Big Brother 11: Week 8 Live Eviction Episode Tonight

Tonight on Big Brother 11 we’ll have our eighth eviction in the BB11 season where either Jeff or Jordan will be sent to the Jury House.

Tonight I’m hoping we’ll learn more about the speculation on a return of Russell as part of the Pandora’s Box game twist. It could all fall flat, but there’s so much pointing toward something strange happening that I think we could have a very exciting live show tonight. I’ll have it posted here as soon as it happens either way.

Don’t forget to join us tonight in the Big Brother Chat Room during the eviction show at 8PM EST! We’ll all be in the chat room again having a great time discussing it as it happens!

Vote in the poll below on who you’d want to be evicted and then share your thoughts and tell us why in the comments section.

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  1. I would like Jordan to be evicted, because she can’t win anything. I would rather have Jeff stay because at least there will be some competition.
    Don’t bring Russell back. He had his chance too and blew it by throwing comps. At least Jeff worked hard at the comps. I hope I’ve seen the last of Russell..

  2. I don’t want either evicted. Jeff and Jordan are the reason I have watched this show. This is the only showmance that has appeared to be the real thing. When one or the other leave it will not be as good to watch. I tape the show and the only parts I watch are Jeff and Jordan. They are so cute together.

  3. Russell was already saved by the cdt, and went out like a small child. If they’d save russell twice, why not jeff? at least hes taking his leaving like a man. I dont want to see russell or his bad behavior.

  4. I cannot watch the show if Nat is in the final two, I just cannot watch! She is so delutional. The reason everyone believes she is 18 because she acts like a kid, a spoiled one at that!

  5. I wish neither Jeff or Jordan leave. I like them both. They make the show. But I guess in reality one has to go. April and Ollie made me sick. I knew it was not real. But I think Jeff and Jordan have something special. Would like to see more of that.

  6. PEOPLE…
    This is a game – not a love story. Stick to game play, please. I am tired of hearing how much you enjoy Jeff and Jordan – not because of their game strategies (Jordan doesn’t have any) but because they seem like a real couple.

    Please…that is not what BB is all about!! If you stop watching – oh, well!!!

  7. I’m with you Monica. It’s a game not a sitcom or soap opera. Jordan needs to go. She can’t win any comps so why would she think that she can even get to the F2 if Jeff leaves?

    jeff and jordon’s showmance is not going to go anywhere..because jordon is too young and too immature for jeff, trust me i think he wants a girl with ambition, with fire, and funny and sweet at the same time…………it is not going to work at all……i am sick of their showmance anyways…….

    i am sick of michele saying how smart she is ..she is an arrogant little prude who thinks she is smarter than everyone

    and nathalie is just gross and has no personality

    kevin is the only person in that house that is has personality, entertaining to watch because he has funny comments, and he really is playing the game quite sneaky…he was the underdog that no one thought of in the beginning a a threat…

  9. Thank you Monica! I can’t stand people saying they love the showmance because GET REAL!! This is a game! It is about strategy.

  10. Why should Russell come back? He’s an idiot. He throws comps, he votes to keep Jesse after Jeff saved his sorry you know what, he is always in peoples faces and is just as aggravating as Natalie. Granted Jordan has no game play, but Jeff has. He made good choices. I have only started watching BB since last year. I wanted Dan to win. He was devious, but he was so funny to watch. I don’t know if it’s the people on here now or what,but I’m glad I’m not paying for live feeds because with Jeff gone it’s just not that exciting anymore. I guess I’m a sore loser like Natalie. I have no excuse I’m in my 50’s! Natalie is just a spoiled brat. Thank you for letting me have my pity party.

  11. Kevin is sickening i cant stand to see a man act like a girl and nasty nat acts all boy. Where did they come up with these people. gross.

  12. @ Mary…… Ollie is from Bloomington, Minnesota…. FYI Ollie & April are still together, so it is real…… Jeff says he doesn’t do LD relationships, so I am betting they will flame out after the show much like James / Chelsea from BB 9

  13. @Leo Thanks for the info. I didn’t know they were still together. I thought it was all fake. Wow. So you don’t think Jeff and Jordan have a chance after the show?

  14. @ Mary….. Jeff is the biggest moron on BB this year because he was granted safety with the CDT and the started acting cocky…. He then believed Kevin & Natalie’s LML over Russell because she-rat aka Michelle back stabbed Russ and then back doored Russell…. Russell told Jeff he would be gone next if he got rid of him (Russ)…. Guess what Mary? Jeff is going home, Jeff is going home……. yay yay yay….. Jeff is going home!!!

  15. @ Mary…… They discussed it last night….. Jordan wants to tell Jeff she loves him after the show (even though she told him last night druing BBAD – LOL) and the night before Jeff said he doesn’t do LD relatioships and he wouldn’t move to the dirty dirty….. Jordan doesn’t want to leave her mom / brother to move to Chicago……

  16. JANICE! ITS SOOOOO NOT YOU!!! lol… thats why she’s a rat… I hope she’s gone next week. Kevin doesn’t know what he’s in for trusting her…what has she won? Nothin! I could say that Jeff shouldda but shouldda is in the past so I’ll just keep my fingers crossed! :)

  17. @Leo I guess you’re right. They won’t be together after the show. I’m surprised with April and Ollie. I thought is was all fake. I hope they are happy. Are they living in Arizona?

  18. I am surprise the conversations are concerning the relashionships of the HG or even past HG and not the game …

    Regardless of what each and eveyone of us want – some will be p .. off tonight after the show. And some will be very happy.
    For my part – I don’t care who wins or lose, as long as it is interesting to watch…

  19. Jordan told JEff she loves him last night? fill me in, I missed that.
    2 nights ago after he said about not doing ld relationships he asked Jordan to “go steady” and she said yes and they said it’s official and jeff was saying he’d move to Charlotte and asking where he’d work etc

  20. I would like to see jeff stay…..BUT if russell comes back I will be more than satisfied. He was VERY entertaining… and hot

  21. I have the delay for football too…east coast.
    it’s funny when people act like if you’re interested in the showmance and Jeff and Jordan that you’re somehow not a real BB fan


  23. @ michele…
    Real BB fans know the objective of the game. Not saying you aren’t a BB fan but I suggest you all create a Jeff/Jordan Post and comment on their showmance there.

    It’s just frustrating to see the mix of non-game related comments – that’s all.

  24. This is only my second season of BB so forgive me for being ignorant. Could someone tell me what Russell’s best strategic move in the game was?


  26. @ Michele
    I never implied that you were not a BB fan. It has nothing to do with being BB fan but if they are not on the show or together after the show and some of you don’t want to watch …


  28. on my guide on the tv it says big brother for 10pm..i’m on the east coast.
    i don’t know if you can go by that cuz the game ending time can’t be guaranteed.

  29. It would be entertaining if Russell comes back and Jeff is saved. Then it would be a battle to see who is the best. That would be awesome. Russell would kick is you know what.

  30. I can see ur point if you don’t like jeff and jordan you’d be annoyed with hearing about the showmance end of it.
    I love the game and the relationships that go on in the house…the whole deal.

  31. I wonder if Kevin was wishing he put Natalie up? He must be going crazy with her with him all the time. Cheating and lying and smelling.
    @Sabrina Yes, Russell is very good at intimidating people.

