Big Brother 12: Final HoH Competition Rounds 1 and 2 Results

Tonight on Big Brother 12 the results from the first round of the final HoH will be revealed along with the live second round. If you can’t wait to see who won the endurance comp from round 1 then you can find those spoilers here! While we wait for the results be sure to Fan us on Facebook and join in the fun there!

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Big Brother 12 Final HoH – Round 1:

  • Enzo lasted a wimpy 19mins 14secs in the endurance comp
  • Lane lasted 2hrs 35mins in the comp
  • Hayden wins Round 1

Oh boy! Julie just promised us scenes loaded with drama at the Jury House coming up on tonight’s show. Okay, that whole segment of Matt telling Ragan and then Ragan fighting with Rachel was awesome. Definitely worth rewinding and watching a second time.

Big Brother 12 Final HoH – Round 2 – “It’s Alive”:

  • It’s the face-morph competition and they have 2 minutes to complete.
  • Lane goes first, gets them all correct, and completes in 1m 13s.
  • Enzo is up next, gets them all correct, but takes 1m 43 secs to complete!
  • Lane wins Round 2!

Hayden and Lane will face off in Round 3 on Wednesday’s finale show!

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  1. Anyone else find the picture of brendon holding britney on the cbs main site a bit odd? it was obviously staged………… everyone is smiling

    • Beast I saw that. I think that was the first pic of the house on the first day. You know there would be no way that Brit would otherwise NOW let Brendon hold her.

  2. Three Stooges are the Final Three,
    Enzo booted out Britney.
    Looks like the Brigade
    Had everyone played–
    They were too blind to see.

    • Q may think he is right,
      but the brigade has no might.
      All they did was sit back,
      while the others attack-
      They barely put up a fight.

      ;) I just think the BG rarely had a say, and it was more of a “the house can agree it’s their time to go” type of thing.

      • I agree. The only one who voted against the house was Kathy, and look where it got her!
        I’m not a fan of the brigade, but it floated them to the final three.

      • On that note, I will say that Kathy has at least that one thing to be proud of. She voted based on what she thought.

        Aside from that, she was a weak, caramel-covered dunce.

      • For a long time, I also judged Kathy for being a joke of a sheriff. But now I decide to give her the benefit of the doubt that cancer must have done something really bad to her body and mind.

  3. Wtf. Enzo is stupid, how was that a good strat, and so mucg for Lane working out his arms only to fail to a college student. Honestly, Enzo wtf were you thinking if anything your strat would knock you off.

    • What’s she doing with him? His little girl is darling. I wonder if they let her listen to all of her daddy’s profanity?

      • i read comments before that his wife is making like over 100k. why is their house that they live-in so crappy and tiny? i don’t even make 100k but my house is not even that getto!

    • Good grief… it’s TV… check her out on a normal day when she didn’t get her “hair & nails did” (quite sure that’s the way she talks)… when she’s got mascara smeared around her eyes, in a maw maw night gown with curlers in her hair and don’t forget the terry cloth slippers. No one with any class would be married to that disgusting greasy pig.

      • @LA, you on the other hand, are dripping with class, aren’t you? You truly are pathetic. She is a very nice looking woman and well spoken and looked great. Why is it so important to you to make her ugly? Just how miserable are you? Probably to no end.

    • It’s obvious that the entire family was “made” up for TV. I can still see the trash around the edges and under the makeup. Their house was so ghetto…

      • La your just jealous get a life jerk. I’m not an Enzo fan but the wifey is cute and the mommy was nice. Baby Gia touched my heart. stop being anothe rragan and britt!!!!!! you make me sick

  4. Anybody ready for the NEXT reality show: “Enzo’s Family”…

    Everybody but the baby so totally approved, they’ve got to be as nuts as he is…

  5. I love the meow meow, i don’t care…lol. He is so funny and i don’t think he is half as evil as the rest of the HGs. And his wife was telling the truth about his social game. I love Jersey and Italians so the hell with the people who make fun of the accents. Worry about your own strange accent and stop with the bashing.

    • I don’t mind his accent…kind of like it actually. It’s just the idiot Enzo has it…

    • I’m 100% Italian, unlike Enzo; he’s half Irish. As for his being Italian though, he’s a complete embarrassment! Just like the “hoods” on Jersey Shore.
      It’s down to Lane and Hayden, they won, they should be final 2. Enzo’s performance, or lack thereof, in the endurance, was humiliating!


    • I think Enzo has been the most loyal of the brigade members. I think Hayden and Enzo should be the final 2. Hayden played a better game so he is my number one pick to win.

      • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Enzo needs to go home…he’s done nothing but ride the waves and play is 15 mins of fame game NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, to Enzo in final 2

    • That is because his wife could not find anything good to say given his excessively pathetic results in the competitions.

  6. I said weeks ago that this would happen if the other players didn’t open their eyes. Why does everyone in the house think Enzo is so popular w/the house? Unless I’m reading this wrong, no one likes him and yet they all think he will win if he is in the final 2. I hope they keep thinking that way then neither Lane nor Hayden will take him with them and I don’t see any way he’ll win a competition between now and then. (I hope)

    • DD….I have tried to understand exactly where Rachel is coming from…But the more I observe the more it is apparent how determined she is to be CONSTANTLY in turmoil with someone…If it were not Ragan or Britney it would be someone else…It could be anyone…It is who she is..Period

      • Rachel is ALWAYS the shit starter, she is just too stupid to realize it. There was no reason for her to start that argument with Ragan, I thought in the house, when she came back in, that after their huge fight, they had a long talk and worked things out. She is just a tramp, plain and simple.

      • I now think that BB tells RAchel to play that part of the biotech. Maybe she is like that in real life but in the first 2 weeks in the BB house she was NOT like that at all.

      • omg…just when i thought i would never see those pj’s again! he wore them on BBAD all the time…i’m not a matt fan but the pj’s do crack me up!

      • No his REAL secret is that he was the second saboteur! I bet he will never tell them that. I hope Julie spills the beans at the finale! I also hope Britney tells everyone else in the jury house about the brigade! I want Brendon to win the $25,000.00 and since in my opinion Hayden is the best of the worst, plus he has won the most competitions, he should win BB 12.

  7. I know this is off topic a bit. I can’t stand Regan and its probably him causing problems in the jury house.

    I liked him up to the point when Rachel came back in the house and he was a complete asshole. His mocking her laugh to belittling her job was what made me dislike his character.

    He is a whiny child and I did a happy dance that he was voted out.

    This is my first post on here….and it feels good to get that off my chest :)


    • Ragan was right tho. Rachel was pure evil and has a distorted view of the world. As he tried to explain, they both were emotional, but Rachel caused all the trouble in the house and didn’t think she was doing anything. She’s gonna feel so dumb watching the season and seeing moments like when she lied about Kristen saying she’d send her home then refused to believe anything

      • I agree that Ragen was right…..but he could have been more of a gentleman in the way he handled Rachel. He did NOT need to lower himself to her level.

      • Well we only seen so much of Rachel opposed to what everyone else knows. How do you know that she is PURE EVIL? I liked her. It’s a competition and she had her back against the wall the whole time. There’s only so much you can handle before you start looking bad. And, its reality tv, there always needs to be a villian (even if it’s edited to look that way)

      • I really like Rachel, there is something about her and if you Google her she has done more in her life then any other house guests. Vegas is a different vibe then any where in the US. They are easy going and not so uptight about shit. Middle America is so f ing judgmental. If you are different then people they judge and think they are better. She has really accomplished a lot. She probably makes more money then all of them and has a bigger bank account. When she talked about making appearances at the opening of the Harley Davidson store and how much she charges so many people on here came down really hard. She talked about airfare the hotel and any other costs involved with traveling. She wasn’t charging them for anything sexually. She was talking about covering her expenses. When you read about her you can tell she is a very hard working woman.
        She has more heart then Bratny will ever have.
        Just my opinion. OK you can start bashing me now, I can take it.

      • Oh one more thing.
        When she came back to the house after Brendon opened Pandora’s box she was the something bad that would happen. She was suppose to cause drama and make them miserable. I’m sure the produces gave her some ideas how to act. So what if she asked Ragan if he wanted cookies he was on slop and that was supposed to piss him off. That was the whole reason she came back to stir up shit in the house. Brendon got the something good and the rest of the house got the bad. Ragan acted like an ass when he went off on her. It seemed like he has had a lot of practice mouthing off to people. I thought for a moment it was scripted and he was reading it off a card. it.

      • Ragen is not right. He is a communcations professor. He needs to learn a lesson or two in communications outside of the classroom. Maybe like in real life, or on a Reality Show because he showed nothing of what he has learned.

      • I doubt she was pure evil. Rachel actually cared and cried when Britney was crying and sad when she was on the block the first time. I didn’t see Britney cried for anyone else beside herself.

    • If Rachel did not want to hear the answer, she should not have asked the question. She was looking to get her ego stroked and she got it kicked!!
      Kudos to Ragan for being honest!!!

      • I concur.
        Ragan was absolutely right about what he said, If you ask the question and you cant accept the answer then dont even go there.

      • Ragen wasn’t being honest. He was expressing his own opinion. Unfortuantely, if he wanted it pleasant in the Jury House he would have kept his mouth shut. Which he didn’t so it wasn’t just Rachel. Communication is a two way street.

      • I agree David. While I don’t care for Rachel and I won’t excuse her behavior I do think Ragan has not done any better than she has. It takes two to tangle.

    • I agree. Ragan is self-righteous, and thought it a little hypocritical for him to dis Rachel’s physical appearance rather. She also approached him several times to make ammends and he dissed her. I think the majority of the Rachel vs. Ragan battle is Ragan’s fault. And his nose is like 10 times bigger and hairier, so the fact that he called her a parot is kind of funny, when he looks like an anorexic koala bear and elephant.

    • Annyta………I too, like Rachael. She is a very accomplished person. Anyone who has a degree in either chemistry or biology is not taking extension courses in domestic affairs. If she and Brenden should have any children, I suspect those kids would have high very high IQ’s.

  8. Ragan’s problem is that he thinks he better than everyone else. He has an excuse for all his bad behavior but he can pass judgments out on everybody else. Thank God he went to the JH.

    • Ragan never did anything really bad in a game where being bad is how u win. I think rose’s statement pretty much applies to commenters who I guess like Rachel and have to rationalize a reason that Ragan is worse than her because didn’t like her.

    • Actually, did you hear me mention Rachel’s name? No. so there goes your theory. Ragan said horrible things in the house and thats why i don’t like him. Saying that if Rachel had a baby, it would be ugly and that he would perform an abortion on her himself. Or making jokes about injecting babies in Africa with AIDS. IMO, he is a asshole. You think what you want.

      • Applause to Rose. If I were a professor, I would never present myself that way. He also keeps trying to bring up daddy issues and abandonment and it comes from left field. He’s a mean girl like Britney, and they in no way should act like they’re better than anybody.

      • There are some things you do NOT joke about and should not be broadcast. Ragen saying those things about the abortion, and AIDS ought to have him fired from his job and he needs to receive mental health counseling soon. Hopefully his family will have an intervention waiting for him when he gets home or maybe Big Brother ought to have an intervention for airing that.

      • I missed that part about the aids and abortion. Was Ragan wishing that upon Rachel? If so that man has serious, I mean very serious mental problems.

  9. After just watching Rachel, who would ever vote for her for the 25,000? She baited that argument, she will do anything for attention.

      • If Rachel did not want to hear the answer, she should not have asked the question.
        Kudos to Ragan for being honest!!!

      • PPJ.. ragan didn’t start anything with rachel. all he did was reveal his “lie” (being a professor) after matt told him about the wife thing.

        RACHEL was the one that turned the conversation to HERSELF.
        ragan didn’t say anything to rachel that he hasn’t said before.
        rachel KNEW what was coming… she just needed an “attention fix” – the live camera withdrawals have been killing her!

      • @CT: I know you don’t like rachel, But can’t you see that ragan has his point of view, and that’s it’s the only point, I’m not saying he’s all wrong, But he is unwilling to listen to any other point, except for his.

