Big Brother 12: Finale Results

Tonight on Big Brother 12 the season comes to a close with the final round of the HoH competition, one final live eviction, the Jury House interrogations, and the Jury Votes. It’s going to be one incredible finale and I can’t wait to see who wins!

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Big Brother 12 Final HoH – Round 3:

  • Round 1: Both get it right, both get a point
  • Round 2: Both get it right, both get a point
  • Round 3: Both get it right, both get a point
  • Round 4: Both get it right, both get a point
  • Round 5: Both get it wrong, no one gets a point
  • Round 6: Both get it wrong, no one gets a point
  • Round 7 Tie-breaker: Hayden gets closer, both were way off

Hayden wins the final HoH competition and will decide who to evict.

Big Brother 12 Final Eviction:

  • Hayden votes to evict Enzo!

On Julie’s couch Enzo says he may have played the best social game ever…

Big Brother 12 Winner Voting:

  • Rachel: Lane
  • Kathy: Hayden
  • Matt: Hayden
  • Brendon: Lane
  • Ragan: Hayden
  • Britney: Lane
  • Enzo: Hayden

The winner of Big Brother 12 is Hayden by a vote of 4-3! I wonder if Lane wishes he had lied to Enzo and told him, “yes, of course I would have taken you!”

America’s Choice for $25K is Britney! Congrats to both winners and all of the HGs for an entertaining season of Big Brother.

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  1. This is how I see it. It’s been so predictable so far. (1) Hayden wins HOH takes Lane and Hayden wins (2) Lane wins HOH takes Hayden because of friendship and Hayden wins. Enzo will go to Jury House and NOT receive America’s Choice for 25K. Like them or not, but Brit or Brendan will win AC. They both deserve it and both played hard game. It was a good run, sucked Enzo made it as far as a floater but at least he’s not in F2. Until next summer…..

  2. I’m more excited to see Britney go into jury & the comments from that thn actually watching who wins! Sad but I’m just indifferent to who wins

  3. They put this on the same night as America’s got talent finale. (AGT is number 1 summer show and starys at nine) hope BB gets some viewers for the second half.

    I wonder if i just advertised for agt?

    • I’ve never watched AGT or whatever it’s called and have no desire to…it’s on the same crap level that American Idol is on…reality TV fights and drama is great…people showing their talents could be a little less boring

  4. At this time, I’m not going for who I want to win, but for who I don’t want in the final 3 and I hope that’s Enzo! :)

  5. I could care less who wins BB, so glad this agony is over. That group fighting gravity is so awesome, I hope they win. Enzo who?

  6. Does anyone else notice that those clowns spelled brigade incorrectly on their white t-shirts?

    Also, Enzo needs to shut up. The dude is an idiot.

  7. is enzo for real, yes he made the bra-gade but what have you done for them, all he did was sit back and let everyone do the dirty work. get real enzo

  8. I could only hope Hayden wins the game, and Rachel will win AC (but that is very unlikely). As long as Enzo isn’t in the top 3 choices.

    I like how Enzo is all fighting for his life now that he’s nearly dead, BUT when it was time for Ragan to fight on his last life Enzo kept sayin “JUST LAY IN YOUR GRAVE YOUR GAMES OVER END IT.” I can’t stand meowmeow. I cringed when Hayden said “best social game in big brother history” uuughhhh.

    • Hayden was just bribing Enzo with the sweet talk. Translation: please vote for me! He even tried that on Brendon and Britney but none of them voted for him except Bozo.

  9. Woah, Enzo working his “Magic” lets see if his so called amazing social game takes him 2 the final 2, if it does i’ll just be shocked and would actually think his social game was good.

      • P.S. Hopefully he’ll use the $50 000 to buy a dictionary so he can learn how to spell brigade properly.

      • Usually when they bring the useless guy to the final 2, it ends up back firing and the useless guy wins.

        Last season of BB, I think the past 2 or 3 seasons of Survivor…I hope Enzo won’t even have that opportunity anyway

  10. Loooool, at Brit when Ragan said he doens’t deserve to win. Brendons just mad Hayden got him out. Not a competetor he, really Brendon he beat him for the HOH which sent him to the jury house. Anyway, Matts the only one who truly under stands, everyone is just pissed off or sad.

    • The comments by the Jury Members really concern me … they just don’t get what this game is about, apparently.

  11. I’m glad the final 3 is how it is…glad that bitch Britney isn’t there anymore and glad the little crybaby Ragan is gone…and did anyone ever stop to think ‘bra-gade’ was misspelled intentionally or that Enzo’s strategy was to let everyone else do the dirty work? He may have been terrible at competitions but it worked didn’t it?

    • There’s no way all 4 of them, and Brittany thought brigade was spelled with an “a”…

      Actually…I really don’t know. I hope not anyway

      • i watched those guys make their t-shirts on bbad.
        the misspelling WAS intentional.. they thought it would give the BRA-GADE more notoriety now that they are ‘famous’.

        i know… whatever, right? lol

      • That’s why they were not alpha males, they were more towards the feminine side, hence “Bra”—gade. I am happy for Hayden, I know the show is played by merits and worthiness (not who needs the money the most) as to which hg won the most towards the end and that player was Hayden. It was a double whammy for Hayden. He played the game with confindence and he needed the money. Good Job. I also want to say that I didn’t like what Brittney did to the houseguests however, she didn’t deserve her house burning down. Talk is cheap. Her house burning down is different than talk. She is a human being and all ppl at one time or another have done the same as Brittney the only difference is: Brittney was on a show and the cameras were rolling. Remember ppl, she is a character on a reality show. Brittney has feelings just like all of us. If we were all “perfect” we would all be in heaven. None of us are perfect including Brittney. I hope some of you can excise the real Brittney (who is a human being) with the reality show Brittney and see through your muddled eyes that she is just a character on a show. I feel so sorry for her and Nick. Brittney didn’t deserve that house fire, I would never wish that on my enemies.

      • It worked enough to get him to the final 3…he fought less than the dumb bitch Britney and Brendon…I love how she worked so much harder than him and got evicted before he did

  12. Oh thank god Hayden won. I think if he takes Lane he will win no doubt, Enzo might be a little more tough but I think he will win regardless.

    Lets hope anyway! Enzo and Lane don’t deserve it at all

    • Maybe he’ll finally get that he’s not “all that” … hope he doesn’t get the $25k either, which he shouldn’t.

    • TBH. His speech was better then the other HG in my opinion it’s probably because it’s finale night but w/e.

  13. WWOOWWW Lane pretty much put the nail in the coffin with his answers. Did he just give up? Or is he really this dumb? I can’t believe what he is sayin!

    Lane lied to either America or the jury…he told us countless times he wanted to take Brittany to the final two, not he says he’d take a brigade member?

  14. Lane practically dug his own grave with those bad answers! Hayden’s gonna win.

    !!!(My Last Post For BB12)!!!

    • Brachel, Matt, Britney, Ragan’s minds were aleady made up before then. It would require someone to give very impressive answers to swing any votes.

    • I knew he was going to say something funny, I was just waiting for it. The crowd was dead silent and he broke the silence xDD funny guy

  15. I HAVE DECIDED THAT LANE IS A PERSON THAT PONDERS AND THINKS ON ALL HIS OPTIONS..but he makes no certain decision till the last that can be a plus or minus ..who knows

    • Yeah Lane stood up and said what was real…Matt was a arrogant ass, and I’m glad Andrew corrected Mensa Matt (he thinks hes so intelligent).

    • lolololol, so mean. But I agree she thinks she so high class going to be funny when she find sout Nick was tyring to kill himself lololol.

    • LOL Skyboy, her sorority house is in flames.
      Probably her fire crotch as well. Matt is so miserable sitting there, he cant want 2 catch that flight and go home.

      • Yes, I made Britney act the way she did. I’m saying these things for no reason. Lol your a moron and Britney is a bitch.

      • SkyBoy, well. You have so much hate in your heart. You don’t like anything, you hate everyone. Have you ever heard of the word, “love”?

  16. Finally, everyone who refused to give up the idea that there were lifelong friends in the house can stop wasting their energy thinking about it!

  17. Wow skyboy wonder if you would say thatin public without the anonymity of this board…that’s pretty evil sounding

      • That’s right, attack me for being real. Britney isn’t cute, isn’t funny, is only a hateful person. I won’t look past it like everyone else.

    • Yes, boohoo I shouldn’t pick on poor little Britney. She’s an innocent right? Lol Spikesmom you are pathetic. Yes I would say it to the bitch’s face. You people make me sick the way u shrug off her behavior. People like Britney don’t deserve sympathy.

      • An Evil Bitch??? CALM DOWN. It’s a TV show… I don’t understand why people keep making fun of her for house being burned down. It’s terrible. It’s only a game, people. I don’t like Rachel. I don’t wish a tornado to come and sweep her house away. Seriously everybody, stop being little boys and girls who take this too seriously…

      • In real life, there is someone that skyboy really hates and is transferring that hate upon Britney. It’s called projection. Hate can destroy a person. I really think that we all hated their actions/meaness/backstabbing not the person themselves. Unrelated, floaters topic, Wasn’t Brendan a floater when Rachel was evicted?

      • This is for Sky”boy” : Ragan was the worst one. When he said what he said about children and Africa and aids, that quickly turned my stomach. He Ragan by far is the worst of the entire bunch. I don’t see you attacking him Sky”boy”. Why? Yes, I admit that all the hgs were all guilty in different degrees about backstabbing and badmouthing the other hgs. Ragan is the meanest and has a potty mouth for saying cruel things about children and aids. You Sky’boy” has a personal vendetta against Britney. It is just a show. Are you able to separate the two? It’s a reality show. Making fun of Britney’s eye medical condition and you saying it’s karma for Britney that her home was partially burned down is so vile and so cruel and despicable. I don’t see you running Ragan down. Why not? He hands down by far is the worst one. Your vendetta against Britney is horrible. You Sky”boy” are taking it personal and you are scary. You won’t let it go. I might have to call the authorities on you. I am worried you might go and do something to Britney. That is not normal what you are doing. It’s ok to disagree or agree, you Sky”boy” are on a mission to destroy Britney. No one else on this forum is like you. We all debate and go on from there. You are scary and there is no telling what harm you might bring to Britney. The authorities need to read all your messages and they will find out that you are taking this reality show and hating Britney too far. I will post this on all pages incase you happen to miss my post on this page. Please stop your personal vendetta against Britney. You have a screw loose and you have so much anger and animosity towards Brit. You are not right in the head.
        I am not defending Brit, she did her share of backstabbing and so did the other hg’s, with Ragan being the most vile and sickening in his comments and backstabbing.Sky”boy”, why aren’t you ragging on Ragan? At least Britney was talking about adults, not children like Ragan. What are your views on Ragan and him badmouthing children? Or do you think Ragan is a saint?

  18. The vote is totally 4-3 for Hayden to win. Enzo’s bag was shown to have Lane’s key in it from the overhead camera angle and I think Enzo was the deciding vote.

  19. what an awesome season of bb. XD. Will miss all the houseguest except ragan. I love Enzo, wish he wouldve won!

  20. Oh my god my heart was about to stop if Lane actually won. Thank you jury members for making this season not so pointless.

    I won’t miss any of these house guests really, I would actually consider this one of my least favorite seasons.

    • Yeah I continued watching it only because I was familiar with the show…But BB broke my heart this year. CRY ME A RIVER

    • Haydon easily played the best game lmao, what show did u watch, the guy was useless, he was the 3rd useless guy this season, ya he won the most but I guess it wouldn’t be to hard to beat enzo lane britny and regan, haydon did nothing when all the HG were there. Haydon was lazy.

    • Yeah It was unfortunate. Does anyone know how bad the fire was? Its so weird that it happened as soon as the BB ending, hope it wasnt intentional.

      • Yeah you just walk away. If I’m one the owners insurance company and I know one of the tenants has cash coming. I’d get that money easily.

        The question is: Is Britt on the lease? Will she “stand by her man”, etc. For Nick & Britt’s sake hopefully they had renters insurance – problem is most renters don’t

    • okay. who’s the ASSHOLE that’s posting under my username???

