Big Brother 12: Week 9 Monday Live Feed Highlights

We’re almost to the Big Brother 12 finish line. The remaining four HGs watched the hours creep by on Monday with little game talk and mostly chit chat. The Veto Ceremony was skipped in lieu of making it part of the Wednesday episode where we’ll see the Veto comp, ceremony, eviction (of Britney), and the first round of the final HoH competition. The 3 rounds will complete on Thursday.

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – September 6, 2010:

10:30 AM BBT – The HGs are awake and… they’re back asleep again.

11:00 AM BBT – Lots of noise coming from the backyard. Sounds like they’re setting up for some events on Tuesday for the Veto Ceremony and possibly even a little ol’ eviction.

12:00 PM BBT – Britney is getting into the crafts Big Brother has handed out.

2:00 PM BBT – The HGs get another visit from Ms. Delusional. Enzo wants a script and Britney plans to refuse autographs at the after-party.

6:15 PM BBT – Lane is stressing how he appeared in the episode with the coin hide and seek. Enzo is frustrated because he looked in the recycling bin over and over. They weren’t beating Britney after her coin left the house…

6:30 PM BBT – Hayden breaks out the HoH cam and roams the house snapping pics.

7:00 PM BBT – HGs circle around to Rachel and do some more bashing. Nothing much new to add, just more of the same with their thoughts on her.

7:45 PM BBT – Alcohol has arrived and the HGs get excited. Music and beer is the plan for Lane.

9:00 PM BBT – Lane tells Britney that he plans to really fight for the last HoH endurance competition. None of these guys have held out long, be he’s going to try this time.

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Britney is on her way out and she’s not even fighting it anymore. There still hasn’t been much along the lines of Brigade breakaways for two of the three. One of them will have to evict another and that’s going to be a big decision. We’ll have to see how that all plays out on Thursday’s completion of the 3-round HoH comp.

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  1. My Lord, as this got dull.

    Really feel sorry for the people who paid for the LFs – you guys really got screwed this year.

    • I agree, this was my 1st time signing up for LF and it was mostly bubbles and now really boring to watch. I won’t do this again if there is a next season.

      • didn’t we! All these lazy jerks do is sleep! I don’t understand how any human can sleep that much! Eat, sleep, eat, sleep, but of course they have to fit in trashing everyone too. so sick of hearing these morons trash everyone else! There are so many mirrors in that house, I guess none of them have looked into one, lol.

      • Gold- Youre Wrong. Meowasswipe scratched his crotch and picked his nose. All of them were pigs and slept but never cleaned. Can you imagine how gross the HOH bed must be after they were all laying around in it and picking their asses. Enzo admitted not having a shower for 3 days.

    • The last week of every season is slow as dirt. That’s just what happens when the exhausted HGs reach the end. They’re just too tired to keep fighting and with this crowd there’s nothing to fight about now.

      Why do you think live feed viewers were screwed? This season was great to watch. I feel sorry for the people who missed the live feeds and only got to see CBS’ edits and cuts which are never anything like what really happened.

      • I don’t think we were screwed by having the live feeds, we just didn’t have an advantage. Every move has been so predictable this season.

      • Yeah, there were no shocking evictions or surprise Veto ceremony results. It was pretty linear and predictable.

        I blame most of this on overcorrecting from last season’s casting of Chima. I think they tried to go too far in to the safe zone and we ended up with this bunch. Hopefully they’ll correct it back next season.

      • I think the cast was interesting. Started out with ‘smart’ people, athletes, the rep from NJ and pretty girls plus Ragan. This blog seems to be filled with disappointed fans. Actually I liked the show and cast. The Brigade has alot to brag about. Enzo has a big personality and well liked in the house. We fans have to look at what’s happened from their perspective. Sure Enzo talks crap, but so does everyone else. OMG = what about Ragan and Brit and their mean girl talk. Matt was potty mouth too. The keep talking about how well they liked Monica but she wasn’t there long enough to become annoying. Now that R is gone, we still get bad mouthing about Rachel from Brit. It’s like she has nothing else to talk about. It’s fun to watch the brigade go the distance. Go Enzo, this is your time to shine. If not Enzo, then Hayden deserves it. Lane hasn’t been much of a factor – he wants Brit for two reasons to go to f2 with. One – he won’t admit it but he likes her, 2-he thinks he can beat her. So where is the loyalty to the alliance. Go Enzo!!! You started the brigade and created this alliance. You played a terrific game with personality. Who will forget the “methodist acting” comment! So much better than watching Evil Dick intimate hg’s and listen to his foul mouth. I say this has been a great season. Just think about it!!!!

