Big Brother 11: Week 7 Monday Live Feed Highlights

Monday in the Big Brother 11 house can be summed up with one word: whoa! Jeff delivered on his promise and used the Power of Veto to nominate Russell with the intention of sending him to the jury house this Thursday. As you might expect, Russell didn’t take kindly to this and the fireworks exploded with more F-bombs dropped and threats hurled than, well than just about anything. I imagine Chima is sitting around cackling right about now.

If you missed the action then turn the dial on your Live Feeds Flashback to 8/24 @ 1:10PM on Cam1 to see it all playback like you were watching it live. Definitely NSFW material with those potty-mouths running!

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Big Brother 11 Live Feed Highlights – August 24, 2009:

10:30 AM BBT – Kevin and Natalie going over their plans for deception with Jeff. Kevin wants to tell him that this move will gain him two loyal players and cut loose a non-loyal one. Both are anxious to win HoH so they can nominate Jeff next week.

11:30 AM BBT – Jordan warning Michele with hints that Russell is about to be nominated. Michele tells her it’s the best way to keep Jeff safe if he did it. Michele then teeters between saying she’d vote to keep Russell and she’d vote to send him home. Umm, okay.

1:10 PM BBTLive Feeds are back and it’s on like Dae Yum Yum! Jeff and Russell are yelling at each other. Russell says he’ll “mop the floor” with Jeff if he comes to the Jury House. Jeff says he’ll cut his throat (!!). Lots of anger and F-bombs here. Worth watching if you’ve got headphones! Jordan comes out and joins in the fight.

1:30 PM BBT – Natalie and Kevin are laying it on thick with Jeff and Jordan. Telling them what a great job they did and how smart it was to nominate Russell.

1:50 PM BBT – Kevin and Natalie off on their own congratulating themselves on a job well done. They’ve renamed their little duo as “the Lone Rangers.” Wait, wasn’t that the joke in “Airheads”? Together they’re the “lone” rangers…

3:15 PM BBT – Jeff, Jordan, Kevin, and Natalie talking again. Natalie warns them that once Russell calms down he’ll try to be super nice again to everyone. She says he’ll lie to try and stay.

6:00 PM BBT – Russell starts working on Kevin for his vote. He tells Kevin he hasn’t lied to him about anything in the game and how Jeff/Jordan are afraid of him. Russell says Jeff has exposed himself as a liar and can’t be trusted. He reminds Kevin that Jeff has the most wins and 2nd places as well in the game (ahem, to all the ‘Jeff hasn’t won anything’ folks). Russell continues to work Kevin for a long time.

9:45 PM BBT – Kevin goes to Jeff and warns him that Russell believes he has Michele’s vote to stay and is now working him for the second vote. Jeff doubts that he has Michele’s vote, but Kevin says Russell is very confident.

Without a doubt, Russell is in imminent danger of being evicted come Thursday night. Should he pull off the switch by securing Michele’s vote and convincing Kevin to ditch Natalie I’ll be amazed. I don’t see it happening, but it’d make for some awesome Big Brother drama!

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  1. Wow…what an incredibly dumb move on Jeff’s part. The next HOH should be interesting!

  2. I can’t believe i am in Russells corner. Mainly because i can’t believe that J/J are soooo stupid. Ok mainly Jeff as Jordan just goes with whatever Jeff says. How in the world did Nat dupe him? I can’t stand Nat but it definitely says something for her game play. Hmm, makes me wonder if this is scripted at times. Still, great tv. Love this show and thanks Matt for all you do to keep us informed.

  3. I like Russ! Everyone is against him :(! I hope Kevin and Natalie win HoH this week so they can put Jordan and Jeff on the block. Has Jeff been on the block yet? I can’t remember from the past episodes…

  4. I only hope now that JEFF is sent home now -I guess he not so smart after all. See ya Jeff LOSER.

  5. @Donni, Ronnie put Jeff up but he won POV and took himself off.
    I tell ya, this move not only messed up J/J’s game totally, I have lost respect for them personally. The personal attacks they spewed onto Russ and Mich (who didn’t do ANYTHING-BTW) were completely uncalled for. J/ J MAder fun of her body, her voice, her everything, but making fun of her night terrors ended it for me. She had previously intimated something terrible happening to her in childhood which caused them, and they are slamming her about it. Not Cool! Go back to flashback about 1 am BBT. You will be sickened.. Why?????

  6. I was watching BBAD and Jeff told K that he has come so close to winning HOH that he DESERVES to win next time. What????? Come on Jeff, you have to keep winning or you are gone! Jeff acted like he was going to throw it over to Kevin if he is close to winning. More dumb moves.

    Jeff is going to be soooo shocked when he is visiting Russell and Jesse next week in the jury house. They should switch the cameras over there. LOL

  7. Jeff had his doubts before the lml was told, so it just confirmed what he was thinking. Have you ever thought that just maybe this “lie” will backfire on N/K? Maybe they helped Jeff make the best move in this game. If Michelle can’t get Kevin to vote out Nat, I think that Michelle will be forced to stay with J/J. She can’t get jury votes if it’s with Kevin or Nat. All their pals are there. Dan was sneaky and conniving, but he won all the votes, because they that he played a better game. But these group of people this year all seem to have a chip on their shoulders, so I don’t think they will vote on game play just feelings.

