Big Brother 11: Week 7 Power of Veto Episode Tonight

Power of Veto

Tonight on Big Brother 11 we’ll see what happened in the PoV competition and have confirmed to us who won the Power of Veto. If you’ve been following the spoilers then you already know who won!

The pressure is mounting and the anger is rising in the house as the remaining six HGs near the finish line. Tonight’s episode should be very exciting after Monday’s Power of Veto Ceremony where tempers did more than just flare. They exploded!

If you haven’t been watching the feeds then you’ve been missing the real game and there’s no way CBS is going to be able to show most of what’s been done and said in the house. You can catch it all on the live feeds new Flashback feature which lets you jump to any day and any time in the season. Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. Try it for free and then keep it for just 50 cents a day.

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  1. FLY ON THE WALL – BB IS OVER AND Kevin has won the $500K.

    Jordan and Jeff are having their first conversation since the
    dust has settled and all regrets have been spoken.

    Jeff: “Hi, Jordan. What’s up?’

    Jordan: ——————————————-

  2. 15 minutes LATER –

    Jeff is still waiting for Jordan to say something and
    wondering if it will be “anything sensible.’

    Jordan suddenly remembers Jeff’s Hawaii Trip and digs in.

    Jordan: “I bought a new bikini yesterday.”

    Jeff: “Nice. My girlfriend bought a new one for our upcoming trip to

    Jordan: —————————————

    Jeff thinking………. I may have lost $500K but I still ended up
    being a very LUCKY GUY.

  3. Jeff sends Jordan a photo of himself and his new girlfriend
    on the beach in Hawaii.

    His message:
    Beautiful. Thanks BB!

    Jordan’s …….. burst of thinking. Is Jeff commenting on her beauty
    and thanking BB for giving him the chance to meet her?

    CRICKETS ……………………………………………………………………

  4. Jeff will be evicted before Jordan because Kevin and Jordan should be in the final 2 with Jordan winning.

  5. if Kevin and Jordan are the final 2:
    Jesse: Kevin
    Lydia: Kevin
    Russel: Jordan
    Natalie: Kevin
    Michele: Jordan
    Jeff: Jordan
    America’s Vote: Jordan

  6. @analaigh – I would never give Jordan my vote and I doubt Russ will either. The only reason Jordan is still there is because of Jeff and if Jordan goes back on her word to Michelle, I wouldn’t count on her vote either. Jordan has lost a lot of support from “America”. I think America will vote for the best player of the game and that is definatly not Jordan.

  7. Michele and Russell will NEVER vote for Jordan.



  8. i think big brother needs to make sure they show all sides of the all the final two. that means if jeff somehow makes it to the end, they need to show him being an ass the way he and jordan are making fun of michelle’s night terrors, among other things. that is in no way just “part of the game”. that is rude and ugly and if america truly does get a vote in the end, then america needs to see that jeff isnt always the “golden boy”.. he is also an a$$

    (can you tell i am really disappointed in jeff’s recent actions and words, lmao)

  9. just in case.. since i cursed.. here is a pg version of what i wrote.. ;)

    i think big brother needs to make sure they show all sides of the all the final two. that means if jeff somehow makes it to the end, they need to show him being an butt the way he and jordan are making fun of michelle’s night terrors, among other things. that is in no way just “part of the game”. that is rude and ugly and if america truly does get a vote in the end, then america needs to see that jeff isnt always the “golden boy”.. he is also an butt

    (can you tell i am really disappointed in jeff’s recent actions and words, lmao)

  10. @Midwest: I’m going to agree with Analaigh. Michele would definitely vote for Jordan over Kevin. If Jordan can piece together Kevin’s LML then she’ll be able to blame R’s eviction on Kevin and R wouldn’t vote for Kevin.

    I really believe America will vote for Jordan over Kevin and that’s coming from a Kevin fan.

  11. @Matt

    i dont think jordan can piece together anything, and just because russ, jordan and michelle could blame kevin for russell eviction through the lie, doesnt mean they wouldnt vote for kevin in the end.. because, kevin was throwing a hail mary.. and jeff is the one who bought it, hook, line and sinker..

    because at they all have been saying, its just a game and the best game player deserves to win.

    (havnt said it yet, so i will say it now, thanks matt for this site)

  12. @shep: I think you’re likely right that Jordan won’t figure it out. Now if Kevin does something silly and tries to boast about his LML, well…

    Given the choice between Kevin and Jordan it’d be a tough call. Both have flown well under the radar and stood behind the bigger targets which was smart. A F2 with the two of them would be exciting.

    And you’re very welcome. Thanks for being a reader here!

  13. “If Jordan can piece together…………………………………”

    That is one mighty Big, ‘IF” especially for Jordan.

    We’ll just have to wait and see.

    From what I see on the tele and read online, Kevin
    has been nice to Russell and to Michele.
    I don’t have the Live Feed so I’m not as informed
    as most everyone else.

    Is there ANY CHANCE Russell and Jeff have a Final Two Pac
    or Jeff and Michele have a Final Two Pac which we don’t know
    about? Aren’t there times when the cameras are shut down
    for Live Feeds? Are we seeing good acting skills here?

  14. I don’t get what you all have been trying to say. Kevin and Natalie may have thought they were giving Jeff a LML but why didn’t Russell confront N & K when Jeff told him about it? Why all of a sudden was Russell not up in their face for lying? Also, last night Jeff mentioned many times that he did this to Russell because of his vote for Jessie. That seems to me to be the crux of why Jeff put him up and the fact that Russell told him to his face that he would stab him in the back. The LML actually isn’t a lie, it’s was just a good guess on Kevin’s part! Believe me, when this is all over, Jeff will not agree that the LML was what made him make this move. It was what Russell did and said to him directly that caused him to move early on the R eviction. I do agree that Jeff and Jordan have lost control of their integrity. They are acting like Chima and all her pets! Great site Matt, thank you!

  15. I’m done with J&J – they were my faves. Now I think Jeff is just as dense as Jordan, and he’ll feel like a fool when he finds himself in the jury house with Russell, and when he goes home and sees the show. Down with J&J. I don’t even care who wins now, since they backstabbed Russell.

  16. i think kevin needs to (discretely) ditch natalie for michelle.. natalie has proven that she cannot pull her own weight in competitions, michelle has. kevin is not going to be able to get through then next two weeks on his own, too many competitions left just to get to final 3. and in thinking about the end, kevin has a better chance in beating michelle, imo. people just dont like michelle, whether they have reason to or not.

  17. @Shep
    Jeff did catch the hail Mary, but fumbled the ball after the catch. Now, can he recover the fumble and score the touchdown?

