Big Brother 12: Week 6 Tuesday Live Feed Highlights

Get ready for an awesome show tonight as Rachel comes back to Big Brother 12 and we get to see all the drama that ensued in her wake.  And the big question that will be answered is what did Brendon really get out of Pandora’s Box? 

Tuesday was a pretty laid back for the HGs and Enzo kept up his intolerable bashing of different people every few hours.  I know Britney is bad but at least she kept it to Brenchel, with Enzo we get everyone. 

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – August 17, 2010:

9:41 AM BBT – Enzo asks the question of the day, “Which country do native Americans come from?” 

9:50 AM BBT – Lane talking about hunting doves and elk with Brendon asking a lot of questions.  I wonder what he is planning on hunting.  Brendon with a gun does not make for a good combination.  

10:04 AM BBT – Matt wants to have a relaxing day and not talk game.  He says Brendon is studying with Enzo and Hayden but doesn’t know much.  I’m sure he don’t, look who he’s studying with. Matt tells Ragan that he told the guys they better give him a good reason and not a Brendon reason on why they are voting him out.  Matt also says that Enzo is NOT a trustworthy person.  Please keep thinking that way Matty.

10:40 AM BBT – Lane tells Matt that Brendon said the house was full of cowards.  hmmm just because Brendon is a bully and people aren’t starting crap with him right now doesn’t mean they are cowards. 

12:26 PM BBT – Matt says BB is re evaluating the rules for the future about past hg’s leaving messages for players.  This is because Rachel left Brendon a message to put up Matt with pretzels which is unfair since she is no longer in the game and should have NO input whatsoever. 

1:10 PM BBT – Outdoor lockdown. HG’s laying around not saying much. 

3:13 PM BBT –  Enzo saying that Brendon is dumb because he let Rachel make all his decisions and then starts making fun of his body saying it looks like he’s had a c section.  Is this the new Brigade member Enzo is talking about?   Enzo then moves on to bash Brit and how bad she looked in the rope comp.  have you looked in the mirror lately meow meow? 

4:07 PM BBT – Enzo has now moved onto Ragan and says he wants to be put in a ring with Ragan so he can punch him in the face and win.  ummm with the way Enzo’s been playing the game I’m putting my money on Ragan. 

6:18 PM BBT – Britney still seems confused by the best way to sit that doesn’t result in flashing her bits and pieces. (NSFW) I guess we know what Lane was thinking about during his shower “incident”! (NSFW)

8:11 PM BBT – Lane tells Brit he will never vote her out of the game and she promises him the same.  He asks her not to tell Enzo and Brit says she’d rather talk to Brendon than Enzo because Enzo tells everyone everything.  Is the house turning on Enzo? 

10:05 PM BBT – Ragan just came out of DR crying because of his goodbye message to Matt.  Is he secretly in love with Matty?   

11:40 PM BBT – Matt and Brit have a very detailed sexual conversation and Matt says he and Ragan have talked about the “butt” stuff.  

12:15 AM BBT – Enzo reveals to Hayden that Brendon is taking them to the final 3.  They say Matt goes this week and then Brit.  They are trying to figure out what to tell Matt before the vote and Enzo says they are NOT splitting the votes.  I hope Enzo tells Matt all this and then Matt can get rid of him Thursday night.  Best case scenario for sure.

3:50 AM BBT – Enzo finds a note from the Sab under his pillow that says “I know your secret.”  Awesome, the sab couldn’t have picked a more paranoid trainwreck to give it to.

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I’m really looking forward to seeing what Enzo and Hayden are going to tell Matt about why they are voting him out and not splitting the votes.  I really want Matt or Ragan to overhear the stuff they say about him so Matt will know they’re not really on his side.  Come on Thursday! I can’t wait to see how this all plays out.

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  1. if u want to hear one of the best, in depth, and raw conversations from this season in the Big Brother house, then go to flashbacks and go to 11:24PM from last night and go to camera 3.

    The convo lasts for about 10 minutes, and its like watching a great movie, a really good song, or like a really good sexual experience haha; it keeps building, and building, and caps off with a great climax.

    great stories.

    • would that be the “sex talk” (lol) between Matt and Reagan?? Regan was hoping the conversation would not get on BBAD..?? If not I missed something//lol..

    • I’m beginning to think Matt and Ragan are the ones who knew each other outside the house. Cousins maybe??? Ragan gave a good slap on Matts rear a short while back.

      • Hmmmm, I thought it was Ragan who made up the boy/girl accusation. I must have missed J’s comment on kitchen run…

      • PEOPLE when did Julie say anything about it? THE 1st SAB said it, Julie mentioned it then and only then NOTHING has been said about it again. NO ONE knows one another outside of this house it was a SAB trick.

      • Beginning of the season, 1st episode, Julie announced a new twist in the game,that there were two house guests that were ‘lifetime friends’ that were entering the house together. That’s when.

      • Julie 1st twist was there’s a sab in the house. If watch the 3rd episode you will here the sab say there are life long friends, it was not julie who said.

        The whole thing is a lie.

    • I couldn’t even watch the whole ten minutes, totally pathetic. And Brit was picking her hair,biting the sides of her nails, etc. She’s so annoying with that stuff.

  2. Enzo wonders what country Native Americans come from? Seriously? Don’t let my name fool you, I am Native and live on a Rez … that idiot has got to go.

    • he has an excuse…he is from Bayonne, New Joisey

      not the sharpest pencil in the box (meow meow) don’t sum it up??

    • Umm There aren’t lifelong friends!! That was a lie the sabetour said. Omg I can’t believe how many people fell for that!!!! Haha

      • Apparently you missed Julie’s announcement that there were lifelong friends in the house at the beginning of the season. Ragan let the cat out of the bag about it… but I’m not sure if BB or Ragan came up with the boy/girl combo.

      • Oh good grief, folks. Did no one watch the beginning of the first episode when Julie announced their was a new twist in the game and two house guests were entering the house that were ‘lifelong friends’?????? Were some of you out still getting your popcorn???? lol! Pay attention folks… Annie first brought the information to the house guests attention, and Ragan has been expanding on it. It was Julie who announced it at the very beginning of the show.

      • I re-watched the first episode of BB12 and Julie said that there was a twist and it was the sab. She didn’t mention anything about lifelong friends. Good grief, NativeGal…do you not pay attention or were you still getting your popcorn???

      • Oh man.. you guys. hahahahaha. I watched every minute of the first episode (and every episode since) and ONLY Annie and Ragen have announced there are “lifelong friends” in the house.

        Big Brother would have announced it longgggg ago if it was a real twist. They want more viewers/more conversation/more controversy. So they would have let us viewers in on it by now.

