Big Brother 11: Week 8 Eviction Poll

The final nominees are set for Week 8 in Big Brother 11. Now all that’s left is for the remaining House Guests to cast their votes on Thursday night and send home either Jeff or Jordan. One way or the other, Team Jeff-Jordan will end.

You won’t have to wait that long though. Vote now in the poll below to cast your vote for who you want to be evicted from Big Brother on Thursday night and then tell us why in the comments below.

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  1. I think Jeff would stand a better chance of getting Natalie out than Jordan. Besides, I feel Russ is coming back. If you noticed last nights show at the beginning when they show the hgs that they showed Russell in color, not from the last show where they showed him leaving the house.

  2. The only way to bring Jeff and Jordan a victory is to let Jeff stay and fight for them to the end.

  3. I hope Jordan is evicted.


    Jeff will bring some excitement to the remaining comps
    which will make BB 11 a better show.

  4. I want to see Sweet Jordan evicted because I don’t feel like she has pulled her own weight in the game. Jeff has carried her the whole way and been a gentleman about it all. I feel he has PLAYED THE GAME and deserves the chance to be in the FINAL “2”. Jordan would just sit around, looking cute, talking sweet and being boring (especially without Jeff). Jeff would at least add some “energy” and some GAME to what’s left of BIG BROTHER 11. SURE HOPE THEY GET OUT THAT ANNOYING “GNAT” !

  5. If Jeff leaves because of the LML that Gnat & Kevy are telling, then I will not watch BB anymore. I’m done! I can’t stand Gnat, she like a guy or something. She eats like a cow and grosses me out. Too bad for CBS, they will lose all those ratings they are so excited about. This will be my last season of BB.

  6. I hope jeff stays. At least it will stay excting. It’s kinda getting boring. I can’t stand Nat. If Jeff leaves I hope Michelle takes out Nat & Kev. Michelle &
    Jordan to the finals. Nat needs to gooooooo!!!!!!!!

  7. I am so sick of Nat saying I am winning for sure this time. She can’t win Sh**t. She is a loser. Bye bye bit**.

  8. I noticed that with Russell too on the opening introduction someone will get a chance to come back into the house as we all seen in previous big brother seasons

  9. Jeff needs to go. He will NOT try and get Nat out. He said he trusts her more than Michelle. If he stays then he will get out Mich and Kev and that is who I want in the final 2 now that R is gone. Jeff back stabbed R and now Kev back stabbed him; that is just the name of the game.

  10. I thought the eviction was moved to Sunday? I noticed Russell’s name appeared on the beginning of Tuesday’s show as well, so I would imagine he is somehow coming back.

  11. jeff is def the better choice for staying because i really think he might get rid of the leach nat. poor jordon she’s such a north carolian, sweet and giving. really hope goes bad ass on those back stabbers.!!!

  12. I want Jeff to go because he is not a fair player and for the way he treats Michele when she has been nothing but nice to him

  13. It’d be quite interesting if Russell made it back into the house, for sure. I know Michelle was trying to sway Kevin into the idea of keeping Jeff, but not sure if that’ll work. In the spirit of BB, generally people decide to go with whatever plan, only to regret it in the end, when “friends” in the game turn on them. Gnat has needed to go for a long time, but I think that if jeff leaves this week, then maybe she deserves to win (in a weird way), because for weeks we’ve wanted her to leave, she’s needed to leave, and look “SHE’S STILL HERE!”. Guess we’ll have to wait and see. Good luck Jeff!

  14. To me, it makes more sense if Jeff is evicted. Jordan wont be too much competition for Michelle or Kevin in competitions. If Jeff is eliminated, Kevin could take the entire house over. Eliminate Jordon, and Kevin would leave his biggest threat in the house. I would rather go against Michelle over Jeff. Natalie will ride things out and see what is best for her. If Kevin could get her to eliminate Jeff, things look good for her. If Jeff remains, she will not make it to the final two. Her only shot is to elimiate Jeff, and work with Kevin to take out Michelle.

  15. Looking from the HG I would vote Jeff out because he is the stronger player and if you are there you want to get rid of the competition. I am saying I like Nat in no way but if Jeff stays he and Michele will go to the final two. They are the strongest players left.


  17. Jeff is the better player for sure. Can’t believe that Kevin hasn’t seen through Nat….she is a GNAT. She has not won anything but has played on everyone’s coat tails from the beginning. Michelle will vote for Jordan to be evicted and GNAT will vote for Jeff….then Kevie boy will need to untie the vote. Wake up Kevin, you’ll be gone next week if you don’t vote Jordan out because you can’t play for HOH and Michelle will gun for you. GNAT is not a threat and she will get the votes from the jury house if she stays in.

  18. Go team russel and michell, because jeff and russel can’t be there together because of the length of time the show has to run, only 2 weeks left,,,, jeff will leave and russel will return to help michell. both of them deserve to win!!!!

  19. Very hard choice. Rite now, I am for Jeff to stay, however not sure since he still seems to be under Gnat’s SPELL. I hope Russell comes back, sides w/Michelle, and they go to final 2. That wud be so SWEET, and great TV. If we judge strictly on game play, then hands down, Jordan shud leave. All I want now is for the demise of GNAT. Pls get rid of her.

  20. I would like for Jeff to remain in the game. If he is voted out, Jordon will follow him to the jury house next week. She has no real gameplay in her and, once Jeff is gone, will lose all motivation to stay. As has been mentioned numerous times in various blogs, Jeff is the only one strong enough to defeat Natalie, particularly if he combines forces with Michele.

  21. watching the live feeds last night showed Russell’s picture in black and white just like all the other departed guests.

  22. I want Jeff to go because he’s disgusting! I’m tired of watching him pick his nose & belch & fart all the time – ugh! Not to mention that he’s almost as stupid as Jordan for believing he could trust Natalie & Kevin. I’ll be so disappointed if he doesn’t leave tomorrow and join Russell in the jury house ~ karma, baby!

  23. If you are talking about the wall they wouldn’t want any of the hg’s to know. But at the beginning of the show last night Russell was in color and the show on Sunday showed him in black and white leaving the BB house. So somethings happening with Russell.

  24. Man it would be awesome if Russell came back!! Jordan needs to leave, she hasn’t done jack in this game except what Jeff gave her. And the POV, I noticed like everyone else jordan only moved after mich did. So even if they both got it wrong, they stayed in the game. she just got lucky guessing the number. I’m watching BBAD, OMG, i thought i couldn’t stand nat sober. She’s worse drunk, she won’t shut up!!!

  25. Jordan- even though shes one of my favorite players, i like jeff better. also Jeff deserves it, and will have a better chance in the end. (:

  26. If Jeff does not get rewarded for finding the key and using it on Kevin. I will not watch this show anymore. Not because I am a Jeff fan but Natalie needs to be punished for being greedy and not helping Kevin. I want Jeff and Jordan to some how find out that it has been Natalie behind everything. Do something CBS or this show will lose its ratings!!!

  27. I would love for a miracle to happen and Jeff get to stay. The show will be so boring with an all girl final 4. Kevin is crazy to count on Gnat for his safety. How many times does she have to lose for him to realize she is a loser.He already knows she is a liar. (She was a little more likeable last night with some alcohol in her)

  28. I hope Jeff does not go to the jury house. I have watched all 11 seasons and agree that Nat is one of the most offensive players I have seen. Hopefully, CBS will pull a twist and turn the game around. I found the Chima/Nat/Lydia actions rather disgusting..BB: do a better job casting next year, cause after this season, episode one of BB12 may be the last episode I watch if things dont improve.

  29. This has been my very first season of big brother, and on friday it will be my last. This show had me intrigued with all its antics and twists and turns. This pandora’s box has been a huge disapointment. I didnt care how it was used or how it turned out as long as it stirred up the game and had the players scrambling once again. I still have a little bit of hope for thursday, but come friday if pandoras box fades away so will I.

  30. Jeff reaction to Michelle was normal because he wanted to win, yes it was wrong but people sometimes cannot control what they say when they angry. I like to see Jeff. Michelle, Kevin to win. Jordan sounds like she needs the money more if she is telling the truth. Natalie should not win one she did not even help Kevin when he asked her to find the key then she wanted to take the away from Jeff. She lies which is part of the game but she give up on her HOH competition and does not care about anybody in the house. If a person cannot try on competition they do not deserve any money.

  31. If I was a houseguest last night I would call on the producers to evict Natalie immediately for breaking the law for underage drinking. I would create such a scene and threaten to bring it up on the live show on Thursday. This would force either the producers or Natalie to admit she is at least 21. I think it would be an eye opener for everyone there. They would realize that Natalie is not a young naive thing, but a scheming liar.

  32. CBS there is time to make a good twist with pandora’s box I know from the past someother housegust will make a change or something.

  33. please read #19 from June There is a new posting on the Pandora’s Box. In it, it states that J/J/M are onto K/N and they are talking bad about each other to throw off K/N.

  34. Here is a catchy little sont..lets all sing together..


  35. I just played back the start of Sunday’s show and Russel’s name was not on the intro. They definately added Russel’s name at the start of last nights show. I don’t think it was an accident.

  36. I don’t know why there’s so much hatred towards Natalie. She’s been my favorite player from the beginning of the show.

    And let me get this straight…you’re so upset about 1 player in 1 season of a reality TV show that you’re never going to watch that show again? If you’re that upset, you need to prioritize your life a little differently…

  37. @ becky – Look at it this way, the only way for the HGs to keep the money was to find the key and rescue Kev…Jeff was rewarded w/ the money and infact, rec’d the most of over $3000.

  38. I don’t know why people feel that if Jeff stays, he will get rid of Natalie. When Jeff and Jordan were talking in the hammock last night, Jordan asked Jeff who he trusted more, Natalie or Michele. He said Natalie. Wouldn’t it be great if Jeff is evicted, sits with Julie, listens to Natalie’s goodbye speech as she tells him she got him for getting rid of Jessie. Then Julie turns to Jeff and says that key you won will open the door to the big brother house and you can return.

  39. No, Kevin came up with the lie, that the only way they could keep the money is if they found the key and rescued him…which was not true, but he let greed get to him, so he lost out on alot of money…

  40. You would think that the HG’s would put two and two together and figure out that knat could not have done all she claims to in 18 years. it just doesn’t add up.

  41. Kevin MADE UP the fact that they had to find the key and release him in order to keep the money. If he didn’t, no one would release him. In fact, after he told Natalie that she still went outside to gather more money and didn’t even try for the key.

  42. @BECKY. i totallllly agreee with you 100% ! natalie was suppose to be kevins friend, but ovbiously not when money is involved!

  43. I think she should leave to because she has been hanging on to jeff. Yes he likes her but he cant always pull all the weight. and nat and her should get to get and try to win it themself instead of holding on to some ones shirt tails

  44. ACE….needs to zip it!!
    Jeff has been an awesome player..his only problem is he trusted Kevin adn listened to JOrdan in regards to Nat…the liar. If she wins this…my faith will be gone in this show. She hasn’d done anydthing but ride on EVERYONE’s coat tails this entire time. She can’t even win a competition….she talks a tough game, but has yet to prove herself at all. Jeff rocks!!

  45. i loveee how jeff got the key to release kevin, and got the most money out of everyone 3,000+ and kevin got like 600+. i laughed so hard when i saw that. ! HAHA

  46. @ACE – Nor sure if you’ve seen LEO’s lyrics, but you two should hook up…I’m thinkin’ Grammy ;)

  47. remember at the beginning of the show it said jeff and michel was up on the block and we being america would be able to save one so there is still more to the twist

  48. ok lets tell u guys some info u need to know…inside of pandoras box was russell…by jeff finding the key and giving it to kevin, he unlocked it and released russell back into the house…therefore there needs to be a double eviction so thats why there is another eviction and hoh comp this coming sunday…then russell can get out that nasty lil thing they call natalie…he can also get out kevin and final 2 will be michelle and russell…thats pretty cool cause michelle will win and russell will be runner up…not too bad of a season…i wanted jeff to win but he needed to win the last POV to stay and he didnt…i just cant stand that disgusting lying filty fugly natalie!…i cant wait til all the houseguests see exactly the kind of person she is when its all over…i hatre her more than ronnie the rat!!!

