Big Brother 11: Week 7 PoV Competition Results – Spoilers

The Power of Veto Competition is over in the Big Brother 11 house. To find out who won click “continue reading” for the spoilers

Power of Veto

Jeff is the winner in this week’s Big Brother 11 Veto competition!

With just six houseguests left everyone was playing today’s game. As HoH Jeff holds all the power this week, much like Jordan had during last week’s rushed events. Will Jeff use the power to backdoor Russell? It just might happen!

What do you think? Should the Veto be used? Who would you save?

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  1. jeff should let noms stand and get whining pathetic natalie out, but BB must have cameras at jury house….want to see the girls with jessie

  2. Please Jeff keep the nominations the same and don’t let immature Nat and sneaky Kevin change your mind. You have to be strong and stick to your major swear on your parent promise.

    Keep nominations the same!!!!!!!!!
    Russel final 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I hope Jeff stays true to his word with R/M and he gets rid of Nat.

    Russell needs to remind him of the pact they made swearing on their families and I think Jeff would then honor his committment!

    Let’s just see how honorable Jeff is!

  4. Big Brother do something, talk to Jeff tell him to think about this. He obviously isn’t being rationale. He currently has tunnel vision/memory.

  5. Russell is doomed now. I like Russell. Jeff won’t get his vote. Can’t wait until Kevin and Natalie put him on the block. Jeff is not a man or his words game or not. I know its about lying and scheming. I am getting tired of this.

  6. If Natalie makes it to final 2 because of Jeff’s foolish move here (if he backdoors Russ), I hope he loses. Its a foolish move trusting two people who have done NOTHING to earn your trust or further your game. Plus, didn’t Jeff promise to stand by the final 4 deal and swear on his family? That’s just horrible if he goes against it now. Be strong enough to face Russ in the final 4!

  7. I love Jeff, but this power is going to his head and he needs to calm down and start to focus on everything that has transpired throughout this game without any influence from anyone else.

    He needs to make up his own mind and not be tainted by K/N and even Jordan!

  8. If Jeff changes noms he will show he has no honor and that he cares nothing about parents

  9. The longer you play with a snake. The higher the chance you get bitten. Backdoor russell now or pay for it later.

  10. My husband and I think Jeff should take Nat down she would very loyal to Jeff and Jorden to the end… Jeff should put up Russell or Michell.Michell is very smart and can very easily win HOH, Russell is not very bright but is strong. Nat could use the money because she appears to be very poor.But we love Jorden but we dont think she will use the money to get a goog education first then after schooling and get a good job, she then can take care of her mother.

  11. this is the perfect time to backdoor Russell! Russell is going to be the toughest competitor in the Final Four the dude is ripped… if there is a mental comp team J/J are screwed take “Russell the Love Muscle” out now.

  12. Natalie is good. It takes a talented person to be able to convince the one with all the power to do YOUR bidding. She needs a harsh wake up call. I hope Jeff gives it to her in the form of an eviction. Reality needs to bite (and bite hard!). I hope Jeff loses all the dead weight hes been carrying and gets his groove back. Otherwize he will be saying hello to Jessie.

  13. Glad that Jeff won POV. Hopefulle the stupid glaze that has been blinding him will be lifted, and he will NOT use POV to save Natalie or Kevin! (most annoying human ever). Jeff WAKE UP! Natalie/Kevin barely talked to you the whole game… they are “up your butt”. Natalie needs to go this week. Get rid of Russell or Kevin next week. You have the numbers….keep it that way

  14. BOY—am I glad that Jeff got the veto!!!I hope that he will not use it.Natalie really needs to go this week. @ Vanessa–I totally agree with you especially on camera at the BB house !!!! Now that would be GREAT !!!The two B#@* FIGHTING OVER THE PEA BRAIN !!!! I know that Jeff will end up the BIG WINNER.I watched BBAD today, and I can not believe how stupid Jordan is.I truly believe that she IS NOT putting it on. I just can’t believe that anyone is so empty headed!!! At first I wanted her to go all the way with Jeff, I don’t anymore. She is just pulling Jeff down. He really needs too cut her loose and play the game for his self…Go Jeff….

  15. I think Jordan is playing on Jeff’s feelings.I think Jeff and Russell should be final two.

  16. if jeff uses the pov and throws out Russ he is done in this game nat his going to take him out as soon as she can. he needs to sit and think about it for a while brfore he does something stupid

  17. @ Vanessa & Phyllis I think that we all would LOVE to see what would happen in the Jury house with Jessie, Lydia, and Natalie! Now thats must see tv! The Witches of eastwick would still be fighting over him! LOL

  18. BB please put a hint in jeffs ear to keep the noms the same. he is going to get screwed if he uses it


  20. @blackgirl
    bb hints to them all the time. they have been doing it all season and the hg’s have even said so on bbad. i think jeff better keep russell in one way and on the other hand russ has talked about backdooring jeff so i’m not sure what the answer is at this point. GO TEAM JEFF

  21. i sure hope jeff doesn’t use the veto. please BB talk to him put some sence in his head. if he put up Russ and he leaves jeff will be gone next week. please jeff don’t listen to jordan she doesn’t have all whats comming to her.she needs to just shut her mouth about it. BB stop jeff before it’s to late for him

  22. @Richard #27

    Right on, I totally agree with your take..I hope after Jeff has a little time to think by himself without you know who in his ear, he realize its the best option this week..

    They need to get rid of Kevin first, he is smart and somewhat athletic..He has come too close the last few times, the Gnat is nothing..

  23. I am all for Jeff winning, however, if he takes out Russell and keeps an alliance like Kevin and Natalie, he deserves to go home. Kevin has come very close to winning and will probably win one of the next two events. Get rid of him now and force Natalie to come to your side. If Russ wins HOH Jeff needs to remind him of how much he has saved his neck and hope for his loyalty. Getting rid of Natalie also makes sense because it breaks up Kevin and her. Russ should not be going home yet. If Jeff does it, then Natalie and Kevin are the more clever players because they orchestated this.

  24. I can’t believe it!! I’m sooo disappointed!!!! I am all for J/J but they’re gonna get what they deserve!!!!!! I’m at the point that I don’t care to watch this anymore. everyone else can get caught talking and telling lies but not Nat & Kevin!!!!!

  25. Debbie, with the live feeds (that I have) at times you hear the HG saying how the DR throws hints at them. and has them say things certain ways.

  26. so far jeff has been playing every scenario in his head and he has to realize that getting Kevin or Natalie out now will keep the numbers on his side for another week. If he gets Russell out now, he will be going to the jury house next week probably.

  27. Does anybody know how they do the veto ceremony? Does it show before the show tomorrow or what? Jeff should really start thinking about what is going to get him further in this game

  28. little miss Jordan is all about getting rid of Russell and keeping Natalie due to Natalie is totally sucking up to her big time. Natalie is fixing Jordan & Jeff dinner and talking all sweet to them! and then at night, she and kevin are laughing and plotting about how they’re gonna suck up to them and be nice and then put J/J up.

  29. i’m with you Diana , once jeff is gone from the game i won’t watch it any more,so if he uses iot he deserves whathe gets and my time watching will be over to. i heard them saying that to Diana, so BB you need to talk with jeff keep calling him in the DR to talk with him about leaving the noms the same

  30. Jeff already backstabbed Kevin and Natalie and now he’s about to backstab Russell. What leverage does he have at all if he keeps Kevin and Natalie together?

  31. I’m sitting here watching the live feeds and am sick to my stomach watching how they’re acting and sucking up!!! ahhhhhh!!

  32. veto will be tuesday. tomorrow is the nominations and he put nat & kevin up yesterday but has a deal with natalie & kevin to keep them. (jordan does with natalie) natalie is so good with her lies, she still has the HG believing she is 18 yrs old.

  33. ok thanks. Yeah Jeff needs to take some time alone and figure out what is his best shot at staying in the game longer.

  34. I think Jeff should leave it alone stick to the plan and get rid of Kevin first then nay then all is up for grabs at that time they never stick to the plans that when things go wrong.

  35. I was a fan of the J/J/R/M final four. Then I read the interview where Allison Grodner said that if Russ won HOH he would absoluely put up Jeff. That tells me that if Russ doens’t go this week, and he wins HOH, Jeff would go up. I think that no matter how you look at it, next week is going to be difficult for both Jeff and Jordan to survive. Natalie and Kevin are gunning for them, and so is Russ…with him there Michele may be swayed with him gone Michele will stick with Jeff and Jordan. So I hate to say it but I want Jeff to backdoor Russ this week and pray Jordan or Michele win next week.

  36. i think it’s time for jeff time to just be alone and sit and think without dummy in his ear all the time,

  37. I love BB but I dont want to see a honorless Jeff So if Russ or even Michele goes home I will quit watching

  38. I feel badly for Russell. His only real crime so far is having a temper. All the supposed lies that Natalie keeps saying he told, were all the result of rumors that were started, and because of Chima. While he’s definitely a stronger player, I’d get rid of Natalie RIGHT NOW. She’s the one who’s good at lying.

  39. When Russ gave his word he has actually stuck to it which be be more than we will be able to say for Jeff if Russ goes home before f4

  40. I’m with you Cheri, as of the past few days with the lie Nat & Kevin made up about Michele & Russell to J/J, they’re back dooring Russell. and I have no more desire to watch it anymore when that happens. I don’t mean to come across like a poor sport, but I can’t handle lies.

  41. Jeff…you really need to think this out. Nat is no good. You need to get her out but make sure you talk to Russ and be sure he is with you to the final 4.

  42. its too soon to take out out russell. wait til nat n kevin are gone. russell is loyal to jeff now…natalie CANNOT be in the final four. she is a punk.

  43. I will be sad to see Russell go. I wish Jeff would just honor the final 4. It just shows that Russell is a better person than Jeff.

  44. I disliked Rssell at first with his bad attitude however when he went into an alliance with J/J he’s been awesome and the way Jordan has been treating him and michele like she’s the princess and she rules. her and jeff has even gotten upset with her. I’m gonna have to shut down the live feed cause I am so disappointed LOL

  45. i hear you cheri they are the only reason why i am still watching.i only missed the first 3 season of BB been watching it ever since.jeff just needs to sit and think.on the other hand if russ wins HOH i think jeff will go up.i know he will go up if nat wins so it’s like want in one hand and wish in the other. i think anyone who wins from now on jeff will be a target no matter what

  46. If Jeff continues to listen to Jordan, then he is a DUNDERHEAD!!!!

    He might as well kiss the $500k goodbye!

  47. blackgirl, I am a huge fan of BB and have been for all seasons, but I am disappointed with the lies and the way they are treating each other.

  48. Let’s hope that CBS BB crew tries to coach Jeff into keeping Russell, so at least we will have an entertaining endurance competition. Otherwise it will be completely BORING!!

  49. I want Natalie or Kevin out of there. They have been kissing up ever since Natalie left. They are just covering their own butts. I think Jeff should keep Michelle and Russell until the final four. He promised and he prides himself on his honesty.

  50. Who wants to watch a slam dunk with all the competitions and that’s what will happen if they boot Russell out. We need Russell for the entertainment if nothing else!

  51. no matter who goes this week and who stays, Jeff/Jordan needs to be put up next week with Jeff going unless he wins POV. smartest move in the game to take out the strongest player when he can’t win HOH. Then if Russ stays this week, he would be target following week. Even though I like both Russ and Jeff, this would be smartest move

  52. i hope so to Diana, let them take him out next week. if BB can talk jeff into voting out nat.then he will just have to make jordo understand they need nat out this week. come on BB please talk some since into jeff

  53. If Jeff is smart and looking out for his best interest, instead of Jordan constantly telling him how much Russ gets on her nerves and she can’t stand him, he will keep his noms the same. Regardless of whether he feels he can truly trust Russ and Mich he knows its a guarantee he goes up if Kevin or Nat win HOH. Since he can’t play for HOH this week he needs to maximize his chances of being as safe as possible which means getting one of them out, preferably Kevin since he has been better in the comps. If he uses the POV to get Russ out unless him and Jordan win out the comps till the end, which is highly unlikely, his game is over. And I won’t feel bad for him because it will be his own fault for letting his attachment to Jordan cloud his judgment with all her talk about how much she likes and trusts Nat and Kev, for no reason what so ever, and all her trashing of Russ. I was all about Jeff and Jordan but I have been very disappointed by them these last 2 weeks. There is still hope they can change their mind like last week but this time I seriously doubt it.

  54. found where she did win bronze title, but she was 17 at the time. so maybe she is living in the past.

  55. I am so with you Brian. but it doesn’t look hopeful. he can thank Jordan for his defeat

  56. I think that Jeff should use the Power of veto to try and get Russell out the door cause Russell is going to be harder to get out later. I know that Jordan,and kevin will vote for him to go.

  57. blackgirl, I am so not thinking of it that way. I am for j/j/m/r because of the “big lies” from Natalie. if they got Nat out this week, may the best person win from there. that’s my opinion of fair

  58. @blackgirl

    bb hints to all the hoh’s. they did it when jessie was there and also when russell was hoh. it’s just a part of the game. they can’t make them do what they want. they just try to lean them to what america wants. noone ever said bb was a fair game.

  59. Wouldnt that be aswome if Jeff and Russ had a hidden alyence to gether and even Jorden didnt know. Go Jeff and Russ kick butts!

  60. dang get rid of Jordan shes giving him bad advice I cant believe shes believing everything nasty nat is saying, hes heading down the wrong road….

  61. Jordan has already invited herself to go to Hawaii with Jeff. I just don’t like to see people walking around like Jordan who is thinking because of the power she’s had and her alliance with Jeff (she’s riding his shirt tail) that she’s above everyone else in the house. enough is enough

  62. Jeff and Russell are the main reason I am so interested in the show. At least now there is no screaming and yelling on the show. I like it when they all sit around and talk. Did you hear Jordan asking Kevin all the info about what gay people do to each other sexually. I am sure his boyfriend is probably not too happy about him divulging all the things they do together.

  63. If Jeff uses the veto it to better himself in the game cause first chance Russ gets Jeff is out. Jeff will not be going next week cause Jordan is going to win HOH.

  64. Jeff swore on his parents M/R/J/J f4 and that is the way it should be. Russ has shown when he gives his word he sticks to it even with the Jesse vote

  65. ewww yea, Sandy Girl, she acts so childish. and June as of the last couple days and today, they’re back dooring Russell who has been calm since being in an alliance with Jeff. I also am enjoying watching the Jeff & Russell show.

  66. Fixed. Jeff will win!!!why did I get so involved in this? my life must be very boring. I’m over it now. Watch ratings go down, who wants to see Jeff and Jordan show? He should be a man of his word.

  67. SandyGirl i did not here that thanks for posting that and no i am not gay but i was rased by two lesbeains and i dont hate gays because my mom taught me right not to judge because we all have difrint sins so thanks again SandyGirl. Jorden you Bad but still love ya sweetie because you have lack of knowledge.

  68. I just got home and found out Jeff won pov. I guess we will see if he is the honorable, wholesome guy everyone thinks he is. I’m betting on NOT. I hope Nat mops the floor with him next week.

  69. Jackie I have to disagree with you. with Michelle, Russell and Jordans votes, Jeff would be safe if Nat gets out this week

  70. @blackgirl, I agree that the producers have “fixed” the show more this year for the viewer’s favorites.

  71. Bye Russel. Say hi to lydia and jesse @ the jury house. (natalie should get comfortable either, she will be gone next week)

  72. Ashley, Nat has been scheming with Kevin all week about sucking up to J/J and throwing Russell and Michelle under the bus and laughing about going after Jeff. she’s using Jordan to do it as well. I was hoping that Kevin would get worried about going and fess up to Jeff about Natalie’s lies, but he told Kevin in the storage room he was safe

  73. @Diana C – why would Jeff believe Nat and Kev’s lies over Russ? He has done everything he said he would. Power has definately gone to Jeff’s head. He is starting to remind me of Jessie.

  74. @ disappointed lol, me too. this is the first time I subscribed to the 24/7 live feed. I have gotten so involved in watching it I accidently have been calling my son in law Jeff. but, I’m disappointed with the live feed because they keep putting up a screen saver everytime something really good comes on or if they start talking about production and the games before it airs. they don’t show the veto or HOH either.

  75. Jeff keeps saying he’s a better player than Jordan, so let him prove it.n The best player wouldn’t listen to someone else, they’d go with their gut.

  76. Ashley, Michelle and Russ aren’t aware of the lie she has started (she told jeff & jordan that michelle & russ are scheming against them)so they can’t even defend themselves unless Kevin comes forth and confesses. but since Jeff told him he was safe, he’s probably gonna not say a word. he knows Russell is also a good competitor.

