Big Brother 11: Week 6 Live PoV, Eviction, and HoH Results

Tonight on Big Brother 11 the results of the season’s sixth eviction (well, seventh if you count Chima’s expulsion) will be revealed along with the results of the sixth PoV and HoH competitions.

It’s going to be a wild ride that might end up with an endurance comp that you can watch on the live feeds after tonight’s East Coast showtime. Sign-up now!

I’ll be updating this post here with the PoV, eviction, and HoH comp results. Meanwhile, join us in the chat room as we tear apart tonight’s eviction episode!

Power of Veto Competition – ‘Before or After’:

  • Lydia, Michele, Jeff, Jordan, Kevin, and Natalie are all playing.
  • Round 1: All are safe.
  • Round 2: Lydia, Natalie, and Jeff are eliminated.
  • Round 3: All 3 are safe
  • Round 4: Kevin is eliminated
  • Round 5: Both are safe
  • Round 6: Both are safe
  • Round 7: Both are safe
  • Round 8: Both are safe
  • Tie-breaker goes to: Jordan!

Power of Veto Ceremony:

  • Jordan decided to not use the Veto power

Live Eviction voting:

  • Russell: Votes to evict Lydia
  • Michele: Votes to evict Lydia
  • Jeff: Votes to evict Lydia
  • It’s official, Lydia has been evicted
  • Kevin: Votes to evict Natalie

By a vote of 3 to 1, Lydia has been evicted from Big Brother 11.

HoH Competition – ‘Can Do’ Endurance Comp:
The HGs have 1 hour to to drop 24 soda cans down into tubes about 4 feet below their elevated platform. At the end of one hour, if no one has 24 cans in the small tubes (read: really hard to drop them in) then whoever has the most cans wins.

The HoH comp is over and Jeff has emerged victorious!

You can watch the rest of tonight’s HoH competition live right now! Check out the feeds with the Free Trial and see the rest of Big Brother 11 play out!

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  1. I’m so glad J & J decided to play it smart. Get rid of one of the stupid girls first. Worry about Russell later. I’d like to see the J/J/M/R final 4!!

  2. Go Russell. Now all we Russell fans can finally have something to cheer about. This show was getting boring with some of these really not very smart people aka Jordan.

  3. Yay! So glad that big baby Lydia is gone. Although I would have liked to see Natalie go too. She might be a better player.

  4. YES!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG YES!!!!!!!!!!!1

    she staid! woot woot

    All because Lydia had to get drunk!

    Thanks for booz lol

    Wew! that was too close for comfort.

    It is still too early for Natalie to go after team low life, i mean team Jeff/Jordan.

    She needs to go with the plan of getting Russell out, then Michelle and then, only then

    can Natalie take out Jeff. or Jordan.

    Kinda glad to see Lydia leave, i knoe she is happy she gets to leave, cuz now she will eat up Jessie, and i do mean literally.

  5. ok, how dumb is that – let’s evict the WEAKEST player!!!!!!!!!

    I am worried now about Russell flipping – he said in the diary room that he is not aligned to anyone and doesn’t have any allegiance to J&J&M

    ok, it’s just a game….

  6. Did everyone hear GnataLIAR say she didn’t have any deals with ANYONE?? I don’t think she can tell the truth.

  7. If Kev wins, he will put up Michelle and Russ. I hope Russ wins but if he don’t, I’m kind of pulling for Nat because she said Jeff would go up and she hate Mich.

  8. Those who said Jeff is stupid or that he will go next week – think again. He is the smartest player in that house right now, he’s the strongest, and there’s no way Jordan & Michele will turn on him. Hopefully Russell won’t either. He will win POV if he is put up. So dream on – it’s stupid moron Nat that’s going to go next week!!!

  9. “Whaat who won???She said by the end of the hour!!!”

    She didn’t mean by the end of the show. The can competition itself lasts an hour long.