      HEY GUYS.. this post isn’t ME.

      MATT BBN:
      is there anyway you can install a filter that PREVENTS the double registration of the SAME USERNAME?
      i DID NOT post this comment.
      whomever did has recently registered under my name – CT – probably today.
      anyway you can delete them?
      thank you

      • When I discovered there was another person with my same name, I switched to full name so I could avoid any animosity or hard feelings. I don’t post any mean things anyway. I feel sorry for the people whose identities are hijacked by abnoxious people to purposely spew their hate under an assumed identity. That is wrong, so very wrong. Something needs to be done to stop them. They want to cause trouble and they need to be kicked out of this forum. All they have to do is follow the email address and they will be caught. That is so terrible, so ugly.

      • You don’t register to use a name, you just type it in. “CT” has to be a pretty common combination of initials. You might consider a more unique identifier that is less likely to be used by someone else.

        This person did not say anything mean, nasty, or terrible at all. There’s no reason to delete his/her comment.

    • How the he’ll did bitchney win!! Was America smoking crack when it voted? House burning down is karma baby!

    • ok so lane won 50000 and brit won a total of 35000 that should cover their wedding….at least in my mind it does

      • There is no romance between Lane and Brit. Lane is a womanizer and bar hopping fool. He wouldn’t put up with Brit for more than two months.
        Sorry that Brit won the $$, who can stand all her “mean” girl antics. Oh yes, evidently American can. Maybe that’s why there are so many bullies in schools today. American likes these type of people. OMG!

    • Yeah Bratteney wins Amer. Choice, just shows you that you can be as nasty and as mean as you want………America loves it…unbelievable.

      But really I guess she won by default. America didn’t like most of the HGs this year.

      They had to vote for somebody.

      • Enzo deserved the money more than Brit. If all fans did was watch the CBS show and not the BBAD shows, they would have seen what a good guy
        Enzo was.

    • i loved britney, and I thought she was hilarious throughout the game. I wanted her to win. I don’t know what you guys are talking about.

      • Hey Bratteney had a chance on tonight’s Finale to show who she really was.

        When Julie is talking to Brenchel about their Showmance/future, Bratteney is sitting there making faces….

        Who does that, a 12 yr old girl.

        Very hateful person and she won 35 Grand….Why not take the High Road?

        Bratteney will never see those 2 ever again…..I just don’t get it….real MEAN and real NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!11

      • Steve, you are right. Brit was disgusting. I’m so disappointed that she won the $$.

        I bet she was trying to sell herself to anyone that is anyone to get her on TV. She exposed her true personality, no one would watch her doing any TV other than reality. And once is enough for her.

    • @Bitchney WTF. It’s like the Pot calling the Kettle black… what a hateful person you are.

      Britney has more compassion in her little finger than what you have in your entire hateful body. She has no place for any fake, slutty ones in her life and that’s her right and the fact that some don’t like her making fun or expressing her dislikes is tough.

      I defend you’re right to say hateful things but I will not agree with those things.

      • She was pissed! I love it. She thought she was going to be such a star after this show. Go back to Vegas, honey and don’t show your ugly face again.

      • Good ness how could u miss it..that girl learned nothing from being in the BB house about social behavior or even to say that the world does not revolve around her..very sad..she needs to stand back and rethink where she will go from here

      • What are you talking about? Britney rolled her eyes everytime Rachel spoke! Britney acted like such a witch and she won the money. Just shows how many people out there have no morals!

      • Sue, that is because she had every right to roll her eyes at Rachel. Rachel is absolutely ridiculous. Everything about her is skanky and annoying. I would roll my eyes at Rachel too if I was in Britneys shoes.

      • You can’t say it’s wrong for one person to do it, and then praise someone else. Take the bias out of the equation and either praise or damn them both. Britney was rude; Rachel was rude, end of story.

      • enzo took it better than rachel did. i honestly thought he thought he had that hands down. rachel was proven once again, that she’s not the favorite players in the game.

      • Lynn,
        It might come as a surprise to you but Rachel could disapprove of Britney’s win without thinking she should win or she was going to be a huge star. You just made things up to suit your zealous, unreasonable hatred of Rachel.

      • people, you have to realize Rachel does not live in our world, she lives in Rachel’s World and feel sorry for her, she has to be coming to a breakthrough in her life unless she COMPLETELY ignoreS what happened this BB season.

        @oy vey. sorry that you are miss guided on the Brit/Rach scenario but you are correct to say “Britney was rude; Rachel was rude”, it’s just not end of story.

        Wrong about praising Brit… I think it’s more a case that we feel Rachel BRINGS the criticism on herself, that doesn’t mean Brit’s right for doing it. But we Brit supporters appreciate her humor in doing it and would disagree she’s really being hateful… if she was HATEFUL to Rach she wouldn’t talk or even look at her.

        Now Ragan, that’s a different story and I don’t what to go there.

        If we’re talking karma, lets see:
        Brit – $35T; Ragan – $20T; Rach – Bren & $5T; Bren – got the bOObie prize & a haircut. Now that’s PRICELESS.

      • GregH, I’m misguided in what way exactly? Did I mention anything about Rachel and Britney in this post other than they were both rude? That is the end of story. They were rude. I don’t care what explanation you give behind it to justify why you feel which or what way about either of them, but their behavior + Monet’s and Ragan’s was bad. Conclusive. The rest is fluff. If it makes you feel better for coming to the decision you did in going along with whatever was said and done, then that’s great for you.

        On the actual show, I did chuckle a few times that every time Rachel actually brought up a good point (you know it happens rarely), they dismissed her. Yet another example of how she can never win with that crowd.

      • GregH,
        Not everything is measured in dollars and cents. If Brachel are happy together, that could be worth way more than half a million.

      • i feel it’s a physical relationship but i’m not saying there is anything wrong with that. IMO it won’t last.

        @oy vey. you said “You can’t say it’s wrong for one person to do it, and then praise someone else.” that’s the misguided portion in that I did not see where someone above your reply said that. I already agreed with the rest of what you said about rude, rude & end of story… if I was misguided with saying you were misguided sorry. it’s all good.

        @noo. you said “GregH, Not everything is measured in dollars and cents. If Brachel are happy together, that could be worth way more than half a million.”

        Totally agree, but has nothing to do with what I said which was:

        “If we’re talking karma, lets see:
        Brit – $35T; Ragan – $20T; Rach – Bren & $5T; Bren – got the bOObie prize & a haircut. Now that’s PRICELESS.”

        I don’t believe Rachel’s Bren or Bren’s bOObie (Rachel) or his haircut are in dollar & cents are have anything to do with what they’re WORTH, talking karma then here’s the list of what it got each of them.

        JUST REALIZED maybe it was the order I put them in that threw you, I meant nothing by order… non-dollar items/people are priceless or would have different values to each individual, even a hair-cut.

        their relationship can not be measured in dollars & cents though I think Rachel was looking for Bren in the F2 or at least winning $25T but she might be totally satisfied with JUST him, only her closest friends will know, if she has any. LOL!!!

      • For Skyboy and your commennt, “Sue, they don’t care. Britney is a victim. A gorgeous, lovable, funny victim.”
        Yes, you are so right, Britney is a house fire victim, she was funny when she was walking the neanderthal walk, she is gorgeous and America found her very lovable as they awarded Britney the money. You are so right.

      • For Skyboy and your commennt, “Sue, they don’t care. Britney is a victim. A gorgeous, lovable, funny victim.”
        Yes, you are so right, Britney is a house fire victim, she was funny when she was walking the neanderthal walk, she is gorgeous and America found her very lovable as they awarded Britney the money. You are so right.

      • Helena thanks for pointing out that you are disgusting as Britney. She wasn’t funny. In fact her insecurity was sad to see. But I am glad you reminded me of the fire. Hopefully more bad things are coming her way in the near future.

    • Did you see Matt’s face when both Brendon and Rachel voted for Lane, Lane, Lane, what did he do.

      You know last year Jesse (who is far from my favorite BB HG) summed up the game.

      Actions speak louder than words.

      Once I saw how Brenchel voted….it told me a lot..

      Many fans really wanted Brendon to win but when he votes against Hayden simply b/c he evicted him…..very surprising.

      Also, Rachel always said she would vote for who won the most comps….well, Rachel how many HOHs does Hayden have to win to get your vote…..Lane never spoke 2 words to you and Brendon and you voted based on his SOCIAL GAME,,,,,WTF

      • you summed it up perfectly- brendan and rachel sore losers –go back to obscurity- nobody cares about you two

      • I totally agree. I think Hayden benefited a bit from evicting Brendon but ultimately the target was Ragan. Brendon knew he was a pawn and the risks were high and he shouldn’t be so bitter about it. His days were numbered, any of the remaining hgs would have evicted him at that point in the game.

        As far as the finale goes, I’m glad Hayden won. I liked him from day 1 (although sometimes I debated my pick) but to see a favorite go from beginning to end and win the entire thing is awesome!!!

      • Bren said he didn’t vote for Hayden because someone (I think Brit) told him about all the things Hayden said behind his back. We all know how Brendon reacts to people bashing him and his woman. He also thought Hayden was really his friend, which is what upset him the most. Personal issues overrode competitiveness. Regardless, i found it REALLY sad that this was the closest and most split vote of the entire season. It seems so wrong.

      • Brenchel, both said they were voting for best social player. WTF… all game long they promoted being a winner of the comps and not being a floater and being social is closer to being a floater than a winning comps player.

        Why did they just not own up to saying they were voting for revenge, it was quite oblivious… Lane had little if no blood on his hands.

        Truthfully I was glad about the close 4-3 vote; it was the only close vote the entire season and I thought Lane deserved it but Hayden deserved the win.

  21. Who one Hayden or lane or Enzo none of them desirved it what about America player I sure hope brendon Britney got what she desirved a pile of ashes for her selfisness and disreguard for other peoples feelings goo fire!!!!!!!!!!

    • Finally someone who realizes karma is a bitch. Why didn’t they keep the camera rolling so I could see the bitch cry as she finds out that she isn’t queen of the world. Haha bitch

      • @Skyboy. Not sure but if you’re saying Brit isn’t queen of the world, I think she wasn’t the one wanting to be queen, that’s Rach who wants to be the smartest, most liked Queen of the World and turns out she the Wicked Witch of Wegas. LOL!!!

      • @noo. you’re correct for a change. and Rachel is SO DESERVING, I would not want anything bad for her, I would hope she gets help and changes.

        here’s a good one, Britney would make a great life coach for Rachel… okay, run with it. LOL!!!

    • She deserved it…as well as the BRA-GADE deserved to be in thr final three. It was total strategy and they had it!

      • I in no way believe she deserved her house to be burnt down, that poor girl. At least that she has the $35000…but she loses her personal possessions :(

    • Britney was a huge bitch but she in no way deserved to have her house burned down! However, if she gets mad at Nick for it happening like Nick’s mom said, then we will know for sure what kind of a person she is. She should be grateful that he and the dogs are ok. I feel sorry for this Nick guy! Run Nick, run…..

      • I agree Sue! She might be a bitch but to have her landlord’s house burnt down that someone could die in it is just too much too wicked a wish to harbor.

