Big Brother 11: Week 8 Live Eviction and HoH Results

Tonight on Big Brother 11 the results of the season’s eighth eviction will be revealed along with the results of the next HoH competition.

It’s going to be a wild ride that might end up with a return of an evicted HG. If that does happen I’d recommend being on your live feeds to see it all play out. Don’t have the feeds? No worries, sign-up now with the Free Trial!

I’ll be updating this post here with the eviction and HoH comp results. Meanwhile, join us in the chat room as we tear apart tonight’s eviction episode!

Live Eviction voting:

  • Natalie: Votes to evict Jeff
  • Michele: Votes to evict Jordan

Kevin breaks the tie and votes to evict Jeff.

By a vote of 2 – 1, Jeff has been evicted from Big Brother 11.

Tonight’s HoH comp will be ‘Fact vs Fiction’. Michele just threw her shoes off because she knows Jordan heard her steps last time.

HoH Competition – ‘Fact or Fiction’:

  • Round 1: Jordan gets the point
  • Round 2: Everyone gets a point
  • Round 3: Jordan & Natalie get a point
  • Round 4: Everyone gets a point
  • Round 5: Michele gets a point
  • Round 6: Michele gets a point
  • Round 7: Natalie gets a point
  • Tie Breaker: Natalie wins the random # guess

Natalie wins HoH… She dedicates her win to Chima… I’m out.

Julie says Pandora’s Box will return next week and this time it will impact the game. I think someone has been reading this site!

How will tonight’s results impact your Big Brother 11 predictions in the Amazon gift card giveaway? You can keep entering with new guesses each week.

Once the live show is over the live feeds turn back on and we’ll see get to see what’s been going on since this afternoon. You can get the 24/7 uncensored feeds with the Free Trial so why are you waiting?!.

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  1. @ BB Fans….. Today is the big day…. Go Natalie for HOH…. Go Kevin & Natalie for final 2……. Go Kevin for the winner of BB 11

    @ Jackie M / Renee F / Donald / Jane…… I would like to ask you to join my Survivor Samoa website because you 4 always have respectful, honest and insighful opinions about BB without being disrespectful…. I was referred about you all from Diana who is too busy to be a moderator on my Survivor Blog Post…. I have asked a couple other people because I want to have 3-4 people (including me) with varying opinions as moderators and different viewpoints to make it the best blog site for all Survivor fans…. If not, I would still love to have you at least post your opinions on my Survivor site….

  2. @Leo-I am doing good and thanks again. How are you doing today? I have been looking forward to today all week

  3. they are just going over random moments from the past couple days and Julie just said something about J/J romance ending tonight

  4. Well I am thinking the Pandora’s box thing is done. I think Julie would have talked about it more by now.

  5. Diane, if you go to big brother 11 blog spot they have a link for west coast ppl to watch the show online right now

  6. Leo yes i love surviver and hey leo if i said sweetie meaning your great as a person would you get affended cause i love ya kido your so funny? And you make people that are mad or want to get even stop and laugh.

  7. Bridget Martinez thank you and i have family from New Orleans and they have alot of parties too. Oh my sister in laws last name is Martinez too.

  8. @Leo #2

    See you got my email and since the football is still on, I have to wait until it is over before I can watch BB because I don’t have BBAD or Live Feeds.

    I believe that BB is showing in some states, but not here. I have both the east coast and west coast channels, so I get to watch BB at 5:00pm east coast or 8:00pm west coast, but for now, I just have to wait.

    So having said that, I can now blog for a while to see what is happening, because I just can’t sit and wait to watch the show.

    I’m afraid that there won’t be a twist and that my boy Jeff will go, but at least my girl Michele will take the major prize!!!

  9. Looks like PB is over and no one is retuning and Jeff will be leaving unless Nat changes her vote

  10. @June too funny. Are they from New Orleans or one of the surrounding cities? Yes, New Orleans is always partying. If there isn’t a holiday one will be created. Oh the Saints won, they lost, there is a hurricane, etc. haha

  11. Gahhhhhhhhhhhhh. I hate this- stuck watching the Chiefs instead of Jeff’s end.

    You know your local team sucks when one of their “keys to the game” is “finishing plays”. *facepalm*

  12. @ Diana

    So far:

    – Julie recaps last week
    – Jeff and Michelle promise Nat to lay down in the next HOH (we already know cause of the live feeds that she went back to Kev and told him about it so I doubt that it will have any effect)
    – Micheles Husband weighs in and says Michelle has a bad memory and it hurts him when she crys cause he can’t be there.
    – Montage of Michelles bad memory
    – Back to the houseguests who talk about Nat being afraid of bugs and a little bit about what happened with the box
    – The Jury house: Lydia’s hair is black, Russell is about to join them
    – They are bummed its not Jeff
    – Russell keeps yelling “TECHNOTRONICS”

  13. I am mad as hell.I was waiting for this night to come and see you is going home.and the GAME is airing at glued to the computer to read wants going on.Jeff might be foolish for throwing his game like this.but”boy”he is hot.will miss to watch the JJ.

  14. Bridget Martinez they are right in the middle of New Orleans. Who Do you want to win it all Bridget? I like Michelle. :)

  15. – In the jury house Russell and Jessie confirm that if Jeff makes it to the end – they will give him thier vote
    – Lydia says “say whaaaaaaaaat?”
    – Back to Kevin in HOH room who says he knows he can’t trust Nat but its his only choice at this point

  16. Both Jesse and Russ would have voted for Jeff. That shocked me. Leo I don’t usually watch survivor but I may this season just to blog with you.

  17. they are taking forever with this vote. i see jordan isnt telling everyone to vote her out in favor of jeff like she was saying last week. now jeff is talking to natalie to take him to the f2…voting is going on right now

  18. Michelle votes to evict….. Jordon
    Natalie votes to evict….. Jeff

    it’s all up to Kevin…poor poor Jeff

  19. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JEFF IS GONE!!!!!!!! LOL. I’m so sad. Leo, I think its time to sing.

    LOL. Kevin says sorry Jordan I have to evict your friend Jeff.

  20. Julie flat out says why did you trade to Nat and Kevin when you had a solid 4? He says he would’nt change a thing cause he couldnt trust Russell.

    Jeff being very gracious and saying it was his own fault and he should have won the POV.

    Not sure why but we haven’t see the other peeps goodbyes to Jeff

  21. michelle’s only chance is to win the hoh, take out kevin and go to the end with Jordan. her only comp is Kevin.

  22. Michelle to win. House is left with coat tail riders. Only person worthy of the money is Michelle. Michelle to win. I swear is any of these other people win I will go crazy and never watch that show again. Well, if Kevin wins I won’t be too upset, but I am fonder of Michelle.

  23. jeff got played by natalie…hope someone tells him that one day….natalie & kevin…instead of facing russell in the comps…which may not have been won by either one of them…they keep underestimating michelle.

  24. I loved the look on Russ’s face when Jessie told him Nat is 24. I wonder what Jeff is going to think about that. I WISH we had jury feeds!

  25. CBS did it again! They tricked us into watching, only to see Jeff go. OMG, the whole PD was a farce and I am sad to see Jeff go, however, hope is not lost because my girl Michele will win and take it all!!

    Go Michele!!

  26. Why didn’t we/jeff hear the goodbye messages???
    Maybe Jeff might still come back, if one of the HG said something that might have given away their game???

  27. Michelle should not win the next HoH but rather the veto. Then win the next HoH and put her in place to choose who to take to the final 2 with her.

    Go Michelle!!!!

  28. @Robin #64

    You are right, HOH is not important this week only the POV, so I hope that Michele wins the POV and sends Nat. home with a bug in her suitcase!!


  30. Leo – Are you happy?? Your girl won HOH and she said she did for Chima.


  31. Not to worry, POV holds all the power this week!

    Can you imagine how obnoxious she is going to be gloating how she was throwing all the other comps. and holding back for the big win!!


  32. nataliw wins hoh…. big brother over for me this year…. cant stand to watch her.. piece of garbage

  33. If Michelle or Jord win the veto and take themselves off the block, kevin goes up and goes home, right? I hope that michelle doesn’t do any deals with nat or kevin

  34. The only good thing is that Nat is in final 3 and hopefully someone will send her home then and she will be pissed for going so far. Although someone should take her to the end, because she did nothing and should not get any votes.


  36. There is no god.
    Natalie is guaranteed a spot in the final 3.


  37. What a dupe! That Pandora Box fiasco was nothing, and CBS knew it would only string the viewers along. Now a new Pandora box will impact the game. I will not watch any longer. What a shame– Big Brother- you are a huge let-down.

  38. I am so sick to my stomach. When Nastalie won HOH I flew a bunch of F bombs. What’s this crap about her saying how she kept her word. If that child’s lips are moving, you know she’s lying. Jeff gone and Gnat HOH. I don’t think I can watch this damn show now.


  40. only thing interesting now is the pandora supprise! cus that will effect the game for sure! so cherio nat…

  41. I have watched BB faithfully but no more….her tribute to Chima at the end was enough to make me lose my supper….I’m done watching this show…..on Sunday I’ll be watching anything but BB….I can’t stand the thought of Kevin or Natalie winning.

  42. I absolutely refuse to watch that idiot btag about her random win and avenging Chima. In fact I’m pretty much done with the show.

  43. Jeff could have come back if Jordan won HOH, but since Natalie HOH she would have the decision to bring back Jeff, and she would say no. :(

  44. Michelle has to win Veto. The Veto means so much more than the HOH at this point. BEST OF LUCK MICHELLE

  45. I think I just threw up in my mouth…

    My mother told me liars never prosper – I guess she never watched BB.

  46. There is no way they can let Jeff come back without letting all the jury members have an equal shot at it. If they do then the show is DEFINATELY rigged and if I were in the jury and found out about it, I would be pissed!!

  47. Ut Oh, here we go with 200 posts “I’m not watching any more”. Please, if you feel that way, just leave and don’t tell us.

  48. Well, after Natalie’s win for HoH, I might have kept watching, but when she dedicated it to Chima??? I think I’ll see what else is on. I’m sorry, but this is the only year I have been sooo disgusted by a houseguests personal actions and making excuses (Chima & Natalie). I am so opposed to that personality type, I can’t find my enthusiasm anymore. Good luck, Michelle! I hope you pull out a win!


  50. I don’t think I can watch this anymore… can’t stand Natalie. The only way I will watch again is if I see on spoilers that Jordan or Michelle gets POV and can then get Kevin out. Then Natalie can’t play the next week and it’s Jordan and Michelle to final 2. Otherwise, I’m DONE!

  51. Perfect. Jeff is gone, and Natalie wins the HOH. Way to go Natalie. Now she needs to get rid of the dumb blond, and the even dumber scientist. Can’t hardly wait to see this later on tonight.

  52. im new to BB if michelle wins pov can she send nat home even though nat is hoh? this is in reference to 68

  53. Did anyone else notice Michele couldn’t hear the 2nd and 3rd question? you can see when Julie said the score after the 3rd one she was moving her hands and saying she couldn’t hear. Nat is a horrible HOH though.

  54. I may not watch anymore. That little Rat Fink, does not deserve HOH. I respected ED more than PigPen, and I hated ED and Danielle. I’m so pissed right now. And her jumping up and down saying she “did it, while keeping her word” is complete BS. Someone should just haul off and smack the crap out of her. Man, i really despise her. She’s such a terrible person.

  55. “Mystery door is back and is GAME CHANGING!!”
    “Is it can be BB3 tiem now plz?” to quote a friend.

  56. F*** this game! I cant stand Natile! I’m canceling the live feed, and not wathching After Dark! No point! I dont want to hear She Man brag about her win! she pissed me off dedicating her win to Chima!

  57. i really hope that mich wins the veto. and also the pandora box is back. hopefully it’ll futher mich’s game. i not sure if im gonna watch next week cuz i hate gnat and her annoying voice.

  58. I’ve never seen a BB where so many people hated one player!

    I can’t even watch it anymore now that Nat is HOH….I can’t believe it….

  59. Why is wrong with Jordan. How many cans in all the contestants tubes combined and she gave the amount Jeff alone had? If anyone DARES to say she deserved to get it, they’ll look as big a fool as she.

  60. @ june… it wont work like that! nat has the finale tie breaker…, any how i hear this week veto is the finale one. i may be wrong

  61. Kevin is one nervous nellie right about now. If either Michelle or Jordan win the POV, he is gone.

    P.S. How did MJ manage to lose that? It almost seems like they threw it on purpose. I think they both realized that if one of them won the HOH and lost the POV, then one of them would be gone. In either scenario they still need to win the POV but their chances don’t look so hot.

  62. Oh and by the way what word is it that Nat kept the whole game. If it’s LIAR then yes she did keep her word….

  63. ELiza,
    Yes I noticed Mich couldn’t hear. She lost some hearing in one ear from falling with a Q Tip in her ear when she was, what, two?

  64. @jan….BB & CBS is rigged. they have sat back and let natalie & kevin lie and say things hurtful especially to michelle who has a disability. they have called her names to her face, behind her back, played jokes like putting a hair tie on the faucet sprayer so she got sprayed in the face, taking/stealing her things from her drawers and etc, i also read on jokers today, they threw her wedding ring away? and CBS & BB condone this????

  65. Natalie is just lucky, being HOH.. She hasn’t done anything throughout the game.. but to cling onto people..

  66. Bye bye Jeffie. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord put your brain. Now Jordan’s gotta get gone.

  67. However, Pandors’s Box will be back in play for this HOH. And it will affect the game. No money this time around, but probably will bring someone back in the house. Now the question is who will be brought back in the house.


  69. If Jordan or Michelle can get POV, Natalie won’t get a tiebreaking vote if both Jordan and Michelle vote to evict Kevin.

  70. They didn’t throw her wedding ring away. It was Jeff’s beer tabs that he gave to the little buddha for luck.

  71. How is it possible that three of the remaining four players are the worst in big brother history and managed to make it this far. I have to vote for michelle at this point now that jeff is gone. jeff did everyones dirty work and everyone else benefited from it. hhhmmmmmm who knew

  72. The whole Pandora’s Box thing is just to try and keep people watching Big Brother now that Jeff is gone.

  73. Jeff is coming back. They did not show him his goodbye messages. CBS would be dumb to not show Jordans goodbye to him, she said she got all choked up when taping it. They didn’t show him because he might come back and it would have given him clues (ie if nat said she was 24 in her message) The pandoras box will be some sort of choice for Nat and since she is greedy she WILL take whatever bait they throw at her and jeff will be back, wait and see!

  74. Hey retards, when BAD things happen to YOUR favorites, please remember what you said earlier in the show’s season about Jessie and Chima and Lydia. IT’S JUST A GAME. Maybe coming alive at the very end of the game was Natalie’s strategy all along???