  32. Would love to see Jeff walk back in that door, if there is a Pandora’s Box play. They could choose to bring Jeff back in or who is in the box. Not because he part of a ‘cute couple’, but because he has played the game. Russell had so many chances to be loyal to one side, yet was loyal to none.
    My speculation, is that Nat and Kevin are going to think it is Chima in the box. I went back and watched the openings of the previous two shows and the Sunday night show does show Russell walking out the door and Tuesday night, just a picture of him in the backyard. Hint of what is to come?
    Jeff would give them a run for their money though.
    I love all the talk about Nat drinking at age 18. Do they not realize that CBS would not put themselves in a position of illegal activity, by serving alcohol to a minor on national TV? Are they all just that stupid? I think all her talk of a boyfriend at home is false. I think it is a ‘girlfriend’. She has no fashion sense, even I dress more feminine than she does at age 57. For a young girl to dress in all boys clothes constantly, you begin to wonder. And I really did not want to hear about her period woes!
    While I am on fashion, are we sure Kevin is gay or is he color blind? He never wears anything that matches. My gay friends all have great fashion sense.
    So, let’s hope the twist tonight is an interesting one. If Russell comes back, it would be a tension filled house. I hope Jordan wins HoH. Well, let’s say I am asking for a miracle, at this point.

  33. I can imagine Miss Booger Queens face when Russell walks through the door tonight ….total and utter shock…her jaw just dropping to the floor. OH MAN… if he does come back this is going to be SOOOOOO GOOD!!

  34. Russell Pros…
    Russell was good at persistent persuasion! Not to mention, he could win competitions. He really got to know people by conversing and asking questions, which took the target off of him – making him seem like a friend.

    Russ is way too concerned about what people think of him and talked too much about his strategies. His temper was also a problem.

    He was my favorite because I related to him most. I just wish he could have worked on taming his cons a bit more.

  35. watching jeff and jordon is a ray of sunshine from watching the game and whats going in the world. do love the comps. i hate feeling ugly. go michelle ,jeff and jordan.


  37. Hey Ashley, lets just keep our fingers crossed that our boy will re-enter the house. I still think it will not happen but you cant help but hoping. Talk to you later after the show.

  38. What happened when jordan told jeff she loves him?? I missed that last night, couldn’t stay awake

  39. @ Raven

    LOL I don’t think it’s because kevin has no fashion sense, it’s just because the 80’s are back. Have you seen the kids that walk home from school lately? Spandex? Ripped jeans? Mis match colors?

    And I think Mucus Queen just likes to be comfortable…if i didn’t work 8-5 everyday i would want to wear sweats and big t’s too. But I would still shower everyday especially when aunt flow comes for a visit!!

  40. @Marie and Monice – like it or not ladies, the showmance, is part of the game, and has in the past been used by select BB cast members as a perfect strategy in this game. So I feel as though these people have as much right to talk about their showmance as you do your other strategic talk. There are no restrictions in this forum on what part of BB you can talk about. So, ease up a little bit. Like it or not, Jeff and Jordan’s showmance has been a big part of the game this season…and there are many hopeless romantics out there who will be sad to see it end. To each his own.

    @m – I for one am glad that we had each and every member of this season’s cast…just the way it was. It was some of the “dead weight” that you talked about that gave us some of the best, most firey, most dramatic, funniest moments of this season. I wouldn’t change a thing. I think it was an exciting season. I love this show good and bad…why?…because I am a true BB fan. I take the good with the bad. Maybe you should go read some of my blogs…it may help you with some of your animosity towards this show.

    Love you all! Great comments today! Keep it up! You are the air that I breathe – at least until September 15th. :)

  41. M…after he said about long distance relationships he was talking about moving about moving to Charlotte.

  42. Jeff is a goner! The only question left is who will the next HOH be. Anyone but Nat! Can deal with any of them but her!! Good gameplay but bad form. She has managed to minupulate all of them…all while grossing them all out! Cant respect a girl that doesnt respect herself.

  43. @Monica I agree with you! Enough about the showmance. I was on team Jeff, but he had his chance, he lost, and that should be it.
    I also don’t see how it would be considered fair to give Russ another shot and not Lydia or Jessie. (and I can’t stand Jess or Lydia). I just think everyone should have a FAIR chance at winning.
    @Leo-in a recent interview with April, she stated that she and Ollie dated for 8 mos. Post show but it didn’t work out.
    I personally don’t see j/j making it on the outside. She is a doll, but I beloved for a real relationship Jeff would need someone a little closer to his own level of intelligence.
    I think if Jeff leaves it MAY be a little more boring, but then again, maybe Jordan will step up her own game a la Natalie season9 when Matt left.
    I just want anything to happen that will cause nat to squirm this week, but I worry that in almost any scenario, she will stay at least one more week. Yuck!

  44. Someone’s got to get Natalie out. If BB thinks she’s entertaining or pleasant to watch in any way, they are mistaken. Who casts these people? At least Russell was interesting, as is Michele. The J/J thing was cute in the beginning and has turned boring. Also the show itself does not accurately reflect what is happening in the house.

  45. fly on the wall i just farted so breath that air it’s like any tv show you want to see your ending just like friends or any movie you go to no ratings no bb it only makes sense to keep the showmance regardless how they played the game they got on cbs side and most of americas

  46. it’s a reality show…it’s game and about watching the people. It’s an awesome mix of both.
    if the showmance followers should watch a soap opera then the rest should go watch the price is right

  47. I have a suggestion for next year. What do you think it would be like if the veto is used, they spin a roulette wheel to see if the HOH or Veto winner gets to name the replacement.

  48. Oooh, Chris M, cool idea! you should work for the show to come up with new twists, etc…

  49. Hopefully someone from the show reads these posts, because they have to start doing some things to make it different :)

  50. I have to say to Linda–what do you mean russell went out like a child??? Russell was a class act the night of his eviction. He was nice to all of them and wished them well. Jeff was the one that looked like a small child the day he was threatening Russell!! He should have been evicted then!!He was so mad that who knows—he may have done just what the guy in previous years did with a knife in his hand!!! I’d like to see Russell come back. The only person he wouldn’t be able to get along with is Jordan and she doesn’t count anyway. She didn’t know to compete with Jeff there, she sure isn’t going to know without him holding her hand! And agreeing with SR PS I am sick of her and their showmance. Jeff will be gone once they are out of the house. She’s an insult to his intelligence, plus she gets on his nerves!! If I had a choice russ or kev to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. It looks like Jeff is gone(Bummer). I would like to see Jordan win, but her chances are about slim to none. It looks like Michele will be the one to take out the trash!


  52. Jordan’s voice makes me want to rip my eardrums out of my head so for that reason alone I hope she goes tonight. She sounds like a southern 6yr old hopped on helium with complete nasal blockage…”I nub you Jeff, you is my bestest fwend in da whole uniberse! We is gonna be togeva foweva!!” ugh…

  53. I think that Jeff should stay in the game. He,so far ahs been best player. Jordan and Natalie should go because they were carried through. Kevin, has been the sneakiest, so watch out he might just win this whole game. My vote was for Jeff to win the whole time!!! He is so HOT!!!!

  54. Its reality, but the thing is, most reality today, shows on VH1, and the real world arent real at all.

    BB is still, along with Survivor one of the shows that still has alot of realism left.

    Especially caz they hardly have human contact.

    The showmance ppl should go watch a soap, while the real ppl, the true BB fans should coniute watching.

    AND the true BB fans keep watching when there favs leave.

    And agin, true fans realize BB isnt about showmance.

    Jeff had his chance, he didnt capitalize on it, so he should get the boot. Russell shouldnt be brought back, because he too had a chance. Wether he was insurance or not, these guys all had there chance to fight for there survival.

