Big Brother 11: Week 9 Live PoV, Eviction, & HoH Episode Tonight

Power of Veto

Tonight on Big Brother 11 we’re going to have a major episode. First up we’ll see what happened in the PoV competition followed by the live PoV ceremony. From there we’ll jump to the live eviction and then on to the first part of the 3-round final HoH competition. Busy night!

As I described yesterday, tonight’s HoH competition will be an endurance round so be sure you’re registered and ready to watch the Live Feeds. We all be here through the night until the competition is over and hopefully it’ll be exciting!

If you haven’t been watching the feeds then you’ve been missing the real game and there’s no way CBS is going to be able to show most of what’s been done and said in the house. You can catch it all on the live feeds new Flashback feature which lets you jump to any day and any time in the season. Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. Try it for free and then keep it for just 50 cents a day.

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  1. Natalie and Kevin in the final 2. Best BB season ever the players got played. Let’s all face the truth. Nat deserves to win it all. Go Natalie.

  2. Good Morning All! I don’t think we have to worry about the comp running long tonight, especially if Michelle is evicted. Nat and Kev are apparently going to throw it so it will just be Jordan. Hope she can get some strength and make it exciting. Hoping Michelle can get through to Kevin today and he keeps her but I doubt that is going to happen now. I don’t understand why Kevin says one thing in the DR and does something completely different in the house. He makes me think that he is on to all Nat’s lies and tricks but then he runs and tells her EVERYTHING!! It drives me crazy!

  3. Phew!!! I had some woman from work telling me that Michelle was already voted out of the BB house. Luckily, from what I am hearing, tonight is a live eviction night, with the potential that Michelle could be leaving. I know it’s only hopeful that she can convince Kevin to keep her in, but I can wish. I just don’t get that strong vibe from Jordan that she really cares about winning the half a mil.. Atleast Michelle is trying her hardest to get there, and she hasn’t played a bad game. If Kevin or Natalie get to the end, then I’d rather Kavin win the half a mil., but in a “perfect world” neither of them would get it. Sorry Jordan, but as sweet as you seem I don’t find you as deserving as other people who have truly played the game this season. Too bad that Jeff is gone, but I would be surprised if he doesn’t get America’s vote for $25,000!

  4. Wow…i’ve been too busy all weekend to keep up. I swear… it’s like the universe is plotting against whomever i root for! I wanted Michelle to win… really i don’t care if jordan or kevin wins as long as mucus queen meets her defeat!!!

  5. @ Ashley….. Jordan would’nt win if K/N helped her…..

    Michelle Fans…. Don’t worry….. She-rat will be evicted tonight!!!

    *** Go Team NBK – K/N Final 2 Big Baaaaby ***

  6. I hear ya Sabrina! Couldn’t agree more! With luck maybe she can convince Kevin to keep her in the game, because I’d hate to see Michelle leave now. Once Jeff left the house, she was the only person I’d be happy to have win the game. To me, Jordan’s game is like a “dead fish”, and there’s not much to it. She seems to be a nice person, but to me she just skated by through the game, because she made close friends with a decent player. If she makes it to the final two with Kevin or Natalie, then I’d be okay with her winning, I suppose, but until I see Michelle walk out the door, then I’ll hold out hope that she’ll pull through. Good luck Michelle! I know you’ll need it.

  7. I am trying to catch up been gone. Watching BBAD. I can’t believe Nat go engaged? It didn’t look real. Then her lie to cover it up. I don’t know. I guess tonight will be good.

  8. Leo, quit trying to take away my glimmer of hope of Kevin evicting Jordan instead of Michelle. Nat needs to GOOOOO!!!

  9. Boycotting the show….how silly! I am in it to see who wins it.

    Nat is a terrible person and I am sure ALL the other houseguest know this and her rein of terror is almost over.

    Kevin has definately been taking notes, watching the other Good players and is a great understudy and its his time to either take over or be defeated by his unjust loyalty to nat. No way is he a strong player….just maybe one of the strongest players left in the game.

