Big Brother 11: Week 6 Live PoV & Eviction Episode Tonight

Rumor Update: Buzz is building that tonight could be an endurance competition. If it is then be sure you’re signed up and ready so you can watch it all on the live feeds and discuss it in the Big Brother Chat Room with us! We’ll be here until it’s finished.

Speculative Update: Looks like it will be an endurance comp as the HGs are gearing up in athletic clothes. This is interesting because we usually get 2 endurance comps a season with one already done and the second usually being at the Final 3. That means Big Brother is dumping its usual cycle to suddenly introduce a third HoH endurance competition. As such, I would pose this question: During the previous endurance competition, who were the 4 best players (longest lasting) and who were the 3 worst players (shortest lasting)? Oh my, well look at that…

If BB holds an endurance comp tonight one could easily argue production is tilting the comp to Team Jeff/Jordan/Michele/Russell. What do you think?

Tonight on Big Brother 11 we’ll have both the live Power of Veto competition and ceremony followed by our sixth eviction in the BB11 season. After last week’s fiasco featuring the fury of Chima I’m glad to see a return to the usual routine of the live eviction. But there won’t be anything routine about tonight’s show as I mentioned with both the eviction and the PoV events all taking place within one fast hour.

Normally I’d offer up a poll for who you’d vote to evict this week, but without the PoV results the nominations are still wide open and anything can happen. So instead this poll offers up everyone but Jeff, because come on, would Jordan actually nominate him? No way. Vote in the poll below then tell us why.

Will Jeff and Jordan betray Russell and backdoor him as they’ve secretly discussed? Can Natalie’s new deal with Jeff keep her safe? Will Captain Unitard live to fight another day? The only thing I know is that I can’t wait for tonight!

Meanwhile, get your Big Brother 11 live feeds ready so you can watch the house react uncensored to who is evicted and who becomes the new Head of Household. If you don’t have the live feeds yet you can still get the Free Trial discount. That along with your monthly $10 in free mp3s with your subscription and you’re getting a really good deal. Try it for free. Keep it for fun!

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  1. I really hope Natalie leaves. She has lied to everyone since she walked in the front door. She is a little troublemaker. I think Lydia will flip out knowing Natalie has a whole week alone with Jesse. I don’t think it’s time to backdoor Russell. Hopefully Michelle will be HOH and do the dirty work.

  2. I voted to evict Lydia over Natalie this week. The reason being is because I feel Lydia would side with Russell, making it tougher to get him out of the house. Natalie “may” be more inclined to form an alliance with Jordan over Russell. Russell should be the next one to go home, then Natalie, then Michelle, then Kevin, and then its down to just Jeff and Jordan.

  3. i would love to see russel or natalie leave tonight. as long as one of the two leave, ill be happy. as for next week, whoever doesnt leave between the two, that other person should be evicted then :)

  4. if Jordan gets the chance to back door
    Russell she better. they may never get another chance. there are only 2 true alliances in this game Jesse & Russell – Jeff & Jordan.

  5. I would love to see Nat because cant wait to see lydia face…now who ever wins POV and takes one of the girls off Then I think Jordan’s only option is to put up Russ. But I dont think it will make her look bad only if Kevin wins POV…but would like to see russell stay this week. Nat needs to go meet jessie…haha

  6. Backdoor Russell. Let him have his time alone with Jessie to mend. It’s too much fun to have psychotic Lydia, juvenile natalie and pathological michelle in the house together

  7. I definitely voted for the Gnat to go home with haste. I have watched all of the BB’s and have concluded that she is without a doubt the most back stabbing person I have ever seen, on or off the show. There is absolutely nothing redeeming about this creature. And if she truly has a boyfriend, I hope he will give a lot of thought to being with this person that seems to have no thought for anyone but herself.

  8. Why in the world are J&J listening to “THE NAT” (we all know that’s what she is, a gnat) I understand we see it all b/c of the BBAD & Live Feeds, but come on kids are J&J that gullible? Why would they turn their back on a done deal w/ M&R? They have the numbers and can easily get Kevin to their side if need be. I’ve lost my voice screaming @ my TV. My husband comes running thinking something has happened to me. He just thinks I’ve lost my mind. He said its just a show. That’s like me telling him the RedSox & (bite my tongue & God forgive me) the yankees are just teams playing a game. He just looked @ me & said they were two totally different things. Yea he’s write, but I have time invested in BB11. I really feel like these are my kids and I yell @ them like they are & they’re making HUGE MISTAKES! Okay so I rambled but had to get this off my chest. Thanks for letting me vent.


  10. I want to see natalie leave I think they will be stupid to keep her in it will only backfire at first I did not like russel but he has showed he can be true to his word


  12. I can’t wait to see Natalie go. Because she is good for nothing. I haven’t seen her win anything. She is still in the house because other ppl carried her through. Her comments about other ppl disgusts me too. I can’t wait.

