Big Brother 12: Lane Talks about Britney, Nick and Second Place

I spoke to Lane today and got his views on winning second place in Big Brother and where he’d like to see things go with Britney.

Ashli Rae:  How do you feel winning the $50,000?

Lane Elenburg:  I guess as good as you can winning 50,000 but losing 500. If I was going to lose 500, I’m glad I lost it to Hayden cause he’s a great guy and he deserved it.

AR:  Do you wish something could work out between you and Britney and do you think you two will stay in touch?

LE:   We’ll definitely see what happens, I can’t promise anything. She is a wonderful woman. I enjoy talking to her so I know we’ll keep in touch after this.

AR:   Who was the easiest person to live with and on the flipside, the hardest?

LE:   It would probably be Howie the duck. No Enzo wasn’t too bad and Hayden was really easy but he was stressed too much. The hardest person would be Brenchel. Brendon and Rachel.

AR:  Seeing that Rachel and Brendon based a lot on comps, were you surprised when they gave you their votes?

LE:   Definitely I was surprised. I would have thought Hayden would have won that in a landslide because Rachel and Brendon were kind of his side alliance. I didn’t get to know them very well so I did not expect them to vote at all towards my way.

AR:  Do you wish you had now told Enzo you would have brought him to the final 2?

LE:   I could say yes but at that point Hayden won all those competitions and I knew Enzo was going to vote for the guy who really deserved it and he’s going to go off competitions and you have to give it to Hayden at that point because he won a lot of competitions.

AR:  Looking back do you think you gave too many non answers to the questions asked of you by the jury?

LE:  You seen that right? I kind of went around a lot of the answers and a lot of the answers I didn’t really understand anyways. I did go around some of them but I don’t think that was the deciding factor in my second place win.

AR:   Did you hear about Brit’s house?

LE:   I did hear about that last night and that is horrible. I feel for her but then again, she’s a strong strong girl and Britney’s going to get through it.

AR:  Did you get to meet Nick?

LE:  I met a picture and I think if we did meet in person he might bring a nine iron and use it on my face. I don’t think I’m too eager to meet him right now.

AR:  Did you agree with Annie’s statement that Enzo was running everything and manipulating everyone in the house?

LE:  I don’t see Enzo running everything. He made up the brigade, he did do that but I just don’t see someone calling themselves meow meow being president.

AR:  Did you hear that Matt stated in the jury house he started the brigade?

LE:   I heard that (laughs) I think if you talk to Enzo, he’s really upset about that. It was definitely Enzo, he formed it. It was crazy meow meow.

AR:   What are your plans now, where do you go from here?

LE:  I go wherever it takes me. I want to stay in this as long as I can, see what I can do with it, the publicity and everything. If nothing comes out of it I still have horses back at home to keep me company.

Be sure to check back tomorrow and see what all Hayden had to say about his winning Big Brother 12.


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  1. I would have like Lane to have won on Big Brother last night..but he told Enzo that if he won HOH in the final that he would pick Enzo..that was not the truth and that is the real reason that Enzo did’nt give his vote to Lane. I am not sure if Lane should try to get together with Britney..i would not like to see Nick get hurt by this.

    • Lane isn’t and hasnt tried getting together with Britney. He’s completely respectful of her relationship status, even though he’s stated his disapproval of Nick on many occasions! lol. I think he *knows* they wont last and if Brit is single, he’s open to a relationship with her. If there’s a break up, it wont be Lane’s fault. He wouldn’t cross any lines when it comes to Britney.

    • prettyinpink, I think Lane’s comments are pretty definitive. He would not have said “We will definitely see what happens” if such a statement did not have Brit’s explicit approval. He would not have made such a statement without coordinating with her, because if Brit, the next day, said “no, I am going home and sticking with Nick,” then Lane would look like an idiot.

