Big Brother 11: Week 9 Monday Live Feed Highlights

Let’s make a deal was the theme yesterday in Big Brother 11 as Kevin held all the power while Michele and Jordan struggled to gain his trust. Michele is working a lot harder than Jordan to stay in the house as it seems Mrs. Jeff is rather resigned to her eventual eviction. Read on to find out which way Kevin is leaning for Tuesday night’s live eviction.

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Big Brother 11 Live Feed Highlights – September 7, 2009:

12:00 PM BBT – The HGs are hit with a 2-day lockdown! The end is beginning as the remaining Final 4 houseguests will be huddled within the Big Brother house until they emerge on Tuesday night for the

12:30 PM BBT – Natalie and Kevin discussing how no “brown people” ever get to the end of Big Brother. Only Ivette with Maggie. This is incorrect. Danielle was the runner-up in Season 3. Jun was the winner in Season 4. I don’t know if Jun counts as “brown people”, sorry I guess I’m not non-PC enough for that one. But to categorically place BB as a “whites only” is very inaccurate.

3:00 PM BBT – Natalie and Jordan discussing how they just found out Tuesday is an eviction night. Natalie gets her HoH competition

3:30 PM BBT – Kevin teases Natalie that the Diary Room had him do a goodbye video message to her as well.

5:00 PM BBT – Kevin and Natalie discuss how to play the endurance competition. They are sure Jordan will drop first and then Kevin will fall out so Natalie wins the first round. Apparently they forget how Jordan crushed both of them in the Graduation Day endurance comp.

6:00 PM BBT – Natalie and Kevin still confused on what will be happening when in the remaining days of the game. Neither are certain when they’ll see the next eviction.

6:45 PM BBT – Natalie hopes the next endurance will be like the S’mores race, but Kevin assures her it will not. I’d agree with Kevin. They’re even planning their meal times to be ready for the big comp.

9:30 PM BBT – Michele goes to Kevin to discuss a potential deal to keep her this week. She tells him that Jordan would take Natalie over him to the Final 2. Kevin says if Natalie goes to the Jury House she’ll turn them all against him and he’ll lose. He tells Michele to come up with a plan for how he can diffuse her anger over him keeping Michele and he’ll consider it.

10:15 PM BBT – Kevin talking with Natalie about Michele’s offer. Natalie threatens him with physical harm to his manhood if he keeps Michele. She is sure Michele would win in the next rounds if they kept her and Jordan is the safer bet to beat out. Natalie swears she doesn’t have a F2 deal with Jordan, but Kevin seems semi-skeptical.

11:00 PM BBT – Kevin and Jordan discuss F2 deal options. He quizzes her on if she has a F2 deal with Natalie which Jordan says they kinda do, but not really. Kevin says he’s upset with Natalie for taking the Pandora’s Box option and leaving him on his own. He says he’ll keep her safe if he wins Round 3 of the HoH competition.

11:50 PM BBT – Kevin heads upstairs and tells Natalie that Jordan doesn’t trust him. Looks like he definitely was just working Jordan over with lies earlier.

12:00 AM BBT – Michele finds Kevin and starts working on deal options again. She’s trying to convince him that he’ll crush her in the Jury House votes and if he wants to win the half-mil he needs to take her rather than Natalie. Kevin is worried about ending someone’s game and the overall impact on the Jury votes.

Kevin plays a strong game when it comes to negotiations. Say what he might, I still believe Kevin plans to evict Michele and dump Jordan to take Natalie to the Final 2. I’m not so sure he can beat Natalie in the Final 2, but I sure hope so!

Get ready for Tuesday night’s PoV ceremony, live eviction, and part 1 in the 3-part final HoH competition which should be an endurance battle. The close of the BB11 season is almost here. Watch it all tonight on the live feeds!

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  1. Go Kevin!!!!!Nat may try to intimidate him but he will do what is right for him. After all it is 500K. He must remember to thank JEFF America’s sweetheart for winning. If Jeff knew any thing about trust he would be in the house now sparring with Russ about how he will crush him in the endurance part of final 3 instead of wallowing in the jury house. Winning is every thing and Jeff gave away 500K by not keeping his word. I voted until my hands ached for JEFF to win CDT and I voting a 1000 times for him to get AMERICA’S Favorite but on his on he could have gotted it all. Instead of monitoring his feeds in the house so he could see N/K playing him he was smitten by someone who was not giving him any play just enough smootch for him to keed her. She was using him. Sorry old boy you took your eyes off the prize. GOOD LUCK KEVIN IT COMES IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES!!!!!!!

  2. Last night, Kevin “heard” Jordan’s and Michele’s last pitches for
    keeping them safe but there is NO WAY, Kevin will abandon
    He is as afraid of her as he was/is of Jessie.

    Last night’s — “doubts” were all done in the name of
    BB Production to keep the game “alive” for viewers of the
    Live Feeds and BBAD. SHOWTIME, FOLKS! Give the audience want
    they want. Drama. Suspense. Something ………….. anything.
    Lie if you have to …………….. HA!