  13. I am also so frustrated at this game – how the world could Jeff and Jordan listen to Natalie. I am a bit upset the Russel and Michelle. Michelle seems to be really crazy – she talks with Russell then tells back Jordan everything. Come on people it is okay for Russell to make final 2 with Michelle b/c J&J I am sure make final 2. These players getting on my nerve. The is BB11 – they have watched past seasons – it’s a game. Make the darn final four deal and then everyone for themselve. They are really getting on my nerve. As KACE said above I am screaming also, cannot think straignt becasue of J/J looking out for Nat. Come on fans – if they choose Nat over Russ – then when Nat put them on the block donot feel bad for them and I am hoping that they will look back at the entire season and seeing Nat playing them right, left and center. Ridiculous.

  14. I’m with you Kace 100%. I too have been yelling at my television and the computer for the last few days. I think my husband is going to call the men in white coats for me very soon! I don’t trust this alliance amends that was made yesterday. Have Jeff and Jordan not been paying attention to anything since Jeff used his “wizard” power? I can see how Jordan wants Lydia to go because of the name calling during the HOH competition this past week but come on Natalie is going to stab you both in the back. Think team J/J, think!


  16. it would be funny to see Jesse’s eyes if Kevin would get it tonight Jesse is afraid to be alone with Kevin. If Keven dont go up I want either of the girls to go.

  17. wait till lydia finds that jessie is gay. he really needs to come out of the closet. he is hloding a secret htat is effecting him in life. its ok in my book to be who you are.

  18. Pam, sweetie, unclick the caps lock on your keyboard. You’re “shouting” on the internet and it’s giving me a headache. Be a love….

    BTW, isn’t it weird that we’ve managed to condition ourselves to see all caps and hear it in our heads as shouting in just the few short years we’ve been webbin?

    And someone please explain to Jeff and Jordan when they get sent home in the coming weeks why it was stupid to keep Natalie and evict anyone else…. but be patient, they’re sweet but not so smart.

    Oh and there is a clip of Jordan in her Hooters getup on either the Colbert site or the Daily Show site, can’t remember which, but it was a hoot (er).

  19. what has natalie done…michelle is a bitchy pawn and I am tired of watching her think she has power…I am on the band wagon to demolish jeff and jordan! I want HOH kevin!!!!!!!

  20. Either of the nominated two should go and I will be petty pleased. I am however very concerned that Michelle is sliding her way into the finals offering nothing into the game other than laying low and being shady about which side she may have been. After all, she won the last HOH because everyone ignored her and didn’t see her as part of any alliance. She has openly lied and betrayed Russell and in my books she is more dodgy than Russell. She needs to go soon. My final four pick; Jeff, Jordan, Russell and Kevin. I like Kevin and think he would spice up the game being in the final four.

  21. Should evict Kevin. Stick to F4 deal (JJRM) to keep word & numbers. Evict Kevin because he is most likely to win hoh.

  22. I totally agree that if Jeff and Jordan don’t evict Natalie tonight they will be going home. What happen to them to thinking Natalie can be trusted. Please J/J lets talk more before the POV.If they don’t evict her I will lose faith in J/J will bing in the final 2. Please come to you sense quickly.

  23. I voted russ coz it’s mostly their only time to get out such a huge threat. It’s messed up nat is called out most for lying when mic is by far the worst. M always seems flustered and says she forgets as an excuse.

  24. NATALIE! I still hope they evict her! She’s such a liar – and then how would Lydia act?

  25. Hope Lydia goes so she and Jessie can have some time together, then in nine months they can have a little Jessydia with 12″ biceps and weird tatoo’s whose gender would be in question like each of its parents and would eventually appear on BB 34!

  26. Natalie! She’s smarter then lydia and therefore a bigger threat. [lydia will self-destruct anyway]….

  27. I hate Russ is not playing in the veto comp. I hope Mich doesn’t win cause there is no telling what she will do. She has shown that she does not stick with an alliance. I voted for Nat to go this week but I would be happy with Mich or Kevin. I don’t think Lydia is a threat to anyone and it would be fun to see how she would react to Nat and Jess being alone for a week. I hope JJ are true to their word and don’t back door Russ because it will be their downfall.

  28. i think jordan and jeff are really screwing up if they don’t take out nat,can’t wait until tonight.if they save nat and put russ up and he goes home this is all going to come back and bite them in the ASS. jordan is scattered brained and jeff is just as bad. i am for them but i see no good comming to this if nat stays.

  29. Too get Lydia more upset because it would drive her crazy to know Natalie and Jessie are in the house together and alone.

  30. Hey everyone,

    I think they are playing for VETO right now, and Russ is only one not playing. Oh No!!!!

    [Editor’s note: Rumor control on this one. They’ve gone to trivia, but there’d be no way to know what they’re doing or who is playing.]

  31. I hope Nat goes home tonight and they keep russ one more week because lyds will self destruct like chia. if jeff and jordan are not in the end I will not be watching because I don’t think anyone else is interesting to watch. Nat is such a liar…how many more cameras would she need to not lie about chia dropping her mic and not tossing it in the hot tub? I can’t stand her!

  32. I am new to BB so pelase help me make sure I understand.
    If Kevin wins POV he cannot go up, if he takes down Lydia, then R/M/ or J HAVE to go up right?
    So Russel will go up and Michelle willbe the deciding factor?
    Am I close?

  33. The best case scenario since Russ is not playing in the veto would be for Lydia to win and take herself off the block. They could them nominate Kevin and send either kev or nat to jury.

