Big Brother 11: Week 7 Tuesday Live Feed Highlights

Tempers were cooled yesterday in the Big Brother 11 house, but the plotting continued as Thursday’s eviction crept closer. Kevin appears to be in the swing vote position and he knows it. Will he keep his partner in deception, Natalie, or team with Michele to vote for Russell to stay? Drama!

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Big Brother 11 Live Feed Highlights – August 25, 2009:

1:00 PM BBT – Jordan questions Jeff if it would have been better to evict Kevin last week and keep Lydia. Jeff thinks Lydia would have teamed up with Russell. Jeff tells her not to discuss F2 or it’ll jinx them.

1:30 PM BBT – Natalie tells Jordan not to trust Michele because she’s taking Russell’s side in the game. Jordan believes her.

2:00 PM BBT – Russell, Natalie, and Kevin discuss what it must be like in the Jury House right now. Wondering if Jessie and Lydia are spending time together or avoiding each other.

3:30 PM BBT – Kevin tells Natalie he may vote for Russell to stay so Jeff and Jordan thinks it’s Michele doing it. Natalie gets upset and tells him not to or she’ll stab him in the heart (!). Kevin wants to set up Michele by playing like he’ll join her to save Russell, but then rat her out to Jeff/Jordan. They’ll push Jordan to evict Michele if she wins HoH this week. Kevin calls Natalie out on not really being 18, but she denies being older.

4:15 PM BBT – Jeff says he can’t wait for Russell to leave and he’ll wear ear plugs for Russell’s farewell speech. He thinks Russell will try to outdo Casey’s speech and he doesn’t want to hear it. Jordan tells him to just smile real big and ignore anything mean he says to him on TV.

4:30 PM BBT – Michele, Kevin, and Natalie discuss how they’ll nominate next week. Michele wants to know who she has to beat on Thursday to feel safe (how about everyone!).

6:00 PM BBT – Kevin and Natalie still plotting how to set up Michele to vote for Russell and then have Russell still be evicted. Kevin is nervous their ploy will get back to Jeff and Jordan before they get the chance. Natalie says she feels 99% safe this week.

9:45 PM BBT – Funny conversation with Jeff, Russell, Kevin, and Natalie discussing what they’d do if they had a 1-hour break from the house. Jeff and Russell want to go for a ride. Natalie wants a manicure. Kevin, well, Kevin wants to look up porn…

11:00 PM BBT – Kevin and Russell discussing the votes. Kevin tells Russell he’d be in to vote for him to stay if Michele doesn’t run her mouth. Is Kevin serious? I don’t think so, but hard to tell.

I think it’d be way smarter for Kevin to keep Russell in the house. Natalie can’t pull her weight to help win anything, based on her track record, and with Russell in the house there would be bigger targets than him no matter who got HoH this week. Kevin’s loyalty to Natalie may be his downfall.

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  1. I read somewhere that on the BB application, it says you have to be 21. I don’t know if that is true or not. Matt, have you heard this?

  2. I sure hope they evict Nat and keep Russell in the game…much more exciting to watch!

    Wouldn’t it be great karma if nat and kev’s second lie…trying to trick mich’s vote…would turn on them and Russell stays!!! GREAT TV I can’t wait to see nats face when she hears Julie say “by a vote of 2 to 1 Natalie you have been evicted” YEAH!!!!

    Liars Never Prosper

  3. I don’t think Kevin will vote out Nat. He can’t trust anyone in the house. There is a slim possiblity that Jordan could win HOH and he would be in trouble. Was there really such a thing that on one show when the evicted house guest was leaving to go out the door a bell rang and the evicted guest was saved? I just read that and was curious.

  4. russell is going to stay, mark my words.



  5. Ashley,
    The houseguests already called Natalie out on the application age and she just shrugged it off. Don’t know if they really cared if she was lying about her age. This conversation happened in the 1st 2 days. Also, no one cared that she didn’t get a call into the DR when she drank wine the night Jessie was evicted. I don’t think they care. She acts like an 18 yr old and looks young. Not like she has done anything in the house that is really any smarter than her age lie! Right?

  6. jeff could still back out and vote natalie out, telling russel that he was apprehensive about him and had to make sure he was REALLY on board with the final 4 plan.

    that would be even more awesome way to get natalie out and she would be so surprised.

  7. Jeff would never do that, he’s too proud.
    The move wasn’t that bad, but he better hope Nat/Kev don’t win HOH. That will be hilarious if they do, though. I’m kinda pulling for Kevin in a way now. His DR comments are pretty funny and when Jeff gets to see how he’s been played, oh man…lol!

  8. I am very disappointed that Jeff is trying to back door Russ. What makes Jeff/Jordan think that they can believe anything that Kev/Nat says? I was all for team Jeff/Jordan, but if they go I won’t be upset. They should have just stuck with the final four plan of Michelle/Jeff/Russ/Jordan.

  9. Even if Kevin is the swing vote he would be stupid to want to keep Russell. If they can get Michele out next week and Russell this week they will have a better chance of winning. Think about it, Jordon is no threat they would only have to play against Jeff. If they keep Russell it won’t be so easy to get Michele out and they are both strong players. It would just be good business getting out Russell. And I really hate this because I do like Russell and Jeff.

  10. I think it would be a smart idea to evict Nat cuz Jeff can’t participate in HOH and Jordan hasn’t won except when Jeff “let” her win. To insure their safety, they need to let Nat go!

