Big Brother 11: Week 7 PoV Ceremony Results – Spoilers

The Power of Veto Ceremony is over in the Big Brother 11 house and fights are exploding right now on the live feeds! To find out if the PoV was used click “continue reading” for the spoilers

Power of Veto

Jeff, the winner of this week’s PoV, did just what we expected he’d do: nominated Russell as a replacement to Kevin. Come Thursday night either Natalie or Russell will be heading to the Jury house and with nothing to lose Russell is ready to go out swinging just like he promised!

Right now Russell is not taking his backdoor nomination by former alliance member Jeff well at all. Whoa! It’s getting very verbally violent with Jeff threatening Russell and its being returned. Now Jordan is getting into the fight! You’ve got to watch what’s happening right now on the live feeds and try it for free.

Update: The fighting has calmed for now, but if you use the Live Feeds Flashback feature you can still see all the action. Just roll back the time to 1:10PM BBT on Cam 1 to see it all. I’m sure there will be plenty more of that to come!

What do you think? Which of these two should be sent packing on Thursday’s live eviction night: Russell or Natalie? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. OMG!!! I hope somehow Michelle convinces Kevin to somehow keep Russell, because that would be a awesome week!!! Jeff will be screwed if they can pull this off!!! BWA HA HA HA HA!!!!

  2. wow! jeff did something i did not think he would do. what a move. but, let’s be honest here tough vote who do you pick between the two. russell(mr. arrogant) or natalie(miss i am 18 years old who really is 24). tough choice.

  3. I think Nat should go home. It would be shocking because she feels so safe right now with Russel going up. However, now that Russel is up, he should probably go home because if not he will be a terror to live with.

  4. Nicely done Jeff! Get ready to be beat by Kevin on the next HoH competition and be send to the Jury House.. You dummy!

    I think Kevin just won BB11!

  5. Jeff is a low down dog if he does not win he has no one to blame but himself. I can’t wait for him to get out the house and see that Kevin (of all people) played him.

  6. Either would be great….Russell will have it in for Jeff now. And Natalie is That Scary clown thats in the movies. That waits for you to go to slip and cuts your throat..Sneaky….

  7. Oscar, I don’t think that Kevin is going to win.

    I hope that Jordan or Michelle win HOH next week so we can see Nat sent to the Jury house!

  8. it woud be awesome if they evicted natalie instead. what a slap in the face that would be to jeff. dont get me worng, i like jeffbut natalie deserves to go home. shes lied from the very beginning.

  9. I can’t believe that Jeff removed Kevin and put up Russell. He believed Natalie and Kevin’s lie. I hope Jeff does lose the game now. He was so smart.

    It would be a great show if they find out that Natalie lied about her age and get rid of her!

  10. Jeff! Are you out of your freaking mind?! Gnat just played you like a freaking fiddle! I’m offically done with you! I hope Russell get to stay, Gnat is voted out; and hope Russell or Michelle get the HOH and kick your dumbass to the curb!

  11. Awwwwwwww MAN!!!!! What is Jeff thinking???? I really hope Nat goes home, then Russell will be out for BLOOD!! That will make great TV!

  12. Pitbull was a target throughout the game!!! Wtf, they wanted to talk about how Lydia/Pit changed so quick….well wtf, for half the game they wanted to get pitbull or her master if not both, well wtf TAKE HER OUT!!! Between pit and rat, I don’t know which one irritates me more with their damned lieing. Jeff needs to stop thinking about poone OR Jordan needs to give it up, because she seems to be the downfall of Jeff’s game.

  13. I hope Jorden doesnt vote Russ out or i hope Kevin saves Russ and take Nat out but i dought it!

  14. If Natalie doesn’t go home I’ll quit watching. I’ve just about lost interest in watching this one. If Russell goes to the jury house I will no longer want Jeff and Jordan to win and there is no one else I want to win it either! Kevin, NO, Natalie, NO, Michelle – No! So no need to keep watching!

  15. I dont think it would have been a good choice to keep Russel but at the same time it would have been cool to see the M/R/J/J alliance make it all the way. What if Michelle tries to fight back by teaming up with Kevin and Natalie. For those 2 it would be better because final 3 is better than final 4 with Jeff and Jordan.

  16. wow! now suddenly jeff is not the wonderful guy that everybody says he was. you see that is what happens when you let money and lies beat you in a game. hehehehehehehehehehe

  17. How do you figure Michele is the swing vote? Jordan and Kevin are obviously voting out Russell unless Kevin brokers a huge deal with Russ but I don’t see that happening.

  18. STUPID!!!!!!! You MIGHT not have been able to trust Russell, but you DEFINITELY can’t trust Nat and Kev. Jordan really wanted to get rid of Russell and helped Jeff make that decision. I, too, think he just lost 500K and has no one to blame but himself.

  19. Jeff just told Russ that he was beneath him and would never be better than him. What an arrogant a$$! How can yall like a person like Jeff???

  20. YES!! Man i wish i could be on live feeds. i can only imagine.

    I gotta wait till 9 o clock to see anythign gosh darnitt.

    Russ up against Natalie on the block is basically a gurantee Russell is gone.

    Jordan,Kevin,Natalie will vote for his eviction.

    It doesnt matter what Michelle does.

    I still really dont like Jeff, btu he gained some points in my book.

    This opens the door for Natalie and Kevin.

    They need to keep playing this game, and they THEY will be final 2.

  21. Lydia giving it up to Jessie may be why he was fairly relaxed towards the end. Also, I think it would be an AWESOME advantage if on future seasons the twist/secret power was “tattle tale” that the selected guest could use ONCE at ANY TIME during their stay. Since Big Brother knows all, they could ask the answer to ONE thing that occurred in the house. Just imagine the alliances that would be made and broken!! That mixed with the CDT would make for an interesting season.

  22. wow! what happened to america’s favorite player. suddenly he make a decision and now he is being called “dumb” for making it. i find it funny because everybody was oh he is so nice and sweet. well, the cat is out of the bag. i told you something was up with him.

  23. Now were gonna see Jeff’s numbers go down which is great because all u fans need to see the light. haha.

    Now were gonna see Jeff prolly say hateful things, CBS u cant clean this up.

  24. WOW! I thought I was a Jeff fan, but hmmmmmm….Dumb move Jeff! Unless the plan is to get Natalie out, and this was done to make her feel safe! Wouldnt that be funny? Backdoor Nat! I think that Michelle & Kevin should vote to keep Russell. Does Kevin really think that he would win against Natalie? No! Keeping Russell would give them a better chance of getting rid of Jeff. (Russell can at least win-not Natalie) Kevin & Michelle are pretty smart…..they should think that by getting Natalie out now & keeping Russell they stand a better chance. If anyone goes against him in the F2 they would win! Russell has had issues with everyone! (I hope that the threats of physical violence dont lead to actual violence). I’ll keep watching

  25. TO ALL JEFF HATERS: Did you ever think that some of his fans may KNOW it’s a good move to put Russ up due to the nature of the game BUT at the same time really WANT a nice guy to win? Wtf can’t an honest (hot) guy win? In my book, even with this move, he’s still one of the most honest players left. Sadly, imo, his attraction to Jordan is interfering with his game.

  26. And one other thimg.

    WHY is everyone like “oh Jeff u suck” and blah blah blah

    He is making a great move. Russell being gone cripples Michelle who Jeff knws is a lying cheat who is ALWAYS plotting against her “freinds”

    This a good move.

    I mean Russ is hard to beat at times. Kevin is easier.

    And production will have a easier time throwing comps Jeff/Jordan’s way now that Russ is gone.

    “Marcus . . . . U are not aloud to talk about production” lol

  27. Wow, Jeff just lost track of reality. Does he not know about the jury. Jesse and gang, including Russell if he goes will do him in. Serves him right. Jordon, Jordon, Jordon go home. You do not really like this guy that you continue to hang on too. You are really just a ditzy blond that needs to get back to her tables. Jeff wise up or it may be tooo late.

  28. I am going to hope against hope that M/R can get K on their side, and after hearing Jordan mouthing off a little earlier to Russell, it’s very clear that both J’s are too full of themselves! Down with the J’s!!!

  29. Jeff, with his actions on the live feeds right now, proved that he is not honorable AT ALL!! Jeff is not a nice guy. He is an arrogant a$$. If that is yalls opinion of a nice guy then Jessie should still be in the house.

  30. @jengie:
    honest? jeff, made an alliance with russell and michele. he went back on the alliance. also, he said that russell was beneath him. how is that being honest and nice. what in the world jeff fans do you see in this guy and please i do not want to hear that he is honest because that is out the window after today.

  31. I think Jeff was smart. Russell would have taken him out next. He said so to Michelle. Doesn’t anyone remember Jeff’s already saved Russell. Its just a game and this household is on team Jeff & Jordan ALL THE WAY!

  32. And this is even better because who in the world will vote for him thats in the jury?

    Russ wont
    Lydia wont
    Jessie wont
    Michelle wont
    Kevin wont

    America will (who cares)

    IF he even gets that far

    MUHAHAHAHAHA the plan has been executed and now, we will see the demise of Jeff.

    excellent hehehehehe (rubbing hands together)

  33. If Jeff goes out next week he will learn how well he was played by Kevin & Natalie. What a fool he is to listen to Jordon. K/N will probably take her along because she’s no threat. Natalie has been a weasel from the get go.

  34. @ memy – ooh, I hadn’t thought of what you proposed, but you’re right! If Russell, Kev and Mich team up, they can take out J/J! Mwahhh.

  35. And it shouldnt be a big deal Jeff went on his word.

    U HAVE TO in order to WIN BB.


    do u guys not watch the seasons? U HAVE TO lie.

    U may have to go back on ur word.

    Its playing the game

  36. @Marcus – that is the only reason I am happy right now. There is no way Jeff will win now. No one in the jury will vote for him. Thank God for that!

  37. I think this was a must for Jeff. Russell already told Michelle he was coming after Jeff the next chance he got. At this point in the game, with Russell being such a strong competitor, if you don’t take him out, you are looking at the next winner. I think it was a great move by Jeff to prolong his stay in the house. I do agree that Jordan needs to shut it, or she is going to cause a lot of trouble for both of them.

  38. I guess all of you that said were Jeff fans were really Russell fans, I think Jeff made a good decision, Russell is a bigger threat, even Russell said Jordan should’ve used the veto and put him or Michele up. Jeff was going up if Russell won HoH on this Thursday.
    Nice move Jeff, you and Jordan should be the final 2.

  39. Jeff basically blew it for himself. He might as well follow Russell out the door and take that “anchor” Jordan with him!! Natalie doesn’t have to win anything…. she is the mastermind behind this latest scheme! Nice Nat!! See you in Jury House Jeff!! What a dummy!!

  40. @Marcus #28 funny tee hee!
    They called you to DR (LOL)
    My crazy speculation: Now that I think of it, all may not be lost for Jeff. If Natalie & Kevin manage to stay remember that Natalie doesnt win ANYTHING. Michelles win record is better than Natalies’ (and Kevins), and Jordan did win 1 POV (the HOH was given to her…still she was in final 2 for that)… Jeff may have a chance if production gives something he can win….we shall see

  41. Strategic move Jeff! Russ was going to do the same thing to Jeff! It was about who got who first. I think J/J/M Final 3!

  42. I think Jeff has definately made all the right moves so far. Russell has tried to scheme behind his back way back when Jeff and him made an alliance. MORON!!! Russell is a loose cannon and can’t be trusted…he can’t even trust himself.

  43. Jeff is going to feel really stupid when he finds out that he was played by dumb and dumber (Kevin & Nat). I was really a big fan of Jeff’s and wanted him to win, but I bet you this will come back to bite him in the but and you watch Kevin win the whole thing.

  44. For Jeff, it was a terrible move. Keeping Russell would have gotten those 4 (Mich, Russ, Jordan and Jeff) to the F4 unless Kevin or Nat won the HOH or veto. Jeff is now screwed. Natalie and Kevin already said they are taking Jeff out next week and chances are high that will happen. After that, they will get Jordan out because she will get the votes in the house if she makes it to the F2. It will be either Michelle, kev and nat in the F2. Jeff and Russ are not very smart when it comes to small details though. How in the hell do you not pick up when someone says they are 18 and also says they played in a poker tournament in Vegas and won!!!! For you that dont know, you have to be 21. As soon as I heard that on TV I was like are you kiddin me, you 2 really just missed that whole thing. She got lucky there. Jeff has played smart the whole time until the last week and half. This is the order it will go. Russ is this week, Jeff is next week, Jordan the week after, then Kevin or Michelle. I think Natalie is just sneaky enough and dirty enough and a great liar to get there. I cant stand her at all with her squeaky voice and male habits, but she is going to end up winning, just watch!!!! Good job Jeff, tell me how it feels to blow 500K!!!

  45. Jeff’s plan is obviously to get him and Jordan to the finals. I think he’s banking on people voting for him since he played the game better and can argue Jordan was carried through it by him.

  46. hello people… russell flat out said once the final 4 is set, he’s going after jeff. this could be jeff’s only shot to get him out. if he doesn’t do it while he holds HOH and the POV, he may not get his shot! jeff is playing the game, just like everyone else… you “fans” are flip flopping just like the rat.

  47. Natlie has a ‘cat that swallowed the canary’ smile that makes her totally disliked. She’s one of a million with the same look – I hope she goes home – if she doesn’t, Jeff and Jordan are sunk and, basically, they are good people who believe Natalie’s carefully planned lie all the way to the POV. Russ is correc to be so upset – Nat’s lie caused it. Jeff and Jordan have lost a little support from the public with being so gullible – I think they will pay for this mistake greatly.

  48. Sorry to see that Jeff got suckered in to the Kev/Nat plan. He fell for it like a ton of bricks, with a little help from Jordan! Remember the true “plan” is to get Jeff out. This can be done fairly easily now those left in the house. I think Jeff just blew his placement in the final three!!

  49. Way to go Nat and Kev on operation LML!!! Best lie and move of the game! Win HOH and take Jeff down!

  50. An added thought: Does Jeff actually think he will be chosen by the house guests over NATALIE and/or KEVIN??????? Better do some thinking before Thursday’s eviction and wave ‘goodbye’ to the gal who will sink them —

  51. #28,43 & 47 ….. totally agree! And thank you #38, thats how the game has been played for as long as I’ve been watching (season2) I think people are forgetting that Russ was planning to go after Jeff too if the tables were turned! People are looking at it like Jeff got played by Nat & Kev, I don’t see it that way because he was thinking of all the scenarios before they ever even tried to plant their seed of doubt!

  52. This is a tough situation. I have never liked Natalie since the game started. I don’t like the fact that they started a lie to make Russell look like he was planning on turning his back on J/J. But if you listened to him talk yesterday, he thought it was dumb if they didn’t put him since he was going to go after whomever it took to win. Can see that point as well.
    Oh well, this happens every season when we start getting to just a few contestants left in the house. For those of you new to the show/game, this is just the way the game is played. Kinda sux, huh?
    I did like Russell (I guess), but this may have been the only chance to get him out of the way – otherwise I could see him going straight to the finals.
    Tough call this one….

  53. #54 Jen….LOL! We are on the same page! Playing emotionally will never win you this game. Go J/J!!

  54. Can someone witht he live feeds give an update on wat went down or is going down?

    I saw on twitter 2 BBsite saying MAJOR fights going on and stuff.

  55. The thing is that Jeff could´ve wait for next week to get rid of Russell. Now he will have Kevin and Natalie competing against Jordan (Will she win HoH on her own? doubt it..) and Michelle (Too sneaky to actually believe she is gonna stick to JoJo) so its pretty much a 3 vs 1 (against JoJo).. i think Jeff or Jordan are going home next week.