  34. @Dana, if Russ goes up against Nat then JJ has said they will send her home and not Russ. That is, if JJ keep their word to Russ.

  35. PoV Picks…Russ is the host
    Jordan drew Kevin
    Next up was Jeff (Looks like Nat)
    Followed by Michele(Lydia)

  36. Sorry about that, but I took what I what I read off Jokers updates, I meant to say they may be starting to set up to play Veto..

    I Bad!!!!!!!!!!!

    But at least now we know who is going to play and who is not.

  37. hey stared out as Cliques, I think at the end they should be crowned in new cliques from big brother…haha
    jeff jordan casey-popular
    nat CHIMA lydia-drama queens
    russell laura braden-hotties
    jessie ronnie- dorks
    Kevin michelle- floaters

  38. I personally think that after awhile in the BB house with ALL the lies it is sooo not easy to tell if someone is really lying because there is soo much of it going around….easy for us because WE see all the backstabbing and comments…I am for team J/J….

  39. @ Kayla– Good stuff! Agree with you on everything except Kevin and Gnat– would switch them around.

  40. Natalie is annoying. In a perfect world, Jeff and Jordon would pick Jesse’s side off one by one. Natalie and Lydia are poison and very immature, they make the show hard to watch. If Natalie stays it only spells trouble for Jeff and Jordan so I really hope they don’t buy the bull she’s trying to sell them!

  41. @Randie: Yes, that is what CBS has told us. It is now rumored that the HoH comp may be endurance instead of a quick play game.

  42. I am laughing my ass off right now at Jeff giving Lydia a hard time with this tye dye thing. You can totally tell that he’s trying to piss her off and its working. She has some easy buttons to press LOL

  43. J/J – do not trust Natalie! She will get “revenge” for Jessie the first opportunity you give her. Get Natalie out this week, then next week Russell has to go… It will be easy for J/J to sail through to final two after that. Lydia is irrelevant at this point, and Kevin is a long shot unless he steps up his game.

  44. Endurance HOH is good.. Jeff has a great chance to win and he will not make a deal with Russell this time. Michelle did well last time too. Either of those two options would be great for team J/J.

  45. Kayla – I’d have to agree with you, except on Michelle. I don’t think she can be a floater when she has won a HOH and at least 1 POV.

  46. Ash, I hope they are on before tonight or else I will get nothing done except pressing “refresh” ten thousand times :)

  47. It sounds like Jordan really wants Russell out. This is what she wrote in her blog.

    I defintiley believe in karma what goes around comes around and Jesse already got his and russell will fursure be next because I know he’s pretending to be allies with me and jeff but he’s really trying to stab us in the back. I have a hard decision this week if russell doesnt win the POV cause i have been thinking about backdooring him while I have the chance because im scared if he gets HOH that me and Jeff are going up on the block. I have to stab him in the back before he gets us and this way it will be good because he wont expect it until it happens.

  48. oh,oh it seems Russell may be out. I hope they get what is coming to them. I can’t believe that Natalie’s plan got to them. Next Jordan or Jesse will be in there with Russell. It all comes down to who wins the POV it won’t be Russell as he is the hose. He’s never went back on his word.(I don’t think)

  49. Lydia won POV…

    So who is going up you think, Kevin or Russell??

    I got who won off Jokers updates…

  50. Im so mad, that I dont even want to watch the show tonight. How can Jeff not SEE through Nats lies! She said she would come after whomever took out Jessie, so duh Jeff WAKE UP. Poor Russell, hes gonna get back doored just like Casey and he wont even know its coming.

  51. Jordan picks who goes up and I hope it is Kevin and not Russ. JJ just don’t get it at all! If they stab Russ in the back I hope Nat gets them good!!

  52. Jordan decides who goes up if someone is saved. Her best choice would be Kevin for Lydia. Whoever goes between Kevin & Gnat would be a home run!

  53. Damn Lydia won?! No way… Whoever HoH is next week need to put J/J or they’re going to be the final 2 for sure. I don’t want Jordan to win BB =(. She’s the last person I want to win.

  54. It would be great if Jeff and Jordan found out about Natalie’s true intentions and evicted her next. This is turning out to be a great season. Just getting Jesse and Chima out was so satisfying! I can’t believe Jeff would even listen to Nat. Must be a really strange atmosphere in that house…

  55. I don’t know what’s going on now, went back to Jokers updates and they have deleted the time frame where they stated Lydia won POV, sooooo
    not sure at this time.

    I will just keep quiet till it is officially announced.. Maybe they are trying to keep it quiet till the live show..

  56. Just another twist to add to this, what if Lydia doesn’t use the veto on herself because she wants to be with Jesse? But this is probably unlikely. She finally won something and maybe she’s on a roll or thinks she is. Can’t wait for tonight. 5 more long hours. They should have BB on every night. We would really be couch potatoes. LOL

  57. Tonights is gonna be so riviting and exciting. I cant wait.

    I can only hope Jeff wins the power to be smart if only for tonight, along with Jordan an dput up Russell.

    Russell will get them, but for tonight, i really DO NOT wanna see Natalie go home.