    BB11 is rushing toward a finale filled with nothing more than
    zzzzzzzzzzzzzz and crickets.

  3. Is anyone else as unimpressed with this season of BB as I am? Natalie and Kevin in the final 4??!! Here are two people that breezed by and now project utter arrogance, as if they strategically planned this outcome. Come on! Natalie is by far the worst competitor in the history of BB! She is a brat, and shows her true colors when her lack of sportsmanship qualities shine when she throws hissy-fits. I cannot stand her!

    I shouldn’t read these things first thing in the morning, because I cant even think, and now my day is shot because I’m so furious with the outcome of this season! This is by far the most uneventful, un-exciting season of BB I can remember, and I’ve been watching since S2.

  4. I think it has been the best BB season ever. The players got played. Kevin and Natalie are playing the game and has out played the other HG. Go Natalie and Kevin.

  5. Well as much as i love Kevin and Michelle if Kevin takes Nat and Jorden and then Jorden wins and take Nat then what happends to Kevin is his down fall for trusting a lier. And Jorden wins the 5k then good for her even though she was draged throught the game with Jeff and now Kevin and nat go Jorden kick those idiots A$$.

  6. Jeff lost….he got played by better players than him : Natalie and Kevin. He was stupid to believe them. They did to him what he did to Jeff.

  7. This is what it said on BB after hours……”The P.O.V. Comp, Veto Meeting, Eviction and H.O.H.Comp all air live tomorrow night.”

  8. I personally hope that Kevin does not take Natalie to the Final 2…that is the only way he can redeem himself in my opinion after evicting Jeff. He will not win the JH votes. Jeff and Jesse will for sure not vote for Kevin. Jordan wont either. He may have 2 votes Lydia and Michelle and America will make the 3rd vote b/c America “aint” votin for the biznatch!

  9. I hope BB does not screw Kevin tonight to appease to non Kevin fans. Kevin deserve to be at the end more than anyone because he got rid of MR CDT. The 4 remaining HGs deserve to be there because it is a game of outlasting all the others and they have. even the vacationing Jordan deserve to be there. go Kevin

  10. It is difficult to think Kevin, Natailie and Jordon are going to be the final three. And then most likely Kevin and Natalie the final two. But it is usualy how the world works. The power houses take each other out first and then all you have left is the rubbish. The only mess not still standing is Lydia.
    The only thing to look forward to now is when Natalie finds out just how much %90 of the viewers can not stand her.
    I waned as a BB fan when Jeff started acting like an idiot and letting Jordon give him stategy. I can still hear her telling him how much she trusted Kevin over Russle.
    And the sad thing is she still does not know he and Natalie are actually rubbing salt in the wounds by making fun of them with pretend deals. There is no way Kevin is brave enough to go against Natalie. She basically told him she would kick his ass and make sure he lost if he got rid of her. I bet Natalie wins by default.

    She keeps talking about how is is going to stay friends with Jessie. DOes any one really think he would be ok with that?

  11. I just finished watching last nights BBAD and I have to give credit to K. I agree he seems scared of N and I don’t believe he will turn on N but after the talk he had with J in the last hr of BBAD…. He is definitely sittin in a pretty good spot… Covering all the angles. I am a Jeff fan and will vote for him for the 25k and since he is gone I don’t really care who wins as long as N doesn’t win!!!

    Diana, Martie, xrev, sservie- Really enjoy reading your thoughts and opinions! Keep ’em coming!:-)

  12. Whats the obession with Jeff? Ok he won a couple of competitions, he was GIVEN a power that made him stay a couple weeks more than he would have. He is an average player and was stupid to stay around Jordan all the time. In the end, shes in the house, hes not. Thats bad gameplay and he doesn’t deserve anything…

  13. if lying cheating and stealing is the game, they played it well. kevin lyed and cheated and you can add stealin to nataLIE’s resume. i think bb should take the 500k and drop it from sky if natalie wins. and have her handcuffed to a chair and give kevin the key and let her watch him as he loads his pockets.

  14. If Kevin knows Nat is a lier then why is he beliving her when she said she will get all the votes not to let him when if he keeps Michelle he should not be so afraid cause like Michelle said Nat cant convince every one to vote her way.

  15. Why is everyone but the girls afraid of nasty? I hate that it sounds as if this game is scripted from what i read at jokers this morning. That nat and kev were yelled at quite a bit yesterday for talking about what production was telling them in the DR but wait…..probably another lie who knows. can’t stand that she is still there.

  16. Hahahahah @ Belutian, you think Natalie will care about what NOT REAL BB FANS think of her after winning 500k? People that like Jeff and Jordan are not real BB fans because BB is made to be plaid the way Kevin, Natalie and yes even Michelle are playing it. Ronnie was playing it also, just like Russell and Jessie. Jeff tried but he’s a bad player, he is not very smart so couldn’t plan out good scenarios. I guess he’ll be good with Jordan..

  17. Natalie is detestble and Kevin is scared of her. This doesn’t make for a very exciting finale. Michele will be out and poor Jordan is pathetic. Who cares who finally wins.

