Big Brother 11 Week 7: Russell Is Ready To Rumble

When Chima left the Big Brother 11 house I thought the drama had left with her. Apparently I forgot that Russell was half the recipe for destruction in this game and later today he looks ready to remind everyone of that fact.

Yesterday on the live feeds, Russell warned Michele that he would “go psycho” if Jeff, the holder of the Veto power this week, betrayed their Final 4 alliance and nominated him. Well guess what BB fans, Jeff is getting ready to do just that which means we’re looking at one explosive afternoon on the uncensored feeds!

When Russell is nominated later today by Jeff he’ll have nothing to lose and he already knows that. Even better is his plan to go out swinging and to land as many hits as he can along the way to backdoordom. This is going to be awesome!

The Veto Ceremony will take place today around 12:30 Big Brother time (PST) and usually lasts about 30 minutes before the live feeds return. When they come back you won’t want to be anywhere other than sitting in front of your screen watching the fight take place. If you don’t have the Big Brother Live Feeds yet then don’t worry, you can still join in right now to be ready and even try them out with the Free Trial. If you do, then crank them up and get ready!

Russell has promised us a fight. From what we’ve seen, he’s a man of his word.

Discuss: Is Jeff making a good move or bad decision by backdooring Russell?


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  1. Well Matt, I love Russ. I hope Jeff does the honorable thing and leaves the noms the same but if he doesn’t, I hope Russ does unleash some of his built up anger. I don’t want Russ to turn into Chima by any means but if he wants to say his peace, go for it. At least it will be interesting. Thanks for keeping us, who have to go to bed early, informed on what happens.

  2. @Ashley: You’re very welcome.

    I teeter on this same “honorable” issue. I agree that sticking to his sworn word would be the most honest thing to do, but when does a HG have to draw the line on being honorable and his/her chances to win the half-mil?

    Jeff may be doing this for the wrong reasons (he’s been convinced of this lie by Kevin/Natalie), but it may also prove to be a strong move in the end. Tough call for sure.

  3. Jeff is losing his game face–he’s not thinking logically. Sure, Russel would have to go sooner or later. But now is not the time! Natalie is a loose cannon, filled with poor sportsmanship qualities, and her history of personal integrity as far as alliances go, but maybe that’s just part of the game. Natalie and Kevin are a dangerous duo. Nonetheless, they’ve achieved their goal to get in Jeff’s ear and spare the two of them, which I commend them on from a strategy standpoint. At the end of the day, the two of them must be the next two to go, and then Russell. Jeff may lose the game for himself with this dangerous move–unless he keeps on his successful path of winning HOH and POV for the next few weeks. It should be interesting–very interesting!

  4. I say Jeff needs to get Russell out now. Russell even stated in his DR session last night that getting rid of him was the best move Jeff could make right now. He would get rid of Jeff if he had the power right now. Anyway, I believe Russell will keep it short of physical, afterall, he doesn’t want to go out humiliated.

  5. Okay, I’m all for keeping your word and everything and doing the right thing, but Russell is the biggest threat left in the game. I understand Kevin has come so close to winning the last 3 HOH comps but when it comes down to it I’d rather have him, a weaker competitor in the F4 the Russell somebody who could beat you in a physical comp and nominate Jeff and Jordan. But on the other hand I’d rather have 3 people in your allience playing for HOH then Michelle and Jordan playing against Natalie and Kevin.

  6. Ultimately, the only way to rate whether backdooring Russell is a good or a bad move is to see which side of the fence Michele ends up on after the dust has settled. Will she remain aligned with Jeff and Jordan? Or will she shift alliances and team with Kevib and Natalie?

  7. I think that russel being backdoored is a bad play move. Get kevin out now then next week hope michelle or jordan get hoh and let russel out next week or get nat out. Evryone is coming after jeff if he backdoors russel even michelle definitely cause if he turns on russle he will turn on michelle. Natalie and kevin can’t be trusted

  8. I feel that all that Jeff has done for Russell and yet all says do the honorable thing. Well Jeff has done the honorable thing twice for Russell and twice Russell has crapped Jeff. Lets see he took him off the block and what does he do give Jessie his vote now was that the right thing or wrong thing, then he talks about getting Jeff out instead of staying fast with Jeff so I think the honorable thing Jeff could do is get rid of Russell because the first thing Russell going to do is get rid of Jeff.

  9. First let me say, I’m not 100% convinced that Jeff would even be considering evicting Russell at this point in the game if his little bee (Jordan) wasn’t in his EAR about it all day every day. Sweet dimwitted and gullible Jordan has been completely convinced by Natalie and Kevin that Russell is the spawn of Satan…and he needs to go. I, personally, will be somewhat sad to see Russell go because I would have like to see the entire “Jessie Alliance” totally depleted by the “good guys” first. However, the irony of the situation is that this will probably end up being a smart, terrifically strategic, beneficial move on Jeff’s part IF his true objective is to get Jordan and himself to the final two. The only way this will turn out that way though is if Kevin and Natalie continue to lose competitions. One freak accident win by either one of them and I’m afraid our hero will be joining Russell in the jury house.

  10. If Jeff keeps Natalie or Kevin and if he ends up with Natalie or Kevin in the end — they would win the money because they would have the majority votes in the jury house. Russell doesn’t play well under pressure. I don’t think Russell can win a HOH under pressure, but I do think Kevin can win under pressure. If it’s a mental game, Kevin and Michelle are both better players ….

  11. Oh I would agree, I think this is the best move for Jeff because one person on endurance would be Russell and you know there is more endurance comps coming. I just hate that everyone thinks Jeff is not being honorable when he has stuck by is word but yet Russell hasnt. I think anyone that would save my butt from being evicted and then go vote for the other person is not an honorable person.

  12. I think Michelle knows the only way she can win is to go to F2 with Jeff. All Jesse’s gang is in the jury house and if Russ doesn’t get himself evicted, he won’t vote for Jeff. He’ll vote for Michelle. She won’t get the jury votes if doesn’t go with Jeff. Any comments? I think backdooring Russell is the best move. I feel Michelle will want the F3 with J/J.

  13. as much as i want russel or natalie to go home, im gunna miss his giant blow-ups in the house lmao.

  14. Jeff isn’t thinking towards the end of the game. If Russel goes this week, by Jeff’s backdooring, the jury votes are going to be 3-0. He’s going to lose the 500k because of going back on his word. If another player were to put up Russell, then Russ would be more likely to vote for Jeff to win. Why piss off the people in your ‘alliance’ if you don’t have to???

  15. Yeah, it’s probably the best move Jeff can make, because Russel stated on a few occasions that he would do the same. Nevertheless, my heart is broken. I wanted Jeff and Russel to remain together til the end. They could have been great friends, just like Fred & Barney.

  16. Kelly i think she will be upset and if Russ goes i hope he tells Jeff that he wont vote for him now after that. And votes for Michell or Kevin if there at the finale two. :)

  17. @Matt…always an excellent job! Nobody does the recaps like you! Like everyone else, i have my favs in the game. But at some point i think you have to separate your feelings about them with their strategy to win. Jeffs decision to backdoor Russ may not be popular, but speaking strategy wise, its a good move. Would you rather Russ stay and take out Jeff next wk? Now its a game of cat and mouse as to whether Jeff will take out Russ first or vice versa. You really dont want to be in F4 with the strongest players…otherwise, you lose! I really think Jeff is thinking ahead. After the smoke clears from this explosion….Jeffs mission should be to get either Nat or Kevin into the jury house. Im not saying i want Jeff to be the winner..i dont..i just think his strategy is right on target.

  18. Here is a thought…are the voters in the jury gonna vote for the best player??? or the one that kept his word????

  19. For all you bloggers who think Russ hasn’t kept his word – Have you been watching BB? He has kept his word to EVERYONE. He kept his word to Casey, Jessie and Jeff. He is an honest player. Jeff swore on his family that he would take Russ and Mich to final four. Don’t swear on your family if you are going to go back on your word.