  8. Can someone tell me what it means when it says Your comment is awaiting moderation? Did I do something wrong?

  9. I think its funny nasty nat thinks shes going to win hoh hahaha shes not that smart only at lying. Wait till Michelle wins and there goes Nasty Nat!!!

  10. I also think it wasn’t a smart move…but remember jeff and jordan do NOT know what we know.
    There are 2 reasons other than the LML that russ is on the block:

    1. russ telling j/j that he will eventually stab them in the back. He shouldn’t have said that, even if it were true.

    2. Michelle’s inability to keep her lies straight. She has told so many half truths that she just could not remember what was really said.

    Too bad!!! I really wanted to see the 2 gladiators battling it out in the end. That would have been so nice to see that, but now it’s going to be less about strenghth and more about social manipulation.

  11. The ultimate measure of whether Jeff made a good move or not will be whether Michele remains loyal to Jeff and Jordan in the aftermath of Russell leaving (if it indeed happens) and who wins the following HOH competition. If Michele stays on Jeff and Jordan’s side, then J/J have a 50/50 chance of being nominated themselves. If Michele sides with Kevin and Natalie, then J/J have a 75 percent chance of being nominated. Then, taking things one step further, if J/J don’t get nominated because Michele or Jordan became HOH, what happens if Kevin or Natalie wins the next POV? Interesting…

  12. All u guys that r saying shit about Jeff can blow one cuz this is the best move for him. Russ was sayin it himself that it was smart and that he was his biggest competition. I love Jeff and hope he wins but Russ has to go

  13. @Donni – if the song they happen to be singing is copyrighted in some way, BB and/or CBS have to pay royaltie fees to whoever has the copyright.

  14. That little stinker Kevin is going to win! not by strangth but lyeing and sneeking his way up to the finish line Oh well if it works then so be it! :)

  15. Man i hope Michelle gets the HOH next week and put up NAT and Little Stinker Keven and Nat goes to the Jery house!

  16. Russ was going to turn on Jeff next week. He said it over and over again. He even said it would be his best move and that he would do it.

  17. Have you all noticed how much jeff has changed in the last few weeks. He seems like a bully trying to control everyone. even Jordan has gotten power hungry.

    What happened with russ, probably was going to happen anyway…it’s just there reaction to the other hgs. They could have been more tasteful about the aftermath, you know.

  18. Good morning all you BB fans!!! I was hoping Russ would get through to Kev last night but when Kev went to Jeff I knew it was all over!! So who am I going to pull for once Russ is gone? I don’t really have a favorite right now, I just know it won’t be JJ because I have never liked them so why start now? It won’t be Michelle because she is a big part of why Russ got back doored. So that leaves Nat and Kev and may the best person win.

  19. What happend to Jeff? Did he really let N/K get into his minds? I really cant believe i feel sorry for Russ, but i do. Jeff is going to be out on the block next week i got a gut feeling, it was tooo soon to back door russell. WOw! what happend to Jeff?

  20. Everyone seems mad at Jeff for doing this, but have you guys not heard what Russ has been saying in the DR? He will put up jeff first chance he gets. At least michelle or even jordan stand a chance winning against Kev/Nat, but doubtfully russell…even he said he would nominate himself if he were jeff…c’mon people!

  21. jeff saying he will cut russ’ throat. that is such a pu$$y statment–I use that word only b/c jeff called russ that during their argument andd then @ 20 times in retelling the argument.

  22. Jeff is stupid Russell had gave his word and you have seen with all his votes that Russell always voted the way he said he would, So why not let him help you get the others that are all Jessie nuts out first then do the dirty work with Russell… Dumb Dumb Dumb…

  23. Now I’m beginning to wonder who I really want to win this season. I had been hoping for Jeff. Bring back Ronnie, and make the house even more interesting, that’s what I say! Hahaha…….. Just kidding! I could almost careless now, with whatever happens in that house.

  24. @SAm
    I am not complaining about that fact that russ was put up. I just didn’t like what happened afterwards, when the threats and bully statements began. I just felt like it was totally uncalled for.

  25. I think if Nat and kevin did not come up with the Russ like, people would think that backdooring Russ was a good idea.

  26. @Shima
    I think that most people are not upset about the lml. It was a smart and desparate move on kev and nat’s part.

    Most people are greatly disappointed in j/j for believing it.