        Not all the fight’s were her fault, You all might not like you morals, but how are we to judge, If you want to talk morals, Go to the home page, follow down the right side, there will be a list on it you will find,” Big Brother Nude, Go there and you will find that Kristen and Britney showed more of thier bodies, That rachel did,

        Don’t hear anyone saying how little morals Kristen or Britney have, Or calling them name.

        I have met people like Ragan, they are always right and no matter what, They won’t change thier mind.

      • Well put. I don’t even need to add anything, because that was summed up so well. Kristen and Britney are the real hoochies of the house. I didn’t realize that Kristin had the fakest boobs in the house! I know I’m going to offend CT, but is it just me, or is Kristen the biggest butter face out there? She looks like a weasel and a man, but she has a smoking body. I thought I’d mention it.

      • hey chris…
        there certainly isn’t any love lost between these two because rach hates ragan just as much as he hates her.

        i think rachel got exactly what she expected and gave back what she thought would cut the deepest. did you catch her last ‘gay’ remark towards ragan as she stormed off?

        i see these two as opposite sides of the same coin who are more alike than either one wants to admit. they are both stubborn and given their ‘history’, the jury house scene was as predictable as bb has been this season.

        for all we know, bb may have set the whole thing up!!

      • Thanks CT for also thinking her last comment to Ragan was a gay attack(the tiarra comment) I said it earler and someone replied to me that it had nothing to do with him being gay. Said they had straight male friends who act like Ragan???? hmmmm….

      • That comment from Rachel to Regan at the end doesn’t offend “gays” because what she said was true. Regan is acting like a princess. That doesn’t mean Rachel hates gays. Please don’t put words in other people’s mouths.

      • I think its funny that people use the gay excuse as to why people don’t like him. Please…..that is the worse excuse ever! I’m not gay but I defend gays every chance I get but this case has nothing to do about whether he is gay or not. He is a nasty person period. He acts better than everyone and thinks his opinions of others are superior. His degree in communications does not mean he is the “know all”. She said he acted like a queen as in acting like a bitch. Like how some women and men can act like a bitch. You know…all high up on their horses with their noses stuck up in the air. I have called plenty of men gay or straight queens and bitches. It has nothing to do with their sexuality and plenty to do with their attitude.

      • @Rose – No where in my statement was i saying or using gays as an excuse for anything. I said I interpreted it that
        way, and if wrong I will be the first one to admit it and apology. I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING against gays what so ever. So people who like Rachel will see it her way and people who like Ragan will see it his way. I could take or leave either of them.

    • MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I voted for Rachel over and over and over. Shes the One and only one that deserves it now come bash me I don’t care!! Go Rachel I’m a big fan you earned it with all the bashing you had to take. Lol

  10. ragan is such a bitch. he still keeps fighting wth rachel even when his game is over. why doesnt he get pissed at matt is it cause he still thinks he has a chance with him. what a shit.

    • Yep! I think Matt did way worse things than Rachel, and yet Ragan gives him a pass. Ragan is just being a catty little girl and wished he had boobs. I think mean girls like him and Britney need someone to hate on and put down because they don’t know any better.

      • Nice, I agree with you regarding Regan and Britney. They need victims because it makes them feel better about themselves. Very sad.

      • Ragan suffers from a huge case of vagina envy, particularly Rachel’s vagina. He is such a pathetic creature. As Rachel said there was no fighting in the JH until Ragina went there. He is a mean and vicious caricature of a human being who said that he will stick AIDS infected needles into African babies; something to do with not playing the music he wanted. He makes me sick to my stomach. I wish him all the worse.

    • Yes she did. She wanted that fight but it looked like she was not expecting the response from Regan

      • She DEFINITELY always starts the drama. She knew by asking a question she was baiting Ragan in, and thats what she wanted. Again bashed him about being gay by telling him to put on his tiarra. Even Brandon looked annoyed at her.

      • She DEFINITELY always starts the drama. She knew by asking a question she was baiting Ragan in, and thats what she wanted. Again bashed him about being gay by telling him to put on his tiarra. Even Brendon looked annoyed at her.

      • You need to open your eyes, Because Ragan it’s this great person that you all make him out to be. So what you are saying is if rachel ask’s ragan a question it’s because she wants to start a fight. Oh please

      • Telling him to put on a tiara has nothing to do with being gay. He acts like a chick and is extremely emotional and he is very wimpy. He probably gets a period every month. There are many gay men that most people wouldn’t even think they were gay. But Ragan acts very feminine and there are straight guys that act like that to. So telling him to wear a tiara fits him. Just the way he reacted when he was competing against Enzo in the POV comp. He sounded and acted like a 10 year old girl.

      • @Chris-the-great – My eyes are open lol In no way was I defending Ragan at all, to me he was definitely annoying, cried way too much, i just thought Rachael knew she would get a rise out of him. Hey that’s only my opinion, which you don’t have too agree with. I was saying….

      • hmm…. I know alot of straight and gay guys. I never seen straight guys act as feminine as Ragan. So I guess it’s how one interprets it.

      • Rachel was not bashing Regan about being gay. She was just saying that he was a spoiled princess. Which he is. A communications professor, you would think would think before saying things. He is just as much fault as Rachel.

      • OMG ARE YOU FOR REAL, rAGAN IS A DRAMA QUEEN, WOULD CRIES OUT FOR ATTENTION. Please give me a break he is trash, why is it no one from his family came on t.v. to talk about him? That tells me a lot especially when he himself says no one in his family except his mom and sister care about him daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I’m not wondering why, I see it first hand. Scum

  11. YES! I personally think Hayden will take Lane, and Lane will take Hayden. Hopefully Enzo will be the last one evicted!

    Also, I just put my vote for favorite houseguest. Go Rachel!

    And hopefully Hayden pulls out the win!

  12. I am not defending Rachel’s behavior. I do not like her and her voice is like listening to nails on a chalk board.

    Regan showed his true colors when he ranted at Rachel, and the way that he cried like a child and locked himself in the cabana room.

    Just to clarify I don’t like either of them :)

  13. Hoping Lane wins Round 3 just so that he takes Hayden and so that Enzo goes to JH. I really could care less for Enzo and his cockiness for losing every competition.

  14. Ragan told Rachal she started every fight in the house is this GUY Fairy for real? He just pushed the Button!! He just don’t like Rachal!!

    • I may be wrong but I don’t think Lane studied the faces ..or if he did it was seldom..Then again maybe when he was HOH he studied the wll from there..

  15. The reason Enzo lost: he did not look at the HG’s while he was stabbing them in the back…..great social game….LOSER!!!

  16. Even with a second chance, enzo still cant win. As a game player, I most likely would take him to the end because you would beat him.
    But as a fan I just hope lane and hayden take each other.

    • I’m not sure about this. I feel like Enzo could take the win because “his hands are clean”.

      It doesn’t matter though I think Hayden and Lane will take each other, just because it will be a somewhat fair fight. Even though Hayden deserves it more.

      • Yeah you’re right. And with this cast of house guests anything could happen..
        But im still looking at Hayden and lane and who have they really hurt?
        Once the brigade news gets to the Jury House I think they will look at the three as a team and vote for whoever won more, which would he Hayden.
        But yes in the end, I think you are right on.

      • Enzo’s hand are not clean, he gat away with deception through his humor. Futhermore, his hand are always down his pants. yuck!

  17. Weather Enzo deserves to go to the final two or not, either Hayden or Lane need to take Enzo to the final two, because, Enzo doesn’t have, if any, enough votes to win Big Brother. However if Hayden happens to be in the final two, it’ll be for sure that Hayden will win Big Brother just because he won several competitions unlike Lane or Enzo!

  18. Just by the looks of things her Man agreed with Regan, if you are to blind to see that Rachel is a B@#$% they you are a very similar person to her.

      • Really not sure what show you watched, let me guess you have fake hair and a skinny upper lip too? Just live in you fantsay world, whats the weather like there?

    • ragan is a queen bitch, needs to take a lesson from what he says. He is always saying hurtful things. Hope they take his teaching license away from him. He sucks as someone who would help others. What a rotten sore looser. get over yourself mean girl, thats you I’m talking about ragan

      • I think those that pick on Rachel are the most boring individuals in the world. She’s the obvious choice to pick on, but she’s just a wannabe actress who is playing a character. I have many friends who do reality, they know casting directors, and they play a part to get on a show. Simple as that. Britney should be the one everyone hates, because the production went out of the way to make her look somewhat decent on the editied show, even though she’s an evil human being. I’d rather be stuck with Rachel than Britney.

      • @ Sick of Rachel Fans. What is wrong with dancing even if it’s a topless dancer. What’s the big deal. From what she has said she is not a topless dancer. But who cares, maybe it’s not for you but there are a lot of women who do, it doesn’t mean they are any less of a person then you. Or a slut or a whore and sleep around. Believe it or not there are plenty of chicks that sleep around and guess what that does not mean they are a dancer.

        @ Rachel = ST D’s Just with the stupid name you came up with you sound very ignorant.
        If people don’t think she is a bitch that doesn’t mean we are similar to her. Or what your opinion of her is. What does that mean anyway. Grow the f up. Why don’t you go to a strip club and talk with a dancer and you would see that they are human and it’s just a job.

    • I also thought Brendon looked piss at Rachael. I wasen’t sure when he left the room and said welcome to the jury house if he was being sarcastic or not ??

      • I think maybe that BRENDON is finally getting it as to Rachel’s “I am not wrong” personality..Rachel ask Regan a question and she did not like the answer he gave..Brendon showed no anger at Regan…His face read “oh well” here we go again..

  19. Now Lane and Hayden can sit Enzo down and tell him that THEY had an alliance too, and that neither of them is taking him to the Final 2…
    Let him sit on that for a week!!!

    • Actually it would be smart for them to take him. Hayden is the only one smart to realize that lol. Lane would think that Enzo eleminate him and lose to Hayden. Hayden knows if he’s in final 2 he will win because of the number of comps he won so he’ll take Enzo.

      • I don’t agree that it would be smart to take Enzo. You don’t know what type of logic those loonies in the Jury will use to cast their votes. If I were Hayden or Lane, I would think more about who fought the hardest for it. Lane made Hayden spend 2 1/2 hours on that rope to win that comp, but old Enzo drops off, eats pizza and desert in front of them and expects to go to the final 2? Really? Also, are you going to give a guy a chance at 500 or even 50K for doing nothing more than molesting a homosexual, wearing a penguin suit and saying “yo”? I hope not

    • OH HERE COMES the MOTHER F**KERS out of his mouth if they do that to BOZO! IT is what it is!! Meow Meow :)

    • I hope Hayden does the right thing and takes Lane. They are the two who actually played the game. And this way, the best man DOES win…

    • Why would they do that.we all say enzo is useless but there is one thing he did that was huge for both haydon and lane and that is starting the brigade, if it wasn’t for the brigade we would of had a totally different final 3, so in my mind, enzo got these guys into the final 3, like it or not it was the best move in the game.

  20. Got such a kick out of little Gia and enzos mom not a bad looking wife, but what happen to him. he fell in shit and came out like a rose

  21. I hope Rachal kicks RAGANS A$$! If the house guest sitting in the JURY now had FOCUSED on playing the GAME instead of Fighting with RACHAL >We the FANS would’ve not had a boring SEASON! Now, we are STUCK listening TO the BOZO till WEDNESDAY!

    • I agree Clare what an a$$ that ragan is and rachel was right they had peace and quiet all this time. but wait we still have bitchney going in next. ut o

    • That makes no sense. So far, the only person in the jury house who fought with Rachael
      was Ragan. Kathy was friends with Rachel and obviously so was Brendon, which only leaves Matt. I’m also a fan and quite honestly your belittling of Enzo is getting quite old.

      • Enzo’s name was NOT THERE because Clare Ann said the ppl sitting in the jury house, and Enzo IS NOT in the jury house. Maybe before you accuse me of knowing everything else you should read more carefully before you give your smart*** replies.

  22. Hayden had won the comps first,
    Ragan and Rachel cursed.
    Enzo’s wife was hot,
    his gameplay was not-
    this season is the worst.

    Not the best choice of words.