        Sabetour – get it? They sabetouge the game??? They LIE???? Remember when Ragen said in all of his msgs the other night that there was a competition the next day? And was there one? NO. LIES.

      • Then you need to keep looking. Julie announced the additional twist. Even
        rmneimee remembers it: rmneimee says:
        August 18, 2010 at 10:41 am
        You are SO right NativeGal, I remember that clearly ! No matter, you will find out soon enough.

      • NativeGal: If you or rmneimee can find the episode (all episodes are on to rewatch) in which Julie announces this, I would love to see it. Until then, it was a sab lie and you all fell for it.

      • “no matter, you will find out soon enough”…I really hope so. Julie has not mentioned this twist, but I would love for it to be true. I think Lane and Brit or Matt and Ragan are a little too close…

      • Sara, thats the point ever season that there has been a twist Julie talks about it and tells the evicted houseguest when she talks to them. she has not done that ONCE this season, that whole thing has become over talked and boring any one who has watched BB from season 1 or even season 5 for that matter knows if there is a twist invovling HG’s outside the house CBS/Julie doesnt wait till the end of the season to spring it on the houseguest..

      • If you have it on DVR, at what time did she say it? And if she did say it, they edited it out of the episode videos. Why would they not say anything else about it, especially now that half the game is over? It was a sab lie….get over it.

    • I’m the mid 60’s my family moved from Texas to Morristown, N.J. for awhile as my father was an aerospace engineer working on the landing module for the Apollo moon walk. Morristown is right “down the road” from Princeton. I was a sophomore in high school. My classmates actually asked me questions like ” don’t you enjoy having electricity now?”, “what do you do during Indian raids?”. So Enzo’s cluelessness is what I would say is ‘typical’ joou-zey. I finally went with it and yanked my classmates chain, telling them I had been scalped twice and that my long hair was just a wig. The response was an excited “really?!!!”. Enuff said.

      • lmaoooooooooooooooo

        did you tell em that you were a squaw and smoked the peace pipe?

        they prolly would have bought that too…

        I used to reside in Joisey..the Shore…not far from Morristown…in the Brick, Lakewood, Toms River area

      • I think anyone who has moved more than once in their life has lived in joou-zey for a short time at least once! And you actually have it phonically right with the “jois”… but I think there’s a ‘z’ in there too… so maybe it’s really jois-zey.

      • NativeGal:

        I had the same problem when I moved from Alaska to NJ back in ’06. Worst experience EVER. The school secretary asked to see our visas to prove we were in the US legally so that my son could go to school. She was the same school secretary of the same school that my husband went to. When I told her we didn’t need visas, she asked “oh, so you automatically became a US citizen because you married one?”. I had to explain that Alaska was the 49th state.
        A girl at the bank asked me if I knew the exchange rate from Alaskan money to US currency.
        I got so sick of the other parents at the school asking me stupid questions that I told them that I come from a long line of polar bear farmers, and I race bare-back on moose for fun, and high-tech is when we have styrofoam cushioning on our outhouses (so we don’t freeze to the can). They believed it, so I started wearing the standard Alaskan tourist fare of moose “nugget” earrings. I told them that my family has long harvested the nuggets for profit. Not a single one understood that it was actually moose poo.

        In my opinion, many of the people in NJ are backwards, arrogant, morons with a superiority complex. You’d think they would have a little shame considering how wretched that place really is. Polluted, smelly, full of teenagers trying to prostitute themselves (while claiming to be virgins), concrete jungle, horrible traffic, etc.

      • AKchic:

        My deepest sympathies. I understand… I understand….

        Polar bear farmers, what a hoot! ROLF! You go girl!

    • Didn’t we come from “INDIA” one of the HG’s should tell enzo that and see what he says.

  3. I am not a fan of Matt at all, but it would be great if he used the dpov and used it to get Enzo out of the game! He is so annoying and has not done ONE thing in this whole game. At least Brittney has actually won competitions. I actually hope either Enzo or Kathy go home this week, and then Britney can win HOH! She is hilarious!!

  4. “Matt and Brit have a very detailed sexual conversation and Matt says he and Ragan have talked about the “butt” stuff.”


    • up comes the ham, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich

      soon to be followed by my coffee soon

      thanks Brit and Matt

      • Ten four on that… The abasement of the conversation down to not feeling tampax strings when Brit comes up with the comparison of ‘no more than you’d feel a hair hanging out of your butt’ is where I thought: yep, the girl is truly from Arkansas. Thanks so much for sharing Brit


        just when I though Enzo peeing on his wife could not be exceeded, Arkansas Brit fills us in on rectal pubic hairs and tampon strings

        just wonderful

        her fiance must be so proud

      • ok guys…..I just spit water all over my keyboard! ROTFL!!!! Some of the conversations are truly disgusting…..TMI people TMI!!!!

      • i am fine. sorry i got lost the other day. my store filled up and i was selling diamonds left and right. it was a good day

    • Yes that convo WAS priceless! Things that make you go hmmm…or should it be things that go BUMP in da night? Anyone see dat pic with Lane in the shower? He looked very FOCUSED! :P hee*

      Buenos Dias BB Post-ers & Nifty 9 Crew! :)

  5. Enzo is like a boil on the hinny… painful at best. Apparently his IQ falls around the moronic level and at that he has one brain cell left and it’s fried.

    • he is..but he can’t be any worse than the rest of the clones in there…I mean, did AG recruit these people in a morgue or what??

      I think they have all been sniffing model glue or paint thinner

      • This is the most boring group of non-discripts that I have ever seen. They’ve been watching too many zombie movies. Ragan is the only fun one among them, and he’s too much of a cry baby.

      • yeah….this is the most boring cast EVER!!! we have moments of interesting things, then in a flash…nothing! As exciting as watching paint dry, Britt painting her nails or Kathe smoking! LOL

      • yeah.. just what Kathy be putting coffin nails away…

        she needs cancer sticks like I need a hole in the head

        how about some physical training officer?? YOU FAT PIG

  6. lane started to show his inner scumbag last night talking about attacking brendon why doesn’t he try that to his face then reagan tried to egg it on classy move then lane starts with nasty talking brit bet her boyfriend loves watching her get sex talked and grouped and she was loving it every man loves a woman who lets guys do that she is not a low life skank at all

    • Ever since the beginning i have always thought Lane would be a wife beater…

      they way he would talk to britney, the comments he made…

      take if from someone who used to be with a wife beater, i know the look, the remarks,

      • Yep. Texas Redneck Bubba. (I can say that…I live in Texas.) Know the type well… got the t-shirt.