  27. i really hope kevin wins, jeff let the power go to his head just like the rest of them, plus i love kevin’s dr comments especially about jesse’s girls……….but i dont want him final 2 with natalie cause she is an annoying punk

  28. When Jeff used the coup d’tat and saved Russ, Russ voted to save Jesse. He knew Jeff wanted Jesse out, so Russ isn’t true to his word either. He almost screwed Jeff, the votes were too close for comfort. I think that is when Jeff started doubting Russ, and Michelle with her I can’t remember we talked about alot things. Jeff did the decent thing and called Russ and Michelle out on this and they did a terrible job convincing Jeff. That’s what did it. Michelle was no help to Russ. I think she hurt Russ’s chances. Russ said he was going to take Jeff out the first chance he gets so Russ isn’t as loyal as people think he is. It’s a game. A big part of the game is deception. That’s why we all watch, I think. It would be pretty boring if everything goes as planned.

  29. i just cant believe that jeff believed them two after everything that has happened this summer.

  30. I wonder how Nat will be like if she get the HOH POWER?? She will be like the devil HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  31. @Shima: I agree. Michelle and Jeff and Jeff wins. Michelle has to stay with Jeff, she has no choice. If she sides with anyone else she has no chance of winning jury votes. They will all be Jesse’s gang in there.

  32. Jeff just sealed a spot in the jury house. He probably thinks he’ll be getting the 25,000 prize for favorite juror but after everybody else sees the episode tonight i think he might come in last place in that vote. Wellconce again Congrats to Kevin mainly because Jeff just paved your path to the finals.

  33. @ Mary: That’s a really good point how Russell voted to save Jessie, so I’m guessing this is Jeff’s way of getting back at him.

  34. Shima lets hope so and Shima i like the way you spell Shima cause my daughtors nick name is Shima and thats how i spell it not the other way Chima. :)

  35. @Thomas: Jeff almost got screwed because of Russell after he saved him. That’s why Jeff doesn’t trust Russ. I don’t blame him. He is not loyal to Jeff. He voted that way because he figured it was going to be him and Jeff for F2. He would win Jesse’s vote in jury house, because he voted to keep him and all Jesse’s harem will be there and vote the same way Jesse does.

  36. This is awesome. Natalie and Kevin do it again. Can they be stopped? I think not!

    Oh and Matt, finsishing second doesn win anything so on paper Jeff has only won 2 vetos and a hoh.

    Im the official embassador of the “Lone Rangers” and would happy to welcome anyone in to the dark side. ya dig? This is the side that will win BB and if ya aint down with us, u will be headin’ on down, to the jury hahaha okay?

    Russel out this week

    Michelle/Jeff out next week. Nothing the producers can do about it.

    ahhhhhh life is good so far haha.

    Doesnt it suck to be a Jeff fan? U got manipulated by ppl that had to say anything to saved themselves, and ur belived it!

    If u come over to the Lone Rangers u get a free rental, and t-shirt with a graphic on it! lol

    woot woot!

    [Editor’s Note: comment moderated to remove derogatory comments aimed at other readers.]

  37. If I was jeff I bring eighter russ or michele to the end.Why would I do that.Knowning that if I bought kev,nat or jordan then I know the people in the jury house is voting for them. And he would have a least a 50/50 chance if he bought russ or michele.

  38. Russ was going to screw Jeff. Last night talking to Nat about Jessie being his Bro and he will be talking to him about nat in the house. Whatever.

  39. I don’t understand why Russell didn’t point out to Jeff BEFORE he removed Kevin from the block that he could have stopped Jeff for 60 seconds in the hoh competition virtually assuring Kevin of winning it. Then in all probability he and Jeff would have gone up with Michelle or Jordan replacing either of them if they got off. But he stopped Kevin for the sixty seconds that gave Jeff the time to catch Kevin and win the HOH.

    Since Jeff didn’t make that connection wouldn’t Russell pointing that out to Jeff have made Jeff realize Russell was staying loyal to the alliance?

    What am I missing?

  40. so I would have gotten rid of the rest of team jessie. before i sent any of my team members packing

  41. Yeah he had a better chance of winning against Russ but Russ was going to get him out. So they wouldn’t of worked. I guess we will see.

  42. @Marcus: Not much point in arguing with me about Jeff’s achievements. This discussion took place in the house so you’ll have to wait for them to get out if you disagree.

    Coming in second doesn’t “win” anything, but it does go down on his Big Brother resume for review at the end when the jury members consider accomplishments.

  43. Why is everyone saying that Natalie and Kevin convinced Jeff to put up Russell. Jeff and Jordan have been wanting to put Russell up for a while. If you watch the After Dark Jordan is constantly telling Jeff that she does not trust Russell. And why is Russell so mad. Did he say in one of his Diary Room sessions that Jordan should have made a move to get him out last week? I think it was too early to put Russell up myself but he did it and remember people IT’S A GAME! I do think this has been the BEST BIG BROTHER.

  44. I hope that they send the right person home after thy send russ home.I kinda want michele to win hoh.I do like jeff and jordan.Jeff did lose some of my respect for threating there familys. I don,t like when people do that.Threating to come after me that one thing.But my family no that is a big mistake.

  45. Russ blocking out Kevin for 60 seconds doesn’t prove he’s loyal to the F4. He was simply saving his own you know what. He didn’t want Kevin to win and Russ was way behind him. Again he thought Jeff would win and bail him out. He was waiting for the chance to win an HOH so he can get rid of Jeff. I feel he was throwing alot of comps so Michelle, Jordan and Jeff would be the ones responsible for kicking out Jesse’s crew. This was the time to lose Russ. If it was a mistake so be it. Jeff had to do it now. Russ throwing comps will be his downfall.

