Big Brother 11: Week 9 Thursday Post-Eviction Highlights

Last night on Big Brother 11 Natalie was moving at full speed with her plans for nomination and betrayal. Read on to see who Natalie plans to nominate along with her true target. It’s gonna be a long week!

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Big Brother 11 Live Feed Highlights – September 3, 2009:

6:15 PM BBTLive Feeds are back after Jeff’s eviction and, ugh, Natalie’s win as HoH. She’s telling Kevin how this is her second HoH win because she claims the first week as a win for her. Kevin questions this (like the rest of us). Kevin says they can’t underestimate Jordan anymore because she does well on the questions. Natalie says she’s going to win the PoV this week as well.

9:00 PM BBTLive Feeds are back from an apparent luxury competition. The HGs received new clothes and they’re trying them on. Apparently no one checks sizes because some of the clothes are huge on all the girls. Natalie has a nice pirate shirt now. Kevin did well with his winnings.

9:45 PM BBT – Natalie informs Jordan and Michele that she plans to nominate Kevin. The girls are shocked, but Kevin already knows about this plan to throw them off.

10:20 PM BBT – Natalie gets her HoH room. Food, pictures, and a letter from her dad.

11:45 PM BBT – Kevin asks Natalie her plans for nomination. She wants to nominate him and Michele because she thinks Jordan would be the most gullible to not use the PoV if she won it and might agree to vote out Michele. She plans to be mean to Michele during the nomination ceremony. Gee, smart move on pissing off another jury member, knucklehead.

12:30 PM BBT – Kevin and Michele talk a little game. Mostly bashing other players. Complaining about Jeff, then about Jordan. Michele asks Kevin not to report all of this back to Natalie. She is still trying to figure out how to get to the Final 3.

The new nominations will be revealed tonight on the live feeds so keep watching and check back here for the results later tonight. I wouldn’t be surprised if Natalie didn’t stick to her plan of nominating Kevin and Michele. Michele wouldn’t believe Natalie if she said she was betraying Kevin. Jordan might.

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  1. Can hardly believe NataLIE is HOH. She & Kevin making lying look like it’s second nature to them. The best word to describe NataLIE throughout the show is that she’s a BRAT and her behavior last night was right in line with that of a brat. Hard to believe she’s 24. Not sure I can bear to watch this week.

  2. Well i hope that Michelle catches on Nats and Kevins plane and she does win the POV and if she is evicted she then can convince every one not to vote for her (NAT) but the ohter one thats beside her (Kevin or Jorden) at the finale two like Kesha did about Memphise and told them not to vote for him but instade vote for Dan.

  3. I absolutely CANNOT stand Natalie…she is scum…game or no game…what a fricken back stabbing, lying weasel. Curse you bb for not coming up with plan to favor Jeff’s ability to stay. NIce ones always finish last…and yet another snake slithers by.

  4. sadly, I am done watching the show but I hope michele wins now. I don’t have any interest in watching natalie. I hope she falls during pov and breaks her arm. to that I would say. that’s karma nataLIE!!!

  5. I truly don’t think I even want to watch the rest of it..that is how much I detest Natalie..and how evil always prevails

  6. HAHAHAHAH… I love it. I find it hilarious you people bash Nat and Kevin and call them liars, yet love Jeff who is the only “true” backstabber in the house. Look, this game is not hard, it’s actually very simple. You float along for the 1st month while the “strong” players use you for a vote. Then you side with the strongest side until it flips, betray them, and you’re in the final 4. More often then not a floater is always in the final 2 because no one wants to get them out until the show is halfway over. Regardless, no one will want to take Nat to the final 2, everyone will want to take Jordan to the final 3. Michelle or Kevin will go home this week, not Jordan.

  7. nat saying she won and kept her word last night, and how this win was for chima was the last straw.
    this season has been downhill from the beginning.

    good bye big brother, a few days of drama with jeff and russel will not save the season.

    i tried, but this ones been near the worst for me.

  8. I hate to say it but i am done with this show for the season i can’t stand watching natalie and her winning hoh did it for me and her yelling that this is for Chima proves she is a low life punk. That is mild to how i really feel.

  9. I am so disappointed in BB, I have not gotten into a season since Chill Town, I was very sad and in the back of my mind of my mind I am clinging to that expect the unexpected and Jeff to return at this point even Russel to Return. But I think I am fighting a lost cause, I can not even bare to watch, but there is always that something pulling you back in, or else why would I be at work on this website commenting for the first time. OMG I am losing it.

  10. So you all would rather the game be fixed to keep who you like in as opposed to an actual game of strategy and luck? Good call there.

  11. Well, at least Natalie won’t have a full week of HOH. She’ll just have 5 days. Even that is too much. I don’t like her always in Michelle’s face. Michelle just lost her brother 5 months ago. Is there no compassion? I know this is just a game, but seriously, I feel this is wrong. We know you are after Michelle, you don’t have to be mean about it.

  12. this is it. i’m done with this season of big brother. Jordan will be gone next week and then we are stuck with 3 liars. KEVIN is the reason jeff is gone. and now natalie will be the reason jordan will leave this week. its not worth my time anymore.

  13. @Donni, there is a difference in having the game play out as opposed to saying you want people to come back or you wont be watching.

  14. My favorite part of last night’s episode was the jury house footage. I usually don’t care about that part. It will be interesting to see how Jeff makes out there. Since they showed Russell in the JH, I don’t think it’s possible for him to come back into the house. Oh well. Survivor is coming. (Still hope Gnat doesn’t win.)

  15. why shouldnt bb be fixed to make the majority of the viewers happy. cbs and the producers of amazing race fixed that show the year rob and amber were on it. they had it won by a few hours but when the other couple missed the plane on the final episode they some how got the plane to come back from the run way and let them on and in doing so lost 1 million dallars for rob and amber.

  16. I just can’t stomach her and how stupid they are for believing anything she says. To each his own.

  17. @Steve #15

    I think that perhaps you are missing the point. We all are accepting of our favs. lying and back stabbing in the game because that is BB.

    The reason that general audience are so upset about Nat. is simple. She RUBS everyone the wrong way. She is cocky, arrogant and just down right mean. All the other HG’s have had a likeablity about them and have shown some consideration to their fellow HG. Not Natalie though. She has shown time and time again how greedy, self serving and selfish she really is.

    I am not against her for her lying or her manipulation, just against how grating and cocky she is as a human being.

    What I do feel for her is pity, because when she has to go back into the real world, there are so many people that she will come in contact with, that simply will not trust her because they abhor her behavior and that is really a shame, as her 15 minutes of fame will come back to haunt her in not such a good way!

  18. I’m done with this season as well. It started off really well with Jesse as his crew running the house, that waste of skin Ronnie getting caught, and Jeff freeing the house of Jessie’s clutches like Mel Gibson in Braveheart. But your final 4 is about as exciting as watching paint dry. I hope Jordan can pull it off but my money is on Michelle. I’ll also put my money on the fact that even as HOH Natalie still wont shower!

  19. when she starting yelling this is for chima i turned it off. chima did nothing to proud of in this show

  20. What would she do with the money??? She would have to move and change her name and pay for friends, cause she is a ugly person so good luck nat, you will allways be the bigest loser in life anyways

  21. i understand jeff did the same thing to russell but why did he do it? becuz kev and nat lied and told jeff that russell and mich were talking and were gona put j/j up against each other. so it is a huge difference. and can some one tell me why kevin had so much hatred for jeff this last week. jeff and jordon always were nice to him they never even thought about going after him. they always told him he was safe. and jeff use the pov on him. so what was kevs problem?

  22. This is a scenario that I like!

    Michele wins POV and sends Kevin home. Pandora’s Box brings back Jeff giving him the power to send another HG home and tells Nat. ‘sorry your time is up, go join J/L in the JH’, leaving J/J/M for the F3.

    Michele takes the $500k, Jeff $50k and Kevin or Jordan gets America’s choice of $25k

  23. Donni, i love it. Chima & nat Maybe they will have there own show together, Ugly & ugly somrthing there family should be sooo very happy about.

  24. Also, did anyone else enjoy the fact that Jeff is the only houseguest that has recieved a standing ovation upon exiting the house? I’m glad Julie made him aware of that.

  25. I think we should all watch the game play out before we stop watching the show. I think their is going to be a twist in the game,where Nat is not going to be HOH for long. Just watch and see what happen on Tuesday.

  26. @jet fan #30

    Kevin felt threatened by Jeff and his thought process was influenced and tainted by Nat. Did you not notice how domineering and aggressive she was toward the more passive Kevin.

    Nat. even demanded to keep his new sweatshirt that he received when he won HOH, this is the type of person she is, simply plain GREEDY, which by the way I think will be her downfall in this game.

    Pandora’s Box is coming back, and I believe that BB will tempt her with some luxury prize that she will not be able to resist, she even mentioned that last night, claiming that she will take everything that is offered to her.

    If that is the case, then she will have to give something else up in return (hope) with someone coming back from the JH.

    Wait for that surprise Sunday. Like I said to all the fans that are disappointed and don’t want to watch anymore, CBS are masters of marketing and they know how to capture their audience with teasers. The first PD was just that a disappointing teaser, BUT I think they have seen the uproar across these boards and they know that they cannot keep fooling America, so they have brought PD back that will be game changing – (these were Julie’s words not mine!)

    Have HOPE BB fans, Nat. will fall, just like Humpty Dumpty!!!

  27. I seriously have no clue how to stomach watching her as HOH. I can’t stand the sound of her huge mouth chewing. I can’t stand the way she waddles around and constantly looks like she needs a long shower. I don’t think Jeff should have stayed, he bought into the kev/nat lies…but SO many people are totally hating Michelle…& she has played this game, mostly alone, and deserves to win. I would love for there to be some kind of twist, but I’ll tell ya one thing, if Nat even makes it to the final two, I know many people who have watched their final season of BB.

  28. It will be hard to watch it. If Jeff makes it to the jury house he will learn info about the remaining hg that would give him an unfair advantage and now Russell knows. How did they learn that Natalie was 24? they get info from somewhere once they are out of the BB house.

  29. I turned the show off after NataLIE starting talking about Chima too. She ranted prior to her eviction vote as well – punk is a better word than brat.

  30. @Donni #40

    Nat. told Jessie and Chima that she was 24 and Jessie told Lydia and Russell.

    Did you pick up Russell saying (that will cost her votes or something like that). I am assuming because she lied right from the get go!!

  31. Just a comment about Jeff- if he had honored his f4 agreement with Russell, he wouldn’t have been evicted – he lied too! And, had he kept his word he easily would have won America’s Vote & probably the game. I was a fan of Jeff’s game play until he back-doored Russell – not that Russell should have stayed in the house it just would have been nice to see someone keep their word and not be swayed by the Kevin & NataLIE show.

  32. I finally had to post here. Michelle and Jordon did not think last night. Ronnie would never wear that silly costume and they guess fact. At the tie breaker Michelle guess way to low. I knew at 200 plus Jordon
    was high. i would say 75 to 100 cans. how could it be only 65 when kevin and jeff had like 48 between them.

    i wanted jeff and michelle in the end but when yuo are not thinking clearly this is what happens.

    At this point I would take kevin over Nat. lets hope Michelle wins POV and takes herself off.

  33. Donni they got the info from nats mouth? When she said her goodbye speech to the school teacher she said ” See ya and bye the way iam 24 years old iam smarter then you think? Really nat you are dummer then a 4 year old

  34. I have to admire all of them, because I couldn’t stand all that turmoil for 24 hrs. Jeff’s interview on the Early Show didn’t show him his good-bye messages either. Everyone else got theirs. I know it’s a live show, but they definately would have had time for that. I think Michelle will win POV and Jordan will go. The only one I don’t respect is Natalie. Didn’t they notice the picture of her 30 year old boyfriend and question that? I think Michelle and Kevin are but aren’t saying anything. Would love for Natalie to walk out that door. I wonder if she’ll get an appause or boo’s. Probably applause because they’ll be glad she’s gone.

  35. i am a fan of jeff but it is becuz of him we have to deal with that pig natali. the nite b4 the russell eviction j/j were in the hoh thinking that nat and kev may backstab jeff. at that point jeff and jord should have called russ and mich upstairs and told them that russel is not going home. that they just wanted to make natali think she was safe all week and if they told russ and mich that natali would have found out what was going on. does everyone remember what there teacher always told them when we take a test? always stick with your 1st answer cuz its usually the correct one. jeff should have stayed with russ and mich. and j/j should have told kev that they want a final 3 with him so if kev won the hoh he would put russ and mich up. then mich won the alien face pov so russel would have been out the next week. and if russ won hoh the kev would have been voted out by jordon and mich. jeff should have coasted to the final 3 but he had no idea how this game works.

  36. people always say there gonna stop watchng it because of something happeneing . thats a load of bull s**t. You will keep watching it because you love the drama and the action that it brings. You guys arnt true fans if you stop watching from someone wining HOH WHEN THE SHOW IS JUST GETTING GOOD!! just cuz she won HOH doesnt mean shes gonna win. so suck it up and stop saying your gonna not watch it. because if your a megaa fan like me. You are never gonna not watch it. You just cant.

  37. @karin #44

    You are right he did BD Russell, however he was being influenced by everyone in the house to get rid of Russell. He was fed a slew of lies from everyone (including Michele who was watching her own back) and he really didn’t have the opportunity to have some free ‘head space’. He got caught up in all the negativity that was thrown at him (he even mentioned that he was becoming negative, and he had to snap out of it).

    You know there are times when we all make mistakes and wish we hadn’t listen to a particular person. Don’t forget he didn’t hear or see what we do, so it is difficult to ascertain who is lying or telling the truth.

    Russell should have approached Jeff more, during his HOH time, but Russell really didn’t do that much, because I believe he didn’t quite know how to approach Jeff and convince him that he would honor his word. Jeff really thought that Russell was after him, with Russell being the stronger player and the rest being weaker players (physically), he thought that he could win it all.

    Jeff sadly missed the mental part of this game!

  38. Smart is a word i wouldn’t think to use to describe the nat. Irritating, fake, immature, loud, stinky apparently but not smart.

  39. OMG. I am so done watching this year. Who chooses these contestants. First Chima got through, a real nut job. Then we had Lydia, a real skank. Then let’s not forget Natalie, a total liar and manipulator — and don’t tell me it’s all part of the game. I understand you have to deceive others at times, but she plans her lies and deliberately tries to hurt others. She is absolutely disgusting. I actually like her the least of everyone. It is so obvious she has not had a woman to look up to all these years. It’s ok to recruit colorful folks to make the game interesting, but BB please look them over more carefully in the future. Keep out the truly bad people of this world — they don’t deserve the money.

  40. Diana thanks and hopfuly Nat loses the games when her and Kevin and Michelle is the last in the finale games but if Nat and Michelle is the finale two that every one fryes the Nat and votes Michelle to win it all!

  41. omg ok lets think about it. between jeff and kev alone they had 47 cans so even if they didnt know exactly how many the other 3 players had all they had to do was avg 15 so thats 45 for those 3 47 + 45 = 92 they should have guessed somewhere around there. mich 65? jordon 225??? what is wrong with these people this year? even nats 75 was off alot. and i know ronny is a dork but who would think he would wear that to a convention. and then mich saying that jesse and lydia arent talking any more??? they were the only 2 people in the jh for a week and lydia was in love with that idiot so why wouldnt they talk.

  42. Jeff lost because of his stupidity. He believed Nat, and he still claims that Russel was coming after him based on what he heard from Nat.
    Nat is playing nice to most of the people, they don’t see the same girl we do (no DR for them, no private talk). I mean Jeff believed she would save him until the end, and in the meantime he scared Kevin off. Kevin was much easier target for swing vote than Nat, and (stupid and egoistic) Jeff did not realize that.
    The main rule in BB is that you don’t trust anyone, especially when you are strong player with a big target on your back.

