Big Brother 11: What To Expect In The Final Week

Big Brother 11 is entering the final stretch and with that last hoorah comes a shift in schedule. To make sure you don’t miss any of the excitement I’m going to detail out what to expect and when it should happen based on the past seasons.

While the HGs aren’t expecting anything until Thursday night the next big event will be Tuesday, Sept. 8th. That night we’ll have the live Power of Veto ceremony where Kevin will use the Veto and Natalie will replace him with Jordan. Following that will be the live eviction vote with Kevin as the only voter. It’s hard to tell at this stage, but he seems to still be wavering between who to keep, Jordan or Michele. I’m expecting Michele to be evicted, leaving Natalie, Kevin, and Jordan as the Final 3.

After Tuesday’s live eviction we’ll have an immediate rush in to the Final 3 HoH competition. The final HoH competition is three-pronged like this fork. Oh, wait you can’t see my breakfast fork, but here it is all shiny and sporting three-prongs. The first part of the competition will be on Tuesday night and is an endurance competition between all remaining HGs. You won’t want to miss this event on the live feeds. In Season 8 this battle went on between Evel Dick and Zach for over 8 hours and yes, I stayed up for the whole dang thing. Natalie has said she’ll throw this to Jordan, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Part 2 of the F3 HoH battle will be a physical/mental challenge between the 2 HGs who lost out in round 1. Round 2 will likely play out on Wednesday in the house. The winner of this round will face off against the winner from the first round in the next and last part of the overall competition.

The third and final round will be live on Thursday night’s episode and is usually a series of clips with the Jury House where the players have to guess how they’ll finish their sentences. The winner of this last round will then immediately cast the final eviction vote leaving just 2 HGs to face off on the Big Brother 11 season finale the following Tuesday (Sept. 15).

Don’t forget that with Chima’s expulsion America took on her responsibility as the 7th jury member vote. We should be able to vote for the HG of our choice to win sometime starting Thursday night. Please remember that you’ll be playing the responsible role which Chima could not, so no cursing, breaking things, or temper tantrums like a toddler!

Now that you’re armed with what to expect be sure to get your Live Feeds ready to go for Tuesday night’s live endurance battle. If you don’t have the Live Feeds yet, then no worries because you can still get signed up now and watch the rest of the season play out along with the rest of us Big Brother fans!

So let’s hear it! Who do you want to win and who do you think will be in this season’s Final 2? Share your thoughts and ideas below.



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  1. I want Kevin and Natalie in the final two. They have played excellent games. Hey, all of you who thought that Natalie lied about her boyfriend – hee, hee, hee. Although I don’t like Kevin’s lifestyle, he is really funny, and I really don’t care which of the two win it all.
    Here, all of us had all of these ideas, and it turned out that the Pandora’s box and the three little creatures were simply as they appeared to be. DON’T want Jordan anywhere near the final two. She is REALLY A DUMB BLOND. Her parents must be so proud of her comments on the human anatomy the other night. Bye, bye Michelle. Too bad I never understood her from day one. She’s WAY OUT THERE, and I will be happy when she leaves the house.

    written by Susan, September 07, 2009
    This is the shadiest stuff on TV yet. Kevin & Natalie made a calendar first of all to note days of events. This is clearly against the rules. Some have stated Michelle did the same with birth control and even if this is so and she also broke the rules, Jordan did not.
    Kevin stated on the feeds that a technical error enabled his win.
    Natalie stated she discussed dates, fans and game moves with her boyfriend on his visit.
    These are blatent game changing violations. Call CBS now!

  3. @redhead
    Just because Natalie wasn’t lying about her boyfriend doesn’t make the “twist” any more relevant to the game. It was such a waste and served no purpose. I’m still not sure that the whole thing wasn’t staged. The interaction between the two was more like two old friends who hadn’t seen each other in years bumping into each other in the street. “Oh, hey how are you?” “Good. You look good.” “So what’s going on?” It was just bizarre.

    Oh yeah, it’s really big of you to still root for Kevin even though you don’t approve of his “lifestyle.”

  4. ANYONE but Natalie.
    She’s been the benefactor of being a terrible competitor and the girl is shady at best.

    I’m pulling for Kevin/Michele F2. I think that would be a good match for the jury members.

  5. I tell ya to expect.

    U can expect Michelle to leave, Natalie to still be friends with Kevin, but have a secret alliance with Jordan.

    Natalie wins the questions part of the last competitions, Kevin doesnt win physical as that goes to Nat as well, while Kevin will lose in endurance against Jordan (hoping)

    Then Its Natalie and Jordan final 2.

    Natalie has earned it.

    Jordan has not.

    This means Jordan cant get “played a great game” votes, nor “stabb me in the back” votes

    Natalie will win, and in Januray, BB12 will start.


    F2 – Kevin and Michele


    F2 – Natalie and *Bernie
    (*Bernie Madoff- He really needs the cash.)

  7. Well if he (Kevin) played a great game, his lifestyle doesnt matter comment #4.

    U like someone in the final 4, because of there game. DUH.

    Hooooooooooooooowever i agree, i thought Nat and her bf interactions were VERY strange. She didnt kiss right after she said yes, instead she hugged from the floor. And she didnt cry. It was rele weird.

  8. Natalie has to go!!!!! What a bitch! She has’nt earned nor deserves to win. After getting that off of my chest let’s remember a few things. The jury house has seen what’s been going on and the final four have’nt been to concerneed about that. Plus America gets to cast a vote in Chia pets place. Did you Sunday,s show where you can vote for your favorite HG and they will win $25,000.00 ? I hope Jeff or Jordan win because it will be great to watch the other HG faces. As for you BB let’s be fair and not let the cheating go unpenalized. Go Jordan!

  9. I hope Jordan is in the final two. I think Natalie deserves to be evicted. Sorry to see Jeff go – he was honest.

  10. I just entered my 10,000th vote for Jesse to win American Favorite to get the 25K. I am gonna keep on going to see if I can out last all the votes you guy put in for Michelle. Jesse got hosed by the CDT and he was the best player. Just need to use multiple networks and logons and wait out the time to revote.

  11. BB should be ashamed of themselves. Kevin obviously benefited unfairly in the last POV and it should be done over. This is a disgrace. Also, why were Natalie and Kevin allowed to keep a calender? This show sucks. Bunch of cheats who BB will NOT DO ANYTHING about. BB has lost me as a viewer for not only the rest of this season, but for any future season as well. Just dispicable of BB to allow cheating to be rewarded. Shame on you. Hope it bites you in the but in the ratings.

  12. Kevin and Natalie are two in the same…
    devious, underhanded, mean, and evil…
    I’m sure Michelle is gone Kevin will never leave Nat..only she would leave himmmmmmm
    Sure Jordan may seem uneducated but she is still there unlike some others that have been
    voted out… she is friendly,and seems to care about what people have to talk about even though they are lying to her face…Don’t like the mean fat comments and dumb comments about her uncalled for… Remember she is the youngest in the game , comes from a small town, and may not have come from the best situation don’t judge… At least she is not evil…. you never know what will happen this game is crazy I couldn’t be in that house that long …. will be interesting to see how it is played out…. Fact: Nat will be Kevin’s downfall…..

  13. Hey, Lionel. Some people approve of that type of lifestyle and some don’t. I am entitled to my opinion, so don’t have a fit about my comments. Did you ever read Leviticus?

  14. It was unfair to start with bringing jesse back in the house and giving him hoh. He played a season and lost, no return until all stars. Next stacking a team with four players and all be safe when they win hoh was stupid. CBS had no choice but cdt or season would fail in ratings drastically.

  15. How do you figure Jesse is the best. He was cocky and arrogant and played the women in the house. He thinks he’s better then everyone else when he is far from that.

  16. Someone explain nataLIE constent “I stayed true to my word” crap, she was the biggest liar in the game. Her poor boyfriend was made to look like a fool in front of millions of viewers. It is clear she has one thing on her mind…..hooking up with Jesse.

  17. Regarding Natalie’s engagement:

    I do think it was real. I was able to see the show on someone’s ‘channel’ while it aired on the east coast and then watch it again here on the west coast and I think she was just thrown into shock. She did seem as genuinely happy as she COULD be consideringthat she also had to keep her eye on the prize.

    Do I want Natalie to win? Heck, no, but the lie she told the others was pretty good…I think she was thinking it up while still talking to her boyfriend and that is why she seemed scattered.

    Okey Dokey, my two cents for you!

  18. For all the fans that missed this blog from last night’s forum, this is for you!

    It is a ingenius and creative thought from a blogger using the name Arctic. I love this theory and it is worth your while reading it and giving us your feedback!



    September 7th, 2009 at 5:52 am
    Wow! We done got, got. haha
    haha by Allison Grodner. She fooled all of America. Good job Allison.

    None are so blind as those who Will NOT See. Nat took a PB deal but gave up HoH and goes to the jury house. She got advice from Jessie who told her, she will not get the jury votes for 500k. So Nat took the cash deal and is going to JH. Nat slipped up a few times and did mention “Jessie said”.

    No HG has ever met alone with an outsider while the game is on. No One! Ever! (think)

    BB Commercial says “the jury will be packing the box”. Yep with a juror to take Nats spot. Jeff or ???.

    Fake BF, fake engagement, fake ring, made from a TWISTie (small twist for a whopper lie). Clues? No tears of joy, no excitement, no good kiss, no real ring. Nat just met that stagehand. And Nat did say she broke up with her BF 8 months before she entered BB house. Letter from home written by dad not BF? That got America sucked in. (you hear Allison laughing yet?)

    What about that Kev’s POV win? haha.. He could see the answers or questions before the girls? That will be a redo veto on tuesday live. (did Allison plan that? Oh she is laughing)

    America got got. Luv it.

  19. Although Michele may be the one who is leaving, wait a minute! Did Kevin offers Michele alliance? From what I know, Kevin already knew that Nathalie is not trustworthy, and he knew that she will backstab him in final three since he will likely get the most vote. From what i know, Michele is kind of accepting but not sure yet. I think that Michele deserves more than Jordan to win, because Michele has work her ass out to win three times POV and HOH. Whereas Jordan only won once (HOH) because Jeff sacrifices his game. I hope BB gives her some credit for that if Michele got truly convicted. Jordan is a nice girl, but if BB lets her win then in next episode, people will imitate Jordan since they all know it will get them to final four at least. Also, Chima is right about BB because right now, i do think that BB is not a fair game, I hope BB proves me wrong. That’s life. And that just my opinion.

  20. Very interesting theory from Artic…but I am afraid to hope! Sigh…this has been such a disappointing PB that if BB has done what Artic has suggested then it would be genius!

    Like I said before, I watched her reactions twice and it did seem genuine…

  21. I have to admit that this has been the strangest season of BB yet. And not altogether a good one. If there is a BB12 perhaps CBS will put more thought into it than was obviously done with this one. As a fan I have been very disappointed and concerned with what appear to changes and cover ups. Even though I continue to watch. Don’t have the live feeds and very much rely on folks on this site. But with or without, this whole season has been strange. Thank you all for keeping those like me without the live feeds, up to date on all that happens inside the BB house.

  22. If Kevin uses the POV and puts up Nat and he has the deciding vote, why would Michele still be going home???? Can someone explain this for me?

  23. Honestly, in hindsight, I thought that the letter that Natalie got and complained about because it seemed that it was written when BB first started was like that because she would be getting a visit from someone…gah…my mind is spinning!!

  24. I tnink Kevin will use the POV on himself. Natale will have to put up Jordan making Kevin the only one left to vote so he will vote for…who knows?

  25. This has been a very painful and disappointing season for me…surely it isn’t going to end this anti-climatic…that would be pathetic on the part of CBS.

  26. @sservie #33

    I am so with you! I actually stopped watching this season for a bit and only started watching again when Chima had her meltdown. I would occasionally read the live feed blogs but am totally disappointed with the turn of events!

  27. Hold on a minute. How can Kevin use the POV on Nat? I thought as HOH she was safe ? If this is true then “Ding Dong the witch is gone”!

  28. @sservie

    I truly hope that Kevin does switch his alliance and sure seems like he will by his DRs. But I have been reading on the live feed blogs that he is playing the same old, same old with Natalie. I can only hope that he is doing that to throw off Natalie but I doubt it…

  29. @Missy #36

    He can’t vote off Natalie unless he was given some crazy power in his PB that he is keeping very secret.

  30. #36 Missy

    Kevin will use the POV on himself and Nat as HOH will have to put Jordan on the block with Michele.

  31. Jordan has no chance of winning HOH this week. If they keep Michelle, she will win w/ flying colors! Go MICHELLE AND JORDAN!!!

  32. @sservie #29

    Nat. cannot go up because she is HOH! That is why Kevin will be the only person voting, because M/J will be on the block!

  33. I think there is a chance Kevin would vote Jordan out.

    1. He wanted to switch to an aliance with Michele.
    2. Thinks Jordan might not vote Nat out

    so to keep Michele would be a better scenario for Kev.

  34. @Redhead: Keep the comments BB-related and leave people’s lifestyle out of it. Your personal opinions and religious ideals are of no interest to anyone on these boards.

  35. #42 Diana

    I went back and re-read the original post…apparently I read it too fast the first time to get back on here….lol. How pathetic am I?

  36. OK, just went back to CBS to cast another vote and I note that on the polls there are numerous message boards about the so called cheating of the POV.

    I think someone commented on why Michele was smiling after the POV rather than being too upset. Perhaps (again as someone mentioned on this blog), production knew they messed up and they plan to havea replay of the POV on Tuesday.

    Either way, CBS BB are aware that there is a public outcry of the last POV’s outcome!

  37. Redhead – As to Kevin’s “lifestyle”, who cares whether you “approve” or not. If Kevin has any sense, he get rid of the disgusting Nat and take Michele with him to the final two. Unlikely, but I think it’s his best move.

  38. I didn’t see alot of affection from Natalie towards her BF.I think Nat and Jessie are perfect for each other.[They think they are perfect].

  39. I really want to see Kevin win, if he takes Michelle to F2, she might win, – think Russ and Jeff will be rallying votes for her.If he takes Nat the brat to F2, I think he would win because the Jury House now knows Nat is a liar with them finding out her age, then they will know bout this other lie she told bout the marriage thing. If Kev takes Jordo, I think Jordo could have the votes… So I think it should defiantely be Kev and Nat in F2…Kev will win.

  40. @sservie #45

    Not pathetic, only enthusastic. I do that too sometimes when I get excited and I skip vital parts of what I am reading (speed reading). Don’t put yourself down because you are a special individual, like we all are with our quirks and perks!

  41. @ Sservie-Gnat is HOH. Unfortunately she can’t be nominated. Kevin will put up Jordan, his only choice. Michelle will go to jury house unless we get a twist. I’m really hoping for the twist- bring back Jeff!!

  42. @Lisa Lane: I just voted 10,001 times for Jeff which have, in effect, canceled out you 10,000 votes for Jessie. In fact, I have written a computer application which will take any vote for Jessie and automatically apply it to Jeff’s total, so please keep voting!

  43. @Robyn H #49

    Yep – narracism in both of them! Although I think they would fight between themselves on who is the better of the two :P

  44. @Leslie R #50

    Poor Jordan is so gullible that if she is sent packing to the JH, she will try to influence and sway the jury members to vote for Nat. because she honestly believes the b.s. coming out of her mouth.

    Also, Jordan (bless her innocent soul), believes that Kevin doesn’t deserve to win because he backdoored her beloved Jeff!

    I think Jordan will do some major damage in that JH, purely out of her ignorance!

  45. The only “twist” left, unfortunately is the DUMB one on Natalie’s finger. How low BB has sunk to think we would even care about her and her BF’s engagement.

    They looked so stiff and uncomfortable trying to hug & kiss. AWKWARD!!! His fingers kept pulling her hair. The conversation was weird. The whole engagement was weird to watch. I have never felt so less interested, and I’m a hopeless romantic.

  46. I could see why Jason’s mom & sisters have a problem with her.

    Hopefully they haven’t watched the live feeds and/nor BBAD because the “girl” who picks her nose, bites & spits her fingernails, eats like a cow chewing cud with her mouth open, and delights in doing evil things to other people is joining their family.

  47. @Martie #61

    Yep – what a life they are about to live!

    I really feel for him, because she will be so mean to him with her lack of emotion and like I said earlier, she will be the queen of their domain and he will be her slave! He is in for a hell of a rough time!