  18. @shep: It’d be an incredibly smart move for Kevin, but he’s loyal to a fault. I think he’s adapted extremely well to the changing landscape, but I’m not convinced he’ll get ahead of that curve. It’d definitely be a strong move if he did though.

  19. @shep…. i totally agree with you on how j/j has been acting and making fun of michelle. i was/am a fan of j/j but it i am soo disappointed on how j/j has been acting since they have had the power for over 2 weeks. i brought my children up to respect other people and not make fun of their faults. if they have some kind of disability it’s not their fault and for j/j to make fun of people have really disgusted me. don’t get me started on the LML. and this is my opinion everyone :)

  20. oh and if my daughters ever acted like jordan (and keep in mind, i’m a fan of hers) i would well that’s a different story :) when i was her age, i had a body like hers as well (but mine are not fake) but i didn’t go around and belittle people because i might have looked better than they did! i’m just disappointed. i only hope they get to be have nots for at least a week so they can see how it is to be beneath the HOH

  21. Who knows, maybe since Russell is so P’d off, Kevin will use him to stay in the house to get back @ Jeff. B/c on the real side, Kevin and Nat dont have a chance to win HOH this week.

  22. I wanna see if Jeff and Jordan’s showmance lasts after they leave the BB house. And Matt or anybody else, can you tell me what the Veto comp was on Sunday?

  23. I hope your right karri, i wasn’t a fan of russell’s but I did trust what the j/j/m/r agreement had.

  24. Russells expected behavior could have all been avoided by getting him out last week on live TV, the HG’s knew how he would react to being put up, he could have been out in 5min or less last week. That’s the only big mistake I see at this point.

  25. i am so disgusted with j/j’s attitudes that i didn’t watch the episode on sunday and i don’t think i’m gonna watch tonight. (as i stand there with my back to the tv and turning my head to peak)LOL but seriously, i didn’t watch it on sunday. I have always liked BB and luv watching it every season, but since all this i hope it’s not just another fake reality show.

  26. since russel is almost guarenteed to be evicted this thursday, would you rather see michele or natalie leave next week. (only answer if you want jeff/jordan/kevin in the final 3)

  27. @Riley- nice post, I agree completely. Although Nat is totally taking credit for it, like you said, it was more of a good guess of the truth. Russ HAD been talking those things to Mich. Also the JEssie vote, and the fact that in the BY blowup, Russ would not admit to some stuff that Jeff knew was true. Howevere, JEff DID agree to squash it, and did have them all swear on their families. If he did not intend to ever trust Russ, then why not just put him up. It was kind of a punk move to bd him that way. AND he let Kev and NAt in on it, but not his F3-Third/Mich??? That wasn’t right.. And then to annihilate her the way he and Jord both did in HOH last night. ESP about the night terrors. Mich had intimated before (but never went deep into it) that she had night terrors because of a childhood trauma that she would not discuss. And then JEff and Jord are trashing her about that, and about her looks and that she smells and her PINKY TOE, for crying out loud! I have said that IF JEff wakes up this am, and is back to old JEff, then I may be able to forgive him for this sh*tty behaviour, and attribute it all to gameplay (smart or not, will be decided soon- I say not.. but..) . IF he is still acting all nasty and cocky because he no longer has any power and knows he cannot make any more decisions, I will be truly disappointed in him.. I loved Jordan for a long time, but boy, oh boy, has she really taken a downward spiral in the last few weeks.. You are right, Riley,, a CHIMA-esque Diva.. I am just done with Jordan. Michelle has made her mistakes, but bless her heart, she has been alone this whole game. She has NEVER had a partner. I would HATE to be the only one in the game who NEVER had someone. Poor Russ. Yes, he brought a lot of this on himself because he just would NOT admit to all the shinanigans in the BY blowout. I believe the JEss vote WAS for honor, though, and I believe he would have stayed true till F4 once he had swore on his “Pops”.

  28. @janet, my thoughts exactly!! that’s why i feel they both (j/j) need to be have nots and knocked down a few knots (and i’m a j/j fan)

  29. if Kevin is smart he would keep russ and let him do the dirty work he would likely beat any of them in an endurance challenge with Jeff not eligible. in a final 2 of kevin and Russ Kevin could win it.
    to bad no planes flew over the house and saved Jeff and Jordan from makings such a foolish mistake

  30., i was hoping someone would have connections so i could call the BB house and talk to jeff LOL

  31. I also agree with a previous poster, that it will be very interesting to see how they edit all this tonite. If it looks like Jeff didn’t really betray, didn’t go personal and JUST did brilliant gameplay.. hmmmm.. because no matter WHO I am rooting for (and it still is Jeff-marginally) and we all know they skew the show the way they want to, they HAVE to at least show some semblance of the truth!

  32. i really hope russ pulls a rabbit out the hat this week. if he could turn mich and kevin, that would be sooo cool! As it stands if russ leaves thursday, u may as well end the game and give ken and barbi the money. It will be a snoozefest after that anyway.

  33. i think Jeff and Jordon not unlike so many people who have played this game are paranoid and willing to believe the worst. the name calling is to justify the thing they probably know they shouldn’t be doing. Natalie plays Jordon like a fiddle like a little sister even though technically she is older than her when Natalie pretends to be looking for advice. Jordon feels good when she feels like she is giving natalie advice. even though technically she is older than her. Jeff is being convinced by the evil faction in the house that he is justified in his actions. Jeff is very scared he is making a bad decision all this negative behavior is him trying to convince himself he has no choice but to do this. boy is he going to be pissed with himself when he gets shot down next week.

  34. Russ needs to stress to Kevin that he will not win the money against Gnat and that may sway hi toward Russ. Kevin will know he cant win ahainst her. Russ should also tell Kevin if he doesnt keep him he will not get his vote but if he keeps him this week and then Russ loses Kev will have his vote

  35. I’m so disappointed in Jeff. I was hoping for the final 4 to be Russell, Michele, Jeff and Jordan. Why would Jeff believe the lies of Kevin and Natalie when they’ve been lying or bullies all along. I was hoping Russell, Michele and Jeff would be the final 3 since Jordan’s been sliding all along. I think Jeff might have sealed his fate for losing with putting Russell up. No HOH for Jeff next week and Jordan can’t win anything on her own. Hope Natalie gets evicted instead of Russell but either way…I bet Jeff will get put up next week.

  36. I was kind of a J/J fan but not completely sold, now I’m sooo not. The way they gobbled up that LML was pathetic. Jeff kept saying it doesn’t make sense for Russell to do that – That’s right Jeff it doesn’t make sense for Rus to do that which is why he didn’t. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a Russell fan (I’m don’t dislike him either)but I really hate gullible people. I think Kevin is my fav but I had a difficult time getting there because he’s tied to that full of herself, pitbull, bully Natalie. If she goes, I could freely cheer for Kev.