  43. Steve its not about fixing the game its about Nat doesn’t deserve to win the game. I found that Jeff or Michele is the strongest people in the house and they should have won. Jeff got russell out and he got Jessie out. Which that to me is good game play, he should have won.

  44. I’m done with the show after Natalie won that….too bad it was a great season but I just can not stand that smug little Bieatch. She has done nothing nor brought anything to the season.


  46. I dont get why people are so upset about Kevin getting rid of Jeff. That was a smart move on his part. After Russell left, he was the biggest threat competively in the house and he was heading straight to the Final Two and winning the whole thing. Kevin would have been an idiot to keep him in the house. Also if Jeff would have stayed he would have came after Kevin.
    Jeff should not have backdoored Russell. I believed Russell would have stuck with the final 4 deal. It would have been nice to see them slug it out at the end…oh well. I sure will miss seeing Jeff though on the screen, one fine man!

  47. I hope Mich wins POV after all the POV winner is the only one voting this week.. mich wins BYE Kevin..

  48. Well, I guess I feel the same way as the majority……. Disgusted!! I am so upset that Jeff got evicted (held onto hope up until the last second), and so upset that of all people Natalie won HOH. I CAN’T STAND HER!!! How did Michelle lose that one, isn’t she suppose to be smart? It was just a matter of math. Anyway, I have no idea how this week is going to play out, I just HOPE someone, anyone gets Natalie out at the final 3 and she doesn’t make it to the final two. I’m rooting for Michelle or Jordan at this point to win. Either one will be fine. I also feel like I don’t want to watch anymore, but I know I will. Ugh!

  49. Steve (15) Right on. Diana (25) I can agree with you for the most part. I believe she will go back into the real world, 500,000t richer. Everyone: Have you heard the “Donald” is looking to talk to her after BB. Whats up?

  50. I think there is a really good chance that Jeff will be back even though he doesn’t deserve it. Did everyone notice that Julie did not show him any Diary room messages from his fellow houseguests, if they did that might taint his thinking…. makes you wonder…..

  51. Ok… Here is what I have been thinking since watchin last nights BBAD. Remember on BBAD when Kevin was telling Nat that they had asked him in the DR what advice he had for the HOH if the “Pandora’s Box” came back into play? And Kev told Nat that his advice is for her to take the box…and Nat said that she would open the box if that happened but she believed Pandora’s Box is over with.

    Ok…so here is where the speculation comes in… What if they offer Nat the chance to open Pandoras Box also and Nat, being the greedy person that she is, chooses to open it because she thinks it means more money for the house but instead of money…Jeff is in the box!! Legend says that Pandora’s Box can bring “good or bad”…This would be so awesome! Because Natalie keeps saying how she is skating all the way to the end with no blood on her hands…which is true, but I think it would be so great if, because of her greediness, she would be responsible for bringing Jeff back!!!Would love to see the look on Nat and Kevs face if Jeff were to walk back thru that door!! I wonder if Kev would “scream like a little B***h” again(Kevins words LOL) , the way he did when he stuck his hand in the box.

    Well… I think this would be an awesome twist!
    I would like to see Jeff and Michelle F2 with Jeff winning the 500k!

  52. @ Diana #52 you said it perfectly everything u said about jeff, russ is exactly right and exactly what i have been telling people. the final 3 should have been j/j/m. jeff thought every comp was going to be a challege like the graduation one. he kept saying that russ has to go cuz he won drop. most of the comps are questions and russ didnt do good in those. if he would have taken out nat then kev would have had no idea what to do so he would have done what jeff said. and why didnt jeff make a deal with kev this week? kev couldnt play in the hoh so jeff should have told him if u save me then ill save you. instead he tried with nat. 1st nat was able to play for hoh 2nd she knew everyone doesnt look at her as a threat so even if she didnt win she knew she was in final 3 any way and 3rd mich and jordo are mad a kevin. i like jeff but he was clueless. him and jordan make a perfect couple. lol

  53. I’m jumping on the “dislike Natalie” train. When she said THIS IS FOR YOU CHIMA – I was like P U K E ! UGH truly disgusting but then I love this show. If any of the 3 of Jordon/Michelle/Kevin win Im okay with that and I hope Jordan and Jeff continue to grow as a couple. They are adorable.

  54. #46 Tammy – I had to LMAO on your comment! “dummer” is actually spelled “dumber”.

    All in good fun!

  55. @rogers #76

    You are correct about Nat. being $500k richer PROVIDING she actually wins this game.

    Nevertheless, even if she does win $500k will not cover the cost of living for the rest of your life.

    Remember, she is a poker player and she has admitted (if you believe her), that she wants to pay off her debts. How much that is, I really don’t know, however I can guess once her debts are paid, even if there was a substantial amount left, after paying her taxes etc. it will not last her long, but her lies will be remembered for a very long time!

  56. Does anyone remember that Nat stood up & told everyone that she is really 24 – not 18 – during Casey’s eviction? How any of the houseguests could’ve missed that is beyond me!

  57. @Scorpioleidy #84

    In fact, Nat. never stood up and told everyone that she was 24 when Casey got evicted.

    She told Casey in her goodbye message which was taped in the DR and the other HG don’t get to hear or see what goes on in there!

  58. @Diana #85

    I know I heard her say it, but maybe I confused it and thought she said it in front of all the HG’s. Mea culpa! (And, yes, I know the taped messages we see aren’t shared w/the other HG’s.)

  59. This site is great for getting BB11 updates, but would it be so difficult for the original poster to exhibit a little objectivity and not have to insert all the snarky commentary about Natalie on a regular basis?

    As a Natalie fan, it’d be nice if you could just stick to the facts, man.

  60. Both Michele and Kevin looked very suspicious when looking at the picture’s in Brat’s HOH room in BBAD. Even the dim-witted Jordan noticed that the Brat looked older. I believe M and K are onto her secret. Kevin particularly. Her strategy in putting him on the block is a betrayal – once again the Rat/Brat runs true to form. She is insufferably

  61. natalie may not be 18 but she sure acts alot younger than that. she has done nothing in this whole game. she is always talking about how competitive she is but has won nothing until now. she has used everyone she can to get this far and i dont think she is worthy of the win. i wanted jeff to win cuz i think he has played the game as fair and as clean as anyone could. now that he is gone, im hoping for michelle to win. she has been the underdog the whole time and in the last several competitions has really shown that she can hold her own.

  62. i hope kevin and mitchell save each other and send jordan home so next week natalie will be next and Kevin and mitchell final two

  63. well i guess the game is done with now for sure. It has been very boring this season and I don’t think anything exciting is going to happen with these 4. Jeff can only blame himself he could have been in f4 if he would not have lesson to Jordan. Russell would have kept his word until the final 4 deal. If it’s on another season, I think it should be left up to america and the people in the house on who should be evicted. people in the house does not vote on who is a strong player and actually trying to win comps. They vote out the strong players and keep the ones that can’t win anything and just let other people carry them. people like that does not deserve to have the money handed to them. I will have to say the most deserving people to play this game that actually played to win were russell, machele and jeff, these are the three that should be there now. I guess people know now to win in the big brother house you don’t need to play the game to win comps, just sit back and do nothing you will aleast make it to the end. I wish pandoras’ box would offer nat and jordan something to get them out and bring back russell and jeff, but i know this is’nt going to happen now.

  64. I agree that I might not watch the rest of the season. I too do not like Natalie n its simply b/c SHE HASNT WON NETHING… until last nite when she got lucky.. otherwise she’s not a good player.. n cocky for no reason.. she’s ALL sux that Jeff has been a great player throughout the game and he is going to the jury house.. its anooying that we’ve watched this whole season n this is the outcome! I love Jordan but she too needs to go home.. cus again she’s a weak player!

  65. I really don’t think Nat will win the game. She basically got lucky last night. She can’t win POV, she’s just not good in competitions. I expect her to get all cocky this week like she was in the beginning and that will be her downfall.

  66. Jeff did not know about Nat and Kev lying to him about Russell going after him and Russ NEVER defended himself by saying to Jeff that in these words “I NEVER TOLD ANYONE I WAS GUNNING FOR YOU”.Russ should have made it clear to Jeff when Jeff said he was told that. Jeff believed Kev was telling the truth about Russ.

  67. Jeff is gone but after seeing that standing ovation last night and hearing that he is the only one who ever got a standing ovation, that made me realize that Jeff is going to be just fine. He is probably going to make more money than Natalie will ever be able to after this game is over. No one is going to try to market Natalie…she is not sellable! But Jeff is another story. Something good is going to happen for him. No matter how many mistakes he made in this game, the one mistake he didn’t make was he didn’t leave the game hated with a passion. I am keeping my fingers crossed now for Michele. I want her to win it all and I do think if she makes it to the F2 she has the best chance of winning it all.

  68. Anyone who thinks that Russell would have kept to his word is being naive. He said himself that he would strike first against Jeff so as not to allow Jeff to strike first when they were F4, and the deal is over.

    The perfect opportunity would have been the s’mores competition when Jeff could not play for HOH, just as it occurred with Kevin.

    Like Jeff said, it was “pick your poison,” and he thought Kevin & Natalie were weaker than Russell. He was right, but they still managed to get him out… (sob)

  69. here is to Michelle winning POV and GnatLIE greedily opening Pandora’s box to find Jeff inside…. Now that is something I can live with. Gnat is just not a nice person – scheming is part of the game, but plain nasty, dirty and gross should not be. Jeff had a difficult decision based on what everyone was telling him AND Russel’s own actions. Jeff saw Russel as more of a threat … and Russel may have done the same thing that Kevin did, but it was the GNAT that should have been sent to the JH. Jesse and Lydia are weirdness to the nth degree. Won’t watch – but will read to see if I should tune back in or NOT

  70. I too am very upset with last nights outcome and said i am done watching. watching the live feeds and seeing nat & kevin scheme and lie and not get caught but when the other HG tried to scheme, it seemed like they were caught. i can’t believe how BB sits back and lets nat & kev doe the things they do, for instance, reading the jokers updates, it stated that nat threw michele’s wedding ring away? and she got by with it? why? i guess i’m old and set in my ways and brought my girls up to not lie and respect other people and watching nat & kev is making me sick. (bad on the ole heart lol)

  71. I do feel sorry for jordan . because she really does not deserve to win the money. jordan should have really been gone a long time ago she can’t win anything she would have never got hoh without jeff giving it to her. I really could not vote for the girl to f2. so how does the jury vote if it’s nat and jordan f2. It can’t be because they were could in comps because both of them were carried to the end. so guess they would have to vote personal. If kelvin and mechele are f2 then i think machele deserves the 500.000 because she has played the game by herself.

  72. Jeff is beautiful and wonderful both inside and out, which is why MOST of America L-O-V-E-S him SO much, including me.

    He handled being in that house with all of those loony personalities 24/7 for almost three months with a LOT of class.

    Did he have his moments? Sure, who wouldn’t in that house?

    If you hate Jeff, it’s probably because you’re a dude who finally realizes how women feel when a beautiful young woman walks into a room, and all of the guys start openly staring & drooling…

  73. Look folks, it is a house full of idiots. Only proof you need is no one ever called NAT on her first of many lies int he house, ‘That she is 18 years old.’ The contract they signed requesting them to verify their age to meet minimum requirement. The fact that she went to college and has student loans to re-pay, the fact that she has consumed alcohol while in the house, etc, etc. Oh, and I love Nat winning HOH, hope she goes all the way to prove once and for all, no skill required to win BB. Just lie your ass off(every single person in the house) and hope the producers like you enough to help you(Nay had to numbers on he board 0 & 75) on the way.

  74. I’m done with BB this season. Nat is mean spirited and there is difference between playing the game and being just plain mean. Listening to her is like hearing someone run their fingernails down a chalkboard. I’ll read about the winner later…over and out.

  75. i keep hearing jeff say he thought russel was going to come after him if russ won hoh. it would have been impossible for that to happen there is no way jeff could have gotten voted out this week if he got rid of nat.last week. ok if russ won hoh and put kevin and jeff up mich and jord would vote kev out. if jordo won hoh jeff wouldnt even be on the block. if mich won hoh she would have put up russ and kev. and even if mich put jeff and kev up and russ voted to get jeff out (which he wouldnt have done) then it would be 1vote jeff 1 vote kev and mich would have voted kev out. and last if kev won hoh then jordan and jeff make him a final 3 deal and kev would put up mich and russ. and even if mich won veto kev put jordon up and russel gets voted out. jeff had a garaunteed final 4 with jordan at his side and he blew it. dont you all agree???

  76. U gotta give Natalie her props. On 3 things.

    1-She has actually been honest more so then not in this game, and that is why her lies are not looked as major backstabbs. As soo at Kevin asked her who she was putting up, she told him. Michelle wont EVER do that. Kevin would. And she is backdorring Kevin because they had a FINAL 4 deal. Its final 4, the deal is off.

    2-When she was rolling with Jessie, She heavily infulenced his decisons. Same with KEvin, although not as much. She has floated, JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. Its smarter to float and get to FINAL 4 with NO target on ur back rather than to win alot, and have a huge one on ur back, Michelle! lol.

    3-She won HOH. fair and square.

    Ofcourse most of u will say it doesnt count, or idc, she still doesnt deserve to win anything. And she is a liar.

    If u wanna look at who has done the most, Jordan comes in last on that list. She has won veto, and thats it. Her HOH didnt count, she didnt win it. I give her credit for taking something given to her.

    Natalie is next to last with the first win in the house, and now HOH. Seems like she wins at the right time.

    If u stop watching because she is now running the show, ur sad. Jeff didnt play the best game, But i would say he is up there.

    He took himself off from the block, and eliminated Russell. Thats all HE did.

    Production/America got rid of Jessie. Not Jeff.

    Ive said this also before, and still i have never gotten answer for some reason.

    U call her nasty because she wont shower everyday.

    But which is worse; Not showering after sweating big time, or laying in the house all day? And Michelle has been noted of stinking, nd she says her husband tells her she stinks.

    One thing i notcied last night, at around i think 11:44, the camera switched from Kevin chillin w/ Natalie to Kevin eating in the HOH.

    This would mean Big Brother After Dark isnt live at times.

    Go figure.

  77. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!!!! and yes i did mean to yell that. I cannot believe that bb did not allow jeff to use the key he found for the pandora box, and that low life, scum of the earth won hoh. I cannot stand to see nastily anymore. I thought evil dick was bad, well nastily has him beat. BB you’ve disappointed me and alot of pp.

  78. i am/was a fan of j/j but watching how all the HG treated michele broke my heart. she has disabilities, she stated that she has hearing loss because of falling on a q tip at a young age, she stated she had head trauma which is why she has a hard time remembering things and so on. but yet nat & kev are so pumped topull pranks on her, call her names, make fun of her. and yes, j/j did as well but not as much as n/k. michele has had to play the game by herself and I do hope she goes all the way. i will be coming in here and reading the updates but am so disgusted on the nat & kev show that I watching the rest of the BB season does not interest me. and all you haters plz don’t bash me as that is my opinion. :)

  79. And how is Natalie mean? If anyone was mean, it was Chima. If anyone was mean it was Russ. If anyone was mean it was Kevin chest bumping Ronnie calling him Hitler.

    How is she mean? for lying? Because she dedicated her win to Chima? They were friends.

    And ive never heard Chima apologize for her comments.

    Casey opening up his Banana thing is hilarious, very classy Casey.