    Jordan sweet sweet Jordan…get a clue girl!! I am seriously hoping that her game play has been to play the “dumb blonde” Emmy time for sure! Hope she is smart enough to take the guy (Jeff) as a parting gift.

    Last but definately not least there is..
    Michelle..this has been a living nightmare for her I have been calling her MO HELL because she sure is geting it MORE HELL everyday form the evil twins and past houseguest she is a true survivor and that may be her saving can only hope…expect the unexpected…you go girl.

    If Michelle is evicted tonight my vote for America’s Fav is going to be her..she deserves the battle hazard pay!

  10. @Leo

    I’m just about to head off for the day, but someone is impersonating you on Big Brother 11: Week 9 Monday Live Feed Highlights. Check it out because you are in for one hell of a ride today if these bloggers believe it is you!

    And if it is you – THEN SHAME ON YOU for using such language!

  11. Hey Cammy, I agree that Michelle has been put through HELL in that house. I think peolple have been too hard on her and calling her a liar (and according to Natalie, the devil), even though there are several other people who’ve done a hell of a lot worst. She deserves America’s favorite also, but out of the people left in the house, I hope that Kevin will keep her in, instead of Jordan.

  12. I agree with you Dawn. I’m just not understanding why Leo #10 is saying that Natalie will be evicted tonight and she’s not even on the block! Where is he getting this information from?

  13. How sad it is for so many people to hate a person like(Nat). She is playing the game and damm good at it. Sure she lied but who didn’t. That’s what the game is all about who lies the best. Nat is by far the best.

  14. @Leo #30

    Not mad at you, just want to see the better more intelligent side of you without the need to be using bad language.

    Now I am out of here because I’m running late because of the blogging site which you know I am addicted to!

    Catch you here tonight when you will be eating crow, or I will be eating humble pie IF Michele goes home!

  15. I keep saying that this season is the worst one I have ever seen but its like a bad accident that you come across when your driving. You just have to watch what’s going on and try to figure out what happened.

  16. @ Diana…. Have a good day….. I will make that Humble Pie fresh because it isn’t if she goes home, it is when she goes home you will eat it!!!

  17. Hey Buster, Natalie’s the best by far??? Where do you get that? She’s made it to the end, but that’s not because of her part in the game. It’s because there were other people who worked a better game, and they were taken out first. She should’ve been taken out much earlier.

  18. I don’t understand why we get scolded for insulting each other but it’s ok to say disgusting things about the hg? Let’s be consistant.

    P.s. Gooooo michelle!

  19. Yes, it has not been a very good season IMO. Too much of the excitement seems sad instead of entertaining. I can’t really say I liked any of the players much except for Casey and Laura.

    I didn’t like the Donatos, but they WERE entertaining for sure.

  20. *** NBK Fans Everywhere – This is for you ***

    NBK is in the mother f***in house…… Michelle Fans bow down and shut your mother f***in mouths…..

    Michelle is out the door – Jordan will soon follow after….. All your wining / threats to BB – CBS….. will not be answered so go ahead and stop watching trailed by my laughter

    @ Chill-Town……






    Have you heard?

    Michelle is getting evicted tonight bro!!!

    Hell to the yeah!!!

  21. Who are some of the “nut cases” (aka: Leo) that are commenting on this site? I’m all for him rooting for the people he is wanting to win, but enough of the nasty language!!! And, does he happen to think that he is actually a part of the “Chill-Town” crew? LOL. Like who you like, we all have that right, but I agree that you’re going over board!

  22. @Leo: For your info. I will be watching the show till the end. Why don’t just shut the hell up.
    @At Everyone else
    Natalie haters unite. Let’s all hope that Kevin puts on his smart hat and chooses Michelle to take him to the final two. Let’s also remember that America gets a vote in the jury house so if you want Natalie to lose make sure you vote. If that little witch bitch Natalie wins (God forbid) I hope people in the studio audience come out and slap tha crpa out of her. That would be good entertainment. Or better yet Julie interviews her in several months. We found out that her engagement was a lie ( which it is ) and she’s had to go into hiding because of all the verbal and physical abuse she’s had to endure.