  46. I Luv it!! Good move Jeff! It was either him or Russell. Still not out of the woods. Plus he carrying Jordo on his back. He had to take out Russell now or he may not have gotten another chance. Hopefully, Jordon comes thru with the HoH again! Go team Jeff!!!

  47. Ok I just used flashback to see what happened after I went to bed last night. I wanted to see what Janet was talking about on her DR session today. I don’t see how anyone can like Jeff. He is such a mean person! The things he and Jordan were saying about Mich are just awful. Jeff is upset because he has no more control. Thank goodness, he has no more control. I really hope Jordan doesnt win HOH next week because I don’t think I can take another week of them having the power.

  48. HO, Jeff how dose your garden grow? Your letting that garden hose do your thinking !! You just cut your own throat, in doing what your BLONDIE wanted, & now it,s see-ya The sweet-little-ol- country girl is taking you for a ride of your life, ever heard the song–Everybody wants to go to Heaven, butt nobody wants to die? Same thing in the B.B house,,Everybody want,s to win & nobody want,s to lose, sucker !! To late to smell the coffee now ! Jeff ya let the garden hose take over your brain. Now it,s going to come down to you looking back at the door hitting you on the way out & if you TAKE BLONDIE on the trip, she got ya again. You should have left the hose at home,,,LOL,

  49. I love Jeff, hope he goes all the way…also hopes he ends up with Jordon at the end!!!

  50. i think it is time for michelle and kevin to make a final 2 deal.. if michelle wins the next hoh.. she should put up jeff and jordan.. and if one comes off, put up nat in his/her place.. and we know if kev wins hoh, he will put up jeff and jordan, and if one comes down, put up nat in his/her place.. however my true dream is for kev and michelle to vote to keep russ and all three of them go after jeff and jordan..

    btw.. i used to like jeff, until he became an a$$… the way he talks about michelle is disgusting, not the man we all thought he was, not even close

    “GREATNESS” (in his mind only)

  52. @Coo: A lot of the credit is rightfully given to Natalie and Kevin for this Russell nomination because their “LML” (Last Minute Lie) convinced Jeff to ditch his Final 4 alliance. So I agree that Jeff wanted to get Russell out, but before the LML I think he would have stuck to his word for the F4.

  53. Hopefully michele wins hoh next week, and gets rid of either jeff or jordan !
    but congrats to kevin… the winner of bigbrother for pulling this off.

  54. Jeff has to get rid of Russell now. Remember when Russ talks to Michele and mentions that he feels like he doesn’t owe Jeff a thing. If Russ had HOH Jeff would be on the block. But the game is not over for Jeff. Even if he goes on the block he can still win POV. I don’t watch the live feeds only know what I hear on this site. Tempers flare things are always said that are regretful. I’m still cheering for Jeff

  55. Michelle would be crazy to go F2 with Kevin. The jury will all vote for Kevin. I think her best bet is with Jeff. Or maybe Jordan. But I don’t think Kevin or Natalie. She’d lose.

  56. im just loving this game now at dis point i hope russ be out the door and natalie are kelvin win and put uo michell and jeff.

  57. Matt – I don’t believe the f2 will vote on the basis of “considered accomplishments”. With a couple of emotional wrecks in the house already, I believe their votes will be on the basis of feelings and hate.

  58. If jeff wants to win this know i bring michele to the finale too.knowning if he bought jordan then she win hands down.At lease he has a 50/50 chance with michele

  59. I dont think that Russell would have but Jeff on the block until after the F4 because he swore on his Dad who means a lot to him.

    Russell might have a bit of a bad temper but he is like that only when he is provoked. He is not a bully, look at the way he handle the Chima situation, he would have gone the racist way but he didnt and that is one of the reasons why I respect him.

  60. Russell was so obsessed with winning jury votes that he wasn’t playing the game to get to the F2. When it comes to F4 is it then that everyone plays for HOH? I forgot how that goes.

  61. Hey Ashley, I am on my lunchtime but I am so addict to BB. Thanks Matt for provided us with this forum.

  62. I don,t blame russ for getting mad on the fact of jeff threating to kill his family that was wrong.

  63. @blackgirl – Hey girl! I totally agree with you about Russ not being a bully. Did you notice how Jeff kept egging him on yesterday during the fight when Russ was trying to end it? Hoping for a miracle but it is not likely.

  64. Why do people think it was to soon to backdoor Russell I don’t understand. Russ was going to do it to him next week, he just beat him to the punch. I’m not sure who is going to win HOH for next week, but it’s going to be interesting to say the least. I like Russell and hate him all at the same time. I’ll be sad to see him go but it’s a smart move plain an simple.