    Maybe i will stop rooting for them!

  56. #59 Do u listen to the Mikeyshow in Sandiego?

    Their is a guy on the show called Boston Rob.

    Any connection?

  57. @Marcus – the fight is over. Nat and Kev are in the RR talking about how their LML was a success and how they have to win HOH Thursday. Mich, Jor, Jeff in the pool. I think Russ is in the by on the couch not talking to anyone.

  58. You all think that Jeff didnt get played. He did get played, BIG TIME!!! Russell, Jeff, Jordan and Michelle made an alliance to get to the final 4. That was their plan!! When they got to the final 4 it was game on between them because what they made their alliance for would have been done with. Why would Russell not go after Jeff if those 4 were left. Russell was playing the game and gave Jeff an honest answer that after they all got to the final 4 he was going after him because he was a strong player!!! Jeff went back on his word and because that happened he will be gone next week and 500K waved buh bye as soon as he took Kevin off. Throwing this out there, I hope somehow, someway, they vote Natalie off and Russell pulls a monkey out his butt and gets their votes. Last thing, I think Jordan is PLAYING Jeff like a cheap piano. I think she is smarter than what she comes across as and is following him like natalie followed Jessie. Notice how she is becoming good friends with natalie now because she sees the writing on the wall. Russ gone, Jeff is next and if she can buddy up with Nat and kevin then Michelle will follow and then who knows what will happen!!!

  59. personally, if natalie and russel go this week and next week, ill be soooooo happy. id rather see russel go home this week, because itll help jorsdan and jeff go farther competition-wise. now without russel, jordan or kevin have a better shot at HOH. this thursday, id like to see russel evicted and jrodan win HOH and nominate michele and natalie and have natalei evicted. this will make the final 4 really interesting.

  60. If it weren’t for K/N the F4 would be set. Pitbull is the true rat, forget Ronnie’s pitiful ass….she is the mastermind that not even that arrogant nerd could top. Though it may be a tough pill to swallow, pitbull has played the best game with the least amount of effort put in to it (unless you count all of the lying). Jordan just got lucky that Jeff has a hardon for her. Kevin is an awesome FLOATER, but totally stereotypical for being best buds with the token crazy skank. Michele is Michele, and has thrown Russ under the bus too many times to count. Yall haters have yet to convince me that Jeff is not the most honest player left in the game, if not the entire house this season (not counting Casey or that 1st guy).

  61. DR needs to call Jeff in and aleast give him some of the lies that Nat and Kel has brought to the house. And yes Jordan needs to go home.

  62. I think it would be a mistake to keep Kevin or Russell. Either could win HOH next week; putting Jeff at risk. Natalie, on the other hand, does not seem capable of winning a competition. Keep her and the numbers stay on Jeff’s side.

  63. are you people seriously saying you no longer like jeff??? RUSSEL has said he would screw jeff over 10+ times during this game and has thrown him and others under the bus countless times…this is the smartest move he ever could have made

  64. I really think Kevin might win now. which i hope he does. But who knows things change in a second in that house.

  65. Jeff made a very smart move. Russell would have put him up come Thursday if he won HOH. This is a game for money people, and early on in the game fine make the alliance with the people you need to. But when you get late in the game, the more power you have to get rid of a strong player who cares about the alliance. All that is important now is trying to win the $$$$$$… Good move again Jeff, and good Natlie and Kevin………

  66. I don’t think anyone is thinking through to the end and if Gnat or Kev either one goes to the end they will win cuz think about it. All of their buddies are there. If Jeff would have kept Russell through to the end, he would have easily been given the money.

  67. First, Russell did not say he was going after Jeff next. That was a lie that Michelle fabricated. Every single day he has said that he is sticking to the Final Four. Even when he proposed a Final Two with Michelle he SAID he was going to the Final Four. He even told Michelle in private that he REFUSED to go after Jeff before the Final Four because he gave Jeff his word. Accept it, Jeff fans, Russell was not going after Jeff and Jeff backstabbed him. Jeff backstabbed Russell because he believed a lie the enemy told him and an exaggeration that Michelle later said to Jeff’s face she never actually said (…which was a lie).

  68. jeff will be stupid to let russell go.knowing that michelle is a wild card to turn on him and jordon.

  69. I hope that Russell gets evicted. Then I hope that Natalie and Kevin get power, and evict Michelle, JOrdan and Jeff. Then, this season would be enjoyable, at least for me.


  71. @Jamie
    By the way, Russell did not say “10+” times that he would backstab Jeff and Jordan. That’s a lie that YOU just told. Russell said ONE TIME that he would backstab Jeff and Jordan at the END of the game for 500,000 dollars because only two people can win the money. He also said unlike the other players he’s not going to lie to their faces and pretend like he’s not coming after them. (Guess what, he was telling the truth. Kevin and Natalie did exactly what he said they would and Jeff and Jordan fell for it.) Remember, folks, Jeff told Jordan that he would “CUT HER THROAT” for 500,000 dollars. Jordan says every day that Jeff is going to the Jury house! But Russell is the villain? Please, Jeff and Jordan are out for blood and their word is worthless. Russell’s word was good and his team took him out so they deserve what they get.

  72. @Eamon – Thank you! I have tried to tell everyone what a snake Jeff is but you said it in a much better way!!

  73. everyone thinks jeff made a great move, his fate is in the hands of jord and mich, r u kidding me? russ promised safety till final 4, which is as far as u can go before turning on each other. kevin and nat r planning his fate next week. yeah, he made a good move….for nat and kevin!!

  74. Wow! I was really hoping that Jeff wouldn’t backdoor Russell. I really think he should’ve gotten rid of Natalie this week, and let the next HOH nominate Russell. Jeff won’t have that vote in the Jury house now. I hope Jeff gets to the final two with Jordan, but if he does, I don’t think he’ll win. Dumb move Jeff. I’ve been a fan of his since day 1. I’m so disappointed right now.

  75. To Be Evicted Soon…
    This Week: Russel
    Next Week: Natalie
    Week After: Michele

    The final three being jeff, jordan, kevin…
    then kevin takes jordan to final 2…and jordan wins. (id like either of the two to win, but jordan seems like a bettter fit)

  76. I remember a couple years ago everyone said there was no way the jury would vote for E.D. I think they all voted for him to win. Jeff took out strong players when he had the chance. When they stop being emotional they’ll see that Jeff played a good game, if he makes it to the finals.

  77. @ASHLEY – one of us is going to have to change our name because people on here are going to get confused. I’ve been on here all season and everyone knows that I am a Russ fan.

  78. this game has again turned from predictable to unpredictable. Jeff move is good or bad we will know in later weeks and dont forget he is the one who has to bear all the consequences of it.
    but this move has again bring the excitement and i am really looking forward what will happen next. That’s what make this so interesting. :)

  79. @ASHLEY – you need to stop using all caps like your yelling and there is no need to be RUDE!!! Everyone else here can debate without acting like that.


  81. You have to trust the devil you know and dance with who brought you. Ouch…Jeff did you notice you just stubbed your toe? Oh well.

  82. Natalie WONT be evicted next week are u crazy?

    She will be final 3, and u got my gurantte on that

    WHY? because she is seen as a week player a if she does try to get Jeff out she will, and Michlle will dumb Jordan like a sack of potaters.

    As much as all of u hate her FOR SOME STRANGE REASON she has played a a good game.

    And if it was betwwen Jeff and her, she would win BB.

    If it was Jeff and Kevin, Kevin would win

    America cant save Jeff forever.

    U can take THAT . . to the bank.

    holla if ya hear me! lol

  83. oh my god!!! jeff is so stupid. i hope michelle can get kevin to vote out natalie. i liked jeff but he is turning into jessie. the power has gone to his head. if russ leaves this week i hope jeff goes next week. why the hell did he believe ppl who have been against him the entire game rather than the person who was fighting for him. i hope jeff doesnt win. he’s an idiot.

  84. natalie please……..but now russ is pissed and will be coming after j & j. too late for natalie now….she is gonna win it all if she is in the final two…..oh jeff, you screwed up dude

  85. michele and russle and natalei must NOT make it to the final 3. jeff/jordan/kevin are gunna make it hopefully, but i dont see jeff making it to the final 2. thats why i hope kevin/jordna are sitting next to eachother in the final 2 at the finale. btw, does america get to be like the seventh jury vote since chima got expelled and can’t be a jury member? if so, vote wisely.

  86. Russell is gone. If Michelle doesn’t with HoH, she’s gone next week, then it’s the battle of the “couples” to finish the season. Boring.

  87. What I would love to see next week if for natalie or kevin to win HOH (stay with me jeff fans), then nominate J/J (wait for it…), then have Michele win veto, kevin or natalie (whoever doesn’t have HOH goes up as the only replacement with Jeff and Michele being the deciding votes. How funny would that be…after all of this and the cockiness to have your ally send you home!

  88. @ Haze, if jeff/jordan are nominated next week for some reason with your scenario, then michele will boviosly send jeff home since he’s the stronger player and sent her ally home who would have taken her to the final 2.

  89. I think it would have perhaps been a wiser move on Jeff’s part to get rid of Natalie or Kevin and keep Russell.

    Natalie and Kevin have too many friends in the jury house and, therefore, he would likely lose the game to either of those two should it come down to the grand prize between him or one of them. Whereas with Russell–too many people dislike him and Jeff would have a better shot at winning BB11 against him.

    Not a smart move.

  90. As much as I hate it, I’ll have to say…..sorry, my man Jeff, but you just slit your own throat! See ya in the jury house. This season is making me sick!

  91. I cant believe all the Russell lovers out there. He is bad news. He is the most paranoid person that has ever been on the show. He lies more than anyone and should have been sent home weeks ago! Can you image how hot headed he gets when there are no cameras. He has a real bad temper and Big Brother should offer him help. He needs it.

    Russell would have done they same thing next week if he could have. Russell needs to grow up and become a real man.

  92. I don’t think this is a good move for Jeff. He is thinking short term and not about getting votes to win $1/2MM. Marcus u r right.I don’t think he can get 4 votes uless he’s sitting next to Jordan and even then he might not get the votes.

  93. wow before the show started my final 4 was…
    4th: kevin
    3rd: jeff
    2nd: jordan
    1st: chima
    i was close at three at least. hopefully the three i was right on will make it to the final 3 still :)


  95. @Jim B – Russ has stood by his word every time he has given it. Unlike JJ. And if you had seen the fight between them on the live feeds, you would have seen just how unhonorable Jess, I mean, Jeff can be.

  96. Okay Jeff. Good move/Bad move right there.
    Good move why? Because Russel is a strong player, and he’ll win if it’s a physical challenge like the last one where Jeff let him win.
    Bad move why? Because he just knocked someone that was in his alliance out. I don’t believe that Jeff will win, even if he does go to the final 2. I think the jury house likes everyone else in the house better then Jeff.
    I’m totally team jeff&jordan but I think if it comes to them in the final 2 that jordan will win. I hope neither natalie or kevin win.
    Ughh Natalie quit lying to everyone. And Kevin, how did you even make it this far?! I thought they wanted the floaters gone?! I want Kevin gone, I’d rather see Russ win then him!

  97. wow i just found out that the vh1 show ‘i love money 3’ which was supposed to start next january was now cancelled because of ryan jerkins from ‘megan wants a millionaire’ killed himself. ‘megan wants a milionaire’ was also cancelled. jeez drama drama drama!

  98. jeff just sealed his fate. like jordan said, her mother said all men think with their penises and jeff let lil miz jordon tell him what to do. i thought that he was smarter than that. he just lost 1/2m by listening to her. serves him rite. he was my favorite but he will never win now cuz its all nat & kevin with the jh

  99. Dumb, Jeff, Dumb. It’s not a question of how much anyone likes or dislikes Russell. Jeff just sealed his own fate. The scary Gnat will see to that.

  100. well at least jeff can bank on coming back on all stars..u know america will vote him in & probably scumbag ronnie

  101. Russell doesnt lie the most in the house, that title wooud go to Michelle no question.

    She wont even tell the truth to help her own alliance.

    She lies anytime she gets. And then pulls the “i dont remeber” card.

  102. This is the best thing Jeff can do at this time. Russell is a competitive player and his temper will betray him unfortunately in the long game.

  103. Jeff may as well kiss winning BB goobye now! too bad for Jeff and Jordan. They will be next ones into the Jury House because of his lame move and believing the Liars in the house!

  104. Come on people. Tell me this, if you were in the real game and knew there is a player stronger than you in this game, would you keep that person in the game or get rid of him before he get’s rid of you. If you say yes you would keep them, then you are lying. $500,000 almost in your hands and you would keep the strongest person? Not!!!!! Time to deal with life, your player is going to jury house and that’s that……

  105. i hope next season is another all-stars.
    bring back Erika,Janelle,Laura,Chima,Jordan,Natalie,Sharon

  106. i think if jeff could have outlasted russell in the comps, then in the f2, jeff would have won the prize. by eliminating russell, he got rid of his best chance at winning at the end. I just hope jordon or gnat doesnt win, but i know gnat will win if she makes it to the f2 with anyone but kevin who has the lock on votes

  107. great move by jeff get rid of russell before he can get rid of you that’s the bb way i do think that jeff can beat michelle or maybe even nat but that’s it

  108. i doubt if chima will be in the all stars. she is probably banned. i hope so…i certainly wont watch if she is on.

  109. I see this totally different than some of you. Who cares about the lie! I don’t think the lie really played into this decision that Jeff made. He looked at the competition left in the house and made a move to get a huge competitor out. It’s happened many times before in the game of BB. They just about get all of one alliance out except for one or two that stick around. He saved Russ once and so many were furious now he’s send Russ out. Doesn’t anyone think he just gained some respect from the jury house? Look who’s playing the game and isn’t afraid to make more than one bold move.

    Overall, I’m not sure about the move. I kind of like Russ. I guess we shall see how it all plays out.

    Personally, I don’t care if Jeff is a nice guy or not. I want to see someone win that has done a decent job playing the game. You can’t be a total nice guy in the game of BB.

  110. Natlie is not weak or stupid. She is just playing the game and very well. Watch and see!!

  111. Truly disappointed in Jeff/Jordan! In reality, Russ & Jeff would have had to duke it out to the end anyway, so what is Jeff afraid of? Afraid he might not beat Russ? So now instead of one person after him, he has two! Good work Jeff….go smoke another cigarette!

  112. jordon was the one that kept telling him she trusted kevin & gnat more than russel..meanwhile, everyone is lying to survive and you cant trust anyone

  113. @Matt: is there anyway you get the fight posted on BBN? Just wondering… and Congrats to Kevin! Jeff just sealed the deal you have no competition after next week! I think we’ve found our winner

  114. LOVE Jeff!
    Jeff had to gamble on it and he is.
    Russ would come after him if Russ stayed because Russ is an alpha male and feels threatened by Jeff. He WOULD never have stuck to the final 4 deal.
    With Jeff back dooring Russ then Jeff is also gambling that Michele will stick with him and Jordan-he had to make a move either way. He is the one with all the balls in the house but I think he is smart to cut Russ off at the knees before Russ gets him.

  115. everyone who is disappointed in jeff cmon russell has been talking down to everyone in the house since he got there, tired of his temper way to go jeff, i might actually root for him now

  116. I believe that Russell needs to go, he has been verbally abusive to several of the house guests, it is time for him to go.

  117. @#128. lmao that may be true. the producers probably beleive she’ll blow up again so they have her on bb house areest lmao. i want erika to win though is she comes back on for another allstars season. she one of my top favorite bb players ever. eeeeeew i bet chima and libra would have been bets friends since they always blow up lmao.