  10. Michelle will likely win. She has 4 cans already. Jeff is catching up though. Anyone but Nat.

  11. Im hoping Jeff will win this. I want to see him get to the final 2 with Jordan so we can enjoy watching them, haha!

  12. I have a question, wouldn’t it be smarter to smash the cans, so they would be smaller and have some weight to them?

    Or is that against the rules, I didn’t here Julie say they couldn’t, just get 24 cans in..t

    This is recycle right?, doesn’t everyone smash the cans before they put them in the recycle bin so they won’t take up so much room?

  13. I have to laugh at everyone that posts on here. Things happen so damn fast in that house that is absolutely impossible to say who will go next week.

  14. GO JEFF…..if not then Michele, as I don’t think Michele will go against J/J this coming week.

  15. i’m for team jeff but i think them not voting gnat out tonight was the stupidest thing they could have done!!! yes she hasn’t won anything but she has a better chance of winning a competition than lydia would have!! if j/j end up the block next week it will be their own fault!!!

  16. So why is kevin a real person? Because he talks & acts like a girl when he is obviously a guy?

  17. i think too many people are trying to watch the live feeds at once perhaps?….mine isn’t working!

  18. I do agree that Nat should have went, but I understand why they didn’t put her up. The only one in the house that was unwilling to even be civil to J&J was Lydia.

  19. The notes say that the HoH competition can be viewed live after the show ends on the live feeds, but they only have Trivia… they shouldn’t advertise we can see something we really can’t.

  20. howsg HOH going I only have aft. Dark—Gnataliaer going home tonight they are all so stupid for keeping her I hope Jeff does go next week then he can sit his stupid a** in the jury house w Jessie and retard i mean unitard I loved Jeff until he forgot to vote out stupid liar gnat tonight!

  21. does anyone know anything about whose winning or who won HOH, really don’t want to stay up til 11:00 to watch Showtime 2 to see who won.

  22. Is anyony elses feed up?
    mine is not and I just now got on keep gettin a meggade saying prxy server error.

  23. Live feeds are down. Not just showing trivia or FOTH — my real player literally will not come up. It keeps saying “proxy error”

    Does anyone know what is happening???

  24. @ Seu– She must have meant @ the end of “an” hour instead of @ the end of ” the ” hour like she said.

  25. Looks like Kevin may win this…another site has this pic copy/paste link to view it:

  26. I don’t think Nat can win more competitions than Lydia – I don’t think either one could win! Look at Nat with the egg competition, and from the updates so far, looks like Nat sucks once again! Just send her and her lying butt packing. I can’t wait for J & J in the final 2!

  27. i see i am not the only one..hope they are up and running soon. did anyone else think Natalie would be eveiced tonight? I think she is a much bigger threat than Lydia. I did get teary eyed when Nat got her phone call from home even though I dont like her immaturity, its her age. We’ll see soon enough who wins.

  28. According to Joker’s, when feeds came back for few secs, close-up of Russ 1st tower almost FULL of cans, michelle close behind NT

  29. I sure hope it’s Jeff, sounds like he’s doing good. I wouldn’t mind Russell – but it sure would suck if he did some backstabbing this week. I don’t think he would be stupid enough to do that right now.

  30. Well, I will keep checking here to see who won

    Best case for J&J is Jeff and maybe Kevin since he made a deal??

  31. whoever was RED seems to be winning right now…I thought it was Kevin but that might be Russell…I have no idea.

  32. @Jackie, they do big brother trivia when the house guests are doing something they don’t want to show us until it comes on tv.

  33. yeah but is Kevin for real on J & J side? I just hope that J & J go to then end! They are too cute

  34. Once we are at the end like we are nearing, you can’t trust anyone. Even if someone seems to be on the same side, it doesn’t matter anymore. Game is on, and alliances mean nothing!