      • Maybe Rach can hook Brit up with a porn career….esp since her bf gets his jollies watching her be cybered and talked up like some cheat nightcrawler….maybe her future is a lot lizard at some Arkansaw truck stop

      • wife beating is no good…sorry to anyone who has been


        this is a guy who carries a gun, and shoots things in the woods, without knowing what it is…I think his firearms violations would supercede any wife beating….this guy could be killing some cat (meow meow) or some kid for all we know…bc he feels the need to bust a cap….what a wet mop he is

      • greatttttttttttttttt

        wife beating, beastiality candidate, firearms violations and drunk driving

        he is a real catch

      • Yet Ragan is from Texas too… Houston. Ya’ll may not realize it, but there are lots of Texas stereo types… Redneck Bubba is only one of them.

      • LOL Native Girl, Ummm I didnt think Ragan was from Houston? How did I miss that? Great Just when I was hiding my Texas residence because of Lane NOW I have to be double undercover because Raggin is from here as well>>>>> GREAT !!! I said from the beginning Lane was the poster child for Redneck Bubba – I got that shirt too.. Geeezzzz

      • kristy281 – I’m an Austin gal, so I rub elbows with progressive, intelligent, consioucly aware Texans… something that the rest of the world doesn’t equate as a Texas stereo type, although there are literally millions of us! :-) I don’t hide my head because of the Bubba’s. I don’t have a problem with someone being gay… it’s their business, but it seems like the majority of the ‘token gay male’ that Bb has to have every season are from Texas. You remember that nasty, mean gay guy from Dallas? Now HE was an embarrasment to the human race… and not because he was gay, but because he was such a lowlife human being.

      • you must mean Steven Daigle…who has progressed from a mean BB celeb to making gay porn movies

        yeah..the pride of Texas


        Gig Em Aggies!!

      • Oh dear, an Aggie…. now those are fighting words. Hook ’em! Put the potato in front. lol! :-)

  7. Ash I am cracking up here I dont know whats worse.
    Enzo’s lack of NATIVE AMERICAN HISTORY(no wonder Matt is the brains which is scary in itself)
    or Matt’s convo about the well we wont go there my suspicions are surmounting, or Ragan crying after saying goodbye to Matt(umm if MATT leaves) I am not sure I am ready to see the relief and celebration when Matts stays there my be more then talk ummmmmmmmmmm EWWWWWWWWWW nevermind.

    • as someone on another thread said about songs….

      maybe the one for Matt and Regan is

      “Secret Lovers”…..that is ..what we are

      UGH why do I think of this stuff

    • If Matt stays ( 99% chance) REGAN is gonna look and feel like a total moronic ass. He has done nothing but get on top of the BB House for the past week and yell” Vote for Matt” ,,Keep Matt lose Lane…He is gonna feel so dam dumb that he cried when he made Matt’s good -bye message. If any of the houseguest have a reason to be pissed about Matt having the DV then it is Regan. He was used by Matt and will come across as an idiot.

      • Why would Regan be mad at Matt? He can’t tell anyone or he loses the power. Why wouldn’t Regan understand that? I think he would be happy, because he’s not leaving this week.

      • mary he has been hinting that someone may have a power. i hope he stands up to use it and gives his lil speech i am sure he will have planned out and jc says sorry matt but u broke the keep ya trap shut law. and he crashes and burns on live tv

    • kristy i didnt get to see the very first part of the the 1st show. I thought matt was gay along with ragan. my hubby had to rewind it to prove to me he was married…

      • Just because a guy is married does not mean he is not gay. I have a close friend that he husband left her for a man. Now dont get me wrong at one point in time she was in Vogue magazine so it wasnt that. He used her as a cover.

      • about a kick to the groin

        that will bust your ego…no doubt

        a cover like Michael Jackson being married so he could ummmmmmm with kids?

    • Ola Kristi w/#’s! lol, hearing him ask dat Q musta head all of NJ groaning out loud! Just when ya think Meow Man Mix can’t SEEM any more dense, he has to open his mouth! hee* that was pure jokes indeed! Yes pls no more talks about Matt & relief of ANY kind! Can’t wait to see Ragan’s face when he discovers Matt had a secret power! Matt keeps droppin’ one’s figurin’ them out! lol.

      • LOL NO Nanny MAtt is married hence all the hate talk about the lie he told about his wife being very ill, which she knows about an played along with in her letters to him in his HOH baskets. I personally dont care about any of the sexual orientations, religious backgrounds, or political views for that matter. I was brought up those are taboo conversations, and a sure fired way to get into arguements that never end. This is a game to me and I watch to see who plays the better game, my oppinion is biased I am sure in the I wonder would I play that way or this way.

        Thats what keeps me reading post and seeing other oppinions on how they see it playing out. There were some who felt the house was not diverse, I have to disagree. They have a bunch of differences. Kathy’s older, Ragan’s gay, Andrew was jewish and was able to practice his beleif.

        Wow sorry went off on a tangent there, just saying there is alot of talk on stereotyping I have even been guilty myself in the case of Lane, but it is what it is. Thats what makes fans.

  8. hey Brendon…nice gloating on the Barnyard HOH win…saying that they should have kept Rachel because she would have never won that…really? You have won so much to be gloating??

    so will you be gloating next week when it is a puzzle or trivia type competition that she excelled at and you will sit there like a bump on a log, lost like a b*st*rd on Father’s Day because you know nothing about the hg’s??

    You couldn’t because you have been up Rach’s a** since the game started like a lost puppy dog

    dude,…the best thing you can do is just shut up, and not be seen or heard

      • 2 hoh’s got Rach where?

        3 pov’s got Brit where?

        1 hoh and 2 pov’s gets Brenda where?

        yep…the Jury House

      • It will be really funny when (or if) Brendon stays to the end. The Brigade and others are so busy fighting and plotting among themselves all he has to do and sit back and wait.

      • I-Ching, the 6,000+ year old book of the 64 Changes of Life that even Confuscis used for his wisdom, says: Arrogant dragon has cause to repent. Rachel learned that little lesson, although I doubt it will stick with her. Brendan is going to learn that lesson too. It’s always the hardest on the bullies. And they never seem to understand that as soon as you puff yourself up like a blow fish, the “powers that be” like to stick a pin in the puff up and deflate it. Little egos blown all over everyone else always wind up being fragile things easily broken after all.

  9. Safe to say, that if the future of America rests in the scientific minds of Rachel, Brendon and Michelle from last year….

    then safe to say that these wet dreams won’t find a cure for AIDS, or diabtes, or any other diseases,

    but porn, unsanity personal hygiene and uncontrolled rage will be our lot in life.

    lucky us…

    • Here’s a prime example of why we’re rating in the low 40th’s of the world in education.

      I have friends with PhD’s… and they actually have brains. It’s a difference in generations.