  48. Redhead did nothing but state his opinion (which I share). This is America where you have freedom of speech! My brother is gay but I don’t agree with it. Just an opinion.

  49. Every time I watch BB now, I say to myself, “Please let something happen that’s going to be worth watching.”

    I keep getting disappointed. However, I haven’t quite given up yet. I’ll watch through the end because I’ve invested this much time into it now.

  50. I absolutely want Kevin to win. I just adore Kevin and when BB is over, I hope to see more of him ANYWHERE. His personality is a breath of fresh air. “Biznatch” Oh…I will definitely be using this word in the future. If Jordan or Natalie wins, I’ll will just croak!!!!

  51. Don’t you know Nat’s BF and family have to be watching the live feeds???? If I had family on BB I know I would even if I never had before or never intended to again. Wouldn’t you????

  52. @Henry #63

    No, Nat. will expect a ring and SHE will keep any prize money to herself. She isn’t about to share it with a BF or ex BF that have been apart for 8 months!!

    Oh no, she is going to expect him to lay at her feet and beat to her drum!

  53. @Budman: I happen to have an opinion on the matter, too, but I will decline to state it here because this is not the forum to do so.

    You ARE entitled to your opinion. If you and Redhead and anyone else would like to share yours, please do so on some other forum (some religious, anti-whatever message board).

    This board is for discussing BB and its RELEVANT matters.

  54. @Henry #63

    Oh and I should have added, she does not understand or comprehend the meaning of a relationship nor does she understand the meaning of EQUALITY!!

  55. The twists are over…and none of them were game changing! BB chose to script the show and stick with a losing format rather than please the fans. Hope the ratings tank…could care less if we have a BB12!

  56. I put this on the last post but it is worth repeating. What if the punishment for opening PB for Kevin and Natalie was to be whisked away to Samoa to participate in Survivor. Kevin can’t swim and Natalie hates bugs.

  57. Does anyone remember season 6 when Maggie and Yvette were the final two? Oh, this season SO reminds me of that one.

  58. @Matt

    Why have I gone into moderation again. I have not made any disparaging or negative comments on my post. Please try to explain to me why certain words throw us into moderation?

  59. Go Kev…he played a quiet game but in the end played the guttsiest game.As for the winner of the 25 g’s should go to either Jeff who played the smartest or Casey who had to go out like a freakin banana!!!! .

  60. In my opinion, I think Kevin and Natalie would love to go on Survivor. In fact, I think Kevin may have said he has tried out 2-3 times. Natalie wants to go on Amazing Race next, but her BF (fiance now) won’t go, so she said Jessie would LOVE to go with her; but she doesn’t think her fiance would go for it.

    I think they’re both media tramps… for lack of a better word.

  61. @Cat #71

    Don’t despair even CBS BB forums have a public outcry about the so called cheating. CBS BB are monitoring those boards and they cannot afford the bad publicity in thinking that they have rigged this game to favor N/K.

    They will review what happened on Saturday and they will either replay the POV or make a statement to try to smooth over the public’s opinion of what happened.

  62. @Diana: I had that happen to me, too, all morning Saturday. I had to re-enter my e-mail, and then it stopped.

  63. @sservie
    Thanks for the encouragement! :)
    Would love for things to be fair in BB…as far as comps go, but if one person can break the rules and get rewarded for it…just proves BB is not listening to their fans.
    Very disappointed!

  64. @Martie-I totally agree. I just didn’t like Redhead getting bashed for stating his opinion.Believe me there have been a lot worse things said on hear of less relevance. Let’s move on.

  65. @Henry #63

    Oh and I should have added, she does not understand or comprehend the meaning of a relationship nor does she understand the meaning of equality!

  66. @Diana
    Thanks for the pep talk! Just really disappointed in the way things have played out..dont care about Jeff…do care about Nat breaking rules and getting away with it!
    I think the official term for Natalie is “media whore”!

  67. @Martie #83

    Did that and it didn’t work, my comments went straight back into moderation. Now I have 2 identical posts both waiting moderation!

  68. The show was pretaped and if someone had the ability to cheat, it would have been caught by production. You people say anything to change the results of what has happen. I am starting too not coming to this ssight, with all of the crying, personal attacks and craziness. I think k/n will be in the final two or k/j. Michelle is going home. Go Kev—-

  69. @Cat #88

    The other day, I read somewhere on this blog that Nat. had family working at CBS, that is how she got on the show.

    If that is true (and I doubt it, but there is always the little doubt nagging at me), then I would think it is against the rules for any CBS employee to have family in any prize winning contest like BB.

    Now for all you Nat. fans, I did say that I read it, so I haven’t made this up to get a rise out of anyone!

  70. I think it would be harder for someone with relatives anywhere close to CBS to get on the show.

    I’ve known companies who will go above-and-beyond to keep anyone even remotely associated with them from winning prizes so as not to get any bad press.

  71. @Leslie #91

    That is your choice, we as fans of BB come to this site to vent and to speculate and if you don’t like what you read or see, then you have the option not to participate!

    There are some valid comments made here and some that are not relevant and yes some personal attacks, but mainly speculation.

    By the way, when a personal attack is shown on this site, there are plenty of people (including myself), that will ask for it to stop or negate the comments with a positive on the person that has been attacked.

    So again your choice!

  72. @Diana
    At this point i would believe anything that CBS would do to change the outcome of the game!
    Not saying that the story is true but like you, i have nagging doubts about everything BB these days!

  73. OMG…ONCE AGAIN PANDORAS BOX WAS A BUNCH OF CR@P…of course the hoh is going to take the box and give up the pov cuz the hoh doesnt need it. there would have been 2 better things they could have done. 1) if she wanted to see her boyfriend then she had to have been able to be put up on the plock by the pov winner eve though she was the hoh. or 2) after she put the 2 candidates up (kevin and michele) then they didn the box and if she took the box then there would be NO pov compitition and the nominations would stay the same. this way natalie would have really gave something up for taking the box. what do u think of those?? if anyone has any other ideas they would have liked pandoras box to be, let us know and write them down on here.

  74. @Martie #95

    Agreed, however I wanted to put it out there to see if anyone had any solid proof that was the case!

    I will try with a different email address, thanks!


    So that is what is causing my moderation problems ~ Leo ;)

  75. @leslie: He didn’t admit to cheating until well after the competition was over. What is BB going to do? Probably nothing, like they didn’t do when their flawed HOH allowed people not to hear questions with planes flying overhead. Don’t hold competitions outside if you can’t control the circumstances to keep it completely fair.

  76. If BB is truly about game rather than lifestyle, personality or likeability. Michele would win – though I think she is likeable and has a nice quirky personality. She has played the best game and all by herself with little help from anyone.

  77. Im sure CBS has, and will, get plenty of bad press since they chose Natalie as a player.
    Bad choice CBS…lost some loyal viewers.

  78. Here’s something to consider: Wouldn’t BB have to know, at some point, that Natalie would win HOH or something in order to have her BF ready and waiting to propose?

    Do you think he’s been on ice for 11 weeks, sitting there in a hotel praying she’ll win something; so he can get outta there?

    If not, did they have some sort of similar Pandora’s Box surprise waiting for whomever won HOH that week?

  79. Nat does not deserve anything. If Michelle somehow can find a way past this nomination, she will win. Jordo pretty much rode on coat tails of Jeff all the way, as did Nat. So hopefully Kev or Michelle will win this. Go Casey to win the 25 g’s for taking it like a banana

  80. @Martie

    Changed my email address, tried to post the same comments and a message came up telling me that it was a duplicate post. So now, I am just going to wait for it to come out of moderation, but of course that statement won’t mean anything by the time it comes out! – oh well wasn’t all that important anyway!

  81. I keep latching onto the next player I like. First, I wanted Jeff to win SOOOO BADLY, and then he got the BOOT.

    SO then, I tied all of my hope onto Michele, and things don’t look good for her this week.

    Next on my list is Kevin. I guess I must be a bad-luck charm. Maybe I should start rooting for Natalie in the hopes to change her luck a bot.

  82. @Martie @Henry

    Ok, out of moderation now #71

    @Martie #104

    No way Jose did BB have her ex BF sitting up in a hotel in the event that she would win HOH and by the way just happened to be PB for a surprise.

    Did they have something setup for all HG’s in the event they won PB. Don’t know, probably not, that is why Kevin was hand cuffed and the $10k came raining down for the other HG’s. I think CBS BB did a quick turn-around because everyone was so outraged by the bogus PB hype and the disappointment it lead to!

  83. Don’t believe the blonde guy was Natalie’s boyfriend. Don’t believe the “engagement”. I DO
    believe that there was a lot of bad acting in the whole PB sequence – BB sank to a new low.

  84. BB seems to have lost sight of what makes good tv. It has nothing to do with Nat and everything to do with sticking to the rules. If the rules can be changed at any time to favor one or more players then why have them at all? Lets just throw the money in the air and have a free for all!

  85. @ NBK Fans…… Wuuuuuuuuzzzzzzzz uuuuuuuuup?

    @ Michelle Fans….. She-rat is going home….. Call that # and you will get the same results as the Jeff Fans…… Nothing…. whoohahahahaha

    @ Jordan Fans….. Jordan will be lucky to win one challenge let alone 2…. It is interesting that Natalie has told both Kevin / Jordan she is throwing the first comp so they can win…… She is playing both sides…. Smart move

    @ Everyone……

    I can’t wait to see who wins America’s Vote for $25,000 and see the debates about who deserves to win between

    Jeff Fans
    Russell Fans
    Michelle Fans
    Jordan Fans

    *** I am excited ***

    Also it will be interesting to see if the JH members will give the $500,000 based on game play or emotion when deciding between Kevin – Natalie!!! We will see!!!

    Go NBK – N/K Final 2

    Last but not least you all can just vote to give me the Coup-Deville and America’s Prize!!!


  86. What about the PoV played Sat. wasn’t there a controversy about Kenin seeing the questions and Michelle and Jordan not being able to see the at first. Is BB going to just let that slide, along with all the other crap. One more cheating and lieing thing for Rat and Kevin to get away with. Good going BB, not watching next yeer for sure.

  87. Regardless what happens on big brother, I for one want to say thanks to all the folks that make this show possible. Look at the big picture, our beloved host is getting ready to have a baby. Julie we are all very proud of you and we wish you only the very best. I know it has been really hard to host the show while pregnant. Again thank you big brother for another great season.

  88. ***** Spoiler Alert *****

    Kevin won the POV and was told by Production it wasn’t even close when he asked how close Michelle came to winning – BB Producer said “Kevin you’re not allowed to talk about production with other houseguests”

    @ Diana / Ashley / FedUp / Cat / Midwest Fan…… I sent you some NBK gigabytes and my hardware to convert your software into Leo approved NBK Fans….. Use it ladies…. Once you do, you will never be the same!!! *** ;) :) :D :P ***

    Go NBK – K/N Final 2 with K-Town winning BB11 or to quote him “winning this Biznatch”

  89. @Budman

    You’re onto something here!

    Notice that Leo is back on line and my post #71 went out of moderation!

    So it was Leo stuck in my hard drive! :D

  90. If Part 1 of the final HoH competition is on Tuesday…with Part 2 on Wed and Part 3 on Thurs, what will be happening on Sunday? And since the finale has been expanded to two hours, what will be happening during the first hour? This is interesting…if Part 3 of the final HoH competition is still on Thursday, then we have two extra hours of Big Brother. There must be a big twist coming!

  91. @Bill: Did I get kudos for getting up every day and going to work while pregnant? No, I did not. All she is doing is standing or sitting there for fifteen minutes reading a cue card. It’s not like it’s THAT hard.

    I’m just playing. I like Julie. I’m still mad at her for teasing me with the dumb PB (supposed) twists.

    @Leo: You are a tool.

  92. Let’s not forget, the only way Jordo won something was because Jeff threw the HOH Comp…very classy but look where he is now! Go Kev for being gutsy! You deserve this buddy!!!

  93. @Martie

    What about Nat. having been heard say that America hates her! Did you note that CBS didn’t air that comment (how convenient).

    Just watch if Nat. makes it to the end, watch her do a 180 and try to get America to embrace her with open arms!

    She will try to come across as sweet and naive and try to tell us it was all a game. Gee, she couldn’t even tell the truth with Julie Chen!

  94. I think they were going to do major “previously on BB” flashbacks for the first hour of the show. I think the only “twist” left is the one on Natalie’s finger.

    Bitter, Table for One

  95. @ Leslie….. I will keep you company in the Bk lunge so don’t stop coming on this site ok?

    @ Cat….. Fans were saying the same thing about CBS f***ing up with casting EeD and his daughter because of ED’s behavior and here it is years later people love him!!!

    *** NBK – N/K Final 2 ***

  96. @Diana: I am still trying to figure that one out. Did her BF tell her how much America hates her?

    If so, why was he allowed to tell her anything as it relates to the show and the outside world.

  97. @Kevin Rogers #122

    The first hour will be fill in’s a lot of jury house banter and how the game progress from the beginning. It will be as boring and probably not worth watching, but are going to milk it for all it’s worth because of their sponsors and the money they invested towards advertising to make BB work!

    The final hour will also be dragged out with interviews from various HG, the loved and the hated!

  98. As much as I hate to say it, if America wants to see GNAT embarrassed, we need to let Jordan go tomorrow night. This would really give GNAT a run for her money! Kevin and Michelle are both great competitors in this game and GNAT, well shes just pure luck…..That would be awesome! BUT i would also like to see on final 2 the whole house confront her on her age! OOOOH that would be even better!!!

  99. #128 Martie

    I was thinking the same thing…given the visit was not from Jesse. Where would she get that info?

  100. @Leslie R: Still wondering if Jeff should’ve “let” Kevin win HOH the week Jeff was HOH in order to let Kevin get Russell out that week without getting blood on his hands. Then, Jeff could’ve played the week of the s’mores competition (assuming he was still there and Kevin didn’t turn on him then).

  101. @ Diana… Yes I was

    @ Martie…. You are a sour loser who is mad that neither Jeff / Michelle will win BB11 but either N/K will

    @ Everyone….. who agree with Lamo aka Martie about me being a tool?

  102. Remember that we were not shown all of her time with her boyfriend but Natalie later (after revealing the truth) sad that her boyfriend told her that America hates her as he has been reading all of the live feed blogs.

    If Jesse did tell her that, how would he have known as he is sequestered.

    At one point Natalie was telling the others how her boyfriend was trying to tell her more but BB cut in saying that they could not discuss the game.

  103. @Martie #128

    I don’t have the answers, all I have is questions as to why the didn’t show that and if it is true (and I think someone commented that she stated that on Jokers), then she has an unfair advantage again one could suggest ‘rigged’, tell one HG what America thinks, then you should tell them all! Not because of some bogus PB twist, that is LAME!

  104. @ Budman…. Yes I did and I sent a eply ok?

    @ Sservie…. Wuz up? What is you answer to my last post?

  105. @sservie #129

    It won’t change my opinion of her because like I said earlier, she has no concept about how to treat people decently and without malice in the real world!

  106. I think it would be awesome if Kevin kept Michele over Jordo, but I also thought it would be awesome if he had kept Jeff over Jordo and made a F2 deal with Jeff.

    I don’t think Kevin has the guts to go against Natalie. He’s going to let her strike first (if she even can). He may be using the fact that she (and Jordo) can’t win anything to keep them both there next week.

  107. @Diana #138

    Another thing to think about is that Natalie has not really been shown in a bad light on the broadcast and the first time that I heard anyone say anything really bad about Natalie was Kevin calling her a liar in the DR. Only the live feeders have had access to Natalie’s negative behavior.

  108. I was thinking earlier about the BB (3,4 or5?) when they had the twin sisters from Alabama that tag teamed the house, swapping places every so often. Now that was a strange BB.

  109. @Leo: I am a sore loser, not a “sour” loser, so let’s get that straight, o.k.?

    You still are, were, and always will be a tool.

  110. @Budman #143

    You are correct! It was strange and a true twist…the rest have been lame. The America’s Player was kinda OK…

  111. @ Jeff Fans – Michelle Fans…. You said it was a great move for Jeff to get rid of strong players like Jesse and Russell right?

    Isn’t it a great move on Kevin’s part to get rid of Jeff & Michelle sinc they are great players?

    Don’t be lamos because you are getting screwed by your own logic and reasoning ok?