  49. Jeff got, got!!! What else can you say, he trusted a snake, and got bit..He should have known better. The only oerson you can really trust inside the house is yourself. Jordan has even lied to Jeff, but I do have to give Jeff some class, he isnt blaming anbyone but hisself, he isnt pointing any fingers..He knows this is a game. I am jut not a jeff fan, but he has played a good game, but he played around with a snake, and got but

  50. jordan will be out in there somewhere too…forgot to mention her…probably cause she sux at this game…she is the 1 who ruined jeff’s game :(

  51. My last comment is in moderation so I will say it again, Sorry if becomes a repeat. Sunday’s intro had the final 5 names (no Russel) Last night’s intro they added Russel’s name. That is a fact. I think they showed that intro prematurely and Russel is coming back.

  52. wow, remind me to use a spell check next time, and not be in such a hurry to type..sorry bout the typos in my last comment…

  53. Natalie needs to go home and the house need to keep Jeff…i would like to see jeff and Michelle going to the final two as they have played this game hard!!!

  54. If Jeff stays he would probably go after Kevin for revenge. And Michele would go after Nat. Since Jeff and Michele are more competitive, this would assure that Kevin or Nat would be going home next wk. Thats all fine and good to me! As long as Michele lands in the F3. Would be better to see an exciting F3 competition between Michele and Jeff than a boring show between Nat and Kevin. Hope Jeff stays!

  55. Jeff, because he let Jordan distract him from playing the game, also he trusted the two biggest liars in the house, for that he should be evicted for being stupid.

  56. If Jeff stays, I think he will try to get out kev or nat.

    If you think about it, if he stays it’ll be thanks to michelle. After all, Michelle said she would work kevin into doing it and if kev has to break the tie (michelle votes out jordan and nat votes out jeff) and jordan is evicted, that’ll be proof enough for him.

  57. I’m rready for Jeff to go because I don’t know if he would stick w/mich. She has a better chance w/ Kevin if he finally sees nat for who she really is.

  58. If the house guests were smart they would get rid of Jordon because she would win against anyone that is left I think.

    I have to say i CANNOT believe Natalie has made it this far. PLEASE PLEASE someone open your eyes and get her out. I cannot stand to even hear her talk.

  59. Please evict Jordan other wise BB on the feeds will not be worth watching. Who wants to watch Jordan keep stuffing her face & Michele freak outs. If Jeff is there the game will really get good I believe He really is a player.

  60. oh and the only person that has truly played the game is Jeff and he in my opinion deserves to win.

  61. I don’t know why everyone thinks Jeff would get out Nat. There is NO WAY he would do that. He would get out Kev and Mich who I want to go to final 2. Jeff needs to go. He got got in the say way he got Russ.

  62. Jeff got power happy. Besides… what were his words to Russell??? you gotta know when to man up or ‘you got got’.

  63. Definitely want Jeff to stay. He’s a little too trusting of the wrong people (Nat & Kevin), but he’s a strong player. What’s wrong you all you Jordan bashers!! She’s worked hard and at least has won competitions, not like Natalie who is just using people to advance herself. She’s gotta go. I can’t stand to watch her smack her food as she eats. Have you noticed how she walks like a penguin – flat feet for sure. No wonder she lost the HOH (although I am inclined to believe she threw it to Kevin). If she wins BB11 it will be a total shame. She doesn’t deserve it.

  64. For Kevin to survive in this game he cannot keep Jeff. Kevin is not stupid he knows that Michele & Jeff will not honor any deals they make with him.

    Unlike Jeff, Kevin will not flip on his alliance and start trusting Jeff & Michele to help him. That would be foolish

    Kevin is playing this game for Kevin, not for Nat he will deal with her later but for now there is a bigger fish in the pond.

  65. If Jeff goes, I’ll stop watching BB11. I can’t imagine watching Kevin and Natalie play chess, Michele talk to herself and make weird faces, and Jordan eat 24/7. It will be like watching paint dry. CBS you need to keep Jeff in the house for ratings sake. The rest of the crew are idiots.

  66. Putch…that’s what I’ve been saying. But nat fans are just as stubborn as jeff fans, they refuse to believe the anti-shower princess has no game. They say she’s been playing a mental game.

    Michelle has been playing a mental game. I believe if she doesn’t get 2nd place, she should get 1st!! LOL…that whole thing between her and russell was freakin hilarious! Oh man, lmfao

  67. Jordan to go…She is the one that is making Jeff paranoid by telling him stuff in his ear…He will be a great team with michele, cuz she helped him out & needs him and together they can get out Nat and Kevin, But Pandora’s Box key is NOT over, i think…

  68. I think Jordan should go only because Jeff has carried this extra burden, of carrying jordan, through the entire game that it should be his time to play. Yes it has been his choice, but how many ppl do you know that would do that…even in the real world?? Jeff has been a stand-up guy throughout this entire game – from being back-stabbed by his own teammates, to taking a stand from threats, up through this termoil we call Nat-a-lie. If anyone should go home it is her. The person who can’t even win the most amount when it rains money!! Jeff even took the time to stop grabbing money, not once, but 3 times – HOH room twice and to search for the key – and still won the most money. Gratitude DOES pay off!!

  69. I am disgusted watching Natalie each episode – hygiene issues and all! Her lying, hubris and personality make her almost unbearable. If Kevin doesn’t start seeing through that skank (although he hinted at it in his diary sesion) I’m through. Let’s hope Jeff stays, even though he “got got” by his own stupidity, he still deserves to win since he got out so many other players.

  70. Still rooting for Michelle. All I am hoping for is for her to win. It is shameful and immoral the way all of the HG treat her. Gnat is actually like the bugs called NATS. They are tiny little bugs that fly up ur nose, and they are the most annoying cuz its really hard to get rid of them. This is not a lie. I am hoping that CBS does something soon, and get rid of her. Otherwise it wud seem that they don’t care abt their own intergerty.

  71. @Debra – Exactly…even after being put on the block, he said as recently as last night that he trusted Nat over Michele. In the next breath, he is complaining about someone who hasn’t done anything getting to the F2, hell Jordon fits in that category. I don’t get him and being in that house has warped his ability to make effective decisions when he’s not in power. He had 3 weeks to secure his place in the finals. At least he can go out saying that he took risks, didn’t ride coat tails, and never flew under the radar. BYE BYE Jeff…You GOT GOT!

  72. Jeff, from the very beginning of BB has shown all of America that he can play this game by being yourself. he really deserves to win.
    Jordan is a true dumb blond, but, she’s beautiful, she’s so pretty. That’s all she has, pretty and beautiful.

  73. if russ does return and jeff stays, I would hope they realize they’ve been played. And then ban together and take out the rest. Jeff and Russ, final 2, which is what I wanted all along.

  74. I hope that Jeff goes home this week.
    Why? Because I just don’t like him and its time for him to go. I cannot believe they have left these 2 (Jeff and Jordan) go this long together. The showmances do not usually last this long and I bleieve this is clearly a showmance because I cannot see Jeff being with the blonde moron past this game.

  75. Evict Jeff, then when he gets outside the house with Julie, show the “HOPE” from the bottom of Pandora’s Box and give him the key to return into the house to continue to play. Next week have the fast forward and get rid of two more. That’s the fair way. He did find the KEY!! IT will drive the house CRAZY!!! The feeds will blow… lol Comon.. share the hope! This BB has had so many twists, CHima leaving.. admit… messed up the fast forward. No matter what, Jordan deserves a chance to play too. In my humble opinion, she didn’t get the magic powers cos we all knew she couldn’t keep her mouth shut… lol hense Jeff winning. Any player willing to give up for another deserves to play.. AND get the chance to WIN!!!

  76. Jordan needs to go. She may be pretty, but she is also hateful,spitful and VAIN. Remember she 1st wanted Nat out, then went after Lydia when she called her a FAT HO. Then Russell cuz he called her fat. Wonder what she will think of us who also called her fat. She has no game play, but not as horrible as Gnat. CBS time for her to GO////

  77. @Barbara – Jordan has only won one comp, the VETO. Jeff threw the HOH so she’d win, which was to his advantage bc she had the title, he had the power, and he would be able to compete for HOH the following week. Jordo has ridden his coattails the entire game, even she admits that he’s carried her. The only reason she hasn’t been the target is bc she’s weak and not a threat.

  78. I would love to see Natalie evicted. She does nothing but hang on to the leader(whomever he or she might be). She lies!!!! If Michelle votes for Jeff and so doed Natalie, Kevin could break the tie by voting for Jeff

  79. @Joyce Ami I hope that is what is going to happen. I’m still concerned that Russ’s picture is back in color at the opening of the show, when Sunday it was black and white and showed him leaving the house.

  80. I think I missed the whole hope thing at the bottom of the box. PPL have been talking about it for days now…but it wasnt on the POV episode last night. When was this mentioned?

  81. Jeff has to go as he is a strong player, the dumb wannabe blonde Jordan to stay, and Michelle to use her smarts (stop being so quiet) and win it all

  82. Jeff will be evicted. NO IF, AND, BUTS about ppl.

    So get hused tude.

    Watching BBAD this morning (DVR)

    “(Natalie) She says she is starting her period . . . . I said she is starting her period . . so she should crampin’ during compeitions.”

    “Starting her period? . . What does that mean?”

    Yes Jeff rele did say that.

  83. I want Jeff gone,Natalie deserves to win this game as she knows how to manipilate everyone without winning one thing…that takes talent…all the others made big enemies by putting people on the block..nat hasn’t…she will win

  84. since i have been lucky everyday this whole week im going to say jeff stays!!!! so don’t worry jeff fans hes staying… :)

  85. I’m so tired Gnat. I can’t stand her voice, I can’t stand watching her eat. She’s more like a guy than a girl. She has no manners! But, I was pleasantly surprised to see her actually taking a shower last night! Nothing worse than a stinky Gnat!

  86. i agree with nats voice, i cannot stand it.. but im sure if i heard my voice recorded i wouldnt stand it either haha

  87. If you read about Pandora’s Box, she opened the box because she was given a gift of curiosity. But when she saw all the evils escaping she quickly closed it before hopelessness escaped thus hope is at the bottom of the box.

  88. BOTTOMLINE- Jeff deserves to be evicted.

    He has done mulitple things to get himself evicted.

    Besides that, Jordan has said “u got out all the big players”

    Well that comes with a price. And when they had an alliance, guess what bumpkin, it comes around and it bites ya.

    I wanna flash foward to Thursday at around 8:37 p.m. when . . .

    “Hey Michelle”

    “Hi Julie.”

    “Please cast ur vote on who u want to evict”

    “I vote to evict Jeff”

    “Its official, Jeff has been evited from the Big Brother House, lets give the houseguests the news”

    “Houseguests blah blah”

    “Witha vote of 2 to 0 . . . . . JEFF, u are evicted from the Big Brother House.”


  89. It would be best if jordo goes then next week kevin then followed by natalie leaving jeff against the crazy one and it will be a good final at least she will push jeff where as nat is no problem and as for kevin well he will just go sit in corner crying for someoner to help him lousy ending but maybe something will happen tro spice it up bring back ronnie hate him so will have some reason to watch him and michelle become teamatetes ang go up against jeff

  90. I want Jeff to go! I liked him in the beginning but when him and Jordan had power for 2 wks I saw a side to both of them that I didn’t like. They were both VERY arrogant, telling people they better do this or that. If Jeff goes this week next week they could get rid of the dead weight, meaning Jordan. She hasn’t done anything all season so she needs to go after Jeff!!!

  91. Chuckster-

    I want Jeff gone,Natalie deserves to win this game as she knows how to manipilate everyone without winning one thing…that takes talent…all the others made big enemies by putting people on the block..nat hasn’t…she will win


    WOW…seriously? I’d rather see kevin win. If you can’t win at least one comp, you shouldn’t win 500k

  92. Jeff is losing because he was stupid enough to believe Kevin and Natalie. I like Jeff but he shouldn’t have partnered up so much with Jordan. Play the game. Michele has been by herself, saving herself and playing the game. I’m not sure why BB would let Russell back into the house (except maybe to annoy Jordan). Kevin and Gnat just followed on others coat tails. And no, playing BB is not about just lying – which they both have proven to be professionals at.

  93. Nat fans are just as stubborn as Jeff fans… it’s kinda sad really because one has actually been playing and one hasn’t.

  94. Gnat has taken lying to a new high. She appears to have a lot of practice at it and has turned it into an art of sorts. I’ve not cared for her since day one!