  75. if i was jordan & michele, i would walk out right now. natalie is bragging and saying this is for you chima, the racist and they’re gonna let this go?

  76. OK….east coast didnt have the show, but I was able to watch online. a few things: Was this HOH weird? Some of the questions didnt make sense, how would they know what is going on in the real world? Anyway, I think HOH is useless this week, POV is more important. Why didnt Jeff or Russel get goodbye messages? Why did they spend soooo long on Michelle’s husband? Unnecessary. Why did Julie mention pandoras box AGAIN????? Here we go BB…..if you arent going to do anything about the “Game changing powers” stop mentioning it. In my opinion, I would love for Jeff to be able to use that key to unlock the BB door and walk back into the house. Didnt Marcellas or a girl on his season get to come back in the house? I hope that either jeff or Russel gets to com back in to make this more interesting. Natalie is going to be really annoying…this one is for Chima? for real? If I remember correctly, she & Jessie were talking about getting rid of her.

  77. Leo-

    Be gentle tonight as so many fans on this sight are in mourning. Wait until all the J/J fans figure out that they convinced the producers to actually bring out the Diamond Veto and, wait for it, Natalie or Kevin get it to over rule Michele’s POV and send Michele home.

    Be careful what you wish for.

  78. @hank, who you calling retards???? we can say and type what we want and if you don’t like it, make your own comment page ok??? i have live feeds and it IS rigged!!

  79. IM for team Michele and Jordan! I really really really do not like Natalie.. She disgusts me. But its a promise that I will not watch anymore..unless the updates tell me that Michelle and Jordan are safe. Tonite ruined my pasion for the show.

  80. im sick sick sick sick that jeff is gone and nat is hoh. im not watching any more, but you go michelle and my jordan girl. bye.

  81. Can NOT believe this— worst case scenario — Natalie won HOH. Really curious about the surprise!! Hope Jeff returns!!

  82. Teri, Jordan and Michelle can both vote if one of them wins POV and Keving has to go up in their place.

  83. To Rene- #118

    We have just as much right to voice our displeasure as you do to make your comments. Maybe we believe that voicing our opinions is a way to let BB know that they have offended a huge number of viewers.

  84. You guys on the east coast who didnt see the show, do you have a satellite or something cause I am in MA and I saw the show just fine on cable

  85. Leo, ur my buddy and have been and i haven’t bashed anyone for saying what they wanted but i’m not gonna stand back and let someone call me a retard and further more hank, that is not a nice word to be calling anyone. that’s talking down on the ones that are that unfortunate

  86. I really am not cool with the shout out for Chima. Chima did nothing but act like a spoiled brat. Makes me dislike the She man more than ever



  88. Jen, two people get put up for eviction say Jordan and Michelle then say michelle win POV then Kevin goes up on the block with Jordan…leaving just Michelle

  89. @148 Kenny Veto means more because HOH just nominates someone, Veto winner can decide who goes home if you think about it. They can take a person off, change the noms, etc. With not that many people left veto holder has more power than ever.
    @ mikey # 153….I Hope so!

  90. if nat is in the f2 you know most likely america will vote for the other person to receive the money. i wouldnt vote to give nat anything b/c she is just a floater. she didnt do anything besides make lies,get drunk, and instigate.

  91. am a bit worried bout the pandora box now! cus remember when kevin almost resisted not to open the box, i have a feeling nat will do just that. any takers on this?

    plus can any one answer me this, since bb did not use the pandora box today! will they make the pandora box a option chioce let to answer by the NEw HOH?

  92. @diana c, if the retard fits, put it on and wear it proudly! Just the pot calling the kettle black. So long Jordan, maybe you and Jeffie can really kick back in the sequester house. and diana, say and type whatever you want, but the same liberty applies to me.


  94. Nat does not deserve to be HOH! shes the biggest scumbag liar in the game, shes just as bad as chima and i hope this pandoras box screws up her game and she somehow goes home! she is so dumb and WILL not make the final 2!

  95. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! The Natarat has control and that just CAN’T HAPPEN!!!! I hope Pandora’s box comes back to bite those two in the hiney!!! But, I have a feeling that they are gunning for Michelle to get out this week….Kevin had better watch his back though!

  96. Teri, you’re right. But in that case, Michelle is the only one to vote. This round has always been a one-vote eviction.

  97. OMG! Nat will be totally unbearable as HOH! Don’t know if I’ll be able to stand watching BBAD this week. She’ll be running her mouth constantly. Total Napolean Syndrome with her this week! Michele needs to win POV – and she knows it! Can’t believe Jeff still thought getting Russell out last week was a good move. Should have kept him and gotten rid of Nat. Russell and Michele both had intentions of keeping true to their Final 4 alliance. Dumb move on Jeff’s part and he paid for it. He and Russ can talk about it in jury house!

  98. The reason I am not watching Is I want to send BB a message that they can cast these misfits or degenerates but I will not waste my time watching them. I want to watch a show with real people who act normal and play the game not do every under handed dirty trick in the book to win something they do not deserve….

    They really played a dirty rotten game and it should never have been tolerated by BB…

  99. hey everyone Jeff was just an stupid player he is gone. this just a game. get over!! this is not Jeff show. this is BB game. this is the first season that I’m watching it and looks like there is not rules to the game. CBS kept Jeff as far as they could. now the only thing that they could have done was to hand him the cash

  100. @hank THANK YOU!!!! i was just thinking that!

    And i hope they don’t bring anyone back. Maybe it will be like a trip or something and the Natalie takes the box and is locked while the rest are in the house and one of them stumbles upon the prize. I don’t know though. PLEASE LET MICHELE WIN THE VETO I DON’T WANT TO SEE HER GO HOME!!!!

  101. Kino they are just trying to get us to tune in again, but I wont…its pretty much over. It’s gonna be dumb now

  102. Russell is Gone. Jeff is Gone. The Eye Candy Factor is Gone. Now on to Kevin or Michelle WINNING!!!

  103. how DO you figure it’s rigged? WHy is that anytime a reality show doesn’t go the way some people want it, they insist it’s rigged. Just because Gnat is a nasty disgusting person doesn’t mean BB rigged it for her. How did they rig that she had the only intelligent answer to the soda can question? Please, do tell.

  104. I can’t believe the skank won fair and square. I am not going to watch BB anymore this year. They are just trying to get the ratings up by using Pandora’s Box hype again. No reason to watch someone get rewarded for being prejudice idiots. Didn’t Kevin and Nat say that America only rewards cute white people? I guess our President means nothing. They are idiots.

  105. Right one vote. You said If Jordan or Michelle can get POV, Natalie won’t get a tiebreaking vote if both Jordan and Michelle vote to evict Kevin…then…Teri, Jordan and Michelle can both vote if one of them wins POV and Keving has to go up in their place.”You were making it sound like there would be two people voting.

  106. Jordon was sooo close! she NEEDS to win veto! shes the ONLY one in the house who deserves to win and needs the money!

  107. You are so right Diana C. Most of us are just stating are opinions and thoughts on BB and the contestants/actors/HG. We know that it is a game. Most of us are not passing life judgements on other posters. When comments are directed at other posters on a personal level that is crossing the line.

  108. Someone has to come back into the house…you need 7 jurors to vote on Finale Night Sept 15. Right now we have Jesse, Lydia, Russell, Jeff in the jury…with the final 4 of Kevin, NataLIE, Jordon, Michelle…2 more house guests to be evicted…that leaves a total of 6 in the jury…someone has to come back so that there will be 7 jurors on Finale night.

  109. # 163
    i hope so b/c as of right now with everyone talking about not watching next week, bb is going to have to do damage control with the ratings.

  110. jeff was not the only one who did not see his good bye message! lydia did not get to see hers as well

  111. @hank, the foot it fits is yours!. don’t use the name. it’s not polite!! if you had a sibling or child or any family member that was as you called it “retarded” maybe you wouldn’t use the word so freely..shame on you

  112. I want Kevin to win because he has made the best decisions of them all. He was really the mastermind behind the eviction of Russell. Jeff became his puppet. He also evicted Jeff. I hope that Kevin wins the POV to secure his spot in the final 3. I don’t see BB11 bringing anyone back because there is only 3 weeks left. This week, final 3 week and lastly the finale. And they shouldn’t anyway you get kicked out that’s that. Also I have to say that although I liked Jeff and Jordan there are no “good” people in the house, these people are fighting for money….there is nothing good about it. I love big brother and this is part of the game… one of the best seasons ever….well without the coup …I like it when America has no say, this is not american idol….

    Remember all, you don’t really know these people and unless you’ve been on then you don’tknow how you would act. It’s just a game watch for entertainment.

  113. Kat Russel got messages, Jordan and Jeff both said he sucked basically and Nat and kev were nice to him.
    BB has also said America gets the 7th jury vote

  114. Go Nat!!!!!
    She had to eventually win,
    Nat and Kevin Final 2, I am all for it.
    Jeff is gone, Jordan is not as smart!! I cannot stand Michelle, she is big liar.
    So for all of you, Yesssssssssssss Nat won HOHHH.

  115. I love how all you Jeff and Jordan fans are now done watching the game. Quit your bitching, I was going for Jessie but I didn’t quit watching when that stupid cdt was used. Quit being sore losers and get over it. Natalie has played the best game and I am hoping she wins. It just amazes me how you people act like babies when things don’t go your way. At least Natalie is earning this victory as opposed to how it was handed over to Jeff. GO NATALIE!! Peace out Jeff. lol

  116. I can’t believe that Natalie won HOH– that was the worst thing that could happen.. i don’t think that they’re going to let jeff come back–although that would be great.. what’s happening on the live feeds?

  117. @ Kat – I didn’t see she wrote 80. Man so close :(

    and Russell did get his vids, remember Jeff and Jordo talked about how much they didnt like him

  118. Teri, yeah, I know I did originally think they’d both get to vote but then I recalculated and realized not. But there’s still hope that Kevin goes and Natalie loses all bargaining power! (Maybe?)

  119. i dont get it. the person who wins pov gets to decide who goes home except for the hoh? can someone explain this to me and I didnt understand what julie said at the end.

  120. Susan, yes she had it on the other side at at the last min crossed it turned it over…she was so close

  121. This board has some stupid people. This booard has some disgusting people. This board has people who lie. And probably people who don’t shower every day. Therefore, this board MUST be rigged.

    Yeah, that’s it, the entire board is a full blown conspiracy just to piss off a few of the bloggers. Come on, everyone, think about how ridiculous what you’re saying is.

    BB and CBS edit to make good television. That is ALL they need to do. The people on BB are no different than the groups of people on these blogs. DO you really think we couldn’t pick out a group of 13 weird, interesting people from these boards? Start with Leo and move on down the list. Would there by any reason to fix the game?

  122. anyone who likes Nat has issues – just like all the jessie, chima and ronnie lovers…..those people are just MEAN people – and mean people SUCK!!

  123. I LOVED it when Natalie threw out her love and kisses to Chima.
    “This is for YOU, CHIMA! This is for YOU, CHIMA!”
    It is just what CBS deserves for having this “Madoff” Hateful Liar
    on their show.
    I wonder if the producers will put a stop to Natalie’s Chima
    Chanting. Too little, too late, CBS.

    Too funny when Natalie declared to Julie
    how she is “ascared” of insects.
    The girl can’t talk even when she is telling the truth.
    ASU demand the t-shirt she wears be removed asap.


  124. @memy #212 @Diana C

    I think it is quite clear what our comment rules are:

    And for those who persist in attacking people with opinions, then you should read the rules again.

    I have posted them for you on behalf of memy and Diana C. and I believe Hank that if you keep using disparaging words against other bloggers, you should be banned from this site.

    They have a right to their opinion, as you do yours, however, personal attacks are not called for or warranted. It only shows a level on immaturity on your part.

    Here are the rules:

    Commenting Rules: Keep the conversation civil and on topic. If your comment does not add to the conversation, it will be removed. Debate intelligently. Insulting the author, Big Brother Network, or other commentators will result in comment removal and possible ban. Any comments with links or flagged words will go into moderation before approval. Anything we deem as spam will not be approved.

  125. The POV winner this week gets to cast the vote to evict…so they are the deciding voter because there are so few people left…hope this helps

  126. Jeff wasn’t the only one not to see his goodbye messages. It probably is something as simple as CBS running behind in time due to someone rambling.

    For those who state that they will no longer watch the show, I commend your stand but unless you are a Nielsen family you not watching is not relevant to CBS.

    I also want to state that I am also extremely disappointed in Natalie winning but I will keep watching to see what happens…I didn’t want half the people that won to win!

  127. b/c the POV| will be the only one who votes since that cant’ be a tie HOH gets no vote but is safe (b/c they are the HOH)

  128. Truly, people. For all of you who are posting how disgusted you are with tonight’s show, please stick to your resolution NOT to continue watching the rest of the season. They’re planning that big 2 hour finale. Let that be a ratings failure. Unless of course you want to spend two hours watching people discuss Natalie’s gameplaying and then watch her be rewarded with $500,000.

    Not me. She’s a disgusting excuse for a human being. This season is OVER. The way I feel about Big Brother right now, I probably won’t watch next season either…if there even is a next season.

  129. of the ones left michelle is the smartest and most likely to win , however I would like to see jordon win to help take car of her family and maybe buy jeff a plane ticket to come visit her. do I hear wedding bells……..

  130. We are done. I will not watch Nataliar gloat and brag and smirk her way through the next week. And the fact that CBS chose not to show us Pandora’s Box tonight makes me sick. We won’t watch anymore. And I am sure that we are not alone. What a waste of time!

  131. @ Teri, yes thats right! Russ did get his messages. So basically it was just Lydia (I think) Jessie and Jeff with no goodbye messages.

  132. I thought that the neisan rating thing wasnt used anymore and your cable box/satellite told them who watched…

  133. omg i give up. not on this show but in life. when a disgusting person like natali who lies for the sole purpose of being mean is able to win 500k then life is just messed up. i know its just a game but it also shows a persons true colors and it shows what lengths people will go to for money. natali is going to win this game and we can all thank jeff for saving her 3 times in a row. how can michele and jordan both be up by 1 point and both think ronny would wear a princess lea costume to a convention? and how did they all come up with there numbers. jeff and kevin alone added up to 47 so if u they didnt even know the other 3 house guests numbers exactly they could have just avg each at 15. that gives u 92 and how could mich think that natalie and jesse werent talking in the jury house. this is the year of the STUPID. in the big brother house im going to throw up now.

  134. im not gonna stop watching the show but i am gonna put the show on hold til gnat is no longeer hoh

  135. Kelly

    I agree with almost everything you posted. I thought the LML was Natalie’s idea and she had to make Kevin talk to Jeff. Remember Kevin was so scared he had to practice the lie all day.