      • I think you may change your mind after today and tomorrow…I’ve heard that the feeds could possibly be off for the next 2 days. They have already been off for a couple of hours and my understanding is they won’t be back on until after tomorrow’s tv show. I think those of us who have live feeds deserve a refund…as bad as this year has been, BB gets even more selfish and cuts the live feeds…NO MORE FOR ME IF THEY HAVE ANOTHER BB…which by the way is a big question!!!

      • matt due to work I didn’t get the feeds this yr. if folks feel they got the shaft then they should be happy it isn’t yrs gone by…when we got fish…a lot of fish. now u can rewind and watch what you miss. which i think would be really awesome. matt let me thank you again for another yr of feeding me my bb fix. ash thanks for all the wonderful post keeping me updated. you guys are my bb family and have been for a while. i appreciate all the hard work you put into the site for my guilty pleasure.


    • I have the feeds and don’t feel screwed at all. If you use all that is available, you should easily get your money’s worth. (the free music downloads, the flashback feature, etc.). Earlier in the season, Britneys “What would you do for guaranteed final two?” conversation was worth it alone! That was soooo funny.

      Plus, they just gave me another month for free (until Nov. 11th) – *see my post under the “blackout” board* – so I’m not dissatisfied at all.

      • I agree. I have enjoyed the show this season. This is only my second year watching and I have enjoyed both seasons so far. I feel like there are a lot of angry people on here in general. It’s just a television show … don’t let it aggravate you so!

    • Bubbles are part of it, but if anythng was missed there was the playback. My problem was when 4 cameras were on one HG ort 2 each on 2 HG when there were more people in the house.

  2. just ready to get this over with. They done screwed the schedule up anyway. Hope we get to see Ragan learn about Matts lie!

  3. Hey bratney, are you kidding me! Your not giving autographs! Who the hell would want one from you! Yeah, I always wanted an autograph from a self-centered, vile, two faced, @ss fat stuffed lipped, face picking, disgusting scank who would sware on her engagement and go back on it! wow, you’re in dream land!

    • The road between Fayettville and Dallas is going to get a major workout as Britney drives it to be with Lane.

      Is she the first woman in the world to agree to a boyfriend’s proposal – which was made by him in an attempt to ward off competition as she departed for the show – and then fall in love with her true soulmate???

      Please. She did not do anything wrong. The fact that they are still wrestling and discussing post-show plans illustrates that their relationship was not just “part of the game.” If it were, she would have no reason at all to be on any more than just cordial terms with Lane at this point.

      We will be seeing more of these two in the future, particularly her.

      • If people saw the live feed discussion on Monday morning (between L and B) about whether her denim shorts were too short, and how to “position” material in the shorts related to her “time of the month” (from what I could gather) – it resembled a discussion between a husband and wife about a wife’s outfit. Not the stuff of male – female “bff’s.”

        And lest we not forget his admission to her the night of the “Brigade meeting” that he has “lots of feelings for her.”

        Whether he lasts more than 8 seconds is not something I can judge from this distance.

        What I can say is that Lane is strategizing as to how to make Britney Haynes his wife.

      • Well, they say love is must be, if he finds that 2 bit skank as spousal material…

        maybe she will find a job as a pole dancer in the bar he frequents to throw down a few cold ones.

        Maybe he can point out to his rich golf buddy clients his wife as she entertains them to a private dance.

        On a bright note, now that she will be in the jury house, maybe she can get a few adult nightclub pointers from Rachel.

        Maybe a double date to the strip club..Lane and Britney, Brendon and Rachel…sounds much more fun that Hayden’s Colorado ski trip…

      • Carol, I can well understand that you find my postings a bit extreme, but I evaluate things by evidence. People have been pushing back on me about this, but every day that goes by, more and more evidence accummulates that supports my assessment, including:

        – the discussion between the two about how Lane is a different style of guy than is Nick and how her being with Lane would differ.

        – the discussion in the bathroom on Friday night about their attending the Super Bowl together and deceiving Nick about who she is going with.