    • @ Sky”boy” : Ragan was the worst one. When he said what he said about children and Africa and aids, that quickly turned my stomach. He Ragan by far is the worst of the entire bunch. I don’t see you attacking him Sky”boy”. Why? Yes, I admit that all the hgs were all guilty in different degrees about backstabbing and badmouthing the other hgs. Ragan is the meanest and has a potty mouth for saying cruel things about children and aids. You Sky’boy” has a personal vendetta against Britney. It is just a show. Are you able to separate the two? It’s a reality show. Making fun of Britney’s eye medical condition and you saying it’s karma for Britney that her home was partially burned down is so vile and so cruel and despicable. I don’t see you running Ragan down. Why not? He hands down by far is the worst one. Your vendetta against Britney is horrible. You Sky”boy” are taking it personal and you are scary. You won’t let it go. I might have to call the authorities on you. I am worried you might go and do something to Britney. That is not normal what you are doing. It’s ok to disagree or agree, you Sky”boy” are on a mission to destroy Britney. No one else on this forum is like you. We all debate and go on from there. You are scary and there is no telling what harm you might bring to Britney. The authorities need to read all your messages and they will find out that you are taking this reality show and hating Britney too far. I will post this on all pages incase you happen to miss my post on this page. Please stop your personal vendetta against Britney. You have a screw loose and you have so much anger and animosity towards Brit. You are not right in the head.
      I am not defending Brit, she did her share of backstabbing and so did the other hg’s, with Ragan being the most vile and sickening in his comments and backstabbing.Sky”boy”, why aren’t you ragging on Ragan? At least Britney was talking about adults, not children like Ragan. What are your views on Ragan and him badmouthing children? Or do you think Ragan is a saint?
      It’s not normal to hate on women as much as you do sky”boy”, it is sick and I suspect you might be deranged. Everyone here posts their comments and we all comment back and that is normal. Your post’s Sky’boy” are so uly and vile. You attack everyone here that doesn’t agree with you. You are a disgusting foul wicked person.

  22. We all know BB gave it to her caue Nick left her and and burned the house >.<. Lol, jks gratz Brit!!! and HAYDEN killed it

    • Considered both to have only played a social game, and felt Lane played a better social game. Not based at all on competitions, since they feel that they are the only real competitors.

      • Correction… In the backyard interviews, Brendon just admitted the reason he voted for Lane is because Hayden said bad things behind his back. Also, said Rachel did the same thing, after finding out what Hayden said about “her man”.

      • Who told Brendon this? Bratteney.

        Lane never spoke 2 words to Brendon except to call him Needle D*&*k….

        Wtf, were Brendon and Rachel on crack when they made their choice for the winner of BB 12?

      • Steve… your post seems to be a reply to another comment – I’m not sure what you mean.

        This post was in regards to what Brendon told Missy (from Superpass) in the backyard interviews after the finale.

  23. HOLLYWOOD!!!!!

    so glad brit won the 25k. she needs it.

    but hayden owned these last 2/3 weeks. he won the first, and won the last. he deserves 500k over anyone.

    great season. and now, the countdown starts for BB13.

    • I agree. Lane shot himself in the foot with his answer to Enzo’s question of if Lane had won HOH would he have took Enzo to the F2 and Lane did not give a straight answer. The look on Enzo’s face told it all. I knew after that, well that Hayden probably won. I am actually happy Brit won the 25k. She will need it.

      Now bring on BB13……

    • You and be both. My daughter said mom I can’t believe you said that # you would have won. I got all the questions correct that they were asking for the last head of househould, but I guess I could since I have ben able to watch the whole show and not being in the house.

  24. Britney won Americas favorite hg. So glad that the majority agreed that she was awesome, while everyone who hates her will continue to live their miserable, pathetic lives. Wishing they could have a hot girl like her or wishing they looked as good as her. Only ugly, insecure, stupid little girls would dislike Britney.

    • Dude, honestly she’s not hott, but I found her funny and a good competetor, only reason she probably got it is because she made fun of Rachel all season long. America probably felt was if that was funny, anyway sucks that she has to use it to fix her house.

    • LOL!!!! Notice how the idiot mentions she’s great because of such admirable qualities as “Hot” and “look good” . Just as shallow as the dumb bitch. Too bad she can’t be as beautiful on the inside. Hopefully she can still smell the ashes when she gets home.

      • Summer, What exactly am I hating on?Notice how I have no problem with anyone else but Britney. Even with Matt’s awful lie and Ragan’s abortion comment. Britney is the only one who makes a hobby out of putting people down.

      • I think you need some therapy there Skyboy….it was a game… would you talk to your mom or grandmother like that….get a life.

      • Britney is mean, but no one deserves their home to be on fire. Thats just plain mean, and it happened right before the finale. Even if it was a rental she would need to pay for it.

      • Annie T. once again..u miss the point. It’s not about the game… Wow u people are dense. Did u not see the way she made fun of Brendon and Rachel tonight fir the 80th time. The “game” was over. There’s no need to be a bitch for fun. Smh U won’t get it- just move on

      • Skyboy… get off the hate-train, no one’s saying she prefect, she’s cute, funny and seems like she’d be a great friend. Lets ask Lane.

        Now if you don’t agree, maybe we’ll ask Lane to ask you nicely & convincingly. LOL!!! Just joking u.

        Who cares what you think? you’re in the minority.

      • @Skyboy:

        People who belittle others are only belittling themselves

        The word “belittle” implies that something or someone is unimportant or little. It is used in order to disparage a person. To cast them in a negative light, with the intent of making them seem less impressive than the initial first appearance.

        When someone belittles another person it usually indicates a lack of confidence. For whatever reason, the belittler is intimidated by the person they are belittling. Keep in mind that belittling isn’t a full fledged cut-down. It is merely taking a person down a few pegs. Skyboy, these paragraphs suit you to a “T”. Reread if you don’t comprehend the first time. Thank you for your cooperation. Have a little class will ya.

      • RoaseAnne,

        Step 1- Reread that definition
        Step 2- Watch BB12 and pay attention to how much fun Britney has being fake to people then talking to them behind their backs
        Step 3- Know what you’re talking about before you comment. Have a nice day.

      • These are Skyboys words:Skyboy says:
        September 15, 2010 at 11:21 pm
        Summer, What exactly am I hating on?Notice how I have no problem with anyone else but Britney. Even with Matt’s awful lie and Ragan’s abortion comment. Britney is the only one who makes a hobby out of putting people down=========================================Skyboy, you also make a hobby out of putting people down, you are no different than Britney.
        I also noticed that you dog Greg H. You always have to be mean and hateful and put put others down same as Brit. What makes you better than Brit? nothing. I feel sorry for Greg H, you dog him something terrible. Skyboy aka Britney Jr,

    • LOL. So only girls who are “ugly, insecure, and stupid” dislike Britney? Nice thinking there buddy.

      • Lol @ Chris.boohoo u hurt my feelings. Dude I’m hot,I have a awesome personality,and I can get whoever I want…so nothing u little bloggers say matter much. as a matter a fact since this awesome season is over, guess I won’t be back here til next year. C u losers next summer. ;)

      • oh yeah, Dude-ress Spam, bet you like Rachel too. She THINKS she’s hot, has a good personality and can get whoever she wants too. WRONG!!! She’s slutty, her personality suxs and she has to give it up to get who she wants… hope you’re not like her.

  25. America is plain dumb!! I can’t believe they voted that negative clown Brittany their fav!! I also think that BB timed it with her eviction/cry fest – stupid people that voted for her.

    • It sure gives credence to the rumor that someone in production and Bratteney got very friendly over the last 70 days!!!!!!!!

    • I totally agree! I hated how negative she was through the whole season. And then she’d turn around and hang out with Rachel like they were bff’s. She was mean, petty, and shouldn’t have won. I’m sorry her house burnt down but she in NO way deserved that money. America felt sorry for her because she “wasted an entire summer”. So did the other hg’s and many of them deserved it way more than her. She made fun of Rachel (Which was her main form of ‘comedy’) and in my opinion, that makes her ugly. Plus that weird lazy eye threw me off every time she was in the diary room. I hope she uses some of the money to get that fixed.

      • oh crap, she has a lazy eye. ok, i need to re-evaluate my opinion of her. nope, she’s still a looker.

        if Britney & Rachel were in a line-up and I had to pick the one I had seen standing on the corner… I could still pick Rachel out if I had 2 lazy eyes.

        it a joke… OMGosh, lazy eye(s), get it?

      • GregH, once again u prove how stupid you are. What did my comment have to do with Rachel? Lol nobody mentioned her and all of sudden here u come shouting her name. Get a life. And don’t forget to respond to this post like you do with all my posts. You’re a lap dog lol.

      • well, Skyboy since I have to explain everything to your dumbass… Britney hating on Rachel is the main reason some posters DON’T LIKE Brit… so it mandates I educate the simpletons (you in this case) that Rach deserves the criticism.

        Lets make this real simple for a numbskull, that would be you Skyboy who said “Hopefully she can still smell the ashes when she gets home.”

        Here’s a picture graph for you, simpleton.


        Ok, you’re the lapdog now. LOL!!!

      • At Greg H.,,,,,,,I loved your comment. That skyboy, notice, he is not a man, he is a “boy”. Funneeeeeeee comeback Greg H. Love, love, love your comment!!! Yeah!

    • @@skyboy, why do you bully the other posters? You are so mean and vile and spewing nothing but hate ate everyone. You are a bully and that is apparent through your comment. You can just respond and be civil towards the other posters. You behave like a uncivilized barbarian, like an animal, there is no need for that. Please, be nice to all of us, we don’t want you to be hateful to us and bully us. You can easily debate each commentor, you don’t have to have animosity and hate when you reply to our comments. Skyboy,You have alot of anger and rage built inside of you and you are about to explode. Please do not hurt anyone physically. I hope my comment helps you. Please don’t bully us anymore.

  26. Brandi….are you saying you deserve for your house to burn down because you have no regard for Britney’s feelings? Your comment is 1000 times worse than anything Britney said in the house, but I would never wish for a fire to destroy most of your possessions. You obviously have never had do deal with anything like a house fire before.

    Given your lack of correct grammar or spelling (multiple times) I will assume its a school night for you, and you need to go to bed and stop being bitter.

    • Another fool I see. You must have only watched the episodes which tried to paint Brittany as an innocent angel. CBS is despicable for doing that. But that’s still no excuse for you not being aware of what a hateful and vile person is. Go watch Britney’s DR sessions and the way she makes fun of Brendan and Rachel like she did tonight. Why did she do that?? Was there any reason to? I’ll tell u why. – Because she thought it was fun. She finds joy in putting people down. Which is why I find joy in seeing her cry. Now cut the camera back on and tell the bitch that her house burned and she’ll have to spend all her winnings on repairing it. Have the tissue box ready so she can play the sympathy card.

      • too bad you are throwing stones in your little glass house…Britney may have said some horrible things while playing the game…but you are JUST AS BAD with your comments about her

      • Her comments had nothing to do with the game. If u don’t agree with what I’m saying that’s fine but don’t lie and try to say the way she acted had anything to do with gameplay. I would NEVER actually wish that someones house burn. But it has- and Im not going to
        1. Act clueless as to why this has happened to poor Britney (Karma)
        2. Say how horrible it is. (Bad things happen to bad people)

        I’m GLAD nobody was hurt. She will repair the house and she’ll okay. Hopefully this experience has some effect on her character and she makes some changes (I doubt it)

      • *Sigh… Nick you’re quite the idiot I see. What does it matter wether it’s a rental or not?? She still has to fork out money for the damage. A big paragraph and all u can come up with in response to the points I made is..”it’s a rental” Lol fool

      • And you think that you are bright? Going on about “karma” as much as you do, shows me that you don’t think rationally. And I’ll put my education, IQ, and responsible work history up against yours anytime.

      • Nick, still too stupid to make a valid and coherent point I see. What about my mentioning Karma is irrational ? How about you develop a thought fully before posting? I also noticed you ignored my point that wether or not it’s a rental is irrelevant. Nick, you are fool. Do not bother replying again as I won’t dignify your idiocy with a response.

      • Skyboy… “common denominator”, that ring any bells?

        So now CBS is painting her as miss-goodie-2-shoes… WOW they must be prejudice and just plain unfair. Yeah, that’s the ticket, b/c they put Rachel in such an UNDESERVED bad light. Those b*st*rds I’ll never watch a CBS program again.

        “Now cut the camera back on and tell the bitch that her house burned and she’ll have to spend all her winnings on repairing it. Have the tissue box ready so she can play the sympathy card.”

        Skyboy, you recognize the above quote… did Brit say anything as nasty as that?

      • Hey GregH, I realize you like Britney. I get it. Now lets think about this logically.
        I’m angry because Britney is a disgusting human being and nobody can see it as is evidenced by her winning America’s Favorite. That is my reason for saying the things I’m saying. I feel no sympathy for people like her.