  95. the best case scenario for i guess 80% of bb viewers would be jeff staying and natalie gone..wouldnt we love that?
    but i don’t think that would happen this week…
    hopefully the most likely scenario to happen would be jeff staying and somebody else besides michelle go to jury.

  96. I still think Gnat gone and Jeff stays. She is a bit child-like at times, despite her 24 years of age. Is it an act? Is that her game plan? So she has started lying from the moment she stepped into the BB house. She is incapable of winning any competitions. She hid behind Jesse, then Chima, and now Kevin. I say enough, get rid of the pesky Gnat!

  97. Jeff has been the strongest, smartest player to date. Except for believing Kevin this past week. Jordan, although lovely, managed to stay in the game on Jeff’s shirt-tails……I vote for Jeff to stay in the house and ultimately win Big Brother 11….Go Jeff!

  98. I would like to see Russell come to the house because, he told Jeff that they were playing him but, being around Jordon tolong has rubbed off on him, this year has been bad with the cast that is in the house don’t know how they let Chima stay she should have been took from the show up front. I like big brother but, the people they let in this year is the worst.Would love to see Michell win she has been playing the game very good I think… Was glad to see Jesse go out he is not hot like he thinks he is.Natalie has lied from the very frist show saying she was only eighteen when she is 24…….

  99. # 102 sumthin’ to think about…Russel may not return to annoy Jordo, but because of Jordo. If Russel had ran up to and bumped Jordo, he probably would have joined Chima…since BB edits Jordo to be a favorite, bringing him back would make better tv, than sending her home.

    Note: not saying this is, just a thought

  100. I would like to see Jordan evicted. She really hasn’t carried her own weight. She has let Jeff fight all her battles and I don’t think she really tried in the competitions.

  101. jeff screwed up when backdoored russell, he should have been kept and broke up kev &nat then get russell. he was stupid to believe any thing nat & kev had to say, he made his bed!!!,so sleep in it

  102. Wait…i know they showed russells pic last night but maybe it could’ve been a mistake? Unless, they do it thrusday, something’s up.

  103. I would think when you apply for BB that it clearly states you must be 21 and with the way Natalie looks she probably had to prove it. Don’t the hg’s read the application? Don’t they know you have to be 21? Natalie is a great manipulator. She told Jesse what to do and told Jesse to tell Ronnie what to do. Jeff and Jordan are not the only hg’s that have been fooled by this. Everyone in the house is fooled, even her so called ally Kevin. I don’t feel J/J were stupid by being fooled by her lies, everyone is falling for it. I feel her dishonesty isn’t right and is giving her an unfair advantage in the house. Everyone excuses it because the think she’s young. CBS should not allow this deception, because it is unfair to the other hg’s. So don’t anyone tell me that Jeff was given the coup d’tat and that he had an unfair advantage. At least Jeff earned it.

  104. CBS loves people like Nat who lies and is hated by America. Remember Jonny Fairplay from Survivor didnt he made the allstar squad.

  105. I vote to evict Jeff. He is a sore loser and he doesn’t treat Jordan very well either. He was ugly when Michelle won POV last night. He’s a jerk. He should have kept Russell and got rid of Natalie.

  106. I guess I’m asking for it. But I detest her so much that I can’t stand watching the show. She is aggravating.

  107. Jeff has used Jordan since the get go! He admitted he was trying to get her to the jury house for a vote weeks ago. She’s under his spell. We all know he is not truly interested in her. She cares for him. I want to get into the TV and shake her and Smack him. She would be a good player if he would stop pressuring her to win for HIM. Get with it. Russell and his sad attitude are history. He like michele and natalie have lied to everyone. they all lie, some lie waaaaaaaay too much! I’d like to see Jordan and Michele go to the end together!

  108. @Mary #115

    Lying and backstabbing is part of the game. There’s nothing unfair about it, if everyone was truthful, there wouldn’t be game play. It’s a game about social skills, and in order to get to advance to the end relationships are made and broken, thus requiring effective scheming, manipulation, lying, etc. Jeff is a prime example of one who is a threat in challenges, but has yet to get his “mind” game flowin’.


  110. jordo should leave. all she has done is yap yap yap in jeffs ear just like the gnat the pit bull does with everyone she sits next to. hopefully jeff will back into game play and jeff will come to his senses and start seeing how the gnat plays. he’ll finally figure her game play, because she will be up jeff’s butt more than usual start making smack big time about her friend kev, and just maybe kev will throw her under the bus and tell jeff everything because he took her boyfriend mr. puketacular out. lol i only hope someone gets some kahooneys in there and tells the gnat what she really is and she is a disgusting gross excuse for the female population.

  111. The KEY stuff better come through for Jeff. He and Michelle are the only real players in the house and they deserve to go to the end. Gnat’s only contribution is diareha of the mouth.

  112. Sabrina aka BULLY, I think the only predator on this board is you. You are an idiot who cannot debate without trying to put people down in order to get some much needed attention.

    You come on here everytime with your ignorant self to demean anyone who doesnt share you rose glass views.

    This is all i will say to you. From now on I will not read your antagonistic comments.
    Please go learn to be civil.

  113. Jordan must go…..cute girl but come on, she’s been riding Jeff’s coat tails all the way and she won’t even give the guy a kiss on his cheek!!!! Jeff has been playing the game and deserves to stay. Bye Jordan!!!!!!

  114. I hope Jeff leaves. Russ was my favorite and I hope he’s coming back for more. Plus now that Russ is gone everyone is being so mean to Michelle. I actually feel bad for her. She deserves to win if Russ doesn’t come back. She’s won more competitions than Jordan, Kevin, and Nat put together pretty much. Jeff deserves to be evicted to be ignorant enough to believe one word that Kevin and Natlie.

  115. It’s amazing that everyone feels that Jordan would win. She has done nothing to deserve it but to convince Jeff that Natalie is truthful. She also pushed to get Russell out and keeps bashing Michele. If Jeff didn’t listen to her, he wouldn’t be in this predicament. The person that has won the most to this point is Michele. 1 HOH and 3 POVs. Go Michele.

  116. I liked Russ too and was disappointed when he blew up at the end. But remember, it was all at the hands of lying Gnat & Kevy. They created that Last Minute Lie.

  117. @Matt hey the kc chiefs are playing on thursday so bb wont be on untill way late please tell me your gonna give a play by play on thursday

  118. @Mary #115

    I can’t stand Nat either, however, her lie re her age is actually more telling of the other HGs, bc the only one who questioned it from day one is Kev, and he’s the only one that has confronted her about it. He doesn’t believe it. As for the rest, they don’t seem too concerned about her age unless alcohol is involved. Just last night, Jeff was complaining to Jordo on how an 18 yr old was downing all of the coolers that weren’t even for her. She has had alcohol out in the open several occasions, and not once has he questioned why BB hasn’t put a stop to it due to liability on the networks part. Furthermore, how dumb is he to fall for the game of an 18 yr old. He doesn’t underestimate her bc he thinks she is 18, he overestimates her big time…he actually trust her.

    Jordo – Well she’s Jordo and I don’t expect much game from her, but Nat spilled all kinds of age telling info to her, especially this week, and she either doesn’t care or is clueless. I’m thinkin’ the latter.

    Michele – She’s got to keep her own lies straight, she could care less about Nat’s… :)

  119. I don’t want either to go, but if I have to make a choice it would be Jordan. I feel Jeff has a better chance. And if it comes down to Michelle( I like her) Kevin & Nat I will no longer watch. I hope if it does come to that Michelle wins. She has been thru the whole game all alone. I can’t stand Nat. Just looking at her makes me throw up in my mouth!! She is a liar, thief and a cheater. Her flicking her balls in when she was playing pool with Kevin showed her tru colors. Kevin was okay I liked him until he started listening to Nat. She has brought him down to her level. Which is very low!!

  120. Natalie is having her period and is complaining that she is in allot of pain. She is demanding a heating pad. She says there are times she has fainted from the pain. She also says they have had to call an ambulance for her. I don’t wish this on anyone because my ex went through this. However, I feel that BB should call an ambulance and take her away. Once better, they can take her to the jury house.

  121. I find it hard to believe that people think that deception and greed are talents. These people in the house may, indeed, be talented, but there is no demonstration of it on a show driven by backstabbing and revenge. I would like to believe that ” what goes around, comes around.”

  122. I forgot to say, I think maybe Russel is coming back somehow. I think BB made a deal that if he left Like a gentleman he could come back later! LOL! Well It is a HOPE!

  123. My dream wish for the magic of the key wud be for Jeff to remove himself (as long as Michelle safe), Kevin has to put up Gnat, finally we all get our wish and she is sent to JH. As much as Jeff deserves eviction, I dislike Gnat more. Don’t even want her in final 4. PLS CBS GET RID OF HER NOW/////

  124. Jeff was too trusting and in that regard blew the game for himself. But Jordan has done zilch … nada … rien. It is a foregone conclusion that she will be gone next week if not this since she is such a lousy player. Jeff will at least BE a contestant if he stays.

    The country will let out a collective barf if someone like Natalie ends up in the end. That’d be gross.

    The three best remaining contestants are Jeff, Kevin and Michelle–let them fight it out; at least it will be a real fight.

  125. @Jcat # 148
    I thought you were giving way too much information ….Until last line and I do agree. Please send Nathalie packing and out us out of our misery … oups HER out of misery!!!

  126. Does laughing at others and their choices make you feel good? One would think that you have a vested interest in the person of your choice winning. We get none of the money or perks that the participants are given, yet we plant our feet, take sides, and then rub defeat into the faces of those people whose contestants have left.

  127. That was Russell’s 10,000 dollars. He bought himself back into the house. I’ve always been a Russell fan. He really made the house interesting.

  128. Jeff needs to go – he shouldn’t have backdoored Russell last week like he did – Natalie needed to go home last week. Jordan hasn’t pulled her weight but also hasn’t played the game. She can go next week.

  129. I wonder if Natalie is unable to compete tomorrow for the HOH if they would postpone the competition. If not, only Michele and Jordan would compete which would be great.

  130. Okay back to the Pandora’s box. I still think there is some kind of twist, not sure what. Kevin opened Pandoras box the first time. Jeff opened the second time to release Keven. This is what it says about Pandora’s box:
    It was well for Pandora that she opened the box a second time, for the gods, with a sudden impulse of compassion, had concealed among the evil spirits one kindly creature, Hope, whose mission was to heal the wounds inflicted by her fellow prisoners.
    “Hope sole remain’d within, nor took her flight,
    Beneath the vessel’s verge conceal’d from light.”

  131. Too bad Kevin didn’t have the guts to put Gnat up instead of Jordan. Jeff will be gone. Michelle will win HOH because the other 2 are incapable of winning. She’ll put up Gnat & Jordan and will convince Kevin to evict Gnat. Unless there is a double eviction on Thursday. Michelle and Kevin will be the final 2.

  132. So sorry to see it end but of course Jeff has a better chance of winning. Natalie has NO BUSINESS even in the same room with the rest of these contestants. The only claim to being there is that she is a liar and a cheat Nothing else. No Brains No abilities. I wouldn’t want her anywhere near my family. Yeeech.

  133. If Jordan wants Jeff to continue in the game instead of her, then she should just throw her mic in the hottub. Take the power of eviction out of the hands of Nat and Kevin. Come on Jordan! Be smart and throw your mic in the hottub!

  134. I am no longer sure Jeff does have a chance to win. I heard him tell Jordan that he trusts Natalie more than Michelle. So how can someone be an advertising saleman and be soooo horrible at reading people? If he reads people that bad, maybe he should just go and hear what they have to say in the JH.

  135. I, too would hate to see Natalie win. There have been some tough people who have won in the past but they had some redeeming qualities–even Evil Dick and Dr. Will. But I have yet to see one redeeming quality in Natalie–it is really sad.

  136. Because Natalie didn’t look for the key to release Kevin from Pandora’s box, the wrath was released on her when JEFF gave Kevin the key. She just said to Kevin that she doesn’t know why is she having to go through all this pain. It’s called KARMA.

  137. ;) :) :D :P Cheer Up People :P :D :) ;)

    ******* Spoiler ~ Alert *******

    It is only a game….. None of us are going to be seeing any of that $500,000!!!

    let’s all sing some BB songs together to lighten up the mood ok everyone?