    If u were gonna bring anyone back it would be Jessie. He didnt have a chance, and he rele got fug’d. But they wont bring him back, that was 3 weeks ago.

    Nobody should, nor will anyone be brought back. the shows ends in like 2 weeks. There is NO overtime.

  55. This is my first year watching BB and i was loving it till last week. I feel as if the promo for the Pandora box was manipulation that did not work. Disappointment is the reality. I don’t think Jeff should go home with that key in his possession. There should be one extra week since Chima quit/was removed and Lydia left the same week. Maybe after Jeff leaves through the one door, he will sneak back in through the Pandora door (HOH room):)

  56. Yes, I have the delay of BB tonight because of the football game. That happened last year too and someone gave me a link so I could watch it on line live. If anyone can hook me up with that link I would appreciate it.

  57. Please people, don’t misuse the shift key. You’re yelling when you capitalize everything. I wish Jordan would go tonight but it’s going to be Jeff unfortunately. It would have been real fun with the Michele, Kevin, Jeff and Russell final four but…not to be. As it is, I hope Michele can win HOH and take out Natalie next week. I’d like to see Michele as winner since she’s worked hard being there.

  58. My guess: Will go to the Jury House, but

    Jeff will win a prize for unlocking Kevin.
    Now if he had immediately gone and unlocked Kevin
    after finding the key, he would have been rewarded with
    a NEW CAR.

    However, since greed took over and he continued grabbing
    the cash for himself before going to unlock Kevin, he
    will be rewarded with a USED CAR.

    : )


  59. @Susan.. Hey chickie!
    The time schedule is correct because the week Chima left was a double-eviction week anyway. I believe that IF Jeff had been totally noble, stopped collecting the money, found the key and saved KEvin, there MIGHT have been a chance. However, since he left him up there, and went back out to get more money, and even hid the key, i don’t see BB having any way of justifying it. He was just as greedy as any of the others.. Does that make sense? You KNOW how much I loved Jeff, but I just think his time has come..
    Now we gotta band together for Michelle.. And AGAINST NAT.. Truthfully, I just don’t think I can stomach her much longer..

  60. if you are in the boston area, the show is on a different channel instead of a time delay – it’s on WSBK

  61. I just hope Nat doesn’t win HOH today. I don’t think we could stand her behavior if she (by some miracle) won HOH. Wouldn’t it be great if the HOH comp was like a Fear Factor competition with bugs? We all saw how terrified she is of bugs – she’d freak out! It’d be awesome. LOL!

  62. I hope I can get WSBK. I have basic cable(no box) so I doubt I can get it. How dare they put football over BB?
    Jeff found the key and I don’t blame him for going to get the money first. Kevin put him on the block. I would have done it too. But the key is not in his possession. He gave it to Kevin to get him free, so I think if there is a twist to the box that Kevin will be the one who makes it. But it did say his choice to release the money was final, so maybe he will have no choice. But usually before eviction the interview the HOH in the HOH room so if anything was to happen it will probably be then.

  63. im confussed, aren’t the hgs not allowed to destroy one anothers property??What’s up with nasty and kevin getting away with everything??also, i never saw 2 hgs go into the dr together before. even when lydiot and nasty tried they got in one at a time. so how did jeff and jordough do it? Thanks for help.

  64. This is totally a theory. But what if they were telling Jeff/Jord that they were being considered for next season’s Amazing Race? I can totally see that.. Him yelling at her for losing the map, or something.. Her saying “jaayyyfff, wayt fur meeeee” running to catch the planes..
    Can’t you guys see it??

  65. @Janet…LOL..That is soooo funny! They would be the first ones sent home! But i would love to see that!

  66. But would Russell risk is 10 to get more? He could lose it all…Is he that greedy? Or does he think he has a chance still?
    That is the question !!

  67. @ Marie…
    I think Russ would think he still has a chance. Also, the looks and fears of the houseguests would be satisfying to him (and us)!!

    I am just waiting in anticipation for tonight’s show. I can’t wait to see this all unfold – which ever way it does.

  68. @ jane…don’t worry grl…she can’t win shizzle!!! all bark no bite…but that would be cool if mich could put a bug on her and kevs a–! only to have her beg bb to air that.

  69. Okay, how’s THIS for a twist with the ‘key’;

    ALL current HG get evicted. BUT, previously evicted HG’s, Braden, Casey, Laura and Ronnie have been held in another sequester house, and the person holding the key opens the door to Their house to continue playing BB…

    THAT would be a twist!

  70. @Jane, I really like ur idea of Gnat. The only TRUE thing abt her is that she really is AFRAID of bugs. I admit that I am hooked on BB, hv been since season 1. However for my own piece of mind, I can’t watch some shows becuz it really upsets me to watch Gnat. Her dad seems like a nice guy, whatever happened to her. She is a really sad excuse for a human being. Watching her and Kevin running around plotting is like watching 2 RATS. Go Michelle, lot of us rooting for u. God Bless.

  71. its sad because jeff is the one who really deserves to be there, but hes most likely gonna go sigh, it sucks.

  72. I just hope HOH is not dates! I’ve been yelling at the screen telling Mich to get out of the pool and go STUDY for pete’s sake! Unless that is what the before & after POV was???

  73. Jeff has handled this sutuation WAYYYY better then Russel the closet homo. That’s the talk all over the MMA circuit about no good fighter. He’s not a good MMA fighter if you seen him fight you would know. Taps out in under 2 minutes and in a “Prep” fight was taken out in 22 secs.

    Kevin and Nat……..My money is on night as the one who has the B***S out of those 2. I like Michelle but man can she be annoying.

    I wouldn’t be suprised if CBS found a way to save Jeff and keep him and Jordo going together for exleast a few more days. Jeff and Jordon are the show and if you disaagree then your blind.

  74. Marcus-I was just about to agree with you; until the Jesse part. Everyone has had their chance, as did Jesse; he had two..last season and this one. Just because he couldn’t make it work either season is his problem; not too mention his little entourage ran the house for the first few weeks. If Russ comes back great; if Jeff leaves fine. Nat really needs to go as does Jordon. I liked Jeff/Jordan in the beginning. I still like Jeff but can do without Jordon, because of her riding Jeff’s coat tails. I think Jeff has played a good game. After watching Michelle play and be the underdog this entire game, I hope she wins.

  75. I think on the next BB, the HOH should be played by everyone. If you are good enough to win it over and over then good for you. It’s not fair to evict people and then not be able to fight for yourself the next week. I love the idea in #72 even that’s a little more fair. Or everyone should be able to play for the veto. That way you at least have a chance against the backdoor move.

  76. Really, Big Brother! Wow…Feel sorry for Nat boyfriend.She never showers…hasn’t won crap..pain..sore loser..If she or Jordan were to win this show would be a big flop. Cocoo magoo and Jeff have played the best. Kevin not to bad.

  77. If Jeff leaves tonight, let’s all keep an eye on the ratings and see if they do, in fact, plummet. I think not.

  78. Kat #7
    Wouldn’t it be great when it’s announced that Gnat is 24, all the other HG’s cry, “Are you serious? But you act exactly like an 18 year old!”

  79. @Renee #109- I think not, too. I know that most of us will keep tuning in to wait to see it when Nataliar finally gets what’s coming to her. I just want to be a witness when that sh*t-eating grin FINALLY gets knocked off her face. Once she is in danger, I’ll be willing to wager that she goes off her nut. I think SHE is the crazy one.. NO ONE lies and cheats like that without having some serious life issues… At least Michelle is a terrible liar. I hope in life, that if i have to lie that I am a terrible liar, too.

