Big Brother 11: Week 8 Tuesday Live Feed Highlights

It was a sleepy, quiet day in Big Brother 11 on Tuesday as the HGs anxiously wait for Thursday’s eviction. Read about the last attempts to save Jeff and who is trusted in the Final 2.

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Big Brother 11 Live Feed Highlights – September 1, 2009:

1:30 PM BBT – After a slow-rising morning the HGs are out back for a brief lockdown. Jeff and Jordan are playing around and enjoying themselves.

2:00 PM BBT – Kevin warns Natalie that Jeff/Jordan/Michele are going to work on her hard today to get her to keep Jeff. Kevin is sweating this. Kevin wants to stick it to Jeff and looks forward to his Thursday eviction.

4:00 PM BBT – Jeff trying to pass along some guidance to Jordan before he leaves. Tells her she may be able to sneak on to the F2. She has to evict Kevin if she wants to get there as the other girls will definitely take her.

5:00 PM BBT – Natalie and Kevin continue to sleep the day away while Michele, Jeff, and Jordan talk about funny events in the house. They talk about how this game will change their jobs back home (no visions of grandeur, just concerns over stability).

9:30 PM BBT – Jeff tells Michele they need to press again on Natalie to keep him. He’s getting frustrated because Natalie won’t respond to his ideas on this.

9:45 PM BBT – Kevin and Michele talk game. Both say they’ll take each other to the F2, but I don’t think either is being truthful to the other. Kevin says Natalie might have a F2 deal with Jordan.

10:00 PM BBT – Kevin and Michele continue to talk about final votes from the Jury House. Kevin admits Natalie has the Jury loaded and he’s concerned about her going to the end with him. Hard to tell what’s truthful with him because he’s so sneaky! Michele says she’s still got no one with her in the game because everyone has betrayed her along the way.

Jeff has definitely resigned himself to eviction and I’d agree. Unless Allison literally walks into the house on Thursday and throws Natalie out the front door herself then Jeff should be a goner.

Keep an eye out for any last minute deals on Wednesday and Thursday, but most of the HGs should be focused on a very big week ahead of them with the next HoH and the very important PoV.

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  1. The twist is Russell is coming back. The beginning of the show on Sunday shows him exiting the BB house and last nights show has his picture back in color. Think it’s a different picture of him. I don’t like this twist. First they have Jesse come back and now Russell. I don’t think this is a mistake on Prod. part with his picture being in color again. The key still means something. And it might be to get Russell back. I hope not. I was glad when he left. Still hoping for Jeff to stay.
    Why are Kevin and Natalie so paranoid about what M/J/J are saying to each other? They know they have Jeff out. Hopefully not. Kevin should be very worried by now. He has to depend on Natalie to win HOH and if she does can he trust her to keep him. She is such a two-faced liar. Can’t stand her.

  2. Natalie’s sense of arrogance and over-confidence right now is laughable! She hasn’t done a f’ing thing to deserve her final 4 achievement, yet, acts like she is the most brilliant person in the world. She needs to go, with a nice swift kick to the rear as she walks out the door. Without the JJ duo in the house, things certainly won’t be as interesting. I’d like to see Jordan and Michelle in the final two. Jordan, because she needs it, Michelle, because she is the only one (left) who has exerted any effort throughout the game.

  3. Pandora’s box was said to be an HOH responsibility. Wonder if Kevin has the responsibility to evict Jeff and choose the unknown ‘evil’ in the box (ie Russell) or keep the known ‘evil’ (Jeff). Just a thought? More speculations to come til Thurs.

  4. @ Jenny – #3…
    I like that scenario best. That would be a fair way to spin this Pandora’s Box twist.

  5. @Jenny: It’s certainly possible as it’s happened before (BB9) with an evicted HG returning while hidden in a box and leaving the HGs to decide sight unseen.

  6. still like Jeff and want him to stay, i will hate it if Nat stays in the game. If not him then Michelle

  7. @ Matt & Jenny…..lets hope this happens. Even if Jeff gets evicted & invited to return it would be interesting. Or if Russel came back I would crack up because you know he will target Kevin, then Natalie & Jordan.

  8. I am so disappointed about Pandora’s box. It didn’t follow the story at all. That was the worst twist in big brother history. I am sick of the show. Nat drinking last night saying she is 18 as she is drinking the Mikes is sick. I know she is 24 but I think it is horrible way to portray CBS. It would be one thing if she didn’t drink but she does. I can’t stand her. Pretending she is drunk last night. What a fool. She needs to go. Sorry so long I am rambling.

  9. I will take Russell over Jeff anyday!! I would love for it to be Kevin’s choice to bring ANY jury member back to the show — you KNOW he’d bring back Lydia!!

  10. Oh my. Natalie last night. One word. HILARIOUS.

    A tad bit annoying, but who would of thought sugar, and 4 Mike’s get her like that. She wouldnt stop talking which was the tad bit annoying part, but she made up for it by being so funny.

    She got Jeff and Jordan together as a couple, so u J/J fans should be happy for the time being lol.

    I also noticed Michelle, who lately has been acting as if she runs the house for next week and somewhat of this week when she has no power as of now.

    She was talking alot, given back handed comments, then when someone called her out, or cameback at her, i.e. Jeff, Natalie she got quiet, and was so quick to say sorry.

    Thats ONE of the reasons i dont like her. But man did she kick but in that competition.

    Can Kevin really blame anyone for going back to look for money?

    I mean really.

  11. If Russell’s picture is back up there then I guess it’s a done deal he’s coming back whatever happens. I was so glad to see him go. Now we have to put up with him and Natalie. Heaven help us. I really don’t like the show anymore. I don’t know why. I am a Jeff fan and with him going it won’t be that much fun to watch, but I think it’s more than that. Natalie is just too obnoxious. I can’t stand her. Ever have people in your life that was just like her and wanted to kick her? She is such a good liar that she must be like that in real life. Would not want her as my friend. Listening to her is like nails across a blackboard.

  12. Oh man i hope Russ does come back he makes the show and he will kick Nats A$$ OUT THE DOOR!!!! BUT if not well Michelle and dumb Jorden needs to get Nat out first and then work on Kevin but i think that at the finale three if Nat or Jorden is still in the game with Michelle and Kevin that they will lose the compatition cause they cant win any thing so go Kevin and Michelle.

  13. jeff has won fair and square america chose him i hate that some fans think he’s been given special powers every year someone wins special things he’s just a good guy giving hoh to russel and to jordon so he’s been mad to play the game by america oh well GO JEFF the midwest guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Is anyone else really, really sick of Natalie? She is hands down, one of the most annoying HG on BB in awhile. (and there have been some annoying HG) Her ego amazes me! Even Kevin is noticing how she is. I couldnt even watch BBAD last night! I cant take her….seriously. I know lying & scheming are a part of this game, but come on! She lies about everything. The boyish behavior, the cow chewing, the non bathing, that evil s–t eating grin, and the cockiness are out of control! If she won ANYTHING I could understand…..she didnt even pick up the most free money in the backyard! What a LOSER! PLEASE let this key free Jeff & send her out of there!

  15. Mary i agree she is a selfish BIATCH!!! And did you see when Kevin ask for help and she just went back to getting money man that was freeking Fu$K up and if Kevin had to get bit by a gator each time Nat piked up money and knew that Kevin was getting bit she wouldnt care as long as her selfich fat A$$ was getting rich DAMM BIATCH!!

  16. @ Marcus, I think you like Nat, right? dont you think that she just had a slight buzz, and the rest was acting? The only really funny thing that she did was running from the dragonfly, now that was funny! Kinda wish she fell in the pool & floated out the BB door! tee hee

  17. I am watching them play BS right now on BBAD. Nat is such a F ing fool. I hate her more then any other househguest in BB history. I have watched since day 1. She is a pig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. @ KP I agree with you (see #16) I have watched every BB since Season 1, and I find her to be the most annoying person (even more than Jessie, Jerry, etc)

  19. I know when you get to F3 that there are 3 HOH comps. and the winner of the first and the winner of the second play the 3rd to determine who is the HOH and that one decides who they want to take to F2, but how many shows will that take up? Will one show cover all 3 HOH comps? I’m just trying to find out how, with them being so close to the end, they could have Russ back? Has there ever been a show where they have 2 double evictions in it?

  20. @ memy……YES so incredibly sick of Natalie and wish they would take her lying stinky behind and send her to the jury house for good.
    It maybe good if Russell comes back they never did show Russell walking into the Jury house like they did Lydia

  21. I WAS a Jeff fan, but after seeing his behavior last night toward Michelle after the POV comp, I am now a Michelle fan. This girl has been alone this whole game and always manages to pick herself up after falling and jump right back into the game. Yes, she’s frail and different, but she’s a fighter.

  22. @ Donni, you are right! They didnt show Russel going into JH yet, and it has been awhile. (unless they show it thursday) I do hope that the twist involves bringing Russ or Jeff back & Natalie goes out! LOL

  23. @ Vanessa M, yes I thought so….so they will show it thursday. Did you notice Russ picture was back in color? I must have missed that

  24. they haven’t had a double elimation so will there be one this week i hope so with a twist and it;s nat the rat and kevin and there both chimed out

  25. J/J are snakes. They both know Michele just lost her brother 5 months ago. I am very sure that would make her moody. She has been alone with no one to talk to but DR. Michele deserves to win the money. She has shown what she is made of Go Michele

  26. I thought with Chima being kicked out and they cut Michelle’s HOH short so they can evict someone else that week, that it counted as a double eviction for that week as planned.

