Big Brother 11: The Return Of Russell? Evidence Hidden In Plain Sight

Update: Tonight’s intro just played and Russell’s name was gone and his exit clip had returned. Was it just a production error on Tuesday? We’ll know soon…

Big Brother conspiracy theories are what keep BB fans warm between episodes. This week is no different with the introduction of the “Russell to return” theory. Best of all Allison Grodner seemed to drop the giant clue right in front of us on Big Brother 11 this week and I’ll show you what many of us are thinking and why.

As the tradition goes, when a HG is evicted from the game their name is removed from the Big Brother introduction and their picture is changed to their exit event. I present to you Exhibit A: a screen capture from Sunday, August 30th’s introduction. Note Russell’s exit from the house paired with the removal of his name, matching that of Braden and Chima (snicker, her exit is through the Diary Room, snicker).

Exhibit A maintains the status quo on post-eviction HGs. Exhibit B shatters it.

Broadcast on Tuesday, September 1st we see Russell’s name has returned and not only that but his exit scene has been replaced with the old clip of him posing in the backyard. Hmm, well that’s different!

So what does this all mean? If I had to formulate a theory (I don’t, but I will) I would speculate that we’re about to see a repeat BB9’s surprising twist where one evicted HG (James) returned after the remaining HGs were posed with the choice to retain that night’s evicted HG or gamble with whoever was inside the magical box. To make this even easier we already have a box in the game: Pandora’s Box.

Many fans felt the Pandora’s Box twist died too quickly and I’d agree. Jeff’s key did nothing to save him, but that doesn’t mean the twist has to be over. When, and I fully expect it to happen, Jeff is evicted on Thursday I think we could be seeing the return of either Jeff or Russell depending on what is decided in the house. This gets even trickier because I believe if this choice has to be made it will be Kevin who has to do it. I can’t wait to see it all play out on the big brother feed since it’s all uncensored.

When the next HG is evicted we’ll be at an even count, so a vote for “keep Jeff or take whoever is in the box” would likely be met by 2 votes to keep Jeff and 2 votes to send him on out. If that choice has to be made by Kevin then I’d expect him to stick to the evict-Jeff plan and take his chances with whoever is in the box (most likely Russell as discussed above).

Could this all be excessive speculation? Absolutely. Maybe someone in production completely hosed things on Sunday and played the wrong introduction clip. Possible? Sure, it’s possible but I really, really doubt an accident like that could have slipped through. I fully believe this was an intentional sneak peek at what was ahead. If it is then settle in for an awesome Thursday night!

Think I’m right? Sure I’m wrong? Tell me! Debate it out in the comments.

Update: Just for the record, I’d vote for Russell to return over keeping Jeff. Jeff had his chance and he blew it, badly. Russell was collateral damage when Jeff self-destructed and as such I’d give Russell the second chance. What about you?



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  1. It would be so GREAT to see the return of Russell!!! Who would get the deciding vote because Jordan and Michelle would vote to bring Jeff back and Nat and Kev would bring back a mystery person aka Russ so it would be 2-2.

  2. Jeff has to stay. He is the show along with Jordan. It’s called RATINGS and their the fans favorites.

    Jeff gets to stay and Kevin breaks down and does his Ohhh no, ohhh no, ohh no. and Nat does her usual I gon read da rule book, Kev go get dat rule book like I told you to.

    Jeff and Jordo spoon and makeout somemore and Michelle continues to crush on Jeff wishing it was her he was spooning with.

    Jeff has to stay!!!

  3. While I am growing weary of this never ending speculation as to BB will cheat to save a particular HG; how is it that only Russell would be allowed to return? How was it done in BB(

  4. Sorry Matt – in regards to comment #3 you said it may be all up to kevin to bring someone back which would make sense because of the statement being made about the hoh’s responsibility.

  5. Donald, in BB9 they randomly chose someone in isolation to be the mystery person or James who had just been voted out.

  6. Sounds like a plan Matt. I vote to evict Jeff. This wud not hv happend had he honored the sworn alliance. Almost can’t stand to see J/J showmance as much as I can’t stand Gnat, in addition, J/J farewell speech was natsy. It will be great seeing not only Gnat/Kevin’s face, but Jordo jaws drop.

  7. Donald, the viewers got to choose who do bring back from one that was sequestered, I think it was Alex. If the hgs had known who it was, they would have voted for him instead of James. He was well liked.

  8. I hope you’re right and I kind of think you are because there was speculation weeks ago that the producers would pull something out of their butts in order to keep Jeff from leaving.

  9. Hey June! I REALLY hope it is Russ who is coming back. That would make for great entertainment in the house. I would much rather see Russ trying to play the game instead of the showmance.

  10. @Traci: This isn’t a guarantee safety for Jeff’s return even if it does happen. In BB9 the HGs voted to send that night’s evictee out and risked having whoever was in the box bring back that night’s evictee (James) over the mystery guest. But, we don’t know if it’ll be just Kevin voting or the whole house (I’ve already guessed it’d be just Kevin if it happens at all).

  11. I hope they bring Russell back. NEED something to wake those people up.I don’t think money should be handed to people such as Jordan or natalie, these girls are only in there because they can’t win nothing and let other people carry them. Please bring Russell back tommorow, I’m tired of having to fast forward my dvd.

  12. Hey Matt! I thought they evicted James and then voted him right back in instead of the mystery person.

  13. If the key really is for something I would love it for Jeff to stay…however, if that isn’t the scenerio, I think it would be great to see the vengence of Russell come back and kick Nat’s ass! I can’t stand Nat and that she would talk of raping the others of their gifts shows how disgusting she truly is. She rates as one of the guests over all BB that I’ve hated the most.

  14. That’s a good point, Matt. All this speculating–Aren’t we all going to be let down if Thursday is just an plain old uneventful eviction?

  15. Not only would i not want Russell back (couldnt stand him the first time), i dont think it would be fair to the other hg already in the jury house. Maybe they’ve kept Russ in isolation but i dont care. He was evicted fair and square. I didn’t like this twist the other times it was used (bringing Kaysar back, bringing James back), and i dont think it right to give some random hg a second chance! If you want a twist..fine…but use the remaining hg to do it! Dont give us back what we just got rid of!

  16. i really don’t care anymore bb is starting to suck anyway, it’s a show and needs ratings so i don’t see how sending jef home helps ratings other than jordo & jeff everyone else sucks

  17. CAT ITS JUST A GAME SWEETIE AND WHAT IF THEY brought back some one you realy loved in the game would you like it then sweetie well if so hey it might very well be the one you love ok sweetie lets see if it is true.

  18. was that it with pandora’s box?? i find that hard to believe since this IS big brother. and i noticed in the beginning that not only did they show a new pic of russell and not him exiting the show, did you notice that his pic was NOT in black and white in all the boxes in the beginning of the show. hmmm, something is abrewing me thinks.

  19. WIN LOSE OR DRAW ITS ALL IN THE GAME and we all have ourfavorit peeps in the house so lets sit down and injoy the game play you all!

  20. @Ashley: Hmm, you might be right! I’ll have to dig around. I’m 99% sure it was James who came back that night, but wasn’t he in the giant box? It’s been too long.

    Yep, you’re right. The BB9 HGs were offered to take back either James or the Mystery Guest. They chose James.

  21. @June…lol..i get passionate about BB. June, i really loved Laura in the game. But if BB offered to bring her back now i wouldnt like that either. I dont think its fair to the other hg. The evicted hg have had their chance and lost so move on to new stuff…not the same old, same old. Just my opinion June…you dont have to agree. We all have different opinions…thats what makes this board interesting!

  22. okay, here is my opinion about it. i am not happy with this twist if it truly does happen. my issue is the fact that once again jeff could be saved because “big brother” does not want him to go. they love him and want him to win. and that makes me angry. why is it when someone is in power they decide okay let’s change it to give the power to the person who is on the brink of getting eliminated(jeff). i think it is not fair to kevin who worked hard in the head of household comp to see his power might be taken away from him by big brother. jeff needs to be evicted and given the riot act. he made a mistake and he needs to go.

  23. I really don’t care how stays/comes back. Rite now my main focus is to beg, plea with whomever to get rid of GNat. I want to start watching again, and I really can’t becuz of her. I’m getting too old, and my heart can’t take it.

  24. Kevin took 10 grand. Russell had 10 grand. The box wasn’t opened until jeff unlocked it. then the houseguests ran out of the HOH. pandoras box hasn’t been unleashed yet. in mythology…the only thing left is hope… could that be an acronym for Houseguest Of Past Eviction???? They told Kevin…the decision is FINAL! there won’t be a vote…if that was russell’s money that kevin accepted, then he will definitely be coming back. and those opening credit mishaps are just too much of a perfect coincidence for the theory =)

  25. If the show goes that way, and the vote is tied, I don’t see them giving Kevin a second vote. Most likely it would be another America’s vote. Hopefully enough of America would be smart enough to vote Russell back in; but I doubt it.

  26. Think about who has left jesse – who Natalie loves, Lydia- who Kevin loves and Russel-who ok well nevermind that one…I think if this scenario holds true it could go either way…Kevin would not vote to keep jeff because he would certainly go after him, Natalie would vote jeff out, and Jordan and Michelle would vote to keep jeff, so in this scenario it would be split 2/2…then what?

  27. also they said last night that jeff and michele could be save by one of us at beginning of show even tho mich won veto still could be safty for someone

  28. Yes Cat you got it and i do agree with you sweetie peolpe that leve should stay gone but we dont make the ruls so lets injoy it while we can sweeti cause its almost over and Yes i loved Laura to and it made me pissed off when she left and if she had stayed man she would have won cause she was smart like that. Reading peolpe am i right?

  29. Matt – lol, I know. I am doing good keeping up with this season. I just thought it was Alex in the mystery box for some reason but it was definately james that got to come back.

  30. @June..yes you are definately right…Laura was good at reading people. And i enjoy every minuite of BB…even when i dont agree with what the rule makers say!

  31. Jackie M hang on brother hang on its almost over and i think that Kevin and Michelle will evict the Biatch Nat in do time brother in do time ok sweetie? OR SISTER I DONT KNOW SO FORGIVE ME IF YOUR A SISTER OK?

  32. @June – they should have voted to keep Laura over Jordan when they had the chance because she was smart and figured Ronnie out before anyone! I like her a lot.

  33. Will BB do anything to keep Jeff in the game? This is really a bunch of crap if they give him yet another lifeline. As far as bringing Russell back, what a mistake that would be. Why don’t they just play the game with the players they have in the house? This has been the worst season of BB EVER!!!!!

  34. Cat: I totally agree with you. I have watched BB since it first aired, but this BB seems so rigged, it is unbelievable. I wish they would just play the game and BB stay out of it.

  35. Ashley if that Damm Jeff would have picked her for a girl friend then he would have had a good helper in the compations but he picked the dumb A$$ and look where he is in the hot set LOL!!!

  36. OK cant wait untill thursday and nice chatting with you all but i got to go so untill then i will see you all tommarro morning so good night all my peeps on big brother here. Love ya all!!! :)

  37. Keep Jeff of course. But if I can’t have Jeff, and Russell comes back into that house, we already know how he feels about Michele, so he’d join up with her and by default, Jordan (who’d hate him coming back in but what other option would he have?). Bye bye Natalie and Kevin.

  38. @Jenny…I have watched BB since season 1 also. This season has been a disappointment as far as hg go. Some of them are so mean spirited and selfish that i wouldnt want them near me. I love a good minipulative, mental game. One where people actually have a good strategy. A good strategy is hard to find this season….unless you count Nats offensive behavior…i would want to be evicted just to get away from her!

  39. Coup d’etat was up and any of the house guests could have gotten it…Jeff did and had two weeks to use it. He played it right. We have the advantage of seeing all the behind the scenes comments the players don’t. Jeff got out the strong players and trusted the others because the said 100% he wasnt’ going up. Russell was a really strong player and would have been tough for any of them to beat in challenges.

    What is driving me crazy is Kev bathmouthing Jeff so much. Jeff saved his ass that he even has a chance at the money. He could be a gracious winner…but if he really played his cards right he’d align himself with Jeff now. If he can’t see what a manipulator Nat is..she’d lie to her own mother kind of personality to get ahead.

    If by chance Jeff does get to stay it’s only because Natalie was greedy and went back out for money rather than hunting for the key her “partner” told her to go search for. The only reason she went back up there with Jeff was to make sure she wasn’t missing out on anything. It would be awesome to have her go and Jeff stay

  40. My officical conspiracy theory…Last time I’m posting it i promise lol

    They told Kevin BEFORE he walked in the room…to release 10,000 dollars put your hand in the whole… Why would they have specifically stated, “Something good or bad for the houseguests or the HOH”, but tell him there was 10,000 to be released. The 10000 was Kevin’s bribe to open the box. The box is nothing but chaos and evil in the mythological story. At the end, there is nothing but hope at the bottom Pandora’s box. That hope HAS to play into this. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have specifically called it Pandora’s box. They would have just called it something else. Besides, 10g’s for the whole house, and Kevin’s hand in a box seem aren’t antithetical of eachother.

    The key didn’t have anything to do with Pandora’s box except unlocking Kevin. But think about this scenario…Kevin chose to give the house 10 grand. “H.O.P.E. lies at the bottom of the box” Russell was given 10 grand. Maybe by Kevin taking the money, he unknowingly let Russell buy his way back into the house. Pandora’s box always brings chaos. Maybe the money was just the catalyst to even open the box. Kevin didn’t open pandora’s box… It wasn’t opened until someone unlocked it…Pandora’s box is just getting started.