  80. i don’t think jeff has anything to worry about ifhe does go to the jh. russ uses the fight sh** to intimidate whomever falls for it…jeff sees straight through that …wateva russ is sellin’ jeff ain’t buyin’! i doubt if it comes to blows, but if it does russ will want to wrestle…jeff seems like the type of guy that goes toe 2 toe. I wonder if jess the muscle punk will have russ’s back!

  81. Rene, agree 100%. She think 24 is so grown up. She give all adults in there twenties a bad rap. Love the way she give excuses every time she lose at anything. Really can’t stand the girl…sorry for her father. I would cry if she were my kid.

  82. Many of you have commented on the HGs manner of dress, especially Kevin as a gay man. In their defense, they ar hanging around the house all day, taking naps and eating. HOw do YOU dress when you do that?

  83. @rene f…that would be soo sweet! i am baffled that the hs never caught on to that …i guess i would not catch on myself-concidering how immature she is! she needs to be exposed.

  84. If you live in the Columbus, Ohio area, the show will not be broadcast until 1:37 Friday morning.

  85. Commenting on outfits, I get the lazy clothing, but don’t understand Nat acting like a boy and dressing like one. Even when she get dressed up she still looks ……I’m ashamed to have the same last name.

  86. I hope for it to be an interesting night. Either way, Jeff staying by chance, or Russell returning would keep the show interesting. Otherwise, the house will be rather boring!!!

  87. If given a choice between keeping Jeff or letting a secret past HG back in, you all know that Kev will pick the secret HG, the odds are in his favor that this person would be an better pick then keeping Jeff. We all speculate that it would be Russell, but maybe CBS has bigger plans… What would boost ratings? Send back the Biotch from hell. She hasn’t been to the jury house.
    Expect the unexpected!!!!

  88. My reasoning is simple. BB is a game of deception. Who says that CBS cannot play the same game? Why would they not allow her to be interviewed by any affiliate? If she was so pissed, why haven’t we seen her on a competitors station? Don’t you think FOX would love to get a scoop on a story like this?

    Think about it…

  89. Tonite will most likely be a let down for most of us. Big brother should be reading this shit and make some twist worth watching. As far punks Russ and 5’8 Jesse or She-witch comming back what a bummer it would be. The worst thing about crap player like Nat is the more we hate on her the better the ratings, because those of us that can’t stand her will watch just to see her get………..

  90. Ooops, sorry those mean dudes in white coats are coming back to my room with the straight jacket, have to hide under my bed for a while. Please don’t tell them where I am.

  91. I read earlier today that the HG are asked to wear the same clothes (washing them of course) for multiple days during the week so that when production puts together clips to air on TV it will flow no matter if it is in the order it actually occurred. I do not have the live feed but am wondering from those of you that do, do you think this is true?

  92. @Brent,
    You think Russell is in the closet? Jeff is the one who brought up having sex with him in the middle of a screaming match – that was too weird. You seem quite a bit into Jeff yourself. Want to explain that one?

    Does anyone but you care if Russell is a good fighter? This isn’t MMA, it’s BB.

  93. x-rev, I heard that Chima was told that she can not speak negatively about BB or will risk legal action…my guess is that is the reason. Besides, I’m pretty sure there is some sort of unspoken “code” as far as those things go, nobody has interviewed Chima from what I know of.

  94. @Fan #106
    Nothing much on the live feeds. Jeff is playing solitaire once again, because as we’ve herd over and over again, he’s so exciting to watch and makes this whole show interesting.
    Jordan is brushing her hair and probbaly will be for the next twenty minutes. Then she can finger it every thirty seconds for the rest of the night.

    Michele get fairly dressed up earlier, but she’s not on camera now, neither ar K&N.

  95. @sabrina..

    The story goes.. the contract was breached, so this would nullify any contract. She is free to do what she wants. But lets think back.. what exactly did she do to breach the contract? We don’t know why she was asking to talk to the producers after she felt she was shafted. Maybe they actually agreed and they came up with this twist to even the score. Did anyone hear what was said to her by the producers???

    ps.. they found me, I am now being put in a padded room. :P

  96. Any women that would want Russ for anything other than tolet paper is crazy. A kid that make attacks on a personal level like “fat B” is just a boy trying to be a man. Another Chris Brown what is up with the punks now day. Men should respect women. Women being the key word. Which Nat is not.

  97. Teri, #132.
    I have heard just the opposite about game shows, conestants told to bring exctra outfits in case they hae to run over to
    the next day”. It doesn’t make much sense for BB because the entire premise is that they’re locked in a “house” each week, not one day, so why wouldn’t they be in different clothes?
    Never paid that much attention, though.

  98. Live feed update
    Mich and Jordan are talking about how they could hear each other moving up and down in the questions competition! I missed the beginning, but Jordan said she could “kind of hear” when ichele went down, but she was “in the zone” and not really paying attention.

  99. Serioulsly comparing Russell to Chris Brown?! WOW You must be mistaken. Russ, other than yell did not touch anybody. But he was boobed bunmped by Jordan and didn’t move … and was fingered by Chima and did nothing either…

  100. If it’s the bitch from hell …..Chima I am officially turning it off and never watching it again!!

  101. And only skinny people are insulted when called fat…
    She got really mad because he called fat and that she only twirled her hair ….
    I beleive Russ was only trying to expose her for waht she is … (not fat obviuosly) but it did work. She did lose it !! BIG TIME

  102. @ Brent – #101…
    For real – nobody cares or believes you about Russ. What a bunch of worthless information!!!

  103. Marie I know where you can find a Russ. Just look for men not raised right. And the compariing was with the respect aspect. Verbal abuse and physical are still wrong. Let me call you a lap dog B… Fat and see how you respond. Now the way he handled Chima was class, I would not been able to be that cool. Big Russ supporter until he lost his cool with Jordan. It just a game but the game fot into his head. Never name call with a girl you’ll never win. Really being bumped by breast is bad for aguy who admits to checking them out by the pool. ITS A GAME

  104. Yes Russell’s PRE and POST interviews said it was a persona he would use, the loudmouthed one. He said you don’t get people to spill their guts talking nice to them, and he’s right.

    On live feeds, Jordan is packing up the rest of her stuff..she says she wants to get it over with.

  105. rene F #138…um you just agreed with what I was saying, when they say to bring an extra set of clothes in case they run over, they mean the same clothes not different ones. All I am saying is if the HG wore the same clothes for 2 days then there would be more footage to combine and paint a picture or scenario….since they sleep half the day from what I hear it just made sense.

  106. 146 Even Evil didn’t cross the line Russ did and if you read could see his emotions got the better of him. Of course when you but your foot in your mouth its easy to say it game. Thats the best thing about BB. You can be anything and blame the game, but if you didn’t see the emotions in his eyes then you really didn’t see what a lot of us did.

  107. live feed update
    Gnat is telling Kevin “If for some reason some weird s..t happens and I’m CDT’d out of here” and then tells him where her toiletries and possessions are. He tells her to stop, it’s not going to happen. Gnat says You Never Know.

  108. Wolfpac8, Do you think he was verbally abusing Jordan to get Jeff to take her defense and lose it? I beleive Russ looked really bad because Jeff did not defend her.

    And i do agree that those mens were not raised right. And name calling a girl … you will never win.

  109. #146 No that’s not was I meant. On a game show, all the week’s shows (or more) are filmed on one day, but they are aired on different days. So if you are called back for “another day” of Jeopardy, for example, you have to change to another outfit so it doesn’t look like you wore the same clothes on Tues and Wednesday.