  37. Sure would love to see whats going on in the jury house with Lydia and Jessie are they going to give us a peck this week or not…

  38. Funny what power does to people. I still think it was a good move, how he went about it was questionable but that’s the game. You have to take risks in this game. Like I said, Jeff prob feels he can beat anyone in the house in a POV comp and continue to save himself until the finals, as long it isn’t a spelling bee. So he took out Russ when he had the power. Hope Kev gets the HOH next week and becomes a bit more of a target because he is a player and needs that negative attention that comes with being HOH. Part of me wishes Jordan would go so Jeff can play the game for 1 and not 1.5.

  39. Oh and I hope they don’t waste 1 second on the jury house. Serioulsy Lydia and Jesse, who cares?

  40. Next BB, I am going to get the Live Feed and become
    one of the “flies” on the wall.
    Thank goodness for this website keeping me as on track
    as much as possible.

    Much appreciated.

  41. kevin can compete with michelle and russell in hoh and pov competitions , and kevin can beat michelle and russell in a vote, kevin has been smart and seems to be only playing for himself….it is all in his grasp, i just hope he can sack up and do what needs to be done.

  42. I am posting this update from JOKERS and on my blog. Just wanted to be fair, but am not sure that it makes any diff. I heard with my own ears them making fun of her night terrors and how she stammers etc. Here is an update:

    There is an update at 3:31am and it says J/J talk about Michele’s butt is like a tomato. Watching the FB – Michele’s husband is the one who said that Less…

    to Michele, Michele told Jordan. Jordan told Jeff and were talking about how mean that was of her husband and Jordan said to Jeff, “if you and me were married and you said that, I’d be pissed”

    They also talked about Michele’s fake yawn and Jeff thinks it’s a nervous tick because she’s lying and she knows he can see through it.

    I can’t reply to updates that many hours ago, but I thought I’d corre

  43. I can’t stand Jeff and Jordan. They think they run the house. Jeff screwed Russell and thats it. Michele I don’t feel sorry for her either because her lies has broke up alot of people friendships. Jeff, Jordan , and Michele should have left weeks ago. They feel that they can beat Natalie and Kevin, but they can’t. If Russell goes to the jury house, Kevin is going to win Big Brother 11.

  44. It is not over for Russell just yet. I recall one past season where the evicted HG was ready to go and when he opened the exit door to go talk to Julie the alarm sounded and he was safe. Anyone remember this or maybe I am just hoping.
    Ashley/Leo do you remember this happening.

  45. I honestly don’t think Chima’s vote should be America’s choice because America has seen everything and isn’t gonna vote for who played a better game. The only chance for Michele/Natalie/Kevin to win is by taking each other. So whoever is in the Final 2 please vote by game and not by who is your favorite of the two.

  46. There comes a time, sometimes several times in a season, where a HG must do something unexpected to move forward in the game, and maybe reach the end. And there are times when things are not done, and they see the door soon. It seems this is one of those weeks for Kevin. Does he jump ship from Nat, board the Russ Michelle bandwagon and play 3 on 1 against Jordan and Jeff getting one out the next week and trying to get the other out the next week? Might be the best/only chance to get rid of Jeff until the Final 2. I highly doubt it. Kevin seems too loyal to a fault with Nat.

  47. What? America would be stupid enough to give it to Jordan? Why? She isn’t an honest, good person so that excuse doesn’t work anymore. She surely didn’t play a good game either. Why would jury members or America vote for her to win so much money!? It would be gross enough that she gets the 2nd prize if the fools in the house don’t take her out. Other than her and Natalie, I wouldn’t mind voting for any of the others or seeing them in the final 2. I hope its Michelle and Kevin!!!

  48. if kevin gets to f2 he will win. I liked J&J but now I will not give jordon my vote. she doesnt deserve to win. I hope that russ somehow makes it tonite and jeff has to step up his game as he will be on the block. if he wins the pov and is replaced by gnat..who else..then gnat & jordon are up…with nat going home as jordon will get jeff & micheles votes leaving kevin to vote for gnat. then gnat, lydia & jesse can have their menage a trois in the jh to make BB complete this season.

  49. I am questioning production. I think they are pushing for jeff and jordan in the final 2. We get to hear snipits from the hguests about how they manipulate them in the DR. They manipulate us through editing. They haven’t shown jeff threatening their families when they made the final 4 deal and they didn’t show when he promised on his family. I wonder how they will edit the showdown with russ tonight. Will they show jeff threatening to stab russ or blame it all on russ’ explosive nature? Huh. Plus, if this new hoh comp is anything with counting house inventory we know its rigged! And I’m not falling for the its a coincidence or it happens every season story either. I know it happens but nat and kev were busy counting last week and yet it didn’t happen but now that jordan and jeff are down they will use this comp? Too fishy! I think production chose their winner already and we are being played. A game within a game. Cut to fish ;)

  50. @blackgirl – I do remember that and I was thinking about it last night. Wouldn’t that be something?

  51. i really don’t understand jordan. she believes ratalie is so sweet and honest.ratalie can do no wrong. does jeff and jordan really think she one of them. i trust michele more.

  52. @i hope post #56

    Couldn’t agree more with you! I was always a J/J fan, but right now, given all that has transpired, I am figuring that unless BB does something drastic, they are going to lose a lot of ratings and lose a lot of money from sponsors. So they had better step up their game and do something to make this BB more interesting.

    Who wants to see a bunch of kids just laying around sleeping all day.

    If they let Russell go, then the competitions will be boring, as will the rest of the season!

  53. I guess J/J had the majority of America fooled. I most certainly feel foolish voting for Jeff to get the CDT. Wish I hadn’t now, especially since his and Jordan’s true colors are showing through!

  54. Bye Bye Russell, you played a good game. I guess it’s your time. I’m looked at BB last night with 30 minutes of sleeping then I went to bed. Ratings will surely go down.

  55. The only way to make the finals exciting is to have Russell and Jeff go head to head in the final endurance competition!

  56. @ihope #56

    I couldnt agree with you more. I have even heard that the HOH Jeff won … was rigged. Michele and Russ said the cans couldnt go into their tubes because one of the tubes were tilted. I do think the comps are geared and made for certain people to win, Michele said the veto Jeff won ..was for tall people because she had a hard time reaching some rope or reaching for something??? I dont know I will get to see the show tonight to see what she is talking about.

  57. michele needs to win hoh, get jordan off her high horse.ratalie goes next week.jeff hoh. kevin the next week.j/j/m hopefully

  58. @Tracy post #68

    And don’t forget last week both J/J were talking about production telling them that they should keep Russell when N/L were on the block and they were thinking about BD him then!