  20. Catherin i agree 100% that if Jeff does take Russ out then he will not win with out him because most of the jery people are for Nat and Kevin.

  21. Im all for getting rid of the biggest threat and all but Natalie has said over and over again that if Jeff is stupid enough to keep her that he will be the next one out….if she should win HOH and put Jeff and Jordan up, hes done for sure! Does he really want to take that chance so close to the end ???? Stranger things have happened….

  22. I’m a little confused. I think Russell is a bigger threat than Kevin and Natalie. None of them can be trusted. So what do you do? You get rid of the biggest threat. Natalie hasn’t won anything. She hasn’t even came close to winning. I do think they need to talk to Michelle just before the veto meeting and let her know so she would be on board. But Michelle would probably go back and tell Russell. Who do you trust? I guess Jeff has to go with his gut feeling. Everyone is telling somekind of lie. Good luck Jeff/Jordan.

  23. If Jeff backdoors Russ I will lose all respect for him. The thing I have loved about Jeff is that he was honorable. He might not win BB11 even if he keeps Russell in but he will definitely not win if he backdoors him. I just can’t believe he is buying Kevin and Natalie’s crap! I think the power is goping to his head and he is making a big mistake!

  24. omg if Natalie or that dimwit Michelle or kevin the mute win this game I will never watch this program again…..if Jeff doesnt win then at least Russell should because they are the only two left in the house that have actually played the game…

  25. Its going to be sad to wacth russ go.He is one of the best player in the bb house.He did well with everything.I think michele would turn her back on jeff and jordan if he got rid of russ.How could she beleave anything they said after that.I think if jeff get rid of russ then there on there own.

  26. Hopefully Russell or Michelle will win POV and Noms will stay intact. Natalie will go this week, and then Michelle or Jordan will win POV and the F4 alliance will become F4. From there, it will be true competition without so much the lies and deceit. That’s my best case scenario. As long as Jeff is in the final two and Natalie is not, I’m happy.

  27. @ Al – in a perfect world the jury would vote for the best player. However, if Jeff puts up Russell, I think Russ is going to look at it as a betrayal and will vote for whomever would be with Jeff in F2. At some point HoH is going to have to put up their alliance members. Why do it now and piss someone off?

  28. Jeff needs to be very smart here, he needs to keep in mind who is in the jury house and how many votes he will get against who ever is sitting by him in the final 2…I personally dont think there is anyone left in the house he can win against when it comes to first and second place! I think he should backdoor russ and then kevin or Nat will win hoh and I would love to watch michelle betray jeff and jordan and make an alliance with 1 of them LOL gotta love the summer time drama of BB!

  29. I don’t think he is looking at the “Bigger” picture. If he backdoors Russ, he will have LITTLE to No jury votes. All of the “meanies” are in the jury house. Hopefully he will keep him and battle it out. (and get out that conniving Nat)

  30. if russell goes this week,, there is no doubt in my mind that jeff will be going next week.

    back dooring russel would be unbelievably stupid, almost as stupid as pairing up with the nicest dumbest person in the house.. (you need someone mean to be paired up with in the end to get all the votes..and you need someone smart to pull their fair share of the weight.. imo, jordan just is not the best partner in this game)

    please jeff, dont be stupid

  31. some are saying that if Jeff does not get Russell out than Russell will get Jeff out. He seems to have the same chances if he does not get Natalie out. If Natalie and Kevin stay, than Natalie, Kevin and possibly Michelle will all be gunning for Jeff. Michele because she knows Jeff is tough compitition. Good luck Jeff, no matter what you do,your best bet is if Jordan wins HOH next week(and she has to do it by herself cause Jeff can’t throw it to her this time, he won’t be playin), I’m still pullin for you though.

  32. i think the best player is kevin. goooooo kevin . and i hope jeff get rid of russell this week and take nat and kev to f4 and let the best person win kevin has been honest in the game and has not made no one mad. jeff has been honest and has not made no one mad either. i hope kevin goes to f4 and then f2 and win. i hope america dont have to choose the winner because if that happens jeff will win.

  33. BACKDOOR Russell, make this show fun again!
    You gotta get off your biscuit and risk it, if you wanna win. Jeff only has Kevin and Natalie to worry about winning HOH. Jordan or Michele won’t put Jeff up. Russell would screw Jeff over in a heartbeat. He’s told him so, to his face. Even if Nat ot Kev win HOH, Jeff will still play for POV, so its a good risk right now.

  34. I don’t get the live feeds or Showtime so I can only go by what CBS shows us and the comments I read here, but my feeling is Jeff is really stupid to backdoor Russell. He will definitely lose Russell’s jury vote and, like it or not, if anyone other than Jordan wins HOH next week Jeff is getting nominated anyway. I have no idea why he would believe Natalie and Kevin…if he thought it out logically he would realize that neither one of them wants to be up against him in the final and probably wouldn’t vote for him. I get the impression that Russell would rather go up against a strong competitor. I like Kevin and wouldn’t mind seeing him in the finals, but Natalie is a huge liar and frankly, delusional. I have a hard time figuring out Michelle, she’s all over the place and seems to lie unnecessarily and Jordan is clueless and naive. I would like to see Jeff and Russell or Kevin in the final 2.

  35. please get rid of nasty nat shes unbearable to watch thankful shes not my daughter shes a liar that believes her own lies ugh!!

  36. I think that getting rid of Russell right now is a good strategic move on the house’s part. With Jeff not able to play for HOH next week, that puts everyone at risk, especially J/J. Russell is well aware that he is going home and knows that it is just Jeff playing the game, as he stated in the DR. I also think, at this point, that it would be best for Kevin’s game to go to J/J and tell them about Gnatty Rat’s plan to get Jeff out next week. It would help him align with the majority and get her out next week, with 3 of them playing for HOH together against her, they have a better chance. I think Jeff has been making all the right moves by doing what HE thinks is best, and not always following what everyone wants to do. Russell is VERY competative and will do his best to get Jeff out next week, just based on his past history of getting out powerful players to improve his game against who he thinks is weakest. The jury house will attest to the same, as they always vote on who is the better game player. I’m still sticking to my guns on this one, J/J in the final. NOW…..damnit Jordan just make out with him already!!!! GEESH!!

  37. Russell and Michele had a chance to put a kibosh on the NAT/KEV/LYD lie and they didn’t. They floundered around looking guilty as all get out! That, coupled with the fact Russell voted to keep Jessie (and lied at first about doing so) gives Jeff proper reason to question anything Russell says or does.
    Oh, and Russell also started running his mouth to J/J about how he would backstab them at the right time b/c he is there to win the money, etc.
    I believe the LIE at this point doesn’t really matter, even if NAT/KEV want to. I’m sure they’ll feel all proud, until they lose again at he HOH comp, and then it’ll be back to “oh, we got screwed again, not fair!”

  38. If Jeff was smart he would bring Russell to the final 2 like Russell said “He wouldn’t win against him in the final” I would really like to see the wessels go *Kevin and Nat” and then Jordan cuz she seems to be calling the shots!!!

  39. I am kindda hooked on this blog!
    I think Jeff shoudl NOT backdoor Russ. If he does – I think he will loose at the end. becasue the only person that he can trust is Jordan and she would need to win HOH. It’s a tall order knowing that Kevin wants it more than her.
    Jeff should go to Final 2 with someone from his alliance because if he goes up against Nat or Kevin, the majority of the jury will vote for them.
    And to be against Russ – itr would make the best show till the end. We never know what he will do and that’s waht’s keeping it fun to watch.