  110. Rene F

    September 3rd, 2009 at 4:42 pm
    live feed update
    Gnat is telling Kevin “If for some reason some weird s..t happens and I’m CDT’d out of here” and then tells him where her toiletries and possessions are. He tells her to stop, it’s not going to happen. Gnat says You Never Know.

    Did it seem like she was serious? Did she mean kicked out or voted out?

  111. why is cbs still advertising twist w/ pandoras box thought it was over jeff gone or are they trying to bring back russel cbs not funny lets get to 8:00 to get this jeff thing over w, hoh comp. tonight is eating cookie dough jordo wins by a mile

  112. Marie your right Jeff just sat there but I never seen him to tell Jordan to get involved. He did tell her to calm down and stop. Cabin Fever can get the better of you. Nat did the same for Jesse also which he never uttered a word to her. The BB game is perfect for people to show there tru colors and then blame the game. That all I’m saying, but there has been some class in this game at time. Its about 500,000 what line would you cross? I’m not sure what I would do till I was in that situation

  113. lol. I think every day we should have a spelling lesson. As I have said before that red, squiggly line that is under some words means that it is not spelled correctly. Lexx-I gave the spelling lesson the other day, glad you took today’s.

  114. bridget, maybe your computer is different than mine cause this site doesn’t underline mispelled words for me, although I wish it did!

  115. live feeds
    Jeff is shaving, raving about the Schick Quatro razor he’s been using, said he only changed the blade once – here comes the commercial…. meanwhile, jordan sits behind smiling fondly.

    Gnat and Kevin making food.

  116. 158 does that include “lol”? Hey why don’t we all get spell check to make 158 happy. Don’t recall made up slang like lol in school but, do recall people not spelling very thing right. Will keep a dictionary handy just for you. Sorry, guess there are more Jeff’s out there. Just giving you crap. lol

  117. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m anal about spelling. HOWEVER, I feel free here to type as fast as possible, with the keyboard in a totally foreign position, in semi darkness, while watching live feeds. If this is about THE GAME, no one should be worrying about spelling, grammar, or punctuation. I make myself cringe sometimes, but this is my break from academics.

  118. Why does Nasty insist that it’s ok for her to take people’s personal belongings and not them? Did she get a penalty nom for throwing away Michelle’s wedding ring? If we saw it, production saw it.

  119. 166…are you serious, she literally threw away michelles wedding ring? Did someone find it? I do not see how she gets away with this childish behavior.

  120. at this point i dont think anymore house guest will be getting thrown out of the house. what nat did to the wedding is just wrong, she is so dumb. like i know if michele wins HOH she wants kevin out but really id go for nat. she needs to get a reality check and i would love a twist to happen and see her out. i know it wont happen but if i get to see tears on her face tonight i will love BB. and if its fixed that jeff somehow gets to stay i wont be a hater i would just love the show even more

  121. Nat is going to blow the HOH and POV. For god sake, she’s acting like an indolent and all she has is freakin cramps. What a pussy and a waste.

  122. @Kathy #166

    When did Nat throw away Michele’s wedding ring? Just last night or early AM BB time, Michele kissed her ring after reading the letter from her husband.

  123. rumors on many websites say that nat is only on here cuz a family friend works for cbs, its probably BS but i could see that being true

  124. In my opinion, none of you know whether Jordan and Jeff are for real or not. So please, stop acting like you know EVERYTHING, cause obviously, you do not.

  125. why would you say that?

    September 3rd, 2009 at 5:24 pm
    The Eviction Episode isn’t tonight it’s on saturday at 12:30 am

  126. Katrina – What are you talking about? If the eviction isn’t tonight, why is the show on the air? The Thurs. lockdown and all other activities are going on as planned. Did I miss somethin”?

  127. I love Jeff but i would want him to be evicted tonight because he is strong and he might be able to win it all and i want Michelle to win it all she deserves it because all the crap those jerks said about her and now they are kissing her A$$ AND Jorden and Nat cant win nothing so it gives Michelle and Kevin a bigger chance to be the finnale two yapp!


  129. @170 fedup – I didn’t witness it on the feeds, but was told by someone who did and they emailed me at 12:30p today (Thurs) EST. They said Kevin & Nasty were laughing about it in the kitchen and didn’t get penalty. Maybe / hopefully by now they have.

  130. @173 – Evicition is tonight, Thurs, 9/3, but may be pre-empted by football in some cities. In Miami (East coast), for instance, we can watch BB at regular time on WBFS 33, which is a CBS sister station, not the one I usually watch BB on. I suggest you all check to see if, in fact, your local station that airs BB has a sister channel you can watch on if they’re broadcasting the game.

  131. did anyone see nat throw michele’s wedding rings in the trash? unbelievable, thats just cruel. if she thinks america is gonna vote for her she nuts!

  132. #179, I knew that I loved my husband in 3 months and we didn’t spend 24/7 together. Not saying this is the case with them but it is possible. Also, what is with people not knowing that all caps not only indicates yelling, it is also annoying to read!

  133. Kathy last week we here in sacramento had to wait because of a huge fire and the news was on and evecting people out of the city so i know how you all will fill if you have to wait for it to come on after football and that will last for ever so good luck sweeti?

  134. Teri sorry about the caps some times i am in a huge hurry and forget to check and take the caps off so i will check them better ok sweetie? :)

  135. i just watched russ’s exit interview. don’t you find it intersting that he used “pandora’s box” to describe the houseguests knows what they’re getting into when the sign on the dotted line, it opens “pandora’s box??” for me, thats too coincidental.

  136. According to Joker’s, it was more than likely jeffs beer can tabs thrown into the garbage, not Michele’s wedding rings.
    As she threw them, she said something about them not bringing luck after all…(Jeff makes ‘beer contributions’ to the big red buddha for good luck.)

  137. June, I could totally tell that yours was a mistake since it changed midsentence…its the posts that are a paragraph long…Matt even asked for ppl to not use all caps and threatened to remove posts although that has yet to happen I was trying to remind ppl

  138. Hey all, check out, look for the Big Brother photo cap…hilarious captions!

  139. @Kathy

    I agree w/ Laura #194…Nasty Nat did throw Jeff’s beer stuff away he placed near Budha for good luck. BB prevented N/K from hiding stuff…It’s hard to believe they’d allow such behavior.

  140. Natalie has you all dooped. She is the smartest player in the house. She has been throwing compititions from the beginning and is gonna win all the cash!

  141. Amy would you rather have me say FU@K S#it or A$$ but any ways i am 49 years old and my mom taught me to speek in a very nice way and every body in my book is a sweetie pie even Little miss Piggy Nat A$$.

  142. Rats!!! We have the Russell returning rumor, then the Pandora’s Box Continuation Rumor. Something cool better happen today. If Nat wins HOH, I’m done with BB11 and BBAD for the season….

    We need some excitement tonight.

    ya’ll think we’ll get some before eviction?

  143. Amy i sure hope she keeps throwing her HOH and POVs because its at the end and if she dont win she is a goner and a littel roasted Piggy ready to be poke and eating alive!

  144. June, the reason I asked is becuase it sounded like you were being kind of a smart a$$. Just wasn’t sure…now I know.

  145. I thought you were being a smart a** too June, calling me sweetie when you thought I was out of line for the all caps thing

  146. Teri, yes they did. BB made them put everything back.

    Got to go…I’ll check back later after the eviction.,,Can’t wait to read all the reactions.