    *** a 1 – a 2 – a 3 – lets go!!! ***

    ******* I don’t care what the haters say about nat because Kevin is staying alive, staying alive…. diss his style or dis or his game she staying alive… staying alive…. dis his Lying, cheating, scheming, playing Kevin is staying alive… Jeff fans may ask themselves over ad over again why he is staying alive,,,, staying alive…. ask… ask ask saying why why why why, se is staying alive staying alive… why why why why… he is staying a-l-i-v-e *** a-l-i-v-e *** a-l-i-v-e ~ he staying alive…. repeat… oh baby… dooo-dooo-dooo-dooo-boobo-booo-boo yeah yeah yeah yeah staying alive staying alive….

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    @ Jeff Fans…. You are all wonderfull… I am just taking out my furstration because you all have to admit that Jeff fans tore into us NBK fans for a while…. I have not had anything to smile aout for a while… Not all Jeff fans (You three an a few others,but I am just finally happy that Team NBK is doing good again due to the LML!!!

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  138. @teri – Furthermore, how can he separate Kev from Nat at this point…He is pissed @ Kev for putting him up and he still trusts Nat? He should have recognized them as a pair when Nat suggested a F4 deal between J/J/N/K.

  139. According to my’s already scripted as to who is going to win and who’s going to go…It would only make sense that Jordin go and keep the strongest to finish..and why was Russell’s pic not in black and white last night?

  140. I want Jordan to leave so Jeff can get even with Kevin & Natalie for all the lies they told, & he unfortunately believed. He has made a few good moves & I’m hoping something comes out of the Pandora Box thing in his favor since he picked up the most money, maybe it will mean something for him in his favor. There has to be some reason for the whole thing. I guess we wait to see tomorrow.

  141. The key goes back to the evil player Russell then he gets to vote for Kevin because there is no power with the Pandora’s box been given the gift of curiosity, and ultimately opened it. When she opened it, all of the evils, ills, diseases, and burdensome labor that mankind had not known previously, escaped from the box, but it is said, that at the very bottom of her box, there lay hope. Nobody check the bottom of the box and it has to do with HOH reasonability. So if you think about it makes sense. So Jeff needs check the box

  142. I still kind of liked Jeff until he was such a poor sport about Michelle winning POV. Give it up dude you screwed up taking Russell out before either Natalie or Kevin. Who else did either one of them have to team up with? If you’d used your head instead of letting Jordon natter in your ear you wouldn’t be sitting where you are now. A really STUPID move on your part pal.

  143. Jeff and Michele are talking about throwing the HOH competition to Natalie if she will vote to keep Jeff. I hope that Michele is lying and will try and win HOH. If not, Michele will be going home if she doesn’t win the POV.

  144. why does everyone LOVE the triple threat! the show is going to be so much more once jeff goes to the jury house!!!! what are they going to do with a jury of 6 since i assume chima wont be included in the show anymore!!????

  145. I want to see Jordan go. Not cuz I don’t like her but bcuz she really relied on Jeff to play the game for her instead of playing & making the decisions for herself. Plus I need Jeff to get out Nat I can’t stand her she wanted to call the shots but didnt win anything. Riding coat tales!!!!

  146. @ jcat #174
    i dont think that michelle or jeff is that stupid to throw the comp, so thy’re probable just lying. but if they would try throwing the game, nat still wouldnt win cuz she just suck at comps

  147. Jordan should go home, Jeff has carried her long enough, talking about being carried through the game get Gnatalie out of there, she lies, her lack of hygiene is horrendous, and another month of her letting America know she has her period. Last night when she took her weekly shower while drinking Mike’s Lemonade at the same time showed us once again what a classy broad she is. Kevin even saw that she continued to go afterr the money instead of looking for the key to save him, so tell me why is the worst dresses gay man in this game’s history protecting and carrying her. I don’t even use my superpass anymore because of her. Let Jeff & Michelle battle it out, at least they played the game.

  148. Here is a thought…. It said that the HOH has an added responsibility… Kevin got to see what kind of people he is around.. What if the added responsibility leads Kevin to take on of the nominee’s off the block and had to put Nat up on the block because of the greed… This would mean that Nat Will be leaving on Thursday (hopefully)…. The twist was that Kevin had to make a decision to put his hand in the box or not. He chose to do so but in return he found out that Greed can take over for the moment. I really dislike Nat. Everyone has lied though… I hope that there is more to the Pandora’s box because if there is nothing else to it then that was a twist that really sucked..

  149. Jcat

    I think Dr. Michele is once again toying with her HG Lab

    “Here are some sweet treats for my loving and oh, so
    friendly HGs. It is soooooo good to see you smile
    and become sooooooooooo hopeful during these
    stressful times. Don’t worry your little heads about anything
    for Dr. Michele will take good care of you.”


  150. I think Jordon should be evicted as she isn’t a strong. I believe if Jeff stays as he can get the wassles natline and kevin.

  151. I love Jordaon as a person but I would like to see Jeff stay becuase I think he has played a better game than anyone. I can’t stand natalie all she is is a liar kevin is stupid for believing anything that comes out of her mouth. So if Jeff does go I hope Nat and Kevin are right behind him and Michelle and Jordaon are the final 2. This pandora box stuff was stupid thought there was going to be a BIG TWIST last night…..but there wasn’t what a bomber!!!! I have watched every season and this has been the worst one yet!!

  152. Jeff deserves to win the whole game. I like Jordan, but she has been carried along by Jeff the entire show. I agree that Jeff has been the one who I really enjoy watching because he adds interest to the show.

  153. Even though i like Jeff and Jordan both, i would 100% rather see Jordan see go. She wouldnt be in this place if it wasnt for him (she even admitted that) , and for everyone that saying jordan is fat, be quiet, shes perfectly normal!!

  154. For those of you who still believe there could be a twist, you must go to this site and read the so called spoilers yet to come with Pandora’s Box.

    I removed the www so this post doesn’t go into moderation.

    Anyway for what it is worth. If you are a Jeff fan you would love to see the outcome!

    If you don’t care, then I think it will be safe to say that this is just another ploy to rope us into to watching CBS and to boost their ratings, because after last night’s let down, I have little doubt that the ratings are going to plummet after Thursday when Jeff goes home!

  155. Twist or no Twist. Based on all that has happen, I will remain loyal to Michelle. Nothing else matters to me other than Michelle winning the $500K, and laughs her way to the bank. It also wud be soooo SWEET if the LML comes out BEFORE Jeff leaves. Oh well one can only hope that there is justice, and CBS/AG/BB producers believes in rewarding the only one deserving…MICHELLE ROCKS. God bless her.

  156. The one who really deserves to win the game is Michele. She has had no one to rely on except herself. She has played hard and won more comps then anyone. Just a few minutes ago Jeff and Jordan were talking about Michele being crazy. Jordan says Michele is bipolar(does Jordan even know what the word means). Keep doing what you are doing Michele and win it all.

  157. Jeff needs to go. He backstabbed R when R was keeping their F4 deal. Jeff believed the biggest liars in the house (N/K) instead of R/M, who were honorable. This combination of no integrity and stupidity means Jeff deserves to go. If he had kept their F4 deal, he would have made F4. Now he won’t.

    Somebody PLEASE annihilate Gnataliar!!!!!!!!!! She is so disgusting!

  158. @Jackie M #188

    You know that I am a Michele fan also and I so want her to win, but I also want entertainment until the Finale, which we just won’t get without Jeff there. We need some challenges and who better to challenge Michele.

    I want to see Michele take the $500k and Jeff $50k and Kevin the $25k America’s choice, but I don’t really mind which way it goes for the second prize and America’s choice as long as Nat. gets NOTHING!!!!

  159. when the going gets tough MIchele cries. (she did this right after she didnt win HOH) but we didnt see any crying after she won the POV right? dont get me wrong, i think shes a great player but i would rather see Jeff win it over her.

  160. i was reading something on another blog where it said that kevin was telling mich that he wants to take her to the f2 cuz he knows that he doesnt have a chance w/ gnat. so hopefully kev votes to keep jeff cuz he can definitely get out gnat.

  161. Leo is hilarious.
    It is what it is, if he goes then we will just have to face facts. He’s not dying…I’m sad but its just a game! (Sighing) Im so sad. Im crying Leo a river! :)

  162. I don’t get why ratings would go down when Jeff exits…I like Jeff, but I think he’s facing the consequences just like every other evicted HG in this game and in the future seasons…If I stop watchin’ now, I would have wasted all this time paying attention. Jeff Got Got!! We ned to get over it already.

  163. Jcat

    I read the same J/J backstabbing Michele account.

    I don’t think Jeff or Jordan know what the term bipolar means;
    he isn’t all that bright himself.

    While I think Jeff staying could make the show more
    interesting for comps, I’m ready for him to be evicted.
    I’ve had enough of his two-faced personality.

  164. @lexxxx #192

    Yes, she was crying, but if you were in that house and everyone had treated you the way the other HG’s have treated her, I think you would be crying also.

    Michele was crying because she felt isolated and all alone and she knew that winning HOH was her only option (other than POV) to stay in that house.

    She picked herself up, wiped off the dust and then competed seriously for the POV, which she won and deservingly so!

    Jeff showed poor sportsmanship when he lost because he couldn’t handle losing which CBS showed, however what they didn’t show that he felt rotten later and went to apologize to her, congratulated her and gave her a hug.

    The point being that people handle stress in different ways, it is all about the courage you have to pick yourself up and start over again, something I doubt that Nat. would know how to do. All she does is belly ache about how good she is without any foundation!

  165. fedup

    Also, who doesn’t want to see Jeff meeting up with
    and then living with Jessie, Lydia and Russell in the Jury House?

    Definitely a ratings grabber.

  166. I definitely hope Jeff goes home!!! Like he told everyone that he had evicted It’s just a game!! So now he needs to feel what that means. He definitely showed his personality very well, when the tables got turned on him.

  167. @fedup #196

    You need to go to the CBS sites and start reading some of the posts and maybe you will start to get it.

    Jeff knocked out the power players and made this season exciting. With him gone, (other than Michele and perhaps Kevin), none of these HG’s deserve to have gone this far. They are not great competitors and they have shown their ignorance time and time again.

    It is a proven fact that Jeff has been a cash cow for CBS and the polls show that.

    Go look at some of the other forums, it may help you understand.

  168. @Midwest Fan – That’s right…BB should consider JH feeds so we can see how the unedited version of their reunions

  169. FEDUP – I definitely like the point you just made on Jeff got got….Didn’t he say that to Russell? and now that the tables turned, he doesn’t like it very much! My other thing about this is that if Jeff can’t handle the heat, then he needs to get his tail out of the kitchen.

  170. blackgirl

    September 2nd, 2009 at 2:50 pm
    Sabrina aka BULLY, I think the only predator on this board is you. You are an idiot who cannot debate without trying to put people down in order to get some much needed attention.

    You come on here everytime with your ignorant self to demean anyone who doesnt share you rose glass views.

    This is all i will say to you. From now on I will not read your antagonistic comments.
    Please go learn to be civil.

    Okay- i had an opinion days and days ago and you didn’t like the way i presented it. That is a personal problem. Just because you found it to be condescending doesn’t mean everyone else did. Nobody had a problem w/ it but you. You are just as “antagonistic”

    But I digress from what i come on here for, Michelle will most likely be the one winning this game.

  171. sorry jordan you have to go

    jeff is a better player he tryed to keep jordan but girlfriend don’t get it

  172. Sometimes I wonder if any of you have watched big brother before?! Everyone seems so shocked when people lie, go back on their words, etc.

    That’s the whole point of the game, to see who’s still standing at the end.

    You don’t win big brother by only winning competitions, which just puts a big target on your back. Remember Dr Will?! He didn’t win one competition but yet managed to win the game.

    Why do you think Nat and Jordan are still there? Because no one seems them as threats.

    Jordan has been carried through this game by Jeff and Nat has lied her way through.
    Whether or not you like Nat’s game play, she has played the game not by wining competitions but my manipulating her house guest and as you can see its working because she is still in the house.

    Many of you are mad regarding Nat lying about her age, so what! Someone mentioned that BB should have her arrested for under age drinking. Well, she’s not under age, BB knows that and the audiences know that so she’s not breaking any laws. If the house guests haven’t put that together yet, that’s on them.

    Remember Michelle Maradie from BB 4, she was only 19 so I don’t think you have to be 21 to get on the show, it’s probably 18 and over.