  65. I hope Jeff wins. He has played a good game. As far as the stuff he said, what would you do if you had Russell’s onslaught directed at you? Russell was going to take him out, so it was his only move, people! Jeff has won when he needed to win, and Michelle too. Both deserve final two at least. Nat, Kevin, Russell and Jordan haven’t won anything or made any bold moves if they did,(like Kevin not using the POV on Lydia or Jordan being given the HOH by Jeff) in order to win the game. They rely solely on the deeds of the others!

  66. I think this time Russell got the heat back in kind in an argument. Going crazy in this game seems to be the popular method this season. The facts are simple…only one wins…all but two get evicted…accept it!

  67. Things just might work out for Jeff even if/when Russell leaves. There’s hope that Michelle or Jordan could pull of an HOH next week and hopefully the target would be Kevin. It’s actually smart to have Natalie in the finals because hopefully the jury would see she doesn’t really have a competitive leg to stand on. I’m worried this jury house will vote based on personal reasons rather than who played the better game.

  68. Okay. But like i said u dont get a trophy for finishing second. u dont get a prize for coming in second.

    U gotta stop getting on my back so hard man for real haha. c’mon!! lol.

  69. @Megan. Here’s one thing you need to understand about Jeff’s nomination of Russell. By doing this you break up the alliance you already had now and send Russell to the jury house who is no longer going to vote for you. By getting rid of Kevin and Natalie, you secure yourself. For instance if it were Jeff and Natalie in the final 2. Natalie would have Jessie, Lydia and Kevin voting for her with Russell being the toss-up but he would most likely vote for her because of what Jeff did to him. The fact of the matter is that by getting rid of Natalie and Kevin, you automatically ensure that they have to vote for one of you and therefore you have a better chance of winning. As much as I like Jeff, he is a complete idiot and so is Jordan.

  70. I agree with George! After this season my husband and son and I also believe, like Donni, that the show is scripted! Just too many things this time around don’t add up!

  71. I’m really unhappy about this, Jordan is terrible at physical competitions, so if the next HOH Competition is physical, either Jeff (likely) or Jordan are screwed. Unless of course, Michelle wins and doesn’t put them up (possible, but not likely) Granted, nobody in this game excluding Jeff has won a physical competition (except for Natalie the first day, and if we’re going by first day standards, Michelle, Kevin, Jordan, Natalie are the order for chances of winning, granted, I’m rambling about nothing now, so I’ll stop. :D

  72. This season is driving me nuts w/all those crazy stupid hg’s, especially J/J. AS I said b4, Jordan will be Jeff’s waterloo. I no longer hv any respect for them. I now hope Kevin will win, but I am hoping that bb producers do not reward someone like scumbag Nat. Can’t stand her, WANT HER OUT….FAST..

  73. Adam are u blind?

    Russel won a physical competition. Way more physical than Jeff’s hoh win.

    (lets get physical, physical i wanna get physical . . . let me hear all laugh hard HA. HA. HA!)

    And Jessie won one. Jeez

  74. And Jackie how dare u? lol

    “the producers shouldnt reward her”

    like the producers should screw her over if she makes it to final 3?

    the producers better not let her win?

    u have to earn it to be in final 6. final 4. final 3 and final 2. Everony in the game has earned there spot. Well maybe not Jordan.

    Agian Jeez

  75. Russell is verbally abusing Jeff and Jeff is coming back and saying some really nasty things — some about family. Maybe Jeff wants Russell to hit him or something else that would get him thrown out of the BB house to see if it changes the game plan.

  76. @ Matt….. Don’t forget that Michelle’s backstabbing and lie about Russell only made the LML (she doesn’t know about) more credible with jeff / jordan!!!

  77. If Jordan and Michele would get rid of nat first than kev…all four (j,j,m,r)would have equal chance of winning.

  78. Shep1973,
    I was just thinking that last night. I like Jeff, but I agree that would be a great strategy to have them vote to keep Russell, Jeff wouldn’t expect it. (Well maybe from Michelle)

  79. I can’t believe that J/J are in the HOH room and they don’t use the cameras to see Nat and Kev jumping up and down after pitching that lie re: Michele and Russell. Thats what the HOH room is for “to spy”. I want Kevin to go b4 Russell

  80. Barb,
    I didn’t know they could see into the bedrooms, I thought it was just in the common rooms, I didn’t think they could look there.

  81. I am team Jeff and Jordan! I think they have done great and deserve to win!It is a game!!!!

  82. If we were in the house and all we had to go on is our instincts and rumors from people we would do the same as Jeff. He doesn’t know what we know. I think he made the right choice. The lie wasn’t a lie. I think Michelle wants F2 with Jeff. She will try to get rid of Jordan. I think Russ is going to the jury house. I hope Jeff isn’t going next. They will have to have heavy security at that house if that happens. Don’t hurt that cute face, please.

  83. Jody
    Your right, but those two are plotting in every room of the house it seems. Also Nat can’t win a thing and Kev is only good if the challenge is not physical. I would rather go with Russell for physical and Michelle for intellect re: the challenges and get rid of the two schemers

  84. It wouldn’t have mattered what Jeff did during the veto. He will be targeted by everyone but Jordan, and she is least likely to win HOH. The next veto comp looks like his only hope.