        Now Britney’s reasoning for saying all the foul, vile, evil things she said : umm….? Care to fill in the blank? Why was it necessary to say “When Rachel wears a mini skirt, STDs go airborne”?? My thinking is she had fun doing it. Do u think otherwise? Her character makes me sick and I don’t get how Ragan can like her after being bullied at one time in his life.

      • @Skyboy. would it surprise you that you may be the one that can’t see the truth, you know logically thinking?

        so you don’t like Brit, i’m okay with that, but logically thinking i can not let you get away with saying things about her that are more vile than anything she has said about anyone else.

        it would be senseless to talk about the subjects being talked about that way and if they deserved it, that would be too subjective.

        you do realize there are comedians past & present like Don Rickles and countless others that do the Comedy Roasts now a days that make a good living and lots of people like that kind of humor and the comedians are popular?

        now thinking logically, Brit is not that good but maybe she was good enough for BB… I wonder if BB Production ever told Brit or Ragan to cut back on the trash talk of other hg’s?

      • GregH, you like bullies – I don’t. She’s a very mean spirited person. I honestly believe the only reason you like her is because of her looks ( which are overrated ). You either didn’t pay attention to what she did in the house or don’t care. But don’t try to lie or make it seem like she wasn’t the most vile person in the house. Unfortunately for her, if she continues to live that way then a fire won’t be the only big trouble in her life. What goes around comes around and she’s a disgusting person. Btw, Im not the only one who thinks so. I’m just the only one with the patience to show fools such as yourself that Britney is the type of person who mistreats others and then cries when trouble befalls her three seconds later.

      • Damn, Skyboy you amaze me, the amazement is due to your stupidity and hate you spew. You’ve got the nerve to call others “idiots & fools”.

        First off a bully would be a person that would face the person he/she bullies, to take something from them, physically accost them or force them to do something against their will or mentally abuse them. DON’T SEE BRIT DOING THAT, so did you watch what Brit did in the house. Oh, wait yeah she did bully Bren that one time when he came out in the back to jump Ragan & her but that was more like David vs. Goliath… Neanderthal remember?

        You assume I like bullies, no I don’t that why I’m confronting you. You assume I like her b/c of her looks… in my book she’s cute, my liking her is more about she’s funny and I like her interaction w/Lane, she was a great straight-man for him. Now Lane was just funny, otherwise he doesn’t do anything for me. In an otherwise boring BBH, they were fun to watch.

        A lot of vile came out of BB12, and the list is long, it would be a shorter list if I mention those not on it… Annie, Enzo, maybe Hayden; with them if any, then to a less degree.

        Like I’ve said her sarcastic humor is something some people like to hear (some comedians make a living doing it)… apparently enough people enjoyed her enough to vote her America’s Favorite, so you have your work set out for you. LOL!!!

        AND then there are people like you that would set her rental house on fire, don’t know that I’ve ever said YOU HAVE TO LIKE HER. I know you wouldn’t do that, but you’re okay with it and feel she DESERVES it… she didn’t have anything to do with it, unless Rachel escaped the j-house and did it, wait she would have sent Bren.

        And I surely don’t go around saying things like “Now cut the camera back on and tell the bitch that her house burned and she’ll have to spend all her winnings on repairing it. Have the tissue box ready so she can play the sympathy card.”

        Skyboy, you recognize the above quote? Did Brit say anything as nasty as that? Why do you skip answering that? I’ll just ask it again.

        Don’t look now but you’re the FOOL & IDIOT, you know logically speaking.

      • @Greg H.,,you go Greg H. between sky”boy” and you Greg,,you hands down are the smartest and you convey your comment real well. You go Greg!! Sky”boy” is a folly fool and a Big Idiot.

  27. I’m SAD to see that HAYDEN won.
    I saw Hayden’s TRUE colors come out when pleading with the jury. He is ALL about himself and VERY self centered.
    I’m GLAD Brittany won the Fan favorite and NOT Enzo.
    I wish they would have a winter Big Brother.
    Rachel’s FACE was priceless when Brittany won.
    I STILL hate Rachel and think she and Brendon will split within a month.
    I also LOVED the way Monet didn’t back down on what she said about Rachel.

    • I thought I remember Hayden saying that either Lane or Enzo could throw him under the bus and that would be okay, I think it went the other way…he threw Lane under the bus. He is very self-centered. Enzo was going to vote for Lane until he heard that he was going to take Brit to final two. that changed his mind right there, you could tell by the expression on his face. He wasn’t happy, you should’ve lied, Lane, you would have won for sure. Dummy.

      • T_T, that was after the votes he admitted it. Also Hayden said you guys can throw me under the bus if you take me to the final 2, meaing if he didn’t win the last part of the HOh challenge. Hayden was the best competetor this season enough said, Brendon was just mad Hayden got him out so Rachel followed him. Not that hard to think about they talked about voting for who had the better social game and that was Hayden.

      • Lynn I think what changed Enzo’s mind about who to vote for was when Enzo asked Lane if he (Lane) had won the final HOH would he have took Enzo to the F2 and Lane did all that backstepping and didn’t answer. Even though in the DR and his goodbye message to Enzo Lane told him he would have. Enzo I think took Lane as a liar so he voted for Hayden. End of story.

    • I’ve always seen Hayden as self centered. But like I sais before it really didnt matter who won between the 2.

      • When a half million is on the line is no time to be shy about your accomplishments, Hayden did exactly what he needed to do to win, and exactly what you would have done.

      • Couldn’t agree more… wouldn’t make sense to say “IMHO Lane should be awarded the money… he out witted, out played and out lasted me”.

        Whoa, sorry, got my reality show mixed up. Never-mind, you get my drift. LOL!!!

    • Hey Monet got evicted by Rachel, what did you expect her to say……take that bitter pill out of you mouth Monet.

      Ten grand is not a bad payday for a few days in the house….Monet should have thanked Rachel…Monet would not have much farther.

      • That is true. Monet won 10,000. Didn’t Rachel win that or was it 5000? Either way Brendon got nothing but HER. I feel for him. Matt got nothing either and to me Brendon and Matt were two of the toughest competitors.

      • what? he got a HAIR-CUT and a CHUM BATH… how can you set a $$$ value on those.

        That haircut cost 4 yrs of my life, i’m a vet so don’t need any noise about saying that, i paid 4 yrs for that same haircut with a drill sgt yelling in my ear for a month or so. just an add special no extra charge.

        the chum bath, i have no idea what a lb of chum cost. LOL!!! but wouldn’t that be like a beauty bath you get at a spa, you know for the omega 3 that your skin would absorb? Priceless or at least way overpriced.

  28. I can’t wait until Bitchney finds out karma slapped her in the face!! If anyone deserved karma, it was Britney!!

  29. Congrats to Hayden and Britney. They played the most difficult game the best they could. The majority of America saw that too. She looked so pretty tonight. See you all for BB13 and survivorfandom

  30. Guys, while I don’t like how Brittney played the game basically eliminating any possible allies except Lane she does currently need the money the most.

    Her house just burned down apparently and the damage is 50k. She’s still 15k short of that.

      • Thats what home owners is for, she will get money to replace anything she lost. Whatever!!!!!!!!!!!

      • NO No the owner of the house has to have INS on the house and property. It covers the house.

        Renter’s INS. covers the property that nick and britney owned.

        The onwer has to fix the house, But because it was Nicks fault, The house owner can take them both to court. I’m sure that will happen.

    • Sucks but thats Karma kind of plays out. America found it funny for some sick reason that she mad fun of Rachel so much that they gave her the money, now she needs to waste it knowing her time there was worthless, karma is a biatch.

    • It was a rental house. The owners will get that money back in insurance. She will probably have to replace material items but I’m sure she will be able to get that from her parents. In terms if a fire, $50,000 is nothing. I’m sure her losses are relativley small with the exception of memory items whixh is sad. But then again, maybe her stuff wasn’t even in there anymore!

      • Not so fast.

        If it was indeed Nicks fault (as someone mentioned), the Renters Insurance Company will subrogate against Nick/Britt – liability Insurance carrier. If they didn’t have Renters insurance (which includes liability) they could be sitting ducks. The owners insurance company knows the tenant (Britt) has some cash coming – It wouldn’t be hard to get.

      • Goat only if Brit stays with Nick. He is was the one who started the fire not Brit. There is no way anyone should get her money. It is all on Nick not Brit.

      • plus it would be ruled accidental most likely… it’s not like he emptied a can of gasoline and lit it. unless they find gas had been poured on a pile of female clothes and started.

        odds are high Brit would have been doing some shopping for some new clothes anyway… didn’t you guys notice how she eyed Rachel fashion style and that she would be buying some of that style? LOL!!!

      • Greg & Trish

        I work for a large commercial ins carrier and we subrogate against tenants all the time. I would have to review the lease to see if Britt & Nick were both on it. But legally even if it was accidental, that doesn’t preclude the owners insurance coming after the tenant (the lease may state the tenant is responsible for all damages). The bottom line is if the owners ins pays money – his insurance will look for recovery and the obvious is Nick (is he on the lease?). And now more obvious is Brittany (Is she on the lease?) knowing she has the means. Most renters don’t take insurance which includes liability insurance (besides contents). Many times an insurance company won’t pursue the tenant because they have no means. If they had insurance the owners insurance would just negotiate with the renters insurance. If they don’t, the owners insurance will look for a “deep” pocket. If its electrical or something to with the owner (he didn’t maintain something, etc), then yes they won’t pursue. But if the tenant “caused” the loss, accidental or not, they will possibly pursue. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve recovered from people that “just came into money.” (lottery, old money, etc).

        Other thing I saw the Paper and the photos – most likely they suffered a large amount of smoke damage which sometimes is worse than if the home just burned down.

        Hope for their sake they have insurance. The owner has no say in it if he turns in a claim. He assigns the recovery right to the insurance company.

      • wow, thanks for the info, goat. you’re the expert so i’ll go with what you said and it makes sense.

        so if there’s a lot of stuff worth recovering then rent a u-haul and hi-tail it out of there in the dark of night right?

        otherwise just get the hell out of town fast. LOL!!!

  31. I’m not the biggest Britney fan, but I do find it extremely cruel to say she deserves her house being burned down.

    And, for those amazed that she won the 25k: keep in mind that most viewers don’t keep up with the live feeds and only see what CBS shows.

    • Which is primarily why this vote is BS. The little witch couldn’t even help being nasty while Julie Chen was asking Brenchel about the future. She tried to bat her eyelashes and pretend to be sweet, when really she is a warted frog inside.

      • It is hard to believe that both Bratteney and Monet cannot find it in their hard, cold hearts to say something nice to 2 people they will never interact with again.

        So if loved Bratteney and Monet, I hope you understand that their answers to Julie’s questions were over the top to say the least…

        I mean really the show is over…Monet got ten grand, Bratteney got 35….how can they continue to be so crass and hateful..

        At least Ragan took the high road….Rachel will make a beautiful bride.

      • Summer, not sure why you’re so blinded by Britney’s charm that u can’t see she’s much more vile than anyone else in BB’s history. Care to explain?

      • Ragan can’t take the high road. He blew that a long time ago. He is as bad as Britney! They will go down in BB history as the most cruel, heartless and filthy mouthed people ever! I truly believe that one day they will really regret the crap that they dished out behind people’s backs. Evil people like them don’t have the nerve to say stuff to a persons face!

      • ok, Brit’s not going to be best friends with Rach, am i not hearing what Brit says to Rach?

        entry into j-house, directly said to Rach, something about is she pregnant yet? not said behind her back or said in any nasty way or tone, just like a joke.

        Julie ask Britney what she thought of the Brenchel relationship, I believe she turned to them, looked at them and said something like she wished them the best, I can’t recall exactly what she said though I do remember saying that was nice, she didn’t say anything nasty.

        I think most of what Brit said against Rachel & Brendon was definitely tainted by her dislike & disgust of Rachel, which in IMO Rach’s brings on herself. I don’t see why some people would think others can not comment or make fun of that.

        Plus the fact that Rachel made others very uncomfortable in the house during her reign of terrors and then when the shoe was on the other foot Rachel would cry about why can’t some of the hg’s be there for her during her low times. Maybe b/c only Rachel lives in Rachel’s World.