    Don’t get me wrong I’m not a big fan of Nat and at this point I don’t have a favorite player that I would want to win.

    I do like Jeff but the smartest thing to do is to evict him. I don’t want to see him go but that would be a smart move. In this game you have to get rid of the strongest players if you want a chance to win. It’s a game.

  173. @ Diana- i agree what you said about Natalie. But what have the houseguests done to Michele? She isolated herself.

  174. Other then Jeff and Jordan this years cast has been the worse ever.

    A win for Jeff, if he has any brains at all, will also be a win for Jordan.

    I hope they make it. Get a job Jeff.

  175. im sick and tired of Natalie saying that shes gonna win, but she never does. why is she still even in the BB11 house? ughh

  176. @Diana
    I’ll make a deal w/ you…You learn to read and I just may take your advice… I SAID I LIKE JEFF…go back to earlier in the day…I even complimented his game play…Jeff is the one who suffered a “Power” outage, listened to Jordo to his own demise, and ultimately made a bad decision…DON’T TAKE YOUR FRUSTRATION OUT ON ME!!!…Didn’t you learn anything from Jeff? IT’S A GAME…GET OVER IT AND SAY BYE BYE JEFF!!! Better yet, practice the eloquent lyrics of Leo’s tune…LMAO!!!!!!

  177. You know, there really has to be more to the Pandora’s Box than what we saw. You put your hand in: Money comes down from the sky; you see who your true allies are; you get $600. That’s pretty boring. What were the producers thinking? “Hey, let’s give the HG some money… Maybe it can drop from the sky!”

    Should Jeff stay? Yes. Will he stay? Don’t want to think about it.

    Should Jordan go? Yes. Will she stay? Don’t want to think about it.

    Will the show be a little boring after that? Yes.

    Does Natalie get on my nerves? GET HER OUT OF THERE!!

  178. diana #191 and 198-

    I completely agree with you. Entertainment should come with the package. Nobody wants to watch a boring show.

    And I agree that Michelle has prevailed when she has needed to in this show. She does deserve to win.

  179. I will wait and see what Pandora’s Box has to offer. I don’t believe I will have much interest in watching BB if he goes. I will puke if I have to hear Gnat and Kevy continue their lies. Like I said before, they have taken lying to a whole new level. Gnat still has a lot of growing up to do. She acts like an annoying teenager! Go Home Gnat!

  180. if jeff would have won the veto than he could have saved him self .i think it time that jordan go to the jury house . may be now jeff can put up kevin and natille for sure

  181. gojeff- lol I agree. There’s more to this pandora’s box thing. Julie said it will be game changing.

  182. @lexxxx #209

    Every single last one of them have treated her poorly. The had snickered and talked about her behind her back and also when she has been in ear range of them, so she could hear.

    They berate her and belittle her and every other HG has had support in one way or anthoer with another team mate.

    Every time that Michele tried to form an alliance she was treated like she was crazy, when in fact she has had to overcome some very personal tragedy with her brother dying only 5 months ago and then to put up with mental and verbal abuse is inexcusable IMO.

    I want Michele to win it all, to show these shallow people that it really does take strength of character to remain focussed on the end goal, as she has done throughout this whole game.

  183. i want jordan to get evicted because its all jeff! jordan hasnt done anything, i dont blame him for getting annoyed with her for not pulling her weight! she hasnt done anything except act stupid, annoying and blonde! which is really mean condersing im blonde. i feel like she is making blones look bad. not all blondies are stupid like her! :@.

  184. Jordo! I think her head is not in the game and she is checked out already. So Jeff should have an chance to play the game out on his own. It will be the first time in the game that he could play it out without his BFF. Although He needs to pull his head out of his rump and stop telling Jordan to stick with Natalie if he is outed this week. Every Man and Woman for themselves at this point. And the twists suck this year. I wonder if they had to switch it up after the CHima thing?

  185. I really didn’t like Russell in the beginning but he grew on me. The opposite for Jeff. You can say he was just playing the game when he got Russell out but he was not playing the game when he bad mouthed Michelle and called her names behind her back. He had my vote til then but now I just think he is a jerk that has finally realized he was an idiot to believe N/K. I hope Russell does come back and him and Michelle go F2.

  186. Jeff should go – if i was still in it, jeff and michelle r the strongest players….i would have to put my personal feelings of who i like, and send jeff out the door…THEN, GNAT-O how i dislike her, she should go next…..My prediction:: Michelle’s goin to Win!!

  187. Jeff and Michele should go to Kevin (who will have the tiebreaking vote) and tell him, he has a choice. Keep Jeff and in return him and Michele will help Kevin get out Natalie next week – They are 2 strong players and will most likely win both competitions, OR if Kevin votes Jeff out, they should tell him that Michel and Jordan will work together to get HIM out next week instead of Natalie. Kevin cannot compete for HOH – 2 alli’s will be better than 1

  188. @amie #221 – Jeff said that he trusts Nat over Michele but, nn last night or maybe this morning, Jeff told Jordo to stick with Michele until the end.

  189. @fedup #209

    I think that your interpretation of what I was trying to say to you was misread.

    I went back to read what I wrote and I can see how you could feel that I was taking my frustrations out on you, when in fact I wasn’t, because I am not frustrated at all (other than Nat. of course), the point I was trying to make is that on all the other sites that I have visited, there is a plethory of Jeff fans out there and all CBS is worried about is their ratings and for the ratings to be up there, they have to listen to their audience, that being Jeff because he is their cash cow.

    Hope that clears it up for you, because I am not a person who will personally attack another person. I like to view other people’s opinions and I hope that others can appreciate mine.

  190. @ fedup…. WUZ UP? You are exactly right…. One moment jeff tells Jordan to stick with Natalie…. Then Michelle says she wants tio save him, so he tells Jordan to stick with Michelle….. Before the POV jeff was trashing Michelle because he was hoping if he didn’t win, neither would Michelle because he knew Michelle was the only person who might be evicted with him on the block!!!

  191. #219 Diana

    I agree with you. I, also, think Dr. Michele can see the
    end is near and will step up her game even more.
    Actually she is doing it now.
    These horrible people have been so mean to her that her
    best bet is playing along with them to keep some peace
    in the house. At least now, some of them are actually talking
    to her face …………… though still talking and snickering about
    her behind her back.
    She is gaming it.

    I hope she wins the $500k.
    Lying is easy.
    Living with liars is heck.
    Besting the liars is payback with a Smile and a Fat Bank Account.


  192. I think part of the problem early on with Michelle is that she was unable to keep her lies straight and this caused everyone to doubt everything she says. However, she has been almost alone in this game and has fought her way to where she is today. You have to give her credit for that. And then the one time she really does try to form an alliance, Gnat & Kevy created the Last Minute Lie and killed her alliance. Jeff/Jordan believed them and booted Russell. I try to keep in mind that the houseguests are unaware of what we see/ hear in the DR. Jeff wasn’t very smart in listening to them, and Russell didn’t put up a very good defense, thus Gnat & Kevy did the Happy Dance when they were all fighting in the BY.

  193. @Leo #230

    Yep, just came back on line, and p*ssed people off, and you know that is not my game, but hey, I can’t control the way people read my comments, at least you get it and know that I like to challenge people in a non-demeaning way.

    Anyway, what happened with Matt M yesterday, what was that all about??

  194. I think Jeff will stand a better chance of clearing house, especially getting Natalie out of the house. She is the week est player. Since the first day she has played the game hiding behind others. She has yet to win a POV, Luxury or HOH competition. I was hoping that Kevin would have replaced Michelle with her so that at least the final 4 would have one competitions. Plus if Jeff wins the money I am pretty sure he will share some with Jordan.

  195. Plus, Kevin has a better chance of winning against Michele or Jeff – The Jury house hates both of them, whereas, if he takes Natalie to the final 2 – He will loose – All the self centered, arrogant, backstabbers are in the Jury House – All Natalie’s Peeps….

  196. I just read the information about what is still to come with Pandora’s Box. If any of that is true, I will definitely stop watching BB. Enough is enough with trying to keep Jeff in the house. It’s a game – He got got – Get over it – Move on – and lets get ready for the BB All-Stars. Bring Jeff and Jordon on that, along with Evil Dick. Now that will definitely make for a good ratingss.

  197. @fedup #233

    OK, we’re cool then!!

    I want you to know that I am a Michele fan, not so much a Jeff one. He turned me off with his 2 week power play, but basically I think he is a good human being, but he can be as cruel as everyone else especially the way he has treated poor Michele!

  198. You know, life must be tough inside the house. No one can think when they’re in while they’re in there. But once they reach the jury house… they know exactly what they SHOULD have done!

    I like Maggie #226’s idea of going to Kevin and telling him to team up with Michelle and Jeff to take out Natalie. If Jeff was smart (which is questionable from time to time), he would press the fact that once in the jury house, he could turn votes AWAY from Kevin. Unlike Jessie and Russell who thought Jeff masterminded some pretty smart blindsides, Jeff himself could easily convince the jury that Michelle is the better player.

    BUT… having seen Jeff think Natalie and Kevin were on his side; having seen Kevin tell Jeff he’s safe and then put him up on the block; having seen Natalie whine all the time…

    We can only hope the Pandora’s Box is still the last hope for Jeff. Maybe Julie will announce that there was something at the bottom of the box that Kevin didn’t see. (Did anyone notice Kevin never OPENED the box…)

    Hmm… we’ll have to wait and see! (Though I really don’t think there was anything more to the box than cash falling from the sky. BORING!)

  199. Speaking of All Stars, did you see the interview where Ronnie said it like 4 or 5 times that he wants to be on BB All Stars? Good grief, he didn’t even make it to the Jury House! Get over it Ronnie, go play video games!

  200. @arizona2 #237

    I don’t believe for one minute any of that. I think it was put out there to ensure the ratings for CBS will be high again.

    Don’t forget the marketing people for CBS are the master manipulators and they know how to grab an audience attention.

    Just look what they did with Pandora’s Box, only to find out it was an absolute shame, totally meaningless and a total let down for the viewers.

  201. @Leo

    Hello ;)
    I stopped trying to figure out Jeff’s reasoning when he didn’t couldn’t get the concept that a F2 within his F4 deal wasn’t a betrayal, especially when his F2 w/ Jordo was so obvious no matter how many times he told the HGs that he and Jordo didn’t have a F2.

  202. Please let it be Jordyn to go then. Jeff will have a better chance of getting that no good useless piece of poo poo, GNAT OUT OF THE HOUSE!
    If not jeff then ANYONE whos left I would love to see in final two accept for GNAT. I DESPISE HER!!!!!!!!!!!1

  203. @arizona2 – Evel Dick and Danielle would have easily taken over this bbh and jeff and jordan would not have had a leg to stand on. I would love to see an allstars with all of them.

    @astro – well said.

  204. Don’t discount Pandora’s Box or the fact that Jeff is the one that found the key after Gnat lied about the door being lock. Yes, folks, Gnat lied again and showed her true colors to her own alliance! Don’t be a hater because Jeff found the key. Remember, he is a smart player. What will be will be!

  205. @laurenb1219 #240

    You need to read post #187 and go to the site to read it because it is very long.

  206. I’m a big Jeff and Jordan fan. But for some miracle the run is propably over. I think Michelle’s problem with getting a playing partner is that no one trust her. She has changed sides every other week and has been caught in her lies several times (unlike Gnat who has not told the truth one time in the game but has not been caught). I hope Jeff stays but if it is Jordan who remains, I hope she will join forces with Michelle and go to the final two. She would propably win the 500k over Michelle, but not Gnat. Kevin will be gone next week regardless.

  207. Michelle, to the end!!! She deserves to win, she is playing very well, she has no team mates, no one to support her in the house. Just watch and see….GO MICHELLE!!!!!!!!!!!

  208. didn’t it say at the beginning of show last night that we would get to help save jeff or michele but michele won veto so there has to be more to pandoras box

  209. The only reason why they haven’t been going after Michelle is because no one likes her and she hasn’t earned her place. They know she won’t get many votes if she makes it to the final two.

  210. @ Diana…. Matt M is mad that I called his source wrong because he claims that BB / CBS has is arranged that Kevin knows Natalie will be going home and if he says anything, he (Kevin) will be evicted….

