Big Brother 12: Week 6 Power of Veto Episode Tonight

Power of Veto

Tonight on Big Brother 12 we’ll see what happened in the latest PoV competition and have confirmed to us who won the Power of Veto. If you’ve been following the spoilers then you already know who won!

Sadly, no Jeff and Jordan this week for the Veto Competition, but even more shocking will be the return of one recently evicted redhead! This is going to be a great episode but there’s no way they’ll be able to show half of what happened when she reappeared in the house on Saturday. If you missed the events and want to watch all the fights that followed then you can get all those details here.

Right now it looks like The Brigade will continue to turn on itself and attempt a force out one of their own. Little do they know there’s a DPOV waiting in the wings. As things get closer to Thursday’s live eviction I’m expecting we’ll see more fireworks which always makes for some fun Big Brother feeds!

If you haven’t been watching the feeds then you’ve been missing the real game and there’s no way CBS is going to be able to show most of what’s been done and said in the house. You can catch it all on the live feeds new Flashback feature which lets you jump to any day and any time in the season. Yeah, it’s pretty awesome so go ahead and try it for free then keep it for just 50 cents a day.

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  1. Ooooh Enzo & Hayden are gunna get it. Bahaha! I can’t wait to see the looks on their face. Sure they suspect he has a power but I’ll be they can’t imagine to what extent it goes :D :D

  2. man enzos gotta go. He runs his mouth and has nothing to back it up. Matt better use that dpov and put enzo up in his place. This weeks been pretty exciting!

  3. I think things are going to get really exciting tomorrow night. After watching Ragan cry after recording his goodbye message to Matt last night, I can’t wait to see how excited he gets when Matt gets up and used the DPOV. I think it’s going to be hysterical. And who thought that things were going to be boring once Rachal was evicted? I would like to see Matt put up Kathy or Enzo because I can’t take either one of them anymore. They are both the biggest floaters and *$$ kissers.

    • Malia – can’t wait to see the DPOV played tomorrow night either! Everyone is hating on Enzo and wants him out, but personally I’m still beating the get Sheriff Worthless out drum before she floats her way to the money. She’s a snake-in-the-grass and really needs to go.

  4. The show is too behind the live feeds. The Rachel thing is old news as is the Veto stuff. It’s a wasted episode, either air the show immediately after events or hide spoilers on the live feed

    • I agree! They should add a 4th episode. Bring back food/luxury competitions, and make more room for the drama. Three hours isn’t enough time to cover a whole week of Big Brother.

  5. Of course Big Brother saw Rachel put the Pretzel message and allowed Brendon to see it. This way Matt gets put up and has to use the DPOV, but to me that is going to far into the game for BB, since they say they don’t mess with the game. But they did so it makes for better ratings. So this puts more of a target on Matts back. Sorry Matt that BB put a bigger target on your back.

    Matt needs to put up Enzo in his place. Enzo will go home if this happens, because the votes in the house would be 3-1 for Enzo. The only swing vote would be Kathy and I don’t think they can persuade Kathy to vote for Lane. No tie breaker needed for Brendon to make. Then since Matt knows he is out of the Brigade, needs to try to get an alliance with Brit and Lane
    IF he chooses Kathy, I am not definitely sure she would go home against Lane

  6. Enzo kisses ass
    This we all agree.
    He kisses ass so shamelessly.
    He kisses it here,
    He kisses it there,
    He kisses all around.
    When Enzo goes to bed at night,
    his lips are chocalte brown.
    Britt says “Enzo this ass kissing has got to quit”
    “when everybody goes to bed at night,
    the whole house smells like $HIT!”

  7. Good one, Craig. I was just thinking about eating a candy bar, but I just changed my mind.

    This year’s BB is so frustrating! I simply cannot find someone to root for. I hope they all lose!

  8. On a different note….. The longtime friends could be Brenchel. That pic he got of them when he won HOH, didn’t look all that recent to me. Anyone else think that?

    • I thought it looked like it was taken in the HOH room…. I dont think there are life long friends, Julie would have told us by now.

  9. Matt should put up Enzo or Hayden on the block, when he use his DPOV himself Thursday night. I still like to keep Kathy and Britney in the house right now. I really like Ragan game play right now. Lane is the very best houseguest this season, there is not one bad thing he had done in the house. I think that Matt and Lane will be the last two in the house. Lane will win the Big Brother game. The $ 25,000 will go to Kathy.

  10. Lord forgive for what I am about to type but I jsut heard the only logical thing to come out of Britneys’s mouth. In talking to Hayden on the couch she said she was fed up with the certain people in the house throwing the comps because they are afraid of getting blood on their hands. Well hallelujah!! Welcome to our world.

    Although she followed that with the stupid comment that the only reason she was accosted last week was because she won POV, NOOO its because your well nevermind, but its was more then just the POV. I really REALLY can not wait till these people see themselves as we saw them LMAO. Its going to be pretty eye opening for some while others I assume with be blaming the network for editing them in a bad light. (shaking my head)

  11. Totally agree! The only person I kind of enjoy is Lane. His comedic comments make me laugh and so I enjoy watching him. But this summers is a far cry from Jordan and Jeff last season.