    Kevin is a good player. Wait until the “fans” figure out that they got their Diamond Veto wish only one week too late to save Jeff.

  136. Jessie had goodbye messages too cause I remember him commenting on what Lydia said in hers to him about being mad at him

  137. @diana c….the word “retarded” should never be used under ANY circumstance in reference to human beings.

  138. Jessie didn’t get to see his goodbye messages, either did Chima(smirk) or Lydia so Jeff not seeing them doesn’t mean anything hopefully. Because if that bitch returns I’m gonna be pissed.

  139. I am one of the Nielsen families and I do think it counts…not fair, really as I watch completely random shows as does my family but we are monitored because of the different ages. If I don’t count, then I am totally OK with that!

  140. nat is such a scumbag and doesnt deserve HOH! oh well, she will be gone right after that loser kevin!

  141. Hey everyone…..lets just say that Jeff doesnt come back. Natalie is bound to show her true colors. I say given the opportunity, she will throw Kevin under the bus with a quickness! She may want to have Michelle on her side…(if she makes it to the end)however, she didnt hear Russ & Jessie say that given the opportunity they would vote for Jeff. (because of the moves that he made) As Natalie made no real moves in the game….I think that the jury may vote for Michelle. I think that Lydia would vote on a personal level. Just my thoughts

  142. @memy @Diana C

    Please read my post #297 and if it really upsets you the way Hank spoke to you, ask Matt to moderate his comments and to ban him if continues to berate you in a demeaning way.

    I cannot tolerate people attacking each other on a personal level, when this is supposed to be a friendly debate or discussion group.

  143. Im done watching the show all the real players have been kicked out and nothing but useless , lying , stinky, cheating, people are left. yes I was talking about kevin and natrat. the show lost my three night a week loyalty. bye bye bb.

  144. Lydia and Jessie did not get to see his goodbye messages. Jessie because of the cdt and Lydia and Jeff probably because of time…

  145. Lydia and Jessie did not get to see their goodbye messages. Jessie because of the cdt and Lydia and Jeff probably because of time…

  146. “This is for you, Chima!”
    Pardon me while I puke. Now we get to look forward to Nastylie gloating all week; she’ll probably say that she was just throwing previous competitions to win this one. Yet another lie, as we have watched her every week suck at competitions.

    Oh well. She will put up Jordon & Michele. Only hope is for Michele to win POV. Right now, with the final 4 left, Michele is the only one who deserves it, as she has won competitions on her own and survived back-stabbing HG’s


  147. live feed update
    Kevin is melancholy, Nat is thrilled. SHe swears he never has to worry about her stabbing him in the back. They vow F2.

  148. I don’t understand why yall are not going to watch anymore. I thought all of you liked Jordan as well. Where is the loyalty to her? Go Michelle!

  149. I found it ironic that Natalie (during her victory celebration) vowed to avenge Chima, the season’s first powerless HOH. Here we have a similar scenario – the POV winner will decide who goes home next week no matter who Natalie nominates.

    It sounds like Michele is BB’s new favorite. I say this because of that really strange technical question they threw in there during the HOH comp that only she could have gotten right. Poor Jordan – one thing she doesn’t have is a poker face.

    I’m wondering why Jeff didn’t get any “goodbye” messages from the HG’s. Dare I hope that he will somehow be involved with the Pandora’s Box mystery which has up till this point been a big, fat tease of insignificance? Probably unlikely – Jeff is heading right where he belongs – the jury house because he still has his blinders on and that’s all he deserves. I’m thankful the season is almost over since all the eye candy is gone. Go Michele – get that POV!

  150. they can stick that pandoras box up their a– just to get their numbers up they scrwed jeff with the key…Im done i cant stand watching natalie anymore.

  151. Bye bye CBS. You just lost two more viewers. Won’t watch Big Brother again nor BBAD. Watching Nataliar is almost painful and can’t do it anymore. Once she is gone, might watch again to see who wins but not until then. She is the most despicable houseguest ever. Maybe that is what CBS wants but that is not what viewers want. We don’t want to see someone as awful as her talk and laugh and play the game.

  152. oh, bad thought…….what if Kevin wins veto then he will vote out Michelle for sure – we all know nasty aXX nat is gunning for michelle

  153. Thats right Jesse was a last minute nominee so of course he didnt see messages, there was none taped, I forgot about that

  154. Being a Nielsen family means that everything you watch on TV is monitored by ages. This is how they get that certain shows are popular with the 18-24 age group and so on.

  155. @diana, thank you. it upsets me when people use that and other phrases so freely. not nice.
    and for eliza saying thank you they were feeling the same??

  156. Thanks Diana. I posted to Diana C that I agree with her. Personal attacks should not be tolerated.
    @ Matt do you agree with us? No personal attacks according to the rules

  157. For those people who were rooting for Jeff, sorry, but Jeff is gone because he messed up. Remember when he used the CDT? It came back to haunt him. But that’s how the game is played. I am shocked Natalie won, but she did so she earned her spot as HOH.

    I am guessing pandora’s box will bring someone back but I think it will be someone from before Jess’s eviction. They need someone to take Chima’s place in the jury house or else there could be a tie vote at the end.

  158. also did you see the fish when kevin was talking probably something really bad he was saying what do u expect from a guy like that…hes parents are right the way they feel…

  159. @Q #262

    You know that you are probably right, she will gloat all week, but hopefully her big surprise will wipe that smile off her face and bring her back down to earth.

    Remember what goes up, MUST come down and Nat. will come down!

    I know that I have mentioned on previous blogs, that I thought that Nat. was sly like a fox and was holding back. But I think that she jumped the gun just a little too quickly, because she herself said that the POV was the most important comp. to win this week. Unless of course, she truly believes that she will win that as well!!!

    Never underestimate a player when they are riding high with confidence. I only hope that she is too confident and she slips up and comes tumbling down this week with the POV comp.

  160. doughboy, if Jordan wanted to take care of her family, why did she spend at least $8K on a boob job a few months ago?

  161. The nielsan family…people get special cable boxes in their house or do surveys and mail them in saying the ages and number of people watching TV and what shows they watch….it iss the nielsan rating system that decideds how many people are watching a show

  162. my worst fears came true. just watched big brother, jeff was evicted and nasty nat won the hoh. well that’s it for me seriously, i am not watching 2 more weeks of nasty gnats lieing and insulting michelle and breaking her down. but the pandora’s box is not over but i don’t care because they’ll probably bring back jessie just to through more sh it in my face. i’m done see ya

  163. Ashley Thank girl About the grandma thing I think it was you? and didnt Matt say some thing about when Chima got removed that America will have the vote in the Jery house? So if its a tie between Nat and Michelle then we can vote Michelle.

  164. @Joanna

    I believe the Nielsen families are a group of people hired or chosen by networks to watch TV and they base their ratings for each show on the statistics gatherered from those participating households.

  165. pointless – good point!! about bringing back someone like braden maybe or casey or laura b/c i was wondering too….about the jury being one down on votes

  166. OMG, she is a young girl, enough with the boobs. It is not her sole responsibility to support her mom, what she does with her money is her business…just like all the smokers out there that buy cigs and say they are poor or drink or shop or have cell phones or do anything really.

  167. @Rene F Thanks!

    I have to admit that I was really hoping that the twist was Chima coming back…can you imagine??? Russell would have been good as well…gosh darn CBS for playing around with this gosh darn twist!

    I wonder if Natalie had NOT won, if we would have heard anything more about it?

  168. TO all Gnat haters
    So LET Gnat gloat all will be that much more rewarding for us when someone takes her out.

    live feeds are whispering again, she’s going against Kev’s plan?

  169. I was chosen as a nielsan family last summer, we got $20 a week for filling out papers on what we watched on tv

  170. giving america the final vote would be great – since the majority of people on here like the good nice people like jeff and jordan and michelle…………

  171. This is all jeff’s fault. He listened to Kevin over russ. Kevin and Nat told him a lie and he beleived it. He still does.

  172. Hank you are the A$$tard you know the thing that makes POOO out off the other end? Your Butt fartard! A$$TARD!

  173. cbs paid for her boob job she was a cast player key word cast cbs blew it and now ratings will show thats why they are trying pandoras box twist again hoping for jeff but it’s over for him see ya all next season this one is done

  174. Has Chima been seen since her expulsion? What if Chima returns to the final to vote? Interesting that BB went out of their way to point out that Chima apologized.

  175. @Laura #290

    I copied this from Jokers for you:

    N – you have to go up. its the only way. in case jordan wins.
    K – can we ask her for a final 3?
    N – ya. if you win POV you have to evict michelle.
    (cant hear, someone wanna fill in?)

    N – tonight i’ll go over it with you and we’ll come up with something together.

  176. Kelli,
    If you have live feeds you can choose to watch only Jordan and Michele plotting against Gnat. There are four cameras.

  177. I got a thank you gift for being a Nielsen family and a check. I also have my internet monitored so hopefully by me being on here for long periods of time today means something! I just found this site and love it!

  178. They arent gonna bring back anyone…they dont have the time left in the show…isnt the finale on the 15th?
    I can only hope that Mich or Jordan win the PoV and Kevin goes home and then hopefully Mich and Jordan can pull it off go to the final two….if this doesnt happen then Im seriously done with the show cause I could care less who wins.

  179. This is why this country is in the shape it is in….just like the people at the top making all the money while the lower paid people do all the work…It use to be cheaters never win…now it is liars and cheaters do win…

  180. OMG cbs does not pay for ppls boob jobs besides if you guys really want to judge in the south were Jordan lives a boob job is no where near $8000 probably $3500 – $5000 max and you can finance them for 2 yrs with no interest/payments. So many normal people get cosmetic surgery. I live in a small town in MA, 20 people in my RN program have breast implants, these are future nurses, some of wwhich are “struggling” in school. All you need is credit.

  181. they can’t bring someone back from before Jesse’s eviction. They have been watching the show and would not be a fair jury vote. I don’t know what the pandora’s box is supposed to do, but I don’t expect much to happen. I can wait until the finale to catch up

  182. @ Charanne and teri thx :)
    i really hope this pandora box really makes up that fact that gnat is hoh and jeff is out. i hope mich wins it all. so far she is the only that played the game. i wounder why she has memory problems

  183. I must have missed the Pandora’s box for next wk announcement. What did Julie say? Maybe it was when i was cursing Nat’s win that she said it. I kind of blacked out from horror at that point! Maybe someone could tell me exactly what was said?

  184. rene f. don’t have live feeds and glad b/c i couldn’t stand to watch nasty natalie lie all week about what a super player she is ..blah blah blah……..

  185. There has to be a twist I would think because the finale is the 15th which means that there is time since there is no HOH comp that week…remember the week chima left was supposed to be a double eviction

  186. @Jennyrose #299

    They can bring someone back and have a double eviction.

    Remember, because of Chima’s antics, we didn’t have a double eviction this season, so don’t be surprised if something like that was to occur.

    Personally, I don’t think it will, BUT I would love to see another twist to turn this game upside down again for the entertainment value, because watching Nat. gloat all week, will be overwhelmingly boring!


  188. We have to hope that Jordan doesn’t fall for Nat’s lies and listens to what Jeff told her about staying with Michelle, at least for now. They have to realize that they have to break up that Nat and Kevin pair. I would like to see Jordan win a competition and do the smart thing.

  189. BB has announced that America will get the 7th vote on the jury. Voting will take place after the final two have been established. The only possible person who could return to the show is Jeff since he has not yet been “tainted” by outside influences like the first four evictees and the people presently in the jury house. I cannot see BB bringing back Chima after all the trouble she caused and she has probably been set free in the real world by now.

  190. I’m with ya Sheila #109! Casey summed it up pretty good about Nat on his way out the door. How long will we have to hear how she was throwing competitions, it’s all about me, look what I did to save you, give me a break…but it is a game, right? Come on Michelle!!! Hey BB, BTW – last one for me… Are there any standards…..???

  191. @pilgrim 183
    I have no problem with your voicing your opinion. My problem is with everyone saying they won’t watch any more when you know that’s not true. If you really didn’t care for the show any more, why did you come back into this board to talk about it? You can’t possibly think CBS cares when you say this. I’m betting it was said for the past 10 seasons and it’s still on the air. Like SeekerMommy said, if you aren’t a Nielson, you don’t count, sorry.

  192. Diana: thanks for that! I’d be super suspicious if I were Kevin, because it doesn’t really matter what position they’re in before veto. Whether he’s on the block to begin with or not, if he doesn’t win veto, he’s going home!

  193. You guys need to read some other spoiler sites….if Nat takes the bait with pandoras box, Jeff will be back. If she does not then he wont.

  194. I saw where someone posted that Natalie will be evidencing a severe Napoleon Complex after this HOH win. I think it would be a safe bet to say that more people would probably like to stay in the BB house for the length of the show with Napoleon than with Natalie, don’t you think?

  195. This was the worst episode of Big Brother ever! First Jeff gets evicted, which should prove to you morons that the show is not rigged by the producers for him to win the game, then Jordan is winning the HOH comp for most of the game just to have it taken away at the very end by of all people NATALIE!!! WTF???????? And then the cherry on top was when she pulled a Michele (from BB10, another houseguest I hate with a passion) and saying that she is dedicating it to Chima who is one of the worst people on this Earth let alone in this house. I pray that Michele or Jordan, preferably Michele, wins POV. I’m gonna keep watching, but I admit peeking between my fingers because N/K are just gonna be imbearable to watch and listen to this entire week. I keep my word my a$$. I do think I can officially say that Natalie Martinez is the most hated houseguest of all time! I know she is for me. Even more than Chima and Jessie which is saying something. Pandora’s box better be an advaantage for M/J especially if by some miracle K/N win the veto. I looooooooooove Jeff but I do not want the box to let someone back in the house, no matter who it is. It has never worked out for that person in the past. Why would this be any different? GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MICHELE NOONAN!!!!!!!!!!

  196. yeah, nats gonna pretend to turn on kevin, put him up….hope and pray that he wins veto and then send michelle out the door…..

    Jordan should win….Can anyone recall ONE LIE that jordan has told this entire game????????

    not one………hunh??????

  197. Ughh! Can’t believe Gnat won!! Sad day! Go Jordan and Michele! Kevin…well…he’s better than Gnat.

  198. why did jordan not just say she was going to take jeffs place and leave. if this girl had the brains of a bird she would fly backwards.
    only one left that really deserves the money is machele. all the others are floaters. I notice jordan did’nt get her dip and kiss at the door that she ask jeff for. I guess jeff was thinking to himself you’ve cost me 500.000 with your dumb self. Jeff would’nt admit it but he knows he messed up when he evicted russ he has to much pride.

  199. @Joe

    Technically since this is a Final Four HOH, her HOH is actually cut short because it’s only lasting until Tuesday, which is another live eviction. Hopefully Michele wins the veto and evicts Kevin because that would be the smart move on her part.