    *** Go NBK – K/N Final 2 ***

  112. @Leo: When I told you the other day (facetiously: i.e. sarcasticly) that your songs were “awesome” and that you should join Casey in his DJ’ing efforts, you totally believed me like I really like your songs and then proceeded to ask me to join your Survivor blog group, so you can only have like-minded individuals join.

    That makes you a tool.

  113. @SeekerMommy #142

    That is true, however CBS never really showed Chima in a bad light until she was expelled, rather they showed Russell as the villian.

    Also Jeff was always portrayed as America’s sweetheart, because we all embraced him in the beginning, but he had a dark and venomous side to him as well. The only thing I will say about Jeff though – he did realize that the BB house was doing his head in and he was surrounded by liars, backstabbers and it was full of negativity and he recognized that and wanted to get away from it, so that makes him a decent and reasonable person in my eyes.

    I know that I have always tried to remain positive, however when you are surrounded by negativity 24/7, it is bound to rub off on you in some form or fashion and unfortunately, that caused Jeff to make silly mistakes when he could have had it all.

    I’m sure that during his reflection times, he will understand where he went wrong and hopefully learn from it!

  114. @ Martie… I said sour loser because you are sour and are acting pathetic because Michelle is going home and you can’t stand the idea of Natalie / Kevin in the Final 2…. Let me guess you aren’t going to watch BB anymore? Yeah right…. You said that about Jeff leaving…

    @ Sservie…. I am sure you would like me to be your tool right? *** ;) :) :D :P ***

  115. @Diana #149

    I think Jeff may have started to see the bad decisions he made while he was still in the house and seemed so also on Ross Matthew’s Inside Dish show.

    I always thought that Jeff got the CDT because people felt sorry for him not because they liked him. But, like I said earlier, I did stop watching for a bit.

  116. Omg wonder what’s happening in the jury house…poor Jeff is probably listening to Russ’s “technotronics” rant. Poor guy. Michelle poor girl, the most deserving player about to be fed to the jury house. Kevin, it’s up to u. Show Nat the BB revolving door and let it hit her on the way out

  117. @SeekerMommy #142: You’re right. They don’t show her nose picking, open-mouthed eating, nail biting, backstabbing, evil-doer that she is…

  118. @Leo: I think you need to check your facts. I never said I was done when Jeff left. How could I have said that when I still hoped (even to this day) that he might show up again, popping up out of Pandora’s Box in a Chippendales outfit – whoops, that last part was not supposed to be out loud. LOL! ;)

    Sour for Jeff

  119. @ Martie….. I told you to join my Survivor Blog Site not because of your Casey comment but because I want people with different opinions than mine to be on my Survivor Samoa Blog site…. That is why I have it set up to have me and 5 moderators with different opinions to make more fans want to be apart of the blog site because I want everyone to feel welcome even if they don’t agree with me

    @ Cat….. Am I your hammer? ***** S-M-I-L-E *****

  120. @SeekerMommy #152

    Jeff got the votes because of his popularity, good looking all American boy that expressed his opinions to Jordan (whom America also loved because of her innocense) that he didn’t like aligning himself with the athletic clique because they were bullies.

    CBS thought of the CDT because the game was being played lop sided and they were taking members out from every other clique, so they needed to balance the playing field to try to be fair to all sides.

    Stangely enough if you think about it, why is it that the F4 is one member from every clique, strategic and deliberate from CBS’ part!

  121. @Martie #154

    I actually was surprised to read about her bad behavior when on the show she was shown as an underdog.

  122. @Leo: I think you need to check your facts. I never said I was done when Jeff left. How could I have said that when I still hoped (even to this day) that he might show up again, popping up out of Pandora’s Box in a Chippendales outfit – whoops, that last part was not supposed to be out loud. LOL! ;)

    Sour for Jeff

  123. @Leo: I think you need to check your facts first. I never said I was done when Jeff left. How could I have said that when I still hoped (even to this day) that he might show up again, popping up out of Pandora’s Box in a Chippendales outfit – whoops, that last part was not supposed to be out loud. LOL! ;)

    Sour for Jeff

  124. @Leo: I don’t really believe you are a 29-year-old (almost) virgin either. I think you’re some 67-year-old perv… :)

    …and a tool!

  125. @Leo

    Leo you know you are my sledge hammer!
    You keep hitting me over the head with a Kevin/Nat win…
    Im gonna have to make a trip to the hardware store and get a new hammer! :)

  126. um very disappointed in this last couple of weeks i wish jeff was still in the bb house the pd box didnt make sense i really think that kevin and nat dont deserve to win id rather have michelle but i dont see any hope for her i think that with jeff finding the key there should have been some twist to it and kept him in the game there hasnt been any twist in the pb that made sense and was very boring were at the end but i wish that something could shake things up and bring jeff back in

  127. @Leo: I think you need to check your facts. I never said I was done with BB when Jeff left. How could I have said that when I still hoped (even to this day) that he might show up again, popping up out of Pandora’s Box in a Chippendales outfit – whoops, that last part was not supposed to be out loud. LOL! ;)

    Sour for Jeff

  128. #157 Diana

    When you put it that way…yeah, has to be deliberate and isn’t that a form of rigging the game?

  129. Natalie is nothing but a liar. I think she should go next. She doesnt care about anyone but her self. At least the other houseguest felt bad at times about their decisions. Nat, however doesnt care who she throws under the bus. I dont care who wins as long as its not her.

  130. @ Everyone….. Join my Survivor Samoa Blog Site where you will have me and these wonderful people as Moderators

    Matt (BB Site Host) when he can

    Does this sound like a bunch of NBK Fans who agree with me? I think not!!!

    Join us for an amaizing Survivor Season!!!

  131. @Leo: …and to think I actually started having a smidge of respect for you when you said you actually liked Jeff after his Ross interview.

    One note of advice: Don’t cut and paste the same comments/songs over and over on the Survivor Samoa site. It’s irritating and provides nothing relevant to the topic of dicussion.

  132. @sservie #165

    It is rigging the game but although it is a game, it is NOT a game show (like the $64,000 question) so CBS can get away with whatever they want.

  133. @SeekerMommy #161

    Yes deliberate indeed! That way they are satisfying their audience at every single one of us who can identify with the clique we were in at high school!

    Clever idea, but it is full of holes and a can of worms to boot, because they really messed it up this year!

    I found Dr. Will and Mike Boogie (even though manipulators and liars) very likable and endearing. Also ED, even though a terror to the other HG’s, his sole purpose was to reconcilate with his daughter and the bonus was he got $500k and his daughter $50k, and he still showered her with a trip to Europe even though she had her own prize money.

    Nat. if given the $500k will keep all the money to herself because her greed and shelfishness prevails her!

  134. O.K all those that say that Kevin cheat let me ask where you guys in the competition in order to affirm that? don’t you think that the bb production heard the same thing that you guys heard and check the recorded pov competition? and if they have not removed the pov from kevin is beacuse there is not enough proves that he did cheat. I know everybody has their favorites, but no body call when jordan heard mitchel’s steps for the pov. so whf. lets be an old adult an accept the outcomes without looking for excuses to put our favorite house guest in the lead. thank you

  135. @Diana #172

    I also enjoyed watching CT and towards the end ED. If the HG didn’t somehow think that their respective behaviors didn’t warrant them being evicted then they did deserve to win…as Dr Will did…Boogie…Evel Dick, etc.

  136. @Leo: I think you need to check your facts. I never said I was done with BB when Jeff left. How could I have said that when I still hoped (even to this day) that he might show up again, popping up out of Pandora’s Box in a chippendales outfit – whoops, that last part was not supposed to be typed out loud. LOL! ;)

    Sour for Jeff

  137. Bill – Posing Naked for $$$

    Jessie and only Jessie.
    Jordan may consider the offer but pressure from others will stop her.
    Kevin would laugh at the offer while being very flattered.
    Natalie would never get the offer, unless
    “The Wonderful World of Insects” by Earth Life is going to
    change their format.

  138. @CAROL KLAWONN #164

    Yes you are right. With all the blogging and different opinions on this site, I forgot about Jeff finding the key.

    I recall him saying something on Jokers about the key having no pass when he was on the block!

    Now wouldn’t be something if the so called JH puch will be Jeff coming back into the house holding the key, but in all honesty, I think that it is too late in the game for that to happen, since tomorrow night Michele will probably get evicted and they go straight into step 1 of the final HOH competition!

  139. I have said it before and will say it again…this season has been so lame. We keep expecting the unexpected but BB falls flat. The CDT was the only great “twist” so far, it did change the game and that was good viewing. As for the PB bit…wtf…so far it has added up to nothing as far as game changing. I love BB and ave watched all seasons, not always happy with who has won…but never has a season been this boring. Cheating should never be allowed, good game play should.

  140. @Leo

    Seriously? I have kept my mouth shut, or rather my fingers away from the keyboard but can you reduce the amount of smug, self-righteous toolness just a bit? Yeesh! At first it was kinda funny but now just really annoying.

  141. @Leo: I think you need to check your facts. I never said I was done with BB when Jeff left. How could I have said that when I still hoped (even to this day) that he might show up again, popping up out of Pandora’s Box in a fireman’s outfit (ready to strip off)- whoops, that last part was not supposed to be typed out loud. LOL! ;)

    Sour for Jeff

  142. @ Martie….. I don’t cut & Paste because I can’t do the from my Treo Smart Phone…

    @ Cat…… That sh** was funny…. I would be blessed to live to be 67 years old…. That means I have 38 more years to live….. hooooorrrrraaaaayyyyy

    @ Martie…… You can clearly see I am in the minority here as an NBK Fan but I choose to come hre because I don’t need people to agree with me

    @ Martie….. you are always welcome on my Survivor Samoa Blog site whether you agree / disagree – like / don’t like me, so you can post your opinions on the Survivor castaways!!!

  143. @Bill:
    re: Posing for PB (not Pandora’s Box) ?:

    Jordo said on BBAD that her breasts weren’t healed yet (keloid scars) from the boob job, so they might not take her.

    Plus, she won’t even give Jeff a kiss on t.v., so she’s not going to take her clothes off in a magazine.

    Kevin would TOTALLY do it.

  144. @sservie #184

    You are totally right that it is not fair! But if it is technically not a game show then it is open to whatever tweaks CBS can come up with!

  145. Forget the Kevin cheating scandal. Instead, let’s all call Alison’s # that was listed on here the other day and try to get Jeff into that Pandora’s Box in a fireman outfit!

    Who’s on board with me?

  146. 1is1me

    Your argument is the same and ours remains the same.
    We, all, have our opinions.
    We shouldn’t be questioning each other but BB.

    Basically it all comes down to the integrity of
    CBS/BB Productions.
    So far ………………….. CRICKETS.

  147. @1is1me #178

    That doesn’t make sense to me. There are rules and they have clearly been broken in this game.

    IF the rules (and I don’t have a copy of them, so that is why the big IF), state that you cannot have a calendar and you have to rely on memory only then that is CHEATING!

    That is for all 3, Nat. Kevin and Michele. It appears that Jordan is the only one who didn’t cheat by having a calendar, (and the footstep issue was based on Michele wearing shoes that clunked, so not really cheating because everyone could have done the same by following footsteps). So BB has to be FAIR for all!

    I am not a Jordan fan, but if BB isn’t rigging this game, then the POV should be replayed, or just give the POV to Jordan and be done with it!

    I haven’t hidden that Michele is my fav. but like I said, she cheated also by using her birth control calendar, that is why I am clearly stating for the record, she cheated also, so to be fair to all HG’s the POV should be replayed, or at least give America an explanation of what went wrong, because this is not the only blog site that is in an uproar of the supposedly cheating done by Kevin.

    Check the web and see how many (including CBS message board) complaints are out there because of Kevin’s comments to Nat. We didn’t make this nonsense up, Kevin said it!

  148. The CBS poll shows 95% of America thinks there should be a redo if there were technical problems giving a HG an advantage.

  149. @ Sour puss aka Martie…..

    I will enjoy watching Jeff / Michelle decide to either give the $500,000 to either N/K…. Won’t you join me? L-O-L!!!

  150. @Leo: I love messing with you. You certainly know how to dish it out, so I’m glad to see you can take it, too!

    Besides thinking you’re a 67-year-old perv, I also now think you aren’t even an NBK fan. You are just saying that you are to get everyone on the boards to keep typing up disagreements with you.

    Secretly, you are the biggest Michele fan ever with her pictures up all over the wall of your basement apartment that you share with your 89-year-old mom who lives upstairs in the main house.

  151. @ Jeff Fans / Michelle Fans…. None of you were being humble when Russell put Ronnie up or when Team Jeff were picking off Team NBK with the back to back evictions of Ronnie / Jesse / Chima / Lydia….. If you can dish it, you better be able to take it… Jeff got a taste of his own medicine whe he was evicted before he could get rid of Kevin, which is what he did to Russell….

    Jeff is not coming back
    Michelle is going home
    Deal with it!!!

  152. Okey Dokey, I have to sign off as I need to get my run in and then head up to training for a new job. I will try to check this site while I am up there but probably won’t be able to post much. Thanks for a great time!

  153. Personally, I think that they should have redone the VETO because Kevin did not win fair and square. He saw the questions before hand and therefore had an edge.

    Personally, I can’t stand Kevin OR Natalie. Kevin is a double crosser and Nat is just annoying and eats like a cow. Not to mention that I can’t believe that NO ONE has caught on to the fact that 18year olds CAN’T drink legally in the house….She even looks older…man…just wish something of a surprise would kick her ass out. As much as I was not a favorite of Michelle, she totally deserves to be in the to 2~

  154. @Leo

    I bet you really live in a little 2 story walk-up where you cook spagetti o’s on a hot plate and have a scrapbook of Jordan….:)

  155. What’s with the piece of paper under the upside down trashcan no one seems to care about? Do you think it has to do with the game since it keeps getting brought up? I still thought SOMEONE would pick it up! Why do you keep saying Jordon didn’t DO anything? She had a 2 person allience at the beginning and now here she is final 4! What about Jun when she won? What did she ever DO compared to Allison?

  156. @Martie

    Your wit is superior to anything that I have read on this board to date!

    Excellent come backs each time, you are amazing! :D

  157. @ Diana #200

    OK, one more post. I agree that the HG are a tad ignorant to the 18 years old lie. Heck, if BB is so strigent on not showing us discussions regarding people who did not sign a release how could they ‘allow’ her to drink and not say anything??

  158. @Diana #200

    There are 2 of us here, so can you please add another initial to your name, so there is no confusion.

    Appreciate it, thanks!

  159. @ Martie…… I wish I lived at home….. I also wish I was smart enough to pick the person who won the most comps (Michelle)….

    Neither are true…. To quote your boy Jeff “I apprec” your back and forth Martie…. It helps me work on my comebacks….

    @ Martie you KO’d me with that perv comment…..

    I had a relative molested by an old man (foster parent), so it f***ed me up to have you joke like that, but I restrained myself from getting uncivil on here…..

  160. @Diana (the other one) #200

    Jordan did say something to Michele yesterday about having to be 21 to be on this show and this was copied from Jokers:

    “Michele says she wants to see Nat cry, ‘it’s mean, I know but…’ Jordan said “I thought you had to be 21 to on here. – Lucybell
    Michele said well I guess the state she comes from apparently not. I suppose BB make exceptions to the rules. Says, little 18 year old is going to beat everyone”.

  161. If my wife is still reading these posts, please stop……..Natalie will be going home, right will prevail.

    I need you back in my life…….quite being absorbed by Big Brother posts. Thanks CBS

  162. @ Everyone….

    I am a good one for joke

    I dislike steroid jokes and perv jokes because that is 2 lifestyle decisions I am strongly opposed to….. I am cool if that is how you joke, but I will ignore those type of jokes from this point forward…..

  163. @Leo: You’re always telling people, “I’ll be your hammer, so-and-so” and weirdly suggestive stuff like that, so that’s where the “perv” stuff originates.

    I have little kids, guy, so sheesh!

  164. @Marti: Keep those votes going for Jeff!
    @Leo: Shut Up ! You’re almost as annoying as Nat the Witch.

  165. @martie, if thats true that you set something for jeff to win the 25k votes then im at your back. been voting for him a couple of times since yesterday. and same here still wishing for a twist on BB.

  166. @ Seekermom……. you are like Michelle…. You go with the flavor of the day….

    @ Martie… bring that wit to my Survivor Blog site ok?