  80. Just like most of you, i will not be watching BB untill the finale. I will not watch a show where the contestants are not my favorites. I HATE Nat.. Michelle is okay, Jordan is sweet. Kevin is a freakin LIAR (the reason jeff is gone). I’m thinking the ratings on th show for the next couple weeks are going to be down bcus Jeff is Gone :( Did you all see how he got a standind applause when he walked out the door? It gave me goose bumps when he walked out. I think Jeff is SOOOOO SEXY 2. Wonder whats going to happen in th Jury house when he gets there?? Bye Bye Thanks Matt for a great website!

  81. Diana C

    She doesnt have a hard time remeber anything she doesnt want to.

    Its B.S.

    How is it B.S., because she does great, and nearly wins every memory competition.

    She can never rember when someone asked her wat she said, knowing exactly what she said

    But when it comes to these comps, she seems to do great, And she reffers to date from week 1/2 pretty well too.

  82. That standin aupplause last night for Jeff was so chessy. So silly. He didnt even make it to final 4 ppl.

    But that only just reassured me that he was gone from the game. He will have a present and TEAM N/K will send home is bich next week.

  83. I think that Julie said tuesday is a special live show. I dont remember her saying anything about an eviction. Maybe this is when the supposed pandoras box will come to light?

  84. @marcus…watching the 24/7 when she is confronted like she was with the nat/kev lie about her & russell scheming, she forgot. i’m going by what she has told some of the HG. and watching how she doesn’t remember things. i can only relate to what she is saying because i also had head trauma (dumb semi truck t boning me on a motorcycle) and i also have memory loss and it’s sooo frustrating. i also have multiple disablities from the accident but enough about me. it just breaks my heart to watch other people mentally hurt others. i know this is a game and i did enjoy watching BB

  85. @grammalilx11# 99: I agree with you wholeheartedly and thought the exact same thing last night. Something wonderful is coming his way.

  86. @Marcus: I think someone Huggies are in a bunch… ;) You should be doing cartwheels this morning, right? Why so glum?

  87. I think it’s a little bit of both with Michele. I honestly believe she can’t remember specific conversations and gets extremely flustered when people confront her.

    HOWEVER, sometimes I do believe she uses it to cover her @ss when she’s lied. And yes, she has, just like everyone else in the house.

    I still like her though.

  88. Okay, I think I need to defend Michelle. She only lied once that I can think of and that was when Russell put her on the spot with Chima. Any other time, she just did not volunteer any info. Like when asked by HOH’s who she thought should go up.

    And to all you who say you’re not gonna watch, that you’re disgusted. Well, you know you are. I mean Nat won HOH, and it’s the day after, and you’re still here blogging…Leave already if you’re not interested in BB anymore.

  89. Marcus you are such a hater. Jeff’s applause was because he is FINE AS HELL! :) Get over it already…stop hatin! Its not a good look!

  90. Michele does need to win, she has gone this far by herself, Natalie and Kevin have backstabbed the whole game.

  91. @martie, ur right. watching her on the live feeds she does but she’s not being hateful to the others. I sit at my laptop watching and was hope-ing one of them would’ve accidently heard nat/kev lie-ng

  92. @ sheshe, i may not watch watch BB anymore but I can and will come back in here and talk to my friends i made during the season ;)

  93. I am/was a J/J fan too, but let’s face it…Jeff is the reason Jeff is gone. He trusted the very ones that have been his allies from the beginning of the game. The game is no longer easy to watch because I don’t like K/N but I feel that Jordan will win…..and that will be the best case scenario for me watching the game play out, if she’s gone this week……so am I!

  94. @Marcus: America didn’t vote off Jessie. The house did, but they only had the opportunity to do so because Jeff used the Coup D’etat America voted for him to have to put him on the block. He could’ve easily chickened out and taken Jessie’s (lame lying) word that Jeff was not his target.

    No, he put himself on the line by going after the guy who was running the whole show, put a HUGE target on his back for doing so (even though the HG’s were too stupid to not be appreciative that he opened the whole game for them w/o Jessie in the house), and then took himself off the block, took out Russell, convinced Russell to take out Ronnie, etc. etc. etc.

  95. Susan S. I wish I could watch Jordan, bc I like her but her performance in the comps make it hard to watch..

  96. Okay…here’s wat i have to say…

    1st- I am totally and utterly shocked mucus queen won HOH. She had won nothing the entire game and this was unexpected. IDK if it was luck or skill…I gotta hand the win to her! But did anyone else notice how michelle originally had written 80 on the first side of the chalkboard and then changed it to 65 on the other. Michelle second guessed herself and because of that, Natalie won.

    2nd- if natalie gets rid of michelle instead of kevin this week she is stupid. Kevin may actually have the votes to beat her in the jury house where as michelle most likely wouldn’t. Its safe to say that Russell and Jesse are REALLY voting on gameplay. Lydia loves kevin so that is a given right there.

    3rd- I’m disappointed that the pandora box thing didn’t happen this week but am anxious to see what will happen with it next week. Julie said it would effect the game this week for sure though.


  97. @chelsie LOL, I also shut down my live feeds. finally got some sleep. I am curious though who’s going to win the POV. is that supposed to be today? i will have my fingers, toes and legs crossed that jordan or michelle wins.

  98. @Tim: I’m glad you enjoy the site, but is it really fair to ask me to not have an opinion about the HGs? It would be a pretty boring ride without a personal view on the game.

    But kudos on being willing to admit you’re a Natalie fan. (I’m teasing ya)

  99. I was done watching the show when when Kevin won HOH. What a pig!! Nat is a total loser. The only hope for the show now is if Jordan wins.

  100. @Marcus: Even Jessie has admitted it was a good move on Jeff’s part, but you can’t? Interesting…

  101. Diana C. I so hope Jordan or Michelle pull it out. I want Kevin to go b/c of that disgusting performance last night. He was awful!

  102. Did anyone happen to notice how Jessie is no longer on Natalie’s side anymore? At least that is the way it appeared to me… Maybe Lydia got in his ear and told him how Nat used his affections for her against him… Who knows?

  103. @martie, it’s funny what having a woman who is in love with you alone for a week does to a man :)

  104. It’s game, it’s politics, it’s wheeling and dealing, making and breaking promises, always looking out for “numero uno”. I haven’t liked a lot of it (ESPECIALLY after last night), but the goal of each individual is for themselves to win. Just like politicians.

    What’s the biggest difference between BB & government? Julie Chen doesn’t moderate Congress. Otherwise, the tactics, the antics, the purposes are all pretty much the same.

    BB allegedly rigs certain things to manipulate players? Gee, we’ve never seen that in politics before, have we? Players make alliances while planning to backstab said allies? Nope, never has happened in government, has it? Take a step back and a wider look, it’s quite intriguing.

    I am absolutely no fan of Natalie (that’s a toned-down statement in deference to board rules), and will be very surprised if she doesn’t backstab Kevin. But it’s politics, it’s game. Jesse & Russell telling Lydia that they would consider voting for Jeff if he made F2 exemplifies that.

    I’m going to keep watching, not because I care who wins at this point, but because I like to see the rubber duckie floating in the water. :)

  105. Like how Natalie threw Kevin under the bus last night on the Jeff elimination. Her telling the girls that she was not part of the decision and she would not have played it that way if she had been HOH. Yeah, well the sky is green and the grass is pink if they believe that!
    We need a Pandora box surprise. I could not stand the squeaky female voices last night. And Natalie is all consummed with the price of every piece of clothing everyone got. She must have never put on a real feminine piece of clothes ever. Did you see her struggling to put on that blouse? Then after all the things she got, she was trying to take Kevin’s stuff. I think the boyfriend pictures are photo shopped.Can’t believe she doesn’t have a “girlfriend”.Then to boot it all, she goes in and goes through Michelle’s things, not once, but twice. Implying that Kevin should just take the shirt he liked. Surprised after Jordan fell asleep, she didn’t hit Jordan’s clothes.
    Jordan seems so sad. But she is trying to still play the game. Everyone says Jordan doesn’t deserve to go to the final three. What qualifies Natalie? She has not won a thing. She just sat on everyone’s coattails and manipulated their actions with all her lies. Fast forwarding through alot of AD, just to not see her on the screen. Why do they all keep feeling she is older and looks older in the pictures, yet believe the ’18’ lie?
    Will keep watching, as much as I dread the outcome. The people that actually played the game the best are gone. Pushed out of the pond by the slime at the bottom. The other good players are mired in it.

  106. Jeff better watch his junk if/when he goes to the Jury House. I heard them talking on BBAD last night how Lydia was trying to grab on it, and he had to tell her to leave him alone.

  107. Lying just comes too easily for Natalie… which means she’s a pro at it in real life. I would NEVER trust her in the real world. She is cocky, arrogant, mean spirited, and nasty. I don’t think I’ve ever dispised anyone on this show as much as Natalie — even Jesse!! I hope that she and all the other houseguests read these posts. They need to know what a rotten human being she really is.

  108. Everyone is SO up in arms about the Natalie being 18 lie, but I happen to think it’s going to bite her in the @ss at some point in this game – especially if she makes it to the Final 2.

  109. @matt, after the show last night I came in here and along with others expressed my opinions and we were called “retarded” by someone (oops, there goes my memory) give me a few minutes and i may remember his name sorry. but i was insulted by it. thank you to Diana for stepping in and calling him out along with me. oh, his name is hank :) i told u i would remember.

  110. Well… i still can’t believe everyone believed the age thing…if it says on the app that you have to be 21 or older to play the game ppl should’ve called it out the first day. Everyone in that house was dumb for that anyway

  111. Yeah, but who really cares? She’s dumb, mean, and immature enough to actually be an 18-year-old, and she’s horrible and (as someone said yesterday) a “lost cause” for a 24-year-old…

    Do you think if anyone stopped long enough to figure out the age lie, they would figure out she lies about everything else, too?

    I think Kevin knows. He’s said a couple of things to her about her supposed age (with one eyebrow raised like he’s not buying it) but quickly let it go.

  112. @Diana C: It was “Hank,” and he should be banned not only by his “name” but by his e-mail address. Certain name-calling should automatically get you banned, and his was definitely classless and uncalled for.

  113. Now I remember why I haven’t been watching this tripe…The possibility that the best contestant in this battle is down to a shy insecure PhD, blond bimbo, pathological bitch and a sneaky conniving gay guy is just beyond belief…I’m done…Again…

  114. He told her she looked 25 and that they would talk about her real age later…that was the first day.

  115. I personally think she looks like an 18-year-old brat.

    My husband wants to know why she even told the lie. He thinks it’s going to bite her in the end, too.

    Is she trying to get people to underestimate her because “she’s only 18?” I think it puts another target on her back b/c no one wants to see an 18-year-old win 1/2 mil.

  116. Pandors’s box is a scam. Where’TH unexpected the house’s shake up? Well everthing happend the way it looked as it would happen. Jeff and Michelle was put up. Michell wins pov. Jordan was put up and Jeff voted out. BIG SHAKE UP!1
    And now bb says Pandors’s Box ain’t over. Yeah right. It’s over for me good by bb. You let the best player ever walk out the door and allowed pig pen worst player win hoh. Good bye.

  117. @susie: Yeah, I kept waiting for some promised “twist” to it, but never saw one. Totally LAME gimmick.

    Now they’re trying to get us to keep watching for next week. They know they have to keep pulling these LAME GIMMICKS to get everyone to keep watching the show with these four dorkuses left…

  118. Who knows? Maybe Michele will use the $$$ to cure some disease, and this all occurred the way it was meant to.

    One has to hope with Jeff going, there has to be a deeper meaning to it all. ;P

  119. well I plan on getting my information from in here. (as i’m peeking at my live feeds through my fingers). honestly, i can’t take anymore of nat & kev. and I haven’t watched BB with the exception of last night hope-ing for the pandora box mystery. but, again was disgusted. :(

  120. I was thinking the same thing. I’d rather come to these blogs and read about whats going on then to tune in 3x a week and watch natalie!! This season was alittle disappointing. Bring back another all stars and include jeff this time!

  121. my daughter who lives upstairs (yes, i live in the basement LOL, my daughter and son in law call me the basement b***h, jokinly, but i had it built into a 2 bed nice place) anyway, they stopped watching it also after i showed them some of the live feeds and what was happening.

  122. i don’t know about you all, but when michelle started crying, I cried with her. I also went to bed in the last couple weeks crying for her because of what everyone was doing to her. i guess i’ve become a softie in my old age

  123. I knew from that moment that Jeff is going on thursday. I don’t know if you guys noticed in the previous show, Nathalie pretends that she wanted to nominate Michele so she can make Jeff thinks that she is on her side. But guess what? She did not, after Kevin broke the tie by evicting Jeff, do you see the evil smile of Nathalie? Afterall, she is not stupid, definitely a girl who can get herself final four. Does she really hate Michele? hmmmmmm…afterall don’t underestimate Nathalie, don’t get yourself disappointed.

  124. I hope the final 2 are Michelle and Jordan. Even though I think Michelle will win. I don’t want to see Kevin or Natalie in the final 2. Natalie just isn’t a nice person. Sometime during the show you show who you really are. That is why Natalie and Chima are friends. Why didn’t Natalie say this was for you Jessie. I thought Natalie was all about getting revenge for Jessie. I’m hoping for a miracle that Natalie and kevin get evicted. GO MICHELLE I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT GIRL.

  125. Back on line again!

    I have just caught up on what everyone is saying. In particular there has been some nasty comments made about Michele that are simply not warranted and have no real foundation.


    Do you know Michele personally to say that (and I quote you)

    …She doesnt have a hard time remeber anything she doesnt want to.

    Its B.S….

    I guess that you have had conversations with her and she told you that – RIGHT!!

    You have no idea how a trauma can affect you. What you have managed to do is alienate yourself on this site by trying to instigate a negative debate and get a rise out of people. That says alot about your character.

    It is one thing having a favorite and justifying their actions, but to attack another human being verbally without any fact or foundation is not very bright!!

    Also, if you had watched the show last night Michele’s husband IS very supportive of her and he clearly stated that you shouldn’t under estimate her because she has a few more things up her sleeve.

    I think that Michele has demonstrated time and time again, what a fighter she really is.

    I would like to see how you would handle the stress she is under given you had the same circumstances – i.e. having disabilities which she has and emotional trauma just losing her brother and then to have everyone in that house berate you, ignore you and be mean spirited. Oh yes, I would like to see you in that same situation and see whether anyone on this forum would show you the same compassion.

    Strangely enough, I thing you would get the same support as Michele is getting!

    Now play nice and learn not to be so mean spirited!

  126. I am rooting for Michelle too…luckily for her she is a good competitor and is favored in actually winning the POV… if she does we know for sure kevin is gone

  127. Did anyone notice that there was no good-byes for Jeff. I think the pandora box is for Jeff to come back. He deserves to come back. Kevin is also a liar if u remember he told Jeff he would not put him up. I can’t stand him. He thinks he has done nothing wrong he needs to look good in that mirror.

  128. Leave Natlie alone. If any of the people on here would use your brain, then you know cbs would not allow anyone under 21 years old to drink. Cbs knew her age when she came on. Get over it.


  130. @Denise #174

    I think that CBS will probably do something to surprise us all. Like I have said in the past, they are the masters in marketing and they have their people monitoring all the major blogs on the internet.

    They know what the people want and CBS wants and needs ratings and will so many threatening to boycott the show and cancelling the live feeds, they needed to come up with something quickly after the original Pandora’s Box clearly disappointed their audience.

    That is why Julie clearly stated that this time the Pandora’s Box will shake the house up (or something of that nature).

    They (CBS) have clearly sent out another teaser to try to capture their failing audience and after Sunday, if the twist is exciting, they know that their followers will return, that is why I think they will come through this week!

    Now how it will shake the house only time will tell.

  131. I think due to Jeff’s popularity, he will be back on tv in some other reality show…be it BB all stars or the Bachelor or Survivor…he will be back, for all you Jeff loving fan.