  27. Leo if you get on this sit Sing another song will ya cuase you will make us laugh LOL!!!

    Go Kevin and Michelle GOOOO!!! KICK NAT BUGS A$$!!! Hey you know how to get rad of a Nat not by fly swatter but bring in the dragon flys!!!!!

  28. I hope there is a twist and Jeff gets to stay. I don’t there is a twist. It’s going to be sad to see Jeff walk out the door. At least he realizes it’s his fault that he is leaving. He shouldn’t have trusted kevin or Natalie. I hope there is some kinda of miracle and Natalie leaves tonight. Always expect the unexpected. Maybe Jordan will leave. Chances are very slim they will send Jordan home because they can be beat in competitions.

  29. U guys are so bright if u think some one is coming back. Wat are they gonna comeback and were gonna have a triple eviction night for the schedule?

    The show is 10 weeks and 3 of the houseguests have said, and if that true, we should find out the winner a week from next sunday. or 4 days from next sunday, u do the math.

    I now can belive BB wont spin this Pandora’s Box thing for Jeff, AS THEY SHOULDNT.

    Jeff found his way to the block THE SAME WAY Russell did. And Jeff got backdoored, Just as he did Russell.

    Jeff had his chance to fight, and rele he had 2 ppl fighting for his saftey. Him and his sugar-boo.

    I would like to belive NONE of u actually want BB to rigg the game for Jeff. After all he has been given (CDT, Advantages, Special Edits, Extra vote in jury). But ive been on the battle field, and seen the comments first hand, and u guys really belive that.

    U guys belive that morals or actually how ur PORTRAYED should win u the game.

    What U ppl need to realize is that its a game. So if someone isnt p.c. or if they have a bad moment, that doesnt mean they should be kicked off.

    If someone has won 5 things, or 1 thing or nothing. Not winning anything can be a strategy. Not winning anything ALSO prolly mean ur not good in comps.

    Just because someoen hasnt one anything does not mean they should leave. As a matter of fact, if u can make it to final 3/4 w/o winning anything it shows ur a strong compeitor mentally in the game.

    Especially if u have been on the block 4 times. So its not like THAT person got a free ride.

    Riding a stronger players coattails is pretty smart, and isnt that wat Jeff did the first 4 weeks, and what Jordan have done the whole game?

    I think u guys should just step back and see its good game in that entire house.

    Michelle’s- wins.
    Jeff’s- POV saving himself.
    Kevin- winning veto and HOH.
    Jordan’s- . . . .
    Natalie- riding of coatails, and lyin to save herself.

    Its part of the game. Ur not gonna be hot all the time. Ur gonna have weeks were u need to lay low.

    U cant lay low if u have won things, especially lately.

    Its the same reason Ronnie,Jessie,Russell,Jeff have been sent home. (Jeff is going home) And is why Kevin is a target.

    BECAUSE latley he has won, and is strong in comps.

    Natalie has been able to “slide” if u will threw the game, but it surely has helped her. Not winning anyting, ur looked at as not a strong compeitor, which seems to be the theme this year.

    Ive have typed way too much. Kinda a lost cause

  30. Cheri thank you for sharing that about Michelles brother cause i didnt know that. WOW! But any ways Cheri she’s not alone she has us to cheer her on right!!! GOOOOOOO MICHELLE YOU CAN DO IT GIRL SO DONT QWIT AND DONT GIVE UP CAUSE WE ARE HERE FOR YA SWEETIE MICHELLE!!!

  31. If Jeff leaves this week, I don’t think I want to watch the rest of the season. Watching Jeff and Jordan has been the best part of the show. Breaking them up will just make the house boring. Hoping BB has got a plan to keep Jeff and Jordan together in the house.

  32. Yea my family noticed that Russell’s picture was lite again. Pandora what evil are you releasing? I am a Jeff fan but it is a game so I am ok with Jeff going, that is if he does! Pandora remember. What I do have a problem with is Nat, I never liked her but dang she showed her true colors to Kevin last night. How blind is Kevin anyway? He better start wearing them more often maybe he will see the train(Nat) coming to run over his butt! God Kevin I gave you credit for being smart, guess I was wrong. I have to say it though “Go Jeff”.

  33. I think Nat lost on perpuse because she doesnt want a target on her back and wants the blame Kevin for doing her dirty work like Dan did Memphes.

  34. One thing i never added even after all that.

    I hate Michelle, but her game i so deadly.

    Even though its a known fact she lies basically every sentence, she must have the Bill Cinton effect and be REALLY convincing.

    IF U MAKE A DEAL WITH HER, U ARE GONE. that should be rule number one. if u make a deal, and hold up ur side of it, before she holds up hers, u will leave because of her. She is like a viper.

    But I cant see Natalie getting handed the HOH by Michelle. If that happen it would rain money (hmmmmmmm that did happen . . . ).

  35. I didn’t know Michelle just lost her brother 5 months ago. I felt so bad for her when she was crying because she didn’t win the HOH comp. I also felt bad that Jeff snubbed her when she won the POV. She must be a very strong woman and if Jeff leaves I sincerely hopes she wins this. Everyone has treated her badly.

  36. @VANESSA
    If you watch the feeds, after everything was said and done, Jeff went in the SS room and gave Michelle and hug and apologized for his behaviour. They didn’t show that part.

  37. let me start off by saying i am a big fan of jeff. i was hoping to see him and jordan in the final 2 but i have to say jeff blew it and may be the worst player ever to play big brother. ok lets start off with the whole switching his final 4 from russ and mich to nat and kev. i get what he was trying to do. he thought kev and nat would be easier to beat. the only problem is he was hoh and had to rely on jordan. if he would have stayed with the plan and got rid of natalie then kevin would be all alone. so jeff and jordan could have made a final 4 agreement so if kevin won he would put michele and russel up. and since michele won the pov kevin would then put jordan up and then they could vote out russell. now jeff jordan and michele play for hoh and if michele won they could get kevin out. if jeff won he could put up mich and kev and whoever got the veto would evict the other. now jeff and jodan would be in final 3 and it would be up to jeff to win last hoh and take jordan to final 2. now i understand jeff thought russel might come after him but even if russ won that hoh (which i doubt cuz that comp was made for kevin) then even if he put jeff and kevin up then michele would have won the pov and either michele would use it on jeff or if she didnt michele and jordan would vote out kevin. now russel can play in the next hoh so he most likely would be gone and jeff mich and jordan would be final 3 jeff would win the last hoh and take jordan to final 2. but thats not all jeff is doing wrong. why is he trying to make a deal with natalie? everyone thinks natalie is not a threat in comps natalie knows everyone wants kevin out and she can play for hoh this week. kevin cant play so he is in trouble. jeff and michele should have went to kevin and said that he cant count on nat to win hoh or pov so that if he keeps jeff they will go after natalie and garauntee him final 3. and jeff michel and jordan could go up to kevin and tell him if he votes jeff out then if kevin makes the final 2 with natalie they will all vote for natalie and he knows jeff and russell would vote for natalie so kevin would only be playing for 2nd place. the 3 of them should tell him if he saves jeff this week that they will vote for him to win even if jeff gets voted out next week or the final week. now thats what i would do. to me jeff is playing this game very poorly and this is coming from someone who wanted him to win with jordan.

  38. I just want Gnat out of the house. She is a cheater. She cheats at pool and at chess. I’m sure she’s probably cheating at cards, too. She is the most obnoxious person ever to play BB. Being manly doesn’t help either.

  39. I really dont think ANYONE is coming back. I sure hope not. Ive had enough of the evicted ones. Move on to more important suff…like the final POV! The only hope of redeeming this season would be Nat’s eviction. A Kevin or Michele win would be fine but a Natalie win would prove (once again) that the best person does not always win…just the best liar.

  40. I like the idea of it being a choice of the evil you know versus the unknown evil. Let Jeff stay; or bring back Russell? I’d choose Jeff. But Kevin would probably choose Russell.

  41. Did anyone notice that last night kevin looked like he was real annoyed at natalie and he did tell michelle how he watched her go get more money then trying to find the key–he told michelle he saw her true colors come out–now i hope he really does team with michelle to get natalie out–cuz jordan is to far gone on believeing what natalie says–i say Go Michelle and Kevin—FIrst get the Nasty and I mean NASTY NATALIE out and then jordan and then final 2 k/m.

  42. Marcus is a conservative. That explains A LOT.

    I read on a blog that the key does hold a power. It lets the last evicted houseguest (Russell) a vote in this coming eviction, instead of Kevo being the tiebreaker.

  43. Natalie, once BB 11 is over, there is a job for you
    on Wall Street.

    Jordan, once BB 11 is over, you still have a job at Hooters.

    Jeff, once BB 11 is over, you can run for Alderman in Chicago.

    Kevin, once BB ll is over, you can take up Palm Reading. HA!

    And Dr. Michele, once BB 11 is over, you can use your $500k
    to quite possibly pay off your Student Loans and have a
    happy life with your husband.
    Also, write a Book. “My BB 11 Experiment with HG Lab “Rats”

  44. These people are all boring! Probably the most boring BB house ever. There a lot of lying in the house, but NO excitment.