  167. @adda
    I really dont have a problem with Kevin winning…fairly! I think he is probably a nice guy that could use the money.
    Nat is a different story. I wouldnt want her to win under any circumstances….shes just a mean individual. Unnecessarily cruel.
    Dont care what color she is. If she would act more like a decent human being instead of a cold fish, she might have more support!

  168. @carphil: Nah, unfortunately, I am just messing with “Lisa Lane” because she’s into all of these conspiracy theories of how Jessie should’ve won the Coup D’etat, but the web site malfunctioned, so I’m just messing with her… ;)

  169. @ Martie….. That is what you thought about? Cat is the one who said I am a tool – a hammer…. I said Cat I am your hammer – she said yes because I keep hammering N/K over her head

    @ Martie – it sounds like you were the one thinking perveted and not me or Cat…..

  170. @Leo: I really do have little kids and a husband who’s totally irritated with me for being on here, so I’m not sure if I can go to the Survivor site, too. I’ll try…

    I might end up on Judge Joe Mathis, though. ;)

  171. @Leo: That’s not the only time you’ve said something like that, and you know it.

    Can we go back to talking about how much we both love Jeff again?

  172. @adda – I commented on redhead because the comments on Kevin showed both ignorance and absolutely nothing to do with his comments or the BB. It was thrown in as a dig on his sexuality as if it mattered whatsoever.

    And yes, I do not like Natalie, but I do like Michelle. I also like Kevin a lot, Russell a lot, and enjoyed Lydia quite a bit. Oh yeah, I didn’t like Jeff and would Jordan just below Natalie in terms of house guests whom I don’t like.

    Boiling down the difference between Natalie and Michelle has nothing to do with lies since that is a part of the game. I can’t stand Natalie because she is a mean spirited and nasty human being (at least as she is presented in the BB house – I don’t presume to know anything about any of these people in the real word).

  173. Im just here for the good conversation…and a few jokes thrown in to keep things lively.
    If i offend anyone…dont mean to.
    Enjoy talking to people like Martie, Diana,sservie, and even you Leo! “)

  174. @ Martie… I have never said anything about a hammer until Cat said she thought I was a hammer in refference to your tool comment…. Therefore you have no basis for your perv comment ok?

    Be bitter all you want about me singing songs to bolster NBK – N/K and the fact that neither Michelle or Jeff will be in the Final 2, but make sure you don’t throw around offensive comments like that because you are mad……

  175. @ Missy…. who cares… deal with it… why? because you will probably scream “I am not watching BB anymore if K/N make final 2” afteer Michelle is evicted…. Oh well……

  176. @ Martie… I joke around telling everyone men & women to make me food if I am right as fun comps for blogging because we all know that will never happen…

    @ Martie… Have a good / blessed Labor Day!!!

  177. anyone but nataLIE, but it doesnt really matter, i have already stopped watching this season.. and not because of jeff, but because of natalie and her disgraceful attitude.. in natalies own words.. that skanky bitch

  178. @sservie
    Thanks and yes i think there is a slight possibility Kevin would keep Michele.
    Slight but possible!

  179. can someone with live feeds go back to when everyone went to gnats hoh room for the first time There was a pix of her and her bf. is it possible to freeze and compare with the live feed of the pb the other night. or if the pix was photo shopped.

  180. I would like to see Jordan win…I don’t like kevin or nat…and i think bb should do something about the cheating with kevin and nat..what has happened to big brother this season??? are they asleep somewhere…come bb do your job…chima got away with far to much,and now used to be worth watching not so sure anymore…

  181. @ Cat……. I am mad at you……… :(

    @ Sservie…. I am mad at you too :(

    :) :D :P J/K :P :D :)

    Let me stop before someone think me being mad at you is dirty too ok? *** L-O-L!!! ***

  182. I would love to see Jordan win of course but unfortunately if Kevin is smart he will use his vote tomorrow to evict Jordan. Kevin and Michelle hopefully will be in the final 2.

  183. Just read on Big Brother Updates that they are on lockdown for 2 days!
    Wonder if it has to do with the 1st part of HOH being endurance?
    what do you guys think?

  184. @Leo

    Leo dont be mad…i’ll even say i like Kevin if you wont be mad…thats more than i give anyone else! “)

  185. #236

    It is the same guy…as to whether it has been photoshopped, who knows. The picture may have been a pre-arranged plant.

  186. @ Everyone…. Jordan has bombed in the last 2 POV’s and the last choked duroing the last HOH…. She is not going to win 2 out of 3 Final HOH comps (based on her performances)

    @ everyone… Have a blessed Labor Day… I will get at you all later!!!

    P.S. I feel like ED because I get everyone riled up and hey at least 1 percent of you act like you like me right? Key word…. act!!!

    ;) :) :D :P

  187. @nick: hahaha days funny

    @martie: Leo is not a creepy old virgin. He admits to giving up his v-card to one person. Perhaps it was diana idk

  188. @Leo #151 (- @ Sservie…. I am sure you would like me to be your tool right? *** ;) :) :D :P ***)

    Would you like me to go back to the prior boards to get more examples ’cause I will.

  189. @sservie
    Probably means today and tomorrow…yes, kind of unusual. Most lockdowns have been for 1 day only to get ready for endurance comp.
    Read this on Big Brother Updates…they watch the live feeds and are up to date on happenings in the house.

  190. @ Cat….. This tool has left the building :( – (to go workout)….. You will miss me when I am gone Cat…. :( You and everyone else……… I am being a smart a** for all you haters sayong no we won’t!!! :) ;) :D :P

  191. The whole PB thing with Natalie and her boyfriend was so staged. I don’t think even Natalie could be that unemotional as to not let the engagement get her a little teary eyed. Yet she acted like her buddy just gave her a sweather for xmas. I think BB is gearing up for her to win, because they love when a controversial person goes to the end. (i.,e. Evel Dick). They figure ratings will go through the roof if someone like her was in the final 2. I still would prefer Jordan to win, however, she needs to ace the final competition. Remember Memphis never won anything and still got second place so you never know. I’m not watching with the same diligence I used to since Jeff left, but keep up with what is going on on sites like this. Thank you

  192. @gooz: Not sure, but I am surprised Chima would go along with it given what happened to her in real life.

  193. @gooz #244

    Not even funny!

    Leo – 29 year old
    Diana – 58 year old (happily married)

    I always liked Leo and I saw through his bravado a long time ago. In fact, I like to see the good in everyone, but Nat. has been a challenge for me.

    So, even though I know you were trying to be funny – it wasn’t, so please don’t throw out comments or innuendos that can be perceived as offensive.

    I think Leo has been through enough this morning and the Martie has been very witty with her rebuttals toward him, but that is enough, let’s get back to BB and not personal people on this site!

  194. @Joe – so true the whole engagement thing was just tooo weird…..did they even say i love you? just strange – like two old friends, exactly! set up – i say yes!!!

  195. @ Martie…… You were thinking sexual….. That sounds like an issue you have….. I said it to be a snart a** because she said “Martie L-O-L at you (tool post)”

    @ Gooz….. Get a life… You are some lame who posts a comment here and there because you don’t have the balls to post under your regular post name!!! What a loser!!!

    @ Martie / Cat / Diana / everyone else… Have a good day!!!

  196. #262 Martie

    I know…hell yeah doesn’t exactly come across like I want to spend the rest of my life with you…more like hell yeah I wanna go to the bar.

  197. @ Gooz…. You are an idiot…. Ronnie / Jesse came up with the name when Ronnie first approached Jesse about the Athletes teaming with the Brains!!!

  198. @martie260: what do u mean? What happened to chima?
    @diana: I wasn’t trying to b funny. I was serious.
    @Leo: don’t make fun of my real name. My parents gave it to me when I was born n it meants “wind of peace” ok? And what does Leo mean?

  199. @Leo: does this mean that I’m not invited to your survivor blog? I’ll be honest n warn you that I’m incapable of making any valuable, witty or even humorous contributions

  200. @gooz: She suffered a traumatic event at the hands of a serial killer. I don’t think people in the house, who claim to be her friends, have been very sensitive to it.

    @Diana: I’ll knock it off now, too! ;)

  201. @ Gooz……. You do poke shots at Leo randonmly….. That is the only time I have seen you post was for that reason….

  202. @gooz #269

    If you were serious, then you need help!

    Go and find another forum where you think that it is OK to insult bloggers.

    I have always tried to be fair and tried to have an open mind by being rational in my comments and that is with Leo as well.

    I have debated with him and agreed with him on many issues, that does not constitute your sick mind assuming that there is/was anything sexual between us, so please get lost!! and go take your bat and ball and play somewhere else, because I’m just not interested in trying to have a civil debate or conversation with sick puppies like you!

    Now go!

  203. @Gooz #269

    And what’s more, if you keep up these personal disparaging remarks, I will ask Matt to ban you from this site, because you are not abiding by the rules which I have copied for you to read again!

    Commenting Rules: Keep the conversation civil and on topic. If your comment does not add to the conversation, it will be removed. Debate intelligently. Insulting the author, Big Brother Network, or other commentators will result in comment removal and possible ban. Any comments with links or flagged words will go into moderation before approval. Anything we deem as spam will not be approved.

  204. In my opinion, that was not Natalie’s boyfriend. Everyone displays emotion differently, but if that had been my BF whom I hadn’t seen for months, I would have jumped all over him. Nat seemed only mildly pleased to see him; remember her reaction when she looked at the screen to see who was there? She didn’t seem as excited as one would think she would have been under the circumstances. But why give up the chance to play in VC? Maybe because she knew she couldn’t win and was, as usual, depending on one of the other Hgs?
    She is a masterful liar, but not a masterful player. She couldn’t win a thing on her own, but has an uncanny ability to direct the HGs to do whatever she wants them to do and has been since the outset.
    She is a mean, vicious, cruel little creature, and what she says about other HGs is unconscionable. Why be cruel on top of being a liar?
    Kevin is StOOpid to trust her.

    Jesse? Please – I was sick to see him on opening night. Why him? Nobody liked him last year and nobody liked him this year.
    I think Russell is a nice guy. Jeff broke his deal with him when Nat and Kev made their “last minute lie” – that’s fine – but for Jeff to believe them was beyong idiocy. Russell had never broken his word to Jeff as far as voting was concerned.
    Chima is gone. Good, good riddance.
    According to K, though, Chima’s outbursts were perfectly ok and it was everyone’s fault but Chima’s – (read his HOH blog).
    I am perfectly disgusted with this season – I hope they do the POV over – tht would be fair.
    I also hope Michelle and Jordan win. They’re the nicest people in the house.

  205. I want Kevin or michele to win… i dont like natalie and jordan doesnt deserve to win at all. she wouldnt be where she is if it wasnt for jeff. jordan needs to leave. shes a likeable person that i cant deny but she has done nothing in this game. so jordan go to thr jury house and thank jeff for getting you this far

  206. I actually stopped watching the show myself. The biggest slackers in the whole house are in the final 3 and I don’t think any of them deserves any money. They have ridden on everyone’s coat tales and have just been lucky to be in the final 3. It disgust me to think that any of these 3 will walk away with $500K. The show is just not worth watching anymore and I hope that so many people stop watching the show that BB production realizes that their show s*cks right now. Lazy slackers would never have been where they are without the hard work of the others that have left the house. They are by far the lamest most immature people that have every played the game. Any one of them will go through the money so fast and will be back where they are today – the big LOSERS that they are.

  207. It is not fair! Natalie is pulling c**p and doesn’t get any consequences! She should be the one on the block. What’s with this pandora’s box? Natalie gets to be with her boyfriend? How is that a great twist? So she didn’t get to play in the veto comp. It just made her look better for her own purposes. If jordan is not in the final two-then game over. BB your twists this season suck big time!!! Jeff should not be gone. All you are doing is making Chima happy! Boooooooo

  208. @sservie #280

    Funny you say that because I was born in the year of the tiger! and I loathe people who personally attack another person.

    That is why I was on the Michele train for so long. I despised the personal attacks on her form all HG’s and that is when I was so hoping for her to take the grand prize of $500k.

    The one thing that Michele has (regardless of her lies, cheating and yes, even backstabbing), is her class. She hasn’t personally attacked anyone and she has shown time and time again what a wonderful fighter she is and she has kept her grief in tact and displayed her disappointment in private and only the viewers of America could see her real pain!

    I still want a miracle to happen and for her to stay and show how a real CHAMPION fights for survival and not a manipulative, lying despicable cheat!

  209. @ Leo……. I hope you don’t mind me using your favorite phrase “bro” with gooz and your signatur smiley faces…..

    @ Gooz / Leo /Martie….. It is a game….. No need to be bitter with each other ok?

  210. @martie: oh that’s sad

    @ WTF: I’ve also posted to ask what things like nbk and lml stand for

    @diana&team: I work some nights so I missed some episodes. LOL. It cracks me up that you have commanded “go” LOL. Btw according to your rules that u stupidly copied n pasted u should b aware that ur croonie Leo violates them 23674257 times a day. He repeats the same stupid songs n messages over n over. Repetitive messages n songs dont contribute to the discussion. I already suggested he stop but it went over his head I guess I could ask matt to ban him but of course I’m not being serious bc I I’m not that much of a dork. Just a little dorky, u see. Now, GO. LOL

  211. @sservie #280

    Responded to you, but guess what, I’m back in moderation, so when it has been cleared, check it out the post should be around #284.

    This moderation stuff frustrates me!

  212. The Pandora’s Box is like the “Neverending Story.” BB just keeps adding to it – anymore twists and the HGs and the house are going to look like macrame.

  213. @ Gooz…. Yes your opinion about Survivor is welcomed on my Survivor Samoa Blog site ok?

    @ WTF…. It is all good…

    @ Diana / Sservie / Martie Everyone….. Have a great day!!!

  214. @gooz #286

    You are entitled to your opinion on whether you think and about the rules being violated and yes they have been on numerous occasions.

    But if you were sitting there without blindfolds on, you could see that the comments and songs and most of the other stuff unrelated to this forum and NOT been disparaging or sexual comments made about another blogger.

    You have over-stepped your boundaries by bringing sex into a forum that has nothing to do with BB, so just drop it and don’t bother trying to argue this point with me, because you are out of line!

    And according to you, my copying and pasting the rules are stupid, well apparently they’re aren’t because you don’t know how to abide by them!

    Now enough from you, go taunt someone else and leave me alone, because your behavior is childish and infantile!

  215. @WTF: Why are you lumping me in with those two? I was only joking around this morning and told Leo so on several occasions. Read my posts.

    It’s all good. Let’s move on.

  216. @sservie

    I think our post # are screwed up because of the moderation post I have still waiting, but I’m sure you will work it out!

  217. @Diana

    That happened to my post #’s yesterday when I went into moderation. It will correct once you are out of moderation. I’ll keep checking.

  218. @gooz

    This might be funny for you, but I have found your comments toward me offensive and I think you owe my an apology.

    At least when Leo and I haven’t been in agreement with a debate, we were both willing to compromise and admit when we were wrong or out of line. You could learn a lesson or two from either one of us when it comes to debating!

    So until I receive an apology from you, I don’t care to have any further discussions or debates with you!

  219. I think that you will find that the 2 day lockdown will have to do with the setup of the endurance comp.

    Who knows what is in store for them, but if the F3 is K/J/N, it won’t take long for them to bomb out and then all that time for the BB prod. crew will be for nothing (hee!!)

  220. Hopefully, making it sound-proof and cheat-proof.

    Seriously, though, I think it’s going to be one HECK of an endurance challenge.

    However, they might want to re-think the time they are putting into it. Is it really cost-effective to put two days of building into an endurance challenge for the whole 30 minutes N/K/J are going to hang on for? ;)

  221. @sservie

    Normally it takes hours before a HG drops with the final endurance comp. but wouldn’t it be sweet justice for BB (because of this disappointing series), for the F3 to bomb out within 30 minutes??

    I think that would be really funny, so CBS could get a taste of disappointment the way we all have with their PB theory!

  222. @Martie

    Touche, great minds think alike, I just said something similar about 30 minutes endurance comp.

  223. @sservie

    Forgot to say that when Nat. falls she will have some excuse and then blame either Jordan or Kevin for falling next.

    Watch and see how Nat. manipulates and turns her defeat by blaming one of the others!

    She doesn’t know how to take responsibility for her actions because she is too immature and self-absorbed!