  18. Kevin cannot keep Michele because she is a liar too and will go back on her word. Kevin is smart he knows his only option is to stick with the evil that he kinda know.

  19. @blackgirl
    How can BB screw Kevin if he had an advantage on POV comp because of a malfunction…… and to make things right so no one is screwed they replay the pov comp.

  20. @Jaycee I hope BB is right, that they will play the veto over again. I don’t think is was fair because of technical difficulties. This could change things if only Michelle and Jordan can get their act together.

  21. Boycotting the show….how silly! I am in it to see who wins it.

    Nat is a terrible person and I am sure ALL the other houseguest know this and her rein of terror is almost over.

    Kevin has definately been taking notes, watching the other Good players and is a great understudy and its his time to either take over or be defeated by his unjust loyalty to nat. No way is he a strong player….just maybe one of the strongest players left in the game.

    Jordan sweet sweet Jordan…get a clue girl!! I am seriously hoping that her game play has been to play the “dumb blonde” Emmy time for sure! Hope she is smart enough to take the guy (Jeff) as a parting gift.

    Last but definately not least there is..
    Michelle..this has been a living nightmare for her I have been calling her MO HELL because she sure is geting it MORE HELL everyday form the evil twins and past houseguest she is a true survivor and that may be her saving can only hope…expect the unexpected…you go girl.

    If Michelle is evicted tonight my vote for America’s Fav is going to be her..she deserves the battle pay!

  22. Jaycee Kevin didnt cause the malfunction, that is the nature of the game. How often does this happen when we watch other games like football and basketball, the refs make mistakes but the game goes on. How is this Kevins fault?

  23. For one, Natalie lied to Kevin about getting the key, as he could plainly see she wasn’t about to go get it. Natalie lied about the boyfriend thing and when she didn’t get away with it said she was just fooling. She lied to Kevin also about offering a F2 deal with Jordan, that’s why Kevin was asking Jordan about this because he knew she lied to him. She’s constantly cheating at chess and pool. He’s knows she is a liar.

  24. This isn’t football. They are playing for a lot of money. If BB screwed up setting up the POV Comp and there were difficulties then it should be played over. Who knows,Kevin might win again, but at least it would be fair to all.

  25. Chilltown Nat lyied to Kevin when she got the pandora box and said she wouldnt win the 5k but only the 50 grand and she told him a lie not telling him that her boyfriend was in there

  26. @lone ranger
    I agree with you I stop watching after dark because i couldn’t stomach listening to nat and Kevin practising their speech over and over like their in some kind of speech and debet compation.
    Nat even cheats at pool,chess, cards, It wouldn’t surprise me that she cheats at solitare.

  27. If Natalie convinces Kevin to drop in the endurance comp and let her win then he does not deserve to be in final 2. What an idiot if he does this! I am still holding out hope that Kevin votes to evict Jordan. I don’t know why he is so scared of Nat but he needs to get over her and think about himself and how he can win.

  28. jeff tryed playing the game but the kind of person he is in real life wouldnt let him lie and treat people any different.i think some of these people would steal from there mommy to get the have to be able to return to real life and sometimes its not worth hats off to jeff. he is a real is jordo.thats why they got along so well.i wish them both well.

  29. Does anybody know exactly what JOrdan said to Kevin last night on Late Night? Sounded like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo and I didn’t get her point. Did she have a point? I know that a lot of people don’t like Natalie, but I love to hear her and Kevin go back and forth. I think it makes for great TV and they are kind of like an “Old married couple.” I don’t know why people hate Natalie so much.

  30. kevin needs to get some balls and keep michelle come on wanting jordan to drop in endurance what a pus-y who could be scared of jordan.

  31. @ June…thats all you got? All I know is that Natalie has been loyal to Kevin…she could have screwed him over by taking the HOH deal offered by Jeff and Michelle..and she didnt.

  32. blackgirl i too Love Kevin and i too hope he wins but i want Michelle to go with him even if one gets the 50 grand and the oter 5k doesnt matter in what order i still want Kevin and Michelle at the end. :)

  33. GO KEVIN!!!! I know some of my friends do not agree with your scheming, but you know what, they would do the same thing

  34. Chilltown thats all i can think of because i havent been watching because my daughtor lost her baby last night i cant think streaght so if you want to fight i will not because i cant think because of my loss.

  35. June, but for some reason Michele doesnt like Kevin. Why should he trust her now to keep her word. I like Michele too but she does have a history of saying one thing and doing the opposite so it will be difficult for Kevin to trust her now.

  36. Yes black girl your right and i do want Kevin to win he is so kind and he was the only one that huged Michelle win every one else pushed Michelle away so go Kevin go!!

  37. So sorry about your daughter’s baby!!! Really puts the importance of this show into prospective……I guess God wanted another angel….God bless you both…and your families….

  38. blackgirl she is fine its just that we didnt know that she has negative blood and needed a shot to keep her body from thinking that the baby wasnt an ifection but a baby so we know now what to do next time she gets pregnent so god bless you to girl for caring about us and lets hope for the Best for Kevin ok!