  85. Barb,
    I agree with you. Neither one of them Natalie, or Kevin where really playing the game, until recently.


  87. Maria.
    Wow. Harsh. It is just a game. But if you also remember he is also said that he wonted to go the final four with Jeff and Jordon. I think if he would have kept the nominations the same if Russell would have gone after him. No need to get mean in here. We are all just stating our opinion. Whether you agree with it or not.

  88. Maria,
    I am not mad at Jeff, a little disapointed in his actions, and what he said. I didn’t like it when Chima did it and I defiently didn’t like it when Jeff did it. Game or no game there is no reason for it.

  89. Russell brought up the final four when michelle was HOH that was purely to keep himself safe because he fought with michelle in the past..yes they all talked about the final four but Russel was talking to Michelle about gunning for Jeff and that’s a FACT. So I’m just saying all this hate for Jeff now i just don’t get it. Russell is the biggest villain in the house..PERIOD. He always has been. Jeff has kept his word! And although Nat and Kevin made up a “lie”, it wasn’t really because Russell and Michelle DID have that conversation…so what’s the problem with Jeff taking out Russ before Russ got a chance to take out Jeff??? He would’ve came after him anyway and he is the strongest player in the house physically..

  90. Yeah, but I don’t think he would have done it, until the final four, because he needs the numbers to keep going.

  91. Oh I’m definitely annoyed that he said all that stuff to Russ. But that’s cuz Russ went crazy after he was back doored. Look at both of their histories in the house. Russ is and has been known for starting some major beef and screaming matches. Look at all the stuff he’s done to EVERYONE

  92. He even tried getting it in with Jeff for spelling technotronics and Jeff kept his cool. like I think we can give Jeff a bly for his ONE outburst considering Russ has had 50 million

  93. True. U know what i find so strange too…Jeff saved Lydia from the block and she hates him?!?!?! Yea her poor sweet CHEATING Jesse was kicked off and it’s like she doesn’t even remember it was JEFF who took her off and replaced her with her enemy NATALIE…ppl are weird..

  94. I agree that Jeff had the right to defend himeself but there was no reason for that. Maybe I am wrong but Russell hasn’t said anything about peoples families. Like I said maybe he did and I didn’t here it.

  95. Maria,
    I agree with you. I can’t believe she would get mad at Jeff for saving her…I agree that is weird.

  96. No Russell hasn’t said anything about anyones family but he has caused A LOT of problems and a lot of outbursts for no reason u know what I mean. He was just a big bully and pest. Yea remember she got so mad at Jeff and Jordan. Likeeee I don’t get it. And I can’t believe the girls were really crying and going on like that about Jesse…i wanted to barf LOL

  97. Russell needs to walop Jeff. Jeff walks around like he is almighty just because . . . . i dont knoe why. And Jeff is a pee unk. Plus what has Russell got to loose.

    Then Michelle can go up and go home either this week or next. and then the REAL alliance of Kevin and Natalie will get Jeff out.

    Oh yea baby!

  98. I agree with you they acted like he died or something. I think that is the way Russell handles being lied to by yelling. I think Russell was being paranoid, because people were telling him stuff that wasn’t true. But I think that Jessie and Natalie should have believed what he said when him and Cassie were listening in on Ronnies, Lydia’s and Kevins conversation, instead of believing Lydia and Kevin.

  99. And another thing…how does Jeff walk around all high and mighty? Are we talking about teh same Jeff..cuz the Jeff I see has been one of the most humble dudes in this game…he hasn’t really been a schemer like the rest…soo I really don’t understand the ill feelings towards his now.

  100. Unless Jordan wins HOH, Jeff is a target. He is a strong player and very likable. Noone wants to be with him in the final 2, except Jordan. That’s life Maria.
    I would love to see K-gnat out too, and Russel to BOOT. BUT…..

  101. @Maria

    Let me start Maria with a question, do you have the feeds? If so .. check out how your boy Jeff was acting in the HOH to Jordon around 1:30am this morning. Disgusting, I would imagine tough boy Jeff is saying all of this rage behind the HOH doors because to say some of these things to Russ’s face would score him some fight time with Russell in a heartbeat. This is a game, to bash someone for personal reasons and making personal attacks, like Jeff did last night to Michele was sooo uncalled for, I dont know who Jeff thinks he is but Im sure we could have another vote and I dont think he would win by a landslide this time if to win at all, and Jeff is where he is in this game … BECAUSE AMERICA voted for him.

  102. @Tracy – Well said!! Jeff definately has NOT kept his word. In fact, Russ is the only one who has kept his word. I thought it was horrible the things Jeff said about Michelle last night. And he and Jordan talking about how much they hate her? Come on!! Jeff is a rat!!! When you tell someone they are beneath you and will never amount to what you are – then you have become an arrogan a$$!!!!

  103. Maria, I don’t think you have the live feeds or BBAD or you would see how Jeff is acting arrogant and how power has gone straight to his head. CBS does not give you the real story.