  132. @Diana C #171

    I still think that the POV will be played tomorrow, but given that this is a short week, who knows!

    I know that I will keep following the day through Jokers!

  133. @Sabrina #179

    Right on girl! I love her too! She is bright, intelligent and very beautiful as well. Her hair is gorgeous too!!

  134. @BB11Fan #182

    You know good point. I don’t know, I thought that was eviction night, but you could be right. The POV might be on Tuesday’s live show and eviction immediately following!

    Does anyone else know??

    Matt, can you fill us in on that one!

  135. Yea…tuesday is a special live show with the live pov comp, pov meeting and a live eviction followed by a 3 part HOH comp. I thought that is wat epic Julie said

  136. @sabrina, u r soo cute saying nat is making u latino’s look bad. one of my daughters best friends is latino and she is absolutly beautiful!!

  137. oh okay…then i did hear Julie right… man she is awesome. When in oct is she due? My baby is due in 3 weeks…our kids will be the same age!!! That is epic!

  138. My god ppl its just a game. everybody is going to lie and deceive other ppl just to make it far in the game. i for one cannot stand jordan. she has done absolutely nothing in this game yet shes still there but i understand why shes there. shes a weak link so i get that. i agree with everybody else, i hate natalie and wat was that whole thing about this is for chima? what the hell did chima ever do? i hated chima way more than russell. i thought russell was entertaining. jeff made a bad move in the game but overall i thin k he played well except for that last mistake. god please dont let natalie win she doesnt deserve anything.and how does a low down heartless person like that have a boyfriend?

  139. lol not nat…..lydia. He is whorish. Is nat latina? I thought she was black and white…her dad looks white.

  140. @diana, first let me thank you for backing me up last night against hank, i have a problem with people using that word, and race as an insult. also, other than coming in here and talking with everyone and sharing opinions, i to like jokersupdate :)

  141. Funny to be reading this now, I almost took a copy of Julie’s hairstyle to my hairdresser yesterday.

    She’s too cute, even if I’m still mad at her for tricking me and making me think Pandora’s Box would save Jeff.

    How many times did she have to repeat last night that either Jeff or Jordan WERE going to be evicted? My gosh, it was like a dagger to my heart each and every time!

  142. LOL, i just want to share this with everyone, my granddaughter (3 yrs) is sitting next to me watching her cartoons and looks at me and asked me if I could shut BB off now. she want my attention LOL :) i thought that was soo cute

  143. Usually when julie says somethings gonna happen… its gonna happen. I just didn’t know it was gonna take longer to happen!!!

  144. @Diana & Diana C. I like ur comments. For whatever its worth, I will continue to ck this website for ur updates since I really do not watch my tapes of BB/BBAD. I did watch BB just to see the eviction. Did anyone notice that Gnat even lied to Julie abt not going for the key but to get more money? Go Michelle, God bless and guide you.

  145. i happen to like kevin. i think he’s a likeable person. i dont think hes layed the game well but he’s a good dude. so he lied to jeff get over it. jeff is not a god. plus remember its just a game so ppl will lie

  146. I liked j&j at first, but not anymore. For one thing, I am tired of their so called shomance. Jeff should never had drug jordan with him, that i think was his downfall. I think if he would have had russ with him and got along with him they could have cleaned house. Jeff is always saying how this one backstabbed this one and this one lied like crazy. It’s part of the game, plus he did his share also!! It was jordans doing that he didn’t get along with russell. She was the one in his ear all the time saying she hated russ and that they had to get him out. Russell had his bad points, but everyone does. Jeff, I think brought alot of the evil out in russell. After his evil threats to russ I could not stand him anymore. If he would have had a knife handy that day, he would have been evicted, just like seasons ago. His threats were just as evil. Jeff blew it himself. He played the game wrong and he said it on the early show this morning.I just hope things will be civil when he gets to the jury house. If it is up to the 3 already there, I think it will be. I think russ had changed his ways toward last and was a class act the night he left. I can’t stand gnasty, she is disgusting, arrogant, greedy and obnoxious. the way she wants kev’s hoodie that he won as a gift is ridiculous. Can’t she take the hint from him—he doesn’t want to give it to her??!!! I think that’s terrible. I don’t like her, but I will never say I will stop watching bb. I couldn’t. Plus if we do that we will only be contributing to the possibility of never having another! I don’t want that. It’s the highlight of my summer, just wish they had one through the winter again. Maybe we should pray for a writers strike. I think that’s why they had they last one through winter. I would like to see kev or mich win over the other 2. Don’t like nat and don’t think jordan deserves it. She wouldn’t have made it this far if not for Jeff. I really think mich has played as good a game that she could, she’s been a loner and i think she could use the money after listening to her husband last night.

  147. @ Jeff Famns…. get over it…. Jeff is out because he made dumb decisions the whole game… He allligned with the losing side…. He back doored Russell…. Both Jessie / Russell would deserve to come back more than jeff… Especially Russell…. I hope there is a twist that will bring Russell back and screw Michelle…

  148. @Diana C #192

    You are quite welcome! I am like you, I enjoy discussions and healthy debates, but name calling and personal attacks on people (when you have never met them), is not acceptable and shows the characters of these type of people are less than desired in the real world.

    Most of them have chips on their shoulders and their only means of satisfaction is demeaning and degrading people who are successful in life, just like Michele is.

    She is a strong woman who has handled personal tragedies better than anyone I know and I applaud her and admire her spirit and courage!

  149. @ Jeff Fans…. get over it…. Jeff is out because he made dumb decisions the whole game… He allligned with the losing side…. He back doored Russell…. Both Jessie / Russell would deserve to come back more than jeff… Especially Russell…. I hope there is a twist that will bring Russell back and screw Michelle…

  150. Nat is about as useful as two dead flies!!! even if she does win the money….for the rest of her life she’ll be always remembered as the biggest slimball of big brother!!! don’t think that’s worth the money !!!!

  151. @sabrina, congrats to you & the baby. my daughter is prego also but is due in dec. i’m finally gonna have a boy. i’ve had all girls. but love them so much. teehee, i went with her to see the ultra sound and got to see him move, and find out the sex. when the tech said a boy, i said “where and how can u tell”? me not understanding the ultra sound, she showed me and yep she’s right. it took a little bit for me to make it out

  152. @Jackie M #198

    Thank you, and yes you are right she did try to lie to Julie and looked like a fool and she knew it.

    I particularly like Kevin’s comments to Julie in that he can’t trust Natalied because she lies and that her name even has ‘LIE’ spelt in it. I thought that was classic!!

  153. @Leo #203

    Hey there buddy! You know that your stirring the pot isn’t really going to work with me. I know that you are secretly wishing that Michele takes the prize.

    All you are doing is trying to get people fired up – nice try, but not this time buddy!

  154. Didn’t anyone catch when Julie said A HG lies cost them $50,000? There’s still hope in the bottom of Pandora’s Box! J/J fans don’t give up!

  155. @ Diana… Hello little lady….

    @ Diana C…. WUZ UP?

    @Jeff now flip flop Michelle fans…. For all you with short term memory like Michelle…. Lets not forget that Michelle played a huge role in Jeff believing the LML created by Kevin / Natalie which led to Russell being bac stabbed and back doored by Jeff… She was lying about Russell and throwing him under the bus to ensure J/J would take her to the final 3 while smiling in his face and making final 2 deals with Russell…. She only solidified the LML unknowingly by filling J/J’s head with a bunch of BS… Too bad Russell / Jeff / Jordan weren’t smart enough to catch Michelle in her blatant lie when she refused to answer Russell”s “did I ever tell you I was coming after Jeff” question when she replied “we talked about alot of stuff” answer!!!

  156. ok what is wrong with me? im sitting here watchin a tv show that doesnt effect me 1 bit but im still so upset with what happend last nite. i knew once jeff backdoord russel that jeff was going home the next week so from that moment on i was so upset. now to top it off that disgusting she-man natali had to win hoh and on top of that yell this is for u shima. shima decded to be a loser and not obey the rules. ass soon as she won i got so sick to my stomach. every time i get into a big brother or survivor the person i want to win makes a bad move and then the person i hate wins the whole thing. what is wrong with me? lol

  157. @Matt

    I was just wondering why my comments often go into moderation, when there is nothing that is derrogatory about any particular person on my post. I understand that software picks up certain words, but I don’t consider any words on my post as threatening.

    Can you please enlighten me!

  158. let’s most of us apply to be in the BB house. LOL not. I wished i could but with the disabilities, wouldn’t be able to do some of the competitions unless they let me bring someone to do them for me haha. unless, they make a BB just for us. :) wishful thinking.

  159. @ Michla…. Julie said lies can cost a HG $500,000 and then it went to the Jury House… Nice try Jeff Fan….

    @ Diana… I sincerely want to see Russell come back… I sincerely want to see Michelle get screwed because she has screwed so many other people. Who? Russell, Chima, Ronnie…. I would rather see Jordan win BB 11 than she-rat aka Michelle

  160. Boy it sure is good to know that everyone is in agreement…Nasty Nat& Kevin are two snakes. It is truly sad when a person can stab you in the back…and not care about it. Thank Goodness they are no friends of mine. I read a conspiracy theory can start…..with Julie assuring us that this time, that Pandora’s box could change the game…someone coming back?? Maybe?? Could finding that key be the pov comp and they don’t know till it’s over? Who knows??? I want to believe…that this could happen all in favor for Jeff of course.

  161. @ BB11Fan…. Kevin is hilarious… Julie was like, “this is a family show Kevin”…. L-O-L!!! ;) :D :P :)

  162. @Leo #212

    You know Leo that we have rehashed this LML a thousand times. Everyone lies, as you would if you were in the house.

    Michele did what she felt she needed to do to survive (just like survivor). She was winging it alone and she didn’t have the luxury of bouncing it around with an ally.

    So now just admit that Michele is deserving of the main prize and we can all get back on the same page again!

  163. @BB11fan, i thought it was appropiate for kevin just not for live television. if kevin is comfortable with being open about him being gay, i applaude him. i have gay friends, black friends, white friends, latino friends and etc. i don’t jusdge a person by their race or what they are doing with their sexuality. however, i do have a problem with each of these people of race when they shove it down your throat in a derrogatory way.

  164. @ Diana…. Yes but she was Russell’s friend in his face and his enemy behind his back…

    Even Jeff said he was tired of it for the one night he threw her under the bus until she won the POV….

    I think Russell deserves to win more than she-rat and would love to see Russell come back in the game and send she-rat packing… Ronnie was right about she-rat…

    @ Jeff fans you are nuts if you think jeff deserves a 3rd chance more than Russell deserves a 2nd chance…

  165. Blah…the wessle (Dirty Nat) won’t even win if she’s makes it!! The only reason why I wish it was other people in the final 4 here is that this group is soooooooooo boring like paying for live feed for what?? To see everyone sleep all day…BORING!!!

  166. @ tara…. No one is making you pay for live feeds… You can always cancel right? No disrespect, but I think you must like it if you aren’t cancelling…

  167. @leo, michele has lied just not as bad as some of the others. she’s been the underdog and has been a trooper about it. she’s been made fun of, pranked and backstabbed and still hung in there. kudos to michele. be nice leo ;)

  168. @Leo #216

    Russell isn’t coming back. He knows too much now especially about Nat. I don’t know whether you caught it last night, but he did make some comment about her lying about her age affecting her JH votes!

    Can’t remember exactly what was said, but something to that nature!

    Jeff hasn’t been shown in the JH yet, so there still is a chance that he will be back (although I seriously doubt it). I am leaving all my options open about the Pandora’s Box for now, but I have eliminated the current JH because they have had a chance to talk about all the game play with the lies etc.

  169. @ Diana…. BB / CBS won’t bring Jeff back because that would be obvious of bias for Jeff… Get over it Jeff fans… he is in the Jury house…

  170. I can not stand Natalie and if anyone believes her then they are just plain old stupid. I really hope that Jeff lets them all know about her when he gets to the jury house. I wish that it was Jeff and Jordan as the final 2 and I hope they get together after the show.

  171. Well, I expect that you would have an opinion on the show, just like Wolf Blitzer probably has an opinion on health care reform. But I just want the news from Wolf, not his opinion.

  172. @ JoAnn… If a wish was a fish, we would all catch one or two…. jeff is gone, so you can flip flop and be a michelle fans now too…..

  173. The “LML” stopped being a lie when Russell did exactly what K/N accused him of doing the very next day, so stop giving anyone credit for it.

    It wasn’t that brilliant. Russell told Jeff to his face that he would backstab him. The “LML” didn’t turn Jeff against Russell. Russell did that.

  174. @Leo #229

    I think I did say that I am not expecting it, however I also did say that my options are still open for Pandora’s Box, ie there will be some sort of temptation that maybe too great for Nat. to pass up, that will affect her gameplay and leave someone like Michele still in the house if she does NOT win POV.

    I am still hoping that Michele takes the prize and you know that you have the option of voting for Russell to get America’s Choice of $25k, so if he wins that, then you can feel some sort of justice and satisfaction.

    I liked Russell a lot in this game and I felt that he was treated poorly by the other HG’s when he went up for eviction. He has a strong character and a very likeable one, however he was a threat in the other HG’s eyes, and they took the opportunity to get of him when it posed it itself. Just as you would, or I would given the same circumstances.

  175. @Leo: You’re truly brilliant with your rhyming and singing techniques. Thinking you should either join Casey in his DJ’ing efforts and/or go start thinking of more rhymes for “Survivor.”

  176. @ Diana…. I think everybody will beat Natalie in the JH…

    jessie is pissed that she was talking crap about him, so he is telling everyone her real age.

    Lydia said her whole friendship with nat was a lie, so she probably won’t vote for Nat.

    Russell said nat will lose JH votes because of her lie (his too)

    Jeff will not because nat could have saved him (Yes jeff would choose Kevin over Nat too)

    This could be like BB3 when nat would be lucky to get one vote even though I think she would not get one single vote especially since she lied about her age….

    In a perfect world it would have been BB11’s most favorite player jeff against the most hated villian Natalie with jeff winning

    Why? Because that would have been the best of bost (good vs bad) pitted against each other in the final 2 with the good defeating the villian…

    kevin is my only hope because I don’t want Michelle to win and I don’t think Jordan deserves it, but i am biased and would rather see Jordan than she-rat aka Michelle!!!

  177. @ Martie…. I have watched the bios for the 20 Survivor contestants and am already working on a few cathcy new songs… You should be apart of the best Survivor Samoa blog site and post your opinions about the show on there ok? ;) :D :P :)

  178. @Jeff now flip flop Michelle fans…. For all you with short term memory like Michelle…. Lets not forget that Michelle played a huge role in Jeff believing the LML created by Kevin / Natalie which led to Russell being bac stabbed and back doored by Jeff… She was lying about Russell and throwing him under the bus to ensure J/J would take her to the final 3 while smiling in his face and making final 2 deals with Russell…. She only solidified the LML unknowingly by filling J/J’s head with a bunch of BS… Too bad Russell / Jeff / Jordan weren’t smart enough to catch Michelle in her blatant lie when she refused to answer Russell”s “did I ever tell you I was coming after Jeff” question when she replied “we talked about alot of stuff” answer!!!

  179. Oh, that did piss me off when she back stabbed Russ. Russ was and still is my favorite player in the game. But I hate natalie and jordan does not deserve any money whatsoever so I’d rather have Michelle or Kev win

  180. Yes Natalie Won MICHELLE IS GOING HOMEEEE..along with jordan next week then kevin and natalie will be in final two..Yess Imm Always right:)

  181. @Leo #238

    I agree with everything you said, except my preference is for Michele to take it all.

