Big Brother 11: Week 6 Power of Veto To Be Held Live Thursday Night

Update: Team Jeff/Jordan/Michele/Russell just hugged it out and all agreed to stop screwing around. Their Final 4 agreement is back in full force after Jeff pulled the team back together. Watch it right now on the live feeds as they plot the eviction!

Power of Veto

This week in Big Brother 11 the Power of Veto competition and ceremony is going to be a massive deciding factor in how the rest of this season plays out. Late last night and into early this morning Jeff and Jordan decided this may be their best opportunity to evict Russell and keep the girls, but that will all come down to who holds the golden medallion when the music stops playing.

CBS announced today that both the PoV competition and ceremony will be held live on Thursday’s eviction show. This was of course going to be a double eviction before that whole Chima-tastraphe exploded in the house over weekend, knocking the diva out of the game, and ruining her teammates chances of winning the half-million dollars. So instead Big Brother will feature a ton of excitement with a live Power of Veto competition, live PoV ceremony, live eviction, and then lastly the live HoH competition. Craziness.

Meanwhile, as we wait, Jeff and Jordan continue to waiver on how to handle this week’s event. They’ve already decided if Kevin wins the PoV and saves one of the girls they’ll be forced to nominate either Michele or Russell with Russell being their current choice. Natalie’s new secret deal with Jeff and Jordan may keep her safe another week no matter what happens, but could shock Michele and Russell if they find out about this late night agreement.

Even without Princess Chima in the house the Big Brother live feeds are awesome right now as the game play has been cranked all the way up with tensions on high and paranoia flowing like wine. Don’t miss any of the action with the uncensored live feeds and if you still want to see the rest of what happened with Chima’s eviction you can use the feeds’ Flashback feature to rewind the tapes to Friday night at 10PM and see it all for yourself with the risk-free trial run.

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  1. I’m glad the POV will be live on Thursday. Should be very exciting. Hope Russell wins. I do not want him backdoored. If he is, Jeff and Jordan probably won’t get his vote. Fun, fun, fun!

  2. After your stupid decision of adding the coup d’etat, you changed the whole premise of how the game has been played. I guess this was the only way you could get your preferred winners (Jeff or the ditzy “popular”). I tried to get to vote on the coup and all I got were campaigning for the above mentioned favorites. Of course, with Jeff’s win, you’ll got the winner you prefer. After 10 seasons of watching (missed the first one), I will now turn off BB every night it comes on.

  3. @Sandy: America’s Vot / Coup de Tat is not new, was used in previous season. It gives us, the fans, a chance to be a part of the reality show we love so much.

    Don’t you have to be at least 21 to be in a poker tournament? How can Natalie blow so much smoke up their ass’ with “I have to wear a wrist band so I don’t get carded everytime” line! And she does all this with a straight face. Didn’t she tell Michelle or Chima she really was 24? One of them, I know.

  4. Keep up the good work, Matt. I know you are very underappreciated. This is the first year that my husband seems just as interested as me in the televised episodes. I keep him updated about your updates here.

  5. I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks the CDT was a gift to give viewers what they wanted. I thought BB was along the lines of Survivor and not fake. I guess I was wrong. :[

  6. It is funny that those like Jessie, Natalie, Chima and Lydia are mad about the CDT, but everyone else is excited about it. If the rolls were reversed how would you feel? Exactly!!!!

    You would love the fact that if Jeff and Jordan had been in control for the first few weeks and then America voted for Jessie to win the CDT you woud have been thrilled about it. It is a game………there are twist to this game and people know it going into it. Get over it and quit complaining. And the only reason that the schedule is a bit messed up is because of the sh*t that Chima pulled. Typical from her though and I have come to accept it from her.

  7. I hope that Jeff and Jordan are not that stupid to join the Natalie train. Nat will surely win with her lying evil dick ways. Maybe she deserves it she have been riding coattails all the way to the bank.

  8. Im not really happy with the POV being played live. Jordan and Jeff have had all wk to plot and plan; if Russ is backdoored this gives him no time to campaign or make his case to them. I think its a BIG mistake to keep Nat! Convoluted thinking by Jeff and Jordan. Why, all of a sudden, do they think she wont lie to them? She has all along! Havent they learned anything? The enemy you know (Russ) is better than the one you dont (Nat)! They are giving Nat a clear path to F2.

  9. ok Fair, at what point did “fair” come into the game. Here is what I see:
    1. The minute Jessie entered the house and gave the athletes and extra player, they dominated the power, ** unfair**
    2. When your whole click was ineligilbe for eviction,no matter what they did and whether they were even on the same team ** unfair**
    3. When you have a player from day one who has played the game before and has all that to draw from the experience and the strength **unfair***

    Cout de tat *****equalizer****

    Now, if you really want to evaluate the fact that its a game and probably more people have watched than ever before because of the refreshing changes and the fact that the house guests cant predict what happens next and therefore cant calculate the win……priceless

    Expect the unexpected, not “we play fair” The golden rule applys here ” He who has the gold makes the rules”

    STop complaining and watch the show, Chima needed to be spanked and so do a few others for throwing a tantrum. She made a choice, so did big brother.
    Cudo’s Big Brother

  10. @moondance

    Wow!!!!!! That is awesome. I wish I would have said it. Finally someone has laid it all out for everyone to see. Great job and I agree 100%!!!!!!!