  11. @Riley – I didn’t have the live feeds until wk 2 so I missed them calling Nat out in the first couple days. Thanks for the info. I was wondering why the hgs didn’t remember this.

    I am still hoping something happens and Russ gets to stay.

    Not the same Ashley as comment #10

  12. yeah okay kevin better vote to keep russell in the house or im done with the show cause its fixed.

  13. Name one person in the BBH who have not told a lie to futher themself in the house. That’s what the game is all about back stabing, cut throat and of course to see who can lie the best to get another week in the house.

  14. I’m disappointed in Jeff.He should have stuck to the final4 plan. Hope he rethinks his plan and have Natalie vote out. Jeff needs to start playing for hinmself. He needs to stop listening to Jordan. I don’t know why she start trussting Natlaie and Kevin. I was happy when Jeff told her she needs to start pulling her weight. I wonder is Jordan is just playing Jeff this whole time to get her to the end. That would make kinda smart. But it shows that men think with the wrong parts and she played him. Who knows. Love to know what happens to the houseguests once the game is over. They should have a update show on houseguests from previous seasons.

  15. I think that Kevin and Michelle need to get their heads together and vote nat out and keep russ, that would be much more exciting than watching nat stay and watch the same thing over again. I used to like jeff, but after he got hoh he has changed into a differant person.I can’t stand his arrogance. He’s acting like he has the money in the bag! Long way from it yet! Jordan she’s another story. She is just plain DUMB!!Anyone who is 22 and can’t tell time, doesn’t know the 4 suits of a card deck, and many other things the ditz doesn’t know, does not deserve to go this far. She has done nothing but sailed through the game on jeff’s shirttales. She doesn’t know the game. Jeff’s downfall was when he decided to take her on his team! Russ and jeff could have cleaned house if they would have gotten together at the start and stuck together. But now that he has ditzy on his side he is going down hill. I could not believe the way he was acting during that fight against russ!!! The threat he made of slashiing russ’s throat several times was horrible. russ never threatened to kill jeff. I think that compared to what chema did, Jeff was worse. He should have been kicked out!! The threats were disgusting and after 3 times he should have been out! Years ago the guy with the knife got thrown out, if jeff would have had a knife who knows what he would have done. That was a bad move on bb’s part!!!!! If kev is smart he will think about what nat was saying yesterday on the feeds about being for herself and having to vote him out if it came down to it. He needs to get with mich and get her out of there, keep russ and they would have an awesone team. J& J would be gone and that will be the best thing to happen!!

  16. @Dude I agree with you. I hope that happens. I am still not sure that Russ was going to stay with his final 4 deal. He said he would get Jeff out Forster chance he gets. He even said it would be his best move. I don’t know. I still love Jeff. Can’t stand Nat sick of her age lie. I can’t believe they didn’t catch on about the drinking, poker, stupid. She needs to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. @Ashley: Yes, that is true. You must be 21 to be on Big Brother. Natalie is 24 and lying when she says she is 18.

    Only Daniele from Big Brother 8 got in under 21 because she was turning 21 during the season and they really wanted Evel Dick to be on the show.

    @All: G’morning back at ya!

  18. I dont understand why everyone is hateing on Jeff and Jordan now…It’s a game if Jeff did not put Russ up this week. Russ would have put him up next week. He said it himself. Far as Jordan she is still in the game she is doing what Nat does and staying in the back out of the line of fire. If you ask me very smart. Kevin had a better chance when he was standing in the back but now he is front and center in the line of fire. Who cares about all the lies. I love watching to see what lie will be told next.

  19. Yea did u hear Russell bad mouthing Jordan, as usual his true self came out.Jeff and Jordan arent the only ones thats bad mouthed people. Russell is the winner in that game with the crap that comes out of his mouth, Im so ready for him to go hes too cocky and in to himself his sweetie Jessie will be waiting for him.And the vote for Jessie come on people why do you think he was mad at Kevin he thought he had the vote but Kevin voted the other way…Russell and Jessie had a plan and it backfired!!!!

  20. Thanks Matt! I don’t understand why the hgs don’t pick up on that unless it is like Riley says and they just don’t care.

  21. i am first time on any show related website and here i have seen people giving comments about show are scripted. Is this true? Are these reality shows are scripted.
    if they are then i dont think its in favor of Jeff because in one night he is turned from hero to zero and Russell the greatest.
    Then it clearly show Nat is going out this week and Russell is F2. Jeff is going next week.

  22. Good Morning Matt. I love your website you do a great job. What do you think about people hating Jeff. I still adore him and think he did what he needed to do. Russ would is backdoored him if he could.

  23. jeff has been handed final 2 on silver plater.

    but i guarantee he will not win !

    big brother would be smart to not do that coup d’ etat next was a big F U to the cast, and makes it seem like this show is run by the seat of their pants most the time.

    really rooting against jeff and that waste of time jordan, what has she done? and i liked jeff ! she is very mediocre in every way, i dont get why he would want much to do with her really.

    anyways, russ shuld stay in if that doesn’t happen i want kevin to win.

  24. @ KP

    no russ would not have, he would have thought about it and not done it guaranteed.
    not that he is above doing it, but that was his guaranteed shot at going final 4.

    and it would have been a good battle between him and jeff for superiority, but sadly wewill most likely not see that.

    jeff is a tool.

