Big Brother 12: Kristen and Andrew Yelling Match

Who said there wasn’t any drama on the Big Brother 12 live feeds? Earlier today Kristen and Andrew went for a few rounds of verbal punching after he marched in to the bathroom at 9:45AM BBT on all cams and announced to them, “Don’t play me. I know you’re playing me like a fiddle. Don’t do it anymore.” Kristen barely pauses from her makeup work to ask him to explain, but instead he walks away and heads upstairs.

Twenty minutes later (10:07AM BBT, Cams 3 & 4) Andrew corners Kristen in the Sunset Room and they really get in to it. Andrew is upset that Kathy was telling him not to worry about this week and that he’d be safe, meanwhile she’s cozying up to the HGs and securing their votes. Kristen gets upset that Andrew is accusing her of betraying him and that’s where things escalate in to a good ol’ fashioned Big Brother shouting match. Now we just need some pan banging!

Brendon wants to call another House Meeting which will hopefully go as well as the last one and we get more yelling and tears. Tears with Andrew are inevitable at this point as he hasn’t really stopped crying. Great idea, Brendon.

Crank up your live feeds and use the Flashback feature (menu option in the left-hand column after signing in to the site and going to the Big Brother Feeds area) to watch what happened. If you’re new to the feeds then no worries, you can still get the Free Trial and see what everyone else is watching.

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  1. i wasnt all in on kristin cause she is honestly a sexy bitch haha, but after today, she got POINTS in my book.

    i didnt expect anything less. i knew she would pop off on SOMEBODY because she is from philly. ask urself this:

    do u know anyone from philly that isnt hot tempered, easy to piss-off, or rude? i cant say that i do and i know more than a few ppl.

    kobe bryant is different haha.

    but ANYWAY, she lit up andrew and i was cheering her on the entire time.

    he thought he be a smart ass and get in ur grill. 30 minutes later he is crying and playing pool by himself haha.

    she wrecked him verbally. he tried to yell at her, and she raised her voice louder, and he couldnt hang.

    HE WONT DO THAT SHET AGIAN. well he wont get the chance

  2. and i knew, I FREAKIN KNEW andrew would as britney calls it “shoot himself in the face”.

    last thursday when monet left :( cause andrew didnt go up, i was like “if andrew had, or ever goes up, he will leave no matter who is up with him because he will go crazy and almost immediately self destruct”

    and look what he did. he maybe couldnt help his case (i mean he was prolly already going home caz kathy is pathetic aka a pawn) but he sure sealed the deal.


  3. Yeah, 2 days ago I thought Andrew was safe. Today? Not a chance. He completely blew his opportunity to slide right through this week.

  4. I’m sure Andrew will go but not without taking someone down with him….I’m think Kristen and Hayden. I hope he calls them out on live TV!

  5. and one more thing. if u go back to yesterday when matt was cutting enzo’s hair, this dude andrew came in and was like:

    “oh matty cutting u up?”
    enzo- “yea bro”
    “oh thats good, u gotta keep the MEow MEow looking sharp”
    enzo- says nothing

    and then andrew goes: “yea thats good…MEOW.”

    like says it how it sounds. like enzo says it were it doesnt sound stupid, like he goes “mow mow” he doesnt rele pronounced the ME.

    andrew goes ME-YOW! haha

  6. @ Matt Is there any truth to the rummor of the evicted house guest going to sequester
    and if thats the case Andrew will be back

  7. @ Matt: I read something that Kristen has a boyfriend outside the Big Brother House. Is this true? You know what they say, you can’t believe everything you read. Thanks..


  9. hope he takes them down on his way out and shakes it up. otherwise we will see a boring eviction week for brenden.

    cmon andrew, just tell people

  10. Congrats to Big Brother 12. This group is great. They all think they are genius’ and it has made it so entertaining. I love Enzo. He is funny. And the females are having a good time, playing all the guys. Poor Rachel. Did she really think Brendon would continue this showmance after BB ended. What mother wants to WATCH a “future daughter-in-law” !!!! Which would obviously not be his moms choice…

  11. @Tommy: Yes, the evicted HGs have been sequestered, but we don’t yet have a confirmation on what’s going to happen with them. I imagine CBS would like to keep that a secret. However, based on past seasons and the fact that the 14th HG dropped out just before the season began I do expect one of the first evicted HGs to return.