  40. Jeff’s an idiot if he backdoors Russell. Jeff and Russell are the strongest players on the alliance, if he gets Russell out, he’s left to fend for his alliance. Nat and Kevin could easily beat Michelle and Jordan in an HOH, and they will put Jeff and Jordan up. Once Jeff and Russell are out, 50/50 chance that Natalie wins…

  41. After watching this since season 2, the votes generally goes to the best player not the one who kepted their word. Unfortunately lying is a major part of playing this game. Taking Russ/Kevin out now in my opinion would be the smartest move. Keep in mind that Nat has not won or even come close to winning anything yet, not to say that it couldn’t happen. But this game is about being strategic an eliminating your competition to make it that much easier for you to further your game. It’s not about who likes/dislikes who. Keep weak links and eliminate the strong ones at every chance you get. And let’s not forget that Russ had made it very clear who he’s gunning for-Jeff!

  42. @Sunshine…Totally agree! Very well said. This is not a popularity contest. Keep your weakest links and get rid of the strongest players before they get rid of you!

  43. @Cat …Even if you have to rely on your weakest link for your survival? Jordan needs to win HOH. Michele could change her mind and the other two will put up Jeff and Jordan. Russ is still Jeff better bet

  44. I wouldn’t say that I “love” Russell, but I don’t think now is the time for Jeff to backdoor him. If Jordan and Jeff are now all of a sudden “trusting” in Kevin (the FLOATER) and Gnat (need I say more?), then they’d be fools. Are they really that nice but soooo gullible? Keep with the original final 4 plan, that’s what I say!

  45. @MJ…I see what you are saying. But at this late stage in the game..Russ is no more reliable than the rest. Its down to dog eat dog at this point. At least Nat and Kevin have not won ANY comps and whose to say they wouldnt take out Michele or Jordan if they did win? Jeff needs to think strictly of himself and not drag anyone along with him. But thats jmo.

  46. I think jeff should take kelvin off and put jordan up., since she told him she wanted to float to the end. jordan needs to go now so jeff can get on with his game. jeff and russell final 2. I did like jordan at first but not anymore why is she trying to play so innocent when all you have to do is liston to her and you can when she gets drunk she’s a slut. BB needs to warn jeff she is only using him. if jeff wins she will be his best friend until she finds out she’s not getting his money. jeff needs to tell her he knows she selfish and only uses people to get what she wants, no more sad stories of being poor and needing money for a home. if she was so worried about money why do get a boob job ? or did she use someone for this too ?

  47. I agree with Al and Mich. If Jeff backdoors Russell, he will be making an enemy out of his ally and putting him on the jury with his other enemies, who, unfortunately, have shown such poor sportmanship that they are unlikely to vote for the best player (sorry, Sunshine).

  48. Whomever is HOH needs to get rid of Nat and Kevin. All of their friends make up the jury and you know they will vote for their friends instead of game-play.
    My advice is keep Russell safe and get KEVIN OUT now!!! He is more dangerous than Nat who hasn’t won anything. Kevin will win that face game.

  49. if Jeff backdoors Russ i will loose all respect for him.if he keep nat and kev in then i am done with watching it.nat is nothing more then then little rat just like ronniw was a sneak and a liar.kev is just as bad. jeff should think if russ goes nat and kev will have the votes in the jury if one of those two are left they will win.well just hope he does the right thing and keep it the same.

  50. I think getting Russ out of there would be the smartest thing to do. Sure Russ will be angry, but he said himself it would be the smart thing to do. Let’s see how it all goes down!!! CAN’T WAIT!

  51. If I were Jeff, I would take Russell with me to the end. Who will the jury vote for? Russell? or whoever else is left? I’d put michelle and natalie up …NOT backdoor Russ. Eventually Jordan has to go, she is too sweet to stay – gives the jury an option if they don’t like Jeff. What do you want to make a bet jordan wins?

  52. I could sort of agree what “m”, Jordan doesn’t need to make it to the end, and should be put up. Will Jeff do that? Fat Chance!!! I think she is nice, and would be deserving of good things, but as far as the true BB game, she hasn’t amounted to any big strategy this season. She’s able to continue relying on Jeff to get her through to the end.

  53. I agree with everyone about Jeff getting rid of Russell. Now is not the right time. He needs to get rid of Natalie or Kevin now. He is not thinking of the members of the jury! I cant wait to see what happens. If Jeff continues to listen to lies, he or Jordan will be out next.

  54. I think Jeff is an idiot if he turns on Russell. Natalie and Kevin are gonna turn on him the second they get a chance. If he gets rid of Russell and they end up getting rid of him he has no one to blame but himself. I really like Jeff, I am hoping that he or Russell wins. They are the only true players left.

  55. I think both Russell and Jeff will be in the jury house together….Russ this week – Jeff next week…..saying to each other what happened??? Man we had it in the bag WTF!!!!

  56. jeff is not thinking right, if he gets rid of russ they loose one of there votes and nat and kev will take over this game. if russ goes this week jeff will go next week for sure.and once he is gone the game might as well be over. jeff and russ are the only two playing this game.well the only thing i can say is if he back doors Russ jeff deserves everything he gets next week. i just won’t be watching it after he walks out the door

  57. Backdooring Russell is good for Jordon not Jeff. Russell is more loyal to Jeff than Jordon and she knows this. I guess she is not so dumb after all.
    If Jeff was playing for himself alone he would see that keeping Russell over N/K is better for him but he is not thinking with his brains.
    I guess mr nice guy is only nice when he is down, now that he has the power he has prove to be no better than Jessie with his reign of terror

  58. Russell’s blow-ups are rediculous! Seems like his only game is brute-force and intimidation… Let’s not vote out Russell because he’ll explode — what is THAT about?!?

    A bad thing about getting Russ out this was would be to lose a jury vote.. So far no one in the Jury house is giving Jeff any votes.

    I really don’t want Jordan winning as she uses Jeff to do all of her dirty-work..

  59. Why should Michele thrust Jeff after going back on his word about F4. Michele is not stupid she will know that she is next on Jeffs hit list.

    Go anyone but Jeff

  60. Russell should be more than pissed off. Jeff made them swore on Parents.(Honor their parents so that thy days will be long) What a Jerk

  61. Maybe Russ and Chima can go get anger management together on the buddy plan.

    Russell had to see how well the bulling, rants and raves worked for Chima so why try it again?

    I sure hope we are all saying nice thing about Jeff and his game playing at the end of today.

    It was his idea to swear on their families lives……I sure hope he keeps his word.

  62. Why is everyone saying that Russ is the biggest threat left in the game? He’s only the biggest physical threat to Jeff. JEFF is the biggest threat left in the game. He can win all types of competitions, physical and mental. I can’t wait to see Russ go this week, and Jeff go next week, unless he wins the POV, then Jordan can go next week. Russ with either JJ in the jury house in 2 weeks should lead to some interesting conversations about how they (JJ) misplayed the game and believed the Great Lie.

  63. and just to add to the last point, I think the biggest overall threat behind Jeff is actually Kevin. Physically it’s Russ, but Kevin has shown he can compete all around. Long live paranoia!

  64. Jeff should NOT get rid of Russell. I agree that Jeff is not looking at who’s in the jury house….Nat & Kevin’s buddies. Jeff would surely win over Russ. I also think that if it came down to Jeff & Jordon, or Jeff & Michelle Jeff would still win. He’s an idiot if he sends Russ home….Kevin & Nat need to go!!!

  65. Who gives a crap about being nice and loyal?
    You mean, be nice and hang onto the guy that told J/J to their face he would not hesitate to stab them in the back for 500k? That guy?
    please! Either way, Jeff has a target on his back, especially since he has been tearing it up in the competitions.
    Gonna lose all respect fot Jeff? lol…One person is going to win, not four.

  66. @blackgirl I agree with everything you are saying. I also think jeff is the biggest threat and he will be packing his bags next week.

  67. @Jackie #37 I saw you say this: “kevin has been honest in the game and has not made no one mad” and just about fell out of my chair! He was co-creator of the biggest (And I’ll have to admit) best lie in this game. Now he has been nice to nearly everyone so I’ll give you that, but you can’t use honesty in this game. You always have to say things. Look at all the past years when people said they were not going to lie, they got ousted rather early. not saying what Kevin has done is wrong, it was genius, but don’t come out and say he’s been honest

  68. Do it Jeff. Do be scared like u were the first time Russ got in ur face.

    Do it.