  25. Get off Jeff’s back. Have you not heard him mention how in his DR sessions they are talking him into trusting Nat. They did it last week and again this week but also last week him and Jordan both said the DR convinced them to keep both Russ and Nat but this week the DR is telling Jeff to trust Nat. It’s simple thier putting their “FIX” in. Why??? Well lets see Nat was Chima’s best friend in the house and Chima is hollering racism and sexism so now their going to help Nat advance farther in the game then she should be going.

    Jeff has been the ONLY houseguest to make a move like he did with Jessie and now with Russ. Everybody else just played panzy BB.

    Jeff has been getting snippy with Jordan. But in a way I can’t blme him. The other day she followed him around every where and you could tell he was wanting to some alone time. She has been whinning for 2 weeks to Jeff that he is being distant with her and it makes her believe he’s not really into her.

  26. I read somewhere that on one of the live feeds Jeff was telling Jordan that he was in the DR for a long time. Production was playing down the idea of backdooring Russell. Seems production doesn’t want Russ to go. Maybe it is all scripted. Maybe they tell hg’s in the diary room certain things and ways they can screw someone. I don’t know. If that’s the case than BB wants Russ to win.
    I don’t get the live feeds. Last night they didn’t show the blow up between Russ and Jeff. Maybe Thursday.
    Is it true that BB will only play out till next summer and they will be canceled?

  27. Don’t hate on Jeff he is playing the game. If he gets burned at the end oh well it’s a game. May the best houseguest win.

  28. I keep hoping that the updates on Joker’s are not true. I really wish that Jeff would turn around and vote out Natalie instead. She’s my third least fav. person in the house. After she’s gone, I would like Jordan and Jeff to get nominated next week.

  29. @christy

    i have never heard russell say it out loud to any other houseguests, not have i heard him say it in the diary room that he was actually going to try to get rid of jeff before getting rid of kevin and natalie first.. i think people like yourself are just trying to justify jeff’s backstabbing actions. jeff has acted stupidly this past week, believing anything from people who have been against him the entire game, heck, beleiving someone he has put up for eviction 2 out of the last 4 weeks. umm gee.. i wonder, what would make him possibly think the girl doesnt have it out for him…but again, i have not heard russell say that he was gunning for jeff before kevin and natalie.. and he might have said, it would be a good move on jeff’s part, but that doesnt mean he likes it or would do the same.

  30. It’d be sweeeeet if Natalie was still voted out, and by her own lying teammate Kevin. I think it’s a HUGE stretch that it will happen, but we can always hope, I guess. I have that terrible feeling that if Natalie stays she’ll make it to the final 2. Her and Kevin have already said they’ll get rid of Jeff, the first chance they get, even if they promised him different. Good luck Russell! You may not be may favorite houseguest, but it’d suck if you leave this week, and both Natalie and Kevin are still in the BB house.

    im so tired of people dissing jeff because supposedly hes the one breaking the final 4 deal, well if you haven’t been listening/reading russel and michelle were planning to take jeff out as soon as possible! so why is jeff the bad guy now? hes doing the same thing russell wants to do. and hes not stupid, kevin/nat and michelles/russell want to take jeff out im sure he knows that but he’s taking out russell because hes the stronger player besides jeff. ITS A SMART MOVE!!!so stop hating on him. he helped russell when he could had left him on the block and then russell turns around and goes against jeff by voting to keep jesse.

  32. jeff’s biggest mistake in the game is teaming up with jordan. she has seemed so blah about the game the entire season, and even now, her half hearted attempt to play the game has been pathetic.. like when she was telling russell, that her and jeff have been hearing things around the house that russell wants to target jeff next week.. umm.. “around the house”… why doesnt she just say, kevin and natalie.. i mean. they are the only other ones in the house, right? and now jeff is finally seeing his mistake, which is why is getting irritated with jordan, knowing that she cant pull her weight and it is going to cost HIM the game, not her

  33. I agree Andrea…Jeff did a smart move what sucks is he cant play for HOH. I want to see Russ out then Nat I cant stand her.Both are sore losers.

  34. @Dude

    Maybe your right. I do think they should of stayed final 4. Nat and Kev will have the jury votes. I don’t understand why the can’t see it. Hopefully they will figure out the lie and Jeff and Russ make up (could happen) I like Russ and it wod be a great battle. Nat needs to go I can’t take it anymore. The whole I missed spring break to come here, I have no degree just young 18, I play professional poker in Vegas I have a special wristband, she drinks in the house, ect. How stupid are these people? Again she needs to go!!!!!!!!!

  35. I hope russ stay.But at this point it looks like he going home.Its going to be sad to wacth him go.I am hoping michele win hoh and hopefully she does the smart thing.

  36. I hope that is not the case were prouduction is telling the houseguest what to do. If so the show need to be canceled.

  37. i agree with you shep1973 jordan is slow and i wouldn’t mind her getting eliminated even though i love the showmance she has with jeff. i love them both but i want jeff or kevin to win.

  38. @andrea c

    i think you keep reading between the lines in regards to michelle and russell, i have not heard them say anything about getting jeff out before kevin and natalie.. from what i have seen and heard, they were on board and loved the idea of the j/j/r/m final four.. it would have been a great move, considering that 3 of those 4 are the best players so it was a sure thing… and the whole russell voting to keep jesse seems like a last minute excuse.. i myself think natalie should have gone before jesse and the last minute lie is just proving my point…. do you think jesse and kevin would be conspiring like kevin and natalie are.. i think not. so dont get mad because jeff is showing his true colors, by making fun of michelles night terrors caused by a childhood trauma, and turning viewers agaisnt the “golden boy”.. i dont like jeff anymore because of those actions moreso than his backstabbing in the game.

