Big Brother 12: Kristen Bitting Interview

Hi everyone! I just spoke to evicted houseguest Kristen about Andrew, Rachel, Hayden and where this cast of Big Brother 12 ranks among the previous ones.

AR:  Andrew screwed up your game didn’t he?

K:  Yeah he was more concerned with screwing up my game then staying in the game himself.

AR:  Do you regret starting your showmance with Hayden? Do you think it was your downfall?

K:  I don’t think it was my downfall. I think I should have had a better sense of awareness because I would hope to think and I would love to think that we both had the same feelings for each other. I was more of an honest upfront person than he was and I have to realize that this is a game. I should have had my eyes wider open and realized there was a lot of time spent in the house not together. I should have asked myself more often what is he talking about when I’m not around.

I think my biggest downfall was probably aligning myself with Andrew and not aligning myself with other people without Hayden knowing. We could have still been in an alliance together and still have been looking out for one another but I should have made the same move that he did early on and created something secret as well.

AR:  Rachel called you a floater, was that your strategy going in or do you consider yourself a gamer?

K:   I’m a combination of both. I think walking through the door, it’s not that I was afraid of winning or making bold moves because I wasn’t. I wanted to do it when the time was right. If I hadn’t been thrown under the bus the way that I was, I think I would have made bold moves in the weeks to come. I would definitely not consider myself a floater. I felt like a loner, not a floater.

AR:  Do you regret not accepting Rachel’s apology and going to see her HoH room?

K:   I don’t really regret it because Rachel is the kind of person to shove things in people’s faces. After I saw her react the way that she did when she won and be such a horrible person, I felt like she was going to put me up regardless. I felt like why not keep my pride and try to win POV and get myself off the block and prove something to the house. As far as I’m concerned nobody in the house really stands up for themselves and a lot of people were pushed around and bullied, especially by Rachel and I just wasn’t going to have it so I would like to think I walked out of there with my head held high.

AR:  I know you’re hoping she walks out that door on Thursday.

K:  Yeah I am. 

AR:   What is the game going to lack now that you’re not in the house?

K:   The game is going to lack a lot of honesty. I really think that people are going to become a lot more vicious and completely out for themselves. They’ll do anything to get to the end. In the beginning that feeling really wasn’t around the house. It was really weird, I thought everybody gets along things were kind of on the down low and really it wasn’t like that and I think it’s just going to intensify without me in the house.

AR:   Where do you think this cast of big brother ranks among other casts?

K:    I think it’s much better than previous casts and I didn’t realize it until I was out of the house, just how much better it is because in the house you think everybody is playing the game very similarly and really no one was playing the game the same at all. There are so many twists and turns and unknowns. There were no defined alliances and no defined lines. There were overlapping alliances. There were people completely out on their own and some of the people completely out on their own were possibly in an alliance. For a while I thought that Matt and Ragan were in an alliance when Matt wasn’t in an alliance with Ragan at all. It was constant constant questions of were people in a friendship or in an alliance.

AR:   We all saw your boyfriend back home, what do you plan on saying to him when you get the chance to talk to him?

K:   I don’t even know what I’m going to say. I never thought that what happened on the show was going to happen. I never intended on it happening. I was sure that my relationship was not only strong enough but that I was not willing to jeopardize my game or my relationship. I couldn’t help the way that I felt. If I wouldn’t have pursued what happened, I think there would have been a lot of frustration there because I would have felt like I was missing out on something. So it was kind of a catch 22. I wouldn’t have gotten to the level I got to with Hayden and I think I would have been mad at myself for not allowing it to happen. I was in a little bubble of a house where I couldn’t communicate with anybody on the outside and ask for guidance or support which normally I don’t need but in this case I definitely did.

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  1. A note on your gameplay comment – non of them have any.

    And straight up, Rachel IS rediculous with what she said in her goodbye message. But she’s also the only one playing the game. Ragan know’s the game as well as she does and he still doesn’t play, he forfeits!

  2. Heh heh I liked you Kristin but you’re a little out of touch with the viewers.

    By far this has been one of the worst (if not THE worst) cast that BB has ever chosen. Very hard to like or relate to anyone in the house this season.

    At least most ppl seem to be in agreement about disliking Rachel. Brendan’s just a finger puppet. Ragan can play the game but when will he?

    I was definitely sorry to you go.

  3. I think that Rachel (although I like her a lot) felt so threatened by Kristen that she had to get rid of her. I think she could’ve gone about it in a more productive way. I also think that if Kristen wanted to fight for her place in the house, she should’ve walked away when Rachel got in her face. The one thing to keep in mind here is that these HG’s have to lie, cheat, and steal their way to wim the money. Some of us say that we wouldn’t have done some of the things that the HG’s are doing but, in all truth, we don’t know what we would do, given the situation. The thing that makes me keep watching is the fun things that happen in the house. And, yes, remember this is a game. All I can say is, may the best player, whoever he/she may be, win.