    Maybe, I have a soft spot for people who have been treated like a leper, as Michele has been.

    You know Leo, you have social skills and you are very funny and have a huge following and audience, but try to put yourself in Michele’s shoes for just one minute and try to ascertain how you would interact or compete if you felt the whole world was against you.

    Her courage has been phenomenal and something that I appreciate and admire. I honestly do not believe too many people could have coped in that same situation the way she has.

    Her popularity was never taken into account in this game (because she just wasn’t popular), her skills are what brought her this far!

    Michele does deserve to win IMO and you can have your opinion on who you believe should win and I respect that, just like you should respect mine!

    Be nice now and let people know that we are buddies rather than debating enemies!

  182. @ Everyone… Dammit… Watch jeff’s interview with Ross Matthew…. Jeff is the man…

    ******* Spolier Alert *******

    bring Jeff back…..

  183. @ Everyone… I am not being a smart a*** or joking… Jeff predicted that he would fall for a girl and Matt Ross said 67 days ago that this would happen… Watch the interview… it is funny as hell ok?

  184. I missed last night’s show.I was at the Patriots/Giants game.Love reading these boards and I am glad but still not convienced that Jeff is gone for good.I still think the pandora’s box is going to lead to someone coming back to the house and if America has it’s say it will clearly be Jeff.I hope that’s not the case.I hope Michele or Kevin wins and Jordan is still a sweetheart.I like Jordan and didn’t like Jeff.Wish I saw the jury house and what’s going on there.

  185. I think its funny that people cling to this “I hate Natalie” gig…Seriously she’s playing the game, I have no ill feelings towards her..I’d rather see someone else win but HEY its a GAME. Michelle lost her brother five months ago..its horribly sad, yes, but hello SHE CHOSE TO COME ON BB ON HER OWN! Its not as if she was forced. I’m not goin to go OH POOR MICHELLE for that reason, we all LOSE family yes its tragic and sad how he died, but come on, she should win because of that? I think not. Her game is weak, she’s only good at saving herself. I watched how she said she has a “bad memory” I loved how Russell called her out and said ur a scientist, how can you have a bad memory?!?! I think people need to STOP judging these “characters” on the show as you don’t even know them. I’m routing for the one who played the game the most, right now I see that as Natalie and Kevin…Jordan has just gone along with Jeff, riding his coattails, and Michelle well..she’s just as good/bad as the others…Try to be fair people, its not like you are their real life friends.

  186. @ Diana… Jeff is the man… jeff is the man… jeff is the man… I am a beleiever… jeff is the man… jeff is the man…..

  187. @Leo #251

    That tells me nothing! I just wanted a quick overview of the interview between him and Ross Matthew without having to sit here for 10 minutes listening to it.

    But I guess you are going to force me to listen to it myself and I can make my own unbiased assumptions on what was said!

  188. Diana… You have to watch it… I can’t do it justice by telling you… jeff pretty much predicted what would happen and it shows him saying 67 days ago “jeff if you are watching you didn;t stick to the game plan. Be deffensive at the beginning and offensive at the end… Don’t let that girl get in your way of winning” and Matt Ross said… “I am telling you that girl will cost you your bb game’…..

    Matt Ross asked Jeff if he is a prophet…. It is a great interview…

    My new song…

    Bring Jeff back… Bring jeff back… to the party. to the party…

    bring jeff back… bring jeff back… to the party. to the party.

    Jeff had me fooled… I thought he was a tool. but he proved me wrong… so I had to make this song…

    Jeff is the man. he did have a great game plan. so bring him back bb…. and watch him make history…

    bring back jeff…. bring back jeff…. to the party. to the party….

    Or like Jordan would say… bring back jeeeeyaoof!!!

  189. @Leo #253

    OK, that there tells me that Jeff will NOT come back because by Ross Matthews telling him that the Jordan cost him the game, would be an unfair advantage slanted toward Jeff, so it goes back to what I was saying earlier about offering Nat. some type of temptation that she just might take and then she will be ousted from the game.

    Who knows there was some talk a couple of days ago about offering a HG $100K. Now what if that is what they were offering Nat. as a luxury prize in PB, she took it and then the wrath of PB comes down on her and she is told that she is evicted – now that would be sweet!

  190. @ Diana…. for $100,000 I think Natalie would evict herself because that is more that 2nd place of $50,000…. That wouldn’t be fair the the 2nd & 3rd place finishers!!!

  191. @ Diana… Jeff is clowning Michelle and her night terrors with Matt Ross…. It is f***ing hilarious!!!

  192. LOL wow leo!!! Naw but Michelle has played a good game. Not only has she won a lot of comps, but her strategy is excellent. Whether or not she has a bad memory doesnt matter. It has helped her in this game.

  193. @ Jeff fans…

    Matt Ross asked jeff who Left the game before they deserved too….

    he said Jessie…

    Who did he not make an alliance with and he regrets it now..


  194. @Leo

    I just found this on another site. So perhaps you can give me your spin on it.

    Yes, I agree about the $100k, what was I thinking (wishful to get Nat. out I suppose), OK, let’s offer her $20k!

    Oh, I tried to open that interview, buy my PC just froze up, so I will skip it for now and try later!

  195. @ Jeff fans…

    Matt Ross asked about the movie kiss with Jordan…

    Jeff said how do you know about that…

    Matt said I don’t know if you knoticed, but there are cameras and matt / jeff and everyone else laughed out lod… Jeff says he wish he did it…

    Matt said give me the Jordan mask, so Jeff can do that kiss…. L~O~L!!!

  196. @Leo

    Oops I’m a little flighty today, forgot to paste the post I found!

    ….No goodbye messages to be seen. None on BB last night, none on the Early Show Interview with Julie Chen. NADA!..

    Now the goodbye messages have been explained, BUT there is always an interview with Julie on CBS the morning after eviction, so what are your thoughts???

  197. @ Diana… Did Jeff kiss the Jordan mask on Matt Ross? You will have to watch to see ok?

    Matt Ross asked Jeff if he is a prophet…. It is a great interview…

    My new song…

    Bring Jeff back… Bring jeff back… to the party. to the party…

    bring jeff back… bring jeff back… to the party. to the party.

    Jeff had me fooled… I thought he was a tool. but he proved me wrong… so I had to make this song…

    Jeff is the man. he did have a great game plan. so bring him back bb…. and watch him make history…

    bring back jeff…. bring back jeff…. to the party. to the party….

    Or like Jordan would say… bring back jeeeeyaoof!!!

  198. To Diana @ 52 Thank you for summing up Jeff and his actions. How I wish he hadn’t fallen for Kev and ‘Lie’s deception, but he’s a good man and tries to see the good in people and he just couldn’t see how dishonest and mean they both are. I thought Kev was better than that but I was wrong. Glad I don’t know those 2 in real life! I’m still rootin’ for my fellow Carolina girl to win.

  199. @Leo #263

    You know what, I think that Jeff has a sense of humor similar to yours and in the real world he would probably be a good buddy of yours, that is why you have dedicated this now song to him LOL!!!

  200. @ Diana / Jeff fans… on Monday you can see Jeff’s interview before he entered the BB house uncut on with Ross Matthews ok?

  201. @leo, i am so against everyone making fun of michele’s night terrors. again, she told some HG’s about being abused when she was young and that cvertainly would bring on night terrors

  202. @Janice #264

    You know that I try to put myself in the same circumstances that these people are in, that is why I have difficulty in personally attacking anyone, because I understand their dilema, however Nat. is the only person who has successfully annoyed me because she has not demonstrated any kindness or softness in her personality. All she has managed to do is irk people and show her greed, which is very frustrating from an outsider looking in.

    I did say earlier (and I stand by this), that I actually pity her because her wrath is coming in the future when she has to deal with ‘real’ life situations outside the BB house and when she is confronted with the lack of trust people and her collegues will have with her. She won’t understand it and I think she need some counselling to address her anger issues!

  203. @ Diana C…. It might be posted on Inside Dish now, so check it out ok? Also jeff is having a blast at michelle’s expense, but i think it is funny… Not the night terrors, but what Jeff is saying about why Michelle annoys him so much!!!

  204. @Leo

    OK you haven’t answered my question in relation to no interview with Jeff this morning on the Early Show Interview with Julie Chen.

    You have to have an opinion – right???

  205. @ diana, i agree with you. i always respect other people, i wonder if it would bother nat if someone made fun of her father/family as she is with michele. i usually put myself in others shoes as well

  206. @ Diana…. I seen the Julie Chen interview…. Go on and click on Early Morning show ok?

    @ Jeff fans….. I am posting this for supporting evidence…


    September 4th, 2009 at 2:37 pm
    Wow, Jeff said he would take Jordan to Hawaii if she wins 500K. What an All American. He said he did not love Jordan. He said he’s only known her for 60 something days. Just a showmance to take him through the days. What about that?

  207. @Diana C #279

    I don’t think Nat. would remain as calm as Michele, I think she would have blown a fuse and that is why I think she needs to have some counselling to address her anger issues!

    I also think that is why she can relate to Chima as well as she does, they both have similar outlooks on life and what they both think they are deserving of!

  208. disappointed

    Wow, Jeff said he would take Jordan to Hawaii if she wins 500K. What an All American. He said he did not love Jordan. He said he’s only known her for 60 something days. Just a showmance to take him through the days. What about that?

  209. @Leo #281

    Well, what do you want Jeff to say. I think that most young men in that situation would deny to the nation that they are ‘in love’ after knowing someone for only 60+ days. This is not The Bachelor (which we know is a farce), this is BB and I am sure the both J/J will remain close friends albeit from a distance.

    I don’t think that they will have a lasting romance, but I do believe that they will have a lasting friendship.

    You don’t have to be ‘in’ love romantically to love someone or to be best friends with them. I think they built a level of support and trust in each other to further themselves in the game!

  210. @ Diana…. Watch the Julie Chen interview here ok?

    Go to

    Type in Big Brother 11 blog in the search engine and click on “Big brother because you’re addicted” and then click on the Jeff / julie Chen interview to see it ok?

  211. @ Diana…. That post was put on by someone who used the post name of disapointed and not me ok?

    *** L~O~L ***

  212. im not sure i will continue to watch,big brother should expose natalies lies to remaining house guests.i hope michele wins she deserves it, no one has ever watched her back or given her a free ride.

  213. as the game comes to an end, my best goes out to michelle or jordan. i feel that nat and kevin haven’t really played the game with any kind of self worth. i know thats its a game, but i believe that their true lying and backstabbing personalities is how they are outside in the real world.

  214. @ Alison… get a clue… Jordan has done the least of the final 4…

    Michelle has won HOH and POV’s

    Kevin has won HOH and POV

    Natalie was won HOH and her LML saved her..

    Jordan was given a HOH and won a POV because she listened to Michelle’s foot steps…. Hence Michelle took off her shoes before the HOH…..

    Jeff even told Matthew Ross that he wished Jordan would have won more and helped him more…

  215. @ Diana… It is a 10 minute interview with jeff… jeff says Kevin should feel bad about backstabbing him, but Jeff doesn’t feel bad about backstabbing Russell….. L~O~L

  216. @Leo

    OK, apology if about the ‘disappointed’ post and I went to BB11 Blog because you are addicted, but my PC freezes when I try to watch the vidoes, so I will have to wait until later to view them.

    So I am guessing then, the person who posted that blog about Jeff not having an interview on the Early Show was mistaken – correct?

  217. @ Diana… Yes they were mistaken about Julie Chen not having done an interview with Jeff…

    Go Watch CBS Videos ok?

  218. Those of you who believe Michelle really has a disability with memory loss due to a head trauma…I think that is a lie too. It’s a convenient memory loss to cover for her lies. Why doesn’t she EVER have a memory loss due in competitions & her JOB? It too is a lie. Her husband looked like he was lying, perhaps trying to get her America’s vote. She even admitted at least once, when she said she couldn’t remember, it was to cover her lie to Chima about what she said to Russell.

    Her husband said she has memory loss but Dr.’s don’t know why, it’s due to her “genetic makeup”, NO mention of a “HEAD Trauma” You’d think he would know.

    The only credible “memory loss” was when she apparently she “forgot” she threw Russell under the bus to Jeff about Russel’s F2 proposal to her and her lie that Russ was going after Jeff B4 the fianal4 and made Jeff believe the LML. Then she “forgets” it was all her doing and cries about his leaving cause she’s all alone now!

    Natalie & Kevin to the Final

  219. It was very strange that Jordan,Nata-lie and Michelle ended on a tie at the HOH competition.
    I have lost interest my only hope is that by some reason they ge Nat out off.


  221. even if HOH was given to Jordan natalie still struck out before that.

    whether or not jordan heard michelle’s footsteps she won the tie breaker just as natalie did last night

    Got to give it to Jordan … just as ppl are giving it to natalie for last night

  222. Whether or not michelle has memory loss doesn’t matter. She’s played a stronger game than kevin or natalie. She really deserves the money. Especially because she’s been on her own for almost the entire game.

  223. natalie piggy backs off of whomever is HOH
    jordan got thru the game because of jeff
    kevin has had at least 1 alli the entire game.

  224. Stick me with a fork, I’m done. Cancelled live feeds. This is not entertainment, this is watching the scum of what this country has produced lying their way to stardom.

  225. Leo:

    Sorry I missed you last night. What an interseting evening it turned out to be. I’ll email you this weekend about survivor.

    What do you think about my theory that Michele will win POV, but BB will have Diamond Veto this week (Pandora’s Box), Natalie or Kevin will get it and goodbye Michele. Wouldn’t that send some of these folks right over the edge.

  226. I would like to thank the house for voting jeff out. I can now go back to my life because bb has proven the theory that s**t always rises to the top. Jeff’s biggest mistake was aligning himself at the very begining with the worst player. She is cute but she has the intelligance of a 4 year old.

  227. Michelle has had no help she did all by herself she is the a winner and needs to win pov put out jordon and kev and her take out nat love jordon but michelle need to WIN……..

  228. suck it up. we all stomached watching Jeff get handed everything. I’m sooo glad he’s gone!!! Oh cry me a river people who say they’re done watching like that’s supposed to hurt CBS’s feelings. THIS IS A GAME AND JEFF LOST!!!! Suck it up.

  229. @ Donald…. Great minds think alike…… I think that is a very real possibilty…… I think Michelle will win the POV and have it trumped by the Diamond Veto and then evicted by Kevin……

    When you email me please provide the followoing ok?


    Send it to my main email ok?

  230. Leo – What??? I have ignored your comments through the season because most of them seemed mean-spirited or Jeff bashing. NOW, that Jeff is gone you’ve decided you like him? baffled.

  231. I plan to keep this 18 minute Ross Matthews interview with Jeff and watch it over and over and over again – it will be much more interesting than the remainder of the BB season.

  232. @ Chrissy …. Do you watch Survivor? Join my Survivor Blog site with your opinions

    @ rockmtnbrenda… You have to watch Jeff’s interview with Matthew Ross… It is hilarious!!!

  233. Something I noticed. When the boys from “chill town” lied, called women degrading names, they were celebrated. When J/J or Michele lie or name call, they were just upset, or the victims of misinformation.

    But when Danielle in her season, or Natalie in this season do the same things and outwit outplay and outlast the others (in Natalie’s case 10 others), people see fit to call them vile dehumanizing names.

    I am neither a woman nor a black women, but if I were I might be pissed.

  234. @ Leo
    Yes, I will sign up for your log, love how you mix things up. I think Jeff’s interview & Jordan’s pre-show interview show both went into the show planning on having a showmance for strategy. He will take her to Hawaii IF she wins the 500k. If she wins $500k, she can afford her own trip. Is he in if for the money or her? Not too classy.LOL

    Go Natalie & Kevin

  235. I can’t stand that Nata’lie’.
    She is going on in live feeds about being honest and not wanting the 500,000 by ‘selling herself to the Devil’, and she been playing honest and with integreity the whole game. What A LIER!!!! Gosh even listening to her speak makes me sick!
    Too bad that yappy know it all(nothing) got HoH.
    I was hoping Micheal got it.