  59. I hope Jeff goes next week. I would love for it to be R/M/K final 3 but that is not realistic anymore. So I will settle for Nat instead with M/K final 2. Whomever wins next HOH needs to put up JJ and not let them win pov.

  60. @Diana #70

    yeah Jeff came out of a long long DR session and was talking game with Jordon and said the DR is talking down about putting Russell up and BD him now. I heard that too.

  61. i can’t watch ratalie anymore the way she walks let her sh** don’t stink. i thought chima was bad. kevin needs a wake up call.

  62. I can’t believe how some of you so called Jeff lovers have turned against him. You act as though because he BD Russell, he committed a crime. Have you forgotten, RUSSELL WAS GOING TO PUT JEFF UP IF HE WON. Jeff just beat him to the punch.

    I agree that Jordan is as dumb as a rock and if she makes it to the final 2 she shouldn’t win the big money, it should be Jeff. Jeff has made ALL the bold moves. He should win.

    No one is perfect and just because Jeff is playing the game some of you have turned on him, WOW, fair weather friends.

    Jeff is still the best player there, and just because all of us have hind site, remember, he doesn’t.

  63. Kevin’s fatal move was using the gold can last week to stop Russel. Russel wasn’t even close. By doing that he set up Jeff as HOH. If Jeff can survive this next week not getting to play for HOH he will sail to the end. This part of the game is all about winning the competitions and he can easily beat anyone left except maybe Michelle. So if he keeps her close he has the numbers. The jury house vote is a crap shoot. Evil Dick won with most everybody hating him, but respecting his game play.

  64. @rileykeo #74

    I was a J/J supporter and I didn’t particularly care for Russell. For me, it is not about turning on him for his game play, but more about the power going to his head and not playing with dignity anymore.

    The reason America loved Jeff so much, was because he never verbally attacked anyone on a personal level and he kept his cool and was level headed throughout this game.

    For the past 2 weeks however, he has been menacing and threating let alone saying cruel and undignified things about R/M.

    So I am not a hater of the game, just his power hungry attitude! Could you imagine having to work for someone who treated you like sh@t all day long – not me – I will tell him ‘to shove it where the sun don’t shine’!

  65. @tj #79

    You are right, but Jeff doesn’t see it that way, he even said that Russell was a hinderance and that he got more cans in when Russell had a 1 minute time delay and he couldn’t run and shake the platform!

  66. I copied this from another site from a BB fan. I thought it was hilarious so I decided to post it here…..

    …..I would love for Michele and Kevin to think the other was voting for Russel and for them each to vote Nat off… unaware that the other was giving a sympathy vote to Russ… and “3 – 1 Natalie please take a few moments to say goodbye” I think I would piss my pants from laughing so hard. I’d be soo flippin’ happy…..

  67. Rileykeo- I agree! After Chima’s eviction Jeff could have been elected Senator in Illinois (well maybe that is not the best example LOL).Now everybody is jumping ship but they will be back. Gnatalie is sneaky. They see how good her poker face is but aren,t calling her constant bluffs. Michelle is crazy like a fox and unpredictable. I like Kevin but he can,t seem to close the deal at the comps. I would take Jordo if Jeff dumps her although I don’t know if I could afford to feed her!

  68. @Diana #78
    Dignity? Did you really think Jeff would play this game if he were so squeaky clean? Maybe I have not seen all BB’s of the past but I certainly do recall CHILLTOWN being some of the best players in the game, winning and they certainly played the game ruthlessly at times.
    Yes, anyone with power will abuse it at some time.

  69. At the time Russel was using that gold can for himself because he was way down! it would be typical Russel to say to Jeff that he was actually doing it to help Jeff win.Russ hasn’t cared about anyone except Russ the whole game.

  70. @JB #85

    Like I said the dignity was part of Jeff’s original game. I recall telling other HG’s not to make personal attacks on people and the things that he has said about Michelle have been mean and cruel. She has problems and both J/J should be concentrating on the game play rather than attacking a person with flaws.

    Are they both so high and mighty that they don’t think they have flaws – Oh yes, they do, maybe not so much in the looks department, but certainly in the brain department.

    Also although Russell has been loud and obnoxious throughout this game he has always kept his word and that his integrity actually means something to him!

    Like I said, I have no issues with the game play, because every single one of them have tried to manipulate the other HG’s, I just do not like personal attacks or someone. What gives J/J the right to be so judgemental???

  71. Diana,

    um i seem to recall a vote to KEEP JESSIE… wouldn’t that count as breaking his word?

  72. @Sabrina #89

    I think that Russell gave Jessie his word and told Jeff that they would go to the F4. He knew that they had the numbers from the other HG’s to get Jessie out, but he kept his word to Jessie. I don’t recall him giving Jeff his word that he would vote Jessie out, but I could be wrong!

    I do recall however, every time that he actually said ‘I give you my word’, he has held up to it!

  73. @ Sabrina #91

    Yes, I picked up the 3-1 vote also, but I think that might have been a typo. Of course if that scenario actually did happen (and it would be quite funny), the vote would be 2-1.

  74. Everything Russ has done was for himself. When Jeff dropped and gave him HOH week 3 Russel acted like he was putting Ronnie up to keep his word to Jeff when in fact he knew that Ronnie wanted to backdoor him the week before. Jessie talked Ronnie out of it.Russel has more lives than a cat but I think he is gone to be the cameraman for Jessie and Lydia’s porn movie this week.

  75. Everyone is completely ignoring Russ today. I feel bad for him. Talk about kicking someone when they are down.

  76. This was just posted and it could put a whole new twist on the game!

    ………Nat asking Kev what he has done for her in this game…

    Michelle offers that he voted Jessie instead of her, and she says, but then he voted for me against Lyd. Nat really pressing Kev what he has done to help her in the game. Kev seems uncomfortable, and “where is this coming from?”

    Kev says, “you haven’t answered if you would put me up.” Nat finally says “Yes, I’m just being honest!” (oh, my…)

    Then Michelle tells Kev that if Nat wins, it is her and him going up. Nat doesn’t disagree.

  77. @Ashley #96

    Yes, I feel sorry for Russ as well. Can you imagine being in a house with everyone ignoring you! – how awful!

    I know that Russ brought a lot of this on himself, but for me, compassion goes a long way in my life!

  78. @Diana – Kev and Nat are playing Mich trying to get her to say something incriminating so they can go back and tell Jeff.

  79. Budman,
    You and the others aren’t listening to us. We haven’t turned against Jeff for BDing Russell, we’ve turned against him and J for becoming completely different people – practically overnight. It doens’t mean we think any more highly of Gnat or anyone else, either. And no, we won’t be back on Jeff’s side. It would take a major turnaround complete with multiple apoligies and he’d have to convince us he’s sincere. I don’t expect that will happen.