        – his repeated references to how Nick is going to want to fight him, and Kristy is going to want to fight her, after the show is over.

        – Her virtually moving in with him during his HoH week.

        – Her acceptance of Lane’s overtures for her to do joint post-show appearances with him in Texas.

        – Even Enzo has been perceptive enough to say, the night they presented her with the Brigade conspiracy, that “If Nick breaks up with her, she is coming after you )Lane.) Even their own housemates have come to the same conclusion that I have.

        I can cite other examples but I am at work now and have to get back to it.

        The Eye Candy comments I’m not even going to respond to bc they completely misunderstand who Britney is. Her interest in travel and studies in Spain show substantial intellectual curiosity and she is in no way to be compared to Rachel. Yes, Brit likes a drink, and talks about sex, what have you, but Rachel is not qualified to lick Brit’s boots, IMHO. Rachel’s loud berating of non-offensive people such as Kristen, etc, turned so many people off.

        I hope CBS production is working on Hayden to change his mind bc ratings for this show are going through the floor the minute Britney walks out that door.

      • Carol, just a few more points I wanted to get off my chest:

        Do you honestly think that these two will be able to get each other out of their minds after doing this show??

        “Going into battle” side by side, as these two have done, under extreme pressure, has bonded these two in a way very few people ever experience.

        Do you believe that Lane is just going to return to his town in Texas and put her out of his mind?? What???Carol, I am a guy and I can say with confidence that anyone who thinks that is dreaming.

        My prediction is that they start calling and texting each other within minutes of returning to Fayetteville and Dallas, respectively.

      • I hope she uses some of the 10K she won to get those Mr. Ed teeth she has fixed…that is just butt ugly…

        at least when she wears that pig soooie t-shirt, I can relate to the similarities between her and a pig….

      • No Eye Candy, since you think Britney is so butt ugly (which she is not) please send us a photo of yourself. I am guessing you are a 400 pounder sitting behind your computer all day because you have no life.

      • I think she is looking at pawn shops in Dallas to hack her ring at…seems like they will pay more in a big city like Dallas, than they will in Fayetteville….even if it is cubic zirconia..

      • Summer Too..please stop flirting with me…and put down that Jelly donut you are stuffing your unemployed azz with when you address me. I don’t want donut chunks spewing all over my grill while you rant…

        how many welfare kids are you (I mean the state) supporting?

      • LOL… I love reading your constant nonsensical blubberings about Lane and Britney as much as anyone else, but get a grip. it’s not happening. They will probably be nothing more than facebook friends who occasionally text each other.

      • Lol…now, that’s entertainment! These posts have been more exciting than the show since Rachel left. smh @ karzai…I love reading your interpretations of b and l relationship. Its like you have some kind of telepathic insight to their minds and hearts….lol. Your so passionate it about it that it does remind me of a Harlequin novel. I agree Carol.

      • No Eye Candy, I will play one more tit for tat with you. I have to go and get some donuts now that you gave me that craving, however it will be Bavarian cream. As for my unemployed azz well technically I am unemployed because my hubby makes oodles of money and I do not have to work. As far as my kids which one would the State be taking care of the one who is working on her Masters degree or the other one who makes 46 dollars an hour (starting pay )? You must have a sad life to come on here all the time and trash people in order to make you feel better about yourself. On that note I hope you have a truly lovely day.

      • Karzai… you have become completely delusional lol. Outside beauty does not equal inside beauty. If you honestly can’t see what a vile and disgusting person Britney is, you’re a terrible judge of character. As far as who she ends up with, she doesn’t deserve Nick or Lane.

      • Britt the Twit (who works at a hotel by the way so there goes the idea that she is smart) and Lane “my family sells oil rigs so I am rich” the Lame are trying to get a reality show out of this, plain and simple. I’m starting to see where all these Britt and Lane fans are coming from: bored housewives with nothing to do but watch these two pretend to have a real relationship. Get a grip ladies, or get a life, whichever works.

        And even if they are being serious, which they’re not, Lane would be a moron because Britt is basically ditching her FIANCEE for something she considers better. WHAT MAKES YOU THINK SHE WON’T DO THE SAME TO LANE DOWN THE LINE? SHE WILL DO THE SAME THING ONCE HER BB 15 MINUTES ARE UP! But again, it’s not real, its a showmance, just like Brenchel just not as gross.

