Big Brother 12 Live Feeds Blackout Announcement

No easy way to put this, live feeders. CBS calls the shots on when the live feed cameras are turned off and on in the Big Brother house every year and this season is no different. Due to what I believe to be the compressed television broadcast schedule of back to back Wednesday and Thursday episodes, CBS has ordered the live feeds to be blacked out until Wednesday night:

CBS production is blocking the live feeds, [but] SuperPass is providing special programming to subscribers during that time. The block will occur for an extended period of time starting tomorrow (Tuesday) morning Pacific Time.

Since there will be specially created and fun content featured on SuperPass, [viewers can] visit the Live Feeds and Live Shows pages for the most updated programming calendar.

I believe the feeds are being turned off so production can pre-record their Wednesday “live” episode which won’t really be live at all. They’ll be filming the Veto Ceremony, “live” eviction, and even possibly the first round of the 3-part final HoH competition. By keeping us out of the house via the feeds they’ll keep the suspense for finding out what happened and boosting their ratings.

Unfortunately I have no control over this situation, nor does RealNetworks, who delivers the live feeds. But what we can all do is register our complaints with CBS for their decision to block out their most dedicated Big Brother fans. Go here on CBS’ website for the feedback form and let them know your thoughts:

CBS Feedback Form – Tell Us What You Think

Thanks again for all your support this season and I’ll keep you posted on any updates to when we’ll have our live feeds back, but for now you can expect them to return Wednesday night following the east coast broadcast. Until then, we’ll always have the shower moments with Britney and Lane, separately of course!


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  1. Expect the Unexpected with the lockdown. It may be true that Enzo gave themselves the name The Brigade of The Big Brother House.But before their Brigade there is The Kansas City Brigades. The Brigade Home,The Paintball Brigade,The Brigade Story. So they are not the only Brigade.

  2. Big Brother & CBS are really starting to lose the point of this show & how it was started. I’m all for changing things up to keep the audience entertained but the core bases of the show…13 people, locked in a house, with cameras watching 24/7…and thn extending tht beyond the 3 weekly shows with live feeds that are paid for by die hard fans…that bases should never be altered.

    • I completely agree. This season all we’ve gotten for our money are sleeping HGs and bubbles…and now nothing. Everyone should complain repeatedly to CBS. This can not abide!

      • These people sleep more thn any other cast….but maybe thts bc they’re all drugged up, how many times did we have to hear abt Ambien & muscle relaxers on BBAD?! It’s completely absurd

  3. I have never taken the live feeds, but have watched every season of BB.
    When they block out the BB house feeds there should be feeds from the jury house.

    • I agree. tho I’ve never bought the live feeds either. just seems pointless if your not going to get your money’s worth from it.

  4. well, this certainly explains the back yard construction that was going on all day yesterday.

    we should have seen this coming, don’t ya think? i mean seriously –
    all the normal ‘recaps’
    ragan entering the jury house
    a taped veto comp
    a “live” veto ceremony
    a “live” eviction (includes time w/julie + gb messages)
    part 1 of the final hoh (can take HOURS)
    + numerous COMMERCIALS…
    ALL in ONE HOUR??

    not possible.
    we should have figured this out :)

    • As soon as I heard they were doing construction as early as Monday morning I had a bad feeling this was happening.

      Now for the round 1 of the final HoH comp, that should never have been expected to be done in full live. Those are typically endurance comps and just like any endurance comp it only starts during the show but finishes out on the live feeds.

      I think it came down to them wanting to make sure they had enough time between the two shows to get the first two rounds completed. Disappointing no matter what the cause though.

      • So how does the blackout effect BBAD??? I would assume that we will not beable to watch that either??

  5. I contacted RealNetworks and they gave me a free month (no charges to my account until Nov. 11, at which time I can continue the membership or cancel by replying to their email)…

    If anyone is interested, I’m sure they would do the same for anyone who called, complained, or threatened to cancel.

    They said that CBS has “divided the finale into four weeks: Finale Week, Reality Week, Julie Week, and Winners Week.”

    I don’t know what that means, but I got it free by calling…

    • I’ve pinged my contacts at Real to see if they know what that means regarding CBS splitting up the finale into four weeks. Sounds odd, but could be something interesting. I’ll share what I hear back.

  6. here is the thing. i would love like a shet long endurance. but lane, nor enzo are good enough, and dont care enough to make it one. it will prolly be a 30 minute endurance. they dont care who gets the money, and lane is just b.s.-ing brit when he says he will try hard.

    and enzo….plz.

    like i would love the 7 hours season 8 endurance comp time to be challenge haha.

    ive been patiently waiting with 50 cent (get what the joke in that?) for what this fun and exciting content is going to be.

    i want it to be like full all-stars. show us the full season of all-stars damnitt! lol

      • Yeah…why do they focus on the fish tank so ofter through the course of Showtime’s “After Dark”…? Is that there way of telling you to change the channel and watch a movie tonight? Aren’t there Techs watching all the TV monitors in view of the main house…realizing they are not viewing on the players? I’ve been on the BB lot so I know the complete layout of the ficility.

      • If it’s not the fish tank…they’ll focus on the purposeless pink flamingos or an empty HoH room….strange.

      • bbad production goes to the fish tank, etc. when the hgs start talking about something we’re not supposed to hear and there’s no time for the “hgs – you’re not allowed to talk about production” announcement.

        they get in trouble all the time for doing this – “STOP THAT” is my favorite :) lol

  7. feeds are back. i thinks its from the first night. its rachel, annie, and the maid. forgot her name. ummmm w/e.

  8. Thank you Rico for sharing that information. I Called Superpass and they did give me a credit of one month which gives me membership until November.

  9. It’s all about the money. I don’t mind that they cut the feeds. It’s part of TV. If it bothers you that much, then I guess you don’t have to watch. However, I don’t think CBS is worried about Spoiler People not watching anymore. The average person watching this show doesn’t read spoilers. How to get their attention the best? Keep up the suspense. This accomplishes it.

  10. I’m not really a fan of the brigade. Never was, they were all pretty lazy and there voting power was the only thing that got any of them this far. Brit is the one who deserves to win but obviously that won’t happen now. What a disapointing season. I’m not even mad about the live feed cut out because the season in itself was a waste of time. Enzo your a freak! Bye

  11. I compare this season of MLB to that of Big Brother. Both my favorite team the “Rockies” and my favorite BBHG player “Ragan” are knocked out of it…but the seasons still are wind down through the final days. It’s my dedication to both which keeps me watching…I guess I’m addicted.

  12. @MATT(BBN) Do you think that there is ANY chance that CBS will release the blacked out hours, after Wed show, to FLASHBACK ?

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