  39. That lie would,nt have work with me.Are they that stupid to know that nat and kevin want them out for getting rid of there friends,are they that stupid to not know that they were never on there side why start know.And most of all are they really that dump not to know if he take nat,kevin or jordan to the end that the jury vote would not go for him.The only ones he has a chance with is michele and russ. what was he thinking?

  40. shep1973 maybe you haven’t been watching the whole thing, michelle/russ starting talking about taking jeff out around the same time nat/kev did

  41. also,, russell not voting to evict jesse, just shows that russell is loyal to those who he said he would be, as in, jesse AND jeff.. you know, the same way that kevin went AGAINST jeff and jordan wishes and voted to keep lydia, even though j/j wanted everyone to get rid of lydia, seems hypocritical on someone’s part, imo

  42. I completely agree with Baykly. I can’t stomach Nat. I can’t believe the houseguests are so stupid to believe she is 18 because she drinks in the house and she has played in poker tournaments. You need to be 21 – hello! The power went to Jeff’s head and Jordan is a waste of space.

  43. Michelle and Russell were talking about taking Jeff out when it got to final four. They made a final 2 because JJ has final 2 deal. Jeff completely backstabbed Russ. Russ may be hot tempered but he is a man of his word.

  44. No – Jeff did not make a smart move. He may, in his head, believe that he did what he had to do, but that doesn’t make it a smart move. Natalie and Kevin are playing Jeff like he’s a puppet. Natalie and Kevin have made no secret (to those of us watching) that Jeff is their target. So how in reality is keeping these two together and voting out someone who at least potentially had Jeff’s back a smart move? Sure Jeff doesn’t know what we know, but that doesn’t excuse J/J suddenly trusting Natalie (after all she has done and all she has said). No, not a smart move at all. Maybe Russ would have went back on his word (and gone after Jeff) and maybe he wouldn’t have. One thing is for sure, though – Kevin and Natalie will.

    Regardless of what happens, I can’t wait to see J/J have the smug looks wiped off their faces when they realize that they over-thought their way out of a whole lot of money.

  45. Actually, for Kevin, it would almost guarantee him a spot in the final 3 if he voted to KEEP Russell. Natalie goes home, and it becomes a 3 vs 1 for the HoH. One of them, J/J, gets voted out, then it’s a 2 vs 1 for the final 3. Either way, I think both Jeff and Jordan go up next week regardless of who stays tonight. Kevin and Natalie will put them both up if they win, so will Michele due to them going back on their word with her and Russell. Jeff may have made the “best” move of the game, but it also sealed his and Jordan’s fate.

  46. Right now, I have to say that Michelle has played the best game. She has made mistakes here and there, but compared to the mind boggling stupidity of other houseguests, she is coming off looking smart. This has got to be the dopiest casts in BB history.

    Michelle has time and again positioned herself well by both playing a decent mental game (at least compared to the others) and by being a strong player in the competitions.

    Kevin is second to Michelle.

    Natalie has gotten this far by not overestimating J/J’s intelligence. I give her credit for knowing that these two are complete idiots and that her plan would work. I remember laughing when she concocted it, thinking to myself that there is no way that it would work. That being said, if J/J were so stupid, she would be gone – perhaps last week, but definitely this week. I won’t give her too much credit since her play only worked because the two targets are fools.

    J/J – I think I summed up my feelings already. The were handed power and had no clue what to do with it. From the moment Jeff used the power and got Jesse out, it has been one mismanaged moment after another.

    The funniest thing to me is the fact that a lot of people out there really believe that J/J have made good / smart moves. Maybe that’s just a forced belief to ward off the buyer’s remorse for voting Jeff to power a couple of weeks ago.


  48. Sorry – Correction in my 4th paragraph:

    If J/J weren’t so stupid, Natalie would have gone home – perhaps last week, and if not, then definitely this week…

  49. Andrea C, are you kidding me? You want Kevin to win? What a joke. I understand that Russell planned at some point to go after Jeff, but then again, they’re nearing the end of the game. Ofcourse they’d have to turn on each other. But, Jeff just made it that much easier for Natalie to get to the final 2, besides the fact of the votes in the jury house. I don’t particularly like Russell either, but I think getting Natalie out first would have been the better move.This is what they’d wanted, they had their chance, and now they’ve probably blown it. Jeff will be damn lucky if he makes it to the end now. Jordan is sweet, but she also needs to go soon. But, enough with the idea of Kevin winning. I may not be such a fan of the show, if he makes it to the end and wins! What a crock!!!

  50. if Kevin keeps listening to natalie, he’ll be expelled before Thursday and it won’t matter! Between the language violation (speaking spanish and DR leak heard kevin telling them it was natalie’s idea) to last night’s hiding of house props (also natalie’s idea) kevin should already be wary of keeping natalie in fear he’d be evicted because of her shenanigans. Makes one wonder how these people were even able to fill out an application, let alone pass a psych test!

  51. yes stacey lie about the game not your age where is that going to get her if she lies about her age.. NO WHERE.