  2. Lane was very truethful in his answeres to Ashli Raeyes lane rubbed several people the wrong way, but I think he is basically a good guy. Some comments he has made I do NOT agree with but not enough to hate him. That is not in my nature. I would like to see again but a lane who compete the entire season. Not just at the end.

    • Did you heaar about Lane’s 8 second rodeo? Might change your opinion. I don’t think he is a very nice guy. Maybe a bully with a football player mentality. He’s the kind of guy that wears the biggest cowboy hat, biggest belt buckle, biggest pinkie ring, drives the biggest car(Lincoln or Cadillac, biggest pick-up, and has a girl on each arm. the thing is, the guy that does this isn’t trying to show off to get women, he’s doing it to show other guys. Go figure. But then again, maybe that’s just the Texas mentality. I remember in the beginning, he was telling another hg how to beat somebody up. He doesn’t deserve Brittany. He’s just a big windbag blowhard. Hey, Lane??? Get a job

      • If you read my comment I clearly said I did NOT like some of the comments he has said. But yes I do think he is a bassically a good guy. And it is not in my nature to HATE.

      • thanks Torch. I really value your opinion.(not) I’m just telling it like it is. Too bad if you don’t like it. What about what I said is incorrect?

      • I agree with Jeannie 100%. He’s a brawler, bar hustler and a lug. Not very smart. Oh well, these guys 15 minutes of fame is almost up. If he and Brit actually do get together (which I sincerely doubt) they deserve each other. Sorry that it was Lane and not Enzo in 2nd place.

      • Carol. Hate to break it to you, but:

        If you read between the lines of Lane’s interview above with Ashley and his other post-show interviews, he is basically saying they already are together. Another interview he gave, where he joked about whether her engagement ring is diamond or plastic, was his humorous, roundabout way of indicating that she has basically told Lane she is giving Nick the ring back. Get over it.

      • I have asked several times if someone…ANYONE..could PLEASE tell me about the “8 Seconds”…anyone? Bueller? Ha…Ha…

      • dont appriecate your remarks about texas… and if he can afford the biggest so what.. Lane is a good guy.. and he and Britt would make a great pair. Dont Hate. Lane was raised on a ranch hes use to ruff and hard play and he works hard to.. and im sure Lane could careless what you think I know i could..

    • Jeanne, the only thing torch was saying is not attack the other posters. Thank you Torch for that.:) We all are entitled to our opinions. I have not problem with that. This is America. I’m sure many people will be upset with many posts. Trashing an entire state isn’t a good way to make friends but thats your opinion and I’ll respect that. Texas is a wonderful state and has alot of wonderful people in it. Some wear big hats,boots and big buckles but you would be surpised alot are like you and me. And no, I not live in Texas but do have alot of friends there. Also I’m not taking up for Lanes comments, alot a personally don’t agree with but I do think he is good. I also think people are way to quick to judge in this world. For all you know, Lane could have made all of that up. Look at Matt and his lie about his wife. I don’t agree with that at all either, but it’s not for me to judge.

      • Kristi.. I didn’t say anything to or about another poster until they said something to me first.

        I AM from Texas so I know Lane’s type very well. So I do know what I’m talking about. and I’m entitled to my opinion just like all the Ragan, Britt and Rachael and Brendon bashers

      • I didn’t bash any poster. Please show me where I did that? Torch told me to get a life. Whatever that is supposed to mean. Torch talked to me first.

      • ok Jeanne, and this will be my last reply to you. Torch was just taking up for another poster. I will now move on to better topics.

      • jeanne, let me explain this to you. You posted after my comment and asked if I heard about his 8 second rodeo and that that might change me mind. I have bbad and the lf’s, so yes I know about all of the comments he has made. I quite clearly said in my post I do NOT agree with some of the comments he made. So I personally took you post as a bash. That is why my dear friend torch came do my defence and I am thankful he did. You comment would have been warrented if I would of said I agree with everything that Lane said, but given the fact that I did NOT and clearly said I did NOT agree with some of the comments. Jeanne I hope that answeres your question and if your still not sure who you bashed, I personally feel you bashed me and so does torch. As do many other posters who have made comments that you do not agree with on other threads. Yes I do know this to be fact, be because several of us talk on a personal basis outside of bbn.