  45. I want to see Jeff and Jordan in the final 2. They are great together. I hope they continue outside the house. They both have played a good game. The others have been petty and backstabbing. Jordan is so sweet, but a little powerhouse when she is mad. Please have a twist to get them off the block! I did like kevin until he pulled that boneheaded move. Natalie is using him. She will throw him under the bus at any moment if it will work to her advantage. She has been sliding by and doing the very thing she accuses the others of doing. Come on Jeff and Jordan! I want to see them win! I don;t even want to watch if Jeff and Jordan are gone. The others are whiney and boring. Go Jeff and Jordan!

  46. and i also have to say that russell was just as bad at this game. when jeff won hoh russ and michele gave them too much space. they should have been around jeff and jordan all the time and russ and mich should have not hung out together alone. by them being alone in the ss room it aloud kev and nat to make up that lie. then when they were confronted micele said she could not remember and russell admited to it. so they made themselves look suspicious. then when jeff used the veto on kevin it still did not mean russell was going home. if russ knew how to play this game instead of going to kevin to get him to vote out natalie and instead of having a roid rage on jthe house he should have went to jeff and jordon and kept talking to them and tell them that kev and nat are going to put u up and explain to jeff why he had to go up and if jeff didnt win the veto he would be gone. he should have been friendly and swore on a final 3 on his pops with him jeff and jordan and then maybe jeff would have realized the mistake he was about to make. the night b4 the eviction jeff and jordan started thinking that nat and kev were going to put him up, but by then russell and jordan got into it bad and russell and jeff got into it bad and it was too late. jeff and russell should still be here and jeff shouldnt even be on the block but they are and its becuz of the horrible game play

  47. Marcus #36 I must have missed some information, what advantages did Jeff get, and when did he get an extra vote in jury, I will hate to see Jeff go but its part of the game.

  48. Natalie has got to go==lying and cheating(which seems to be her nature) is one thing but to do it for unnecessary reasons –like cheating with pool and chess and all the other things she does is just down right wrong–how does that help her game play–SHe is HORRIBLE.

  49. Why does everyone love Jeff so much? I mean, yeah, the guy is hot, but he’s kinda dense! He was handed power thanks to America and yes, he did use it wisely but he didn’t have to actually “do” anything to get it – unless being hot counts as doing something! I think there are higher powers here keeping him around, and if somehow he miraculously stays again this week, the show is definitely fixed!

  50. Jordan has said that she is 22, when she is really 24 as well, but that’s different because its jor- find somethinf else to harp about! Beside, the editing takes everything out of context. You have to watch the feeds in orde not to be so dark and hateful. You actually believe the show, its like watch a series these people are playing characters and all are good and bad. No one is better then the other, they can all use a life coach.

  51. @fred derf #49

    Where did you read about the key and Russell being the tiebreaker? I would like to read that article. Because you know, if that was true, then Russell will vote Jeff to stay rather than Jordan.

    I thought Russell left with some class, even though he turned that house upside down and he did make the show exciting and somewhat entertaining.

    I also felt for Russell when the HG’s completely ignored him, the way they are treating Michele now – SHAMEFUL!!!

    If we don’t have something exciting happen by Thursday, I honestly believe that the ratings will drop, because Nat. has single handedly managed to turn the audience and viewers off.

    I don’t believe it is about her lying, or her skating by on the coat tails of others, but rather the way that she rubs people the wrong way, with her crude and obnoxious behavior.

    Let’s face it, if it were one of our favs. we would justify the lies and the riding of coat tails, because both J/J have been seen to do the same.

    The difference between J/J and Nat. is simple. They both have some semblence of decency, whereas Nat. has shown time and time again that she would stomp on anyone to get her own way. Sad, that this girl is going to go through a rough patch after this show, because she will be shunned by many who recognize her from this show. Remember, that perception is reality and people’s general perception (all bar a few) of Nat. is that she is a liar and not one to be trusted! AND trust goes a long way in progressing through life!

    Nat. has to go!!!

  52. @Midwest: There was a photo floating around of Lydia following along with Heather Mills. She claimed to have been a personal assistant for an English celebrity. Put those two together and it seems very likely.

  53. I know its far fetched but a girl can dream…. I think it would be great if the key found was another HOH key and Jeff got to use it to take someone else out of them game. In turn saving himself or at least getting to take someone else down with him. Unlikely I’m sure but in my world that would be great!

  54. he Bee #51 i totaly agree this year has been so boring. im sorry to say but alot of people are going to be let down when they find out on thursday that there is no twist, the key is nothing, no one is coming back, and jeff will not be saved. i wish there was but theres not. the pb is over and jeff is gone. it stinks but like jeff said he has only himself to blame. im also sorry to say but if nat makes the final 2 she will win it all. she may be horrible at the comps but she has been playing with everyones mind perfectly. and too the people who will not watch the rest of the season thats your right it doesnt mean your not a fan. u just dont want to watch natalie chew with her mouth open and see her food on her tongue with every chew. listen to her fat mouth non stop and all lies come out. see her ugly face i still dont know if she a man a woman or a hermaphradite. and watch that stupid duck walk she does. u dont want to watch jordan just sit there cuz she wont know what to do with herself without jeff and she will believe everything natalie says . u dont want to hear that stupid giggle that michele does whenever someone say anything. and u dont want to watch boring kevin who is only funny in his DR sessions. they need to get all really good looking single people so everyone could hook up.

  55. @bumblebee you answered your own question. The very reason we like Jeff/Jordan is because they’re like everyday people. They don’t pretend to be brilliant, they admit their weaknesses, and blame themselves for their demise, not anyone else. They’re the first to say they’re not perfect.
    @bonsheen – no Russ will vote to keep Jeff. He said that he respects Jeff’s gameplay. He’s not going to keep Jordan only because he knows she really hasn’t played her game.
    @fred derf – interesting!
    @diana – you beat me to it, and said it perfectly
    Should Jeff be voted out I’ll not be watching, because quite frankly it’ll be like watching paint dry and having a mosquito constantly buzzing in your ear (NataLier)as you do.

  56. @Linda Wilmer #70

    Thank you!

    I am interested however to read the article that Fred Derf read, because it could change the game around and bring the viewers to believe that some excitement still lies ahead for us with some action packed comps.

  57. @Meshell: Definitely not going to happen. Chima has been banned from all things CBS.

    It’d be funny though. Not like “haha” funny but more like “I fell down and poked my eye” funny. Okay, that’s not funny at all. Nevermind.

  58. I am sure that CBS are well aware that their ratings will drop if something exciting doesn’t happen soon.

    They have their people monitoring these blogs and they can see what the general public wants to see and they are also aware of the entertainment value we the audience expect, otherwise they don’t have a show!

    They are about making money and when ratings drop, sponsors withdraw therefore they lose money, so the bottom line is that CBS will do what they have to do, to make their money and hopefully redeem this show by making it more exciting, now that the power players have been all evicted (I am including Jeff as being evicted this week)!

  59. After I saw Jeff telling Michele “get away from me” when she went to hug him after she won the POV comp, I am glad his sorry a$$ is going to the JH!! He is a very sore loser and Michele has tried to help him more in this game than his precious Jordan. I had hoped that Michele and Jeff would go to F2…but now I hope it’s Kev and Michele! With Michele as the winner of the $500K! Go, go, go Michele!!

  60. Well, I guess this post yesterday by “Leo” was bogus.

    By Leo

    September 1st, 2009 at 2:41 pm
    ******* Spolier Alert *******

    It looks & sounds like Jeff might be staying amd Michelle will be going home!!!

    Good morning, guys & gals! Today is Tuesday and you know what the means…FINALLY we’ll get to see the whole Mystery Door thing on tonight’s episode! w00t w00t! I’m anxious to see what the key (that Jeff found & has) means. According to (which is a celeb gossip site, kinda like TMZ), the key is *rumored* to give Jeff the Diamond Veto:

    Kevin entered the mystery room and was trapped, handcuffed to the Pandora’s box. It’s unclear if the production ordered him to do it or not but when Jeff found the key to release Kevin he was given the choice to take the money and turn his back or “save” his house mate. Jeff chose to release Kevin opening the Pandora’s box, which is rumored to have a “Diamond Veto“, which will overrule Michelle’s PoV. Jeff is safe again!!

  61. If Jeff goes then Michelle and Kevin will have a bigger chance to be the finale two because Jeff is stong so i think he will be leving the BBHouse because of his streangth and Nat is an idiot and cant win and Jorden is to week and stupid to win any thing so Jeff i love ya but better days and better legs so keep on walking out the door!

  62. are people really going to start the whole
    “jeff didnt do anything to win the CDT” crap again?

    america always votes to give powers to someone in the house, get over it.

  63. @Cheri #76

    I was referring to all the power players, not just Jeff. They need to inject some substance into this show because the comments about Nat. have been so overwhelmingly negative, that it could affect their ratings if she makes it to the F2. I think there are many people that would simply boycott watching the finale, which would be a shame!

  64. @Diana #81 – I think they will expose all of Nat’s lies on the finale and that will be worth watching for sure!

  65. @Vanessa M #77

    Yes, Leo did admit that he was wrong and that the site was only speculation, like most of the stuff out there on the internet.