  39. Kevin needs to rethink what Michele told him last night
    because it is true and he knows it. Michele told him.

    That should be proof enough for him to keep Michele and
    team up with her to go to the F2.
    He suspects Natalie and Jordan have a F2 Deal. Duh! Huh?
    Ding, Ding, Ding …………

    Also, he and Michele are both wrong and could seal their
    deal if they remember that Natalie will not be going to
    the Jury House but to a hotel so she will not have the
    opportunity to “poison” the others against Kevin.

    So it comes down to Kevin ……………… thinking for
    himself and making the best deal which is to abandon
    Natalie right now.

  40. teresa thanks and we will be ok and lets get on with the game cause i dont want to keep crying ok you all.

  41. kevin will lose his pov tonight because of bb mistake they will do a live pov redo so they are making him pack his bags also maybe jordo or michele can still win get rid of kev tonight jordo wins 1st comp of endurance she’s already beat nat before on grad night michele will brains part so see you later nappy head nat and mofo kev well maybe in a real world that’s not you know scripted

  42. Also, it’s funny to Michelle worried and trying, at last, to pull out something…wow, Kevin and Natalie must really be ecstatic they have made their plan go this far! The Dynamically Unexpected Duo are going to win!!!

  43. Cant wait untill tonight to see who will go and see who the finale two will be lets hope for Michelle and Kevin all the way.

  44. I really wanted Michele to win but I don’t see that happening. I just really don’t want Natalie to win any of the money. If Michele leaves then it’s go Jordan and Kevin.

  45. #51 bb11fan

    I agree with u… At least I hope that’s why they had K pack his bags!!

    Can’t wait until tonight!!

  46. 1) Jeff is a terrible game player – believing and aligning with Jordan – BIG MISTAKE!! (I am certain he’s thinks about it a great deal.)

    2) Michele will also be my vote for the 25K.

    3) Unfortunately, one of the two (Kevin or Natalie) will win BB. Never wanted this scenario but it’s here!!

    This BB has been full of many twists and turns on an emotional level. Definitely been worth watching and hoping for a better outcome. I am glad we (America) will have some say in who wins!!!!

  47. It looks like it will be Natalie and Kevin as the final 2 HG’s. I will not be watching the finale. Thank you BB for wasting my time this season!! It’s amazing to me how someone such as Natalie can breeze thru and bully her way to the finals.

    Peace… I am out!!

  48. Everyone, Kevin had to pack his bags because he is still on the block. The pov ceremony has not been held yet so all three of them had to pack their bags. I wouldn’t read too much into it.

  49. I do hope kevin keeps michele over jordan then get rid of nataLIE, that is his only chance of winning, i dont think he will win against nataLIE she has more friends in the jury house and remember she did not win to put anyone on the block until now. The jury members would not know she influences kevin with lies as she said no blood is on her hands, she let kevin do her dirty work.Anything she tells th jury they are not going to believe because she lied from day one about her age. koodoos kevin and michele.

  50. Hey Ashley, I hope you are right.
    I know you like Michele, do you think if Kevin keeps her she will stick to her word. I would love for both Kev and Mich to be f2.

  51. @bb11fan #51 @ACB #56

    I asked the same question last night about Kevin having to pack his bags and the reason he was told to pack is because he is currently on the block and he has not officially taken himself off. Therefore, by BB rules of the game, he must pack his bags.

    Although it would be nice to think that the POV was rigged and has to be played again, I don’t think it will be and I really question whether it was rigged or not. There has been a lot of speculation about cheating, when in reality the debate about cheating is targeted to Michele, Kevin and even Jordan (following Micele’s footsteps).

    All in all if there was cheating CBS BB has probably just ruled it out as all players are now equal.

    My new speculation is that we still haven’t seen this so called Jury Punch, so my thought is perhaps they will have a vote on who gets evicted tonight and that would be a huge twist in this game. Remember, they have been sequestered in the JH and don’t know what is going on in that house and can only vote on their perception of gameplay.

    This is highly unlikely but one can hope!

    I like Kevin and think he is extremely funny, but I think he will fold under pressure from Nat.

    I am a Michele fan and if it is true about BB prod. trying to convince Kevin to keep Michele, then this show is nothing but a scam and it has been scripted for ratings and shock value.

    ACB, I have things to do today, but I will be back later this evening, probably after the show, when the boards light up again.

    The debating on this forum is interesting and I love to see different opinions on how this game is played.

  52. @ Ashley

    I know ur probably right but I am still holdin on to hope :-)

    so, you don’t think there is even a small chance that they will replay the POV?

  53. @ACB – I know there is always a slim chance they will redo it but I hate getting my hopes up just to be let down again.

    @Blackgirl – I do like Michelle but I like Kevin too. I would love to see them in the final 2.

    @Fan – the pov already took place and Kevin won however there is some speculation that he might have had an unfair advantage so we are hoping it gets replayed.