      • good thing China owns us…we still might have hope

        at least the un needed breeding will stop, with forced sterilization

    • NEC- Pessimistic much? LMAO that was hilarious though, and sadly true even. I thought Michelle might have been a bright spot but she went all barbie and left her hubby I guess fame does horrible things. MAYBE I dont want to be on BB hahahaha

      • leaving her hubby was not the problem..he was prolly relieved

        the problem was with her lack of finding a shower and soap…and then deodorant

        and then having her tongue down in Lydia’s tonsils was say..gut wrenching

    • NEC look up Michelle on the internet BB has changed her life for the better, and I mean bigtime changes

      • if you mean the breast implants, no thanks

        I seen enough of them with Rachel

        and every time I see Michelle, it is like a bad dream, like from some B rated horror flick, Lydia being an alien from outer space sucking Michelle’s tongue out of her mouth

        still have sleepless nights over that

  10. can’t wait for tonight. We finally get to see what Brendon gets for opening Pandora’s box.
    I bet he will have the opportunity to play in Thursday’s HOH competition. BB has already given a power once not sure they will do it again. Hoping they will because I really wish Brendon goes to F2 so Rachel can drive everyone in the jury house CRAZY about her man!!

    Does anyone know if Matt can use the DPOV to remove both nominations or just himself?

    • I think it’s just himself but he also has the power to name his replacement??? I want to see the look on Hayden, Lane and Enzo’s faces when Matt pops up with the diamond POV! That will finally get interesting in what has mostly been a very boring season of BB.

      • I agree…Im pretty sure he can only remove himself & name 1 replacement nominee! I really cant wait, becuase you know Matt is going to use it! Also, what else did Brendon get when he opened Pandora’s box? Can he play in HOH next week? It may just be passable for excitement! LOL

      • It would be a hoot if Brendan could play for HOH. But last night he was so depressed looking and down at the mouth that I don’t think that is the case. Pandora’s Box can be a bad thing for the person opening it.

      • Last year when Jeff won Coup d’eta (not sure the spelling) he was able to change both nominations. I’m pretty sure Julie announced that the DPOV can change both nominations. If so MATT pls pls put up Britney and Kathy.

        BB tricked Brendon to believe opening the pandora’s box will give him time with Rachel for sure. They must of put a picture of her somewhere knowing FOR SURE Brendon will open it. I think they want Brendon to stay further in the game and give him an opportunity to play HOH for sure.

        Either way tonight will be fantastic to watch that’s for sure!!! can’t wait

      • I guess we have to wait and see thursday what happened with Pandora’s box. They may have told him to open it & Rachel comes back in. I think the bad thing for Brendon was not being able to see rachel…maybe the good thing is being able to play in HOH or another DPOV or some sort of “wizard power” (hey bb11…lol)

      • Since Brendan has been so down at the mouth since he opened Pandora’s Box, I think it would be a hysterical twist if what he got is that he doesn’t get to go to the jury house but get bounced completely out of the game if he get evicted. That would be wonderful, as I am personally sick of the showmance. This is not like Jeff and Jordan…

      • I’m sure they did (BB) placing Rach’s picture right beside that darn pan-box so that Bren would open it! Can’t wait to see what he got too! Must be something hella good! AS for that D-POV that Matt has he can only replace ONE. The only power that allows you the luxury of changing both is the Coup D’Etat. Check the CBS website, only ONE!

    • OMG..can’t wait to see the rest of the brigade faces when Matt pulls out the DPOV especially mr. meow meow!!!

      HEY BB bring in a litter box for mr. meow meow as he will shit his pants!!!

  11. I had to watch the fight between Rachel and Ragan again…

    Yes, Rachel definately got served, but what is more sad is that Ragan sounded like he has done that before…

    Educated yes, Educated insults yes, all in proper english yes…

    He is very experienced at defending himself and insulting others…there is something to be proud of…be a man a walk away next time…

    yes, your gay, and yes you had to CLIMB MOUNTAINS to get where your at…which is probably why he majored in communications…

    Ragan is just ridiculous

    • his oratory skills are unquestioned

      a very educated man

      but being gay does not entitle you to any special bennies

    • 1 thing that did disturb me is if he has a degree in communications why when a student comes to him when they are emotionally upset does he tell them to leave and come back when they are more composed?he plainly said if a students grandparent dies or they have a break up he tells them to leave and come back when they aren’t upset. way to go teach! if they have a problem and come to him to confide shouldn’t he lend an ear, give a hug, be sympathetic?

      • Being a teacher does not require being a therapist. He teaches college, not secondary school. His students are suppose to be adults. On the other hand, for someone who is as emotional as he is, you’d think he’d be more sympathetic.

      • he is playing a character for tv time he is not a peaceful problem solver he made lane promise to assault brendon after the show if he will go that far over a game what would he do in real life

      • I really think you shouldnt take everything they all say sooo literally… these are comments made out of frustration and anger… Lane will not assualt Brendan…. and Brit doesnt really wish Brenda dead…. I mean come on havent any of you EVER said something you dont really mean when you are mad or frustrated… I know I have!

      • yes..three times I have

        once was “I do”

        the second and 3rd time was ok why not to an ex gf inquiring about relations

        child support purgatory ever since

      • I’ve actually said things like Britney’s bacon death wish, so maybe that’s why I take her cattiness lightly.

  12. what self respecting Italian wanna be mobster from Bayonne wants to be known as “Meow Meow”

    Sammy “The Bull” Gravano
    Lefty “2 Guns” Ruggiero
    Vincent “The Chin” Gigante

    Enzo “Meow Meow” Palumbo??????????

    • As I said above, what MAN would nickname himself meow meow… an insult to my noble cats. I find the guy smarmy and will laugh if Matt puts him up on the block after using his diamond pov.

      • actually, sadly enough, I like this dullard Enzo

        aside from the meow meow references and his shower follies

        he is ok

        now the college hippie could go as far as I am concerned

      • What hippie???! lol! There are No hippies on this program. A boomer here… and there are No hippies on this program! Your marine white walls are showing. :-)

      • the hippie is the ciollege stoner from Arizona State that needs a haircut

        they could turn him upside down, grab him by the legs and u have a feather duster to do some house cleaning

        that mane is homely

      • Oh, I think of Hayden as a misplaced surfer boy wanna be… I’m not a fan of his either. He’s just a baseball jock who thinks the world owes him something, that he will always get by on his looks, and thinks he’s too cool for the majority of the world. He’s the male counterbalance for Blond Ditz in the quarter inch deep society. I can see how his type would irritate a marine. I thought Rachel would have put him on the block the first time she had HOH. I would have.