    We all believe what we want to believe, because it gives us hope to see our favs. progress further in this game.

    For me, I was always a J/J fan, but turned off them when they had the reign for 2 weeks and their power trip was just over bearing.

    I have always like Michele and believe that she has earned the right to win this game, by doing it on her own and regardless of the poor behavior of the other HG’s and their rudness and ignorance shown towards her, she has always held it together and progressed in this game with dignity and has remained focussed on the main prize.

    She deserves to be rewarded the $500k!

  66. How come no one calls Natalie out for drinking if she is only 18? And, is CBS ‘condoning it…by allowing her to drink…when everybody thinks she is 18 and does nothing…this is soooo weird to me. Morally…even if GNAT is fibbing about her age…CBS needs to up hold that lie and not let her drink even if she got them from Kevin. What is up with this??? Doesn’t this bother anybody else?

  67. @Ashley #82

    You are probably right, and Nat. will make up another lie to justify her lies on the show. Just like she keeps telling everyone that she is going to win HOH and how strong of a physical player she is.

    In my mind, she has cried ‘wolf’ too many times and I just cannot believe anything that she says anymore.

    Like I said, it really is a shame that her adjustment into reality after this show will be difficult for her, but I honestly don’t believe that she will understand why people will not trust her! That in my mind is plain ignorance!

  68. Jeff did hug her and congratulate her on her win and appologize for his behavior. He knew he was wrong.
    Matt I want to thank you so much for this site. I would be lost without all of you to talk to and complain with and hope with.

  69. Why has Julie not be telling the evicted houseguest that Nat is 24 Years old??? Casey is the only one she has told. The people in the jury house needs to know this info. If Nat wins it will be all based on a lie.Nobody seems to remember Jeff letting Russell get HOH so he could get a letter from his Dad, just that he gave the HOH to Jordan. He has made some mistakes in the house but he has been the one to make all the big decisions-getting Jesse and Russell (both big players), the others let him take the heat for that. He just got them out before they got him.Kevin is awful, that kissing his ring for his person is just plain stupid. He has stabbed Jeff in the back so many times, Jeff should have left in the box.If Jeff goes to the jury house he needs to the one to tell the other house guest about Nat’s lies. Jeff’s problem he has listen to Jordan mouth to much.He needs to stay in the house. He has given 2 HOH’s away, he gave Kevin a second change and got rid of 2 powerful players.

  70. why does my post say it’s 12:15 pm when it’s actually 9:15 am Pacific Standard Time? Things that make me go hmmmmmmmmm?

  71. If Jeff goes on Thursday and two others follow, then the jury is made up of six people. What if the vote count is 3 to 3 do they split the $500,000? What if at Thursday’s eviction, Jordan stands up and saids, “I quit”. Then would Jeff stay? Additionally, the jury at the end would the be an odd number at five. Anyone have comments on this.

  72. I can’t believe there is still talk about Pandora’s box.. clearly it’s over. I think they made it painfully obvious that there is nothing more to the door/box than what was shown on air. I feel your pain, and also wish that there was a twist that would allow Jeff to stay – but I think it’s time to face “reality”.. he’s gone.

  73. @rockymtnbrenda #94

    I agree with you, however if someone has seen a post that it is not over yet, I would like to read it, so I can judge for myself whether this is just another bogus scam, or there is some validity to it.

  74. @Sami#80, In the history of BB when did America ever voted to give one player that kind of power. I have watched all 11 seasons of BB but cannot recall so please enlighten me.

  75. Hey Ashley, What do you think of this talk of Russell coming back? I dont think so BB will not bring someone back this late in the game.

  76. Why can’t Jordan quit? No one has answered the question, What would happen if the vote count is 3 to 3? Doesn’t the jury count have to be an odd number?

  77. The only reason Jeff gave that HOH up is because he couldnt go on so he made the deal with Russ. Russ would not have dropped and Jeff was done

  78. I just went to the CBS BB Community Message board and everyone is crying ‘fowl’ over the so called Pandora’s Box twist.

    People are saying that they have already cancelled their ‘showtime’ and they are boycotting this show.

    As mentioned earlier, CBS has to pull something out of the box (excuse the pun), to turn this game into a more entertaining and interesting one!

  79. Blackgirl, so let me get this straight, America would vote. So that would have to be annouce to America when it comes down to the final two. Just wondering, how do you know this? Additionally, can Jordan quit? If not, why not?

  80. @mark #101

    If Jordan quits, then she could possibly sued due to her contractual agreement with CBS. I think there would be a clause in the contract stating that only in an emergency or crisis can a HG quits.

    Otherwise, you would have people quitting whenever they wanted because they didn’t get their own way.

    The only other way Jordan could leave, would be to get expelled like Chima did, but that is not really in Jordan’s nature, nor do I believe that she would be as stupid to throw a hissy fit because I believe that her upbringing and morals wouldn’t allow it.

  81. Mark, America will vote when it is down to F2 Americas vote will count only if there is a tie.
    As for Jordon, she can quit but I dont know if she would go to the jury house or go home.
    This was announced by BB producers

  82. Diana, sounds good to me. What about the jury house count. Would there be enough time for America to vote in case of a tie?

  83. I am hoping for 2 things. Kevin finally wakes up/sides w/Michelle, Gnat gets the boot. Michelle/Kevin final 2 with Michelle the big winner. I am very disappointed that CBS condones her so called illegal drinking, stealing, etc. As for J/J, don’t trust them since they are still under Gnats spell and wud side w/her instead of Michelle. Michelle Rocks, you go girl, lot of us rooting for u.

  84. @Mark #108

    The Amercian jury vote will be done after the F2 are left standing.

    I think there is a 2-3 day delay before the Finale (not sure exact timing, but there is a delay), so the votes will be counted and then on the Finale, the jury house will cast their vote and in a tie will America’s vote be used!

  85. @Jackie M #102

    I’m with you! I did originally want M/J as F2 with Kevin winning America’s choice, however I think that Jeff is doomed and is walking out the door this Thursday, so for me M/K are the only other two deserving to get the prizes!

  86. thanks Diana – well explained. I hope it is Michelle and Jordan at the end. I like them both. If either are up against Kevin or Natalie, then Kevin and Natalie they will win. I wouldn’t mind Kevin because I think he played a good game, however like most everyone else I don’t like Natalie – very immature!!!!

  87. I don’t think there is anything to the Pandora’s box. I think it was to give the HOH some insight into who was the most greedy. It looks like Natalie wins. Kevin didn’t tell Jeff that he needed to bring back the key to him, he just lied and said that he needed to find the key in order for everyone to keep the money. But Natalie knew about the key and didn’t even and try to find it. Then she tried to stop Jeff from going up there. I got a question though, Jeff read the card that was on the dresser and smiled. I think he new that maybe Kevin lied to him, and he knew it. What did it say on that card?

  88. @June #112

    Well I went to the site and this is what it claims – AGAIN, it should be STRESSED that this is a spoiler and is only SPECULATION, there has been no proof that this is actually going to happen, but we can all still hope and keep ourselves entertained until Thursday night.

    ……More news in on Pandora’s Box. It seems that BB has raised the stakes on Pandora’s Box. The cash prizes that the HGs won on in the Pandora’s Box event were only a teaser leading up to the real and amazing prizes and twists that are in the near future. Pandora’s Box is not over. Even though the HGs will be lead to believe it is. Thursday night’s episode of BB will be full of ups, downs and twists. Enough to make every viewer wanting more.

    Jeff will win something for his kindness of unlocking Kevin and freeing him from Pandora’s box. He is going to be given an unprecedented gift. Jeff is guaranteed a spot in the final two. He is also winning an additional $6,000. This is good news for all of you Jeff fans, but wait there is more. There also has to be a replacement HG to be nominated for eviction. BB has thought of that and the key also gives Jeff to offer any HG $100,000 to leave the show and go to the Jury House. This is a very profitable twist to the game for one very lucky HG. It is also rumored that the key may go to a Hybrid that Jeff can drive home with when the show is over.

    There is even a twist to Jeff’s winnings though. Unknown to Jeff, Kevin will win a Diamond Veto that you may have heard a rumor of. The Diamond Veto will give Kevin the power to trump Jeff’s offer and either keep the $100,000 for himself and go to the Jury House, or choose who he wants to go, excluding Jeff, in place of Jeff’s decision. This in fact gives Kevin the power to choose who he wants gone. Kevin is also winning an additional $4,000 for his confinement in Pandora’s Box. Things are getting interesting, bit more is still on it’s way.

    BB is not done with this. For all of you BB fans that do not like Natalie, you will enjoy this. For being the greedy one and not trying to free Kevin, Natalie is going to be awarded a Penalty. Natalie is going to receive a cat costume (whiskers, ears, tail and all) to wear for the entirety of her stay in the BB house. To me that is just funny. Who says BB doesn’t have a sense of humor.

    Other house guests left are also winning prizes of their own. I guess all of the griping, crying, and moaning in the house has paid off. HGs have been saying the more they complain the more they receive.

    Michele is going to win a phone call to her hubby and an additional $2,000. Not to shabby if you ask me. Some would say she needs to hear from a friendly voice by now.