    Take Natalie and Kevin to da final four.

    Yes! It pays having dumb ppl in power.

    I think i must just have to sign my self up for the free trial. Because Russell will go on for hours, and days.

    He always does when he doesnt get his way, and he always diggs himself a deeper hole. dummy.

    Natalie, and Kevin are working perfectly together. They have been able to save each other this week and sort of last week without winning veto.

    Go Natalie! Go Kevin. indeed

  69. This is a very good strategic manuever by Jeff to backdoor and eliminate Russell this week. Jeff has thought this through and worse case scenario Natalie wins HOH which I do not think will happen I have a feeling Michelle will win and put up Natalie and Kevin and Natalie will go then leaving Jeff Jordan Michelle and Kevin in the F4. Natalie and Kevin cant win against these people especially if there is an endurance.

  70. Hey Ashley, if Russell leaves on Thursday I hope Jeff goes the next week. What a Jerk.
    I have to go back to work now talk to you later.

  71. Russ will not stick to the final 4. He will get Jeff out the first chance he gets. He wants Michelle for the final 2. I know Kevin and Nat are big threats, but so is Russ. I think Michelle will back J/J, because she can only win with Jeff for final 2. Jeff is doing the dirty work and Russ I believe is throwing comps so Jeff will be the one responsible for kicking people out. Russ is looking for jury points and is not really playing the game. So for that he deserves to go. I don’t care for Kevin or Nat, but they are playing the game. Michelle will not win against Jordan, Kevin or Natalie. She needs Jeff whether she likes it or not.

  72. I think Kevin is practically the next Erika – One of the biggest floaters but he could actually win! I don’t understand how no one has seen him as a threat yet! He has NO enemies; I would consider him the biggest threat! I think Kevin would win against anyone and I think Michelle could possibly win against anyone too. People in the jury house may actually like how she played the game since she won competitions right when she had to! Jeff is basically screwed either way unless Jordon wins HOH! Since, if he keeps Kevin and Kevin wins HOH, he will most likely be evicted, but if he kicks out Kevin and keeps Russell, he’ll still be evicted! -_-

  73. I think if Jeff breaks his alliance now and backdoors Russel, I will loose all faith in him and actually route for Kevin to win the game. Jeff would be too stupid if that is what he does and that idiot Jordan is just leading him down the road to destruction. Get to the final four and then fight it out between the four your trust. HE obviously has forgotten who is in the Jury house. Jeff is loosing my faith. Soon i would have switched over to Kevin if Russel is booted out.

  74. If this scenario I said plays out Michelle cannot play in the HOH the following week Jeff or Jordan will more than likely win the HOH and put up Michelle as a pawn and Kevin to go home. Both girls will chose Jeff to sit with them on F2 cuz they will think the Jury House will all vote against Jeff.

  75. I think if Jeff breaks his alliance now and backdoors Russel, I will loose all faith in him and actually route for Kevin to win the game. Jeff would be too stupid if that is what he does and that idiot Jordan is just leading him down the road to destruction. Get to the final four and then fight it out between the four your trust. HE obviously has forgotten who is in the Jury house. Jeff is loosing my faith. Soon I will have switch over to Kevin if Russell is booted out.

  76. Jeff will prolly not win but it will not be Kevin either it will be either Jordan or Michelle that win BB11

  77. As much as I have ALWAYS wanted NAT gone, I think Jeff is smart for getting rid of his biggest physical threat, Russell. He is taking a chance that Michelle will partner up with Nat/Kev though. He and Jordan will really need to keep winning to make sure that doesnt happen, next week knock out Nat or Kev (I prefer natalie but strategically he has to think of who he can beat in the end and who on the jury will vote for him)
    I wish I didnt have to listen to Natalies whiny voice for another minute but ultimately its about the end and winning it!

  78. I think it is a bad move. They talk about Nat not being dangerous, but she is very dangerous. She has this weird ability to get into people’s heads.She has been doing it the whole game.. Anyone who she decided she wanted on her side has fallen for her hook line and sinker. Now she has TOTALLY taken Jordan in, and although Jeff is a little more cautious, I still think he believes her. I am not worried about Russ “going off” that just makes him more of a target, It is that I fully believe that Russ would have kept his word of honor until F4, then gloves would come off.. I believe that Jordan is Jeff’s albatross right now because she is so dang gullible.. In any case, Russ would have to go for Jeff to get to F2, but the way both J/J have been treating R and M lately, I am not feeling them at all..

  79. Kevin has become close winnig and because he has not won he might have a chance. Russell would backdoor Jeff. Jeff needs to take out Russell this week then Natlie

  80. I would say Jeff is the biggest threat. Michele told Jordan that last night and left her speechless

  81. Ok so we have all established Jeff as eye candy for us girls and the gays, but come on how stupid is he for back dooring Russell right now? Russell did say if he was Jeff he would try to get rid of him and Michele but I don’t think they would do it in a cowards way. Go to the F4 w/ ur original 4 then start picking off each other. Jordan and Jeff deserve one another. “Dumb and Dumber” Jeff did have the same hair as Jim Carey as Jordan so nicely pointed out as soon as she saw Jeff’s baby pics. Peace out, ♥Kare♥

  82. Gnat needs to go this week, & Kev next. If Jeff uses the veto & puts Russell up & Russ goes. Next week Jeff will be gone. Then Jeff, in the jury house, can say to Russell, I should have trusted you & not Jordan. Too little to late. Jeff, wake up stop listening Jordan. Get Gnat or Kev out this week.

  83. I don’t think this is the week to get rid of Russell. Get rid of Kevin – that’ll leave Nat on her own. There will then be a better chance of Jordan, Michelle or Russell of winning HOH and getting rid of Natalie. Kevin is getting too close to winning HOH. Especially since nobody is 100% sure of what kind of comp the next HOH will be. C’mon Jeff, stick to the original plan. Get to the Final 4 and then all gloves are off.

  84. if jeff takes out russell.. then michelle will flip.. kevin and natalie were never gonna align with jeff.. so jeff’s only hope is if jordan win hoh.. which i dont see happening, the only reason she one that last time was because jeff gave it to her.. boy jeff sure is showing his true colors.. being nasty to michelle and being stupid for listening to natalie and kevin AND jordan. how sad it is to see the “nice” guy go bad

  85. Does anyone realize that keeping Natalie and Kevin this week only makes it easier for them to win. They need to be in the jury house – the people already there will vote for Natalie or Kevin not for any of the others. Jeff needs to put all of that alliance in the jury house so they can’t vote for one of their own. Otherwise what could happen if he gets rid of Russell this week is Natalie or Kevin wins HOH and they nominate Jeff and Jordan. That means that either Natalie or Kevin will win BB because they will have the votes in the jury house (Russell will not vote for Jeff if he is betrayed). You need to stack the jury with people that otherwise would not vote for you (Natalie/Kevin/Lydia/Jessie)and give them no option but to vote for you (I don’t think any of them will vote for Russell). Unfortunately this also means that at some point Jeff has to get rid of Jordan to win because I think she is the only one who can beat him with jury votes.

  86. In the long run Jeff and Jordan should get rid of Natalie and Kevin if they want the votes from the jury house.. because so far Lydia and Jessie will be voting in Natalie and Kevin’s favour!
    Jordan to win =)

  87. Ok sooo Russell says in the DR that the best move would be send him home….sooo if Jeff does just that how could he NOT vote for Jeff in the final if he survives??? No matter what he does he has a big ol target on his back…because he is a threat…if I were Jeff I would back door him because it may be the only chance to get him out…Russell flat out told him he would be coming after him…soooo go for it!!! IT IS A GAME PEOPLE!!!

