Big Brother 12: Enzo Sounds Off On Matt, Chill Town and Coming In Third

I spoke to Big Brother 12‘s Enzo today and got his thoughts on the brigade, not winning any money and what’s in store for him in the future.

Ashli Rae:  Enzo, do you think not doing well at comps deserves criticism or credit for making it to the final 3 despite of that?

Enzo Palumbo:  I think both, I definitely deserve some criticism, I definitely should have won some competitions especially when I got to the final 3. I knew my life was on the line, I knew that none of them were going to take me to the final 2, I had to win those two competitions, 2 out of those HoH’s. And then I definitely deserve praise for the way I played the house, the whole brigade, my social game. I mean I have people talking like me so you gotta be proud of that.

AR:  You keep saying you’re the best at the social game in bb history, how and what did you do to play a social game?

EP:  I basically just talked to everybody, felt everybody out, no one knew what I was doing the whole time. I had a brigade that I made, with the help of Matt and the other two brigade members that were in it. So basically just my words, my sayings, my character. I was never a target, not one time. I was on the block once as a pawn, no twice as a pawn, I was never a target no one ever wanted to come after me. So there’s either an intimidation factor there or I was playing the game pretty good.

AR:  Speaking of Matt, what did you think of his statement that he actually created the brigade?

EP:  I think everyone seen it who started it. It’s on tape. I made the name up, I gave the nicknames to everybody. It’s pretty much a done deal. I mean Hayden and Lane know who started the brigade. I’m sure Matt helped but it was my mastermind idea.

AR:  You said being away from your wife and kids was the hardest part but it would all be worth it if you won some money, now that you didn’t, was doing the show still worth it?

EP:  You know if I didn’t win first or second, I definitely wanted America’s favorite and that hurt right there that I didn’t get that. No I’m definitely proud of what I did. I think I’m gonna have a lot of fans and I’m proud of that you know?

AR:  When Rachel came back for 24 hours and told you America loved you, were you surprised to see Britney win America’s Favorite HG?

EP:  I knew she was a funny girl, I was thinking maybe it was because she cracked on Rachel a lot. I think that’s what won her the America’s favorite.

AR:   Had Lane told you 100% he would have taken you to the final 2, would you have voted for him to win the game?

EP:  I don’t think I would have. I wanted to see if he was, if I had swayed him. I think he was going to take me. But I think at that point, Hayden did a lot at the end. He took the brigade to the final 3. He won 3 or 4 challenges in a row so I had to give it to Hayden. There was no way. It was just simple math at that time.

AR:  Through everything Matt stayed loyal to the brigade even when he knew you were planning on voting him out. You said you wanted him gone because he was too close to Ragan but after seeing how close Hayden and Kristen actually were as well as Lane and Britney, do you wish you had kept Matt around?

EP:   Matt’s the reason why I got put on the block. I couldn’t trust Matt. I felt like I could trust him in the beginning but he was with Ragan, he was with Britney. He was trying to play the whole house. At one point, he had the brigade on one side and Ragan and Britney on the other and he used the diamond power of veto on Kathy so I was like this guy’s got to go. He’s doing things without the brigade knowing and I couldn’t trust him at that point.

AR:  The brigade and chill town are in the same house, who wins and why?

EP:   Those guys have got a lot of experience. They played an all star season together too. They know this game inside and out. Oh man I’d like to get into an all star season and hang out with them. That would be cool and I’ve got to win some competitions.

AR:   What about Enzo vs. Dr. Will?

EP:   I’d have some fun with that. I like him a lot. He’s a great manipulator. I’d love to be in the same house with him and go to work. I’ve got to learn this game a little more inside and out. I’ve got to win some competitions. If I had just won those last two at the end I think I would have won this thing.

AR:   What are your plans now?

EP:   I’m looking to do anything now. I’d like to do an all star season if they do one. If they do another one, I’d definitely want to do that. I’d do anything right now. If doors open up for me, I’m going to go right in the door and do what I gotta do. Definitely.


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    • The vile little Britney is so disgusting. Glad she is off the television, her family must have spent a small little fortune to help vote her as a favorite. eew

      • no one cares what you think danny you’re vile
        britney is what saved this season without her this would’ve been worst then bb9 and thats saying something! enzo is the worst player to ever make it to the final 3 on big brother he did nothing he was useless and his entitlement and how he thinks he’s popular(PLEASE!!!!) no one likes you enzo go back to doing whatever you did and disappear i cant wait for all stars when he doesn’t get asked back that’ll be great!