  23. Hey mama Enzo that gravy looked good next time I’d like to come for dinner. It made my mouth water, and nice family you have there. I think you need to sit down with sonny there and maybe smack him around a little. cause I think he didnt get it when you taught him manners. close your mouth when you eat boy.

  24. Thing about is,,Matt evidently has not told them about the Brigade..which Brittney will..Since Enzo claims to be the mastermind and the boss his ass is gonna be in some hot water cause he taking credit for all evictions..SOOOO lets see how that goes over..

    • Nice point, but Hayden if he does take Enzo, which is still hard to determine now, would tell them he carried the brigade which he did!!

    • That will just be so sweet. Enzo has nothing to claim, not even ‘magical seeds of persuasion.’ The two biggest evictions (Rachel and Matt) were not by Enzo’s hand anyway.

      • Enzo’s worried about running low on his “magical seeds of persuausion”; that’s why he’s always got his hand down his pants checking the family jewels…

    • yeah I know but he not claiming to be the head honcho or taking credit for all the evictions Enzo is..

    • I suspect that “Production” is not going to allow a BRAG-ADE reveal in the jury house… Matt and Ragan would have certainly outed them by now… That would have been a bigger grenade than Matt’s lie and another “been there done that” argument between Ragan and Rachel. So I suspect “Production” is saving that particular reveal for AFTER the jury votes on the finale… Question is, if Enzo winds up in the jury house, will he be able to keep his mouth shut?

      By the way, if I were to choose between Lane and Enzo: Enzo is a foul mouthed, ill mannered jerk who craves attention, not usually in a good way. But some of the things Lane has revealed make me question his moral compass. Choice: none of the above…

      So I guess my choice as to who gets the 1/2 mil: That would be Hayden.

      …just my opinion.

      • Right you are, Clare Ann… So, if they allow us to see much of Brit in the jury house, we’ll know for sure! Wish we could be a “fly on the wall” over there!

  25. Thanks to this site. Our tv went off because of storm. I got here immediately and found out the verdict

  26. I’m really hoping Hayden says something like “I always tried to win comps and work hard” for his final speech. Then we can hopefully get Britney asking about the ‘How Bad Do You Want It?’ comp.

  27. I think if Hayden wins the final HOH he will take Lane because Lane is loaded already and his argument will be he doesn’t need it. He owns a Tahoe and his own home already and his parents own planes.

    Enzo did nothing and his social game wasn’t that great, but Britany (in trying to save herself) put the idea in Haydens head hoping it would save her.

    I think Hayden will win with whomever he decides to take with him.

  28. Hayden’s gonna win and take Lane. Even if Lane wins, Enzo doesn’t have a shot. I think votes will play Rachel-Lane, Kathy-Hayden, Matt-Hayden, Brendon-Lane, Ragen-Hayden, Britney-Lane, and Enzo-Hayden. Hayden wins 4-3. I also think Brendon will win America’s Choice but I’d pick Britney. I’d love Andrew to win but it won’t happen.

  29. i think regan was actually hurt that matt lied. because he actually was speechless, unlike the fake rachel and kathy making a big scene for tv.

    the rachel and regan fight wasn’t even that big, he didn’t even mock her when he got into the house like he said he was going to do.

    felt bad for lane he tried really hard to win the first comp. i’m glad he won the second one but he’s a little slow, so i think hayden will win the third comp :(

    and take lane.

    why didn’t regan tell them he was the sab?

    • Suspect that one is being saved for the finale… So much for his revealing HIS big lie at the jury house…

  30. A chemist LOL RRRright more like a lady of the night working as a waitress. It’s ok most 26-27 year old’s act like their 13. She a high priced (not sure why) ho

  31. Dam that last comp may be the same one that Evil Dick & Zach did..that was a killer..Zach won but ED held on as long as he could..

  32. when julie talked about the brigade in tonite’s intro, she gave the bg credit for controlling the votes in ALL the evictions that took place this season.

    i don’t think that’s true..

    is it?

      • what about in the beginning… when there was 13 people in the house?

        annie 10-0? 4 votes can’t control that.

        i don’t remember all the votes – but it seems like julie saying the brigade controlled ALL of them is a bit too much…

      • No, remember that DUH BRAG-ADE’s strategy was to keep away from each other and form side alliances to control the vote… Lane totally controlled Brit, and ditto Matt/Ragan. When Brendon was wandering around looking for a home the only ones who “befriended” him in were Enzo and Hayden, which they knew would eventually get one or the other the Brenchel vote… Julie was right…

      • ok CT..if there were 13 people in the house (2 of which were on the block) and 1 HOH can’t vote..leaving 10..if the 4 guys each had person they could convince to vote their way that was 8 votes and THEIR VICTIM OF THE WEEK WAS GONE..does that make sense???

      • yes graves – that makes sense.

        i’m going to re-watch this season just to SEE how it all played out, because i honestly don’t remember the brigade “actively” trying to do ANYTHING except lay low until matty won his second hoh.

    • I was surprised she said that as well. I think it would have been more appropriate to say the Brigade claimed to have controlled every vote of the season. There’s no way to prove it, despite what Enzo claims.

    • heck yea it true. They basically controlled the entire house. All they had to do was keep those’s zombies eyes fixated on B and R. Everybody was so busy playing the “Let’s get Brendon and Rachel out” show that they couldn’t even figure out a “so obvious” alliance right in front their faces.

    • MATT BBN..

      the numbers don’t match up when i go back to the beginning of the season and move forward.

      they couldn’t have had control of anything until the number of people voting got down to 7.. THEN 4 controls it, right?

    • ’s all ready explained but here I go in an easy way. The house guests go with what most people want to do. Brigade early on controlled 4 votes by them selves, no doubt ppl will start to tag along with them, no one wnats to be that one person or votes for the other person to stay, just adds a target on their back. But this season was crazy, Kathy did the lone votes at times and she wasn’t a threat.

    • What did you want her to say the truth: The three stooges are what’s left, They only won against each other, they shouldn’t be here but they are.

    • I was also shocked that Julie said they controlled everything. That was so untrue. Annie and Andrew pretty much self-destructed with their little final speeches. Rachel was the one who mostly sent Monet and Kristen packing. It just happened to coincide with the Brigade’s plan to remove Kristen so that Hayden would come back fully in the alliance. And evicting Monet was also fine with everyone except Britney. The Brigade could not even make Matt put up Rachel and Brendon the first time. I hate Enzo trying to take credit for the sun coming up in the morning and the rain to water the trees.

  33. well had enough of all the bashing tonight gonna go enjoy time with a real man my husband at least he’s a gentleman, that knows how to treat a lady. some people take a game to far.

  34. Yawn. Everything that happened tonight was completely predictable. Hayden wins… Lane beats Enzo… Ragan argues with Rachel… Mrs. Integrity still mad at Matt… Ragan shocked at Matt’s lie… Enzo’s family supports him… I’m only interested in watching the finale to see all the houseguests together again.

  35. The boy’s are getting a steak and lobster dinner. I am thinking it won’t make Enzo feel better.

  36. Surprized Ragan didn’t tell them he was the sab. He prob felt that if he had if would of looked as bad as Matt did when he told him about his wife.

    • I am thinking that BB wants to save that info for the finale. I can’t wait to see Rachel’s face when they not only announce it was Ragan but he won 20,000 too.

      • Ragan always talks down to people especially Rachel when he is trying to make a point. A good communicator uses tact. He feels superior but he trashed talked so much behind HGs backs that he made himself seem small and pathetic.

  37. Shouldn’t they be closing the HOH room off and the other extra rooms as well?? That house is gonna need SERVE-PRO and MERRY MAIDS to come and clean it..

    • the have not room was closed off last week, i think..
      i saw earlier today that the hoh room has been stripped, except for the comforter on the bed.
      the taj looked pretty empty tuesday morning when britney checked to make sure she didn’t leave anything in there.
      but i wouldn’t think it’s a big deal anyway – bb probably has a HUGE crew that can go in there and clean that place up in an hour!

      • Good God, CT… does nothing get by you?

        I would think they just power-wash, furniture & all, just as it is sitting in the house.

      • I thought it was a pre-fabricated building on a studio lot. Just tear the walls down and start over.

      • Skiddels.. maybe they do take it apart until next season – don’t know.

        but for now, bb will want the house clean for the “wrap party” that takes place there after the finale on wedenesday nite.

  38. @Clare Ann do you know Rachel? Do you read fine leather bond books with her? Does her house smell like mahogany?

    • No I don’t Know Rachal but most of the House Guest don’t tell each other what they do in the REAL WORLD! :) They make up Sh*T !lol

      • Why in the world would a sane supposedly well educated 27(supposedly) year old woman that is on a Reality TV show tell a lie about spending time with men for money trips and other gifts which in the real world (where we reside) would make us think that she is a “PAID ESCORT” which is a nice term for hooker or ho…I mean..seriously..what else are we supposed to think..What did she think we would think.??? SHE BROUGHT THE BAD COMMENTS ON HERSELF..she should have never discussed her private life to that extent..And I did not say bad about Rachel or call her names nor do I hate Rachel..My comment is what is …a comment

    • @Fake: Just what makes you an expert on rachel, So she works as a VIP waitress, SO:

      And just because is does in vagas makes her a HO, Just how?

      And to attack Clare Ann the way you did, tells me you are immature, and have no class

      • They did show a clip of Rachel and they stated she was a chemist. It could have been a college photo or maybe she really does work as a chemist. Some of those callgirls or whatever names people give them work as callgirls and go to college during the daytime. More power to them to those girls that get their degrees. I think,,, I am not sure but maybe that is how she got her degree. Also, they pay taxes just like anyone else. I think Rachel is rough around the edges and has to keep up that image.

      • don’t even mess with Clare she won’t say to much, but on the other hand I will come at you like a rat in the corner with words you never heard before. Got your back Clare always

  39. Brigade > each one of them had made friends in other HG! Matt & Ragan, Lane & Britney, Haydon & Kristan, and Enzo & Brendon! Just in case the brigade broke apart! :)

  40. enzo is an insurance adjuster/realtor.

    what would you guys do if you had a claim and HE was the one who showed up at your house?

    “hey YO… yous can’t get paid for that f*ckin’ sh*t man! yo- what the f*cks wrong with yous anyway? sorry dude, man, it is what it is yo”.

    • first i’d say “I ordered this pizza with pepperoni & mushrooms… what the hell, bro; this is unacceptable.”

      then i’d say “Get the f*ck out of my house before I call the cops and don’t touch anything and don’t talk… YO, it is what it is Bro. You get no tip, for sure.”

      “Now walk your meow-meow @$$ out of here”.

      “Have a nice evening, you loser!!!”

      “You won 1 freaking PoV and ‘yous had ta cheat’ to do that… you’re pitiful & pathetic all rolled into one”.

      • ROFLMAO :) :)

        that’s GOOD Greg!

        the poor smuck probably WILL end up delivering pizzas if his BOSS heard all the stuff he’s been saying!

        remember when enzo said his boss can’t tell him what to do anymore because enzo is a big tv star now?! lol… what an idiot!

      • @Frankie, it’s old news, water under the bridge. those that saw him cheat and those that didn’t see it as cheating; either side won’t be swayed.

        lets not beat the dead horse… lets just beat up Enzo, who physically bashed the gay guy. LOL!!! Who cares, REALLY?

    • Enzo’s like a 5 yr old who just learned the word “F*CK”. Is it really necessary to use it 6 times in one sentence… lol

  41. do you guys agree that this is the first season where there hasnt been a real favourite. Like last seasons i have always been able to pick a houseguest i really liked – Janelle, Dan, ED, Jeff, but this season it’s amazing, I do not want to vote for ANYONE as a favorite houseguest.

    • Yes I felt that way and I don’t really care who wins. None are Worthy!! They are competeing with each other! They were POOL SHARKS mostly the whole time in there! I say about 50 Days of COMPETITION on the POOL Table for the FRUIT BOWL!! LOL

  42. When Lane was showering Hayden told him that he had to win the second part. Because Enzo was a chump.When Enzo fell off the swing Hayden said be a man. It looks like Lane and Hayden are tired of Enzo.

    • Enzo can be very funny at times, I have had many laughs from him. However, most time he just doesn’t know when to stop. I am going to smack my cat if he say’s meow one more time,lol.