    Now We have to listen to that lier for another whole week with an huge Ego cuz she won HoH.
    She thinks she is so great at everything and that she ‘could’ win everything, but the fact is she got this far riding on the coat tails of everyone else.
    She has done nothing to be in the spot she is in!

    Shut Up Nata’lie’.

  236. TRUST people to be consistent. Natalie is consistent, she lies so much, anyone is a fool to believe her but they do. Chima’s mic “slipped” from her hand… I went back to collect money so others wouldn’t know I was looking for a key… Look at her face, she looks so amused when she comes up with these things. Like when I catch my teenager in an obvious lie & he knows I know he did it. She obviously cheats at everything, pool, chess… Then all the obvious hints, poker in vegas, older friends, drinking, etc. Because of her size, she wants people to underestimate her, intelligence, & athletic ability so she’s not viewed as a threat. She doesn’t win comps so she isn’t viewed as a strong player that needs to be evicted early, she also doesn’t have to have blood on her hands. I think its the perfect strategy. I want to see her in the f2 so she can tell her fellow hg her strategy (Kevin knows, just isn’t confronting her.) I’d love to see her play in a poker tournament.

    She asked BB if it was ok & they approved, just said they wouldn’t cover for her.

  237. One more Note:

    Chima Chima… that stupid Nata’lie’ yaps on about getting revenge for Chima… that is so retarded. Chima doesn’t need vengeance she was a freak and under no circumstances should one behave the way she did on BB. She had no respect for the viewers, the BB production people, the equipment or the other House Guests.
    Nata’lie’ blames Micheal for making Chima act that way. That just shows Nata’lies’ stupidity and immaturity.

    Chima was a freak and Nata’lie’ is a dumb, immature brat!

  238. Gnat won HOH and she’s going after Kevin. He doesn’t know…………..if he wants to stay he need to win POV. Go Jordan or Michelle! Jordan was so sad last night. She drank a bottle of wine and then crash. She said she had to sleep by herself and Kevin volunteered to sleep with her and but they would have to make out. He got Jordan to smile, so that was nice. Jordan stay strong! You can win BB 11!

  239. On this “deserves” to win issue, unless one cheats (i.e., hops the BB wall at night and goes home to relax then hops back in to the BB house in the morning; or sneaks an ice chest full of food onto the Survivor Island), the person who deserves to win is the last one standing as long as all players are on equal footing.

    Unfortunately, although the Jeff fans refuse to admit it, the only person with an unfair (not earned by contest during the game) was Jeff.

  240. Just a thought about last nites HOH competition….when the score was Michelle 4 and Jordan 4 and Natalie 3 with only one question left……why didn’t Michelle yell out …Jordan, you go fact and I’ll go fiction..this way nat has no chance to win HOH!!!!!comments please

  241. I almost can’t stand it that the slimiest, nastiest excuse for a human being, natalie, or nat the rat, won HOH and Jeff went home.

    That scummy Rat, (and Kevin isn’t much better) has been allowed to do anything and everything she has wanted to do to anyone and BB never called her on anything.

    For me, the final straw was this morning on BBAD, when the scank won, or took more clothes than anyone else, other than Kevin, and yet, went through Michelle’s new things, not once, but twice. Kevin wanted a shirt and they were going to steal it from Michelle, only reason the skank and the scum didn’t was the shirt was too small for the scum.

    I know BB allows anything to go on, but for goodness sake, are they too afraid to speak up and tell someone when they have crossed the line. Is nothing sacred. I was just hoping and praying BB would have the guts to speak out and speak loudly, and say, “Kevin, Natalie, get out of Michelle’s clothes drawers and put her clothes back.” Or, the night before when the scum poured out the wine, I was hoping BB would have said, “Kevin, DO NOT pour out that wine.” Or at least, at the beginning of the season tell all the HG’s, they are not to throw out the beer or wine and they are not to put stuff in the food. When the tattoo mama put that liquid stuff in the dressing salad, who knows what it was, someone could have been poisoned or at least made to be very sick.

    I wish the skank and the scum “bad luck” or at least “no luck”. I just don’t understand why, the good guys don’t win, but the trash do?

  242. Nats speech for Michele: Michele im nominating you for personal reasons. Yes, Chima got kicked out but what America doesnt know is that you were the cause of her getting kicked out, you were the reason Chima threw her mic in the water. by your actions you threw all your christian values away. michele im also a christian. and one thing ive learned as a christian is not to make a deal with the devil. you offered a F3 deal. well michele i decline your deal because if i would have taken your deal i would have accepted a deal with satan himself. yes this is a game, and im here to win a half million dollars but as my dad would say…winning a half million dollars would be nice but not at any cost. and if it means i have to sell my soul to the devil then i wont be winning the half million dollars. i did it with my morals, my integrity and i still have my soul in tact.
    (i missed the second part of her speech to Michele & her nomination speech about Kevin)

  243. @ Bri s, the person who win’s POV this week has all the power. That person is the only one who gets to vote and she’ll(it’s going to be a female) vote Kevin off.

  244. For the first time in 11 seasons I will stop watching BB. I’m done! The ridiculous cliff hanger of the pandoras box being a game changer can’t even keep me tuned in. Since I don’t think Pandoras box will mean that Natalie can be evicted. What an awful season this has been! Then at the end of the live show for Natalie to go around yelling this is for Chima and that she’s going after “vindication” for Chima. Please! Natalie get a brain! Chima had to be REMOVED from the game. Michele did put her on the block but Chima broke the rules of BB all on her own. For her to go after “vindication” after Chima had to be removed by BB shows what a messed up disgrace she really is.

  245. @ Donald…. That sounds good to me…

    @ Cindigwc… email me too…..

    @ Everyone…. Here is my predictions….

    Michelle wins POV

    natalie opens Pandora’s Box…

    Either natalie / Kevion find the Diamond Veto…

    They screw Michelle…

    Michelle fans threaten to stop watching BB even though they said the same thing about Jeff leaving as well

    natalie / Kevin will beat Jordan in the final HOH comp and will advance to the Final 2, where Kevin will win with America’s vote 5-2!!!

  246. Hope like he** Michele wins POV. So she can shove it in Nats face….or what ever opening is available!

  247. @Leo #336

    OK, stop now!

    Can you at least show a little compassion for Michele after reading Nats. so called speech to Michele about not making a deal with the devil, I have now reached my wits end with this child!

    One could suggest that she is the devil with her evil tongue, her greed and her over egotistical attitude!

    The infant needs a ‘wake up’ call and you guys (Leo & Donald) need to stop being spiteful to someone who has had to stand alone in this game.

    You know Leo, that I posted it before about your personality and that if you were in Michele’s shoes, I just wonder how you would cope in a real live environment without any support from anyone and having to totally rely on yourself.

    Not for 1 minute do I believe that you would do what you needed to do to survive. The quality that Michele has (and I have said this on numerous occasions), is that even though she has lied and manipulated (like the rest of the HG), she has never personally attacked anyone like Nat. Lydia and Chima has, so enough already! OK, because it is p*ssing me off!!

    And you are supposed to be my buddy, so knock it off!

  248. Quite frankly, right now, watching the JURY house is more exciting than watching who’s left! Now that RateLIE won HOH, I no longer desire to watch the show. Thanks alot BB for another horrible show!

  249. @ Diana….

    The things i say about Michelle is mild compared to what people say about natalie and Kevin…..

    I know you support Michelle and you make some good points, but i blame Michelle for Russell being evicted and I hope like hell she gets screwed over to make up for her screwing Russell / Chima over…..

    Diana… Do me a favor ok? let me see your pearly whites with a BEAUTIFUL smile like this >>>>>>> ;) :D :P :)

  250. @ Diana… I grew up in real life in Michelle’s shoes living on the streets, so I can see where she is coming from… She is doing it in a game… i did it in life as a kid / teen…. I have not pity for her…. She put herself in that situation by going back and forth siding with wherever the power was even when Chima / Russell had it even though she said she liked neither behind there backs ok?

  251. @Leo #342

    You know that I have always tried to be fair and yes there are numerous comments made on this page that have been terrible, but not only to N/K but towards all the HG, but that doesn’t mean that you have a free pass to stoop to that level. I thought you were above that!

    I understand that you were mad about Michele being the cause of Russell going, but then Kevin and Nat. were the cause of Jeff going and I haven’t thrown a hissy fit because he has gone. It is a part of the game and I am accepting that.

    I try to be objective and look at the game play. I try to ascertain how I would react in the same position and I keep coming back to how much of a fighter Michele is and she has always maintained her composure in front of the other guests and takes her frustration and tears out in private.

    I don’t believe that too many people could have been as strong as Michele has been in this game, given the treatment she has had from ALL the HG’s!

  252. @Leo…hey bro i think you have half of it correct. Kevin will most likely make it to F2. But he will be sitting beside Michele once she wins POV! Nat not only lies(like all of them) but she lies to herself also. The girl likes to think of herself as the queen bee….when really shes a nasty gnat!

  253. @ Cat…… Kevin will win the POV and evict Michelle…. kevin will not take Jordan to the final 2 because Jordan will win America’s vote (in Kevin’s words0 and will have Jeff / Michelle / jessie’s vote (Jessie can’t stand Kevin)

  254. @Leo #343

    I’m sorry to hear that you had to go through this sort of trauma in real life, that is why I cannot understand how you can’t relate to her and show some compassion!

    Not liking someone’s personality and saying that about them behind their back is no big deal. How many times do we meet people that we don’t like and when we walk away say that ‘we can’t stand them’. Alot has to do with instinct when we first meet someone and the rest has to do with the way people treat you and let’s face it, none of these HG’s really treated Michele well.

    And please, don’t come back and say Chima did, because she was talking smack about Michele with the other HG’s taking on her holier than thou attitude in the HOH room with all her little puppets!

  255. Leo and Diana

    I do not like to involve myself in family squabbles, but you two settle this before Survivor, okay!

  256. OMG are you guys watching the Live Feeds.

    That immature Nata’lie’ is “dressed up as a Queen” carrying on about being the Queen of the house.
    She has such an EGO problem.
    She is yapping about her Christian Values and how she is going to have vengence for Micheal making Chima freak out and get booted out of BB.

    She obviously has no brain.
    Chima deserved to be kicked out for her horrid behavior, and Nata’lie’ seeking vengeance for her is so Lame!

    She got to final 4 by riding on the coat tails of everyone else.
    She has won nothing at all except this HoH which was pretty much luck.

    Carrying on like she is so smart, such a great competitor, and not a lier or a cheater….. I can’t stand that stupid rat.

    New name Rata’lie’

  257. i liked jeff in the beginning but i think jordam is stupid he slide her through now where is he i do not know why i like jessie better. i hope the jury house has a cometition and the winner is allowed back or wouldnt it be nice if the jury house all got to come back and send all 4 left in their place

  258. @Leo

    You know that I am not mad at you, just frustrated because you have been on the ‘nasty train’ about Michele all morning. She is your new person to attack and hate today, now that Jeff has gone!

    I also truly believe that Russell likes Michele and he found her quirky, but a good person. I believe he even told her to take it all the way if she could, so for me, he understood the game and the rules and he was accepting of his fate, just as Jeff was!

  259. i do not like any one left in the bb house they all are terrible slid right through jeff, jessie, russle all should come back. those others couldnt win a hard challenge where they had to use thier stanima i hope there is anouther all star big brother i like 2 a year i missed it even though this year wasnt great i wish thy showed reruns i missed the first 7

  260. @Donald #350

    Leo and I are buddies and although we may not see eye to eye on some of these blogs, we do respect each other’s opinion and I don’t believe for one second that Leo is a vindictive or mean person.

    He just likes to see how far he can push someone’s buttons. Leo is a good person and that has been demonstrated time and time again on these forums, so you need not worry about our ‘family squabble’, because we are solid!!!

  261. I have been watching Kevin and I am thinking he is ‘allowing’ Rata’lie’ to carry on with her silly egotistic behavior so she looks bad to everyone.

    I think he is just playing this out and allowing Rata’lie’ to think he agrees with her actions/behavior.

    I don’t think people she underestimate Kevin.
    I think he is just playing along with her and does things to promote himself as an alliance to Rata’lie’.

  262. @Leo

    Oh, I did forget to mention that even if Michele didn’t play both sides, her quirkiness is what the rest of the HG’s couldn’t cope with, so she would have been gone a long time ago without playing the way that she did.

    Let’s face it, she is different, but for me her qualities are endearing, just like her husband said last night!

  263. Not only will BB not allow her to make her speech (it would be an hour long) but she will be putting a nail in her coffin with Jordan and Michele. And when the jury house sees this (and they will), i cant imagine any of them voting for her. She, herself will be the cause for losing $500,000! Ha ha love it!

  264. For those of you who are interested in seeing the Queen Bee (Nat.) with her thrown on here is the site. I have removed the www so I don’t go into moderation!

  265. Michele maybe quirky, she may have lied here and there but she never screamed and hollered at people or called them nasty names or ever freaked out at people.

    She has tried very hard to play them games for HoH and Veto.
    Mostly she had to worm her way around to find allies but has been alone alot of the time.
    No one helped her with the counting of items in the house, no one had her back, tho she had other peoples back.

    I hope Michele wins.
    She deserves the money.
    She is respectable more so then any of the other HG left.

    Rata’lie’ – has ego problems and immaturity as well as stupidness.

    Jor’Dough’ – got as far as she has because of Jeff. Tho if she does lose BB she can always get a job with the Pillsbury Dough Boy doing a cookie dough commercial.

    Kevin – kept a low profile and made alliances with who ever would take him. But not as bad as that immature Rata’lie.

    On the Show Thursday night Kevin even spoke of not wanting an alliance with the Rat but he had no choice.
    I think he is just letting her carry on with her stupid antics just to keep her as an alliance.

  266. @Diana #340, you rock girl. I really enjoy ur comments, very fair to all. I am rooting for Michelle becuz of the cruel treatment all of the HG’s hv subjected her to. No One shud be treated like that. Go Michelle, may God bless and guide you, and give you strengh and wisdom.

  267. Oh don’t forget the Pandora’s Box isn’t over.
    New the HoH has something to do with it – as shown on the Thursday night BB show.

    I wonder what it is?

    What if the HoH gets to pick a Jury member to come back?
    She will pick Jessie… Argggg…. that would be horrid!

    – Russel or Lydia would change up the game!

    Who do you pick to come back from the Jury House?

  268. what do you all think will happen on tuesdays live eviction i hope jeff gets to come back or jessie i do not like rus or lyd i do not want anyone else to win also did anyone stay together after their hookup on bb

  269. @Hell-Yeah #360

    You have very valid points, however there has been a lot of mockery about Jordan and her cookie dough fettish.

    I did read somewhere on line that she will be a spokesperson for cookie-dough and if this is true, then you can bank on her getting a pretty penny for advertising their products. So in my mind, Jordan will have the last laugh to all those who mocked her.

    I genuinely believe that all the HG’s are deserving of some recognition after this show even Nat. although hers will be that she is not to be trusted and a pathalogical liar, which is a shame, because this will live with her for a very long time!

    The rest, I hope their 15 minutes of fame is all positive!

  270. @ Diana / Donald / Cat……. I am sending you all a cyber hug….. Smile for me now ;) :D :P :P

    have a good day everyone!!!!