  1. If Enzo hadn’t made the personal sacrifices to be in the Big Brother house, there would have been no Brigade and it’s likely we would have had to endure a Regen/Matt final-two. Thank you Enzo!

    • Wow so you think BB has been scrapping bottoms of the barrels and finding up Enzo. You are so pessimistic that they couldn’t have someone better if Enzo was absent.

  2. Enzo would have been right at home in Chill Town. He’s no Will in terms of strategy but is way more likable than Boogie IMO. I really grew to like Enzo more and more as time went on. I think he understood the big picture better than any if the others.

    Good luck to you and your beautiful family, Enzo!!

    • Enzo, part way thru your haircut by Haden you won my heart,…you were so oblivious (thought you were “the cat’s meow) that your hair been” butchered” that you made me totally forgot about your foul mouth that had always turned me off and became your fan!

    • IMO Enzo is not and never will be in Boogie’s league. I would love to see Enzo’s expression when an all-star cast is announced without him and his egotistical arrogance. Normally, I don’t bash others, but there is something about Enzo’s feeling of self-importance that absolutely drives me crazy. He desperately needs a reality check. I truly hope he reads these and other comments.

    • Enzo was an idiot. Big Brother After Dark, all Enzo did was play with himself all the time – disguisting. he burped and fartted in front of everyone, and even chewed and talked with his mouth openned. he was a guy with no manners and was disguisting.

      And don’t forget, all he talked about was becoming famous right after BB. he was gonna have women all around him all the time. he was gonna star in blockbuster movies. “everyone wants him.” he was full of it.

      i’m happy he got nothing because he doesn’t deserve anything. he was LAZY!!!!!

      • @Sassy. YO, Enzo can do all that disgusting stuff, remember he has the built in excuse, HE’S FROM JERSEY.

        Winning the t.v. is built right into the fact that’s he LAZY. But he’ll be getting some big movie contracts SOON, hope he’s not too lazy to get an agent. NOT!!!

  3. Enzo is a legend in his own mind. One of the worst competitors ever in BB history. Total BSer. Also showed total lack of compassion for others. In one word, worthless.
    Ragan, however was the most despicable hg this year. His outrageous rants to Rachel’s face were unconscionable and way out of bounds. Yes, she was obnoxious and arrogant and insufferable, but she didn’t do anything terrible to anyone. You don’t talk to anyone like he did to her. She is a human being and she has feelings. My mother used to say, “Don’t lower yourself to others’ level.” He lowered himself way below her level.
    Britney’s constant negative carping about Rachel and anyone else she could think of showed her to be a mean-spirited little bitch. In one word, a pantywaste.
    Matt’s lie crossed a line big time. The most disgusting thing a hg has done in the house since Natalie last breathed there. Also, his overall play was slimy. In one word, a user.
    Rachel – obnoxious.
    Brendon – decent guy, but brainless.
    Kathy – syrupy. Seemed like a decent gal, but worthless at comps.
    Hayden and Lane – Ok guys, but useless and brainless!
    Worst bunch of hgs EVER, by FAR!!! Where did they find this bunch of losers? No one deserved to win anything! This is the first time I’ve ever stopped watching out of boredom! Painful!!!

    • You are saying that Brit and Rag are bad people for making fun of others; however reading your post you are doing the same thing only about people you don’t even know.

      • i dont think Stone is making fun of anyone. He/She seems to be just commenting on what was broadcast.I think making fun of someone would be to point and laugh at their hair/face/looks/ etc etc. Like what ragan and britney kept on doing

      • Rachel – obnoxious.
        Brendon – decent guy, but brainless.
        Kathy – syrupy. Seemed like a decent gal, but worthless at comps.
        Hayden and Lane – Ok guys, but useless and brainless!
        Worst bunch of hgs EVER, by FAR!!! Where did they find this bunch of losers? No one deserved to win anything! This is the first time I’ve ever stopped watching out of boredom! Painful!!! That sounds like making fun of people too me. She said her mother told her never too lower yourself to others level but that is exactly what she/he has done.

    • I do believe Jamie Stone you lowered yourself to their level. What makes you think you’re any better than them? You just said some pretty ugly stuff about each of them. You did exactly as they did.