  118. as for michelle all she does is switch back and forth to whatever side has the power for the week. the entire week russell was on the block she stayed in the hoh room with chima, but as soon as the coup de ta was used and jessie was voted out she was standing next to j/j/r as he walked out the door. she is just as bad as ronnie and hope she goes next

  119. I’m guessing there is another Janet on here. I’ll change mine to Janet T on matt’s blog.
    This was SUCH a huge mistake! Jordan is now so far up nat’s butt it is bound to stink!! Now I have to go with my second string. I don’t get why Jordan was trashing Michelle ?? That is nothing but kicking someone when they’re down. Not cool, Jordan. Mich HAS to win HOH next week! Someone needs to go in there and slap that smug smile off Nat’s face. The main reason I hate this is because now Nat is so dang self satisfied!! Aarrgh!!

  120. I think Michele is with Jeff and Jordan but she will be swayed if Nat and Kevin showed up in front of her with any sort of deal- she bugs me!

  121. Anyone who thinks Jeff made a good move, hasn’t been watching very carefully. He did himself in and gave the game to Kevin or the
    nasty Natalie

  122. I just wish that Natalie would stop talking-even for a few minutes- just shut up for a few minutes!

  123. okay Barb but what IF Russ stayed and back doored Kevin next week?? Then he just handed the game to Russ.
    He had to gamble or go whether it was now or later.

  124. Dude, c’mon Kev owes Jeff, one fav. He’s got to vote out Russell with Jordan! That leaves Nat, Jordan, Michelle, Kevin and Jeff. If Kevin wins, he’d be stupid to not put up Jeff and Michelle. So that still gives Jeff a shot at the POV. He wins that, Jordan will go up, Jeff and Nat will vote out Michelle, or split the vote. Then Kevin has to vote, he’ll vote out Jordan and then Jeff can really play. Jeff is HOH this week, then Kev, Jeff will win right after that!

  125. Jeff sealed his fate. Kevin and Natalie will end up taking him out. Michelle will help them. She keeps saying that Jeff is the strongest player. He will be the next big target.

  126. Marcus (112). I disagree. Natalie is the great puppet-master of the house. She wins nothing and could win the 500,000. If the prize is for manipulation and lies, she is the winner…ugh!

  127. i WAS a j/j fan but now am not. I’m aggravated with BB this season i guess thety’re just another fake reality show. i have the live feeds and have heard kevin say that sometimes when they go into the DR they coach them on what to say and do to start an argument. I’m sick of the j/j showmanship it’s very childish. i can’t get over the way everyone else gets caught lie-ing and talking except for nat/kev. i have enjoyed and luv’d watching BB all these seasons but am so disappointed this season. with the chima drama and now this LML. i didn’t watch the show last night and unless i change my mind they lost me as a fan i know it sounds childish and there’s millions of other people watching. what i was really hoping for is that BB would have jordan or jeff accidently walk up and hear nat & kevin talking about their lie now that would have been a better tv rating if bb is that desperate. i hope jordan & jeff get knocked off their power high their on, get to be have nots and for the other HG’s to treat them like they’ve been treating everyone else. ok so how about jeff threatning to cut russells throat bb? and plz all u haters out there these were my opinions so plz don’t bash me. also, i’m a mother, grandmother, sister, aunt etc., and am tired of the way jordan talks about her and makes fun of her. i have been big fans of j/j but am very disappointed in them. sorry for unloading like i have but again i’m disgusted with the show right now.

  128. I think many of you are looking at this the wrong way. Those of you who are fans of Jeff really just hated the Natalie crew. So you see this as him keeping Natalie in the game, when really, he is furthering himself. He would have been gone next week for sure because either Russ would have won HOH and put him up or one of the other people (besides Jordan, that would have been his only hope) would have put him up to split up the Jeff/Jordan team. They are the only two in the game who are so close that you KNOW they won’t go against each other…so people are going to want to split them up at some point. So now, Jordan will be fighting against 3 other people for HOH, none of who are very good competitors. Had Russ stayed in the game, lets be honest, his chances against the others are much better. He has proved himself to be not only a good physical player, but he makes smart moves as well. ALSO, Russ said the smartest thing for Jeff to do would be to put him and Michelle on the block. He knows that it was a good move, he is just upset because he is probably going this week.

    And for those of you saying that Jeff won’t get any votes, I’m not sure how you figure that. If you watch Big Brother’s previous seasons as well as other Jury voting type games like Survivor, you will see that even when someone screws the Jury members over, if they played the best game, they usually get votes. And so far, other than Russ, Jeff has played the best game of the remaining contestants.

  129. Why does E1 think the F3 is going to be Kev Jordan and Jeff I really think and believe that it will be Jeff Jordan and Michelle in the F3

  130. hope this is not a mistake….I do not think so…go Jeff go. Russell would have put the screws to Jeff….and….if you listened he said so in the D R room…..he said this would be a good move for Jeff

  131. the sentence i put above about me being a mother, grandmother, etc and the way i can’t stand jordan talking and making fun of someone was meant to be her doing it towards michelle.

  132. HELLLOOOOO what is wrong with everyone. Do all you once Jeff fans now Jeff haters need to watch BB re-runs. Doesn’t anyone remember how Russell has terriozed the house when things haven’t gone his way. Jeff has never once gone around terriorizing the house. Did anyone of you who are now against Jeff not watch Russell in the DR at the end of the show last night. Russell himself said he expected Jeff to put him on the block and according to Russell Jeff should of put him up because that would of been a smart move. Jeff had to make his move and those of you who now are changing your alliance from Jeff because you don’t “like the decision he made” shame on all of you. None of you are any better than any of the players in the house that change their alliance or minds. My alliance will always stay with Jeff and Jordan and while I may not like somethings that are said or some of the behaviors of the House Guests there is alot of money to win and none of us are above behaving badly when locked up in a house of different personalities. We are all human or did you forget that. Get off your high horses and continue to support Jeff who is a great guy. When it comes to winning that much money any of us are capable of playing a little dirty. As far as Natalie and Kevin go with there lie again they are just playing the game. Good job Jeff.

  133. Jeff is stupid. Did Russell not help him get HOH this week by stopping Kevin, and how can he believe Natalie since from the beginning she hasn’t been his friend, now that she doesn’t have any of her gang, she suddenly is Jeff & Jordan’s best friend. I just hope that for some reason that Michelle can talk Jordan or Kevin to vote out natalie. Then you can put a camera in the jury house with Jessie,Lydia and Natalie. That might be fun to watch.

  134. Almost everyone seems to Be overlooking Michell
    The girl is sleek, and could possibly win this
    game. If any moves Jeff should have made, was to get rid of Michelle. I honestly believe that Russell would have kept his word to Jeff and Jordan. But now J/J have left themselves open for the numbers to get rid of them. I could see Michelle switching sides with K/N if
    they should win HOH. One minute I’m rooting for Jeff but then I think I would like for Kevin to win BB. Jordan seems like a sweet girl, but she definitely needs to go back to school and get herself a better education. I can’t hardly stand to listen to her talk sometimes. GOOD LUCK TO JEFF, KEVIN & NATALIE.

  135. I am a bigg Jeff fan and I would love to see him win this and He will be in th F2 but the jury house may not let this happen but as I said earlier today Jordan and Michelle will win BB11 cuz of the votes in the jury setting next to Jeff

  136. I don’t know who really should’ve gone this week, kevin or russel. Russel would’ve turned on the alliance next week anyway, that’s a given. He would’ve won HOH and got jeff outta there. That is the nature of the game.

    Kevin is just sooooo sneaky. Natalie won’t make it to the finals and here’s why…. SHE CAN’T WIN A DAMN THING!!!!! SHE FREAKIN SUCKS ASS AND the only way to guarantee your safety is to win.

    Seeing as she won’t be able to win HOH next week (due to eviction or lack of skill) that only leaves kevin to fend for her…and let’s face it, as good as a competitor as he is, he can’t seem to really grasp the HOH spot.

    If michelle or jordan win next week, odds are natalie will be gone. Say Kevin does pull it off, I think it’ll be michelle to go. If you think about it…. kevin was close to HIRO CHIMA… and both he and natalie want her out more so than jeff I believe.

  137. connie, that’s fine that he voted russell out but my opinion, he should’ve waited and got nat out first. nat/kev are going after j/j and jeff is a stronger competitor and this week is very crusial for j/j and i personally would’ve used russell to my advantage to win the HOH.

  138. NATALIE SHOULD GO HOME!!!!!!!! However…now that Jeff has pushed Russell over the edge, I don’t see anything GOOD happening between those two….so Russell may HAVE to leave!

  139. Jeff is a nice guy and is honorable…. he’s playin a freakin game. Russel just would’ve pulled this next week.

  140. I’m still a Jeff fan. Bad move? Yes, but Jeff isn’t seeing everything we are.. he went with his gut which was wrong in this instance. He felt that Russ had already broken their alliance by saying he would target Jeff next.. he feels that Kevin and Natalie are harmless next to Russ, so really – his thinking pans out, based only on what he thinks he knows. I’m still pulling for him, but realize he will be the main target now.

  141. Look, Russel was going to go back on his word. Jeff just did it before Russel. That’s all sweetheart.

  142. bye Russell, go tell the jury house how Jeff is not the nice guy bye bye $500,000.

  143. Russel is the one who said nominating himself or michelle would be smart gameplay…am I the only one who saw that?

  144. I just watched the live feeds from the “big fight” between Jeff and Russell. I can’t believe that BB is going to allow Jeff to threaten to cut Russells throat, stab him in the neck, shoot him, and etc. I think they should kick him out of the show. Russell only threatened to kick his butt, not KILL him. I was a TOTAL J/J fan, but now, I think Jeff is a COMPLETE jerk, and needs to be medicated. BB REALLY needs to step in, and kick Jeff out like they did Chima!! In fact, what Jeff has done, is WORSE than what Chima did!!! KICK HIM OUT BIG BROTHER!!!!!

  145. If Jeff didn’t get Russell and Natalie stayed she would’ve convinced Russell’s paranoid a** into thinking Jeff said something about him. Russell would’ve put Jeff up. Pulease. Jeff did the only thing he could.

  146. Nah “barb” Natalie is a good player

    She rolled with Jessie who was dominating the house. ONly thing though she knew she didnt have tonwin anything she wasnt going anywere. AND GUESS WHAT? that payed off because they look at he rlike a weak competitor.

    Out of the 12 competitions, Natalie has finshed 2nd or 3rd 5 times. she has won the first competition.

    She GREATLY influenced Jessie’s decision, knowing EVEN if she was wrong, and they would argue, he would come apologize to her.

    All of u give her so much crap its ridicolous. Its like she committed the worst crime.

    And wat did she do that she is SOOOO disliked??

    i mean rele? lol

    She played Jessie like a snare drum, And at the same time established herself as a weak player. Now anytime she goes up, she is a pawn.

    Plus she is rolling with Kevin, who somewhat did the same. Had Lydia KIND OF go out and start trouble or w/e.

    If u watch BB not just to see Jeff.

    If u vote with u plays a good game, not because u think Jeff is “hot” or “cute”

    Then Natalie of season 11 is ur vote in ’09! haha

  147. @blackgirl….i agree, to me, family is the most important thing and to swear on your family was the lowest thing to do.

  148. I love Jeff and Jorden!! Yeah… he did the right thing! Bye Bye Russ!! Would love to Gnat go home too. But Russ 1st!!!

  149. @ Marcus I loved your posts #29,39.
    @ Analaigh your post # 68 was the GREASTEST. That is the way I would like to see it go.Now THINK….a lot of people think that by Jeff putting Russell up that it was a BAD MOVE!!! may not be true.Jeff knows what HE HAS TOO DO in this game.I truly believe that getting Russell out now is going to be THE BEST PLAY OF THIS GAME !!!!I would have liked to see Russell go to the final two.I also saw were Russell made a comment to Michele too getting Jeff out soon.Don’t let anyone kid you, Jeff IS THE BEST PLAYER of this season….

  150. I agree completely with you blackgirl, BB needs to kick Jeff out!!! & I was a Jeff fan!! No More!!

  151. Jeff is single handedly taking out the 2 biggest threats in the game-Jesse and Russ.
    Nathalie is not a threat- she sucks! She can’t win anything and she won’t win the big prize

  152. Russell should try and get Kevin to vote Nat out. I don’t care how he does it, and Michelle should figure out the age lie since she(nat) has done everything but spell it out in Now and Laters. Then those 3 go after j/j. Anything is better than the boring afterdark. It’s unwatchable. I hope for some good fights or game play later.

  153. Natalie didn’t win the first competition it was a tie technically….

    And for those who are ignoring the facts… FACT: Russel and Michelle were talking about being the final 2.

    FACT: Russel himself said it himself : smart game play…put up me or michelle

    FACT: Kevin and Natalie told a lie they didn’t know was actually true

  154. what i think is fuuny is how everyone says jeff is Dumb for putting russle up . Russle was saying in the DR that if jeff didnt put him up it would be a dumb move. if russel would have one hoh he would have done that same thing. Russ has told more lies in the game than anyone put together …..GO JEFF

  155. Russell can pack his bags lol Jeff is signing his losing will to this game…hes not being smart building the jury house of all the people he has back stabbed LOL GOOD ON YOU JEFF!

  156. how can you all say someone was GOING to do something?!?! actions speak louder. We don’t know what Russ would have done until he would have had HOH, which more likely than not he would not have won. To date Russ has always kept his word when he’s made promises I believe. I could be wrong. everyone lies and that’s part of the game. BUT, Russ would have had to lie at some point. he’s said final 2 to both Jeff and Michelle. but until then…

  157. Ashley, please stop shouting.

    Everyone who is saying Russ was a tough competitor and this was a good move must not have done well in math or aren’t keeping up with current events. Russ was coming for him at F4. Kev and Gnat are coming for him NOW!
    Jeff now needs to win POV or HOH every week to survive.
    The reference to Michelle as a swing vote was for next week. There are now two alliances of two and Michelle on the outside. The sad thing is that while Kev and Gnat will go after Jeff and Jordan; Jeff and Jordan will go after Michelle.

    Kudos to Kev and Gnat. This move is better than Evel Dick’s move to survive when both he and Danielle were on the block.

    This was NOT Jeff’s move. It was Kevin and Natalie’s move.

  158. Now that gulliable jeff has pulled the trigger on Russ I only hope that michelle or Natalie wins the next hoh and puts up Jeff and dumb blonde Jordon.

  159. I can’t stand Natalie. She is so two faced and tries to act so innocent. Jeff knows Russell will eventually try to get him out when they reach the final 4, now he will just have to vote from the jury house. I have been pulling for Jeff all along but I think he backstabbed Russell. I don’t know, maybe Russell would have done the same thing, but I want Natalie and Kevin out.

  160. Have any of you watched the live feeds?? Am I wrong in thinking BB should kick Jeff out for threatening Russells life????

  161. How many times in BB history has the BEST move in the game also been followed up by the WORST move in the game?

    BEST: Jeff getting rid of Jessie and switching the balance of power to his alliance

    WORST: By single handedly costing himself final 4 (unless he wins POV or Jordan wins HOH) and costing himself victory in his actions this week

  162. Jeff you BIG DUMMY. i swear if natalie stays i will not watch this show anymore. this is a joke

  163. Adding to the FACTS.

    FACT: Jeff would not have done this if he knew that both his new allies were planning to put him up at first opportunity.

  164. Comment #158, Chimarosa was a terrorist in the house too. Why do you think she got kicked off. I am still a fan of J/J, I think he made a dumb move. As far as votes go if J eff out team Jessie & sent them all to the jury house, they still have to vote for someone. Gnat & or Kev should have gone before Russell.