  3. I personally think Lane should have one Big Brother. And I think Lane and Britney are perfect for each other!!

  4. You’ve got a great girl lane. Take good care of her. Your graciousness in not bashing Hayden at the finale is truly admirable and you are an inspiration to all. You deserve all the good things in life that are coming your way.

      • Skyboy what’s funny? In the interview with Ashley lane is stating clearly that they are going to try a relationship. He says he makes no promises it will work although most of us think it would if they really want it to.

    • @Karzai, why would Lane not have been gracious to Hayden? They are good friend’s just like the wonderful FRIENDSHIP he found with Brit because the are good friend’s! Nick and Brit might even go down and see him sometime!

      • Notgonnatakeany: Not inclined to get into a spitting contest with you on this any further. I have now read six or seven post-show interviews with Lane where he has said that “we” (not I, but “we”) are going to “see where it goes,” or “see what happens,” or similar language.

        Since you don’t seem to be getting the message:

        They are basically coming out as a couple, ok. Smell the coffee. He would not be saying things like this publicly if he believed she was going home to marry Nick. Ok. Are we clear??
        Persisting in this fiction that they are only FRIENDS is beginning to look sillier and sillier by the minute.

      • @Karzi – I did at one point think there was something there with Lane and Brit, but I basically do not hear in Lane’s interviews at all where he states they are a couple. As far as keeping in touch with one another, they all stated they will do so. If you saw any of the live feeds Hayden and Kristen seemed more like a couple lol, but hopefully. She seems like one strange cookie. Unless you are Lane yourself, I think your reading too much into it. Just my opinion….

    • Brits house, or rather her rental house, was burned down on or around September 15th. Nick saved their dogs. The production crew knew about it before the live finale but they choose not to tell her until after.

  5. I wonder if Enzo has thought about it yet, that he actually came in 6th? Hayden, Lane, Britt, Ragan and Rachael all actually won more money or prizes than Enzo. Unless his TV is worth more than the $5,000 that Rachael won. The look on his face when he discovers that will be priceless

  6. We all loved Lane at my home. My husband who usually doesnt watch reality pulled for him since day 1. he liked his down home sence of humor. I myself do hope him and Brittany make a couple. I will miss watching them on the after dark too. Way to go Lane- we like you here in NC

    • Same thing with my husband, Fell in love with Lane&Britney,

  7. My entire household rooted for Lane and his gorgeus girl Britney to win BB12. Hopefully they will wind up together and try a relationship. Clearly they adore each other. Good luck L&B.

    • Why would you write lane and his girl Brit! She is engaged to Nick! I don’t think he like’s having to read that on here!

    • Teresa, as stated above: Lane’s interview in this blog, and elsewhere, is a clear statement that they will attempting a relationship. And, judging from how comfortable these two are with each other, there is no reason on earth to believe their relationship would fail.

      If anything, their relationship has deepened further and faster than even my projections, and everyone knows I have been at the very far end of the spectrum on this debate.

  8. Does anyone know who they life long friendes were that BB12 kept referring to in the beginning? Also what happened to Brittneys house that there have been references to?

    • julies answered the question last night. Annie made it up. NO one new each other before bb12. We all just had really good imaginations.

  9. jeanne i agree with you lane is a Bully and should not have won the game. Just staing what i think. I did not like his treatment of animals and do not see him with Brittney. She is a princess and he does not know how to deal with that kind of girl. i feel for Nick!!!

    • Princess? Yes Britney is a princess and a beautiful one at that…I pity those who are so jealous of her!!!

      • Eileen: She’s not really that much of a princess. She talks about being one, and pretends being one, but she was a very good sport about the endurance competitions and being deprived of some of her creature comforts while in the house. Sharing one bathroom with twelve other people, for example. True princesses do not do a show like this.