      • I think Jamie Stone was right on point. There was nothing in Jamie’s post that was ugly. Britney and Ragan said a LOT of disgusting stuff. Stuff that would get you fired from a job…that bad! Janna and Jeanne (probably the same person) probably never watched BBAD to know what happened. I watched EVERY night all 3 hours…so I know what filth was spewing from those two.

      • Right on Rob you said the truth. Brit is a vile person. The uglyness that spew from her mouth was enough to make anyone sick. A bad person she is.

      • Actually we are not the same person and I watched the live feed every day. I am not saying it was right of them to make fun of people I am only saying that just like it is not right for them to it is not right for stone to. They think they are better then them but are acting just as bad. You don’t think calling someone a bitch or stupid is being ulgy cause I do.

    • absolutely agree. But i gotta admit, i did stick it out just to see how it would play out. I hope that anyone who’s reading this and applying for BB next year will not let these events repeat

    • Why did you continue to watch the show if you disliked the cast so much?

      They were great!!! wish Enzo had won some $$$. He was the life of the show and made us laugh. Enzo has a big NJ personality.

      You were right on about Brit and Ragan. They were disgusting and it saddens me that American’s vote went to mean spirited Brit.

      Hayden pulled it out in the end with the comps. he deserved to win the big bucks. Advice to H: don’t blow the money (after taxes and student loans there’s not that much to get excited about. Keep a nest egg.)

  4. The only door that is going to open for Enzo is the one leading back to work. The most of what I have read is that Enzo is a disgusting pig. Don’t see any fans in that. This season was so bad, horrible HG. Please be more careful for next season BB. And a warning for everyone. Superpass sucks! It is down more than it is running. You have four boxes but usually only see one or two rooms and this season these lazy SOB’s slept all the damn time! Really a waste of money!

    • Most of what you read? do you alway’s base you’re opinion on what other’s say? Maybe you should think for yourself and next year actually watch the show! Enzo was the only hg that made it bearable this season! And bbad I will miss!

  5. i lost all respect for enzo when he forced lane to tell britany about the brigade. while she sat there devastated and lane was upset about making her sad by having to lie to her, a-ho enzo sat there and snickered and laughed at them. it was down-right mean spirited.

    • It was Britney who told Enzo he played a good “social game”.. and that’s all Enzo could talk about after she said that, all the way to the end. Up until there he couldn’t articulate what he had done in the game.

    • Are you kidding me you obviously didn’t watch it happen-he ASKED Lane what he thought about telling her and Lane said that she would want to know-he didn’t force him to do anything

    • Enzo was totally cruel to Brittany then. Lane would have told her in a kind way. There is nothing likeable about Enzo. His mouth needs a large bar of soap. When his daughter learns to talk, her first words may be similar to her dad’s–foul!!!

    • What were you watching? Enzo told Brit, while Lane sat there spineless, and then laughed after she left the room! But what is really classic is, Hayden got mad b/c he had wanted to be the one to tell her and then let her know at the same time he was not going to use the pov on her! Get it right!

      • @Christine–you saw what you wanted to see. At that point Lane could not afford to cross the brigade members. As he said later, he really wanted to take Brittney to F2. Enzo was so full of himself that he could not wait to destroy Brittney. I don’t Hayden wanted to hurt Brittney either. He wouldn’t be snickering at her while he told her. I am so glad that all Enzo got was a TV &the stipend that everyone got . Goodbye Enzo. Hopefully we will never hear from him again!

      • Kitty, that’s bs, Lane would of taken anybody to insure the win for him! He liked Brit b/c she was there, but he would have only taken her to f2 if he thought he could beat her

    • Oh please, Enzo did not force it on anybody. They knew she was going to be evicted and wanted her to enjoy the last few days in the house. Interesting how many people misinterpreted Enzo.

      • @Carol-Obviously one of us “misinterpreted” Enzo. You are entitled to your opinion & I’m entitled to mine. Enzo & I would never be friends.

    • Enzo was bursting to boost (EGO), he wanted to reveal Bra-gade even b4 F4. Could be he thought if labeled the mastermind that might win votes. Hayden/Lane were not enthused with revealing, their thinking was why piss anyone off, anymore than they already were.

  6. I wonder if Enzo will think he’s so wonderful after he watches himself and listens to himself eat and playwith himself all season long? I still think he should’ve been punished for being on slop and breaking the rules. Why the hell was he so special? And him considering himself “the greatest social player ever….Hey ENZO, you came in 3rd. Get a clue!!