  77. Jeff needs to keep Russell and his promise.

    Forget Jordan’s whining about Russell getting on her nerves.
    Tell her to grow up. Everyone in the House is getting on each
    others nerves.

    Someone wrote Natalie is from a poor family.
    I’ve read her father owns two health clubs.
    If true, she and her family should be doing okay or
    better than okay.
    She is just a nasty person and deserves to BE VOTED OFF.

    I keep hoping Jeff and Russell have a secret pac to bring
    each other to the Finals and are currently acting they way
    they are to confuse Kevin, Nat and even, Jordan.

    If not, Jeff is about to blow it BIG TIME by getting rid
    of Russell and keeping Nasty Natalie.

  78. I am receiving Showtime free for a year so I have watching Big Brother After Dark. I am staying up way way later than I normally do and when I go to bed I think about the stupid show. It has kind of become an obsession with me. I will be glad when it’s over and I can get some sleep.

  79. Diana,
    I agree, I’m very disappointed with live feed. It’s false advertising, too, it’s not live if you can’t watch 6 hours later (in a 3 hour time difference) and they’ve edited out a quarter of each hour.


  81. how I wish I could turn a switch and let you all that don’t have the 24/7 listen to this…I’m just beside myself. Russell is laying in another room by himself as the others are just so happy and having a good time.

  82. Jeff and Russell can’t possibly have a secret pact unles they made it while on the toilet, the only place we can’t see them. He’s not away from Jordan enough to talk to anyone. Really, why DOESN’T Russell remind him of the parent pact?

  83. Ooops …………..

    I didn’t intend to leave Michele out of my posting.
    She is an interesting player.
    If she goes to the Final Two with Jeff, I think Jeff
    will win.
    Michele doesn’t have many, if any, fans/friends at BB.
    She is one smart woman and I would like for her to
    take at least 2nd Place.

    Who knows, she may even take First!

  84. SandyGirl i do the same thing and what i do is i put in a blank tape thats if you still have VHF and in the morning i fast forword the dumb stuff untill the good stuf comes on LOL!!

  85. @ blackgirl, you’re right. I’m disappointed with Jordan with the way she’s been treating everyone. (she says it’s because of her monthly lady problem) but she has been down right nasty to michelle and russell. and I thought she was so sweet. but I guess when you get power a couple times, it goes to your head.

  86. Diana C i thought i was the only one that thought that about people winning the power and the true person just comes out of there shell.

  87. LOL, yep, they have cameras in every room. I was hoping also that Jeff or Jordan would at least tell michelle & russ about what Kevin & Nat said about them.

  88. Actually I have a DVR and record it but I can’t wait until the next day to watch it.

    I was wondering if anybody thinks the Jeff and Jordan relationship is so cute. I can’t believe a guy as good looking as Jeff can have such self control. Of course I know Jordan doesn’t want her family to see any sex stuff. I can’t believe they do sex on live TV with their parents, friends and family watching.

  89. Diana C where are you from and what time is it there cause its what 6:22 here in sacramento Californa just wondering sweetie.

  90. If we are to believe to EXPECT the UNEXPECTED, perhaps there will be a twist to turn this game around and keep Russell in giving J/J some real competiton. They really need a reality check and come back down to earth!!

    This is not planet J/J!!

  91. BB we want Russell to make it to the final 4… Please talk to Jeff. Tell him its not about who Jordan gets along with but what people at what point in the game can get him further to the 500k………..

  92. Russ final 4!!!!!!! Please…. Fan or not I cannot watch if Russ goes I just can’t… It just won’t matter anymore…. please BB….

  93. Jeff needs to stop listening to Jordan. I want to see Jeff and Russell in the final 2 so at least it will be interesting. Jeff needs to pull Russell aside and talk to him and make sure their deal is still on. Why is he not talking to him.

  94. she was a good competitor who had most of the villians figured out. she had great gameplay.

  95. BB tell Jeff to stop ignoring Russ and talk to him see where his head is at. Russ must say he still wants the final 4 plan..

  96. next season should be allstars 2. minus all the fake people. (ok maybe a few cuz their funny to watch)

  97. First of all, you Russell fans crack me up. You don’t want Jeff to break his word, yet when Russell says on national TV that he considers Jeff and himself even and that he would put Jeff up if he won HOH, that was ok???? If Jeff does it first, then aren’t you just beating him to the punch???

    Honestly, Jeff is screwed and this is exactly why it sucks to hold the power and call the shots. When it was Jesse calling the shot, Jeff got him out and Nat is alive. Now that it is Jeff calling the shots, he’ll be out and Jordan will live on. It doesn’t matter who Jeff gets out this week, he’ll be gone if Michelle or Jordan doesn’t win HOH next week. Though I think the remaining HGs should get a clue and realize that if they keep Jeff in F2, he’ll never win!

  98. Russell needs to stop alienating himself from the rest of the group. He is sending a wrong message to Jeff. He needs to talk to Jeff and lay it out on the table about the F4 and how they swore on their families!

  99. why do sooo many people like russel. he has somewhat goo dgameplay, but he has too amny deals, and he thinks he ahs the game figured out. that will be his downfall, and i hoep kevin/jordan/jeff make it to the final 3. Jordan for the win, though.

  100. smart, Russ & Michelle were in the HOH room this morning talking to J/J and was assured it was the same and when they leave, J/J start mocking them. let me back up a minute. this is why I’m disappointed in Jordan, before Russ went in this morning he went up to the HOH room to talk with J/J and Jeff was listening to his music with the earphones on and he knocked on the door, jeff didn’t hear him but jordan did and wouldn’t answer the door or invite him in. Jeff did get upset with her for it but of course with her childish little girl talk, he’s melted and now they’re not argueing anymore (yet)

  101. @Jackie

    It is more about the entertainment value of having 2 power houses duke it out for the competitions, not the weaklings who are just skating by and letting the ones with the testosterone do their dirty work for them!

    And yes, Jeff will be screwed if M/N/K win HOH next week!

  102. Oh, I also should have said, that I am not a Russell fan, I am a Jeff fan, but I want to see an entertaining final, with people who deserve to win!

  103. Diana, I feel the same way but I guess he’s just disappointed as well because of the deal that the four of them made and I think he knows what is gonna happen

  104. Kick that weasel Russell out of the house. He’s the biggest liar in the house and if he stays, then I can forsee him teaming up with Nat/Mich to oust Jeff next week. Play smarter Jeff and only be loyal to yourself; trust NO ONE at this point!

  105. @Diana C

    Yes, but if Russell is a MMA and a true fighter, he would fight to stay in that house and go to Jeff and reason with him, not just lay down and die with a defeatest attitude.

    Get up Russell and go fight!!

  106. I agree with Diana. Let the two power houses, Jeff and Russell, duke it out. Make it interesting. Get Nat out now………….

  107. @steffi Jackson

    If Jeff was being loyal to himself, he wouldn’t be listening to Jordan or be swayed by N/K. He would be more level headed and concetrate on the prize. He would also keep his promise to the F4!

  108. @Diana, I agree. I just wrote a paragraph and they are approving my message but Russ went up to talk to J/J this morning in the HOH room and knocked but Jordan wouldn’t let him in. Jeff was listening to his music with earphones on and didn’t hear him knock. Jeff did get upset with Jordan and they argue’ed about it and jordan left the room and went to the S/S room and laid down but now they’re ok and not fighting cause Jeff won POV and she wants Russ back doored

  109. Jeff is definitely not thinking with his head. Him and Jordan have both gotten nasty and after POV I hope they know next HOH comp is gonna be endurance. Jordan will not win and Jeff can’t play. The whole house will be gunning for them b/c they know they only hold loyalty for each other and aren’t to be trusted. I was rooting for them (J/J) but they definitely turned me off

  110. @Diana C

    That is what I have been saying about Jordan. As sweet as she is (or is she?) she has been successful in swaying Jeff and confusing his game play.

    Jeff needs to stay focussed on the game and think with his head, not his ‘ding dong’ and he will progress nicely in this game.

    Jordan knows that Jeff is smitten with her and she is manipulating him to do her dirty work for her, so she still comes across as sweet and innocent, when she really isn’t.

    I always like Jordan, but I think that she is going to be Jeff’s downfall.

  111. Diana C they are moderating mine to and its been 30 minutes and still says being moderated. Goerga thats great city my hubby went there a couple of times and the last time he went was 9-11 and took the plane that was hijacked but he came home one day earler so thank you Jesus.

  112. @June – Wow! Your husband was suppose to be on one of the hijacked planes? He is definately suppose to be here for a reason. Praise God!

  113. If Jeff back doors Russell then he will lose yet another jury vote … he should stay loyal as long as he can …and then be upfront with Russell and let him know it’s each man for himself. Get rid of Kevin or Claudia or whatever her name is lol

  114. I agree that Jeff needs to let Jordon go…she is a threat to hold him back. It’s either J/R or J/M that would make the best final 2

  115. I should have also mentioned that Jordan is letting her emotions rule her head. Just because she doesn’t like Russell, she wants him out! She currently has tunnel vision and is not looking at the long term affects that booting Russell out will have.

    Next week, when J/J are on the block, perhaps she will have a revelation and think…..

    “I should have kept Russell around for another week and kept my promise. Now I have blown ‘our’ (J/J) chance of winning the big prize!”

  116. Jeff should not use the POV on Kevin or Gnat. He should leave things as they are, and get rid of Gnat first. She is worse than Kevin. If Jeff uses it and backdoors Russell, then he deserves to lose for being an idiot.

  117. JJ make me sick playing kiss up to Nat and Kev. What are they thinking??

    Get up Russ and fight for yourself! Quit acting so defeated.

  118. Ashley yes he was suppose to come home the same day 9-11 but for some reason he wanted to come home one day early and yes i agree sweetie god still needs him here.

  119. @ Debbie….. Get a clue….. BB has done enough fo Jeff…. Stay out of it BB…. If Jeff, screws Russell, he deserves the fallout…. Stop trying to give Jeff the $500,000 and let him earn it….

    To all the people wanting Natalie out…. Get over it…. Jeff / Jordan have agreed to take Natalie to the final 3….. Jordan asked Jeff is she should tell Natalie, but he said no…. This convo happened after Jeff won the POV….

    Jeff is letting his fangs show as he renigs on his deals with both Russell / Michelle…. Jordan is too, but Jeff is the one with the blood on his hands….. If Russell leases this week, iit will be Natalie / Kevin vs Jordan / Michelle in an endurance / physical HOH comp….

    If it depends on pure strength / athleticism, Jordan / Michelle are screwed (reffer to the 1st HOH comp when Michelle dropped 2nd & Jordan dropped 3rd)…..

    There is hue difference between the first enduance comp and the last one…. The last endurance comp let players sit down and hold on while being drenched…… The 1st one relied heavily on upper body strength which Natalie was clearly stronger the everyone and would have outlasted Russell too….. What do you think about these statements Bluezey60 / Ashley / Cat / Blackgirl / F Team JJ / Snake bit sal / Eamon / Melanie / other BB fans?

  120. I guess some people on here dont watch the show because Russell and Michele were talking about taking Jeff out this week if Russell won the HOH. Kevin made up a lie to cover his alliance’s ass but it was actually true which Kevin did not know.

  121. I get that part, Diana, but my issue is that Russ already said on last Thursday’s show that if he wins HOH, Jeff is out. So why in the world can’t Jeff do it to him this week? Game is on as far as I’m concerned!

  122. I think what is annoying me more than anything, is that America gave Jeff the power to turn the game around and now without our help he is jeopardizing his chances of winning, which makes me a person who continually voted for him mad!!

  123. jeff has to stop listening to jordims “what if’s” he’s played well so far carrying her along and although she occasionally makes a good point, she certainly doesn’t make enough good points to give up much as I don’t trust russel, i trust kevin even less. GO JEFF!!!

  124. COOL MYBE YOUR BOTH TWINS AND WERE SEPERATED AT BIRTH wouldn that be awsome Diana and Diana C

  125. @Jackie

    I don’t recall Russell saying that, however I do recall him making a promise on his father that he will keep Jeff there until the F4 and then it is every man for himself.

    To date, Russell has kept his word and I do not for one minute believe he would dishonor his father.

    I also believe that Jeff is an honorable person, but is being swayed by Jordan because she does not want to do any dirty work. Heck Jeff said that to her today before the Veto competition.

  126. I think Jeff should definitely be considering Russell to leave!! It is a game and he swore on his parents? It is a game……his parents would understand…..500,000? and i believe russell did the same and i think he would evict jeff…

  127. @June – I hope so. I will be disappointed with him (Russ) if he doesn’t even try. He may think that everything is still cool for final four.

  128. @Leo

    I do agree that BB needs to stay out of it and let Jeff make his own mistakes.

    I also agree that the last endurance comp will be very athletic..thereby giving Nat a huge advantage over some.

    I guess i also have to agree that we need to just let it play out as it normally would. Whoever wins..wins. Its lieing for no reason that stops me from being a Nat fan. I understand that they all lie but usually to further themselves in the game. Nat lies for NO reason. Frankly i wish Michele would win it all.

  129. @Cat

    I always wanted Jeff to win, but I am now leaning towards Michelle to win. Everyone has been mean to her in that house and quite frankly, I don’t think she deserves it.

    Yes, she has lied, but so has everyone else in that house, it is a part of the game. At least she hasn’t really been mean to anyone, other than Lydia, who deserved it!

  130. Cat i dont care what any body says but i hope if a girl wins it will be Michelle. I just love Michelle.

  131. I just don’t see what Jeff did wrong … unfortunately America gave him the power, and those with power are easy targets, i.e. Jesse. I don’t put ANY stock on when someone swears on a family member. If I were in the house, I’d hear it and totally disregard it. A lot of $$$ is at stake and I wouldn’t be surprised if people went in the house knowing that they’d swear on their family members, and lie! I know I’d be telling my husband or kids to get in the house and swear on my life, and win that freaking money LOL LOL

  132. @cat & June – i don’t share your enthusiasm about Michelle because she is constantly throwing Russ under the bus. Do yall not think that if Nat’s lie works that she shouldn’t win? I don’t like Nat but it was a smart play on her part.

  133. Cat I do agree that Natalie lies when there is no reason to but so does Michelle. And that I can not stand!!!!! It drives me nuts. Her and her “I don’t remember”…at least if you lie own up to it! Or continue with the lie, stop with the “I don’t remember”.

  134. @Jackie – I just don’t think it is right to swear on any person. I understand a lot of money is at stake but you can make a deal without bringing your loved ones into it. I really think Russ would have honored the final four deal after swearing on his pops. He is a man of his word and he has proven that over and over.

  135. Ashley i know sweetie but i do like Michelle and the one i want to win is RUSSEL HE IS THE BEST I JUST ADOWER HIM.

  136. You have to remember, though, that not only is it Nat’s lie, BUT MIchelle threw Russ under the bus with the SAME LIE as Natalie. So while everyone hates Nat for the lie that she made up, they should hate Michelle for starting her own lie and throwing Russ under the bus.

    And the same with Jordan. Russ is getting slammed on every level. Jeff is hearing from every single HG how russ wants him out. Nat said it, Kev said it, Michelle said it and Jordan said it. The only one that didn’t say it to his face was Jeff, but then he went and told Michelle that he wanted Jeff out bad. So what do you want jeff to think? The truth?

  137. @Jackie

    Yes, your point is valid, but I don’t think Russell sees it that way, his word is good and I think basically Jeff’s is as well.

    If Jeff was true to himself, he would not let anyone cloud his judgement and he would make his own decisions and I would bet, if he was left alone, he would want to keep Russell, know that he cannot compete for the HOH.

    Also, he did tell Jordan today or yesterday that ‘has she forgotten how K/N had treated them over these past few weeks’, but somehow he has let that slip by and is allowing himself to be manipulated by the false adulation of K/N!

  138. Ashley, Russell said on Thursday on LIVE TV that he considers himself even with Jeff and that if he was HOH Jeff would be on his list to evict. He also said during his convo with Michelle that if he wins HOH, Jeff is going….so I don’t know what to tell you, except that he is NOT listening to his swear on his father. Which is no big deal to me. I am a grown woman now and God knows my Mom is still alive after all the times I swore on her life (and lied) in my teenage years!

  139. I’d say the best strategy is to backdoor Michele. Russell is much more trustworthy–keep him for now. Natalie is the least dangerous person in the house.

  140. @Ashley

    I do agree that Nat has come up with one heck of a game plan for herself. And its effective. That doesnt make it my favorite way of playing the game. Michele has come as close as anyone can get to playing a “honorable” game. This is amazing in a house full of dishonorable people.

  141. @Jackie

    Ah! my point exactly, all the weaklings are wanting Jeff to do their dirty work and he needs to take time out and think what is best for him and not for the ‘hanger ons’!