    @William: Yes, Kristen has said she had a bf outside the house and that she should have broken things off before she entered. I have no way of confirming that either way. It could be a made up story.

    @Rose: Torch is correct. All the boards were the same length.

  12. Crazy or not, Andy is far more entertaining than kathy. She’s so boring, a non-competitor, and just a plain floater. She will not be missed.

  13. I think the house guests are being sequestered. Maybe I missed something, but have they grayed any of the evicted house guests pictures? I don’t think so…

  14. @20- Yeah, they are grayed. But I heard that they are going to sequester too

  15. Darn it, I hope Rachel or Brendon win the whole Big Brother, for the sole reason that everyone else in that house seems to be playing like they want the showmance to win. So many golden opportunities to get these two out, missed! And Matt has his head so far up his you-know-what that he thinks his plans are full-proof and he’s a demi god. It drives me insane. I hope if Kathy leaves she spews out everything she heard upstairs when she was buddy-buddy with Brachel at the door before going to Julie Chen. Just run a quick summary on us, Kathy! Spew the truth before you even step out.

  16. I think the brigade is nothing more than a bunch of high-school misfits. All losers. Enzo is not funny but stupid. Matt thinks he’s a genius but his lack of vocabulary proves otherwise. The overweight farm guy is so envious/jealous of Brendon it’s sad, and Hayden feels intimidated by Brendon as well. Lack of esteem is what these HG suffer from. Andrew is an articulate, educated man. I’ll be disappointed if he goes home. Kathy is a dullard. Overall this season sucks in comparison. I feel no strong like to anyone besides Andrew but maybe that’s simply because he’s Jewish~

  17. On last Sunday’s show, they announced that Monet and Annie were both sequestered…
    Maybe someone missed it. They did not specify who may return. Maybe they are waiting for tomorrow. Then they will have 3 persons to decide whom will return to the house. Annie would be a nightmare. She was too stupid to be caught immediately. And Andrew will become so paranoid, he may need medication before the show ends.

  18. if 1 of the houseguest comes back i hope monet comes back. annie shot herself in the foot, and so did andrew.

    monet was a victim of good gameplay. she was also a victim of the term “shit happens”. although i think america would vote for someone else to come back because of monet’s 10K

    u know what i love? i love watching the HG when their just bullshittin. like when their talking game its not great, and gets boring sometimes, but when their just shootin the shit, thats my favorite. especially when enzo, britney, and lane are involved. its always funny times

  19. whoa..Rachel not sounding to good on thses paid trips with soooo many different men..

  20. It’s not really a good ideal to yell at a person and think they will keep him safe and let Kathy be voted out this Thursday. So far i see Andrew will leave the Big Brother house not Kathy.

  21. DO NOT BRING Monet back!!!!!!!!!!!! Brittany and Rachel has to go next (after Andrew(shot himself in the foot) this week) because I am tired of all this crying!! Grow up – these people are not your friends because this is just a GAME.

  22. Has anyone figured out who the life long friends are in the house. I think it is Brendon and Andrew.

  23. I hate when Brendon has any kind of power, he gets very cocky.

    I have come to the conclusion that Hayden and Kristen are a married couple. We will see.

  24. i think all the HG are quite cocky. But I luv em all! Each one manipulates the others in their own way. it is pathetic when B & R refer 2 themselves as Brenchel.

  25. I think the nick guy below is a weirdo adrew is such a loser .Praying one minute the tring to be a gyno to dianne.The friends are andrew and brendon brendon is gonna cry to rachel when andrew walks out the door hopefull it’ll tear them apart brenchel just sounds dumd like nick below

  26. Other than Hayden and Matt, the rest of the brigade is useless. I find it funny that the ‘brigade’ talks about how they have to win this or do that and yet, fail to do so. They think they are so tough, but Brenchel are running the house and are better players!

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