        When will these sad reality tv “stars” figure out that being on these shows does NOT further your career in Hollywood. If anything, it jeopardizes it.

      • kar good post. she didnt come into the game looking for love she already has that at home, but we can’t help what the heart desires and she and lane have got sparks flying. she admitted she’s fearful she may not be engaged any longer and then lane called her out of liking girlie men. hum i dont think thats her type any longer. amazing that lane and nick favor

      • The financial status of Eyecandy and SummerToo are not my concern here, so I will not address that dispute.

        To Andrew, I would say that any guy that is trying to get a girl to commit to high profile outings (Super Bowl) and vacations (Steamboat) and celeb appearances in Dallas is not just going for “Facebook friendship” here. My goodness – Lane was not even talking about taking his own girlfriend, Kristy, for crying out loud. He wants to take Britney. Doesn’t that tell you something???

        If these two fall through the cracks and don’t get together, they are each going to be forever wondering what could have been… The girl has captured his imagination and he is obsessed with getting her – there is no satisfaction with Facebook friendship in this case.

        I am glad people are following my musings. I have set up a hypothesis that:

        Lane Elenburg and Britney Haynes have fallen in love in the course of the BB show.

        The only way this hypothesis will be tested is after the show.

        If they never get together again (except for a few joint BB-related appearances), and Brit marries Nick, etc, then obviously my hypothesis was wrong.

        If Brit turns in her ring, tells Nick to go take a hike, and starts visiting/dating Lane in Dallas, then I think we would have to say that my hypothesis worked.


      • To Dick Wolf:

        Angling for a reality show and building a real relationship are not mutually exclusive. By the way, even if that is what they are angling for, I would watch that show because Britney is much brighter and more animated than, for example, Jessica Simpson or Heidi Montag or Kendra or Holly Madison or the rest of the parade of blonde idiots we have seen. Lane is endearing in his own way.

        Since there seems to be a market for my posts, let me also say:

        As a 5 foot 5 inch male, I have lost my share of great girls to big dudes like Lane.

        However, in Lane’s case, I like him and genuinely want him to win Britney because I believe he has come to love her. He sees himself as her great protector and he is genuinely dispirited at himself that he could not get her to the final two.

        While he tries to present himself as this big, tough, brawler, when he is around Britney he turns into this docile, cuddly Teddy Bear. When having a heart-to-heart with him about his not being a “pamperer” type guy, she resorts to a baby-voice. The dynamic between these two is so unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed on TV, which is why I am doing a lot of posts on this issue. These are true emotions between these two and not mere game play. This is not some concocted ploy to obtain a reality show.

        If my “hypothesis” about them is wrong, and she proceeds to marry Nick, I will be very very upset. But I will get over it.

      • Lane wants Britney’s VOTE. he is saying anything he has to to everyone there. If he has to make her think he is in love with her to get the vote than that is what he will do. Lane loves Lane!!!!

      • To karzai:

        While i respect your opinion, I have to respectfully disagree. Also, as a 6 foot, 220lb jock, I thought you were a woman the way you defend this BB showmance. Just saying…

      • Obviously this season is so lame, that people are actually rooting for a fake ass showmance with Britch and Lame. THANK YOU to all those that point out what a vile creature that albino, dark rooted bleach head Brit the Twit is. She obviously is part animal, because she picks and eats her own skin. She’s also not human, because in reality, she accepted another human beings love and proposal of marriage, came on television and humiliated him in front of millions of people. She keeps saying over and over that she doesn’t know if she’ll be engaged any longer. She knows she has done something wrong. She rides on Lane’s back and shares the same bed with Lane and Hayden, which is a very intimate thing to do, especially on live television. Bratney also mentioned that her mother is a vile creature and talks smack about everyone, so obviously she was raised to be the same. The fact that the mom supported the romantic relationship between Brittany and Lane was just appalling. AND, I like how Brittany never said anything when Ragan bagged on RAchel for her FAKE BOOOBS! BRITTANY has the fakest boobs I have ever seen! She was in pageants and she’s like 90 pounds. Have you seen how large and fake her boobs are? She is such a judgemental hypocrite. Thank goodness Ragan left the house, because she had no one else to constantly obsess over Rachel and Brendon. She was just jealous that Brendon didn’t pay any attention to her. She’s the type of girl that needs to have attention from every guy to feel good about herself. It’s been long over due. If Brittany does not get booted from BB tomorrow, I will drown a bottle of tequila and vomit all over my television.