        If he did not know how to deal with her, she would not have the feelings for him that she evidently does. If you watched the finale, at the jury meeting in the garden, anyone who spoke against Lane she looked like she was ready to grab a Samurai sword and hack them to death!!!

        She is so loyal to him because he was so good at comforting her. He is like this big grizzly bear that turns into a soft kitten when he is around her.

    • He actually does know how to treat her and she adores him. Look how he comforted her during the difficult parts of the game.

      • Yeah, I don’t get why she adores him. If she’d stuck with Ragan and kept Matt in the game, she’d have ended up in the final 2. Lane is the reason that she didn’t win. She allowed herself to be a puppet.

      • @skyBoy, you are the worst of the worst of bullies. There is nothing nice about you. You are very mean spirited.

    • Wow nrXic…with that comment, I would be afraid to let my kids out of the house, I would sleep with one eye open, and the list goes on and on…that’s harsh and you should be somewhat worried!!!

      • Hey Lisa, for someone to be on here and not even know that there was no LLF in the house kinda souns’s like you don’t even watch Big Brother! You can go to Britney’s FB page I’m sure if you want to be bff’s with her

      • Sorry Notgonnatakeany, if I’m not a Big Brother freak like you…but yes I do watch the DVR’D shows on CBS as much as possible inbetween life and check these message boards to which there was no comment or I wouldn’t have posed the questions. plus I’m not a stalker like u who checks their FB pages. but enuf said!!!

      • “Wow nrXic…with that comment, I would be afraid to let my kids out of the house, I would sleep with one eye open, and the list goes on and on…”

        Why…are you a mean person like her?

        What goes around comes around.

  10. What happened to Brit’s house? Is there a link to an article about it somewhere? Thanks in advance.

  11. Lane is a Meat-head..He didn’t understand one question that the jury ask him..Duh!! and Yes, he’s a big Dumb Bully..A Dumb Texas Red-Neck..blaaa!! and Britt is his match..they belong together..!!

    • @ Star, some of the kindest. open and giving souls are red necks from Texas! Say what you want about Lane. do not include red necks from Texas, in your close minded opinion. thank you

    • Star I think you missed the point. He understood the questions perfectly but he had already decided not to be cutthroat and to let Hayden win the show. That’s why he basically bungled the answers.

      • imo, Lane’s downfall was TRYING to give a funny answer to all or almost all of the questions on Finale night and during the interview. he was not successful.

      • Chris the great, still playing catch up so I’m all over the place, but if you reread this, don’t you think it’s kinda funny how people have selective memory about the hg’s? lol

  12. I don’t understand women who adore Lane when he condones, encourages, and laughs at the raping of women. And why don’t the interviewers ask him about it? He’s a danger to women until someone points out that his 8 second “game” is not only not a game, it’s illegal.

      • It seems that Nick was grill’en and he set the grass on fire and then the house was set on fire, About $50.000 dollars in damages

      • Oh wow, Thank you Chis! So Nick isn’t a bbqer? Wow, feel really bad for them!
        Hi! Was afraid all of you had left the site!! Happy to hear from ya!! What did you think of the “Finale?”

      • Chris-that-is-a-keeper!
        @ Kristi, hi, nah, leave Sept. 21. Thank you,
        what did ya think of the “finale?’
        More important, who is your “FAV” on survivor??
        Chris-the-wondermous, who is your “FAV?”

      • i don’t have a favorite in the season yet. I need another episode under my belt before I pick. I wish super pass would do the same for survivor. I think we all would watch it like we did bb.

      • Okayyy, well. Having your gang rush in on two people having sex to publicly embarrass them: piglike, as in chauvinist pig; person who treats at least a portion of the women he knows like a piece of meat.
        On the other hand, he could be gallant, funny, charming – as he generally was around Britney. Have you never noticed the double standard? For example, those who treat their own good white folks with great deference, then turn on black people for example, treating them worse than animals. It is possible to have a mixture of attractive and repulsive qualities in the same person, don’t you think?