    Matt M

    September 1st, 2009 at 11:12 pm
    Yes, Kevin knows that he has to take Jeff off and knows that his only option is to put up Gnat and that she will go home. He has been told NOT to discuss it or he will be expelled. So to make a long story short….Gnat will be gone on Thursday night……….however Kevin will be allowed to play for HOH along with Jeff, Jordan and Michelle on Thursday night. Although POV has all the power next week.
    this is confirmed by a very reliable source from CBS I cannot name.

    I told him his source was lying to him and he got mad and said the following:

    Matt M

    September 1st, 2009 at 11:30 pm
    Kevin knows that he has to take Jeff off and knows that his only option is to put up PP and that she will go home. He has been told NOT to discuss it or he will be expelled. So to make a long story short….PP will be gone on Thursday night……….however Kevin will be allowed to play for HOH along with Jeff, Jordan and Michelle on Thursday night. Although POV has all the power next week.
    its true if you are so sure @

    @Leo then on thursday when i am right you never get to blog in here again how about that

    I replied:


    September 1st, 2009 at 11:36 pm
    @ Susan… email me at

    @ Diana… I will email you back with my regular email ok?

    @ Matt M… I will one up you… Ifm you are right, I will say Matt M, you are the man and I was wrong ok?

    @ Everyone else… Have a good night & sweet dreams!!!

    Matt M

    September 1st, 2009 at 11:30 pm
    Kevin knows that he has to take Jeff off and knows that his only option is to put up PP and that she will go home. He has been told NOT to discuss it or he will be expelled. So to make a long story short….PP will be gone on Thursday night……….however Kevin will be allowed to play for HOH along with Jeff, Jordan and Michelle on Thursday night. Although POV has all the power next week.
    its true if you are so sure @

    @Leo then on thursday when i am right you never get to blog in here again how about that

    and then the following in post #364

    @Leo I am sick of your blogs and your critisimn towards people and your ego trips thinking you know everything. You r not a BB God and I am right about Thursday and u r not and if you were even half a man you would take me up on my deal and if I am right you never blog in here again you game ego man or r u chicken

    So I ended my discussion with him with the following:


    September 1st, 2009 at 11:45 pm
    ******* Spoiler ~ Alert *******

    Matt M is a clown ******* L~O~L

    ;) :D :) :P

  211. Really don’t won’t Jeff or Jordan to leave.
    Come on CBS, Big Brother needs to give Jeff or Jordan a surprise wizard power before Thursdays eviction; or even a non-elimination week. That would be wonderful. Anyway Kevin and Natalie need to be gone; not Jeff or Jordan.

  212. @ Diana #238 – Michele is a huge reason why I am not sad to see Jeff go to the JH. While I understand that being locked up in the BB house can be stressful, overwhelming etc., I didn’t like the Jeff that surfaced while he was in power…His (and Jordo’s) treatment of Michele was ridiculous and uncalled for, she has a right to play the game just like the two of them. They both ousted her w/ their allies and enemies, and Michele’s credit, lies or not, she has weathered her way through t

  213. @Frank #254

    You are correct that no one likes her, but there have been numerous instances where they have tried to get her out (this week included), but Michele has fought back and won her place in that house.

    I think you will find if she is left there standing in the F2, the JH will go through all her game play, as they will for the other HG remaining and they will brainstorm and thrash around every play that has transpired between the last 2 contestants and they will come to a consensus on who out smarted and who out played them to get this far and Michele is up there.

    Don’t under estimate these jury members. How often have we seen on these games where they rule with their emotions and claim they won’t vote for a person they dislike and after they have had been sequested in the JH they have changed their opinion of that person purely on game play. So in other words, they have take the emotion out of their decision.

    I think Michele has a real chance of taking it all providing she makes it to the F2, also don’t forget if it is a tied vote, America has the final say.

  214. @ Michelle fans…. Michelle is worse than anyone else because she was smiling in Russel’s face and then left to trash him with Jordan / Lydia / Chima / Natalie in the HOH room the night before Jeff used the CDT… Then was his final 2 buddy in his face, but she called it fake behind his back, and she then regretted thrwoing him under the bus when jeff back doored him because of her lies!!!

  215. I actually don’t want either Jeff or Jordan off. I feel Jeff has a better chance and besides if Jeff goes and then Jordan I am not watching anymore because I don’t care about the ones left.

  216. @ Diana #238 – (cont.) from #257
    through the game. Jeff’s reaction and subsequent treatment speaks for itself…It’s beyond me why Michele wants to keep him. She is strong enough to get whoever she wants out on her own…She can certainly get to the F2 w/out him. I could go on, but you get the point, and ideally, I want Jeff gone and let the chips fall where they may. I respect her ability to keep going and winning solo in the house.

  217. Unlike what happened in the UK, where they cancelled BB, the US will only keep producing them. Why, you ask? Because we still need to get to BB14 so we can have a 2nd All-Stars.

  218. @ Shirley…. Good luck finding another show to watch… We both know you will still watch after Jeff goes home tommorow…. If not, I don’t care….

  219. @Leo #259

    There you go stirring the pot again. You know that lying is part of the game. The point is that Michele has never personally attacked anyone or talked smack about them. Yes, she has lied, but so has everyone else.

    What she successfully did was to plead ignorance when she was backed into a corner and she played both sides of the fence, which is part of this game.

    Again, I stress, she has never been demeaning to any of them and just for one brief moment she did attack Lydia and did think about calling Nat. out, but common sense prevailed because she is focussed on her goal the $500k. She deserves it!

  220. Natalie wants to ask BB if she can have Jeff give her his Hawaii trip. She wants Jeff to sign the trip over to her and she will tell him she will vote for him. Then she will turn around and vote him out. What a SLIME BUCKET.

  221. I agree with all who think it would be interesting for Russell to come back into the game. Who would he side with? I hope it would be Michele. Maybe then they could figure out the LML of Nat and Kevin. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s show. I hope there is more to the Pandora’s Box thing – otherwise talk about anti-climatic. If there is nothing more, then what was the point? Just some kind of lame luxury comp?

  222. @Leo

    Read your post too quickly. Just got it, the song huh!!

    Well some people don’t have a sense of humor. I think it is funny!

  223. Jordon needs to be evicted because Jeff is the competitor of the two. He deserves to win the game.

  224. Diana

    “So in other words, they have take the emotion out of their decision.”

    Have you seen the end of BB3? They all hated Danielle and voted with their emotions despite her great gameplay.

    Also, most of us realize that Michelle hasn’t done much strategizing or won many competitions. She hasn’t been very successful when she’s tried to lie or deceive other houseguests either.

  225. @ Frank…. You are right… That is why Danielle didn’t win BB3…. Natalie / Lydia will vote with emotion….

  226. @Jcat #267

    I just read that too. There is no shame to this girl and I never wish harm on anyone, but this girl needs a lesson in life and KARMA will come back and bite her in the a**.

    Shame on her!!

    Shame, Shame, Shame!!

    She really needs some serious counselling!!

  227. @Frank #271

    Frank I was generally speaking. Of course there are always players that vote with emotion, both on Survivor and BB, however most of them can be reasonable and they are open minded when they have discussion groups.

  228. @Leo #273

    Well that’s 2 votes out of the 7. I would like to think that the more normal HG’s are more logical than N/L!!

    R/Jessie have both said that Jeff played a great game and would vote for him, but with him out of the picture, I am sure that Russell would like to see Michele win and I have little doubt that he will try to use his power of persuasion

  229. @Diana I went to the site(#187) How wild is that! I would really love to see it. At least I got my hope from Pandora’s Box. It cracks me up that if all that went down, all of us bloggers in our speculations could never have imagined anything so crazy. Everybody needs to go to that site and read the post. (Address is on Diana’s post #187)

  230. Leo – I hope you read this.

    My sides hurt from laughing at your songs above. I can’t breathe. That was exactly what I needed…that was freaking funny….hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    And I’m Jeff fan…..LOL……OMG…….that was hilarious….LMAO!!! Way to go brother!

  231. @lexxxx #272

    Yes, it is true, Nat. is trying to get Jeff’s HI trip and she wants Michele’s TV and then plans to stab them in the back and not vote for Jeff to stay.

  232. Diana

    Considering how BB3 also had the same discussion groups, you’re making some big assumptions. Obviously J/J would vote for each other. The only votes that will be a toss-up are Russel, Jessie, and Michelle.

    Even America’s vote is obvious. America’s favorite HGs go in this order: Jeff, Jordan, Kevin, Michelle, then Natalie. Michelle and Kevin may switch places, but other than that there will be no surprise.

  233. @Budman #277

    It would be funny if any of it was real and most certainly entertaining, but don’t hold your breath, because I think it is a hoax. However, if it was true, I would be delighted for the entertainment factor and to watch Nats. face when she sees that she will have to scramble again to try and stay in that house!

    It is entertaining to read!

  234. @Jcat #267. I would love to see that happen. It would be so funny. HAHAHHAHAHAHA. Can you just see the look on J face when he finds out he got played. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

  235. Leo how ya doing kido? Leo lets get you on BBrother next year ok and i to will be going i hope and me and you can stick togeter and kick some A$$!

  236. @Frank #280

    Yes, you are right, I am making big assumptions, because I believe that if Jeff goes this week, then Jordan will follow and if not next week the week after. I don’t think for one minute that the remaining HG’s wants to take Jordan to the F2 because they have basically all said that she has never been mean (which we know isn’t totally true), to anyone and she would get the votes.

    So that is why I made those assumptions. Of course if either J/J make it to the F2, the dynamics of the votes will change.

    Either way Frank, neither you or I have any real input to the decision making. We can phone our vote in for America’s choice and our 7th juror vote, but that could be superfulous because it will only be used in a tied vote.

    So let’s agree to disagree on this debate and move on!

  237. What would be funny is if he did give Natalie the trip, she voted against him and the key gave him the power to return. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this is how Natalie is in real life.

  238. Diana if Nat could she would still all the money in the BBrother house and we would see her do it and she would lie just like she lied when Chima trhough the mic in the water and said she dropet it. What the heck does she think we ARE; STUPID!

  239. @Sabrina #286

    Apparently she was begging to go to the DR to discuss strategy with them, so whether she can do that I am not sure, but it has to be in the rule book somewhere!

  240. @June #288

    Yes, she would, but somehow I think that would never be allowed to happen.

    Nat. has shown her greed and immaturity throughout this whole game and it will come back to haunt her when she leaves BB and goes back into the real world.

  241. @Leo

    Need a break. Have been on this computer way too long today, so I will catch up with you later!

    Can’t wait for your site on Survivor and then we can start it all up again!

    You stirring and me trying to rationalize with you – just LOVE it!!!!

    At least you get my old brain working!!

  242. LMFAO…WOW!!! I just read the “twists” that are supposedly gonna happen. I don’t think all that is true…tho if it is that would freakin awesome. I think everyones face would be priceless!!!

  243. Diana yes cause what goes around comes around and people out here will not trust here because of her selfishness and lies.

  244. #47 jcat
    You know, yo’re on to something. I realized it’s not so much that I want Jeff to lose, it’s that I want him to see how dumb and especially how CRUEL he has been.
    Now that he’s suffered near defeat, I’m okay with him staying longer as long as he doesn’t win any more money.

  245. Why can’t Jeff say, sure Nat I will sign the trip over to you on Friday if you voted to keep me. Call her bluff…

  246. I really can’t stand GNAT…drives me crazy- her annoying voice, stupid hair, and immature demeanor- her and jessie are perfect for eachother because i can’t see anyone else wanting to be with them!!! JEFF TO STAY

  247. I thought it was funny last night on BBAD when Gnat was goading Jeff. She said that Jeff had to take Jordan to Hawaii and share the trip since Jeff got to share her HOH. I like Gnat better when she is drunk!

  248. Seems to me, the only thing the Pandora’s box should have done was to show Kevin that everyone is out for themselves when it comes to the money. They didn’t care about him being stranded and not getting a chance to grab some dough. Even when Jeff had the key, he wasn’t in a hurry to help Kevin. Nat didn’t give a fig about Kevin. I want Jeff to go. I sure hope Nat doesn’t win (how many times have I said that). Hope it’s Kevin and Michelle final 2. I’d to see Russ back but I don’t understand at this point (so late in the game) how that would happen. Isn’t the end coming soon?? Hurry up Survivor.

  249. @diana- ok thanks for clearing that up! lol i wasnt sure if it was true. and wow. thats like reallllllly messed up. BB11 should not allow that to happen.