  147. I know how to catch a piggy. Put some money in the Pandora box and when the Piggt Nat goes in to grab it; Shut the door and then throw some Dragon flys in there and watch the Piggy sqweel!

  148. Amy ok i thought you were being smart too sweetie so i will calm down. so now we got this streat lets get on with the game little one? :)

  149. Oh yeah, the whole Dragon Fly thing was funny….. She really did scream like a little b*tch. I had to lower my volume. LOL

  150. Your somethin’ else June. I usually don’t mind being called sweetie or honey by old ladies but for some reason I don’t like it from you. Ok Grandma?

  151. So maybe…

    First, Jeff gets evicted
    Then, HOH happens
    And the 3 remaining HG’s choose between the box (Russel) or Jeff.

    BBAD said ‘BIG HOH’

  152. Amy thank you for calling me Grandma cause i have been praying to Jesus to give me a grand child and he answerd me last week and my Daughtor is three months pregnent thank you Jesus!!! So Grandma is a blessing to me because god let me live as long as i did because each day is a blessing from god he gives us every day i give him glory when i wake up and say thanks be to god for the day you have given me again!

  153. Well I am glad you like being called grandma but I think most people HATE being called sweetie, it is condesending no matter how you mean for it to be.

  154. I,m hoping for michele to win this,And for jordan to stick with her,I don,t know if she will she seems like to nat new bff.Come on michele you can do this

  155. Michelle has her back to Jeff while he plays solitare. You know she loves just being in the same room with him…

  156. Amy #197
    Jordan is dressed to kill, showing off her $9,000 wares. She has insisted on at least a dozen hugs from Jeff in the past 24 hours.

  157. no not 50/50.

    its just desprite ppl trying to coninve themselves that Jeff will stay.

    More like 90/10.

    And thats being nice.

  158. OK. Jordon just came into the kitchen where Jeff is at and put her arm around him. Why is she being so cuddly with him now. Does she know she won’t have to put up a front anymore or does she really like him. He bent his head down and bit her “melon.”

  159. no I am certainly not jealous. Not sure why some older people think it is ok to call someone sweetie. It’s not ok to call someone stinky so it shouldn’t be ok to call someone sweetie

  160. Seems to me all this hype CBS has put out there may boost ratings for tonight, but if nothing happens at all, wouldn’t that hurt the long-term ratings?

  161. I think whatever CBS/BB does their main concern will be RATINGS they will be careful not to do anything that will jepordize them

  162. #226 Midwest Fan
    Gald to do it, but not much going on lately. Nat whispered so rapidly I can’t catch what she’s saying, except that she’s still scheming. Kevin hides away and sleeps most of the time. Mich pretty much follows Jeff room to room, but I’m more inclined to think it’s to know what he’s saying than because she has a bit of a crush. Jordan is watching exciting Jeff play solitaire, systematically chomping chips and wiping the crumbs on his pants between rounds. He IS exciting, though, he moves the game from the bed to the kitchen to the BY. Woe is me, what will I do if I can’t watch these solitaire games????

  163. Rene 229, I think Michelle looks better in her dress. My opinion has nothing to do with weight either. I just think Jordon looks a little “easy” sometimes.

  164. @Kris, so according to your response, something out of the ordinary will have to happen tonight to preserve future ratings?

  165. if they just evict jeff what do they have left? I like the HG but no shomance, no strong guy, no eye candy, what about BBD they get money from that and the live feeds and who wants to pay to watch people sleep?

  166. #234 sservie
    I think that “all this hype” you talk about was not promoted by CBS and BB, it was promoted by Jeff lovers hoping for a save. How much has CBS actually said?

  167. I just don’t think you can hype something to the extent they have and not follow through without expecting some kind of backlash.

  168. The week chima was kicked out there was supposed to be a double eviction so really if you count out the number of shows left they could really pull off not evicting someone or adding someone. Plus since the jury house has been aired they always show the next houseguest that enters. I cant think of when this usually happens but I think we should have seen russ by now

  169. Ey… i didn’t say i wanted to live with the guy lol…. after all, either russ was playing a really good character, or he’s bipolar.

  170. 247 – I’m still not seeing it. They said there was a twist, they gave us a twist, they mentioned Pandora’s Box again on a promo. Where is “the extent of hype” you speak of? What have I missed?

  171. I’ve got it. The twist is that Jeff will be saved if Jordan can go 60 seconds without playing with her hair. Oh, let’s count…one..two…thre…four…oh, Jeff’s out

  172. #249 they ususally show the hg entering jury house on live shows, thursdays’. so for sure we should find out “something” if not everything tonite.

  173. 252- saw a promo today with julie chen mentioning pandora’s box and then russell’s piture (which could have been a mistake) and not having shown him entering the jury house or maybe…i’m just reading the blogs waaaay too much…lol!

  174. Amy – that is kinda weird that the feeds are on. and Jeff is getting on my last nerve chewing that ice right into the mic.

  175. Ashley, He looks so good though, doesn’t he? One more thing…doesn’t it bother you when he picks his nose. Him and Kevan lately have been all up in it!

  176. I can’t stand the nose picking and I noticed Jeff doing it alot more but haven’t seen Kev as much but then I’m not watching the live feeds as much as I was. AND NAT CHANGED CLOTHES TODAY!!! WOW!!!

  177. i dont know where all of you are seeing these commercials for tonight, it should be somewhere on the internet

  178. sservie
    You bring up a good point, the blogs can color the truth as much as CBS does, you start forgetting what’s real

  179. Ok, really people… Jeff and Jordan are adorable, he needs to stay, Russell needs to stay…AWAY!
    Jordan will not win,it is nice of her to want Jeff to stay and try and win for “them”.
    She is a good girl, leave her alone!
    As far as the showmance, I think it is real and hey, you never know! Let them be!
    I would love to see a reality show of Jeff and Jordan! They are so frickin’ cute!

  180. you know whats sad after tonight everyone wont have much to blog about seeing nothing big is going to happen

  181. live feed
    Jordan and Mich are talking, Jordan says now that it’s down to it, she is prepared to leave.

  182. 47 minutes until the first rumor gets thrown out.
    opening credits and russels face isnt lit up anymore cuz hes not coming back

  183. Gnat is brushing her teeth with so much paste it’s like her mouth is being washed out with soap..not a bad idea

  184. If Jordan really wants jeff to stay why can’t she just stand up before they say who is leaving and say that she has decided to leave???

  185. if jordan walks out the show it would be so bad for jeff. he wont get any votes on the jury cuz they will think he didnt deserve it

  186. I would think they all would want to be in the final 2 with Jordan to increase their chance of winning.

  187. on the end i really think kevin is winning this game. he stepped up at all the right times. he may of backstabbed jeff but it was the right move. he truely derserves to win

  188. Jordan’s not planning to leave, she thinks she might get voted out. FINALLY she doesn’t trust anyone.

  189. I have to work and am stuck here at my computer doing scheduling. Please, oh please have mercy and someone write what happened. Who left and who’s HOH. Why do I have to work to earn money!!!

  190. Michelle is the one that deserves to win. She got this far all on her own. No aliances…just her. Go Michelle!!

  191. michele is a great player too but if you have been watching big brother from the start nobody ever thought of putting kev up because he didnt win anything. its like he was never apart of the game. he tho he was with lydia, lydia made her own emenies and it didnt effect kevin at all. not only that he won this HOH at the most important part in the game. AND NOW he is sticking with nat because he knows sticking with her doesnt really put a target on his back. i think he played the game the best. he only made emenies closer to the end of the game

  192. @ marlys dougan & @ Cindy on this season (on BBAD) didnt BB call Nasty Nat & Kev into the diary room for the whole pig latin/spanish incident?