  165. Jeff was in a crapshoot no matter how it went down. I’ve seen too much of him and Jordan in the last week, and I’m sick of Jordan’s stupid comments. Michelle needs to reading the writing on the wall, realize she’s next to go, and instead team-up with Kev to get Russ to stay, send Nastalie home (so gross) and put up Jeff next week.

  166. @David: Keep watching, that is part of the fun of the show, the stupidity and idiot moves. I think it’s funny. Even though the game isn’t going how “I want” or “how I think it should go” it’s still fun to watch and talk about.

    I just wonder how much of the threats CBS are going to show, or if they sweep it all under the rug

  167. I wonder if Chima will tell the jury house about Nat’s real age? That could piss some of them off.

  168. The real key is next weeks HOH. If Jordan wins then Jeff is safe and Nat and Kevin are back up. If Michelle wins she will do the same because she knows she looses in the final 2 with either Nat or Kevin. So she stays on the Jeff -Jordan team. If Nat or Kevin win HOH Jeff looses and goes up with Jordan and goes home unless he wins POV. Jeff was banking on 2 things 1 he would have 3 against him with Russell in the house and Russell is a tough competitor in a physical HOH so makes it easier for Jordan to win HOH again against Kevin and Nat. He’s really out of options either way. Tough call.

  169. Natalie is a buffoon. She yelled, “Oh, by the way, I’m 24 and I have a degree,” at Casey as he was exiting. Is everyone deaf or dumb?! I hate listening to her speak. It’s worse than a 4 year old sounding out wors. My ears bled when she hosted that one competition. Her BF may as well be in a same-sex relationship.

  170. everyone….. russ did make a f2 with michelle, but so did j/j. j/j needs to stop thinking they are the only ones that can do anything they want. and yes, i have been for j/j but am disgusted on how they and BB are playing.

  171. If Jeff didn’t get Russell out now, he would be the next to go. He has a better chance with him and Jordon,Kevin and Natalie in the final four!

  172. Diana: Right on. Same thing with Jeff breaching the f4 agreement with Russ. Jeff was my fav. Now, I couldn’t care less.

  173. This is just a game-people are doing what they need to do as you would as well.
    Some people like Russ and Chima are just straight up ca-ra-zay but everyone else would probably handle things differently in society.

  174. It might be just a game, but it ceases to be a game, when someone threatens someone elses life. Jeff went WWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY tooo far!

  175. @j rebel: I agree. but Russ did threaten physical violence as well. I think they both went across the line, but does it matter who goes father? I guess a second line is threatening death.

    and does ANYONE think Michelle is actually thinking about the final 2 and who she could beat? I think she’s just thinking about how to get by week to week. and it’s worked so far

  176. @srs – there are two ashleys on this site. The one shouting is not me. I totally think Jeff is a snake!! He showed his true colors today. Well, really the last week with all the power going to his head.

    @blackgirl – did you see the fight between Jeff and Russ today? Jeff said he would stab Russ in the neck. What a jerk!!!

  177. You can argue that Jeff made this move one week too early but if he hadn’t, then Russ or Kevin would have targeted him next week. He just needs his biggest threat gone, Russell, because he can beat everyone else in a veto competition to continue to secure himself. Natalie is useless and annoying but can’t win anything, so keep her as long as possible. As for votes, hope the jury rewards game play rather than make it personal.

  178. I use to like Jordan, but now I think that she is like a leech sucking the game out of Jeff.I wanted her to go to the final two..not anymore.If Russell is out, than I would like too see Jeff and Michele in the final two. I believe that they both have played the best game so far.Of course there is going to be lying and backstabbing , that is the way the game is played.EVERYONE IS GUILTY of that. Some players just do it better than others.We all have our favorites to vote for…

  179. Brian, i agree, both crossed the line, but R. only threatened to kick J.s butt, not kill him, like J threatened to do to R. Not Cool!!

  180. i see another connie here who is a j/j fan.To each their opinion but i am now connie b. a russell fan. i jumped off the jeff and jordan train a week ago

  181. Natalie should go -wake up Jeff. If Natalie or Kevin win the HOH guess what you and Jordan will be up.

  182. Kevin knew to shut his mouth and not over promise and under deliver early on. I appreciate the gutsy players, but Kev’s more of a marathon runner than a sprinter. For the reason he doesn’t cause problems, appears sincere, and keeps to himself, he’ll do very well. Michelle was positioned similarly, but her odd behaviour of confessing, ratting out others, and making contradictions has placed a target on her back. Michelle handed Russ’ head on a platter to Jeff. Quite sad!

  183. Has everyone forgot that Russell jumped all over Jeff in the beginning for spelling a word wrong!! Russell deserves what he gets!! GO J&J!!!!

  184. Also, Russell has treatened almost everyone in the house… so what if Jeff stands up to him and threatens him some. Russell would be more likely to kill someone! Jeff and Jorden are hot!

  185. Jeff is the true psycho, and proved that today!! He needs expelled from the show!!

  186. Does everyone forget that Russel said that he would get rid of Jeff at first opportunity. What Natalie and Kevin told them as the ‘lie’ was actually factual, they just didnt know that.

  187. if someones says they are going to kick my butt im going to say alot more than just stab them in the neck .its not ok to say what either of them said they are both wrong for doing so

  188. @ Anna #152
    You are so right! Russell has said multiple times in the last 2 weeks in his DR sessions that they air on the regular shows that it would have been smart for Jordan to BD him when she won POV on the live show. He said it again last night on the Sunday show that Jeff should put him or Michelle up if he was smart. How come only a few of you writing here don’t see that Russells plans all along were to turn on Jeff if he had the power.

    Although Kevin and Natalie think they started a big lie, it really is what Michelle and Russell have had planned all along. They were never going to honor the final 4 alliance. Getting Russell out is a wise move on Jeff’s part whether he wins or not.

  189. I like Natalie and Kevin, I hope they make it to the final 3 Russell needs to go this week and then Jeff. and then Michelle, Michelle should have been gone a long time ago.

  190. sounds to me they are both bulls trying to better the other i say get out the boxing gloves and let them find out who is the head bull

  191. OMG people you are acting like it was a stupid move, when it was awsome he only saved russel to get others out. They never liked each other he was using russel from get go (great move go jeff)

  192. @blackgirl – You know cbs is going to make it like Russ is some awful person. Russ said today that he would have honored the final four deal because he swore on his “pops”. Even Jeff said in the heat of anger that Russ probably would have honored the deal but because he made a final 2 deal with Mich, he had to take him out. What was Russ suppose to do, not make a final 2 deal with anyone? I will be pulling for Nat/Kev and even Mich if she will get Jeff out and Jordan will go next because she can’t win without Jeff’s help.

  193. the only reason they didnt like jeff was because he talked with the outside people cause he is a smoker. jeff russ and nat acted like they where going to win it all from day one and as soon as jeff got jessie out they where running like cockroaches LMAO i bet casey is jumping for joy

  194. Comment #227, How do you know what either one meant to do? People say they are going to kill people every minute of every day, but that doesn’t mean they follow thru.

  195. I had been a supporter of Jeff from week one (Jordan not so much), he seemed to be the only one who wasn’t a rude jerk or an airhead.
    I was wrong, Jeff is scum no better than Ronnie, in fact worse than Ronnie.
    I won’t be voting for him for America’s vote both because he his a jerk and because Natalie played him so perfectly, of course it’s now highly unlikely that he’ll be in the final two. Much as I dislike her, she has outplayed him by getting him to fall for her and Kevin’s lies. If Jordan doesn’t win HOH he’s a gonner and rightfully so.

  196. #247, So are you saying BB should wait until Jeff actually does kill Russell before they step in???

  197. Unless you are related to Nat, I can’t see anyone voting for her I mean she sucks. At least with Kev, he has played the game better in my opinion. Like I said, if Russ goes home, Jeff can beat them all in POV competition and secure himself in the finals.

  198. I would not count out Michelle. I don’t like her because she had a hand in getting Russ back doored but she has proven herself in comps. I would take her over anyone except maybe Kevin.

  199. so its ok though even though he is a trained fighter .thats kinda like people in the army and there hands being deadly weapons whats the diff

  200. WELL…..WELL…. WELL…. Aint it funny how 3 weeks ago how Jeff was the man…..cause he basically backdoored Jessie….Now that he has done the same to Russell…he a dork and geek and a dummy and hes so many horrible things…WHY !!!! Remeber people its “JUST A GAME!!!! Lol….. KARMA…. KARMA…. KARMA

  201. Jacomba Rebel – Say what you want about Jeff’s “threats” but if Russell is a professional fighter as he says he is, he would be committing a felony if he hits anyone outside of the ring. Bottom line, Jeff is showing Russell, who has bullied many in the house, that he is not intimidated by him and he won’t back down. Jeff threatening to stab, slash his throat, or shoot him are about as real as the idiotic threat of going after Russell’s family. What a moron (Russell). Russell doing what all bullies do when challenged, back down with his tail between his legs.

  202. Comment #244, If You think CBS would try to blame it all on Russell. Why do you think they let Chimarosa get away with all her threats? Jeff & Russell were both wrong for saying what they. I say if they want to fight, get the boxing gloves out & go for it.

  203. Apparently the money has become more important than life for these two. I think BB should stop it before something drastic happens. I guess there is a 50/50 chance nothing will happen, but would you bet on those odds???

  204. I’m all for them getting the boxing clubs out. Russ would mop the floor with Jeff’s backside. All year cbs has been playing up to Jeff so I will be pleasantly surprised if they don’t do it now.

  205. #249 I did not say that, you did. I meant people say things they don’t mean every day. The other thing is both Russ & Jeff need to act like adults. Just like you should.

  206. jeff sure put the wrong one up i dont like nat one bit.ihope russell really puts it to every one of them.nat is nasty and one big liar icannotstand that girl i hate to think she comes out the winner of all the money.

  207. what did jeff do that russ didnt im not saying that either should be threanting people im saying they are both wrong for doing so

  208. What a bonehead move Jeff made by nominating Russell. Russell is not a great competitor and not the biggest threat. At this point Kevin is the biggest threat in competitions. And honestly, he’s asking Jordan for advice? What a joke. Does Jeff really want to go into the final with either Kevin or Natalie?

    Whoever is HOH next week is going to nominate Jeff, so I don’t get all the people saying Jeff had to get rid of Russell because he wanted Jeff gone. Everyone wants Jeff gone including probably Jordan, doesn’t he see this? He’s the strongest competitor and has the biggest target on his back. At this point I think he’s probably gone next week, because the HGs will realize it may be the only time he’s not HOH and their only opportunity to get him out. Now I don’t care who wins as long as it’s not Gnat or Jordan.

  209. People are you slow…Jeff had to get rid of Russ or Russ would have got rid of him. Russ even said himself that Jeff’s best move would be to get rid of him. I don’t trust Nat or Kevin but Russ is a better player. I say YEA for Jeff. He has been as honest as you can be in this game and he has made some good moves. He deserves to win all the way….all you people upset with him know are just girls pissed that Russ is leaving b/c he’s hot …get over it …GO JEFF =)

  210. You are right, no one should threaten anyone, but threatening a persons life is a more serious issue than beating a person up. Russell didn’t say he would use his hands to kill Jeff, he said he would beat him up. Jeff said he would kill Russell!! Big difference!!

  211. I personally would love to see The Pit Bull leave this week who is dumb enough to believe she is 18 when you have to be 21 ti apply and then she has been seen drinking and I also hope if Russell leaves this week that at least Michelle or Jordan win but if not Jeff did this to himself for trusting someone who has floated throught out the entire game and already has some money that he is going home with

  212. how would you say he would beat him up if not his hands LMAO that i would pay to go see

  213. Jeff is in a tough spot. Russel probably needs to go for him to win because if he gets to the final 4 he might just win everything. This might be the only opportunity. However now he maybe has only Jordan protecting him in next weeks HOH and I think everyone in the house except Jordan will want to get rid of him for the same reason as Russel – strong competitor. If Jeff wins POV next week he wins the game I think.

  214. And to number 273 I completely agree with your comment about Jeff it is a smart move but why trust Ratalie and Sugar Bear

  215. @Bree – first of all if I was going for who looked the best, I would pull for Jeff like most people. Second, Jeff is anything but honest. Third, don’t swear on your family if you are not going to keep your word.

  216. SOrely disappointed in Jeff, not the guy I thought he was. Why doesn’t production do anything about his threats? Now I’m rooting for Kevin. He’s a liar, but it’s better than one who threatens and treats Jordan like a 2nd class citizen.

    I can’t stand Nat but I HOPE she wins and ousts Jeff. Will serve him right.

  217. Gnatalie should leave. Between Gnat and Kevin, Kevin is less irritating for now. Hopefully he will leave next week.

  218. Krazzzykidd you have misunderstood my post. Let me spell it out…. Russell didn’t say he would use his hands to kill Jeff, he said he would use his hands to beat him up. Jeff threatened to kill Russell. That is a big difference!!

  219. It’s a game and I would say whatever I had to win… my family would forgive me…and love the money!!

  220. russ is a trained cage fighter. my brother is in prison for beating a guy up he hit him 5 times he got the book because he was in the milatry and his hands are deadly weapons

  221. I am so happy Russell was nominated. Although I did get to the point I did like him, it was just a matter of time before he was up. I am hoping Jeff gets his way and Russell is gone. Russell did say in the Diary room he had more than paid Jeff back and if it came to him or Jeff then Jeff would go. Seemed to come around and bite him. Nat’s turn will come.

  222. what was Jeff thinking?? He’d better pray that Michelle doesn’t jump ship and side with Natalie and Kevin. This move just might have cost him the game. Dumb Move Jeff.

  223. That is my entire point, Violence doesn’t pay kids, so let’s all play nice together. Krazzzy, I am sorry about your brother, & I apologize for the rude comment.

  224. Jeff is an idiot and because of that he will be evicted from the house next week. Pretty much everybody except Jordan is against him and I doubt she will win the HoH again. Michele must be thinking of getting him out now that he betrayed the final 4, she might be thinking he will do the same to her as he did tu Russ.

  225. @Krazzzykidd – sucks about your brother. No one needs to fight. I think Russ will be the bigger man and make sure things are cool between he and Jeff because Russ is a good person that way.

  226. no need to apologize. he had to learn a leason the hard way.i would hate to see any of them have that happen to them over money . the stress is prob off the charts in the game

  227. I agree. That is what I mean, money, & I don’t care how much it is, is not worth harming, or killing another person for. I think J, & yes R too have crossed this line. Maybe they should both be removed from the game..

  228. @srs I totally agree with you on both of your last comments. Especially #196

    @Terri How do you know that Natalie is not able to win HoH or PoV? She has a chance of winning like everyone else.

    I was never a Jeff fan and I personally think it’s a good move… not for him maybe, but for the others who want to kick him out. Go team WHOEVER as long as it’s not Jeff or Jordo.

  229. if jeff wouldnt have used the power he would have been gone anyways so if he goes now he made it farther than he would have. i dont care who wins the game i think the reason i like it cause its real life drama that lets me get away from my real life drama for a hour :)

  230. Comment #293, That’s right,I agree with you, we hall have to play nice together. I didn’t to say I wanted anything bad to happen to Russ or Jeff. I just wish he would have kept his deal w/ Russ. I would like to seen them both go final 4 & maybe final 2.

  231. DUMB MOVE. shouldve kept Russel until the end. NO ONE would vote for him. Jeff wouldve been a lock.

  232. Jordan never won the HoH, Jeff gave it to her. Come on, Gnat, Kevin and Mich, band together and agree to put up Barbie and Ken!!

  233. Does anyone know if they’re replacing Chima in the Jury House? If so, i think it would be a true Coup d’tat to bring Ronnie back to vote!!!!!!!!!