    She deserves to be there, although barely, but the nonethless she does.

    She hasnt backstabbed anybody, but I mean soon everyone will have to.

    Russ this week
    Michelle next week
    Jeff then Jordan
    then Kevin
    and Natalie gets the votes over Lydia is the best scenerio

  58. ………wow so russell won’t compete in the POV but does
    That exclude him from going up if jordan has to pick
    Someone else?

  59. Because she is not a very good person. Why do reality games tend to reward dishonesty and lying? Is that what America is all about? I think not!

  60. Gnat has backstabbed them said if she stayed would put up one or both of the J’s and now she is backstabbing Kevin

  61. I saw on jokers update the Jordan asked Jeff who to put up as replacements if necessary. Jeff told Jordan that if Lydia wins POV put up Kevin and send Kevin home, if Kevin wins POV we send Russell home. I hope it’s true what I read in post #64 from Nonnie that Lydia won and they put up Kevin and Kevin goes home because he was Natalie’s lacky and did her dirty work by “planting the seed” about the lie.

  62. see those girls are soooo into Jessie they are letting themselves get evicted to beat each one to the alter to be w/ Jessie, ewwwwwwwwwwww

  63. “They should have BB on every night.”

    Remember season 1? Five nights a week. The UK version does 7 nights a week. However, these are different animals (though equally insane) than BB US.

    And I voted Natalie. Cut her coattails and send her home.

  64. J&J has the power this week and can’t even decide how to use it. How about giving them another life line, I suggest phone a friend. maybe call Big Texas.

  65. I don,t know where these people get their info but POV has not been played yet. I think Ronnie is chatting under aliases to spread disinformation and get us to turn on each other!

  66. comment #85 Maybe CBS could give them a second chance to play again next year. And give a hoh so they could rule the house. Jessie got it, why not Jeff?

  67. #91——OMG, NO I AM NOT RONNIE….

    I am a grandmother, which in Italian that is what Nonnie means..


    I hated Ronnie and all that crew, never wanterd Jesse back, could not stand him last year either.

    I have been a faithful FAN since the beginning.

  68. I also agree with TAT woman stays..

    they have played and were told to keep it quiet, because I am always checking Jokers updates min to min. and I really do think they entered who won then deleted. But in one of Gnat’s talks with J/J, wanting to make sure she is safe if Lydia takes herself off.

    Take away what you want, I am not trying to get anyone against anyone. I have always been on the good(Sunshine side) with the J/J crew.
    Have always rooted for the underdog as long as they were playing fair and as honest as they could be under the circumstances.

  69. ok someone plealeeeeeeeeeee help me here if Lydia wins the POV who are they going to put up? and who are they going to vote out?

  70. Jordan wrote in her HOH blog the following about Natalie, “Natalie is a sweet person. I didn’t like her at first but since Jessie left I have got to know her a little more. I like the Natalie without the Jessie better. She’s a very honest straight forward person will tell you to your face. She can be a little sassy at times and talks back but I think it’s just because shes young. Natalie is a tuff person she reminds me of a girl that all the guys can hang with and watch football or talk about sports”.

    Okay, I think Natalie may have given Jordan some of her naproxin before she went to the DR to write her blog!!!!

  71. What if Lydia did win POV and has decided not to take herself off because she wants to go the jury house and see Jessie since Kevin told her last night that he thinks that Jeff and Jordan told Natalie that she was safe today? Wouldn’t that put a little wrinkle in their plans to backdoor Russell!

  72. Ok thank you and since I am the only Randie on this blog, you guy’s can just refer to me as Randie not use both frist and last,
    And thank’s agin for the info.

  73. People keep asking why Lydia is packing. Well let me explain it to you. If you are on the block you need to have your bags packed to be ready to walk out the door. Now as far as tonight goes with the live POV, if someone gets taken off the block and another person gets put up and they get voted out, they leave with no bags and your friends in the house pack up all your stuff for you. Can you just imagine if Russ gets booted out tonight and Gnat puts his stuff together? Oh Em Gee! I wonder what shed put in his bag as a nice little surprise for him. But personally I want to see Gnat leave just to watch lydia freak out thinking Jessi & Gnat are doing stuff in the house. You know You know!!! ♥Kare♥

  74. Well, if Lydia did win and she left herself on the block, we get to see a hissy-fit no matter who gets voted out. I haven’t seen the live feeds, so don’t have a CLUE what they could see in Jesse, LOL!

  75. I don’t think you have to worry about the Gnat packing for Russell. If you noticed when they had to pack Chima’s things Lydia kept saying “we need to get her things packed” but LAZY Gnat just went and piled up on the couch and kept spewing out her “pie hole.” She was rattling on and Lydia did the packing. I don’t think you have to worry about Gnat doing anything but running off at the mouth.

  76. OMG! Could it really be true Lydia won POV?

    Just read this on Joker’s Updates:

    …..Nat goes into SS room where Jordan/Jeff/Michele are and asks if she’s straight with them today.

