Big Brother 12: Week 3 Power of Veto Episode After-Thoughts

You’ve watched it, loved it, and soaked it all up so now tell us what you thought of tonight’s Big Brother 12 episode! There’s no mystery now for who’s on the block after this week’s Veto Competition. Either Andrew or Kathy will be evicted on Thursday and we get to just sit back and watch it all play out.

Fire up your Big Brother uncensored cams right now and watch the live feeds to see the noms fight to stay in the house. It looks like Andrew could be in trouble this week with the votes. But who knows with the way these HGs are playing.

Tell us your thoughts on tonight’s show and who you think is in the most danger of being the evicted from Big Brother 12!

Update: Sure enough, Andrew held the second House Meeting just like Brendon suggested and as predicted he started crying as he argued his case. Turn on your Live Feeds Flashback to 5:45PM BBT to watch the meeting as it all played out.


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  1. ohhhhh snap!!!!


    this should be good!!!!

    im so glad andrew is so stupid. it makes for great tv.

    after shooting himself in the face, this is where andrew buries himself alive.

    watch and enjoy

  2. Awful. lol Matt’s plan didn’t make any sense. He should have just put Brachel up. One of them would be going home! This house meeting should be interesting if they show it all tomorrow night.


    can we get sub-titles?

    remember this is a grown man right now.

    he was all smiles, then 3 words in his pulled a monet

  4. What did Andrew just say? “Brenden and Rachel, I’m coming after you. So use the power of veto to save me?” WHOAAAA!!!!

  5. Matt is a fool! Perfect example of how those who THINK they are smarter, are usually VERY mistaken. How can that idiot be married?!

  6. Matt – you are hereby nominated by me as the DUMBEST BIMBO in BB history. And considering the LONG list of BIMBOS who have occupied the BB house, I think you should be forced to stand in front of a mirror and say to your reflection for at least 48 hours, ” HOW DUMB I AM.” I agree with Enzo, you are certainly not the brains in the alliance. Maybe now you will be able to admit that your Master Plan was a big pile of dog doo-doo.

  7. Hayden, Lane, Enzo, Kristen, Britney will vote to evict Andrew.

    Where was Ragan this episode? I don’t think I saw him once.

  8. Andrew if you are stupid enough to say “Brenden & Rachel i am coming after you but use the vETO on me”.. YOU DESERVE TO GO HOME!!!!!

  9. I fell out my seat laughing watching tonight. Matt had no intention on nominating Brenden and Rachel this week. He is playing his own game. Brendon is giving bad advice to Andrew. Rachel do all the thinking and Brendon win all the comps.

  10. @Summer: you are so right, in seasons past if get right down to it street smarts and luck are better than book smarts.

  11. Also Matt, I think that you have blown any chance of winning a million. I never thought that anybody could have been a bigger Bimbo than Jordan, but I was wrong.


  13. What a idiot, I’m coming after you Brendan so use the veto on me. He deserve to go home after his “bold” move. OMG what a joke that speech was.

  14. Yeah Andrew is STUPID!!
    And so much for being able to read people… HGs thinking Rachel was in on Andrews speech…think again dumbasses!!
    Now Kathy is going to stay because this week she is crowned queen liar. What a waste!!

  15. I think I saw Ragan for about a one second clip and that was from his chest down.

    He must have broken out bigtime or was even out of the house.

  16. PLEASE!!! This is all a set-up!! BB wants to keep brachael….they NEED TO GO!!!!!It’s all for the ratings!!! PERIOD!!!!

  17. Matt is not an Idoit to be married hes just trying to play da game. Ya he made a dumb move but that doesn’t make him an idoit BB also Matt is a sneaky lil thing. You just gotta watch and see what happens?

  18. If Brenchel win, I don’t believe they will put up Matt so Maybe it works out fine for him anyway. He is not that dumb.