  234. it was jeff that got all them out right now its jess and lydia they wouldnt have voted for jeff

  235. Lilly – Chima is not being replaced, there will be 6 in the jury house, tie broken by America’s vote. Ronnie can’t be there as he already went home and has seen the show. Tainted (thank God).

  236. Jeff has let Jordan affect him and he now deserves to lose. So much for him being loyal. If he made decisions on his own and wasn’t with a ditz I might think more highly of him, but I can’t stand Jordan. She is soooo stupid. Watch the feeds and you’ll be sick of her in 3 days.

  237. Ronnie was an idiot, thought he was smarter then everyone else and a Big Brother “expert”. He played his hand WAY to early and paid the price. So long “debate king”.

  238. @ skeptic

    Thanks for the info.
    I think it would have been a great twist to have Ronnie vote. Personally, I’m not a fan of any HG. I just like the drama!!!

  239. All 4 cameras of live feeds show boring K&N pool game..maybe Jeff is in DR being fired for his horrid can hope.

  240. skeptic (#310) pollutes this site by referring to Ronnie as “an idiot.” I am certain that his I.Q. is twice that of skeptic. Ronnie should have won, but there is such mediocrity in the Big Brother House that majoritariansim will probably prevail. Russell is an ugly, scurrilous character, and Jeff was his biggest supporter. Good riddance to both, the sooner the better!

  241. great move jeff! you have to get rid of your strongest competetors and Russ is that! He can beat everyone else in that house if russ is gone. I think the jury will open their eyes and see how well Jeff has played this game.

  242. I do NOT think it’s a good idea for BB to let America vote. Here are my reasons why:

    For one, they have not lived with the contestants. The majority of viewers only see the edited personalities.

    Second, this game is about wooing the HGs, not America!

    Finally, America ALWAYS gets it wrong. Examples- American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance!!!

  243. like they said when I was a kid. Sticks and stones will break your bones, but names will never hurt you ….(except for Chima)
    You have to remember to let it all slide and use your actions to get it done. J & R remind me of two big bullys that do nothing but mouth off at each other when they cross paths.
    I just wonder if Russ will remember what his dad said in hid HOH room letter!!
    Tomorrow is another day!! Lets see what happens…………

  244. Russ may be making his move, he’s joined Gnat for a game of pool; waiting for him to offer to help bring Jeff down. He can convicne Mich (if she needs convincing).

  245. All I have to say is that I still love Jeff and hope he wins. I think that Jeff did what was best. but i really think he should stop worrying so much about Jordan and think about the money. Cause He just might have lost everything today which sucks. If Jordan does not win HOH it bye bye Jeff. I do not trust Michelle and he would be the first one up.

  246. Jeff and Jordan’s game is over. Jeff cant play for HOH next week and he cant count on Jordan to win for herself. Michelle cant be trusted and she is easy manipulated and can be tricked into anything. Jeff and Jordan’s only chance to the final four rested in Russel’s hands. I cant believe everyone is still listening to NATALIE!! Are you kidding me? She hasnt told the truth since the first step in that house. Jeff and Jordan will see next week!

  247. Jackie – TRUST Michele? Do you think she owes Jeff her trust? He used her, derailed her, and plans to do her in next. What trust are you referring to?

  248. Jeff is taking a huge risk back-dooring Russell this week. Michelle has already proven that she switches alliances. What if Russell goes out, and Michelle switches over to Nat and Kev’s side. Jeff and Jordan can kiss it good-bye. OR What if Russell can convince Natalie (who Jeff will probably take off the block) to join an alliance with him and Michelle and to vote for Kevin to go home? Good-bye Jeff and Jordan. What if Natalie wins HOH next and puts Jeff and Jordan on the block, or backdoors one of them (Jeff most likely)? When/If Jeff goes, Jordan will quickly follow. Jeff is really jumping the gun by getting rid of Russell this week, not to mention it makes him a liar just like all the rest. Yeh, it’s a game, but this just seems like a really bad game-plan.

  249. i have now left “team jeff” .. i think his game play just went to hell .. why would he now think michelle will be loyal to him and jordan…so she can take third.. really, is he that stupid.. i hope that michelle, kevin and natalie take jeff out then jordan out.. because they deserve what they get, turning on their alliance at this point in the game. all because they believed a lie from people who have been against them the entire game.. i mean, seriously, who is that stupid. answer.. jeff and jordan are.

  250. Russel thinks he is so tough and he even said that he is the toughest competitor in the house! Gimme a break, Russel has such a bad case of Napoleon complex also known as small man syndrome! He is all talk and Jeff would woop his A$$. Russel needs to go ASAP. Jeff is by far the smartest and strongest player in the house.

  251. if kevin is smart he will vote to keep russel and join michelle and him. Cause he knows that if russel stays he’s gonna be double pissed and be motivated to win hoh and get jeff out. so jeff and jordan on the block jeff going home. than the week after russel cant compete so kevin would probably win and than him put up michelle and russel. and than bam its kevin,michelle,jordan and russel final four. Kevin on top picking everyone off and him taking russel to the final b/c come on who in their right mind in the jury is gonna vote russel!?

  252. Go J J !!They play the best, funnest to watch…and are genuine people. I do like Russ, but he has to go sometime.

  253. I watch BB after dark and Russel has been scheming against Jeff all the time and would turn on him as soon as he gets the chance! Its best that Jeff gets rid of him ASAP. Natalie and Kevin are weak players and have yet to win any competition at all! Kevin got close but cmon they were dropping tin cans in a tube. Any challenge that involves endurance and strength Jeff will win everytime by a landslide! Russel is a big vagina. He acts like a 10 year old when he doesnt get his way! Grow up you wanna be ultimate fighter my ass.

  254. Now ya’ll have to give it up,Jeff did this to further his game,it WAS stupid of him but if you were accually listening to Russ and Michell’s conversation in the splash room or whatever Russ WAS going to get Jeff out NEXT week so either way you jumped to conclusion or you WERE NOT LISTENING !! you have to listen to all the convos.So really the “big lie” wasnt even a lie it was the truth i still love jeff n jordan i hope they will win but u cant jump to conclusions now at this point of the game you cant tell wos going to win or whos gonna vote for who at the jurry house.PEOPLE DONT JUDGE JEFF FOR HIS ACTIONS HE IS ONLY TRYING TO MAKE SURE JORDAN AND HIMSELF ARE SAFE…..but saying he will KILL Russ well that was uncalled for!

  255. @Irie3

    Little man syndrome…HA! I could not have said it better myself. I think he and Chima are too much alike…that’s why they couldn’t get along.

  256. I hope Russell stays,makes strong alliance with Kevin and michelle. Either one wins HOH.puts up Jeff and Jordan,Jeff goes than Jordan all alone.Then Jordan goes.If Russell goes Jeff deserves what he gets. Now Jordan has turned to Scrappy 2,Jeff’s lapdog.

  257. Good move by Jeff. Gotta take a risk at some point. Russ would have stabbed Jeff in the back, no matter what. Keeping Kevin and Natalie isn’t that big of a deal. You’ve gotta hope Mich or Jordan get HOH, but if not, he could still get rescued by POV.
    Russ sealed his fate when he voted to keep Jessie! Now that was the STUPIDEST move this year, HANDS DOWN!

  258. If you are not going to stick to your word dont swear on parents life and Jeff did. Rus told him after f4. He told him after noms he would not put Jeff up or vote him out and Russ has been true to his word. Even with beetleJesse

  259. i think kevin might really consider teaming up with michelle and russell.. they are far better competitors than natalie is.. and now that jeff has shown he has no loyalty, michelle and russell have no reason to not go after jeff and jordan. come on kevin, do the smart thing, go with the real competitors and take out jeff and jordan.

  260. Although allying with little Napoleon Russell may be good strategy for some players, I am more concerned with watchability. intelligent, charismatic housemembers are indispensable, since I cannot bear the sight of heels like Russell. He was the only horrific cast member this year, but I hope that CBS upscales the mental requirements in future BBs.

  261. The one person I do not want to win is Jordan…what a bottom feeder! My money’s on KEVIN. He’s always been honest and kind (unless provoked) and everyone always knows where he stands. He’s also a good competitor. Even though he’s not won much, he’s still been in the running. And it’s a big fat B*tch to be HOH. If you can avoid that target and still get to this point you’re a winner in my book!

  262. @steelyross You’ve gotta hope Mich or Jordan get HOH,

    is jeff really that stupid to think that michelle would still have his back after this stunt that jeff has pulled. she is being nice now, but just wait, as soon as jeff is down, michelle will be kicking him in the balls just like she should since jeff decided to screw her over when he screwed over the f4 deal

  263. That was a dumb move on Jeef’s part! He did like so many others let the dumb blonde lead him around and belived all the BS from PPL he knew lied all the time! Dumb just plain Dumb he did just what Jordan said her mother told her about men and Jordan played him well..

  264. oh please #337, it is about winning 500k. If your pal Ronnie had any common sense about him he would still be in the house and would not have tried to play 12 wks of game in 3.

  265. Jeff dosen’t have much of choice now, because if Russell wasn’t gunning for Jeff before you can bet he will be now. I sure hope Jeff can trust Michelle next week if she win’s HOH.

  266. lol…@ashley..

    ronnie tried playing 11 seasons of big brother in 1 week.. he is the ultimate example of someone overplaying the game

  267. “Alphabet Soup” Lewis – Ronnie should have won? He had no game and did not play smart. For someone who claimed to know everything about BB all the way back to season 1, he played liked he never watched one show. BTW, people who claim to have high IQ’s or feel they have to advertise to everyone the degree’s they have generally have Napoleon Syndrome or are in academia and have never worked a day in their life. I bet you have them printed on business cards and everything. Are you in the Mensa Society as well?

  268. anyone else think that the HGs know that nat isn’t 18 and are just letting her think they are still going along with that? I can’t believe how one of them hasn’t confronted her, but with this collection in the house, it really doesn’t surprise me.

    who do you all think will be the first to confront her, or if she says it, who will be first to say I knew it?

  269. @Lewis – you need to quit insulting people on this site. This is about a friendly debate.

  270. Not sure that was the smart move right now. Jeff better hope that Russell does get evicted or he is really screwed. Jeff better ensure that Kevin and Michelle vote the way he wants. Jeff is putting a lot of faith in his alliance with Michelle – that she’ll be true and have his back. If she or Jordan do not win HOH on Thursday, Jeff better be prepared to win the POV to save himself. We all know he’ll be nominated if Kevin or Nat win HOH. If Jeff survives to final 2, it would actually serve him better to take Michelle instead of Jordan because a lot of people in the jury house don’t like her. So we’ll all see on Thursday how the power in the house shifts yet again. It will turn out to be a great move on Jeff’s part or the dumbest thing he could have done.

  271. I feel bad for Russell… he’s been nothing but honest and truthful with Jeff. Kevin is the rat, he needs to leave. I can’t believe Jeff is too stupid not to see through Kevin’s lies.


  272. Kevin should win this if he can keep playing low key and supportive as he do. He do need ot get rid of Natalie though Sh etalk to o much and Jordan can’t keep anything. Michele will not win because she is so disliked. He need to go final two with her

  273. Russell has approached Kevin…and by God, Kevin is listening. Come on, Kevin, join the other side!

  274. come on kevin joint j/j/m. send ratalie home instead.the little 18 yr old liar,trouble maker,she even looks like a rat.

  275. I will vote for Jeff on America choice for the 3rd place prize.. He’s from Chitown and that a great thing to me even though he says toona.
    Jeff will lose but he has heart.
    RUssell need to go bit will the show become boring?
    I left it when chima left but came back when I heard that Nat & Kevin had to lie and how it was saving them…so far…..

  276. I want Jeff to win, however, he should have stuck to the original plan of Russell, Michelle, him and Jordan as the final 4. He actually allowed Jordan to influence his decision which for the most part he’s ignored… until now…

  277. kevin is smart and everything that russell is telling him should really have him thinking.. natalie is not a strong player, and it would be better for kevin to team up with two strong yet unliked players, michelle and russell, to take out golden boy jeff….come on kevin

  278. He’s been talking to Russell for 20 minutes now and he’s stratagizing. Russell is convincing him that he has no way of winning if he goes home, which could be true. I think Kevin just might go for it.

  279. aww tj insults that mean nothing.Why does she have to leave. Besides Michelle is reallywierd looking too. And she loves rats. NAt the snake is Not smart and is weak, if you had to compete – shes the one you want next to you NOT Russell… Think

  280. How anybody can like Jeff or Jordan anymore is beyond me. I dislike them now more than I disliked Team Jessie. I am officially on the Natalie bandwagon if she stays, or on the Kevin bandwagon. I hope whoever wins HoH put BOTH Jeff and Jordan up.

    Jeff is going to look pretty stupid on Finale Night when he finds out that all of this is ultimately because Kevin and Natalie have worked him like a puppet.

    And Michele has got to be smart enough to know that it makes no sense for her to knowingly be a third-wheel in Final-2 alliance.

  281. i can’t watch no more because of ratalie she makes me sick. the way she walks around the house like her sh** don’t stink. i hope michele win hoh. who knows what happens. jeff couldn’t wait one more week, one more week to send russell home.j/j are so dumb to listen to worst person on earth the rat.

  282. Tj ,Michelle is the “rat” and Nat is the snake.. Kevin is proving to be the best contender. If only Lydalie had listened to him instead of being so coy and talkative. He is a quiet volcano… He acts so cool. Kevin will win if he keeps going like this

  283. Jeff has lost his Americas best by being just plain dumb.Jordon too. Liked them both until they fell for gnats bull.I agree gnats talking has to stop Hope Kevin boots her out and wins it all. Poor Jeff when he finds out he has fallen from grace.

  284. JB I liked Jeff too but he is either influenced by Dr or Jordan or anyone else that do not argue with him. If you make him feel smart he becomes your friend.
    Kevin is the race horse I’m betting on

  285. Alphabet Soup Lewis – Let’s see. I might have been insulted by your comment “I am certain that his I.Q. (Ronnie’s’) is twice that of skeptic.” if his IQ was 140. However, his IQ would have to be 316 for your statement to be true. Did you qualify using Cattell, Stanford-Binet, or one of those cute pop-up tests taken while you are surfing Wikipedia?

  286. I like gnats new name RatalieI thoght Chima got on my nerves. ratalie is the worst for annoying everyone except those in the house.just dont get it.

  287. get the rat and kevin out then go head to head with russell. its to early. one more week. now its done jeff or jordan are gone next week unless jordan wins hoh.i can’t stand the rat the little 18 yr old liar, i can’t believe she has a boyfriend or i can stand jordan talking to her.

  288. KEvin can stay longer with Gnat or Nat but not with Russell. Russell is too intimidating and Kevin is easily intimidated

  289. @ Ashley… Wuz up girl? There is no way Kevin will turn on Natalie and vote her ot for Russell because Kev knows with Natalie in the houe he will have his best chance of getting past the final 3….. Everyone else will get rid of him in the neext week or two max…. I am about to do homewor…. It was my first day of the fall semester…. I need to study for my “Constitutional Law” class… Have a good night Ashley and everyone else!!! ***** O~N~E *****

  290. How dumb. Why do people always get rid of the most hated person in the house when they should want to be sitting next to them in the finals two.

  291. Jeff just messed up BIG TIME!!! Your right, Jeff just got played like a fiddle by Kevin. Plus Jeff can’t think for himself, he has to ask Jordan, “do you think Kevin would lie to us?” If she says “No” then he turns off his brain and takes her advice. I’m not a huge fan of Russell but I want Kevin and Nat out of there NOW, I can’t stand those lying two back-stabbers. I hope Russell causes hell this last week!!

