Big Brother 12 Live Feed Details – Early Bird Coupon – Return of Janelle & More!

Big Brother wouldn’t be the same without the Live Feeds so it’s with great pleasure that I bring you the early details on what you can expect when you sign up this summer because what would BB be without uncensored 24/7 access?!

Big Brother Live Feed Trial

First up might be the most important for those trying to decide: pricing. Just like last season we’ll be able to offer you the Big Brother live feed coupon for an early-bird price with a deep discount. This will launch on Thursday morning so be ready because that’s only going to last until July 7th. I’ll have those details up that morning, but needless to say, if you’re going truly enjoy Big Brother then you’ll have to get the live feeds and this will be the cheapest time to do it.

Next, the big news for this season’s live feeds exclusive will be that one of my personal favorites, Janelle from BB6 and All-Stars, will be appearing for weekly Big Brother 12 events which can only be found on the live feeds. This won’t be available on CBS so if you want to see the Queen of the PoV you’re going to have to sign up. Luckily, Chelsia from BB9, Queen of the Easter Eggs, will be back with her own weekly Express Lunch show also only on the feeds.

Aside from new content additions, the entire Live Feeds experience has been completely upgraded. I got a preview look at how it’s going to work and it’s awesome. The feeds will be Flash-based (think YouTube style) for easier access without the need for a special player (but I’m told you can still go that route if you’re old school and prefer it that way). Building on top of the embedded approach will be private and interactive chat rooms where you can group up with friends “attack” the HGs with tomatoes, darts, kisses, and more (virtually of course). This should be a great way to group up with your friends and live discuss what’s happening in the house in a totally new and social way.

Flashback will also be making its return this season on the live feeds. You’ll be able to use this DVR type feature to go back through the entire season’s archives and watch any fight, drama, romance, etc. whenever you want. Matter of fact, if you start up your live feeds you can watch all of seasons 10 and 11 right now.

Okay, be sure to sign-up for the free Big Brother email updates, join us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter to be notified as soon as the BB12 live feeds discount code goes live on Friday, June 18th. I’m ready to sign up. Are you?

Update: The Big Brother SuperPass Live Feed early bird coupon discount is now live!


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  1. Here’s my dilemma with the live feeds.

    I refuse to watch the feeds during the day because all the hamsters usually do is suntan and that’s basically it.

    I also live on the West Coast so there is a 3hr difference. By the time I settle in to watch the feeds at night I turn it on and the houseguests are usually eating dinner. Can’t stand watching people eat!

    So then I turn it off and by the time I come back I’m ready for bed and turn it off.

    Does anyone have the same problem? You never seem to be around when the good stuff is going down?

    That being said, I’ll still be feeding it up this year.. hopefully I’ll be around for the good parts!

    That was a long comment, and I apologize.

  2. I think it’s awsome that we’ll be able to watch the feeds from our browser! And Janelle to boot?!? I’m in BB hog heaven!

  3. Yayy! I am glad I asked, now I can have another summer filled with Big Brother Live Feeds, my favorite thing in the world! I am so ready for this season, bring on the twists!!

  4. I have a girl crush on Janelle LOL. Not only is she hot but a great great player who can kick some azz.

  5. @ Josh, I understand where you’re coming from, but what I find great about the live feeds is the ability to flashback. Let others watch the tedious parts and post the flashback times and there’s so much you’ll see that doesn’t make it to TV, i.e., Braden’s racist comments last year.

  6. I am sooooo Happy Janelle is back she is my all time favorite and she should have won both seasons she played in,the only person that was targetted from day one that she entered the house in season 6 they could not evict her so they evicted her partner that she came into the house with she had to fight every day after that …She was targeted first day in season 7 ” all stars ” and didnt even no it till later thank god she won the HOH to save her self or she would have been out first week then too…

    Janelle is “BIG BROTHER” and that Bucksum Blond should win a million dollars for all of the ratings she has added to the show…
    Please keep the seasons coming…I’ll always watch and so will many, many others !!!

  7. “Bucksum”? Seriously?

    Personally will HATE it if the feeds are ONLY available through your browser instead of a stand-alone player. I need to be able to have the player open and properly sized so I can also be surfing the net simultaneously.

    Geez, Real — if it ain’t broke . . .

  8. @Marty: From what I’ve been told you’ll be able to access the Feeds from both your browser and the Real Player.

    For me, I found the Player to be too often buggy with the Feeds and am really excited about being able to have it browser-based instead. So for me, it was broken, and they fixed it. Phew!

  9. I am so excited about BB as I am every year. I dont know what I will do if they ever stop it. Jannel was also my fave. Not starting that way but half-way through her first show. Best season!!! I have watched from 4 on.

  10. I’m not positive who Jannel is,I have a hard time rembering all the different personalities.

    I can’t wait for the start either.

  11. thanks matt i appreciate the quick reply
    i was about to order it, and i saw that i would be charged the regular and just had to find out….i can NOT go a season tho without the live feeds

  12. @nicole: I feel the same way about the feeds. Gotta have ’em! I apologize for the mix-up which I’m blaming entirely on the site software here. I swore I fixed the release date for that info but it surprised me this morning with an early appearance.

  13. so, just a quick question…If I sign-up now for the 3 month offer of the Live feeds…is today my “start date” for the 3 months?? Should we wait until closer to July 8th to get it to be sure we’re in the 3 month window??

    I’m so excited the feeds are in browser form, my Real Player always had to be re started, was very annoying!!

  14. oh its all good, i just wanted to make sure i didnt spend the extra money if i didnt have to…and computers arent always reliable do you have a facebook account? add me if u do :)

  15. @Donna: If you sign-up now for the live feeds then the full season option will get you through the whole show and you’ll get the early bird discount.

    @Mark: July 8th is the start date for BB12.

  16. Do you know whether Flashback will operate off the website or off of RealPlayer (like it currently does with seasons 10 and 11)?

  17. @josh “I also live on the West Coast so there is a 3hr difference.” Then you’re in the same timezone, the feeds are in cali.

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