  224. My hope is that they are setting up for both a second POV and the final HOH for tomorrow night; do a new POV because of the cheating; let the winner determine who to evict and then go right to HOH competition. Now that would be sweet. Go Michelle! Let Nat’s cruelty come back to her

  225. Instead of having it play out in three parts over the course of a couple of shows, they will have to play the whole thing in its entirety for TV b/c no one will hang on long enough.

    ROTFL! :P

  226. @Diana

    How right you are. Not once has Nat accepted resposibility for her own actions/mistakes. It is always someone else’s fault.

  227. @teri

    That would be nice, but after reading the top section of this site I don’t really see that happening.

    Go to the top and read starting from:

    “After Tuesday’s live eviction we’ll have an immediate rush in to the Final 3 HoH competition. The final HoH competition is three-pronged like this fork”

  228. Natalie already told Kevin she is going to drop first on the endurance thing, so 1.) he’ll get rid of Michele this week, and 2.) she’ll have an excuse for being bad at yet another competition.

  229. @Martie

    I think she may have said the same thing to Jordan, so she is covering all her bases, knowing that she sucks in competitons!

  230. @Diana, Lol ~ that’s what I ment its sad in a sweet way, makes no sence but I get it !! Poor prod. 2 days of work for what? Each comp to be done in 5 min ? I can’t wait for Survivor lol !!

  231. I totally agree with those of you who feel that there are too many personal remarks about fellow bloggers. Everyone is making comments about the HG’s being mean to each other, and here you are doing the same thing.
    I also did not think Nat was very excited about seeing her BF, I thought the same…if it was me and I hadn’t seen him in a couple of months I would have been sooooo excited and happy to be away from the “game”. Looked very suspcious to me.

  232. Nat is already coming up with an excuse for being crappy at competitions…too funny. She knows she can’t win.

  233. Attention Martie and whoever else didn’t like the comments of Redhead. Is she the only person who is not allowed to voice her opinion.
    Give me a break!!! Everybody voices their opinion on this website, and if she doesn’t like a type of “lifestyle” that is her business. Get a life!!

  234. @Amanda

    I’m with you! After Tuesday, I don’t think that I could stomach watch J/N/K go through the final phaze before they get the big prize.

    Too much to have to sit through watching one of the most despised and unworthy people take away the big prize, because I now honestly believe that if Nat. is in the F2, she will take the BIG one!

  235. @sservie

    Don’t let them bother you, they are just venting the way we do. It’s OK for them to do that, I just skip those comments because we have moved on ages ago and they will too when they catch up!

  236. @sservie: It’s probably Redhead using another screen name. I’m just ignoring the nonsense. ;)

  237. I would like to see Jordan with and if not her Michelle. Natalie does not deserve to win. She only road coat tales. Even though I don’t like it, I think it will be Natalie and Jordan as the final 2.

  238. @sservie #330

    You’re right, I never give up hope for Michele to stay in this comp. but after tomorrow night we will know for sure.

    If she is gone, then I will be done, BUT if by some strange miracle Kevin sees the ‘light’, then my hopes and energy for this game will be renewed and I will take a vested interest in it until the very end!

    Go Michele!

  239. How Natalie is a Tae Kwon Do champion is beyond me, or is that a lie, too?

    She does have very nice muscles (arms, stomach) for someone to be as “lazy” as she calls herself.

  240. First off if the POV is not redone I will personally never watch the show again. I think it is rigged and Natalie and Kevin do not deserve anything but to be in the jury house. They cheated by making a calender and Kevin cheated in the POV competition by looking at the questions prior to them being asked. Personally only Michelle or Jordan deserve to win this season and if it happens any other way I am sure that a majority of your fan base will be lost. Do the right thing and have them re-do the POV competition that is fair and unbiased to everyone involved. Thanks

  241. what happened to the advertisement for sundays show that said “the jury packs a punch”? i never saw anything about the jury on sundays show???

  242. @Diana #334

    I posted a comment earlier stating the reasons it would make more sense for Kev to keep michele. I hope Kevin recognizes these reasons and finally does the right thing. I really would be to his advantage.

  243. @Martie #335

    I think she has a bronze medal, so does that constitute a champion. I always thought that the gold was the champion, silver runner-up and bronze, well………

    There is little doubt in my mind that she is athletic, so yes she is in shape, but when we were her age, we all could have looked that good with exercise. I know when I was her age, I didn’t even have to exercise and I was somethink like 90lbs. but age catches up with you and you do spread over the years, although I am only 120lbs. now, I am still 30lbs. heavier than I was then.

    I think Nat. will have a good shape for many years yet!

  244. @sservie #340 @Joy

    I posted this yesterday, but worthwhile posting again. Remember this was published on the 4th!


    OK guys did a little snooping on Google about the Jury House packing theory posted by susie maddox and this is what I found:

    September 4, 2009 at 8:29 am
    Just seen commercial saying Jury house packing surprises and it won’t be pretty, showing Lydia sittting at Jury house, Russell hitting punching bag and Michelle crying something more is going to happen or they arejust hypeing people up to watch…

    Note: This was posted 3 days ago, so I don’t think that it is anything to get excited about or to raise our hopes for something exciting to happen!

  245. I didn’t see that advertisement,and I didn’t see anything about the jury on Sunday’s show either.

    Also, someone posted on here (before Sunday’s show) that the baby, the roach, and the cat were really Russell, Lydia, and Jessie dressed up. I was disappointed to find that (obviously) not to be true either.

    Some of the people who comment on this site should really go work for CBS b/c some of their ideas are better and more exciting than what has actually happened.

  246. @Diana: How come when they saw Kevin and Natalie practicing the dates on the chess board with candy, the booming Big Brother voice didn’t say, “Kevin, Natalie, KNOCK IT OFF!”?

  247. Wow, I would’ve loved to see something involving Russell. Maybe it’s another ploy to try and keep people watching since the actual participants left are not too exciting…

  248. @sservie #340 @joy

    I responded to you ‘packing a punch’ and guess what ‘awaiting moderation’ yet again, so now I have 2 just sitting in limbo.

    Anyway go back to:

    Big Brother 11: Week 9 Nomination Episode Tonight and see my post #336

  249. @Martie

    I know that I said that because I read it on Jokers.

    Someone on Jokers said that the coachroach was Jessie and assumed that the baby was Lydia and the Cat Russell.

    Like you, when I saw it, I thought it was a farce, so someone in Jokers got it wrong, and as I don’t have live feeds I rely on them for my updates!

  250. Thanks Diana for your post #25. Best idea yet. Not waivering.

    Anyone mad at BB? Cant figure out why BB is not listening to BBfans? See post #25

  251. Jordan and Kevin, I dont want Kenvin but!!!!!!! what other choice do I have, Natalie is a ball faced liar and does not deserve to win, Jordan because I like Jeff and she is the closest thing to Jeff, Kevin he’s a coat tailer,

  252. Hey Leo,

    I just wanted to tell you that I was TOTALLY joking around with you this a.m. and never intended for any of my comments to be taken seriously or hurt anyone’s feelings.

    If I did that, then I sincerely apologize.

    Kind Regards,
    Ole Sour Puss ;)

  253. @arctic…Im upset b/c if Kevin received an unfair advantage it should be redone. Has anyone ever seen anythingg redone on BB? Im not sure?

  254. @ Gooz…. Email me at for info ok?

    @ Lisa….. Hello….. Have a happy Labor Day…..

    @ Everyone…. There is a 2 day lockdown that solidifies there won’t be another POV comp……

    Anyone disagree?

  255. @Martie (lost post #’s due to moderation)

    But it is a good question about candy and the calendars!

    Why didn’t BB tell them to quit and why didn’t they tell them that they were breaching the rules and confescate the diary from them?

    As I said earlier, if they are not going to replay the POV competition, then CBS owes America an explanation because their message boards are lit up about this whole fiasco as well as others!

  256. I was OK with Kevin’s unfair advantage in the POV competition when I thought the DV would come into play voiding it. But since that didn’t happen, I am upset that they aren’t rectifing the situation.

  257. @Leo

    I have already said that there probably won’t be another POV because after the eviction, they go straight into the 1st HOH competition, possibly endurance since they are in lockdown for 2 days!

  258. Well folks its time to go back to the first and foremost lie ( I AM 18 ) not 24. I really believe she has very hard time telling the truth. Its a lot like Coach in the other reality show hint,hint. In all honesty you can be who you want to be. It is in fact a story telling festival. I did find it refreshing to see some normal people with good decent conversation this season. I guess you could say you had the good guys bad guys on HGH.

  259. hey, don’t you guys think that the production look into already and made their decision. and you guys want an excuse to throw natalie and Kevin. shame in you, because when Jordan won the POV no body did anything. that for everybody was fair right. because jordan is your favorite. shame on you guys

  260. @sservie @Martie @Cat @Leo

    I’ll leave you to debate with 1is1me because I need some time out!

    I tried to explain that earlier to him/her on #196, but she/he didn’t read it.

    I’ll be back later because this blog is taking way too much time away from me!

  261. Perhaps cheating on BB is allowed, just like lying, backstabbing, trying to get someone to throw a swing at you, trashing people’s stuff, etc.?

    On some other show (Survivor maybe?) if you leave your completed puzzle open to where everyone else can see it, it’s considered fair game.

  262. 1is1me, did Jordan say she cheated or received an unfair advantage in her POV? I thought I read that somewhere, but Im not sure???

  263. @Jennifer: She admitted, at a later date, that she could hear which direction Michele went on the steps and just copied her until tie-break. Then, she got lucky on tie-break.

  264. lol everybody can follow steps and that is not cheating, and there are rules but BB knows that they made the calendars and they have not tell them to destroy them. well maybe somebody really needs to read the no rules game. this is a game where bb production gives coups to handsome guys to get them in the game as far as they can because the handsome guys by their self suck in the game. everybody cheats in the bb game because it is part of the game and you guys act like this is the christian game.

  265. I think we should just move on from the whole Kevin POV thing & let bygones be bygones! IMO :)

  266. @1is1me…shame on you for making assumptions about what other people think. I think you need to go re-read the posts and you will find what you are saying not to be true.

  267. I’m with you Martin you are allow to bring the bible that is not fair either because some of us do not give a f@@@ about the bible and maybe have other believes and are not allow to bring their book. so bottom line is just a game with no rules get over people

  268. 1is1me, BB did not give the “coup” to the handsome guy…the fans voted for him to get it. I dont have to tell you that, you already know, and it has been SAID MANY MANY times on this very blog that ANYONE could have gotten it. Did you vote? I did, for Jeff! :)

  269. yes, but remember that they do surveys and they know who is the most popular, and then if you throw a coup like that you know who is going to get it. is like adding 2 + 2. but that is o.k because it is part of the game. everybody cheats. why do you think they pick this people for the show because they want to make this type of show

  270. I really believe that you guys should just enjoy the show, comment about the game and quit telling bb production what to do and how to do it.

  271. hey the bb house is a show please, it is not real life, people goes there to be mean and to be wha they can not be in real life. they go to make the show. to see nice people I will go to church and i will not watch the show

  272. @1is1me
    Yeah, just look the other way.
    Sorry, but injustice bothers me. Whats fair for one should be fair for all.
    Apparently not every one believes in equal opportunity.

  273. jennifer i enjoy the show and i did enjoy when jeff got the coup because you take it as it is ” a show”

  274. @cat this is a game. real life has unfair things you and me are having a conversation here and children in Africa are dying of hungriness, that is unfair. a

  275. @1is1me

    If you do not like the debating or conversations held on this blog site, then move to another.

    Every single person is entitled to their opinion, including you.

    The only thing that we ask is that you don’t make personal attacks on other bloggers as per Matt’s rules of this site.

    If you also are not in agreement and you find yourself becoming angry, then just ignore what you read.

    The whole cheating this is OLD now and CBS is well aware of all the hoopla about how Kevin admitted to Nat. that he cheated and they need to justify to America why that is OK.

    I have no problem with CBS making a statement whether on national TV or the internet, stating that Jordan cheated (footsteps) to win POV and both Kevin and Michele cheated because of their calendars so we decided that since K/M/J competing for this comp. has cheated, they all cancel each other out and Kevin’s POV stands.

    An explanation is all it takes, so chill out and move on!

  276. well in this Country there are not equal opportunities either and i can mention several of them. lets begin with women salary, marriage, immigration laws, tax pay…ect…

  277. @1is1me
    If i could do something about starving children in Africa i would…i try to do my part(its small but i try).
    As you keep pointing out its a game…but where should our outrage at injustice begin or end. Should we discount the small injustices and be satified with whatever outcome we are handed. I may not be able to affect the big injustices in this world but i damn sure am gonna speak up about the small ones too!

  278. yes! I’m cool and I enjoy your comments, but I feel like some of you want to go and knock in the Bb door and make them do what you guys want

  279. @1is1me

    You are taking this too personally. You are becoming emotional rather than being objective or rational.

    Try to focus on something other that this cheating thing that has got you all bent out of shape.

    Try to focus on perhaps your fav. winning and taking the $500k as a reward, then you can sit back and feel happy, rather than being angry at other people’s opinions.

    It is not healthy for you to be so upset over this!

  280. #394 Maybe not a heart attack…a light stroke, b/c you are getting your blood pressure up for nothing! lol

  281. well Jessi thinks that the coup that Jeff want was not fair. I said it was because this is part of the game. get over and keep enjoying the game or show

  282. @ Diana

    I really like the way you are always fair and impartial. I think that’s all anyone was saying about BB it should be fair and impartial to all the HG equally.

  283. @1is1me

    Take some deep breaths and walk away from the screen for a while. Lower your blood pressure and tell yourself it isn’t worth the effort to try and reason or justify your point of view.

    I have been in many debates where I felt I just wasn’t being heard, so I closed down the discussion and moved on by saying polietly,
    ‘lets agree to disagree and move on’. In other words we have come to a stalemate and it is moot to try and keep rehashing an opinion that we are not going to agree upon.

    It really is asinine to try to keep debating when you are not getting your point across!

  284. JENNIFER this little conversation about a show is like drinking a glass of water, healthy and refreshing

  285. First lie, I am 18 that is when the Houseguest should have said something I remember Kevin did said I think you look like you are 24 or 25 and said you have to be 21 to on Big Brother so he knew she lied he just went along with it. The others did not pay attention because it was the first day. I read different place that Natalie had warts and I know on the application it asked if you even have been arrested. When you sign the application if you lie that is grounds for dismissal. But most people say it can be a mistake. If a person found this information out it has to be easy for CBS find because they do a background check I thought. Well what happens will continue happening. Using the calendar, and Kevin seeing the questions, Michelle having problem hearing. How much coaching is done. Seeing outside guest.

  286. Been reading the latest posts. What makes the house guests complaints and demands on CBS any better or worse than the public complaints or demands. Lets remember this is a game, for better or worse one will win the others will lose. Lets just try not to stress to much and have fun with it.

  287. a give up, looks like you guys do not get it this show (BB) is not about being fair and equal, it is about no rules

  288. @Jennifer #399

    I have already voted for Michele on numerous occasions because I believe in her strength of character!


    Thanks again for your support. I try to be fair and objective although like I said, it is difficult for me when it comes to Nat.

  289. hey everybody….originally we wanted jordan to have the cdt but found out she would probably lose it so we all voted for jeff because we knew he would protect her. back then, everyone loved jordan. does anyone remember that???

  290. denise i agree with you. it is exactly what im trying to tell this people. but any ways got go bye everybody have a great holyday

  291. @Jeanette #404

    I believe that is a rumor. Not even Natalie would be dumb enough to go on a national TV show with warrants, if so she would have been long out of the game.

  292. @Cat #405

    You know what I have learnt about this show is to never under-estimate someone!

    I think Jordan has come close a couple of times in the game almost causing an upset. She maybe a ‘sleeping dog’ ready to get up and play when the right time comes (which is now).

    I also said something similar about Nat. a long time ago. I thought that she was very sly and that she was holding back before she actually striked and I was proven right, so who knows. I would like to see Jordan finally pull something out of the hat and I would also like to see her win something, so she can at least get Jeff his season Bears tickets!

  293. Maybe Jordan didn’t try as hard while Jeff was in the game but now that he’s gone you just never know. She may have what it takes to pull it off.

  294. @Diana
    DA BEARS!! :)
    I feel you may be right about Jordan…strike when least expected! But i have a hard time believing that Nat was anything other than lucky! Any one of the three could have won…took some luck to guess what was going on outside the house. Still hope Jordan kicks some butts and takes some names!