  7. Wow. Enzo is a bigger jerk now than he was in the house. That guy takes credit and makes excuses for everything and he did absolutely nothing. He thinks making up nicknames equals being a mastermind. He has no business comparing himself to Dr. Will or Evel Dick or any of the great BB players. He could probably get away with comparing himself to Kathy, but that’s about it. What a blowhard loser.

    • Wow…u guys really are clueless. Enzo is a horrible person because he curses? Seriously?? So apparently, u are all holier than thou, right? Give me a break and get off of your high horses. He DID play a good social game, was friendly with everyone and if snickering while telling Britney about the brigade makes him a horrible person, than I’m going straight to hell cause I laughed my ass off!! She deserved it. She is a vile human being. Oh no!! Enzo curses and eats like it’s his last meal! Let’s stone him to death!! Get over yourselves…

      • Enzo also ate as a have not with no punishment. Rather than fight for the final HOH he chose to cook & eat in front of the others who were playing to win. His only competitive win was when he practically tackled Reagan for the disc. He and Kathy were just about even. His social game consisted of tooting his own horn while repeating Meow Meow. He gives cats a bad name!

      • I believe in playing by the rules. Enzo broke the rules. There should be consequences for his actions. CBS is setting a bad precedent by letting him get away with it.

      • @Erin. Wow…Kitty hit the nail on the head. So Brit’s vile but Enzo’s just a good social gamer… SERIOUSLY???

        Me thinks you may be the clueless one here, Erin… it was Brit that won AF not Enzo or did I get it wrong?

    • While Enzo might have gotten the guys together and made up the names of The Brigade that is all he did. Matt kept the brigade together till he got voted off. I bet he wishes he would have used that DPV on Enzo instead of Kathy….

      • @Trish, not only would that have been the only power move of the game, it would have changed the game entirely and Matt probably would have made F4 or F3 if he could have survived the target on his back. Who know he might have won, btw… i’m not a Matt fan either just a BB fan wanting a exciting BB season. Which this wasn’t.

  8. poor Enzo just can’t believe that America liked Britt more than him! poor baby! He’s needs to watch the show & how much he used foul vulgar language he used &how he talked about everyone too. They all did! Was so happy Britt won she actually won 4 comps Enzo when you couldn’t even beat Kathy. Why should he make AS he didn’t win anything. He thinks he’s all it maybe now he will get a clue he’s not nowhere near as great as he thinks he is. It was so funny h loved rubbing the BG in Britt’s face that night well now America can rub it in his face because we showed him who America really loved!! AT least when the others were on slop they went by the rules he broke that & many others.

    • Amen!!! I have never posted on any of these things before, but Enzo has digusted me more than anything i have eve3r seen in my life before… I dont use the word “hate” easily, but i really hate that so called man. He takes credit for the brigade (to be honest wasn’t anything to brag about anyway) all the good ideas came from Matt and then Hayden later. Enzo never had any good ideas, i dont think he ever even had any scheems or an original though in his head, except yo man…he is absolutely the stupidest, self entitled, thinks the world owes him for being born, thing ive ever heard spew trash from before!! i hope Brit hears about him calling her the “c” word. Well all of them need to know what he said about them..

      • Hey Lena, FYI, the brigade controlled the house! Let me spell it out for you! The brigade = 4 vote’s side alliance’s(each member of brigade had one)= 4 vote’s! That add’s up to 8 vote’s! There was only 13 hg, therefore the brigade alway’s had the majority vote! Good job Enzo!! :)

      • Enzo did not have a side alliance till much later and when he did it was him and Enzo so they NEVER had 8 votes.

      • So you enjoyed watching Ragan and Brit talk bad about everyone in the house. They were mean spirited, heartless and vile. Guess you like bullies!

      • Hey Ashli, I guess you’re right it would have been 7! I forgot he didn’t have brenden for his side alliance till later!

      • Lena, thank you for your post. Truth be told there are more of us anti-Enzo than pro-Enzo. Proof is the vote for America’s favorite. I would really like to know the order of the vote. Enzo would be in for a rude awakening!

  9. I just re-read the interview. I honestly think Enzo is certifiably delusional. He reminds me of the contestants on American Idol who get turned down because they are terrible singers, but they truly think they’re good. They cannot believe that the judges and viewers think they are a joke. That’s Enzo.

  10. If there is a Big BROTHER All-Star Game how do they go about picking the Stars? The Brigades said they feel that they will be called for it.