  104. Backdooring Russell is good only for…. Michelle.

    Next week the two couples will go after each other if they have any brains… Michele will float by…. If she has brains and wins HOH shell put up Kevin and Natalie and get Kevin out.

    By then Jeff will realize that he can’t win on a jury against Natalie’s friends or Jordan’s “sweetness”…. He puts up either Natalie and Jordan or Natalie and Michelle but they vote out Natalie….

    Either Jeff of Michelle win the final HOH. And if Jeff wants to win, Jordan must go. I would really be surprised if Michelle goes before the final three because the two couples pose bigger threats to each other.

    Jeff blew it big time. Kevin is a bigger threat than Russ. He cost himself Russ’s vote…one of the few he had against the whackos in the jury house…. Now there’s no wAy he can win the final unless Michelle is with him because they hate her almost as much…. Jordan, Kevin, and Nat all have more votes in there… Also Jeff needs Jordan in the jury house for her vote.

  105. I have loved Jeff and Jordan from the start – thought they were absolutely adorable together. Now I think they are just dumb! Jordan is turning into a b…h just like all the other women in the house and I think she’s the reason Jeff put Russ up – she wanted him out! Nat and Kev irritate me so much because they are such liars and backstabbers and Jeff is too stupid to see it! Michele just goes with whoever has power – so I have no idea who I want to see win anymore!

  106. What is great now, is that Jeff has most of America fooled because the largest fan base for the show … just watch the show that is editted to persuade the viewer. I know there is alot of BS in CBS and I hope they show how Jeff really has been acting.

    For this reason we should NOT have and America vote. The show can perpitrate people anyway they want. Chima got off easy. Ronnie was unrea and Jeff well I will bet it will not be shown half of what he said.

    I can say almost all of Russells dirt is aired and to me the way Russell handled Chima was terrific. He stayed calm, he never hit and she was provoking him. What is happening to our show??? Really if we have a comp of counting things from the green room I will have my answer.

  107. HELLO everyone. Doesn’t anyone remember in the very beginning of BB when they were playing for the HOH and Jeff spelled a word wrong and Russell totally made fun of him and harassed him. What is wrong with everyone and there memory. Why all of a sudden doesn’t anyone realize that Russell is a walking timebomb. That guy changes his mood constantly. You all have short memories. If you totally want to root for someone who has been nice and has not verbally attacked anyone then look at Michelle and Kevin. If you people are upset because Russell may not make it to the final 4 does that really matter because its only the number one spot that matters. Is it so that person can say he or she “I was in the final 4” Big whoop. That doesn’t give you jack squat. I will still remain a Jeff fan however, I do think Jeff should of kept his cool and showed the nice guy he truly is. Let any one of you who stand in judgement try being in a house with all those people and try to figure out who is lying and telling the truth. It would be really difficult. Again there are only 2 people that remain in the house that have stayed true to there alliance and that is Jeff and Jordon. They have kept there word to one another from the very beginning. Go Jeff and Jordon you deserve to be in the final 2.

  108. One more thing – if this is good game play by Jeff, which it very well could be (although I think he’ll be gone next week), they don’t have to make life miserable for Russell in the house. They are all treating him like dirt and he didn’t do anything different to deserve it. By the way, what does LML stand for???

  109. @iris – LML is last minute lie – the lie that Nat and Kev came up with to tell Jeff about Russ and Mich.

  110. jeff is being an a-hole.why is he turning on jordan? he is making a BIG mistake teaming up with kevin & nasty nat !!!!

  111. Jeff made the biggest mistake in bb history, I hope kevin wins.jordan haven’t do anything but ride jeff coat tail. jeff will be sent home next week

  112. Smart move, Russ would have done the same to Jeff in a heart beat, and Nat and Kev don’t stand a chance against michelle, who WILL stick with J&J, or jordan for the next HOH and even if one of these losers does win the HoH, Jeff will probably win the veto and take himself off, or if they put the Jordan and Michelle up he will remove Jordan and they will have to put up Nat or Kevin , who ever doens’t have the HoH, so smart move Jeff, at first I thought it was dumb but look at his competition now, none of them stand a chance against Jeff with the HoH or without b/c Jeff will win the Veto, I like Russ but he was a snake like every other player who’s played every BB from day 1

  113. @Bri – Russ is definately not the snake. If you only have the tv to watch the show then you are not getting the real picture. Russ is the only one who has kept his word. You might have forgotten but Michelle has 2 POV’s also so she can be a tough competitor. I wouldn’t count her out just yet.

  114. Ashley, I know Michelle has one 2 pov’s but I have a feeling when Jeff wants something like the pov, none of the 5 people left stand much of a chance against him, it’s just my opinion. He will probably get to the final 2 and be dumb enough to take Jordan b/c he likes her so much but maybe the jury will come to their senses and realize that he played the best game and put most of them in the jury house to begin with, as long as there’s the POV to save him Jeff will probably win BB11, anybody but Nat and I will be fine with the final…lol, but the sad truth is Jeff doesn’t seem like the good guy he did at the start of BB11, see what power and paranoia do to people, sad but true but almost every player who gets this far always show their true colors

  115. Okay, (George) post # 82, thats about the best comment on this feed! Anyone wanting to know why J/J fans think Jeff made stupidest move this season, read this post! Come on, why would Jeff rid of Russell when kevin an Nats fan clubs in Jury House waiting to hand them the money!