  19. @OMG! I agree. Keeping Brachel is all for the ratings. They are annoying, stupid, ugly….and did I say annoying. hmm. They need to go so the real game can begin.

  20. Big Brother really needs to make sure that each houseguest has at least one diary room session featured in every episode. That would add balance to the show and bring in a diversity of opinions on the internal politics of the house. It is extremely disappointing to not see a single DR session from either Ragan or Kristen (again) in tonight’s episode.

  21. I think Matt & Andrew both messed up.I think they should stop showing so much of Branden & Rachel. This is a game show for familys not a sex show.Do they really got to show everything they do.There is a time and place for it. I’m probably not the only one watching this show that thinks this way.

  22. Yeah Andrew, what’s up with that? I thought he got kicked out of the house or something and BB was covering it up. Not that I miss him, he is lame anyways. Him and Kristen get almost no air time, its like the producers are regretting giving them the house spots. This year the show is way too superficial anyhow. I mean please all them A&F and swimsuit models. Girls jumping in the sdack with guys they just met on national tv. Yeah, right. How about some real people for a change like Evel Dick. People with bad teeth, hagard faces and real American working class gusto. Are you kidding me? A doctor? What the hell is he doing there? How about some poor day laborer willing to work for 500 gGs.

  23. @Nikki…I agree let the real game begin NOW BB!! Get the FAKE REDHEAD HO OFF!! Along with her BIMBO STUDMUFFIN!!!!

  24. I miss Season 2, back when there was no veto. They had a whole episode devoted to just showing off the houseguests. But then again, that season had great personalities. Will (greatest BB player ever, hands down) Nicole, Hardy, Bunky, Boogie, Shannon, Krista, Monica… so many good personalities, so many fights, so much crying from Bunky.

    Thomas: Will was a doctor, and as I said, he was the best thing to happen to Big Brother.


  26. @29…..Will was indeed a GREAT player along with Boogie and Janelle and don’t forget Evel Dick! Total game players!! All in it to win it!

  27. @ rosey and scott…. thats right. they were told to choose their boards wisely and anyone could have chosen the board matt did, he just got to it first.

  28. I guess the BB gods are in favor for Brachel right now :( Cause I can’t say Matt’s plan was a bad one. Just Luck.
    But Andrew’s speech just solidify to the house he is crazy. And they will vote his crazy butt home.

  29. I agree with OMG! Brachael needs to go home.Its ok to meet some one on the show and mable get to care about each other. If that happens do it in private the whole world don’t what do see.Every one I talk to about the show talks about Brachael the same way .Wonder what there parents think when they watch the show.

  30. @Jo…SKANKS I’m sure (what the parents think)!If that was my daughter I’d kick her in the a%& what a fool she’s making of herself!! I think Brendon is using her….wouldn’t it be great if Brendon turned out to be gay along with Andrew? LOVE IT!!!

  31. Maybe Brendon and Andrew are the “secret friends” that Julie spoke of. Maybe Andrew worked on Brendon’s feet at some point in time…

  32. Omg I hate how bb has turned out to be where is ragan and seriously I think he whole shomance is justso stupid Rachel is such a dumb aze to choose Brendon over half mill why are you here you bimbbbboo?!?!?!?!

  33. big red is in the game to get a boyfriend otherwise her skanky look would keep her from getting one.

  34. I can’t believe how much Matt confided into Andrew tonight!!!!! Is he nuts?????
    Andrew will stir that all up and report right back to Brachel!
    Even if he gets evicted hell tell them everything

    Not smart Matt

    They’ll come after you

  35. I love the brigade…but they need to throw his AS# (Matt) out! He better redeem himself real fast!

  36. AHHH BECAUSE she is ONE!!!Period!! Come on!! What about the “dress” she wore when she won HOH? HO-BAG!!

  37. @ Jo, that was my Mothers nick name ! & my daughter’s middle name. I love it. Mom’s was Joesphine, my daughter’s Penny Jo. It just brought back good times with my Mother. She passed on Easter Sunday. Sorry back to BB. Seeing it brought tears. O-K, this crap with Rachel & Brandon is going on to far. There are more people in that house CBS. Ragan was never showen tonight just a hint of him. How many are sick of BB showing the Whor_ wrapping those ugly ass legs around Brandon ? And something smells with Andrew & Brandon. I loved Brandon & Andrew keeping something away from the Whor-. But it’s kind of late with CBS. They love her. Lets all call CBS & tell them we are done unless they show us there are others in that house , just not PORN .