  142. I think Jeff knows how to play BB. He’s won the most out of any HG. Both by America and on his own. What has Nat done?

    Diana, I do agree that if everyone didn’t butt in, then he’d leave Russ out, BUT this is BB, everyone is going to cloud your judgement. Don’t you think that whoever wins HOH next, will have their judgement clouded by the other HGs? Of course Jeff is getting the flack for it now, but look at every HOH. They get lies told to them left and right, and half the time go with the wrong decision!

  143. @Cat

    Nat is playing a ‘poker hand’ and is calling everyone’s bluff!

    So far, it is working, but sooner or later, someone is going to call her bluff and she will be gone!

  144. Cat, I hope coming as close as anyone at playing an honorable game means a very unhonorable game. There is NO ONE in the history of BB that has played a honorable game — NO ONE! Everyone lies. Michelle has lied just as much as anyone else in the house! She is no saint!

    I actually am going to apply for BB12 and i will say right now that if I didn’t lie, I won’t win! Its the game unfortunately. It would be interesting to see how long someone lasted that NEVER lied!

  145. I don’t remember russ saying on LIVE TV that he would put jeff up. He said he and Jeff were even, but that is not the same as saying he was going to evict jeff before final four. It doesn’t matter because we will never know what russ would have done because he didn’t win hoh. We do know that Jeff is not a man of his word if he back doors russ.

  146. @Jackie!

    Again, totally agree with you! However, I gave Jeff kudos for being the smartest one in that house and right now, he isn’t being too smart.

    Having said that, who knows by tomorrow things can turn around and upside down all over again!

  147. @Diana

    Agree. Nat is a big bluff. Hasnt won anything on her own. But her lies to Jeff are working. Sometimes trust is more important than comps.

  148. Diana, I don’t see them as “weaklings”. It is the path of the game that they chose to play. Just like Natalie, Chima and lydia chose to be Jesse’s “weakling”. You basically have to go in the house thinking do I want to be strong or do I want to follow….and this year it seems the only two leaders were/are Jeff and Jesse. Once Jeff goes home (and I do believe he will), another leader will have to emerge.

  149. Ashley — Russ said it on BBAD as well!

    That is my point. NO ONE in BB history is a “man of their word”. This isn’t new people. Its the way the game is played. The person true to their word will NOT win BB.

  150. @blackgirl, this is ashley from alabama. do you remember russ saying he would evict jeff before final four? If he did, I must have missed it.

  151. Blackgirl, I said it 12 times….he’s not being manipulated by Nat. EVERY single houseguest in that house, told Jeff the same thing as Nat’s lie. Jordan, Kevin, Nat, and Michelle ALL said that Russ was gunning for Jeff if he wins HOH next. so while it started as Nat’s lie, the very next time he spoke to Michelle, she confirmed the lie, and now Jordan believes the lie. so while it came out of Nat’s mouth, then out of Kev’s…two people in Jeff’s alliance are confirming it.

    Diana, you may not route for me. I can promise you I wouldn’t stay true to my word and I will swear on my loved ones!!!!

  152. @Jackie

    I agree with you. No one has ever NOT lied in BB history. Im talking about Michele playing true to herself as much as she can. Apparently you dont like Michele and thats ok. We all have our favs. Hope you make it on BB12. Dont forget your friends here at BB Network!

  153. Do you have BBAD? Look back and look at his convo with Michelle — he said it not only once but MULTIPLE times!

  154. @Jackie!

    Ok, not weaklings, but weaker players!

    There is no leader once Jeff and Russell goes.

    I think that Michelle would be the only person worthy of winning if both R/J goes, because she has tried to outsmart and outwit her other HG’s. Sometimes she has done it well and other times not so well!

  155. I am totally mixed on the whole Russell/Jeff/Jordan – Michelle; Reading and trusting Russell is almost impossible! He seems to change his mind depending on who he’s “confiding” in. Kev, I thought had a chance to redeem himself after Chia Pet left, but he BLEW it! Michelle, I do NOT trust as she also, depending on who she’s with at the time, that’s who she’s loyal to. Physically, if Jeff’s ultimate plan is himself and Jordan in the final 2, I cannot see ANY other option but to get Russell this week. Why? The HOH after this next one is bound to be endurance to determine the final 4. IF Russell is there and able to play, all deals are off and Jeff would have a MUCH better chance against the “others”!.

  156. @Jackie – unfortunately i do not have BBAD. So I have no idea what you are talking about. I have a job and 2 kids so I don’t get to watch the live feeds 24/7. I know you have to lie and scheme but I do not like swearing on your parents and breaking your word. It was Jeff’s idea to do that. You don’t have to swear on anyone. That is all I am saying. If I was on BB, I would never swear on my children.

  157. Cat, I don’t not like Michelle. I actually like everyone in the game because I feel that they all are true to themselves. The only fake person was Lydia in my opinion. But I seriously think they are all true to themselves and no one is out of line in winning the $$$ — they are just within BB lines :)

  158. @blackgirl…you are sooo right. that’s what I don’t understand. but oh well. it is what it is.

  159. I guess its a matter of whether Jeff wants to save his own a** next wk or keep his word to Russ. Which would u do?

  160. Ashley, I hear you….I have 3 kids 5 and under so I definitely can relate! I have BBAD playing at nap time and in the background when they are in bed LOL … I FF all the junk and go for the game play LOL

  161. Im not sure ANY of these people would know what to do with $500,000. They all are a little immature and would probably waste it on silly things.

  162. Cat, that is EXACTLY how I feel, but seriously at this point, I feel Jeff is doomed … too much power in too short of a time period!

  163. Kevin needs to flip on Natalie and soon—expose the LML. He needs to deny that he first came up with a lie–and put it on her.

    **Before Nat flips on him!

    This would 1)hopefully push Nat out the door and 2) keep Russ safe for another week. If Nat continues on–I can see her in the Final 2. The people that can expose her real age are gone (Jessie/Chima) and she’s looking pretty ‘innocent’ yet—this is getting her too far into the game!

  164. I wish I had BBAD but I know Matt will put it on here for me to use flashback if it is worth seeing.
    @Jackie – I have a 14 yr daughter who thinks she is 25 and a 2 yr son whom I just got potty trained but thinks he has to go every five minutes. When I get home I don’t sit down until he is in bed.

  165. Ultimately I think Jordan kids around about the diamond earings that she wants, but I think she’d know where to put the $$$ and would use it well. Natalie too. I think Natalie has a good upbringing and would know what to do. I don’t know anything about Kevin’s home life so not sure what his plans are. Jeff I think would invest it. He seems to be big into that I think. Michelle is looking into adoption for a family, and since I adopted my third child, I know that is costly (not 500K but still)….

  166. I forget, was the pact Jeff and Russell made just to get Kevin out or two go all the way to Final Four? I don’t beleive for a minute the producers have to coach them, people are strange enough on their own.

  167. Getting Russ out this wk has its pros and cons. If he goes, Jeff will prob win comps over the rest of them. If he stays, Jeff has some competition. Im not pro Jeff or con Jeff. Just saying.

  168. jeff will be so dumb if he backdoored russ b/c if kev wins hoh next week he is so going home. why in the world he listen to gnat and kev when they never spoken to him (game wise) b4. also this is like the 2nd time kev almost won hoh.

  169. @blackgirl – I know. I don’t understand why he doesn’t fight. Nat and Kev are talking about how they are going to go dance after Jeff back doors him. It makes me sick!!!!! I guess when Russ goes, I will pull for Nat.

  170. ell_renie, I so agree. Now that was a briallian lie. At first I thought it was So dumb, but now that I see that she’s really got no game, I think it was brilliant. I can’t wait for Lydia to find out her age. In her interviews, she made several mentions of how Nat is so young! LOL

    Ash, I have 3 kids. My oldest is a 5 year old girl, then 3 year old boy, and 14 month old girl. My hands are FULL through the day!

  171. @Jackie – If Jordan’s family is hurting so much and she wins the money, do you think she’ll continue with the plastic surgery or do the right thing?

  172. @Rene F

    I believe in one of the other forums I read, that both J/J stated that the BB crew were trying to tell them to keep someone (forget who, although I think it was Russell whe N/L were on the block), so they left both N/L on the block and Lydia was voted out!

    I don’t believe that there should be coaching, but based on a previous forum, I think that perhaps there is.

    Someone correct me if I am wrong about the person they were coaching them to keep on!

  173. gnat might end up in f2 like memphis from BB10 if they dont get her soon. she just going to ride off of ppl coat tail as long as shes in the game

  174. @Diana

    You have it correct. It was Russ that they wanted J/J to keep off the block. I heard that same convo on another board too.

  175. Ashley, I heard a rumor about how she paid for the plastic surgery, basically she didn’t pay for it. Not sure if its true or not, so I don’t want to comment.

  176. If Kevin was smart, he would go to Jeff and throw Nat under the bus.

    I just read this on Jokers……..

    “Kev & Nat playing pool. Kev tells Nat what she did was very risky & Nat says, i told you that is what i do, i.e. bold lies….

    If he tells Jeff this, then perhaps Jeff will realize that he is being played by Nat. and get rid of her!

  177. I believe that Jeff will not use the power of veto, but keep the nominations the same. Natalie and Kevin are bigger threats. If he back doors Russell then he will paint a bigger target on his back. Because then he will have two people Natalie and Kevin who will not think twice put Jeff or Jordon on the block. I think Jeff knows this and even said this, to Jordon. That if he even puts Russell on the block he will be the target next week. If he puts anybody on the block I hope it is Michelle.

  178. Yes, Jeff keeps saying on BBAD that the “DR told him to keep Russell” but the thing that doesn’t make sense is that when anyone says anything about the “DR” and their session in there, BB says “no talking about what happens in your DR session”. So how come every single time Jeff says this, no one comments???? It is strange to me.

  179. @ Cat all other Natalie doubters….. Please red this – Do you understand the difference between the first endurance comp and the second one? The first relied on upper bodt strengthwhich Natalie outlast Casey / Braden / Jeff and Jordan / Michelle were out within the first 3 people dropping….. The second was were players hd to have a good stomch while being swung around and getting rained on….. IE Season #8 Sheila was amzing in the 2ndd endurance hanging from rhe glass case against Natalie / Ryan in the final endurance comp….. She sucked in the final 3 HOH endurance comp where she was hanging from the boogie board……

    Second point….. Adam was accused of throwing comps, but he won when it mattered…. Bluezey60 / Cat / Ashley / Blackgirl / others why did you think Natalie should go before Lydia? Because everyone said Lydia was useless in comps…. Natalie willget to the final 3 because Jeff / Jordan don’t think she can win, so she can suprise them in the Final 3….. Jordan / Jeff talked after the POV today and Jordan wants to bring Natalie to the Finl 3 which Jeff doesn’t have a problem with (check the playback on the feeds when J/J are in the HOH room ok)

    Dan from last season used lies to backstab Ollie / Remy / Keisha / Jerry to win the $500,000….. Michelle has lied way more than Ntlie, so I wish you Natalie haters would stop using the lame lying excuse….. Hell it is Michelle’s fault for trashin Russell so much that has Jeff wanting to back door Rrussell this week…. She even said she is cool with it today….. That backstabbing by Michelle only made K/N’s LML more believeable…

    I would like your honest opinions on these facts from Cat / Ashley / Blackgirl / Bluezey60 / Snake Bit Sal / Eamon / Jacob / Melanie and all other BB Fans please? Thanks!!!

    P.S. People who underestimate others usually get burned in BB history which is another fact…. Don’t underestimate Natalie / Kevin folks….. Especially is Russell is backdoored this week!!! Ggo N/K aka the last of NBK!!!

  180. If Jeff has his head on right he’ll get rid of Nat and force Kevin to get on the bandwaggon to get Russell out. Russell being the only physical threat left for Jeff to take out.

  181. Why would Kevin tell Jeff Nat’s lie when KEVIN was the one that told Jeff in the first place? All Nat has to say is “Jeff I never said that” and it looks like Kev is making up stories.

  182. @Cat # 207

    Yes, but next week Jeff can’t play for HoH. And if he backdoors Russell, it is most likely that either Nat, Kevin or Michele will win HoH. Nat and Kevin are almost certain to put J/J up. And after Russell goes Michele will probably see the writing on the wall and put J/J up too. So while there’s a 20% chance Russell would put J/J up, there’s a 99% chance Nat/Kevin will. Jeff is basically getting rid of the person least likely to put him up and keeping the person most likely to do it. And I still don’t know what exactly Nat/Kevin did to earn J/J’s trust. Its weird.

  183. Russ didnt say he would evict Jeff before f4. But Jeff did make Russ swear on parents and so did Jeff to the f4. Jeff is turning out to be a rat

  184. But why would they let them say that? They never let anyone talk about their DR sessions? I wonder if its like a joke or something….I just don’t get it. And why would they let it on the air? The whole thing is shady.

  185. @Jackie – that is weird. I know I’ve heard them on the live feeds them the hgs to stop talking about DR but didn’t catch it that they didn’t do that to Jeff.

  186. @Jackie

    Again, I agree with your comments on post 223, however Kevin could convince Jeff that Nat. got him to tell the lie because the odds were against them and Michelle just told Jordan that Nat. was lying again copying from Jokers,

    ….Mich goes up to HOH & ask Jordo ‘doesn’t Nat bug you w/all her lies? J doesn’t say anything & Mich says NO? Nothing? ‘she acts so inncocent & it is driving me crazy, I can’t handle it.
    Mi: Lydia & Jessie are not here to defend themselves & reminds Jordo that she was there for several of their meetings & knows Nat is lying….

  187. @Kim

    I agree. Just saying getting Russ out has its pros and cons. But i do agree with you, Russ would be less likely to put Jeff up. I really hope Nat is gone this wk.

  188. @ el renie…… Kevin will not turn on Natalie because if he does Jeff / Jordan will have either Keviin / Natalie evicted because Kevin is just as qrong as Natalie for taking J/J’s trust for granted and expoitin the LML lie…. He will let Russell get backdoored and then play with Natalie to get J/J/M evicted because he knows none of them three (J/J/M) would take hime to the final 3…..

  189. Russ just gave Jeff his word last night that he would not put Jeff on the block or vote him out. and Jeff knows Russ is true to that by the Jesse vote and when he didnt put J/J when he had hoh. Then the stupid bioth Jordan sz but he didnt say he would put me up. Jeff better stop protecting before he is on the way out the door. I would bet if K/N said they would get rid of Jeff first Jordan would jump on it but she doesnt want Jeff to be safe

  190. Kim, I agre with you. It is more likely that Nat, Kevin, and Michelle will put Jeff or Jordon or both up on the block. So getting rid of Natalie or Kevin out would be the best for Jeff.(Hopefully Natalie)

  191. I cant believe that Jeff trusts Jordon so much. Sooner or later one of them will be evicted. Can you imagine if Jeff goes to Jury house before Jordan? If i was him i wouldnt vote for her…or maybe i would because she would deserve it for playing him so well.

  192. Hope Jeff takes out Nat!!! Can’t stand her!!! Does anyone else think Jeff looks like a young Steve Martin?!? I LOVE this show and look forward to watching it when it is on!!! We will have to wait 1 more day!!!

  193. Blackgirl, I totally disagree. Jeff had no choice but to use the CDT or else Jesse would STILL be running that house.

    I don’t think Jeff will make the F2 but if he does, I think his chances are fair to win. Jesse knows that Jeff made a smart move by using the CDT and respects that he did. I think he will talk to the girls about it and they will see that he truly played the game, unlike some of the other people who just rode everyone’s coattails.

  194. So Jordan is mad right now because Russ and Mich are calling out Nat on lies she is saying about Jess. Is Jordan in some secret alliance with Nat that we don’t know about?

  195. @Jackie, not Jeff, but JESSIE. Jordan is mad because Nat was lying about things with Jessie and Russ and Mich were around for the conversations and KNOW she was lying and when they brought it up to Jeff and Jordan she got mad at Russ and Mich. Jordan is not making sense to me right now at all.

  196. On BBAD last night Russel was asking Michelle if she thought Jeff would back door him this week. He said that if he were going to do it he should have done it last week(and kept Lydia), so he knows that the family vow doesn’t really mean anything.

  197. Now I am confused. You asked if Jordan was in a secret alliance with Natalie. i said yes, J&J are in a F3 alliance with Natalie I believe.

  198. @ Jodie…. If you believe Jeff / Jordan will evict Natalie you are being naive… They were never going to evict Natalie this week… Even Michelle / Russell know this…. It was always going to be Kevin / Russell because Jeff / Jordan think natalie is weak… Jordan / Jeff are talking about taking Natalie to the final 3 to ensure they are the final 2, but Jeff told Jordan not to tell Natalie…

  199. Speaking of Michelle…. I wish Jeff would tell Russell everything Michelle has been saying to J/J to throw him (Russell) under the bus and see if Michelle will say I don’t remember or deny saying it since she is playing both sides… that would make an interesting BBAD!!! Am I right folks?