  193. Holy crap, Jordan is doing Gnat’s hair and still trying to sway her vote, making pacts, a half hour before live show

  194. Something is up because the feeds are never on right before the show.

    And I think Nat looks MUCH better!!

  195. J-E-T-S JETS…JETS…JETS. OK can anyone tell me why kevin has this hatred for jeff? jeff and jordan were always good to him. they always told him he was safe. and then jeff took him off the block so kevin could still have a chance at 500k. so what is his problem. in his husbands letter he basicly told kevin to be his true self and be nice. all ive seen from him is hes an ungrateful dirt bag. if deff left him up then mich and russ would have voted him out. also all i hear is that the cdt saved jeff. well if everyone remembers jeff wasnt even on the block. jeff and jordan werent even targets cuz they were laying low. they wanted mich out next then jesse wanted kevin out and nat wanted lydia out. any way if they kept it the same and voted russ out michele won that comp so she would have put jesse and natalie. then shima wouldnt have left so that mini golf comp would have been the pov comp and jeff would have won that cuz he got a hole in 1 every time except when he let jordan win so jesse would have went home any way and then everyone would have went for michele cuz she couldnt play for that next hoh so in reality if jeff didnt use it he pobably would have made it farther in the game. i like j/j but he messed up when he didnt get rid of nat. kevin wouldnt know what to do if nat wasnt there and mich was on j/j side. they got cocky and let the power get to there head they sided with a girl who was against them from the beggining and got way to paranoid. they could have sided with kevin and got him to put russ and mich up then mich won the pov so russ would be gone. then kev couldnt play for hoh so j/j/m would be hoh and then it would be 3 vs 1 in the pov if one of them win then j/j/m are in final 3. dam i wish i was on big brother.

  196. Too funny. Gnat is so unfamiliar with personal hygiene she needs two other HGs to help her get ready

  197. Even without all of the drama set for tonight, reading Natalie “cleans up pretty nice” will make a ratings hit for CBS all by itself.

    We want to see a cleaned up Natalie!

  198. Jeff needs a hail mary pass from BB. I do not want him to be evicted tonight. Keep Jeff and send Jordan to jury house!

  199. 327, i wondered about that, too, why are the feeds still on? But the HGs are counting down, too, so it must be on

  200. East Coast our DirecTV program guide: CBS is airing Preseason football at 8 PM EDT. BB11 is scheduled to air from 1:37 AM to 2:36 AM (after the Late Late Show with Craig Fergueson).

  201. NEITHER!!!

    They’re so sweet together, the show will
    be so *BORING* with out the two of them!

    :( there’s about thirty less viewers sitting in this room right now.

  202. wow this is a crazy twist, julie just called me and said if the vote is tied i can decide who goes home lol

  203. @bigsister

    I am disgusted at that statement. First of all, you’re insulting some people’s religion by saying “Hail Mary” in a game of greed. Second, you should never support “rigging” in any game. There is nothing special about Jeff and I hope he goes home.

    What makes Jeff so great? I mean he’s not even half the man Dr. Will was. And he is no where near as great as a competitor as Janelle.

    Speaking of which, if Jeff is so loved, why should he get such special treatment? I don’t recall Janelle receiving that divine treatment, considering that she’s lost both her seasons. Well?

  204. if jeff goes tonight- I’m thru watching
    I can’t stand Kevin and Natalie, they didn’t do
    anything except lie

  205. I think the twist will be dragged on…like Julie will say stay tuned to find out if Jeff will be taken back or if the mystery guest is chosen

  206. jordan then puts up kev and nat, nat wins the POV and kev goes home. leaving it an all girl battle

  207. A muscle challenge and Jordon wins? Not likely. Michelle wins no matter what kind of HOH comp. it is.

  208. I go back to school next week so I am a little bummed that I have to reenter the real world and wont be able to spend so muuch time on the computer

  209. #357 i agree. we might know hoh, but if there is a twist they will drag it on to sundays ratings because w/jeff gone (don’t jeff hate on me, just saying) they will need something to keep people tuned in.

  210. Hey blackgirl!! Jeff’s going home tonight and Russ gets his bday present!!! I thought Leo would be on here singing his song…

  211. Michelle gets HOH and puts up Nat and Kevin. Nat goes home. Then Jordon wins next HOH and Kevin goes home. Down to J and M and J gets the money…that’s money

  212. and wheres that guy that insisted he knew what was going to happen, he had this big scenario I cant think of his name…

  213. no it was some random theory and he insisted it was a fact, it was yesterday, he strung everyone along then finally said what he thought

  214. julia better start the show with theres one more twist in sight and these house guests are getting a surpise

  215. Leo is great! He has a good song about jeff leaving. He is for N/K and don’t mind giving his opinion.

  216. There is a new post up here you all look see and matt said he will keep us posted on the HOH and evictions.

  217. @ Ashley / Blackgirl….. Did you miss me? :D :P

    I will be posting a new song after the show goes off…. It is on now in MN…… Hooray!!! Jeff is going home…. Jeff is going home…. yay yay yay I said Jeff is going home….

    @ Amy…. Wuz Up? You may not like Natalie or Kevin…. Guess what? They lasted longer than Jeff / Russell thanks to the LML & Jeff being so gullable and Michelle back stabbing Russell…..

  218. i love on how tv they make it seem like nat really loves the deal to make viewers think she may do it. um BB we have live feeds we know she is not going to do it

  219. I knew Russell wasnt coming back that wouldnt be worth watching. He has split personalities or something.

  220. @ Ashley / Blackgirl / Rene F /Teri / Amy / Fausizy…. Did you miss me? :D :P…..

    Jeff is going home – yay yay yay – Going home – yay yay yay – to the JH – yay yay yay – to the jh – yay yay yay

    Hey Jeff fans… I wrote an emotional song for you ok?

    *** I need a hug….. whaa whaa whaa – give me a hug – whaa whaa whaa – I need a hug – whaa whaa whaa – please give me a hug – whaa whaa whaa (Chorus)

    Jeff is going home…. yay yay yay – because he got played ….. yay yay yay…. Jeff is on his own….. yay yay yay…. because his BB game is so lame….. yay yay yay….

    sing the chorus Ashley / Blackgirl…..

    P.S. I love all of your opinions…. If you love Survivor or are a Survivor fan, I hope you will post your wonderful opinions on my Survivor Samoa Blog Site!!! :D :P :)

  221. @ June / Rene F….. Read my blog post on Matt’s newest post asking you a question about my Survivor Samoa site ok? Let me know what you think ok?

    @ Ashley…. You are my superwoman for joining me with your wonderful opinions as a moderators on the Best Survivor Samoa Blog Post ever :P :D :)

  222. Teri i am a dumb A$$ I dont know how to work this cumputer its my daughtors and she went to Reno. :(

  223. I am so bummed about Russ not coming back but he is right – the members of the jury do have the power now.

    Leo – What’s up? Love the song and can’t wait for the new one.

    Blackgirl – Russ was looking good!

  224. Sorry June, when I put the actual address it went to moderation but someone else posted site so I hope it works for you!

  225. @ everyone…. Sorry…. I watched the early version (my boy hooked me up)….. Guess who wins HOH? grrrrrrrrr

  226. @ Fedup….. Wuz up?