  35. Jeff has got to Win!!!! Russell and Nat need to go home! I don’t care which one first but they both need to go

  36. I have never been this addicted to anything, this is crazy! This is my first year watching BB, and now I am hooked,

  37. @chas, I’ve been watching since bb 8 but this is the first year i’ve gotten feeds and been on message boards and stuff. I don’t know why I haven’t done this the last couple of years. I love it!!

  38. yeah me too, i dont have the live feeds just the updates from the web sites, I loose sleep for this crap! My husband and I stay up to 2 am watching the after dark shows. But I love it though!

  39. Why does J & J alliance need to be broken up? The others were all jerks and got what they had coming to them. They made their own beds. J & J have played it straight and are playing a great game. Nat & Kevin need to go next.

  40. That’s the first thing you said that I agree with. Dr. Will was the best BB player EVER!!!!

  41. “OH MAN I HOPE HE HAS WON!!!!!!!!!!! ”

    I hope so too but don’t get too excited just yet. There are all kinds of false rumors going around.

  42. Blackgirl, what have you been watching, JJ didn’t turn on anyone. Everyone on the other side of the house turned on them. any they were going out if Jeff hadn’t got the mystery power. All he did was open the game up for everyone! Not just Nat, Jess, Chema, and Russell. It was the smartest move of the entire game!

  43. Hopefully the rumour is true, and I think the have nots have also been chosen.

    Jeff poss could be the new HOH……

  44. Nat has shown she’s not very good at any of the comps. Has she won any of the games they’ve played? I can’t remember any.

  45. I agree Big Brother 2 Was AMAZING!!! Will and Boogie are still friends/ in business together.

    BB6 Was the best season or me though!!! Even thinking about it makes me excited!

    These players are using to much emotion!

  46. I am sorry Blackgirl! I miss read what you were saying!!! You are right! I wanted nat to go this week, it’s was pointless to evict Lydia who was the weakest in the house! :) my bad!

  47. i agree nat should have gone lydia is such a weak player and they could have got rid of her anytime

  48. Ok good if Jeff has won HOH but stil what happened to getting out gnatalier this week she has got to go she is such a little manipulating lier and such a sore loser! Well hopefully russ gets veto this weekI was pulling for J/J but I dnno they r being so stupid!

  49. No, the only thing Gnataliar was good at was hiding up Jessie’s backside. She didn’t win anything.

  50. Good evening BB Fans!!! I have a question for all the J/J fans…. Do you think Jeff will honor his deal with Natalie and jeep her safe this week? Jeff told Natalie that if he wins, Natalie is safe this week…. He told Jordan earlier that he was going to keep his word… Is this possible? He has to nominate 2 people for eviction… Kevin and who else if he is going to keep his word? I only ask because everyone seems to think Jeff has so much integrity…. Well!!! P.S. I am so glad Russell / Michelle are have nots this week!!!!!

  51. Oh Jeff Jeff you are being so so stupid to side w/ Natalie she is gonna be gunning for him the first chance she gets…..did he forget she was/is on the other side? What an idiot! I was pulling for J/J the whole time but if their that stupid then Im going for next best wich is Michell/Russel! OH EXCEPT–To bad GNATALIER wont ever get an HOH Ha Ha Ha!!

  52. @ Rhonda…. Lets not forget what happens next week… There is usually a endurance / physical comp for HOH when it is down to the final 5 HG’s…. Look throughout BB history to verify if needed…. Natali and Russell were the last 2 hanging in the first endurance comp…. Natalie was safe the entire game until the CDT was used….. Natalie will be hands on favorite to win a challenge simular to the first hoh or the hanging HOH comp from season 8 or any other kind of physical HOH that requires athleticism and hanging…. If Russell isn’t backdoored and Kevin is evicted, does anyone believe Russel won’t flip sides to join Natalie because he knows Michelle / Jorda are close and Jeff would rather take the two ladies to the final 3 than him because he can beat them easier than Russell….