  200. WUZ UP BB Fans!!!! Can I have some honest / unbiased feedback please?

    Please red this – Do you understand the difference between the first endurance comp and the second one? The first relied on upper bodt strengthwhich Natalie outlast Casey / Braden / Jeff and Jordan / Michelle were out within the first 3 people dropping….. The second was were players hd to have a good stomch while being swung around and getting rained on….. IE Season #8 Sheila was amzing in the 2ndd endurance hanging from rhe glass case against Natalie / Ryan in the final endurance comp….. She sucked in the final 3 HOH endurance comp where she was hanging from the boogie board……

    Second point….. Adam was accused of throwing comps, but he won when it mattered…. Bluezey60 / Cat / Ashley / Blackgirl / others why did you think Natalie should go before Lydia? Because everyone said Lydia was useless in comps…. Natalie willget to the final 3 because Jeff / Jordan don’t think she can win, so she can suprise them in the Final 3….. Jordan / Jeff talked after the POV today and Jordan wants to bring Natalie to the Finl 3 which Jeff doesn’t have a problem with (check the playback on the feeds when J/J are in the HOH room ok)

    Dan from last season used lies to backstab Ollie / Remy / Keisha / Jerry to win the $500,000….. Michelle has lied way more than Ntlie, so I wish you Natalie haters would stop using the lame lying excuse….. Hell it is Michelle’s fault for trashin Russell so much that has Jeff wanting to back door Rrussell this week…. She even said she is cool with it today….. That backstabbing by Michelle only made K/N’s LML more believeable…

    I would like your honest opinions on these facts from Cat / Ashley / Blackgirl / Bluezey60 / Jacob and all other BB Fans please? Thanks!!!

    P.S. People who underestimate others usually get burned in BB history which is another fact…. Don’t underestimate Natalie / Kevin folks….. Especially is Russell is backdoored this week!!! Ggo N/K aka the last of NBK!!!

  201. Jeff and Jordan just confirmed on live feeds that they are back dooring Russ. I hope Nat wins HOH and sends Jeff packing next week. Russ is going to be so mad because he always kept his word to Jeff. So now Jeff is the rat.

    @Jackie – sorry my last comment didn’t make sense. I was talking about a conversatin that was taking place on the live feeds.

  202. What I would like to see, is BB give Chima’s vote to America, have us call and cast our vote for one of the final two!……That would be very cool!!!!

  203. @Leo

    Michele cracks me up! Her memory loss is funny but she has won several comps. She is a fairly strong physical player. Now if i could just get my husband to believe me when i say “i dont remember”. I would be able to rule his world.

  204. @ Ashley….. I am gad you are not living in denial about Jeff like so many J/J fans… He will lie to get te many just as fast as anybody else…. Ashley…. Did you see after the POV how Jordan / Jeff were talking about taking Natalie to the final 3 over even Michelle because they think Natalie is such a weak competitor?

  205. Ashley honestly either way Jeff is going home so for you Jeff haters, I wouldn’t worry about it. Jeff or Jordan will be up next week (though count on Jeff to win veto — he’s been kicking ass as of late!)

  206. @ peaceonearth…. America will be able to vote for the winner of the $500,000 and be the tie breaker vote is it is 3-3 ok?

  207. Do you understand the difference between the first endurance comp and the second one? The first relied on upper bodt strengthwhich Natalie outlast Casey / Braden / Jeff and Jordan / Michelle were out within the first 3 people dropping….. The second was were players hd to have a good stomch while being swung around and getting rained on….. IE Season #8 Sheila was amzing in the 2ndd endurance hanging from rhe glass case against Natalie / Ryan in the final endurance comp….. She sucked in the final 3 HOH endurance comp where she was hanging from the boogie board……

  208. What are J/J fans living in denial about? I am a J/J fan but don’t feel like Im in denial about anything!

  209. Do you understand the difference between the first endurance comp and the second one? The first relied on upper bodt strengthwhich Natalie outlast Casey / Braden / Jeff and Jordan / Michelle were out within the first 3 people dropping….. The second was were players hd to have a good stomch while being swung around and getting rained on…..

    Am I right or wrong?

  210. @Leo – yes I saw that and I think JJ are going to be in for a rude awakening next week. When they back door Russ then Michelle will know that they don’t keep their word so she could easily win HOH and put them up.

  211. why did you think Natalie should go before Lydia? Because everyone said Lydia was useless in comps…. Natalie willget to the final 3 because Jeff / Jordan don’t think she can win, so she can suprise them in the Final 3…..

    P.S. People who underestimate others usually get burned in BB history which is another fact…. Don’t underestimate Natalie / Kevin folks….. Especially is Russell is backdoored this week!!! Ggo N/K aka the last of NBK!!!

  212. Leo, in my opinion, endurance is endurance. I would NOT underestimate Michelle in endurance and will put her in the same category as Natalie.

  213. Last but not least….

    Michelle has lied way more than Ntlie, so I wish you Natalie haters would stop using the lame lying excuse….. Hell it is Michelle’s fault for trashin Russell so much that has Jeff wanting to back door Rrussell this week…. She even said she is cool with it today….. That backstabbing by Michelle only made K/N’s LML more believeable…

  214. I think we have to see how it all falls into place because this is a game where there are so many different variables. People can realize that Jeff has no friends in the JH making him wonderful to go to F2 with. Jordan can win HOH next week. Whatever, so much changes and its impossible to know what will happen!

  215. @ Jackie…. Do you undeerstand the difference between using upper body strength and sitting on somethine when you are wet? Michelle has no upper body strength…. She displayed that the first HOH comp and so did Jordan when they could have won another team member but were two of the first three out…

    Throughout BB history are plenty of examples that support my point… Look at Season 8… Sheila won an endurance comp hanging from the glass box but sucked in the final 3 endurance comp…. That is one example ok?

  216. I think that Russel should not be trusted, and sent packing, but on the other hand, if neither Natalie and Kevin go home, they will assume that they were being all smart, because they tricked Jeff and Jorden. I think it`s really messed up, and it`s going to be a hard decision for Jeff, he can`t show weakness, but he can`t afford for Russel to stay another week.

  217. @ Jackie…. Do you undeerstand the difference between using upper body strength and sitting on somethine when you are wet? Michelle has no upper body strength…. She displayed that the first HOH comp and so did Jordan when they could have won another team member but were two of the first three out…

    What does everyone else think about this *** FACT ***

  218. @Jackie

    Well said. Anyone that thinks they have the game figured out should just figure again. You cant predict what people would do to win $500,000.

  219. @Leo – you are so right about Michelle but I think if she is backed in the corner and feels threatened by Jeff and Jordan, which she will when the back door Russ, she will join with Nat and Kev and get JJ out the door!! I am pulling for anyone except JJ. The power has gone straight to their heads. They don’t think anyone can beat them. Usually when you think you are invincible is when you get screwed and that is what is going to happen JJ. They need to come back down to earth.

  220. If you added up all the stuff Michelle knows with all that she has forgot she would be one of the smartest people in the world and we would have a cure for all the diseases!

  221. I haven’t seen Jeff or Jordan or Russ or Michele make the very important observation that there’s NI WAY any of them can win against Kev or Gnat w/ the Jury votes. For that reason alone they have to stick w/ the JJRM final 4 plan, and after that, all bets are off.

  222. I just want Jordan gone pls. She’s a waste of space. Honestly, she’s the only one who has not dirtied her hands. She does not deserve the half a mill, she’s the sneak. The only reason why I hate it when Jeff has HOH is because he will never put up Jordan!

  223. What has any of this got to do with upper body strenght. Last time I checked, muscle didn`t matter in bigbrother

  224. Leo considering I am a work out addict, yes I do know what upper body strength is, but do you understand that normally in week one some people do not want to win??? I know if I played the game, I would not want to be HOH week one and would throw a comp.

    Also, who is to say that the endurance would target upper body strength?!?! I am quite sure that they will not have a competition that will only benefit Natalie at this point in the game.

    Natalie has had many chances to prove herself and she has failed. she has a chance just like any of them to win, but I wouldn’t be running to Vegas to bet on her in any competition, even an upper body competition (which has to be the funniest thing I’ve heard all day)

  225. jorden is not a waste of space. and maybe not dirting her hands is a good thing, because guess who made it this far, yeah thats right jorden. and you know what, theres still lots of game left, shes got time to do some good moves before the final 2

  226. @ Jackie…. If Jordan wins the HOH next week…. that would benefit Natalie because Jordan wants to take Natalie to the final 3…. Like her or not fiolks< natalie has three out of the 4 people playing for the next HOH going to keep her safe…. Kevin / Natalie have a final 2 deal… Natalie of course will be saved if she wins… Jordan wants to bring weak and helpless Natalie to the final 3 with Jeff, so she will nominate either Natalie or Kevin with Michelle and Kevin gunning for Kevin or Kevin / Michelle with everyone gunning for Kevin… If Kevin wins the POV, she will put up Natalie / Kevin withMichelle going home because Kevin will evict Michelle and Jordan will either ask Jeff to evict Michelle or will break the tie and evict Michelle to bring Natalie to the final 3…

    This would be great for Jordan / Jeff because they would have save Natalie and would hope Natalie would evict Kevin (which will never happen)…. L~O~L!!!

  227. Ashley I don’t feel the power went to their heads at all. I actually feel that they are way too paranoid and that is why they are wanting to backdoor Russ. if they thought they had it in the bag, I think they’d keep Russ and get Nat/Kev out!

  228. @ Jackie…. Look at the endurance comps from every season dating back to te begining when there is a final 5 HOH comp… Thereis always an endurance comp that either requires HG’s hangings from something or holding ono something… That is a fact…..

  229. @ Jackie…. I am a personal trainer and yes there are many ways for people to be able to succeed…. Please just answer the question… yes or no…. Is there a difference in the 1st two endurance comps? Please be honest….

    Also BB would;t be doing Natalie any favors because they always have a physical endurance comp the week after a double eviction ok? That is a fact Jackie…..

  230. Leo, I didn’t say they would evict Natalie, I said I hope they do. If they would just think for a minute they would see that she is the bigger threat. If Jeff did say that he swore on his family, (I haven’t watched the live feed, only BBAD, so I couldn’t say)I will lose alot of respect for him. Game or no game that isn’t right.

  231. I really do believe that JJ thinks they are invincible. Russ is the only one paranoid right now, with good reason. Jeff keeps saying he has all the power, which he does. He is definately not paranoid.

    Have a great night everyone!

  232. @ Jackie the final 5 is always a strength endurance… The final 3 hoh (part) one is an endurance with water…. Please refer to the last 4 BB seasons ok Jackie…

    P.P. Jackie, I like your feedback… You are all that and a bag of chips ok? I mean that too… Thanks!!!

  233. Leo, like I said before, there is no one in the house right now that I don’t like. I really don’t care who wins at this point (now that Jesse, Lydia, Chima and Ronnie are out). But to go over each scenario in your head of who is going to win when is just insane to me. There are so many different variables and the game changes in a moment. You can pick which comp they will do, and who will win, etc., but you are wasting your time buddy.

  234. @ Jackie the final 5 is always a strength endurance… The final 3 hoh (part) one is an endurance with water…. Please refer to the last 4 BB seasons ok Jackie…

  235. @Jackie

    You speak the truth. Paranoia can make you do what you wouldnt normally do. Nat has found a way into Jeffs head. And shes turning the screws. Nat/Kev would pose no threat is J/J felt safe.

    At this point we do not know what the final competition will be or if it will involve water at all. Just because it did last yr does not mean it will this yr. It could be something entirely diff. Or it might not involve strength but stamina. All of them have that.

  236. Leo, there is no double eviction, what are you talking about.

    Funny you are a personal trainer so am I .. and I will tell you that its bull shit to say that a fighter like Natalie would only have upper body strength.

  237. Leo, there is no double eviction, what are you talking about.

    Funny you are a personal trainer so am I .. and I will tell you that its crazy to say that a fighter like Natalie would only have upper body strength.

  238. Cat I totally agree. THANK YOU for saying what I’ve been trying to say for the last 10 minutes.

  239. to backdoor russell would be a bad move.because if nat or kevin gets hoh you can say good bye to jorden and jeff the two floaters kevin and nat will probably take it all.

  240. Whoever this Cynthia is talking crap about Jordan I have about had it. I have ignored it for two days. If you Have nothing nice to say shut up. It o
    is so uncalled for. You are something else. You have nothing to back your posts. Shut up.

  241. @ Jackie…. Yes or no…. Right now, Natalie has the most peoplewanting to nring her to the final 3?

    Here is why…. Her and Kevin have a final 2 deal and Kevin knows J/J/M won’t take him to the final 3…

    Jordan wants to bring Natalie to the final 3 with Jeff because Natalie is a weak players… Jeff is on board with this plan and will let Jordan / Natalie backstab Michelle because Jeff has enough blood on his hands…

    Michellewould rather have Kevin evicted next week because he is a way better players the Natalie and is a bigger threat to winning the fibal 4 HOH comp or POV compared t Natalie…

    This is all because Natalie was able to get Kevin to go along with the LML because if not Natalie would have been evicted last week… Natalie said even if it doesn’t help up this week, it will plant a seed of doubt to break up team Jeff which is happening now….

    Jeff has Jordan’s back and vice versa and Michelle untl she backstabs him….

    Kevin has Natalies back

    Michelle thinks she has Jeff / Jordan watching out for her, but she will be suprised when they keep Natalie over her if she gets past next week… (I say if becauseNatalie / Kevin will try to evict Jeff next wee if one of them win the HOH and yes they have already dscussed this (please refer to the flashback feature on the live feeds from last night ok)

  242. dang jordan is so stupid believing nasty nat, jeff needs to wake up and tell her to shut up or hes going up next week. be a man JEFF get rid of jordan, shes steering u the wrong way..

  243. whoa who is Cynthia? I can’t stand the personal attacks on people. Honestly, there is not one HG that cares what you (general) or I have to say about them. They are real people trying to win MONEY. I highly doubt any of them would lie in real life like they would here. People have to stop taking it so damn personal!

  244. @ Cat…. Not just last year, but evey year sine even bac in the first couple of seasons there have been strength endurance comps for the fina; 5 HOH and endurance comps with watr for part one of the final 3 ok?

  245. @ Jackie…. ast week was the double eviction week, but Chima was evicted due to rule violations which left only one HG being sent home last Thursday….

    IE The final six comp was a non endurance comp and the final 5 will be an endurance comp….

    I will like you to say “Leo you are right when there is a strength endurancecomp ok Jackie / Cat…..

    I wll say you are right if I am wrong (but I won’t be) *** L~O~L ***

  246. Leo we aren’t saying you are right OR wrong. we are saying this is a game where the theme is “expect the unexpected” and we think you should do the same!

  247. @ Jackie…. Yes / No are close ended questions to get a direct answer to my questions… Unlike an open ended question here you don’t answer my specific question ok? I am 29 by the way… Will you please answer my direct question Jackie / others? Thanks!!!

  248. Oh yeah and your specific wording is it has to be an UPPER body strength endurance I believe.

  249. @ Jackie… I was saying that as a fun challenge for us bloggers ok? P.S. BB has it set up where e know what happens in the end…. Final 5… Endurance comp…. Final 4 Q/A…. Final 3… Three part HOH – part 1 enduranc with water – part 2 physical challenge / maze – part 3 Q/A…..

  250. @ Jackie…. Upper body as in you will be hanging from something or holding onto something which will put alot of pressure on your arms and test a person’s will to wn as has happened in the last 10 seasons of the BB endurance HOH comp for the final 5 ok?

  251. @Leo

    Expect the Unexpected. How do you know they wont change it. Is BB that predictable? Im just sayin…you never can tell!

  252. @Leo #287

    By the way Michele is acting tonight, I think she knows J/J don’t have her back. If Russell goes, I think J/J/M are no more. It’ll just be J/J. And unless Jordan wins HoH next week, anyone who wins HoH next week is going to put J/J up. I hope its Natalie because its going to be sooooooooo sweet for J/J to realize that they’ve been had.

  253. *** BB Live feeds… *** 8:02pm BBT:
    Jeff heads back up to talk to Jordan alone.

    Jordan complaining about Michele trying to throw Kevin under the bus by saying that he’s a strong competitor.

    Jeff: “I think (Russ) knows it’s comin’. I was acting cocky.”

    They both agree that Michele is trying to save Russell from going on the block because that’s her “protection” in the game.