    Jordan gets maybe the most unusual prize of them all. With all of the publicity if Jordan and her cookie dough obsession Jordan will win a lifetime supply of Pillsbury cookie dough. She is also going to win a contract for an undisclosed amount of money to be a spokes model, doing adds and commercials. It is unknown how long the contract is for, but Jordan will have cookie dough whenever she wants for now on as I see it.

    All of these prizes, penalties, and powers are rumored to be awarded Thursday before the live eviction. Big brother is keeping all of the HGs in the dark until then to really mix things up and make them think on their feet. They will all be told of their awards separately before the show. Natalie will not have to start her penalty until the HOH competition if she remains in the house.

    BB fans this is a major change to the outcome of the game. HOH will be important next week and everything is going to be more insane in the house than it usually is. Who will win and how will everyone react to the news. I guess you will just have to tune in on Thursday to find out live with everyone else…….


  90. @blackgirl – I think it would be AWESOME to bring Russ back but I’m like you, I don’t think it would happen. It amazes me the people showing up saying they want him to come back when there was only a handful of us wanting him to win.

  91. @Mark #113

    Mark, you need to read my last post. If any of this is true, we are all in for an exciting ride.

    The so called diamond veto will be Kevin’s not Jeff’s and he will have the chance of taking the temptation of $100k (which I would do in a heartbeat). Better to have a sure thing rather than a maybe!

    Hope this is a true spoiler, because BB ratings will go through the roof.

    Can’t wait to see Nat. in a cat suit for the rest of the game.

  92. @ Vanessa M….. I sited were i got that info with a websote which is more than you Jeff fans are doing hoping BB / CBS would just help Jeff and screw natalie / Kevin….

    @ Asley / Blackgirl… WUZ UP?

    @ Blackgirl want to join my Survivor Samoa blog site?

  93. Ashley,
    It would be great for Russell to come back (don’t think it will happen). I wanted Jeff and Russell for the final two. I would have been interesting who the people in the veto house would vote for.

  94. @Diana – I just think that is too far fetched. That is someone posting who wants to keep things stirred up.

  95. @ mushroom… Jeff is going home… Please keep us posted with any new show you decide to watch ok? NOT!!!

  96. @Leo

    Well like I said there would be more speculation about the so called Pandora’s Box and I was right. I posted something that I found on the CBS Community Pofile however, even though these twists would be huge for CBS’ ratings I have a feeling that they are bogus, but it will be fun to watch on Thursday to see if any of it is true!

    After Thursday, if it is as predictable as I am expecting, then I am done for BB 11 until the Finale, but if I see that Michele is not in the F2, I will flip channels because I don’t want to see Nat. claim any prizes whatsoever!

  97. What!! I didnt say any thing bad what the Heck i just said thank you Diana for posting great things????

  98. @ Diana… Do you want to know what this BB season reminds me of? Survivor fans vs Favorites… When that snake of a female used her sexuality to get James Clement / Ozzie and all the other guys out and still won… Everyone hated her, but she left the game a millionare… Everyone knows Michelle is the best competitor left, so they will target her next to make it easier for them (N/K/J) to win the final 3 challenge…

  99. Diana – my comment is also awaiting moderation for some reason.

    @Leo – I can’t believe the pb is still a factor. Although, if it brought Russ back, I would be sooo happy!!

  100. @June #124

    Thanks! The moderator is a piece of software that picks up on certain words I think, so it will be released soon and I will check it out!

    In the meantime, know that although I posted what I found on the CBS forum, it could all be a hoax, just to keep the rumor mill going, which I believe that is all it will be.

    I would love to see some of the twists (if not all) come out of this post on Thursday, but it is highly unlikely!!

  101. Leo, sure I have the email address you provided earlier.
    BTW I love the songs, keep them coming on thursday when Jeff is gone.

  102. I wish they would do some kind of twist to make things more entertaining!! It is so boring watching the live feeds now because everyone sleeps and does nothing. JJ’s showmance has always been boring to me so I could care less if they leave. I just want something to happen.

  103. @Leo #125

    Like I have said now on a couple of occasions. If Natalie’s stratgey or game play or whatever you want to call it, was played out by one of our fav. HG’s we could justify her actions. It is just her crudeness, her bullying and her obnoxious rants that people find offensive.

    Humanity does believe in the goodness of people, but for some reason, people just want to overlook any goodness that Nat. has (and I for one believe that she does have some good qualities), however her behavior has tainted or tarnished anything or positive that she may have to offer.

  104. Ashley, Jeff showed his true color again last nignt after the veto comp. what a loser.
    For some reason it seems like Jeff is entitled to the money and all the others should just sit and enjoy the J&J show.

  105. i 100% agree that gnat is by far the most disgusting female i’ve ever seen. BB needs to do whatever they can to stack the deck against the nasty skank.How she ever was chosen is beyond belief.Maybe the prod. can put a clause in that requires that you win a comp. in order to advance to the F2.

  106. @June #128

    Another thing to remember is that CBS are masters of manipulation. They have all the marketing skills out there, scanning these forums to ascertain what the general consensus is.

    If they see that their ratings are dropping and their audience is getting bored, they throw a twist or a rumor out there to pull us back in. Sometimes we are happy with the results and other times we are disappointed.

    They are very smart when it comes to their ratings, so kudos to them!

  107. @blackgirl #132

    You are right when you say that Jeff was terrible the way he treated Michele, but it has been reported twice on this forum, he later went up to Michele, apologized to her, congratulated her and gave her a hug.

    Sometimes under extreme disappointment and pressure, we behave in ways we normally wouldn’t or don’t like. How often can any of us say, ‘I wish I didn’t do that!’, or ‘I’m sorry I did that!’ I think we are all guilty of saying or doing something that we regret at times.

    Jeff, was a man and did go to apologize!

  108. @ Soonerfan…. The best BB Player ever was able to win the $500,000 without winning and telling people to there faces that he was lying and almost won the $500,000 for a 2nd time….

    Who is this person?

    ******* Dr. Will *******

    No nat isn’t Dr. Will, but you can win BB if you are able to float thru the game because people either like you or think you are too weak to win challenges and therefore jury votes!!!

  109. @Leo #135

    You’re right, but it could cost CBS big time for her actions.

    I believe somewhere on this forum someone commented how CBS has allowed her to drink (supposedly because she is 18)and that if she wanted to start out on this show being 18, they should have put a clause in her contract stating that she wasn’t allowed to drink, because it taints CBS’ values by saying that it is OK to drink when you are under-age and it does send out a very negative message out to our under-aged audience!

  110. @Leo #137

    The difference between Dr. Will and Nat. is that Dr. Will has charisma and Nat is obnoxious, there is no comparison whatsoever!!!

  111. @ Diana… Cbs did mess up, but they probably didn’t want to interfere with nat’s game play especially since all the HG’s were supposed to read the contracts where it clearly says people must be 21 to be on BB and some HG’s even said they seen the age requirement of 21 but no one caught on…..

  112. @ Diana….

    Please read…

    No nat isn’t Dr. Will, but you can win BB if you are able to float thru the game because people either like you or think you are too weak to win challenges and therefore jury votes!!!

  113. @Leo #140

    Finally, we agree on something – CBS messed up and they are still messing up!

    Unless they can pull something exciting off by Thursday, they will be in deep doo doo with their ratings, but have faith – they will tease us again with something that all of us gullible viewers will want to watch!

  114. Leo,
    Actually Kevin brought it up the first day, because he said in the Diary Room there is no way that she was 18, maybe 24 or 25.

  115. @Leo #141

    You got me. I read that after I posted my response to you.

    Dr. Will was a very likable guy and still his, both him and Mike Boogie.

    Even they were both villians, they were not malicious and quite humorous. I found myself wanting them to go all the way, which of course they did!!

  116. @Jody #143

    You are right about that! I think she has been questioned a couple of times, but like a snake, she has slithered out of it, or she comes irate and uses her bullying tactics to back people down.

    Quite frankly, I don’t think the other HG’s care and I am not so sure that they have been fooled by her repeating over and over that she is 18 years old and she is not stupid. I think that Michele has certainly questioned her age, but doesn’t care to challenge her on it.

  117. Diana,
    I agree with you, I think that Natalie is more of a bully then Russell was. She is just a little better at hiding it. She thinks she has everyone wrapped around her little finger. I think the only people that realize this are Michelle, and know I think Kevin is realizing it also.

  118. I also think that don’t care. I would, if she lies about something as simple as her age, what else would she lie about.

  119. How embarassed would you be if your a family member of skanky Gnatty?Her bfriend must be a real loser

  120. I saw BBAD last night, and I couldn’t believe what Natalie said to Michelle. I know alot of them have been saying it behind her back, but to say it like she did to her face is just wrong, drunk or not drunk it is wrong.

  121. @ Diana / June / Blackgirl / Ashley…. You can cheer for me when you watch the show ok? ;) :D :) :P

  122. @Jody #151

    I don’t have live feeds of BBAD, but I do follow what is happening in that house on Joker’s.

    Nat’s behavior to all of them was disgusting, however she was particularly nasty to Michele and she was very domineering, loud and over bearing. If she wasn’t in the BB house and she behaved like that in the real world, someone would have knocked her lights out by now.

    How dare she pre-judges anyone in that house, taking on a superior attitude. Her ego is choking her and it is bigger than Ben Hur!

    We all said that Chima needs counselling, well I believe that Nat. does also. She has a chip on her shoulder and she needs to work through her issues and needs to learn to be considerate towards others and how to socially interact with other people without offending them.