  23. I always wondered if natalie would be as hated if she was a hot, young, busty blondie. My guess is…. No

  24. Sure Nat lied but that’s not the worst. She is so arrogant and acts like she is winning everything. Oh yah with 4 people there she won 1 thing and that might not have happened if the other 2 actually heard the question. She says horrible things that aren’t needed. She lies too good. I feel sorry for her BF. Kevin wake up and dump Nat- she is making you look horrible. I use to be ok with kev but he needs to stand up to Nat. Kev needs to grow a brain! Did someone say there is a survivor site? Is it for anyone?

  25. @gooz: Still would be hated by the women, but then the men would say we only hate her ’cause she’s so hot. Now there is no excuse for any man (except maybe Jason, Jessie, & Leo) to take up for her. ;)

  26. Do any MATURE
    or CLASSY
    people watch this show
    Natalie seems like the wisest of all
    compared to the comments I’m reading

    lets all grow up

    Kevin will be smart to take Michele to the end
    he actually stands a chance with her

    Kevin/Michele final 2

  27. well, i’m gay
    so i dont know if what im about to say will have any meaning but I DONT THINK NAT IS UGLY

    shes just immature
    a floater for half the game
    and just disgusting in the game
    thats why she is hated
    OH and for the srcastic comment she made to america after Jessie’s funeral

  28. @ martie…. Ouch…. I only give Nat props because her actions with the LML is why she is in the game still. Jordan is only around because jeff carried her!!!

  29. @ Gooz…. i agree with yiour statement… You are right on the money girl…

    @ Kevin…. You are right too… natalie isn’t ugly, but she is childish as hell

    @ Loneranger / missy….enjoy watching jordan throw the comp to kevin tonight (she said she would on BBAD yesterday)…..

  30. @ Everyone… Enjoy watching Jordan throw the comp so Kevin can win tonight (Jordan said i will drop for you when you give me the look to kevin…. Don’t believe me go on the feeds and flashback to about 11:40 PM BBT!!!

    @ Dawn…..





    Michelle is going home, so now you ex jeff fans / ex Michelle fans can jump on Jordan’s fan wagon until she is evicted and then jump on kevin’s ok?

    It will only take your 4 times to be right… bravo to you all!!!

  31. WTF…. BB Producers are Michelle fans too?

    At 1:47am BBT, Kevin tells Nat that production tried to get Kevin to keep Michele (instead of Jordan) and that he feels he was “raped” in the D.R.

    Kevin: “I just got raped in the D.R., I need some support! Nothin’ is changing. Stop trippin. Now, are you entertaining thoughts they told you about?”
    Natalie: “No! I shut’em down immediately!”

    Kevin tells Natalie that he’ll tell Michele she’s going home in the morning.

    **The real question: is Kevin just keeping Natalie happy for the night & keep Michele? Or will be stick with the plan to get out Michele & keep Jordan. We shall see!!

    Okie dokie, that’s it for the Overnighter! :D Starting a new post shortly at the top.

  32. I hope Kevin keeps Michelle . Thia will make the final much more exciting and I believe a close vote. Either one of them winning is fine with me.

  33. @ Everyone…. Kevin is going to evict Michelle to make it easier for him / natalie to win the HOH….. Isn’t that what Jeff / Jordan wanted to do with natalie because she would be easier than Michelle / Kevin to beat in the Final 3 HOH? If it was a good idea for then, I think it makes just as more sense for N/K to bring Jordan over Michelle… Am i wrong?

  34. @ Dawn… If you knew what you were talking about, you would realize that there is a blogger with the user name Chill-Town… get a clue lamo!!!

  35. @ Wendy…. Do you heart watching N/K in the Final 2? I do!!!!!





    Michelle is going home, so now you ex jeff fans / ex Michelle fans can jump on Jordan’s fan wagon until she is evicted and then jump on kevin’s ok?

    It will only take your 4 times to be right… bravo to you all!!!

  36. @ Belinda…. If the story fits, I have no need to change up….