  53. @ Matt M…. Read my previous post…. Jeff will not nominate Natalie becausethey made a deal to keep eachother safe if they won the HOH…

    @ Jackie…. Did you read my post…. Natalie wasn’t even sore after the frst HOH comp…. She wasn’t effective in the 2nd endurance copm because of the water… Remember Sheila from season 8 Jackie? She kicked but when she won the HOH endurance comp but sucked in the water endurance comp… That is simular to Natalie… If it is a hanging endurance / physical comp where you have to hold your body up for a long period of time, Natalie will be the favored to win if Russell is back doored this week… That will leave Ntalie / Kevin against Michelle / Jordan… If Kevin is evicted, it will leave Natalie against Jordan / Michelle and well will have to see what Russel does because he sees that ordan / Michelle are close and knows Jeff woul rather take the 2 ladies to the final 3 over him, so Russell may flip to natalies side for self preservation and the $500,000 and have Natalie do the dirty work of sending Jeff / Jordan / Michelle home!!!

  54. Matt, comment #18 yea.

    Anyway Maybe i didnt see it up there, but how is Russ safe?

    Well i guess i will find out in 30 minutes, but w/e

    I dont think anyone is sad to see Lydia gone. Maybe Kevin, but he knows she was just gonna cause him to be targeted because she doesnt care about the game, just Jessie.

    Hopefully Michelle tells wone lie to many this week, as she gets caught by SOMEONE in the house.

    Ideal senario is someone calls her out, and its explodes and everyone can finally reconize her lying ways.

    BUT i just thought it would be better for Natalie, Kevin to align with Michelle, to get out Jeff (YES!) so Jeff and Jordan could see she is SO distrustful, then they wont give her theii vote at the end.

    Thats genious. But thinking too far ahead maybe.

    But to keep it safe Kevin who rele has been doing great lately, either him Or Nat wins HOH.

    That would be great. I think their (BB) are gonna add another twist to this show before its over though.

  55. UGH! Jeff won?

    darn. Now he has power. great >:(

    Well Russ will leave. so that good.

    Now i gotta hear all this trash about how Jeff is the greatness for a week. lol

  56. @Leo obviously you are rooting for Natalie the biggest sore loser in the house and you have the whole show summed up! I personally hate Gnatalier! Im losing all faith in J/J for making a deal w/ her—-and my only hope for this week is that Russ wins hoh and or pov! I think Russell can beat gnatalier in any challenge day night water or hanging she’s shown nothing so far she was just lucky aft the first endurence comp. Ya for sure if its something w/ water shell lose cuz she doesnt even know how to take a shower smelly lil thing! HA

  57. JEFF WINS HOH!!!! I’m happy he’s finally won, the last ones he had a chance he gave them up. Now finally he gets what he deserves. He’s a great game player, had he not used the CDT it would have been 1 of the worst plays in BB 11! Instead he took the chance and used it to protect his people. Best move had the rolls been reversed all you Jeff haters would have loved it. Instead America (including myself) voted for Jeff to gain the wizard power, and it wasn’t because of his looks, I for 1 am happily married and I don’t want a sexual piece of Jeff so that’s not a factor. BB needs to be better screening so people like Chima aren’t ever chosen for this game again. Its a game for a half a MILLION you have to do what you can to win, if BB throws you a bone take advantage to advance yourself further in the game, duh! I’m so excited that Jeff is HoH! He just might win this, good GAME PLAYERS win in the end, so we shall see who is the best at this game.

  58. Lydia has won NOTHING this season. Nat the liar has won NOTHING this season. How in the world do you expect them to make it to the end of this game? They aren’t good game players at all! Bad game play by hanging onto Jessie’s back, that’s the ONLY reason they made it this far! Its clear they really do suck at this game. The only reason they’re still in that house is because for some reason Jessie kept them safe, Jessie was going to use them to get to the end, those girls were his shields. Jeff did right by using his CDT when he did, that people is good GAME PLAY! They just can’t win without jessie, and I don’t expect either Nat or Lydia to make it to the end of the game.