  80. @Ashley

    Oh darn! I thought that perhaps there was a little hope that Kev might just vote to evict Nat. out, well I can always hope that he sees the light before Thursday!

    I did respond to you about how everyone is ignoring Russ, but my comments went into ‘waiting moderation’ why I can only guess that the software Matt is using picks up on certain words!

  81. @ Diana – I hope something happens like “expect the unexpected” so Russ can stay in the game but I don’t think it is going to happen.

  82. @Ashely,

    You never know! If they see the ratings slipping, they just may change it up again! They (CBS) need to keep the viewers hooked!

  83. Very true Diana. Maybe they read these boards and can see that we the viewers, for the most part, want Russ to stay.

  84. I hope Nat and Kev, if they win HOH, put up Jeff and Jordan. It is starting to sound like they are going to put up Michelle. Not a good mood to keep JJ. AND – Jeff just called Michelle a rat. Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?

  85. Ok. I’m turning off the live feeds because Jeff is starting to say his crap about Mich again. I can’t watch when he (Jeff) is on because of the cussing and I don’t talk like that around my kids.

  86. I’m sure they have people reading all the different forums. I read 3 of them and the consensus appears to be the same across all 3 of the forums I read.

    Everyone’s sweethearts J/J have become drunk with power and basically America always cheers on the underdog, which has been the case this week with Russ. I think that the people bashing and the personal attacks on R/M have irked America and they want them to come back down to planet earth, rather than flying high on planet J/J!

  87. @Ashley

    It looks as though Jeff under pressure just becomes a ‘potty mouth’ and his charm just flies out the door!

  88. Diana- I was just reading that post also between Kevin,Gnat and Michelle. I don’t expect it to change this weeks outcome but it could have major implications for next week if Kevin wins HOH. Gnatalie has said she was putting up Jeff and Jordan because of Jeff evicting Jessie and making Chima go crazy, but Kevin didn’t like either of them. It would be intresting to see what he will do.

  89. At this point whom ever recieves the HOH title will be TOXIC. It has boiled down to a pressure cooker now in the BBHouse. Everyone is going to start looking real shadey to save There A$$$$$$$. MONEY=GREED

  90. Thanks for the info.IM off CBS I only get my info from you guys. This Jeff and Jordon thing sounds awful, they deserve everthing Ratalie gives them. Just wish Kevin would come to his senses and keep Russell. Jordon cant win a thing on her own and Jeff cant play for HOH.Thats bad news if the DR is keeping this Jeff and Jordon nonsence going on. Boring… when is this over.

  91. if kevin wins HOH this coming Thrusday he needs to get natalie out and ensure his place in the final three.

  92. So Im watching the show and I can see now how the Michele and Russ were talking about the rope and it being fixed for a tall person. It is true the rope in the HOH comp you had an advantage if you were tall.

    BB wants Jeff to win I am believing this!!!

  93. I don’t think Russ was going against the Final4 when he talked to Michelle. He logically proposed a final 2 to Michelle since it is obvious J/J is a Final 2 together. Michelle just tried to one up him and tell Jeff Russ was gunning for him to make it to the final 3 with J/J. Then N/K told him the LML, which is why Russ is on the block.

    Russ also didn’t betray Jeff by not voting for Jesse. He knew Jesse would be going,all other votes were there. Essentially it was a sympathy vote & he wanted to keep his word with Jesse to show his honesty.

    Michelle will flip where ever the power is N/K or J/J. It would be wise for him & Michelle to keep Russ to get J/J out. He’d be better in the competition than Natalie. I’d rather have him with me in the final 3 for competitions. Michelle/Kevin/Russell v. Jordan for HOH & 3:1 on POV. I doubt if Kevin would flip on Natalie but remember he didn’t use POV on there may be a very slim possibility. If I was either Michelle or Kevin, I’d want Russell with me in the Final 2 to win the Jury vote.

    I don’t think the Jury will vote for “better” player this season. Remember none of them think Jeff is a better player, they think he was “given” his power CDT!

    Unfortunately if America votes, Jordan may have a chance. Only people on the boards & feeds know how J/J has changed. It will be interesting to see if they show the golden boy with his potty mouth, threatening to cut Russell’s throat, talking bad about Michelle and lying on family.

    It’d also be cool if J/J was exposed to the house for having a final3 with everyone, Kevin/Natalie/Michelle before the live eviction.

  94. Ok. I have gotten irritated when people say they are going to quit watching the show. So here is what I think. This is the first year I have gotten the live feeds and talked on message boards. I would have rather not gotten the live feeds so I didn’t know how bad this show is rigged because now that i see how they are STILL making Jeff look so good and making Russ seem so paranoid and mean when he has every right to be then I either can’t watch the show anymore after this season or I can’t get the live feeds and know what is going on ever again. True they are showing that Jeff is getting snappy with Jordan but come on, they are not showing the crap Jeff said about Mich and how they are kissing butt with Nat and Kev. The producers of this show are really pissing me off.

  95. Jeff has made a stupid move once again. Next week you have to put up with a pissed off michelle and she’ll be friting harder then ever before to win HOH to put Jeff’s sorry a$$ on the block. Next Week Predictions: Michelle- HOH; Natalie and Jeff- Noms; Kevin- Veto; Jeff and Jordan- Noms; Jeff evicted 2-0.

  96. @Tracy

    I agree with you. BB is firmly behind J/J, Everything is slanted towards them. The CDT, Jordan HOH, won by Jeff a Big golfer, Jordan POV won because she waited to listen to Michelle footsteps so she wouldn’t be eliminated. Now this POV advantage to Jeff. Yes America voted for CDT but CBS knew how they portrayed J/J to be the golden couple.(Jeff has always had a potty mouth) and Jordan isn’t poor (implants are VERY expensive). She also isn’t all that Pure,did you see the conversation about gay sex and what she would do for Jeff IF he takes her to Hawaii?

  97. I must say that I found it interesting that in the DR last week, Russell basically said that if he was Jeff, he would be putting himself (meaning Russell) up. This week, after the POV ceremony is over, Russell is in the DR referring to Jeff as an idiot. Just an observation…

  98. Jeff is an idiot. He had all this power and didn’t know how to use it!

    Can you imagine over the next few years, how badly he will feel and he will continuously kick himself for not playing this game smarter.

    How can he and Jordan say that they can start trusting the people (N/K) who were their enemies only a couple of weeks ago.

    OMG J/J are really showing how dumb they are by allowing N/K into their so called alliance and putting their faith in the hands of the enemy!