  54. blackgirl, I think Michelle will stick to her word with Kevin because she definately wants Nat out but I don’t know how far her loyalty with Jordan actually goes. I don’t know what to think anymore.

  55. Does anyone know why Kevin and Nat haven’t been called out for using their so called calendar of events to study. I thought that was not allowed in the game.

  56. @June #39

    I am extremely sorry to hear about your loss and although you are grieving now, God has another plan for you and your daughter, so keep the faith and hope and things will work out for you!

    Chilltown – SHAME ON YOU!

  57. #51

    Seriously, what are you thinking using such awful words?

    BTW – Fear not! Punctuation is your friend. Learn to use it.

  58. NBK is in the mother f***in house…… Michelle Fans bow down and shut your mother f***in mouths…..

    Michelle is out the door – Jordan will soon follow after….. All your wining / threats to BB – CBS….. will not be answered so go ahead and stop watching trailed by my laughter

  59. lone ranger I am with you on you writing. Boring season and BB should let America vote on the F2 of the season!!!

  60. @ Diana… Let’s say the jury votes to evict Jordan – Kevin votes to evict Michelle

    1-1 / Nat evicts Michelle

    Bye bye Michelle….. That was a hell of a punch huh?

  61. #51 bb11 You are a sick person get help. This is a game and it is being played well. Sorry your favorite HG will not me in the final 2. Get a grip!!!!!

  62. @ Ashley…….. I had to start wit that to one up the NBK Haters especially after me day yesterday…. Did you see what I went thru? I am on the offense mode today!!!

  63. Leo, I wasn’t around yesterday so I don’t know what you are talking about. I will have to go back and take a look. Remember, I was not a part of it ok?

  64. @Ashley #78

    Both Leo and I copped a beating yesterday, but there were plenty of other bloggers who defended us, so we both had enough support to get through the day without too many scars and injuries.

    Leo often starts the day stirring the pot to get a reaction out of people to make these debates more interesting.

    Don’t take it personally, because he is a good guy!

  65. @ Chill-Town……






    Have you heard?

    Michelle is getting evicted tonight bro!!!

    Hell to the yeah!!!

  66. I AM VOTING MICHELLE for AC!! She played the hardest game, AND if J/J had LISTENED to her when she wanted to put NAT out instead of Lydia, and KEV out instead of Russ… We wouldn’t be in this fine mess…
    Remember.. it was JEFF who decided to make a deal with NAT AND KEVIN getting us to this place.. JEFF DID THAT>>>


  67. @Leo #83

    Eat crow if she doesn’t, I’ve got your game and you can’t stir that sh*t up with me, so over and out until tonight!

  68. @ Diana thanks.

    @ Midwest Fan…. want to be in the NBK music video?

    @ Ashley….. I know you do…. (haaaaaaayyyyyyy)

  69. People “love” Jeff because he assumes responsibility for his own fate. Hind sight is always 20-20, but Russell did nothing to re-assure Jeff of his loyalty to the final 4, while N and K worked it and worked it – then Michelle can never remember things or when or if she said them – so N and K made the big lie work. That is game play. However Gnat lies just to lie. She is nasty when there is no need to be – that is not game play. In Jeff’s exit interview he said he did not feel that Jordon was a burden. She befriended him when the other 12 hg shunned him in the first week and she gave him some one to help get thru the 24 hrs a day of craziness. I agree that Michelle has been thru hell and I hope she makes it to F2 – Kevin should see through Gnat – I don’t think he likes her as a person, but only as a means to get to the end ($500 K). If it is K and N at the end, won’t watch the finale. Voting for Jeff to get America’s vote.

  70. Leo, It does look like you got slammed last night. You know if I had been on, I would have defended you like I have in the past.

    You know you are my fav NBK fan…

  71. These two are a piece of work. BB did good in picking them. Must not be worried about ratings. Natalie is really trashy. Her father should be proud of a person that only lies and one that plays cards. Mam on Man BB.

  72. #84 Janet

    Well said.
    Vote for Michele for Fan Favorite – $25K.

    Shouldn’t you be dropping the NBK team by now?
    If you want Kevin to win, then he needs to drop Natalie
    before she drops him.

  73. Leo,

    Regarding yesterday ……………. GET OVER IT!


    It is a new day and you are sleepwalking.
    Seriously, get some sleep so you are prepared
    for tonight.

  74. Should be interesting to tonight. Why didn’t Jeff get his good bye messages. I have never seen that happen. Except for Jessie because it was a surprise.

  75. Michele is the best player and did it pretty much alone against all odds. Whether she is ousted or not, she gets my vote for the 25K.

  76. Natalie will have nothing to do with votes because they all know she played Jessie, Russel, Jeff. Lydia, will not listen to her she lied about her age and they found out she lied from the start. Kenvin will have the votes if he stayed with Michelle. Jordan will have win comp.

  77. I miss Jeff though he was foolish trusting those slimeballs Kevin and Natalie.

    Maybe it’s because he seems to have a life; he acknowledges that it’s just a game and kept a sense of humor about the absurdity of the situation.