    I for one am happy to see that jackass jock leave tonight. Now everyone can see that Jeff is nothing special.

  200. Did you guys catch watch Julie said there is a special eviction on Tuesday!!!!!NOt thursday
    Who will Natalie nominate for eviction? Find out Sunday at 8pm EST, plus, Pandora’s Box offers another temptation to the new HOH and this time, it’s bound to effect the game! Then on Tuesday at 9pm EST, I’ll be back for a special live episode.

    Tune in for the final Veto competition, live veto meeting, live eviction and the beginning of the Final 3 part HOH competition. Then I’ll be back Thursday at 8pm EST as the battle for the Final & most powerful HOH continues

  201. I know this sounds like a stupid question, but how exactly does the Final Four work for voting??

  202. CBS knows that right now the highest ratings concerning Jeff are seeing him walk into the JH with J/L/R.

  203. OH!!!!!!!!!1







  204. Andrew……just b/c Jeff left……doesn’t mean that we don’t still absolutely completely adore him!!!!!!!

  205. i think michelle or jordan will be going next week i,m really hoping for michele to win this veto come michele/jordan do not let nat win bb

  206. @m #320

    I’m guessing that the kiss was a teaser. Both J/J were in the DR for over an hour together yesterday, and I have little doubt that they were both coached on how to behave when one leaves the house.

    I also think that Jordan didn’t give her speech to send her home, because Jeff didn’t want her to. Jeff wanted Jordan to keep fighting and to win something and to have the courage to do it alone!

  207. I wish everyone would stop bringing up the fact that Jeff didn’t see his goodbye messages. Russell didn’t see his last week either. AND!? Jeff is gone. DEAL WITH IT!

  208. Andrew: I’m guessing you won’t be too happy when Jeff wins America’s favorite at the end, huh? ;)

  209. My favorite is….No www just hppt
    then there is jokers, bbinsider, bigbrother gossip. The first one is good if you do not have live feeds cause the person transcribes all good info and posyts still shots from the live feeds

  210. Another question I have is why mention Chima in the HOH competition if she was not allowed to be mentioned or interviewed anywhere? I did notice that the last few HOH blogs mention Chima briefly but why are they talking about her now? My conspiracy theory is that they bring her back and that her ‘misbehaving’ was DR motivated…well, can’t I at least hope? The final 4 are boring! I am going to hope that Michelle takes it but I am sure it will be Natalie…sigh

  211. This week is what they call Big Brother Fast Forward………I almost forgot about that…thank GOD nat;s hoh is cut short!!!!!

  212. Teri #302
    What you say is true, but the cost of living is much lower in the south than up here, so it evens out. Also, it may be on credit, but she has to pay the monthly bill, money she could be giving to her mother toward the mortgage. I guess I just don’t think huge boobs, especailly on a dumb blonde, are a priority.

  213. Ashley the BB schedule shows it is a live eviction episode
    Here’s the Schedule for the Last Week of BB11:
    *Sunday Nominations @ 8pm EST
    *Tuesday Special Live Episode @ 9pm EST: POV Comp/Veto Meeting/Eviction/HOH Part 1 Endurance Comp
    *Thursday @ 8pm EST: Final HOH Comp
    *Tuesday Sept. 15th: BB11 Finale

  214. @aclassact #332

    Apparently Russell did. Do you not remember that both J/J messages were really not that nice!

    If not, then you missed it, because I saw it!

  215. mortystv and big brother dish. big brother dish is where I found this site and I bookmarked this one!

  216. Jordan is not worried about taking care of her family,if she was she would not have spent money on a boob job. she just wanted people to feel sorry for her.

  217. Yea Matt, i think someone has been reading ur site. Im kinda getting anoyed by these little twist, but w/e


    I ALWAYS PICK the good people, naturally.

    Day 1 i was like, she is gonna go far, and look now.


    How much better can this day be? Jeff isgone, Natalie is HOH, Mark Sanchez is kicking tale.


    I tried to wait till the show came on, but i just couldnt

  218. SeekerMommy

    I posted that question @295, but I guess the “fans” do not want to address that possibility.

  219. I am from the south and what Rene F is saying is true. I had one friend who got a bood job 5 years ago for $3000. I had another friend who got one for $5000.

  220. diana – thats what i was thinking about russell and that j/j said something about him being a jerk or something b/c jordan was still ticked off about him calling her fat!

  221. I do believe Russell saw his goodbye messages, one being from Jeff and it was not nice at all. My memory escapes me as to whom did not receive them this year…I did hear Lydia’s name mentioned and I think that is right…heck that is what I get for my swiss cheese memory!

  222. live feeds
    K&M&N are saying that Chima could come back because the rules state HGs MAY lose their chance to reappear. They think since she apologized and has cooled dow, they’ll give her a chance.

  223. Hmmm…I must have missed Russell’s messages but I know Jeff was definitely not the first to not see any messages upon eviction.

  224. Why would Natalie dedicate her win to Chima? Chima was not evicted…she quit! Quitters do not need vindication.

  225. RENE
    she could be giving her mom the money for mortgage??? Ok that is nice and all but Jordan is not responsible for her mothers mortgage it is noce that she does help out but by no means her responsibility. Sure she will have to pay the credit card but with no interest she could pay 125 a month and have it paid in 2 years…dont have to be rich for that. I am not rich and I love my look and wouldnt give back my newly improved boobs. Many people say mine were a waste of money but they make me (and my DH) quite happy so that is what is most important.

  226. @fausizzy, Im not sure, I think Julie said to join her tuesday for a special live episode….maybe no eviction. Hopefully BB will do something about the Pandora’s box.

  227. guys, jeff is not coming back to the house. hey, let’s remember jessie did not get any goodbye messages either as did a couple of others so do not take to much into it. and what about natalie win hoh. for someone who did not win a single thing now she is final three. think about it the game is about getting rid of the strongest players not the weak. and kevin did just that and jeff called him a snake hey jeff look in the mirror i ssssssssssssssssssssssssssee you as one too.

  228. Can someone please explain the PURPOSE of the Pandora’s “Money” Box? where was the EVIL? the HOPE???

    I must have missed something………

    or did we get duped by BB production??

  229. Regarding Jordan:

    I am so glad that she didn’t beg and plead for the HG to keep Jeff. I hope she finally steps up to plate and plays! She admitted that Jeff carried her in her speech, let’s hope she starts getting all game-playee now (you know what I mean)!

  230. @ Rene F. in reply to #207.

    How was answering 75 the only intelligent answer of the 3 for the tiebreaker? Michele answered 65 which if you can count which apparently you can’t is only 10 more than what Michele answered. NataLIE got lucky!! That’s it. I’ll be laughing hysterically when Michele gets her revenge in the end and wins POV and Kevin goes home. Michele is way too smart and too good of a player/competitor to leave before Pig Pen. Your comment didn’t make one bit of sense. You should think before you type but if you’re a supporter of NataLIAR than thinking is something you probably havn’t heard of.

  231. bernard – jeff also said it was TOTALLY HIS own fault for not winning the VETO – he said that a couple of times!!!!

  232. How can jeff still beleve nat/kevin.hope he gets wake up call in jury house. bb, give michelle and jordan 5 bottles of wine tonite and every nite after this. i dont believe in the BOX anymore. guess karma doesn’t always work.WHY WOULD BB LET PEOPLE GET AWAY WITH EVEN THE IDEA OF HURTING SOMEONE[MICHELE CONTACT SOLUTION AND FOOD DYE[ALMOST THAT ONE]/

  233. @ teri362- got my new boobs in SC 4 yrs ago for $4,500 at age 38. Cost can’t be that different in Charlotte and my be cheaper b/c there is more competition. And I too got them just for myself and I don’t care what anyone else thinks!

  234. @susan in ct

    I am sure that if someone else had won the HOH, we never would have heard of the Pandora’s box again. But since Natalie won, they have to do something to keep the ‘good guy’ viewers tuned in. It is going to benefit BB’s ratings to have Natalie as the HOH because she is coming across as extremely repulsive…therefore she is fun to watch.

    OK, so that sounds like two different thoughts and they were, I just mashed them together!

  235. Jesalyn- AMEN!!NAtalie is just idiotic…..the way she acted around jessie (and supposedly has a bf) she’s just disgusting!!!!

  236. @Laura

    I actually I wouldn’t mind. I don’t care if he wins America’s Favorite Juror. I even said to some people on another board that there’s always America’s Favorite Juror that he can win. I just didn’t want him to win Big Brother.

    Might even vote for him myself. Unless Michele’s in the jury.

  237. Only one person gets to vote this coming week – the veto winner, unless the veto winner is Natalie (not likely) then its Kevin.

  238. @leo let’s sing!!!!! Jeff is gone, cry me a river. lol For all who did not see his plea to stay

  239. Could not resist one more thought, with the exception of Jessie, everyone in the jury house is there because of a Natalie plan or lie. Maybe she can play the game.

  240. hey thats ok jeff will get lots of work here at cbs his future will be great..nat ha maybe we will see her and kevin on jerry springer

  241. The Pandora’s Box is supposed to be revealed Sunday after the nomination ceremony. Tuesday is going to be a POV comp, POV ceremony, and a live eviction.

  242. I doubt Chima will return or vote…She has been released to the real world and has had access to all the info we have. Furthermore, she has been banned, for lack of a better word, from CBS and its affiliates.

  243. I ended up watching BB on another spoiler site which I shall not mention or my post goes to moderation (I didn’t include the http://www…I swear). I started watching it about halfway through so at 8 PST I will be glued to my TV and will come back here to post for sure. In the meantime, I will sit here and hit refresh so I can read all these fascinating posts! What a great site!

    On a side note, I was on vacation for August 15-18 and was able to watch BBAD and all we saw was Natalie and Kevin whispering….it was very frustrating! Too bad I do not have Showtime now!!

  244. Sservie-i am 42 and i would totally get one if i had the $$ – i am also in the midwest and they are not that expensive here either….if it makes YOU feel better thats all that matters!!

  245. 377

    Yea i agree. they couldnt find a way to keep Jeff, because it would have been too obvious, and it would have been hard to twist things.

    Why is there 2 Pandora’s BOxes? to screw Natalie and Kevin Next week.

    Why else?

    Isnt it weird? Lat time Fact or Fiction was played Natalie was one of the first ppl out, and now she won.

  246. I will now tape rest of shows and just fly through all of Gnat and Kevin and only focus on any of Michelle and Jordan. If they go before the final 2, no 2 hour show for this young grandma except to see poss Jeff get $25,000 if America gets to vote!!!!!!!!

    How disgusting tonight was…………

  247. @Kelli

    I am going to be 42 this month and I would also get them done…the sagging is not for me!

  248. sservie well I know that here in new england they are more expensive than most parts of the contry..they go for $7500-$10000 so I am just jealous that they are so much more “affordable” in other parts of the country! I was getting my estimates from some girls I know down south but they are army wives so maybe they get a government discount…lol

  249. seeker mommy- thats exactly my thought – not sure that i would do implants…..but then again i may……but i would for sure have these girls lifted up!!! Gravity is a bitch!

  250. Did anyone else notice that Michelle looked to her right when they started and took forever to answer? Who was she getting cued by?

  251. seeker mommy…i didnt jump on the boobie train until I realized how many ppl have them, im 30 and my 40 yr old sister just did it too, as well as 5 of my friends

  252. @Kelli

    I would rather have implants as I think just to lift the girls requires more incisions…oweee!

  253. Michelle was having a difficult time hearing…maybe there was a camera over there that Michelle was looking at

  254. seekermommy: maybe we should audition for bb12 and go for that half mill!! and be like, yeah i wanna win the $$ so i can buy me some brand new boobies!!!

  255. I cannot believe jeff still thinks that nasty/kevin are telling the truth. get wake up call in the jury house.thats the H O P E …

  256. @ Matt….. I couldn’t get on this site….. woooooo…

    @ Donald / June / Teri / Marcus / Diana C / Susan email me (TheRealLeo29@yahoo.comif you want info to be apart of the best Survivor Samoa Blog Site

    @ Donald will yu be a moderator on my Survivor Blog site? I have two other moderators and would like to have 1-2 more….

    @ Ashley….. Yeah – Natalie won an HOH which is more than Jordan can say biiiiig baaaaaby…. Michelle got lucky with the Q&A HOH for you Nat haters…

    @ Ashley & Diana & Cat…. Thanks again for being a miderator on my Survivor Blog Site…

    *** Song time ***

    I need a hug…..whaa whaa whaa…. give me a hug…..whaa whaa whaa… I need a hug….. whaa whaa whaa…. please give me a hug….. whaa whaa whaa (chorus)

    Jeff is gone and feeling bad – his fans are mad because Jeff got had, and N/K fans are feeling glad because Natalie is the HOH and will be celebrating on BBAD….

    Chorus time….

    I need a hug……whaa whaa whaa… Give me a hug….whaa whaa whaa…. I need a hug…. whaa whaa whaa.. Please give me a hug….. whaa whaa whaa….

    Jeff isn’t coming back with pandora’s box…. if you threaten to stop watch Jeff fans, be my guest and start kickin rocks…… Natalie / Kevin will be able to beat Jordan / Michelle for the POV – and it will be N/K/J in the final 3….

    chorus time….

    Give me a hug…..whaa whaa whaa….. I need a hug….. whaa whaa whaa… give me a hug….. whaa whaa whaa… Please give me a hug….whaa whaa whaa….

    That is for BB Fans everywhere…. Meet me in the VIP at Club NBK where I have nothing but love for everyone…..

    *** Ashley / Blackgirl / Diana / Cat / Marcus / Jacob / Donald / Teri / Renee F / Jube / Susan & everyone else give me a cyber hug ok? :D :P :) ;) ***

  257. OK, just something to think about.. Jeff has no goodbye messages nor did Lydia when she exits the house.. On Lydia’s exit interview with Julie, Lydia mentions something about Pandora’s Box. Check this out!!! Maybe……

  258. 395 teri-i live in fayetteville, nc (fort bragg) military has GREAT medical, but they don’t include boob jobs…I think it’s just the general region of the country.

  259. seeker – true……if they are gonna be cutting they may as well only make one incision and tuck some salene. i know several people who have had boob jobs too and they all love it….

  260. @Kelli

    I’m game if you are! I was worried that I would not pass the psych test (not really) but after seeing some of the doozies that are on now, I think that I would pass…hmmm, I wonder what I would be seen as? I probably would be voted off first for my explosive laugh and really loud voice….or maybe I would be comic relief…

  261. Michelle is padding support in the Jury. She apologised to Russel for voting him out as strategic game play seeing the trend in the house, she then voted for Jeff knowing that he was going and K&N would be left in the house and already hated her. Jordan wanted to go, so not an issue. Michelle is playing that game and I want her to win. She has to get the veto and get Kevin out. Then win the next HoH and take Jordan into the final 2. No one will vote for Jordan because she admitted that she rode all the way on Jeff.