  123. @Joday #151

    My response to you is in moderation, so I hope you read it when it is cleared. Currently it is post #153.

  124. @Leo #152

    You know Leo, I have been thinking, that perhaps you should try for BB12, so we can cheer you on and give you America’s vote, so you can use the CDT on everyone that is annoying us!

    How about it???

  125. @ Diana… I would, but I have a feeling I would be targeted for simular reasons as Jeff because I am not a model, but I am 6’3″ / 228 and am a personal trainer…. I have a feeling people would get me out for being a physical threat…

  126. @Matt

    I wished you had a link with the words that flag our responses to go into moderation, so we can avoid using them.

    I guess that there is no way you could publish them is there??

  127. @Diana
    Would you mind displaying the link to which you found this spoiler on. I can’t seem to find it. Thank you. I just would like to read it for myself.

  128. @Leo #156

    Not for some of the females. You would have to hook up with all the girls and then you would be OK!!

    Try it and if not BB12, then try for Survivor!!

  129. @Vanessa #158

    If this doesn’t go into moderation the link is:

    I removed the www so hopefully it won’t go into moderation!

  130. @ Diana… I wouldn’t want to be like Jessie because I wouldn’t put females against each other…. I also wouldn’t want to use my looks to get me by…. I would be funny like Casey / Kevin and have to win as much as i can… I know i would be targeted by other guys and people who want to get the strong players out which happenes every year….

  131. @Leo #161

    Ah but the challenge would be worth it and you could test your social skills by seeing how you could interact with everyone around you, befriending them rather than alienating them.

    That is always the challenge and of course if you have enough charisma as did Dr. Will you will go very far in the competition (whichever one you were selected for). And, if you didn’t win the grand prize, you would probably get America’s choice award because of fan base on these sites!

    No don’t cop out here. I am putting a challenge out there for you!

  132. @Diana
    That’s crazy. I wonder if it’s true. How did they know the complete twist? Was is a mad employee of CBS or just a joke on all of us BB fans. lol

  133. @Vanessa M #163

    I don’t think it is a CBS employee, however I do believe it is a prank to keep the rumor mill going!

    Even if some of it was true, it would ramp up this game again and make it more interesting for us to watch!

  134. Apparently J/M are working on Nat right now to throw her vote to keep Jeff and they would go after Kevin next week.

    Nat has cramps and she is yelling at the cameras for a heating pad.

    This is a good strategy for J/M to get Nat. at a weak moment. Having said, that I don’t believe that Nat. will budge because she knows that Jeff is way too strong, regardless of any promises they make to throw her the HOH. Nat. knows that the Veto is the only thing that counts next week, so unless J/M agree to throw the veto and providing she believes them, she isn’t going to change her vote!

  135. Yeah, I believe there is no way that Natalie will vote to keep Jeff. Now Kevin on the other hand might, if Jeff and Jordon were smart and talked to him. Instead they are believing Natalie.

  136. @Vanessa & @Jody

    I agree with both of you! Natalie is so arrogant that she thinks she can control everyone in the house and she also has control of this game.

    Michele IMO, is the only one that sees her for what she is, but doesn’t confront her because I believe that Michele is a non-confrontational type of person and not one to create any waves because she has had to do this alone and she fears they will all gang up on her and she will be voted out.

    She is the only one who has remained totally focussed on the game play and has never really attacked anyone’s character. She has lied and avoided answering questions, but she has never been malicious or cruel like the others.

    I only wish that she would call Natalie out, but winning means more to her and I can’t blame her for that. She is really a remarkable player!!

  137. @ Diana…. If natalie feel for that lie she would be even dumber than jeff for believing K/N over Russell…. I hope natalie stands firm and refuses that deal… Karma on Jordan because J/J were taunting Lydia about not sending her to the JH with Jessie by keeping her anyways until J/J made that inmfamous deal with natalie which led to Lydia leaving instead of natalie….

  138. Natalie made a big mistake by telling Jordon that Michelle was trying to keep Jeff, and not to tell Jeff. So eather she will tell Jeff, and convince her to keep Jeff, or she will not tell Jeff which means she will be keeping something from him, and which means she eather was lying when she said she thinks he should win, or she doesn’t want him to stay.

  139. @Leo #169

    Need not worry, Nat. won’t take any deals because she believes she is superior to anyone else and wants everyone to bend over when she tells them to.

    The funny thing is, that everyone except Michele have fallen into her trap. Goes to show how gullible people really are and how trusting they are with people they don’t really know!

    Like I said earlier, we basically believe in the goodness of mankind, but Nat. has been so successful in having these people believe her b.s. that it almost makes her malevolent!!

  140. @Leo

    Got to go now for a while, will be back later!

    Have a great afternoon and catch you sometime this evening!

  141. Nat needs to go. There is no way she should of lasted this long. She is a WHEEZEL. I was so disappointed in the show last night. The key should of had more meaning than just money. What is up with that? CBS should of made it so who ever found the key would have a spacial power to save themselves or herself. If CBS doesn’t make the key something special then they blew it. Then for Natalie to try and go and steal it from Jeff, she is horrible. There is nothing nice to say about that girl. I don’t get to watch live feeds can someone tell me what she said to Michelle that was so terrible. I like Michelle, she is a really nice person. I think she is getting a bum wrap. And Kevin well he just doesn’t have any backbone. Jeff is the only one that has any backbone in that house. Yes, I believe he made a mistake by believing stupid Kevin and Natalie I am still trying to have some faith in CBS and hoping they will make the key something special for Jeff. Please CBS come thru with something great.

  142. @ Diana… You have a good day too… I look forward to exchanging opinions with you tonight after I get off work and workout ok? ;) :D :P :)

  143. How did Michelle get on the show? She isnt social. She isnt interesting. She brings what to do table?

    Also doesnt Jeff look and act like Zach from season 8?

    Doesnt Jordan remind u off Jessica from Season 8?

    Why does Kevin look somewhat like Parker from Season 9?

  144. Jody u need to pay attention.

    She didnt tell Jeff because is in on the deal.

    She told Jordan not to tell Jeff because she doesnt want ppl to knoe the plan, and that she told someone, because she told Michelle she wouldnt tell anyone.

    But Michelle lies ALOT, so its some of her own medicine.

  145. ;) :) :D :P Cheer Up People :P :D :) ;)

    ******* Spoiler ~ Alert *******

    It is only a game….. None of us are going to be seeing any of that $500,000!!!

    let’s all sing some BB songs together to lighten up the mood ok everyone?

    *** a 1 – a 2 – a 3 – lets go!!! ***

    ******* I don’t care what the haters say about nat because Kevin is staying alive, staying alive…. diss his style or dis or his game she staying alive… staying alive…. dis his Lying, cheating, scheming, playing Kevin is staying alive… Jeff fans may ask themselves over ad over again why he is staying alive,,,, staying alive…. ask… ask ask saying why why why why, se is staying alive staying alive… why why why why… he is staying a-l-i-v-e *** a-l-i-v-e *** a-l-i-v-e ~ he staying alive…. repeat… oh baby… dooo-dooo-dooo-dooo-boobo-booo-boo yeah yeah yeah yeah staying alive staying alive….

    @ Marcus…. Join in bro….

    ******* whaa, whaa whaa whaa whaa….. jeff is going home…. whaa, whaa whaa whaa whaa….. jeff is going home….

    Dang that makes me feel so good, i said dang that makes me feel so good!!! *******

    Sing with me now….

    ******* whaa, whaa whaa whaa whaa….. jeff is going home…. whaa, whaa whaa whaa whaa….. jeff is going home….

    Dang that makes me feel so good, i said dang that makes me feel so good!!! *******

    sing with me now…..

    @ June / Ashley /Blackgirl / Diana / Marcus…. Join in everybody….

    ******* whaa, whaa whaa whaa whaa….. jeff is going home…. whaa, whaa whaa whaa whaa….. jeff is going home….

    Dang that makes me feel so good, i said dang that makes me feel so good!!! *******

    Sing with me now….

    ******* whaa, whaa whaa whaa whaa….. jeff is going home…. whaa, whaa whaa whaa whaa….. jeff is going home….

    Dang that makes me feel so good, i said dang that makes me feel so good!!! *******

    sing with me now…..

    ******* Kevin / Natalie in the final 4 *******

    ******* Sing a long everybody!!! *******

    ******* Realistically speaking ~ Jeff is going home, Jeff is going home, yay yay yay, Jeff is going home!!!! that is my new favorite song… Sing with me Ashley / Blackgirl / jacob / Marcus and anyone ele who wants to join in ok?

    Jeff is going home, Jeff is going Home,,, yay yay yay, Jeff is going Home!!!!

    ***** HOOOOOORAAAYYYYY Jeff is going Home *****

    @ Jeff Fans…. You are all wonderfull… I am just taking out my furstration because you all have to admit that Jeff fans tore into us NBK fans for a while…. I have not had anything to smile aout for a while… Not all Jeff fans (You three an a few others,but I am just finally happy that Team NBK is doing good again due to the LML!!!

    ******* Sing-a-long everybody!!! *******

    Jeff is going home, Jeff is going home, yay yay yay, Jeff is going home!!!! that is my new favorite song… Sing with me Ashley / Blackgirl / jacob / Marcus and anyone ele who wants to join in ok?