    So… Either, the houseguests already unleashed Russell back into the house by Kevin taking the money…
    Or everyone is enjoying the money but the houseguests are going to get to decide whether or not to give up the money they collected for “HOPE”. They will think it’s hope for jeff. So jeff, jordan, and michelle will vote to save jeff thinking it’s jeff’s hope…but they are really voting for H.O.P.E (Houseguest Of Past Eviction) and BAM! RUSSELL comes walking through that door!… there you have it. Conspiracy theories for all to think about! =)

  41. If Kevin knowingly has to choose between either Russell or Jeff to stay, then I think that he will choose Jeff over Russell.

    Kevin was well aware that Russell was gunning for him and now it makes sense when someone posted yesterday that when Kevin was in the HOH room by himself, he was heard saying ‘I’m screwed’.

    I think Kevin knows he has a choice, but he was not allowed to tell anyone.

    The Pandora’s box appears to be still alive!

  42. Well this time i got to sign off for sure cause my baby Michelle my bell wants her comuter back my bad!

  43. Ok, as to the Russell coming back theroy. Earlier today we were discussing the fact that Russell’s picture was not greyed out sometime during the show.

  44. there wont be a return of russel… guys it was a mistake. the pandoras box thing is way over.
    if something else were to happen the houseguests would be told that something is going to happen this coming up thursday. and if they knew something was up you would see jordan jeff have more hope like something big could happen.

  45. They wouldn’t just pick Russ out of thin air for no reason to be allowed back in the house. To the best of my knowledge they have only allowed a HG to re-enter the house twice and both involved America voting. In Season 6 America picked Kaysar to go back in and Season 9 when the HGs chose James, who they just evicted, over the former HG in the mystery box who America voted on. I don’t see how it would be fair for the producers just to pick one HG to go back in for no reason. If that were true they would certainly just wait and choose Jeff to go back in.

  46. @Diana – You are probably right about Kevin picking Jeff over Russ because in his eyes it is the lessor of two evils. Maybe they won’t tell him who it is and he will unknowingly bring back Russ!!! Come on Kev make the right choice, if there is a choice!

  47. Hey, What I’m thinking is since Jeff found the key something is going to go up on eviction night and dealing with the money. Jeff will have the chance to overthrow the nominations and replace someone on the block in return the houseguests all lose their money or he keeps the nominations the same and they all get to keep the money. So either way he has to make a choice and have the house upset with him. That is what I believe and hey I may be wrong.

  48. I want Jeff and Jordan to stay! and because kevin is a liar it ruined the whole show and i dont want to watch it if they get kicked off! they arent totally meant to be finial 2!!! and russell sucks

  49. As one who never looked as these sites, or had live feed, was BB always rigged? If so, I’ll stick with Survivor.

    Leo- don’t you dare burst my Survivor bubble on your Survivor website by showing that Survivor is a shame too.

    For all who think that BB will see its ratings drop if a particular person (Jeff) does not win, I guess you are too young to remember the furor when America found out that the “$64,000 Question” was a shame. That was the end of that show.

  50. @diana 56

    no way he would take jeff over russel, in the end kevin knows if jeff stay hes is going home next week, at least with russel he has more hope as russel would gun for nat. besides the point they wont have anyone come back in.
    the finals is sept 15. after they will be down to 4 people. adding another person they would need to have a eviction on sunday night as well.
    CBS and BB arent dumb, i dont think they have another twist in sight. and if they do it will only include the people left in the house after tomorrow night

  51. It’s strange the week that appears to be the week that JEFF is evicted that there is a chance that RUSSELL could come back. Could they be doing this in hopes of preventing any violence in the jury house?

  52. Tobi I saw it was greyed out
    and Russell is not coming back it was probly an accident due to the fact that it ends the 15th and they won’t have time

  53. someone said they saw a preview for thursday episode and julie says the box mystery isnt over. i have been searching all over the net to find this commerical and cant find it anywhere.. anyone else wanna look?

  54. I’d vote for Russ to return…Jeff had his chance and he blew it big time! We all finally got to see the true colors of Jeff and Jordon…

  55. @Brian #62

    Assuming that you are correct and you very well could be, then that is a brilliant strategy on behalf of BB and CBS to again hook in the audience to boost their ratings.

    However, I also think that CBS knows that the whole Pandora’s box theory had so many web sites and forums up in arms with people actually cancelling their showtime and live feeds and also threatening to boycott BB all together, so, I believe that they are trying to redeem themselves with this whole Pandora’s box fiasco and they will chalk it up to the other HG’s ‘expect the unexpected’, so how can they argue with that!

  56. Yes, I’d definitely want Russell back. Jeff blew his creds in a big way by his treatment of Russell. He went to the darkside willingly with kevin & Natalie. After all, Jordon called that crew J/C/N/R/L the evil ones & where else could Natalie go but to Kevin? Jordon is too thick to really think about why K/N would lie. YES! I vote to bring back Russell & for he & Michelle to be the final 2. Jeff has a nerve getting hacked about R/M talking about being the F2 as he fully planned to drag Jordon (& it would be a drag) into the final 2

  57. @fausizzy #61

    Of course you can debate your theory and it does make sense, however if you look at the overall picture and the terror and havoc that Russell caused Kevin, as opposed to the calmer more rational Jeff, it makes more sense to me for Kevin to choose Jeff over Russell.

    Kevin does not like violence and appears to always want peace and serenity around him. He was very hurt when Jessie fobbed him off and he does take things personally!

    I think that he is afraid of Russell but he feels he can at least talk or reason with Jeff.

  58. lmao,to begin with I thought I was the only one to notice that, perhaps “intentional error”.

    But back to what 1is1me said, the finals are soon and there is going to be a high amount of people still in the house, it wouldn’t make sence unless a double eviction is called for.

    BUT isn’t it suspicios how the introduction tapes of Russel was switched? Weird.

    Just rembrr thief moto “Expect the unexpected”. I hope jeff stays and he screws Kevin… But I won’t be surpised if he left. Cya sucka!

  59. keep Jeff have Russell come back get rid of nat & Kevin! Let the 3 competitors hash it out and may the best man or woman win…Jeff Michelle or Russell—Keep Jordo just cuz her and Jeff make me laugh! I would love to see a 1/2 hour CBS comedy made starring Jeff & Jordo!!!

  60. If this is true and GOD I hope it is, than this would be the best way to keep veiwers without keeping Jeff somebody who should go home for being such an idiot. Good job Allison. You deserve a huge pat on the back!

  61. in the end tomorrows show will be boring.. ive been following what they have been doing all day today and its just lazyness. theyll start the show with russell in the jury house talking to jessie and lydia about how jeff screwed him and how he hopes to see jeff walk in the jury house door next week. once you see that everyone who thinks russel is coming bac will be pissed. then youll see michelle vote for jeff and nat vote for jordan. then cbs will show a long clip of kevin talking to michele about him thinking of keeping jeff to give us all hope but in the end he will send him home. then once again everyone will be pissed about the mystery box meaning nothing. then at the end of the thursday show the announcer will say the guest are in for a surpise on the next show and once again EVERYONE on everysite will think it has something to do with the mystery box and hopes of jeff coming back or russel coming back will brought up again. it will be up until the last 3 when people will finally see that there was NO twist and the game must go on.

  62. @June #42. Thanks for ur pep talk. I am a “sister” and apprec ur comments. Live in Hawaii, and really don’t want scumbag Nat visiting even if our economy cud use the money. She is beyond words as how hateful, deceitful, etc. I really wonder if she has any friends. I don’t think she has a boy friend. Can hardly wait to see her OKOLE (hawaiian for backside)going out the BB house.

  63. @ Ashley….. James was in a box on season 9 because when the HG’s returned to the living room, they opened the box and he jumped out and you could see Ryan / Sheila / Matt’s faces hit te floor in terror at James’ return!!!

  64. @ fausizzy

    I think someone seeing a preview with Julie saying the mystery box isn’t over is BS. Much like that supposed leak of Jeff receiving a diamond veto was.

    They could technically still add someone back in after Jeff’s eviction and finish on time by just having a double eviction (which Chima robbed us of) next Thurs.

  65. Devil’s advocate: Bernard said, “why is it when someone is in power they decide okay let’s change it to give the power to the person who is on the brink of getting eliminated(jeff). i think it is not fair to kevin who worked hard in the head of household comp to see his power might be taken away from him by big brother.

    Couldn’t Chima make the same argument??

  66. i already speculated all of this and posted it earlier today in a comment…i told every1this is wut is going to happen so if u dont like i love it even more!…this is 1 heck of a year!

  67. was a Jeff and Jordan fan, not anymore. Can’t believe Jeff is even in a showmance with this girl. I don’t like calling anyone fat but after i seen the way she talked about russell and machele she deserves to be called fat. she did not need to get a boob job because that just makes her look bigger. when she sees herself in those shorts and those gray pants she will no why russell and lydia called her fat. I will have to say that girl has got a big butt and big legs. BB needs to quit giving her the cookie dough or they are gona have to buy her bigger clothes. she already wears jeffs’ pants and i think the pair of gray pants russell left. when you sign up for this show expect to be called names. Jordan does not look like a match for Jeff. I don’t think he is really attracted to this girl, but he really did’nt have choice among the girls in the house this year. I think I would have chose no showmance. you know Jeffs friend are going to give him hell about this girl when he goes home. They will only stick together if one of them wins the money. once the money is gone so will jeff. would not have thought that the start with, but now that i see their true colors. don’t like them anymore.

  68. There is a big difference between the CDT and the speculation about Pandora’s Box. America voted on the CDT way before anybody knew who would be HOH, and the public knew what was going on. The way PB is being handled, they could change the reward at anytime, depending on who found the key. Plus, with the CDT, ALL the HGs had a chance. With the key only Jeff and Natalie did.

  69. I truly hope Russ comes back. I have wanted him to be at least in the final two since day one, and wanted him to win the whole thing when I seen him keep his word time and time again.

    As for people asking why him and saying that isn’t fair, if you can, think back to the golf hoh where Jeff threw it so Dumbo could win. Russ had the $10,000 grand prize (which anyone sitting out could have had) and maybe the plan was always in effect. If whoever had that prize was evicted before final four, this is what will happen. Maybe as Russ was leaving he got the option to give the money back and if they accepted it, he would be back in the game…Just a thought.

  70. what they should of done and it would of been a good twist is by kevin releasing the 10gs is that who ever had the most money got to buya chance of a diamond vito this way people in the house wouldnt think its rigged if jeff came up with the most amount of money. cuz not only did jeff have the most but he also took time to find the key and release kev. that would of been a cool twist

  71. @ mouse 88

    wasnt russels prize the spa that jeff gave to him in the trade for the trip. cuz if jeff had 10000 that would be worth alot more than a trip for 2 to hawaii

  72. What if…BB waited to make a final plan and read all these posts to see what creative surprising and *smart* ideas you folks come up with! Talk about interactive tv….

  73. Ok first off I will be so so happy if Jeff stays. I really hope Russel does not come back he is a rude Jerk who dont need to be in the house. Jeff is a sweet guy who is just trying to make it to the end!! But I guess as long Kevin dont win it will be ok.But I dont think anyone is coming back due to the show ending in two weeks.

  74. I would have never kept voting for jeff if i had known what kind of person he really was.Thought was the evil one, boy was i wrong. atleast russell did not swear on his family or threaten anyones family. if you threaten to cut someones throat or wish you had a gun to shoot someones brains out as jordan said about russell. I think they should have been thrown out of big brother and charged with threaten someones life. name calling is one thing but threaten someones life is serious.

  75. @m0use

    In the HOH golf comp Russ picked the phone call from home and traded it with Nat for the Hawaii vacation which Jeff then took giving Russ the spa day.

  76. OH COMMON jeff was upset and said dont touch me. what CBS didnt show was jeff taking michele into a room and saying he was sorry and gave her a hug. she has gotten over it because she has been doing all that she can to keep jeff in it. he lost his cool and he isnt at fault. im sure in real life people have lost there cool over less than that. i would have a hot head too if i was that close to 500k and lost an important game while making it that far

  77. @97
    oh if its tied in votes than the HOH gets the final vote to evict someone whch most likey will be jeff

  78. @89- Yes Jeff found the key. Then he hid it and went back to gathering money before he released Kevin. That makes him no better than Natalie who also went back to gathering money after she found kevin locked up. Jeff deserves no praise for his actions.

  79. WOW.

    Russell wont be coming back, it was a simple error in editing.

    There is no time to bring someone back.


    Russell is going to stay evicted.

    He as did Jeff had his chance to stay in the game, and he blew it.

    So Jeff will go to jury, and Russell will welcome him in.


  80. this is just a game and you make and break deals. Jeff broke a deal with russell, and Kevin broke the deal with Jeff. all because it was convenience for both of them. Jeff broke the deal because he thought it was going to be easier to beat Kevin than russell, and it will be easier for Jordan to beat Natalie over mitchell, but hey bottom line this is just a game so please get over.

  81. And Jeff doesnt deseve any praise.

    All of u yo-yo’s are pathetic. Jeff is no better than anyone in the house, and he isnt the best player.

    But do u want to knoe what he IS?

    GONE! lol

  82. @Matt Can you add a screen cap of Russell’s old picture from previous episodes so we can compare it to the “new” one with him in the backyard?