  250. I have been following the all the episodes from Toronto. I am sure that the episode should last one more week becuase of Chima leaving early. Let the pandora box be a suprise saying NO one goes home, but everyone has to get up early and run in the yard for 15 minutes daily ( good for health) till the next HOH

  251. @lexxx 192
    I’m confused, you don’t want Michele to win be because she didn’t cry when she was happy? Only when she was treted like scum by the cliques in the house? Give her a break and realize when she’s down she just may be thinking about the young brother she just lost.

  252. @rene F- no thats not what i said. i would rather Jeff or Jordan win it over her, but after that i would want her to win it. and im not sure what your talking about.

  253. #218 Sabrina
    When did Julie say it would be game changing? That’s not what my TV broadcast. She said “and WILL it be game changing?”

  254. Do the other four HGs know about Michele’s 20 yr old brother dying? Has anyone mentioned it in the house? If they do know, it makes them even worse human beings.

  255. Jeff has played a good game, and honest one as well. He deserves it more than anyone that entered the house this year….

  256. @Diana, rite on girlfriend. I hv to agree w/you. Michelle, Jeff, Kevin..winning money in that order. I will be one happy camper as long as despectable GNat wins NADA, ZIP, ZERO. I am serious, I will save the tape when GNat gets the BOOT..she is beyond disgusting.

  257. Diana
    BBrother mother
    You guys rock and i cant wait to read your post ever day because you all are positive and intelagent and most of all Funny so keep up with your post you guys deserve a standing applaus in my book. :)

  258. To those who hate Nat and think it will be boring without Jeff…won’t you get any excitement out of rooting for her eviction? How can you threaten to “stop watching” and not know if the Gnat makes her way to the final?

  259. @#246 – Ashley, well good. I rather watch Dick and Danielle really show Jeff and Jordon how to play.

    @247 BB11Fan – Yeah I totally agree.

    If Jeff time is to go, he needs to go. No saving him, because if that is the case, then all HG should have something to really complain about.

  260. it’s funny.
    so many people want jeff to stay.
    and the polls are usually accurate.
    but this week, it’s an epic fail.

    jeff’s gone.

  261. #250
    The reason Michele gets caught in her lies is that she has no back up. Nat doesn’t get caught because Kevin’s got her back, same with J&J.

    They all lie, so please, everyone, stop saying you don’t like someone because they lie. They are SUPPOSED to lie in this game. Let’s all agree, they all freaking lie.

  262. I don’t know much about the jury house. Am I right in assuming they can talk amongst themselves while they are sequestered? So their opninions of the finalists can change greatly from when they left the house?

  263. Between the two, Jordan needs to go first. She needs to chest bump the jury members into submission before they see Jeff again!

    Jeff should stay, he’s at least trying to play the game, but it’s too bad he can’t tell a liar from a nut.

  264. She is so dingy, and Jeff has been carrying her through out the game. It was good of her to say she wanted Jeff to stay in the house and she would go home. But doesn’t everyone say that.

  265. Ho Hum… I use to make sure I got everything done before sitting to watch BB without any interruptions, but Sunday and Tuesday, I was just bored. Now with Jeff leaving, I don’t have a fave.

    I would really hate to see Natalie win…. Kevin should work a deal with jeff for F2 and let the jurors figure out who wins. At least they’ll both get something. If Kevin takes Natalie, she just might get some votes…. which would suck…. I don’t like this season… that whole High School thing messed it up…. Can I please never see jesse again… LOL

  266. rene #310-

    If Epic Julie Chen asks a question like that… you already know (not assume) what the answer is. You should know that by now!

  267. sorry lexxx, thought in #192 you were making fun of her for crying, you can read it two ways. Guess I’m sensitive because she’s treated so horribly by so many…..

  268. I was PO’d when i heard that they were making fun of michelle…. I do believe she should win.


  270. #318 Sabrina,
    OH, OK, this is my first season so I barely know Julie yet. I do know that on other reality shows they will string you along by saying things like that

  271. OH….lol. Okay Rene…Julie Chen is sooooooo epic! And what she says usually rings truth! She is THE big brother!!

  272. Michele should go with her plan and have Jordan evicted. After last night my respect for Jeff has been redeemed. He showed good sportsmanship once he got past the fact that Jordan couldn’t help him.

  273. BBNut #328 – This afternoon, Kev proposed a F2 w/ Michele…he stated that he didn’t think he could win against Nat. He doesn’t need Jeff to get to F2. In reality, the only one who needs Jeff is Jordo.

  274. It would be good to just once see the good guy win!!!! Jeff needs to stay and clean house. Can’t stand Natalie!


  276. I had to literally fast forward thru BBAD last night. I can not stand to listen to Nata-“lie” at any time, much less when she was loaded on Mike’s Lemonade. This is the same girl that tells the HG that Naproxin (Aleve) is a form of Vicodin. Give me a break.

    She was so bossy, and cheating at cards. She had to be the center of all attention.

  277. and also, natalie thinks she so tough, telling people shes 18. nobody even believe that bullcrap lie. She says she so tough and can win, but when is this Natalie going to come out ?

  278. @311 Rene F I think the other house guests know about Michele’s brother dying. I definitely know that Jordan and Jeff do.

  279. I agree Natalie should have been gone a long time ago. I would have liked to see Jeff and Michelle. I think they’ve done more in the game than the others. Not that I don’t like Kevin, but he was lucky that Jeff couldn’t play in the HOH. Natalie doesn’t even try. Has she even won anything?

  280. Natalie is just so cocky right now it is disgusting. She thinks it is amusing that she can steal Jeff’s trip and Michele’s TV. If contract law is applied, if Natalie did not fulfill her part of the bargain, the contract would be null and void. I don’t think the producers would allow her to make that deal because 1. it would be messing with the most(?) popular player on BB and the outcry would be huge and 2. They would be condoning theft by misrepresentation and might be legally liable. Again, I hope Natalie’s father is proud of her. Playing a game is one thing, being a thief is another.

  281. @ Rene F -I’m not saying I dislike Michelle just that in the BB house setting she has got caught in her lies more than Nasty. I agree with your assessment that she doesn’t have anyone to back up her lies. I am a JJ fan, but Michelle is my #3. She is propably the smartest person ever to be on BB although she may lack a little on her social skills. Some of the smartest people in history have had that same problem.

  282. @ leo # 255 i think we have another ratalie in the house. you can’t be serious about this. you sound just like ratalie.all lies

  283. Nat has NEVER won anything, she keeps telling Kev that she hasn’t been giving 100% the whole game…Yea right Nasty Nat! This week when she loses, she’ll blame her cramps…She is already laying the ground work.

  284. I really like Jordan but she should go. Jeff is the only one that has really played the game and needs to continue, the rest just floated through. If Jeff goes, I won’t watch the rest of the season cause it will be boring and the floaters don’t deserve to win.

  285. lol…fedup that’s a good one. Hey, can’t she request pamprin or midol from the producers or something like that?

  286. 348&349 tech. nat has won 1st hoh w/ russel but jessie got hoh bcause of them russ prob. would have won tho

  287. jordan will turn her back on michele again.and get evicted next week. because of the rat and kevin.go michele

  288. @350– JCAT
    What are you talking about Nata-lie stealing jeff and michelle’s prizes. What did I miss?

  289. @#349 Lexxx-Natalie would disagree with you because she has told Kevin that she won the first HOH by HANGING ON TO A TOILET SEAT the longest. We should of known that SOMEONE SO ATTACHED TO A TOILET SEAT WOULD TURN OUT TO BE A PIECE OF S**T.

  290. I have to admit I am a fan of Jeff. I want to see Jeff and Michelle f2. Jordan has been on a Jeff’s back long enough “Its time to get off Jordan rides over for you.” Jeff is handsome but his looks didn’t get him this far he pulled his weight through out the game. Kevin got lucky wining HOH because he went against all girls. Natalie (the cheater)has no skills or brain. Michelle yeah she might act a little luni sometimes but she’s a smart luni.

  291. @358 Mindy Natalie wants Jeff and Michele to sign over their prizes to Natalie for her to vote to keep Jeff. Once she has their prizes, she would still vote to evict Jeff. REAL SLIME BUCKET.

  292. @Sabrina #356 – You’d think midol or something would help, but she is takin’ her cramps to another level…She says she can’t drive, her father has had to stay home w/ her, and she has fainted from bad pains. I’ve known some women who really suffer from cramps, and I’m not saying what she says isn’t possible, but no one can trust what Nasty Nat says. She knows she sucks!!

  293. just seen commercial about bb thursday w/ twist on pandoras box did i miss something today i thought cash was it

  294. LOL….ey i have been there too. But pamprin or midol will lighten the pain. And anything that helps just a lil is worth it! If she doesn’t make it easier for herself, then we know for sure that she plans on using this as an excuse for losing again!!

  295. If you have been watching the 24/7 live feed, you will see that Jeff is a foul mouthed pig. He insults Jordan and she doesnt even get it(dumb. You may not like Nat (me either) but she by far is the best player in the house she may not win anything(which could be planned) but she ran Jessie and now Kevin. I didnt see this until I watched 24/7. I wanted Russell to win. Michelle is a back stabber. They all lie, they all had final two’s but only Russell got screwed for that one. Jeff needs to go with his potty mouth

  296. I wonder how the owners of Blockbuster feel about what Natalie is doing. If they are reading any of the blogs, it sure doesn’t put them in a good light for having a MANAGER like her. But then Natalie won’t care if she wins the 500K. I wonder if she would have to pay California income tax on her winnings because she sure has to pay AZ income tax.

  297. Jcat — very funny Natalie line……toilet seat…

    BTW- Jordan made pack with Natalie to keep her instead
    of Jeff.

    Has Jordan told jeff about her discussion with Natalie?

  298. WOW! I cannot believe the depth of Nat’s greed. I sure hope BB does not sanction this. Someone with some sense of morality needs to step in.

  299. Just a thought. If Nat. was allowed to approach J/M for the HI trip and the TV, is that not a form of extortion?

  300. Why would Kevin and Natzi and for that Michelle vote to keeep
    Jeff? Using logic instead of emotion there is no reason to keep
    Jeff as he is the stronger physical player plus Kevin and Natzi
    have said all along they were out to get him. Plus he blew his
    chance at final 4 last week. He needs to go. I know all the
    women want him but…ol well!

  301. One point about Nazilie hanging on the toilet seat (Russel would have held on longer). I remember talk in the backyard where several of them (Jeff included) said thay dropped on purpose because nobody wants to be the first HOH and draw first blood. They automatically make an enemy with the other person nominated.

  302. What I don’t understand is Kevin is not 100% sure that Natalie wouldn’t make a deal with Jeff. What he should do is talk to Michele and agree to keep Jeff and he would be safe next week. That way, he gets rid of Natalie and has a better chance to final 3.

  303. New Post guys called i figured the pandora box out by BBrother Mother look see what you think is she wrong or what check it out for your self.

  304. The ants are back. Jeff and Michele worked their tails off trying to get rid of them. Natalie and Kevin did absolutely nothing. If Jeff and Michele want to kill all the ants, they need to put them in Natalie’s bed where they will die from the smell.

  305. @June #387

    I read it thanks June, I have already considered that scenario. The hope was for Kevin and not Jeff. I thought that a reward should go to the key holder, but this Pandora’s Box has been a farce, an absolute fiasco and we all bought into it.

  306. Well i hope that hope means we hope Nat gets evicted out of the housw soon man real soon HA HA HA!!

  307. Here’s an idea for a Big Brother Allstar house . Natalie, Evil Dick, Dr. Will, Chima and any other obnoxious people. I wonder how long Natalie would last and can you imagine Evil Dick going after her because of her lack of bathing. I think a cast with those people would break the all time ratings for a television show.

  308. @ June -Diana turned me on to an amazing Pandora’s box explanation. You would love to read it! Go to Diana’s post #189 and type that long address in your google box.(you have to put in www. first)

  309. It is time for Jeff to leave. For me I have been done drinking the Jeff kool-aid when he broke his word and stabbed Russ in the back

  310. Jeff should stay.

    He risked his own game twice to save Jordie. Without him she would not be there.

    Mich & Jeff DESERVE to have a shot at final 2; They are the only two that WON comps and did not hurt others.