    I can’t belive this sh**…… Out of all people ***** won……


    Don’t rub it in too much ok? Ok…. I am cool with it….. :( :( :(

  227. I have been reading everyone’s comments off and on all day…
    I am a loyal BB fan since season 1 – and have to say that I am very dissapointed in this year’s show…
    I have to get updates from you all since I am sitting here in Kansas City with footbal on.

  228. Kevin makes me sick…He’s so dramatic. What was that all about. Nat didnt do it for you stupid, she did it for Jesse.

  229. twist might still be coming. no good-bye messages so they don’t know what the other hg’s said about them.

  230. nat is hoh. jordan was ahead and missed a stupid question or she had it.

    no twist and with pigpen as hoh i won’t be able to stand her nastiness. true bb fan always but i’m out for this year. see ya everybody!

  231. I hope Nat puts up Jorden and Michelle and Michelle wins The POV. AND kevin goes up on the block and Michelle votes out Kevin!

  232. Because Natalie won HOH Iam through watching Big Brother for the season. She is a mean person and a bitch! I also can’t stand Kevin!

  233. June, that would be a great case scenario.
    Joy, I’m with you. I’m done with this season’s show…. They all suck now.
    Chima, chima, this is for you… get the F*ck outta here…
    hopefully next season will be better….
    It’s been nice chatting with you all… but at least I can watch other things now. LOL

  234. Jill #468

    I think whatever football you’re watching is waaaaaay better than the crap today’s show was…. oh well….

  235. im very dissapointed jeff is gone, he was the best player in the house but made a mistake last week getting rid of russell. How come this site gives away whats going to happen on the next episode when in fact the show is supossidly live ? at this point i hope michele wins

  236. BBNut, it’s the Chiefs…not much better!
    I am also finished for this year…I can’t stand Gnat.

  237. there is one hope for show left. i’ll depend on you guys to let me know if it happens cause i’m done watching. jeff did NOT get good bye messages maybe because someone said something in them and julie said the next ? will be game changing…so maybe they’re saving jeff to go back in then????

  238. This was my last show of the season- I can not tolerate Natalie’s voice anymore and I cannot believe how s—– Jordan is UNLESS this was ridged!!!! I will find out the results when I read this site. Sorry CBS this was the worst season EVER!!!!

  239. Jean I am with you! Nat is a mean bitch and dedicating her win to Chima is bullsh**! I hope between the twist with Pandoras Box and the Jury House her and Kevin don’t get crap! I am finished watching until the Jury house part at the end. I was even recording the After Dark on Showtime and watching it but I am not interested anymore. And what was up with no recorded goodbye messages?! I don’t want Russell back in Pandora’s Box…It’s gotta be Jeff!

  240. the old “pandora’s box” door has a question mark on it again in the hoh room. the card is on the shelf again telling them something. julie said “this time, it offers another temptation and this time its bound to effect the game”.

  241. @ Ashley / Blackgirl…… Natalie is the HOH….. Hahahahahahaha that is the best case scenario…… Michelle better win POV or she-rat aka Michelle is going home…… Go NBK aka Natalie / Kevin for the final 2!!! :D :P :)

  242. Dont worry guys if i am right when Matt said that sence Chima left that we Amaerica will have the finale vote in the Jery house. So If Nat and Michelle is the finale two and its a tie then america will vote the winner.

  243. I was hoping for ya Jeff. I’m done for the season. I despise K/N. I can’t do it. Good LucK Jordan and Michelle. Hop one of you win. See you next summer BB.

  244. Wow this game is getting better and better. It was a pleasure to see Jeff walk out that door. Kevin and Natalie are playing one heck of a game..I don’t think Jeff , Russell , Jesse, or any one in the jury house should come back. We need a better twist, that one has been played. I’m so glad Nat won the HOH!!! We are watching a game show, I have to agree with Fly on the wall…This is a great season

  245. I will never watch BB, again. Jeff, you are a beautiful, beautiful man, just stop smoking (yuck) You will surely move upward and onward to bigger and better things than Big Brother. The thought that dumb and dumber may eek out a win for basically winning one competition in the 11th. hour is disturbing. Definately sending the wrong message. Aren’t the good guys supposed to win?

  246. Whoa, my show was on time, but I had unexpected company and couldn’t be rude to them. So, I just finished and am in shock. UGH! I knew Jeff was leaving but for Nasty to win. I think Michelle purposely threw the HOH comp because she really wants the POV, that way she knows she is completely safe. I am a J/J/M fan and no I am not gonna stop watching BB because Jeff is gone and there is no longer any eye candy on.

  247. Natalie said she won and did it by sticking to her word! And for Chima?! God she’s more pathetic than I thought…let’s start with the age thing and go from there..not one word out of her mouth has been the truth. Go Michelle or Jordan!!

  248. I guess the powers that be at BB never fully explored the meaning of “Pandora’s Box”. At the bottom of the box was supposed to be HOPE.
    The only hope left is for Michele to get the final POV. She’s done it all on her own and she still can.

  249. I am so pissed off Jeff got evicted by 2 people that have not done anything this whole time but I am really hoping that Jeff returns and wins this thing

  250. okay – I have looked and looked – am I the only person that saw the live rat walk across the back wall of the room right under the big t.v. at the eviction ceremony tonight? There was a big rat probably 7-8″ long that walked right across the screen and none of the houseguests even saw it! Go look! Its Disgustingly CREEPY!

  251. i can’t take this anymore…j/m needs to get gnat OUT. she does not deserve to win. i could’t bare to watch bbad…i turned it off. she is soo ungreatful,that girl. she is little-boy chima!!!!!

  252. I’m not watching BB anymore. I don’t care what happens from here forward. Kevin and Natalie make me ill.

  253. I am out of town and didn’t get to watch. I know Jeff left now. Bummer. The worst part is Nat won HOH. I can’t stand her. What a let down the whole padoras box is. I will miss Jeff. I guess go Michelle or Jordan. I can’t stand nat or kev. There is my venting.

  254. Nat and Kev need to be ousted!!! Jordan shouldn’t win becuz Jeff carried her. …. I guess I hope Michelle will win it. It stinks, they lost the only player I wanted to win!! Jeff was only wond who played hard!! Nat,Kev. and Jordan shouldnt win anything!! Jeff is awesome and glad he is away from Jordan… She is too immature!!

  255. @ Jeff Fans…. get over it…. Jeff is out because he made dumb decisions the whole game… He allligned with the losing side…. He back doored Russell…. Both Jessie / Russell would deserve to come back more than jeff… Especially Russell…. I hope there is a twist that will bring Russell back and screw Michelle…

  256. @ Diana…. I think everybody will beat Natalie in the JH…

    jessie is pissed that she was talking crap about him, so he is telling everyone her real age.

    Lydia said her whole friendship with nat was a lie, so she probably won’t vote for Nat.

    Russell said nat will lose JH votes because of her lie (his too)

    Jeff will not because nat could have saved him (Yes jeff would choose Kevin over Nat too)

    This could be like BB3 when nat would be lucky to get one vote even though I think she would not get one single vote especially since she lied about her age….

    In a perfect world it would have been BB11’s most favorite player jeff against the most hated villian Natalie with jeff winning

    Why? Because that would have been the best of bost (good vs bad) pitted against each other in the final 2 with the good defeating the villian…

    kevin is my only hope because I don’t want Michelle to win and I don’t think Jordan deserves it, but i am biased and would rather see Jordan than she-rat aka Michelle!!!

  257. Yes I did notice the rat. I mentioned it in an earlier post. I was assuming since no one screamed it was Nasty and Ronnie’s baby.

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