    • meow meow is drug slang enzo has said he misses getting high with his friends and he meets alot of people that way

      • I came of age in the late 60’s… I’ve never heard that term. Is it slang for smack? I’ve never done it, have no desire to do it, so I wouldn’t know. I remember from the short time my family was up there during the mid 60’s that even though we lived in an upper middle class area, half the high school was on smack. Much to my innoncence shock and surprise at the time. If meow meow is slang for smack, then it must be a joou-zey thing. Ugh!

      • well meth was certainly around in the 60’s… no one called it meow meow. We called it crank. sometimes it was refered to as ‘burn your nose’! lol!

  13. I’m so sick, and tired of listening to those whiney little scumbags talk crap about Brendon. Somebody should drop kick Bratney over the wall in the yard, and then do the same with Kathy and Ragan!
    Bratney is always asking everybody what they’re going to get her for her Birthday, how about a decent personality.

    • We have a saying in Texas when someone is totally clueless… well bless her heart. Bless her heart, she can’t help it that she’s a quarter of an inch deep. Bless her heart, she can’t help it that she’s clueless. Bless her heart, she can’t help it that she’s a blond joke. Bless her heart, all that bleaching has fried her brain.

    • I agree 100% John. She is so annoying. Everybody keeps saying she is entertaining but she just makes me sick. A grown woman acting like a two year old. She is the definition of a “hater”. Her bitterness is repulsive.

  14. as I inch closer and closer to lunch here at work, it appears that it will be a fasting day, as my stomach is still unsettled from the tampon and hair convo, and boogers being flicked near Lane’s junk, and the “butt” talk between Mr. Mensa and the college professor

    thank GOD I skipped college and went into the Marines

    is this the kind of education I missed??

    • oh eye thank you for defending me! see you are my knight! lol seriously thanks for all you have done to defend me/us from people who like to harm our beautiful nation! BRAVO EYE! love a man in a uniform wink wink

      • It was a pleasure to serve…even if it meant defending meow meows, aspiring porn stars, and unsatisfactory, slobby cops.

        I think wearing that Marine uniform and being in shape and looking meticulous is what carries over into me looking sharp in my cop uniform today

        old habits die hard

        hey Kathy..why don’t you try that


    • No… being a retired college professor, I can say this is not the education you missed. There is always the lowest denominator in any equation, and bb went above board in finding the lowest of the low in this case. It was a superb excercise in finding complete bottom dwellers. But who of your personal friends would even apply for this show???? None of mine… :-)

      • 500K before taxes is NOT enough money for me to spend a week locked up with these imbeciles…let alone a whole summer

        I would rather watch grass grow

      • Watching my grass grow is much more interesting… I would be the first suicide on the show if I was locked up with people like this! Or I would come out comatose and brain dead from the experience.

      • Suicide is harsh, but a distinct possibility…I think I would be a have not or ask for isolation to come out only for comps…

        that way, I don’t have to deal with the sheeople daily….would have some peace of mind and hopefully not be comatose

        I think that some prisoners of war fare better, being beaten and tortured by their captors than these hg’s do…I would rather have toothpicks or some other sharp instrument under my fingernails than having to listen to Brit’s whiny voice or even worse…seeing that “Rub for Luck” t-shirt that Kathy never takes off that adorns her mammaries

      • Oh, it would make the cougar purr to have her shirt rubbed for luck! lol!
        I’m sure the sheriff’s department of what ever backwoods county she works in are quite proud of her wearing that t-shirt at every possible occasion. No wonder she’s always doing the laundry… gotta make sure that shirt is clean. She’s trying sooooo hard to get some takers. I’m surprised Enzo hasn’t taken her up on the invitation.

      • no need to make that cougar Purr….she is one of them coyote dates..whereas you would gnaw your arm off to slip outta bed without waking her after an alcohol induced bender

  15. i sooooo want to matt to use the dpov and put up enzo he’s a loose cannon but i don’t understand why this kind of play can backfire and probably will.

    • The remaining members of the brigade would turn on him openly instead of behind his back. He would have to realign himself, and what person in their right mind would want an alliance with him. When it comes out that he’s lied about his wife’s illness, he will lose everyone post game. That is something no one can respect. He may think he’s smart, but it’s more like smart-a$$. He’s overplayed his hand, and he’s going to find himself with a big target on his back from now on… exception Ragan who apparently has the hots for him.

      • Regan and Matt have these intimate convos that seem to tickle Matt’s fancy

        he gets his jollies that way

        yep, they haver the hots for each other

        spooning can’t be far off

    • Please…i’m not a phsychic, but i believe even the best of them can’t figure out what’s going on in Matt’s head..

      • Which is the best move for him though? to take out someone who is a strong competitor who has won pov 3 times or someone who is a major slacker and floater in this game that can not be trusted.

    • It should be Enzo… but no one thinks with any insight or clarity. It’s all knee jerk reactions.

      • well, this could be seen as a power move for the haves…

        more donuts and coffee for them….and get rid of that rub for luck shirt

        yep…I like that idea…A LOT

      • True pt Ashli b/c I dont’ think Matt ever forgot that Kath voted him for eviction all those weeks ago! And I think he’s done with floaters…thus why he’s speculating about his bro-gade, they do NO work! Dang it, if Kath that would be SOMEthing!

      • That will be really stupid move in matt’s part to put kathy up. she’s not a strong competitor and she doesnt even play the game. He should put up someone who is a fierce competitor that can make it to the end or someone who he knows that will backstab him and is untrustworthy

      • I think Matt will have more of a problem with the brigade throwing him under the bus than what Kathy did weeks ago. I think it will po Matt that they will choose Lane over him, so I think when they inform him of their decision that he will bust the brigade wide open and put up another brigade member, aligning himself with Ragan, who obviously adores him, thus the hanger-on-please-rub-my-tah-tahs for luck Kathy, and the pathetic other half of the Las Vegas porn queen. Politics make strange bed fellows, and the bed bugs are realigning.

      • lol@ politics and bed fellows

        yeah, just ask Bill or John Edwards

        and if that ain’t enough, ask a former Senator who tried to proposition someone in the men’s room at an airport

        or a current Senator who has a madam in the rolodex

        yep..gotta love politics

  16. Matt’s thinking is probably the most logical of the bunch. He may put up Brit cause she is only 1 JH vote; Lane would still vote for Matt. Putting up Enzo might cost him 2 votes but then again, they know eventually they will have to put up each other at some point….so maybe not.
    I can see him wanting to put up Enzo for voting to keep Lane but I think Matt also knows Brit seems to be more a competitor than Enzo and he may want to take her out while it’s a sure thing now, than fight her in future weeks. What do you think?

  17. The state of the BB House! Hollaz Nifty 9 Crew!

    Britney is not so BRIGHT but oh so back-stabbing!