    I hope Michelle wins but will vote for Jeff to get the cash. If Kevin wins, let’s hope he gets a makeover and loses those things on the side of his head. The ugliest haircut on prime time TV!

  78. Kind of disappointed in the outcome this year..unless Michele can pull a rabbit out of her hat…its a done deal. BB doesnt care about letting cheaters win…they just care about ratings..and the ratings are good!

  79. Thank God something different is going on tonight’s ep, maybe it will help make my work day go that much faster. This is crap. I hope that they bothtotally underestimate jordan and she ends up winning it all.

  80. No matter what though i really dont think natalie will win, cuz i think everyone who said that nat doesnt have the JH votes is rght. Russell, Jeff, Lydia, Michelle and/or Jordan, none of these people will vote for her, well, maybe lydia, but even if lydia and say jeff do, thats two votes. I dont think she will win. She seems to forget that once you make it to the end it desnt matter what you do, because your fate lies in the hands of the JH, and she has made so many enemies…….she got to her postiion out of pure luck not skill.

  81. How can Jeff still be America’s favorite player when it was his action all by itself that led to the N/K abysmal ending. It simply makes no sense.

  82. I wish Gnat would shut her trap about doing things for Jessie and Chima! Seriously, she hasn’t done an F’in thing but latch herself onto whoever had the power for the week and then make deals with both sides! I don’t give a damn who wins now that the lone losers will be the F2!

  83. Why does everyone hate Natalie?
    Kevin is so scared of her because she threatens physical violence!
    She stood behind Jesse and screamed her fullhead off so many times, berating everyone in the house.
    She wanted to lie to BB to save Chima – “she didn’t mean to throw the microphone in the hot tub”. Kevin told her they saw her. How many times did she say she was the “good people” and everyone else was evil – the devil etc.
    To me its really strange that the most unkind people think they are pure as the driven snow and everyone else is bad – and that gives them the “right” to be so hurtful to everyone. I am not talking about the “lying” that is part of the game – you expect that. In my opinion, Chima was the worst – even Evil Dick had a soft spot – she was so impressed with herself she just thought she was better than everyone else and then Natalie – who supported Chima even after the end – thinks that Chima was a “good” person. And yet all these comments about Jordan not having a clue. Natalie says she is 18, is really 24 and acts like she is 14. If you had a choice between Michelle, Jordan, or Natalie, which one would you want to watch your house while you went on vacation???

  84. Again..has anyone given any thought to the idea that Jordon just might pull it together and win. Who knows maybe she has been saving her reserves. Stranger things have happened.
    If she were to win, I hope she tells Jeff that she will “meet” him in Hawaii, and jets to Hawaii, first class, with her family.
    Maybe she is not as “scattered” as everyone thinks. Jordon just lacks exposure to life.
    I for one would like to see her win something. Her family sounds like they need the $$$$$.
    In the introduction to Big Brother doesn’t it say “expect the unexpected”, or is that another reality show?

  85. I think michelle “played” the best out of the remaining final 4. She won the most comps out of the 4. Nat, Kevin & Jordon are still there by luck, not good game play.

  86. Thank you for you wonderful comments on my loss and yes i do belive god has some thing better he always has but any ways lets hope For Kevin and Michelle to be the finale two. GO KEVIN AND MICHELLE GO!!! :)

  87. @ Midwest . June… Wuuuuzzzzz uuuupppppp?

    @ Lorrr…. They hate natalie because she plays BB better than Jeff . Michelle!!! They have been OD’ing on haterade!!!

    @ Everyone… Enjoy watching Jordan throw the comp so Kevin can win tonight (Jordan said i will drop for you when you give me the look to kevin…. Don’t believe me go on the feeds and flashback to about 11:40 PM BBT!!!

    @ Dawn…..





    Michelle is going home, so now you ex jeff fans / ex Michelle fans can jump on Jordan’s fan wagon until she is evicted and then jump on kevin’s ok?

    It will only take your 4 times to be right… bravo to you all!!!

  88. WTF…. BB Producers are Michelle fans too?

    At 1:47am BBT, Kevin tells Nat that production tried to get Kevin to keep Michele (instead of Jordan) and that he feels he was “raped” in the D.R.

    Kevin: “I just got raped in the D.R., I need some support! Nothin’ is changing. Stop trippin. Now, are you entertaining thoughts they told you about?”
    Natalie: “No! I shut’em down immediately!”

    Kevin tells Natalie that he’ll tell Michele she’s going home in the morning.

    **The real question: is Kevin just keeping Natalie happy for the night & keep Michele? Or will be stick with the plan to get out Michele & keep Jordan. We shall see!!

  89. Leo like i said on the other post… YOU BAD But still love ya cause you crack me up LOL!!! :)
    GO kEVIN.

  90. Also, he and Michele are both wrong and could seal their
    deal if they remember that Natalie will not be going to
    the Jury House but to a hotel so she will not have the
    opportunity to “poison” the others against Kevin.

    Wait…what?? Why would she go into a hotel?