  83. @100 ycat

    common i would love to see you stop collecting money to save someone who put u on the block, he isnt friends with kev, nat is friends with him. at that point its like u finding a key to free your worst enemy instead of collecting free money

  84. @ M #86
    You are a PIG!
    How dare you insult someone like that. Lets post your pic on here and maybe we can pick it apart. You do not know her or anything about her. This is a forum to discuss BB, not to bash someones personal traits.

  85. @103

    in theory jordan is the best player and she doesnt even know.. she has no target on her back cuz she cant win nothing. she can make as many enemies as she wants and it wont matter. and if she can pull off an HOH in the final 3 then she deserves to win the cash. she was never on anyones radar

  86. @fausizzy- I’m not faulting him for what he did. I’m faulting the people who are praising him for it. PLUS, at the time, Jeff wasn’t on the block. They had not even had nominations yet.

  87. I was very upset that jeff took the trip from russell , because russell told nat when he traded the phone call from home to her for the trip he did’nt want it for hisself he wanted for his mom and dad. what a jerk. then dumbo traded the suit to lydia for the hoh key which she did not win or deserve. but her butt and legs would not have fit in that suit anyway. she would have looked like a sausage. I don’t think i could have stomach that for a week. Well thats enough of the jordan bashing just hate to see floaters make it to the end. could jeff realy be attracted to this girl ok face but the rest of the body is’nt very pretty.

  88. if Jeff was a good player, he would not be in this position regardless of any poor or great reason you give me. only because he is cute and charming and CBS kisses his ass does not mean he is a good player. in fact, the reason he is there thats because he did not make a good deal with kevin. that is if he would tell kevin that he would keep him to the final three he would be safe. but the true is that he was going to send kevin home next week because he wanted to keep natalie so that way jordan and him will be the final two. upsss it did not work.

  89. @109

    jeff was on the block at that point… he got put up on sunday, 6 hours later they did the pov challenge, then on monday the money fell from the sky.
    what we saw last night they did the order in reverse.

  90. @ Jacob / Cat / JJ2…… Do you guys like Survivor? If so, I would love to have your input on my Survivor Samoa Blog Site ok?

    @ Diana / Ashley email me so I can give you ssoecific info about the site as possible moderators if you would like…

    @ Donald / June….. Email me if you would like to be apart of Survivors best Blog post too ok?

  91. Please,please,please let it be Russell…It would make sense…he would be the “evil” unleashed by opening Pandora’s box. Don’t think it will happen but a girl can hope.

  92. and i love how people are saying he wasnt a good player, if he didnt get nat and jessie up then they would of ran the house, also by him doing that made chima lose her mind. not only is he smart he made a grown women lose it.
    and to say he was dumb to backdoor russel , well you heard from russel himself thinking of taking out jeff before they hit the final 4.

  93. if i see nasty nat eat one more time im not going to watch anymore.That girl has absolutely no class, maybe the twist is she really is a boy.ugh

  94. anyone would have took the Hoh duh it is part of the game. So what is Jeff to the trip he was and still is better then Russel so he won it fair and square. I dont know why you would be so rude about Jordo she is not fat just because she is not a size 0.

  95. @117

    u are right cuz watching yesterday kevin said i cant believe they arent saving me cuz at any point i could point them up.. and i was thinking how?? michele and jeff are already up

  96. @Matt…I think you are on to something here! The one thing I like is someone who comes out with actual evidence to their reasonings about things. You have me convinced and I like the way you think! Pandora’s Box had more meaning than everyone realized and by the way…look at the size of Pandora’s Box. It is a huge box…one a person could fit in. I can hardly wait til tomorrow to see if you were right on hit!

  97. Anyone who goes on a reality show knows to expect to be examined under a microscope, including physical attributes. I thought it funny that Jordan didn’t want a photo taken of her in a bathing suit because she thought she’d look fat. Helloooooo, where are you girl? Have you noticed all those *cameras* all over the place?

  98. I thought I had it right. I just did some searching and found comments about it posted on Saturday morning.

  99. @ Marcus…… Wuz up Fam?

    @ Cheri…… How have you been doing?

    @ Marcus / Cheri….. Do you want to Join my Survivor Bolg site?

  100. It’s not a new clip used, it’s the same one as previous episodes. Also he is not greyed out in the square sections either!!!

  101. I agree bb did’nt pick any girls to look at this season. Don’t get mad because because people are saying jordan is dumb and has a big butt. because if you had eyes you could see that too. bb should have gave us some eye candy too look at. now all we have to watch is people eating & sleeping. Jordan needs to stop eating the cookie dough.

  102. @Leo…I love Survivor! Would welcome the chance to read your and other bloggers views on it. Let me know when and where.

  103. @ Cindigwc….. Hey there….

    @ Budman…. Wuz up bro….

    Do you two want to be apart of the best Survivor Samoa Blog site sharing youe wonderful feed back about Survivor Samoa?

  104. i hope this happens and jeff comes back…to me he was the only decent one even though he had his moments

  105. Natalie told Jordan about Jeff and Michelle wanting to make a deal with her to keep Jeff. Boy was Jordan very surprised!!!!Good ole Jeff all he wanted was sex.

  106. I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL TOMMOROW. but supposedly its gonna be on later because of the JETS GAME? whhhhat is up with that?

  107. @fausizzy- thats what it orginally is for me to. lol but now its gonna air after the football game! im so mad

  108. 107 @ mindy c

    Oink! oink ! Sorry to upset you, But I’m a sexy pig sorry you can’t accept the truth.
    That’s just my opinion along with some others.
    If i was on tv and thought I looked fat, I would’nt be eaten all the cookie dough.

  109. its shows cbs showing the pats and giants game but in toront we have global tv and it gets its feed straight from the cbs studios to watch it live

  110. @fausizzy- ill live in the jersey so i think its probebly different. becuase when i was watching bb11 on tuesday a message came up saying it would air after the jets game.

  111. whatever happens tommorow i hope it is in Jeffs favor. I think he was the best player this season. he deserves to with the half mill

  112. ah ok .. well in toronto it shows big brother on our canadian network… so if i were you i wouldnt come on this site tomorrow after 8 cuz im sure someone will spoil what happens

  113. @fausizzy- i knoo. haha i wont, trust me. i wanna see this on tv with my own eyes what happens. thanks for the heads up thoughh (:

  114. Ok, I think this rumour is RIGHT on the money. There is just NO way that Pandora’s Box was just there for the cash prize!
    However- I think that Jeff having found the key will have some sort of role in the final decision, maybe “whoever got the key” can choose who stays and who goes? I think Kevin may have surrendered his choice in this twist simply by putting his hand in the box! What he did was motivated only on greed, he wasn’t thinking at all about the possible consequences. Of course, the twist COULD be that Jeff wasn’t supposed to release Kevin from the box!! Can you imagine??
    Anyway, GO JEFF! Yah, he made a stupid mistake last week. But he has been a great competitor every week, and earned a spot in the final four much more than the little nothing Natalie, and late bloomer Kevin.

  115. Im still hoping that key gives Jeff another chance. I also heard the show will be delayed until after the Jets game..this will be an exciting show, cant wait!

  116. but people are forgetting even tho jeff found the key he gave it to kevin instead of unlocking the box himself, so kevin could go to the producers and say in the end i had the key last and let myself out

  117. and if the key was smaller i would think it could be a key to let him back in the house but trust you me that key aint fitting into any door.. lol

  118. lori and lexxx take a road trip to toronto and watch it at 8 at my house lol.. this way if jeff stays drinks will be on me lol

  119. with ur luck the pre season jets game will go into overtime and end off in a tie which will delay ur BB watching till closer to midnight lol

  120. It will only be tape delayed in certain areas. I live in SC and here it will be shown live at it’s normal time.

  121. Jeff is a LOZER and I would kick him to the curb!

    I would love to see Russel back in the game.
    However he might hook up with Nata’LIE’ and that would suck as she should be kick out with Jeff.
    But Russel will hook up with who ever will take hm to the end and that would probably be Micheal.

    Hahaha, Jeff would be so PISSED to know he got kick out and Russel went back in. and JorDough would be even more pissed… Yah Bring back Russel!!

  122. Jeff is a LOZER and I would kick him to the curb!

    I would love to see Russel back in the game.
    However he might hook up with Nata’LIE’ and that would suck as she should be kick out with Jeff.
    But Russel will hook up with who ever will take him to the end and that would probably be Micheal.

    Hahaha, Jeff would be so PISSED to know he got kick out and Russel went back in. and JorDough would be even more pissed… Yah Bring back Russel!!

  123. I really wanted to see Jeff and Jordan in the final two, but at this point, I’ll take ANYTHING so long as Natalie doesn’t get a dime.

  124. Best scenario:

    Jeff is gone, Russell is back… next week, DOUBLE EVICTION! Gnat is gone, Jordan follows her!

    And then it’s down to Rusl, Kevvo and Michele to duke it out on the final 3 HOH competitions… anyone could win!

  125. I was a J/J fan until they became so arrogant. They started acting like they were entitled and that is pure bull.

  126. so it is true, natlie went into the DR to ask them if she can trade her vote for jeffs trip and micheles tv.

  127. I would like to see Jeff stay…JUST GET NATALIE OUT!!!! Kevin is getting on my nerves as well!

  128. well she went into the room to talk to kev but apprently all the feeds cut in and out and nobody heard. i knew she wanted to take the trade but she did say she would purpose the trade and take there prizes and still vote jeff out

  129. Since Jeff is sure he is going home tomorrow, he needs to make sure Natalie and Kevin don’t sleep tonight. He needs to wake Natalie up by yelling and flicking the lights. For Kevin, he needs to just keep banging on the door to HOH. Might as well go out with a bang.

  130. If Russell comes back, he will probably side with Natalie and Kevin. Remember the last day he was there, he kept tell them how to get Jeff and Michele out. And you know that Natalie will make up lies saying that Michele was still bashing him.

  131. at this point nat should take every deal, she has had cramps all day, im not a girl but i sure it wont help her win hoh, id keep jeff but i still wouldnt throw her the HOH challenge, who cares if he lies to her, he wasnt getting her vote in the finals anyways

  132. ok lets talk reality now

    final 4 is jordan michele kev nat

    if michele wins she would put up kev and nat
    but if nat wins do u think she should put up kev and michele???

  133. did u guys noticed , after Michele won the veto she hugged everybody and when she said sorry to Jeff and tried to hug him , this dumbo guy asked her to get away from him ….rude and idiotic guy is Jeff….when he had power he was nice to everybody and now he lost his plot ….behaving so arrogant to Michele and being nice to stupid Natalie …..this shows how dunce he is trusting some one who is really a cheater and bashing Michele with useless Jordon … i want Michele to win and Jeff to go home ……… i was his fan but now no way ………..bye Jeff……..

  134. She sure is acting like she doesn’t have any cramps. She is standing up and going over the dates with Kevin.

  135. Have you also noticed that everytime there is a picture of Jeff and Jordan in a romatic position, it is always his face facing the camera. It is too often to be an accident–he is going for that camera time/poses and all

  136. ho Michele is real smart player …she knows to control her feelings ….one who controls himself can control the world …..the way she played the veto was just amazing ….she was very smart …after pressing the buzzer came near to the names from the spinning wheel to do it faster and quicker ……… i enjoyed her spirit in winning the competitions …she is already a real winner ………go Michele …my prayer will make u win ………..

  137. Kaka … let the tyrant be back ! There will be more drama if that is true :)

    Michelle/Russell, final 2 … the ones that noone likes :)

  138. The house guest received wine. Michele brought up the fact that Natalie drank wine the night the girls had their crying session about Jessie. Jordan said she was surprised that big brother didn’t saying anything to Natalie about her drinking. They act like the lights are on but nobody is home.

  139. This is the myth of the Pandora’s Box cant be over because Pandora had been given a large box and instruction by Zeus to keep it closed, but she had also been given the gift of curiosity, and ultimately opened it. When she opened it, all of the evils, ills, diseases, and burdensome labor that mankind had not known previously, escaped from the box but it is said, that at the very bottom of her box, there lay nobodoy did check the box yet I Jeff looks at the box and who is evil ills is all the houseguest who is greedy and did not like Natlie. Russell could be evil will come back and HOH has to make a choice the responbility.

  140. Well, I love BB. I think it’s their game and I like all of the twists! I don’t think this season was boring at all! I doubt people cancelled showtime and the live feed. If they did why are they writing on here? Would be nice if Jeff stayed but if not it would be hilarious if Russell came back. If they do nothing-disappointing! I can hardly wait until Nat is gone. I think kevin forgot he was HOH! I wish BB was on twice a year!!

  141. This is the myth of the Pandora’s Box cant be over because Pandora had been given a large box and instruction by Zeus to keep it closed, but she had also been given the gift of curiosity, and ultimately opened it. When she opened it, all of the evils, ills, diseases, and burdensome labor that mankind had not known previously, escaped from the box but it is said, that at the very bottom of her box, there lay nobodoy did check the box yet I Jeff looks at the box and who is evil ills is all the houseguest who is greedy and did not like Natlie. Russell could be evil will come back and HOH has to make a choice the responbility

  142. I love the idea and think you’re right….a houseguest is the secret behind the Pandora’s box. I also agree that Michele & Jordo would vote for Jeff. I would bet that both Natalie & Kevin would go off the deep end suspecting it would be CHIMA in the box, and vote for her return. Wouldn’t that be a lovely surprise to see Russell! One question though…would he fit in the box?

  143. @wheelsmom : BB is on only 3 months but CBS have to spend the 9 months to design the next game and build the house :)

  144. It would be great if the twist was to bring Russell back and keep Jeff. Remember they never got to do the double eviction. Besides the story line between them would be better on camera than in the jury house.