  11. @sonshine: Well thank you. I certainly appreciate that.

    @F Team: Yeah, I’ve come to accept that BB is about as “real” as ‘The Hills’, but I still love it and roll w/ the punches Grodner throws us.

    @disappointed: If I was Jeff or Jordan I’d definitely rather take Natalie with me into next week than Russell. Russell wins competitions while Natalie talks a lot about winning competitions. It might stink loyalty-wise, but it’d be a wise move to eliminate roadblocks in advance.

  12. I respectfully disagree Matt. This week is NOT the week to take out Russell. He has noone but J/J/M to keep him in the game if he DID go up so I doubt he would mess with them just yet. If Natalie had the numbers she’d turn on them in a heartbeat. Not saying no chance of Russell doing that with a few weeks left to go but if I were a betting woman I wouldn’t put my money on Pig Pen’s loyalty being with J&J.

  13. I Love the way BB is getting!!1 so insecure for everybody and that keep us all excited. And yes I agree with Matt. I think the next competition is endurance, and Russell most likely will win if that is the case. I think he will try to get rather of either Jeff or Kevin because he seems both of them as his biggest treat. If you don not agree with me, then think about would not you put out the strongest ones and keep the weakest one?

  14. I am so mad that they are going to try to backdoor Russell. They haven’t even talked to Russell but are talking to everyone else.

  15. Kat Russell is only good at endurance competitions, and he knows that. therefore he will used the first chance to eliminate the strongest one. He is smart. plus maybe there will be not another opportunity for Jeff to put him out. if one of the girls or Kevin wins HOH he will switch side and will go against Jeff and Jordan to please the girls and to ensure his security in the house.

  16. I’ll say up front I’m pulling for Russell, Jeff, Michele, and Jordan to be final four. If Jeff and Jordan actually think for one second Natalie, Lydia, or Kevin have their best interest in mind and backdoor Russell that will be their biggest mistake. Getting rid of someone from your alliance and then having evening up the numbers would be so dumb. It amazes me what all that down time in the house can do to people’s logical thinking. I really hope Russell wins POV tomorrow so he is safe and saves Jeff and Jordan from making a huge mistake. I feel like Russell has really played the game and he’s done a great job scaling back the rants since Chima got booted out. I hope Russell wins.

  17. Wouldn’t it be smarter for j/j to take russell to the finals instead of nasty gnat. Nobody likes russ and all gnats friends are gonna be in the jury. Backdoor kevin now, then gnat, then lydiot. Let the four compete for final 2 and may the best person win. Go Jeff!!

  18. I’m getting a migraine from sending mental thougts to Russell to win the POV and to Jeff and Jordan to not believe Natalie.

  19. I hope Russell wins POV and then it will make it easier for J/J to evict Nat. Next they need to get rid of Kevin, then Lydia. Russell has played a good game and deserves to try for the 2 spot. If I were Jeff I would rather have him in the final 2 as it increases his chance to win the 500K

  20. I am a J?J fan and they have a f2 deal but T/M cant have one. Are they just supposed to say ok evict us so you (j/j can just take the $. They are not using their heads. Jeff better wake up

  21. i loved this show after what jeff did. I had never loved any show the way i did this one especially after jessie’s eviction.
    But the way jeff and jordon are now trusting Ratali and thinking of evicting russell i think its going to be there downfall.
    If they are that dumb to trust anyone like Ratali then they don’t deserve to be in final 2. Its a game of brain and memory and who forget anything within a day what was Ratali doing with them from a month they deserve no place in final.
    i feel sorry for them. After taking a big step like evicting jessie they are nowhere.

  22. I think the HOH competition is going to be endurance. If you listen to the announcer at the part where he is describing the next episode, he says “..and the battle of HOH begins…” So i’m guessing they don’t air the end of it which would most likely mean an endurance competition

  23. @cheri

    I totally agree. I wish Jeff would wake up. Of course R/M have a final 2 deal. That does not mean the R/M/J/J final 4 deal is compromised. I don’t know, maybe its just wishful thinking but I wish the 4 of them would stick together to the end similar to the way Ozzie and crew stuck together to the final 4 in Survivor to ensure someone you LIKED wins. If Natalie, Lydia, or Kevin win this season which has been very entertaining would take on a tragic end.

  24. So who ever wins the POV, it will be a better game/show, now that the coup d’état and Chima are over….finally people are playing more of the “game” BB whether in it’s first year (where the viewers voted for the winner and not the houseguests) or it’s 11’th season, is still great to watch…hate them or love them just watch them!!!