      • ther is absolutely no way most of these bozoz would be called for an all stars, trhe only ones who “might” stand a chance are Matt, Rachel, and maybe Brendon. buti doubt that..heres a terrible thought i just had though…we all better not comment too much about how they wont call the losers (by that i mean mostly enzo) for all stars. because you know how bb loves to piss us all off and they just may do that, thinking it would send the ratings through the roof, because he is hated so bad!! I for one would not even watch it.

    • Back in 2006 when they had the first All-Star season…America voted for the players from previous seasons…but I heard that this time all the 1st place and 2nd place players will be selected from 2000 to 2010…I guess it may be an Anniversary show. Now,it has been confirmed that there will be a BB13…but not confired it may be an All-Star competition. Fact is it will be a full decade performance so it stands to reason it should be an All-Star show. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  11. Enzo was in final 3. The end!

    As for bb13 and all the people who want to be on the show, please play all aspects of the game. Show season 12 that this is not a game to float thru but a game to play. Your fans will love you:)

  12. I am so sad that Enzo lost the final HOH..I know that he has not won anything in the Big Brother house to have won..but i would have like for him to be in the final two last night on Big Brother. I will miss his meow..meow..

  13. He is so full of himself when he talks about starting the brigade. First off, it doesn’t even matter who started it, it matters who made it work. All he did was ask some of the strongest competitors to be in an alliance with him. The rest of the brigade was just waiting till the final 3 to kick him out because they knew it’d be easy, and they wanted to keep to their word. Matt carried them through the beginning, and the Hayden-Lane-Hayden HOHs are what got them to the final 3. The only thing Enzo did well was make everyone think he was a smart player in the end.

    • Matt just simply played the game…..big fn deal on the lie! He puts hairden in the seat instead of katt,he wins. Rag,britt and matt would have been a great final 3.

      • Let’s think about this. If Matt puts Hayden on block instead of Kathy.

        Hayden v Lane

        Brendon is HOH and cannot vote.

        Brittany votes to evict Hayden
        Kathy votes to evict Lane.
        Matt votes to evict Hayden.
        Enzo votes to evict Lane.
        Ragan votes to evict Lane.

        How does Hayden go home then?

    • I almost wanted Enzo to make f2 just so the jury could belittle him with their questions. Glad he didn’t get the f2 money. I hope someone interviews him and uses the truth to burst his balloon.

      • You just can’t decide how you feel can you? In one post you’re sad he didn’t win and now you talk crap about him! That pretty much mean’s you’re full of it!

      • @ Christine, you misunderstood what I said. The only reason that I almost wanted Enzo to make F2 is because I would like to see him humiliated. I had no problem deciding who I liked.

      • @Kitty. why give Enzo $50T? i was glad to see him 3rd and about 6th or 7th in prize money. Hell, Monet beat him and wasn’t she like 2nd out.

  14. that’s garbage enzo didn’t win america’s favorite. brittney was the worst one. the show wouldve been garbage without enzo this is the first season i ever watched, i thought its really a lame show but enzo was cool.

    • I totally agree. Everyone felt bad for Britney after the brigade outed themselves to her, so she got a crap load of sympathy votes. Way to go America!!

      • Hi Erin, I don’t think it was sympathy votes.
        A lot of folks really believed she played the best game! I don’t, but that is what the ” survey says”

      • How did Enzo play a better game then Brit. I would understand your point if you said someone like Bren should have won cause at least he did something in the game. Enzo did nothing and made BB12 the worst season yet with his stupid brogade.

    • that’s garbage? Juju & Erin that both of you picked it wrong? Enzo was cool b/c he NEVER worked up a sweat.

      @tishe. i think Brit did get a bunch of sympathy votes, how could she not and that also shows you Enzo blew it. if he was close in AF vote he gave it to Brit… so he did do something good in the game. LOL!!!

  15. There were some funny moments last night, when Hayden was asked who would he like to see in the finals?He said Britt and Brandon. The expression on Rachel face was speechless. When the Jury was getting their questions together for the finalist Matt told them not use big words and with some of Lane’s answers I saw what he meant. When Enzo said that he was voting for the one who needed a haircut or a shave the most.

    • Ya know, Mary P., I saw some little looks from Rake, ( nothin like we were used to tho), a few eye rolls from Britches, Ragman, dropping his chops a few times!! It was funny!! A little anti-climatic tho, after some of the drama the HGs acted out thru out the season.. yes?
      It was hilarious!!! Enzo, had the best!! I agree!!
      Please excuse my typing errors..