  145. @molly : Chima and Lydia were evicted in the same week. Didn’t that count ?

    I dont care what they do in JH. Just keep Jeff and bring back Russell. I love dramas

  146. Keep Jeff in. Or a better twist would be to keep Jeff and bring back Russell. I wanted to see them be the final 2.

  147. Jor’dough’ is so dumb. Must be all the dough in her head from all the cookie dough she eats!
    Jeff treats her like crap on the Live Feeds, and her Dough head just don’t get it. He is using her and I bet that when BB is over he won’t have anything to do with her… unless she WINS.

    Jor’dough’ asked Jeff for a Hawaii trip if she would campaign for him to stay and her leave as she figured he deserved to stay over her…. He Wouldn’t commit to anything for her if he won the 500,000.
    Then today he was telling her that if she won he wants season tickets to some game and she would have to pay for fancy hotels and season tickets and the airplane and everything. And the Dough head agreed.

    Watch out Pillsbury Dough Boy, Jor’dough’ might just get your cookie dough job when she finished BB.

  148. ‘ Umm like.. you know… like… like.. ummm….. you know… like…… like… ummm… you know….. you know… Ummmm “Dough” ‘

  149. they might be teasing us.
    but russel might not be the returning houseguest.
    that would be unfair to just choose a houseguest to return.
    CBS would have to create a poll to fairly decide who gets a second shot.

    and plus the votes in the house would come to a tie.
    would kevin decide since he’s the HOH?

    there’s too many holes to this idea.
    if this rumor were true, this twist was set up on the fly.
    to get a more likeable houseguest to return.

    i think it’s just an error on CBS’s part.
    it’s too flimsy.

  150. I would take Russel any day over Jeff. I just think Russel is good at mental games, so is Natalie. Sometimes it does annoy me when they lie, but it is part of the game so I can’t get worked up about it. I just don’t like how Natalie gets soo cocky, but other than that I think she’s playing a good game.

  151. Jeff has to stay, that’s the main reason why I watch bb on my blackberry when am at work.

    I vote to keep Jeffff!!!

  152. Why do people keep assuming Jeff & Jordan are still everyone’s favorites. I was pulling for him especially at the coup d’état show, but since then he has completely lost my respect. He is far too gullible and deserves to get evicted for his stupidity.

  153. because he’s played the game better he’s won comp. pulled rus off block save kevs a$$ let jordo win he also is rerponsible for everone in jh other than that he’s done nothing

  154. Dude wat are Jeff and Jordan doing? making love? they HELLA ditched Michelle (thats what she gets for being an annoying drunk)

  155. I really like Jeff!! Yes he blew it listening to simple Jordan. I know Jeff know’s she’s a nice girl (we all do) but she isn’t the “Coldest Beer In The Fridge”. So why the hell he listened to her about believing Nat and Kevin is beyond me. Russel blew it how many times!?….more than Jeff’s one time.
    I say boot Jordan keep Jeff and let the game go on.
    Michelle and Jeff should be sitting final 2 out of the hole house.
    However i would of liked to see casey’s game i think he had potential, just gone to soon.
    One more thing….what was with Jessie and his purple “JOKER” looking tights he was sporting in the jury house!?…Get Over Yourself..yuk
    Think they might be Lydia’s…hmm

  156. Played the game better? Umm…No he hasn’t. If he had played the game better than the others he wouldn’t be on the block now. Playing the game doesn’t always mean winning competitions. Having common sense is far more important. How could he have possibly thought he was safe from Kevin and Natalie when he evicted Russel. Given the fact that Jordo sucks at competitions, there was a pretty good chance that Kevin would have won, which he did. It just amazes me that he could be so blind and dumb.

  157. i think if jeff walks 2morrow then jordo needs to hook him up because he carried her cookie dough eating butt still love anyway

  158. I vote to evict Jeff, He’s had his chances and blew it big time, I would love to see Russell back, at least we would have something to watch on live=feeds. instead of jeff and jordy sleeping all the time, Russell makes BB11 interesting,Please bring back Russ

  159. back dooring rus wasn’t bad other than kev lying but remember rus was gone anyway jeff saved him to get rid of others 1st and noone should trust anyone in this game but none of these people other than nat would be there because jessie would have cleaned house so jeff gave all of them a chance

  160. I vote to keep Jeff. BTW I recall it being that james was in a box and the HGs didnt know who it was coming back until he popped out of the box.Isnt that how it happened?They didnt vote for him to come back. they chose who wa sin the box.

  161. I still say the best move would be to let jeff walk out after being voted out and talk to julie first, while the HGs are talking inside and then Julie tells Jeff that his key opens a door and smiles. Jeff goes back and opens the BB door and goes in. I’MMMM Baaaaaaack. Everyones jaws drop and JOrdan says OMG runs and hugggs him, while Kevin says his famous OHHH NOOOOOOOOO! OH NOOOOOOO!. Would be sooo cool.

  162. that is an amazing theory and what it could do to the game would be insanity …..I love it I hope it is Russell and I hope he is placed back in the house WOW WOW WOW!!!

  163. I love this speculation. If Jeff has to go (and it’s looking pretty inevitable, as, among other things, people think that Jordan’s dumber than a rock, but she’s sweet, and I don’t think people in the jury house hate her), what I ant more than anything is to GET RID OF NATALIE!!!!!

    If this pans out, I think it would be hysterical, as it would be likely the final two would be Russell and Michele. Too funny — hope you’re right.

  164. To all the BB fans,I give up!Ill never buy the 24/7 feed again.Im sick of watching Michelle eat.And Nat lie,Kevin Lie,Why dont they call it the game of lies????BB use to be fun,now its stupid.Its sad that Jeff got Played by such loosers and creapy creapy people.Why hasnt any one figured out the Nat the rat is 24 not 18???And for someone that is a what ever champ,she is very bad at competitions.Shes just a lier. Im done..I dont even care who wins..

  165. I think that kevin will have the choice to bring jeff back into the game or open a secret box containing russel (using the key that found) before the next weeks HOH comp


  167. id vote to keep jeff obviously
    and i hope kevin freaks out at the idea that it may be jesse in the box so he’d keep jeff too
    thereofre 3 votes
    but you never know.

  168. I would be soooo excited to have Russell back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love him and I think that he is very interesting. Also I think that Jeff would look bad knocking the girls off one by one. If you thought Russ was a bully, what is Jeff going to look like? I think Russell is crucial to the ratings, and I am ecstatic to have him back. That would be a good fight to the finish. Right now (with the whole Michele winning the POV, and the way he handled himself, he looks bad)
    I want Russ back

  169. T.T, are you saying that natalie wouldnt vote on the new HG with the chance that it might be jesse and even michelle, she would love to have russel back

  170. Who cares about you Jeff haters, at least we know That HE is Who America wants to see win this game an he does deserve it since he found the key and let the little fag Kevin out of his box (that he chose to put his arm in.) He isn’t a ego maniac like Russell or Jessie and he hasn’t done anything that the rest of them haven’t done, after all he did save Russell’s butt or he would have been gone alot sooner. I am praying for Jeff & Jordan to be F2.

  171. Hey, maybe it isn’t random that Russell was picked to come back. Maybe they had a competition at the Jury House, Russell won, and was chosen as the housemate to come back. Russell in the house would compensate for Jeff leaving, since, as much as I love the dude, I think he’s on his way out.

    First off….BB/AG and CBS(who has NOTHING to do with prouction) would never risk FCC fines and cancelation to rig a game show…ie $64,000 question. They are not that stupid.
    Secondly ALL of the comps, games and challenges are laid out WAY b4 the houseguests inter the BB house.
    Lets not forget that WE as America voed to give Jeff the coup.
    Also IF this theory of the return of a HG is correct(i think it is) I am quite sure that the HG’s do NOT know who it is….so the Jeff or Russ option isnt realy an option…as i said they won’t know who the returning HG is… For all they know; it could be anyone(cept Shima…spelled according to correct pronuciation as per her grandma).
    I have liked Jeff from day 1….will i be dissapointed to see him go? hell yes….would i be happy if rus comes back? Only if Jeff leaves.
    What would make me happy? (G)Nat never has another airing on ANY show.
    With the exception af (G)Nat…and maybe Jordo..I Dont realy care who wins. Michelle has won more comps then everyone else cept maybe Kevin….1 of those 2 deserves to win.
    1 more thing; all of you people who keep threatening to quit watching if this or that doesnt happen….do us ALL a favor….just quit watching NOW…and PLEASE stop telling us about it. WHINERS

  173. First. James was voted back in by the HG over the mystery person and was brought back into the house in s big box where he jumped out and surprised everyone.

    Second. Jordan may have gained weight but she still looks good. It doesn’t matter that this is BB and that it’s a game, you don’t make fun of someone’s physical appearance. That just goes to shoe how small a person you are.

    Third. I love J/J and M. I can’t stand the rest of them although R gained my respect back after his classy exit and his interview with Julie. Get nasty Nat and goofy Kevin out, bring back Russell, keep Jeff and let the final four be J/J/N/R just as it should have been. Let BB do whatever twist they want. It’s not BB without the twists. The more the better.

  174. @Matt- You know I love ya, and you are a brilliant BB analyst, but Man I hope you are wrong, here.
    For all of us Mich supporters and Nat haters (well, not hate, but EXTREME dislike). This would be HORRIBLE. Do you guys remember who Russ ultimately blamed for his eviction….?????
    MICHELLE! No he did not blame Jeff and Jordan.. He blamed Michelle! AND he left there thinking Nat was an ANGEL!!!
    Come ON why would they do something so detrimental to Michelle who has worked SOO hard to get where she is??
    I sure hope this is just fantasy-talking…
    I think it is time for Jeff to go, and lets just get on with the game. Play fair..

  175. I think the $10,000 that was released belonged to Russ (he won that at the have-not comp where they were putting things in cars) and they had given Russ a choice to go to jury or loose his money and come back. You know, all of you are saying that BB is always trying to save Jeff and the show is designed for Jeff to win. BS! BB wants Russ to win. The coup d’tat was used to save Russ from eviction and the key thing is to bring Russ back. BB wants Russ to win. I don’t like Russ at all. If this is the case then once again BB saved Russ. So he will have been saved twice from going to the jury house. If you want to say the show is fixed, it’s fixed to benefit Russ not Jeff. OH Yeah, everyone wants Russ back, but if Jeff gets saved, oh it’s fix to benefit Jeff. Come on. If Russ comes back that’s it for me. Natalie is bad enough, I don’t need to put up with Russ, too.

  176. I am a Jeff fan but I do agree with the others. I think evin will take a risk in voting someone else in cuz he won’t want Jeff returning.

    Russell does blame Michelle but if she gets HOH she will have time to tell him all that Kev and Nat done. Russell did want Kevin out before and they would be gunning for him…which would mean we would have to watch Natalie even more. Ugh….

    Am I the only one who think BBAD and feeds have gotten extremely boring? There is more excitement on the message boards.

  177. I would like to see Jeff stay, so far he is the only one that has made drastic moves in the game. Everyone that would be left in the game are whimps. None of them are very strong players. That’s my opinion, that and a $1 will buy you nothing now a days.

  178. I don’t think they will have time if they keep both Jeff and Russell. I vote to keep Jeff. Maybe that’s why someone wrote that on the live feeds Kevin was in the HOH room and said OMG I’m screwed. Jeff is coming after me. Maybe Kevin will be given a choice and he has chosen to keep Jeff. I don’t know. I don’t want Russ back. He would keep Natalie. J/J/M have finally figured her out. I want Natalie gone.

  179. Thursday (2day) is going to be bananasss!!! I think Jeff will go home if Russ comes back i wont be to mad because atleast i’ll have a reason to watch, But if Jeff leaves and Russ doesnt come back then i’m not watching BB untill the Finale! K/N/M/J can not keep me entertained enough to watch.. Sorry!!

  180. if they bring russell back and go ahead and evict jeff or jordan, then i think as you jeff haters are saying it is rigged for russell to win.. how does that feel? they need to give jeff the diamond veto and Natalie can take his place on the block and go ho FINALLY!!!!!!!!!

  181. I think:

    Russ-come back

    Normal eviction schedule

    Finale night, the 3rd HOH done live with the final eviction – it is sched to be a 2hr show. =)

    Oh, and totally on the ‘can’t stand Nasty Nat’ train!!

  182. I think:

    Russ-come back

    Normal eviction schedule

    Finale night, the 3rd HOH done live with the final eviction – it is sched to be a 2hr show. =)

    Oh, and totally on the ‘can’t stand Nasty Nat’ train!!

    Would it be too much for me to hope the original F4 reconcile and make it to F4 – I’ve got my fingers crossed!!

  183. I agree with you and I am praying you are right, except for the Jeff leaving part…..I want Jeff to stay, same as America does. Russell is a coniving backstabbing big mouth…all muscle, no class….but I see Kevin being stupid enough to do it because Natalie will be thinking it’s loverboy (NOT) Jesse. She sickens me!!

  184. Fingers are crossed for Jeff!

    I think he is a “Man’s man” and any mom would love to have him as a son-in-law. He doesn’t pretend to be someone that he isn’t.

    I love the twists and I can’t wait to see what happens tonight! I would be very dissappointed if there were no surprises tonight!