    • Stacey,
      I know its been said over and over again on here. This years HG’s are lacking in the exciting dept though it has improved somewhat. I have not chosen 1 HG as my fav and we usually do so my friends and I can argue why that person will or wont win, I have been unable to do so this year. I just watch and go with the person who played the game the best that week. I guess I can be labeled a floater fan this year (geez)
      Its crazy I have read that this season has actually surpassed last season in ratings on a few given episodes which is good meaning that we MAY get another season of BB, but also sad in the sense because there are some first time veiwers who are getting a raw deal on what this show usually has to offer. JMO of course.

  12. What I think would be great is: Matt goes into the eviction meeting thinking that the Brigade will save him, so he has no reason to use the DPOV. Then gets evicted anyway cause it will be too late to use it! I do not think he will use it if he thinks he is safe to avoid having a HUGE target on his back from pretty much the entire remaining hgs.

    • Tomorrow night will be the last chance he has to use it so he’d be a fool not to just in case he gets blindsided. I think he’ll figure that out for himself.

      • He will surely use it because he will only have 2 Brigade votes in Hayden and Enzo maybe. He does not want the fate of his game lying in the hands of Kathy.

    • No Spectre, since he is on the block he wont get a vote. He would if he hadnt been the replacement nominee

      • *CORRECTION* Charanne I mean since he will have to use it at the live eviction I dont THINK he will be able to use it. The others become eligible to vote when they take themselves off because its before the live eviction I could be wrong though.

    • I don’t see why not – he is neither the HOH nor one of the two on the block. Other players who have taken themselves off the block become eligible to vote. The only difference here is that Matt gets to name the replacement instead of the HOH.

      • Charanne,
        It will show tonight I dont want to spoil it if you havent read but Matt is on the block, you will see the POV ceremony tonight and so Matt will not be able to vote once he uses the DPOV.

      • Kristy– I dont think thats right… Yes he is on the block now but then Thursday B4 the vote he will use the DPOV and NO LONGER be on the block… he will vote with the rest of the house minus HOH, Lane and Replacement Nominee (hopefully Enzo the Schmo!)

      • Kristy – I did know Matt was going to replace Regan on the block but I knew he would take himself off prior to the live eviction with the DPV. It would make sense for him to have a vote like any other nominee who came off the block and I think he would have been told if that wasn’t the case.

  13. Are Lane and Britney long term friends?
    They sure seem close given Britney has a fiance that we have not seen

    • Lane and Britney do act like a brother and sister at times, BUT they are not the long term friends. In fact, the pair are now split up, because “the 2 who have known each other all their lives” are most likely Kathy and Rachel.

      When Rachel won her first HOH, my first indication was when Rachel picked up a picture and said, “Hey Kathy, this is the trip I was telling you about with my sister” all the while with her arm tenderly around Kathy’s back – unusual body language for knowing each other only 2 weeks. Later, Kathy was alone in the HOH room with Rachel, helping her unpack her clothes, and Kathy kept telling Rachel how proud she was of her. Kathy also talked about Brendon and Rachel’s obvious attraction and said ‘remember no frisky frisky!” It’s ‘possible’ that they may even be related, not just friends. Wouldn’t it be surreal if they were mother and daughter?? The brief glimpse we had of that picture of Rachel’s Mother at a very young age could have been Kathy. On top of that, Rachel put the picture away so it couldn’t be seen using the excuse that she didn’t want her mother to be ‘watching’ her and Brendon making out. My gut tells me it’s VERY POSSIBLE!!

  14. I glad Rachel is gone I like to see Kathy try harder but most likly she will be put up.I think Matt will pick Kathy to go up on the block

  15. see…extreme intense superb detailed commentary without all the bashing and hating.

  16. I pity the next hg to be eliminated they have to be alone with Rachel and her ridiculous laugh for the next week.

  17. Someone told me that Rachel is married, and her husband told her to do whatever it took to win…The Sab should have put that in Brendon’s head and said her hubby is still in the house. LOL

    • OMG pbj… that is BRILLIANT!

      brendon would absolutely lose his freaking mind!!

      YOU SHOULD SUGGEST THIS on facebook if the saboteur is still around after this week.
      (2 wk requirement should be fulfilled on thursday – don’t if sab stays or goes)

  18. I’m still not completely clear about the powers that Matt holds with the DPOV. Julie said it was the most powerful POV ever. Can Matt remove both himself AND the other nominee (Lane) and replace them with 2 completely new nominees, not including the HOH (Brendon) – OR can he only remove and replace himself with someone else on the block?

  19. I said if the red head came back I would not watch. I hate crybabies. Love? In how many days. PULEASE. When she leaves again I will watch….Phyllis

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