  254. Michele enters the HOH room, almost in tears.
    She said as she was sleeping in the pool room, Natalie took the covers off of her. Jeff & Jordan are in disbelief.

    Jeff: “That doesn’t…sound right..??? I’m gonna ask’em what’s up.”

    Jeff goes downstairs & asked Nat/Kevin what’s up. They said they were taking blankets and didn’t know that Michele was in her bed sleeping and when they saw her, they said “Sorry” and left her blanket on her.

  255. I think Jeff should use the veto and put up Russell.

    Then at the next HOH competition let Michele win and let her take out Kevin.

    Then at the next HOH she wouldn’t be able to play and then either Jeff or Jordan can win over Natalie so they can send Michele home.

    And finally just send Natalie home.

  256. Jeff believes Kevin/Natalie.

    **Feed watchers, did anybody see this happen?? I don’t think it was shown on the feeds…

    UPDATE: 1 person said it was live on Camera 1 and that it did happen but it was an accident & Michele over-reacted. I’ll check back on the Flashback Feeds later to confirm. It happened between 8:05pm-8:14pm.

    8:17pm BBT:
    Jeff goes up to the HOH room and tells her that Kev/Nat didn’t mean to it, it was an accident. Michele says they keep stealing her stuff.

    8:30pm BBT:
    Dinning Table
    The 3 of them are talking crap about Russell. Natalie said he’s “shady” and she doesn’t like shady people. They’re bonding over their hate for Russell & instantly becoming best friends.

  257. Natalie is saying that Michele is a liar and she can’t until HG’s are able to see the truth when they get out of the house.

    Kevin: “Let’s just have a good time, no drama, no need to start things…enjoy the competitions, they keep getting cooler & cooler..”
    Jordan: “I know! Like today.”

  258. Leo,
    I understand what you are saying about the upperbody strength. Let me ask you a few questions. Do you think that Natalie will win if they have a upperbody competition? Do you think that Natalie is just playing weak, in order to get further in the game? (I might be naive as you put it, but I think she is playing weak).

  259. Will Jeff & Jordan be a couple after BB?

    Possible but doubtful.

    When Jeff comes home to Chicago, he is going to have A LONG
    LINE OF WOMEN waiting, hoping and praying to date him.

    Imagine knowing so much about a guy before ever meeting him
    or going out with him. Interesting.

    Anyway, he needs to play his own game and stop
    worrying about Jordan.

    He needs to worry about all of them but I think
    Natalie is his biggest threat right now.

  260. If J/J send Russ home then Michele would be out of their alliance and then J/J will have to pretend to break their alliance and one of them pretend to get Michele on their side.

  261. @ James…. During the final 3…. Anyone can get lucky…. Remember all stars bro? Who would have thought Chill town would have been put out because they lost the POV during the final 4 POV…. Then the final 3 Boogie was able to win even though he was going against 2 ladies dettermines to send him home… Natalie could suprise J/J…. Lets nots forget that Natalie unofficially won the first HOH which she would have… Jordan won one POV and was given her HOH by Jeff because Jeff knew he was safe with Jrodan as the HOH…

    Natalie could just as easily win in the final 3 HOH as Jordan….

    Also Jeff might let Natalie do the dirty work and get rid of Natalie like in Season 8 when Adam let Ryan get rid of Sheila…

  262. has everyone forgotten that michelle and russell were scheming to get jeff out not to long ago. russell is a strong player. its pretty much jeff/jordan vs. michelle/russell vs. kevin/natalie.

  263. @ Jody

    ***** Read this ok? ***

    Michele enters the HOH room, almost in tears.
    She said as she was sleeping in the pool room, Natalie took the covers off of her. Jeff & Jordan are in disbelief.

    Jeff: “That doesn’t…sound right..??? I’m gonna ask’em what’s up.”

    Jeff goes downstairs & asked Nat/Kevin what’s up. They said they were taking blankets and didn’t know that Michele was in her bed sleeping and when they saw her, they said “Sorry” and left her blanket on her.

    Jeff believes Kevin/Natalie.

    **Feed watchers, did anybody see this happen?? I don’t think it was shown on the feeds…

    UPDATE: 1 person said it was live on Camera 1 and that it did happen but it was an accident & Michele over-reacted. I’ll check back on the Flashback Feeds later to confirm. It happened between 8:05pm-8:14pm.

    8:17pm BBT:
    Jeff goes up to the HOH room and tells her that Kev/Nat didn’t mean to it, it was an accident. Michele says they keep stealing her stuff.

    I am about to watch some BBAD… I will be blogging from my cell phone all… Enjoy BBAD!!! Havea good night ok? If you have any questions please feel free to ask me….. ***** O~N~E *****

  264. omg, i’m feeling like jeeff should keep the noms alone, wait till the final 4 to make a move on russel. first get natalie then kevin! i mean i don’t know why they aren’t targetting nat and going for kevin. nat is obviously the stronger player between the two, get nat, then kev, and when the finaly 4 comes then everyone fight for it, i think this should be the best move, therefore jeff can play for hoh that week after kevin leavess!!!!!

  265. jordan is being a little bit—-. jeff is going to so what she wants. i used to love jeff and jordo together but all she is a big tease . one day it is going to going to back fire on here. she teases poor jeff all the time and thenlaughs if i was jeff i would tell her to sleep in the ss room .as long as she gets her way with him is is all laughs and happy.the min he doesn’t do what she wants she gets all mad what a spoiled rotten little biotch.If Russ goes home jeff will be the next one out.

  266. If Jeff backdoors Russell, Natalie is going to campaign

    What will Michele and Jordan do?
    Join her or not?

    Big Brother History &
    1/2 million dollars is on the line.

  267. but it also might be a good idea to take russell or michele to the final 2 because nobody in the jury house like either of them.

  268. nat and kevin if they both stay is going to come back and bite jeff in the butt. and then he deserves everything he gets

  269. I think if Russ is in f2 he will win. Yes he has ticked a few people off but he really has very little blood on his hands. And hes a strong competitor. It may be best to get rid of him now. I just HATE the thought of Nat staying another wk. If shes in f2 then the partys over.

  270. I really hope that Russell will remain safe this week. I would like to see both of the girls out before they start scheming against each other. I very much would like to see Russell, Michele, Jordan and Jeff in the final four!!

  271. @ Nicole: This is my opinion, take it or leave it. I think Jordan IS a waste of space lol. Let’s be honest, she’s not going to win BB11. What’s her strategy, hang on to Jeff for dear life? I have a feeling that Jeff would not even consider taking her to F2 because he needs her vote. Jeff is not stupid… most of the time lol. Again, Jordan IS a waste of space.

  272. Just because Jordan is sweet and not a dirty game-player or SLEEPING WITH THE POWER doesn’t mean she’s a waste of space….it’s kept her in the game….hasn’t it!!

  273. Cat,
    you might be right. russel is an original “athlete click” member which was in an alliance with the “brains”(michelle). it all depends on who he would go up against. if its jordan i think jordan wins,if it is jeff its 50/50,against kevin ,russ might win,against nat,nat wins, against michelle its 50/50.

  274. No the power of veto should not be used.
    Why trust NATELIE OR KEVIN \

  275. how has he proven his loyalty,by telling michelle him and jeff are “even” and he is fair game. that was the discussion he and michelle had in one of the rooms.

  276. @tyson

    I hope ANYONE wins besides Nat! I dont respect her gameplay. Yes..everyones lied. But she not only strategically lied, she lied about personal stuff. Not cool! Makes me wonder what she tells outside the house. Is her name really Natalie? (ha ha)

  277. I can’t stand nat. kevin is ok but for real he needs to try to tell jeff about the lie. jeff would be better at this game if he would just keep noms. the same. its a risk with russ. but hey be true to your word.

  278. None of these people are really loyal to each other! They all have said at one time or another that they will do what they have to do to win. That means being disloyal if necessary. And most times..its necessary.

  279. Okay im begingin to become very suspicous.

    The only ppl that win anything now is Jeff or Jordan. They are good competitors i guess but it seems fishy to me.

    Why when everytime Natalie and Jordan are having juicy conversations they turn the camera away FOR NOTHING or call one of them in for DR?

    I cant stand that.

    And thats with anyone.

  280. if jeff doesnt back door russ now,,,,he will get back doored next week,noone can win against jeff,,,they will have to get him out,michelle and russ will have him or jordan next week,,,they need to get russel out and get kevin on there side,,,,kevin will prove to be the sleeping giant here,he will have the control,and remember,this is a game,,,honor and truth will get u a seat in the audiance not on the final stage

  281. Cat,
    i agree, and i would add michelle who has flip-flopped between whoever was in power that week,and russell who just seems like he needs to be in everyones business (so they are not scheming against him) and getting up in everones faces.he did it to jeff,jesse(when he took jeff into the pov instead of him),chima(actually did not mind that one,lol),michelle when he,michelle ,and chima got into it , and ronnie(liked that one too). so i guess i just want either jeff or jordan to win. kevin does not deserv it ,because he really has done nothing(flew under the radar)

  282. Jeff, Jordan, Russ or Michele simply CANNOT get more jury votes than Kevin or Nat which is why they have to stick w/ the Final 4 Plan. I don’t know why none of them have mentioned that…

  283. @Jan: Yes, I agree that it has kept her in the game but she’s still a waste of space. She has nothing to offer! She sucks to put it plainly lol. She has no strategy, what’s so ever and too oblivious. She’s naive to think that Natalie will keep Jeff. That’s just ridiculous. What does “sweetness” have to do anything with the game? It’s a game. People NEED to lie, cheat, backstab. I don’t why people are upset with this, we all know how BB works lol. Just because they lie about stuff in the house, it does not make them a real liar in real life. They are there to fight for $500k, of course they’re going to be alliances and break them. Everyone is out for themselves. There is only one winner. Chillax lol.

  284. But if he does use the power he will have three people against him. Michelle, Natalie and Kevin. Because I don’t think Natalie or Kevin want to be in the final three with Jeff or Jordon. And Michelle will think that she is next and will try to get them both out.

  285. What the heck is up w/ BB not wanted pig latin?

    Anyway, making up personal lies doesnt stop at one person.

    Michelle, Russell, Chima Ronnie have all done it.

    Its not crossing the line unless, its crossing the line, like personal lies are okay, but if u do something, or lie about something thats like . . . . really really personal its bad.

    Big Brother not “Who has the best character”


  286. I honestly think Michele has played the best game so far. Before everyone jumps my case just let me say; She has won comps, she has managed to stay off the block, she has aligned with the power when necessary. Ok you might call that sucking up but SO? Yes she has flip flopped but it hasnt seemed to hurt her any (at least so far). I think shes a real threat. Not sure how many jury votes she would get but im just sayin…id vote for her.

  287. I don’t think he should use the veto power this week==vote out Natalie. Jeff needs to make sure their side has all the power, if Kevin is by himself then they wouldn’t really have to worry about the other team. Plus they need to get the other side out so the Jury doesn’t have someone from their side to vote for at the end.

  288. Linda Thank youQ- Finally someone sees what I see about he Jury and what side they would take.

  289. Im just down right confused at the poor gameplay of jeff and jordan lately, They ve been winning comps lately which has allowed them to hold onto power, but they haven’t learned the lessons that they should have earlier this summer, I don’t think Ive ever seen two people j/j trust two other people k/n so much even though they never talked to them all summer. they should not even be considering what kevin and nat say, and yet they are actually doing what they want to do, this could have disastorous results if they do not continue winning comps

  290. Jordan sould also know not to bash people, ie russel, it looks bad, why do u think america voted for jeff, he plays a pretty honorable game

  291. I can’t believe how dumb Jeff is being and the only excuse I can come up with is that he is just so smitten with Jordan that he is like love drunk. I don’t believe that if Jordan wasn’t in the house or if he didn’t have the feelings for her that he does that he would be falling for Nat and Kevin’s BS. However hearing it all constantly filtered through sweet innocent Jordo who he trusts implicitly it all begins to sound a whole lot better. Jordan has just completely fallen for all of it hook, line and sinker and I think mainly because she simply can relate to and enjoy the company of Nat and Kev 100% more than Russ and Mich on a personal level and has thrown game completely out of it. I mean lets face it Mich is socially awkward and what possibly do her and Russ have in common that they could enjoy discussing not to mention she has already spent soooo much time with this same group. Everything is new and fresh and more relateable with Nat and Kev because they were on opposite sides of the house the whole game, which amazingly she has apparently forgoten about because they just blame everything negative on Jess who they know she hated and is no longer in the house to dispute. I just hope when not if it all backfires on him and Jeff gets nominated next week he can manage to win the POV and they have to settle for sending Jordan packing instead. Maybe that can help refocus Jeff and get his head back in the game like losing Jess obviously did for Nat.

    @Midwest Fan I actually think Jeff would be more the one who would want to try a relationship outside the BB house. I think the age difference is a huge stumbling block for Jordan. She seems freaked out by the 9 year gap. And she might be right because I’m not sure that they are at the same stage in life. I recall a convo where she asked him about not being married yet and he mentioned being more worried about having kids while he is still young enough to be really involved. So obviously his mind is already thinking about starting a family and I don’t believe Jordan at 22 is anywhere close to those thoughts.

  292. I think that the pov shouldnt be used they need to get nat out this week and if they want to back door russell next week if they are still wanting to do that but these people change there mind more than the past 10 other seasons. I CANT STAND NAT!!!!

  293. Jeff should stick to his initial final 4 agreement. If Natalie or Kevin remain in the final 4 and either get to the final 2…they will absolutely get the votes to win the game.

  294. This is the first time I’ve seen the real ability of Nat and I’m beginning to love her. She proves that she’s not waiting to die, she fights for it. I hope Jeff will backdoor Russell this week because I’m 100 percent sure that he(RUS) will turn his back on Jeff when he gets HOH. Whereas Nat is targeting Michelle.

  295. Seems as though all the haters are tonight. Nothing but dumb jabs that not only dont hit home, but just dumb in general.

    Jeff has not played an honorable game. he has lied i know once, but some of the HG are saying twice.

    I knoe he lied when he, and Jordan promised they would be safe, and then he put them up.

  296. Welcome to the good Binh!

    Uh oh Jeff and Jordan bath time tonight, ohhh snap

    Its time for booger! lol

  297. The Gnat needs to go. Gnat & Kevin were just in the kitchen saying that if they get hoh,they have to put Jeff up.

  298. ….I am not attacking anything that anyone has said, I just want to point out an issue of loyalty. This is a game of loyalty week to week at most. I keep reading how Jeff has no loyalty or he does not care about his parents (because of swearing on a final 4 pact) if he does not stick to his original final 4. Remember that Russel said to Michele in the have-nots room that as far as he and Jeff go they are now even. He would only end up beating Russel to the punch if he gets him eliminated first. Keep posting comments and enjoy the show. This BB ranks as my second favorite behind Evil Dick’s win!!

  299. @ Binh, Michele is not Natalies target Jeff is, she is playing him. The problem is he is also Kevin’s target and Russ’s. Anyone one of those three gone this week and he has one less person after him. The problem is he can’t play for HOH. That leaves Jordan and Michele being in a must win situation, no matter who goes home Thursday!

  300. I’d go ahead and stick with the noms as they are, don’t use POV. I think Kevin should go this week. The chances of Jordan winning HOH again are very slim. Since Jeff is considering backdooring Russel this week, it’s not a stretch to imagine Russel consider the same for Jeff next week.. Hopefully Jeff’s luck will hold out to get him to the final 2.

  301. @ Binh Vietnam #351

    Natalie would not go after Michele. Natalie will go after Jeff. And unlike Jeff, Natalie will actually stick with her plan and not get distracted.

    Jeff is going to look so stupid. There was no reason to change his final 4. As it is now, he’s walking straight into a trap. I can’t wait.

    I give it to Natalie. She got game.

  302. Comment # 352, Who has not told a lie? After seeing the pig latin thing that Kev & Gnat got called to the DR. You must have seen when Gnat & Kev were talking about getting Jeff out next week. So Gnat & Kev lied?

  303. Whaaaaa… I’m sick of people crying about this person lying or that person lying. Does anyone remember season 1? The big happy love fest that was the BB house? The season sucked. Season 2 changed the game. If this game wasn’t being played the way it is, none of us would watch. It’s all about the drama.

    Jeff and Jordan have been the most honest out of anyone in the house. Maybe some of you missed the part where Russell stated that as far as he is concerned, him and Jeff are even. Hmmmm makes you think doesn’t it. Jeff needs to backdoor Russell now if he wants to make it any further in the game. This will probably be his only chance.

  304. I think that Jeff should backdoor Russel. If Jeff doesn’t this week, I don’t think either him or Jordan will win.
    Since they have the opportunity to get rid of him, they should do it.
    I hope Kevin ends up winning the whole thing.