  271. Diana 364

    Yeah I make fun of Jor’dough’ and the cookie dough, but in all honesty I really do hope something good comes from her being on BB.
    She is a bit on the ‘dumb’ side, but she is young and naive. I do believe she will ‘growup’ and be a great lady.
    I wish her all the best and I hope she gets a great gig after BB.
    I think she needs to stay away from Jeff when this is all over and done with.
    I think he is a bit money hungry and will take advantage of Jordan’s naiveness.

    Jeff is cool and nice looking and all that, but watching him on the live feeds he actually trteated Jordan crappy a lot of the times.
    Telling he to be quiet and all kinds of rude things.

  272. @ Jackie M…. Hello…. I was told you would be a great moderator because you have wonderful, insightful, respectful views… Do you want to be apart of my Survivor Samoa Blog site? I will let the person who refered me to you say who they are if they choose too ok?

  273. @Jackie M #361

    Thanks, it was really starting to irk me with all the Michele bashing. I like to try to be objective with all the HG’s, but sometimes these personal attacks on Michele (without these bloggers personally knowing her) are just too much, so I try to reason with them and when I think that I am getting no where, I lose my composure and I have to speak up and be firm!

    I do really genuinely like Leo though and he is my buddy on this forum, so I felt that I could be firm with him by letting him know that it was irking me, and friends should be able to do that – right???

  274. @ Hell yeah…. Someone will be evicted during a live show on Tuesday night and then at the end of that show the 1st part (Physical / endurance)of the 3-part HOH will start… Part 2 will take place on Wednesday (physical / endurance type comp) and the last part (q/a) will take place live on Thursday night with the final eviction leaving 2 hg’s ok?

  275. @Diana – 364. You are a pretty nice person. You see the good in everyone or what there is. You try to be fair and positive. Congrads.

  276. I am done with this season due to Nat-Brat and her rantings after winning HOH. “This is for you Chima.” Seriously???

    BB11 has ran its course with players who are all talk.

    I simply cannot tolerate her annoying whining for another week.

  277. @Hell-Yeah #367

    I hope Jordan does well also, just as I do for all the other HG’s after the show.

    I don’t believe that Jordan and Jeff will have a romantic relationship after the show, however I do believe that they will have a lasting friendship albeit long distance for a very long time.

    They both built up a level of support and trust with each other and although one may perceive Jeff treating Jordan poorly, I think that they both bantered between each other and Jeff’s sarcasm was always meant in a jocular fashion and I think Jordan understood that!

    I know so many people out there thought that Jordan was/is dumb, but I personally don’t think that she is, naive perhaps but not dumb. She has a positive outlook on life which is a credit to her given that she grew up with a priviledge life only to have it taken all away from her when her father left her family, leaving her mother financially inept.

    She has shown no bitterness towards her father and she was also a positive (for the most part anyway) influence on Jeff!

  278. @ Diana…. Did you see Jeff’s interview with Julie Chen? It is on CBS Vidoes online / or go to and type in Big Brother 11 blog and either click on BB Insider / Big brother because you’re addicted and then click on the video for the full interview ok? You can also go to insider/dish with Ross Matthews and see Jeff’s interview before he went into the BB house and his interview after leaving both uncut ok?

  279. If you were sick of Natalier, then this ought to send you over the edge:

    Here is what she is going to say ( she’s been practicing all day)

    What America doesn’t know is that Michele was the cause of Chima throwing her microphones. Michele you say you dedicated your life to Christian Actions, You threw all of those away. I’m a Christian and I know you don’t make a deal with the devil and if I made a deal with you it would be me making a deal with Satan itself. If I lose the game my soul is still in tact. Michele although I’ve nominated K for strategic reasons, you are personal reasons. I feel your are a back stabbing, liar who has played this game in a despicable manner, what you did to Chima was despicable. You betrayed Chima, you betrayed me. You have thrown your Christian values away. I declined your deal because if I had made a deal with you it would be like making a deal with satan himself. You don’t need to sell your soul to win this game, and if the only way to win this game is to sell your soul to the devil, then I’m not going to win this game. My dad says 500,000 is not worth the cost and turns out I made a good decisions, I didn’t sell my soul to you, and I still solidified my spot in F3 with my loyalty, integrity in place.

    Her outfit, no joke is the HOH bathrobe and a crown with huge sunglasses.

  280. @Diana & @Jackie M….both of you have great style and are really an asset to this board. I find it hard to be fair where Nat is concerned. I could commend her on good gameplay up until she decided she was BB queen. Now everything she does just seems ridiculous! I know the girl must have SOME redeeming qualities but for the life of me i cant come up with one.

  281. @ Diana…. I need someone to work out with…. get here in 5 minutes to spot me while I lift weights ok? ;) :D :P :)

  282. @Leo #377

    Thank you, you did give me that info. before but I am having problems for some unknown reason when I try to watch the video. My PC keeps locking up on me, so I will try again later!

  283. @ Cat / Jackie M you to can join as well as Donald and everyone else who likes to workout ok? Have a good day all!!!

  284. I’d just don’t get it. Nat. hasn’t won anything and here it is only what a full week left in the BB house and she gets HOH. I don’t why either Jordan or Michele couldn’t figure up the cans. Mostly, Michele; Jordan has already proved she isn’t too swift thinking. I really hope the Michele get’s POV and I hope she wins the money.

  285. @Leo 381

    You know Leo that I used to weight train a lot a few years ago, in fact I am only 5’3″, 120lbs. and I used to bench 110lbs. Yes, I was buffed, but became lazy so now it takes me all my effort to get on my elliptical bike to even have a work out. I am sure that I will pick it up again, but basically I have become lazy.

    So I will spot you on this site, so you can go and have your workout.

    You will feel really good when you have finished, but don’t forget to stretch and do some aerobics as well. Can’t just have all that muscle without getting rid of the flab and fat now can we?? Remember, everything in moderation – OK!!!

  286. @Cat #379

    Thank you, however I haven’t been all that nice when it comes to Nat. either. What I have been able to establish is that she needs some ‘anger management’ counselling because I think she has some deep rooted issues that she needs to address and the way she overcomes her inferiority is by being aggressive and being a bully, it gives her a sense of self worth, which is unfortunate because she would get a lot more out of life by being considerate and fair with people.

    I have always maintained that those who get ahead in life are the ones that recongize that perception is reality and it is not ‘what’ you know in life, but ‘who’ you know. Basically, if you know the right people they will help you achieve your goals. I don’t care how much knowledge you have, if you p*ss people off, they will overlook any career aspirations and goals you may have.

    Unfortunatly Nat. grates people, so she is going to have a difficult time throught her life unless she readjusts her attitude and outlook on life!

  287. @Leo #387

    Yes, I need that push. You know when I was working out consistently (back home in Australia), I worked out with a girlfriend twice a day and I won the most improved member for the year and won a trip to Surfers Paradise (in Queensland) for 2. I gave the trip to my girlfriend because if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have been so consistent, so now that you are going to be my training partner, perhaps I can get back in shape!

  288. Well, I’m done with BB, got rid of BB AfterDark. NAT the RAT is just to obnoxious to watch. BB ratings will go down big time. I found it interesting how much time the Rat got after Julie said, “time up show us your answer”. The Rat took the most time. Hey BB why don’t you penalized someone who takes more time to answer a question after the time is up, but I guess the BB producer’s want NAT and Kevin at the end. Well I guess ratings don’t matter to BB.

  289. @Leo

    I just went to, how hilarious is that!

    I hope Casey makes a bundle on these t-shirts, because he deserves it. Way to go!!

    Jump on every opportunity in life to help you succeed. I hope Casey gets many more rewards and good fortune coming his way!

  290. @Diana – #389. Spent some time in Aust and NZ back in the 70s. Have live all over the world and Aust is still my favoriate place even today. Hope to make one more trip. Everyone should go there at least once. Now I know why you are so nice. Read today that of the 10 top cities in the world that people enjoy the most, two of the top 5 are in Aust.

  291. @rogers #394

    Thank you. You know that I have lived here for 10 years now but before I moved across here Melbourne (where I come from), was voted the most livable city in the world because there was little or no smog and one of the cleanest cities in the world. I don’t know whether you have been there, but very multi-cultural and like you said, everyone should get the opportunity to visit beautiful places throughout the world.

    One of my favs. is Canada!

  292. I think people should go and watch the Early Show and Inside Dish interview for themselves so that words do not get twisted.

    As for Nasty’s nomination speech. She is the devil. She has no integrity or morals. She has no soul or conscientious either

  293. @rogers

    You know you should go and visit this site Leo put me onto. It is hilarious. I just removed the www, so I don’t go into moderation.

    Love to see Casey has grabbed this opportunity to capitalize his stay on BB!

  294. Was going thro the messages here and the information is pretty cool.
    Lots of great comments and ideas on BB.

    I am wondering tho about some people talking about personal stuff and working out and holidays and stuff like that.
    I thought this was a place to discuss Big Brother series 11.
    The personal stuff is kinda annoying when one is trying to read thro the BB stuff.

    Just my opinion.

  295. has it crossed anyone’s mind that Natalie is this yrs version of Allison when she and June competed and she lost. Every yr bb puts in a bitch, and Natalie is it. Remeber when Dr Will won and that woman he had, I forget her name, everyone hated her. People this is called ratings, you will continue watching just to see N atalie “get hers.’ Daniele comes to mind as well. As for Jeff, the pretty boy is always a favorite among the viewing audience, he over played his hand, but he was afraid of the final 4 pact because he felt Jordan could not hold up her end vs Russ and Michele, so Jeff tried single handedly to do what he and Jordan could not do and that is outplay russ and michele.

  296. Wholy Crap Rata’lie’ is practicing the HoH nominations in her retarded “Queen” outfit.

    Her family is probably so embarrassed for her if they are watching the Live Feeds.
    She should be embarrassed, but she is so egotistical!

    That speech is Horrible!
    She is a crazy Bytch and calls the other girls that.
    She is nasty nasty nasty.

    States Michele needs meds for her psychological problems…. Rata’lie’ needs Help!

  297. Nat the Rat is such a disgusting excuse for a human being! By far the worst I’ve ever seen! If there is a God, surely she will be struck dead before she gives her outrageous speech! Please, somebody strangle her!!! I feel sick for Michele and all that she’s had to endure. If there is any justice, she will win! Please, somebody do something about the Rat! She is a mutation! Not a normal human! The world does not deserve such a one-person pestilence!!!

  298. @Me who me #399

    Point taken and a valid one at that, but sometimes because we don’t know a person on this blog and don’t have their email address, we tend to digress and share personal stuff about each other.

    When that happens and I don’t feel that I am part of that conversation, I just skip that blog and move onto the next.

    I will try to be more considerate to you though!

    Thanks for bringing it up!

  299. @Hell-Yeah #401

    I am truly surprised and shocked that the BB crew doesn’t step in and tell her that she is crossing boundaries with her so called speeches.

    I read somewhere on line earlier that both N/K were told that they had to stop messing with Michele’s stuff and if that is true, why not tell Nat. that she cannot keep berating and verbally abuse Michele the way that she is doing. I just don’t understand how CBS can condone this behavior!

    Shameful, really shameful!!

  300. Hey 399, Haven’t you figured out the main reason why there is conversation outside of BB. It’s because, “It’s official, BB has become BORING! BORING! BORING! Who in their right might wants to talk about the ghetto NAT the RAT. She is simply the most boring person in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  301. You know I used to follow Jokers all day long, but now I only go to it for updates every few hours and I skip most of it because of Nats. reign as the Queen of BB.

    I don’t really care to be updated on someone who has problems but disguises them by taking on a superior attitude.

    She doesn’t understand that we are all equals in this world and even the Queen has to sit on the potty and do gross things that even her sub-servants do!

    Wake up Natalie because your reign will soon be over!

  302. I can feel a mutiny and uprising coming!!!. Nat, queen of BB, her royal majesty’s loyal followers are going to usurp her power and she will be Queen no more!

  303. Don’t forget that the Pandora’s Box is not over.

    BB showed the ” ? ” Door in the HoH Room and said that there is more to the Twist.

    I can’t wait to see what that is…. I am afraid that Rata’lie’ will get more power tho. That would be so Horrible if she did :(

    It is scary just thinking about her getting more power.

  304. I really want Jeff to come back. BBAD is no longer an option for me because of Natalie. This makes the end of summer a bummer in my opinion. Was so hoping to see a fan favorite win BB.

  305. @Michele: Unfortunately, yes it did. They also showed Jordan staring at it sadly on BBAD last night.

  306. This reminds me of the year that Maggie won BB. Gosh, I hated that side of the house and was SOOOO bummed she won.

  307. Steve up there somewhere….BB has always had th catch phrase expect he unexpected…there have been MANY years someone has come back..Kaysar for one. What about Evil Dick…he wouldn’t have won had “Americas player” voted how he wanted instead of how America voted.

    I just can’t stand Natalie and her grating voice. I felt it was a slap to everyone the yelling this is for you Chima…what a bitch!

  308. Also, say what you want about her playing a “fair game.” She has hitched her wagon to whomever is on top and then lied out her ass to Jeff.

    We have the luxury of seeing all the sides…we knew she wasn’t going to follow through. But the lie took on a life of it’s own and Jeff fell for it.

    She doesn’t deserve a penny. As much as I DETEST Kevin (especially after all his comments to Jeff who saved his ass the week before)…my first choice at this point would be Jordan/Michelle final two…second choice Michelle/Kevin.

    I just hope and pray she puts up the two girls and one of them wins POV and sends Kevin home. The best scenerio would be for Natalie to finish close, yet SO FAR from the half million!! Karma baby, Karma

  309. Oh I would hate to see Rata’lie’ get to the final 2.

    I want her out weeks ago – but she is here and hope she doesn’t win anything else. her ego is big enough!
    I can’t believe someone who doesn’t win ANYTHING thinks she can win everything ?!?!

    I would like to see Michele 1st and win BB $500,000

    Jordan 2nd – But Jeff may want to hook up with her tho for money. I seen him talking to Ross on the Inside Dish about money and Jordan and on the live feeds I noticed how Jeff didn’t really offer anything to Jordan if he won and she lost, but expected Game Tickets and fancy Hotels and Airfare if she won and he lost. So if she does win some good money I hope she is smart enough not to fall for Jeff’s charm and good looks once out of BB.
    I also think Jordon will get some nice gigs after BB. She is cute after all and I could see her being involved in something else on TV.

    Maybe Jeff will get his own gig and leave her alone.

    Jordan and Jeff = great for friends but she needs more a hometown,guy next door man to love and love her back.

  310. I just want to say that Nataloie is not my favorite but all you haters ought to just suck it up and move on. You all were probably Jeff dfans. He’s gone get over it and stop whining like a BBBIIITTTCCCHHH!

  311. I was so mad I didnt watch BBAD last night, anything new?

    @Leo..are you serious about that song, or are you being funny? Either way its hilarious, as always.

    When is POV?

  312. I just saw an ad for sunday’s show. Its on youtube to.Says pandoras box is back shows Jessi Lydia & Russel.

  313. I don’t want to watch anymore either. If that Pandora’s box thing is over then it seems kind of useless. Just not interesting anymore.

  314. On the live feeds when will the HG do the POV for the next eviction which is on Tuesady Night?

  315. I agree very upset about Jeffs departure, I dont understand why Rat Nat has to be so very mean to people, and Kevin appears to be at her beck and call. Well people lie its part of the game I guess some take it too far and I hope Jeff returns

  316. Do you think that we will be able to vote for the person we want to get (I cant remember how much it was) but Janelle and Keisha got it, Im not sure who else????

  317. Im sure we will be able to, A good idea for BB 13 would be 13 guest return that were evicted in third place, what do you think?