      • damn, the more I thought about it Brit did say something about warning Rachel even b4 now, the relationship might not work, wasn’t it something on those lines but she said that was her opinion and she said it directly to Rach & Bren not behind their backs.

    • I agree with you. No matter what someone did in the house, it is just a GAME. The fact that people take this show so seriously to enjoy watching someone’s house burn down disgusts me. I seriously don’t see how someone could say these things. I hated Rachel more than any houseguest I remember and Ive been watching since season 6. Yet, I still wouldn’t wish something like that on her. It’s just a game.

    • I could care less about Rachel, boo hoo yourself… I think it says alot if you are fan of an ugly personality like Brit. Says alot.

      • It was a game! You have no way of knowing how she is in her everyday life. I’m sorry but look at someone like Rachel for how many weeks and maybe you will understand why Britney just can’t stand her. Every other thing was either her annoying laugh or “you can’t ever get in between me and my man!” Wow, what a winner.

      • And how is it any different for Rachel Amy? You really have no idea about her either. I do agree she was annoying, but not ugly (personality-wise) like Brittany.

      • Oh wow, how horrible of Rachel to laugh and say nothing comes between her and her man! Geez, I guess she deserved to be so horribly talked about. My gosh, I’m surprised that BB didn’t kick her out for that! But amazing Britney and Ragan can do no wrong by talking gross filthy trash about R&B.

  32. Can not believe the Witch of the south won Americas player. I hope she cries all the way to the bank. When she sees how she acted on national t.v. She is such a creep, the way she talked about rachel and Brendon. I did not like anyone this season but no one deserves to be talked about in that way, And as for Monet she is the other wicked witch of the west. Hope I never see anyone of this type again on BB. Get with it and find people that rock this game, for season 13.

    • Oh my goodness!!! It’s a game, if you think you are so special and are the perfect person than apply! They need people that America will love, who America will hate and some that America watches float by. A lot of you are really messed up to sit and take this so seriously!

      • We all know it was a game, really we do. So please don’t keep repeating it, it doesn’t strengthen your arguement.

      • There is no argument… It’s a game..okay and??? What does that have to do with her personality? Was there some HOH competition that was determined by who could be the most hateful? Didn’t think so.

      • That’s just it, it was just a game. Not a lets rip these people apart at every waking moment and even when they are gone and the GAME is over! It really makes me sick that people would even think of voting for Britney.

    • Don’t you feel like the last page of a great book you were reading was torn out and you didn’t know till you got there? I hate not seeing them with their families afterwords. It just feels like there is no real closure to BB12.

      • My boy Hayden won and I am so glad..I believe he was the most sincere person in the house. As far as Britney winning, well I still am not sure about…Enzo was true to Hayden to the end so I take back some of the negative things I had said about him before. Also Hayden was right when he blew his own horn about winning the most competitions..he was in it to win all the say!! Congrats Hayden..

    • there’s a gal that got a raw deal, now it looks like she’s giving out raw deals. Whoa Nelly… LOL!!!

  33. i like enzo he came through for hayden. hayden was true to the brigade. i hate britney so much BB obviously rigged the votes. am glad it came down to enzo to pick the winner, hayden never put him up but lane chose britney above him. wrong move Lane. congratulations hayden. and by the way kristen is so shameless throwing herself on hayden like that. hayden obviously does not have feelings for her. he is young and horny and she filled his need at the time.

    • I think Enzo realized that Hayden truly won the game…..He also remembered that Lane had put both he and Hayden on the block..

      And Lane did not put Bratteney up against Ragan after Enzo’s POV win.

    • He was true to the Brigade as long as it suited him. I would say it would just a loyalty of convenience. They (with Enzo) courted Brendon for a while and that was after Kristen got kicked.

  34. In your face bitchy trolls who says I don’t know what the majority was thinking. Now who won Americas choice was it the one you trolls said was hated by America suckers just got bitch slapped.

    • Whatever, If the majority liked that warted frog Brittany, I am glad not be with it. More than likely the viewing public is stupid and didn’t see the feeds that showed how ugly brittany really is.

      • u lost, get outta here yo. ur just as hateful and spiteful as rachel. get over it. she won the 25k.

        u need to meow meow meow haha

      • “U” is not a word loser, so if you are going to put someone down, learn proper grammar, are you 12? Aww I can see why Brittany won with idiots like this backing her.

      • yes ur correcting my words over a chat forum.

        u sure do have a leg to stand on. im glad u didnt even defend yourself. haha

        my point proven

      • Why would I defend myself? I am confident that I am literate and sane in my thoughts and opinions, “u” “r” on the other hand, an uneducated hick that is up past his bedtime. I think I hear your mom calling from upstairs, school tomorrow, and trust me, you need to attend English class.

      • #barb, “U” is a word, when a person does texting or a person can use it by itself in this comment section. We are all adults and we all know what it means anyway. No need to stress over “U”.

      • @Marcus. i know what u mean, that’s the idea right? even a miss spelled word if understood shouldn’t raise an eyelid.

    • Actually TOer it might not be majority of America who thinks Brit should have won, it could be the people who voted 1000 of times for her. The same did so with Brendon just not enough. I think it should be limited but then I am happy for Brit and I am one who didn’t like her game. But after seeing Rachel and her disgusting ways and Brendon still hasn’t got a clue I am happy Brit won.

      • Lol I just….. I don’t even know how to respond to this level of foolishness. “Rachel and her disgusting ways” “Glad Brittany won”. Ummm… what show were u watching?

      • The same show you were watching skyboy. Just because I am done with trashing Brit doesn’t mean I like what she did. I am just not going to go the way of you and others who still can’t get over what she has done. You have been all over this board bashing the girl and you don’t even know her personally. You are goign by what you saw on a TV REALITY SHOW. My god get over it and yourself. It’s like talking to a wall with you. I can disagree with you on my opinion all I want. No need for you stupid response. Please get a life. Oh BTW if you have NEVER done anything you regret then by all means you are perfect and should throw all the stones at others you want!

      • Trish don’t take this personally but…. You’re not very bright. Me saying what a vile person Britney is isn’t “trashing” her. If you think Britney acts differently outside of the BB house you really are a fool. You spend much more time commenting on this board then I do so who needs to get a life? Also, no u weren’t watching the same show as me if u are “glad Britney won” but then talk about ” Rachel’s disgusting ways” lol. You”re a fool lol. And sure I’ve done things I regret, but HEY MORON
        1. She didn’t do ONE thing. She CONSTANTLY acted like a bitch. The whole time she was there.
        2. She DOESN’t regret it.
        If u choose to reply, make sense next time because I don’t want to waste my time reading a large paragraph of nonsense. It will be hard, but try you’re best.

      • Trish… ignore skyboy, we’re all watching the same show he’s just watching through some tinted glasses or maybe his tv room is smoky. who knows & who cares.

        You’re on top of it and way more above it then him, for sure.

        “earth to wall/skyboy… Rachel does have disgusting way, wake up see the light”.

      • LOL! GregH, if you’re going to track down all of my posts, I insist that you make sense. I was pointing out that you can’t possibly dislike “Rachel’s disgusting ways” while still being “happy that Britney won”. Its a huge contradiction. And Rachel was rude, but Britney was disgusting.

      • not tracking you, don’t flatter yourself. LOL!!!

        just reading through the comments and stop to remark when I find one that’s assine & moronic. so logically i have to remark at most of yours. sorry, i play by my rules not yours.

        actually i remark when i really like a clever or humorous comment like Trish and other was accomplished at but unfortunately none of those have been yours… come on, amaze me with something clever or witty rather than hateful and cutting.

        sorry to be so negative… it’s just apparently required in this case. believe me i’m rooting for you.

      • sorry to make misspelling & use wrong words that mades it hard to read….

        “…when I find one that’s ASSININE & moronic.”

        “…actually i remark when i really like a clever or humorous comment like Trish and otherS ARE accomplished at but unfortunately …”

      • GregH you’re a moron. It’s really sad because I can tell you’re a lot older than me and yet not as capable of expressing yourself articulately. This kind of explains you’re obsession with tracking down each of my comments (don’t deny it, it only makes you look more pathetic). As for amazing you, I already have. I’ve shown you how stupid you are and how contradictory your devotion to Britney is in every comment. You keep trying to get me to stop embarassing you, but I won’t. If you’re not intelligent that’s not my fault. You want a humorous comment? How about : You seem to be a 45- 55 year old man with the reasoning capacity of a teenager (more funny than sad actually).
        Oh, and reply to this quickly. You know you want to.

      • Wow… why is it you almost always start with a personal attack on a poster? Can’t you just talk your point and leave the personal out of it?

        As I’m so much older & unable to get my point across, please re-read Trish 9/16 at 9:23am, this is coming from a person that doesn’t like Brit or at least doesn’t like what she says. So you have someone that likes Brit & someone that doesn’t, disagreeing with you, wow… maybe you are clever. NOT!!!

        Does that express myself articulately enough for you. Btw… I already explained in the simplest of terms, I won’t play by your rules and I have a tendency to comment at the most asinine & moronic comments. Do you still not understand that? Maybe that’s my fault b/c you know I’m not as capable as you.

        Wow… I amazed myself, didn’t call you one name.

        Do yourself a favor… look back on your comments and notice how many are a personal attack of a poster within 2 sentences, guess that’s your idea of expressing yourself articulately and how capable you are.

        Also I can’t help just loving you telling people what they think, LOL!!! You might want to stick with what you think, we already know what we think.

        You are such the jokester bringing joy & laughter into so many people lives. LOL!!! Yes, you’re amazing alright.

        Btw… I’ve been WAITING hours to send this, I just couldn’t wait any longer.

        You must be young, what are you doing a 3am in the morning? Haven’t you learned nothing good happens after midnight… oh, there I go showing my old age… yes, sonny boy, you have lots to learn. Have a good life, may karma be with you, maybe at some point you’ll turn it around like that guy Earl did in “My Name is Earl”.

      • btw… final post to you skyboy, here’s hoping something sinks in. even if you don’t read the above I feel good about it.

  35. Brittney was renting the house so repair cost would be paid by landlord. If she has renters insurance, she may not have to pay too much out of pocket. I can see her and Nick breaking up and her getting with Lane. Then they will have 75,000

    • Yeah the way Lane used to look at her was crazy sometimes. Like he want to tear her clothes off and do naughty thing 2 her

      • Lane is all out creepy! He looks like a predator of some kind, I just won’t say it! Yep, him and Britney belong together!

      • not use to a good old country boy? he’s no harm just get him a beer and the keys to his pickup truck and his gun in case he sees any ate able wildlife on the dirt or gravel road on the way out from his trailer home. LOL!!! it’s all good.

  36. I kind of liked Brendon until I heard what his ex and her family had 2 say about him. And it didnt seem like they were trying 2 be hateful just concerned about his controlling issues. I dont think Racheal is having that and they will bump heads everytime.

    • Yeah so what did you expect the ex to say? Oh I really want him back right now? We are sorry that we let him go? Seriously? That is never going to happen unless the ex’s wanted to humiliate themselves on national TV. So their comments were one sided like they were expected to.

      • one-sided for sure, where were Bren’s family to tell his side? plus maybe if he would have any chance to win the exs would have whistled a different tune.

  37. My final post in over on “Big Brother 12 Final Episode Tonight: Post 315

    See yall over at surevivor

      • it was great while it lasted… so long… this is post #333, i have no idea what that means.

        won’t see you at Surevivor, for sure… not wanting any chance of seeing a spoiler on that show.

  38. To all the friends I made thanks for the entertainment this season of BB. I loved the poems that Chris and Rico gave to us all. And heres hoping we get to chat about Survivor. So this is it I now will finally sleep at night until the next BB comes along. Adios

  39. Author: Skyboy
    Comment: “Britney the bitch making fun of them still LOL. Hey Britney: Your house burned u DUMB BITCH!!!! LOL!!!! She’s Sooooo full of hate. What a lame BITCH. I want to see her CRY more.”

    WOW!! No hate in THAT???