  311. I agree, Jeff and Michele are the only two that deserve to stay and battle it out in the final 2!

  312. I agree with the #6 comment on this subject. I’m about done with BB. I have watched since the very first season. But the houseguests get worse and worse by the years. I can’t take it much more. This season is just pitiful. For sure if Jeff leaves I’m done watching BBAD this season. As it is now every time the camera settles on Natalie and Kevin I hit the fast-forward on my dvr.

    Is it just me or was this an exceptionally ugly cast as well? Braden was alright. Jeff is the best looking and Jordan is a cute girl. Laura had ugly teeth/mouth. Michele has a bizarre upturned nose. Ronnie reminded me of the animated character Chicken Little. Russ had cauliflower ears. Chima had terrible hair and lips. Scary lips!!! Natalie dresses like a guy and rarely showers. Where did BB find this people?

  313. @tj #395

    I am guessing that they are both trying to come up with the right scenario.

    I think that this forum has everyone guessing and debating. Who knows what the real truth is.

    The thing that bothered me most, was the personal attack on Leo from Matt M. I can understand he was frustrated and perhaps a little angry, but I really don’t understand why people have to be aggressive or derrogatory to another person given that we are all entitled to our own opinions.

    Either way, the winner of BB 11 is only a short time away!

  314. I think Jeff should be the one to go because he obviously did not take the loss at the POV compeition well. That action he took towards Michelle telling her to get away from him could likely seal his fate. Regardless, the Jeff-Jordan connection is over and now it will be a wide-open race to win it all.

  315. @Budman #398

    In fact, it was June who put me onto this site, so she deserves the accolades on this one, not me!

    June, you’re the bomb!!

  316. This is not about who you think deserves to win. It is about playing a game and the best game player is the one who makes it to the end regardless of how they get there. (ie winning comps, lying, backstabbing etc) If Jeff gets voted out Thursday, it is because he was NOT the best player like everyone else who has left before him. I don’t know why some of you think this game is about being a good person because it most definately is not. No one in that house right now would be considered honest and trustworthy. Some may have been more deceitful then others but that doesn’t mean they should not win the game. Don’t get me wrong, I am not for Nat. I believe she has been the most dishonest person this season but if that is her strategy then it has worked for her. You may not like it but that is what BB is about. Manipulating the other hgs so they keep you in and that is what Nat has done. So anyway, don’t say that Jeff or whomever deserves to win over someone else because the bottom line is, if he gets voted out tomorrow night then he doesn’t deserve to be there.

    I hope Michelle and Kevin can work something out and get Nat out of the house because if she makes it to final 2, I believe she will win and it is obvious jeff and jordan will NOT evict her.

  317. Ashley,
    You give a good speech about the best player winning and saying Nat’s got a stragy that’s working, then you end it saying you hope M&K get NT out of the house. That kind of contradicts your opening where you tell us we shouldn’t have an opinion, doesn’t it?

  318. I think jeff deserves to stay!! Natalie is a waste of a player and has done nothing I hope kevin listens to mich and takes her advice keep Jeff (not only becuz he so nice on the eyes) bye bye jordan!!!!

  319. @Rene F – I did NOT say you shouldn’t have an opinion. What I said was people on here saying so and so DESERVES to win should get to stay in the house. I think the one who makes it to the end, regardless of how we feel about them, is the best player. I still have my favorites and Nat is NOT one of them BUT if her strategy is lying, deceit, and manipulation then it is working for her. So I do not think that is a contradiction but merely a fact.

  320. I am done. When someone can cheat, lie, never win a comp, and only minipulate by useing others to do the dirty work or lay low until the the real work is done, then hide things to keep others from comfort or counting to play a comp. When there is no sense of honor that BB holds the contestants to, then just open the doors and let them stay there and the one the comes out alive is the winner. Meanwhile, I dont need to watch it. Its not entertainment when there is no sense of accomplishment or gameplay involved. BB, you have jumped the shark. you have four bad players remaining because they convinced the good players to kill each other off. Who cares who wins?

  321. You could not teach Jordan how to play if your life depended on it. I have never seen someone as dumb as this girl on bb.Jeff needs to drop her now, she has already cost him the game, and she’s not worth it. The only thing I’ve seen this girl do is eat. you can’t eat all the cookie dough and think a little workout will help when you eat before and after a workout. I hope russell comes back in and teams up with michele and they go to f2.These 2 deserve the money they had to fight to stay, no help. I hope Jordan leaves and then russell comes in. Russell should be put back in the game and Jordan thrown out becase of the chest bump, If it would have been the other way around she would not have stopped until he was thrown out. When you sign up for the show you should know you’re going to be called names such as fat and ho or bitch, anything to make you go off on someone. Why do you think people watch. BB needs to have russell in that pandora box. somebody has got to living this show up and I think Russell is the one to do it. So tired of watching this people sleep and eat. dead weight needs to go. Jordan and nat should have the first ones out, but who knew they could be such losers. these girls just don’t even seem to try. Jordan to dumb to understand anything nat to lazy to do anything.

  322. I just read about that Pandora’s Box and how it will continue tomorrow with more prizes and more surprises. I was just about to stop watching BB, but now I’ll just have to check out BBAD tonight and watch BB tomorrow night….. I hope CBS isn’t messing with me…. LOL

  323. What Big Brother Mother is she right i just tooned in and there is a post here saying
    Big Brother 11 The Return of Russul in plain sit.

  324. @June #419

    OMG June, this could be awesome for the show if it is true!

    Russell will stir things up and get rid of Nat. yeah!

    I would love to see the F2 being R/M that would just make my day!!!

  325. For those Russell fans, go check out what June found!

    Recent Posts on Big Brother Network:

    Big Brother 11: The Return Of Russell? Evidence Hidden In Plain Sight

    Top of this blog

  326. There is more to the Pandora’s Box remember they have hope at the bottom of the box if you look it up it explains what the does. CBS will have a twist like when James came back. I think there is more

  327. Diana yaaaaaa your right and hope so too and if Russ does come back all Helll will brack out on Nat yappie yahoo!!!!

  328. I for one, hope Michelle wins it all. I didn’t like it when the HG turned on Russell & treated him like dirt & I feel the same about the way they treat Michelle. I don’t care that Jeff made it up later to Michelle. As far as I’m concerned he’s still a poor sport for acting as he did because he lost POV! Natalie had that stupid smirk on her face when she thought she’d won POV & I was glad Michelle wiped it off for her. Natalie claims to have tried hard to win but then says “I haven’t needed to really try so I haven’t”. BS Nat, you just can’t cut it! Kevin saw how much you cared to free him & if that didn’t wake him up he deserves whatever he gets from you. I thought it funny that Kevin had the nerve to be POed at Jeff for not running to his aid faster than he did. All Natalie did was tip off Jeff when she tried to get the key from him. Everything she does or tries to do is underhanded & I believe that to be her basic personality so THAT’S the reason I don’t like her. You can only fake people out for awhile.

  329. I can hardly wait for tomorrow. I’m on the west coast, so will be watching the posts to find out what happens…and hoping for something big from the BOX.
    I don’t think Russell is coming back this late in the show.
    HOWEVER, if he did, I don’t think Nat would be his first target…it would likely be Jeff/Jordo to split.
    I like Jeff, but have lost hope for his gameplay (trusting nastalie), and have always liked Michelle. N/K are TOO boring to watch.

    Keeping fingers crossed in Cali for an entertaining end to BB11.

  330. RATINGS are the #1 concern for BB producers and WITHOUT Jeff, they will be BIG TIME losers. Jeff & Jordan provide the yearly sex appeal that is expected by fans of this show. If EITHER ONE of them leave, the show’s ratings will go to hell.

    If Allison knows her job, she will come up with something to save team JJ…

  331. I will have to check this forum tomorrow night for results as our BB broadcast will not air until 1:37 am. For some odd reason, the people in my state seem to think that watching the Cleveland Browns ranks up there with sliced bread.

  332. @ Diana….. Thanks for your support…

    @ TJ….. You are in the minority my friend….. Most people find the songs entertaining….

    @ Chelsie/ Fly on the Wall….. I woul love to have your input on my Survivor Blog ok?

    Ashley / JJ2 / Budman / Blackgirl / Marcus / Jacob…. Wuz up?

  333. why is BB allowing natalie and kevin to contnue to plan ‘pranks’? if they mess with a toilet seat and someone gets hurt in the middle of the night, then what? they’re both biter bitches, but if kevin weere next to me right now, i think i’d strangle the fag! I’m so disgusted with what they’re getting away with…a plan to put something inmichelle’s eye solution…what is allison thinking by allowing them to stay???

  334. Jor’dough’ is so dumb. Must be all the dough in her head from all the cookie dough she eats!
    Jeff treats her like crap on the Live Feeds, and her Dough head just don’t get it. He is using her and I bet that when BB is over he won’t have anything to do with her… unless she WINS.

    Jor’dough’ asked Jeff for a Hawaii trip if she would campaign for him to stay and her leave as she figured he deserved to stay over her…. He Wouldn’t commit to anything for her if he won the 500,000.
    Then today he was telling her that if she won he wants season tickets to some game and she would have to pay for fancy hotels and season tickets and the airplane and everything. And the Dough head agreed.

    Watch out Pillsbury Dough Boy, Jor’dough’ might just get your cookie dough job when she finished BB.

  335. I don’t wanna win Big Brother ….ummm.. like… you know…..
    Umm like.. you know… like… like.. ummm….. you know… like…… like… ummm… you know….. you know… Ummmm “Dough”

  336. Natalie doesn’t know how to play chess there is no stalemate and no tie in chess , I guess she only knows how to cheat like in pool last night. At least she is only doing it to her friends.Technically you can tie if you both only have kings left.

  337. Jordan should leave the house then jeff should play better. so Jordan should go because she can’t play she’s just been letting Jeff win all the time she a floater so she should be gone

  338. I hope Jeff stays,but I don’t think he will. If there’s a tie in the voting & Kevin breaks the tie he should vote to keep Jeff. He can’t trust Natrat. Jeff would vote to evict Natrat,because he knows the people in the jury house would vote for Natrat. He needs to stay because,he has played a good game ,not like the others.

  339. i hope jeff stays, only because if he goes, then we will be subjected to watching more bashing and more lies about michelle. then we will also be subjected to more of nasty gnats evil smirking bull crap about how she could have won this and that comp because of something that always affected her winning, plus how smart she his, and its in the bag for her because the jh like her. don’t forget she tod kev if he f’d her she would make sure noone in the jury would give him the money if he made it to f2. like she is GOD or something. talk about bullying and lets face it kev doesn’t have any kahooneys to say f u. i do not want to watch the last 2 weeks of all this crap that is if they aren’t in bed sleeping all day and watch them try to drive michelle crazy. michelle deserves a break from all this crap, at least someone should agree about this.

  340. Tonight will be the answer to all and everybodies questions…but like i continue to respond..IT’S ALREADY SCRIPTED!!! Get over it!!..CBS did it again!!!!

  341. `Please Please tell me out of all the big brother shows did anyone see the game were you can make a deal to go final 2 maybe final 3. I know all the ones I watched was final 3 because of Veto game but last 3 house guests play a enderance game the one that wins is in final 2. The the 2 losers play a game to get to final 2. Did I really miss something in all of the shows.

  342. Rene F #318 I think that People that say they are going to stop watching may mean the feeds. I know for one I will stop watching feeds not the show. Just the feeds because all you will see is Jordan stuffing her face even more, Keven& michele sleeping all the time. Nat sleeping all the time and ordering keven to do everything for her when she is not sleeping. Gnat is a damanging selfish person and she just gets under most peoples skin very fast. Yes I know during the day the house guest mostly sleep but at night is when they are up. I would sleep during the day I live near them and we are getting 3 diget heat to hot its in the 90s at night.

    Big Brother I hope you have someone reading this stuff and make a surprise twist to shake things up ;-)

  343. I have been going all over the web reading the blogs and I found that everone seams to feel the same about N/K.
    I am with Cynthia BB really need’s to shake thing’s up or thear wont be a 13th season.

  344. Hey guys what jj2#425 wrote about the key look nat didn’t care she did not look for it. Then jeff was told only that you have to find the key to keep the money nothing about he had to unlock him. It was after nat went back up and kev then said the only way to keep the money you have to unlock him. So she even tryed to snag it from him so when she told jeff he ran up there to ask and did you see nat was about a foot behind afraid she would loss. so jeff was a good guy without knowing.

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