  52. @dawn your right he will be luckey if he makes it to the f2.I would have taking kev out before nat.kev is te stronger player out of those two

  53. @Mary:
    Not sure about the show being scripted, but I do remember reading a couple of years back about the producers meddling with the show. It mostly had to do with comments and sessions in the DR, and the producers asking leading questions of the Hgs to get them “thinking” about things, and steering the show in a particular direction as a result. The producers didn’t actually tell them “Do this – do that”, but the way that the questions were worded would allow a HG to come to the conclusion/opinion that the producers wanted, and thus, influence the show’s outcome. This was actually confirmed by a former HG in the article, but he/she was kept anonymous – it was suggested that confirming that fact would violate the non-disclosure that the HGs have to sign. I don’t know if it was actually true or not, it could have been a bunch of lies, AFAIK, but it does go a little way to explaining some of the bizarre behavior that we see from these people, huh?

  54. This plan man is going excellent.

    IF, big if, but IF Natalie and Kevin are able to evict Russell, and then get Michelle looking like she voted for him to stay, this will be the best plan this season PERIOD.

    That way u get Russ out, u get Michelle out, then u can take out Jeff. But Jordan would have to win HOH, so that she couldnt vote.

    Please get Michelle out. I cans tand watching her much longer. She has played a good game but DANG! She never finishes her sentence w/o that dumb laugh, and she lies way too much for even BB. She will only tell the truth about her job and animals. The thing is tho, she gets caught, but still does it.

    Russ, u have NO CHANCE of surviving this week. That must be tough, to know ur going home no matter what. Welp, thats just 1 less vote for Jeff/Jordan so im happy.

    Kevin and Natalie can very much be in this final 3 with Jordan which all but GURANTEES one of them (Kevin, Natalie) will be in final two.

    IF ur a sad person, and u hate both of them, haha u still gotta respect there game. Ofcourse most of u wont because ur drinking a tall glass of Hatorade.

    I cant wait till Thursday.

    If BB ratings arent high, i dont knoe how they could get them higher, these last like 3 or 4 thursday alone have been GREAT shows.

    GO Natalie/Kevin.

  55. jeff came out looking like the big douche in the fight with russ.

    i dont really ‘like’ any of these people left, but russ has played the game the best.

    jeff has literally walked into the best situation ever given to anybody in this game.
    even dumb ass jordan could have made the moves jeff did.

  56. Morris i completly agree. With ur words, cause i think u were just tossing around the idea.

    But i think BB most defenetly steers the show, and put varibles in to effect the game. We have defently seen it this year with Jeff, and how when asked questions about other HG it seems he knows more than he should know.

  57. @Marcus: BB11’s ratings have been huge. I can’t imagine CBS not doing a Big Brother 12 after this season’s ratings successes.

  58. i don’t understand why people keep saying that nat or kev are the strong players…they can plot all they want taking jeff out but can never win anything, kev won only one thing. so it don’t matter how much they plot chances are they probably wont win anyway unlike micHELLE and russ

  59. i want russel out this week and natalei out next week. those two get on my nerves and dont really deserve to win when people like jordan and kevin are more useful in the game. i want jordan/kevin in the final 2.

  60. @ matt, did u hear anything about the producers wanting to pick up another all-stars season? (it would definately keep the ratings up)

  61. The only way jeff has a chance know is if he swicthes women.and became michele best friend instead of dragging around jordan

  62. I stopped watching the season with hateful Dick and learning that people voted for him to win was disgusting.

    But I have to agree this season was the most ignorant and pompous group of individuals ever assembled on TV. Even the supposed brains are clueless. Best strategist and liar Kevin, second best Michele but her social skills suck I can’t believe she anyone would vote for her.

  63. Maybe Jeff wants Jordan downstairs to keep an eye on everyone to make sure nobody is going to side with Russ. He wants to make sure Russ goes tomorrow. I don’t have live feeds so this is just a guess. I don’t know why she is up there all the time anyway. She needs to watch the people downstairs and see whats going on. Maybe then she might overhear Nat and Kevin planning Jeff’s eviction next week.

  64. I think the smartest move of the game would be Kevin to make a secret on eweek deal with Russel and Michele, and to evict Natalie. Then if Michele, Russell or Kevin win HOH, put up JJ. This is assuming Jordan doesn’t win HOH, and most likely she won’t. Then if Jeff win POV, Jordan goes to the jury house.

  65. mary…thats a good thought! i do have live feed and i’m going to see what i can find out by going back a few hours.

  66. I agree with Christy, why is everyone so upset at Jeff. Russell stated he would put Jeff up the first chance he had. I’m not sure Jeff had as many options as everyone seems to think. He has to get Kevin out, but is it worth the risk of competing against Russell, one more time, this close to the end?

  67. I think that bb is making a good point by suggesting that kevin should keep russ over nat…BUT unfortunatly if they were sitting final 2 then I think rus would win thinking about the jury!!! are they thinking about the final 2 and the jury or are they still just playing the game within the house and who is still in the game….they really need to make smart decisons!

  68. I really like the idea that Jeff wants natalie out and Russell is in on it.You have to break up Nat and Kev and send their lying butts home. Yeah I know everyone lies, thats the game but they are not good players. Can’t win anything, just sneak around and lie

  69. Natalie keeps running her mouth about gambling and being at the world series of poker.. the others HAVE to realize that she needs to be 21 to legally gamble and play in the WS of Poker… She is soooo stupid, if she is in the final 2, I’m not going to be happy!!

  70. if he votes out nat, he gets another person who will make the entire jury house hate JJ…stupid stupid…instead, vote out the crazy man russ, who is also the biggest threat…if russ was to win HoH, he wouldnt put jeff up, this is true, he would backdoor him and say jeff is a snake and hes a mongoose and hes a darn good mongoose since hes now caught two snakes…

  71. why would jeff want to avoid the thought of final 2 possibilities at this point in the game. he needs to wake up and realize that he and jordan are in the final 5 and its time to think of people to take with you to that finale.