    They all nod yes. Nat asks if Lydia takes herself off the block, is she still ok. They said yes, and Jordan says they “have her back”……

  77. Well personally I think it is smart to get rid of michelle or russel now rather than later. Those two are very good either brains or physically. If Jordan doesn’t backdoor Russel, she’ll most likely get voted off next week if Russel or Michelle win POV. Seriously, Lydia is weak and Natalie…well I dunno. Kevin isn’t an athlete and isn’t too smart. Get rid of your toughest first, then weed out the weak ones. That’s what I say. AND ALWAYS HAVE A SECRET ALLIANCE. Previous winners had formed that type of alliance and won easily.

  78. I would love to see Scrappy go.
    1) I disliked her on sight and she has done nothing to make me change my opinion. She is the most unlikable person in the house. I’d hate to see her get any further in this game.
    2)I am just tired of the drama
    3) I’de love to see Lydia freak out knowing that Nat and Jesse are in the jury house together.

  79. I don’t see anything wrong with Russell making a plan for Final 2, Jeff keeps saying that he doesn’t have a Final 2, but can you really see Jeff voting out Jordan or vice versa. I am a J&J fan. I love them because they have integrity which most of the others seem to lack, but if they backdoor Russell, then all I can say is good luck. They would have screwed any chances of winning the game. Lets face it, Jordan is not a competitor so it will be Jeff against everyone else. We all know that the other side is going to tell Michelle all that was said about her in order to bring her to their side an vote Jeff and Jordan out. If Russell leaves tonight, then I think that gnat really deserves to win since she will be the only one left with a bit of intelligence. By the way, didn’t gnat say that she competed in the World Poker, don’t you have to be over 21 to gamble, if so, why did no one pick up on this.

  80. I don’t think Jordan would ever vote Jeff out, those two are definately a match made in heaven.. the first time I have ever seen two people fall for each other and be so respectable to each other in the house. They are awesome, I see them together in the future outside of the BB house.. you can bet on that! Jordan and Jeff belong together, forever!

  81. Joanne, I love the fact that you picked up on the age to gamble also. However, I think it does matter where she played. If It was Vegas then she slipped up pretty bad, if it was down South or a river boat, it doesn’t matter. I believe 18 is legal. I could be very wrong. Not sure. Good catch Joanne!!!

  82. Natalie needs to go!!! shes sneaky and a liar althouh shes no compation for anyone she cant win anything anyways Kevin is a snake as well a smart snake but still a snake and poor Lydia capt unitard just wants to go be with Jessie so I say she should stay and let Natalie and jess have some alone time LOL

  83. Everybody in the house is playing the game, they are just playing it differently.

    JJ’s strategy was to sit back and listen, watch, and keep a cool head until they could make a move that counted. They are now making moves that WOULD be considered strategic if they weren’t based on a big fat lie.

    Natalie was a floater / clinger until Jessie left, and this lie-move she and Kevin came up with is underhanded and dirty…but it’s working in their favor. I can’t stand Nat and hope the worst for her, but it was a good move.

    Lydia and Michelle are playing as nutcases. Hey, it’s works for them, they’re still in the house.

    Russell changed his strategy. He started out as a bully to intimidate people, but realized during his tenure as HOH that it was going to backfire. It appears that his new strategy is to keep his head low and make nice / deals with everybody.

    Kevin played low, and too bad he plugged into the wrong group. (He seems like one of the nice guys and should have been with JJ.) However, because of Nat, Lydia and other players who will not be named, he has been sucked into playing dirty. He’s keeping his a** covered, but he’s playing the game pretty well.

    As for the player who will not be named…she could have won it if she had kept a cool head.

    As far who I’m rooting for… At the beginning I liked Lydia, but that quickly faded. Then Jeff, but now…? I’m thinking nuts will carry the day. I will likely change my mind after tonite.

  84. Audrey, when Jordan was asked if she thought Jeff was cute she said “Yea sorta” she also said he was much older then her and another time said she would never move away from her hometown. On the BB after dark she said Jeff told her know matter who he takes to Hawaii with him he expects sex. She was like uh no! They would be adorable but I don’t see it happening unfortunately.

  85. I may have given some misinformation earlier. If I did, I am sorry. I know I read somewhere that Lydia had won, and I stated that here. Now they say POV is tonight.

  86. Comment #104, Did the Gnat put some of her Naproxin in your food too? The only lapdog that needs to go is the Gnat. Second would be Kevin. That would shake the house. J/J/R/M to the final four. Gnataliar the lapdog out tonite.Kevin next

  87. Randie. I too get excited while texting and my spelling just goes on to write the way it wants.
    !evaH A tearG emiT gnihctaW sthginoT wohS ♥Kare♥

  88. @da: Kevin commented immediately on Natalie’s claim of being 18, but no one really pursued it like I thought they would since it’s an impossible lie for that situation (have to be 21 to be on the show).

  89. That is so true that Natalie lied about her age from the begining. Why do you think that would benefit her? And the other’s have not figured out that she is over 21? Considering she has drank wine and stated that she has gambled on several occasions.

  90. da can you please tell me what time it is thear now, I am not stupid but I am haveing a hard time understanding the time differance.

  91. I think Russell or Jeff confronted her today or yesterday about her gambling/age issue.. her excuse was a fake i.d. or something along those lines. How I see it, I don’t know how that will benefit her game… but whateves. I want Jordan out period.