  262. @ Fedup….. Thanks you too…. email me ok?

    @ I have songs for days biiiiiig baaaaaby…. Ask and you shall all receive…

  263. Leo! I have never actually watched survivor…Im in school in the fall so it I dont usually watch live tv. But I have to wait to sing the Jeff song until after I hear what the twist is because a little birdie tells me there is still HOPE!!!! LOL

  264. Michele is the only one who really played the best game. Jordan and Kevin still deserve to win. However, even with this win Natalie still has no deservingness (if thats a word) to win the game. She will have to really play hard to get my approval. I hope Michele kicks A** and takes the game. My perfect rundown is Kevin out this week, Natalie out next, Jordan 2nd, and Michele winning. Although i only see Michele winning by taking Kevin or Natalie. I am praying to all of the religious figures for the Veto to go to Michele. If it doesnt this season will be a complete waste of time. It will be disappointing to see a loser win. I will leave you to figure out who that would be.

  265. I wouldnt go on the show after being on these sites!!! I would be the one with the boobs that everyone b*tched about…forget my 4.0 gpa, fine sense of humor, charm…i’d be the brunette boobie girl

  266. i am sick of natalie! and she has the nerve to dedicate her HOH win to crazy chima!!!! i really hope that natalie doesent win! i never really had a problem with her, but tonight she showed her true, ugly colours! i want that byotch out! and ASAP!

  267. Look, I don’t like Natalie at all, but I have to give her credit for still being around. She won tonight fair and square and that’s that. I don’t get how everyone says that she hasn’t played the game. She hasn’t done it with class, but you don’t have to. There’s different ways to win at this game and she obviously has a way of getting people to believe her when common sense is screaming that no one should.

    That being said, I really hope that Michelle wins the POV.

  268. seeker: i have already said that i would be “Amber” from ? last season or season before.. a couple of years ago i think…heck maybe 3 years ago……but i am the “cryer” – all someone has to do is look at me in a mean way and i cry……i would definely not last with all the lying and backstabbing….but i sure love this show! (when the good people prevail)

  269. @Leo…you were right…i hate to admit when im wrong..but i will. You said yesterday that Jeff was out and Nat would win HOH! Way to go Leo!! I hate that Nat won more than i hate that Jeff left. The game is not over yet! More excitemnent to come next wk…cant wait!!

  270. I am rooting for Michelle…I am not sure why but I just like her better. Kevin winning would not bother me either.

    I was really po’d when Evel Dick won but he played the best game. So…maybe Natalie is going to win and should….no, no, no delete that!

  271. @SeekerMommy – #377

    ur probably right about the NEXT Pandora…

    but i’m cuious about the LAST one. what was the PURPOSE? i’m making no connections AT ALL between simply giving the houseguests money and the ‘legend’ of Pandora’s Box.

    what “evil” was released – and where was the “hope”??? the thing about unlocking kevin in order to keep the money was a LIE that he made up – so what was the PURPOSE of him being locked in?? the “key” (hope?) meant nothing.

    it makes no sense – hence, i feel like i missed something!! or i just “got got” by BB production!! :)

  272. The biggest floater in the entire game has a free pass to the final 3… what a brutal game. The real players (Russel, Jeff etc) get screwed over and the floaters go to the end.

  273. @ Ashley….. The site will be ready this weekend sometime…. I will let you know so us and the other wonderful moderators can coordinate everything ok?

    Give me a hug….. whaa whaa whaa…. I need a hug…. whaa whaa whaa…. please give me a hug…. whaa whaa whaa….. I need a hug…. whaa whaa whaa

    L-O-L…… That is my jam…… haaaaaaaay!!! ;) :D :) :P

  274. @Kelli

    As I get older, I get less tolerant of people’s crap, you know? So, I would totally team up with you and let people think that you are not a threat as you are too emotional and I would be in the background playing puppet master! You would win, but at least I could say I was final 2, right?

  275. Kelli, there you go I was thinking big brother 12 big boobied bimbo is what they would name me but yours is good too! Figure there would be no showmance cause I am happily married so the guys wouldnt like me plus I am intelligent and speak my mind so there goes the rest of them…I would be voted out early on before anyone go to know me..but not so early that they didnt give me a catchy name on the spoiler forums

  276. how come no one realised how easily it came to Kevin to lie about the key in the pandoras event. He said they had to get the key for them to keep the money. Didn’t anyone pick on that quick lie he told. Kevin is a born liar. Not to be trusted. He says he cannot lie, but he’s been doing very well.

  277. @ Ashley….. Have a good night & sweet dreams….

    @ Terri…. You can show my blog spot some love if you ever have a chance…

    @ Kelli…. you must be a sad Jeff fan…..

    Give me a hug :P

  278. ATTN CBS and SeekerMommy and Teri – we would all like to be cast for bb12……!!!!!H!
    We could be the boobie alliance! Teri -i am happily married too!

  279. @susan in ct

    I don’t think there was a purpose. I think it would have stayed as a ‘luxury’ comp if Michelle had won, but because Natalie did, it is now going to be shown as…nothing, she probably will get to decide whether to keep the entire 10K or let the other HG keep what they grabbed…something silly and useless, as usual.

    I complain but I keep watching!

  280. By no means am I defending Nasty Nat here. I think when she said she did it and kept her word, she was talking about she voted the way she told Kevin and didn’t need anyone to throw the HOH comp. I am just as disgusted as everyone else. I am still rooting for Michelle here and I know she will win HOH

  281. I have to say something in regards to Jordan…
    People are bashing her for getting a boob job and not helping with the mortgage payments…well…

    1. Jordan was helping the family with the bills
    2. Her mother was RENTING a house and the made their payments…The person they rented from SCREWED them and let the house go into foreclosure.
    3.It’s her body and she was unhappy with it so she can do whatever she wants.

    She explained how her family lost their home on BBAD to Michelle and Jeff. Said her family was devastated because they had no warning.

  282. boobie alliance, I like it!
    So on the live feeds natalie is saying she will do the pandoras box if it is money but that if it is putting her hand in a box she might not because she doesnt want to risk there being bugs in it

  283. @Kelli

    I am married as well but not well endowed so I would not be able to be in the boobie alliance but would love to be your secret alliance!

  284. Don’t underestimate Kevin winning PoV. He can do it, and I expect him to play harder than he has ever played before. It is between him and Michelle. I actually see Kevin, Michelle, and Natalie in the final three.

  285. @ Cat…. Thanks for remembering my predictions

    @ Cat read post #431 since you are a wonderful moderator on the best Survivor Samoa Blog site too ok?

    @ Cat…. Did you like my farewell Jeff song? *** :D :P ***

  286. seekermommy – i have grown some “kahunas” as i have gotten older -and stick up for myself much much more than i woulda 10 – 15 years ago… but i am still so emotional – my kids laugh at me during oprah or hell a hallmark card commercial can even make me cry, but they will be like, mom are you crying…..and they know i am……!!


  288. seeker: and teri: we have our own three way alliance going on already…..this is great!!
    now CBS just needs to cast us!!! tee heehhe

  289. #449, no BB already said they have season 12 planned…BB in the UK was cancelled. The US version has high ratings they wont cancel

  290. @ Kelli…. can I get a smile like this —- :D

    @ Kelli do you watch Survivor? P.S. Don’t get mad ok? This is all in fun Kelli…..

  291. @Kelli

    Admittingly, I am emotional as well…I cried during the Glee episode…I can start crying right after I turn the channel and someone on the screen is crying. I don’t like it and I am sure that after an extended stay in the BB House I would start the waterworks. But, at first, I would try to play it cool to see how other people were playing…at least I hope!

  292. Pam – i hope nats letter is from her dad and she has to wonder if she even has a bf to go home to!!!!!

  293. You know what i am happy they didnt do this season..remember when they used to pick a HG to do random stupid things like hug Jessefor 20 seconds

  294. @Teri and @Kelli

    Can you imagine if we DID get on the show and totally had this secret alliance ahead of time?

  295. Leo – its all good….i’m not as cut throat as some of these people on here!!

    love survivor – got back into it last year…didn’t watch for a few years before that….but plan on watching this year.

  296. I hope nats room has pics of her graduating high school or in a bar…something that will let her lie out!

  297. seeker: that would be sooooo funny!!! talk about a twist!! big brother blogger alliance – there now you can fit into that alliance seeker!

  298. @Leo

    I have been watching Survivor since 2001 and have a Survivor buddy who I call every Thursday night after the eviction. But, if you ask me who won before, I could not tell you!

    I look forward to your blog!

  299. teri- i agree that thing they did with eric and having him put mustard all over someones pillow…that was all too stupid for me!

  300. @Kelli

    Could you imagine? What a great way for them to get ratings! Fans on sites joining together to win BB!

    They had something similar on Survivor, right? Major Survivor fans versus fan favorites….ooooo, we could totally go against some of the previous BB HG!

  301. For Chima? eeuucckkk!
    Can’t even watch for the next few episodes.
    No question that Gnat won fairly….she’s just umm, dirty.
    Survivor parties over here!

  302. i couldn’t be on bb – b/c i’m too poor and i have to work for a living…..(thus the reason i don’t have my boob job) couldn’t quit work for 3 months

  303. It would be nice if just once, someone most people like can actually win this stupid game. For the last several seasons, all the hated people won. I am beginning to think this show is scripted, or all the hamsters are brainless.
    I say do away with the HOH and let america vote out the one’s they want. Get a better mix of people. Get more than just a bunch of 20 somethings that just lay around in bed all the time, get 30’s, 40’s 50’s 60’s. Get more interesting people!!! Real people! All nationalites. At least 20. Cram them all in there like sardines. lol Give them less luxuries, like the show was in the beginning. Make them work harder for everything.
    And maybe I will tune in next season. Otherwise, this may be my last time I watch this show. Because I can see it now, either Gnat or Kevin win, so i won’t even bother tuning in that night. All i have to do is read it all here. Thanks guys. :)

  304. seeker – yeah i remember the fans vs favs…i don’t think i watch very much of that year..

    that would be too cool though – my kids always tell me that i should apply…..b/c they know bb is my favorite show and i watch every year!

    i have my BFF hooked now too – she loves it just as much as i do!!

  305. It just makes me sad that bad behavior means winning a competition. Gnat is an awful sad person but she has gotten farther by lying and being an awful person. What kind of message are we sending if being this awful to people means you win. Makes me scared of the Gnats of the world that are going to be taking care of us when we get older. Good Lord we are screwed.

  306. I wouldnt have anyone to take care of my kids or feed my husband! I thought that the HG were paid for being on the show?

  307. Ambug – are you saying you didn’t like DAN last year???? i loved dan……he was a good cathlic school teacher – he didn’t do anything extremely bad,,,,,,,,,that i can recall!!!

  308. Just canceled my live subscription. I really cant stand Natalie. See you guys next season. Lets hope we get better hg’s

  309. @Kelli

    My husband thinks I would do really well on Survivor but I told him that there is no way because I hate bugs and drink waaaayyyy too much water! I would be like Natalie screaming over that bug!

    BB would be way better as I could tolerate slop but could not tolerate the lack of water….I think I would get really mean…or really wimpy, who can tell?

  310. Teri – my kids are 21 and 19 and the 21 year old just moved out……so they don’t need me anymore….but my husband…….i couldn’t stand to be away from him as much as he couldn’t stand to be away from me….

  311. BIG BROTHER, if you are reading this PLEASE DO NOT BRING JEFF BACK! Thanks a billion =D! Bring back Russel but NOT Jeff.

  312. I am also heading out so I can watch the episode. See you later!

    Thanks so much for being here!!

  313. seeker: i could NOT EVER DO survivor…no way no how……I too, hate bugs, and camping for that matter….not really an outdoorsy kind of person… would be great…..except i would go nuts w/o TV!!!!! or w/o contact from my husband…..

    got to get to bed – nice chatting with you!!!

  314. YES JEFF LEFT. HAHAHAHAHA, I am so happy and I loved when Natalie dedicated her win to Chima. Why are people talking about why she dedicated her win to Chima. Chima actions in the house was one thing but Natalie developed a FRIENDSHIP with Chima just like Jeff and Jordon ( different people ) but the same thing. I Loved it.

    I am a true fan of bb from day one so the person who deserve to win is Michele. But Iam going for Kevin and Natalie because Iam tired of these so called BB fans bashing people for playing the game. Lying is apart of the BB game ( hello, Dr. Will ) and all the great champs have done the same thing that Kevin and Natalie have except most of the champs won more competitons. That’s why a little of me is pulling for Michele but the underdogs is where my heart is.

  315. hey so im watching the live feed and it said they are playing a secret game that cant be shown until sunday.. anyone everseen that before??

  316. First, I hope Michelle wins! I have been rooting for her since the first episode. Second, I haven’t liked Nat since the begining of the show, but she has proven to be good at strategic moves. Third, no matter who is HoH this week it shouldn’t be a reason to stop watching.

    Finally, I don’t remember how the final 2 evictions happen, but I don’t understand how this next eviction would even be near fair. No matter who gets nominated wether it be by Nat or by PoV the person not up for nomination gets the final say. I’m I right in my assumption? If so, that is no where close to a fair game.


  318. BB was pre-empted by football! Yay! A real competition! I got my sketchy facts on this site. So, Jeff STILL won’t admit that he made a mistake, and called Kevin a “snake”. Whatever…WAY TO LOSE IT, AFTER HAVING IT HANDED TO YOU! Hopefully, your hot mess girlfriend is the next to go…she can piss you off by finishing every bag of Guacamole Doritos in the jury house!…(I chose that food, because they’re great! Any food will do here, though.) And to anyone who thinks that everyone is being mean to Jordan…She’s the meanest one there, and her fat ass barely fits into a glass house…SHE tossed the stone. Just like Jeff, she doesn’t want to accept the consequences. I’ve said for weeks that, although there were a bunch of unstable people on the show…Jordan is the only one whom I would instantly ABHOR in the real world. I hate girls who think that acting stupid gets them a man, or…or…Okay, so Whordan is after a man. And, I’ve said before, that she better bag him before she breaks 200 pounds…I give her a year. Natalie could only win when it was against 3 others…Kevin, against 4…but Kevin was the bigger fool…his biggest and BEST play would’ve been to ally with Michelle and Russ…he has NO BALLS! He, also, doesn’t deserve to win. Michelle is the ONLY obvious winner. However, I feel that the jury house can probably be compared to the OJ Simpson jury…the facts just aren’t going to matter.

  319. @SeekerMommy – #438

    BB claimed to have been planning Pandora’s Box for quite some time – and if that’s true, they certainly did a crappy job when it came to finally using it!! IMO, it was a HUGE disappointment!!!