  38. do y’all hear rachel on the feeds right now? talking about all the things and places she gets guys to buy and take her??? she really defines prostitution!! im sick just listening to her!!!!

  39. Me too blackgirl!!I guess the more we bitc# about ho-bag the more BB will show her!! I want to see more of Lane (working out), Enzo, Ragan and Brittany!!

  40. Scott, Matt did not know his board WOULD ADVANCE LONGER, that was done by BIG BROTHER. It wasn’t fair, all boards should have been equal, or don’t play that game. If you were playing for that money, you would want it to be FAIR.

  41. does Kristin ever go to the diary room? I feel like they never show her. like is she even really in the game?

  42. Well..i guess that Andrew will leave the Big Brother house this Thursday. Andrew really put his foot in his mouth this time, guess that is what you get for running your mouth too much. If Andrew really think that his tears was going to help him stay in house. I did feel bad for him at the same time. Matt is so crazy for putting up Kathy and Andrew in the first place. Maybe Matt should be put on the block too, let him feel what it’s like to have to beg the housegust to keep him in the house.

  43. Come on Andrew was having fun. Do ya really think he ment that ? CBS needs a few phone call’s to conplain big time ! It’s the ho-ho show & I don’t mean SANTA’s In Town. CBS should be ashamed. My 7-year old grandson was told he could not watch it anymore. So now it’s back to playing games. CBS should be ashamed of this year. Even Julie said last week it was a family show, now you tell me { What part of a family show is this } If her son was old enough, Hum-hum- oh,hum !!! Would she let him watch with a bag of popcorn ???? Just asking the facts !!! It has turned into gross, & filth. Far from a family show. Call CBS NOW PEOPLE. Mattcan’t leave his hand out o his pant’s. I saw a two year old holding onto his pee-tail, my god, maybe Matt’s got lost. That man is one ugly man. Too short & all teeth. Now my family’s all short before ya start on me about the short remark. Older brother 5ft 1. I,m 5 ft. 3ed brother 6ft. Baby brother 5 & 1/2. Mother 4-11. father 5,2. So don’t go there. But they all kept there hand away from that pee-tail. lol

  44. @Rosey: I was just checking l i v e f e e d s recap from last weeks HOH comp and all the boards are the same length and they all went in all the way and out the same, all the boards where hooked to the same apparatus so that it would be fair all the way.

  45. @ Judy- even without the showmance of brench I don’t think BB is a family show. I wouldn’t instill lying, backstabbing, manipulating, etc into my child!!
    Hardly any reality shows are child friendly. Maybe survivor! Lol

  46. it cracks me up how brachel always talks about playing a ‘fair’ game… but right now she is in the room trying to convince hayden to vote kathy out so they can basically USE andrew to win.

  47. I don’t get why everyone here doesn’t actually see what Matt is doing. He is keeping the birgade strong and gaining pull from brachel. Matt understands it is too early in the game to strike a big move. You wait til week four for that. Matt understands how to play the game. I am sure you will all come to see that Matt is actually a good player even though he over thinks the game.

  48. Am I the only one who supports/supported Brendan, Rachel, Andrew, and Annie?
    -Rachel is a CHEMIST, not a prostitute! Stop being jealous that she looks fine. I’d choose her bubliness over a crybaby, rude Chima.
    -Brendon has won MULTIPLE competitions, and cares about other houseguests beside himself (Rachel and Andrew)
    -Andrew…is a funny Jew. Whats to hate?
    -Annie was the season’s only real twist (keep in mind, the life long friend thing MAY be a lie by her), and not unlikable.