    Ragan is not so RANDY (well…) but oh so rambunctiously ridiculous!

    Matt is mocking & malicious but oh so MAD MAN mentality!

    Brendon is not so brilliant but oh so bold & beautiful (trish love dat one eh?)

    Kathy is like a kit-kat bar. Nuff said. :P
    (breaks off into lil pieces can’t keep it 2gether)

    Hayden is not so hilarious but oh so humpty dumpty hunky!

    Lane is oh so lusciously limbed not so lugheaded!

    Enzo is emphatically entertaining and that’s it!

    That concludes my BB alliterations for the day!

  18. The detailed summary of the live feed highlights is always informative. However, the italicized editorial comments mixed in with the highlights sometimes seem to have an ethnic bias, especially with regard to Enzo.

    • William while what you write is true, Enzo brings these comments upon himself. In many of the live feed he jokes around about being from Jersey, talking the accent, walking the walk, in retrospect he jokes about these things himself. If he takes himself so lightly how is that so bias based on his ethnic?

    • OMG…I totally agree. I just wrote Matt and thanked him for giving us the feedback without his biased opinions. That’s so annoying!

  19. I think it would be funny for enzo, brit and hayden to tell matt not to worry about eviction because everyone is voting lane out. SO then matt decides not to reveal the dpov (doesnt want anyone to know he has the secret power) and takes the chance against lane WHEN really they all vote matt out!

    • But this week is the only time that Matt can use the diamond pov… and his former fellow ‘friends’ of the brigade intend to tell him on Thursday that they are voting him out. So he would be crazy not to use it.

  20. From the feeds:

    Enzo: It’s hard not to get emotionally attached in this game.
    Kathy: It’s impossible for me.
    Enzo: It’s like your family for 3 months.
    Britney: If I was in the house with 6 other Rachels, I’d just leave, but being in the house with so many people I like… Ya know what we should take? A winter ski trip.
    Hayden: Definitely. Do you ever ski?
    Britney: We never have..
    Hayden: Jersey, do you ski?
    Enzo: Put me in the kiddies part. I’ll learn. I don’t even know how to swim. You gonna make me ski now?

    Lane: What do y’all do for halloween?
    Britney: I think I’m gonna go as Rachel.
    Kathy: hahahaahaha!

    *These guys have nothing better to do it seems*

    • Although I am not a Rachel fan, I really don’t think Brit should cast stones from her glass house…

      I don’t see her as some knockout diva…she should just be fortunate to be an Arkansas anomaly by having a full set of teeth!!!

      • Now you’re cracking me up completely. That’s the first belly laugh I’ve had today. Thank you.

    • Did you see the BBdish Jad? How when Enzo found his note (finally) under his pillow he woke people up and everyone except Brendon and Kathy were talking about who did it and who was the sab? They think it is Kathy now and Ragan just sat there and smiled. What an idiot that one is. He is terrible at the sab. Atleast Dan in season 10 did such a great job at America’s player. Too bad Ragan won POV, he would be gone if not this week.

      • Yes he would trish and yes I am reading this on bbdish! Love that site it’s fantastic! Since I missed all of Tues am catching up right now still a few pages back! lol. What will I do when BB ends? What other fascination will I have? Bachelor Pad, i sure think not! :P

      • sighhhhhhhhhh

        <<<<watches Bachelor Pad and actually likes it

        better than Bachelor or Bachelorette

  21. OHhhhhhhhhhh SNAP! Hayden’s figured it out everything! Let’s hope he pursues these trains of thought!

    Hayden’s on a roll today! 1st he pegged Ragan as the Saboteur earlier today, and now:

    Hayden gets it! He just told Lane he thinks Matt got a power, and told Lane that when BB gives you a power, you’re never allowed to tell anyone about it. Lane says he hopes so, and that if that’s the case, he’ll have no problem voting Britney out.

    Enzo comes outside, and says they’ve got to be honest with Matt and tell him they’re keeping Lane. Hayden shares the Matt has a power theory with Enzo, and says if he has one and they tell him they’re keeping Lane, Matt’s likely to throw one or the both of them up on the block.

      • am reading bbdish from tuesday that’s what hayden says and if you read the dish from last night bren now knows about the theory too! they all think matt has a power but ragan insists he would KNOW b/c he reads ppl so well and that matt would not LIE to him about something so imp! lol. hee*

      • Ragan is so naive. Why does he think him and Matt have this unbreakable bond. Newsflash Ragan: You are just Matt’s tool.

  22. Frankly I’ve been finding a lot of the comments about Ragan really, really offensive and homophobic. Eww gross, ahhh, he does sexual things with butts, the butts of other men, ooooo, so nasty! Grow up! Straight people partake in anal sex all the time and nobody freaks out about it. Also, the fact that he’s got the defense in the fight with Rachel so well honed is a symptom of the bad attitude and homophobia of the society he lives in. He has clearly been forced to defend himself before and will probably be forced to do it again, and you want to MOCK him for it?

    And really, I think he and Matt are the friends for life, because it isn’t normal, unfortunately, for straight men to befriend openly gay men, especially in close quarters and stressful conditions. So either Matt is an example of an excellently unbiased human being, or he was already friends with Ragan because they grew up together or were peers in some context, such that Matt was able to get to know him beyond the “gay boy” surface and see him as a person, which a remarkable number of straight men are incapable of doing.

    Also? Kathy is not really very interesting or clever, but she is NOT fat, and for people to be shouting at her to get on a treadmill is sexist and crude.

    • news flash—–

      <<<straight and does not engage in anal sex all the time or at all

      so your comment is not totally accurate

    • could just be that reagan is so ugly that the thought of anyone with him is revolting and what percentage of straight people do you think are doing the butt not all gays do the butt homophobic of you to think so you are right kathy is not ugly

    • why is it abnormal for a straight guy to be friends with a gay man matt has other gay friends one named butters

    • I think Matt and Ragan may be cousins… maybe brothers??????!!!! They have similiar features and body types. I think you’re right that they’ve known each other for a long time. They are very comfortable in their conversations with each other. Ragan openly adores Matt. He’s patted Matt on the rear recently. The Ewwwwwwws I believe came from the conversation between Matt and Britney… the one about tampon strings and butt hairs. Some people are homophobic, some are not. Ragan makes a big deal out of his being gay. He puts it in people’s faces. I have gay friends… male and female… and even though they are very much out of the closet, they don’t go around harping on it like Ragan does. Harping will get a lot of attention, therefore a lot of comments. The thought of anal sex does bother and/or offend a lot of people. People who feel this way don’t like having it thrown in their faces. Personally, my button is pushed and I have that kind of reaction to child molestors. You can’t fault people who find anal sex morally offensive and hygenically disgusting. As you expect tolerance for Ragan, you also need to extend that same tolerance to those who have an opposite point of view. There is no doubt that all those who do not live with a heterosexual orientation from birth live a very difficult life for living as they were born. It is who they are. There should be no judgement in it. In the same venue on the opposite side of the coin, there should be no judgement against those who judge…. You can’t say don’t judge this person while your doing the very same thing…judging others who are repelled by them. The only problem I have with Ragan is he is too much of a cry baby. And like some of the overtly gay male friends I know, he shows a stereo type… he can be a vengeful little b*tch. Hell has no fury as a woman scorned… or a fem gay man.