  4. Regarding Enzo, we are now at the point where the discussion needs to be broadened from just Big Brother to Reality-TV in general, and regard him as one of the best all-time reality players. His gameplay has been so superb that the casual viewer will mistake it for laziness or floating, but it has brought him to the finals without a single moment in which his survival was in jeopardy. He is becoming the standard against which future reality contestants will be measured.

      • If CBS offered Enzo 1 million to not say YO or Bro for 1 day,he def couldnt comply…ill mannered,classless & ignorant ring a bell here!!!

    • Huh? I think you’re the one that needs to get a grip on reality. Enzo is a pleasant enough guy but not particularly shrewd or intelligent. For sure he is incapable of game play at the level you have vaulted him to. Now, if you were referring to Matt …. well that could be believable but of course is now irrelevant. By the way, how can you poosibly refer to BB viewers as “casual”? “Intense” would be a better description.

    • I agree with you Enzo made the show. Check out the comments in this blog – intersting how some people are down right rude and crude. Instead of a good discussion we get crap comments about sex, families, etc. This blog is about a game – nothing else. Grow up.

      • One reason so many posters have commented in that way is because all they have been watching are rude, crude HGs that make “crap” comments about sex, other HGs, etc. They don’t give us the best conversations to discuss, such as what great game play they have used, how well they competed in HOH or POV ceremonies. Also so much talk about how famous they are and how much attention they will receive leaving, what acting offers, commercials, perks, etc. they will get or deserve. This is a fauux reality show that they have been on.Get real!

      • wow…i don’t post for a couple of days and there is another rose now. you guys have no loyalty….lol.

    • OH MY….this is a scary thought. Enzo is a do-do who doesn’t have the slightest clue about anything…not to mention a pathetic human being. I feel so sorry for his kid being raised by him. The poor kids first word will more than likely start with a “F” and have a total of 4 letters. How he got casted for this show is beyond me!!!!!

      • That’s a horrible thing to say about his child. This is a TV show and Enzo is putting on a show of himself. You have no right to call him out as a father, for all we know he could be a great dad. We get it, you don’t like the guy, that’s fine. But just because someone swears a lot and you don’t agree with his viewpoint doesn’t make them a bad person. Grow up.

    • huh are u serious? youre enzo’s dad arent u? or just seeing how many people call u crazy? matt im shaking my head hoping the post is being funny

    • First of all – ARE YOU RETARDED????? Enzo is the most disgusting creep that has ever graced the BB house. He is stupid (to say the very least) and he has played a horrendous game, has no social graces, can’t keep his silly mouth closed and when it is open (all the time) he can’t seem to eek out anything without following it up with “Yo”, chews with his mouth open, doesn’t have a clue as to how to play the game, he is badly dressed, and he is bald. He has been a floater and it wasn’t until almost everyone else was out of the house that he was able to win anything. Just one example of his stupidity :: Last night on BBAD, he was talking about how famous he is going to be and how he will make millions being a celebrity by making personal appearances (in front of whom?) and then decided that he would add the following little gem: Enzo: “My Boss?? He’s not my boss!! I don’t need him anymore! Bye-Bye to that crummy job! I’ve got bigger things going in my life now!” I rest my case for the currently unemployed Enzo.

      • I respectfully disagree as do many others. Also your hatred towards someone you’ve never met and only watched, probably waaaaay too much, through a computer screen is a little bit frightening. Maybe you need to find a hobby? Or just grow up a little. Whichever works for you…

  5. Do I understand that no one has won the POV? So why is Britney stressing over leaving? Could she WIN POV and take herself off of the block? Help please, I’m confused???????

      • I am not even surprised to watch how low Britney will go to be such a bitch. She mimmicks others, she talks filth, and she is so f…ing arrogant. “She’s just one of the guys”! And Enzo’s wife has to be humiliated if she has any class at all. Please win this Hayden!

      • Agree with you about Britney, Lucy. She acts like she is Queen BB. I think she will be in for a rude awakening when she leaves the house…

    • Hayden won the POV and Brit has been told of the brigade and that she will be the one going to the JH.

      • How is britney going to face all of the people in the jury house that she has trashed constantly? Or don’t they get to see it?