      To the few on here with no sense of humor, I would not really smack my cat.

      • How dare you say you’ll smack your cat. As an animal rights advocat-

        Just kidding :P, attack that cat all you’d like.

      • My cat the three legged sweet little kitten when we adopted him grew up to be a half dog half lion. He could kick my butt easily. My 160 pound Rottweiler spoiled him rotten. We do what ever he say’s, lol

  43. First I would like to say that the ber-egg didn’t orchestrated or executed any thing, This is thfirst season were the whole house tried for 7 weeks to get two, Yes that’s right (TWO) people out of the house, Until brendon was evicted, no-one was playing the game, If they were Enzo, Lane and Hayden, and Kathy would have been targets.

    The only reason the ber-egg got anywhere was because of Matt, And the fact that the rest of the house was after B/R, I have never seen a season where so meny people won’t watching what the rest of the house were doing.

    And as for rachel and ragan, Ragan is the type of person that only has one point of view, His: He won’t listen to any ohter point, It’s his point that is always right, If you would just listen to rachel and ragan you will see that ragan cuts rachel off every time she try’s to get her point of view across.

    • I’m really not trying to be rude, but I truly dont know if Rachel even knows what her point IS. I can physically feel my IQ dropping when she speaks. At least Ragan can put a sentense together fast enough, while Rachel gathers her thoughs to spit something out. Maybe that’s why production keeps airing the so clearly rehearsed statements like “I had to fight EVERY DAY to stay in the house” and the classic “No one comes between me and MY man”.

      Where is this fairyland where they give out these magical degress that she’s been able to obtain? I’d like to pick up a couple more myself :)))

      • @liza: what does all that have to do with the fact that ragan doesn’t listen and only has one view (HIS)

        It’s not how a person speaks, It’s how a person listen’s

        And why is it so hard to believe the Rachel has a high IQ, I know alot of people who don’t look like they are smart.

        Everyone believed Matt, when He said he was a member of mensa, Which I don’t believe for one minute.

        @Graves: not funny

      • Well, with the seedy type of life and environment she obviously is from… they can counterfeit any document… I’m quite sure a fake diploma as well. You can tell just by the way she talks, that she has no formal education. She’s a tramp with no education and zero class.

      • You can definately tell that Ragen has an advanced education… he’s articulate, well spoken and expresses his ideas, and feelings coherently. Rachel’s just a mess and not even a hot mess. LOL

      • hey chris… it’s TRUE – matt REALLY IS a member of mensa… state of illinois – chicago chapter.

        i looked it up at the beginning of the season.

      • @graves, your mind is down in the gutter. You may be very intelligent but the drivel you left here can only come from the mouth of an idiot. Tell me, does spewing such garbage make you feel better about yourself?

      • @..svetlana..You may be new here and u may not (could be using another alias) I don’t really care one way or the other but when u don’t know the reason behind a post mind ur own business..THAT IS ONE VERY IMPORTANT LESSON U NEED TO LEARN WHEN U COME ON THIS SITE…and if u object to reading “garbage” then perhaps u should leave..Cause tonite this place is a landfill…

      • I find Rachel’s problem is that she is arguing for the sake of arguing, her primary target being the spotlight. That is mostly why she isn’t very articulate since she is orchestrating an argument (that she hardly believes in) on the spot. This isn’t to argue in favor of Ragan’s behavior but I find him easier to follow and thus tend to side with him more when he argues with Rachel simply because he makes sense (despite his cattiness).

        I actually really want to like Rachel because I think she is a strong woman but the way she degrades herself with her forced behavior for the cameras is disappointing. It makes me feel as if women can only be taken seriously in the media when they spit out stupid remarks and flash their breasts.

      • @graves, my goodness! touchy, touchy, touchy…
        I definitely scratched a nerve here but did I also expose an ugly and smelly wart you’d rather keep it hidden? Does being an old poster is a license to you for opening your mouth before thinking? Please, don’t just run amok at the mouth, ENLIGHTEN me. What was your reason
        behind your post? Screaming your futile attempt to patronize me is really stupid and of no consequence even though it probably made you feel better about yourself “teaching this newby a lesson.” How can I object in reading garbage on
        this site?! Look at what I would have missed. Trust me, I don’t.

    • I agree, Regan is not a very nice person at all. His College will hopefully see this and so will his students. Maybe he will not be a teacher anymore. His mouth got him in trouble. Saying that he is a blackout drunk, drugs and much more. A Professor? mmmmm……A Professor without class.

      • Rachel is s moron…. Her personality sucks and Ragan’s argument is well put and also right.

        Who else won HOH and yelled at people?
        “Floaters grab a life vest”

        She’s annoying and disgusting.

  44. I want Lane to win first place with Hayden in second place. That leaves poor Enzo in third with no one but himself.

    • Oh, goodness, dont worry about Enzo, guys, he will be in movies and do all the appearaneces. That’s on top of the at least $25k and the bragging rights to making “Big Brother History” with such a brillian alliance.

      • all he will end up with are the bragging rights..and when he finds how few people actually like him (his family)he may have second thoughts as to how to treat people in the future..

  45. As for Enzo I don’t think he made any points, when he came out during the comp, (The he lose in 19 mins) with hot food and sat there eating.

      • I was LMAO when Enzo came out with the FOOD! Every time they hit the wall he shout out YO YO YO! lOL

      • I agree as well, he didnt show much support for the BRA Gade by doing that. He will get what he deserves in the end which I hope is nothing. This season was a disappointment for sure.I never had a favorite and I wanted to but no one stood out as a good game player to me. Mat is paying for the terrible lie he told, that was low and not a good move at all. I

    • Yeah they were pissed when he came out with the food. Lane especially. Enzo you dope. Man you have no brains but you are funny.

      • Enzo came out with food while the other guys were still competing. Oh my god, meow meow is really hopeless!

  46. Here is my projection of the real winners of this season: Correct me if I’m wrong on the prizes, I’m not that die hard of a fan:

    1st Place $500k, Hawaii Trip, and I think another $5k Hayden

    2nd Place $50k I hate to say it’s probably going to be Lane since he won the 2nd comp. That sucks. He’s such a cheapskate–did anyone hear him say on BBAD that he’d pay for….DINNER if he won??? Wow, don’t be too generous! At least Enzo said he pay for their flights!

    3rd Place $25k Brendon for Fan Favorite! Oh you know he’ll win. Have you seen his morning wood?

    4th Place $20k Ragan for being the whiniest, gassiest, annoying, self-righteous hypocrite of the season.

    5th Place $10k Britney the Brat. For slandering every house guest, obsessing over Rachel and Brendon to the point of fatal attraction, humiliating her EX-fiance Nick by sleazing it up with Lane, and for being an all around disgusting human being. I don’t think $10k plus stipend would be worth showing all of America what an evil and monster she truly is. She probably could have gone far in life with all her schemes, but hopefully anyone who encounters her will be all the wiser.

    6th Place $10k Monet, she deserved to get the boot early. She was just a negative nancy with no personality. I hate that BB promo where she says “Whoo” and her voice cracks. She at least won the same amount as Britney and didn’t need to put in the effort.

    7th Place Enzo and his TV! Oh yeah, and his new movie and TV career!

    8th Place Matt and his $1 Oh he wasted that Diamond Power of Veto. I think Matt should have made up the disease for his wife. That would actually have been funny…like, my wife is dying of perspatoryhalitosis, it’s a condition where her breath is so bad that it causes her to sweat so much that she can die of dehydration, but you know, something more believable.

    The biggest losers of the house:

    Kristen: She is a butter face, right? I can’t believe this is not a topic! She has an amazing body, props to her, but her face is the cross of a weasel and Hayden. It was kind of gross that everyone thought they were related. Anyways, she came off as one shady sleaze when she had a boyfriend and was hooking up with Hayden. Who’d want to date that tramp?

    Kathy: What in the world? I would never want that incompetent lady to be a sheriff of my town!

    • Oh, I forgot Lane’s $97.17 or whatever. I don’t know why everyone is so worried about Enzo winning. The way BB edited Enzo telling Britney about the Brigade obviously means that they don’t want him to win because it soooooo did not go down that way.

      • Sorry, I don’t do short. As much as Enzo likes to hear himself talk, I like to write.

        Enzo, Lane, and Hayden thought it would be most respectful to tell her to her face about the Brigade. You can see they were coming from good intentions and an honest place. Hayden ran off (because he wanted to take a shower because he knew this would make the show) leaving only Enzo and Lane. Lane has no balls when it comes to Britney, so it was left to Enzo by default. He was being really cool and they all were expecting a reaction. She didn’t give one!!! Those reaction shots on TV were so not the real ones and Enzo’s evil laughs did not happen that way at all. He kept repeating himself because she was not giving any reaction. He went to the bathroom and Hayden came in and told her that he wouldn’t take her off the block because the Brigade was since Day 2, and that’s when she cried. Enzo was in the bathroom, still talking, not realizing she was crying, so he wasn’t trying to be a jerk. Britney only cried because she was going home and not Enzo. Sorry, I don’t feel sorry for her. Everyone wasted time at that house, her time is not more important. She was upset because she jeapordized her engagement for $500k and there was no chance she was going to get it. Oh man. That episode will be on my Tivo for a while. I can’t believe how awesome it was to see her get the boot. They also made her seem like she took it really well. She went to DR after and wanted to leave, but if she did, she wouldn’t get her $10k prize money. She’s actually a sore loser, but since she’s sleeping with someone in production, they edited the show to save her face. They made Enzo look bad because they want Hayden to win.

      • She thought she even had a chance of getting the 50G’s! Those boys were laughin their butts off when she went to the DR for TWO hours!!!

      • Oh yeah, Clare Ann, you’re right! She was only shooting for the 50gs because no one in the jury house liked her! She was smart to point that out to Hayden, I actually do give her credit for that! And Lane flip-flopping back and forth was priceless…especially when he compared her to his dog dying and then saying he had “feelings” for her.

      • Nice I am assumming you’ve only been watching the CBS episodes and BBAD? Watching the feeds you can clearly tell she did not start crying until the point where Hayden got up to hug her (which is what prompted Hayden to go to her). Enzo, like normal, does not know when to put a cork in it and kept on running at the mouth. The girl was obviously blindsided. She immediately went down to the Jumanji room and tried to compose herself and then went to the DR. Was in the DR for a little bit and came out and went into the Taj room where Lane came and talked to her.

      • @Nice not only are you long winded your delusional, Where did you come up with she sleeping with someone from production, so they could make Enzo look, Enzo doesn’t need any help in that area.

      • I know everyone hates Enzo, but the way he came off on the edited version vs. BBAD made him look like a complete jerk. She was tearing up when Enzo was in the bathroom, but the cameras didn’t show it. Then Hayden went to hug her and that’s when she started visibly crying. And trust me, Britney is definitely slutting it up with the production crew. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s the way it goes.

      • XYZ, Who cares if the “girl” was blindsided. I don’t feel sorry for her one bit. She blindsided Brendon, Matt, Ragan, Rachel, so why would I feel any pity? If Enzo was put on the block, she’d be talking smack much worse than Enzo. And at least Enzo said it to her face. And yeah, he kept on talking, but he knew it was going on TV. They have to repeat to get coverage, duh.

    • Lane said he’d pay for dinner if all he won was the 50 grand. They all had a standing agreement that whoever won the 500 thousand would pay for the trip for everyone.

      • Thanks for correcting me, I must have missed that. If I won $50k and had 2 other people help me get there, I would do more than take them out to a measley dinner. Lane’s family is rich and he is cheap.

    • @Nice… nicely done.

      medium rare, that’s how i like my steak, that’s what I’d tell Lane. can you imagine what the bar bill would be? Rach can be the waitress… b/c you know she fought hard every day or week whatever and she deserves something, she’d get such a tip – Ragan said he would take care of her tip.

      You’re right about Kristen… she is one strange dude… now that would top it, she once was a dude.

    • Nice (?): You forget that Kristen got to keep both unitards, one of which she sold on E-bay (if that report was true…)

      • Okay, then she moved up to 9th place, but that means Enzo would be declared winner, because his Penguin suit is going to get millions on e-bay, YO!