  72. honestly who cares what her age is, thats a lie that really doesnt matter.

    just like the LML, when will you all see that russ and jeff one way or the other were going to target each other…just like jesse and jeff or jesse and russ would if that was how it had gone.

  73. Kevin is such a schemer. Now because of his lie, and the fact that the stupid idiot Jeff scooped it up like ice-cream, the person who should win this game is going to go home tomorrow night.

    Good job Jeff, I hope you realize the mistake you made when you watch the season back.

  74. Jeff should actually keep Russell around and take him to the final 2. No one likes Russell. The only person that would vote for him at the end is probably Michelle. Jeff would be a shoe in to win.

  75. i am so dissapointed in jeff,he has done russ wrong.russ would have kept his word it’s just so crazy for jeff to ever believed nat or kev i hope they vote nat out this week.he isn’t the same jeff now he’s too arrogant now so he deserves to lose now.he made his bed now let him lay in it.

  76. Jeff is so dumb…. Not only has Russel been loyal to him, but when it comes down to it, who hasn’t Russel gotten into a screaming match with? At the end there is no way he will win! Everyone has had problems with him! I hope Jeff and Jordan are the next to go, they just made a dumb move. I hope Natalie and Kevin stab them in the back next week, now they deserve it!

  77. natalie lying about her age, just goes to show you that if you lie about something that trivial. then you are going to be a compulsive liar and never to be trusted.. pretty simple conclusion to come to really. jeff not catching on to the age lie and then believing the last minute lie, especially, when the lie was told, it was obvious that natalie and kevin were the targets.. and then they conveniently overheard russell and michelle talking … b.s., jeff is just not as smart as he, and apparently others, think he is.. and that is why the lie about her age is of some importance

  78. i hope kev/nat put jeff up next week, then jeff win pov, jordan goes home, then michelle puts up kev/nat, nat goes home, then jeff, michelle and kevin battle it out for final two.

    this is all circumstantial to russell going this week. this way jeff still has a chance to win, he doesnt have to carry jordan to the end, and he realizes that he has been played with america getting to see every humiliating moment of it. lol

  79. I honestly believe that if Jeff didn’t backdoor Russ this week, that next week Jeff and Jordan would be on the block, betrayed by Russ. They will probably be on the block anyway, but better Russ went now. I hope Nat goes next week. If he hadn’t done this we would have to listen to Russ telling the diary room how stupid Jeff was that he had 2 chances to backdoor him and didn’t. He was not going to wait for final 4. I wish Nat would go. I can’t stand her. I know, why aren’t people wondering about her age?

  80. I can’t believe all of you who are saying what Russ was going to do if he won HOH. Of course everyone talks game and in the DR the producers ask them questions, Im sure pointed at times, to get good TV responses. Of course Jeff is a strong player and Russ would like him out. But Russ’ ACTIONS have not shown he was going to abandon the F4 deal with JJ. who cares if he had a F2 with Michelle. Russ also said he’ll mop the floor with Jeff’s face. He going to follow through with that?

  81. Oh Mary, Mary Mary. I personally thought it was hilarious that Evil Dick won that season. I was cheering him on all of the way. This season, I had been wanting Jeff to win, but I’ve been dissappointed in seeing some of his “true colors” start coming out. I think the HoH power has gotten to his head, but I guess that has happened to many other players.

  82. i think the trick to big brother, is not letter paranoia take over you, your thoughts and your actions.. and whoever does that best, wins.. so far, every hoh this season has succombed to the paranoia… its been quite pathetic to say the least… (most of us thought that jeff would would win that battle, but have been greatly disappointed, to say the least)

    time for me to get back to work,, have a great afternoon everyone

  83. I have to say I couldn’t stop laughing when Jeff was watering his garden and Kevin was drooling over him. That was so funny. I do like Kevin, but I hope Jeff can pull a rabbit out of his hat next week. I think he’s going to need it.

  84. I don’t get live feeds so what is Jeff saying that is getting everyone so against him???? They all say whatever to get ahead. Does everyone remember Evil Dick and his sick mouth making fun of everything and everyone.He was not only obnoxious but cruel and I guess he won because everyone was afraid to get on his bad side!

  85. natalie needs to go, i think jeff was using russell to see if he was loyal to the final 4, or i least i hope that is what he is doing…wow what a move if this truly happens

  86. Yea dude, like im relly, really excited for these shows.

    I heard Russell earlier say that Season 8 was the best rated, and i thought it was just me who thought it was the best season ever.

    But this season is way more intense.

    I think the secret is to get contrasting ppl, but that still all go together if that makes anysense.

    I dont see these next epsiode being dull. Because really after this week, ANYTHING can happen ANY which way.

    Its anybodys game right now

  87. The trick to BB is too be a weak competitor, but not try to be weak. Like what Nataile is doing.

    She really does try to win comps, but she doesnt, and then she comes off as a weak competitor.

    She aligned herself with Jessie, who tore the house down, but at the same time she refrainded from getting blood on her hands.

    I think u gotta establish loyalty with like 3 or 4 houseguests, and then say ur gonna win and “try” to, but then throw them.

    That way ur trust worthy, only with a few ppl so ur not paranoid, ur not seen as a strong competitor. Playing stupid also doesnt hurt.