      • Hi Carol, um, these boys are not a ” gang”
        ” double standard” we all have double standards, I never said a word about black, white, purple or turquoise! Carol, you are very passionate! I am sorry if I offended you. I was wondering, do you think this game-show is a social experiment? Please, do not get the wrong impression!!

      • no offense taken. I’m just confused by some of your questions and comments. A social experiment? BB is an entertaining reality show. I think people’s reaction to a character on the show can be a mirror to their own personality. When you think of it, it is odd for millions of people to watch other people trapped together trying to wear each other down. But that’s our vicarious generation. Well, it’s something to pass the time anyway.

      • Hi Carol,
        I agree with you. peoples reactions!!
        Isn’t the human being race a wonderful venue to think? It is a social experiment along with a crap load of money!!
        Our BB players knew this going in, now they are in a insane asylum!!
        I will pass my time with the talented folks here!!
        You, my friend (truly) have a honest opinion! I do not make sense, I know, be careful, I will break the site!!!!!

    • @tishe, just black and white will do to prove your point, since there are no purple or turquoise people for you to offend even if you wanted to do so. Listing all these redundant colors does not make your point any more compelling or stronger.

    • mrs.s grapevine says “good source”
      Nick, was bbqen, set the grass on fire, then the house..?? ( I read it here!)

  13. I still think that Lane lie to Enzo, Lane said that if he had won HOH he would take him [Enzo] as the final two..then he told everyone and Enzo that he was going to take Hayden if he won HOH. This upset he did not vote for Lane to win. Lane is not a nice could have seen it as he sat there in his chair. Lane thought that he was going to win Big Brother that night. Lane was so upset about everything that night. Did’nt any of you all see it in Lane face and the way he talk to everyone?

    • No my friend, they did not ” make the show” it was a team effort!!
      Wait, did the show even make it??
      ” Survivor” is the show!!

  14. To all of the BB 12 Crew,
    It’s a pleasure getting to know you.
    Posters, bloggers and poets,
    To Survivor–You know it’s
    Going to be a fun season too!

    • Q!!! How are You??
      Thank You for the beautimous poems and input!!
      I will miss you!!
      Take care, my friend!!

  15. Brit is Americas sweetheart she prob have her own show and make it big she doesn’t need a little rental.

    • Rumour has it, Karma! (not)
      Nick, boyfriend #2 , Barb b quin’ accidentally set the grass on fire, then the house?? (oops, boyfriend #1)

  16. @ Kristi,
    I agree, we need a little more on the players.
    I want Jimmy to go a little farther, ( he may be his own worse enemy) Do not get me wrong, he is a ” Coach” they may need him, he came out too strong with the talk, not enough with the walk?? I do know, I will not be able to check on the spoilers! I will be the ” clueless”

  17. Despite all the negative posts, I think this was an interesting show. There have been other seasons when the floaters won. Each show is different. However, I think this message board was much more interesting/entertaining than the actual show. I’m a little bummed that the show is over.

    • Stoker!!! ( smiley face! )
      Have you met Carol?
      Q was here !!
      Kristi was here!
      To um er, (?) oops am I bad??
      I know how you feel about negative posts.
      You have been the mediator on a lot of debates!
      Thank You!

  18. The right person won Big Brother 12. Lane’s awesome, but so Hayden, he just played a better game, you have do admit it! Lane NEEDS to be with Brittney, they make the best couple I’ve seen on TV yet, thus to include the Bachelor or Bachelorette, they are just adorable together.

    • Karin, if you’ve seen or read Lane’s post-show interviews, it becomes clear that he, too, believes he NEEDS to be with Britney.

      My analysis is that he has basically decided that he need not look any more: She is
      “THE ONE.”

      I believe she has decided this too about him.