  88. I think getting Russell out now is an excellent play move. Why Russell is the strongest player left in the game. and he himself said he thought about getting rid of Jeff for the same reason in my opinion the only reason he hasn’t is because he hasn’t had the opportunity. I wouldn’t worry about Michelle she doesn’t hold much power she’s sort of just been floating a long. NAtalie and Kevin shouldn’t have made up the lie but it was their last chance to come up with something to stay in the game.

  89. If Jeff does keep to his plan to backdoor Russell, he will have gone from the biggest and smartest move in BB11 to the biggest and dumbest move ever! Putting his odds on Jordan and Michelle to win HOH is extremely risky with Kevin still flying under the radar in the house and coming so close to victory the last two competitions. What amazes me is Jeff’s lack of thinking these last two weeks. Jeff has not given one thought to who is on the jury…all of Kevin and Nat’s alliance. He is stupid to think that if he goes up against one Nat or Kevin that he will win. The most baffling thing to me is that he was so quick to believe Nat and Kevin’s lie and to think that Nat is now aligned with him. He has definitely let Jordan’s paranoia and naiveness rule his rational thinking skills. If he follows through with backdooring Russ…I believe it is GAME OVER for him!

  90. @Kristina…Agree with you except for the Michele part. Michele has won HOH and she was the one that put Chima on the block when no one else would. She also won the Veto once. So i really dont think shes a floater. Shes prob just laying low this week until Jeff makes his move. Cant say i blame her. Its possible she could win HOH next wk. Shes proven that she can win when necessary.

  91. Michele won’t put Jeff up anyway, he would be the only one she could win against in the F2, IMO.

  92. i think the smartest thing jeff could do is get rid of russell cause u know russell has one of the best chances at hoh next week and usually during the final five we see alliance fall apart and it would be jeff’s butt on the line next week if russel wins hoh

  93. as a jeff fan,i hope he keeps his word just b/c i like the way he has played so far. i also know that as game player and he wants to win he needs to get rid of russ and michele they are good competiters.jeff knows that final 4 all promises are not sure that russ would be loyal to jeff if he was to win hoh thurs. the best move he could make is to bd him.and the following week michele.i just dont feel nat deserves to be in final 4 or kevin,although he did win a pov.although russ is a floater as well he won a hoh by making a deal using his dad. remember that dude on survivor jonny somebody said his grandma died to stay in the game….hmmm.

  94. Wrong week Jeff, if you backdoor Russell the next HOH comp will pit Jordan, your only for sure vote against 3 others. If any of them win you and Jordon will be on the block against each other with one of you saying good bye. The time to go after Russell is when you get to the final four. If you do this, you’ll go home next week and most likely Jordan will follow once left alone to fed for herself. Do we really want to see Kevin, Natelee and Michelle in the final 3? We’ll have to call it the floater final.

  95. his name is Jonny “Fairplay” and that low life has been kicked out of so many places in Hollywood and Vegas. He should be in AA/NA. Let’s hope there is never a player like him on TV ever EVER again.

  96. If BB does not have drama it does not have ratings. I wouldhave loved to see J/J/M/R final four and just pick Jessie’s crew off on by one and let the four go down to the two best mental/physical/skill/luck winners but it doesn’t seem it will. In our time of down trodden economy it wouldbe nice to have good clean competition that we could feel proud of cheering for but it doesn’t seem to be in the cards.

  97. Jeff is in a funny position. A lose lose position. (sort of)
    Everyone it seems is quick to jump on the lets get Russell out becuase he “MIGHT” nominate Jeff and Jordon.
    Assume Russell goes.
    What do you think Kevin and Nat will do.
    At least Jeff can try to make the final 4 stronger by getting rid of Nat or Kev and talking to Russell,
    Don’t double cross me as I will make sure you do not get a vote in the jury house.
    All Jeff can do is help make the numbers stronger for the final 4.
    Everyone in thier right mind would put up J&J first opportunity. The same as Jeff putt up Nat and Jessie ASAP!!!

  98. Jeff should not get rid of Russell this week. He needs his vote both in the house and in the jury house. Wait a week.

    Russell and Michelle needs to make a better case to J and j that they did not discuss what nat and kev said they discussed, about getting Jeff out. They need to confront n and k in front of J and j ~~ be interesting to see what nat and kev say in front of everyone.

    Finally, if Jeff is going to backdoor Russ he must at least make a deal with nat and kev that they will not put him up next week. N and K probably would not keep their word to Jeff, but the promise – and then the lie – need to be out there for all to see.

    Jeff tends to think with his wrong head! And doesn’t look towards the endgame.

  99. Is anyone else screaming at the computer….”JEFF- What are you doing?!?!?” To believe N/K after he has evicted BOTH their BFF’s in the game…hello? Why wouldn’t they target you? They only have 2 weeks to f4, they need Russ to get there!!

  100. kare thats his name..yes he is a low life i was just wondering if russ could have exaggerated his dads make a deal to win that hoh w/jeff.

  101. The veto ceremony must have started by now. Wish I had the live feeds. Do they show it? Maybe if Jordan gave him a little something he could think clearly. LOL I think he’s making the right move. Time will tell.

  102. The bottom line that proves it is a bad move is that Jeff would not be doing it if he knew Kev and Gnat’s plans to target both him and Jordan. As soon as either of them get power they will go after Jeff, not Michelle as they promised.
    If Jeff knew what we know then he absolutely would not do it.

  103. If jeff takes Natalie off then I hope Jeff is the next one to go home. I think Jordan is already thinking that way?

  104. Jeff will be next out if Michele gets hoh. At least I hope Michele gets hoh and puts Jeff up

  105. @Cheri – I agree with you. I can’t stand Jordan. She is so fake and is such a tease to Jeff. I swear the power has gone completely to both of their heads. I hate that they are going back on their words to Russ because he was my favorite but it will be so funny next week when they vote Jeff out.

  106. But Jeff should know that whatever they N/K say is tomake sure they are not the target. They are defenetely going to say what needs to be said … and if he hasn’t figure it out yet …. sorry for him.

  107. Michelle won’t put J/J up, because that would leave her and N/K for final 2 and she knows she will never win the jury votes.

  108. If Russ is put up- he should offer a final 3 with Kevin and Michelle. Kevin would go farther (unless J/J win HOH and POV next) but maybe he would lose votes in the jury house

  109. That’s why Michelle needs to be one of the final 2 – everyone dislikes her so whoever is sitting next to her will win.

    Please post the POV as soon as it happens!!

  110. jordan is only thinking of herself what a idiot jeff is to believe nasty nat, i cant stand lying nat, get rid of her………

  111. I hope that Jeff does get rid of Natalie this week. Overall I think it would be the smartest thing for him to do. If it came down to Russ or Jeff in the F2, I think more people would vote for Jeff.

    Jessie has a hold on those girls (still!) and if he is still feeling betrayed that Russ chose Jeff over him to play in the Veto when the Coup D’Etat was up, I’m sure he would vote for Jeff to win. Jessie must realize by now it was smart game plan for Jeff to use it on him.

    When will we know what happened in the Veto Ceremony?

  112. It’s a shame that Jeff is not thinking. He should remember that Russ stoped Kevin from winning the HOH and that made him (Jeff) to win the HOH.What makes him think that Nat and Kevin are his friends?

  113. i keep hoping jeff will change his mind but as time is ticking, that hope is fading. plus jord keeps drilling into his head not to trust russell. She is the reason he is doing this. he told her he trusts russ to to keep him safe but not he is turning on the person HE knows has his back and saving the person who’s planning his downfall. and he can’t play so all his eggs r in jord and mich’es basket.GOOD LUCK

  114. I am gonna be blunt and say that a man can only think with one of his head at a time … (sorry for the ones who I offend … I don’t want to generalize)
    Jordan is messing up Jeff big time.