      • I think they made him turn in the penguin suit…

        but loved seeing his baby girl with the stuffed penguin!

      • Glockmeister,
        She did trade it with Ragan’s veto ticket but Ragan traded it back. Remember Rachel even tried to pay Britney that $5000 for her to use the veto afterward on one of Brachel.

  47. BB is almost over, Only one more Comp. to go
    But we won’t get to see it, Until the final show
    Ragan and Britney are at the house, And thing are going swell
    If thing get any better, They could end up in jail

    Matty told Ragan about his wife, And Ragan almost cried
    You hurt me deeply, Please Matty say it’s a lie
    The house seem happy, Everyone was getting along
    Then came Ragan, And change the houses song

    Rachel tried so hard, To show Ragan the light
    But you know Ragan, He just wanted to fight
    Ragan told Rachel, that all the fight, She was to blame
    Ragan can’t you see that your wrong, It’s a crying shame

    There’s two sides to everything, With Ragan only one
    Ragan you’re not always right, I’m here to tell you son
    For a person who say’s he’s smart, You’re acting kind of dumb
    For there’s alot people smarter than you, I happen to be one

    • Count me in! lol Loved It! Ragan is a Professor in Communications!!!!!! Wow, He didn’t use his head when he blamed her for all the Fights! What about the others involved in those fights! Oh, Ragan is a Professor of REFEREE’s he must know how to handle it all! LOL

      • common denominator Clara Ann, you missed “common denominator”. LOL!!!

        I think the “common sense” thing here, that’s being missed is “why waste your time arguing with Rachel?”.

    • Chris another great one and you were so right on people who are NOT funny. You sure nailed that one on the head.

    • Goodmorning, woke up to your poem and once again it made me smile. You always get it right, and I so look forward to them. Great job CTG.

  48. Don’t know about anyone else, I was disappointed that BB did not give us the time elapsed from Ragan’s entry into the jury house and Rachel starting the argument with him.

    It’s Ragan fault actually and he’s the Communications guy… she totally loses it when someone says “the common denominator is you” to her.

    I mean can you blame her? Really Ragan you’re such a clad and you’re definitely NOT listening to what Rachel feels… you f*cking bully.

    • A Professor at that, He didn’t have to go into ACTING MODE, he is in the Jury! They did @ one time get along. When he was crying in the have-not Room, Rachal was there for him. She listen and Supported him when he was down and out!! Go figure that one!

      • you know Clara, Rachel said she treated people with respect… maybe it’s basically their fault for NOT RECOGNIZING IT.

        the thing I notice is that when Ragan gets the better of her… she gets flustered, louder and argumentative. maybe it’s my imagination.

        seems Ragan comes from the Reality world and Rachel comes from Rachel’s world.

      • Lot’s of roaches come from the gutter, why would Ragan be any different. Brendon got it right, they were roaches in the BBH and they traveled to the JH. He likes to put people down cause thats all he knows. Wonder what he’s teaching, my guess is how to be a douche

      • I feel like I must be watching a different show from everyone else. I thought Regan was trying very hard to be diplomatic and not engage in an argument with Rachel when she was clearly trying to bait him into one(“So are you saying I’m a bad social player?”) He even went so far as to complement her (reffering to wearing your heart on your sleeve as a good trait). imho opinion I think he was trying to keep things as civil as possible and she was causing what she obviously thrives on: DRAMA.

  49. I hope america votes for Andrew to get the cash. He deserves it more than anyone at bbh. I wil be votng for him to get the $$$$$$$$.

      • No, I didn’t win a t-shirt. You are too young to forget stuff. Remember, the giveaway is this Saturday or did you completely forget?

      • Yes, I was joking with you! I did like Andrew only wished he opened his mouth sooner, it would’ve of changed the game BIG Time!! Sorry :( if you didn’t get laugh from my comment.

      • Ok Clare, thanks very much for letting me know you were joking with me. That’s cool. Hope we both win the t-shirt Clare……that would be awesome. Irregardless, I still liked Andrew and you are right….Andrew should have spoke up sooner and who knows, he could have made it to the final four. He is a very nice person.

    • i got it Clare Ann, good one, it took a minute. plus now i learned i find out I won one this Saturday. LOL!!!

    • @chris..Rachel told of her many exploits on BBAD..I did not make up anything on her..She gave a very vivid and detailed account of her lifestyle with a million people listening….
      I don’t have to make Rachel out to be a bad person she has done that all on her own..
      It does not take alot of common sense to realize that.

      And for u not thinking my reply to LIZA was funny.. since when are u the only comic in the house??? When did u buy the rights??? LMAO… get a grip… u got issues tonite leave me out of em..

  50. @graves: What world do you live in, I guess not my world, Just because she said she was a VIP Waitress in vagas, Doesn’t mean she goes home with anyone, I’ve know alot of women that work as a hostess all over the world, They get men to by drinks and they get a % of what they sale, It’s how they put food in thier mouths,

    People are quit to judge other people, Rachel could be a very nice person, you don’t know, no-body does.

    • yeah, i agree… a lot depends if she’s attracted to him and how much money he has… just joking, somewhat.

      i do agree Rachel COULD be a very nice person… i just wonder why she doesn’t chose to be.

      you know, i REALLY hope she can look back on BB constructively and maybe even get some professional help. i don’t believe she’s a bad person, she has some issues but who doesn’t.

    • hey chris… maybe you missed it, but one night on bbad, rachel told brendon that in addition to her job as a vip waitress, she and a female friend of hers have an “escort service”. she told him she accompanies male clients on 2-4 day long “sight seeing” trips around the country – he pays all of her expenses – and an additional fee of $2,000 – $4,000 per trip.

      now – as a man (and be HONEST) – if you were paying a woman’s expenses to take a trip with you and also paying her an additional $2,000, wouldn’t you be expecting “something” for all the money you’re spending?

      i know YOU would probably never do this in the first place, so you can answer for “men in general” if you prefer. wouldn’t a guy be expecting to get laid for that kind of money?

      • It all depends on what is in the contract, I know some men who just want a good looking women on the arm, for alot of different reason, Just because thier run a business doesn’t make them Ho’s,

      • I’m a woman….a woman who worked at Hooters from 18-21 & I cam honestly tell you that you’d be amazed how often wealthy men throw $$$ just to make themselves feel like a big shot. I’m not saying Rachel didn’t have sex with those men, just sayin it’s possible she didnt

      • hey chris… a CONTRACT? really??

        wow. can’t even imagine how that would read!
        hmmm. i wonder if Heidi Fleiss used contracts in her escort service…

    • Gooz, if that’s really your name, Britney is obviously sleeping/or priming to getting cozy with production because they have been pretty generous with the way they portray her on the show. She also knew a lot of information about production that she would tell all of the other HGs. Also, the crew members see her shower naked and such, so obviously there is much more that goes on behind the scenes.

  51. some of yall are crazy.

    have the feeds been out these entire 3 hours? would they really block feeds till thursday?

  52. @ Chris the great, Thanks for the back-up. :) I mean when your FAKE Than YOUR really Fake! I wonder if it was their real last name!! LOL

  53. What will we do without each other?
    Only one more week of Big Brother.
    I’ll need to think of new rhymes
    Because it’s almost that time
    When we post blogs on Survivor!

      • That was a cute one, Q but a sad reminder of the END is near :( I’m Happy to see Survivior coming, cause after this disappointment we need it! I love both shows but BB is the BEST!!! :)

    • @Nice… whoa, it’s better, it’s the best, it requires healthy bodies, more athletic the better, got to have the social too. good liars do pretty good also.

      no wimpy comps on this show, Enzo would not last 3 days, Kathy might last 2 days but the 2nd day she’d be useless. hell, that’s generous she’d be useless from the get-go.

      i’m interested to see how the old group of survivors handle it against the young’uns.

    • Glad to hear you’ll be posting on Survivor, but does it have any Spoiler Sites? I did sign in for Matt BBN and Ashli Rae’s site… Will try to not annoy as many as I have here for the last two nights…

    • Hey Nice, you have to watch survivor!! It is the best!! I will be kicked out of the loop for saying this. It is better than BB!! (i love BB)

      • Okay, you guys have me convinced. I’ll have to Tivo that next. I like athletic bodies. Brendon should have done Survivor instead!

      • Hey Girlfriend, I agree Survivor is Super but I like BB cause you see more what is going on & I get to meet friends like you! :)

      • Trish, tishe here, Where have you been??
        Hi Clare Ann, been trying to catch up on all the posts! Whew, quite the reading tonight!!

      • Hey, Tishe, Trish, Clare Ann, et al…

        I will be watching Survivor too… But I expect either Brit and Lane, Rachel and Brendon, or possibly Enzo and “wifey” to show up on The Amazing Race… (or maybe Matt and Ragan, Hayden and Kristen…)

        They’ve got almost a whole AR cast there… and they would have a shot at making history: most boring BB and most boring AR in the same year!

  54. I don’t understand why everyone is sticking up for Rachel when she is the one who came over and started fighting with Regan!! She’s the one who is classless

    • zero class… I wouldn’t be shocked if she and enzo weren’t life long friends from the trailer park… LOL

    • No, she and Kathy and Brendon went outside to console Ragan….He was mad at Matt and took it out on Rachel.

      With a PHD in communications, I just don’t understand why Ragan continues to hold a grudge against Rachel.

      Rachel did not put him on the block or even evict him…..he was never her target…

  55. I think that Rach and Ragan both have BIG personalities and they clash and they just do not like each other and never will! I am sick of the bickering about Ragan being the sh*t or Rach being the sh*t. Niether one is better than the other and Brit is on the same level as both of them! As for all the complaining about the season being “boring, predictable, yawnfest, etc.” there was something there that kept you coming back! Love them or hate them you kept watching them!

    • Yes you are so right, we kept coming back for more cause we were EXPECTING the UNEXPECTED! LOL I LOVE BB!!!! Wish they would do 2 Shows a year! :)

      • i do too Clare Ann! the BB season of love was entertaining and deff x-rated with the BBAD but i hate having to wait till next summer! it should be like survivor and have 2 seasons a year! but it deff needs to be jerry springer’d up some and not so much ellen like! lol


      Brit is worse than Ragan trimming his long nose hairs.

      Brit is worse than Lane spitting seeds in the plastic bottle.

      Brit is worse than Rachel’s laugh.

      Brit is worse than Brendon’s morning wood.

      Brit is worse than Matt’s spikey 90’s gel hair-do.

      Brit is worse than Kathy’s make-up and fake eyelashes.

      Brit is worse than slop.

      Brit is worse than the dirty bathwater that she shared with Rachel as she pretended to be her friend and then turned into a psycho frenemy.

      Brit is worse than the skin she chews off her fingers and eats.

    • wow… D2D, Brit wasn’t even there, how did she get involved?

      I’d just as soon not be exposed to Rachel’s personality, it’s just hard listening to that voice and that laugh and that phoniness. Fake, fake, fake.

      And Ragan’s not that likable either for that matter but seems you could have a conversation with him and not be cringing all the time.

      Britney, I can take, she’s cute, funny and seems like she’d be fun to be with.

  56. I told you Enzo would start using MOTHER F**KERS. He’s sayin that Wifey gotta go back to work, cause he blew the COMP! lol

    • …and his mother seemed to be such a lovely woman. How could he use an expression that dishonors mothers everywhere?

      Please do not inundate me with definitions of that term…

      I stand my ground: To use those two words in one expression dishonors mothers everywhere, if only because it proves that you were badly raised (maleducado in español…)

      • Well, if this is really what you think, you do realize then that MORE THAN 98% OF THE MEN ON THIS PLANET disrespected their mothers at one time or another in their life, right?

        Man, that sure sounds silly… because it is. It is really, REALLY silly, Sister J…

  57. HAVE THEY TOLD ENZO THAT HE NOT GONNA BE FINAL 2??? He is walking around in the backyard talking to himself…Now he is talking to Lane..

    • That is what I thought happened, maybe they did tell him!! He said he hasn’t a chance to win the money!!

    • That is so funny….Hey Enzo, Hayden and Lane have been in an alliance since before the show started.

