Big Brother 12 Preseason News Round Up

The Big Brother 12 premiere date is just about four weeks away and already we’ve got some pretty great news about the new season. Here’s what we know:

According to Kassting Inc., all finalists for BB12 have been notified so if you were still waiting by the phone don’t get discouraged because there’s always next season. Speaking of, we don’t believe the rumors of this being the final season. Big Brother continues to win its timeslots which makes CBS happy and is a good sign for us fans. So yeah, it’ll be back.

CBS has announced the Big Brother 12 start date is set for Thursday, July 8th at 8PM. From there the show schedule will be Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays all at 8PM ET. This is a change from the usual Su/Tu/Th line-up which shifted between 8PM and 9PM.

You night-owls will be pleased to learn that Big Brother After Dark is set to return to Showtime’s SHO2. Apparently BB is quadrupling SHO2’s ratings during those 12AM – 3AM hours making this decision a no-brainer. Too bad that’s way too late for this East-Coaster. Good thing we’ll always have the 24/7 Live Feeds!

CBS has released just two commercials so far for the summer season. There aren’t too many Big Brother spoilers to speak of, but there was mention of “new twists” so those of you hoping for a normal season can start being disappointed.

Perhaps most important of all, Big Brother Network is now on Facebook. So whether it’s Liking, Loving, Friend’ing, Fan’ing, or whatever the whipper-snappers call it these days, be sure to check us out and join in the fun there too.

If all that wasn’t enough, you can even stay up with BB12 on your Android thanks to a new app from our friends at AimX. (click here from your Android)

With the new season just around the corner, what are you most excited about?

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  1. Please change the house, maybe doing it more like a doll house with no doors, except the HOH room. Change the HOH room, where it's located, redo all the rooms – it's getting boring!!!! Get some pets in the house, everyone loves dogs, make the dog somehow carry a secret to a challenge. Make someone responsible for taking care of the animal each week, it can even be a great dane!____Let's get more creative guys. Even the diary room is boring now, come on 12 seasons – let's freshen it up!!!! Make them more responsible for house duties, I hate that they live like pigs, put them on a schedule to do certain things. They have to keep their beds made and clothes put away or they get penalized.

  2. Hmm, some of the comments are taking a long time to show up. If this new comment system doesn't work out I'll take us back to the old system. Anyone out there have a preference? I was hoping the threaded Reply system would make this worthwhile, but if comments vanish into the Ether…

    Update: And we’re back to the old system. I’ll work on getting threaded comments and page breaks added in here soon.

  3. @Erin: I’d love to have an iPhone app going as well.

    Update: Oh boy! We’re going to have an iPhone app very soon courtesy of the same awesome mobile developers at AimX!

  4. OMG I’m so excited for July 8! This is my favorite show EVER even though Seasons 9 and 10 were so boring. I hope the twist is that they bring back Jen from BB8. She was my favorite!!! Ug I can’t wait another month! I love Big Brother!!!!!!!!!

  5. I am looking forward to some house updates as well. Also, I can’t wait for the twists and turns in the game.

    No showmances like last season. I hope everyone stays focused and maintains their strategy.

    This has truly been one of the longest waiting periods. Wish there were two BBs annually to keep us entertained! Much of the other reality doesn’t measure up.

  6. I’ll be glad to see Julie Chen,, too. She’s great with Big Brother and I wanna see how she looks now that she has had her precious baby.

    I’m so glad Showtime After Dark is back because I had a blast last season “communicating” with all my fellow BB fans on the message boards as the action was happening. It was awesome!

  7. Is there anywhere to see the people who are going to be on BB so we can try to decide who we will like?

  8. @Sarah: We’ve got an app available for Android based phones.

    Click this link from your Droid:

    @Dawn: No one knows who are the final 12 (or however many it is this year) HGs for the season at this point. We’ve got 3+ more weeks before that’s revealed.

  9. I think Carolyn has a great idea. A dog in the house would make for great TV!! (And as a dog lover, I do believe they can tell who to trust and who not to trust.) I’m so looking forward to this season. I’m also not against “showmances”, and I thought Jeff & Jordan were adorable together. I do enjoy new twists in the game. As we all know. . . Expect the Unexpected! Julie Chen is the best host ever. Can’t wait till the summer season starts!

  10. Hmm I wonder if I can get away with the live feeds on my iPhone/iPad so when I am absolutely forced away from the computer I wont die or worse….miss something….I think I have some serious BB addiction problems, but it’s a healthy addiction XD…. But seriously the stream better be HTML5.

  11. Good morning all, I can’t wait either. I’m not a huge fan of Julie, I just like watching how all the personalities mesh. The things that happen are helarious.(please forgive my spelling)

    Justin, It’ll be ok, just stay calm, and take deep breaths :) BB will be here soon.

    Carolyn and Mary, Me and my wife are huge pet lovers. Our baby is Sugar, the Choc. lab. She runs our roost. We just lost 2 kitties 18 and 19yrs. old. :( Now where looking for a new kitten. Sugar can’t wait. :)

  12. Oh sorry, when I talk about Sugar I forget what I was talking about. I think a pet would be neat on BB. When was the last on on the show?