  92. I think they aired a segment of Nat saying, in the diary room maybe, that she is 24 and has a college degree. I’m pretty sure I saw that…

  93. Hi, I too am from Canada. Yeah! Casey did call her on her lie about being 18, but she stuck to the lie. I think she did tell Chima how old she was, but thats it. Not even Jessie knew.
    I wonder if Lydia does win the Veto and take herself off and J/J put Kevin up, if Kevin will tell all about the last minute lie. Would be interesting, also would big brother give them time after the veto to discuss who to vote out, or do they vote immediately after the veto ceremony.?

  94. Good Lord, how in the world counld they think Natalie is being honest with them?

    I think the HOH room has the same powers as the OVERLOOK HOTEL from the SHINING. Every time someone spends a week in there, they turn into a delusional paranoid android.

  95. Good when is she going to congress?
    you know she would be good at it.
    and then she could work for the fed goverment
    I am retired from thear and I know how good they can lie.

  96. Looking to see Natalie leave tonight. Lydia and Kevin will be left to gnaw on each other. And Lydia will turn on Kevin and leave him hanging out to dry. SO SAD :( He choose the Dark~Side/Drama. It is interesting to see how Natalie plays K/L and having them do her dirty work…W/Her every demand to jump and tell a Lie…

  97. I have to agree with Rosemary. Take out the strong winners first, Russ while you can. It would be quick and easy now. You wouldn’t have to listen to Russ get in your face all week about it.

  98. Ronnie, I am in Toronto, the time is now 6:42PM, the show will air at 8:00PM (approx, 1hr and 18mins from now)

  99. Joanne Gnat did tell Jesse how old she os and also that she held the title of ti k won do(or how ever u spell it). But Jesse took that w/him to the jury house. I also love the fact that when Casey was voted out, gNat told him via video good byes that he was right and she is 24 yrs old. If I were Casey I would have sent fliers down on the house with all the info on them. Since airplane banners aren’t used anymore. If they see a small plane coming they put the HG on lock down. Ha Ha that would be so frigin funny if that really happened. 1000’s of fliers floating down on the house w/all the lies on them. I crack myself up.

  100. *waving at Randie and Joanne* Another Canuck here!

    Just an hour and ten minutes or so to wait.:)

  101. did kevin get to talk to jeff and expose the “LML” ? It’s the only way to save kevin and get rid of Natalie. I was out all day and am having BB11 LF withdrawal ;) ;(

  102. Thank you Joanne its Randie, I am sitting here looking at a map and it has me off on the time zone that is why I ask.
    Thank you agan

  103. Ok Matt, you may have to answer this one… If the house is in Burbank California area…. and this is a live show, it shows in my area at 7pm, which would be 10pm on the east coast. If the folks in Canada get to see it in an hour, it will only be 6pm-ish here… so is it pre-recorded for those of us on the west coast?

  104. I doubt they can have the POV comp, and ceremony in 1 hour. They wouldnt risk something not being done, so im assuming the POV has alrede happened or wil happen

    Who won?

    Jeff and Jordan belive Michelle, so they will belive prett ymuch anybody.

    Compare the lies of Michelle, to the lies of Natalie, i think its obvious who is more sneaky, and more liar-ish. Also its obvious that Michelle just lies because she likes too.

    How can u guys blame Nat for lying, but doing it when she is on the block? Like Russ said, “you kinda have to loose ur pride when ur on the block, because u have to sell ureself to get votes”

    So if she tells a lie, and Jeff/Jordan belive it, isnt that what she is supposed to do? Why is she hated for that?

    Jeez the comments on here are amazing. Complete haters. Hate Natalie cuz she lies, but twist what Michelle does. Likes Jeff, but Russell gets heat. its like backwardz land on here for some of yall.

    If HOH is endurance, Im picking Russell, or Nat.

  105. I would like to see Lydia go, although Russell is a stronger competitor

  106. I do agree with Matt that the competition is being tilted to Jeff/Jordan/Michelle/Russell

    However more so towards Jeff and Jordan.

    If the HOH competition is for example like season 8, were u had to jump over that bar when it came around, then I would think it would go to ppl who have good balance.

    MMA/Tae Kwon DO, will defently help.

    If it is like a strength thing Then obviously Russell and Jeff are the favorites.

    However holding up more weight is an issue.

    It all depends on the competition.

    BB is good at hiding their plans, so as soon as we see the competition, we will either go;

    “Oh thats b.s.!!!”
    “Oh okay this is gonna be cool”

    u knoe?

    I dont know if i did a good job of explaining myself but there it was

  107. Pat (post #140),

    Big Brother is taped on the west coast at 5 pm, hence it is shown on the east coast live.

  108. @Not same Laura: It is pre-recorded for anyone not watching it at 8PM EST (adjusted to their own time zone). So where ever you may be, if you can tune your TV to CBS at 8PM EST, whatever that may convert to locally in your zone, and you see it then you are watching it live. Otherwise, pre-recorded.