      We are the life long friends and we wanted you to know that no matter who wins on Finale Night, we are not taking you to
      Final 2.

      They tell Enzo, that is just the way it is.

      It is what it is………..LOL…..

      • Yo let the death take yo, your a shun man but I gotta feeling Lane is not taking Hayden if Lane wins the next comp. Looks like he might get even for hayden putting both him and Britt up on the block together, making Enzo take the fall. But lane won’t blame enzo.

  58. Funniest parts of tonights episode….

    Enzo: I don’t even know why I’m here?

    •bwaaaahahahahahaha NONE of us do!
    Your wife did you a solid by trying to
    convince us you were a great player

    Sidenote: did you see the house? Dark hardwood floors. dark kitchen cabinets with stainless steel handles. stainless steel appliances. flat screens hanging in the kitchen, the living room. seems like a pretty cushy life to me! Funny tht she said he works two jobs….why hasn’t Enzo ever mentioned slaving away at not one but TWO jobs!!

    2nd funniest moment would have to be Rachel & her insistence on being vindicated. You were a complete monster– whn you won everybody felt your wrath, whn you lost everybody felt your wrath….OWN IT!!!

    • hey, according to her, she treated people with respect. just a few samples:

      “in your face”, “bring it on, bitches”, “i’m back, bitches”, “you disrespected me, i DEMAND an apology”, “how’s that disrespect you, just b/c i picked you b/c i knew i could beat you?”,

      “then you disrespected me when you beat me”,
      “where’s my bitch, Brendon?” okay, i just made those 2 up.

      • She’s just playing the character they casted her for.

        I give her some respect for wanting respect.

        Ragan played on her insecurity for wanting respect from people and called her “Rachress”, that to me is more of a personal low blow, than the generic “bring it on, bitch”. Rachel didn’t really personally attack anyone except for Kristen.

      • Nice, you’re going to give her some respect
        because she wants it??
        Ok, where is Nice and what have you done with her??

      • How is calling her “rachress” a low blow? Had she not flaunted being a VIP waitress ALL season thn he probably wouldn’t have went there. & 2 who cares she’s a waitress…she also has a chemistry degree, the only reasons she’s insecure abt waitressing is bc she isn’t using her degree but instead her body! I do not feel sorry for her what so ever.

      • Ragan will go wherever he pleases, because Ragan can do no wrong. Rachel actually was more vocal about her Chemistry degree. She did flaunt the VIP waitress thing, but that’s coming from insecurity as she knows she should be doing more, but I think those girls get caught up in the money and lifestyle that it’s hard to leave. She’s getting too old, so let her live up those tequila vomit days. She’ll eventually learn that she can’t “demand” respect and that she needs to earn it. To me, besides the whole Vegas thing, Rachel was perceptive and seemed like a smart girl. I might be giving her more credit than deserved, but I like people that no one else likes….it’s because I’m nice!

      • If they stacked tapes against each other of how often she talked abt chemistry & how often she talked abt VIP waitressing in Vegas the waitress stack would be tumbling over. I just don’t like the victim card….I dnt like the “everyone was against me & brendon, ALL of you are the reason I act like this!” guess what? Jeff & Jordan were targets all last season but they were still respectful. Just own it, I’d respect her 10 fold if she just owned it

      • @Nice. yes, you’re just too nice. i’m thinking i’d go with what you said “I might be giving her more credit than deserved…”. LOL!!!

      • Yo she was just reading her lines BB gave her. Thats the way they wanted her to go back in the house. Since we were all bored with the sh_t’s that were left. Except for Brendon, whos cared what the monkeys did. Cause they have not done anything the entire game. Good acting Rachel, hope you go on to better things in life. Also if people were watching the show from day one, they would remember seeing you in your lab coat at work when you got your key. And that you were in no way going to let the other hg know. It wasn’t til you and brendon got to talking that the truth came out. I got it I wish all the rachel hater”s would too. Andrew, Matt,and Ragan, also lied about there careers, so get over it allready. Stop being a Brittney cause we had enough of her, comments, about rachel. Give the girl a break, and stop it. How would you like it if someone did that to your daughter.

  59. Just got a look at those BRAGADE T-Shirts… No wonder Enzo thought Production was running out of money!

  60. What no more listening to music??? They took away the HOH room? I don’t remember they ever doing that?

    • …and here he thought it was so funny when that shoe was on Brit’s foot! But as you say “Yo, it is what it is…” As someone said earlier: “Karma is a Brit…”

      • … But it was funny with Britney.
        Hell, it was funny with Enzo too!

        It’s always funny when douchebags get kick out of the house! :)

  61. On the whole Rachel and Ragan thing I have to agree with CT.
    Although Im not a fan of Ragan, I will be on his side in this sense. And I dont mind Rachel that much either, Just feel she played the wrong game.

    Rachel needs the attention, He explains what he does and surprise, surprise, She somehow gets the subject to herself. And then asking a question like, Who started the majority of the drama? (Something like that, sorry im if not 100%). She should have expected a truthful answer which was that she was at the head of pretty much every fight. I just remember her fighting with pretty much every girl and then with Ragan. With the other guys not big fights I dont think.

    Im a fan of neither, But in this case I think rachel needs to just leave it alone and suck it up the truth hurts sometimes.

    • Yeah, you’ve captured what happened astutely. Of those two, one’s a loud-mouth and the other’s a know-it-all: they press one another’s buttons.

    • ur right joe… rachel needs to give it a rest. maybe the person we see ISN’T who she REALLY is outside of this game – but that doesn’t change the person she portrayed herself to be IN this game and no one is to blame for that but HER.

      good, bad or indifferent – bb12 is a ‘done deal’ as far as the way any of these hgs’ behaviors will be remembered.
      will any of them REGRET their actions?
      we’ll soon find out – or maybe not!

  62. Enzo looks so sad. I guess he realizes it is over for him? Dang I miss the funny Enzo, don’t like this poor me Enzo.

    • Trish, tishe here, okay I went back to Survivor Fandom and linked in on survivor 2010/survivor 2010
      There was Matt’s site and Rico’s poem!!
      I am finally paying attention to stuff! tee-hee

      • Tishe you are the best! I found it thanks to you! Now I am subscribed like I am here. When are you moving btw? You will come back on the survivor site, right?

      • Clare Ann Yeahhhhhhhhhh! I am so glad you will be on there. I checked out the site but didn’t reply. Most of the replies were from 2 days ago. I guess it will get started next week. Wow survivor on Wednesdays? It will be weird not being on Thursdays.

      • Hi Trish, tishe here, moving on the 21st of Sept. I hope to have acess to a computer with internet!! If not I will be able able to watch Survivor, but will go thru withdrawls from not being able to be with ya all!!

  63. Trish, Enzo plants the SEED, thats what Wifey said. He is planting the SEED so he gets America’s Choice! LOL My eyes are wide open Enzo! LOL

    • I hope he doesn’t get America’s choice. By all the replies on this site I don’t think many like Enzo and don’t believe he would get the votes.

  64. My prediction on Finale Night!
    If Brendon wins America’s Favorite and $25,000, after he tried to evict hisself so that Rachel could stay in the BBH, he will definitely piss everyone off who voted for him. Because he would publicly announce that Rachel deserved it more than he did and tell everyone that he plans to GIVE RACHEL HALF OF HIS $25,000. That’s my Finale night prediction. Lol.

    • I sure hope people see that Brendan was fooled by Big Red and after she left he realized that he needed to play and play he did. He so deserves to win that 25,000. I think Brendan is getting tired of Big Red and I don’t believe he will spend it on her.

      • Yes he did. He got into a program that only a select few got in. Surely he won’t give that up. That is why he told Rachel she would have to move to LA. I doubt she will. He was talking to Annie in the first week about how when he finished he will have gone to school 15 years all together. WOW>

  65. hmmmmm. maybe lane & hayden will RESPECT enzo enough to tell him he’s NOT going to f2…

    you know – the same RESPECT enzo had for britney.

    i HOPE they do… cuz KARMA’s a bitch YO :)

    • OH CT, stop crying tears for that Brat. I know everyone on here doesn’t like Enzo, but obviously there something redeeming about him. All of the houseguests like him. He’s that funny clown that you can have fun with. He’s so consumed with himself that he doesn’t judge other people and people are comfortable with that. I heard his wife is hot, and if he’s not rich, then he must have a good personality. I think his loyalty is a strong quality. He’s like Ari Gold on Entourage. He’s obnoxious, has a big ego, and foul language is his primary vocab, but despite all that, he’s loyal to his wife, he said nothing but good things about her, he didn’t sleaze up with any women like your pal Brit.

      • @nice..

        you apparently missed the bbad episode when enzo was in the hot tub talking smack about his wife. it was pretty bad.

        but i will say one good thing about him… he has a BEAUTIFUL baby girl!

      • I didn’t see that (do you remember the air date?) but CT, you are so conservative…that is what the CT stands for, right? So I don’t know what bad is to you, in relativity to what I think is bad. I just don’t think Enzo is all that bad of a person everyone makes him out to be.

      • @nice.. no, i don’t know the exact air date, but i do remember it was during final 5 – after enzo won the veto and before ragan was evicted because he was present during part of the conversation. i hope you can locate and watch it – i think you will find he was very respectful towards joella.

        fyi – my definition of a bad person is someone who intentionally projects harm on others – be it physical or mental. that’s NOT enzo.

        i just think he’s a jerk with an abundance of BAD HABITS.

      • Oh shoot! I just recently deleted those, I have no space left because of the BB addiction. I would have like to have seen it to see your POV–as in Point of View, not Power of Veto. So we agree on what we think a bad person is. So with your definition, then Britney is definitely a bad person. She intentionally inflicted harm on Rachel, knowingly slandering her when she wasn’t there to defend herself. When Brendon was left in the house, Britney intentionally SHUNNED him and tried to get the other boys and Kathy to make him feel left out. That is intentionally inflicting some mental anguish on someone else, yes? So thank you for your definition, as you have proven my point this whole time!!!! You are a peach, CT :)

      • nice try nice – but we DO NOT share the same definition of a bad person.

        let me try to put it a different way for you:
        bad person: someone who KILLS PEOPLE (physical harm).
        bad person: a husband who constantly belittles his wife (mental harm).

        i don’t think any of the hgs on bb are bad people.
        they are playing a GAME for money – period.
        all have BAD HABITS – some more than others.

      • So Lame is a BAD person because he beat some guy up. And Britney is a bad person, because she belittled Brendon and called him a Neanderthal. They both need to sit in the corner for a time-out.

  66. I think he got a full ride to UCLA. Someone said he’s living on campus. That makes me laugh for some reason. Can you imagine him in the dorms? It’s like Big Brother all over again. All the frat guys will gang up on him and he’ll try to follow them around and fit in. That was so cute. I liked Brendon!

  67. Lane and Hayden are not smart or mature enough to handle 500,000. I hate to see what happens to them in the next 10 years.

  68. Everyone needs to give Rachel a break. She was a strong player and knew a lot about the game which immediately caused her to have become a big target. When more than 1/2 of the house kept trying to get her out and it took until jury to do it, she didn’t stay in the house by luck. The other hg were all spineless, playing follow the leader and focused on getting her and Brendon evicted, instead of playing smart and possible aligning with both of them. If they had the outcome of the season would be totally different.
    And then we wouldn’t have so much to bitch about.

    • No, no, no, no, no!

      Bashing Enzo is OK…

      But bashing babies is beneath us all… It made Ragan a two-time loser… (Good thing he made those remarks AFTER “America” voted to give him a shot at $20K…

    • Steve your no better then ragan, who does that. Talks about a little baby with a negativity. Come on are you a sicko? little Gia is such a cute child, she can’t help what her daddy does. Please be careful never to pick things out on a child cause some day it will come back to haunt you. You can hate the player but not the child. Enzo I’m not a fan of you but you did get it right with the wifey and baby Gia!

    • Steve, how dare you attack a child. What is wrong with you? Picking on a child? That just shows your level of intelligence. Steve, you need to redeem yourself. That is not nice of you to do that. Leave children out of the topics unless you have something nice to say about children.