  115. NO, vote KEVIN out – he is stronger. They need to get the Jesse posse out of there and into the jury house!!

  116. i tell you one thing – i really hope he does not break his vow to russ!!! he was one of the “Good guys” and i for one (and i believe a lot of others) wanted a good guy to win for once! if he turns bad – i dont know if i want to watch anymore… its just another BB that a bad guy wins.

  117. i sure hope jeff doesn’t back door Russ,he is screwed if he does.when jeff goes next week. that’s it for me. i am taking it out of my puter and i am done not worth watching once jeff is gone

  118. The house guest or on lock down.This is the moment of truth lets see what jeff going to do.Will he or will he not put up russ?

  119. Lets hope he does the right thing.I peronal think if he put up russ then he,ll lose michele.He does,nt know what he getting into.Wait intill he fines out those two or out to betray him,I hope that if it come down to eighter nat or kevin I hope kevin wins it.I rather see jeff win it.but who know what will happen.

  120. I think Jeff should roll the dice and keep Russell,because after all, you just can’t trust the Rat Pack.

  121. I think Jeff has more of a chance winning BB if he takes Russell to the final 4. Russell already knows this too. One of the HG needs to listen in on a conversation that Kevin and Natalie are having concerning their scheming plans. If someone is lucky enough to do that and go back and tell Jeff/Jordan and they confront K/N, that would possibly save Russell. But as we all know, anythings possible on BB. I like this game thus far but it would be a great big mistake for Jeff to backdoor Russell. There should be a HG meeting and have them all lay their thoughts on the line…. yeah right. (:

  122. @ everyone hoping Russell stays… get over it…. jeff / Jordan want to bring natalie to the final 3 because they think she will be easier to beat…. As of yesterday, jeff was telling Jordan that they might take kevin to the final 4 instead of Michelle…

  123. Problem is, with Nat and Kevin, they are lessening their chances to get to the final four…

  124. @Leo – I don’t know why JJ think Nat will be easier to beat. She would have more jury votes don’t you think?

  125. @Leo – Do you think Russ could convince Kev and Mich to vote to keep him and the three of them make a final 3 deal?

  126. It doesn’t matter about loyalty or who you like or don’t like. You didn’t come on the show to make life long friends…you came to win the money. Keep Russell and you have a lot better chance of winning with the jury. Keep Kevin and Natalie and you will lose if it’s one of them you go up against.

  127. Oooh, Ashley, NOW you’re talkin’! Can you imagine how fun that would be to watch??!!

  128. I don’t know what the right move is for Jeff but if either N/K get to F2 they will win the votes. You have to give credit where credit is due..LML worked out beautifully for them.

  129. Let’s face it Jeff has an uphill battle anyway. Russ,kev and Nat are all going to put him up. Who knows what Michelle is going to do! Don’t count Jordon out yet. She still could win HOH. Was he for sure going to put Russell up?

  130. jeff, would be a fool not to use the power of veto and get rid of russell. to win the game get rid of the big threat and that is russell.

  131. Wow, threats of physical violence..ballsy move on Jeff’s part. No one can argue that Jeff didn’t play to win. LOL

  132. Jeff is an idiot. His only chance of winning it all would be going against Russell or Michelle in the final 2. Just amazes me how people can be swayed from the facts stareing them right in the face.

  133. well i am done with all of this.taking it all out of puter. have a good time with the rest of show everyone i am done.

  134. Michelle is as much to blame for the fall of the fab 4 as anyone. She should have stopped all the talk about Russ days ago. She could have stopped the LML but didn’t.

    @Leo..where are you? I want your opinion!

  135. Just because Russ is up, it doesn’t mean he’s gone yet. If they uncover the truth, Nat could go home. Hopefully Kevin and Nat get too excited, and let the cat out of the bag!!!

  136. If Jordan doesn’t win HOH – Jeff just signed his eviction on BB. No way someone will bring him to the end.
    Unless he is very sneaky and does want Nat gone and this is just a distraction. Russ will defenetely loose it and Jeff will look good compared to him ….

  137. Jeff’s a freaking idiot! I used to love him but have NO respect for him now! You swear on your family and go back on your word! WOW! I CAN’T wait to see him sitting on the couch next week next to Julie!

  138. Jeff is stupid and I blame it on Jordan. She is all of the sudden bff with Natalie and putting things in Jeffs head, bad part is he is listening. I hope Michelle gets hoh and puts them both up for going back on their word! Why didn’t Russell raise hell about Jeff trusting Kevin and Natalie when they are lieing!

  139. Jeff is an idiot and has allowed himself to be completely manipulated by Kevin/Gnataliar/Jordumb, jettisoning his integrity in the process. He’ll be exiting soon and deservedly so after this bonehead move. Jordumb is incredibly naive and pathetically easy to fool/manipulate. She’ll be gone soon, too, also appropriately so after her part in this fiasco. Michele is all over the place. The only good move she’s made was putting up Chima. She seems to have no core and no integrity. Kevin at least has a sense of decorum, altho he’s a liar/manipulator. Russell is the only one who has maintained his integrity. He’s kept his word throughout. Unfortunately, his only way to deal with adversity is to get mad and start yelling at people. Very stupid! This only exacerbates things. He’s almost too honest. He’s the only one who has come out and said that at some point he would come after everybody. Of course this true for all, but he’s the only one honest enough to say it. Unfortunately, J/J were too dumb to see this for what it was: a sign of his basic honesty. Instead, they took it as a threat. Gnataliar may the single most despicable human being I have ever had the extreme displeasure of observing. The intense pleasure she obviously derives from her disgusting lies puts her in a class all her own. The adjectives I come up with for her all seem far too weak and inadequate: loathsome, evil, malevolent, devious, snake-like, disgusting, execrable – none do her justice. Seeing her smug, self-satisfied grin when she sees the terrible effects of her insidious, evil lies on her fellow human beings makes me want to simultaneously blast her to hell and vomit. She should be evicted from the planet! Sad about J/J. They blew it.

  140. I can not stand Russell, As Chima said cauliflower ears.. He is horribel and too sneaky to feel sorry for. Kudos to Jeff. Get rid of mouth and then that awful ( smelly) Michele… Let dumb and dumber and dumbest go neck to neck … the smartest in that foursome will be Kevin. Natalie can be 24 years but she is dumber still and should have stayed 18. Its really where are capabilities are

  141. Kevin’s “decorum” looks like he bought it at a clowns yard sale. Last week Natalie of all people had to tell him to go back and change clothes. I thought gay guys knew all about that stuff.

  142. I think it was a very PUSSY thing for Jeff to do!! I have been rooting for Jeff and Jordan all along, but now, I think Jeff is a complete JERK!! There isn’t ANYONE left in the house that I want to win!!! It would suit Jeff right, if Kevin or Natalie kicked him and Jordan out. Maybe Michelle will win, seems like the least of all the Evil that is left!!!

  143. First off; this is a move that HAD to be made! Had Jeff not done it, without being able to run for HOH this week, he’d be gone, period. As for trusting Nat/Kev, he isn’t THAT dumb! And neither is Jordan! Jordan has proved herself in the Q and A Competitions, she knows everything! Russ was a loose cannon, would not directly answer what he’d do the next week/what he wouldn’t do, leaving Jeff with the only Sensible option; OUT Russell!

  144. @Jamie #167. couldn’t have said it better myself. spot on. cept for maybe the names used :)

    I just hope that nat and kev get with michelle and get a final 3 with her now. no way nat or kev side with russ and mich, they will get russ out this week, and jeff or jordan next week with the other the next week.

    ONLY hope for Russ this week is for Jordan to somehow flip and vote nat out, but now that they are BFFs in the house (well, at least Jordan thinks so) she wont do it

    HOW stupid will these people feel once they get out and see all of this?