  292. Jess ahh Michelle is so hated.She owuld make a agreat final two with Kevin.. Kevin need Michelle = Votes would be Lydia Jess Jordan Jeff & Nat for Kevin.
    Michelle would get Russells vote

  293. Back to the game, Jeff is definitely rolling the dice if he has Russell evicted but he has to make the move sometime and no better time than the present. His roll of the dice is who can win HOH next or if he can get the POV if nominated. I think his biggest mistake was taking out Lydia instead of Ratalie (I love that name also) last week. Lydia may be annoying but she was a non-factor competition wise.

  294. ***** GOOD ~ Evening ~ BB Fans / Bloggers *****

    @ Ashley… I told you Jeff would show his true colors and backdoor Russell…. I wonder if people still think of Jeff / Jordan as moral saints…. L~O~L!!! Jeff showed he was gritty after the technotrnics fight with Russell…. People wanted a good old american boy who would never lie or back stab anyone…. Jeff is just as grimeyas Jessie / Ronnie and will ultimately back stab Jordan if he needs to for $500,000…. He will not lose $500,000 for a showmance that may not even develop into a friendship let alone a relationship after BB 11 is over… Anyways… Wuz up girl (Ashley)? There is no way Kevin will turn on Natalie and vote her ot for Russell because Kev knows with Natalie in the house he will have his best chance of getting past the final 3….. Everyone else will get rid of him in the next week or two max…. I am about to do homework…. It was my first day of the fall semester…. I need to study for my “Constitutional Law” class… Have a good night Ashley and everyone else!!! ***** O~N~E *****

  295. 379 Jess–you spoke my mind. He should take Russell with him cause nobody can stand Russ. With the jury house full of their own group, they would absolutely vote for Kev or Nat to win. Jeff may be cute but that boy has no brains of his own….strategy? LoL, what strategy?

  296. Jeff can still win. He has to take Jordan to final two. Jordan will not be able to win, no one votes for a person that rides on others coat tails. If you go back through BB history, a person can be disliked by many and still win, cause they played the game.

  297. if michele told jeff that russell never said the rats last min lie we wouldn’t be talking about j/j right now and the rat would have been sent home last week. instead she said she didn’t remember. that doesn’t mean she michele lied. russell talkin final two to early and he never should have voted for meathead jesse.

  298. If Jeff is smart, he will get Jordan and Michelle to take out Natalie. If he want to win votes in the final two competition, he needs to keep Russell until the end. No one will vote for Russell in the jury house. However if he keeps Kevin and Natalie, most of the jury house are their friends.

  299. Most of these guys don’t know BB History. They messed up on recent history. that lead to Jordan winning the HOH.
    Russell or Michelle with Kevin will help him to win. Michelle would be easier- Russell is too cunning. .. Well so is Michelle. I think again.. Jeff and Kevin in F2 would have Keving win it

  300. I started turning against Barbie and Ken when they said they were praying nightly to win the game. Yeah, J&J, God has nothign better to do than help you win a half mil in a reality show.
    And he’s really going to help someone who’s threatening to slice hi opponent’s throat and come after their family.

  301. Jordan always seems to vote which ever way Jeff does, she copycats his every move. BTW…O, you said it perfectly!

  302. I haven’t watched the live feed and have to wait for tonights BBAD to find out what happened. I knew he would use it, but I was still kind of hoping he wouldn’t. I hope he knows that he will not win now. Michelle now knows that Jeff doesn’t keep his word, and will go over to Kevin and Natalies side. Which means that Jeff, will go up. He can’t win HOH, so the only thing that will save him is if Jordon wins HOH and keeps him off the block. If Natalie or Kevin wins Jeff, Jordon, or Michelle will be up on the block. With Jeff going home. I don’t understand why he believed Natalie and Kevin. I still wan’t Jeff to win over Natalie and Kevin. If Jeff goes home it will be his own fault.

  303. jessie has cheese in the frig for her when shes gone next here ratalie i made it just for you.

  304. IT would be so boring with Kevin and Jeff as final two though.. no drama just a lot of sleeping and pool games ( yawning already) . ITs mroe fun when a sinister person is still there.. That would be Michelle or Russell.. again Russell is too much drame but Michelle hates Kevin…you have to choose between good tv or smart but boring game

  305. O I think Jeff has now proven he is not smart. so sad. If ratalie does not go she will get most sad again. I like to hear Russell is trying to put a bug in his ear Im just not sure he is brave enough either to take a chance.

  306. Why would Kevin settle for the finale four? He can align with Michele and vote out Natalie!! Boy would jeff be suprised!!! Then Kevin, Michele & Russel can play for HOH with Jordan!!! Three against one. Then they can put JEFF & Jordan on the block…HAHAHAHA

  307. Talk about boring..right now J&J are counting every tube in the green room just in case production asks them how many. Hey, Production, why don’t you ask how many times Jeff can say F… in an average day?

  308. Does anyone remember Dr. Will? He lied, cheated, had showmances, and worked his way to the $500,000.00 with a smile on his face. Its a game. If anyone was watching, Russell said the smartest thing Jeff could do would be to put Michelle and Russell up for nomination. I heard it from the diary room and he said it with a grin. So, I don’t think Jeff is so stupid for getting Russell out of the house. Jeff has had a pretty good record of getting things done. I don’t think he is Saint Jeff I think he is starting to play the game.

    If Jeff is carrying Jordan then that may be her strategy. Russell’s seems to be yelling at everyone. I don’t think it was a misstep on Jeff’s part….

  309. JB would you trust Russell this close to the end? Russell and Michelle have flipped often. Russelll said he would do anything to stay in the game…
    He woudl do anythig until after the eviction- then when he stay she will get catty all over again. Jeff nor Michelle or Russell keep their word. And Ratlie & Kevin spread lies — is there no end to the soap opera going on here.
    I do not want Nat the “18 year old to win” she too young even at 24 to handle 500k’s.
    Jordan needs it the most… I liked the thought of her winning because of the need.. but now she has gotten on my last nerve..
    Jeff is stupis.. wait until he see how she talked agisnt him
    Kevin is the only one I see that could win

  310. 397 Cheryl..I’m trying not to get my hopes up, but that’s the perfect scenario. I’d LOVE to see that..I’d pray for it if I were Jeff i.e. 389.

  311. jordan needs hoh. to save jeff from the rat and kevin, michele? michele hates rat and kevin .i hope michele wins hoh.rats be gone

  312. Tj.. toomuch energy for a done deal.. Rat Nat is leaving… its just when. Michelle is next..unless and always unless. They are running out of nominees
    If it is Kevin Michelle and Russell, then Kevin will lose

  313. I want him out too but I woud like it to go like this.
    Then Michelle and KEvin f2

  314. one thing about BB, if you go into the game as a saint, you are definately a sinner when you get out. Need to change the name of the game to “The Devils Helper”

  315. jessie and ratalie never liked kevin. the way meathead treated kevin when he left the house was wrong. ratalie even told j/j that she would be friends with jessie after bb. and now she is having the last laugh.

  316. Jeff isn’t stupid. He knows he won’t win but if Jordan goes in the finals 2 with him she will win. And after he will marry her and they will divorce and he will have the half of the money.

  317. j/j think the rat and kevin are on there side. because of the lml the rat made up. i never thought jeff would fall for that. rat will never change her lieing ways

  318. Tj I get it and saw it. NAtalie got on my nerve a few weeks back even JEssie could not get her to shut up
    She is her own enemy – she jump ship as quickly as Michelle in my book.
    She couldnto stand Jordan anow they are the best buds Until Jordan tires of her.
    Jordan is a hoot too
    But a game is a game-
    Russell played it smart and dumb- He can’t keep his cards to his chest either
    JEff is a Bozo but he is from Chicago so he get one slop pass from me for being so sloppy.
    Kevin is my potential winner if he plays his cards correct

  319. if ratalie or kevin win hoh its all over for j/j. michele would win the next hoh. good bye ratso and she walks like she has something up her butt. watch ratso walk. lol

  320. She is cocky like that.. but Kevin is not going along with Russell.. not so far.. lets see in a day or two

  321. Vdere Russ has said after final 4 all men (or women ) for themselves at least that has beenconsistant.Jeff didnt man up and keep his word.Michelle is a case herself unable to put two words together when questioned she could go next no-one would miss her.

  322. I think Jeff can win because Russell would have done the same thing think about it Jeff has played agood game he won HOH and POV now Jordan need to win HOH or Michelle. For votes they know Jeff is playing a good game so I do see people not voting for Jeff. They Nat has lied and did not win any of the games. Kevin at least shows that he is trying to win. I think they will pick people who tries in the game.

  323. The Yelling Bully was backdoored. Yes, Yes, Yes!!! Time for him to go finally. And he better go!!!

  324. would it be nice to see jeff and russell played ratalie and she walk out in shock. that would be all time great bb tv. i see her walk out with rat tail between her ratso butt.

  325. being a j/j fan I have to say i’m disappointed in how they’re acting. where did jordan get the money for a breast enlargement? I thought she was poor? isn’t that what she told the other HG? jordon will be the reason jeff loses.

  326. it’s a shame jeff not only has to carry his weight but jordan’s also. they are in the g/r counting everything. he finally got her off her butt

  327. Remember this is a game and not a popularity contest. If you look back at the past winners it was the house guest that actually played the game and made bold moves that win the game. The jury members may be pissed at Jeff now but if they really think about it Jeff has been the only one actually playing the game. Everyone that is left in the house has been riding the coat tails of someone else. Jeff has saved Russell twice which put him further in the game. If Russell would not have been nominated and either Nat or Kevin went home then Russell wins the HOH he would have done the same thing to Jeff because he knows he can’t win the game against him. Tit for Tat I say take them out before they take you out. I like Russell and Jeff but to down play Jeff because he made a bold move is stupid. You don’t win 500K by being nice and sweet you win 500K by playing the game. With who is left in the house Jeff is the only one that has done that.

  328. BB fans at first you wanted Russell to be put on the block now you are saying it is a bad move even though Russell said he would do anything to win the game.What if Russell won HOH who do you think he would put up?

  329. i think it was a good game move but not this week, jordan and michele needed hoh to get russell out next week. ratalie would have left. kevin and russell up. jeff pov.russ out. kevin next.wishful thinking.j/j/m

  330. thats right jordan, stand/sit back and let jeff count all the bottles and things in that room when it’s you that has to win HOH….DUH

  331. lydia and ratalie hated each other. kevin seems like a leveled headed guy. why wouldn’t he joint j/j/m final 4. vote ratalie out next week. she would dime kevin out in a heart beat and j/j would believe her. i said it before i can’t watch when jordan talks to ratalie and her little rat smile

  332. I have an interesting thought, what if this a feint by Jeff put Russel up but get Jordan and Michele to vote out Natalie. Would be a brilliant move! probably wishful thinking;)

  333. ratalie rated out casey,laura,now russell lml. hey america i’m a rat. 18 yr old playing j/j. wake up j/j before its to late

  334. Ok so his reasoning (believing those Kevin and Nat) isn’t so smart but trying to get one of the strongest players out of the game now before he has a chance to turn on him was a good GAME play. People this is a game. Jeff can beat both Kevin and Natalie at comps but not so sure about beating Russell. Michelle is a flake. And why wouldn’t all of them want to take Jordan to the final 2 – everyone in the house thinks she has been riding Jeff’s tails. Smart move Jeff – may cost him the game in the end but gives him a better chance at final 2 in my opinion.

  335. when they vote for final 2 i hope the jury votes on how you played the game. not because you kisses meatheads butt.

  336. Well……Russel did say in his Diary Room Session that if “Jeff was smart”…he would put “myself and michelle up”!!
    Only now it’s Himself and Nat!.I truly can’t wait to see Nat and Jordan gone. I like Jordan but she is boring me now…..

  337. gnat can still go packing.jeff can talk jordan into changing her ambitions to get rid of act of trauma could bring jeff out of this stupid way of thinking and come to the realization of what just happened.maybe jeff is smarter than all of us, I hope.

  338. like i said before if michele in the hoh room when jeff asked her about russell (LML) that ratalie made up that russell never said that and swore on her dogs . ratalie would have been gone lydia would stayed.

  339. I think that Jeff is making a huge mistake! He should have taken Russel and Michelle to the final 4. If Kevin or Natalie make it to the final two they have a lot of votes in the jury! There alliances are in the jury house!! Jeff has a better chance with Russel or Michelle!!

  340. come on, someone pull an evel dick and get the pots and pans out and wake these people up, if we can’t sleep, why should they?

  341. nah tj, i’m a j/j fan but jeff’s the one doing all the work, jordan doesn’t deserve it

  342. Jeff has to be one of the dumbest players this season. Russell has been the most up front person and has always kept his word, just a few weeks ago Jessie and Natalie were trying to get rid of Jeff and now he thinks Natalie is more trustworthy than Russell (who gave his word for a final 4 alliance). Also, Russell is the only person he could possibly beat if he went to final two. What an idiot. I can’t wait for him to find out that Natalie and Kevin were playing him, serves him right!!

  343. It is a crap shoot people. Its anybodies ballgame. There are still too many variables to predict anything. The game is played out in a way thats too unpredictable to assess. The shrewed play on. HOH is a curse to all who earn it. Winning HOH only guarantees safety for the week it is earned, then immediatly turns you into a target when the week is over. Jeff is a target no matter who he puts on the block. Its smart to get rid of the strong players.

  344. jeff is to confident he thinks hoh is in the bag this week. michele what the money to why would she play to have jeff and jordan win it all.

  345. It almost doesn’t matter what mistakes Jeff makes this week because whoever is in that house next week will be gunning for him and Jordan regardless!!! But i dont think he is considering that you dont want enemies in the Jury house…but that is VERY hard to avoid i think :)

  346. Jeff should have waited until next week, if Michele flips( and why wouldnt she, they lied to her too) J/J lose the numbers ( doesnt matter if Nat hates Michelle, I am SURE she would rather see Jeff go).

    It’s all ” we hate Michelle” right now, but who is a bigger threat Michelle or Jeff….he’s on a hot streak and next week is their big chance to get rid of him.

    Thanks Jordan.

  347. Jordon needs to go. Jeff is pretty stupid if he ends up with Jordon in the final two and thinks for one second she is gonna put out for him when this show is over!! Cut your loses Jeff and move on if you want to win the game. Jordon brings nothing to the table for you !!

  348. Shame on Jeff; America gave him the ultimate power because he seemed honest and trustworthy and then he turned into something else. He should have kept his word to Russell. We can only hope that it is all a game for good TV and that Michelle and Jordan will still vote out Natalie. Othewise, Jeff cost himself this game–he has no votes in the Jury house and is not likely to get any.

  349. diana c if kevin or ratalie win hoh put jordan and jeff up. who would vote for who? michele for jeff or jordan? i think the other would vote for jordan

  350. I keep seeing posts saying Jeff should wait till next week to do this or that? wtf…can he compete for hoh? He has no power next week.
    what he does, he has to do while he has the power.

  351. jeff not getting any jury votes because meathead jesse will see to that.the only way if he and russell final 2 maybe

  352. For someone to call Russ a person that is a screaming bully is someone who is watching the show 3 times a week. Maybe a showtime after dark show here and there… Russ is nothing like that. I think Russ smart, strong and true to his word. He did in fact swear on his pops to Jeff the F4 deal. Jeff dropped in the HOH comp so Russ could hear from his pops. Jeff just followed Jordon and that was not smart. Jeff knew and said Russ would honor him .. and would probally go after Jordon. Jeff is NOT smart to think that taking Jordon to F2 is smart. If jury is spiteful they will not give it to him. Jeff messed up his chance of a life time to win a half million. Off to work he goes, he came to get a start in acting anyway. Hope he doesnt get on my soap and sticks with the Bold and Beautiful.