    Jeff is going home, Jeff is going Home,,, yay yay yay, Jeff is going Home!!!!

    ***** HOOOOOORAAAYYYYY Jeff is going Home *****

    @ Marcus / Jacob & everyone else…..

    *** Remix ***

    I don’t know what you’ve been tol, but Jeff is going home……. I said I don’t know what you’ve been told, but Jeff is going home….. so can I get woop woop and hoot hoot because Jeff is going home…..

    Sing the chorus everyone….

    Jeff is going home, Jeff is going home….. yay yay yay….. Jeff is going home!!!

    *** Yeah baby – That is the jam!!! ***

    Here is a country version for you country lovers…. *** L~O~L ***

    Let’s sing the Jeff Fans a songs ok?

    Cry me a river – cause Jeff is going home

    Cry me a river – cause you won’t watch BB no more

    Cry me a river – cause Jeff is going home

    Just cry me a river because you feel so sad

    *** Cry ***

    *** Cry ***

    *** Cry me a river ***

    *** Cry ***

    *** Cry ***

    *** Cry me river ***

    sing-a-long June / Ashley / Blackgirl / Diana!!!

    ******* Doesn’t that make you feel soooo good and relaxed people? It puts a smile on my face like so >>>>> ;) :) :D :P L~O~L *******

  146. Does anyone know why Natalie was called to the Diary room on sunday. They have not said anything????

  147. Assuming there is no “twist” to save Jeff, here is what I would do if I were him. This would take both Jordon and Michelle’s full cooperation. I am no longer sure that Jordon is that anxious to leave though after her chat with Natalie last night.

    They would need to talk to Kevin without Natalie. They could say that they represent 2 and possibly 3 jury votes if none of them make it to the F2. They could say that not only will they all vote against Kevin in the F2 but they would also campaign like crazy in the jury house to make sure he loses. Since you need only 4 votes to win, that is a strong bargaining chip. They could also persuade him that they realize Nat was behind this and that she has been telling them all that Kevin should have stuck to the deal. Kevin is already suspicious so they just need to fuel his paranoia. They could add that none of them has a chance against Natalie for votes.

    If one of them would simply challenge how Natalie is able to drink since she is only 18, that would make her look like the liar she actually is in Kevin’s eyes. Evil Dick or many other former winners would have already exposed her lies and openly attacked Natalie and had her in tears by now.

    With Jeff gone, Michelle would likely win the HOH. It doesn’t matter who she puts up since the veto will decide who is on the block. Michelle and Kevin are likely to win the veto meaning that the likely two will be Nat and Jordon. Kevin will likely decide who goes home since he is the only vote. He is hard to gauge, but my gut tells me he would keep Natalie. He knows Michelle hates Natalie which would better position him for the F2.

    Personally I am not sad to see Jeff go because he had a sure F4 deal and screwed it up by evicting an ally. Anyone that gullible probably doesn’t deserve the money on a game of strategy and deceit. As you sow, so shall you reap.

  148. Marcus,
    I am paying attention. I know that Jeff knows of the plan, duh, and I know that Jordon knows of the plan. But if you remember Jeff and Jordon think that Michelle hasn’t been talking to Natalie. So to me that would confirm that Michelle has been telling the truth, to them, about talking to Natalie to keep him. Because if you also remember they don’t interly trust Michelle. Jeff said that he didn’t believe that Michelle would talk to Natalie and Jordon said I agree.

  149. honestly, i was a Russell fan. i wanted him to win. but seeing how he is gone (sucks, he was so good to look at too. lol) ill have to pick someone else. and honestly….

    i think MICHELE deserves to win. she was won alot of competitions in the house, therefore proving to america that she is playing the game and actually doing it all by herself with no alliances. im very proud of her! ive always liked her but the more i think of it, the more i realized that she is the only one in the house right now that has won the most competitons and isn’t that what this is all about? its a game right? then she deserves to win. not some flying under the radar evil doer like natalie(god i cant stand her, and to think at the beginning i was rooting for her cuz she in originally from chino and im from chino hills) my mind quickly changed after the first week. Jordan is cute, but she even admitted that jeff carried her through the game and hasn’t done anything. would you really vote for her to win a game she has never played? i didnt think so. kevin…eh..hes so/so, but def. not worth the final 2.

    in my eyes hopefully the final 2 will be Michele and Jeff and Michele Wins!

  150. All I know is I don’t want Natalie to win. There have been three people that I have wanted to win, well I take that back, I wanted four people to win in all. Only because of game play,(not only in competitions, but in also in trategy), courage, likability, and honorable.


  152. Stephanie,
    I agree with you, I think that Michelle has more courage then anybody in the house. She sees through Natalies lies, and her moral compass is better then most peoples in the house. She has been ridiculed, lied to and ostricized ( I think I spelled that wrong) by most people in the house, yet she keeps on going.

  153. Michelle is one sick PUPPY and I do not want her to win. She totally kisses the ass of the head of household (until now) She has only won three competitions that does not qualify her as the winner. She may win though, but I hope Kevin wins!!!!!!!!!

  154. If your talking about kissing the HOH, and therefore calling her a sick puppy, then you would have to agree then Natalie she be one also.


  156. I don’t know how anyone can feel sorry for Michelle. She is a BIG liar and sneak. Only reason I feel ssorry for her is because she looks PITIFUL.

  157. Leo,
    Again Wow. Are you sure you know it is just a game. I know it is just a game, but like any reality type show. I can state my opinion on who I think should win, and cheer them on. But I also can respect those that have diffrent opinions then me. I can disagree with them, and state my opinions to them, without being rude or condescending.

  158. I think the money will be used for an auction of some sort. Maybe the one with the highest amount (Jeff) can buy his way back in.

  159. Jody,

    They have all lied in one fashion or another. That’s part of the game. But to act like you don’t and perhaps even believe your own hype what bs.

  160. Jody,

    That’s fine. Like you said we are all entitled to OUR opinions, and mine is that MICHELLE SUCKS!!!!!!!

  161. MsM,
    Holly crap,do you read any of my posts at all, #196 at no time have I said that nobody else has lied. I also have said on these posts and others that lying is part of the game.

  162. Jody

    Okay, at least we agree on that part.

    I think,


  163. Diana, I like ur thinking. I also agree that altho everything hinges on audience viewing, CBS, MUST consider their corporate image. Allowing Gnat to drink/steal/etc, all the things we teach our children NOT to do shud be a concern for them. Its way past the time when CBS steps up to the plate and get rid of her.

  164. BB has to know that most of us have very busy schedules and sometimes it is hard to watch. But us loyal fans we watch 3x a week, and every night on showtime 2. The fan fav. is Jeff, so if they want to keep us coming back, they need to put a twist in to keep him.

  165. MSM,
    If you are basing it off of just lying I would say yes, as far sneaky, she hasn’t been a very good sneaker…lol…I still want her to win…that is if or when Jeff goes home…There was four people that I wanted to win from the start, only two are left right now.

  166. @ Jody…. You were not singing that tune about respecting other views when J/J were on top and J/J suporters were being very outspoken about Ronnie / Jessie / Chima being evicted…. Don’t be a cry baby now since jeff is leaving get over it….. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  167. Jody,

    Okay I agree to disagree. I was actually a fan of the Jessie, Russell alliance but when they unfairly gave Jeff the unwarranted power to evict Jessie and Russell lost his mind I was neutral with a slight dislike for Jeff for punking out. Now I don’t really have a favorite but by process of elimination Kevin would be my choice.

  168. @ Jody… Don’t try to say Michelle is a sneaker… She is a lying rat who back stabbed Russel with J/J which only made K’N’s LML seem more believable to J/J!!!

  169. Leo

    I had to go back and make sure you were the author of the “SONG”. You were and I think it is GREAT!! I love t.

  170. Diana i love your analogy of what is going to happen with the twist on Pandora’s box. I hope your right that there is some kind of a twist come Thursday night. I feel if there isn’t BB is going to loose alot of interest in the next season, this season didn’t have anything that just knocked your socks off. They have got to do something special with Padoras box and the fact that Jeff finding it gives him something special.

  171. Leo,
    Actually if you have read my posts then you would know that is not true. But if you can find an instance that I have done that then I will apoligize here and now. But I have stated my opinions and either disagreed or agreed with people. But I have never been condescending or rude to those of diffrent opinions then mine. Even today when you (implied) that Jeff fans were going to cry, or stop watching the show because Jeff was leaving. Yes, like I have said before he was one of my favorites to win. But I also had other choices I liked also. There was certain reasons I didn’t care for them.

  172. Leo,
    I agree with you I know she did backstabbe Russell with J/J. But honestly if you were in the house at that point in time, and Jeff said if you are on Russells side you are on the wrong side, would you have voted against the house. (I believe that is what he said, or something like that)

  173. @ Diana…. Matt M is mad that I called his source wrong because he claims that BB / CBS has is arranged that Kevin knows Natalie will be going home and if he says anything, he (Kevin) will be evicted….

    Matt M

    September 1st, 2009 at 11:12 pm
    Yes, Kevin knows that he has to take Jeff off and knows that his only option is to put up Gnat and that she will go home. He has been told NOT to discuss it or he will be expelled. So to make a long story short….Gnat will be gone on Thursday night……….however Kevin will be allowed to play for HOH along with Jeff, Jordan and Michelle on Thursday night. Although POV has all the power next week.
    this is confirmed by a very reliable source from CBS I cannot name.