  145. I’ll continue to watch the show because once Russ is out, the target is on Jeff’s butt! Woohooo… I’m sure Michele is not that loyal to Jeff as he think she is. She’s a lone wolf, she would backdoor him if she had the chance… or Jordan. If Jordan and Jeff leaves before the final 3, there will be a smile on my face! hahaha

  146. The dumb move of the game for Jeff was last week when he ousted Lyd rather than Kevin. Kevin will prove to be the traitor. However, Jeff could easily win the POV next week.

  147. They should feel stupid, because they are. J/J trusting Gnataliar & Kev, then putting Russell up. Jeff gave up the$500k, and next Jeff & Russell, sitting in the jury house can say each other, Boy we were a couple of dumba$% idiots. Gnat needs to go this week.

  148. Honestly Jeff is in a position that no matter who he gets out this week, they will all try to get him out next week because he’s the best competitor in the house. Russ said he’d get him out, K/N said they’d gun for him and the only one that hasn’t is Mi &Jo and we all know that Mi would in a heartbeat.

    I can’t blame Jeff for ousting Russ. Even his own friend Michelle confirmed the lie that K/N made up! Everyone in the house except for Russ said that Russ said he was gunning for him. What is Jeff to believe? so while the lie started with K/N, Michelle made it that more believable and if I was Russ, I’d be pissed at Michele!

    Best case scenario is that Jeff tells Russ the lie that he was told, and Russ can get to the bottom of it and oust K/N that they started the lie.

  149. I think one of the biggest upsets in Big Brother’s history could evolve as follows: It would be a VERY interesting twist in the game if Russell could persuade Michele and Kevin to vote to keep him in. Apart from her deceitfulness, Nat-a-lie is totally dispensible. Russell could promise both Kevin and Michele protection for the next two weeks by saying that he (and Michele) could switch things around by targeting Jeff and Jordon. Russell, Michele and Kevin could end up as the final three. This scenario would actually be a good deal for Kevin because he knows that Jeff has no plans on taking him to the final two. The same applies for Michele. She’s got to be thinking that Jeff and Jordon are planning on ousting her next. If this “upset” came about, there is a strong possibility that Michele and Russell could end up as the final two.

  150. Anita – Hope it turns out as you suggest. I guess it would have been boring if Jeff kept noms as is (though I do not want Russell to leave). Let’s hope Russell finds a way to stay in the game. Jeff & Jordon are history.

  151. it is big brother……you don’t keep your word! nothing about this game has honesty. it is a game to win…just like poker where you bluff your competitors!! whatever jeff does this week is part of the game and shouldn’t be anything else. GO JEFF….he seems to be a nice guy and super cute!!!

  152. Listen, regardless of what happened this week, one of two things would happen next week:

    1) Jordan wins HOH; or

    2) Anyone else wins HOH and puts up J&J

    Nothing else to it. Russell already said that he would put them up if he won next week; it’s obvious what Natalie or Kevin would do; Michele is hopefully smart enough to realize that putting up J&J is the best decision.

    If Jordan doesn’t win the next HOH, then either Jeff or Jordan is going home.

  153. I think Jeff made a big mistake backdooring I believe this move has cost him the game. He didn’t look at the big picture…Russell kept his word to Casey, Jeff and Jessie. Also,he didn’t think long term (jury votes). I really think if Jeff waited until final 4 to remove Russell, Russell would be more understanding and give Jeff the vote.

  154. Matt I agree 100%. The only hope he had from day one was Jo winning HOH or him winning the POV

  155. I’m sorry Ashley have you been watching the same BB I have,because Russ made an alliance with Jessie then Jeff now with Michelle. He said himself the best move for Jeff is to take him out,because if he had the chance he would take out Jeff. I don’t know which would be the better move. I know this much you can’t trust Nat,Kevin,Russ or Michelle. I think you have to just trust your gut instinct just like Jeff did when he took out Jessie. Jeff said he didn’t know if taking out Jessie was good or bad,but whatever happened he made the choice.

  156. I cant give up on Russ yet. Michele, Kev and Jordon are the votes this week. Michele and Kev vote for Russell, then gun for Jeff and Jordon. Jeff cant play next HOH and it would be Russ, Kev, Michele and Jordon playing … ummm wonder who will win that. Only 2 people can make in the F2 an Jeff isnt the one to take because he wants Jordon with him.

    Jeff made a big mistake, this is him showing his cards tooo quick. The deal was made swearing on family and pops and close people to back out of their words and Jeff is the one not keeping his word. I hope Kev sides with Michele and Russell to get the J’s out! It would be masterful!

  157. First, Nat hadn’t won anything. Can’t you see her & Lydia with Jessie if Nat gets evicted. I think that would be fun to see Jessie scurm a little. If Jeff keeps Russell I think he still has a chance to win in endurance,because they were the final two for HOH once & Russell offered Jeff a deal.

  158. @ Denise and other Natalie haters…. Guess who else never won a challenge, but they won the $500,000? Dr Will from season #2!!! L~O~L!!!

  159. ***** GOOD ~ Evening ~ BB Fans / Bloggers *****

    @ Ashley… I told you Jeff would show his true colors and backdoor Russell…. I wonder if people still think of Jeff / Jordan as moral saints…. L~O~L!!! Jeff showed he was gritty after the technotrnics fight with Russell…. People wanted a good old american boy who would never lie or back stab anyone…. Jeff is just as grimeyas Jessie / Ronnie and will ultimately back stab Jordan if he needs to for $500,000…. He will not lose $500,000 for a showmance that may not even develop into a friendship let alone a relationship after BB 11 is over… Anyways… Wuz up girl (Ashley)? There is no way Kevin will turn on Natalie and vote her ot for Russell because Kev knows with Natalie in the house he will have his best chance of getting past the final 3….. Everyone else will get rid of him in the next week or two max…. I am about to do homework…. It was my first day of the fall semester…. I need to study for my “Constitutional Law” class… Have a good night Ashley and everyone else!!! ***** O~N~E *****

  160. @ Melanie…… How have you been doing? I have been all over these sites….. I agree with you….. Michelle’s lies onnly solidified what Kevin / Natalie’s LML lie and gave Jeff more of a reason o backdoor Russell this week…… I think Michelle will flip flop to the power and join Natalie / Kevin to try to break up Jeff / Jordan (hopes of evicting Jeff) because she will be able to get to the final 2 easier against Natalie / Kevin / Jordan…… Then she would be with N/K to ake out Jordan next, but I believe N/K will back door her right after Jeff ecause Michelle is a better player than Jordan…. L-O-L!!! What do you think about this Melanie / Other BB Fans?

  161. Russel kept his word.Jeff did not. Why because Russel said he would keep Jeff safe. Jordan said not me. Jeff then turned on Russel Because of Nat lie. I hope Jeff see’s and gets karma he deserves. Nothing fron Jorden (lol) and see’s he let something put him mind plat the game.Showmances do not work.

  162. Jeff did the right thing for putting Russ up if Russ leaves. it’s a game, everyone lies. no one is stupid, the jury will vote the strongest rather than the nicest. No one will vote for Jodan if she is in the final 2, if Russ stay, he will kick Jeff out before final 3 or final 2 when he get chance. Kevin and Michel may be strong player, but Jeff is confident to takedown them before final 3, not Russ. it’s time for Kevin to win HOH, but I dont think he will put Jeff up after what happened this week. even Nat is in the final 2, I dont think she will get more votes than Jeff/Michel, even Kevin.

  163. Kevin will definitly vote Russ out unless his brain get washed by Russ, Revenge is his personality, he could have have HOH last week if he used the gold can on Jeff rather than Russ. Jordan should vote Russ out. No one is scared of Nat (unless she is hiding her strong copetitive ability).

  164. If Kevin and Michele can get Jeff out next week(it’s hard, jeff will be more likely to win the POV), most likely, one of them can win the final.

    Jeff should be the strongest player in the house right now. Even he kicked out Jessie and Russal, they will probably still vote for him if he is in the fianl 2 (unless they will get money if they vote for the other one).