      • Now that will be intersting – wish I could watch her enter the JH. She says she’s going to stay in her room, hmmmm I don’t think so. You’ll be kissing up to everyone in the house.
        Especially when it comes to dinner…look how she doesn’t do a think in the house now.

      • These people signed up for a game where it’s no secret that talking behind others back is common…they need to GROW up AND get over it….IT’S A GAMEEEEEEE!!!!!

  6. I told you it would get dull after both Rachel and Matt were gone. No one else is of any interests. Sheep….the lot of them. Bahhh!

  7. I personally find it amusing that Ragan (before eviction) and now Britney are both singing the blues and crying about being all alone in the house with no one to rely on, or help em, or anything.

    Karma’s a you know how Brendon and the others felt….how does it feel to be all alone??

    • And to top it off, Ragan left with 20’Gs and Brit with 10. Everyone else left with less.

      Don’t you find it amusing that not one person suspects that Ragan was the Sab?

      • well..yes, but his acts of sabotage were kinda lame don’t you think? The only one worth 2 cents was the note driving Enzo nuts..

      • Yeah “the note” that was signed with an “S” (sabatour) but Enzo said that the “S” stood for “Sheriff”…which made Kathy the sabatour..And I am gonna (possibly) vote for this man to win $25,000.00??? I think not..

      • The long lost friends one was good too. Had the HG’s and some viewers going nuts for a while there.

    • helllloooo eye i saw you running around on me. be sweet and not insulting the ladies of the room. win more over with honey than vinegar my dear friend

      • lmao that is not something I wanna win over…I don’t herpes or some other trailer park disease. I love how they tell you their kids are getting masters degrees and making 46 per hr (I didn’t know night crawlers) made that much to start, and they don’t work because their hubby makes a lot of money. The otehr term for that is freeloading..because you are lazy

        but thats my opinion

        so yes, I will stick to vinegar

  8. Is it true that this Thursday night will be the three HOH comps? Will we find out who the final two are? Sunday will probably be the highlights of the show, so expect alot of commercials to fill in the time. Wednesday will probably be showing Britney go to the jury house. And the jury will be asking the final two questions. Then Thursday will be the two hour finale. Am I correct in assuming this?

      • Thank you. So there isn’t going to be a Thursday BB next week? Well that’s good. Then it will be over. Hope they have a winter BB. I need some excitement that I didn’t get from this season. I can remember other seasons where every time I go to this site Matt is saying turn on your live feeds, there is a fight. Nothing this year except for Rachel coming back.

    • Thursday night’s show should be the conclusion of the final HoH comp. We’re expecting round 1 of the 3-parter to be shown or started on Wednesday night. Part 2 should take place in between the two shows.

      Sunday’s show will probably be the clip-show. Yawn.

      Wednesday (9/15) will be the 2-hour finale. Last season I believe they kept Kevin in the house until the finale to keep the feeds a little more interesting. So we might not go down to the final 2 until that night.

      • BB will never have a final HOH competition like there was when Zach and Evil Dick competed for hours in horrendous conditions. That was so worth watching and I really respected Zach and even Dick for what they were willing to endure. These HGs could never compete like that. They are such wimps. They want the easy way out. I do have to hand it to them for keeping their brigade together, but if you watched all along that wasn’t really that difficult to do since most were hardly ever targeted. It was smart however. I will give them that.

      • I agree about Dick and Zach in season 8 Rose, great way to end an exciting season! And regarding the Brigade, you’re right when you say they weren’t targeted so it made it easier for them but remember, they weren’t targeted because they all played a great social game which is often overlooked.

  9. The Brigade is a bunch of bozos. It’s too bad one of those bone heads is going to win for doing absolutely nothing. Brittany is the only person left in the house who actually deserves to win but she will be gone after tomorrow. However, she only has herself to blame. If she had been more cooperative with Brendon, the final three could very well have been her, Brendon and Ragan. That would have been fun to watch. I can’t wait for the Brigade to get out and find out how stupid and boring people really think they are. They do not have two brain cells to rub together between the three of them….