    • Not nice to say….no matter what she said about others, having her house burn down is far worse than anyone talking trash about others

    • No hate. Just glad she won’t walk away from her conduct in the house with no repercussions. You can ignore the subject of the comment and try to make it seem like I’m randomly picking on Britney all u want. That’s fine

      • skyboy… her conduct had nothing to do with her house burning… unless Nick did it on purpose. yeah, that’s the ticket.

        random picking that’s what I’ve been thinking all this time. what’s the subject again, i lost track?

  40. Am I the only one who thinks that CBS gave all the HGs talking points about being a great “Social Player” or having a great “Social Game” I’ve never heard this term used so much….its like they don’t want the game to be about competitions anymore….just the “Social” aspect….Am I alone?

    • the whole premise to Big Brother watching 24/7 (george orwell) was the affect it would have on society and thus society breaking down…nothing about competitions…CBS BB really highlights the comps but the underlying premise is the same. Most of the HG’s (from every season) comment on what the house does to you…they are talking social/psycological I believe.

      • I can agree with that…but I feel like the lack of competitors this year amplified that or maybe i’m jus bitter lol

      • there were competitors in the house, the majority of them just didn’t choose to play because all the focus was on Brenchal and then Matt. That and all the competitors and quirky characters were eliminated so early in the game that we were left with people like Enzo in the finals.

      • the strategy of the game has changed b/c of what the hg’s now see as ‘what works’ best to win… no foul, no blood, don’t make enemies from the start. oops, guess Brenchel missed that memo. LOL!!!

    • A message for future HGs: don’t win any comps,,,,be the SOCIAL GAME player…WTF..

      CBS really opened up a can of worms….Next year’s HGs will throw comps, form secret alliances from day one, have side alliances, and sleep and eat all day.

      How about this CBS:::penalize HGs for throwing comps.

      • BB needs to make some changes and one would be to award comp wins. Awhile back one of the posters had some really good ideas for changes.

        Maybe someone or he will remind us what they were, i remember like Lane “how can i remember all that early crap that happened, i can’t remember who i nominated last week”. LOL!!!

        You have to admit the guy was funny.

      • maybe they have new writers… the old ones demanded too much money, isn’t that the way it always is?

    • that they OVERdid that whole thing, i was stunned to see brenchel flip over from competitors lovers to social game lovers! almost like they want to say it’s OK not to win any or not much comps b/c it’s the relationships you make in the house that counts! AS IF! I agree on principle but where did that get ENzo? that’s right NOWHERE! :(..Lane musta been stunned he had their 2 votes as well!

      • Lane’s social game to Brenchel….

        Lane said Brendon is a Needle D*&^*k and always talked trash about the love of Brendon’s life: RACHEL…

        Hayden wins every one of the most important comps of the season and Brenchel want Lane to win….WTF.

        What people said about Brenchel is very revealing by the way Brenchel voted for BB12 Winner!!!!!!!

      • Hayden did the same things as Lane. I think Brit Brit just got some last minute campaigning in and threw Hayden under the bus. Dunno what happened to their competitive spirit and love though. That WAS an awkward switch, though Bren made a point that he didn’t really judge them on competitiveness because they started really playing when the player pool was low. By that time, the majority of the strong players were gone. Hayden still should have gotten their vote though.

    • @.Annie T, there is a difference between “affect” and “effect” and in this case it matters very much to use the correect one.

  41. So glad Hayden won!!! I’m from Texas & we are not all like that stereotypical hick Lane!!! Maybe with that 50 grand he can go get a formal education!!!

  42. Does anyone think Nick burned the house on purpose? I dont really think so but he might have. I didnt really get to see everyone reactions of Britney winning the America’s choice because my cable is having problems, so i watched it at Youtube.

    • Him and his mom were b-b-queing and Nick dumped the coals and poured water on them and the dry grass caught fire and spread to the house. It was an accident. Nick should have put the coals in a metal bucket and then added water. It is still sad and unfortunate and I don’t wish on on noone, not even Britt.

      • I didn’t know BB had live cam on Britney house too. Yay more Britney After Dark on ShowTime and Voyeur Channel from 12-3am. I am Julie Chen ….

  43. Also….why was Britney’s Fiance never brought up? I don’t believe in giving 25K to someone who did their fiance like that on tv….they bashed Matt for weeks for what he did….which was nothing in comparison cuz no one really got hurt….her fiance is hurt!!!

  44. the women interviewing the hg on feeds is a house. and annie is orange.

    and brendon is still dumb. very smart in the classroom, but has no common sense.

    glad he didnt win the money, he doesnt deserve a dime. awww his feelings are hurt. idiot.

    he said he voted personally. he voted spitefully. yea all that BULL he was preaching and integrity and shet, him AND rachel.

    im glad he got his head shaved, chum bath, and no money. good.

    nice guy though, just lacking common sense.

    • Marcus, he voted for whomever Rachel told him to vote for!! He is an idiot..he is thinking with the wrong part of his body!!!

      • Yes, Brenchel voted for Lane based on his superior SOCIAL GAME…..WTF.

        I watched all the feeds and BBAD..

        Hey Brenchel…Lane never said 2 words to either of you….he was always on opp teams in food comps and even the movie….I don’t get it..

        Superior SOCIAL GAME

        Hayden won the last 3 major comps..
        When he asked Rachel if anyone on BB had done this, Rachel just stared off into space.

      • yeah i didnt’ get that, they woulda voted for hayden had it not been for that brigade reveal they kept sayin’ the guys didn’t control their game or their votes, so they stuck it to hay! (tried to give it to a loafer!) thank god for enzo!

      • i agree Mimi, she says put it in here and he just puts it in there. actually he was the one that was more spiteful to Hayden then Rachel, but what the heck, 6 of one, half-dozen of another.

  45. I didn’t mind Britneys “nasty” comments about other guests, she was pretty funny until it got old. What I didn’t like was that she would cry about being lied too and whine about loyalty, after she lied to Rachel and Brenden several times. Her attitude was that she could do whatever she wanted but everyone else had to play fair. Spoiled brat.

    • She dished it just fine, but couldn’t take it when the tables were turned.

      But her crying is probably what got her the $25k. People felt sorry for her and gave her the money.

    • yeah and Rachel is an angel and doesn’t deserve any bad talk. and she was the smartest, bestest competitor that ever played the game. You know she fought hard everyday she was in the house. Just my sarcastic opinion… which anyone that chooses can take offense to.

  46. All the people going on about how Britney’s home being burnt down is karma- you are all a bunch of disgusting trailer trash. I would say I hope something terrible happens to your family, but it turns out I have something called ‘class’ a trait which you all seem to lack.

    With the insurance money Britney and Nick had on their home, and the $35,000 she just won (haters gonna hate) Britney, Nick, and their dog will have a great down payment for a new home.

    • It was a rental. They won’t get any money unless they have rental insurance and then it only pays for personal items of theirs. The owner of the home will get the money.

      • that’s $25K she won and that’s before taxes, so it’s likely she’ll end up with $18K at most. depends on her home state’s laws…i fel horrible that it burnt down and she won’t get insurance b/c it’s not THEIR house! :( get ya facts str8 JB!

      • Well in any case it is $25,000 she won in as America’s favorite and another $10,000 for that hide and seek game. Whether it being her house or not does not excuse the behavior of some people on this site. She can either get a down payment or have an awesome wedding. Either way I am happy for her.

      • also insurance will cover any damages to their personal property lost regardless of the fact that it was now her home

    • I don’t know about anyone else but I never wished this on her. But since it did, Im not exactly heartbroken. How can I be??? Why after seeing the type of person that she is should I feel any remorse?? As soon as I heard the story, I immediately recalled the great amount of pleasure you could see in her face as she constantly talked about complete strangers like they were life long enemies that had hurt her family. And just when I say to myself ” well… okay she’s kinda mean but whatever” , I watch tonight’s live episode as she CONTINUES to take PLEASURE in berating Brendon and RACHEL. Why??? I just have to know why she finds it to be soooooo fun. So yes, I kind of smiled at the fact that she continued to have her fun, not knowing she had a well deserved surprise back at home. Just the thought of her character gets me a little angry. She makes me sick and if u want to make it seem like I’m picking on poor Britney u go right ahead because I don’t care.

      • Everyone talked trash about everyone in that house- get over it. Americans are so disgusting with their love of the perfect American Sweetheart who never says anything mean and farts smell like cupcakes. I would not feel any remorse for you if you were to get hit by a truck tomorrow because you hold people up to your own high standards and admittedly found sick pleasure in the fact that someones home burnt down. In fact I would probably laugh my ass off if you had your guts splashed across the road right in front of your extended family.

      • Oxymoron? How, I’m showing you the same respect you show others. If I found you dead on the street, I’d laugh my ass off and then jerk off on your corpse.

      • That’s nice. Are we going to have a “If I found u dead I’d do this….” competition? Lol grow up. Learn how to think of a solid argument. Though I guess Im expecting too much from someone who chooses to post under the name “Your Mom” lol.

    • Haven’t started the “party” part yet… doing interviews in the backyard. Can be seen on “live feeds”.

  47. I am happy that Britney got the $25.000. because her home burn down, but Enzo should have won that money. I am happy that Hayden won tonight, wish Enzo was next to him as the final two. Lane seem to be upset with everything tonight on Big Brother. Very happy to see Annie, Monet, Andrew, Kristen again. I will miss Ragan the most out of all the houseguest.

    • Ragan was VILE he will regret what he said on the tube when he sees it! See how Hayden said ‘Even YOU Ragan have said things you regret!’ i thought it highly ironic that raggity got that Q! he went over da line!

      • Ragan was witty and engaging. He said to Rachel’s face what others were too spineless to say. A number of people had potty mouth. Ragan is no more “vile” than other strong players this season.

      • Ragan said things to her face two or three times during fights, but all those other times were behind her back. He gets credit for standing up to Rach and Brendon, but let’s not go overboard and say he wasn’t just as spineless as everyone else who went around the house bashing in private and laughing in public. And no, he said worst things in the house than anyone else. He surpassed Britney. No one else even reached the level of comments Ragan made even when unprovoked.

      • indeed as matt (bbn) said it was all a lie! tho’ it was funny when she joked her & rach were bff’s! that was hilarious! poor girl gettin’ picked on the entire show! oh well at least she found bren! her love match! :)

    • wait… didn’t Annie say “her & Rachel”… just joking. it was all Annie’s lie, damn her, she’s the whole cause of this rumor just going on & on.

      and i’ll admit it got me for awhile too, but “The Madman” set me straight and I saw the light.

      you guys do know you too can see the light and be set free of any and all rumors also. it up to you, if you need help let us know.

      who still believes Brit’s rental house caught fire? just joking… it’s true, it’s true. LOL!!!

  48. Congrats to Hayden !!! I am not a Hayden fan, but reading these posts, it doesn’t seem like people feel he deserved to win. All people are talking about is Britney and her house.

    The guy won 5 competitions, was in a great alliance, and wasn’t a real target since the beginning of the game. The guy played an almost flawless game. Congrats to you Hayden.

  49. Wow, Monet is such a mean spirited person. Did you see her ugly facial expressions at the very end while they were playing music? She couldn’t even be happy for Britney winning the 25k.

    • as if she was goin’ to get it! she still had to be catty & rude to rachel for voting her out its a game girl something you chose NOT to play, i’m pretty sure she planned to FLOAT her arse through to the final! thank god rachel voted her off! she has cojones!

      • Should Monet have pretended she was sorry for her comments when we all know she wasn’t? I didn’t really like Monet but I do respect that when called on it she didn’t back down. Not everyone in life likes everyone else. I am sure Rachel could care less what Monet or Brit had to say about her. The only opinion that matters to Rachel is…. well her own!

      • Yeah, but there’s a classy way to do things and Monet doesn’t get it. She doesn’t have to be sorry for what she said, but she could have handled herself much better. It’s a maturity thing and she’s still stuck in high school.

      • Lol…Oh boy…I seriously laughed for 2 or 3 minutes after reading your comment GregH. You actually have a problem with Monet….but Britney is funny? Lolllllllll.

      • yeah skyboy… Brit’s FUNNY, Monet’s NOT. it’s not rocket science. LOL!!!