  4. you know they might be a boring cast but the shows still pretty intense to watch and is well worth watching, in my opinion!! i guess cuz i love this show soo much.

    you were great kristen, hopefully rachael goes this week or the next!!

  5. Great interview Ash!….Apparently the word “honesty” doesnt mean what i thought it did. How does cheating on your boyfriend…on national tv no less… translate into “im the only honest one in the house”. I wish someone had told me…i couldve been having more fun and maintaining my integrity at the same time….who knew?

  6. Cat- cheating on her boyfriend had nothing to do with honesty, Hayden new she had a boyfriend, she didn’t lie about that. Although I’m not a big fan of kristen I can’t see how your statement had anything to do with “honesty” not trying to stir trouble just not getting your point I guess. I also have to agree this is the worst season of cast members but I still love it and although rachel gets on the very end of my last nerve without her the show would totally bomb with out the giggly eye rolling annoying laugh.

  7. Rachael is threatened by her own shadow! She is a very shallow and insecure person, IMHO.

  8. Honestly is a flexible term for Kris I suppose! :P..Merci beaucoup for the interview Ash! :) I hope they do this with all the evictees! Only 10 comments, guess Kris didnt have the same effect on the viewers are she thinks she had in the house eh….and that MAN of hers was so F-I-N-E and nice too! Have fun back in Philly, the city of brotherly love, you are sooo gonna need that! Remem the looks on her GFs faces, they were NOT amused! :S

  9. This season is the worst by far, although BB1 was pretty bad too. Kristen you were a complete floater, actually everyone in the house is a floater. They’re all going to get squashed by the Brigade, and the sad part is the Brigade is the stupidest alliance ever created. I’m contemplating not watching this season anymore. Everyone in the house is stupid, cowardly, and unworthy of Big Brother.

  10. How can she call herself honest. Didn’t know cheating on your boyfriend was honest or telling brittany u would be homeless if u didn’t make it to the jury house. What a load of bs she is talking. Should have never even been on bb if she wasn’t willing to lie or backstab because that is the way u win bb not by being so called honest. she has a different meaning of being honest than the rest of us. Go climb under the rock u came from kristen

  11. @ Cat, Kristen was honest about her boyfriend with Hayden. I am not sure she’s trustworthy (in that case) but she was at least honest. Hayden knew about him. And she had no way to tell the other guy… so… yeah.

  12. Cat, it’s been a few. Hope you’re doing well! Of course it was dishonest to cheat and it doesn’t matter if Hayden knew about it or not. He’s just as bad as she is on that one.

    Jadelle, thanks!

  13. Tee-hee, kristen got played by hae man hayden! Hayden was smart to have his gal at nite and his brigade during day w/o her knowing. Call it karma. Kristen embarrasses her boyfriend on national tv, in turn she’s looking like a fool getting the boot 6-1 vote + having to leave w/a whacked wig and leotard, w/o winning a single challenge. Again – Karma!

  14. rachel got rid of her because she knew kristen was coming after her and brendon. I don’t call that be threatened of kristen. I call that being in tune with whats going on and who could be coming after u. They don’t like rachel because she actually wins at the games unlike the other hg can’t win to save there lives.

    • kris sucks at life!! LOL how was kris gonna come after ray when kris didn’t win anything?? Rofl a true floater

      Bye bye master splinter u were worthless as a hg just like kat

  15. Andrew honestly did not screw up her game, not winning HOH at the right time ruined her game. The week when Andrew got eliminated Rachael had already decided that Kristin was gonna go up for eviction. I’m really sick of these eliminated house guest blaming other players for there mistakes and stupidity, it gets old. And finally if another player says to Julie ” I don’t regret anything I did in the house” Im gonna snap

  16. Bless her heart! She is just a piece of work! I’m not sure if I am more taken a back by the fact that she keeps up with her story or that she may actually believe it…I’m on the fence right now. As far as the boyfriend at home..based on her response as to her relationship with Hayden and that she would be upset with herself had she not pursued it..well, that says a great deal to her character..essentially, if it wasn’t Hayden..then it was going to be someone else…the grass is always greener syndrome. As far as Rachel goes…at the end of the day, as much as I think that she is funny and interesting…she is her own worst enemy! Maybe she should learn to skulk (sp) about a bit more and try to pay a little more attention to the offline conversations that are going on instead of worrying so much about spending time with Brendan. She would learn a lot!!!