    I hope to see more creativity in next year’s competitions and twists. They were pretty boring this year = too many repeats from recent seasons.


    and thank you for your input SeekerMommy.

    I don’t think I can watch Natalie as HOH – she’s off the hook obnoxious. And without Jeff & Jordan to make me LOL, it’s going to be boring. I think I’ll take a break from watching until the finale. I can always come here to see what’s going on! This place ROCKS!! :)

    Hope yall have a great Labor Day weekend – be safe :)

  320. I’m DONE with BB11 and BBAD……what a HUGE RIPOFF tonight!!!! And that Natalie….she is disgusting…..she had to keep her word???? What about her WORD TO JEFF…..give me a break…..and the Pandora’s Box thing…..come on… week…..PLEASE…..I’m done and I know lots of OTHER people who are done as well!! NICE CHATTING WITH ALL OF YOU…SEE YOU NEXT TIME!!!!!!

  321. Say it isn’t so. The skank wins HOH…Jeff this is your fault. Michelle needs to win POV. Go Michelle.

  322. @kim- how can you call her Whordan? and first of all shes not even fat. Sorry she isnt anorexic. get your facts straight before you speak.



  325. im not going to be able to watch this week. with the NATALIE as HOH. someones needs to get her out next week.

  326. I’m done!! Waiting for Survivor now.

    Only hope is if Rat backdoors Kevin and lets the girls hash it out. If not, see ya next year. Ratings will tumble, unfortunately.

  327. Did anyone on here realize that this is the same HOH competition that screwed Sharon from Big Brother 9? I guess even then we knew this competition was cursed.

  328. This is the WORST BB I’ve ever watched…even Evil Dick was better than this…very disappointing…scummy people…lower than low…let’s be SURE to give them ALL THE MONEY!!!!!!!

  329. Jeff was not all that special. Besides, there’s always that America’s Favorite Juror prize if they still have it.

  330. Lexxxx…I’m not a fan of calling girls fat when they’re not a size 2, but Whordan feels that she can unleash a torrent of words, and never be the victim of reciprocation. And, I DO believe that she called Michelle fat…but, I guess that’s okay…what’s up with everyone?

  331. I also think that this was a terrible HOH competition.

    Just a educated guessing game. No skill and no real big brother knowledge.

  332. ohh another idea.

    next pandora’s box someone wins the right to bring someone back from the jury house. 50/50 chance of jessi or jeff. unless the houseguest think smart and bring back lydia who no one really liked.

  333. @ Ashley….. I am guessing the Diamond Veto will come into play…. Kevin will get it and screw Michelle when she wins the regular veto….. What do you think about that?

    @ Day Day & Blaklay…. Wuz up?

  334. FYI – To those here who want (but can’t afford) a boob job:

    I just saw a story on the news about a plastic surgeon’s billbord in Wisconsin that’s advertising “BUY ONE BOOB – GET ONE FREE” !! I SWEAR – it’s true!!

    Didn’t catch the doc’s name, but it’s probably on youtube :)

  335. Harmany #23 I am not sure if i am aloud to post a web site but i know of one that airs east coast. I am pacific time and I see it on line at 5pm. can someone tell me if i can post the website.


    AND INSECTS!!!!!

  337. @Kim #503

    I think you will find that every HG at one time or another has ‘unleashed a torrent of words’ to one another.

    I recall Michele (who by the way is my fav.) yelling at Lydia and telling her to get her F** unitard on B**.

    Every single one of them has been guilty of lying and back stabbing, but to call Jordan a ‘Whordan’ when in fact she is the opposite and was conscious of the fact that she didn’t want to embarrass her family by fooling around with Jeff for the public to see, shows that she has a lot of class and is most certainly not a Whordan as you put it.

    I don’t understand why it is that you feel the need to be judge and jury of a person you don’t even know!

    I can understand you offering an opinion and stating that you don’t necessarily like her, but the name calling in that sense is uncalled for!

  338. Leo – There is no way that nat and kev will both win a comp in the same week. Mich has to win the veto or she is outta there. You were right about Nat winning hoh tonight so kudos to you.

  339. Ashley…why is that harsh? Is Whordan ACTUALLY THAT STUPID? If she is, I apologize. Otherwise, we have our next Jessica Simpson.

  340. @Leo

    Well cry me a river because Jeff went home. I don’t think that he will be back, although I do think that they will try to tempt Natalie with a prize that she just may not want to pass up.

  341. what a joke this game has turned out to be the only reason I will still watch BB11 is to see nasty’s face when she gets voted out for chiapet LOL.. If she puts her arm in the box like kev, and i found the key I would throw it over the wall so nobody could let her out,

  342. @melanie #493

    I agree. Chima has been banned from anything to do with CBS, and Chima probably wouldn’t even bother to watch the rest of the show, her pride and ego just wouldn’t allow her to!

  343. Kevin made me laugh tonight when he told Julie that he can’t trust Natalie after all her name has ‘LIE’ in it. How appropriate!!

    Oh, did anyone catch Russell (when he found out that Nat. was 24) saying that will cost her votes, or something to that nature!

  344. @ Ashley & Diana….. Make sure we touch bases this weekend about the Survivor Blog Site ok my super moderators?

    Also…. I am saying Michelle will win the POV and Kevin will some how get the Diamond Veto by luck annd screw Michelle and evict her since Jordan will be easier to beat….

    @ Ashley……. Kevin is no slacker…. That is why Jeff / Jordan / Michelle / Russell all wanted to get rid of Kevin before Natalie until the LML screwed Russell…. Kevin can just as easily win the POV against Michelle…. I wouldn’t bet on ither Natalie or Jordan (the weakest player left) She had her HOH given to her and wow Michelle kicked her shoes off nefore the HOH comp tonight…. L-O-L!!!

    @ I am not sure who but you are right…. Sharon was screwed after this same HOH comp during BB 9!!!

  345. This just posted on Jokers:

    ….Nat out of DR, joins the crew in the RR. Kev says again Pandora’s Box is coming back. Nat says he’s tripping.

    She says that if it does, anything she gets offered she’s taking. If it’s either she gets 10k or the house, she’s taking it.

    She says that she wouldn’t have stuck her hand in the box if she was HOH instead of Kev…..

    Well if that is true and Nat. does take a tempting prize, there will be consequences and let’s see who they will bring back!

  346. @DIANA #510. gosh, i so agree with you. she is the opposite of a WHORE. if she was a whore then she would of definetly have slept with Jeff already. Kim you really ahve no idea what your talking about.

  347. haha that nasty nat not going to get any votes in the bb house thats what the bitc- gets for lying!!!!!!!!!americas not going to vote for her only for the nastiest female ever

  348. @Leo

    You know I’ll touch base with you this weekend and we can hash some things around, but for me now, I’m off to spend some time with my family, who claim they don’t know who I am anymore because they never see me (always on this PC).

    Sweet dreams and catch you soon!

    Night, night!!!

  349. Michelle or Jordan for the win, M for playing the game or J whom I think needs the $ more, but if smarty pants or fagboy win what a waste ot time and a huge dissapointment that they used reasons for winning on the fack it was for revenge of past HG’s like jess,and chiapet,What kind of fools do they think we are to believe that,Still Lying…

  350. @lexxxx #526

    Thank you, it is much appreciated to see that we have decent bloggers debating and discussing intelligently on this site, without being vulgar!

  351. Just read on Jokers that they had a luxury comp tonight! Dont know who got what yet!! Watch BBAD to find out.

  352. @ F Team JJ….. Did you see my good bye song for Jeff?

    @ F Team JJ…. Do you watch Survivor? If so, you should be apart of my Survivor Samoa Blog Site which will be the best Survivor Blog Site ever….. Email me at if you are intersted ok?

  353. @Diana…really appreciate your words. So well said. Glad we have people like you on this board. Thanks!

  354. there can’t be that many fans of nasty on here or kev.but nasty is safe for this wk. kev.will swing to the other side if he is smart,but POV is the real answer on who goes this wk,Kevin start packin your box..

  355. @ Ashley / Diana / Cat…. Are you watching BBAD? It says Natalie is guaranteed a spot in the final 3 which means the Pandora’s box can’t hurrt her…. Go Team NBK aka Kevin / Natalie…..

    @ Ashley & Diana & CAT Thanks again for being apart of the best of the best Survivor Samoa Blog site as moderators….. It eill be us 3…. Have a good night & sweet dreams!!!

  356. Kevin could turn out to be the big winner if he gets the POV. He has come close to winning several HOHs and has won one POV so far. Not bad…shows he has some game! I could live with Kevin as the ultimate winner.

  357. Saw a commercial for BB and this is what it says about Pandora’s Box, word for word…

    “Pandora’s Box is Back
    But watch out
    The Jury House is packing the surprise
    It Won’t Be Pretty”

    Hopefully that means somehow PP gets out next.

    Who else had a heart attack tonight when Jeff went to open the door and it looked like for a split second it was locked, I bet they set it up that way considering how much talk there was about hopefully the door being locked this week.

    Can’t wait for the next episodes.

  358. Oh do I have to go back that far? Not! It is probably the same one you was singing the other nite ,am I right ?

  359. If there is an Endurance Comp..and we know there will be….we know StinkeeGnatsaliar won’t last soooo… she won’t win….nuff said on that!
    I am all for Jordo’ or Michelle for final 2…if either of them win….I’ll be happy!
    How could anyone even think CBS would bring back Chima? She’s way way too crazy for Big Brother, I really want to know how she passed the psych test???

  360. It appears as if the last comp they had was for new clothes, maybe Nasty will change more often now, but I seriously doubt that. Ok, someone said something about Natalie just floating by and how she shouldn’t be there. Again, I am not defending her and have been a Jeff/Jordan/Russ fan since day 1 and after a few weeks Michelle. Jordan hasn’t won anything either and floated by because of Jeff, so she shouldn’t be there either. IMO, Russ/Jeff/Michelle are the one’s that really deserved to be in the final 3. Nasty, finally won, BFD. Michelle has played her butt off and deserves it more than anyone. Jeff played a great game and got all the big players out of there and he should have won. Russ was a great competitor and should have stayed. Lydia sucked, literally. Jesse had his chance. Kevin didn’t start playing until recently but floated. Chima-no comment.

  361. I cant even stand to watch the rest of BB11….I cant stand the site of Natalie or Kevin… word on Pandoras box was a BIG let down. So far this season the only surprise has been Jeffs sudden roust of power with overriding the HOH and his biggest mistake of saving that weasel Kevin. I would much rather have had someone who actually played the game win, even if it was Russell! Jessie and Lydia were right when they told Russell tonite that Natalie was really 24….go the the finals Nat cause nobodys gonna vote for you!!!!!

  362. Hahaha, Natalie proved herself. Way to go, Nat.Final 3. One more to go :D

    It’s funny that the one people hate the most is the one no one can get rid of

  363. 486 Kim are you a Chima fan. Where does all that anger come from. It’s just a game and just a reality show. I don’t think for a minute Chima is as bad as she acted out in the house.

  364. “Hank” should be banned, and not just by his name, but by his e-mail account. There is certain name-calling that should automatically get you banned for good.

    Totally classless and uncalled for.

  365. Well, I am no longer interested in the BB outcome. Natalie has done nothing but be irritating to watch and I am over it. When the lazy and worthless can make it to this point, whats the point in tuning in? See ya next year,maybe. This maybe BB’s exit year.

  366. Why, oh why, please tell me would anyone (Michele and Jordan) answer “Fact” to Ronnie wearing that RIDICULOUS Princess Leia costume to a Sci-Fi Convention?

    COME ON, LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU BLEW IT! UGH!

  367. @Martie…have to agree with you. Seemed like a no brainer question. Cant believe that Nat was the only one that got that one right!!! Michele can do better in the physical comps. Hope she whips some Natalie arse in the POV comp!

  368. So, can anyone please tell me what the supposed “twist” was to this week’s Pandora’s Box?

    If not, why should I even care about next week’s supposed “twist?”

  369. @Debzep : there will be more secrets. I admit that this year is a little more boring than last year but the last episodes always take viewers by surprise. Maybe Jeff or Russ will come back and kick Nat’s azz out of the house. BB always worths the wait.

    @Martie : that’s why they lost. I can’t believe Michelle didnt win in this brainy contest.

  370. All you Natalie haters can shut up now. Give the girl her due, she is running this game. She deserves the 500K. Sorry Jeff fans but he got what was coming to him. He is lucky to have made it this far and if it wasn’t for the cdt he would have been gone weeks ago. Go Natalie! You deserve it.

  371. Hey Debzep, Michelle or even Jordan could win the POV. then at least it’s bye bye Kevin, you snake in the grass.
    I will wait until the pov, if one of them doesn’t win, then I will tune out.
    I would puke watching natalie in the final two.

  372. For some reason, it doesn’t look like Natalie has the jury votes I thought she did. Jessie definitely does not look like he’s on her side. Maybe he’s not used to rejection…

  373. Mike- Natalie’s voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard. And she is a scummy liar.She’s not ‘running the place’ she’s lying and throwing people under the bus. Eww. I can’t stand looking at her face. people like Dan proved that you can win with integrity

  374. @Mike..i agree, Nat is definately running this game. As of right now, she is in control. But even the best of them have bitten the dust in the end…and its not over yet! If she can hang on to capture the final HOH…then yes , she deserves to win (and i am def not a Nat fan). But i will wait until the final POV is played before saying she has it in the bag…anything could happen!

  375. no goodbye messages for jeff, no ‘key’ explanation and pandora’s box still unresolved….jeff will be back!!!!! ; )

  376. On BBAD, Michele and Jordan both said that during the HOH competition that they couldn’t hear one of the questions because of a plane flying over, so they had to guess (wrong). Perhaps if they were able to hear the questions, theymight have won.
    Way to go, BB. Live TV outside screwed 2 contestants, allowing NastyLIE to win HOH.

  377. Julie Chen tricked me into watching that whole show Tuesday waiting for some twist, and then again tonight, and now she’s trying to trick me again for next week… I’m not too fond of her right now.

  378. LOL..Martie, i think we all got suckered into that one. I hate to think that Julie would do it to us twice in a row but im willing to risk it one more time. Hope its worth it!

  379. @Tessa: Are you trying to pull a “Julie Chen” on me, too, and get my hopes up that there is still some “hope” that Jeff isn’t done yet?

  380. @Cat: I don’t know how much more I can take of this. My family seriously thinks I’ve lost it. I’m starting to mumble to myself in corners like Michele. ;)

  381. @Martie Im sorry! Im just crossing my fingers and hoping! lol Maybe I missed it though… did they play the good bye messages to Jeff?