  109. They are looking at it wrong they need to put 2 and 2 together and come up with Nat and remove her befor its too late.
    becase as it gos right now if we had to vote today, you look at it as th best player of the game and face it people that is Nat.
    Go back and look at tapes after Rinni left,
    she was the one telling Jesse what he should do he s not smart enough to box his way out of a papper bag. she has worm her lies in every whear she went Chima Lydia and poor Kevin
    is dose not even know he has be hit.
    fights between Michel and Russel was her lies
    and right now her lies has put a mile between
    Jordon and Micheal.


  110. I would like to see Natalie evicted because she is no friend to Jeff and Jordan and I don’t like the smug look she gives as she continues to lie to them.

  111. ♥Kare♥ thanks for the info, I miss that part where she told Jessie. I did see her goodbye to Casey. I love your take on the “fliers” lmao picturing this.

    Hi Casino Katie, waiting anxiously too. lol

  112. Randie Loman, I am so sorry, seems to have Ronnie on the brain lol. I think its because I can’t help but think that Gnat certainly learned a few things from him. I really do apologize, no one should ever be mistaken for the “RAT”.

  113. Marcus you are 100% right. But with every show like this there has to be people you love to hate. Jeff and Jordan look like the all american kids that middle America loves. Nat is doing what everyone else has done. You NEED to lie to get a head. Michele has to take second place to Ronnie being first has the person who told the most lies in the BB11 house this season. I would love to see Kevin in the final 4 along w/Jeff/Jordan and Russ. Kevin has played a great game. If he doesn’t make it, I would love for America choice to give the $25,000 to Kevin. But I don’t think America is ready for that. Everyone told a sob story on why they need the money, but I think Jordans story is the winner, so to say. She wanted to buy a place for her mom to live. She slept on the floor for yrs. Lived w/friends and never had her own bedroom. Can you imagine being a teenager and not having the privacy of your own room to go to when you are sad over a boy or want to talk on the phone w/ur girlfriends. She doesn’t make enough $ to live on her own. She needs to find independence. Am I wrong? If you have other views let me know. I would love to hear (read) them. Its 7:18 here and I have to wait until 9:00 to see the show. Can’t come fast enough. Then I hate that its over and we have to wait until Sunday to get another fix. (Hubby won’t let me get live feeds) credit card is in his name :-p

  114. i think itd be cool if kevin got hoh then we can get fat nat and russel out in two weeks span. haha theres good tv.

  115. The thing is last year the second endurance happened around this time too
    remember it was the week dan and ollie made a deal
    the tarazan thing
    while the first one was the building shaking thing where april one
    so I dont think they’re trying to tilt it one way or another
    although i wouldn’t mind if they did tilt it towards the sunshine crew (jeff, jordan, michele and russel).

  116. I don’t know Kare, I think Michelle has lied the most. She has really turned it up this week alone. She has backstabbed Russ several times, all the while pretending they have a final 2 deal. I would give Jordan the money in the end if she doesn’t make final two even though I want Russ to win because he already has 10 grand. My wonderful hubby has had MY laptop all evening and I am just now able to get back on here. Luckily, I have a credit card in my name so I can get live feeds but of course all the hubby does is complain, complain, complain!!

  117. I hope Jeff’s team wins, the others have ran the house way too long. It’s time to send Nat, and Lydia packing.

  118. well the only thing i have to say about jorden is if her mother is sleeping on the floor she has jor 3 jobs to get a 5 thous boob job just days be for entering the bb house and a chance 2 win 1/2 a million odds 13 2 1 seems pretty good 2 me i think she did it to look sexy for the show is her mother still sleeping on the floor well jorden isn;t she has a lot of beds to pick from and the way she eats she has not missed a meal i think ppl should look under the surface

  119. @barbara THANK YOU! Finally someone is saying it about Jordan. The sweet act ended this week. And amazingly, the sob story about money came in this week, while getting towards the end. She’s planting it in potential jurors minds and America’s minds. Why waste that story early? No wonder she wanted HOH this week. Perfect time to concock that story. WAKE UP PEOPLE. I really don’t know who I like in tihs game right now

  120. CBS is advertising that the POV and eviction will be LIVE. Then the HOH competition.
    So I don’t know why some of you are saying that Lydia won the POV.

  121. Nothing has happened yet tonight. Any claims otherwise are false.

    PoV and eviction will be played out live tonight starting at 8PM EST.

  122. Woah we have a jordan Hater here folks. Maybe I wrote it wrong buy I said Jordan sleeps on the floor. You should google her name and read about her. It is a sad story. Dead beat dad and all. Jeff want to take care of her but she doesn’t want to leave her home town where her mom is. She wants to stay close. Russ makes great $ cage fighting and Jeff not only has an 8 to 5 job but he models also. Lydia just moved out on her own, Michele is married and has a great paying job (but also lots of school bills coming in) Nats family is pretty well off and so is her bf. Kevin needs the $ a bit. Did I leave anybody out? I want Casey to win the whole thing so he didn’t have to work 2 jobs and could stay home once in awhile to play with his kids.