  295. How likely is it that Kevin will choose Michelle over Jordan? I just read the live feed update from yesterday.

  296. @Jennifer #413

    Yes, he has been gifted in the looks department and he has been great in removing some of the power players, but for me this whole personal attacks thing on Michele has me wanting her to win to show the other HG’s that she isn’t crazy and she isn’t stupid, but a person that has had to do it alone.

    I know deep in my heart, I would never had the strength to just keep smiling and not mentally retaliate abuse with any of those HG’s if they treated me that way!

    She has been through so much heartache and pain, yet she has remained focussed on the prize and her courage just astounds me!

    I think that she will be overwhelmed with America’s outpour of admiration and love towards her. That to me is worth more than any amount of $$$$.

  297. I believe Michele will be well rewarded in life after the game is over. You never know what opportunities this could open for her.

  298. well just in bb ratings fell more than 25% after jeff left now they are scrambling because of 2 hour finally

  299. I feel that AG has spun Natalie around to be the “good girl” now (for the tv-only viewers). Natalie was chanting “this is for you Chima!” after winning HOH and that didn’t make it to tv. Why? Because Natalie wouldn’t look good backing up a racist like Chima (calling multiple times Russell a muslim terrorist on live feeds; and calling Jordan white trash multiple times on live feeds).

    AG allowing Natalie’s boyfriend to propose to her in the house, the same night that the America’s Vote gets implemented?

    AG is trying to save face because it looks like Natalie is going to go to Final 2.

    The last three weeks, AG has made Natalie out to be a wonderful 18 year old. Meanwhile, those on live feeds know that she is a bitter, spiteful 24 year old.

    We got got, America!

  300. @Diana
    Agree..Michele has strength of character.
    Hope she can feel the admiration that America feels for her when she reads some of the posts online. I would rather be loved than rich.

  301. hey everyone – on live feeds they woke everyone up from sleeping. jordan mentions to kevin i hope we have another luxury comp coming up. could that be a new veto comp replayed?

  302. #423

    Where did you get those stats. from, because I read somewhere that when Nat. became HOH their ratings sky-rocketed for 2 nights, so what can you believe!

    I like to go on proof rather than innuendo and to date I haven’t seen anything that backs up either statement, so if you can point me to a site where these statistics are, I would appreciate it because I would find it very interesting, as I believe if your statement is correct, then CBS will be scrambling to change this game around to bring their ratings up due to sponsorships!

  303. Hey Diana,
    funny thing happened today, I worked on labor day!?! I wonder if thats even legal… but anyway. Let me get this straight. Do you really like Michelle???

  304. Diana #421 – Michelle is and was no saint when it came to backstabbing Russell and talking crap about the HGs when they were not around. As everyone else has. There is not ONE person in the BB11 house that didn’t talk smack or backstab someone. So to say that you feel bad for Michelle because of Jeff’s attacks? Nope, I don’t buy it.

    Michelle is just like Jeff when it comes to backstabbing people.

    Why did she lie about Russell when J/J confronted her 4 times about Russell? Why didn’t Michelle say “listen Natalie/Kevin are lying, Russell never said that!”

    Russell is gone because Jeff believed a lie, and both Michelle and Jordan backed up Jeff’s paranoia.


  305. @#5 Marcus – Jordan HAS earned it simply by enduring the nastiness of Nasty and Kevin. And she’s won comps fair & square and hasn’t lied or cheated her way through.

  306. Leo is spending time with “friends and family” kinda like nat getting engaged… kinda makes u wonder. Maybe when he comes back he will have like 5 twisties on his fingers.

  307. Wonder what CHIMA is doing days. I bet she would be interested in the $25,000. That might pay for some of her fines and attorneys fee. America where is CHIMA and will we see her at the finally.

  308. @We got got by AG #425

    Nat. did in fact say it on national TV because I saw it. She said this is for you Chima, heard it loud and clear.

    I do agree however that BB has shown Nat. in a positive light, but they also did with Chima (making Russell look like the villian) until she was expelled and then we saw a lot more of her antics. They also showed Jeff in a positive light and not the ugly venomous side of him (which he acknowledged that all the negativity was doing his head in).

    I think that Jeff is a decent human being, but this house can get to you and it can make you say and do things that you are not proud of and will regret later, which was the case with Jeff, but somehow will NEVER be the case with Nat.

  309. I believe that Michelle is great. I didnt see all the stuff they were talking about her swearing on her husband so I havent seen anything really negative about her. I like her.


  311. I’m so sick and tired of reading about Jordan’s weight. Jordan wears a size 2/4. That is below average size. I feel like there are either a bunch of fat obese women judging her or men who have small penises.

    Maybe both!

  312. Michele refused to swear on her husband.
    Instead she swore on her dogs.
    (Not sure if she even has a dog) :)

  313. @438 Cat
    I will let her swears go to my dogs, they don’t seem to be listening to mine anymore.

    Jordan is Great.. I must be missing alot because all i read about is how gullible or stupid she appears, not how fat!?! I happen to like her because she reminds me of my daughter.

  314. @Jack #430

    This is getting old for me. My admiration towards Michele has not been about the lying, backstabbing or cheating because EVERY single HG had done that.

    My comments and admiration have been directed at the PERSONAL attacks on her. She has never personally attacked anyone and she has always smiled and been civil to her attackers (Russell included).

    She has been isolated throughout this whole game (because she is quirky and didn’t fit in with the IN crowd), so she did what she needed to do to survive i.e. lying, cheating and backstabbing, as both you or I would do in the same circumstances.

    What I was trying to relay in my post is that I could not have been as civil if I thought I was being persecuted without any justification.

    Remember that this girl lost her youngest brother through suicide only 5 months ago and these people are personally attacking her telling her that she is crazy, needs help, a low life etc. and the list goes on.

    I am sure Jack, if you were being personally attacked you would retaliate as well, I know I would!

    So please no more about the lying, cheating and backstabbing and try to understand it is about the personal attacks and the mental abuse that she has had to endure!

  315. @Pam #436 right when I saw her wearing sunglasses to hid behind, I was done with her! Like Jessie, only scumbags can’t face their enemies eye-to-eye.

    If you are going to have the nerve to call your enemy a “devil” during the nomination ceremony, then have the balls to do it without hiding behind sunglasses.

  316. @gooz #443

    Welcome back and a good choice for Michele to take the $25k since she will probably be voted off tomorrow night!

  317. Diana #442 – if its getting old for you, then stop responding. You seem to be a self-righteous person. Get over it. People have different opinions. You have replied to everyone who has a different opinion than you! Go out and enjoy part of the day instead of sitting at your PC all day.

    x-rev #432 – that was funny about leo! :-)

  318. @445 Cat.
    I am a true sucker for down home southern girls. I like Mich alot and feel bad for all she has gone through, but I really honestly want someone with a good heart and true compassion for others to win just once. Jordans main fault it that she really wants to believe that kev is not as dishonest as we all know he has become. She really looks for the good in ppl. Just my thoughts.

  319. @Jack
    I happen to enjoy Diana’s opinions and could read them all day!! Shes smarter than the average bear :)

  320. Has there ever been a 2 day lockdown to set up an endurance comp before? I wonder what this comp will consist of? Anyone have any suggestions?

  321. @Jack #448

    If you didn’t want a response then you shouldn’t have directed your post at me. Funny that you think that I am self righteous, because I believe that I try to be objective and just point out another view, I believe that is what debating is about, correct?

    I don’t say whether I am right or wrong, what I do say is my opinion, and like you am entitled to it.

    If you read my comments throughout this blog, I often say that I am speculating and that I really am not sure, however put out a possible scenario which is a thought process and something that can be debated.

    I think that perhaps I hit a raw nerve with you and you didn’t like what you read and for that I can be humble enough to apologize for, however I do believe in my statements about Michele, so in this case I don’t believe an apology is in order!

    So both you and I can from this point on ignore each other’s blogs. I’ll ignore yours by skipping over them, and you can do likewise an we will both be happy!

  322. @448 Jack,
    for the record, I like leo, and find him crazy as a fox… and diana may seem self rightous to you, but to many of us, she is a voice of reason. On the other hand, I only write comments when my meds kicked in and they take my striaght jacket off.

  323. @Jack #448

    Diana is anything but self-righteous. She is very intellegent, friendly and impartial. I for one enjoy her posts.

  324. I just got off my cell phone and left Allison Grodner a voice mail. In that voice mail I simply said that we need a re-do of the pov competion. I hope lots of other folks will do the same. Just a brief message will get her attention and with lots of voice mail our voices can be heard. Then we all would be proud of big brother once again

  325. @Cat #450

    Thank you for your support! I am flattered that you think that I am smarter than the average bear, but trust me, I am just an average bear, who has compassion for the less fortunate and not afraid to express it!

  326. Maybe Jordan will do well in the endurance portion of the HOH contest. She did better than every other girl besides Michele on the last one. Also, she gets so nervous about the other types of competitions that I think an endurance one will give her time to collect herself and focus.

    @Jack: Why don’t you knock it off and leave the rude comments out of it? O.K.

  327. @x-rev
    Are you related to Leo??? :)
    No offense, just you remind me of something he said. Anyway your right…Jordan sees the good in all..that will be her downfall.
    She should have listened to Jeff! (us southern girls are stubborn)

  328. @Jack: I think all Diana was trying to express was that you misunderstood what she was saying about Michelle and the reasons she is behind her. It’s not that she cares if you like Michelle, but she pretty clearly explained her point of view and has to keep doing it over and over. She knows Michelle lied and back stabbed (as did everyone), but she (as well as a lot of us) feel empathy for her because she has been personally attacked and emotionally tortured almost from the beginning and she has kept coming back for more. I respect her for that.

  329. @sservie #454

    And thank you to you also! You are all great and I appreciate blogging with all of you.

  330. Relax Jack, and all. Its just a blog. No need to get hyper (or sensitive). I enjoy reading people’s comments and thoughts. Opinions are welcome. :-)

  331. @ Martie thanks

    @ everyone… hav a good dday…. I will be back later for mor debates about who will win….

    *** Go Team NBK – N/K ***

  332. btw, a few minutes ago BB told Michelle in the DR that tomorrow will be the live eviction.

    At least they all know now.

  333. All you guys are wonderful and I am overwhelmed with your support by Jack’s comments.

    Thank you again, I really appreciate them!

  334. @WTF

    Hopefully it involves lots of water and bugs (and cookie dough) so that Jordo can actually have a shot at it.

    PS j/k about the cookie dough part b4 anyone gets on my case

  335. @459 Cat
    Lord help us all if Leo and I are related. He works out daily, I eat hourly, he knows how to use a blackberry, and I have my 3 yr old grandson typing my replies for me. But I would be happy to call him a crazy friend.

  336. @Diana #469

    That’s what I thought and i think 2 other screen names in addition…lol

    Leo, Leo, Leo

  337. #442 Diana

    Good post about Michele.
    Hope she wins the $25K but I believe BB has stacked
    that deck against everyone but Jeff and Jordan.

    BTW – Michele went to Russell, when he was HOH, with
    a sincere plan to partner up together. At the time, I
    thought WOW, what a great team. She thought they had a deal.

    However only a short time later, Russell threw Michele
    under the bus to Chima.
    To her credit, Michele immediately went into “Survivor”
    mode and accused Russell of lying and the Chima vs
    Russell warfare began.

    I was proud of Michele for saving herself.

    She has truly been alone in the house the entire time.
    She was never accepted by Chima and Ronnie.

    IF BB had not started the season with the silly HS cliques,
    and the rule that no one from a clique could be on the
    block if one of them was HOH, this season could have
    better for all of the contestants and viewers.

    They would have had to get to know each other on
    their own.

    Now we may end up with Nasty Natalie as the BB HS
    Prom Queen ……………….. Yeah, like that would ever
    happen in real life.

  338. LMAO, Diana ur starting to sound like Jordan just alittle bit. I mean really, do you think that Leo and I are even on the same playing field??

  339. I personally feel the PB deal with Gnats boyfriend was a waste of air time! Who gives a crap about her or her boyfriend? That was a stupid and boring twist! I want Jordan to win this whole deal! She is such a sweet girl and I to feel that those that make fun of her weight are probably fat women or women jealous that she has someone as cute as Jeff that likes far as the guys picking on her..well I can only guess they must know they can’t get a girl that looks as good as her! GO JORDAN!

  340. Read some of your comments, and it is amusing that you think that you are in charge of this site and everyone who responds. Just like you, I will say what I want, when I want, and would
    appreciate your stop bossing me around like you do lots of other people on this site. Kevin is a part of BB and I will say what I want. When people become a part of reality TV they open themselves up to compliments as well as criticism. Don’t bother a reply, because I am not interested in anything else you have to say.

  341. I would like to see Jordan win. Of all the house guests, she has been the least conniving and backstabbing. Natalie has gotten this far by sucking up to Jessie and then Kevin, hiding behind them all the while talking them into doing her dirty work. Sneaky, but also low class and definitely not the sign of someone who has been smart enough to win the game. Kevin also flew under the radar while other stole the spotlight. When he finally had his chance, he proved to be as much of a witch as Chima, just with less cheap and trashy behavior. Michele could also win, but I think she is too much of a whiner to have much pull in the jury house.

  342. @Midwest Fan #475

    Thanks for the feedback and I agree that the cliques has been a complete flop this year. The whole CDT had to be brought into play because BB could see that the cliques were being flicked off like flies unless you were in the Athletic clique which really didn’t appear to be fair to the others.

    I think they knew that Jeff didn’t like they way that the Athletes were playing and I also believe that CBS knew that America would vote for Jeff to win the CDT because he had enough bravado to take on the power players, however having said that the choice was still ULTIMATELY America’s and no America did not get that voting wrong. The cliques needed to be stopped and Jeff was the catalyst to just do that.

    Anyway, all water under the bridge now. I think that CBS is well aware of their ratings and I am sure that they will somehow try to redeem them, if nothing else for the sponsors.

    At least we only have another week of this and it will be all over and then we can look forward to Survivor!

  343. Well, I for one, supported the cliques only b/c it saved Jeff for all of those weeks.

    For some reason, Russell and Jessie took an immediate dislike to Jeff, which I never quite understood. Perhaps b/c he’s a man among boys?

  344. So according to Natalie, Michelle got Chima expelled?????? That’s hilariously delusional.

    Natalie is bullying Kevin a little – hopefully that’s going to backfire on her.

  345. @x-rev #478

    No, just kidding, although I am serious when I say I love your humor, you crack me up!

  346. If Kevin and/or Jordan win the $500k, I wish them a happy life.

    If Natalie wins the $50K, I hope she pays off her
    gambling debts before adding to them.

    If Jeff wins the $25K, I hope he enjoys the cash.

    For Michele, I hope she writes a BEST SELLING Book
    about her weeks spent in the BB Lab with the Lab “Rats.”
    She should include character drawings of each one including

  347. @ Leo – Do you really believe the Natalie will win anything? She is lucky to be HOH because Michelle and Jordan guessed on a question when a plane flew by. I think Jordab is more capable of winning 2 out of 3 comps than Natalie. Kevin and Jordan will decide the final 2. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news Lo, but neither Kevin or Jordan will take Natalie to the final 2 because they think Natalie has so many friends in the JH.

    @ Martie – Thanks for putting Jack in his place ok?

  348. When you watch Kevin in his DR sessions, he’s funny and seems like he’s all over Natalie’s lies. However, when he goes to actually make a move in the game, it seems like he’s still running scared of her.

    Last night on BBAD, he seemed like he was throwing out to her and Jordan that he might keep Michele to see how it would go over with Natalie. She was getting nervous.

  349. Yeah, your not the boss of me.. I am the boss, always have been and always will be. I wear the pants in my family, and whenever my wife tells me when i can put them on, i do it!!! Na na na naaaa, your not the boss of me,

    FYI redhead.. I think jeff is really the boss here, the rest of us just state our opinion and you are free to agree or disagree with comments made. Its not personal, its a blog!!!

  350. @sservie
    I think you hit the nail on the head.
    Jesse and Russ just could not stack up againist the “stud muffin” :)

  351. I want Jordan to win. I hate Kevin and natalie. I think Jordan will win if she goes to final 2 because she will have Jeff, Michelle, and America’s vote so she only needs one more and if she is up against Natalie she will def get Lydia’s vote as well.

  352. @Diana: TOTALLY AGREE!!! I mean, if I could create the perfect man, I wouldn’t change a single hair on his head (except maybe clean up his language a bit).