  88. So true Brian! That was a hoot. I know she apparently felt like hte power of the coup d’etat was all a ploy to “ruin” her HOH powers, but it could’ve happened to anyone of them who became the HOH. It’ll be interesting to see who becomes the next HOH this week, because if it is Natalie (if she stays) or Kevin, then Jeff is gonna have a big surprise in store for him.

  89. @Barb – IMO the difference between Evel Dick and Jeff is that ED was the same throughout the entire game whether he had power or on the block. I was never a Jeff fan but I think America saw Jeff as just a great guy and when he got power and kept it for two weeks, it really changed his personaltiy, attitude, everything.

  90. how does jeff and jordan not realize that kev and nat have there backs up against the walls and will say/do anything to sway favor into their direction.

    that would be the first thing that came into my mind.jordan trusting nat over russsel is just ridiculous and shows how much she just does not get “the game”.

    i thought it was hilarious when jeff finally dropped a set and said to her to start taking it serious and pay attention to the details of the house for the next competition.

    she is such a space cadet.

  91. I think Kevin should start playing the game for himself instead of taking Nat. to the end. Michele should join alliances with Kevin and evict Natalie, then Michele, Kevin, and Russell should team up and get rid of Jeff and Jordan. Jordan has no way of winning HOH. If, M/K/R win HOH they should put J/J. For sure Jeff would win the POV but they still get rid of Jordan. Jeff right now has no votes in the Jury House.

  92. J/J’s game reminds me of playing amatuers in chess. They all follow the same pattern, they see an opening to attack the king, and are completely blinded by it, and thus exposing their own king. Jeff only sees the game from one angle and completely ignored all the other possiblities. Just like in chess, the obvious move is never the correct move.

    The other thing I find interesting is how big they think of Russell. The only thing he is good at is endurance tests. The likelihood of another endurance test is not good. Michelle is the strongest player by far, in both Q&A and even random games. She should’ve been evicted last week instead of the worthless Unitard.

    I hope Russell’s speech is short and sweet… “Jeff, you are a dumb a$$, I’ll see you next week”.

  93. I think Jeff made a mistake to backdoor Russell. I think he should have left the nomination stand. He is putting himself in Jordan’s hands and that is not the best idea. I hope that the tables turn and the 3 votes, vote Nat. out; but then again Jeff could be in the hot seat, because if Russell won HOH I am sure Jeff would go up. Looks like Jeff will be in hot seat either way. Only hope for him is if Jordan wins HOH and that is very scary. She is cute but that is as far as it goes. She could be a sleeper. Good luck Jeff.

  94. Sorry if this was already mentioned, I missed it if it was.

    I was just reading about the threatened expulsion on Kevin for moving things around and potential repercussions for that.

    Since BB likes to throw variables in there, what if BB punishes Kevin’s Action on Thursdays live show by applying a penalty vote for all the rule violations? Or even tell the other horse guests, or HoH, about what went down, sending Nat home.

    Heck they could even give HoH an option to put Kevin back on the block… One thing I know is it would make for good ratings, even if far fetched.

    Kevin would probably throw Nat under the bus if brought to light and she’d get sent home, then they’d have Russ to deal with.

    Makes for good tv all these what ifs, but if I were BB I would NOT let that slide… It is all about the ratings.

  95. Horse Guests! Ha. Whoops..

    RG this is great
    “I hope Russell’s speech is short and sweet… “Jeff, you are a dumb a$$, I’ll see you next week”.”

  96. “Jeff needs to go before Kevin” That was Russ’s exact quote to Michelle. He said that he would HOH last week cause it would be endurance and Jeff could not be him and it would be the time to drop him. SO yes Russ already had it planned to take Jeff out. Jeff beat him to the punch. Russ is mad cause he can’t intimidate Jeff. Jeff won’t go hide in the HOH (Ronnie). Jeff’s a man and is proving that.

    And if you heard Jeff 2 nights ago he even said to Jordan that something isn’t right with Production. He said why all the suddden are they basicly telling him to trust Nat.

  97. Brent, you are right that Jeff is handling this like a man (or at least better than rat Ronnie did), but I am dissappointed in some of the attitude he has displayed since becoming HOH. I’m just worried that keeping Natalie and Kevin in the house will bite him in the a**. I’d been hoping for him to get to the final 2, but wonder about his chances now. Hope luck finds him following this eviction ceremony. I feel like him & Jordan have totally forgotten what went on in the house during the reign of Jesse and his gang. This was the chance to get rid of them all, but now if natalie or Kevin win next HOH, he’s top of their hit list. Cross your fingers America!!!

  98. The order of houseguests to be evicted should be:

    Natalie–she’s no more trustworthy than anyone else
    Kevin–he’s going to sneak right past everyone into the finals
    Jordan–she’s been a good-hearted person, but she really hasn’t added anything to her and Jeff’s game
    Michelle–she’s proved that she deserves to be at least final 4 if not top 3
    Then the showdown should be between Jeff and Russell….they’ve had the biggest moves in the house. Russell getting Ronnie out, then Jeff getting Jessie out…which led to Chima leaving as well.

  99. Expect the unexpected….I am hoping that all HG’s will be surprise, when Julie tells Russ that he is evicted, then tells them all, there is no eviction this week…that wud be soooo SWEET..then watch J/J faces. Then hopefully next week scumbag Nat leaves, still hoping dumb and dumber learn of the LML b4 its too late. Any way one can still cling to hope that Russell will not leave tomorrow. So far, we hv not seen a NO EVICTION week. BB producers, don’t u think it’s time…unless of course by a slim chance Nat is setup for the boot. Please think about this possibility????