    But I’d trade an Evel Dick for all of them any day.

  49. So… Rachel is a chemist and i still don’t understand why 95% of these comments are hater comments. Seems like as much as ppl dislike her, they sure can’t seem to keep her name out of the convo. You have to admit the game would be a lil bit duller without her. Cuz everyone knows Kathy nor Kristen nor Hayden nor anyone else in the house is really getting as much attention as she does.

    Britney needs to be quiet… cuz her jokes and sarcasm aren’t all that funny.

    Enzo on the other hand is a riot.

  50. I watched BB tonight and they didn’t show any of Ragan or Brit. Why not?? I am also up in arms, don’t know who will be evited this week. I really don’t want either one to go, but that’s how it goes. Also, why hasn’t anyone notice the attraction between Hayden and Kristen? I mean come on…..

  51. I do believe that BRENDON may be distancing himself from Rachel…smart move but maybe to late..

  52. Didn’t anyone hear brendon and andrew whispering in that room. Remember, Brendon said to Andrew say whatever you have to say, i’m with you. That was just a big set-up by both of them. Duhh

  53. I see why to POV took so long. They have to shoot it in takes. No way Enzo could deliver the lines easily.

  54. Ditto’s to Matt B. in #29. That was a great season. (Also the guy who the producers evicted for brandishing a knife at Krista.)

  55. on bb afterdark, 2why is everyone reprimanded about their mics (too low…not on,etc)except for rachel & brendon who are whispering into each others ear keeping their coverations completely to themselves what is the point of them being on tv…who needs to whatch them make out thus treating the audience like voyeurs…NOT interested!

  56. I like Andrew but his ridiculous speech will probably get him evicted…..It’s very very hard to believe that Rachel is a chemist. She’s never said even 1 intelligent thing on BB and is always so way off in her math guesses. I would like her much more if she wasn’t such a dumb skank…..I like Brendon but will like him so much better without Rachel. She needs to go. She brings him and his character down…I want to see more of Ragan, Kristen, Lane, and Kathy. Hardly know what their personalities are like.

  57. I guess Andrew did do a good job keeping his alliance with Brendan on the low. After just watching the CBS show – which I think they edited down because the blogs made it seem so much more obvious that he was in with them- and the half assed house meeting today; it just will not work for him.

  58. All this “Rachel is a chemist” BS I keep reading. If that were true why is she a Vegas cocktail waitress? She’s an ugly whore with duck lips who takes a backseat to “her man” shown by all the time she cheers for him (see: tonight’s POV where she was cheering while she was supposed to be trying for a win). I hope she goes cause I’m sick of CBS shoving them down our throats.

  59. I didn’t really get how in that POV game everyone else got out. Rachel never was right but stayed in. Was it because she folded each time?

  60. Matt’s master plan to backdoor Brendon was stupid but Andrew’s idea of pretending not to have an alliance with B&R is dumb . I’m about 99% sure that none of the other contestants will forget that (easily) he was celebrating like crazy when Rachel won HOH the other week . Andrew reign of terror is about over so send the guy home and if anyone in the brigade wins this week please please please put Brachel on the block and make sure Brendon doesn’t win POV .

  61. Judging strictly by what I see on TV and read on the blogs… there is nothing about Rachel that says chemist or chemistry (except the chemicals that compose the implants in her chest).

    It’s interesting how much hate I see for the Brenden-Rachel couple. They are two single (sometimes simple-minded) people, as opposed to Hayden-Kristen, as Kristen is in a relationship outside of the house. Have we really forgotten about Ollie-April from BB10? That was bonafide porn. Granted, Brachel is overly mushy, emotional, and just plain dumb… but it’s not unbearable. They just would be better suited not playing together.