    I’ve never seen guys so jealous of another guy before…

  353. Diana… I agree with you …I couldn’t sleep at night if I would ever behave like Natalie…Hope Michele finds the cure for Cancer and Natalie needs it and has to beg for Michele to help her…Now that was mean so I take it back….LOL..just shows you that good people as come in second…

  354. I couldnt sleep at night if i had Jeff as a husband…id have to stay awake nights to keep the women away.

  355. @x-rev #494

    I have never even commented on any of Redheads blogs and I have never said anything bad about Kevin, because I like him, so he is either Jack coming back as Redhead or he is dilusional. I have no intention of playing his game and have chose to ignore him.

    Perhaps he/she would like to have the same support as you guys have shown me and once again thank you for supporting me.

    Still think you are funny!

  356. @ Everyone…. what is this? Pile on Leo day? X-Rev – WTF – Martie – Gooz – Cat – Diana – everyone else…….

    I am an NBK Fans who feels like I have been backdoored and now no one likes me!!! :( What happened? :(

  357. @Martie
    I’m sure BB makes them do all sorts of DRs so that they can pick and choose what story they would like to tell. Doesn’t necessarily give you accurate insight into how they are truly feeling.

    But later on during BBAD Kevin asked Nat how she liked the convo they had with Jordan meaning it was all just for show. Nat then informed him that Jordan told her after Kevin left that she thought Kevin was gonna keep Mich and they both laughed that their mind games were messing with Jordan.

  358. @Cat: Yeah, sleep with one eye open. How Jordan can resist, I’ll never understand…

    I told my husband last night, “Is it possible that Jeff is even more handsome in black-and-white?” when they panned over to his picture for a long time.

    He didn’t find me very funny… ;)

  359. @Leo #502

    We still like you, we were just having some fun because there are other bloggers that sound just like you. ;)

  360. i think nat was gonna take jor til she found out from bf that jury house mad about her lie and now she might not have jesse vote. now she can’t afford to take her so she’ll be loyal to kev.

  361. @502 leo
    Just like BB house, u shouldn’t leave the room an let us plot against you. Hope the “Family and Friends” meal was worth it. You are on the block now!!! Better find that DV fast. hehe

  362. @Brian: Rats! I didn’t watch the whole thing b/c 1.) I was down to 8% on my DVR space, and 2.) My kids get crazy when “my show” is on for 3 hours each morning.

    I hate when they play little mind games with people, especially ME! Just when I started thinking Kevin had grown a backbone…

  363. @sservie @cat @Midwest Fan @Martie @Leo @x-rev @Lionel

    Need some chill out time, so will be back later tonight.

    Enjoy your blogging and I will be back soon!

  364. @Cat: My husband actually looks quite a bit like Jeff… IF… you look at him with squinted eyes across a really, really long room! HA! LOL!

  365. i cant get a hold of kevin’s mind. he says one thing in dr (for the tv-only audience), then the exact opposite on the live feeds. i think bb controls a lot more than we know.

  366. = The Alliance Jessie & Ronnie started, I believe.

    Someone please correct me if I am wrong here.

  367. The Male “Odd Couple” in the BB House was
    Jessie and Ronnie.

    I still don’t understand the reason BB brought Jessie

    I would have preferred to have had someone new to the game.

  368. @Martie & sservie
    My husband looks nothing like Jeff…maybe his father! When he catches me lookin just a little too long i plead innocence and tell him i dont know whats become of kids today (all said with a head shake)…he buys it! :)

  369. @Martie 521

    That is correct. Jesse and Ronnie came up with that when they talked about an alliance with the atheletes and the brains.

  370. martie, so when someone is referring to BB11, as NBK, are they talking about Natalie and Kevin? because that would be a hoot!

    (thanks for explaining that to me)

  371. @leo
    look at the bright side, leaving now gives you time to go to exile island and find the hidden idol. BTW, if it looks like the DV, someone is messing with ur mind dude!

  372. oh, the page didnt refresh before i replied to martie. so the athletes and brains left would be Natalie and Michelle. right?

  373. @doogie: No problem! ;) Yeah, I guess when someone refers to “NBK” in current terms, it would be Natalie and Kevin, even though I’m not sure if Kevin was ever a true member to begin with. Jessie really disliked him.

  374. bb 11 sucks What is the twist the gnat couldn’t play POV? big deal! BORING!!! That dog needs to go.

  375. @doogie I believe NBK stood for Natural Born Killers but I could be wrong.

    @suv I’m pretty sure they make the HGs give multiple DRs representing different sides of things so that they can pick and choose what they want to air for dramatic effect.

  376. @Lynne #534

    and that didn’t even mean anything…she’s HOH and would be safe anyway. That is no twist at all.

  377. @doogie: Right now there is one member from each clique left (Ahtlete = Natalie, Popular = Jordan, Brain = Michele, and Off-Beat = Kevin).

    Do you think BB planned it that way? I mean, before the “rigging” debate starts again, as much as a “reality” show can sway things to a certain way, which we all know they do some of, right?

  378. Jordan will win and NBK will look like idiots…… Bye bye Leo….. It was nice knowing you….. NOT!!!

  379. Come on Leo, you can’t be that insecure…………… your studying
    to become a Lawyer.

    “Order in the Court!”

    “Your Honor, Lawyer Leo here, representing the BB Fans of
    America ……………….”

  380. I really dont think BB planned for a member from each clique to be left standing.
    Just one of those quirky things that happens.
    But it does make you go hmmmmm!

  381. Now that I have everyones undivided attention, I would like to state that I believe that the dude who proposed to nat was her bf. The reason for the lack off affection is something we all are aware of, but seem to have forgotten in our state of disbelief. How do I put this politically correct?
    She smelled like the friggin pig she is. Would you kiss that smelly thing affectionatly? Would you squeeze a skunk just to see if it could stink up the room anymore???

    Case closed, no need for rebuttal.

  382. @x-rev: He looked like he was kind of weepy and wanted to kiss her. She’s the one who looked like the coldest fish in the sea. I wouldn’t have cared what cameras were around…

    If this Pandora’s Box is a-rockin, don’t bother knockin’. LOL!

    I’m totally kidding, by the way!

  383. @Cat #543

    True..think about survivor when they get a visit from their loved ones (and they have to smell far worse than Nat).

  384. @543 Cat,
    I don’t think so, maybe $500K, but not love. Maybe CBS edited the ring part, and the twisty was meant to be a reminder to her to take a bath before she leaves, or she won’t get a real ring.

  385. @sservie

    I think it might be a toss up as to who smells worse; Natalie or someone whos been deserted on an island for 39 days without soap!

  386. @ Matt M…… Leo is probably some muscle head steroid freak like Jesse….. 6’3″ – 228 of pure a** hole is what he is… He is always throwing NBK in our faces and singin dumb songs. I am glad Martie / Gooz roasted him…. I have wanted him to leavethis site for a while. Hey Leo – go get laid a** hole and then you wouldn’t need to take as much time to create stupid songs!!!

  387. i thought the natalie/jason proposal was totalled made up. jmo but when jason kissed natalie, he said, “oh that was really nice” and went in for a second smooch. she looked totally disgusted!

    it was so awkward to watch.

  388. @545 Martie
    “weepy eyes?” Isn’t that what they say when your eyes water up after you cut an onion?

    btw, you women seem to have more then the show on you minds, kinda of making me blush. :P

  389. x-rev

    Think about the hugs and kisses, loved ones give to
    the Survivors when they have the family reunions.
    Love conquers BO.

    I’m still not sure Natalie is engaged.
    They just didn’t look like a happy couple.
    He tried but she just wasn’t doing it.

    Go to Fishes ……………. something smells.

  390. @doogie: It WAS AWKWARD, and I’m a hopeless romantic who would have put my dislike for Natalie aside if the moment was beautiful, but I also found it hard to watch.

    They seemed like they didn’t even know each other… clumsy, stiff, uncomfortable…

    “I gave up a LOT to come in here,” she says. That’s what you think to tell someone you haven’t seen in 63 days?

  391. @ Everyone…. Does anyone really like Leo or do you find him to be a arrogant know it all that always puts down other peoples opinions…..

    I will never be a Natalie fan.

  392. @555 midwest fan,

    Point well taken (even though I recall saying that this case was closed and no rebuttals.. but hey no one hear ever listens.)
    But may I humbly disagree, so as not to seem like the boss to redhead… and state that on survivor they are meeting in the outdoors, and have probably taken a dive into the river/lake/ ocean a couple times, and the family memebers meet them outside, so the stink is not as noticable. Just a thought.

  393. @x-rev
    Once again..good point
    Natalies body is like the kid in “The Exorcist”, she would howl in pain if it ever touched water (but she does need some holy water).

  394. @ Everyone….. I meant to say everyone but typed in my name – I guess I had a Leo moment (dumb a**)…. I think Jordan will win because Natalie is useless. Kevin isn’t unbeatable. Ggo Jordan. Win for Jeff!!!

  395. @558 Matt
    you and leo seem to have the same lovable characteristics. we love him as much as we love you. Hugs and Kisses from a completely hetro macho women loving man.

  396. BB has become a sorry situation with the cheating by Kevin and Natalie, the lies that are above and beyond was has been acceptaBLE BY PREVIOUS BBs, An ouside visitor who could relay what is going on in the house and the way, unfair, that Kevin won the POV. BB has become disappointedly locked in unfairness this year.

  397. #550 Matt M

    Get a grip!

    If you give that speech to Natalie, she will dump her
    fiance for you. Man, think!
    You don’t want that, do you?

  398. @563 Cat
    yep, think i have seen her head spin in circles a couple times. Whenever she speaks, it sounds demonic.

  399. @ Matt M…… I haven’t liked Leo since he tried to be the BB expert and tell me my sources are lying and don’t have a clue what they are talking about since he didn’t agree…. What an a** hole!!! I apoligize for be so negative. I hope he is a man of his word and doesn’t come back on this blog site.

  400. #559 x-rev

    Good point.
    And we, all, know how Natalie hates fresh air and refuses
    to stay in the backyard for very long.

    Wow, my sympathy for her bf (?) or the actor (?) has gone way up.

  401. @571 Martie
    Could you be suggesting that Matt is really leo trying to find out who his real friends are?? oh, if that was true, that would be evil, backhanded and nat and kev like!!! Oh wait… let me think! Nope hurts to much. nvm

  402. #573 Midwest

    Well, if it is her BF, and if they dated for 2 years I would think he’d be used to it. Surely if you’re not gonna bathe on national tv you wouldn’t bathe when you are at home.

  403. @572 or aka …..

    You are so confused u don’t know who u r. And it was ME who questioned Leo about his scources and called him a freakin idiot… well maybe not word for word, but its what i meant to say… anyway. Leo, you have been caught!!!

  404. Matt M

    Leo, will be back.
    We, all, always return to the BB Watering Hole.
    You need to stay too.

    There is room for all of us.

  405. @x-rev
    I think you may be right!
    Leo has been rooting for Nat and Kevin so long hes starting to copycat them!!
    Give it up Leo!

  406. @580 Cat
    Makes me wonder if he stopped showering after he works out so he can be more like the nat!?! hehe, i love talking evil trash… where is that app for bb12???

  407. @ Matt M….. Are you really that mad I would’nt take your lame bet about Jeff not being saved? Guess what? I would have won…..

    @ Everyone…. I am not x-rev / I am not WTF / I am not Matt M

    I am Leo Anderson!!!

    *** NBK Fan – screaming N/K for the Final 2 big baaaaaaaaaaaby!!! ***

  408. @ leo
    duh, i already said you are not me, and i am not you, i just wonder who me and u really are?
    *evil laugh*

  409. #576 sservie

    Nightmarish …………………… unless he is a “bad smeller”
    meaning he can’t discern good smells from bad ones.

    Her bridal bouquet will wilt as soon as it is handed to her.

  410. @ Leo – You fit right in with NBK because you are such a good liar. I thought you were done with this site? I see people here are dumb enough to fall for you crap.

  411. @586 Matt
    I still love you!!! You are like my Jeff, so strong and handsome. I melt whenever you type.

  412. ok, the meds are wearing off, have to take a break before they tie me up again. ttyl have fun and be nicer then me.
    :) :P :D

  413. OMG Jordan cheat but that was O.k because she was Jeff girlfriend. OHHH no the set up in the last POV is controversial and may have benefit Kevin which is Natalie friend, so lets everybody call to BB so that way they can take the POV from Kevin. this situation is not fair, however Jordan one was. lets everybody cry, cry and cry because we want Jeff back, the votes last week were so unfair because Natalie and Kevin voted, it should had been only one vote to save jeff. yes we should call BB to fix that too.

  414. @ X-Rev….. I did say Matt M’s sources were lying becaause he said Jeff would be saved and Natalie would be evicted…. He tried to say Kevin knew about this but couldn’t tell anyone…

    @ Everyone….. Is anyone watching the feeds? What is happening in the BB house now?

    *** Spoiler Alert ***

    I may be an a** hole but I don’t talk to myself in the 3rd person!!!

  415. #425 We got got by AG

    Well said.
    BB is attempting to makeover Natalie the Rat into
    a moderately likable person.

    Again, viewers watching only the tele shows and never
    the Live Feeds, BBAD or reading the blogs, are given
    “sanitized” impressions of HGs or what BB wants them to see.

    BB wasn’t fair or kind to Russell and
    over the top positive with Jeff and Jordan.

  416. @ Diana / Cat……

    Remember when you guys thought Matt M was the Matt that hosts this blog site and I pointed out the fact the Matt (BB site host) always posts his comments in grey?

  417. I agree midwest fan they edit the things in a way that they create the good side and the evil side. but it isjust part of the show and some people get mad over this when they should now is just a show

  418. @Leo
    You are confusing me with someone else…I never thought Matt M was the same Matt that hosts this site…

  419. @ x-rev….. Didn’t they think you were me too?

    @x-rev…. what do you mean does anyone think I am on the same playing field?

    @ Diana / Cat / Martie / Sservie…. I have an ego the size of the entire internet…… I am to stubborn (as I am sure you noticed) to not rep my name / opinions!!!

    Does anyone doubt that?

  420. @Leo
    I can be stubbon too (after all im a southern girl) and i will not talk to you unless you take back the statement that i thought Matt M was the same Matt that Moderates this site!
    Its either im sorry or goodbye!

  421. I want it to be Jordan, she is the only one in there not lying!!!!! Natalie is stupid!! I would like f2 to be Michelle and Jordan

  422. @ everyone on this site….go jordan. i hope she gets final hoh and sends fat nat packingggg. good ridence. go kevin and jrodan!

  423. @ Midwest Fan….. You are right…. I am the King of this playground……. yyyyeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh bbbbbbboooooyyyyyy!!!

  424. Hey guys

    Just got this from Jokers:

    Nat: I’m ready for the next phase of our operation to begin.
    Kevin: It’s better that it’s fast forwarded.

    Nat: It’s definitely gonna be an all day cockblock.
    Kevin: Why Natalie, I wouldn’t do that to you.
    Nat: I proved to you I could do it.
    Kevin: Yeah you did, but if I prove to you I’m gonna do this, will you stop worrying about it?

    Discussion moves now to throwing the endurance comp. Kevin will give Nat a signal to let her know it’s time. She says, “but you can’t do it too fast. it can’t be obvious.”

    Sounds as if Kev is throwing it to Nat.

    @Leo, if Kevin does throw the comp. to Nat. then he is foolish and will deserve to lose this comp. You had better go the the BB house as the invisible HG and reason with him! – Quick go now before it is too late!

    Go reason with Kevin!

  425. @ Midwest Fan….. You are right…. I am the King of this playground……. yyyyeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh bbbbbbboooooyyyyyy!!!

    @ Martie…. I can sing a song for you all if you want? hmmmm? hmmmm? hmmmm? I didn’t think so…….

    @ Everyone… I was with fam – (doubting me huh x-rev or should I say myself since I am x-rev too L-O-L)

    @ Cat…. me insecure? never……

    *** NBK – K/N Final 2 ***

  426. Why are you BB fans so mad? You are letting a prank get out of hand. Dont be pranked by Nat.

    READ post #25.

    Don’t be eyes wide shut.

  427. @Leo

    Just catching up because I had some chill time.

    I never asked whether Matt M. was the same Matt who runs this site, but I do recall someone asking that question.

  428. jordan deserves to win. ill post it some more only because it seems the producers change the game by way of viewers opinions. maybe they’ll evict natalei this week soemhow and jordan will still win anyway!!!