  19. Hey Tishe. You’ve been a joy on this board. I don’t really know who you were rooting for to win, but regardless, you have always been courteous.

    • Helloooo Stoker!
      Thank you, I have been called a lot worse on this board! Stoker, you have a ” smiley face” on this board! Rico and the ” faithful ” have been hopin’ you are still here! Take Care My Friend!

      • Hey Stoker, If you hear from Trish, not tishe
        Please tell my girl friend ” Stay Golden”
        Thank You! O, and also Sterling, ” Stay Golden” wow, I am having a hard time saying bye?? whats up with that??

    • Good Night, ya all,
      tell the die- hards to stay “Golden”
      Cotton Candy Dreams to ya all!!!
      ( think ’bout it)

    • At a party, there’s a couple having sex in the house somewhere. A group of guys get together. They wait outside the door and listen, until the couple are having intercourse. They then burst through the door, surrounding the bed. The man on top must continue pumping the woman for another 8 seconds, so all the guys can watch.
      Kids don’t try this at home.

  20. Does anyone know where I could find how each HG did in the fan favorite. Or do they even show anything like that?? I do know that Britney won, but wondered how the rest of the HG’s did and what % of the votes they received. I have checked the CBS web site, Not saying it is not there, but if it is, I don’t know what button to push to find it. As you can tell I am not to computer smart.

  21. Out of the three Finalist why does Enzo feels that the 25,000 Britt got was rigged? He said that he throw two challenges, the paint cans and the knock out comp.If America had seen his Meow, Meow character then things would have been different.Those who saw After Dark saw the Meow,Meow character.They are getting their five minutes of Fame. ?

  22. Below is a brief excerpt from Lane’s interview yesterday with Dallas/Ft.

    “Elenburg wasn’t involved in a “showmance,” but developed such a strong, flirtatious friendship with contestant Britney Haynes — a hotel sales manager from Arkansas — that many viewers thought that something would develop between them.”

    “She’s a great girl, she’s funny, and she’s like home away from home,” Elenburg says. “She’s a Southern girl. You’ve gotta love that. … She still has her [fiancé]. I don’t know for how long. Let’s say a week.”

    He would not say something like this unless he and Brit had talked and they had agreed on how to describe their relationship. It is clear that she has told Lane she is icing Nick.

    It’s over people. She is with Lane now, ok??

    Can we close the argument now?

    • How do you know that it’s a “clear statement” that lane and Britney are getting together? Have you talked to lane or britney personally? Probably not. So stop making it seem like you’re the smart one because you’re just looking like a weird stalker who has nothing better to do than interpret a little excerpt and draw a clueless conclusion. Get over yourself. Unless you’ve talked to them personally you don’t know anything.

    • Karzai… are you really Enzo, or just suffering from a comparable set of delusions? Please check any number of post-show interviews with Brit where she calls Lane “a good friend” and makes it clear there is no romance. And then we can close this discussion and you can get back to your therapy sessions.

  23. When Enzo asked Lane if he would’ve taken him had he won the quiz…. Lane answered that like a man in love. His deal with Enzo was over. He was sitting in a chair next to Hayden and Enzo was with the jury. He had nothing to gain telling Enzo he would’ve taken him to the final 2. His journey with Enzo was over.
    Now Britt is another subject altogether. He needed to act to Britt like he would’ve taken her because he has future plans for Britt. I say “go for it”. But Britt needs to clear up that whole 8 second game he’s participated in. That would be a deal breaker for me. He’s such a typical Redneck. Go in any bar in Texas and you’ll see a million guys just like him. Talks like that, dresses like that. OOPS!!! I don’t know how many Rednecks you’d see wearing that same shirt though. LOL

      • Geez do we have to keep repeating this? It was Annie’s ploy that there were two life long friends in the House. It was not true. Again, let me say this…NOT TRUE. Plus, correct me if I’m wrong…Nick at no time was a houseguest. He was burnig down the house in Arkansas


    Some posters here continue to hold to the fiction that Ms. Haynes, after competing on BB12, will return to her previous life to pick up exactly where she left off (with Nick).