      • Maybe because Brittney fought for her place and the other 3 (who used her and I fully expect backlash for that) didn’t..especially LANE & ENZO..Matt carried them till they evicted him and now that burden has fell to HAYDEN..If he keeps either one over Brittney he may not win..THE BRIGADE IS NOT GONNA BE WELL ACCEPTED BY THE JURY AS A GREAT ALLIANCE..I DO BELIEVE THE 3 ARE IN FOR A RUDE RECEPTION and QUESTION SESSION..especially Enzo who claims to be the mastermind and has said that he made all the decisions as to who got evicted..Really Enzo??? Does Enzo think that the jurors are gonna give him a medal for that?? Really Enzo..That jury is made up of hostile bitter HG’s that took their eviction as “personal” not “gameplay” wise. So we just have to wait and see..

      • although I concur with your remarks Graves about an intense Q & A, much like Survivor and their Q &A’s, when you only have 2 people in front of you, and you have to vote for one or the other, it is sometimes the lesser of 2 evils, so not really what they answer. You can be a bitter evicted HG all you want, you still have to pick door A or door B…Hayden will win either way

      • Britney played well, but she also used Lane to keep her in good stead with Enzo and Hayden. She knew they were close. So what if they used others to do their dirty work? Thats part of the game. There isn’t a right way and a wrong way to play.

        Your last sentence sums up why these reality shows with player juries are flawed. Thats a big reason why the ones that win don’t necessarily play the “best” game. Instead, they usually win b/c they pissed off the jury members the least.

        Its the game structure itself that allows seemingly “non-player” guests get far and even win these shows.

      • I realize the jury only has 2 choices (slim pickens at best) I was talking about their reaction to the BRIGADE info and that they might not think it as great as H/L/E are expecting them too..

      • I would agree 100% Graves…the Brigade are legends in their own mind. They didn’t do squat…

        and Enzo thinking he calls the shots, the mastermind was almost as comical as his “hiding spot” for the coin.

        something about hide n seek is right up the “meow meows alley? Sad when you are the second one out behind cereal man’s hiding spot…

      • It seems like a lot of BB fans don’t like the Brigade because they were never thwarted. That’s what people want to see, fights, drama and uncomfortable, broken relationships. These guys should at least be given credit for coming in and playing their game well enough to make it to the final 3.

        Not saying their methods were the most exciting but they did outsmart 11 other people while remaining (mostly) loyal to the core. And before anyone puffs up about Matty, the Brigade were smart to oust him because he was plotting behind their backs the whole time, so really they just beat him to the punch.

    • How did they do absolutely nothing? They managed to not get kicked out and quietly control the game without ever having the other HG’s suspect a thing. You can’t blame the Brigade for being in a house full of dummies. In most seasons, early alliances are sniffed out and broken up. These guys managed to make it this far while still remaining fairly loyal (other than with Matt but he was a weasel so good riddance) and not getting sniffed out by the other HG’s. I mean, c’mon, even Britney had no idea and it was right in front of her eyes the last 3 or 4 weeks.

  10. Boy this can’t end soon enough for me. I don’t stay up to watch BBAD and I don’t tape it.I just don’t care. I can’t believe these HG’s think they are going to be movie stars. I would go to the other side of the street if I saw one coming. BORING!!! Don’t you dare bring back any of these guys.

  11. I know it’s early but I’m glad Britney finally gave Enzo a reality check about being famous outside the house. Of course this idiot is still clueless!

    • Intersting coming from Brit, when she was the spouting that she would go to the Mall and people would be looking at her. Boy has her story changed. Does the DR fill their heads with these ideas?

  12. Perhaps it’s just the people on this blog who are complaining about the cast and show but it’s had excellent ratings throughout the season. I believe fans see what I see. Three guys who are fun to watch, a mean girl who is disgusting, Ragan who became another mean girl, the Bromance and little Matty who blew the game by evicting Kathy. The producers even switched up some of the comps thowards the end. Did they hear our complaints – I hope so. Go Enzo – it’s your turn to make some moves.

    • Totally agree Carol. I admit it wasn’t the most exciting season but it was thoroughly entertaining and even a little bit different -in a good way- from past BB seasons.

  13. The best lines from Enzo came last nite when he was talking about his “boss” NO LONGER BEING ABLE TO TELL HIM WHAT TO DO CAUSE HE IS NOW A FAMOUS TV STAR…wonder if his boss was watching??? If not am sure that another co-worker was and will relay that message to the boss..