  16. enzo was not the only 1 snickering when they told britt about brigade so was lane and really how hard it probably was to tell her with a straight face not that im a enzo fan but come on it was an alliance that went all the way in secret 4 the first time and also a season where what they said they were doing actually happened

    • Did anyone else see Lane snickering??? I did not. To me he just looked totally uncomfortable. Like he wished he was anywhere else.

      • me neither… i saw him looking at the floor, too sheepish to even look at her. the writing was on the wall and there was NO WAY she was going to F3. it was out of Lane’s hands.

        she should have been able to figure out that she was out, but it was easy from our seat on the couch.

        after the shock wore off… she admitted it was her own damn fault not winning the HoH or PoV, her fate was in her hands and Hayden blew her and the other 2 away.

        thanks to Enzo’s ego (brigade reveal) she won $25T.

  17. Enzo, just want you to know if you ever decide to read this, I think you should have won it all and America’s favorite hg! I also think you should try stand up comedy, I really think you’re funny and that is something you shouldn’t waste! You have a beautiful wife and daughter! Thank’s for making this season fun to watch :)

    • But you’re gonna hafta get someone else to write your material if you wanna be a stand-up comic. I don’t think you could ‘think-up’ more than 60 seconds of material otherwise, and tawkin about da brigade ain’t gonna take you no furder in life. It’s ovah.
      (Aldoh, Snooki’s lookin’ for a new lover who’s a businessman wit a vowel at da end of his name, dats just in case it don work out wit wifey – just sayin.)

  18. Why would America vote for a man who ate like an animal, grabbed himself constantly (was those suckers) cheated (and got away with it) while being a have-not, let the viewing public know when he masterbated, and was just an all around gross man who slid his way to the top 3. I feel they thought he had some strength behind that mouth and they were scared of him. He is an idiot.

    • In Enzo’s bio he is most pleased by achieving his real estate license, funny no one can find any record of it. He said he has to get a talent agent, shouldn’t he get talent first. The “professional” that did his hair plugs must work on baby doll heads, same pattern.

      • Wow Patty,way to go. For anyone who cares, I have bad mouthed no one but Enzo. There were others that I didn’t care for but I could tolerate them. Can’t that about the HG that gives my kitty kat friends a bad name!

    • Oh no he mastrubated your kidding me a man mastrubated.I’m shocked!(Not) He and every other person were in that house for three months FYI there may have even been a woman or two in there that took care of themselves too-come on grow up

      • If I wanted to watch adult content, I would go to a porn site, not broadcast TV. Yea, I am old-fashioned and not ashamed of it.

      • I definitely don’t remember him whipping it out and doing it in front of the cameras. Oh and how about Brendon and rachel having sex or lane in the shower and let’s not forget hayden and kristen. I would suggest sticking to the prime time BB and definitely not BBAD

    • Oh no he masturbated your kidding me a man masturbated.I’m shocked!(Not) He and every other person were in that house for three months FYI there may have even been a woman or two in there that took care of themselves too-come on grow up

  19. For everyone who talks about Enzo playing with himself, let’s not forget that LANE masterbated in the shower at least 3 times. Google it and see the video. Plus there was his 8 second game. Enzo was funny and you can tell he cared about his family and other people. Everyone liked him in the house. I would laugh my ass off if I was in that house with him.

  20. So let’s just say that both Enzo and Lane repeatedly showed off their gifts: Enzo – boasting, joking, jerking off; Lane – joking, jerking off. Perhaps their is a future for them in film! Third rate porn, I’d wager.

  21. I think Enzo and Hayden should do the Amazing Race together!!! That would be some entertainment right there!!

  22. enzo!!!!! what a con!!!! the only thing that kept him in the game was his skills from the streets , how to do nothing like a bum and get ahead

    • Agree! Even though he awarded himself a BM (not in the sense of bowel movement) Bachelor of Manipulation


  24. Enzo really wasn’t a bad guy when his mouth was shut. He mist hold the record for use of a certain word I do hope he cleans ip his language for the sake of his daughter. Please give it a try Enzo

  25. @Trish, not only would that have been the only power move of the game, it would have changed the game entirely and Matt probably would have made F4 or F3 if he could have survived the target on his back. Who know he might have won, btw… i’m not a Matt fan either just a BB fan wanting a exciting BB season. Which this wasn’t.

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