    Frustrated that the ice patch they are standing on shrinks by the minute, these “holdouts” — these self-appointed censors and self-annointed “thought police” — have resorted to name calling and accusatory language on yours truly.


    -they dismiss the fact that Nick was not mentioned in Brit’s eviction speech.

    – they ignore the fact that he did not show up to the finale (even though he said he would in a posting on Jokers’ Wild about the fire, the morning of the finale).

    – they ask no questions about the one-in-a-million coincidence of a fire in Brit’s house the exact day of the finale.

    – they dismiss Lane’s 180 degree public turnaround, in the space of 24 hours, to acknowledging that he does indeed want to pursue a relationship with her now that the show is over. They chalk these statements up to unauthorized and un-approved (by Brit) “bravado” by a “Texas brawler.”

    -The thin remaining reed the “holdouts” are grasping – that Britney continues to publicly assert that they are “just friends” – should not be dismissed, and I do not dismiss it.

    However, expecting an immediate public confirmation from Ms. Haynes about her new status is unrealistic. What woman (or man), who has a significant other, ever immediately confirms that their thinking and situation has changed? It just does not happen and would not be expected in this case.

    So, in that light, I will continue to unapologetically and unabashedly confront these name calling “holdouts” in this forum, as appropriate.


    • I think Lane is in love with Britney but Britney in her own words just thinks of Lane as a big brother, sorry Karzai there is no romance here nor will there ever be.

    • Clarrym I thought you left? Please don’t let us hold you back. Offer up something intelligent and you’ll be welcomed back with open arms. But please stop teasing about leaving.

    • Karzai… please go get a life, you have fallen off the ledge. if you’ve told us once, you’ve told us a thousand times. for the last time, GIVE IT A REST!!!

    • I think Brittny got a taste of being in front of the camera and I don’t think she will be going back to her old job. She probably has a publicist already. If any of the houseguests make something of themselves in front of the camera, more power to them. I know someone who does bit parts and she told me it is not easy, it’s tough business to break into. As long as all the houseguests are happy, that’s fine with me.


    With the news that Britney will be visiting Lane’s home and family and attend a football game there in mid October (nick not included):
    Yours truly, cheerleader-in-chief for the two soulmates, will start on October 1 the “Countdown to Marriage Clock” for our favorite couple.
    As they come out as a couple and develop their timeless love in the post show period, updates of their progress will be posted at this blog.

  26. Too many people fight on this! It’s comments people, get over it! Everyone deserves to have an opinion without being judged, and that’s all that is happenening on here, if you don’t like what you see then don’t comment! That’s my opinion and I AM STICKING TO IT:)


    As promised, the countdown clock starts today. According to followers of their Tweets, fan websites, local news from their hometowns, things seem to be going quite well for the soulmates.

    1. We are now two weeks away from her visit to Lane’s hometown, which is being viewed by fans as a momentous occasion in what is increasingly apparent to be their romance.

    2. Twitter observers noted (Sept. 30) that she has asked Lane to send her the stuffed dog he had on the show. He is to send it to her mothers’ home, where she reportedly has been living since returning to Arkansas. (“Fiance” – if you can still call him that – Nick remains in Little Rock.)

    3. She is scheduled to appear with Lane, and some other BB12 finalists, at a Poker Night in mid-November.

    4. Observers say she is on track to attend the Steamboat music festival with Lane in Jan.

    5. She reportedly is on track to attend Super Bowl with Lane in Dallas – if they get tickets.

    6. She has publicly, in a brief interview on Youtube, expressed willingness to do the Amazing Race with Lane. Not clear if CBS has asked them yet.

    7. No further word on her reported negotiations to be an NFL sidelines reporter.

    Follow this site for future updates.