  69. Would be funny if the BB crew called the nerf ball part 3 of the final HOH competition! Good night anyone who’s still out there!

  70. Is it just me but it seems the competitions are easy this year
    Evil Dick I remember was up all night for his
    Is this season just rushed or are they making comps easy because the contestants are not that bright???

  71. @CT. Read thru the comments and you should be very worried… we pretty much have the same view of Rachel and Enzo.

    i did start to get a soft spot & think when i saw him with his baby maybe i’m being too tough on Enzo, he’s not a BAD guy. then later i thought no, i was right the first time.

    won’t feel sorry for him when he finds out he’s out, only b/c he THINKS it DESERVES it so much.

    look at it this way, he was the manager of the bro-gade, didn’t do any of the work but wants ALL the credit… he deserves a pat on the back and “see ya, later”.

    • someone mentioned w/o the LF, we viewers did not REALLY get the true story or view of how the Bro-gade reveal to Brit went down.

      anyone? a short version, please.

      • In my opinion, Enzo was a jerk about telling Britney about the brigade. Before he and Lane actually told her he was sitting there hinting towards it and laughing (I felt, at her). Lane had his head down the whole time and you could see he felt pretty ashamed, but I don’t think he handled it well either. He was smiling and laughing and wouldn’t look at Britney much. If I remember correctly, eventually he really looked up at her and stopped realizing it was hurting her. The whole time Enzo was relatively degrading, pretty much pointing out how stupid everyone was for not knowing about “the best alliance ever”. At one point he said something about everyone in the brigade having a side alliace with someone just incase someone got put on the block. I am pretty sure that’s when Lane lost every tiny bit of rescpect Brit had for him (for a little while). I did not watch when Hayden came in. And all that, I watched awhile ago, the day after it hapepend… but that’s my opinion on it.

      • thanks Sara and fast too. actually i’m reading Nice’s version of it from my prev query… just doing it in installments. LOL!!! she did say she doesn’t do short.

        btw… your take was exactly like mine. back to see what Nice says in chapter 2. LOL!!! it’s on prev page.

        thanks again.

      • Sara: That’s how I recall it too. Enzo was very cavalier and carried an attitude that he was ever so deserving of being in the final 3. He was totally obnixous! After watching last night episode and BBAD I can only hope that Enzo is now feeling some of the emotions that Britney went through. I hope he knows he’s out! (and I hope he is!)

      • Hayden and Lane both felt bad for Britney for a while except Enzo. The clown was just enjoying his ego boost. I do not really pity Britney, knowing that she won’t feel the same if we swapped places. I am pretty sure she would mock me in that situation.

    • hi Greg… it’s going to be interesting to see what the jury says when they hear about enzo’s “master plan” – i.e. brigade.
      i’m curious to see who’s reaction is based on emotion and who is more strategic minded..
      i hate that we will never see enzo actually enter the jury house to be confronted by the rest of the hgs…. THAT would be good tv!

      as for the whole reveal scene? – hard to put into words, especially a short version! it’s one of those things that you really had to see it first hand to know how callous it was.

      • CT… i thought it was CALLOUS for sure from Enzo, my take on the “edited” was not any different hearing from ppl that saw it in it’s entirety.

        It was like come on Brit, catch on, okay i’ll hint around some more and Lane, good for him, would not join in with Enzo and just agreed and short answers.

        Enzo was busting at the seams to tell SOMEONE, even though after the vote would have been the BEST TIME, strategy wise. I felt bad for her, it put Lane in a bad spot and Hayden made sure he wasn’t there.

        It was a ego thing for Enzo and he wanted to boast… i think he’ll get wants coming to him, you know “it is what it is”. He should make a Jersey version of that, they can add to their Bro-gade shirts “IT’S WHAT IS!!!”.

        He’s not a bad guy, he’s just NOT a nice guy. He needs to go back to his baby, she’s a cutie, here’s hoping she takes after Mom.

      • GREG.. after reading your post, there’s just one thing about the reveal that you should know:

        hayden WANTED to be there when britney was told. as a matter of fact, he felt like it was HIS responsibility to be THE ONE that told her because he was the one who had the veto that wasn’t going to be used on her.

        what happened was shortly after brit came out of her DR session, hayden went in to ask for libations.
        once hayden was in there, production KEPT him there for a long time, and before he could get back to the hoh room, enzo had already told brit..

        enzo KNEW how hayden wanted this to go down, but he couldn’t keep his big mouth shut. as you said, he was busting at the seams to tell somebody – he’s an asshole.

    • Well, the Brigade is at it again. Last night on BBAD, they were talking about missing their “window of opportunity” to make it big when they got out, and that they had to move fast. Don’t worry guys, the “window of opportunity” has not, and will never be opened for you, so don’t worry about missing it. When BB is over and forgotten, you will be too.

  72. don’t know about anyone else but during the jury house bit, i got the distinct impression Brendon might be getting TRIED of Rachel’s old act… sameo, sameo, no chango.

    she looked at Brendon and said something to Ragan, as if to say “will you say something to defend me?”.

    when he left to follow her into the house, like a little puppy, i can hear him saying “Rach WHAT are you doing? can’t you just be NICE. why argue with this guy, you have NO chance to outsmart him. you know you don’t get along with other women, stay away from her/him whatever.”.

    • He said,”welcome to the Jury House”. They could make a mint with live feeds from the JH. I hope they don’t burn the place down.

      • actually Brendon put a “huh?” at the end of that. changes the meaning slightly.

        “welcome to the jury house, huh?”

    • Am I right that there was little argument in the jury house until Ragan’s arrival apart from when Matt revealing his wife’s fake illness?

      • yes, with Matt & Kathy, she expressed her disgust of him. then the Mouth (Rach) got involved and of course then it turned ugly… with at one point her DEMANDING he leave the kitchen where Kathy had retreated.

        he said “i’m not leaving the kitchen” but i’m sure he would have had Kathy asked him.

        last night Kathy said she was still mad and had actually gotten madder since the incident.

        i wonder if the posters out there that didn’t before still don’t see the gravity of the wife-lie and still view it as just a game strategy?

      • I agree about the little argument in the JH until Ragan’s arrival, but honestly we really should have expected it especially when Rachel and Ragan got together. BB probably highlighted it because of the first drama incident when Rachel returned back in the house after being evicted. I honestly AM NOT making excuses for Matt’s lie concerning his wife (fake) illness, and I do understand Kathy being upset especially being a cancer survivor, (my sister’s a cancer survivor) but isn’t Kathy kinda calling the kettle black, since she HERSELF chooses to smoke again.

    • I hope Brendon gets tired of Rachel’s act. I’d JUMP ON THAT! Brendon for fan fave for being one big hunky piece of meat! Also to stick it to Bratface! You know she just hated on him because he liked Rachel and not her!

  73. For one thing, Rag-an is wrong stating that Rachel started all the arguments in the house. Andrew started a good one. Remember his eviction speech? He’s the one that started that bitch Kristen going by exposing her and Hayden. I loved it when she was yelling “I don’t lie” in Rachel’s face when that in itself was a lie, lmao. If it wasn’t for Andrew, Rachel and Kristen would of never gotten into that fight. She was pissed that Andrew exposed her and Hayden and she was taking it out on Rachel and Brendon. She started it with Rachel by putting her and Brendon up against each other in that challenge. kristen was also pissed that Rachel heard her sucking Haydens face. Too bad kristen, you were caught, you should of just admitted it. Liar!( she doesn’t lie, lmao) Andrew and Kristen got into it too because Kristen was stuck up Kathy’s ass while she and Andrew were on the block and didn’t give Andrew any support at all. They were screaming at each other, the whole house heard them. Also, Rag-an’s big mouth was the one I heard all through the house. Between yelling and whaaa whaaa! He is so very sickening. He’s the vile one. Was so very happy to see him go. I so hope he doesn’t win anything, the slimy little worm. Yuck! So Rag-an, keep your big mouth shut unless you start speaking the truth. Rachel wasn’t the cause of all the arguments in the house. I must say it has been a horrible season for BB. I don’t care who wins because I feel that no one deserves the money. Come on BB, please pick your HG more carefully, Please!

    • damn, you’re right, forgot about that. Ragan should ALWAYS say “you’re in all the fights, EXCEPT that one w/Andy&Kristen”.

      just to clarify… i don’t believe he states Rachel “started all the arguments”, his point is “she’s the common denominator”.

      someone needs to let him knows that phrase REALLY sets her off.

      • Wasn’t Matt the common denominator in some of these fights? But Ragan gives him a pass because he wants to do him in the…okay, I’ll pass on that.

    • 100% agree with Greg. You may not like Ragan but how can you defend that snot snozed, big tittied bitch Rachel. She was good for the show, i.e., made it interested but I wouldn’t every want to be near her. She started fights just to get attention and couldn’t fathom the fact that the universe did not resolve around her. It does look like Brendon is catching on to the fact that she may not be all that. Even tough he is no gods gift to women, he still should be around someone he could take out in public and not get embarrassed by. Rachel should stick to her chemistry lab, examining the different flavors of sperm out there. I am sure she’s tried quite a few. I know my comments are rude but I cannot stand that thing called Rachel.

      • Wow Jim, don’t hold back, damn too late. LOL!!!

        I’m with you I would avoid her like the plague, if she came in a room I’d go to a different room… preferably one where I could not hear her voice or that laugh.

      • LOL! That was funny! As I have said in previous posts, I dont watch the show live, I watch it the next day on On Demand just so i can fast forward through anything that has to do with Enzo…So when my hubby got up for work at 4 this a.m. I clicked the internet on my phone to read the spoilers..he walked by the bedroom and said “What are u reading this early in the morning?” and when I told him BB he said, “I thought you couldnt stand that show anymore because of that Bozo guy” and the only explanation I could come up with is it is like coming up on a bad car wreck and not wanting to look (but you do anyway)..Ha Ha……

      • It comes down to the final HOH challenge and I think Hayden will take it an ENZO to the final two. Something says Lane could beat Hayden and he knows it. If Hayden takes him, Enzo has a shot to win. I THINK he gets BRACHEL (2), Lane and Kathy which should do it. I really don;t want him to win but he is really the only one of the “BRAGADE” who was true and “smart” about whom to eliminate. Not that the team followed his advice. I have been slamming him all year but maybe to Jersey Boy has a clue and we all just didn’t get it. No matter what, I picked Brittany or Ragan so obviously I have no clue on this season. Just my 2 cents

  74. Rachel was looking for a fight, she baited Ragen, by saying “So I am a bad social player”? She is trouble and those who relate to her are troubled!!

    • EXACTLY, especially the last part of your last sentence.

      Ragan didn’t seem to want a fight, “i’m not saying this to be mean, it’s from an honest place of reality… “.

      But then he got to doing “you’re right… ” from a sarcastic place. And she didn’t like that one bit b/c she FELT she was being made the fool again.

      See Ragan, I know what Rachel is feeling, why can’t you? LOL.

      Actually Rachel is not that hard to figure out. You just have to remember that Rachel is coming from “Rachel’s World”. Which is a whole different world of reality then most of us know.

    • Rachel is none too smart when coming to things like that. Ragan totally owns her in this department. But Ragan can be unnecessarily nasty. That guy(or girl) has issues. He needs to go see a shrink to sort it all out. Instead of buying a convertible, he should use that 20K to pay for a shrink.

  75. Ragan has 20k for being the second saboteur. The first was Annie. If all are angry with Matt for his lie, they did like the saboteur.That was one up The Brigade. How would they feel about Ragan in the Jury House? Ragan remind me of the cowardly Lion, at first he had no courage because his being Bully in school. Now he is the Bully in his own way. And Rachel saying she had to fight from the beginning, these two keep pumping heads.Like two Rams to see which one will back down. A person cannot aruge by themselves.When Rachel followed Kathy around to try and make her apologize for winnering over her that was uncall for. Just like last night if Enzo as he put it had won two games he would have won the money, no he goes around the house cursing, don’t want his wife to come now. He said well wifey has to go back to work. There are some poor sore losers

  76. Looking back at last nights show just reminded me how much I disliked Ragan. The minute he walks in the JH he starts in. He’s a whiny baby and just won’t stop. I can’t imagine him as a prof…so sad for the school and students. Has he told the JH that he was the sab?
    So sorry to see how Enzo performed last night. (It was nice that Prod. showed his family) Sorry to read some of the horrible comments blogged on this site about his family. Now I understand where some of the contestants come from!!!