    In my perfect world, Kathy would be going home… but Andrew’s speech gave her life and a chance to keep floating on.

  62. @ Torch n Scott, Why you can’t see the difference in the feed of the boards is beyond me. I personally have no favorites.

  63. Anyone watch the House Meeting that Andrew called? It was a smart move on his part. Brendan (who is not ugly, he is beautiful) told Andrew to do that and helped him on what to say. IT WORKED! Everyone thinks he is sincere, he was crying, he said he was sorry, so maybe he won’t go home tomorrow. Yes, if you watch the feeds at night Andrew and Brendan are friends and they are there for each other.

  64. That house meeting isn’t gonna make a difference. They just won’t be so mean about it. Bye Andrew!!

  65. I cannot believe people hate on Rachel more than Britney.

    Rachel is civil and cares about her guestmates. Britney on the other hand is a catty bitch who cries and complains whenever she doesn’t get her way.

    I loath Britney. She’s a spoiled ass bitch and I’m sure Kathi is her mother.

    “Rachel’s a stupid bimbo.”

    Firs of all she’s a chemist. And she’s probably smarter than half the people who post insults.

    “Brachel needs to go.”

    Well unlike the rest of the casual viewers who obsess over blogs like a lot of the people I see here, Brachel are popular.

    But haters can hate and pretend their opinion matters. :)

  66. Nic you are not being nice.

    blendingcolor: I agree with what you said. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. That is my motto.

  67. Brit is catty, but she’s funny, and farrrrrrrrrrrrr easier on the eyes than that Boy George impersonator. Britney has big game now fooling Rachal into thinking Brit won’t put her up. I think the pattern will continue and Kathy will gey HOH and a brigade member will get POV. The B/R loses an ally this week – they really don’t even have Ragan anymore.

  68. Then I guess B and R will just win all the comps and win at the end. So there! (Me sticking me tongue out at you)

  69. I’m not even attacking Brendon he’s does seem like an upright dude. If one of the Brigade gets Hoh or POV he’s going up at least. If the pattern continues, Kathy gets HOH she’ll put them both up – Rachel at least. Its all good Trish.

  70. The next HOH comp will definitely not endurance. So, I think one of the girls will be the HOH next week.

    I dun think Brenchel will get to the end cause they are such huge targets. Hope they don’t even go to the jury force

  71. Oh, Mr. Ragan always talks good about other people. he’s the manner of the house. :D

  72. That pretty tough talk by Ragan and showing how STUPID Brendan is. SEE? Comeon Trish… even boy george is calling him out.

  73. What’s up with Brendon’s hair. Doesn’t it look like he has had hair plugs the way his hair is separating up in the HOH room right now?

  74. Has anyone seen Kristen make a diary room video??? She may be the most uninteresting person BB has ever had…but for some reason I like her because she doesn’t say stupid shit. She just doesn’t say anything

  75. I’m surprised Dan didn’t come in the statements about which players were the best.. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Eval Dick and Will were great competitors, and a riot to watch.. But Dan just kind of stayed under the radar.

  76. Yeah but we know why Brendan is being like he is. Andrew is his friend and his alliance. WHY wouldn’t he want Andrew in there?

  77. I think tomorrow will be a surprise to everyone. Any chance of knowing more twists in the house ?

  78. I loved the show tonight. I was holding my breath it was so intense. I’m rooting for Brendon and Rachel because I’m a sucker for underdogs. I wish Brendon, Rachel, Andrew and Ragan would form a strong secret alliance. They’re my pick for the final four.

  79. #97 : Now that Brenchel is a huge target. I dun think that Ragan and Andrew will take this chance to form an alliance with them. They definitely have learned something from Annie eviction.

  80. I agree. Andrew is gone. Ragan is smart enough to know to jump and not follow B/R off the cliff. I know Rachel wants to play her own game now but she does not want to be at odds with Brendan. But Rachel really does not have anyone. Anyone that defends her is going up. Britney better play this carefully.