  99. @Ashley & @blackgirl!

    You got it right CBS does taint a biased view on J/J, painting him as a ‘good guy’ and her as a ‘sweet innoncent girl’, when they have both shown their colors by being threatening and mean to R/M, who by the way were their BFF only a couple of weeks ago when they swore on their families to go to the F4.

    By the way, for those who think that J/J were only kidding about their families, you will note that Michele swore on her dog, she wasn’t about to swear on anyone of her family members, so she took the threats seriously IMO!

  100. @ cyndigwc #121

    It is really confirmed now after the show, that the CBS wants the couple to win. This is the best year for the rating and CBS is making it all like a show instead of a strategic game, and all the faith of the players lie in how CBS is going to protray everyone.
    This is why America’s vote is not fair…. what America is seeing is the BS that CBS wants them to see.

  101. I’m glad I read this and jokersupdates, otherwise I would still think Jeff hung the moon. Now I can clearly see the way CBS is portraying Jeff and Jordan vs. Russ.

  102. I used to be a HUGE fan of J/J but now I see them for who they truly are which is 2 arrogant, dirty mouthed, pompous fools. I hated natalie but now i want ANYONE but J/J to win! I hate to say it, but everyone who said we shouldn’t have voted for Jeff to win the ctd because he wasn’t a decent guy were RIGHT ON POINT!

  103. The thing I think is the saddest, is that J/J are taking this so personally and they have alienated Russ completely.

    Poor Russ is basically on his own and I think by Thursday, he will be happy to get out of that MAD house!

    I know that this has been said before on this forum, but ‘what goes around, comes around’ and Jeff my buddy, it will be your turn soon, so don’t get too comfortable up in that HOH room, because the Jury House is just around the corner and it has your name on it!!!

  104. @lets go j/j (SIKE!!!!!!)

    Yes, you are right, in fact, I said that I felt foolish for voting for Jeff to get the CDT, boy I wish that I could take that vote back. But all is not lost, because we still have a vote for the $25k and I think as of today’s date Russ is going to get my vote.

  105. Ok, so I know Jeff showed he isn’t perfect this week, but it seems like the fans gave everybody (including Russ) a pass when the stress was high. Jeff has to realize that from here on out he has to win POV or HOH every week or he is on the block, and out no matter who he is up against. We are all forgetting how he stood up for the underdogs during the first few weeks and if he hadn’t shooken up the game, Jessie & Ronnie would’ve been the final two.

  106. Now as far as betraying Russ… Jeff has already saved him twice, and if you follow the game you will see that Russ never went to Jeff directly to try and make a deal for the final 3. The combo of J/J becoming aware of the R/M final 2, combined with the timing of the Big Lie make Russ look like the biggest threat in the game. This truly was Jeff’s last chance to take out his toughest competition and he needed to make a move, but he backdoored the wrong person…

  107. If he thought it all out, Jeff should’ve backdoored Michelle (who is by far the fiercest competitor). She has aligned herself each week with the black sheep of the group, and therefore when it comes time to vote, her partner will always go before her. She also has the most competition wins. Jeff will have to win HOH or POV from here on out, or rely on the slim chance that Jordan wins one of these, or his game is over.

  108. If Jeff would’ve thought it through, he should’ve used his power this week to make a Final 3 Deal with Russ, and backdoor Michele. The two of them would have the physical challenge advantage, and Jeff would’ve kept the 3 to 2 voting power, without making any enemies. While I still root for him, the competitions will decide his fate each week.

  109. Jeff has lost his marbles. He’s not thinking past this week and his chance to BD Russell. Is he thinking about the jury? If it ends up being him against either Nat or Kev, he will definitely come out the loser. Russell has already (repeatedly) pointed out that he is the best one to take to the final two. Everyone hates him and no one will vote for him. Hopefully he will point this out to Kev, and they can have a K/M/R alliance.

  110. Another thing that people probably don’t want to believe is true is that they ( BB Producers ) could have also made Jessie and Chima out to be horrible people. Don’t get me wrong Chima have her problems but the point is WHAT LEAD UP TO THEM PROBLEMS. Maybe the PROBLEMS they didn’t want to show because lets face it every show needs an evil character.

    BB only showed one personal moment of Chima that told us a little bit about her story and that was when all of them was in the oom and she talked about getting raped other than that what did they show. What, her throwing her fits and acting like a B***h.

    The producers no that most of america don’t have live feed so they can air what they like to. I really believe that Chima know what was going on with the producers thats why she called them out so many times. CHIMA TRIED TO WARN US, THE PRODUCERS ARE NOT RIGHT.

  111. I think the thing that has upset me the most is the superior attitude that J/J have portrayed over these past 2 weeks and they have been sitting in judgement on their podium with their ‘holier than thou’ attitude which SUCKS big time!!

  112. @cyndigwc and others
    Do you want some cheese with that whine.
    Every contest when your favorite doesn’t win you find some reason to say it was unfair. The crap about Jordan feeling Michelle’s footsteps in that VETO comp. is not true! Watch it again and you will see that Jordan stepped first every time except once. The banana veto was not decided by the length of the rope at any time. Jeff was waiting for them before they even found their bananas. The golf comp was down to Jordan and Jeff. Jordan is not a golfer and did’t even hardly practice as the others did.I do agree that the portrayal was slanted but maybe they will so some of the fight Thurs. The fight was so full of cussing that it will be nothing but beep-beep-beep anyway.

  113. There is one move left that Jeff could make at this point to correct his mistake, and it would be one of the craziest moves in BB history, and I don’t think he will see the opportunity. He could make a final 3 deal with Russ, and then take him off the block. He can control Jordan’s vote, Michele will vote for Russ to stay, so even if Kevin votes against this, Natalie is out. Russ will do anything to survive (including break an alliance) so Jeff should make him guarantee they vote Michele out next week. That makes the final 4 Jeff, Jordan, Russ, & Kevin. And as long as Kevin isn’t the other person in the final 2, Jeff will win the Jury House votes. I don’t think he will be able to see this opportunity, and how it basically ensures he makes it to the final 3

  114. I was really happy when Jeff won the CDT and actually had the stones to use it. I didn’t watch last season, but it seems that the other seasons I’ve watched, no one has actually used the power because they were afraid. I do concur that Jeff is being a major bum-hole since coming into power. He sure is a looker, but I may have to question his brain functions. It sure will knock J/J for a loop if/when they fall out of power this week.

  115. @dayday

    I agree with you about the producers editting the show as they see fit and that is how it goes because it is a business about making money, the worst part their success is at our expense and the players of the game. Some get and advantage and some not so much.