  14. I think Hayden has this in the bag unless one of the other two Brigade members falls into a pile of luck.

    Hayden has actually played a great game for himself, socially and physically.

  15. Will we see the jury house when Ragan arrives?Last year we saw everytime someone entered the Jury House. A lot has changed with this B/B. Expect the Unexpected, there is more of the unexpected than the expected in this game. More DR’S than any B/B played.

  16. I hope if there is a next season they get some people that want to play the game and not worry about how popular they will be out of the house, which seems unlikely, but there is enough channels who knows. The brigade, although it did work, really did not strategize except, when they wanted to get Matt out, which was a good move. As for being the best in Big Brother, doubtful because they really didn’t step up except if they had the power.
    As a side note, Matt thanks for keeping this blog going and everything you do for this website.

  17. It doesnt matter who wins at this point or who thinks the brogade floated through because 3 out of 4 are in the final and 2 of them are going to win. I am partial to hayden and lane though. The brogade done what they sat out to do and are sitting in a good place. That aside I am hoping to see Ragan learn about Matts lie and the others faces when ‘princess brit’ comes to the jh!

  18. wow…i don’t post for a couple of days and there is another rose now. you guys have no loyalty….lol. maybe i should add a symbol to distinguish myself.

    • yeah leave somne distinguishing features….identify yourself, so we know you are the real rose

  19. BB is on three times a week, I think one of those days should consist of us watching the jury house and they should get to watch the live feeds of the BBH. I think that would be interesting. Them seeing what is being said and then getting to vote on which one wins the money.

  20. Why do they keep cutting to the shark in the have not room during BBAD? It would be so funny if there was apower hidden inside of its mouth and noone found it.

  21. “Try Live Feeds For Free” that’s a big joke, the tv channel (uh…I forget what stations shows Big Brother) is blocking the next two days.

  22. i’m sad to see brit go but she will go home with 10k and possibly 50k if she gets 2nd so she’ll get her share and the winner will be…hayden

    • Britney is leaving with several worthy goals won:

      – approximately $19,000 in prize money and stipend money.

      – public sympathy as “the litte girl wronged by the big boys”

      – substantial time on TV and accolades for her time on the show, which will be in stark evidence when the ratings plummet the minute she leaves the house.

      – at least a few offers of paid appearances in various places (which she can then parley into more and more noteworthy appearances).

      – Lane Elenburg.

      She has also had some losses, including:

      – Nick whatsisname

      – an untarnished reputation as a woman who abides by the letter and spirit of her acceptance of an engagement proposal.

  23. as for next year a couple of things could improve the show make the live feeds free to all. also i said this before the house cameras need to be changed from standard to high-def all the other shows are doing it why not you too?

  24. My prediction is Britney will be evicted from the Big Brother Compound tomorrow night, leaving Enzo, Hayden and Lane in the final three.

  25. I hope that filthy-mouthed and hedeous Brit-skank goes out the door tomorrow. But you never know with BB; they may decide to mess things up to ensure that no Brigade member wins. I hope they don’t and that Hayden sticks to his decision and not to use the POV.

    • What about the super foul mouth Meowass?He is a scum under a toilet.
      He cheated and ate food during have-nots. lazy ass.


  26. The real reason the Brigade was not targeted is not because they played a great social game.

    Every HG this season was after Brenchel from week 1. How many times has this ever happened.

    Matt, Ragan, and Brittany felt they were safer with the Brigade.

    What would have happened if those dummies had allied themselves with Brenchel on the sly?

    But no, we want them(Brenchel) out, and we want to rag on them(Brenchel) for the rest of our lives…PLEASE!

  27. Well, Well, I was a boring season but dang those men were sure darn handsome. Hayden is good looking but needs a hair cut. Lane has muscles but he has no feelings and does not want to give flowers to a woman, what a jerrrrk. bb needs to have people who start drama from the beginning to the end. Eg. evil dick, yeah bring someone like him.

  28. This website and all the comments have been FAR more exciting than this season of BB the past weeks, ever since Brendon and Matt left. They were the last good players to leave the game. My dream ending to this season is all the JH decide not to vote for anybody. Nobody left deserves the title of BB12 winner.

  29. No more live feeds or Sho-time for me. They cut out the good gossip parts on Sho and dont deliver for 2 days on direct feed. What did we pay for. Plusz that scud Meow Whipeass lied and cheated his way to final 3.

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