  185. Wow, some theory! That would be awesome. I honestly don’t know if that were to happen, what Kevin would do. I think he would keep Jeff, even though he stabbed him in the back, because he would be to afraid to bring Jesse or Russell back in. He may think he has a better chance with Jeff. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, but I cannot wait until tonights show.

  186. I feel like Jeff deserves to remain over Russel. Russel kept arguing with everyone. Jeff is a stronger player and more likeable.

  187. I don’t think the eviction will be live on the finale. They also have to have interviews with all the jury members and the jury gets to ask F2 questions and that will help the jury decide who to vote for.

  188. What makes this a great theory is that it’s happened before and very possible to happen again. Makes sense because we all were left short with the whole “Jack in the Box” twist. The box WAS big enough for someone to fit in, and just why would that box be that big. I mean, if Kevin only had to put his hand in it, why wouldn’t it be like the size of a show box? So it was big for a reason. We’ll see tonight.

  189. Let me state before I send my theory into the universe, I am NOT a Jeff hater(actually was teamJeff until the whole J&J pwr trip,not on TJeff anymore,but not a hater either, I save all those emotions for Natalie)
    I was thinking, as I had pretty much given up on anything else interesting happening in BBhouse,this can’t be all, right? I mean this whole season of highs & lows good guy vs bad guy and we end up depressed, annoyed(aka Nat), and just dishearted how can 1 of the highest rated seasons go out like this? Can’t can it, not if Production has an ounce of loyalty to the happiness of their sleepless, hardcore fans.
    This is one I have discussed on forums, and many posts, and it seems to add up(HOPEFULLY)
    Pandora’s Box, it is usually the subject of along with the good comes the bad(or evil) Russell was portraying his version of Evil Dick,
    Note this: 1. Evil=Russ=Evil, that is ever so entertaining whether you like him or not.

    Russell won 10k in a luxury comp, 10k remember this amount. Did Russ make a deal to give his 10k to HG for a deal to come back if they took it? Kev had a choice to take or not, he took,what you ask? 10K!
    Note 2. Kev CHOSE to take 10K, the same amount Russ won in a Lux comp.(getting a lil bit excited?)
    On live feeds when Kev was discussing his ordeal of being a great guy to Nat, how he chose to share the $ with the house rather than take it all himself(YEAaaa-NO!)I remember him saying “That B!t@h grabbed my hand! ha ha ha” Now Kev could not see his hand being grabbed & Kev refers to male & females as B!t@hes,sooOO if Russ was in the box, he has been a cut up all season, I can’t see him resisting to freak Kev out by grabbing him so he would squeal like a girl(remind you of Russ’ sense of humor? does me)The ever so enticing pandora’s box could have been Russell’s temptation for HOH(okay I know production sets this up, but amuse me, I believe all this is real until some1 pops my bubbleS!)
    NOTE:3 Kev’s hand was grabbed inside the box(had to be grabbed by someone with a sense of humor,hmmm)
    The picture & name of Russ was gone on Sunday’s episode, if as some state,Production just was lax on changing it out tues, well that would have made sense Sunday night not Tuesday night. Also if it was just a screw up of Production running an old reel, WHY IS THERE A NEW PIC OF RUSSELL the paranoia king of all love muscles? Hmmmm? You mean they took the time to take a photo of Russ in BY and splice it in the opening,just for the heck of it(Not ANY other HG, but Russ)and accidently grabbed it up & played it AFTER all HG CHOSE to take the money? You may want to take note that, All HG received their money BEFORE Russ’ pic was changed to a recent photo & back to color, his walk out the door was missing, and taaa daaaa Russ’ name back!
    NOTE 4 Russ pic was gone & exit was on Sunday’s opening, Tuesday AFTER HG received their portion of 10K Russ had a new pic,in color & name back.
    Now for live feed viewers if you are like me you have caught up on sleep since Russ was evicted,everyone isn’t worried about him running all over with paranoia scheming with their allies, so now HG are sleeping hmm 20hrs out of the day give or take 1 or 2? CBS/BigB cannot be happy with this. I SWEAR to those who don’t have feeds, we had screenshots of a beachball swirling around in the jacuzzi! that’s just sad. So what clips will they have for the upcoming shows but HG’s snoozing? They(BB) I am sure are all for something to wake up these mini Rip Van winkles. As for Jeff, I don’t see them saving him, lastnight DR called Him & Jordo in together to tape a “couple DR” That to me was pretty much a sure kiss of Goodbye, as well as BB giving them alcohol the night before a live show(which is a no no)
    I may could see keeping Jeff only if they got to bring back Russ as well? But Russ was an instigator, a rebel rouser, and he was awake more than 4 hrs a day!BUUUUUUUUT the only way I can see Jeff staying, is Kev can make an exchange for Jeff’s safety for the Key to what the box holds inside, replace Jeff with Nat. Bam Nat’s gone(gonna party like it 1999) Jeff stays, America has it’s golden couple, and Kev who seen Natalie leave him stuck and collect money has no tears as he sticks in the key to the Box in front of HG to see what prize awaits him & TAAAA DAAAA Jeff poops his pants, Jordo runs grabs cookie dough & cries between each spoonful. Mich is like ” Oh hell yeah!” Kev,startled, disappointed, tries to unconvincingly(is this even a word?) act excited as he he lets the butt kissing began!

    Now I don’t know about ya’ll but OMG would this not be a grand end of the last few weeks of the season? If not I am debating on beating myself to death with my laptop the next time Natalie shares her menstrual cycle info, chaws on chewy candy poping 1 eye open, and giving her snide lil grin when someone walks by, as if she is a neuroscientist & they just rewind tapes at Blockbuster or something(okay tapes are obsolete, scrap gum off kiddie dvds if you will) As the lastwords I hear will be Natalie’s freekish voice exclaim->” Dey so stoopid! Wen I Wen I’m gunna be like this is why you azz is up & Chima, Jessie, no sandmich making,LOYAAAAL I wuz loyal only to da two ppl,my baby daddy, i mean Jessie, caus I got a boyfriennd,a nd Chia, cause she wuz my, friennd and she quit herself, she said she wuz, but she wuz dun wrong wen they ELLAMATED(elimated) her uhhh huh

    In the event that she is lastone standing-

    n lieu of flowers,please send monetary gifts to the “ORGANIZATION OF BB ADDICTS & THEIR JOURNEY BACK TO REALITY BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE” Fund

  190. I think the Pandora’s box will work exactly the same as it did before. The money thing was just the bait to get Kevin to put his hand in the box again. They said Pandora’s box can bring either good or bad.

  191. I think Suzanne hit everything on the head. Folks, remember America voted on the Coup D’Etat. Why is everyone saying that BB is cheating? America picked that Jeff should get it. And whatever the key holds, Nasty Gnat had a shot at it first. She was just being greedy.

  192. I’m relieved you also caught that screen capture, Mattman.Thought I was going mad for a second.
    We, the hardest core Big Brother fans, are definitely on top of things.
    I think you’re absolutely right. BB is a tricky bastard, and I think my beloved Russell will return. BB9’s bringing back of James was an awesome twist, even though he didn’t last very long, and I’m afraid Russell may not last long if he returns, either. When Jeff goes, Jordan will be all alone and will NEVER EVER forget the vicious words Russell said to her. This could be a chance for Russell to come back and win the whole thing like I predicted on 9 July.
    Keeping appendages crossed, as usual.

  193. There was a third exhibit too! If it hasn’t been mentioned already…In the intro of Tuesday’s show…the cube also shows the black and white photos of the evicted…Russell’s was still in color….I think this is a great conspiracy theory!!!

  194. I’m sick of the Jeff bashing. BB didn’t give jeff the CDT, me, you, we(america) voted to give him the power. It could have easily been given to jessie, chima, kevin, etc. but america randomly voted to give it to Jeff. and he made the BEST move in the game at the time. Jessie (and his lapdog) were the puppet masters of the game at that time. Since you couldn’t put chima or kevin up at that eviction, pitting nat against jessie was PERFECT. and Russel wasn’t all that innocent and loyal either. if you rememberr correctly, after making a deal w/ jeff, he went to jessie and natalie to throw jeff under the bus for his saftey that week, but when jessie n nat went to j/j about the conversation,they didn’t believe it, Jeff saved russell from the block. Also, if Russell has stayed he would have definitely put Jeff up just like Kevin did, he said so. besides it would have just been good game play. The only thing is Jeff trusted someone he thought was trustworthy.Lastly, if there is this new pandoras box twist, it is not a bb FIX to keep Jeff.It is something bb has a track record of doing on multiple past shows and Jeff is not guaranteed safety. It could well come down to a 2-2 vote and I don’t know who would have the final say. Remember hindsight is 2o/20 and the HG’s don’t have the luxury of see and hearing everything we do. My only gripe about Jeff he shouldn’t have made personal attacks about Michelle, though they were base on lies the dirty duo was feeding him. Just because someone says they are honest and truthful doesn’t make it so. Let that be a lesson everyone learns from watching BB.

  195. Living in the BB house with Michelle must be like being locked in a room with someone who is constantly raking their fingernails across a chalk board. She is REALLY WEIRD. That nervous, constant laugh, what is that all about?
    It is obvious that she makes everyone nervous by her presence. I think that she needs to go quietly back to her rats in the lab, because she gives everyone in the house the CREEPS. Whatever money she makes from BB should be used to get some serious professional help. She is like a timebomb that is ready to explode, and much weirder than Chima and that is really saying something.

  196. Oooooo Eeeeee This thread has gotten fun!

    After reading all your posts all night, I am now completely convinced that somehting is going DOWN tonight!! I can’t wait!!

    Th eKey here (no pun intended) is HOPE=Houseguest of Past Eviction. I’m sorry, but what else could that possibly mean? SO, the question becomes, will this twist come into play AFTER Jeff becomes evicted, so that he has a chance to come back? Or before- so he is still a goner? OK, let’s say that the twist happens BEFORE eviction. And let’s also assume that Russell is coming back (HIS pics in color, HIS $10,000 prize, HIM being the last evicted houseguest). If these things occur- then Russell will get to vote in the eviction! Maybe that doesn’t mean anything, but maybe it does? Maybe it would make all the difference?
    None of this even takes into account jeff finding the key. There is NO WAY that doesn’t matter!
    One of the absolute best seasons EVER.


  197. I would absolutely keep Jeff before bringing Russell back. Jeff made the biggest and most damaging moves in the house and Russell just kind of rode along. Too bad Michelle won veto! She’d be my vote to go this week for sure.

  198. keep jeff, why he prove to have no class this past week, a baby, just a game he would tell everyone then when it was his turn he turned into a baby send him gone and bring back russel who for everything else went out with class but if you want the program to really get nasty bring back the hg that america and the world hatted more than chima — bring back crying – scheming ronnie

  199. The only thing Russ did was win HOH and get Ronnie out. Ronnie is not in the jury house so he doesn’t get to vote. Thus Russ’s hands are clean. He was throwing comps and letting J/J/M get their hands dirty. Now all the dirty work is done and that idiot is coming back? To all you Russell fans, I’m happy for you and I hope you enjoy watching the rest of the show. As for me, I’ll be busy having a pity party.

  200. Russel gave up his $10K for a chance to come back and that twist will be revealed tonight. There will be a double eviction next week.

    At that point, I HOPE Kevin and Gnat will be evicted and the final 3, Michele, Russ, and Jordo will be in the final 3. Except for Jeff, the Jury house won’t know WHO to vote for. Hahaha! Meanwhile Leo and Marcus will have each other’s loving arms to console each other.


  201. @ Matt…
    I really think you are on to a likely scenario. I also agree that Jeff blew his chance and should walk out the door, heading to jury.

    I want Russell back in the house because he and Michele could follow through on their alliance as originally planned. It would also be SWEET avenge against the K/N clan!!!

    Further, I agree that Kevin would have to make the decision as this would complete his HOH responsibility with the Pandora twist.

    My fingers are crossed!!!!

  202. Redhead, bitter much? michele is the best player and the least offensive of anyone this season. But i guess if you like disgusting, dishonest, no honor mealy-mouthed jackasses, then Nat and the Tard-crew would be up your alley.


  203. OK enough is enough. What really is going to happen is that the box will disappear in a puff of smoke and everyone will disappear with it, never to be seen again. Thus ends BB for ever. There.

  204. #53 Cat and Jenny
    I have watched BB for a long time as well. I thought like in season 2 they brought someone back.. I believe one of the choices was the firefighter named Eric.. He to had a showmance in the show, however is on air g/f voted to bring back the other player?? does anyone remember anything about this?????

  205. “does anyone remember anything about this?????”

    Yeah, in Season 3 that happened. Lisa was his on-air “girlfriend” and she voted to bring back Amy.

  206. Matt! You rascal. You sucked me in. Here I was, completely resigned to the fact that Jeff was going home. Since Tuesdays episode I’ve been ignoring all the Pandora’s Box theories, thinking it was a done deal. But you got me with this theory – I think it sounds very possible and I only HOPE HOPE HOPE that the HGs vote to keep Jeff. Knowing N/K, they will convince themselves that it’s Jessie or Chima in the box – and do something stupid.

  207. Jeff has to stay …
    If he leaves, there will be no point in watching the rest of the BB season.

    Natalie is going to sneak to the end and possibly take the votes from her friends in the jury house.

    I’m crossing my fingers for Pandora’s Box.


  209. After further thought, if Jeff does go tonight (tears..), I will be psyched to see Russell return! Can’t wait for him and Michelle to clean house.

  210. Of all the lame, stupid, outrageous rumors flying around about Jeffy’s miracle return and salvation in the BB game, this one is, by far, the….