  91. @ Everyone…. Kevin is going to evict Michelle to make it easier for him / natalie to win the HOH….. Isn’t that what Jeff / Jordan wanted to do with natalie because she would be easier than Michelle / Kevin to beat in the Final 3 HOH? If it was a good idea for then, I think it makes just as more sense for N/K to bring Jordan over Michelle… Am i wrong?


  93. @ MamaBear…. hello there….

    ***** News Flash Mama Bear *****





    Michelle is going home, so now you ex jeff fans / ex Michelle fans can jump on Jordan’s fan wagon until she is evicted and then jump on kevin’s ok?

    It will only take jeff fans 4 times to be right… bravo to you them all!!!

    @ Mamabear….

    Kevin is going to evict Michelle to make it easier for him / Natalie to win the HOH….. Isn’t that what Jeff / Jordan wanted to do with natalie because she would be easier than Michelle / Kevin to beat in the Final 3 HOH? If it was a good idea for then, I think it makes just as more sense for N/K to bring Jordan over Michelle… Am i wrong?

  94. Guys get over it. Whosoever wins this BB is worthy. First time I have seen you guys so worked up. That means BBdid it job fan wise.Enough already I don’t care who wins just let us have a good endurance comp and wait forBB12.

  95. @ bigmama and leo “I don’t care who wins just let us have a good endurance comp and wait forBB12.”

    Seems this site should shut down then, Its all been said.

  96. @ Ed….. I know… i hope it lasts 4-5 hours, so everyone can see the outcome on BBAD tonight on Showtime 2

  97. OK everyone….Remember this is a game of liars,cheaters,backstabbers,dumb blondes,and what would we call ourseleves if we were playing the game? Its just a frickin game of who is the best manipulator!!!! Who would have thought that those who played low and made BB players think they didn’t matter in this game and LOOK!!!! they are the final 4 (or 3).
    Just keep the faith and don’t have a nervous breakdown over a TV Reality Show.

  98. @ David / Ed…. Do you honestly believe Jordan deserves to win more than natalie?

    Won an HOH
    is part of the reason jesse was brought back
    here LML changed the game for her
    She alligned with the right people (jesse / Kevin) to get this far

    She alligned with jeff
    jeff gave her the HOH
    She won POV (Even Michelle thinks she copied her)
    She has finished in last place in the last 3 comps (Yes she was last with the tie braker as well

    *** People weren’t outreaged when J/J were going to take natalie to the Final 3 instead of Michelle… Now they are mad because K/n are doing it? What hypocrites!!! ***

  99. Since it’e a half million dollars at stake like it or not anything goes…repeat anything.

    The game shows teeth, hair, and eyeballs for most it’s all on the line.

    I know we judge their character based on the game play but truth is we don’t really know them by the game play…we think we do but likely not.

    Reminds me of this story of a famous bridge builder but he got caught sucking a ….. never mind just know he wasn’t known for bridge building.

  100. @Kevin— I believe that Jordan played behind Jeff to be where she is right now. Nat played behind Jesse until he left and Kev played behind Nat,Chima,and Lydia. So why not? Jordan has never intentially tried to hurt or betray anyone in the game. Its all mind control and those that really played hard and dirty are gone! I wish Jeff was still there….he played a great game and stayed true to most and really cared about peeps. As long as Kevin doesn’t keep Michele/dirty, smelly HO, Michele shoud win.

  101. Just a note to remember….When Lydia got sent to JH, Nat and Kev were down and out until they made up a story and with that, Nat and Kev have really ruled the house

  102. I also feel that this has been the worst year of BB. I haven’t even watched any of the shows because after reading them on here and Jokers, it is so boring I don’t want to waste my time.. I don’t like Nat or Kevin, however, Nat has actually been running the house since day 1..

  103. HOpe Natalie wins, she seems to rub people the wrong way, but so far she is still in the house, and won HOH when she needed to.
    Nat and Kevin F2, Gooo Nat

  104. at this point i don’t really care who wins cuz nobody there deserves it…maybe michelle or kevin.nobody really worked hard on their game playing.alot of riding on the tails


  106. I hope Kevin does not take Nat to the final two… first off i think he would lose against her but she is a B****! She is so stupid for thinking that telling people she was “ONLY” 18 was such a big lie to throw people off! ANd she lies about the stupidest shit! The Pandoras box thing saying she cant win the $500,000! Then turning around saying, “i just played ya’ll, it was a joke!” What a dumbass! She shouldnt win this game and if she does, im never watching another season! She hid behind Jessie, then Chima, and now Kevin… I hope Jordan comes out of no where and whips some ass tonight! She and Michelle deserve it! And if they dont get it then Kevin should… BUT NO nataLIE!!!!!!

  107. i cant believe everyone is so scared of nat do they think one of her buggers will eat them she is such a hatefull person and if it is true about the game being set up then the pov comp should have been done over from what i heard at night michelle and jordan coulnt hear and justin got a big head start UNFAIR!!!!