  81. I thought that tonights show was one of the best. I sure wish I wasn’t in the hospital for a week and missed Andrew’s house meeting. Darn!
    A lot of people seem not to like Brandon and Rachel..Jealousy! Just because they are so happy. As far as Brandon voting to keep his friend Andrew in the house goes: I think he would be smarter to keep Cathy because she does seem to be a “floater”. Andrew is in this game for “him”, not Brendon. Rachel and Brendon get too emotionally involved in not wanting to hurt other people’s feelings. Rachel isn’t a “Bimbo” guys..She is using it to get her farther in the game. She isn’t stupid. Brendon on the other hand, is a good competitor, and it is no wonder why the “Bregade” want him out. He is, I feel, the biggest threat in the house. The eviction will be an interesting one to watch..Can’t wait!

  82. Redo the popularity poll. I have to vote for Ragan now!! Bold!! Told him is logic was bs compared to his own. BOOYA!!

  83. OMG…….Matt saying that Brachel are liars? Ragan saying that he hates liars? WTF are they both doing????

  84. Neither one of them are lying. Matt told them that everyone was aimed at B/R. He’s being honest. Ragan and never told them that he was 100% for B/R! Brendan should be smart enough to know that Ragan just called him on his shit and Ragan would not defend Brendan for the rest of the game. I don’t get the lfs but I think Brendon slipped up earlier today and mentioned being Jewish too. They are not brothers but it would seem Brendan would still act like Andrew was an adversary in the game now since the POV speech. BEST BBAD EVER!! GAME ON FINALY.

  85. Regan has got to be the smartest player this season. He may look like he is really being dumb by telling Matt about Brandon and Andrew possibly being the “life long friends”, but he is only telling Matt what he wants him to know. He knows exactly what he is doing. He is the one playing both sides. I am absolutly sure that Regan knows just how much to tell Matt, and I know that he must have figured out by now that Matt and the other guys have an alliance. Mark my words, Regan will be one of the final four, if not final two. And, he is right about Andrew and Brandon being “life long friends”..They are both from southern Cali too..I love this show.
    PS) Was that the famous Evel that posted yesterday on here? If so, love you guy!

  86. I agree. Ragan is one of the smartest and best players in the house. I agree with those that hate seeing Rachel and Brenden all over each other all the time, but if they were out of the house it would definitely be a lot more boring. There’s no drama anywhere else. Britney and Matt are my least favorite houseguests at the moment. Britney is a prime example of females that I do not like. As for Matt, I don’t think he is as smart as he thinks he is. He’s a little too full of himself and I don’t think he will last much longer. I don’t care what kind of donation you’re going to make to whatever foundation, it was wrong for you to lie on your wife like that. If I was Stacey, I would have been pissed. Just my opinion :)

  87. HAHAHA i don’t think i’ve ever laughed so hard when andrew said his speech. The funny part is that he thinks its gonna work. He needs to watch the video of him saying that

  88. I think Andrew is leaving this week. But before he goes I hope he puts targets on both Hayden and Kristen’s back! They deserve to be outed and some of the heat needs to be taken off Rachel and Brendan.

  89. I use to like Ragan but no not so much. Once again you can’t fault someone for lying in this game when you yourself are doing just that. Ragan is not above anyone else. I am sorry for those who don’t agree but I admire Brendan for standing up for his life long friend Andrew, no matter if it made him look stupid or idiotic. Atleast he is a true friend. Many hate Brachel but I don’t see why. Look past all the making out and realize how really good players they are. I want Brendan to get HOH this week and I want him to shake up the house. I hope Andrew in his speech lays it out there. Ragan is lying to Rachel about someone cares about you. He does not. I just get so mad at all the HG when they start on this oh my god Brendan and Andrew alliance thing when Ragan and Matt and the rest of the house are in one. Someone please tell me why they get so mad at something they are doing? I JUST DON’T GET IT!