  353. tj, that’s a good question. they probably would vote for jordan. watching the live cam, jeff can’t play for HOH but yet he’s the one counting and scoping everything out as she stands or sits there. he’s in the DR now and she’s sleeping, waiting on him

  354. Its a game! Come on people you do not even know who is next HOH and thinking Jeff is making a mistake I dont think so wait and see then I can mark my words.Waiting next week can be bad who do you think Russell will put up if his not out oh my would be Jeff.

  355. Hey Leo! I just got my son to sleep so now I can chat. I think it would be so great if Kev voted to evict Nat and keep Russ but I know that is wishful thinking. Kevin needs to win HOH Thursday and vote out Jeff. Jordan won’t matter after that because she can’t win crap on her own. If Kev would take Mich to final 2 he would be the winner. Leo, who will you vote for in 3rd place. You know I will vote for Russ.

  356. Spencer I agree with you doing it while you can sometimes you have to think about yourself. If Jordan makes HOH then he will have a chance and for votes I think Jessie will vote for Jeff because he did make good moves. Like he said others would have done the samething if they had the power.

  357. sad fact is Jeff haslost bb11, hello , WAKE UP CALL TO JEFF.

    Think back to the previous compition that happened a while ago. Kevin is reallyreally stepping up his game. Keeping him here is the dumbest thing to do. Keeping rus only helped you positivly because you can easy trick people and fooling them to evict him cause he’s a power house.

    This move will either make you or break you. But Jeff watch your back Kevin is always one step behind you and soon he’ll be ahead.

  358. Like many of you, I was rooting for j,j,r,m, however, as a BB fan, I have to respect the con that Kevin and Nat pulled on Jeff. I have to respect the move. And if J and J are that gullible, they don’t deserve to win. Nat is annoying, and Kevin was weak not to take his friend off the block when he won POV earlier in the game, but they have stepped up their game and made a bold move that appears to have worked out. Russell is too hot tempered to make a move like that and Michelle is too timid. While I think Jordan and Jeff might be more likable people, in BB the best player should win: Will, Janelle, Danielle, Allison, Kaysar any of these past players would have trampled these simpletons!

  359. On the surface Jeff’s move sounds good but I think he screwed himself unless Michelle aligns herself with him and Jordon. If Russell goes home, if Kevin or Natalie win the HOH next week, Jordan and Jeff are going up and one of those 2 are going home. If Natalie goes home, if Russell, Kevin, or even Michelle wins the HOH, the target is going to be Jeff. Jeff needed to wait to get rid of Russel until Natalie and Kevin were out of the house. The only way Jeff can win with this move is if Jordon wins the HOH. Jeff needs to get Kevin or Michelle on board with him but I don’t think they are that stupid.

  360. The live feeds are soooo boring with everyone still asleep. I’m going to bed. Good night all!

  361. I just sent a bunch of emails to CBS and Showtime about this. HGs are not supposed to be sleeping during BBAD. Told them I was cancelling my subscription.

  362. @Bum

    I agree with just about all you have said except for me I think Russ is using the hot tempered attitude to be the villian. This is part of his stategy, to have people take the villian to the F2 spots, and this is the reason for all the F2 deals.

  363. I wonder how kevin will explain to his students that he won bb11 by lying, when he was so worried about his image to them back in the beginning, seems kinda two faced in that aspect. Jeff should have known that they would pull something like this and not even worried about it till next week

  364. I wanted Jeff to get rid of Natalie but I, also, understand
    him working to get rid of Russell. In his place, Russell would have
    done the same thing.
    Natalie would have taken the both of them.
    Heck if she continues in the game, she’ll destroy her BFF, Kevin,
    because she KNOWS he can get the votes, she will need & wants.

    Jeff’s biggest mistake in this game has been his relationship
    with Jordan. I mean he is actually taking her advice.
    Good Grief!
    The woman is a ditz. Period.
    At times a sweet ditz but still a ditz.
    And she hasn’t been all that nice lately either.

    Now I,m hoping Kevin or Michele win the $500K.

  365. This cast is soo freakin boring. Jeff just spent hours in the DR and everyone is sleeping. Even when the cast is awake, they are not fun. One thing for fun if Jeff’s one liners (when he isnt saying the F-word) and Kevs weird faces. Oh yeah and we have Jordons sillyness or stupidity whatever you want to call it. Cast is boring!

  366. YES! Go home Russell. Go Team Kevin. Lets see here it is 2 against 4 and your team of 2 does not have HOH or POV and both of the final 2 team mates are on the block. Hum how can it be that both stay in the game? Tell me this is really happening. What will happen next the great Ronnie will use the force and re-enter the house as Chima’s replacement. Tell me I’m not dreaming. Go TEAM KEVIN!

  367. Lisa if you are team Kevin then you should want Kev to vote with Michele to save Russell. This will make 3 people playing HOH against Jordon to get Jeff out. Kev fans want Russell to be the F2. Michele just might get some votes for winning comps Kev didnt do anything special. Keeping Russelll would get out the CDT holder who thinks he is the best in the game. Jeff needs to go if you are Kev fan you see this.

  368. >I guess I’m the only one who wants to see
    >Russell go. I just don;t like the guy’s
    >violkent temperment. I actually want Natalie
    >to stay, just to teach Jeff, Jordan, and >Michelle a lesson. She’s actually playing a
    >very clever game so far, and she should be
    >rewarded for that. I’m rooting for Kevin to
    >win the whole thing, because he’s also played
    >a clever game so far.

  369. Kev needs to bring Russell to the F2 if he is too win, because he was the floater. Russ is the most hated in the house and he did that on purpose, but for Kev to go to the F2 with any else I dont think the jury votes will be there except Lydia.

  370. @Debbie

    Russell temperment was part of his game. He has shown more than once that he is not that kind of guy, if Russ was soooo bad he would have hit or at least pushed Chima. This guy was a role model for men who hit women. He once again looked like the better guy. Jeff fighting with Russ today Russ looked like the better guy, never once did Russ bash his character or anything, Jeff acted the fool.

  371. @Mike

    Dr. Will played the game he was NOT a floater and ride anyones coat-tails. OMG! Nat is nothing like Will. LOL

  372. I’m probably going to be dumped on for this, but hey WHY NOT RIGHT LOL!!! I have to say that I was a big fan of the J/L/N/K/R alliance, I was mad to see it messed up with the CDT crap, that being said, I don’t care at all for Russell, I think his game is whack and his attitude is disgusting, people can go on and on about it but he is a jerk and doesn’t deserve to win anything…as far as Jeff “swearing” on his parents…get a grip, others have SWORN on their children…I just think its pathetic that people get “so” involved and upset over this GAME, G A M E. Its entire purpose is to push people into becoming exactly what they THOUGHT they never were…HUMAN. We all lie, we all say and do stupid crappy things to each other, the only diff in this case, millions of americans watch it and bash them and their character because they can. I love BB and would never stop watching it over someone being eliminated…do what you must people, but remember, in the end…ITS STILL JUST A GAME! Fyi, I hope they put Ronnie in the jury house hahaha wouldn’t that be KARMA!

  373. I think Jeff did what he felt he had to do. I do believe Russell would have come after him due to the threat of physical dominance. Of course there are risks with backdooring Russell, just as there were risks keeping him. The next HOH contest will be the key. If Jordan wins, of course they are fine. Michelle.. not sure. Kevin or Natalie, they will be up. That is just the way it is. I think Jeff is no fool, and knows what he is up against. In the fight with Russell, even though Jeff uses the f-word alot, he totally dominated that fight. Basically, because he is not ashamed of his character or his life. I think sadly, that Russell would like to try and be more like Jeff, but just can’t rise to that level.

  374. Kiss can kiss the money goodbye and I surely hope next week he is now evicted because of his stupidity. WHY oh WHY do these fools listen to the ‘opposite’ side when they are desperate? I mean geez ya think they ain’t lying to you cuz they want to stay? I am so sick of Natalie and her whining. Snivel snivel snivel. Hope Jeff at least gets laid by jordan since she just screwed him outta the money. Would have been walk in the park to final four but have final 4 alliances ever stuck together? Sheesh… I agree I am no longer interested if Natalie stays and russell goes. House of floaters and Jeff, who will go up next week unless Jordan miraculously wins HOH again… which uh aint happening

  375. LOL at comparing Natalie to Dr. Will. I don’t remember Will bawling like a 2 yr old when one of ‘his’ side went home like the funeral they had for Jessie. I don’t remember the fits or absolute poor sportmanship with Will. Natalie is a spoiled brat. All the demands of big brother or threatening to not behave? Should have been kicked out with Chima

  376. You not the only one who wants to see Russell go. Jeff has been playing a good game like it says in 503 Russell would have done the same thing if he won HOH. The game is played with lies and winning HOH and POV. I think Jeff will get the votes he need.

  377. @Sugah

    I agree and I dont think Jordon will win HOH either, oh but Jordon and Jeff were counting everything in the green room tonight, so maybe the next HOH will be geared around how many bottles, cans and tubes are in the room and Jordon just might win.

  378. Natalie..should be leaving….she and Kevin started all this stuff and have been lying from the get go….lmp

  379. I live in San Diego and let me tell u, all those stories of Mexico from Kevin, Jeff are so true.

    Why would u ever want to go to Mexico. Its so not worth it.

  380. Hope Russel can pull it off Other sites calling Jordan yappy now. lol
    she will no shhhhhh Jeffs downfall.

  381. Now that this happened this will be what i’m predicting: Jordan: Russell Out, Michelle: Wild card Possibly Nat, Kevin: Russell Out.

  382. where is level headed jeff? this angry, f-bombing jeff has lost it! Jordan can’t relay a conversation correctly and it clearly has convoluted his thinking. he was so smug about russ when he said ‘you got got’ ya gotta know russ can’t wait to tell jeff jordan did the same to him (jeff). I’m not at all liking this power trip he’s on…still wanting jeff to win, but the original jeff, not the one we’ve seen these past few days. Come back, Jeff!!

  383. if you think about it, it is both a stupid and smart move, yeah hes an idiot for believing kevins lie
    but have any of you watched the show? :P
    like 5 minutes before kevin made up that lie, thats what russel said he was going to do, so it really isnt a lie. russel was going to break his word with Jeff if he got HOH and everyone knows that, which is why hes on the block, which makes jeff smart cuz hes saving himself from getting evicted by russel. now he is basically relying on jordan to save him and her. but iguess we will have to wait and see what michelle does :P

  384. First; this was about the only option Jeff had to have a shot at the finals! Without being able to compete this week, Jordan and Michele do have a shot against Kev and Nat; neither can win them self out of a paper bag! Jeff is not dumb enough to trust Nat or Kev! But to trust Russell in the next HOH? BIGGER Mistake!! GO Jeff!!

  385. 3AM PT Michele just woke up and talking game with Russell.
    Maybe there is hope to keep himself in House.
    Jeff is ranting/and stressing upstair. His gut is sending him red lights I think.

  386. Last; Michele will have no one to cling to once Russ leaves. She will give 100% to Jeff and Jordan. Nat hates Michele, Kev is just Kev – duh-mb! This was the only smart move left. Period.

  387. Earlier Kevin told J/J he is just acting like he is interested in what R is saying but I belive he is starting to do some thinking. Nat is getting on Kevin nerves as well. Next two day should be smoking with gaming!

  388. well at least its now more interesting, thought this season was abit boring and JJ really don’t deserve to win no matter how likable they are, at least now someone with actual gameplay may win.

    Guess Jeff just lost alot of fans with his ultra dumb move.. unless he’s pulling a fast move as us.

  389. Jeff just made a big mistake. He needed Russell for another week. If Nat or Kevin win the HOH this week, Jeff and Jordan will be put up and one will go. Biggest mistake by Jeff, hope he comes back to earth by Thursday and votes NAT out

  390. I thought Jef was smarter than he is. I think he shoule have keep it as it was not not put up Russell. I also think Gnat should go she is the threat.

  391. Did we all forget this is a game? They cant see everything like we can, we can not know what it would be like to not know who to trust!

  392. Jeff did the right thing. If he held on till next week and Russ won and Jeff got evicted everyone probably be calling Jeff a fool for not getting rid of Russ when he had a chance. Michelle will not side with K/N, because she won’t win against them. The jury will vote for Kevin or Natalie. She has to stay with Jeff. He’s her only chance to win. Russ, I believe, was throwing comps so J/J can win and get out Jesse’s gang, then he will get him. Good to get Russ now. I’m hoping Michelle and Kevin don’t vote Natalie out. If they do, it would be cool if Jordan won HOH and got them back.

  393. I think it is stupid to put Russell up!! I would want to sit beside him rather then someone whos friends are in the Jury House!!! They Hate Russell and Love Kevin and Nat!!! If you are with them you are never getting a vote at the end of the game!!! Whatever I hope it is Jeff and Jordan at the end, but if not I would Kevin….

  394. What a foolish move by Jeff, and out of anyone in that house, he is the one I’ve wanted to win. I agree that if he is boosted out of the BB house, he has noone else to blame but himself. Maybe Michelle can try to sway Kevin, but I’d be shocked if that works!!!

  395. I think this was a good mood for Jeff. Get rid of the only real competition Physically in the house. In an endurance challenge Russell really is the only one that could beat Jeff. I don’t think Natalie or Kevin are a big threat. Russell is a liar and I think he would back stab Jeff and Jordan. Removing him would be Jeff’s best move. Now Michelle or Jordan need to win HOH this week, since Jeff can’t play. AWESOME MOVE JEFF.

  396. if russ gets sent home Thursday, I hope natalie wins hoh. Then jeff will see what a big mistake he made. I thought he was a nice guy too I voted for him for the power too. But know we see his true colors, all the times russle yelled at the other house guest he never threatend them with bodely harm. But jeffs has he’s a true scum bag

  397. ok come on people I didnt hear anyone calling Russell a low down dog when he voted to keep Jessie when Jeff took him off the block and him planning to take Jeff out because he knows Jeff is most like the only one who can beat him on endurance. So why all of a sudden is Jeff a dog but Russell who has played ever side is not?

  398. OMG, Jeff has just made a giant mistake. Jury House is waiting for you, dummy boy !!!

  399. Jeff was responding to Russell on some of the yelling and people say things when they are mad that they really dont mean Russell has had his share of ugly words rather they be personal or not. So if Russell is this great guy no matter what Jeff said he wouldnt respond back with violence now would he. Remember its a game and its about getting out the next person rather it be lies or what in the long run only one can win.

  400. Russell told Jeff to his face he was going after him next. Now if you call that strategy, somethings wrong. That’s just plan stupid!

  401. OMG Jeff did the Right Thing.. Thats the only way he can win is by getting Russel out, so what is dumb about that?. Very smart move.. WTG Jeff.. I sure Hope Jeff or Jordan wins the WHOLE thing.. Russel is to violent.. Kevin is just a dumb A**.. and Natalie.. is .. well just say Not a good player. what has she won? oh NOTHING!!! .

  402. DO you people like the evil villians?. why would you want natalie to win H.O.H? she hasnt won anything yet so why should she winnow?.she has got through this game by lieing and kissing butt. Kevin has done the same.The only TRUE player left is jeff. i will for sure give him my vote when it comes to america’s vote and so will most everyone i know. GO JEFF!!

  403. Jeff has threatened to stab Russell in the neck and to kill his family and Russell is the voilent one. Oh yeah he didnt mean it. Jeff is A.. hole who gets by because of his looks and can do no wrong.

    How is this a good move for Jeff when he is stacking the jury house with people who hates him.