  116. @team jj are u watching the show? Everytime russ gave someone his word he kept it. You don’t even know what you are talking about. People who don’t like russ will admit that to keep from sounding foolish.

  117. Jeff made a stupid move! His chances were better taking Russ to the f2…Everyone in the jury house would vote against Russ…. what an idiot!

  118. Kevin and NAt think that they have pulled one over on Jeff. Little do they know Jeff is using them. First of all, they don’t win competitions so why not put them in the final four. They cannot last during the endurance competition which would eliminate them right away. Russell could have easily won HOH and taken Jeff out next week. It is best to get Russell out now. I think Jeff is being very smart with his game plans.

  119. @134, Yes, you are exactly right. Team Jessie will not vote for the best player. Look how they acted when one their members got evicted. They were all a bunch of sore losers, who were out for revenge. Especially against J/J, so why keep the Gnataliar & Kev safe? If Gnat or Kev go to final two, team Jessie will give them the money. Gnat & Kev need to go!

  120. Im dissapointed at Jeff and Jordan.. How could they believe em?? Seriusly… Kudos to Natalie and Kevin (Really, i clapped my hands to em when they show em in the Storage room celebrating). Ultimate betrayal Jeff, that’s what you did.

    Please God, let it be Jeff going home next week!! (This is coming from a JoJo Fan)I just want him to realize how dumb was his move and i want Russell to say ”Karma is a bitch”

  121. I cant believe Jeff did that. He is not thinking about the votes in the jury house. natalie and kevin i think have more votes then him so that should have been a reason to get her out. Now look what happened. i really dont hink that russell would have went after jeff. he should have just stuck to the final 4 with russell and michelle. then he would have been safe for sure. well kinda. lol but i just think putting up russell was not right. i hope he realizes this before the eviction and gets everyone to vote out natalie.

  122. people people people jeff will not win this game to many of the jury people will vote against him and give it to nat or kev or michel or jordan an plus dont think that micheal wont win the hole game because she is a big time manipulater along with natlie to and kevin is know just playing the game he could of won in the first couple of weeks this seasson and i think natile will finaly win something because she is athelic and plus i thik she is on the kind of so SMART but DUMB side and jordan i she just out of this world shis is a true BLOUND big time well like i say

    NOT JEFF JUST KNOW TRYING TO BE bad and back stabing its to late jeff

    jeff&jordan-jordan wins the game
    jeff&michael-michael wins the game
    jeff&kevin-kevin wins this game and it be a blow out at that
    jeff&natalie-wins the game

    and fuc’k what yall say about russel is still my homiey

    jeff you find to get BURN ahahhahahahha

  123. Ok so everyone pretty much has said that jeff made a stupid move, but I think its just a front. Jeff is a smart player and I doubt he really wants russell out this week. I think the final four is still in the works. Why? here’s my explaination: Jeff doesnt really think that n/k will be on his side next week, he should know that nathalie is still seeking revenge for jessie and kevin for lydia. So, I think that jeff put russell on the block just as an illusion to keep n/k happy. I think the plan is still to get nathalie out. michelle will have russell’s vote and jeff will convince jordan to do the same. I really hope that jeff and russell’s blow ups are just staged to put faith in n/k’s team. I mean, think about it, if russell goes home: jeff will not get the jury votes and he will be the target next week. Y will he risk that? I hope Im right about this cuz i really want jeff to win bb! If im wrong, jeff’s gone next week!

  124. I hear that Jeff and Jordan were making fun of Michelle. Can someone please tell me the exact date and time that was said so I can use the flashback feature? Thank You.

  125. Hey bigrick, that would be a great idea but i don’t think those 2 guys are acting, it all seems like pretty mean spirited stuff on the live feeds, russ is probably gone, but if it is an act then BAM, they both deserve an emmy

  126. does anyone know where I can get a script of what was said after the veto ceremony between Jeff and Russell!?!!?

  127. i think that russell should go home this week and then next week kevin needs to go. kevin is a little stronger than is relaized , he always comes in soo close. natalie cant win a thing so shes not even a competitor. jeff and “jordo” will figure it out.

  128. 123 I agree with you most of fans do not remember it seems to me that Jeff made a good choice. Jeff needs to work with the others not Kevin,Natlie. Jeff need to work with Jordan,Michelle if he wants to stay in the game he should ask questions to Michelle this is a good time to use Jordan to listen to Natlie,It is a good time for Jeff help Jordan with questions about other houseguest this will give her a chance if the next HOH is questions.

  129. People Jeff will not loose jury votes remember Jessie said he did a good job and who in the Jury Jessie he will tell the others that he has guts standing up showing Chima that she had no control of the house. Jury votes in the past was giving to the person who played the game.

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