  305. @Casper #358

    Jeff/Jordan have been the least honest of those currently in the house. Over the last two weeks, they have lied to everyone, which is why they are the only ones who have final 4 deals with every single houseguest. BUT, I don’t necessarily mind the lying as it is a part of the BB game to an extent. What’s frustrating is that they aren’t lying to further their game…they are lying in detriment to their game. They are backstabbing both Russell and Michele and are essentially swapping them for Natalie and Kevin, which is one big trap because out of everyone Natalie and Kevin are the most likely to get Jeff out next week.

    Natalie has become Jordan’s best of best friends all of sudden. and Jordan is loving every bit of the attention not once thinking, “why now”.

    It doesn’t matter. Jeff has wrecked his game; even if Michele win HoH next week, he’s given Natalie and Kevin so much information to drop on Michele.

  306. I agree after the way j/j have been all buddys with nat. if michelle wins hoh she should put up jeff and nat.

  307. Somebody help me out. My last comment(#267) shows it is awaiting moderation on my computer. I didn’t say anything bad. What’s up with that. I’ve been quiet for a long time because I don’t know what is going on.

  308. J/J are becoming to comfortable. Russ needs to reach out to Kevin.
    Best steps would be for Russ to plan on being BD and get Kevin to vote for Russ if he is put up. If Michele/Kevin turn on Jeff than J/J would suddently not have the #’s AND the #’s would be on N/K/M/R.If Russ can get that seed planted in K/N heads would be so awesome!
    So wish my thoughts would turn real………… :)

  309. this game is not about friendship or honor because BB production does not play in an honorable way. so lets talk about strategy. the house is dived in three groups. Jeff and Jordan, Kevin and Natalie, Russell and Mitchell. now which group is the strongest one? Russell and Mitchel right. so if Jeff keeps them for the last four he just put himself in a big trouble, because most likely the last three will be Jeff Russell and Mitchell, so Jeff will take third place, and Russell and Mitchel finals two.

  310. Jeff needs to keep his original final 4 together. Do not back door Russell now. Their team still has the numbers – and will have an even bigger advantage if they evict Nat or Kevin. But if Russell gets evicted, the numbers will be just about even – because who knows how Michelle would react to Russell getting evicted. Be smart Jeff – do the math. Keep Russell and get rid of Nat or Kevin. If any of team Jeff wants a chance at winning, Nat and Kevin need to go to the jury house. Because if one of them makes it to final 2 somehow, they would win. Jeff really needs to think real hard about this and make the right move. I can’t believe he and Jordan can’t see that Nat and Kevin are lying to them and are NOT loyal to them. Argh!

  311. @ linda E. I did not thought about that before, but yes Jeff needs to approach Kevin and make a deal with him before Russell and Mitchel do it. that is tell Kevin that you will take him out but he needs to vote against Russell and not to put him and Jordan if he wins HOH. then tell Mitchel that he (Jeff) is willing to Keep her if she does not put him and Jordan for eviction next week and I think he can make a deal with Natalie by telling her that they will keep her but she must not put him and Jordan in the block next week then he has it.

  312. Linda WOW! thats the smartest thing I have heard in days. I am a JJ fan so I hope they don’t think of that!

  313. Watching the live feed and am noticing that Russell is starting to think that something is up. He just stated that Jordan is not acting right.
    Jordan is Jeff’s worse secret keeper and is being played like a fiddle by K/N.
    Russell needs to put is game hat on and get beyond the dislike factor woth K/N and play them like J/J is playing him.

    Russell is really getting worried as Michele just menitioned the Jessie vote. The talk between Russ/Michele is getting interesting. That Jeff BD plan is starting to surface……….. A storm is developing my thinks. :)

  314. 3:04 PT Russell finally states to Michele… I am going up on Monday. Face sad. Sunday should be interesting.

  315. Is it possible Jeff is playing Natalie and Kevin just to
    keep peace in the BB House before the voting?

    I don’t have the Live Feed and have undoubtedly missed
    a great deal but from the show and internet comments
    Jeff really seemed to dislike the rants
    and raves of Chima and Lydia so possibly he
    is doing what I suggested.

    Isn’t it true that even with the Live Feeds, BB fans don’t
    get to hear every conversation?

    Could we be seeing some FINE acting by Russell?

  316. @midwest fan.. With live feed you have four views of the house and a flashback feature that allows you to replay any of the four views 24/7 to see what you might have missed. This is a new feature for BB11. So love flashback!
    I think Jeff see’s Russell as a major road block to final 2! Nat/Kervin. not so much.
    Unfortunatly like players from previous BB games Jeff is getting too comfortable. Jordan can’t keep a game face nor close month so Nat/Kevin are obtaining too much info.
    Unless the “unexpective” comes to life before the POV is done on Monday OR Russell plants some seeds in Kevin/Nat head he is on the way to the JH! Just my thoughts after watching the previous 10 seasons. Sunday to POV on monday I believe will be a wild live feed ride!! :)

  317. If Jeff does use the power of veto to get rid of Russel, then he should go to Michelle and let her know in advance that they still want her to go to final 3. So that way they at least have Michelle fighting for HOH. I honestly think they should get rid of Kevin right now, because Natalie hasn’t won crap and Jeff cannot compete in HOH comp, so, that would leave 2 against 2 if Russel goes. But if they get Kevin out, it leaves 3 against 1.

    But you never know what Russel is thinking either, maybe this IS the best time to get rid of Russel and take Kevin to the final 4.

  318. Jeff needs to mend some fences with Michele. Jeff is a gamer and even thought he stated Russell is being BD I think the brain is churnning and he is getting second thoughts. It is not a done deal but as long as he listens to Kevin/Nat it is not looking good for “Russell the muscle” at this time. :(

  319. linda E

    Thanks for answering my questions.

    Too bad though since I was holding out a wee hope
    Nat and Kevin had not really taken hold of J/J
    and brainwashed them.

    Looks like a Bye-Bye to Russell after which
    J/J will wake up to the NIGHTMARE of their own making.
    If so, they deserve it and Michele will be getting
    my full support for the $500K.

  320. Hey Midwestern Fan…lets hope Jeff re-looks all the angles. He was laying in the dark about 15 minutes ago and I could swear I heard the brain power moving! :)
    BB production could also be planning an “unexpected plot”.
    Lets think positive and hope that = Nat is outta here on Thursday.

  321. Natalie or Kevin need to go; neither one is trustworthy and Natalie hasn’t done anything in the house to still be there. She was riding Jessie’s coattails all the way.

  322. I don’t care for Nat but must be objective………….. even though she has not won a comp. she does play the mental game top notch. That is sadly a great skill in the BBH. :(

  323. Jeff – leave noms alone and evict Kevin.
    Stop thinking with your other head and play the game!!
    Russell has your back until final 4 and then all bets are off.

  324. @Seu……sure wish Jeff could read your on the mark thoughts. BUT alas his ego has grown and Jordan is a distraction to his game play. :(

  325. Natalie see’s a mental opening and is going to play it until the fat lady sings….. Natalie you have won BB11.
    Jeff get back to the final four of J/J/R/M and get those two (K/N out) and than battle it out.

  326. jeff seem’s to have forgotten the way nat and kev were when the jessie gang had controll of the house. his own clique shunned him from day one. jordan was the only one who would have anything to do with him. NOW he is actually concidering saving nat. what is wrong with him , besides jordan’s fear of russ that is… if he uses the veto i believe it will be the biggest mistake of his quest for 500 K. I think “for now” he should keep his word to the j/j/r/m alliance for finale 4 , then fight it out with r/m/jor for finale 3.jordan is a sweet girl but sweet doe’s not equal 500K…. i hope jeff does the right thing by not using the veto . this would be the perfect time to see if jordan is playing him “i know HAHA” or if she really cares for him.if she cares for him then whatever choice he makes she will be ok with…

    my hope for how evition’s go is….

    1- nat
    4 and 5- russ or michelle
    finale 2- jeff and russ or nat

  327. @ladyhawk
    So in synch with your thoughts. Jeff is going to kick himself when he sees the tape and realizes he played the cards too soon when he BD Russell.
    I has been tossing/turning in his sleep and so hope he realizes that the plays/timing by Nat/Kev are just not adding up to true words/moves by K/N.

  328. @linda E i do believe jeff is jumping the gun… i don’t know if it is jordan or the power going to his head but i think BD russ is wrong move….

  329. I think Kevin needs to go b/c I believe he is the only one in the house that can possibly beat Jeff or Jordan in the end. I don’t mean votes as much as the competitions.

  330. It wiill come back to bite him. Jeff is smart and I think he is started to second guess his decision. Alas Jordan is not able to be objective. She wants friends and hasn’t got a clue that she is being played by Nat/Kevin.
    Nat is giving her game face away with her cocky attitude in the flashback at the pool table 12AM this morning with Kevin. Nat believes she is GOLDEN!

  331. So I guess things didn’t change much after I went to bed last night. I wish Jeff would wake up and realize he needs Russ to get to final four. I want Russ to fight this week and possibly make an alliance with whomever Jeff takes off the block.

  332. @Ruth
    you stated: Jeff, Jordan, Russ or Michele simply CANNOT get more jury votes than Kevin or Nat which is why they have to stick w/ the Final 4 Plan. I don’t know why none of them have mentioned that…

    SO TRUE!!!! If I were mich or russ that would be my #1 arguement.

  333. When will Jordan stop playing with her hair and boobs. If she is so poor how was she able to afford implants? I hope Jeff wakes up to her soon, she can’t be as dumb as she acts.

  334. @Ashley..alas your correct. Jeff is letting his ego fog his game play. Jordan will be his downfall. :(

  335. The question is should jeff use the POV. My emotions tell me that he should be loyal russ and mich. and i know that nat and kev are gunning for jeff next week–jeff does NOT have this info.

    he wants to believe nat and kev, because he thinks it will be easier to beat them.

  336. @ linda E i agree totally jordan’s constant jabbering in jeff’s ear is not allowing him to think on how the best way for him to make F2.

  337. Jeff will be yesterdays news come next week unless he sticks to the Fab 4. Sadley he has lost focus due to the ego/Jordan voices in his ears/mind.

  338. the thing is if by chance nat or kev is in the f2, i believe they will have the votes to win.

  339. @ Doris. So true. Nat more than Kevin is a competative stong mental player. She is at this time in the best position. She has Jordan therefore now Jeff on her side. If only the 18 age would come out that would jolt Jeff back to the REAL game again!

  340. @Linda E – I guess I will pull for Nat or Kev after Russ gets back doored because their big lie worked so well. I hope JJ both go up next week and Jeff goes home. Jordan drives me crazy brushing her hair with her fingers and looking at herself in the mirror. Also, her facial expressions are getting on my nerves. They are getting way too big for their britches.

  341. Yep. The BIG Britches BB game play side effect are the first sign that a player has gotten too comfortable. :)
    Jeff/yummypants down to his shorts and going home soon, Jordan and her massaging breast finger moves soon to follow with the fat lady singing NAT you are winner of BB11…………..
    Curtain call!!!!!!!!!!!!

  342. I think Jeff is going to get evicted now no matter what he does. He and Jordan have made themsleves targets by having such a close relationship and Jeff is proving he is the strongest competition left.

    Russell and Michele will get rid of him the first change they get which could be next week.

  343. Got moderation for comments just sent.stay tune.
    Edited version hope it see daylight.
    Yep. The BIG Britches BB game play side effect are the first sign that a player has gotten too comfortable.
    Jeff/yummypants down to his shorts and going home soon, Jordan and her m…….. her B….t soon to follow with the fat lady singing NAT you are winner of BB11…………..
    Curtain call!!!!!!!!!!!!

  344. One more thing, why is everyone ignoring the fact that Russell and Michele do have an alliance? Maybe Natalie and Natalie think they are telling the big lie, but the fact is they are correct even if they don’t know it.

    Jeff’s greatest threats are Michele, Russell and Kevin, in that order.

  345. @Pointless – everyone knows Russ and Mich have an alliance however JJ told them they would take them to final four and swore on their parents. Were R & M not suppose to have an alliance against JJ when they got to final four? Jeff thinks not which is really stupid. Jeff thinks everyone should just roll over and give him the money.

  346. @Ashley…… Amen! Like Jeff as decreed himself Leader/Chief and only his bank account should reflect $500K.
    That so is not going to happen. Jeff jumped the final4 “play it til you drop gun” and thus I believe N/K will play him next week unless he wakes up and smell his deal with J/M/R.

  347. Could someone please tell me I heard correctly. I thought I heard on Tuesdays show Michelle and Russell in the have not room and Russell telling Michelle he is going after Jeff the first chance he gets. I feel Russell is throwing comps and trying to appear weak, but I think Russell will not stick to the final 4 and get Jeff if he is HOH next week. I know the thing now is the big lie, but is it really?

  348. I would love to see Natalie and Kevin move on. That would be a great final two. GET RID OF Jeff, Jordan and Michelle as well as Russell.
    This has turned out to be a “whiny” season for Big Brother. Bring the real players BACK!!!

  349. @Mary…rather a mode point as Jeff want’s to BD Russell mainly because of the Jess vote.
    Unless something changes in Jeff’s head Russell will be gone on Thurs.
    Alas Russell opened his mouth too soon and Jeff played his card before the Final 4 arrived.

  350. Why in the world would Jeff not backdoor Russell? This is his most powerful moment in the house. Even more so the the wizard power because he won HOH and POV. This is not likely to happen again for him and it is almost like he has been bestowed some sort of blessing. Make the toughest move now while you can! It’s almost like the writing is on the wall, use this power to your advantage while you can. Take Russell out now or watch the $500,000.00 go up in smoke. Jeff should confess his sins on his family and go for the gold now!

  351. At this point in the game, Jeff has to think about who can win HOH and who’s vote he can get from the jury house. If he keeps Russell there is a likelihood that Russell will get HOH and he can’t be trusted to not put Jeff up. Jeff has to put Russell up now or his game is over. Nat can’t and hasn’t won anything. Michelle, Jordan or Kevin will win the next HOH (in that order of probability!) He needs to chum up to Michelle because he already has Jordan on his side and Kevin will have no choice but to win a POV. I think Michelle would want to go to the final 3 with Jeff as opposed to Jordan or Kevin and definately not Nat. Michelle will definately lose against Nat, Kevin, or Jordan!

  352. I think Jeff should take Natalie down off the block and put Russell up to basically make sure that Russell goes home. If he keeps Natalie on the block and take Kevin down and put Russell up may lead the Natalie going home and a big target on Jeff’s back.

  353. By Jeff BD Russell he does take a major player. Also he show that his word means nothing and the $500K means everything!
    Hmmmmmm ones word OR $500K?
    A big target on Jeff’s back next week by NAT/KEVIN.

  354. What… I think Michelle is a very good player she already won pov twice i think and HOH So she might win with Jeff at the end she can realy play…

  355. You are right! Michelle is smart and she knows she can only win with Jeff, so she will want the final 2 with him is Russell is evicted.

  356. From the 10,000 foot view, let’s analyze what is really going to happen to Jeff/Jordan. Next week only Jordan will be playing for HOH with Jeff’s well being truly in mind. Honestly, it doesn’t look good. Regardless of whether Jeff uses POV, Jordan only has a one in four chance of winning HOH and protecting Jeff. If Jeff doesn’t use POV, either Kevin or Natalie goes home. Then the question is truly whether Michele and Russell will protect Jeff if they get HOH, as together they have a one in two chance of winning HOH. If Jeff uses the POV to backdoor Russell, which will likely result in Russell’s eviction, the question then becomes whether Michele will stay sided with J/J. Then there is a one in two chance that Jeff will be protected. If Michele doesn’t team up, but aligns with Kevin and Natalie, then Jeff only has a one in four chance of being safe through Jordan. Bottom line is that next week, J/J is probably not going to be controlling their own fate.

  357. @DaFerret…Bravo your view up there is spot on I think. Lets re-visit next week and see who exits first>
    Jordan/ Two headlights beeping.

  358. This is my thought on the whole thing is this, you can agree or disagree. I really think I would like to see russ and jeff in the final 2, because I feel they are the strongest through the whole thing and it would be interesting to see them battle it out for final 3 and then on to final 2. I liked j & j but jordan is getting on my nerves really bad. She has not got the brains to stategize anything in this game. She has ridden jeffs shirttales completely. If she wouldn’t have had jeff to help her along and tell her what to do she wouldn’t be there anymore. She needs to go. She doesn’t deserve the money. If jeff wins he can share with her. I can’t believe that they are so buddy buddy with kevin and nat after they know how nat has been and have even said they don’t like them.They are going to be so shocked when they see the show and see the big mistake they made. jeff will be so pissed!! I think he knows that he has carried jordan, but when he sees the show he will probably realize how nuts he was.jordan had her big yap open so big the other day when they were questioning michelle and russell. She hadn’t said that much the whole season. I have made my desicion on final 3 michele, jeff & russ. That’s probably not how it will be, but those are the 3 that are the strongest and have played the best in my opinion.