  429. @Leo again

    And I do remember the heated debate between you, but I thought that it ended on a positive note!

  430. Natalie & Jordan just agreed that the hottest guy ever on BB was Drew (season 5 winner). I mean, don’t get me wrong, I thought Drew was a cutie, too, but have they freakin’ lost their marbles?!?!??!?!

    Drew is a 7-8 to Jeff’s 11. He’s more than perfect… (dreamy sigh)

  431. Kevin is an idiot if he throws it to Natalie. WHAT is he thinking???? Hopefully, he is trying to trick Nat.

  432. Having trouble beleiving that the BB houseguest are so gullable. In the rules it states you have to be 21 to be a houseguest (didn’t they read the rules), so why are they beleiving that Natalie is 18? You would think that with her stating that she is a poker player THAT….First clue is not to beleive her, the bluff is on you have to be at least 21 to play in a casino. Anyone who continues to run their mouth as much as Natalie has something to hide. Let’s see what the jury house has to say about Natalie now.

    A Priceless moment:

    Tie between Kevin and Natalie
    America Votes………….
    Kevin gets awarded the 500K.
    Look on Natalie’s face when this happens……..PRICELESS.

  433. @arctic: While I agree that is seems a GROSS misconduct violation to allow someone from the outside into the house to spend any length of time with a HG, and as much as I would L-O-V-E to believe you, I seem to remember another scenario you posted that, while so genius, never transpired. Not sure if that one was posted as fact or theory, same with this one.

    Dejected Jeff Fan

  434. @Leo

    Look at the bright side! Both you and I have been insulted and personally attacked today, BUT we have also had some great bloggers come to our defence, and that is all that matters. Just remember that and don’t let ignorance get to you!

  435. Has any one been invited to rat nats wedding besides leo and 1is1me. Will Jim Carey be doing the services. Rat nat and her boy friend both cried with tears when she said of course. Oh what a cute pair they make. The way they hugged and kissed each other, was breath taking. God bless this union.

  436. @ Blackgirl…. Wuuuuuuzzzzzzz uuuuuupppp? You aren’t going to join my Survivor Blog Site?

    @ x-rev….. I thought you were a dude? What is up with the message for Matt M beo?

    @ Cat….. I apoligize if I mixed you up with someone else…

    @ Diana… I am shocked that I am everyone in this blog site…

    @ Leona…. I like the name…. I have a sister named Leona…. Seriously….. You better not be her… are you? hmmmm? hmmmm? hmmmm? J/K….

    I do have a sistr named Leona though!!!

  437. @Leo

    Don’t be shocked, take it as a compliment. We were just having some fun when you were away and x-rev is as funny as hell!

    WTF admitted to imitating you and we caught onto it!

    :) ;)

  438. marty #621
    I ductaped my magic 8 ball and its working again. lol

    BB11 is not dampening my spirits…we will see.

    ie HOPE

  439. @Analaigh #624

    Thank you, it has been a fiery day and I am only on for another few minutes because I have to cook dinner, but I will be back, because you guys are all awesome and I have had so much fun with you!

  440. @ Diana… I did too amd then look at Matt M and the crap he talked today…

    @1is 1me – thanks for the love…. Are you going to join my Survivor blog site?

    @ Cat…. Don’t you make me come over there…. give me some cyber love……

  441. @Bill: Let’s remember that she didn’t say, “Of course.” She said, in her ever-so-ladylike manner, “Hell Yeah!”

    Even her boyfriend asked, “Is that a yes?” and she stated again (for the intense pleasure of her soon-to-be in-laws, I’m sure), “That’s a hell yeah!”

  442. @arctic: I will be the first one to call you a genius if something other than the usual boredom transpires.

    We have yet to see Jeff enter the dreaded J.H.

    Anyone see Jordan say on BBAD that she’s glad she stayed in the house and that Jeff is the one who got evicted?

  443. @Martie #632

    Such a lady! Can you imagine her poor future mother-in-law’s face when she had to watch that whole episode last night! – (providing it isn’t a scam)!

  444. Natalie is wondering how she will break the news of her engagement to Jessie. I’m sure he’s going to be so devastated.

    Please girl, you sure are full of yourself, aren’t you?

  445. @Martie #636

    Nope, didn’t hear it! I honestly believe that although she would like to win, she would have preferred it if they had voted her out.

    Her confidence level is low right now and she was in a funk when Jeff left, but hopefully she has some fighting spirit like Michele and she comes back with a vegenance and boots Nat. out and says: ‘This one’s for Jeff’ (cough, cough)!!

  446. Rather than redoing the POV because Kevin cheated, BB should put Kevin up beside Michelle and Jordan, and let those three vote to send someone to the jury. Nat can’t vote unless each one votes for someone else. Then Nat can (according to the rules) break the tie.

  447. I think Natalie was disappointed when she looked at the screen and saw her BF instead of Jesse.

  448. #618 rick raynor

    I agree. All cameras on Natalie as she loses to Kevin,
    Michele or Jordan. Priceless.

  449. Hey wonderful buddies, I have to go again, have to make the husband some dinner, so I will be back later!

    Enjoy your debating and don’t forget to keep voting for your fav. HG to get the $25k!!

  450. @sservie
    The kind that was raised by the Hells Angels!
    Shes like one of those biker chicks that act like a guy (chews, spits, curses and thinks the words Hell Yeah is a good answer to any question).

  451. #640 Martie

    I know. Too funny! I read Natalie is worried about losing
    Jessie’s vote once he becomes aware of her engagement. LOL


  452. @leo
    Ok, I have taken more meds, or was it a burritto?…. anyway, to answer ur questions. Same playing field? You are the king!
    Am a a dude? Yes, and macho/hetro.. but love scaring off homophobes, it tends to quiet them down or send their comments into moderation.
    Am I you? I am so confused with the back and forth, it is totally possible, but I doubt it very much.

    @Diana welcome back girl!

  453. Whoever is the next evicted ought to enter the jury house with a bull horn announcing Nats engagement. Give Jesse a serious case of roid rage!

  454. @ Diana…… I would like Kevin to throw the comp to Natalie because I have more confidence in Kevin beating Jordan in the 2nd comp than Natalie

    @ Sservie…. no I am not ignoring you… wuz up?

    @ Cat……. wuz up?

    @ Midwest Fan……. I said king being a snart a**…. are you really upset?

  455. Cat and sservie

    No “I do” for Natalie during her wedding ceremony.
    “Hell, yeah!” for this “blushing” bride
    followed by, “This is for Chima!”

  456. @Midwest Fan
    Chima will prob be the Maid of Honor…oh wait, thats impossible..theres no honor there! Maybe she can be a bridesmaid and Nat will throw the boquet into the hot tub as a tribute!

  457. I was just watching Michelle pack her bags for the last couple of hours. At one point she was talking out loud asking “where are my gloves?”

    Seriously, BB needs to put a stop to Natalie stealing Michelle’s gloves. And before anyone comments on the word “stealing”… stealing is when Natalie went through Michelle’s bag and took the gloves out, then put the gloves in her own bag. That’s stealing. Hiding is different.

    BB really needs to tell Natalie to give bag the gloves before tomorrow’s endurance comp.

  458. According to Joker @ 4:38pm…Jordan asked Nat why BB was making Nat replies that he wasn’t gonna do it. What’s that all about?

    I think that Kev and Nat are so interested in making others miserable , that they haven’t considered the possibility that there is comp that they are aware of.

  459. @Midwest Fan: LOL. :) I could totally see her screaming that out to the crowd gathered at her wedding. She said the entire BB cast was invited. Later, she amended that and said (jokingly) that Kevin is only invited if he evicts Michele this week…

  460. Ooops I missing part in #659 Jordan asked why were BB making “him” pack, and Nat replied that he’s not doing it.

  461. Natalie just got called to DR, then comes out of DR saying they told her to go up to the HOH room.

    I wonder if this could be another PB???

  462. @659 candy
    Can you repeat that? I put down my beer and I still dont understand the comment/question. Thanks

  463. Jordan just got called to the DR.
    Michelle still packing.
    Kevin is cooking pasta/sauce.
    Natalie in HOH.

  464. #651 Leo

    You have got to be kidding. There is NO WAY I am upset
    though as a future lawyer, you should know when to
    ascribe words to others and when not to do so.

    I enjoy your posts.

  465. If America will be the Tie Breaker I am SO GLAD Jeff is out the house and won’t be in the final to delete the EYECANDY vote!!! WoooHooo

  466. @ Everyone….. this is a crazy day…. What is happening in the BB house now? anything interesting?

  467. The comment was that DR told Kevin to pack his bags (basically BB told everyone to pack their bags for tomorrow’s live show). And Kevin told Natalie that he wasn’t going to bother packing his bags. He hasn’t yet, but knowing Kevin, he’ll wait until the last minute and do it.

  468. Just going back to the past a little bit, I know Jessie befriended Ronnie to help further himself in the game, BUT I know how excruciatingly painful it was for me to listen to Ronnie talk about himself (debate champion, etc.) for the few minutes I had to watch.

    I have no idea how Jessie could stand it every time Ronnie would launch into one of his stories. I kept waiting for him to just lose it and say, “Get away from me, you little loser. There are some things just not worth $500,000!” but he never did, and he was always very nice & respectful toward Ronnie.

  469. @ x-rev

    Around 4:38pm Jordan asked Nat why was BB making “him” pack. Nat said he wasn’t doing it. I believe “him” refers to Kevin. Could there be more to tomorrow?

  470. Jordan is out of the DR, now sitting in kitchen.
    BB just called Kevin into DR.
    Michelle still packing.
    Natalie still in HOH room.

  471. @candy, yeah I think the rumorville is that there will be two evictions tomorrow. Presumably Michelle (via Kevin using his veto), then immediately following the endurance comp the first person to drop might be eliminated. That’s just a speculation though on one of the other sites.

  472. @668 dave
    That almost suggest the possibility of a double elimination. Why would you pack if you have the only vote?

    OMG, could leo be right? DV is in play and none of us know it?

  473. @Martie #669, yeah i was thinking the same thing about Jessie. Maybe Jessie was a bully when he was younger and just took Ronnie under his wings as a guilt factor. Because your right, no matter how annoying Ronnie was, Jessie allowed him to continue on.

  474. @ Midwest….. I was playing catch up and messed up you “leo will be back at the watering hol” comment… my bad ok?

  475. Wait a second. Last night on BBAD, Natalie told Kevin that she was throwing the endurance competition to him & Jordan. I think this was an offering to make sure he votes Michele out Tuesday.

    Now it sounds like he’s throwing it to her?!?!?! How did she Jedi-mind-trick him into that?

    Wow, as much as it pains me to say it, she may actually deserve this money. Wow, that one hurt bad! :/

  476. @Carolyn: I agree b/c I thought if anyone would lose their patience with Ronnie, it would most certainly be Jessie. He seemed so mean and bully-ish, like you said.

  477. @x-rev

    Don’t really put too much into the speculation though… it was all hyped up last week that Natalie got kicked out of HOH and lost her HOH powers (all because she was locked out for 5 minutes) and so many people ran with their thinking that she was locked out on purpose.

    So just because they asked everyone to pack… might just mean that they are throwing off all the live feed viewers. Like me! :-D

    [Michelle just got called into the DR.]

  478. @679 martie
    You are offically off my “future 5th wife” list. How dare you speak such evil in front of such impressionable minds.

    p.s. bet ur husband was sweating bullets when he heard I was after you! hehe

  479. Hello everyone!

    @Diana and @Leo – Looks like you two had an eventful day…for the record love you both…smooches…LOL!

    @candy – Good question…I think that there will be another POV comp tomorrow…BB needs to redeem themselves after that Fraggle Naggle Bull they aired on Sunday, with the exception of Kevin of course…Again, he was hilarious.

    @x-rev #673 – If Leo is right about the DV, we will NEVER hear the last of it ;)

  480. I could NOT STAND Ronnie. Not looking forward to seeing him on finale night.

    Did anyone ever tell Michele (or Ronnie) the theory some of the houseguests had that they were the secret married couple? I’m sure they’d both have a fit!

    O.K. Last comment about Ronno, I promise.

  481. @dave

    I agree. Look at Julie Chen saying for the last two weeks that Pandora’s Box would have a “game changing twist”. Riiiiiight!

  482. @x-rev: I said I hated to admit it. You gotta agree that she is quite the little manipulator, right?

    A young Darth Vader, if you will…

  483. @683 fed up
    Yeah, it would be miserable for all of us if he was right… but i still think it is next to the hidden idol on exile island, so I am anxious to watch Leo’s blog on Survivor. lol

  484. @Martie #679

    I was very confused too. Last night it was Natalie throwing the endurance comp, now today its Kevin.

    You’re right! Natalie is doing some voodoo Jedi-mind toggling.

    Ever see Fire Starter? If Natalie’s nose starts to bleed, beware!!


  485. the final will be in las Vegas right? so maybe after the eviction they will take them to las vegas and the endurance will be in the way to las vegas

  486. @686/687 Martie
    ROFL, ur husband has a goldmine, he just needs to be reminded. As for your second comment…
    I plead the 5th, but will add that at least darth vadar has a soul b4 turning to the dark side. I question if nat ever did.

  487. Did she always do that (pray before she eats) or just pick that up from Jessie? Not trying to be sacrilegious or anything, but I never saw her do it until after Jessie left the house.

  488. @690 Carolyn
    I heard of ppl praying to the devil, but never really seen it before. Are the lights flickering??

  489. I never noticed it before Jessie either. But in all honesty, some people are shy about their religion’s beliefs until they see someone else doing it.

    I will say this: no christian who prays before eating meals, calls another human being the devil in front of millions of viewers. So she can stick her attitude up her ass. :-)

  490. @ Michelle Fans…. There is not going to be another POV comps – Michelle is going to be evicted tommorow….. Natalie taking Michelle’s glove isn’t worse than Jeff threatening to hit hit Russell in the mouth or Jordan chest bumping Russell, so Natalie will not get thrown out the house!!!

  491. @Carolyn: She told Kevin that it’s “God’s plan” for them to win after he won POV. He didn’t seem to agree.

    I bet her prayer before dinner has something to do with giving her guidance into manipulating people out of the $500 K.

    IMHO, I don’t think HE cares who wins BB11.

  492. @696 Martie
    shhh don’t tell anyone, but I was only married once, but its funnier if I make it sound like i had multiple wives. But if I were looking for a 5th wife, and your husband really has money… well…….. :P

  493. @Martie

    Agreed! I really don’t see God even liking Big Brother. Its full of lust, greed, sloth, vanity, gluttony, wrath, etc etc etc.

    Hmmmm and the worse person will get $500G’s for it?

    Yeah Natalie… that sounds like God’s plan. ;-)

  494. @ FedUp…… Wuz up Little Lady. How was your Labor day?

    @ Martie….. Your husband would be a fool to let you go….. I think you would destroy him in a divorce court with your wit and your comebacks.

  495. Hey, has anyone seen the recap that said during the untlevised 20 minute boyfriend meeting, Jason tells her that “some people” in the United States don’t like her? She supposedly responds that it’s because she was on Jesse’s team, and Jesse has always been unliked.

  496. Wow…Natalie really thinks God has a plan for BB??? I think he is probably tied up with much bigger and more important things.

  497. @Rene F

    From what I remember, that was Natalie telling the other HG’s what Jason told her during their private time. I doubt it really happened. But Natalie was the one who told the HG’s all that info.

  498. #705 Renne F

    Natalie making up more excuses b/c she can’t accept any responsibility for her actions.

  499. @ Everyone…. I have to study for a while, but I will be back on in a few…. Don’t throw me under the bus too far ok x-rev?

  500. Jordan and Jeff both prayed nightly, and one of the first things that turned me against Jordan was her saying that she asked God every night to help her win. Sick that you’d do that, unbelievable that you’d admit it.

  501. #654 serrvie & #655 Cat

    Natalie has taken on the Chima Rant for the rest of her life
    and it is going to haunt her. If she doesn’t say it, others will say it for her.

    From a Successful Food Pick-up at McDonald’s, “This is for Chima!”
    to the delivery of her first child, Natalie or her
    OB-Gyn Doctor, “This is for Chima.”
    It will become an endless reminder of how she lost $500k.
    : )

    Leo –
    I never take you THAT seriously. However when you
    used the word, “King” you stepped on sacred ground.