  165. I dont think Nat is hiding anything except her age. LOL She lets it all out, she has been trying to win comps specially when she has been on the block. She didnt know if she was safe. Nat is just not winning, and is still in it to win a half mill.

  166. If Nat is that kind of weak, who wont keep her and kick her out before final 2 or even let her in final 2, she wont get enough votes to win the prize. LOL, in most cases, it’s a fair game in the end. No matter how everyone lied or hated each other.

  167. If we are going to talk about weak players and keeping Nat for that reason, Nat was up against Lydia. Lydia is weaker than Nat and has less mouth.

  168. It was a mistake to take Lydia out, J/J had chance to take out anyone last week. Maybe Lydia is too annoying.

  169. I agree it would have been better to keep lydia. getting nat. out lydia would still be loud and annoying but kissing butt . she would have never got a vote in final 2 . jeff could have had it made.

  170. #190 @ Leo, Yes that is true but Dr. Will did it with class. He would lie to you, but he was always nice to people. Dr. Will was never a sore loser Team Jessie. Every time they lost cry & complain. Oh that’s not fair.

  171. J/J are going to have to go to the final 2 together because I dont know who in the Jhouse is going to vote for either one unless they are up against each other and forced to chose.

    Kev and Nat have to whole Jhouse full of their friends, and they are missing Chima.

    Russ/Michele are not liked by anyone. This is why they both made a great team.

    Russ is hated more than anyone in the house and did that on purpose and he makes the best finalist. I hope Kev sees this and him and Michele vote to keep the villian.

  172. I am a JEFF fan..I think Jordan might be the most ignorant person ever to be on the BB…and she use to be nice, she has shown a clear mean side the last three weeks…so I am NOT a J/J fan at all….

    I think that Jeff blew it last week in sending Lydia home, or to play house with Jess. She was NO THREAT to win ANYTHING other than the cream prize that Jess seems to deliver her..LOOL

    Also, Jeff should have been a MAN last night, and told Russ he was going up, instead of playing pool with him, and talking about hanging out together and going fishing in October…

    I am really in a little disgust with Jeff…and his demand of a 3-0 vote to get Russ out, or else…I think Kevin is going to give Russ a vote, and Jeff is going to blame Michelle…whom I think is more in lust and has his back than Jordan ever would or has been..

    Jeff!!! Wake up fool….you are becoming a freaking J O K E just like the Jeff haters said you would be….
    Really pathetic…

    Walk in peace,

  173. Does anyone remember Russ and Michelle talking about final two and how they needed to get Jeff out of the house? Kevin really wasnt lying!! (he just didnt know it) Lie, Backstab and Backdoor = Big Brother… Judging a persons character by what they do in the house is stupid! If anyone says they wouldnt lie, backstab or backdoor someone in the house they made a promise to for $500,000 they are a LIAR! Remember what Jeff has said over and over again, ITS JUST A GAME!

  174. Shelley….

    Jeff had never said “it is only a game” time and again, as he and Casey were drinking and smoking as outcasts…..when he was LOSING!!

    After Casey left, he didn’t use that term for quite a while, as he asked for Russ to not “lie” as Jeff fell to the ground…

    Now that Jeff has been running the BB House, Jordan can’t spell house if you spotted her the OUSE, he wants to tell Jess and Chipma, “it’s just a game”….

    Suddenly to Jeff, IT IS A GAME!!! When that fool was being touched up, he was livid…

    I was a huge Jeff fan…I hope that Kev/Gnat dispose of him next week, and Russ does MOP THE FLOOR with his face in the Jury house…

    Go Michelle……you are the only REAL BB HG worthy of winning…


  175. Russell has already said his plan is to get Jeff out…Jeff beat him to it. When the people get into the Jury House and really think about it…they will decide that Jeff is really playing the better game. Remember Evil Dick and Jen..she even voted for Dick after all the fights. Jeff is smart backdooring Russell, next needs to be Michele.

  176. ok if jeff bds russ he did go back on his word 1 time. russ has voted against jeff at least twice to get the votes in the jury house.that was dishonest as well.russ did say he was going to get jeff laura said jeff beat him to it.i hope michele stays loyal until nat and kevin are out.i do believe michele will go after jeff next.she would have to take jorden to final 2 with her to win.i just hope nat or kevin doent make it w/jeff or jorden to final 2 they will get the majority of the votes to win the prize.if russ goes home i will have to switch up my final 3.

  177. This is the game and I think Jeff is making a BIG mistake, if he wants to win I think he should take Russell took the final 2. Anyone else and he just might not win, almost everyone in the jury house came out of Natilie’s alliance. Jordan is sweet and no one dislikes her She stands a good chance of winning everything if its down to him and her. The only way any of the players are guarenteed to win if is Russel is standing beside them on the final 2.

  178. JEFF, DONT use the pov.. jordon is pulling u down. THINK SMART PLAY HARD .. take out the weaker players first….

  179. I think that it would have been a good move if he would have done it later rather then sooner. I know eventually he would have probably had to get him out. But I don’t think it should have been now. If it was Russell and Jeff in the final two, at least he would have a 50/50 shot of winning.

  180. I think Russ gets what he deserves I clearly remember him trying to make a deal with Michelle to get Jeff out it is now or never for Jeff to remove Russel why waite for Russ to turn on him.

  181. I don’t think Russ was going against the Final4 when he talked to Michelle. He logically proposed a final 2 to Michelle since it is obvious J/J is a Final 2 together. Michelle just tried to one up him and tell Jeff Russ was gunning for him to make it to the final 3 with J/J. Then N/K told him the LML, which is why Russ is on the block.

    Russ also didn’t betray Jeff by not voting for Jesse. He knew Jesse would be going,all other votes were there. Essentially it was a sympathy vote & he wanted to keep his word with Jesse to show his honesty.

    Michelle will flip where ever the power is N/K or J/J. It would be wise for him & Michelle to keep Russ to get J/J out. He’d be better in the competition than Natalie. I’d rather have him with me in the final 3 for competitions. Michelle/Kevin/Russell v. Jordan for HOH & 3:1 on POV. I doubt if Kevin would flip on Natalie but remember he didn’t use POV on there may be a very slim possibility. If I was either Michelle or Kevin, I’d want Russell with me in the Final 2 to win the Jury vote.

    I don’t think the Jury will vote for “better” player this season. Remember none of them think Jeff is a better player, they think he was “given” his power by America.


  183. I think that putting Russell up was a biiiig mistake… i LOVE jeff and jordan but I think that was a killer mistake that they made tonight… Natalie needs to go

  184. @216, No they will not vote for the best player. The jury house will be all of team Jessie’s gang. Look how they acted when one of their team Jessie ppl got voted off. Jeff saved Lydiot, & she still was mad @ him. So you know she won’t vote for the best player.

  185. I think jeffs moved to backdoor russ was not the greastest jeff is so dum that he will be the next to go nat is weak and doesn’t know how to play she is a floater for real but hey she made it this far jeff I like jeff but he is to caught up wit jordan dum ass to see he is gettin played but we will see what happens jeff u have a bulls eye on ur bac homie good luck russ go out wit a bang jeff needs to get it

  186. Jeff I hope you did not make a mistake I want you and Jordon to go to the end I think you should have put Michelle up there cause however is HOH then she want their alliance. I just hope you did the right thing Natalie has to get out of that house

  187. If Jeff put Russell up on his own because he thought Russell was a strong competitor Yes! But he is trusting and believing the words of Kevin and Natalie! Why has no one wondered why Big Brother alloed Natlie to drink? Why or how Natalie plays in poker tournament in Las Vegas, at age 18. How can she have visited all the places she talks about as a minor?

  188. Jordan had nothing to do with get Russell backdoor.Jeff has his own mind it was his choice. He listen to Kevin and Natlie Jeff thinks Russell is a threat that he can beet him in astrong competitor. He knows he can beet Kevin,Natlie at a phyical match. This can work out if Jordan wins HOH becuase most likly it will be questions about the house. So go Jordan!

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