  108. We call them liar’s and what not, but the object of the game is to win $500,000. You have to do whatever it takes. Look at how much Dr Will and Mike Boogey lier to Janelle and whatever her name was, they told them they would lie and cheat to get to the end and they did. Dr Will one one year and Mike one another year.. It is what the game is about.

  109. I haven’t seen any of the live feeds and may have never noticed this, but, when did N steal from people in the house? I’ve read a few posts about her stealing. Is this true?

  110. As horrible as BB is this year, it probably has us doing the most ranting and that is what they want right? I really like Jeff and Jordan and they were and still are my favorites but I have to tell you that no one on BB was innocent. On Showtime, I was quite disgusted with everyones dirty mouths. As much as I adored watching Jeff and Jordan, for awhile there every other word was the F word from Jeff…….and that really isn’t cool in my book…..can’t stand Gnat,,,,never known anyone that lying and lying so easily… is 2nd nature for her, so I assume she does it often in real life! Was it just me, or did she seem non emotional about the engagement offer? Even if it was a bread tie, what kind of girl refuses the ring to win a game……good playing…..or just ambivalance to win a game…Jordan and Jeff were very deceived……Jordan seems quite innocently naive……..I personally hope Jordan or Michele wins…….really really seems like Jordan needs the money more…….a few months ago they were homeless…..about BB.. production needs a new director…….many things didn’t seem right….not sure if I want to watch another season again.the way this one is ending disgusts me too much……thanks for reading!

  111. Anhyone else note how BB is trying to pretty up Natalie lately? She even looked clean and girlie at PB. It just doesn’t work. She is one disgusting piece of work – and no amount of “engagement” (with that fake boyfriend-actor) will make a difference. UGH!

  112. You know I think you are right about the fake boyfriend. I thought that the whole time they were together. Something wasn’t right, it was like they were friends and it was scripted……I think you are so right, I wouldn’t be surprised if after this is all over, we find out it was a sham,,,another Gnat lie!

  113. My fantasy is watching on TV what Gnat would do if Kevin flipped on her and evicted Jordan. I picture her flying over the sofa with her hands landing right around his neck and fire coming out of her very flared nostrils. Oh well a girl can dream. I find it interesting he can stand up and flip a guy like Jeff but he is the biggest coward when it came to the two crazy women. He looked like he already was castrated! He’s been involved with these two crazy girls..become mini crazies of them and not be able to think for himself. God I just wish he would man up!

  114. I’m not sure if this has been mentioned, but I don’t understand why everyone thinks knat has the jury house votes. Yes, she’ll for sure have Jesse and Lydia’s, but once everyone knows that she lied about her age (she’s such a GENIUS at 24 – she didn’t want to intimidate the other HG’s – she is SO dilusional!), and lied about everything else that pooped from her mouth, I don’t think she’ll get the jury votes. Hopefully Kevin will have a devine intervention and realize she’s playin’ him.

  115. First off BB ratings are good because there is nothing else to watch. A redeeming fact is that Natalie will see how much she is disliked when she gets out of the house. Natalie and Kevin not only cheat when playing non BB game games, they also enjoy making fun of people, making them uncomfortable and wathing them squirm, as well as humiliating them. This in my opinion does not deserve a win, however, one of them will probably win. I would love to see one of the remaining houseguests tease them with some live bugs and things like that. Especially to Natalie. Hopefully a dragon fly will fly in her mouth during the endurance competition tonight. I would love that. She has to be the most non gracious, non likable, non endearing player in BB history. Since she loves winning so much and insists she is the best at everything, I vote to award her the most disgusting BB player ever. Give her first prize for being the most non deserving person. The others deserve fool prizes for believing the wench. I Still would love to see Jordan pull it out at the end.

  116. I swore I would never watch BB again after last years, now I KNOW I will never watch this crap again. First Chima then that sickening Nat. Where do you dig up these contestants BB???
    Nat calls Michele the devil liar, my gawd , she is such a liar herslef she didn’t even believe her boyfriend was really proposing to her. A true liar can never believe anyone else.
    Someone needs to knock Jessie back down to earth. He is the worst person BB could ever associate themselves with. All for ratings I guess, sick sick sick Just like Nat

  117. I am not an avid fan, but I don’t understand why BB allowed Natalie to lie about her age. Coming in, shouldn’t everyone’ stats be true so everyone is on equal footing? Natalie just said it has given her an advantage. On that point alone I do not think she should win… and on many others as well. But I don’t know, maybe BB allows people to lie when they start out. Makes me even less of a fan then.

  118. Her lies were so transparent. The guest were stupid. A tv show would not let a minor drink. They had a young houseguest one year. 18 year olds do not play in vegas either. She lied its part of the game. I hate her but if the others are so scared of her than to call her out, then they sjouldnt win.

  119. All three are still on the logs. Kev and Nat have food. I think Jordan has this. I think she is stronger than them. I think she is thinkin about the money. Nat is thinkin about winning. Kev just doesnt want a girl to beat him. If Jordan stays on the log as a final 2 Nat will totally lie to her to get her to drop.

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