run around nude
    During a competition, If we grab her in fun
    Will we all have to worry, Cause her husband has a gun

    BB want’s ratings and drama, That we can provide
    But when it’s all said and done, We would like to be alive
    The whip cream, cherries and the nuts, Would be alot of fun
    But it’s hard to do anything, When your on the run
    Now here’s the biggest problem, It will get you in the end
    When I go thru the honey pit, They’ll see I wear depends
    I’m not saying I’m old, And can’t still cut the mustard
    But I remember the little big horn, And Goerge Armstrong Custer

  28. I don’t think Lane will win simply b/c his family is loaded. They own an oil company. The jury house won’t vote to give him the money when he doesn’t need it. I like Lane, just don’t think he’ll win it.

    Not sure about the Lan & Britt relationship….we’ll see I guess.

    Whoever wins HOH should take Lane. Just my opinion.

    • Where do y’all get your info on Lane’s financial status? If he was so ‘loaded’ do you think he would be the lug head he is? He said that his family didn’t care about his education just football. Boy…it shows!

  29. I have said this many times, winning comps says a lot about a person. It gives them an edge to manipulate the game to their benefit. Regardless of what you did or didn’t win, if you are still standing you deserve what can win. I actually enjoy what I have seen with these 3 guys on Showtime after dark. Last night’s haircut was funny and you can tell these 3 are friends. I would like to see Hayden win and who comes in second, doesn’t matter. I think Hayden will win against either one of the other two. I know he will be in a tough spot to have to pick though.

    • Yes, he’ll have to finally get some “real” blood on his hands… and make a “bold” move…

    • I too have enjoyed the show this season. Everyone is complaining about the cast but they were interesting and intense. Ragan and Brit the ‘mean’ girls, Brendon and Rachel romance, the first few hg’s who were booted are long forgotten and then there is the Brigade. Enzo has a right to brag about what they accomplished. Matt was the turn coat. When Enzo explained the Brigade to Brit he laid it all out. I’m sorry to see Enzo loose the last two comps-but if Hayden were smart he’d take Enzo to the F2. Can’t stand Lane after the comments about the 8 second game. He’s a brute!

  30. Actually after having survived watching BB this season, I had a great idea.

    Let the fans vote for the winner of BB 12:


  31. I noticed Lane wears the Pink and Blue bracelets on the same wrists the way Ollie from Big Brother 10 did.

    Is there something significant about this?

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