    Lane does not deserve any $$$ after the “8 second game” comments. He’s the biggest lug in the house. Haydon if you’re smart, you’ll take Enzo to the F2. But…who said the dodo’s were smart?!?

    • Carol… sorry that’s a warped view of everything from my view.

      It was just Ragan and the way he is, you do know he’s gay? It up to the students whether they take his class. Take him or leave him… the viewers are divided on him I believe.

      I will agree it was nice BB showed Enzo’s family, he’s got to have an upside. Don’t agree about horrible comments about his family, did I miss those? There probably were some, you have to look at the source… that’s WRONG, the majority of us know that.

      “8 second game”… what’s that? I missed that too.

      and you’re correct, not too many are saying the 3 stooges are smart… especially “The Mastermind”. BUT THINK ABOUT THIS… where are all the SMART one at? A couple of chemists, a self proclaimed genius and a professor… how did Kathy get there?

      • I can’t help but wonder about why BB waited so late in the game to show the “heart-warming” scenes of Enzo’s family. Those of us that have the live feeds and/or Showtime know that Enzo is a lazy, disgusting egomaniac …But viewers who only observe Enzo from the edited CBS versions may be swayed by his family scenes to vote for him as America’s favorite. Do any of you other bloggers also feel the placement of his family is suspicious and meant to garner Enzo votes? I sure hope that he doesn’t win America’s favorite, or anything else for that matter.




    Lane, by winning the second round of the HoH, you are now somewhat closer to your two main goals for the game. I assess the status of your progress as follows:

    Goal One: $500,000 Grand Prize
    Status: In the thick of the running. Looking good to make final two with Hayden.

    Goal Two: Britney Haynes
    Status: Won

    Her omission of Nick from her eviction speech – among a list of people whose names were carefully and slowly articulated – was deliberate and planned. It was an unmistakable and undeniable signal that her engagement is at an end. Your DR session last night that you find her “funny, quirky, and joke-y” – and not just as a “hot girl” proves that you have come to love her deeply.

    I am rooting for you to give us a good old fashioned climactic ending – winning “The Girl, The Gold Watch, and Everything.”

    If you win on finale night, and you can get Britney to give you that one, big, dramatic, on-camera “kiss heard round the world,” as the final shot of the evening, that will be fantastic, and I am sure CBS would reward you and Britney in some way down the road.

    good luck
    (An even though I am a relatively short, urban intellectual who usually would be rooting against someone like you.)

    • sorry to burst your bubble Karzai, she’s boning one of the Production guys. LOL!!!

      actually loved your above message… i listened for the name ‘Nick’ in her speech also and was surprised not to hear it. I can hear Gomer Pyle… SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE… bye, bye Nick.

      i think Lane instead of figuring what to say to Brit… he’s calculating & comparing how many cases of beer he can buy with 1st or 2nd place.

      he’s a country boy, he’s no damn romantic fool. LOL!!!

      • GregH, we are on exactly the same page. There is simply no rational way she can explain to anyone why she left him out of her speech, and still maintain she is committed to the engagement. By not mentioning him, she has given him the final and most devastating of all humiliations this summer on the show.

        She has done so because he opposed her doing the show in the first place – an experience that tested her and has changed her life. Nick’s opposition to her doing the show cannot be tolerated, in her mind, and she has essentially broken up with him publicly. The ring need not come off at this point, as that would be too widely noticed and too dramatic, at this point.

        Some said maybe it was an oversight, but she had several opportunities in subsequent interviews with Julie Chen to correct this by giving Nick a shout-out and saying she loves him and looks forward to seeing him. It did not happen in any of these interviews.

        My theory, advanced over the past ten days: That Lane Elenburg and Britney Haynes have fallen in love in the course of competing on Big Brother 12 – this theory is now proved.

        Thank you to all my supporters on this chat room.


  78. Rachel did prime Ragan for the fight in the jury house, but it took only a short second for Ragan to let her know that she was below him socially, scholastically, etc. If I NEVER see Ragan again it will be too soon. He is truly one sick character and truly needs medication and counseling. I am over his saying he was bullied in childhood – he’s a grown man (well sorta). Get over it or get counseling! What child wasn’t bullied at some time for some reason? Ragan does not get along with his siblings except for one sister. Why? I think the “common demonitor” is Ragan. But enough about Ragan – I could go on and on but then I would be just like Ragan wouldn’t I? I AM glad that Enzo is now feeling some of the feelings Britney went through when she was told about the Brigade. Only Enzo was trying to make Britney feel bad and no one has tried to make Enzo feel bad and he has many many short comings. I guess we could say that Karma is a bitch. I guess if one of them have to win I would choose Hayden, but do I think any of them are deserving? No, not really. Hope BB13 has better, more A type personalities.

    • Ragan is just trying to justify why he can bully someone else….pure and simple. He acts like he never said a bad thing about Rachel and that she deserved everything that was said behind her back….I mean if you want to act like a big boy Ragan…put on your big boy pants and tell Rachel everything you said about her to her face….otherwise put your bow tie back on and go cry in the corner.

      Gah….he makes me sick….and Hayden saying he was a great representation for the gay community….please. I’m a part of that community and am ashamed at his actions…he acts the stereotype…ugh.

      Not that I’ve been a fan of anyone but I bet if everyone wasn’t against Rachel from day 2….she probably would’ve been different…

    • Indy, you’re saying Ragan let her know that she was below him, etc… it was her throwing questions at him basically asking him about her abilities… “so you’re saying I didn’t have a social game?”.

      Firstly, I’m not defending Ragan, he can take care of that himself especially with Rachel, I feel he was answering her honestly, she didn’t like his answers so she notched the discussion up, louder and more argumentative.

      Don’t know what you’re experiences are with higher educators, not all but some can be VERY CONDESCENDING, I think is the right word.

      Ragan’s one of those, the key is don’t get loud or argumentative with him. You can have a very educated discussion with him w/o it ending like the usual Rachel/Ragan ending.

      Here’s what classic… I would not put it pass Rachel to test Ragan during the finale, just wait & see. She may throw a few darts and don’t be surprised to see him throw them back.

      i’d guess Ragan’s problems with his brothers is due to his being gay, they’re probably judgmental of him. as far a “common denominator”, i believe Rachel argued with more Hg’s than Ragan.

      don’t know if you have noticed how other Hg’s during Rachel’s events are eye-rolling or making faces when she talking. it’s apparent they know to stay out of it but they don’t agree with her. look how Kathy tried to avoid Rachel after the bowling PoV when Rachel demanded the apology.


      • @GregH: It doesn’t matter how you talked to ragan, He only has one point of view (HIS) and only (HIS), He won’t listen to another point of view no matter how hard you try, He will always cut you off, and tell you are wrong, without hearing your point of view.

  79. I think that if Lane wins that he should take Enzo to final 2. I think that most of the jury votes will go to Hayden and he will win if he is in the final two. If Lane wants a shot at winning his only choice is to take Enzo with him. I think the votes will be evenly split between Enzo and Lane.

    • Odds are Hayden will win… unless the quiz is all about Britney.

      I’m thinking Lane’s got a pact with Hayden and Hayden got pacts with both Lane & Enzo.

      Maybe best the Final HoH guy says… “Look we all lived up to Final 3, then it became everyone for himself and the 2 Bro’s in the Final HoH Comp DESERVE to go to the F2 and let the jury decide… I CAN COUNT ON YOUR VOTE, RIGHT?”

  80. Racheal is one of those girls that I would talk about behind her back. She is so dramatic and she wanted to start a fight with ragan. She said that she wasn’t going to walk on egg shells around him. Ragan is just very oppininated and he says what everyone else is thinking. Yeah everyone did try to get Racheal out but no one else will even look at Racheal when Ragan says it, because they know that its true. I don’t think that Ragan is a bad guy he just dosen’t let people walk all over him. I don’t think that Racheal is a bad person, she just likes to bring out the Drama. So you put them together and they argue. Maybe the best thing will be for them to stay away from each other. As for Matt, well i was hoping for a little bit more of a meltdown from ragan when he told him. I didn’t have a problem with matt telling the lies and stuff, but when he tells people about it he just smiles the whole time that gets on my Freaking Nerves. At least pretend to care that you lied to everyone!

    • Casey, I agree about Rachel & Ragan.

      And that bothers me also with Matt’s smile also, it really makes it hard to believe he’s saying sorry when he doesn’t appear sorry.

      Sorry Philly, Rachel’s the sicko and Ragan’s just wrong he needs to steer clear like the rest of the Hg’s… he thinks he’s standing up against her for the rest of them that won’t say anything to her. why he feels he HAS to do that, i have no idea, lack of anything else to do, bored, sharpen his communication skills.

      Don’t know if you noticed but his interview with Julie after being evicted was the best of all the evictee’s interviews… he was to the point and very easy to understand. Compare that to Rachel’s or any of the others for that matter.

  81. After watching last night, never thought i’d be saying this but….OMG Let Enzo win, he works two jobs and has family. He needs money!

    • you’re just a softee, aren’t you Sheila? think of this… picture Enzo WORKING. Okay, now you can recant your statement. LOL!!!

  82. I think Lane or Hayden should win 100%
    You know I think all three could use the money, but atleast Hayden & Lane played. Enzo just sat back & let everyone do the work. I dont think just because he works 2 jobs & has a family he should win i think You need to play the game in order to win the money. I dont think he deserves the money & I think everyone that came into the house could have used that money some more then others but they wouldnt be there if they didnt need the money but You need to acutally play the game in order to take home the prize & i dont believe enzo really did that.
    I like Enzo i think hes funny but he does not deserve the money thats just my opinion.

  83. Oh id also like to add that I think this was the wrose season of Big brother that ive watched so far everything was so predictable I already knew what was going to happen before it happened not really any back stabbing or back dooring it was acutally a really boring season of big brother I never even bothered to buy live feeds this year just wasent that much interested in it.

    • it was predictable… why did you keep watching? it wasn’t a 100% sure thing and you kept thinking SOMEONE would make the power move.

      the thing that ticked me off also was that the votes to evict were NEVER divided, Kathy was the only one who went against them. so at some point did all the hg’s meet and decide to vote unanimous, right b4 the Eviction Ceremony?

      • I never understood the unanimous vote. The hg’s kept saying, “we are going to do whatever the HOH wants.” WHY? Eviction night is the HOH’s last day of power anyway. Made no sense at all.

        For such a smart cast, what a disappointment. They were all sheep. (yawn)

        CBS, I hope you are listening, you have a lot to make up for next year. So many fans were bored and fed up this season, but here we are…STILL. You owe us big time!!!

  84. If you saw BBAD last night you saw why Lane and Hayden should not win the money. They are disgusting. They are both too young and immature to handle that kind of money. Never thought I would say I hope Enzo wins.

    • Enzo has been in bed since last night except to the bathroom and a small amount of time in the kitchen. He say’s he’s depressed and is pouting, who is the the mature one now? Little Britney got over it a lot quicker. Enzo deserves nothing. Except a thank you for some of the laugh’s he gave in between his disgustingness. ( yes I know that is not a real word)

    • Excuse me, George, but are you saying that Enzo is more mature then Hayden and Lane???
      Puh–leaze!!!! You might need to be reminded that Enzo is almost 10 years older then those “boys”!!!! He’s a disgrace; to himself and the rest of us from Jersey!!!!

  85. Just so you all Know, I am the smartest person on this thread. Rachel is the victim!

  86. I have to disagree about ragan not letting people walk on him. He let everyone else make a fool of him. He only went after the outsider of the group. Its pack mentality. Did he step up to enzo or even matt when he learned of his betrayl? Nope… if he went after enzo he knew or atleast feared people would come to his aid.

  87. (BB switch things up a little) How about doing away with the final HOH. Instead reward Hayden and Lane with a trip for winning the last two competitions, AND letting the jury house choose from the THREE.

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