  13. @Justin: What’s up there now looks more like its Flash based. You need to give ol’ Jobs a talking to when it comes to supporting Flash on those products.

  14. @Scott I know, but still i’m like child in a car asking “are we there yet” over and over…lol

    @Matt Yeah I know right, but as contradictory as it may seem i’m not really a hardcore apple fan. I am an android supporter all the way, Right after the HTC Dream/G1 hit I had one shipped down from Canada so I could use it on At&t 3g, then it met the concrete so I was forced to move back to my iPhone and just haven’t forked over the cash for the nexus one. And the iPad was a present from my aunt and uncle… I like them both well enough but android is just much more of an OS than iOS wish I had 700$ to drop on a Nexus one though :)

  15. I love the iPod app idea! I hope that comes together.
    Btw, I cannot wait till the photos of the house are released, thats my favorite part! Anyone know when they usually are released?!

  16. I love the iPod app idea! I hope that comes together.
    Btw, I cannot wait till the photos of the house are released, thats my favorite part! Anyone know when they usually are released?!
    Also, I hope the twists this year are unique and awesome! Like last years Coup d’etat, or whatever.
    And a dog in the house would be AWEOMSE, but are the guests responsible enough to feed it? If Natalie comes back, then no.

  17. Can’t wait for the BB premiere. I just really hope they have a more diverse cast this year. To me, that’s the only thing BB is missing.

  18. @Matt: Do you have any idea if they are offering the early bird special for Big Brother for this season, they did the last 2 seasons, so I was just wondering…

  19. @Hunter: Yep, there will be. We weren’t supposed to say anything until Thursday when the discount goes live, but thanks to a few too-eager-to-wait sites we can now confirm that it will happen again this year.

  20. i CANNOT WAIT FOR BIG BROTHER. this is by far my favorite show and i wish that it would play all year round.

  21. How can you advertise 24/7 uncensored? I had them last year and its more like 5 hrs of the 24 mostly they were sleeping or eating and they are deeply censored. How can you advertise such incomplete not true advertisement? Or do you have 24/7 that no one knows about?

    From someone that really loves Big brother but was so so disappointed in the live feeds. I say Showtime is better then the feeds. Please find out if CBS will be allowing Real Player to play real live feeds because when I called real player they said its CBS that makes them sensor by putting up those darn fishes.

    Waiting on your answer

  22. I asked a question why advertise live feeds 24/7 when they are not 24/7 CBS censors the feeds.

    Are you going to delete this question also???

  23. @Cynthia: There was no censoring or deletion of your comments and questions. The comment filtering software is acting up and placing all (read: everyone’s) comments in a moderation queue for approval.

    What SHO2 airs is the same content as the live feeds but is actually only 1/8 of what is available daily from the live feeds since they only do it for 3 hours a day vs 24 hours.

    Yes, competitions like the PoV and live episode broadcasts are blocked from the feeds. But your claim that only 5 hours of content is shown on the live feeds each day is a gross misstatement.

    If you’d prefer you can say 23.8/7 uncensored.

    And yes, it’s CBS’ call when things get blocked on the feed. You’d have better luck voicing your concerns to CBS since neither this site nor Real Networks have anything to do with the fishes on your feeds.

  24. I love the idea of a dog or cat, and, I loooooove me some showmances (which could also be considered strategy) Jeff and Jordan were my favourite by far.

  25. Oh Matt I guess you did not subscribe to Feeds ;-( I really wish feeds were even 23.8/7. I really wish people would not advertise 24/7 because if in fact you had the feeds last year you would now there was so much censoring of the feeds, ok I take back the 5 hrs but how can everyone be so excited to watch people sleep all the time and when action happens Wamba its fish to watch. Come on people what are you excited about the show that’s edited from any useable feeds are what is good. I just wish feeds were without censoring I wish they really were uncensored like they were years ago. So Matt do you know how we can get in touch with CBS?

  26. @Cyndie: I watch the live feeds every year and they’re awesome. Miss the feeds and you miss the real show. Sorry you’re too cynical about it to get to enjoy the experience. The rest of us plan to enjoy the season and the feeds. If you change your mind then you’re welcome to join us.

  27. @ 33 Cyndie, not true at all. I saw so much on the feeds last year that didn’t even make it to the show. The only time the feeds get blocked is when the HG’s talk about production or people in their outside lives that have not signed a waiver.

  28. Hi, I am 63 Years old and have watched every “Big Brother show” got my Twin Grandaghters Hooked on it and one of my Daughters.They all Love it and can,t wait till it comes on t.v. in July me too, I love Julie Chen she is great i am glad she is doing the show again, and hope she keeps doing it as Long as it is on T.V.My Twin Grandaughers are 24 Years old and Daughter that watchs te show is 44 Years old. I got them Hookedon it about 4 Years ago.
    Sincerley Mrs Tony Sammons
    From Winston Oregon

  29. I am 55 and also got my grandaughter hooked she calls me and cant wait to. We watch together alot she’ll come to my house. She got me watching roads rules. We love BB though. When do pics come on P.C. I watched since season 4 and catch up with some short ones at net flex along with survivor my 2 best.

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