  404. Well, What a great move on Jeff’s behalf. Yes, I liked the final 4 deal, but then again, it is a game and you need to do what you have to to survive.
    Russell may have done the same thing, who would know?
    As for Nathalie, can not say I like her but the fact that Jeff and Jordan have fallen for her Lies, well, koodos to her! But can she lie or what. I don’t beleive a thing that comes out of that girls mouth. I don’t beleive she played poker, I don’t even beleive she is a martial arts competitor. In my book she is but a big fat liar!
    Jeff got a little power hungry with the HOH, POV and all, including Jordan and that part I really didn’t care for.
    Jordan needs to smarten up!
    Russell is so paranoid that I beleive that is his downfall. People blame lies that they have told on him and he is not very good at trying to get out of it. Too bad Russell and I really think you will be going home.
    Michelle is wishy/washy!!! I don’t dislike her but she has no communications skills whatsoever, none! nada! niet! She lies and doesn’t remember the lie so fumbles through the game. She tries to cover up certain things that have been said and done but in such an awkward maner, it is very awkward just watching her.
    As for Kevin….Uhghhhg Kevin! Seem’s smart enough. Has some great sayings in the DR. That’s about it!

    We tend to hate some HGs and tend to prefer others. What we need to remember is that this is a game. It is not predetermined. Whoever wins is fine no matter what and that is what makes it great entertainement!

    BB is at times the most frustrating show and at others the most entertaining. Gotta love it!!


  405. jeff is a dumba$$.. and those who say he is smart for getting russell out this week are as dumb as he is.. russell has been more loyal to jeff than natalie has.. and to think that if russell stayed in the house, jeff would be gone next week,, well wake up and smell the coffee.. if nat/kev stay in the house and russell is not there to compete for hoh to help complete their f4.. then jeff is gone.. but good to see jeff showing some nasty colors.. cause now i know he is an a$$ and needs to go

  406. russel is more of a man than jeff will ever be….. why not take him to the final four and than see who really is the smartest of the two…

  407. go jeff go!!!
    perhaps there will be a twist in the game and jeff will play for HOH, never know!!
    funny how people are forgetting that russell said “jeff was making a good move” and also that russell said” he was going to get jeff out next” IT IS A GAME PEOPLE!!!

  408. I was, am and will be a huge Jeff supporter. He’s playing the game as honestly as you can in Big Brother. Getting rid of Russell now is the second best move he’s made strategically. The first was getting rid of Jesse. There’s the last endurance comp coming up, and he knows the only one left who could be a threat is Russell. For those of you that think Russell has been “loyal” to him, think again. Russell should be loyal, Jeff saved him twice from being eliminated. The first by stepping down from the first endurance comp, the second taking him off when he had the Coup D’etat. Russell was going home that night had Jeff not taken him down. And should Russell win the next HOH, make no mistake he will backdoor Jeff for the very same reason – he knows that Jeff is his only threat. As far as Gnat going, why? She’s no threat. She hasn’t won squat. Her alliance is gone, she presents no problem. Michelle has shown time and time again that she’s like a moth to light – she’s going to follow where she thinks the power is. As far as Jeff “believing” Kevin/Gnat. They may have lied about the actual encounter, but what they didn’t know is that there was truth to what they lied about. Russell has been talking to Michelle about pairing up. And J/J/M had been talking about when to get rid of Russell waaayyy before the “lie”. Jeff exploding on Russell….doesn’t bother me. He has sat quietly and held his tongue as Russell, Chima, Lydia and Natalie have repeatedly hurled insults during competitions, picked fights, called he and Jordan pretty ridiculous names, it’s been endless. So, the fact that he went off bothers me none. About time, let Russell know what it feels like. And let the others see that “nice, walk all over me” Jeff is no more.

  409. lately jeff just seems to be losing it, i think the smartest on show now is jordo, who seems like the dumbest but she has managed jeff into losing everything and final 3 will be the girls with final 2 being the brain against the brainless and gotta go with the brainless on this one Jordo rules the house when it is all over and Jeff will sit there kicking himself but cant blame a dude for trying, she was just too smart for him, and maybe the whole house butwe never saw it coming

  410. I am done with J/J. We all know that Russel has made some bad moves but he promised a final four. Didn’t Jeff realized that it was Russel who allowed him to win HOH when he stopped Kevin the the gold can. He has a short memory. Little did Russ know – if Kevin had won Jeff would be up. Anyway I donot like K/N but I would like one of them to win HOH Thursday and put up J/J. The power has gone into their heads.

  411. @Jeff Fan

    You are correct about the power going to his head but for the gold can, it is true it helped Jeff so as he could win but Russell did it for Russell and not Jeff. Kevin did it to Russell (gold can) and not to Jeff which was revenge on his part. (dumb move) since Jeff was closer to him than Russell. Unknowingly, Russell and Kevin helped Jeff win that one!!

  412. I agree. Russ was going after Jeff next week. Yeah I wish the final 4 would of stayed. I would rather see Russ win then Nat, I can’t stand her. Other people have sworn on there kids. Dan was a preacher and totaly lied. I don’t know it is just a game. Just some thoughts.

  413. @Linda Wilmer: You are so right. The lie isn’t a lie it’s the truth and Jeff made the only move he could make. About being loyal, Russ voted to keep Jesse after Jeff stuck his neck out and saved him. That I think is what bothered Jeff the most. That’s not loyal, that’s stupid on Russ’s part and he deserves this. I’m curious how this plays out, because I think N/K “lie” will backfire on them next week. I hope so. So wipe that silly smirk off your face Natatlie.

  414. Well if Nat wins the HOH next week and puts up Jorden and Jeff then she will be goen for sure because only one will have to go to the Jery house and the other will put her but up. And shows she cant be trusted am i right? :)

  415. @ Mary. Russell voting to keep Jesse was a strategic move on his part. He did it so that IF he made it to the final two, he could possibly get Jesse’s vote by saying he kept his promise and didn’t put Jesse’s name down. It was a gutsy move, but ended up costing him in the end. That move alone started the distrust that J/J/M had towards him. Russell hasn’t been voting as a favor or to help J/J/M. He’s been voting to further his game.

  416. Now that Russell has been put on the block he must be gone or there will be real trouble for Jeff and Jordan.

  417. ok people, russ is getting voted out

    stop with this “oh jeff has a plan he will take out nat so russ is grateful”…..please…

    jeff making this move is HUGE, I hated america’s power of cout de taut but…if jeff takes out Russ and Jesse in this game…he takes out the two best endurance guys.

  418. So my personal thought is that the reason most of us are uspet with Jeff, is because Russel has never pretended to be anything other than who he is. Jeff has presented himself as being calm, cool & collected, and his behavior was almost like he was above it all. Instead, for those of us that could see what was going down yesterday, we saw a very mean spirited side of Jeff. Is Russel perfect? No. But we have known all season who he is, and what he is about. Also, Jeff going off on him about having a F2 agreement with M, was wrong. Didn’t Jeff have a F2 agreement with J? Come one, get real!!

  419. BAD MOVE…..Jeff should’ve never used the POV and backdoor russell! As much as I don’t care for russell, he was being honest w/ Jeff…. I would have sent that little weasel KEVIN packing….. And who does Jordan think she is now (trusting nat)! She’s sooooooo stupid!

  420. I think that was the second smartest thing Jeff could do. The first obviously was getting Jesse out, and now Russell. Russell did say he wanted Jeff out next week, so go Kevin for making up a “fake” real lie. Jeff is playing the game, getting out the strongest people. Obviously he is the smart one. And I hope either him or Jordan wins :)

  421. OMG It’s gonna get crazy both in the BB house and in the sequestor house. Can’t wait to see what happens next. This has been the best season of BB so far.

  422. America u gave Jeff the power stop crying! Hey Jeff I think your doing a great job! I have no problem that the reason y u didnt have power was becuz u wldnt know how to use it but hey America seemed to have thought different Yes that was a good move but what does it matter if you hadnt had a chance in the 1st place

  423. America America America you caused Chima to go crazy! And Jeff to go Stupid! Whats next Natalie be the winner stay tuned! I know I will

  424. Russle Russle ur big 4 nothing snapping and crying like a big baby do like jeff said take is like a man Its just a game. Why r u so mad when u was gone if jeff didnt take you off so thank jeff for more air time, free food, and exercise See ya loser!

  425. You know the saying what goes around comes around. And Jeff going to find that out next week when he get put up on the block… Oh will see you later King Jeff how it feel to be dethroned

  426. Something to ponder people! How do you know that Jordan isn’t playing everyone? After all, who would even think the (so called stupid girl) would have enough thought to make it to the final two? She has slipped a few times and shown she isn’t all that stupid? Reasonable doubt now?

  427. I’m still holding out hope that Kevin will realize the only really good chance he has of getting to F2 is for him to team with R/M, and get NatRat out. Then R/M/K win HOH against Jordumb, and get J/J on the block…. YEA!!!!! LOL

  428. This move was Jeff’s undoing. I used to really like Jeff and Jordan but now I hope Kevin sticks it to them both. I would love to see Russel stay this week and help Kevin give it to Jeff. Both Jeff and Jordan are acting so arrogant and smug now. It would be great to see first hand the ramifications of their priceless move. I plan on voting for Russel to get the “favorite” money at the end of the show.

  429. Once Russell starts going berserk in the Jury House, people are going to vote for Jeff just to spite Russell. Great Move by Jeff.

  430. I would love to see Kevin join with Michele and keep Russel. I do not think he would ever turn against Natalie since that has not been his MO throughout the whole game.

  431. Scott,
    I don’t think that Russell will go beserk in the house. Him and Jessie will probably get along fine in the jury house seeings how they both got evicted by the same person.



  433. I loved jeff, and still do!! He just put up his biggest threat. Russell himself said the same thing last week. But of course russell has a temper. I think Jeff is trying to get rid of the strongest player so he has more chances at winning. This week alone he won the HOH and veto. lmao. As long as Nat or Russell doesn’t win the money, then I don’t really care who wins.

  434. I think that at this point if Jeff goes home it will be his own fault and nobody’s else’s. As soon as he got HOH, well a little bit before even, he got a swelled head. Didn’t he say that about Jessie (not those exact words but close)

  435. You know what, I thought this was a mistake but if Russel won HOH next week I bet you he would of put up Jeff. He keeps saying in the diary room they should make that move and take him out. I also see Jessy and Russel giving Jeff a vote if he makes it to the end for his game moves.
    BUTTTTTT what I see now is they are fools making Michelle feel bad. Michelle took Chima out for Jeff and Jordan and she could of got to the end with Chima. Instead she takes a final 2 with Russel. WHY shouldn’t she Jeff and Jordan have a final 2. They keep saying they don’t and now they are making me mad. They broke their word and they are suppose to be the good guys! Final 4 they said. Good guys keep their word.

    I say let Kevin win now and he can hire Jeff to be his gardener!!! “snicker” Shirt not included.

  436. Jeff just blew it big time, it’s kev in nat game now. when just find out how much of a fool he was to believe kev& nat lies. good game kev&nat get jordan whining a** out the house, she been riding jeff coat tail through out the game.she hasn’t won anything

  437. i really did like J/J but now iam not so sure now i cant believe they are tht DUMB they where ur enemies from the begining now they want to be ur frens cause they have the power they are really stupid and does anyone really think that they will get the votes in the jury house not now thats for sure n jordan wont make it anywhere if jeff is gone so i think they just blew their chances so we shall see.It just is so annoying tht Nat/Kev made up sum crazy lie n they really bought it lol thts funny to me anyway when they get out n watch they will feel like completely used but thats wht happens whn u believe people tht have never been ur frens anyway how many times has Nat wanted to get jordan dumb ass out lol it so funny to me.

  438. How can Jeff be so stupid, Keven and Natalie are using him. I think Russell was honest with Jeff

  439. Well I think Jeff is doing a good job because if another person won HOH they would have put up Jeff you have to do what is best for you.

  440. I think (and hope) that this is just a ploy on Jeff’s part …and that they are really going to get rid of Natalie! Otherwise, bye bye Jeff! You screwed yourself!

  441. It doesn’t matter who goes home I just can’t wait for either one of them to nominate Jeff at this point – he deserves it!

  442. Those of you with the “I told you sos” about Jeff need to calm down. Just because he did a stupid move in our eyes doesn’t make him any more of a jerk than the others. I’m disappointed he did what he did, I think he should have stayed with Russell’s alliance and I’m mad that he is being so stupid, but Nat & Kevin are still the biggest scumbags on the show!! Their whole alliance was a bunch of big mouthed, name-calling, stupid babies. Jeff doing some jerky things doesn’t make that any less. I’m still rooting for Jeff, although if he loses, it’s his own fault. I actually wouldn’t mind Russell staying and taking this whole thing now!!!! But I absolutely don’t thing stupid liar Nat or disgusting Kevin deserve to win.

  443. It is funny how a lot of fans like Jeff when he had the power then you guys change becasue Jeff taken Russell out I think Jeff is thinking that he has a better chance if he out

  444. Does anyone remember that because of JEFF, RUSSELL WAS SAVED AND ON THE SAME SHOW VOTED AGAINST JEFF BY VOTING TO KEEP JESSE IN?! Russell is a liar and has not kept his word once. He would have put Jeff up next week. DID ANYONE HEAR HIM SAY THAT IF JEFF PUT HIM UP, IT WOULD BE A SMART MOVE FOR JEFF?! Either way it went, Jeff would still have to figure out how to stay safe next week. He certainly would not have been safe if RUSSELL stays. Russell is the one that has been going around screaming and beating his chest like a big, dumb ape since the show started! MAY I ADD EVEN GETTING IN THE FEMALES FACES AND CALLING THEM ALL KINDS OF NAMES! Oh, its okay if Russell stabs someone in the back, but not for Jeff?! Come on, get real people! Go Jeff, I am and will continue to be your fan!

  445. ALSO…HAS ANYONE NOTICED HOW PARANOID RUSSELL HAS BEEN THE ENTIRE SHOW? ITS BECAUSE HE IS CONSTANTLY STABBING SOMEONE IN THE BACK! Please excuse the caps! I don’t mean to yell! I still like all you guys and love to debate a point. I’m sure someone will!

  446. A person who can remember go Jeff.

    Big Brother fans I am wondering if anybody tried out for big brother?

  447. Russ has kept his word Even with the Jesse vote
    Casey vote and didnt put J/J up these are all things he kept his word on More than we can say for Jeff

  448. Jeff doesn’t owe russell anything. He let him win HOH AND took him off the block!! if it wasn’t for jeff russell wouldn’t even be there right now!!!

  449. Russell has been fair to Jeff, however Jeff was fooled by Kevin. I think Natalie should go home

  450. Jeff is making a big mistake. Natalie and Kevin are fixing to clean house starting with Jeff. Poor little Jordan will be helpless. Not only that, the jury house is full of Natalie and Kevin allies. Who do you think will get their votes? Hm! Let me see!

  451. Some of you must be watching a different show than I am!! Russell is the backstabber. And since I don’t watch the live feeds, I don’t understand what’s up with all the Jeff haters and Russell lovers!! If you watch the show every season, then you know that when it comes down to giving the money to someone, they usually give it to someone that has PLAYED the game and made the biggest moves. They may be mad when they leave and mad when they ask questions to the final two, but they usually remember the biggest moves and not the coattail riders or non-winners of any contest. Jeff did not really have a choice…either way he was screwed. Russell would have taken him out if he stayed. I think he made the best move. Now he needs to work on Michelle to get on his side. Remember, earlier in the game she stated she had the best connection with Jeff because he reminded her of her husband. Anyway, just my thoughts. Hopefully tonight I’ll find out whats up with Jeff. Everyone enjoy the show!!

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