    (Friday, October 8)


    With Britney preparing to visit you in your hometown late next week, we learn that you are scheduled to visit her in Arkansas the following week to attend a football game and do an interview with her.

    The fans of you and Britney are ecstatic and we wish you two all good things in the world. We have been posting overtime on Youtube as video after video of you two in the BB house surface and show the close bond between you two.

    Again, just personally, I have said this before but, as a 5 foot 6 inch urbanite who played only touch football with his friends in the New York area as a youth, you are not the type of guy I usually root for.

    However, the sheer selflessness you have displayed – not uttering a single word against Hayden to the jury – is mind boggling. You basically sacrificed your own interests and endorsed him to win the grand prize.

    I have never ever seen such selflessness among anyone I have met in my 25 years here in Washington, D.C.

    Here in Washington, people would have stabbed each other and left them bleeding on the floor to win that grand prize. No one here has ever displayed the pure goodness you exhibited in the course of the BB12 show.

    As is well known, I have been a huge cheerleader for you and Britney in this chat room. I still am and am happy to see things apparently headed in that direction. Britney will be a very lucky woman to have you.



    Hello, all. Karzai here again. Just to update you on the progress of the soulmates:

    Today is game day; the soulmates, Hayden, and Enzo are attending the football game together in Texas.

    Britney has been visiting with Lane since early evening Wednesday (Oct.13) after Lane, in a dramatic development, went to pick her up in Arkansas in his father’s company’s private plane. At least one pic of them together in Texas has been released on Twitter by Lane:

    Fans had been led to believe she would arrive Friday (the 15th), but her visit was (unbeknownst to the fans) more extensive, probably to allow the soulmates to bond further. Her arrival came on the heels of a series of apparent ruses by the soulmates that had fans convinced they were in an argument over alleged bar carousing by Lane and that Brit had cancelled her entire visit to Texas. All false.

    The Britney visit to Lane’s home came one day after she did a call-in interview with Superpass (Oct 12), in which she revealed that the investigators of the finale day house fire have now proved Nick’s story false. The incompletely-doused grill/charcoals he asserted started the fire near the house were not the cause. Brit stated on Superpass that the fire is under active investigation.

    Reading between the lines: Investigators believe he is not telling the truth. Which means: the investigators believe he started the fire deliberately. Which means: they will keep questioning him and researching the scene until he either confesses or they have enough evidence to charge him with arson. It also means: Britney herself probably believes he set the fire – or at least she has reason to believe this, and to keep Nick at arms length.

    Which all leads to the puzzling question of why Brit continues to publicly claim to still be engaged to Nick, to wear her engagement ring, and that she is not romantically involved with Lane (who she says she considers a brother figure).

    Karzai theories: My lead theory is that Brit is privately working with the investigators, staying in some degree of contact with Nick possibly in order to elicit information from him about what really happened. Breaking up with him would cause him to clam up about the fire and the investigators would lose valuable info.

    Alternative theory: Brit is trying to show at least some public solidarity with Nick so as not to give investigators more ammunition against him. According to this theory, Brit feels a degree of responsibility for sending Nick into a rage and may be trying to prevent his arrest.

    Second alternative theory: Since Nick is still at liberty, Brit does not want to provoke him by publicly breaking up with him, fearing he might try to do even worse to her than set a fire.

    Karzai conclusions and forecasts:

    1. I do personally believe Nick will be arrested for arson eventually, possibly soon, now that Brit has said publicly his story is found bogus. Brit’s comments clearly indicate that the investigation is “closing in on him.”

    2. I do believe that she and Lane are now clearly romantic partners, as evidenced by her extended visit to him in Texas.

    3. I continue to predict that Lane and Britney will marry eventually. I and my friends on the Youtube comment boards (attached to the various Lane/Britney tribue videos and convos) all agree that these two are soulmates who fell in love on BB12. I also believe they will achieve at least a modest degree of success in the entertainment/celebrity industry.

    These thoughts are MHO, only.

    Best, Karzai

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