    @ Belinda

    Kevin is going to evict Michelle to make it easier for him / natalie to win the HOH….. Isn’t that what Jeff / Jordan wanted to do with natalie because she would be easier than Michelle / Kevin to beat in the Final 3 HOH? If it was a good idea for then, I think it makes just as more sense for N/K to bring Jordan over Michelle… Am i wrong?

  37. Geeeze you guys!!!
    Everyone has said Nat is a big liar…but when Nat (and BB) told you that she was engaged you ALL bought it hook, line and stinker.

    Nat took the Pandoras Box cash deal to leave HoH and go to the JH. And a Juror will take her place (“the jurors will be packing the box”). Thus a little “TWISTie tie lie to hide the cash deal.

    This season of Big Brother. . .offically Rocks. Nat took Pandoras Box Deal to give up her HoH and go the JH for a cash deal. A Juror will fill the Hoh and use a Diamond PoV to trump Kev’s veto win and send someone home with only one vote. Tuesday Night LIVE!!!

    Don’t be Eyes Wide Shut

  38. can anyone tell me what happened to the commercial that said the jury was gonna pack a punch in the next show? it never happened.

  39. @joy: I finally saw that commercial when I got all caught up with my Y & R’s. I never saw anything to do with the jury on Sunday night’s show.

    My disappointed opinion is that viewership is down so badly that they’re going to try everything, even lying, to get people to watch now.

    If tonight’s show ends up being more of the same boring nonsense, I am going to accuse arctic of working for CBS.

  40. @leslie: That was Michele’s 2nd mistake as it relates to Kevin. Her first one, and I still don’t understand it, is when she threw Kevin under the bus to Jessie when Kevin and Lydia tried to stage a coup (with Michele) to save Casey. I’m mean, WHHHHYYYYYYYYYY??!?!?!?!?!?!?

  41. At ARTIC #64 comment! That would make for an AWESOME show tonight! Boo NAT! GO …..well Im a Jordan fan but she wont win so GO WHOEVER ELSE BESIDES NAT!!

  42. I’m counting down to the 9:00 show…2hrs.7mins. I can’t wait to see Jeff pop out of the box !!!! I just know it’s going to be him, as someone said, he did not have any farewell wishes..that is true..I would love to see him come back in and Kevin go out !!! That would make my day !!!

  43. @ Phyllis #74 – do you suppose they can find a way to strap Natalie to Kevin’s back so he can drag her along as he tiptoes to the tulips right out the BB door??

  44. Goto Blog
    Let’s Try America’s VOICE!

    Everything I wrote along with Lisa and Jason
    and some other peeps wrote on the positive of
    the BB show has been deleted. Start reading @22
    and you will see only the negative remarks about Natalie and Kevin remained. So this is proof that the reason this sight is so PRO J/J
    and against Natalie and Kevin is because anything nice written about them gets deleted.

    Go and read the BB Blog on Let’s Try America’s VOICE!
    Starting at comment #22 which was supposed to be Mike Moore and others beyond. This is so good that all the nice comments could be deleted but left the proof by not deleting the negative comments against the positive Natalie and Kevin comments: See for yourself America!

  45. I wish someone would find the hole in the fence along the Arizona/Mexico border that Natalie came through and shove her back through it. I can’t stand even hearing her speak. I’ve heard toddlers put sentences together better than her.

  46. Nasty Nat fell and the log crushed her head and a pea fell out-lol ok thats just wishful thinking… come on jordo, thought i dont think jordo could win a hoh even if she was the only one playing when kev wins, he needs to take out nasty nat

  47. @ Anna #75 That’s a good one !!! I really don’t know how those people were chosen. I think that Natalie is the worst out of the bunch. I have seen all 11 seasons now and I do think that Natalie holds the metal for the dirtiest, most cunning,meanest person alive. I would HATEEEEEEEEEEEE TO BE HER FRIEND OR EVEN KNOW HER.She has to smell like a pig. I don’t know how the other HG could stand to be around her.I don’t believe that any previous HG will come back in at this late date…Too bad, the game would have been much more exciting, don’t you all think ????I am already looking forward to the next season, sure hope it will be better…

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