  382. This whole episode was so stupid. I knew Nat was a liar and wouldn’t keep her word, did anyone think she had any character? She’s been lying since day 1. Wow, she won a lucky guess the number HOH! I change my mind, she has my respect, she’s the best player ever. HA!!! Please. Yes, I’m sad Jeff is gone, but it was 100% his own doing by listening to the idiot Nat, he should have kept Russell, got rid of Nat & Kevin and he would have been sitting pretty. Now there’s just a bunch of floaters and idiots left in the house. The only 2 that deserve the win even in the tiniest way is Kevin or Michele by their recent gameplay. They just need to get rid of Gnat. And I REALLY hope the twist is to get Jeff or Russell back in the house – either would be exciting and would make a lot of people happy, and either would stir a lot of stuff up in that house!! I would WAY rather see Jeff or Russell win this game than ANY of the HGs that are left.

  383. I can’t believe Jeff is gonee!!! :( I hate Natalie and Kevin.

    and how come everyone thought Natalie was 18 when you have to be 21 to enter Big Brother?!?!

  384. @Tessa: Sorry, I’m just bitter. No, I didn’t see any good-bye messages either.

    My husband, the naysayer, says it’s just because they got long-winded with House Guest comments and Michele’s husband’s clip.

    Of course, I secretly wish it means something, too. I just don’t know how many more times I can be disappointed with this show, and it appears that there is nowhere else to go but down with the people that are left.

  385. I have been a BB fan since BB1. This season BB production standard have been lowered but alas the rating have spiked. My time watching BB11 has lessen.
    Nasty/Nat honoring Chima was a sad reflection of how far REALITY TV has degress and BB production has gone to obtain the high poll.
    With that said………..
    Good-bye BB11 and whoever wins I am off to watch Survivor.

  386. @Martie..hang in there..pretty soon you become numb to it me. Then Nat’s voice becomes like the buzz of a bee…Jordan’s voice is like a high pitched squeal that only dogs hear and Micheles mumble is only the white noise you here in the background. You lose enough sleep and everything starts to sound like the BB theme song to you. Yes im addicted but no one here dares to interfere with my BB…thats grounds for eviction!!

  387. One of those four people that are left are going to have 1/2 A MILLION FREAKIN’ DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  388. Nat with 1/2 million dollars? She’ll probably blow it all on candy, Arizona iced tea, and video rentals.

    Maybe she’ll be smart and start her own Blockbuster franchise… She said she wanted to use her business degree to get into retail. I wonder if that’s enough $$$ to open one.

  389. Martie – the only one I could stomach winning is Jordan. And even then, I so know she doesn’t deserve it. Next in line would maybe be Michele. But I will seriously be sick of either Gnat or Kevin wins. I just hope and hope that either Jeff or Russell comes back, but I think either one of them deserves it 100 times more than any of the final 4!

  390. Can’t stand the Natalie win. Jordan had it in the bag, then flubbed it. What was she thinking? 242 cans. There were only six of them playing for a total of 144, if they all filled their tubes. Jeff just did not get through to her.
    Like to say I will not watch the conclusion, but just like a car wreck, you have to see what will happen.
    Not happy with possible outcome though. Jordan and Michelle better hope they win POV this week.
    At least Nat looked a little more feminine tonight. Think she is reading the blogs?
    Well, her and Kevin are bedroom mates again. Guess she will get some more Mike’s and get tippsy again. Guys! CBS would not serve alcohol to a minor! WAKE UP!!!! She is not 18.

  391. Never mind – hubby telling me Blockbuster is in the tank now due to Netflix and VOD, so that would be a dumb move, too.

    @Lisa: I’d pay to see Jeff or even Russell come back. Now that Russell has been shown in the Jury House, I’m thinking our only “hope” is Jeff, but I just don’t see it anymore, especially with Natalie as the HOH. No WAY is she making a deal that would bring Jeff back…

  392. I CANNOT BELIEVE NATALIE WON HOH! That is the worst thing that could’ve happend. She is the only person that I pray does not win!! I wish I could say that I can’t stand to watch anymore but I know that isn’t true. I just hope I get to see Natalie ruined! I do not blame BB for “rigging” anything, but hopefully, when this is all over, Natalie will get on the computer and realize how much she was hated by most of America! Jordan might be pretty dumb, but knowing her from Charlotte, she is really sweet, means well and is truly being herself on the show. This will get someone a lot farther in life than being a stubborn, selfish, fake, lying b*#*h! GO MICHELLE AND JORDAN! (or JEFF if he DOES happen to come back!)

  393. What a nightmare! The poster child for thugs r us winning HOH. And then dedicates it to that fool Chima, another poster child…. I can’t take it anymore.

  394. I think that Michelle is the ONLY person in that house right now who truly deserves to be there. She has played the game regardless of what people think about her. Natalie, Kevin and Jordan (aka team float) has no business being there. I was a fan of Jeff but he’s gone. The last week Jeff showed how dumb he really was. How could he possibly trust Natalie and Kevin. He was the reason why Jessie was gone and he didnt think they would come after him. I think on Sunday I will spend that hour painting my toes instead of watching BB.

  395. It’s official: This show now completely sucks!!! I swaer to God and everything holy if that barking friggin Chihuahua Natalie wins, I will NEVER WATCH THIS SHOW AGAIN!!! Here’s hoping she breaks her ankle in the PoV competition and has to quit!


  396. I’m holdin out hope for pandora’s box…I’m crossing my fingers that the door will re-appear and The current HOH will be given a choice to open it. Gnat’s greed will get the better of her..she’ll open the door…and a former HG will be behind the door…crossing my fingers for sunday…

  397. @martha J I concur with your thoughts. #574 expessed my feelings but added to it in another chat room…..
    I have been a BB fan since BB1. This season BB production standard have been lowered but alas the rating have spiked. My time watching BB11 has lessen.
    Nasty/Nat honoring Chima was a sad reflection of how far REALITY TV has degress and BB production has gone to obtain the high poll.
    With that said………..
    Chima words about her/Russell and 9/11/tower are un-forgivable. If Natalie wins $500K that will be a dishoner to those who died on 9/11.
    Good-bye BB11 and whoever wins I am off to watch Survivor.

  398. And then you say you were “True to your word” ???? HA HA HA FREAKIN HAAAAA!!!!!!! LIAR!
    You got there by riding other people’s coattails, you Taco Bell Dog wannabe!!! And then the ULTIMATE insult: dedicating your win to the most worthless being on planet Earth (Chima)

    Jeff, you dumbass….ya should have gotten rid of her when you had the chance!

  399. Well, I hope the POV involves insects! And if I was target of Nasty, then I’d be collecting bugs to torment her with!

  400. there is NO way they can bring any1 back….think about it how would they have time for it there is only one and a half weeks left they already did the double eviction so there is no way to bring any1 back,besides juli told jeff she would tralk to him on the early show and no way for russell to come back cause he was in jury house with other house guest…thts just my opinion!!!

  401. “He got what was coming to him”, “she got what was coming to her”? Seriously? Its a GAME for HALF A MILLION dollars, and it can only go to ONE player, yes player. Separate yourselves from the people playing the game, these people are supposed to lie, cheat, steal votes, back stab… Everything but kill each other to win the grand prize of some life changing money. Calling these people ignorant names is stupid, and it means nothing, because you don’t know a single one of them. Oh you think you do because you get to watch them on tv, and some of you are so obsessed you buy the live feeds. In the end you know nothing because THEY are playing a game, pretending to like each other at one time, then fighting tooth and nail at others. Just because you watch them live in this house and do what ever they can to win $500,000 doesn’t mean you know them. Jordan is far from being a “whore” she refused to even kiss Jeff on national TV because she didn’t want to share it with the rest of America. Look up the word “whore” before you feel the need to throw it at a complete stranger. Yes Nat has floated by in this game, but did you ever once consider that’s part of her game play? Look at all the other players who proved their strength in the beginning…uhh they’re gone. Playing weak and lasting this far and then proving your strength in the end, that’s better game play than proving your muscle and smarts from the get go. Those that went the strong and brainy route first are gone. Those with nasty personalities are gone, kevin floated in this game too, but he floated back and forth. He made friends, he was mutual to all and everyone liked him or likes him. Its a game people, you don’t know a single one of these people no matter how much you watch them on TV and on a computer.

  402. I was off-line for a sec…but can someone enlighten me on the aim of Whordan…it’s NOT to get a job, because they usually demand that you know the time…15 of, quarter til, xx45…it’s usually a good thing…America…no one can be THAT stupid, unless they think that it’s “cute”. Maybe Whordan should educate herself, or continue her Hooters career and shut the F up! And that’s my opinion…coming from a “cute” woman with a head on her shoulders…battling perceptions that Whordan leaves. I am an intelligent woman, and women like Whordan just set EVERY FEMALE back…I’ll say, again…is she hoping for a big career? Some company MUST see her “ditzy” crap to Jeff and WANT HER! I stand by my statements…she’s looking for a man, and I would HATE HER if one of my male friends had the misfortune to meet her. I am a petite brunette, love to laugh, but I work my ass off…it’s very hard to be a woman in a man’s world…Whordan sets us back 20 years.

  403. Howcome no one in the house hasn’t noticed that you have to be 21 to player poker in any casino… BRING JEFF BACK!!!!

  404. By the way, I never had any kind of surgery…no boobs whatsoever…but I still dated the mayor. And I still PROUDLY have no boobs! I, also, used to waitress and bartend…and I was great at what I did…I didn’t need fake tits to do it.

  405. Are you talking to me? I flick back and forth, but it’s not something that I NEED to watch…HOWEVER! I’m such a studier of people…I like animals more, but people fascinate me…their motivations, their lies, their moral compass. And I’m not even talking a reality show!

  406. Whoever mentioned that there was a rat that ran across the floor. Yes, it sure was. I guess Nasty Nat and Ronnie got together and has a baby. It was a rat. You could see it in the background right when Julie was getting ready to announce it was a tie. I guess Nasty Nat is okay living with rats, oops I forget she is one.

  407. I think it is not going over well in the jury house that Natalie is 24, not 18. I think most people in the house will be totally put out by that lie. I think it will cost her the game.

  408. All of you Kevin & Natalie lovers make me want to puke. They have done nothing in this game except ride on others coat tails (Natalie/Jessie & Kevin/Lydia). What losers. Maybe Natalie will make Kevin go straight…oh, wait, never mind, look at that nasty ghetto ho. I don’t think the last man on earth would touch that. Funny how her “fake” boyfriend didn’t send anything when she won HOH. HEEEELLLLOOO!!!! SHE’S A LESBIAN…WE ALL COULD TELL THE FIRST TIME WE SAW HER!!! She’s such a fake and a liar. But also she’s just gross to look at…I can’t take anymore shows having to watch her and Kevin act like 3 year olds. Really, get a grip!!!!

  409. Yes, I’m sure Julie would say “pandora’s box will still impact the game”. Is anyone falling for that one AGAIN to keep watching? Not me!!! They let us down on the first viewing of pandora’s box. CBS, you lost out by letting Jeff get kicked out. You had your chance when he found the key to let the poo poo pa**er go free. That did him a lot of good. This has been one of the most nauseating seasons yet. Watching those whiny, bitchy women get their way over and over again!! GROW SOME BALLS CBS & ESPECIALLY YOU ALLISON!!!!!

  410. LOL Michelle letting kevin hang himself, LOL hope runs with it. Nanner jo as all can say want you feel yours are crude and rude.

  411. Has to be a choice because they will have to many people if one person comes back. There is only a couple of weeks left. Natlalie said she was the first one in the house and she knew the secert was this true? I thought Jeff was the first person to save Kavin

  412. Nowone look at the bottom of the pandora’s box
    according to the myth the person who looked at the bottom of the box something good should happen. Something will happen because there has to a twist.

    Jordan said she gets mix up with time she did not say she did not know how to tell time. Most of people take some of the words what people say and change it to what ever sounds good.for example if I said I had a piece of cake.Someone else will say she ate the cake. Change the whole sentence just to make it sound better.

  413. TO KK: Can you speak in english so we can all understand you? “Nanner jo as all can say want you feel yours are crude and rude.” I know the truth hurts!!!!

  414. Pandora’s box will have the same affect as say what happened in BB9. Basically the house will be given the option to bring back the most recent evivtee(Jeff) or bring back a mystery houseguest that I probably believe America will get to vote for. In BB9 they brought back James into the house even though he was a badass competitor. But that’s if PigPen takes the bait and decides to be a greedy and find out what’s with the box. More than likely the box will contain some sort of offer that will be extremely hard to turn down, and once PigPen accepts it(because we all know she will) then the house will findout that they now have to bring back a former houseguest. They just made it Pandora’s Box because they could still do other things with it besides what the main objective would be for the box. That’s why they didn’t show Jeff his goodbye messages. More than likely information was revealed by HG’s(Nat in perticular)in those speeches that could effect his gameplay if he were to go back in. That’s my theory on the subject. It just makes sense to me on how it would play out.

  415. Actually, Nasty’s bf sent her the blanket and the pictures of him; ugh,,he looks as nasty as she does..he kind of looks like a really manly woman

  416. Oh my God! Jeff kicked himself out with his arrogance…why are people whining about that now? At least Jessie’s team had more loyalty…Michelle is the only class act in the house, anymore. Do I need to talk about fat girls talking crap anymore? Fat girls putting their “savings” in jeopardy by butting someone in the chest? Fat girls calling skinny girls fat, just because she was called fat, in a retaliation to what she spewed out of her fat mouth. Whordan is a piece of trash, looking for a man…she’s definately not looking for a job! Hooter waitress or stripper? Hooter’s doesn’t care how fat your thighs are…

  417. I hope your right Mikey. This can’t be the end. Nasty Natalie needs to get whats coming to her. Not only lying, cheating, back stabbing; which is all part of the game; but also the way she has treated the production staff. If I was on the staff and was treated that way…I would do anything I could to keep her from winning. And if she did win, I would just kick her sorry ass after the show!!!!

  418. @nanner jo – I’m hoping. Not only the lying, cheating(which she does at everything, including friendly games), and backstabbing which she’s been notorious for. But she’s hasn’t treated anyone with respect except for Jessie and The Racist. Everyone else in the house gets her trash talk. Even ED from BB8 would tell you to your face you were F-ing garbage to him. And he never lied. Woot, to Nat for being one of the WORST players ever in this game. Marcellas is better than her, and he made the biggest boneheaded decision in BB history to not use the very FIRST Golden Veto. God, I seriously hope that she does not make Final 2. Not the fact that if she did she still wouldn’t have the votes, but that she doesn’t even deserve any of the money gets from BB period.

  419. Nanner jo…I already said that I PROUDLY have no boobs…where were you? I successfully waitressed and bartended…making a GREAT living, without enhanced tits! Are you suggesting that I should do that? I’m quite happy with my figure…well, no woman is EVER happy, but I’m not getting tits to work at Hooters! Why are you mad at me? I also won’t steal your boyfriend…I think that Whordan would.