    I can believe this one. It works on all levels and with all the information we have, as well as works with the Pandora’s Box twist.

    Great job! Now, I’m thinking again (although Jeff still has to go!)

  211. everyone has great scenarios but we forgotthis is on cbs which gave us the bobby dream in dallas so this seasons end next season opens up as bb 11 and the hg enter (hopefully new ones like a new ms ellie) and they tell us this season was just a dream it never happened

  212. i like the scenario jeff is sent packing julie tells him the key opens door he come back in and kevin leaves the room shouting and crying ans jeff wins hoh and then it is goodbye kevin because nat is no threat she stays but goes following week final 2 or jef and jordo and joedo wins and tells jeff she’ll split the preize with him if he takes her to hawaii and they live happily ever after
    what the heck all these scenarios are like fairy tales

  213. Keep JEFF. I know someone below said to evict Jeff because he ‘self-destructed’ and did not keep his word, but please look at two things… Rus told Jeff to his face that he would be coming after him when the got to final 4. Kevin and Nat make me sick – of all the lying and back-stabbing they have done all in poor taste. Kev pouring out wine just so Jeff couldn’t get as much – please. At least Jeff has played a ‘respectable’ game in my eyes taking out the biggest threats in the most respectful ways. He plays by person meaning that you have seen him save Lydia, Rus, even Kev etc because he trusted him…he’s played by trust and instinct (not lying a cheating). Not sure if you watch the 24/7 feed, but the night after Jeff did not win the last veto, Kev and Nat where schemeing wanting Jeff to “play” with Michelle (you know cuddle up to her, kiss her butt, give her compliments because we all know michelle loves jeff) and try to talk her into using the veto on Jeff and Kev would tell her that he would put up Nat(because that is Michelle’s main target)in Jeff’s place (so it would be michele and nat on the block)and kev would promise michelle that Nat would go home all along lying to Michelle to get her out. When they approached Jeff he was furious and said that no money meant that much to him to hurt someone like that. For someone to give him a gift (the veto) like that and then turn around and shove it back in her face. I applaude jeff for playing a clean game and he would not have gone back on Rus if Rus had not screwed jeff over first and admitted to his face that he would be going after him. Remember jeff gave russ HOH the first time by dropping and saved his butt twice more – so doesnt sound like to me Jeff screwed Russ. Jeff only did it when he thought russ would get him first – good game move. It makes me mad to think they would bring someone back who has been so disrespectful to others on the show. It would disappoint me if Jeff finding the key meant nothing too – he saved kev and at least allowed him a chance to get some money, whereas Nat was too greedy (and Kev is supposed to be her boy) – think that is not fair to Jeff. Let’s keep Jeff Please…. I work odd hours and love the 24/7 live feed through the night – Jeff and Jordan keep it real and I love hearing their stories and talks (makes me laugh) – better than seeing Kev and Nat playing a boring chess game 24/7. I’m with you comment #252!!! love you comment!

  214. How many gifts is BB and CBS going to give Jeff? Don’t bring anybody back,but if they must,Russell over Jeff!

  215. Jeff HAS to stay!!! He is the main reason I have watched this season and without him on there, it will completely suck! Everyone has broken alliances and gone back on their word so there is not one single person in the house that is innocent of this. He has played a good game and he deserves to be there. He also should get some reward for finding the key and letting Kevin out.

  216. I think Russell is coming back and it sickens me. I thought I saw the last of that one. All I can think of is good(Jeff) vs evil(Russell). And CBS is saying that evil prevails. Russell was saved by Jeff with the CDT and he turned around and voted for Jesse to stay. What a jerk! He said many times is the diary room that he would go after Jeff and when he was backdoored he said it was a smart move on Jeff’s part because he would have done the same thing. He was throwing comps so his hands wouldn’t get dirty and now the idiot is coming back again. This show is rigged for Russell to win.

  217. What was so classy or top notch about the way Russell played in the house. He won ONE HOH and ONLY because jeff gave up so he could get a MUCH wanted letter from his dad and w/ the condition that neither him nor jordan wouldn’t be up on the block. Otherwise he made deals w/ everyone to cover all his basis and had no real allegiance to anyone though he would say different. but how would anyone feel safe as to which was the “real” allegiance. The way he talked to and belitted anyone (jeff, michelle, chima, jordan, ronnie, etc.) who didn’t go along w/ him was disgusting. His “character” in the house was that of an emotion “TERRORIST” and BULLY to the other HG’s. He behaved like an ASS the entire week while he was on the block and then at the eviction because he decided to go “nicely” he gets a pass. Get real people. I think you russel fans are crazy unless you were seeing something else from what I saw and if you did clue me in. ohterwise is stick by my statements. Good riddens russell.

  218. In season 9 remeber that America got to vote on which of the evicted houseguests would return. We just didn’t know who until they opened the box.

  219. i love this whole idea of the pandora box twist because it could possible keep jeff in the game.

    i don’t believe jeff is done playing the game, well not until he wins anyways.

    jeff stays, then jordan and him and possibly michelle team up to get kevin and natalie out of the game.

  220. Jeff is the only one in this game that has done any work. He deserves it … and when he gives you his word…he stands by his word! Kevin is a liar…Nat and Jordan has not done a damn thing on this show so….give me a break. Who deserves it , Jeff. Who would want to watch the show without him! The other casts do nothing and has no personality, Jeff … he gives the show meaning! Who wants to watch the show without him….not me.

  221. I would keep jeff and also russell. It should be kevin natalie and jordan who should go because they slid under everybody this whole entire game

  222. i find it odd that kevin dumped the wine out that jeff could of had and dumping or destrying his little things that he had from the house he saved. is it because he knows something.

  223. I just want to start off by saying, Your awesome!!! I think your right, you brought some interesting facts to the table and I must say, I agree completely. As much as i dislike Russell, I feel that he deserves to be in the house more than Jordan. Natalie needs to go home and hopefully she goes home next week.

  224. Let Jeff stay this show would suck without him and nobody would watch it, cause at that point when Jeff leaves who the hell cares with idiot wins!!

  225. JEFF/JORDAN ARE the ones bringing in the ratings. Let the key save Jeff otherwise BB11 twist and turns are just lame!!! Without Jeff no one cares who is left..

  226. I don’t think cbs has to worry about their ratings this season since it has been the best ever. All you people who say you are going to quit watching when Jeff leaves are not really fans of the show. You are fans of one person. The true fans of BB will continue to watch even when their fav is evicted.

  227. 276 Lisa

    WELL SAID GIRL!!! You are so right!! Nat has just skated by she says I am gonna win next week, I am gonna step it up. Calling everyone else loser’s and they can’t win crap and she is the one who has won NOTHING!!! She is the one that talks crap all the time. She is like I want to leave with my integrity and being honest and the whole time she has been lying over and over and over!!! She is annoying. And Lisa you are right I am so done watching if Russell comes back and if Jeff leaves!! This is crap!!

  228. Asley,

    You are right we are JEFF fan’s and feels the right person should win, not some loser like Nat who has done NOTHING!!!

  229. I haven’t read much on how everyone thinks Jeff would do without Jordan. Wasn’t she the one who “puppy talked” him into lining up with Natalie. He’s Samson, she’s Delilah. Both Jeff and Russ did their share of wheeling and dealing, but that Natalie? Makes you wonder if she was raised with any scruples at all…GREED is her middle name. This is NOT someone i’d ever feel at ease with, even outside the House….. leaves me with the feeling she’d rake her grandmother over the coals. Her father must be sooo proud.

  230. I love Jeff and Jordan. I want Jeff to stay. I can not believe that Natalie has lasted this long as she is a looser. I don’t want to see Russell come back at all.

  231. Where do you get two votes to keep and two votes to go, with Kevin ending up the deciding vote? If jeff can’t vote and Kevin can only vote to break a tie, wouldn’t that be michelle and jordan vote to keep jeff and natalie voting for him to go? I don’t understand.

  232. So Kim what you are saying is that you are not a fan of BB just a fan of Jeff. And what I am saying is that cbs doesn’t have to worry about you not watching the show because there are way more people out there who love BB regardless of who is evicted.

  233. I totally caught Russell’s name too! I was like hmmm that’s weird. probably going to happen. BUT I WANTED Jeff to be in the final 2! Disappointed. Oh well that’s the name of the game.

  234. I think you are dead on the money. I love it and I hope Russell come back and kicks everybodies butt!


  236. The theory is an interesting one, but it all depends on the when the final night of BB is. If it is in 3 weeks then the couldn’t do it, unless there was another double eviction. Usually if they bring back a character it is up to the viewers. I would much rather see Jeff stay than Russell come back, although I do agree that Jeff was weak when it came to falling for Natalie and Kevin’s lie. There is nothing I want more than to see Natalie evicted, simply because she has done nothing cometitively and she is also a cheat in non game play things. (i.e. pool, chess, etc.) She also is probably the most greedy thing I have ever seen and I don’t like watching greed, lies and cheats, except when it comes to game play. She does it as a sport. I feel sorry for her boyfriend. How can he tolerate such an unlikable person. Anyway, would love to see Jeff continue and duke it out with the rest of the house. Much more interesting player than Russell.

  237. Let’s not forget that Jeff lied also when he promised to bring Russell to final 4. That was his biggest mistake, not honoring that deal. Also anyone who trusts others in the BB house is nuts. However this year seems to be full of more lieing people than usual. Kind of makes me uneasy. I am a Jeff fan though and would love to see him win the game. Doesn’t look like it is going to happen though.

  238. @Matt – Didn’t Julie specifically say that the twist behind the HOH door would not be game changing? How would what you propose NOT be game changing?

  239. If Kevin is the only one to vote it’s obvious he would vote to keep Jeff, if he had brains.
    If Jessie came back he would control Natalie and Kevin would be dumped. If Russel came back it would
    be Russel against Kevin so he would decide to keep Jeff. But, he ain’t too smart…and he might think the “best move” is to get Jeff out….duh.

  240. i have a question for #288. i watched the show last nite and 1, i saw kevin dump the wine but not jeff’s things. isn’t this wrong and up to get expelled???2. I never saw 2 people go into the dr at the same time and along time at that? Thank you.Matt

  241. PLease do not bring back that retard Russell. Keep Jeff.. Please, he is a good guy, I wish there were more guys like him in the world instead of all the guys like Russell in the world. It would be a better place.

  242. The only problem with Russell coming back is that that doesn’t solve the problem of getting rid of Nat Rat, which is the only thing that I absolutely want to happen in this game. I can’t stand to see her or hear her anymore. She makes me squirm every time she opens her mouth, whether it is talking or eating and every time she does anything, whether it is lying, scheming, sneaking, smirking or cheating….I want to scream. Don’t know how she has lasted this long and hope that she doesn’t win or even get to the final three and everyone says “Oh, she was playing the game”. If that is how Big Brother needs to be played to be won, then I am done with Big Brother.

  243. Yep that is what I am saying. I don’t care how many people watch BB. I am just saying I won’t anymore. I don’t care to watch people that skate their way thru win. So what everyone else does is their business, not mine!!!

  244. If there is sweet television justice, Gnat will joint her friends in the luxury jury house. And then she will whine about the living conditions in the house.

  245. Lets see Chimapet, not worthy of anything, Lydia she is just another wanna be, Russell he was okay when he kept his word he got played by the other’s but he had a hot temper, Michelle floats, but wins her share of the games, Nat, float and skate on everyone else’s wins, lie’s and cheats. Jordan at least she made for good TV with her relationship with Jeff, Kevin puke, he is another person who can’t keep his word, Jessie OMG what a disgrace from IOWA he was, we are all ashamed of him. The rest who cares really.Bad BB crew from the beginning.

  246. Let’s think about this people…maybe someone will come back but how can it be someone from the jury house…how about “banana boy”…there can’t be a tie on the final vote so they need an extra body in the jury house…keep Jeff and bring back “the banana”

  247. I think you might be right as i have the shows recorded and the evidence is there.Thanks for pointing this out. I on the other hand would keep Jeff.Yes he goofed with evicting Russ, but he also saved him and And Russ had a second chance as well.So I think Jeff deserves a second chance.I would also love to see Kevin’s face with him still there all week.PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!

  248. Or maybe Kevin, as HOH, has to choose between the “box” or keeping Jeff and he chooses to keep Jeff, but has to put someone else up instead and decides that he too is tired of Nat Rat’s lying, whining, scheming, and cheating and he wants her gone. Could we be so lucky? Please, BB, figure out a way to get rid of her so that we don’t have to look at her anymore.

  249. I’d like to see Jeff stay, but on another topic I have a question: On Tuesday’s show, why was Natalie called into the Diary room? Nothing was said of it.

  250. ALERT!! You people NEED to realize that Jeff did not lie about bringing Russell to final 4 !! Russell admitted he was breaking to pair with Michele. BIG DIFFERENCE!!! Jeff is know fool! except when it comes to Jordan. NATALIe has got to be the most FILThY MOUTH low life! Natalie and Jordan do not deserve any money, they DON”T win anything, and Kevin his nose should be FOUR FEET long! Him and Natalie are terrible excuses for humans, all they do is HATE< HATE, and HATe!Kevin pouring BIG BROTHER”S WINE out Wed. nite just to keep JEFF from getting it,, BIG BROTHER YOU SHOULD MAKE KEVIN PAY FOR THAT WINE THAT YOU PAID FOR, That kind of person shouldn’t get BIG BROTHER”S MONEY!!! JEFF needs to win the money. He has a good HEART, and respectable to others,until he has had to defend himself. Russell people please, You don’t treat humans the way he has. He does not have good sportsmensship,neither does Kevin or Natalie! BIG BROTHER PLEASE try to keep JEFF in with MIchele, she has earned HERWAY!!!