        All Monet does is roll her eyes and say hateful things about people she doesn’t like. Okay, she eats & sleeps & expels her bodily waste.

        and Britney just rolls her one lazy eye and it’s way funnier than Monet will ever be. it’s a cute lazy eye though.

        are you tracking me, skyboy. LOL!!! it’s all good.

        for a minute there i thought you were going to amaze me with something profound… but no, i was wrong again. LOL!!!

        my comment about her deals with she must be without sin that she can cast the first stone.

    • These are skyboys words, Skyboy says:
      September 17, 2010 at 3:33 am
      Britney was nastier than anyone in the house. If only u knew how stupid you’re post was.========so skyboy, your posts are so much better? Not. Your comments are nauseating and so are you Skyboy. You hate women so much and are crazy about Enzo, you give your sexual oriientation/preference away. That’s why you are a wooman hater, you love them boys dontcha? There is nothing wrong with that, just quit your hating on women please, you are so outta line. simmer down will you calm down please don’t hate on women anymore, you re disgusting.

  50. lane said that he would take brigade member to final two instead of Britney because he thouht mat, enzo would vote for him and they discovered the truth after they voted
    im sad to see Hayden win but he wont more comps
    i want bb winter !!
    amazing season

    • i thought it was hilarious that lane’s lies got called out on live tv! hee* brigade now knows he woulda taken brit da twit chit! hee*

      • the vote was already over… the truth was meant to come out. BB did 1 thing right on many counts… only they missed addressing Enzo cheating ways.

      • look for future hg’s to test that flaw in BB, no teeth in their rules means the hg’s will break’em.

      • also did BB miss letting all know Hayden won the Hawaii vacation & $5000? which could have happened after the juror votes were locked in.

  51. Ola Night Peeps, Nifties & Poets!

    Hayden does it again yo! So close who’d a thought that Brenchel would go for social game play? Lane wasn’t expecting that I’m sure, I thought he would only get 2 votes max and aside from Britt maybe Ragan. Seriously now! Hope da ratings lived up to the 2 hr blockbuster they wanted! Onto BB13!

  52. It’s been awesome sharing BB12 with y’all! Da limericks, da poems, da rhymes, da observations & opinions and haters & lovers! Matt/Ashli Rae you are awesome! Thanks for the BBN site, met some amazing friends on here! Let’s keep in touch!

    • Notice how Karzai has not commented ever since it was told to Karzai that the Federal Gov and Homeland Security were watching out for his “chatter” or keywords. Karzai might have assumed a different identity. Karzai was obsessed with Brit.

    • yeah… glad i was stuffing the turkey for her!!! she deserved it, don’t know what you Brit haters were missing out there.

  53. someone posted a comment under my name at 10:59 p.m. that WASN’T me.
    THIS IS ME!!

    a few final words about bb 12:

    :( turns out lane isn’t nick after all :( :(
    damn it. i’m very sad about that…
    (Hey rmneimee – looks like we’re NOT geniuses.. lol)

    i guess i now have to believe that her house caught on fire, too – huh…

    OKAY graves, GregH, Chris the great, Trish, tishe, Rico, Summer, Madman, Clare Ann, Jadelle, Torch, Heather and anyone I may be forgetting that I’ve had a ‘nick is lane’ discussion with:
    Sh*t – i hate it when i’m wrong. LOL

    BUT – brit WON america’s favorite player! :)
    very happy about that!

    it’s been an emotional nite with a pretty descent finale for a season that basically sucked! lol
    lane BLEW IT at the end when he didn’t tell enzo that “YES – i was gonna take you to f2!”

    oh well… congrats to hayden – he seems like a good kid. i’m happy for him.

    NOW – while most of you are still here – i just want to say that the BEST part of this bb season for me has been being here with ALL OF YOU GUYS.. :)

    it’s been GREAT hanging out with you every nite – dissecting the hgs every move (or lack there of) one ‘hair extention’ at a time.. lol, and keeping each other entertained when the hgs didn’t!

    i’m gonna MISS YOU GUYS :(

    i don’t think i want to know the spoilers for survivor, so maybe i’ll see some of you – maybe not…
    but if not, i’ll meet cha back here next year for BB13!!

    xoxoxo :)

    p.s. to MATT BBN,

    thanks for giving me a place to meet and hang out with such an AMAZING group of people!
    BBN is the best! :)

    • @CT – Just got done watching BB12, I had to DVD it, had a birthday party to go too. Anyways, I WAS WRONG ABOUT LANE AND BRIT !!! :-( I admit it ! lol CT, they really had us going, uhh… Congrats to Hayden !!!! Good win. I also think Lane blew it with his answer to Enzo. Yeah well, it is what it is, right? lol As soon as I saw Rachel’s vote for Lane you knew that was Brendan’s vote. The only one I wasen’t sure of was Ragan’s. I still think in the end Hayden had Enzo’s vote no matter what. They really did seem to connect. Nice chatting with you for awhile anyway and see you for BB13 :-)

      • just so you guys know. lane just basically admitted to missy that he likes britt. also i had heard that she didn’t think lane really liked her. i will rewind later to listen for myself. but the point is whay would you be upset that someone you didn’t have feelings for upset you. so just maybe, brit and lane will end up together. stranger things have happend :)

      • Agree w/you Kristi ! Brit’s gonna be sending her dear john letter to Nick asap . lol Her reactions to Lane’s comments in his DR sessions to her DEF showed his feelings for her and her tearing up everytime she heard them DEF shows the feelings are mutual. Anyways….. Greeeat JOB HAYDEN !!! Well deserved and CONGRATS :-)

      • yeah rmneimee – they definitely had us going. lol
        and even though i was wrong, i had a great time with it while it lasted! :)

      • hi kristi.. thanks for that glimmer of hope :)

        i’ll be watching these two like a hawk to see what happens! lol

    • Nick is Lane. lmao! Yeah just like Clinton is Obama. Just amazing how people’s mind could twist reality like that. Yeah black is white too by the way, did you not get the memo?

      • Some ppl never can stop. WHATEVER ! If you saw in my earlier post I admitted I was wrong just like I said I would and so did CT.

      • noo… fyi – barack obama WILL NEVER BE the President that bill clinton was.

        anyway… now that bb is over, i will anxiously be awaiting the arrival of SANTA! :)

      • how do you know his wife doesn’t make late night visits to the Oval Office? LOL!!! hey, it’s legal.

    • @CT, the real one. Your heart got in the way with the Lane is Nick deal, so all season you were only wrong once… that’s a good record.

      You kept track of events and your memory and judgement were really good, thanks for that, that helped me to understand these nutso hg’s better than by myself.

      I agree Lane should have told Enzo he would have picked him, I was yelling at the t.v. & him to just say ‘yes, it would have been you’.

      Lane did not have good answers, he tried too hard just to be funny, Hayden rambled over his same points during his last speech, but he deserved to win.

      I’m glad the vote was close at 4-3; but what a predictable season, no surprises or big moves. Even down to Brit winning $25T, I’ll admit I voted for her a couple times.

      Like you, I will only be watching Survivor and not wanting any spoilers.

      • hi Greg, turns out that letting Madman ‘bully’ you around a little wasn’t such a bad thing after all!
        you were RIGHT and i was WRONG!!
        OUCH! (damn it hurts to say that..) :)

        here’s the thing.. i’m a Taurus – very inquisitive, detail oriented and stubborn! i love bb and next year i’m sure i will continue to pick apart every detail – post it here – and just have FUN with it!

        i have to say that, as a SALEMAN, i expected lane to be much better spoken at the end than he was. it seemed to me that it was more important for him to remain ‘ a great, likeable guy’ than it was to put it all out there and actually GO for the half-mil like hayden did. apples and oranges i guess… but i enjoyed the finale.

    • CT it is ok to be wrong but you are the bigger person here and admitted you were wrong. I still think maybe you could have been right but oh well. Was Nick there last night? I don’t remember them showing him. I don’t remember them showing Hayden’s family either. They showed Enzo’s and Lanes but where were Hayden’s? Yeah I bet Kristen wants a piece of 500thou richer Hayden NOW. lol

      • Trish, they did show Hayden’s family, His Mom and sister were there. His sister is as pretty as Hayden is good-looking. :-) Anyways,,,, Kristen and her b/f broke up (no big shocker there (lol) I had to laugh at the end when Kristen was standing right aside of Hayden. If Hayden used her or not for the alliance, the dude needs to run, run as fast as he can from her, way prettier chicks out there and her answer to Julie as doing her own thing now, another no shocker there !

      • hey Trish.. i didn’t see Nick there last nite. i kept rewinding my dvr when the camera scanned the audience – trying to catch a glimpse of him – but didn’t see anyone that ‘looked’ like him. i did see britney wave at someone when she first came out, but it wasn’t clear who it was.
        he apparently had NO PLANS to be there until the house fire, so who knows!! its okay by me if he WASN’T there – it just gives britney more time to spend with lane :)

        kristen and hayden – on the hand???
        RUN HAYDEN RUN!!! lmao

      • Run Hayden Run, as fast & as far as you can. LOL!!! you guys are right about that… Danger Hayden Danger. Ha, ha!!!

        You could see the resemblance of the Hayden’s… it’s all in the somewhat horse teeth… all good looking though, just recognizable.

        Maybe Nick’s ready to break the engagement and Lane changes his name to New Nick and then you’d be right, CT!!!

        After seeing Brit get the extra $25T, Nick might not be willing to let her go… and unless Lane said something like “if only you weren’t just almost hitched we might have had a chance, contact me if your status changes or you need ANYTHING”.

        Nick could insist Brit not be friends w/Lane and might just chase her away.

        Well, we’re look forward to next season and the same crew making our asinine predictions, I know I made a few, I’m a fan of the power move, so BB was disappointing with that missing but it still was a fun season commenting about it. Here’s hoping BB makes some changes to shore up the BB13.

        Did the Hg’s find out about Hayden also winning Hawaii & $5000? Nothing was said about that, unless I missed it.

        Also omitted was BB’s lack of punishing the meow-meow for eating the forbidden food, still don’t get that nickname & he’s proud of it, too. Maybe his daughter call him that instead of da-da. LOL!!! He’s an idiot either way with that accent.

        I may have been hard on Enzo, I wanted so much more from the guy… have to admit he was the funny guy on the finale, he got off some good ones… have to admit “it is what it is”.

        And credit him maybe w/Brit winning the Am Fav b/c of the way the Bra-gade was revealed to her, it hurts to spell it that way, who came up w/that spelling? Lane? Well, no one claimed these Bro’s were smart. That reveal may have cost Enzo $25T.

        Enzo was Enzo’s own worse enemy… he was surprised he didn’t get Am Fav… why the nerve of that guy!!!

    • Enzo and Matt still at odds over it. I think the basic conceptual problem is that Enzo feels he started it because he named it an promoted it. Matt feels he started it because he was behind most/all of the strategy of it and the details (like getting side alliances, etc.)
      The truth is probably somewhere inbetween.
      I’d have to check the flashback of the feeds to see who actually said “do you guys want to form an alliance” first.

      • I just tried to flashback to it, but I couldn’t find it.
        I think the formation of the Brigade happened before the feed’s first flashback time.

      • Rico and other bb fans,
        It was Enzo that started the alliance. I remember it pretty well without the flashbacks bc I think he was talking to Hayden about Wanting matt in their alliance. Matt was the strongest player in the brigade so that’s y he prob thinks he started it. But it was enzo’s idea to start the four person alliance from the first episode. I give Enzo credit! Matt get ur ego out of the way, it wasn’t your idea to start an alliance that early in the game and with those people.

      • I remember watching BBAD the first week….That is when I noticed the 4 guys in HOH really late at nite.

        It is anybody’s guess who started this alliance…..But I do know that without Matt, it would not have lasted.

      • i agree with Moosa (hopefully it’s not moosa-moosa) previously he had talked to Hayden outback about an alliance running the BBH. Then it was Enzo, maybe Matt & Hayden in the HoH, he starts to talk alliance and the 4th guys walks in, I think Lane but not sure… Enzo says “here’s that I’m talking about the 4 of us an alliance”. Then he names it the Brigade and gives out nicknames The Animal, The Beast, The Brains & Meow-Meow.