  420. I’m not watching until the end now. I can;t stand Natalie, she is a liar and a backstabber. She thinks she is the smartest person in the house, as I matter of fact I think she thinks she is the smartest person in the world. I cannot even stomach to watch her. She’s like a little annoying bug that ust won;t go away. She does not deserve to win she really has done nothing but ride veryone’s else’ coattails. I hope either Michele or Jordon win. I would like to see Michele win because she really played the game but at least even Jordan wins good will have prevailed over evil.

  421. Man what a night. I screamed a cuss word (cornbread) at the end when the roach won. If big brother does not get this worm out with Pandora’s box and lets her win then I bet the ratings drop. So long to their two hours. Who wants to watch that worm win. Michelle was indeed off her game last night. Kevin with his very off color gay comments is just about way too much for me. One was ok but he just keeps on. We are trying to clean up our world BB. You are not helping with gay people like Kevin. He makes it way way off color. We want our world to be Godly not this way. You can do it BB. You can get this switched.

  422. @Mickey I think you are right. Why was Jeff the only one who didn’t receive good-bye messages? Because Natalie revealed a little too much and Jeff is coming back. Don’t despair about Natalie being HOH, because if this is true Sunday will be double eviction. The veto will be all done by then. Didn’t she say the veto thing will be live? It’s never live. And she said it will impact the game. Oh please send Nat and Kevin home.

  423. I’m wondering if her being HOH will reveal in her pics that she is definitely not 18. I don’t want her to be F3, but I guess she’s guarenteed that spot. Darn it.

  424. Just read Natalie told Kevin that she still has Michele’s
    gloves. Huh?

    Guess BB Production really likes this horrible person ………..
    she can get away with just about anything including her
    Chima Chanting.


  425. ok after dark ,natalie says she is putting up kevin. anyone knows she wants michelle out just from the chima remarks. kevin is gonna be safe and michelle will be gone if she doesnt get pov again. but i hope the box lets jeff come back and give natalie a big crap sandwich with a side of ticked off kevin. maybe he will pull a chima then and leave. one can only hope

  426. how embarrassing for all you jeff frauen.
    he gets evicted and the worst thing in the world just happened to you!
    natalie won! hahahahaha!
    i say it’s time these psycho jeff fans had a taste of their own medicine.
    we’ve been beaten down over the past few weeks because we root for kevin, lydia, or natalie.
    natalie is making her way to the finals whether you like it or not.
    and when she gets there: she’ll win.

    sorry, i know i’m being very aggressive; but i’ve had this building up in me for quiet some time.

    go natalie & kevin!

  427. ok i agree some are obsessive, but what gets me is her and kevin saying they are getting even for their friends getting evicted, but when the other groups friends got evicted they were all laughing and having a good time. heck they might as well have had a funeral when jesse left.

  428. What a disappointment. I almost hate to say it, but wrap that half a million up with a giant bow, and hand it over to Natalie, cause this doesn’t look good! I almost can’t bear to watch anymore!!!

  429. lol @ nannerjo for saying kevin & natalie rode lydia’s curttails.
    i’m a lydia fan, but let’s be honest. she won sh-t.

    and this nannerjo person;
    you sound horrible. probably look worse too.

  430. Last night during the live show, did anyone notice how it went to fish for 2 seconds while Kevin was talking? I wonder what he said…hmmmm
    So it looks like Kevin and Michelle made a deal last night. Poor Jordan is all alone, for now…I sure hope Jeff comes back. I think it is funny they had a clothes comp…wondering if BB is trying to tell them something!

  431. I don’t think they are going give Natalie a choice of bringing Jeff back or another evicted hg because the others know now that she is 24 and aren’t very happy about that. They will tell the others in the house. Tuesday will be a live veto and eviction. This has to do with Jeff. He didn’t get his good-bye messages.

  432. Wow Kim! Talk about setting women back 20 years! Your cocky “I dated a mayor and was a successful bartender” just makes you sound like a snobby, jealous girl (which I doubt you are trying to be). I would take Jordan over that anyday. And in case you haven’t been watching the same show as the rest of us, Jordan doesn’t even want to make out with Jeff because they are on camera 24/7. A lot of other reality stars should do the same. Yeah, the getting fake boobs is stupid, but half the girls my lil sister went to school with got them as freakin graduation presents from their parents! You wanna talk about being a modern woman? How about giving women the right to do what they want with their bodies and not be ashamed of it. At least shes not pretending they’re real. I guarantee that Jordan wouldn’t be on here bashing some other girl in 20 different comments! Be nice. You don’t know her at all.

  433. Chlymidia check out the comments by Nickel (#30) under comment on spoiler alert. I think you will like them or not. I agree with both of you. EVERYONE should read them. Makes great sense.

  434. @Lily:
    I think the issue with Jordan and her breast implants are all about the fact that she is supposed to come from an economically depressed family. As such, there seems to be some inconsistency between the claim to need for money and getting her breast done. Priorities seem misplaced or the economic distress is fake – one or the other. “No one” I trying to be nasty to her or the like and no, we don’t have to know her. She has put herself on reality TV. She doesn’t kiss Jeff because she wants to manage her perceptions and such she managed that part badly because we can make or draw conclusions on what she has said and done.

  435. Julie’s always chiming in during commercials proclaiming, “Expect the unexpected.” Well, in this case something highly unexpected had better happen to ensure that Gnatalie is ousted from the Big Brother House.

    I swear, if that loathesome creature wins the 500K I will never, ever watch Big Brother again, and I don’t think I’m alone in that sentiment.

    “This is for you, Chima!” I almost puked. She’s despicable.

  436. @ Lily- I agree 100%. People are just jealous of Jordan.
    Who cares if she has fake boobs? She’s a REALLY good person who has a big heart. It’s no one’s business if her family is having money problems. NEWSFLASH- half of America is having the same problem. As I’m sure some of the people on this website have the same issue, but we’re not bashing you for having the internet!

  437. whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy????!!??!??! i HATE BB11, JEFF IS GONE AND NAT IS H.O.H THE WORLD IS OVER

  438. Like I said I aM done with BB I cant bear to watch Natalie drag her feet around the anymore. Especially now that she won HOH. I am at aw about much she obesses over Jesse getting kicked out. GET OVER IT she has a man, I wonder how he feels about that I’d be pissed

  439. Great to see Jeff walked out of the house last night. I hope Kevin wins because he took out the “best player” .

    Michele needs to team up with Kevin to make a F2. Go Kevin

  440. Nice speech Jeff, Kevin did the same thing to you that you did last week to Russell. Jeff won the comps but mentally he sucks, he was played by 2 people who were on the way out and the funny thing is that he is still unaware that Nat played him like a fiddle. Good riddance Jeff.

    Go Kevin & Michele

  441. @Robin:
    I totally agree with the fact that getting the boobs was a horrible decision, especially financially. And I agree, she did put herself on TV so she must accept the ridicule. I just know her personally and feel bad for her when I get on here and read all the trashing. I am sure I have misjudged other characters as well. As far as financially. The past few years have completely changed her life. She grew up wealthy in a good neighborhood until…. her family found out her father was living a double life, with a WHOLE other family, destroyed her moms credit (who had not had to work a full time job since she had kids) and then he just walked out and left. I think its pretty resepectful that she hasn’t used this time to bash her father and everything he has done to her family. But of course…..we are all welcome to our opinions.

  442. Go Lilly. I was going to say something similar but you pretty much said it all. It happen fast when it started. I think you may just have brooken the bubble for a lot of this know it alls. For BlackGirl. It was N right behind K telling what to do. He even said he still needs N. lst place – N, 2nd – K. Just wish N could keep her mouth shut at times but still has the best game.

  443. well i been so consumed by big brother this week i been reading about it literally for hours a day but i guess im glad the spell broke when jeff left. im done watching it now.
    i had considered to keep watching but i asked my husband who won the hoh comp and he said nat so i said ok im done.
    so goodbye everyone, im done reading about it too.

  444. If Kevin or Natalie truly want to win the money, they will need to work at getting each other evicted from the house. If only one of them end up in the F2 against Michele or Jordan, they will most likely have most of the votes in the JH. If they go head to head in F2, who would win might be determined by America’s vote. Of course, it will be hard for Kevin to eject Natalie this week, as she is HOH. Natalie’s smartest move would be to backdoor Kevin for eviction as HOH this week.

  445. I’m confused, was pandora’s box the money or is someone returning, I turned the television off after Natalie won HOH. She’s the most boring person on TV, I don’t mind Kevin he’s got some good lines. I am hoping if nobody comes back Michelle takes it all she did nothing in the house to piss anyone off they just decided to pick on her. As for Lydia I hope Jessie puts her in her place on the Finale and lets her know she just is not his type as well puts Natalie in her place she was dreadful to watch following Jesse around like a puppy and she had no valuable input what so ever on this game. And to say this one is for you Chima that’s another reason why I turned the TV off. What a season the females were a complete joke this time around I hope to never see them again on TV. Too bad it started off with the elimation of Braden then Laura because I think they would have played the game very well. Just my thought. Jeff deserves america’s vote hope he wins the cash.

  446. Hi Cath, I’m not so sure if anyone is returning to the BB house. There was speculation that Russell might, but with things so close to an end I’m starting to doubt it. It would make it more interesting again though, because the house will be boring now that Jeff is gone too. To “Done Watching BB”, I agree, it sucks that Natalie won HOH and I debated if I’d continue watching the rest of this season. But, as a BB fan for every season, as we know more often than not the person we dislike the most, and played a crappy game, wins more often than not. There was the acception of Evil Dick, who I thought was a riot, and tore that house up. If by chance anyone returns, then I’d say game on, but I get the feeling that the one person we dread on winning will be Gnat! They should have gotten her out much earlier.

  447. All last week we sat around and pondered about that Pandora’s Box MESS, and nothing came of it…except the HG got money..Jeff got the most! :) And the key….and he saved Kevin and he got nothing. So Im not falling for that again. I’ll tune in Finale night to vote Jeff the prize that they give to the Viewers choice winner!

  448. Agreed, will vote Jeff the prize money other then that the rest will be boring to watch and if Nat doesn’t get her way with her nominations she will stomp around like a child in daycare.

  449. To talk about some one who was commenting earlier on, does anyone else think that “I dated a mayor, and have real boobs gal,” think she’s full of herself, or what?

  450. @ Jeff Famns…. get over it…. Jeff is out because he made dumb decisions the whole game… He allligned with the losing side…. He back doored Russell…. Both Jessie / Russell would deserve to come back more than jeff… Especially Russell…. I hope there is a twist that will bring Russell back and screw Michelle…

  451. @ Diana…. I think everybody will beat Natalie in the JH…

    jessie is pissed that she was talking crap about him, so he is telling everyone her real age.

    Lydia said her whole friendship with nat was a lie, so she probably won’t vote for Nat.

    Russell said nat will lose JH votes because of her lie (his too)

    Jeff will not because nat could have saved him (Yes jeff would choose Kevin over Nat too)

    This could be like BB3 when nat would be lucky to get one vote even though I think she would not get one single vote especially since she lied about her age….

    In a perfect world it would have been BB11’s most favorite player jeff against the most hated villian Natalie with jeff winning

    Why? Because that would have been the best of bost (good vs bad) pitted against each other in the final 2 with the good defeating the villian…

    kevin is my only hope because I don’t want Michelle to win and I don’t think Jordan deserves it, but i am biased and would rather see Jordan than she-rat aka Michelle!!!

  452. After watching last nights episode I am totally disgusted with BB. First they hyped the whole pandora’s box making it seem that Jeff would be safe since he found the key or that Russell will be coming back but they totally screwed up. They realized that they needed to keep the ratings up so Julie announces this PANDORA’S BOX again to make us all watch Sunday. This is the worst BB in history.
    Next, the biggest rat wins HOH and secures herself to final 3 and may possibly win this makes me want to puke. Kevin was right about NataLIE. LIE in her name.
    Finally, BB if you read these sites do us a favor, if Pandora’s Box doesn’t bring back Jeff fill the box up with cock rotches and throw Natalie and her partner kevin inside

  453. First time commenter here…I love BB but after NatRat won HOH, I had to turn the channel. It made me sick. I will have to check in on Sunday to see what happens but there will be alot of flipping channels back and forth because I can’t bear to see Natalie. I hope she’s gone at the next elimination. I hope Michele or Jordan win.

  454. @Kelly #220-I agree with everything you said. I do not know these people so that is why I never judge. Besides as you said they are competing for money…….

    To the people who would like to have good analyzing opinions of those left I would like to blog with you. All others no thanks because I will not respond to rude judgmental posts. I watch these shows for fun.
    I can’t wait for survivor to come out.

  455. TO ALL JEFF FANS..HAHHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA! I was a Jeff fan b/c he was from Chicago and cute, but once he backdoored Russell, that was pretty low.

    Leeeooooo, are you out there!? Do you know who Gnat put up?

  456. this is my 1st yr. my kids are ready to call a shrink cause i cant pull away,,except 4 last nite on sho2 bbad. i turned it off.i have 4 girls 36,33,30,19..and if any of them acted this way[hurting people]red dye,eye solution, id be soo ashamed as a parent. i know lying, cheating[but why in pool and chess] backstabbing are the norm but….bb..someones gone tooo far. LEO,,i LOVE survivor and tried to get on ur didnt work. can you please help me. thank you all for ur help.p.s. do the rules change yr to yr??????

  457. I guess I’ll sympathize with the Jeff fans because my favorites were evicted early (Casey and Laura) but even I knew that they made some dumb decisions. Nevertheless, I kept on watching. And you should too if you want BB to be on again next year so you can find another “Jeff” to drool over.

  458. LEO…tried to get on your ‘sirvivor’ and it didnt work. can you please help me.??i have watched that show since day 1. this is my 1st for bb. i am trying to learn..thank you

  459. Agreed Nat is humorless and extremely boring to watch Evil Dick was great to watch and so was chill town…BB needs to look for the ones with some great humor and some attitude Nat just did everything to impress Jesse. I did like Russell, thought he was okay. I cannot stand Lydia and was glad when she got the boot and Chima was just a total hag to give attitude when competing I have no idea why she even went on oh yes I forgot her 15 minutes of fame. Jeff was overall a good guy he told them from the beginning it’s a game he just got the shaft from Kevin and he took the little freak off the block. Jeff deserves something yes I’m a fan of his he played it without being an ass the whole time.

  460. @KIM – #629

    One female to another – you might want to check yourself with all your hateful remarks about Jordan. You’re coming across as a resentful female who appears to be envious of Jordan’s close, SEXLESS relationship with Jeff.

    Women attacking other women – especially when you don’t even KNOW HER??? Think about what you’re doing…..

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