    Jeff/Jordon are getting great edits compared to the feeds. (I have the feeds and watch them way to much I can add–I am addicted LOL) and dayday Chima got a great edit too. You are right and they didnt talk to much about her tragedy but that is something she shouldnt want to be a spot light for her. I was happy Chima got out of the house when she did for her own good. It made sense for her to go, I know you were a fan dayday of Chima I have seen you on here but if you seen her on the feeds, Chima was editted well by production.

  116. It’s not a game, it’s entertainment. BB producers predetermined the winner. CBS is really the winner with high ratings. We are being played. We should all go on feedback and blow their site off the chart.

  117. I think it is funny that Natalie was in the athlete clique. She is the most awkward and least ahletic of anybody in the house. She couldn’t walk and chew gum at the same time. That being said,I think she would be a cool person to hang with outside the house. She is an incredible poker player too.

  118. How is it anything but a semi (at worst) move for Jeff to backdoor Russell? Jeff assumes that role of “strongest player” but so what. If Jordan wins the next HOH, big if, but at least she’s done it once, Kev and Nat haven’t won anything, except when he, Kevin, lost ($5000) the HOH that Russell won! So will Nat and Kev get a huge win this week by Russell getting evicted? Yes. Does it seal any fate for Jeff or Jordan? No. Like I said, if Jordan wins, it’ll be Nat and Michelle on the block with in all likelihood, Michelle going home, unless she wins the POV. But if a week from now, if Kevin and Nat are back on the block… that’d be Karma to a degree. I’m becoming more of a Kevin fan as the episodes go by…

  119. Jeff needs to dump jordo ,all she does is tease him. he is stupis for letting her do it to him all the time. i watched how he tried to kiss her and she pushes him away. wake up jeff she is just using you to get father in this game. she needs to go next.

  120. @147 I don’t think thats what they meant….I think they meant he wont be voted out if thats what Jeff did.

  121. @ 143, I saw one of your earlier posts about the hg that was voted out & walked out to talk w/ Julie. Then a horn sounded & he was sent back into the house, & won hoh then booted the same hoh who put him up. I can’t remember his name, I think he was a professional bike racer or something. I think his hair was pink & he had a mohawk. Can any one else remember this?

  122. @ TRACY

    Thanx Tracy for telling me that and being nice about it. Chima was my girl and yes, she was evil at times but when you come to a site like this you don’t expect people to be so nasty. I mean your favorite is your favorite and thats everybody right. But, when it came to Chima, Jessie, Ronnie and still to this day Natalie people stay calling them names and on the other side ALL HAIL TO J/J and what nice people they are. This GAME is nasty and can brake people. Know one says anything about Russell and how he had fights with everyone in the house but when it came to Chima who by the way didn’t start most of the fights she’s this she’s that. Where Iam from SOME and I said SOME of her actions are actions of a STRONG woman who wasn’t going to let know one stomp over her. Now SOME or MOST of her actions don’t need to be applauded but one thing that everyone can say like her or not she was loyal to her alliance and she was strong. This is just a GAME so you no the saying, don’t judge a book …

  123. James was the one that was saved last year when he was already evicted.
    Chima deserves every bad thing that she gets after joking about the twin towers. She should be deported.

  124. @ Blackgirl…… You are right…… James as evicted during BB 9, but the bell rang and the HG’s had to either vote him back or a mystey player…. They chose to bring James back… They also rang the bell Before that to end the couples the week before when Ryan & his partner were evicted which saved Ryan from eviction…..

  125. @153 You are welcome, guess I do have some substance, huh? I’m still trying to remember his name. Can any one else?

  126. @ The Flip Side….. you are nuts…. Russell has no chance of staying…

    @ Budman….. There is nno hininh happeninng…. J/J have consistantly used fag & homo terms and Jeff is the F bomb king, but they are shown as the good clean wholesome players which is far from true…. If BB / CBS can show Jessie / Ronnie / Chima’s bd side, they should show Braden / J/J’s negative sides as well….

  127. I love me some Natalie and Kevin, they are really playing this game like pros. it also doesnt have u have dumb ppl in the house.

    Jeff TRUE colors have been exposed. Take that u Jeff lovers. MUAHAHAHAHA!

    This plan is coming together so perfectly. Jeff wont suspect a darn thing. a there will be nothing he can do about it. again MUHAHAHA!

    Him and Jordan will slowly seperate, then when he goes up, thats o9ne more vote AGAINST him.


    Lone Rangers? How about the Evil Genious’.

    Can u dig it? . . . . . sucka?

  128. in regards to Russ staying in the house this week all depends on if the Producers allows that ring the bell power comes into effect, and they select him 2 stay rather than allowing an ex HG in.

    and maybe, just maybe the ratings may hit an all time high

  129. @seanbeat the idea of K/M/R is great idea for R and M but not for K because he will be the weakest player and that is not good for him. Also if that happens, CBS will bring another twist to ensure that Jeff stays in the house because for some reason they want Jeff to win

  130. Jeff is a “car wreak” & though he doesn’t see himself that way
    the others, minus Jordan, surely do.

    I don’t know how or if she can do it but GO MICHELE!

  131. bye russel, i love you and all, but i like jeff better haha. did you see him gardening? enough said…;p

  132. i wounder! why will CBS wanna rig their own show, and pick Jeff? oh wait dont answer that its all about return of investment

  133. i think next week they shud test kevin alliance with Gnat. he may have scrap by all this time and also won 2 cash prizes! but lets see how well kevin conduct him self under the spot light! and yes wanna see how non straight guys argue.

  134. guys please dont forget casey for the end of season fav player prize! casey was the best! funny, smart, a good person. dang i miss him. hearing him rap made me laugh! that pov comp was rigged for jeff but how funny that was! they were all falling all over the place. i love michelle! shes a ditz and its awesome funny!
    it will be hysterical when kevin votes to set michelle up and michelle votes to earn a jury vote and everyone is stunned because none of it was planned to come together like that. natalie will be like hey! i didnt pack! :)im only 18 i need help :)

  135. my wish: michelle and kevin as final 2! winner: michelle! :)
    your lease is up-
    next wk: jeff
    2 wks: natalie
    Michelle wins final hoh and takes kevin to final 2! (i reallllly want to believe she will do this but perhaps not)

  136. Russell is going out. Depending on who wins HOH, game will be decided. If Natalie or Kevin win, I think Jeff and Michelle will go up. If Jordan wins, hopefully Kevin and Natalie go up.. but.. you never really know for sure. If Michelle wins, I think she will put up Kevin and Natalie. Michelle has the hots for Jeff, and I think she wants to please him. When he told her she looked like a swim suit model tonite, she was loving it. Jordan really upped her workout tonite. Michelle has lost 16 lbs and is looking good….. jealousy.. the evil green monster.