  123. brian she also wante to go to hawaii with jeff he said not for kisses u need to put more tgen that she said well thats not gonna happen then they were talking about getting engaged she wants a (square cut diamond) jeff said u get what i give u she said oh on square cut thats all ill take

  124. lol Im not a hater of Jordan, I just think she’s playing the game more than she’s letting on. Until this week, I wanted Jordan and Jeff in final 2. I think she slipped a bit by admitting she really wont be that into Jeff outside the house. She’s been hiding behind him the entire show. Don’t get me wrong, she’s played this game great up until now. And me and my wife always comment that we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes so we don’t know everything. But this week with her having HOH, I think she’s showing too many weaknesses. However, I still think everyone would vote her a winner in this game. Yes, she can’t win competitions, but she can win the entire thing. It’s a risky move to take her to the final 3.

  125. OH MY GOD I READ MY DVR WRONG. BB11 STARTS AT 8:00. 6 MINUTE LEFTS. Need to get snacks and drinks so I can either throw them at the TV or do a toast and cheer the Sunshine Kids on. Whoop Whoop! Here we go!! Much love until tomorrow

  126. No more innocent Jordan. Still not that bright. Jeff has nothing better to do stuck in the house with her playing on her emotions, all the while she thinks she is playing him. Courtship on national TV rarely works out. When Jeff is done using her she will be gone.

  127. Almost all of the hg have told some sort of lie.Anyone & everyone will tell a sob story to win money. I f you say you wouldn’t you are lying too. Gnat has no problem lying & what makes it worse is she is mean about it. Gnat is a sore loser, when Jessie got evicted all she wanted to do was blame someone & get revenge. It is funny how she can tell you a lie to your face, & turn around to say a prayer.

  128. kare i dont hate jorden but i think she is useing jeff big time she is 10 yrs younger them he is im sure she made pretty good cash at hooters hay theres a lot of us thats had a hard life but ive never worked 3 jobs but 2 at a time and never used anyone for anything and i think shes a user

  129. Comment # 172, Jessie called & wants to know if you can join him for a pity party. Ronnie & the rest of team Jessie will join you soon.

  130. @ Barbara – I would guess you would think that Lydia wasn’t too far off on her comment to Jordan when she won HOH. I believe Lydia speaks her mind and truth to what she has seen in the BB house. Too bad the people on this forum want to toss Lydia under the bus and give Jordan the bye. The longer this game goes on less I think of the J/J team. I am rooting for Team Kevin and Lydia and Nat.

  131. Ohsahzuzlas – I would love for Ronnie to come back into the game. Let the force be with him and have BB make him the replacement for Chima. Oh I love this game. Go team Kevin.

  132. Kevin win that veto and take the lovely Lydia off the block. Time to send Russell home.

  133. I really hope they get rid of Natalie and Lydia. I have never seen such rude people as they are. I have never been a big fan of this reality show. In the past they have had some people who were a disgrace. I would like to think that with people watching from their home towns, they would act somewhat civil. They act like kids, whispering, whining, and so immature. Even Kevin has turned into a fool.
    The producers need their head examined. They need to re-examine this show and the rules.

  134. Jordon winning those questions in the veto … shows that this girl is not stupid. I think she is playing this game … she is the one in the house that NEEDS this money. That NEEDING of the money can do some powerful things to a persons outlook and Jordon is on a roll. Just if she will make the write choices!

  135. Bye Bye Lydia. Wonder what she’s going to do in the Jury House to keep herself occupied. Hmmmm?

  136. I am getting tired of the “Jordan is the one in the house that really needs the money” rap. No one on these boards has any clue what any of these people’s financial situation is. Why is everyone watching the show so quick to believe everything that is in those letters from home? Could be part of the game.

  137. According to Joker’s Update, Kevin tells JJ about the lie… then JJ both looked shocked. I guess it was his last ditch effort to save Lydia. Too little, too late. Too bad, Nat should’ve gone. How accurate is Joker?

  138. WTF? Its only 856 and the show is over. Come on CBS we all can’t afford the live feed. That’s why they did this. So you’d want to see what happens and go sign up and give them more frigin $$$
    WILL SOMEONE PLEASE POST WHO WON WHEN ITS KNOWN TONIGHT? I won’t be able to sleep now. Damn fools!!!!

  139. If you watch showtime BB after dark, you can usually figure it out. (I have free showtime right now…)

  140. Tnx N.T.S.Laurie I do have BBAD sho2 but I want to know NOW! I’m like one of my littie preschoolers. I want to know ASAP!

  141. I get you *Kare*, That’s why I’ve been watching the blog etc until BB broadcasts in California. I feel pathetic being so addicted that I’m watching a 3 hr episode nightly of people I don’t know playing games, fighting, sleeping, eating or whatever just to see if anybody is conspiring so that I know what’s going on when an episode airs. I’d be stuck to my laptop 24/7 if I had live feeds, as it is, I have to sneak BBAD and the blogs…

  142. N.T.S.Laurie I’m glad to see there’s another neurotic person like me out there. It is kind of like the accident you’re passing and you keep saying to yourself “Don’t look. You hate when other people do it so don’t look” and as you pass saying those things YOU LOOK! Its human nature to watch negative things. Boxing, karate, waiting for car racers to crash, it goes on and on. So the two of us are more normal then we think we are. (I hope LOL)

  143. It seems that a lot of the time when I go to live feeds, it is either trivia or all cameras on same place


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