  359. @June. I just read the highlights. I hope Russell can pull himself out of this sticky mess.
    Nat/Kevin get themself in a language/code pickle with BB production.
    Today and up to Monday will be a very interesting live feed time.

  360. GNAT needs to go. Jeff needs to get over Jordon and think for himself. I am no longer watching just reading I can not watch as long as Gnat is on. Jackie if you make bb12 IM sure you will lie,just dont loose sight of what happen early on in the game like Jeff, cant believe he and Jordon have forgotten.

  361. Jeff so needs to back door russell. he going to turn around and back door jeff. i would really like to see jorden and jeff at the end. michell and russell are liers and need to get out og the game

  362. Nat or Kevin have to go.They will have the votes in the jury house if they stay. Get rid of them now.

  363. If Jeff takes off Russell he can kiss the crown good bye…. cause then final 2 will be Kevin and Michelle.

  364. I think Nat needs to go and Jeff should stick to his final 4 plan. Even if Russ betrays I would rather see him win then Nat, she will have the votes. June I think you are adorable I look forward to your comments.

  365. @ Holaye & Ladyhawk…… Natalie is safe this week and next week because Jeff / Jordan / Kevin will all protect her…. Michelle will to get Kevin out next week…..

    Natalie is playing the best game now by manipulating everyone to protect her…

    @ Jody…… Yes Natalie does have upper body strength….. She was the only person after the first challange who wasn’t sore and would have outlasted Russell….. By playing weak and still doing better than Russell / Michelle in last weeks HOH comp (on accident) Jordan / Jeff want to take her to the final 3 over Michelle because J/J think she is easier to beat (discussed after yesterday’s POV)

    @ Midwest Fan…… No problem….. I am lways down to put updates on here…. If you have any questions, you can always ask….

    @ Marcus….. Wuz up bro? I haven’t see your posts in a while….. Can I get some feedback from you about my previous 5 posts on this Blog? Thanks!!!

  366. I would like to see j/j/m/r go to the end and then may the best person win. I am for j/j. I am disappointed when watching the live feed yesterday evening as nat & kevin worked their magic staying powers on j/j. it’s gotten so bad, I’ve acciedently called my son in law…jeff :)

  367. I’m prettty new to the 24/7 lie feeds. I didn’t know I was able to go back and watch past episodes? how do u do it?

  368. I geuss I must be pretty new to typing as well since I’m misspelling words :) (I’ve been typing many years

  369. @ everyone jumping on Michelle’s bandwagon….. She lied on her husbands head to Chima / Natalie and then defended herself saying “my husband won’t be mad because he knows it is just a game….. She has flip flopped and lied more that Ronnie, Jessie, Russell, Kevin and Jeff put together…

    Jeff has lied….. He promised Natalie last week if he won HOH she would be safe, but he nomminated her…. If she wins, she can throw that in his face and nominate Jeff / Michelle……. She said last night she will also say the same thing to him about being in control of the house since week three (Jeff & Russell’s HOH deal) and that getting rid of hims gives everyone a chance to win like he said to Jessie…

    He told Jordan if Russell drops he wouldn’t screwhim and when Russell looked away Jeff looked for a camera to motion screwing Russell with his fingers…

    Like I said for weeks, whoever wins will screw people over and lie to others in their face!!!

  370. @ Jeff fans…. James won 4 POV comps in a row during season 9, but when he finally lost he was evicted and became the 4th member of the BB jury….. Jeff finds himself in that same situation because N/K/M all know he will beat them at the comps and will cruise to the finals with Jordan, so they will target him…..

  371. If he doesn’t get rid of Russell this week he definately has to go next week. It’s gotta be Russell or Nat. I think Kevin needs to be watched he seems to be pretty good at playing the game.

  372. @ Nikki and everone else….

    ***** News Flash ***** Natalie won’t be going hom this week or next week…. Why? She is protected by Kevin (Final 2 deal) and Jeff / Jordan (they want to bring her to the Final 3 because she is a weak player according to them)….. Michelle wants Kevin gone because he is a bigger threat and could win HOH / POV next week and would mess up Michelle’s final 3 plans even though Jeff / Jordan don’t plan on taking her to the final 3 anymore because the want to take Natalie now…. *** L~O~L ***

    It will either be Russell going home this week (backdoored) or Kevin going home (nominations stay the same)

    Next week will either be Kevin going home (Jordan / Michelle win HOH and send him home because Keving is a threat) or Jeff going home (if natalie / Kevin win HOH) or Michelle (back up with jordan as the replacement for Jeff / a pawn again) going home, is Jeff saves himself with the POV with him / Michelle nominated to keep them from saving each other and evicted Natalie/ Kevin!!!

    @ everyone… Like her or not, Natalie is this years hyrbid of Memphis (who floated to the end) and Dan who got by with lies…. Her LML was brillint beause now she may get carried to the fnal 3 by J / J or Kevin…..

  373. ok … here it goes .. if J backdoors R than it’s j/j k/n with the shifty M. Well do you really think that M will side with j/j? No … her best move will be to get rid of Jeff. Then her only challenge will be Kevin( for POV or HH)… For all we know Jeff and Russ may be sticking to their deal and be f2. That would be their best move…. I quess we will see … do you really believe that Russ was going to try to bd Jeff or was he just talking crap to see where M heads is at? Uhmmm….
    at the end the best players are as everyone is saying …j/m/r .. I was on jeffs side when he was the underdog … but now I agree they are getting on my nervers j/j … I used to watch the feeds ..stopped doing that. it’s just getting ridicules with the ditzy Jorden in his ear, LOL

  374. @ bangey…. I agree with you because Michelle will be able t beat natalie / Keving easier in the final 3 than Jeff / Jordan because J/J will never choose her to go to the final 2 and jeff is better than Michelle / Kevin!!!!

  375. @ all the BB Fans & bloggers…. Do you watch the live feeds?

    After the POV comp yesteday…. Jordan was telling Jeff they need to take natalie to the final 3 because she would be easier to beat than Michelle (to esure they both make the final 2)

    Kevin has a final 2 deal with natalie and knows that Michelle / jeff / jordan won’t bring him to the final 3 o2 r over each other…

    Michelle wants to get Kevin / Russell out before natalie because she will be able to beat natalie easier than Kevin / Russell to get to the final 3 (but she does’t know that J/J have agreed to bring natalie to the final 3 instead of her)

    Jordan wins the HOH, she will either put up kevin and Miclle or kevin and Natlie (with the planof getting rid of Kevin…. i say Kevin / Michelle because she would then be able to get rid of Kevin een if Natlie votes out Michelle because it woul be a 1-1 vote an she would send kevin packing and still be in natalie’s good graces because she didn;t nominate her (and her plan ofJ/J/N would still be a possibiblty)…

    Does this make sense KB?

    Does any other bb fans, Melanie / cat / Ashley / Bluezey60 / Daiana C / Jacb / Stellyross / Blackgirl / F Team JJ / matt agree or disagree?

    ***** Please indulge me with your opinions ok? ***** Thanks!!!

  376. @ Melanie….

    1st) Yes I think Russell would hve honored the Final 4 becuae he knos that him / Michelle would be favored to beat Jeff / Jordan because Jordan would be the weakiest player remaining in the final 4 and Jeff would have to win every comp…. they would know that a final 3 with J/J would leave them in 3rd places.

    2nd) I think Jordan will target Kevin, but she will then target Michell is Kevin saves himself, so she could bring Natalie (the weakest play to the fial 3 with J/J)

    3rd) You are absolutely right about Michelle being the reason j/j believed n/K’s LML because if she would have denied it, J/J would have probably gave M/R the benefit of the doubt because N/K have never talked this much to them…. Now Michelle is screwing herself by changing her story and saying Russell isn’t targeting them….

    ******* Evidence ******* From last night *******

    7:19pm BBT:
    HOH Room

    Michele goes into the HOH room, banging a pillow on top of her head.

    Michele: “I need to vent. Natalie is driving me CRAZY!!! She paints this picture like she never did anything wrong in this game and twists everything like her and her team (”Team Jessie”) were these really good people.”

    Michele said Natalie was totally spinning EVERYTHING and how she talks the loudest. (Could this be the start of a plan on Michele’s part to try to get Nat out? Hmm!)

    Jeff enters the HOH room.

    Jordan/Michele game talk.
    Jordan is laying the ground work for when Jeff puts Russ on the block. She is telling Michele that if Russ wins HOH next week, that her (Jordan) and Jeff are going on he block.

    Michele: “Mm..I don’t think so.”
    Jordan gives a ‘yeah, right.’ look to Michele.

  377. I think they should leave things the way they are and get Natalie out this week and then go after Kevin next week

  378. @ Felicia…. please rfer to my previous posts about why Natalie will not bing going home either this week or next weekok? I know you may not like it, but i have listed the facts of why she is safe ok?

    @ Randie Loman…. Thanks for verifying what i am saying….. i am about to head to the gym to workout, but I will be back later…. have a good day all my BB fans / bloggers!!!

    Randie Loman

    August 23rd, 2009 at 1:07 pm
    Ok Leo after haveing a nights sleep and able to think about it you are right.
    and it dose make sence and I went back and looked and and looked and looked and looked and after going over as much of the taped feed as possable I see whear you are come from and I missed it.
    Sir my hat’s off to you and I offer yoy my most hummble apologies sir.

    Have a good day everyone!!!! ***** O~N~E *****

  379. I think that Jeff should keep the nominations the same. Natalie and Kevin are planning in getting Jeff out and making the same speech to him that he made to Natalie and Jesse when they were nominated. Jeff needs to use his head and stop second guessing his intuitions.

  380. P.S. Not all athletes / body builders are self absorbed meatheads…. (ME) *** S~M~I~L~E ***

  381. ohh and one more thing. I think Jordan should begin playing her own game. Jeff is pulling her along and unfortunately she very well may be his downfall. I don’t see anything coming of their relationship after this game. She is ONLY 22 and he is 31. He is infatuated with her and plus she was really to me the most attractive girl in the house. If there had been more I feel Jeff would have become involved with someone more mature than Jordan.

  382. Kev and Nat can and would win the $500K against Jeff or Jordan or Russ or Michele since they would have the jury votes. That’s Jeff’s dilemma he hasn’t mentioned it. In fact none of them have mentioned it, which is very frustrating to this BB fan. JJM & R really have to stick w/ the final 4 plan and then may the best man or woman win. I’m all for Jeff winning BB but if he’s dumb enough to put Russ up now then he desrves to lose…

  383. Jeff, smarten up; send Russell home! He has your number engraved on his forehead! Just do it!

  384. i just hope jeff smartens up and keep Russ and gets rid of nat or kevin this week. he is going to get screwed if he doesn’t. nat and kevin is going to stick it ot him next week just wait and see.i thought jeff was pretty smart but he is letting dummy jordo call the shots for him.

  385. Jeff and Jordan are digging their own grave by believing Nasty Nat and Kevin. For the life of me I cannot understand this switch. They should honor the F4 this week and send Nasty Nat or Kevin home. Jeff and Jordan are not even thinking jury votes. If they backdoor Russell there is already 3 votes against them in the jury house. Jeff and Jordan have taken a stupid pill this week. Jordan has lost too many brain cells. Love them together but Jeff should stop listening to her. Her “guccie” friends are really her enemies.

  386. Jeff has got the power head so we have lost him.
    It’s time we pray that some how the worm turns and R/M are able to prevail now.

  387. If J/J backdoors Russ this week, then they get what they deserve- the Jury house. If Russ goes, then Natalie should win as the best player. She is physically strong(martial arts) but plays weak, a great poker player (liar) & manipulator. She called the shots behind team Jessie but has no blood on her hands. No one knows her true age or athletic ability. She manipulated Jesse because he was attracted to her. She manipulated her biggest enemy Lydia into being a big supporter. And now she has manipulated J/J to backdoor Russ with more lies & still no blood on her hands. Jeff is defending her against Michelle (blanket),lol. Hated her before on team Jesse, but she won’t die. I’m beginning to respect her game play. Go Natalie!

  388. Jeff needs to get rid of Kevin. Honor final 4 with R/M. He’s almost screwed anyway because at least 3 want him gone Jordon would have to win to insure Jeff’s safety. Remember they don’t have the advantage of seeing what’s going on. So how do they know who is lying?!

  389. Jeff needs to go to the final 4 with Russel, Michelle and Jordan. You have to think of the jury votes. That whole other aliance needs to be in JH or they will vote for their own! Lydia will vote for Kevin an Jessie for Nat. They need to get them out if they have a brain then lets rock it an see who comes out smiling.

    Besides last night Kevin an Natalie were breaking rules again. On Showtime they were called in the DR after 20 minuets of ignoring warnings. Then when they came out they still kept discussing it. This has been the most stressful BB ever!!! At least we new Evil Dick was a kind man protecting his daughter. And DR Will…well what can I say they continued to trust him and he bit them! Just like Nat an Kev will.

  390. Do not use the POV….do not back door russ….get kev and nat out asap…stick to the orginal plan as F4, jeff, jordan, russ & michele……

  391. Do ANY of you people realize that this is a GAME? They are not playing to prove to everyone who is the sweetest. or nicest, or who cN KEEP THEIR WORD THE LONGEST…THEY ARE PLAYING TO WIN 500,000 DOLLARS. The lying and scheming i what this game is all about, and it what makes this so interesting, because I know if everyone was sitting around, braiding each others hair, singing campfire songs and holding hands I would have changed the channel a long time ago. I hope Jeff backdoors russell, because it will make for an excellent episode. And might I just say, THanks to the casting director for picking some pretty interesting people who do nothing but clash? Awesome. you guys are genius’…keep up the great work! (i promise i am totally sincere. :D )

  392. I think Jeff should keep the Noms the same. Jeff is known to be good at his word and that can go a long way in this game when it comes to the jury votes and to staying out of being nominated right now. Sure, he or Jordan will have to backdoor either Russ or Michelle soon, but I think Michelle is the bigger threat. She is a definite intellect and she is also strong physically. Russ is physically strong, but he lacks the brains and finess for some of the POV and HOH competitions. If Jeff has to backdoor someone right now, it better be Michelle. And he needs to remember that anything that comes from Nat and Kev are lies to save their behinds from being evicted.

  393. I think Jeff should send Kevin home because he is such a good competitor and will surly take him or Jordan out of the game. Jeff should not forget they have been their enemies throughout the whole game and will turn on them given the chance. Russel has kept his word to the people he promised he would vote for them.

  394. I am upset as how things are going with Jeff and Jordan. The two of them are so dim-witted and two-faced at the same time. Each week there alliance changes. It didn’t take much convincing for Jeff to believe Kevin’s lie. I just want to see Jeff gone so this game can get interesting again. If Jeff votes Russell out I will be very upset.


  396. I would love to see Jeff and Russel duke it out in the end as the final two. Let the best man win!

  397. Kevin id trying to be like Ronnie; He listens to the other side and then goes to the other side and tells them what one said so he might score points with them but he is only putting a target on his own back by doing that.

  398. covols Thats egsacly what i want to see Russ and Jeff at the end and yes my the BEST maN WIN!!! :)


  400. I think Jeff should get Kevin out. He is too sly and is going to sneak right in if they don’t get him out.

  401. I think if Jeff and Jordan want to go to the final to they have to get out Kevin or Natalie they are liars and can not be trusted by anyone.

  402. Me Personally, I don’t think that complete floating is an honorable way to play this game. However, I do recognize that it’s one of the ways people do infact, WIN, this game. With that said, I don’t think Natalie is strong—>what-so-ever. The “lie” wasn’t her idea completely as it was Kevin. I will be very disappointed if Natalie makes it to the final two. I would take anyone over her.

    Jordan, although all of you see her as weak. She’s done one thing correct: Made hardly ANY enemies. Insuring that if she gets to the final two, she wouldn’t have many people not voting for her because she pissed them off. Not only that, she held her own last week in not only the HOH, but the VETO comp against “brilliant” Michelle. She is constantly studying things. Constantly trying to remember certain things about certain days.
    Alot of people has think she’s skated through, which is partly true, however she’s won way more then Natalie and played a way more honest game.

    To those of you who hate her. Please don’t bash me lol.

    Just my thoughts!

    My Final two scenario? Russel and Jeff. What will probably happen? Michelle and either Kevin or Natalie.

    In that case? I hope Kevin wins. :) He’s a good guy, he just was on the sucky team. The more dishonest side.