  318. OMG..thats a good idea Jim. I like it. I have to go back and think about who was evicted 3rd before I fully committ :)

  319. Jim #430

    That would be a great idea.
    BB 13
    13 House Guests

    Funny too cuz the number 13 is ‘bad luck’ and all the 3rd place BB HG had ‘bad luck’ cuz they didn’t win.

    Plus they all played a good game to at least make it to 3rd… so I think it would be an awesome show.

  320. Maybe gather up all the names of the 3rd place ‘winners’ and submit the idea to BB !

    Even a petition would be a great way to help promote your idea. I would sign it!

  321. @ Chelsie & Jeff Fans…. I am a man and am not ashamed to admit when I am wrng…. Natalie is getting on my nerves…. Please bring Jeff back and spare me from seeing my msitake choice the last 2 weeks….

    I was wrong and I know it… yes its true…. I was wrong and you know it yes its true….

    I am flipping and flopping and hoping Jeff coming back will leave Nat’s jaw dropping

    cause I was wrong and I know it yes its true….


  322. @Leo #434

    Finally you have been vindicated, because you are a man who can admit he was wrong!

    Yes, let’s lobby to get Nat. evicted!

  323. Just got this of Jokers:

    ….Fri 5:25 PM BBT Pandora Possibly Going On NT ….

    Probably isn’t, but it does keep us guessing!

  324. As much fun as I have reading everyone’s post and commenting. I have got to take a break so I can actually have some type of life. I will check in here and there, but will not post as much unless something truly dramatic happens. lol. No, I am not leaving because Jeff is gone, because I am rooting for Michelle and I will continue watching BB till the finale to see which goon does win. Have a good one and enjoy these last weeks of BB I know I will. Peace and Love to all. Been fun debating with all of you intelligent, opinionated, beautiful people.

  325. I think I have figured it out guys!

    From Jokers again:

    Natalie’s attitude is that she seems to be hiding something and happy about it.

    They say there were two boys and a girl.


    Someone commented earlier that when they did a promo. for Pandora’s Box on CBS, they showed the JH with Russell, Jessie and Lydia.

    I am betting that this new comp. will be bringing one of these 3 back into the comp. and Jeff sadly will not be coming back!

    Natalie cannot play for the POV, so that is one good thing!

  326. First off I hate Nat..and her stupid this is for chima chant..way 2 go makin a fool of urself on TV..What does everyone think of this for the future..Last 6 evictions the two nominees who are up if one of them wins the veto they not only get to use it but they r the ones who put someone else up including the HOH…

  327. BTW Im applying for next BB..If I get on nobody better bad mouth me on here..LOL..actually I will be loved more than Jeff and not as dumb.

  328. Nat has some power from the Pandora’s Box.

    Now she is on yet another Ego trip wandering around with a smirk on her face.

    She is saying on live feeds she just cant play for POV and that is all the Twist
    was… I don’t beleive her as I think it has to do with Russ, Lydia, MuscleHead.

  329. @Hell-Yeah

    I agree with you see my comment #441. I do recall someone saying that the promo. had Jessie, Russell and Lydia but no Jeff, so I am guessing the comments about 2 boys and a girl are related to that promo. and PB!

    The only bad thing is that L/J she will be happy about, but Russell is a whole different story. Let’s hope that Russell is the one brought back into the house!

  330. My thoughts are that if Russell comes back into the house, how sweet would that be!

    He endured so much abuse from Chima with the whole terrorist b.s. and Nat. claiming that her HOH win was for Chima, so in my mind that is sweet, sweet KARMA!!

    This one’s for you Nat!!!

  331. I think she is telling half truths.
    Nat a mean….says she can’t play for POV…says she is the prank queen… yeah right just a sneak….

  332. Could bring love one back but can not play veto. She said she can’t play veto competion so think Jessies coming back.

  333. Oh My Gawd did you just hear Nat’s story about the Pandora’s box?

    She can’t play the POV but got to spend time with her boyfriend (that didn’t even write her a hoh notite or wan’t even mentioned in it) and that he proposed to her!!!

    WhT bout what the other HG said about something being thrown/sprayed at them from a girl and 2 guys (Lydia, Musclhead, Russel ??)

    All confussing ???

  334. sorry about all the typos in my last message LOL
    Typing in the dar and pissed off at Rata’Lie’ (Gnat)


  335. i hate all u ppl that say ur not gona watch the show cuz nat won hoh suck it up guys and go get a life if ur not gona watch don’t watch it. don’t announce 2 all of us cuz no one cares

  336. This was funny:

    Someone on another blog wrote:

    When Nat got the phone call from home..where was her “boyfriend”?

    My response:


  337. and stop hatin on nat cuz she is in the final 4 and stop complaining cuz jeff is gone! so what he played a stupid game in his part and he “got got!”
    so to bad for him it’s a game for half a million dollars he should be smarter and nat was really smart 4 making up that lie cuz look where she is now so stop hatin cuz she lied HATERS!!!!!!!!!!

  338. WOW her and her boyfriend she done alot in that room in only 20 mins.

    – Talked about family
    – about the game and Jessie
    – the bugs
    – that him and her dad went and got the hoh basket stuff
    – he proposed
    – talked about getting married in March
    – she said they made up a little bit
    – and about the other HG’s
    – how proud he was of her …blah blah

    that is alot of stuff

    She is such a LIER

    I wonder what her so called boyfriend who states on his Myface page that he is SINGLE is thinking of Gnata’lie’ ?

  339. @jayjay23 #457

    People are going to want to watch now, especially when they see Nats. face for being so greedy with PB and not being able to play for the POV.

    I recall her being so cocky telling Kev. that SHE was going to win and wearing her crown like her royal majesty the queen of BB.

    Well there will be an uprising or a mutiny per se and Queen Natalie, will be dethrowned soon enough!

    Justice will prevail!

  340. MY LAST POST 460


    Meant MADE OUT not make up

    She said they also made out in the Pandora Box room s well as ALL the other thingsthey talked about in 20 mins?

    Sorry :)

  341. how do u really know if she was lying or not…just listening to her.. her talk with bfriend lasted longer than 20 minutes
    according to what she is saying he and her did, would have lasted alot longer…i bet he rip her and she is saying anything…sasid that he was watching with jessie said he was falling in love with her and he said who wouldn’t fall in love with you gag…………………….

  342. Have they not done the nominations yet?

    I wonder if that has somethingto do with Pandora’s Box and Natalie being HoH?

    Russ, Jessie, Lydia ?

  343. Plus she just won HoH late last night.
    She stated the Bfriend didn’t get to sleep until after 3am.

    They would have had to get ahold of him and get him flown out to the BB house for this afternoon.

    Doesn’t seem to be enough time for that to happen ?!?

  344. If the liars and cheaters win BB then there is no point in ever watching again.
    Jeff had integrity and admitted that it was no one’s fault but his own that he got evicted.
    Michelle has been struggling on her own and jordan is just a bit simple.
    I hope the Pandora’s box appeals to the greed of the two biggest liars…Kevin and Natalie and proves their downfall

  345. Bet she put up Michele and Jordon now…maybe not ….have to wait and see….she is so lying…you just have to hear her…such a lier….can’t stand her….can’t wait till she leaves the back yard to hear what the other hg say

  346. She said something about her boyfriend probally not goingtothe Finale Show cuzboy/girl friend has a wedding to attend ??If you just prosoed to your girlfriend wouldn’t you go to the Finale?
    Gosh just getting free TV time would make most people go.
    With all the talk about him on BBand all over the net – he wouldn’t pass up theopportunity to get on TV – he’s a celebrity now. HAHAHA

    Gnatalie is lying about this whole boyfriend thing – don’t cha think?

    Come on – wouldn’t your

  347. Hey jayjay23 so where are you going to propose to the RAT? Looks like you’re the only one that loves her? I say you find a nice rat ghetto to have the wedding.

  348. I am a bit confussed on something I read that NAT said, she said that she thought that Jordan would be too guilable to use the POV and would vote out Michele. But if Michele and Kevin go up and Jordan win’s the POV she can’t use it cause there is noone to go up in the spot of the person she takes off.. am I right or am I missing something.
    I am dissapointed that Jeff went home but I see why he did what he did to Russell, you never knew what Russell was going to do he switched sides and blew up for no reason sometimes etc. Jeff felt he was a bigger threat than that LIAR Nat , however that is part of the game. And I am concerned that Kevin is alighning himself with Nat , cause if you think about it HE WILL NOT win against her, not that she has the votes locked down but that she actually played the game , she kept her hands clean while she got EVERYONE to do the dirty work and ONLY won HOH when it was best for her . As long as she had someone in there to have her back she didn’t really try.
    And if Jordan goes to final 2 I don’t think she would win , she really didn’ tplay the game she sat back and watched it , I like her but that is my opinion. I think Michele should win , she has played in compitions and won , she has lied , she has played sides and all that goes with the game and not just let others do it for her and she has tried to keep her word until it was to the point it would hurt her in the game or was inevitable that that person was going home anyways.
    I would love to see Jeff come back and be the reason NAT the RAT goes home !! I would love to see him and Michele final 2. Did anyone notice that he never got to see his final goodbye messages from the houseguests. I am 100% sure Jordan would have said something to him!!!
    Only my opinons , but I think we still have some good episodes comeing , I hope cause this years was not as good as some in the past~~

  349. deedee good point about no good bye messages, it’s BB’s way of influencing the game. I’m sure NAT the RAT would say something stupid like “Karma is a bitch” and Kevin would know she was lying all of the time. This is the one part of BB I don’t like, let the jury know what a RAT she is. Maybe she is a daughter of one of the producer’s.

  350. Here is a thought – not likely to happen
    but a thought.

    Pandora’s Box – Natalie was offered big money to evict herself with the choice of getting Russ, Jessie or Lydia back in the game to replace her?

    hahaha that would be funny !

  351. @ Mark , I agree . I wish the Jury saw more than just the DVD’s that get brought in by the newest jury member . I think they need to see what we see or the live feed’s or something. I am sure they all talk at the jury house and put things together but not like seeing it fro yourself!!!

  352. This is my first time watching big brother. Is there just one HOH competition left? Do they have a POV once they go to final 3?

  353. really you people disgust me with all your natalie bashing….she has got herself this far whether it was by lying, cheating or whatever so fickin what???? BB is a game. It has always been about lying and cheating so why would you people expect the houseguests to be loyal and true to each other. Natalie has done no worse than jeff did to other houseguests so grow up and remember its a game and lying and cheating are the way you win the prize!!!!!!!!!

  354. Rachel

    If we didn’t bash people like Gnat and everything she and the other HG did then what would we need this forum for?

    That is what makes this fun.
    And entertaining… Heheheh

  355. rachel, it’s not that we don’t like her because she lies, we all know everyone does, it’s just that she is so ficken obnoxious plus how can anyone like someone who likes sheman or is it chima?

  356. I personally don’t care so much about Natalie’s lying & cheating. What I do care about is trying to put red dye in Michele’s food, throwing (allegedly) Michele’s wedding ring away, trashing people’s property, not bathing (both when she’s on her time of the month or not) and openly discussing it, discussing her time of the month in great detail, chewing like a horse with her mouth open next to her mic (Michele does this, too), being hateful and mean for no other reason except to mess with people…

    Shall I go on?

  357. Well I have to say, I just don’t have any interest in watching Big Brother anymore. I just really could careless who wins out of the remaining house guest and can’t bare to hear Nat or Kevins voice at all. Like any show, if the right people are not around not worth the time to watch, Good-Bye Big Brother!!!

  358. But the whole point is who can be the biggest bullshiter to the end: hence BB=Biggest Bullshitter! I may not like her personally but she is still there even with all the crazy things she alledgedly tried to do and not showering so who are the true dumbasses…the people who didnt get her out when they could!!!

  359. Well, since I am still receiving email updates from this blog. I have to comment:
    @DeeDee-That was one of the smartest things I have heard in a while and I agree completely.
    @Leo- I must give you kudos for finally seeing what the rest of us have been saying about Nasty Ratalie.
    @Rachel-You may want to take off your blindfold now, maybe then you will see what we see. It took Leo a while but he finally did. Then again maybe you are her girlfriend in reality and the boy in the picture is merely her brother.Yes, everyone in the house has lied at some point but she took it too the extreme and was down right cruel, another Chima.
    @Hell Yeah-HELL YEAH!!!!

    Go Michelle!!! Kick some butt!!!

  360. what exactly is going on?? why is it that all of a sudden nat/kev keeps bringing chima’s name up?? was the chima episode and BB staged?

  361. Seriously whose fault is it that natalie is still there? It is the people that fell before her, namely Jeff, who could have got her out but chose not too…she is still playing the game and hes not…whose dumb???

  362. last night one of the questions was about chima, nat gave praise to chima after she won the HOH, the speech she gave why she put michele up was about chima, they’re doing a fashion show now per BB production and kev keeps telling nat to wear something of chima’s? am i missing something here? to me, that’s like a slap in the face

  363. I think one of the shirts Natalie picked up in the Luxury Competition looks like something “Chima would wear,” according to K/N. Perhaps that’s what they’re referring to?

  364. Bridget, if I am natalies true girlfriend then I am very lucky because my “girl” is well on her way to winning some big money! She outlasted the one that everyone wanted to win so she deserves every cent of it if she makes it to the end. And wow what are you the QUEEN of BB?? The almighty and all knowing??? Should we bow to you because you are so intelligent??

  365. as of now, nat is convinced she’s the BB queen, apparently she wore kev’s king crown, the HOH robe and had a wand when she did the nominations and she put up michelle and kev. kev is in on it though

  366. OMG…i guess jordan was in on the nomination speech and putting michelle up cause michelle walked out of the room and jordan thanked natalie and told her the speach was good. natalie then said to jordan, we are still final 2 right? come on jordan!!!

  367. @Rachel..No I am not the queen of BB and I don’t claim to know everything. I don’t. I do however watch BB and BBAD without a blindfold and there are not too many positive things anyone can really say about Nasty. If you find one let me know, because I can’t think of any. She says making a deal with Michelle is making a deal with Satan himself. How is that right?

  368. @bridgette, you are right, i have live feeds and the stuff that nat/kev are doing is sickening!! no, ur not the queen of BB, nat is

  369. Diana there is another forum chatting about the BB and Pandora’s Box twust.

    It is the Pandora’s Box here on bigbrothernetwork.

    Hard to keep up with them both. :)

  370. lmao, thanks Diane for clarifying that. I forget that she is indeed the Queen. Queen Ratalie, she really needs to go find her rat babies that ran across the floor last night.

  371. Natalie is not like the other players you did not see them give up games win they were loosing. I do not think Natalie should win because she did not try during the competitions. If she was a black Belt then why she gave up so easy. I herd she knows a person from CBS that is how she got on the show you know “who you know” Not what you know. I guess she did not read the application were it says you have to be 21 years old.

    Yes everybody lies but there is time when to stop. Natalie lies from the start of the game the houseguest should have kick out when she said she was 18 they knew you have to 21 to be on the show. Natalie only stayed in the game because she hang on all HOH winners (Coat Tail) Well at least there will be a twist so maybe she will be out next week.

    Jeff had made his own choice taking out Russell everybody in the house was not against it own. It funny that everybody wanted Russell out early in the game then when Jeff decides to backdoor him they change their mind. People always says what you what to hear and it up to you if want to believe them or not.

  372. Since there is so much lying and back stabbing by those that can’t compete fairly; why doesn’t the producer of BB let America have the voting position that Chima lost in the jury house. That should level the playing field a little better.

  373. I agree with Jun above- she felt Michelle threw the game for either Nat or Jordan. Well it kinda went wayward.

  374. I don’t see why people are mad that Jeff got evicted. He just got played at his own game. He thought he ran the house. I am glad he is gone. He lied and cheated his way this whole game and it came back and bit him in the ass. Kevin is going to win this game.

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