  100. @Jackie M: that is brilliant!!! a no eviction week. now would you allow Jeff to play for HOH again? I would. If production is really getting involved, why not go all the way? that would really be unexpected. “By a vote of 3-0, Russell, you would have been evicted….” ha ha! That man would get up and do a dance to end all dances. But watch Jeff win HOH again. oh to dream Would be even better next week

  101. Another great point at this stage of the game… nat told russ that jessie needs to be ready to celebrate with wine since jeff will be arriving soon… RUSSELL < WHY ARE YOU NOT TELLING JEFF THIS?? Nothing to lose!

    Believe him or not, plant the seed man!

  102. When you do think Russ will pick up on this (taken from BB11Blog) “Jordan is telling Russell that Nat/Kev knew they were going up before the nominations and they planned to backdoor him (Russ) all week.”

    Russ and his temper hopefully will pick up on this and throw it to J/J to start more drama. This at least puts J/J in the know about just how sneaky K/N are.

  103. if kevin and michelle were REALLY smart, they would keep russell because he has the best chance at hoh and would be gunning for jeff and jordan. kevin and michelle would probably be out of the drama. they could get rid of jeff and jordan. then kevin, michelle, and russell could make it to final 3 together.

    i don’t think that they are that smart though

  104. I haven’t read ALL of the responses, so this may be duplicative, but here goes… Jeff made the smartest move of the game by putting up Nat and Jesse, but now he’s made the worst move of the game by putting up Russell. Doesn’t he realize that Russell or Michele would be the best person to go against in F2???!!! You’re supposed to got o F2 with the most hated person, besides yourself! That’s how you win! Duh!

  105. I totally agree with becky. get nat out and michelle,kevin and russ need to team up against j/j

  106. Why are the people in the DR telling the HGs what is going on?? Someone mentioned that they were telling Jeff to trust Nat.
    How do we hear what is happening in the DR?

  107. Lets’ face it, Jeff deserves to lose for letting Natalie (and Kevin) play him like a violin. As much as I hate Natalie I have to give her credit for pulling it off, of course Jordan’s and Jeff’s gullibility play in it too.
    Russell has proven a man of his word and Jeff has proven himself much less than that.

    That’s the whole reason we gave him the coup d’etat power, he seemed likable, not crazy and reasonably intelligent while not being hooked up with a psycho-biatch.
    It’s clear that at this point in the game we would not be giving Jeff anything like the coup d’etat, he’s lost us, probably Kevin would get it at this point, he’s proven smarter that the original assessment and more acceptable now that he’s been separated from Lydia.
    If Kevin is smart enough to vote to keep Russell I see him and Michele in the final 3.

    There is no way that Jeff wins the jury house or even America now(well maybe America against Natalie), the only one he had a chance against with the jury was Russell. So if Russell stays or Russell goes Jeff is still royally screwed now.

    If Natalie somehow makes it into the final 2 (heaven forbid) she should probably win based on kind of the same reason Evil Dick did, game play, she overthrew the paranoid Jeff without a coup d’etat

  108. shi’t i never seen so many people so on to liking two people JEFF AND JORDAN half of yall in here act like ya know jeff and jordan all ure life when ya realy don no shi’t thats all i say and

    another thing jeff and jordan find to get BURN
    The apple dont fall far from the tree

    and like my uncle says its is what it is rip uncle john u just burn your money big time and plz Big brother get folks with crazy backgrounds on the resume including jeff and jordan to big brother not gona get people thats sensible and just down to earth

  109. @Former Jeff Fan: ED won comps, Natalie hasn’t. She’s lied her way entirely, including her age, and has stirred up stuff but had others execute. ED did his own dirty work. Even if you didn’t / don’t like ED, please do not compare the two. Totally different.

  110. @123, Have you been hanging out with Marcus? Tossing back a couple of 40oz. or playing cheech & chong?

  111. Tho I think Jeff was right to backdoor Russell, I’m also surprised that he fell for K&N’s lies. I’m not convinced that he’d dumb, though. After being cooped up in that house for several weeks, with little to do but get paranoid over every whisper and rumor, even calm nice guys can snap, especially when they’re this close to the prize, and they don’t see what we can. Most comments don’t seem to cut any of the HGs much slack for that.

  112. I cannot stand that Gnat! She is a manipulative little troll; and Kevin better watch out because she’ll get rid of him too. She’s already counting that 1/2 million for herself. I hope Russell stays and Jeff….you’re a major tool! Can’t you see that Gnat and Kevin are lying to your face? Don’t you think that maybe Jordan has ulterior motives of her own? Your best bet was Russell! Jeff, you’re an frickin’ idiot with a capital “I”!

  113. I understand this is a game and you have to lie sometimes, but to bash someones character and make threats is not cool. I didn’t like it when Chima or any other houseguests did it. But to see Jeff do it when he seemed like a good guy, and seemed to get upset when other people said bad things to other people. I lost alot of respect for him. Like I said I understand the lying but no need to take it that far. I know some people say that Russell would backdoor Jeff, but I don’t think he would. I know this is wishfull thinking but I hope that Russell gets taken off the block. I was watching BBAD and it seems to me that Russell is not only trying to save himeself, but also seems to be helping Kevin if he does get evicted.

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