    Hopefully, I’ll be on this show soon. :) and bring the money home.


  403. WUZ UP BB Fans / Bloggers / Schemers ;):) :D

    **** This evening on the Leo knows best blog I present more Facts and debates… Presented by yours truely, Leo!!! ***** S~M~I~L~E *****

    @ Megan…. You are absoluetly right… This isn’t a game to give themost popular or nicest person $500,000…. If that is the caseDan / Dick / Adam / vil Dick / Mike Boogie and countless others wouldn’t have one…. ;) :D :)

    @ Jaime….. Get over it….. Natalie isn’t going anywhere the next two weeks….. Jeff / Jordan have said today they believe their final 4 will work with Natalie / Kevin by getting Michelle out next week….. (needless to say Jeff / Michelle will be nominated next week with K/N trying to bring M to thei side if they save her over Jeff) Michelle aka she-rat will flip on J/J for self preservation like I have been saying…. Look what she did to Russell….. Now she regrets it……

    @ June……. Russell is 100 percent gone this week according to J/J…. Michelle says Russell will flip out… Jordan says I don’t care and told Jeff….. Jeff said, “go ahead and flip out because I don’t care…. I will f-ing slap you (Russ) in the face”!!!

    @ Marcus….. Wuz up fam? Thanks to she-rat Kevin / Natalie will make the final ….. L-O-L at all the Team Jeff Fans…. I told them ether M / K would screw that team…. Michelle did it… J/J have agreed to bring Natalie to the final 3, but they won’t tell Natalie, so she won’t get complacent or cocky!!! Go Kevin / Natalie aka the last 2 members of team NBK!!! L-O-L!!!

    @ Budman…. Think about it ok? Let’s say Jeff takes Natalie off the block and for some reason J/J decide to evict Kevin instead…. Do you really think Russell will say “oh gee thanks Jeff / Jordan” we are friends again… lets get Natalie out, so we can have our final 4 agreement go thru”? I don’t think so…. Guarentee… Jeff / Jordan will bring Natalie to the final 3…. Gurantee…. Kevin / Natalie will nominate Jeff / Michelle if one of them win the HOH on Thursday… Guarantee…. Jeff will not miss his chanceto split up M / R and backdoor Russell….

    @ Bea….. stop being a hypocrite because Michelle has lied more than eberyone put together…. She over did it by lying on Russell (toensure her final 3 spot with J/J) and now regrets it because J/J are going to back door Russell do to he lies and K/N’s lie…. Ooooops!!! She overplayed her hand like Rat boy aka Ronnie…. Ronnie was right…. Michelle is a rat aka she-rat….

    Jeff swore on his family to takeR/M to the final 4 and now he will back door Russell and target Michelle next week (need proff watch the flashback onthe livefeeds when Jeff says ou (J/J) final four with N/Kis solid and we will get Michelle out next week…. Oooops!!! I guess Jeff is a good liar too….

    Natalie is a better lia because her LML has changed thegame fo her mor than the CDT did for Jeff…. Oooops!!! L-O-L….. Go team NBK aka Natalie / Kevin!!! What do my NBK aka N/K boys think about that – Marcus / Jacob and other N/K FANS?

    @ Sarah / Bea….. Russell is going to join Jessie / Lydia in the Jury house….. Teff Jeff (M/R) is no more accoding to J/J due to their new plan of bringing Natalie / Kevin to the final 4 and Natalie to the final 3…… Oooops!!! Any final words for the fake Final 4 of J/J/M/R? L-O-L!!!

    @ Mary… If Natalie gets to the final 2 with Jordan she will win…. Hoh…. With Jessie, Kevin, Lydia and Russell (because J/J backdoored him this wee)… ***** L~O~L***** Ooooops…. And lets not forget that Michelle might be pretty pissed too if she is evicted before Natalie and or kevin as wel because she was screwed by J/J too…. This will be the same case for Natalie against Jeff as well…. The only person Natalie wouldn’t beat is Jeff… Michelle will not beat Natalie either… If Natalie is smart she would bring Jeff instead of Kevin or if they get rid of Jeff next week, bring Michelle over Jordan and last case scenario Jordan over Kevin because my boy ***** Kevin will win against anyone if he gets to the Final 2 ***** Boo-Yah!!!

    ***** Please indulge me with your opinions whether you agree / like / disagree / dislike what I say…. I love having good / clean / fun / intelligent debates with you all ***** ;) :D :) :P :B

    ******* Please give your opinions BB fans whether you agree or not…. I love having good / clean / honest debates ~ Thanks *******

  404. Jeff should not use the POV and get rid of Kevin.Natalie can’t win anything’ and she is helpless by her self.

  405. Don’t understand why Jeff is so upset Russ would make a final 2 /w Michelle and think it;s a betrayal! It’s only logical if they kept the final 4 J/J/M/R. Michelle trying to one up Russell killed the J/J/M/R final 4 alliance.Now she wants to defend Russ? Too late…Hope she goes next. No chance Jeff will do the smart thing and evict Natalie giving her the game.

    Leo you’re spot on! Like your comments.

  406. Leo i see you got the smily faces right but how did you get the great big smile sweetie??? :)

  407. @ TC…. Russell is as good as gone as Jessie was when we all knew Jeff had the CDT powers bro!!!

  408. @ cinigwc…. Thanks for the input… If you ever agree or disagree with my statements in all of the posts on this site, please indulge me with you opin ion on cindigwc?

  409. @ June

    : ) = :)
    ; ) = :)
    : D = :D
    : P = :P

    L~O~L I messed up with the last one ***** S~M~I~L~E *****

  410. @ June and everyone else… Join me on the NBK Express featuring Natalie / Kevin!!! The LML has changed the game for Natalie / Kevin more than the CDT did for Team Jeff…. ***** Woot Woot ***** ;) :) :D :P

  411. I think rusell should be back doored with the power of vito. He should have been out a long time ago.

  412. if jeff puts russell up than he deserves to be beat by the weak ones… shame on jeff and i liked jeff.. i agree two power houses against each other.. get rid of the weak ones…

  413. Yes, use the veto and save Kevin and put up Russell….. either way Jeff is threatened by one of the 4… just not as big a threat without Russell..

  414. as much as I think Russell is laying low and that is needed, they need to get rid of him, he is a threat. I luv J & J and my daughter is Macy so I so go for Jeff. He has got his shit on. Funny how he understands everyone, and Jordan is the bomb. Those two need their own realty show….Life after BB11 Have or Have not in the future of JJ (jeff and jordan) I would DVR that all the time!

  415. Jeff should not use the veto. He should hope to go to the final two with Russell because no one in the jury house would vote Russell to win. Nobody likes him.

  416. @cheri….I am with you. I don’t mean to sound like a poor sport here and don’t get me wrong, I luv big brother, however, between the Chima drama and this Nat/Kevin lie, they must have been hurting for ratings.

  417. @ cindigwc…… LML means Last Minute Lie….. As the show tonight showed Kevin came up with the idea to lie to break up Team Jeff, and Natalie thought of the idea of having Kevin tell Jeff he heard Russell / Michelle make a final 2 deal and say Russell was gunning for Jeff next week…. Natalie came up with the idea & name to save Natalie / Kevin / Lydia and said even if it ddidn’t work last week, the idea and doubts are planted for this week…. Natalie was right and Russell will be back doored this week.. Any more questions, feel free to ask me ok Cindigwc?

  418. I was a j/j/m/r fan until this lie and also tired of the jordan/jeff relationship. yuk. and I’m all for luv but come on!!!

  419. hey Leo….do u have any pull??? can you make it to where I can call the Big Brother house and tell Jeff about Nat/Kevin LOLOLOL

  420. I agree with you christi, i didn’t like russell at first. and if they back door him then may the best person win then

  421. Use it to save kevin and put up michelle!and lets c who russell saves. I just want jeff and jordo to win!

  422. @ Diana C…. Thanks for noticing my smiley faces and teaching me how to do them… Secondly even if i did have that kind of contact, i wouldn’t tell you because CBS and BB has helped jeff enough… Here is what kevin thinks about the last comp….

    6:31pm BBT:
    Backyard Couches

    Nat & Kevo are playing the card game “War!”, and talking about misc. stuff at the same time. They talked about (again) how they need to get Jeff out next week, about this weeks (rumored) endurance comp, and Kevin talked about how he’s pissed that BB said during the HOH Comp “Kevin is in the lead, use your gold cans!”

    I am glad to see jeff self destruct even though I would rather see 2 athletes (Russell or Jeff) win….

    Jeff hasn’t been playing a good games from day one… he rejected Jessie’s attempts to get his opinion who to nominate then alligned himself with Braden, Casey, Laura, Michelle and Jordan and then he got the CDT and now he is about to back door Russell because Michelle lied on him which only made natalie / Kevin’s lie seem more believable to jeff… Now she wants to be Russell’s ally and say he is not targeting jeff / jordan… that only makes J/J not believe Michelle now….

  423. @ Christi500….. get over it… natalie will not be leaving before the final 4 and if Jeff / jordan get their way, natalie will be safe until the final 3 wehre J/j think it will be easier to beat Natalie than Kevin / Michelle which is going to bite them in the rear) *** L~O~L *** natalie has eeryone protecting her next week…

    Kevin (Final 2 deal and kevin’s only ally in the house)

    Jeff & Jordan (want to bring Natalie to the final 3 because they think they can beat her easier than Kevin / Michelle in the 3 part final HOH comp and get to the final 2 easier)

    Michelle (because she thinks it will be easier to get to the final 3 with kevin out of the house because he is a better competitor than ntalie and has almost won the last 2 HOH comps… if kevin wins in the final 4 HOH, Michelle knows she will be evicted because Jordan / Jeff will not evict each other for her)

  424. @ maggie luvs j/j…. I like your idea… i would rather see Michelle go than Russell because it is her lying ways that has Russell about to be back doored… J/J won’t do it because Russell is a bigger threat than Michelle…. J/J Did discuss earlier about bring N / K to the final 4 and evicting Michelle next week because they think they can beat N / k easier than M!!!

  425. ***** Spolier / BB Updates *****

    7:28pm BBT:
    HOH Room

    Kevin & Natalie made their way up to the HOH room, then a minute later, Russell joined them..totally killing any alone-time talks that could have been had between Jeff/Nat/Kev.

    Kevin/Natalie leave the HOH room to go downstairs to cook, Russ stays and listens to some music while playing cards.

    Russell: “You want me to leave? I can leave…”
    Jeff: “No, no no..I’m gonna take a shower. Go ahead (and listen to music).”
    Russell: “Ok.”

    7:49 BBT

    Kevin/Natalie are now in the kitchen making something to eat.

    Jeff is done with his shower & joins Kev/Nat in the kitchen.

    Jeff: “It was nice for you guys to stop by.” (laughs)
    Natalie: “Ya, for the whole 30 seconds. The whole point of going up then was so that nobody would know we were up there, so that we didn’t cause drama.”

    Natalie/Kevin/Jeff quickly ‘check-in’ with each other that the plan is still solid for Russ to go home & that they’re ‘together’.

    mean while at 7:53 BBT outside

    Jordan told Michele she thinks Jeff should backdoor Russ because he’s the strongest competitor. Michele said “No, that’s Jeff.” Jordan doesn’t say anything. Michele tells Jordan she doesn’t wanna talk at that moment.

    Michele said she’s tired of hearing Russell complain about how Jeff/Jordo don’t hang out with him & Michele anymore.

    Jordan: “He use to always tell me to ‘watch out for Michele’.”
    Michele: “He makes a final 2 deal with me when he was HOH, then tells everyone about it. Nothing adds up with him.”
    Jordan: Yeah, I didn’t like him week 1. He always told me ‘Michele is sketchy’.”
    Michele: “He said he had a final 2 deal with Casey.”
    Jordan: “He wasn’t close to Casey but for the last week he was here.”

  426. @ everyone… BBAD is coming on… Enjoy the show… have a good night & sweet dreams everyone…

  427. You know everyone has to realize dat this game is all about lies. You cant make it through without lying. I love Jeff. I think hes the only mature one in there. I think he should keep his noms the same. GO JEFF!

  428. Comment # 530, @ Leo, Aren’t you the same guy that said Jeff would not put up the Gnat this week? Because of her deal w/ J/J. About your upper body strength, Gnat weighs a 100lbs. while Russell weighs at least 200lbs. Gnat has less than half the weight any one else has. So, how do come up with this upper body strength for Gnat?:~

  429. Personaly I feel that both keven and nat need to stay on the block and get rid of nat but then jeff and jordan feel that russel is a bigger threat and are starting to belive the lies so what does it matter what we want nat will get it russel will be put on the block and be kicked out thats just the way its gonna go folks

  430. I would like to see him send Gnat home. So what about Russel, he wouldn’t get anyone’s votes in the end anyway.

  431. he should either backdoor jordan or michele both of them are playing especialy jordan she has no true feelings for him he got rid of jessie to impress her now he’s out numbered by women and really has no shot if he backdoors russ

  432. Jeff don’t be a fool. I am amazed that you would believe anything out of Nat or Kevins mouth. They have lied so many times, I have lost count! If you take either of them off the block, you will get what you deserve for being to naive!!!!!!!!

  433. If Jeff wants any chance at winning, he’s got to be smart about this…He has to keep Scrappy whiney doo Natalie and Floater Kevin on the block. He’s risking too much if he chooses to take N/K to the final 4. If either Jeff or Jordan were to be sitting with N or K in the final two they wouldn’t have the votes to win it all. Russell and Michelle would be too upset with them for not keeping their word on the original Final 4 deal.

    BB – do something to make Jeff wake up – N / K need to be in the jury house over the next to evictions. Let them join the other two idiots Jesse and Lydia. They have to vote for someone….

  434. I think Jeff should keep his nominations and continue with the final four of J,J,M,& R. If Natalie and Kevin remain in the house and possibly make it to the final two that would not make good television….actually, it would be very boring. If Michelle & Russell make it to the final two…..that would make an interesting vote b/c no one likes the two (they’ve been called sneaky, liars, unpredictable, etc.) and it would make great television…I would love to get Ronnie’s reaction to that! I guess Lydia is enjoying her stay at the eviction house and she can get her freak on w/out disruptions.

  435. Jeff needs to take Russell out then Kevin or Michelle. Russell would take Jeff out,if the
    shoe was on the other foot, he said so to Michelle. I just have a feeling that somehow
    Jeff will end up losing, and “butt kissing
    Natalie will win”, because Natalie is the
    underdog, that no-one wants to win.

  436. Keep Noms intact. Natalie must go this week. Michelle or Jordan have a good chance to win HOH, then F4 alliance will become F4.
    Even if Russell turns on Jeff next week and says something stupid like “You should have taken me out when you had the chance”.. Jeff and Jordan are on a roll with comps, so Jeff’s chances are still good.

  437. I think that Jeff should not use the Power of Veto and Russell would be a good choice to take to the final 2 because nobody likes him….I think that Kevin and Natalie should go next…everybody in the jury house likes them and if either one of them make the final two they will win Big Brother…….My opinion is that Kevin should go next…..

  438. OK, I am a long time fan, have watched every season. Originally I was rooting for the J/J team, but watching the shenanigans this past week, I honestly hope R/M make it there

  439. No I want to see Kevin & Natalie stay on the block, and hopefully one of them will go home.

  440. i pray the 2 liars natalie and kevin shd go.natalie is a snake and u look at her and think she is cool.kevin too has innocent face but filled with evil.pls do not lie against someone living or dead

  441. ****Spoiler alert****

    Can’t believe it, Jeff believes only he and Jordan are ENTITLED to have a final 2. He questioned N/K and they assure him they don’t have a final 2. LOL

    He did it, nominated Russ saved Kevin, made sure NO ONE will vote for him in the Jury house. He must be playing for Jordan to win. Wow what a gentleman to give her the money, IF he can get by Michelle Kev & Nat. Michelle knows she’s next.

    I will watch next week just so I can see him voted out!!

  442. I read the spoiler on another web site … that’s messed up. Russ was back-doored ..Jeff is a fool …LMAO … he will be on the block next. But all I can hope for is that Kevin saves Russ and K/M/R form an alliance and then put j/j in their place… I have to admit that when j/j were the underdogs I was rooting for them .. I guess power does something to people..cause they are acting like the former Jessie team that we so despised… LOL the entire jury is against Jeff funny is that!

  443. I don’t quiet understand why everyones against Russ going up. He said himself that he would put up Jeff. I would be getting him out now instead of later, hes a huge threat.


  445. I think Jeff should backdoor Russell…it will be Jeff’s best move. He should remove Natalie from the block but only to give her some unwarranted sense of security…she should be taken out next. Final four should be Jeff, Jordan, Michele and Kevin.

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