  137. @1is1me: it would be good for kev! think about it, they will win the comps to keep him safe and then when it comes down to final 3 they will choose him to keep bc they will think they can beat him.
    kev should save russ and get russ to promise him final 3 with michelle and to take out jeff, then natalie, then jordan.

  138. dont underestimate my girl michelle! remember how she played chima? she befriended her, got to learn her strategy and then put her up when she felt she was being bullied and that chima wouldnt take her to final 2. well she is being bullied by jeff (you better! or else! i will stab you and steal your lunch money:) and she knows he will not take her to final 2!
    michelle is sly. she will slip through and make it to the end.
    unless of course……
    production really still thinks we dont see their bs and just puts jordan and jeff in final 2.

  139. I’M STILL A BIG JEFF/JORDAN fan!!! I think
    honestly it was a good game play. Yes i’ll agree that Jeff has been very blunt and direct since he’s gotton power. But Next week you’ll see him back to being more easy going because i think michelle or kevin will get HoH.
    if michelle gets it, i think she’s going to torture J/J for the torture they dished out.
    But all in all.. i think J/J are doing great.. i’m proud of them fo adapting to the twists and turns of the game! I”m a loyal fan and i know they have a great shot at making it!!
    !!!! GO JEFF AND JORDO !!!!

  140. Regardless of whether or not you like J/J, and whether you feel as if Jeff made a sound strategic move by backdooring Russell,the fact is, he is being played by Nat and Kevin. Completely. I really cannot believe how naive (or stupid) J/J are.

  141. Matt, would you know the rule for the americas choice 25k at the end? Can we vote for any of the players from the beginning or only jury members? I really thought it could be anyone. I hope this is the case. I want to vote for Casey!!! I think he should have his own special; he is hysterical! Him and Kevin could do a show ;) they both crack me up

  142. i voted for jeff to win cdt and i was fan of team jeff. now i am so disappointed in their game play. they are mean, arrogant, and power hungry. their arrogance and egos are equal to jessee’s. they should listen to what they preach. they said they don’t want to make personal attacks and all they do is making personal attacks on michelle and russell. they are bullying people around like they are in the kidergarden. threaten other houseguests not to talk or play with russell. they are outcasting russell…what did he do? making final 2 deals with michelle? weren’t jeff/jordan making final 2 deals? it’s ok for them to make final 2 deals but others can’t. how hypocrete is that? and something dark about jeff. i think he is the 2nd person to get some serious help. things that he says is very troubling. it’s always killing someone or cutting someone. he threaten to cut russell’s throat, making family threats in final 4 agreement, etc…he is like a time bomb ready to blow.

  143. I was one of many who were so down with seeing Jesse leave the house….I was wrong. Natalie should have left. And I am so over Jeff and Jordan. Russ was gonna stay loyal to the final 4 and then go after Jeff, which u kinda have to do then. I hope Russ pulls off the votes, not lookin good. If not I hope Nat takes Jeff out next week, and I don’t even like her but it’s poetic justice.

  144. I must say that I don’t have the live feeds and that I get up to date on here.
    Even if I knew what Jeff had done – I was surprised to see Michelle’s reaction. she really looked sad for Russ and herself … When they hugged at the end of the show in the poll room … she had tears in her eyes …
    I have a new found respect for her. She is not as cold as I thought she was.

  145. How stupid, stupid, stupid Jeff can be!? I have lost some respect that I had for the guy. Ofcourse Gnat and Kevin will be going after him first chance they get. How could Jeff think differently? Bye, bye Jeff! Your days are sure to be numbered!

  146. i just read on jokers, that natalie told russell to have jesse get the wine ready, that she was sending him a present next week. umm geee, i wonder what that would be,,, does anyone know if russell caught on to what she was talking about.. boy i hope so.. would love for natalie’s mouth to get her evicted this week

  147. I still would love to see Russell saved somehow. As always, I wanted anyone but Lydia or Nat to win. Russ really didn’t lobby for himself enough, so, I doubt he’ll be saved. It would be so cool if Kevin would vote Nat out but, I think that will only happen in my dreams. We’ll see!

  148. @sonshine60

    The only way that could happen, is if Jordan switched. Michelle will vote to keep Russell and if Jeff and Jordan find out that Nat and Kevin lied to them, then Jordan may vote to keep him too. Kevin would never turn his back on Nat ever.

  149. Jeff backstabbing Russell wasn’t a bad move, really. It only looks bad b/c of the Nat/KEv/Lyd lie. I will have to laugh when he gets put up though. The look on his face will be hilarious, along with Jordan’s. “But Natalie, you promised, and you never have lied in this game.” LOL

  150. A little disappointed that Jeff chose to use the Veto. I don’t think he thought that through! Everyone in the Jury house is friends with Kevin & Natalie! So… There is no way any of them can win against them. Russell is a bit of a time bomb but I think in the end Jeff could have beat him! It’s a game though & these are the biggest cry babies ever! I hope Jeff wins it all!

  151. Russell would beat the hell out of Jeff. Jeff thinks he is so tough but he is not. If it was not for Russell he would has never got HOH. The production is helping them win. If just like with Dick and Daniele. Everytime they had a game to play they would call Daniele in the DR before the game started. I have always said that Allison have her picks who she wants to win. I hate to tell her but Jeff and Jordan are not going to make to the final two. I think it will be Kevin and Natalie, or Kevin and Russell if he don’t go to the jury house Thursday. Now everyone see what Chima was talking about with Jeff and Jordan.

  152. Why is everybody so upset with Jeff and Jordan? They are not treating anyone any worse than other people have treated them. I am glad to see Russell gone he betrayed Jeff when he voted for Jessie to stay right after Jeff took him on the block. Everyone is saying that Nat and Kevin told a lie but, they really did not Michelle and Russell had talked about a final 2 deal and getting Jeff out. Russell is just mad because he is out before Jeff. Also; Michelle has not bathed much this week so maybe she does smell. Everyone talked about Nat not bathing. Michelle even stated that her husband says that she stinks. And so what if they did not want to be around her. Maybe they want some alone time. Michelle is always around and she can’t take a hint. This is just a game and everybody has talked about someone in the house. I think that yes Russell should go and Michelle next since they were the two that started talking about getting Jeff out. If the had not said it why did Russell not get up into anybody face when he was asked about it..

  153. I think Russel has been screwed by most on that show. He has been a good competitor and loyal. Yes, his temper at these injustices hasn’t helped, but thought of the habitual liar Natalie taking the game , makes me sick. Jeff is an idiot listening to Jordan and believing n/k is crazy. Maybe he is syncing us out with Russel to screw over Natalie. Let us all pray.

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