  54. Nick is supposed to be in the audience, allegedly, Nick is going to break the news to Brittny that their rental home burned down. That is so sad, I don’t care what Brittny did, she didn’t deserve that all. There comes a time when we as humans have to have some kind of empathy towards someone in Britny’s position. It’s just a show. I try not to dehumanize the hgs. They are real people like us, only difference is that the hgs are cooped up for several months. Poor Brittney. I wasnt too fond of her antics, she is still a person with feelings like all of us.

    • Same goes for Rahcel, Brit didn’t give her a chance thats why I think everyone is bashing the shat out of her lololol

  55. I’m not a racist and race had nothing to do with why I didn’t like this season…..but I would like to see a more diverse cast next season…of any race

  56. I think people should feel sorry for Brittany’s landlord not Brittany. According to the newspaper, it was a rented house and I would seriously doubt that Brittany will contribute any of her winnings to fix what her boyfriend burned down.

      • Homeowners insurance is what the owner of the house has to have.

        Britney needs to have renters insurance to cover her’s and Nick’s thing.

        Because it was Nick’s fault the owner can take them to court for damages

      • Yeah…take them to court for damages…grabbing a good portion of Britney’s “American’s Favorate” cash bonus…now that sucks.

  57. Congratulations to Hayden for winning HoH. He really deserved to win. Maybe he will open up a snowboarding shop. He wants some type of business to own. Now you got the money and go for it. He had the most wins plus he played a sneaky social game and it panned out for him. Lane, 50,000 buckaroos aint bad. Lots of muscle milk for you. Sorry Enzo, you didn’t try very hard. Food was your downfall. Next time on all stars things will be different for you Enzo. You have such a nice family to go home too. Awesome! Congrats to you 3 boys.

  58. To set the record straight: I literally live 2 min away from where Brit and her future hubby live. Yes, I live in the hillcrest district of little rock Arkansas. Yes I was a “bro-gade” fan from day 2!!! Never a true fan of Brit! To the hatred- no we do NOT all live in mobile homes- so sorry. I drove by that house today and thought about all the people that claimed “karma”. That’s true BS. No I didn’t want her to win the whole thing but be a human being. After taxes she’s only getting half of her earnings. My point is she is a real human being on a reality game show that is over. She is minus multiple things that are meaningless until. SHOW RESPECT! I was not a fan of her game play but am a arkansan, hillcrest resident, and really wish the American public could too. My prayers are with her and nick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tuff times don’t last tuff people do!!!!! Go hogs go!!! ( she lives 2 min from the lr stadium).

    • Jeremy, I can’t help to believe the majority of us feel like you for Brit. Though some we say where is the basis for that… well, America’s Favorite helps us with proof of that. Oh, yeah.

      And a few Brit haters I’m sure have sympathy for her situation with the house & Nick… I’ll even root for the Hogs this season unless they play my Mizzou Tigers at sometime. LOL!!!

      • I’m sad she lost her house. i wouldn’t want that to happen to anyone. As far as her winning the money, I wish she hadn’t. On BBAD she has talked filthy and gross things about many people. I think that others probably had just about as many votes as her for AF just maybe not quite enough or maybe they didn’t lose their house the same day as the results went in. Maybe BB felt bad for her so they worked a little something out for her! How would any of us know the real results!

      • @Sue. surprised you didn’t say who you wished had won AF.

        i guess the bozos that think Brit deserved the fire and/or those that say it was karma… had the rug pulled out w/her AF win. LOL!!! good for her, i like her, she’s funny. maybe she’ll tone the criticism down after viewing herself doing that.

        she already had a breakthrough and now realizes & ADMITS she’s a spoiled brat… that the 1st step in changing yourself. more power to her.

        here’s hoping Rachel has a breakthrough also, she’s got lots of work ahead of her. LOL!!!

  59. Congratulations to Miss Brittney for winninng 35,000 buckaroos. Brittney, the boys outplayed and outlasted you. I am happy you won some money. You can replace the items in your rental home that you lost to the fire. I always new Nick was Nick. The theory was good though, it kept everyone on their toes wondering and pondering if Lane was really Nick or vice versa. We all had our opinions and that was a good thing. It made for an interesting forum.

    • I’m glad they cleared up the LLF deal and thought Annie got one last time with the “Rachel & I were LLFs”, pretty clever. I wish she had lasted longer in house, I liked her from the get-go.

      • I liked Annie too. I would have loved to see her play longer in the game. I also loved Andrew, too bad he was voted off to early. Matt fought to stay in the game, in the end, the other boys turned on Matt. They were fearful of Matt since Matt was a strong player. What’s interesting is that we love to hate the hgs, without the players, we would not be able to gossip about them here on this forum. I do appreciate all the hgs. They all played the game differently and some of the players I just did not like their antics. I don’t hate any of the players, they all have character flaws just like we all do. They are in front of the cameras 24/7 whereas we the public are not. It is easier to point out all the hgs faults/flaws and me included. The hgs have to role play and have drama some are very good at it. In the end, my conclusion is that they the hgs are humans, not monsters as we all make them out to be. Whitout the hgs, we would not be here at this forum comparing opinions. It was an ok season in my opinion. Last season was really awesome.

  60. Did anyone else see rachel’s face when Hayden said he would have wanted to see Britney & Brendon F2 if it wasn’t him? Man if looks could kill! I knew right then she wasn’t voting 4 Hayden.

    Tonight Lane proved he was a horrible lair & that he didn’t have the best social game w/ the way he answered the jury questions, tripping over his words & avoiding questions.(WTH Brachel spiteful much???) ( I predict brit breaks it of w/ Nick, to date Lane)

    Hayden Had every right to toot his own horn during his final speech b/c he was totally right out of him & lane he had the best over all game, he won when he didn’t & he did it all w/o being rude & disrespectful to the others.

    Did anyone one else notice how un-genuine Kristen was when asked about her & Hayden? She seems like she doesn’t want anything but a hook-up/arm candy from Hayden.. & he seemed akward as well, like he realized that the “showmance” wasn’t a good idea. Hopefully he wises up about her b/c if she cheated on her bf while in the house, what does Hayden think gonna happen to him. Once a cheater always a cheater, I don’t care what anyone says. It’s huge pet peeve of mine. Her bf gave her an out bf the show started she should have took it.

    I think the right person won & yay for another upcoming season.

      • probably right. Those two can’t do anything separatley, but the look on her face was priceless.

    • she had another great look when Brit said something to her after winning AmFav, it was like she gave Brit the fake phony smile and it was turned off the minute Brit looked away.

      Hayden rambled with his speech, he wanted it SO BAD and he deserved it. Lane was in la-la land, he tried to be funny and only got halfway there, $50T was good for him and Brit got $25T + $10T, so good for her.

      For the Brit haters, she rolls her eyes and looked at Ragan for his reaction when Julie was talking to Brenchel about their future plans; but truthfully how can a person not be cracked up with those two ‘love-birds’. Poor Brendon. The way Brit is with Rach is very civil face to face but you can tell Brit has a problem with her and it may have to do with Rach being so easy & slutty. LOL!!!

      I picture Rachel visiting LA but if nothing pans out career-wise for her it will be ‘bye Bren’ and back to Vegas, “I AM VEGAS”. I’m sorry but that is one ugly fake chick… hope she gets it worked out, you can fix fake. Actually if she rids herself of the red hair + extension and got a decent hair style that would help. And someone help her with her make-up.

      She needs some type of training collar that would shock her every time she does that LAUGH, like a no-bark collar used for dogs. A voice coach might be a good idea also. She thinks she a ‘Hot Mess’ when actually she’s just a ‘MESS’.

      • forget to say… Hayden beware of Kristen, that could be one MEAN chick. She sluffed off the old boyfriend like he was water (I realize she didn’t have much time to talk) and she was all over the place talking about Hayden. But remember she told Rachel, “i’m not a liar”, yeah you and Tricky Dicky.

        Hayden really didn’t appear like he was that anxious to start up again with her, did he when asked as him & Lane sat in the BBH?

      • it’s what we do in fun… nothing hateful, just observation & opinion. we let the hg’s take of the belittling ALL BY THEMSELVES. LOL!!!

  61. As I’ve been saying all season…Go Hayden…GO DEVILS. Hopefully they will have you out to do the coin toss at the homecoming game this year!!! At least a Sun Devil story on the jumbo tron! Way to do us Devils proud!!!

  62. Congratulations Hayden…you deserved the win!!!
    You were the best player and played honestly. You
    weren’t laying low to be carried through. You did it
    and I was cheering for you to the very end!!!
    Way to go, Hayden!!!!!!

  63. “the only thing necessary for the trump of evil is for good men to do nothing” “GO HOGS GO” ( my Americas vote was brendon not Brit “. ) for all of you Arkansas haters we also have a former president ( W. J. CLINTON!!!!!! And for you idol fans. Kris Allen. Clinton IS a LEGACY. Allen is mentioned b/c Matt at bb NW has plugged idol and needs to be mentioned. GO HOGS GO!!!!! ( we are kicking a~~ and taking names in NCAA football. Btw. Congrats Hayden.

    • Actually Alabama is taking names and kicking azz! Oh and they are number one and they did win a national championship just last year. GOOOO BAMA AND ROLLLL TIDE! :)

      • OMIGOSH TRISH!! YOU ROCK! I LIVE in Tuscaloosa, Al……Rollllllll TIDE Rolllllll! Btw…glad Hayden won…very glad Enzo was evicted…I have to say though that that dress (if u can call it that) that Rachel and her “girls” were wearing was ATROCIOUS! Kathy’s dress was a little loud…lol..and of course Enzo comes out on national t.v. with his shirt not buttoned all the way at the bottom…ha ha…and I agree w/ other posters that Hayden should run asap from Kristen..and toss Ragan some anti-perspirant as well…Look forward to seeing ALL OF YOU at Survivor site…THANKS AGAIN MATT @BBN!!!

  64. Ok, for those of you that don’t know to much about insurance. The bank that finance the loan requires the owner to have insurance. The owner will need to have fire insurance with his homeowner’s policy. The tenants in order to replace their property must have renter’s insurance. If you are smart and renting a property, get renter’s insurance. Glad the dogs were saved. Glad Hayden won…….

  65. I think more people like Brittney than some of you think. The people who like her just do not tend to be as vocal as those that dislike her. Human nature I suppose. I was very sad to hear about her house.

      • Wow how was it off topic? Just because you failed to make the connection doesn’t make it off topic. You only need to find a friend with more IQ than you.

      • for someone named noo you sure don’t take no good.

        really though I don’t recall your comment being wayyy off-topic… noo, do you have a tendency to add extra vowels to your words? maybe that was the problem, LOWOL… Laugh Out Wayyy Out Loud.

        do you recall your comment?

    • Britney was entertaining and a strong player, and I agree, her fans didn’t vocalize it much here.
      A lot of the comments on this blog don’t reflect what the majority of viewers might be thinking. The most obsessed fans post their same views on favoured/hated players over and over. That doesn’t jive with reality, just as the obsessions about their possible romances don’t necessarily mean anything other than wishful thinking.
      A lot of the drama/conflict in BB is based on expectations: is it more important to be nice? to be powerful?
      It is funny when people rage about one person’s lies, Matt for instance, but turn a blind eye to others’ lies based on simply liking a person. Kathy was the nicest player, and the most naive. She kept talking about “truth”. Why is she even on a cheesy reality show with these values foremost in her thinking?

  66. glad hayden won he deserved it ,although i wish he would have taken enzo to the final 2.enzo stayed loyal to the alliance lane didnot. maybe hayden will share a few bucks with enzo. just curious enzo worked 2 jobs to support family how did he afford to go on the show for 3 months. does not the bb houseguests get any money for appearing on the show. thought enzo handled losing and winning no money with integrity and class when he obviously needs money. can’t wait for new season.

    • i believe wifey may be the bread-winner in the Enzo clan, it’s really hard making money unless you have money when you’re just plain lazy.

      of course, Enzo will have to sift through all his Hollywood offers now. Yeah, right!!!