    I told him his source was lying to him and he got mad and said the following:

    Matt M

    September 1st, 2009 at 11:30 pm
    Kevin knows that he has to take Jeff off and knows that his only option is to put up PP and that she will go home. He has been told NOT to discuss it or he will be expelled. So to make a long story short….PP will be gone on Thursday night……….however Kevin will be allowed to play for HOH along with Jeff, Jordan and Michelle on Thursday night. Although POV has all the power next week.
    its true if you are so sure @

    @Leo then on thursday when i am right you never get to blog in here again how about that

    I replied:


    September 1st, 2009 at 11:36 pm
    @ Susan… email me at

    @ Diana… I will email you back with my regular email ok?

    @ Matt M… I will one up you… Ifm you are right, I will say Matt M, you are the man and I was wrong ok?

    @ Everyone else… Have a good night & sweet dreams!!!

    Matt M

    September 1st, 2009 at 11:30 pm
    Kevin knows that he has to take Jeff off and knows that his only option is to put up PP and that she will go home. He has been told NOT to discuss it or he will be expelled. So to make a long story short….PP will be gone on Thursday night……….however Kevin will be allowed to play for HOH along with Jeff, Jordan and Michelle on Thursday night. Although POV has all the power next week.
    its true if you are so sure @

    @Leo then on thursday when i am right you never get to blog in here again how about that

    and then the following in post #364

    @Leo I am sick of your blogs and your critisimn towards people and your ego trips thinking you know everything. You r not a BB God and I am right about Thursday and u r not and if you were even half a man you would take me up on my deal and if I am right you never blog in here again you game ego man or r u chicken

    So I ended my discussion with him with the following:


    September 1st, 2009 at 11:45 pm
    ******* Spoiler ~ Alert *******

    Matt M is a clown ******* L~O~L

    ;) :D :) :P

  174. All the people in BBH is f-ing crazy. Natalie makes all of them look like fools. May the best liar wins. Natalie just might win. Who lied more than Will.

  175. @ Michelle fans…. Michelle is worse than anyone else because she was smiling in Russel’s face and then left to trash him with Jordan / Lydia / Chima / Natalie in the HOH room the night before Jeff used the CDT… Then was his final 2 buddy in his face, but she called it fake behind his back, and she then regretted thrwoing him under the bus when jeff back doored him because of her lies!!!

  176. @ Jody…. It was on BBAD the night before jeff used the CDT to evict jessie…. That is why I can’t stand she-rat so much… Smile in his face and throw him under the bus behind his back… Smile in his face after he is saved and stab him in the back to J/J…. Even jeff said he was sick of Michelle complaining about Russell to J/J and then always hanging out with him!!! I guess Jeff isn’t as dumb as i thought!!!

  177. Leo,
    That is why I missed it then, I have DVR and my power went out, and I missed half of the show. I was wondering why Jeff was so mad at Michelle. I have to agree with you he did peg Michelle right on. Remember when he was up in the HOH room with Jordon and they were watching the t.v. and were watching Russell, and Michelle in the kitchen. He said that Michelle would be up there and start complaining about Russell talking game play to her(which is not what he was doing at all), and that she can’t stand him. And sure enough that is what she did. I agree he was smart. But then he also said that Russell was going to go off when he got evicted. He was at least 1-1…lol

  178. @Leo. Someone going by Nickel give you a huge compliment on another site. I have to agree with him/her.

  179. Leo,
    Jeff though in my opinion didn’t give Russell much choice on who he hung out with. He didn’t include him in anything and didn’t talk to him about game plan. So it was eather hang out with Michelle who was in a sense part of their allience, or Kevin or Natalie who wasn’t.

  180. Why does everyone keep saying this is a game and it needs to be fair? It’s MORE than a game – it’s entertainment. There’s no guarantee the best player will win the prize, but the show has a vested interest in keeping the FAVORITE player around for awhile. It’s close enough to the end that Jeff might go, but either way, this isn’t about how they play the game – it’s about what America wants. Keep that in mind. CBS doesn’t care who wins as long as people are watching and happy. And to the people threatening to stop watching the show if Jeff stays? When you’re done your tantrum, you can join in with the rest of us (like you will).

  181. Leo
    I can’t stand you. I think you suck and I think your stupid song sucks!!!!! Dude you got way 2 much time on your hands. Why dont you go make nasty Nat a sandwich.

  182. im pretty sure we should all stop talking about this key thing, im pretty if it meant something then they would of said at the end yesterdays show that something big was going to happen. i read on another post that someone thinks that russel was in the box, its funny to think of that but its really late to bring someone back unless they plan to have an eviction sunday and thurday, but that wouldnt make any sense.
    cbs has said that they need to make the final show 2 hours now, something big could be coming soon

  183. also this whole twist thing was crappy, but if you listen carefully to julie and read what they say on cbs’ website is that the door thing was for the HOH only. now they said its a responsibity thing for him.

    also this whole russel coming back because hes face was lit up on tuesdays episode is bogus, ya cbs is a big network but i just think they re ran the intro from the week before be accident. or it could be cbs thinking they are going to lose some viewers so they did this to make us post blogs about it and keep us watching, who knows?

  184. Does anyone think Jeff & Jorden could stay? Could there be anymore Twists? Anyone know anything at all?

  185. they wont both be staying, on cbs’ website it says jeff and jordan will finally be apart come thursday

  186. Well, when Chima left, they got shorted a week didn’t they? So bringing someone in “briefly” would be a hoot! Jordan and Natalie do not deserve to win anything. Kevin has stepped up recently, but Jeff and Michelle have really played the game the whole way through and one of them needs to win!

  187. they didnt really lose a week tho, she got booted off on a tuesday and then they had another HOH that same night and someone got evicted that thursday meaning two people left the show.

  188. MsM,

    shes won more comepetitions than anyone else in the house right now. how is she not qualified to be a winner? are you even watching the game? everyone always kisses the HOH’s ass..thats a way to try to guarantee safety. i dont see why everyone is targeting michele saying she is a liar, etc. everyone in the house is a liar, thats the way you play to advance yourself in that game. you truly think that someone can win the game but being honest and ‘keeping their word’ from day one? physically impossible.

  189. isnt there saposed to be more to the key tho?
    not a twist but an HoH resposibility?
    i was reading this site yesterday and someone said while they were watchin bigbrother after dark they heard kevin in his HoH room saying “omg jeff is going to come after me”
    im not sure if jeff stays… i hope he does cuz he will keep this show interesting, but i dont the Grodner (the producer) would say theres an HoH responsibility if nothing were to happen right?

    *starts scratching head in deep thought*

  190. @ Leo Love your blogging and would love to join your Survivor blog.

    Really feel there must be more of a twist coming Thursday after all the pretense since Sunday’s show. But sure wish J&J would both stay in BB11 house to keep this season entertaining.

    Hey, CBS get with the program! Ratings = Jeff!

  191. no matter what happens to Jeff or Kevin with the key this week the only thing I wish would happen is that Nat would have to wear a skunk
    suit all week while being put up on the block then voted out… spending her last week in the house in a skunk (appropriate) suit with hat and tail… since she was so greedy…..

  192. @ “blackgirl”
    i said
    “america always votes to give powers to someone in the house, get over it.”

    i said nothing about america giving CDT’s.

    america is a part of BB, thats just the way it is.

  193. bb dont get rid of Jeff
    he’s a great guy for once you have someone america really liked and watched how he cared for all. when they had the bananna game, he was trying to help everyone up there is no faking there come on take him to the end at least with anyone else as long as he goes to the end dont take him out over a liar like kevin nat and poor jordan who couldn’t even try to win due to all the candy she ate the day before each game. and the weight she gained during her time there also. come on let him stay just a little bit longer through kevin and natalie’s boot out at least

  194. I don’t understand this lovefest with Jeff. Should he leave, and after falling for Kevin’s lies he should, there will be plenty of drama left in the house to keep us on our toes. I think it will play out as Michele will win out many remaining contest, thus Keven and Nat will turn on each other, Kevin will call out Nat by first stating her true age, and the fight will begin as to who Michele will try to evict. When all is said and done, Michele and Jordan will be the last two there, and Jordan wins the game.

    As far as the rumor of Russell coming back, bb does not need to put him back in the house for ratings. The show has been solid this year in the ratings department, and as I said, there will be plenty of fighting left to keep us entertained

  195. Jeff is way better than Michelle or Kevin. He is hella better than Natalie. This game will only be good if Jeff and Jordan are still in it. I would like to see Jordan win and Jeff come in second so Jordan could do some great stuff for her family. Jeff, you better take Jordan to Hawaii with you! You two are good for each other. Michelle lies and lies more when she is caught in the lie. She bold faced lied to Russel. I had to hit replay when he called her on it. Natalie is just boring and annoying. She is no Evil Dick. Someone find a bug or maybe a whole jar of them. (remember she says she hate all bugs). I did like Kevin until he hooked up with the wrong side. Jeff has to stay! I vote to evict Natalie!

  196. I think someone is coming back because there is only 6 jurors at the end. I am a Jeff fan as well. I hope the last pandora box thing will help him.

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