  17. Loved Ragans goodbye comment to Kris last night, if Rachel dosnt like you, consider it a compliment… truer words…

  18. I kept my honest loyalty and integrity in the game is a eufemizm for I didn’t have the guts to make a move in the game

  19. Kristen, you are a delusional woman. Honest come on? I’m just glad to see you gone. Cause girl you”re a TRUE FLOATER AND A LIAR! cheating on boyfriend, lying about being homeless and saying you have nothing that doesn’t sound like a sincere person to me! You are like in your own world and I don’t want to know which world is that! LOL. Kristen maybe you should drink some CAFFEE! LOL Love Enzo he is funny as heck.

  20. Great ?s Ashley. I won’t miss Kristen that much cuz she would have cause problems for the brigade. Hey CAT how are you.

  21. I love Kristen. I think her n Hayden, even if she did cheat on that ugly guy that she was with for only 2 months, r so cute together. They unfortunately are not able to be fake like other house or kiss the fake person( Rachael) butt when she is hoh which kinda really hurt Kristen’s game that last week. But my favorite thing is that she never backed down to power trippin’ Rachael that’s the Philly girl in her. Surprised she didn’t hurt her severely I’m guessing that she had to hold herself back n remember that she is on tv bc that is what would have happened to me except I wouldn’t of held back once I was evicted Rachael would have needed another nose job hopefully it was a good one this time. Miss u Kristen!

    • I agree with all you said. Obvious her feelings for the guy back home were not all that people thought. Her feelings for Hayden became stronger. Like real life ya win some and loose some. Feeling are what they are. The thing I too liked most about Kristen is that she did not back down from that witch-bitch Rachael. Kristen didn’t really get a chance to play the game. Rachael had NOOOOOO class what’s so ever. She was nothing but a skank. Her and Brenden will never last. She is Vegas remember.
      Brenden will never be able to make her happy mark my word. It’s all about her. Hayden and Kristen I hope you can work things out, but after you finish school Hayden. I hope Brittany and Blane get together too.

  22. I agree Jennifer21! No one knows how kristen’s relationship with her boyfriend was. They were dating for two months only. During those two months, she was prepping for bb12. Hayden is a handsome and sweet guy. Hard to resist! Stop hating and judging. Rachel created her huge and in your face target. So she better hustle and win comps. Kristen you have class.

  23. I agree Barbie.. Stop hating. Kristen is young and single (2 mo boyfriend hardly counts as a “relationship”) What Kristen means about “honest” is her game play inside.. which was really nothing much at all. This show is about drama, it’s entertaining to watch Rachel’s antics (like a train-wreck). Brendon is the one that gets on my nerves, what as kiss ass…

  24. I honestly don’t like Kristine or Rachel (just don’t). I also think the houseguests are quite boring this season. I miss the earlier seasons when the cast was more diverse. Young and old. Different personalities. BB has turned into a beauty and body building contest. Sorry..I miss characters like Chicken George, Dr. Will and Evil Dick. Made the show much more interesting to watch. Just my opinion. Thanks for listening.

  25. Kristen is either very dumb or in denial. I don’t like Rachel at all, but Rachel was desperate for friends in the house and she wasn’t targeting Kristen at all. Such a brilliant move on Kristen’s part to just blow up in her face just because her showmance has been called out. Maybe that’s a natural human reaction, but it’s certainly HORRIBLE game play.

    By they way, honesty…integrity? I doubt that your former boyfriend would agree whatsoever.

    • Yes, Rachel was desperate for alot of everything, class, looks, style, personality, and the list goes on. She blamed everybody else for things she was guilty of herself. I wonder how she felt after she saw herself on national tv. It surprises me how people can say it’s okay for Rachel to be nasty to everybody else in the house but when Kristen got in Rachels face, they ridiculed it. Rachel was a bitch to just about everybody in the house when it fit her game play, even to Brendon. Brendon was just PW. She’ll chew you up and spit you out buddy. Open your eyes before it’s to late. She cares nothing about what you want in life or your goals because it’s all about what makes her happy.

  26. Ok, maybe I missed something here with the Kristen honesty thing… Didn’t she deny the showmance and making out with Hayden, and at the same time, play the honesty card? Screw the boyfriend at home thing, seems to me that her denying the make-out sessions with Hayden was the dishonest thing she did!

  27. Love you Kristen and will miss you!!! You were awesome in my opinion! BTW a two month relationship isn’t marriage. . that is 8 weeks and she was in the house for 4 . . .come on! Would love to see what some of these people would do with cameras following them around. . .so FUNNY! I hear they are auditioning for Big Brother 13. .

  28. Job done well Kristen, Rachel started hating you when the question was asked who looks better in a bikini and all the guys said YOU!!! Good luck in all do.


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