  251. Also if you go back and watch Russell’s exiting interview on CBS… he mentions “Pandora’s Box”.

  252. I love love love Jeff and Jordan. They are the only genuine people on the show, and the ONLY reason my friends and I watch. Jeff needs to stay and nappy nat and gay kev need to GO!

  253. Outside of her personality, someone explain to me why it was ok and revered for Will to win the game having won nothing, including a food comp and lying to everyone and turning everyone against each other.

    Cause Nat’s doing the same thing, she just isn’t cute or charming. Is that the precursor? A person who is playing a brilliant game doesn’t “deserve” to win because she’s mean? Dick won, he’s mean. SO the mean factor isn’t it.

    Oh wait, I get it. It’s cause she’s a woman playing what is usually the man’s strategy.

  254. My personal opinion, BB9 was the best. I happen to be a jeff fan and will be bummed to see him go. I truly CANNOT stand Kevina and Nat! They are 2 of the worst BB players I’ve seen play. I love BB but i cant bring myself watching those 2 make it any further in this game. Season over for me. Oh yeah jesse is just as lame too. Everybody is complainng about jeff staying… well what about jesse getting another shot at BB? I dont care what anybody says, GOOD GAME JEFF!

  255. Evel Dick won competitions as well as danielle. Kevin’s HOH win is a fluke. He hasn’t won anything until this week. Nat? She is just pathetic…. plus she is an athelete!

  256. OMG pepe’s what are you all doing we thought something like this was going to happen it was just when would it, I said it from the time the box was brought up that thay were going to have something up there sleave, I can not wait if those dum a**’s think it gong to be better if jeff was gone just wait all hell will brack if Russ come’s back that will teach them or may be Ronnie that’s what that bunch need’s ha lol. BB need’s something going on them ther by them self is not a show!! thay are so stopped if thay chose russ to come back Mashiel and him will run the house that will show Gnat the rat and Kev. I don’t really care at this point the show is not really worth my time or money if Jeff leave’s it to borren!!

  257. Just looked at Russell’s exit interview and he does mention “Pandora’s Box” in answer to one of the questions. Aha………. It is on CBS’ “Big Brother website.

  258. Did no one else see that? Sunny is the first one that I have even heard mention it….. very good. Hope it means something.

  259. TEAM JEFF!!! I am hoping and praying that some kind of twist saves Jeff. He is a good player. I know alot of people want him to win. I can’t stand another day or night watching Nat and Kevin!! What was BB thinking putting them on there. Kevin is so dumb to keep her. Also, Jeff only let go of Russell because the lie that Nat and Kevin told him and when he confronted Russell he admitted to it that he was going to make a deal with Michelle. It is his own fault that he (Russell) didn’t keep the original plan!!

  260. I am sorry if bb think the show will be any good if jeff leaves thay got there head in the sand, what person in yhere write mind would think it would be good for cbs to give the show tothe most borren people ever in bb, what are thay thinking!! give us a brack can’t thay see what will happen to there rad.

  261. If you are right, and they vote 2/2 Kevin should not be allowed to make the final discison would not be fair, because he put up Jeff, I feel America should vote, Jeff played the hardest game here, Natalie keeps telling how she and Kevin played the ” honest game” poohy, Jeff played the honest game. LET AMERICA VOTE

  262. I think this is crazy if Russ come’s back we don’t wont that we all wont to see J]J’s go to the end Jeff is so funny him and jorden i’m not saying jordo is the smartest coockie in the bunch but thay do put on a good show and that’s what it’s all a bought!!Kev &nat would not no what was funny if it bet them in the as*!! Like for last night when all thay know to do is play childest game’s on how ever! What up with that? Can’t thay see how stopped that was!!

  263. You guys worry me. You all really need to prepare yourselves that Jeff is leaving tonight. H He lost the game. He trusted the wrong people. It happens to the best of BB players. The most popular rarely, if ever, wins BB.

  264. I am not even concerned about Jeff leaving…I just don’t want him gone before he and whoever else can, gets out Nataliar. It is obviously going to take some strong players to get rid of her and if it has to be Jeff, Russell, or Michelle, then so be it. Other than her not winning, I think everyone else has played some good game, with the exception of Kevin occasionally going along with Nataliar and being mean and stupid when he didn’t have to be.

  265. That’s so funny. Kevin just walked into the Final 4 by going along with and participating Natalie’s lie. It totally benefited him to attempt that move and it’s the best move FOR HIM to get Jeff out. Kevin would have gone in Russell’s spot last week otherwise. Jeff fell for it, too bad for Jeff. He got got, as he loves to say.

    All the final 4, with the exception of Jordan, have played great strategic games. Any of them are worthy Big Brother winners.

  266. To Bev & Kim and all of you who claim they will not watch any more of BB. Who are you kidding. You love it. And whats more I think you all really want N to win because you know she has the best game. I’ll root for M and see what happens. Try to remember, this show is not another soap. So admit it, you really want jeff gone and N to win.

  267. Natalie just put plastic wrap on tolit under the seat. OMG if i was dressed for tonights show i would not think funny at all.

  268. Uptight, Please don’t assume you know me. If I said I will not watch it anymore that is what I mean. You don’t know me or who I am. Yes I love BB but when the game goes this way and some who is not worthy of winning is going to take it then I say goodbye until next year!! I think you are acting like N like you are 3 and trying to pick a fight!! Well it is not working, if Jeff walks tonight so do I away from the TV and the BB crap that is about to happen!! 500,000 is too much money to see get wasted on LOSER’S like Nat and Kevin!! Not worth my time. But thanks for the comment!!

  269. I wish she would just screw up like Chimapet and get kicked out!!! Really how old are we 18? 24? 3?

  270. I’m sorry but this is driving me CRAZY!! I have no idea how you people can get on here and talk about how Jeff and Jordan are STUPID, when I am having a hard time understanding what half of you are even trying to say because your spelling and grammer is sooooo HORRIBLE!!!

    Quick Lesson
    Thay is spelled They
    Win/Won is not the same as One!

    Typos and shorthand is one thing, but if you people think it makes you sound cool, YOU ARE WRONG!! Take a look in the mirror before you run around calling people STUPID…. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!!

  271. To uptight..I don’t want Nataliar to win…and I don’t really care if Jeff is gone or not. I just don’t think this game was developed to reward people who try to win by methods other than …..winning challenges and competitions, being sneaky and manipulative (but in a nice and not malicious way), developing alliances with people and using those alliances to your advantage (but in a nice and not malicious way)and using whatever other strategies you can to get to the end. I have watched other people do it and so I know that it is possible. But the person that Nataliar is is not someone who should be rewarded for basically being a pig throughout the entire show. I am almost beginning to think that she is a “plant” because it is hard to imagine that anyone could really be that obnoxious, rude, selfish, mean, childish, constantly lying about everything and cheating at every game she plays. It would be better that she was a “plant” than to know that there is a real person out there who is like that.

  272. BB keeping jeff wont happen – it woould look rigged– they cant choose to keep someone when they shoud be out because of ratings- who is the final 3 or who wins cant be manipulated by BB or you lose validity and reputation of the show !!

  273. They should bring back Casey… now that would be awesome!! He could have Nastylie go make him a sandwich. My bad… she can’t cook either.

  274. TeacherKel,
    Thanks for the quick lesson. I think people are just thinking as quick as they type and that is all. I don’t think they need a lesson to that extreme. I think it is just fun chat going on,no need to pick it apart!! :)

  275. NOw if evertyone in the jury house had won something money or prizes and big brother held a contest physical or mental or both and the only way you compete is too give up what you have thus the winner was behind another door ready to walk after the evicted walks out
    then maybe that would make sense – of course the jury j house comp would have had to be completed by now and shown tonight on tape

  276. Bev, that’s exactly what BB intended. To see what lengths people would go to to win money. All lies and manipulation is malicious by their very defination. Just because you don’t like who’s lying doesn’t make them any more malicious than those you do like. It’s perfectly ok for Jeff to lie and break his word but Natalie is evil because she lied to the person you like. If it’s not ok for Natalie, it’s not ok for Jeff. You can’t have it both ways.

    The comps are just a way to keep it interesting and to make people have to work that much harder, like Natalie, Dr Will,Maggie,Jun etc.,to stay in the game and win.

    This really isn’t a game based on 1984, it’s more like Lord of the Flies with a little spattering of Orwell mixed in. There is no true good and evil, it’s just pure gut survival instincts. Survivor uses elements, BB uses mental. Same end, who can outwit, outlast, outplay and come out with some semblance of sanity.

  277. in fact maybe having all evicted go to jury house to compete to get back in would have been a better idea

  278. BB11 writers are clever: The Pandora Box means unleashed rewards and consequences. The reward for Jeff (who gathered up the most money and also found the key) is a decision to keep the entire $10,000.00 (taking the money from other housemates) or to remain in the game and take himself Off the Block. The result of his choice will mean that Kevin now has to put up the only remaining player, Natalie. She’ll go up On the Block. Then there will be the eviction, and if Jeff and Michelle get it together they’ll vote to evict Natalie. This keep Jordan in the game and send Natalie (who has done nothing but talked thoughtout the game) to the Jury House. Plus Russell will be back to be part of the POV but I don’t believe he’ll be in the game. Russell may reveal that Kevin and Natalie lied to Jeff. Remeber the Jury House needs “7” people.

  279. LOL, everyone in the jury house has won something. Jessie won $2500, Russell won $10K and Lydia won that hero costume.

    I find it funny Jordan was so focused on Russ having won 10K and that he had to go because of it, and never mentions Kevin’s 10K.

  280. may be right about everything you said but we have opinions developed by watching the houseguests…but I have never had such a strong reaction of dislike and disgust for any other houseguest who has lied, cheated, etc. etc. There is just something about her that makes be sick to my stomach and that is a visceral reaction because she represents everything that is repellent to me, as a woman, as a human being. I realize that I am getting too emotional about it but I think that is what the game is supposed to do to you. Make you want the “good guy” to win and the “bad guy” to be kicked out the door. And if it turns out that she doesn’t really eat like that (with her mouth open and talking with her mouth full), doesn’t really “cheat” at games she plays with others that have nothing to do with the Big Brother game, isn’t really that “dirty” in real life and showers every day and doesn’t talk about her period and complain and whine about it constantly….then I will be willing to admit that she played a “good game” by fooling everyone. But if that is the person she is in real life, then I don’t think she deserves to win. Only my opinion, and like a..holes, everyone has one.

  281. nest big brother how about 2 houses neither knows about the other!
    final four on each side get put together

  282. Why would Nat- talk about “raping” someone for their gifts with such careless disregard after her close friend in the house, Chima, had such an awful event happen to her?

  283. Larek (367) That is an awesome idea! How cool would that be, if that did happen! Even if it is not the case now…they should do it next year!

  284. Kinda wish the producer’s would say okay whomever opened the box with the key is now the new HOH and whomever got locked in the box is now on the chopping block for eviction. They trade places..Would crack me up

  285. Martie….Just another example of what a piece of trash Nataliar really is…no feelings about others, no moral compass to guide her anywhere near compassion or doing what is right….

  286. I understand the visceral reaction bev, truly. I can’t stand Natalie. I would never want to spend any time with her and some of that has to be who she really is.

    I guess I watch BB differently than some people. I like who I like and root for them but just like in a sport, can totally give it up when the “opposing team” plays a good game and beats my favorite when they just don’t play as well.

  287. And if she threw Michelle’s wedding ring in the trash, she needs to be sent out right now. There is no strategy to that, no game play. Just pure unadulturated meanness…. Can you tell that I don’t like Nataliar at all!

  288. But even in sports or athletics, there is something called “spotsmanship” and it should apply to any game, even Big Brother. And Nataliar doesn’t understand that because she is neither a sportswoman nor an athlete.

  289. Okay, I am finished ranting about Nataliar. Am looking forward to something happening tonight to shake up the game and can only hope that it involves getting rid of “her” and letting the others get on with playing the game.

  290. Natalie also stole Michelle’s comation gloves. About hour ago Jordan told Michelle she could hear her move in that compation.

  291. @Bev: Didn’t hear about throwing Michele’s wedding ring in the trash… Did hear about her contemplating spiking Michele’s food with red dye to make her sick and also trying to get Jeff to have Michele use her POV on him and then stab her in the back.

    Also, off the point, but why does she look like a hungry animal when she chews? And girls, you gotta shower when it’s that time o’ the month, and you know what I mean…

  292. Bev Amen, I hate people has cry about everything. Nat,Jesse,Lida,Russel,Chima If they could only see what we see. I will give some love to Jeff he is going home its K&N only play due to fear that he has played the game hard then then they have. My bad, DirtyNat just jumps on peoples back for a free ride. At least cocoo magoo and so of the other have played the game.

  293. Earlier today, she threw something in the trash that the updater thought was play doh but said it clanked like jewelry and supposedly Nataliar had talked about throwing away Michelle’s wedding ring. So don’t know if she actually did it or not, but knowing her, she wouldn’t hesitate. For what game reason, I don’t know.

  294. Only people as weird as Michelle would think that she is a good player. She is the weirdest houseguest ever. Never said that I was for Natalie or Kevin. Just said that Michelle gave me the creeps. She lies constantly, and I think that she has been with her rats for way to long. Totally anti-social and WEIRD. She doesn’t know how to act around people, and that is why she is constantly laughing that really strange laugh.