  90. wow. it seems no one is smart enough to understand the meaning of andrews speech. everyone making fun that he said im coming after you so save me
    he was talking about how it was ironic that ppl who say theyre coming after them dont end up doing it

    so hes saying im coming after you but they should know its not gonna happen
    so save me

    gee people its not that hard.

  91. Plus Ragan says that Brendan was “strong-arming” him? Oh really? And Ragan you weren’t trying to “mind-control” Brendan? Who the freak cares if it makes no sense to you why Brendan is doing what he is doing. He is allowed to have alliances, isn’t he?

  92. @ Janie, you are wrong, bb is suppose to be a family show hands down. Julie even said so. It sure was years ago now. And a child should know it’s a game, not a sex education. Period !!! Were is there any repect here for family’s ?

  93. Hugo who really cares? Andrew is gone, and that is too bad. Andrew knows he is going home to be prepared for a killer speech from him tomorrow. He is going to out alot of people.

  94. Julie may have said it’s supposed to be a family show but who do you think
    is editing this stuff into the show???

  95. I’m just made that it’s so obvious this season that the show is staged, rigged, all the above!

  96. Matt needs to see a Dr. BB needs to take-care of his { Pee-Tail } problem now. We are sick of watching him trying to find that thing. Maybe he’s the one going for surgery & not his wife he lied about. Anybody got a magnaflying glass to help him find that thing. The guy is so ugly & he is gross big time ! He ” thinks ” he is all that & more. HE THINKS!!! He is a college educated idot. Not any common sence. Just book smart, but bet he could not put in a garden & know the difference between a seed or a worm !!! I wonder how long it took his wife to teach him how to dress himself !

  97. I have always thought that Andrew and Brendon were brothers..Now I know they are after their talk last night.

  98. @Judy: Maybe Matt heard that the wennie thief is coming after him and he’s trying to protect his tennie tiny wennie.

  99. I am sorry but there is no way Rachael is a chemist. No one could possibly dumb it down as much as she has if that were true.

  100. BB has really went downhill and I know why. Because they aren’t picking people to play the game anymore, they are picking people to be slutty and show some skin so CBS can try to sell live feeds. In other words, CBS is trying to use BB to sell soft porn.

  101. @ Nic- rachel got through the POV comp by luck. However she mentionned that she wanted to do the opposite as Brendon and forecasted what he would do so they can each guarantee a win

  102. @Trish-i don’t think any HG will sympathize for Andrew. He is plain weird and says stupid things. I don’t think anyone feels sorry for him but Brendon. Him not wanting to include Rachel is just plain stupid
    He’s going home.

  103. Andrew is the most socially awkward HG I’ve ever seen.
    He totally gets in his own way. It’s hilarious.

  104. For whoever think the house would be boring without BR

    Absolutely not!!! Common people- there would be other drama and other targets! Possibly a leak for hayden kristen etc etc
    You don’t know what the future holds

    There will always be drama in the BB house

  105. @Judy- I understand your point. However that is strictly protocol that its a family show! Regardless if a child knows its a game these aren’t life lessons I would like my children watching!!! Regardless of the ‘sex ed’ there’s other things as well that people say or do that aren’t the smartest or wisest!

    I think our children would get along just fine without watching BB

  106. I,m old school ! And they should’nt say it’s a family show then. I am a person that raised my two children on a farm. The fact’s of life is out there, but there is a very big difference between learning & plain filth on a family show. I have a daughter who is a pre-school teacher & now a stay @ home mother to a special needs little boy who was born very earley . My son works & travels for ” Nascar & the Dragster races. He works & travels all summer long. They both do very well. My husband retires tomarrow after 48 years on the same job. If CBS wanted this kind of show then they should have gone to cable network. It is just not the same when a lady wrap’s her legs & jump’s on a man & has her tongue down his wind-pipe 24/7. It’s gross. I don’t think as a family my daughter & family & son & family should have to watch cartoon’s because of what bb has stooped to. The show was about games & fun & kids know the difference between a lie & cheating & just plain fun. Mine did. My goodness the Cosby Show was clean & they were under the covers together a lot. I know this is not the Cosby’s, but they were on @ 8p/m family hour. That’s why kids today don’t play & ride bikes anymore. I have no other way to explain it. This show was a family show when it all started. Goerge even had chicken’s to feed. Now t’s all about sucking each others face & it’s only a few people. They never show them only maybe after dark , cleaning, cooking & really fun stuff a family things .