      • I stand by this adage:

        “There are 2 things I am taking to my grave with virgin a**hole and the person who tries to take it from me”

      • NEC – I don’t think anyone going to try to take ‘that’ virginity from you…

        Dirty – I’ve been posting under the wrong places too. I think everyone understands…

    • Wow. Britney Makes Me Laugh, this post is filled with absolute nonsense.

      First of all, I can find anal sex to be disgusting and at the same time not be homophobic. I have many gay friends, I support equal rights, but I still find anal sex (regardless of the participants) to be gross. I don’t care if other people do it, but it’s not for me.

      “…it isn’t normal, unfortunately, for straight men to befriend openly gay men…”

      What are you talking about? You accuse other people of being homophobic, and then you espouse this jibber jabber? What makes Matt and Ragan’s friendship any different from a friendship between heterosexuals of the opposite sex? I would say it is perfectly normal for two like-minded people to be friends, regardless of gender and sexuality. Why are you making such a big deal about this?

      “…Matt was able to get to know him beyond the “gay boy” surface and see him as a person…”

      Are you kidding me? The “gay boy surface” is part of who Ragan is. Matt shouldn’t have to look past it to appreciate who Ragan is. You make it seem like Matt had to overcome the fact that Ragan is gay in order to accept him. Give me a break. Don’t call other people homophobic when you have some clearly questionable views on interactions and relationships with gay people.

      Also, calling someone fat is not being sexist. What if she were a man and people called him fat? Would that be sexist? It’s rude, yes, but not sexist.

      • I’m going to try to respond to all your points. Forgive me if I miss some.

        Anal sex is not my cup of tea. I would never do it and will never want to. But that doesn’t give me the right to be rude or insulting to somebody who it DOES appeal to.

        And observing things in society that are examples of homophobia, for example, that many straight men will avoid spending time with (and therefore befriending) openly gay men, does not make ME homophobic for pointing it out. You can see it in the BB household relationships in both this season and last season – as for other seasons I’m afraid I’m new to the series and can’t comment. But of all the men in the house, only Matt spends much time with Ragan and has befriended him. The “token gay” of last season was only friends with women. Some people might assert that this is because “gay men are more like straight women in personality and thus get along with them better” – but I argue that they are often friends with mainly women because straight men can’t deal with that homophobic “OH NO WHAT IF HE WANTS TO TAKE MY BUTT-VIRGINITY” voice in the backs of their heads.

        And NO. Ragan’s sexuality is NOT his personality. I know, personally, several gay men and, hey, isn’t it funny, they all have unique personalities that have nothing to do with their sexual preferences. Ragan may act in a stereotypical way, but you should never mesh together sexuality and personality. There are feminine lesbians. There are butch gay men. To say all there is to Ragan is his romantic preferences is to reduce him to less than a person. It’s akin to saying somebody likes to cook and clean because they are a woman.

        And calling Kathy fat IS sexist. If she were a man, with that percentage of body fat she would be considered “normal”.

      • I find anal sex to be gross. I don’t care if people do it, but I’m not going to lie and say that I don’t find it gross. I’m not going to be rude about it, but I certainly have a right to express my view.

        Maybe you come from a society that is more homophobic than mine. I live in Southern Ontario, and openly gay people fit in with straight people just fine. But you’re suggesting that the other guys aren’t friends with Ragan simply because he’s gay. Maybe they don’t like him? Maybe they don’t have anything in common? Britney doesn’t like Brendon, is it because she’s afraid he’s going to try and have sex with her?

        Reading comprehension is your friend. I said that Ragan’s homosexuality is part of who he is, not the entirety or even the defining aspect of his personality. To say that his homosexuality is not a part of his personality is like saying my heterosexuality is not a part of my personality, which is nonsense. But my criticism was of your assertion that Ragan’s homosexuality was something that Matt needed to overcome to befriend and accept him. Matt is not friends with Ragan DESPITE his homosexuality; Ragan’s sexuality is part of the personality that makes the person that Matt is friends with.

        And you have misconstrued what sexism means. In fact, your response to me is sexist, because you’re suggesting that men and women should be treated differently for no reason. If I see a fat man and fat woman, I’m not going to say, “look, a fat woman and a normal man”. Alternatively, if I call a black man fat, am I a racist?

  23. definitely in the gutter today…

    Regan pursuing Matt’s tool
    orifice hairs
    tampon strings
    Lane pitching a tent in the shower
    homophobes and butt chatter
    Kathy’s rub my ta ta’s shirt
    Brit’s desire to be a cyber chat queen for her fiance back home

    from BB House to Sodom and Gomorrhoa

    • It’s been real, it’s been fun… at times it’s even been real fun. But I have a life, so thank you all for your time, thoughts and attention. I don’t do this often… I got side tracked this morning as I was only trying to find out one thing. So I’ll finally get to it.

      Last night on Showtime, the scroll across the bottom of the screen kept saying that Hayden was head of household. I went “What!?” So does anyone know anything about that???????? I’m miffed.

      • Really now? Hayden? How did that happen, wouldn’t the comp have been on the feeds? Never heard anything about that NatGal – but still CBS does these misleading messages to throw ppls off and promote viewership for their live broadcasts! I say its’ a stunt!

      • Well, I kept thinking it was a typo… that is was suppose to read Brendon. That is why I started a search this morning to see if I could find a spoiler about it. I know a couple of times that it was reported that Bb shut down the feeds. So did something happen during that time that going to be a surprise later for the public?
        I was trying to figure out who was in the HOH room last night. Enzo spent most of his time up there with the headphones on. Couldn’t figure out if Brendon was still had possession of the room or not. I’ll check back later to see if anyone has knowledge. Otherwise, I’ll be joining ya’ll in the electronic zone tonight, laughing about whatever happens. Go Matt… grow a pair and do something that will set everyone on their heels.

      • They wouldn’t do another HoH competition before the eviction. What if Matt uses the veto and puts up the winner? And if he can’t, that means the HoH has guaranteed safety two weeks in a row.

      • I can’t explain it. That’s why I was looking for an answer to what the scroll said. It didn’t make any sense. I keep thinking it was just a typo in the scroll….