    Toodles to you as well.

  295. BB hears a move that will make everyone jump for joy. Over the loud speaker on a live feed tonite ask Nat to shower more due to hygene

  296. 385 Lone wolf she has been. Weird your right but you have to admit that she has somehow survied even with all the HG not liking her. I have issue with the way she acts also but, who is to say your not strange or myself. Lets remeber no one liked other HG in the past “Evil Dick” its not high school. So who cares it about 500,000. Game on

  297. I have a question to everyone out there. Does anyone else see how Michelle seems to lust after Jeff? I would have here ring waiting for her if she were my wife. Maybe I’m wrong but she looks like she ready to find another man. I feel for her husband. If she win maybe he’ll get half and split. haha

  298. I am sure her husband knows that it is part of her strategy in playing the game. And she is a bit socially awkward and some of it is just nervousness because he is a cute guy.

  299. I vote to keep Jeff…give him the Diamond Veto and let him send both Kevin and Natalie home….the show ends in 2 weeks.

  300. yes. you are absolutely 100% right. i evaluated the fundamental cause and with the pandora box in place in kevins room, it would mean that russell is hiding in the box and he gets released with the key. its a great way to spend a relaxing day on the beach and get sand between our toes.

  301. @Bev so I think it would be intersting if BB would follow up on issue that the show may have caused. Such as Nat’s man.Cute or not you would have to think that there would be issues about the game. Nat balmed the game for her being all over Jesse. They all make choices about how there are going to play. I don’t think Michelle planned to play the game as an outcast. She just ajusted to the game. Just seems odd that he would call her crazy and liar. She still cry out for attention from him. She is Odd.

  302. The flies the houseguests have been complaining about in the kitchen are probably buzzing around Nasty Nataliar. She is finally taking a shower now. About time!

  303. I agree that she is odd. But I also think that some of her “oddness” is game play. She mumbles so that people can’t hold her to what she said. She acts silly so people think she is stupid or weird. I don’t doubt that she is odd from sitting in a lab with rats all day but she is also very smart. And when it counts, she wins competitions.

  304. jeff the most watched guy in bb history. i don’t think hes going anywhere. i think the studio audience vote just back in.

  305. I think there will be a twist after they evicted Jeff he will walk out then he will open a door with the key and Russell will come out. Kevin will make a choice keep Jeff or Russell Julie said that HOH will have more reasonability so it would make sense. Well have to see tonight that my prediction. Something like that .

  306. casey was in the box he locked kevin wrist.the box will open tonight. the box never opened on tuesday casey is coming back and he will evict dirty ratalie

  307. OK teacherkel thank u i knowed someone out there wold be a smart ass but back to the show no Russ is not comming back, and this is the end for jeff because kev boy is scared of him did you all see him run and hide last night when m got sprayed with water puss*!!!!

  308. Did anyone hear Natalie call Michele a “skank” right to her face on BBAD, and Michele just laughed it off? I might have to show the little “girl” the swimming pool or something.

  309. “Jordo” told the people in the DR that she doesn’t deserve to be there, and I happen to agree…

  310. @tj: Michele has SUCH a good shot at winning HOH against Jordan and Natalie (with or without cramps). It’s almost a gimme.

  311. wheres casey. maybe america votes jeff back in. twist must be big tonight. the house is boring. jeff needs to remain in the house. jordan will only drag michele down and lose to kevin and ratalie

  312. So maybe Kevin will flip and vote to evict Jordan (tiebreaker) and then there will be some sort of choice for Jeff that involves the money, “Pandora’s Box” or something….??? So we have Jeff and maybe someone like Russell to fight with Michelle to get rid of Natalie. And Kevin will go along because he now has no one. And it will be a battle between Jeff, Russell and Michelle. That is my “hope” for this game.

  313. Jeff vs. Russell vs. Michele in F3 would be the “Battle Royale” – one for the ages.

    Mr. Brawn vs. Mr. Endurance vs. Ms. Brains

  314. …instead of Kevin vs. Natalie vs. Jordan which = Mizz McFeisty vs. Miss McStinky vs. Ms. McDopey.

  315. its a win win for jordan she gets a trip and she gets jeff if she walks tonight.i keep saying this we all know what she did to jeff by turning on russell and michele.she is so stupid to listen to k/n.

  316. But, Martie, if Russell comes back into the game, with Jordan, Nataliar, and Kevin going to the jury house, you have too many people in the jury house. So that scenario won’t work.

  317. I’m really starting to think that if Jeff goes tonight, BB11 will be losing an audience. The ratings WILL go down. When he does go tonight, and I think he will, I’m all for Michelle winning. Bye Bye Jeff!

  318. michele needs to win hoh she will put ratalie and kevin.michele needs to lock jordan up in a room so ratalie don’t get to her.

  319. Maybe Nataliar will get so pissed off, that she will be something to get her kicked out and she won’t go to the jury house. Can we only hope?

  320. @Bev: That second scenario was in the event that this Russell thing is all rumor, and he doesn’t come back.

    I surely hope he comes back and shakes things up.

    BTW, I just read on another site that Jordo admitted to Michele she could hear Michele’s shoes on the step up/step down game and copied her answers to go to tie-break. Then, she got lucky on the win for that POV.

    Michele said she is not going to wear clogs tonight in case it’s another competition like that.

  321. Could (or would) BB make the HOH competition in someone’s favor? Are they going to do that? This is my first season of BB and I’m so addicted. Finding out what’s going to happen ahead of time and reading over 400 comments. I can’t wait to get my life back when this season is over.

  322. If this twist brings Russell back in or keeps Jeff, I seriously think Natalie might just quit. You could be right on there, Bev!

  323. I’m weird & wondering if Jeff got the booger last night since it was his “last night” in the house, and if Jordo will be mad if he ends up staying.

  324. I absolutely LOVE Jeff and Jordan. I would vote Jeff to stay, Russel was MEAN, what type of guy calls a girl FAT? I hope it goes like 2-2 Jordan and Michelle to keep Jeff and Kevin and Natalie for the mystery person (aka Russel (we believe)) THEN America gets to decide what happens, (I think America would want Jeff to stay). They should have a Big Brother CANADA!!

  325. “1:26 P.M. — M acknowledges that she knows Jordan confessed to cheating and hearing M step up or down before she, Jordan, stepped up and down.

    Jordan says, ‘yeah, I could hear all that.. ‘ M says she had on clunky shoes.”

  326. We can hope. And her leaving would only prove what a loser she is when she doesn’t get her way. Whens she finds out that all of her lying, cheating, sneaking and being a pig hasn’t won her the game. She has coasted through this in the laziest way possible and now that it comes down to the hard part, maybe she will just give up. Because, unlike some people, I don’t think she is a strong player at all. She is a user and an abuser and when that doesn’t work, she will want to quit.

  327. Jordo acknowledged on BBAD that she had gained weight since being in the BB House, and she is up to… wait for it… (gasp)… 140 POUNDS! OMG!

    For all of you people who are calling her “fat,” please proceed to list your heights and weights on your next posts.

    Thank you!

  328. Natalie already admitted that she wants to get Jeff’s Hawaiian vacation and Michele’s TV away from them in case she ends up going next week as she doesn’t want to go home without “winning anything.”

  329. She won’t get them and she deserves to go home with absolutely nothing to show for eight (or nine or however long it has been) weeks of being a lying, whining, mean, sneaky, lazy, dirty, smelly, selfish, self-centered —–! If she really was only 18, it would be a good life lesson for her. But since we know she is 24, there is probably no hope for her becoming a real human being this late in life.

  330. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a big Jordo-supporter. I mean, she’s obviously not a Vassar scholar, and she definitely doesn’t deserve to win the game; but why do people always sink to the lowest common denominator of calling a girl “fat” as the ultimate insult?

    I mean, it’s kind of like keying a Yugo. What’s the point?

  331. I know Natalie actually went to Arizona State but does anyone know if she actually graduated with a degree in business? If so, she was probably one of those students who joins groups and let’s everyone else do all of the work and just cheats her way through.

    Also, did you see the rumor that she may have a warrant out for her arrest for not appearing in court? That would be so cool if she had to leave the show for that… ;)

  332. @ Colton..I agree and like what you say !!! I sure hope that it is like that. Did anyone beside me catch that last night on BBAD, Jeff and Jordan were missing for 1/2 hour or longer, without the cameras following them ? I wonder if Jeff went to BB and ask them to let him and Jordan be by them selves since Jeff may go out tonight??? I really would LOVEEEEEEEEE to see nasty ,smelly Natalie and Kevin booted out tonight is not soon enough!!!!!

  333. Has anyone seen a DR session with more than one person?

    The only other time I can think of it is when Dr. Will and Mike Boogie (sp?) would do that hilarious stunt of fake-calling each other with all of the ridiculous stuff people were falling for…

  334. I wanted Jeff to win. But was super disappointed when he snubbed Michelle. If he goes home I want Michelle to win, she has truly earned it

  335. Who wouldn’t be mad after just realizing you lost $500 K? Would you want to hug right then?

    They didn’t show it, but he later went in and apologized to her…

  336. I know he’s as close to perfect as it gets, but anyone who is filmed 24/7 is going to look like an @-hole at some point or another.

    Off for now… Don’t want tonight’s show spoiled for me.

    Have a great night!

  337. I would love to see Russell come back into the house and evict Natalie or Kevin. If Natalie win this game after riding everyone else’s coattail I will scream!

  338. Love your comments. Jeff did blow it when he trusted Natalie and Kevin. The HOH was rediculous tonight. With everything riding on who won HOH, Big Brother chose a guessing game and of course “no-win Natalie” guessed her way to a victory, then dedicated the win to Chima???

    We’ve watched every season and what has transpired tonight was very disappointing to watch.

  339. I hope if they do bring someone back it will Jeff. He is really the only person that played the game. I mean come on, he got 2 of the biggest players out because no one else would. Besides, I think that would add more fuel to the fire. I don’t think bringing Russell back would make to many of the HG mad.

  340. it’s too late to bring anyone back. Final 3-part HOH comp starts Tuesday. The Pandora’s box this week will involve one of them getting to talk to a jury member

  341. I hope if anything that they bring back it Jeff. He had the most money too from the pandora’s box, so that should play for something. Jeff was the strong and reasonable player and really the only person that played the game. So come on “Big Brother” honestly let Kevin and Natalie pay for what they did, back stabbing and not keeping their word. he got 2 of the biggest players out because no one else would. Besides, I think that would add more fuel to the fire. I don’t think bringing Russell will make it challenging…maybe more arrogant then ever…I will be glued to my TV on Sunday. I have been watching BB for 11 years now

  342. Jeff had his chance of a sure deal to the final four, but he let a pair of liars trick him he got what he deserves, and Russel was lied about by the dual of back stabbers. SO, TO SEE HIM COME BACK TO THE HOUSE WOULD BE A FAIR WAY for to have a chance at least. I would kike to see him back in the house and Michell would have a friend in the house…….

  343. I would love to see Jeff come back and him and Michelle make it to final two but I don’t see that happening.As for Russell coming back that will not happen either since he is already at the jury house.Just a thought but if for some crazy reason Jeff does come back then they can still stay on track to final two by having a double eviction next week.I will watch after hours tonight but if there is no chance of Jeff returning I will stop watching untill final two because I really CANNOT stand to watch Gnat & Kevin,not to mention how boring it will be.

  344. I hope they bring Jeff back. He kept things from being so glum and boring. He didn’t hesitate to take Kevin off the block and he didn’t hesitate to get the key to unlock Kevin while Natalie was busy scooping up money. He keeps things positive – except for the argument he and Russell had. Natalie is too sure of herself that she has everything in the bag. I think without bringing one of them back, the rest of the show will be boring! They could always bring both Jeff and Russel back and then their would be the choice of who they wanted to keep. I say bring them both back and let them duke it out in those fat Sumo wrestling costumes. The winner stays.

  345. Martie: I am glad to hear he apologized to her, I noticed he hugged and kissed her cheek last night upon eviction. It made me feel much better. I’ve just been upset because I hated the way J and J were abandoning their alliance with her, while she was still on their side.

    Oh how I hated that GNAT won HOH and proclaiming “This is for you Chima!”, I hope that comment shows what an idiot she really is.

    How about the outrage everyone will feel when they find out she’s lied since the begining with her “I’m only 18” routine… Oh please don’t let her or Kevin win.

  346. @ Jeff Fans…. get over it…. Jeff is out because he made dumb decisions the whole game… He allligned with the losing side…. He back doored Russell…. Both Jessie / Russell would deserve to come back more than jeff… Especially Russell…. I hope there is a twist that will bring Russell back and screw Michelle…

  347. My questioning this is because once a houseguest enters the surquister house,
    they have never been brought back.
    But, Hopefully they will bring Jeff back and
    if there is another housequest to in say pandora’s box it could be either Casey or Braden. Since Casey has already been in one of the Veto Comps. But hopefully they would choose to bring Jeff back and if there is a tie 2 for Pand box and 2 for Jeff, then America could choose for them. GO JEFF !!!!

  348. its really interesting i really have quite disgret in the presumption of russell hiding under natalies bed and screams BAH “border as household” and she looks under and sees russell with his vantage smile and she runs out her room in a eccentric way then kevin takes the handcuffs and he slowly makes his way toward the room and all a sudden russell tackles him and puts the handcuffs on kevin then jeff and jesse walk out in speedos and chases jordan so she cant compete for pov.

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