  59. YAY TinaG Im w/ you all the way except did Jeff make a mistake making a deal w/ the Devil (GNAT) That worries me! Ya good for Jeff for HOH and using his wizard power the loser team sure were sore losers about it!

  60. @ Rhonda…. If you would make sure you know what you are talking about and stop iving in denial…. You would now that it is fact that Jeff / Jordan made a deal with Natalie to keep her safe this week if Jeff won HOH and Natalie would keep J / J safe if she won…. FACT…. Jeff will either gun after Russell (Backdoor) or have Kevin evicted this week…. Fact…… Jeff will honor his deal with Natalie because he want Russell / Kevin out more and he will be able to say to Natalie that he kept his word to win her Jury vote and possibly win Jessie’s (Which is smart, so he can mend the Broken bridges after the CDT) Fact….. Natalie will be favored to win a endurance HOH comp that requires the players to use strength & athleticism to win the HOH next week if Russell is backdoored…. The first comp required this nd Michelle was the 2nd HG out and Jordan was the 3rd HG out….. Fact…. I have said multiple times that I want Russell / Jeff as the final 2, but I think that is unlikely because weaker players like Jordan / Michelle / Kevin / Natalie will want to stronger players out…. That happens evey year to strong players on BB…… Get the facts right ok Rhonda? P.S. I would like feedback from other BB fans s well….. Thanks!!!

  61. @ Leo, what facts are you talking about? There is no good reason why Jeff should not put Gnat up on the block. Gnat would put Jeff up on the block, if she had won. However, once again Gnat failed to win again. Another reason is that they are running out of people to vote out. What about that fact?

  62. Glad Jeff won and I hope he uses his brain this week!! Should have voted out Nat but Lydia will do. Kevin then Nat now. It is foing to be interesting now to see who turns on who!!

  63. im telling ya bigbrother season 8 the all star season was the best not season 2 and yes Dr will and mike boogie are the best ever in the bigbrother house season 2 and other season have nothing on season 8 the all star season

    now i still dont trust michell she throw u under the bus and the dame train she only on jeff and jordain side because that is were the power at this past week and this week she likes to kiss ass if kevin or natlie would got hoh this week she will go right to them natlie and mitchel are the throw u under the bus and train types they weill throw j&j and my boy russel under the bus in a minute and als michel is a trying to be on good side along with kevin to trying to float they ass to the end

    like i said the all star seaon 8 ruled!!!

  64. @Leo, you know why she was not sore, because she has not won any challenge. Gnataliar is just like Jessie, the only way they get any where is if they are given gifts. 1) Jessie a second chance to the game. 2) Free hoh plus control over his those girls, who Jessie planned on using. Do you realize how wrong that is?

  65. thanks for the update, my live feeds came back after the HOH was completed but SOOOO happy Jeff won. I was very surprised to see Lydia go instead of Natalie but the house seems more emotionally stable with her out and it will be fin to see the look on Jesse’s face when Lydia comes thru that jury room door! this is my first year with the live feeds..are there any feeds that will come from the jury house? have a great day all!

  66. I haven’t yet determined whether I’m going to go blind or insane from the plethora of bad grammar and bad spelling seen here.

  67. I wanna see jeff and kevin final 2 .. and jeff jordan natalie and kevin final 4 … hate russell. dont care bout michele.. she can go instead of natalie but i want kevin jordan and jeff

  68. I want K/N out and let the others fight it out Jordan thinks she is better at things than Michele LOL The only reason Jordan got HOH is because Jeff threw it to her

  69. I am so proud of Jeff!!! Not only for winning HOH but for the way that he treats Jordan! I really do hope that they keep their relationship ongoing after the show. You can tell that they have real chemistry. It is like they have been together for years! I love to watch them together! When he asked her if she wanted HOH I knew they had a good thing going!


  71. well its sat. night. is there anything going on in the house or is everyone just playing it cool? anybody with live feeds have anything to report?

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