  107. @ thomas
    You do have a point. Maybe not to the soft porn extent, but goodlooking ppl for sure! Most who are single too!

  108. @judy – ROFL, oh yes, I was watchin’ da show with my mom, and after reading the comments on the feeds didn’t have to look far to see Matt with his hands down his shorts and talkin, I was like WHAT is he doin’? The cam flashed back to him 3X! It was pure jokes..not to mention Ewwh!
    As for Drew boy well I was waiting for this speech I kept reading about it! One thing I give Drew credit for is at least trying to make waves and fight to stay. Kathy is NO help to ANYone, just a vote, and since she’s back-talked everyone here, she’s a pendulum that will swing anywhere to keep her floating butt safe! I want her OUT! Let’s hope there is a tie and Matt will send her home, b/c he can’t stand her! Does Andrew make up with Kristen on the feeds, here’s to hoping that Ragan, Bren, Rach & Kris vote to keep him (we know Lane, Enzo, Hay & Britt wont’) though I fail to understand WHY the brigade would keep Kath, what does she have to offer? No brains, no brawn, no EFFORT! Seriously now! Floaters need to GO! Ragan is an all-star, hope he wins HOH! He’s playin’ everyone just right!

  109. @Jules: As of last night when they all hit the sack, all but Brenchel where still planning to vote Andy out.

  110. Andrew needs to go and not come back,he has his optical nerve crossed with his rectol nerve to give him a crappy outlook on life.

  111. Every time I hear Rachel’s laugh I want to puncture my ear drums with a pencil. It’s like she’s raping my ears…

    And I agree with the others who are “over” all the freaking showmance sex footage this season. They should just change the name of the show to Big Boner.

  112. @hugo #110. – 1st of all Matt said that in a impromptu meeting, Andrew said it at the POV, bad timing… plus saying I’m gunning for you and oh, btw take me off the block was plain confusing. If in between those two statements he had said “NOT!” it would have made some sense. Bad strategy… maybe it would have been better to start crying and say “I’m married & my wife has a fatal disease” – NOT!!!

  113. Is anyone else sick of seeing Matt “man handle” himself all the time. What’s with this guy? He always has his hands down his shorts. I find that more sickening the watching Brendon/Rachel sucking face!!

  114. I’m really getting annoyed of bb now. I don’t even feel like watching this week!!!!! Rachel HOH ugh wow wtf!!!!!! Bb is either fixed or I don’t know

  115. To All My BB, Fan’s with me. Please don’t poke fun of me, I,m not on Showbiz Tonight & never will be. LOL. But I have a ” Very Big Question To Ask Any Of You Kind & nice People. Now have a little repect as I,m 67 & I have to learn what I read on my own as I know nothing of the kind of talk ya’ll do. So “just’ be sweet & explain the best ya can. Here’s the question, & you can answer after you get threw with your bully laugh & get up off the floor.{ What dose ROFL mean ?} & Jules That was ment for me on # 131, it took a couple day’s for me to get ppl, but gol–ly I got it. SORRY,I came from Butcher Holler ”’NOT.”” I just got my computer last year & I was picking up on it pretty darn good,”Not Fast” but OK, I would not have failed “IF” I was taking a class. And what are people talking about when they say ” Ragan is an all star? I have watched bb from the first to the 12th. Don’t recall him, unless I missed the boat one night. Just let me know you sweet people, this o’l lady thanks you now.

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