  24. NEC you are such a negative person. You negative remarks about Regan are uncalled for. We are all God children.

    • it isn’t negative its an opinion as is yours

      can you prove otherwise? I say not…

      and maybe I am that would make me Allah’s child..not God’s

    • I find your assertion that I am the child of an imaginary space-daddy to be offensive and uncalled for. Take it back.

    • NEC is a marine… and an Aggie… He’s just being who he is. This is your military man point of view. You support the troops? You support hundreds of thousands of men representing the US of A who think exactly like him. Is that a contradiction for you? Can’t have a person willing to kill others to keep you free and expect them to reign in all the rest of the package that goes with it. We have become so ‘politically correct’ that we are no longer honest about our personal opinions. Either we accept all people’s opinions as valid,or we wind up like Iraq, Iran, etc. I may not agree with all that NEC has to say, but I agree that he has a right to say it. And you have a right to disagree with him…. without a personal attack or judgement against him. Opinions are like the “hole” that he’s so concerned about… everyone has one. It’s refreshing to see someone who will call it like it is. Such is the nature of the men who put their lives on the line so that we can sit and frevolously spend the day posting about a stupid tv show with a lot of idiots and morons on it.

      • I am completely appalled that you don’t agree with everything I say…:(

        must be a t.u. Longhorn mentality


      • P.S. and what you Aggies still don’t get right, but then you’re Aggies, it UT – University of Texas. Official name. TU is Tulsa University… where for a school of under 3,000 students they have a great atheletic program and can often hang with the big boys. See ya on the field Thanksgiving…

      • spoken like a true’s t.u. in small letters

        now UT—University of Tennessee is a fine school of learning, in Knoxville.

        BEVO = 13-0 :)

        see ya on Turkey day


      • Ah, you’re breaking my heart…. lol.
        What’s the overall win loss column look like? :-) Put the potato in front….

        It’s been fun NEC. I’ll think about you during each Bb broadcast from now on…

        And I’ll sing the Eyes of Texas for you come Turkey Day!

        You’re a lot of fun. Been good both sparing and sharing with you.
        Bless you. Over and out.

        Semper Fi!

      • NEC, don’t let them get to you, You had to be in the Marines to understand us, Once a Marine, Always a Marine, Semper Fi, 1967-2001

  25. This just in.. this just made me think that Brit and Layne are possibly NOT engaged and that kathy and Layne are the lifelong friends.

    10:45 on live feeds. Kathy talking to Brendon –
    Brendon: “Kathy, what did you do before being on the police force?”

    “Kathy”: “I owned a LUMBER COMPANY”

    Brenden: “Why did you quit”

    Kathy: “When I got sick it went bankrupt and we had to shut it down theft.. etc..”

    Ding Ding Ding… Layne told everyone he work(ed) in the timber field. Brit was saying how sad, you cut trees down. He said he does not do it anymore, but he did.

  26. (sorry, it is a re-post,kind of stil waiting for messages from yesterday to be approved)

    This just in.. this just made me think that Brit and Layne are possibly NOT engaged and that kathy and Layne are the lifelong friends.

    10:45 on live feeds. Kathy talking to Brendon –
    Brendon: “Kathy, what did you do before being on the police force?”

    “Kathy”: “I owned a LUMBER COMPANY”

    Brenden: “Why did you quit”

    Kathy: “When I got sick it went bankrupt and we had to shut it down theft.. etc..”

    Ding Ding Ding… Layne told everyone he work(ed) in the timber field. Brit was saying how sad, you cut trees down. He said he does not do it anymore, but he did

    • But… they live in different states.

      You’re grasping at straws. Not to mention the fact that if they actually were lifelong friends, they would make sure that they don’t reveal any incriminating evidence.

    • Lane works in the oil field. He’s a rig salesman. Before that, he was a student and football player at the University of Nebraska, which makes him a traitor to his state. lol.

      • You’ve got it on the brain… however, true confessions, that’s what everyone I’ve ever known has always called them!…. everybody “hates” Nebraska’s team, but only a fraction more than those Fayetteville pigs. HA!

        Take care tough guy. I feel safe knowing you and yours are out there.

        Again, Semper Fi! Bye.

      • What are you peeps chattin about? They are all full of crap! Lane, is not! @ No Eye Candy, what is a Nebraska Cornholer?? You must be an expert??

      • NativeGal, You really shouldn’t be hatin’ and showing your jealousy quite so much! After all, not everyone can be an Arkansas Razorback fan!

  27. about 1:30 cst or 11:30bbt brit awaken layne.they talked about studying ?. layne ask here what the name was of his second niece. she said the one before or after you moved. then she started naming them off.

  28. The Brigrade needs to do some spring cleaning & get rid of Enzo before he takes the whole alliance down w/ him. Enzo just keeps shooting himself in the foot at every turn.

    I also think secretly Hayden is turning on Enzo just like everyone else, he’s just buying time stringing Enzo along until he gets the opportunity to vote Enzo out. I also think Hayden figured it out that Matt had power for a while before telling Enzo. I think by him telling Enzo he was kind of Hinting they should lay off matt b/c it could back fire, but Enzo has his cow blinders on so it obviously didn’t sink in through his thick skull. At this point in the long run I don’t see Hayden voting against Matt espicailly when he knows he got some sort of power, that could wind up putting Hayden on the chopping block. Hayden is smart enough realize that it’s better to have Matt as a friend than an enemy. Enzo not so much, he’s one of the dumbest BB players I’ve seen in a while.

  29. Reagan GO HOME!!!!!!!….what a baby OMG grow up and be a man…oh wait…that will never happen. You are so rude to Rachael and such a cry baby….ENZO????He’s just too stoopid.

  30. I have studied all the pictures of those in the bb house, and it appears to me that the ones who look most alike in multiple ways are Matt and Regan. Maybe they are twins which could account for Regan being gay, since one twin often is, but it isn’t a concrete thing. The others who favor each other some are Brendan and Hayden. Push Hayden’s hair back and they have similar features. I am going to try and do a reduction of the fat in Lane’s face to see if he and Regan share looks. They are both from Texas, and I cannot imagine a gay man accepting a professorship in Texas, unless that is his home state.

  31. Buenos Noches BB Post-ers & Nifty 9 Crew! :)

    Ragan is a wuss of the highest order!

    Matt is crazy!

    Bren believes all these peeps are friends but they are foes (hay, enz & lan)

    Britt is a TWIT!

    Kath is furniture…..not really seen, no one cares!

    Bro-gade peeps are one pup short of a litter!
    And yeah no hands down da pants! Yowzah!

  32. Does any one remember Ragan saying he had several step brothers and sisters. Maybe Matt is a step-brother.

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