  25. If there ratings arent up, idk what else they can do.

    Last thursday was crazy enough, and now this thursday? shooot. Is it thursday yet?

    GO Natalie/Go Kevin . . . sort of.

  26. Please let it be thusrday…..Love the show/game! but what will Jordan do if it ain’t used no problem but if it is, and depending on who and by who….ohhhhhh jeeeze i’m going to have a melt down…is it thursday yet? is it? lol

  27. @blackgirl

    Elemantary my dear watson! I do agree. I ave a feeling that Jeff and/or Jordan is in the final 3 and one of them has the power, they would take each other loyalty, honesty and all. I also think Jeff would even let Jordan win the 500K and settle with the 50K, but we shall see! I am not for J/J to win I am not for J/J to lose, I am all for the game. I do have preferences but whoever wins…changes nothing in my life…but for the entertainement!

  28. I think J/J are being stupid…didn’t Kevin left Lydia on the block when he had the power of veto to take her off? He didn’t use it to take his friend off and now they are taking advise from him? Whats wrong with these people memory? Why all of a sudden they are making deals with Natalie who has done nothing than ride on peoples coattail and tell lies…Somebody please!!! Please tell me somebody spike their drink and they do not know what they are saying….

    I hope Russell wins veto…

  29. I don’t really care who wins the 500K just as long as it is someone that actually played the game.

  30. Lydia is a leach of a player, who loves to feed off other players – without trying. She needs to be with Jessie at judges house. Natalie needs to step up here game, quit being a floater. Kevin needs to quit playing it safe to be taken safely or he wouldn’t make final 2. >^..^< I like to see catfight between Lydia & Natalie at judges house; both of them have “JESSIE ON THE BRAIN”!!!!!!

  31. @ DS……. No offense, but you are competey naive if you think Jeff would let Jordan have $500,000 whie he settles for $50,000…. Also….. Even if Russel wins the HOH, Jeff / Kevin wil vote out Lydia and Jordan will be the third vote for Lydia because Ntllie hs dealls with Jeff / Jordan / Kevin which means it doesn’t matter wht Russell / Michelle want or do…… L-O-L!!! Go Natalie / Kevin….. P.S. Does anyone remember Sheila from BB 8? No one would have guessed She would have won the endurance comp ove Natalie / Sharon / Ryan in the final 5 HOH endurance comp of BB 8……. People are forgeting Natalie is an athlete and should not be underestimated if it is an endurance comp simular to the Season 8 comp where James hung on longer than everyone or one where the HG’s hang from something….. What do you think about that Bluzey60 / Ashley / Melanie / Matt / Jacob / Blackgirl / other BB Fans…… Let’s go team N/L/K!!!

  32. i was all happy this morning cause my man russ was gonna clear the air with jeff in a team meeting and show his loyalty to them. now mich is upstairs with jor saying all kinds of crap, half of which is a lie. if they take on nat and drop russ THEY DESERVE TO LOSE


  34. I don’t understand why there’s anyone on these posts that like Natalie or Lydia. They are the biggest babies I’ve ever seen, and neither one of them has played their own game. Both are actually floaters in my eyes. Everyone else did their dirty work while they just talk smack. Kevin too. Jeff has been the most level-headed, nicest player, besides that, is doing great with the competitions. Why wouldn’t everyone want him to win? And as far as the power – he deserved it, just as in past evictions, there were double evictions where it’s not fair for the ones who are put out on the spot, and what about how Michelle’s HOH was taken away just because big-mouth Chima decided to get herself thrown out. How is that fair? Or how is that any more ok than Chima’s HOH power being taken away? It’s just a game people. I just think it would be a huge mistake to nominate Russell at this point, he’s still on their side and they have the numbers. Get rid of one of the idiots Natalie and Lydia while they still have the chance. They can work on Kevin & Russell later down the road.

  35. @Lisa…totally agree with everything you said…also, Jeff has thrown a couple HOH comp’s…he is a smart player who has physical ability when it counts…

  36. @ BLACK GIRL

    I knew I wasn’t crazy! On jokers Updates I saw the same thing, but no one with live feeds will comment on it.

    Yeah I also noticed minorities (black people)don’t do so well LOL esp if they have big personalities. W/e there are AA on these shows I’m like hope they know to keep a low profile and not start too much stuff!

  37. @F team JJ and blackgirl…Marcellus was a flamboyant, loud, gay black man, and was very popular…he had a great personality, and was not deceitful in his behavior. So, I think it’s more about whether a player is likeable, than what color that player is…

  38. Jeff and Jordan don’t have to worry about who gets the $500,000 because they are not going to be around at the end. They totally fell for Natalie’s lie and are going to backdoor Russell. If Russell wins the POV, they will vote Lydia out. Natalie is laughing because she told Kevin that J/J bought the LIE and if she wins HOH, Jeff and Michele go up. If one of them wins POV, they will be replaced by Jordan. If can’t believe that J/J are going to blow it by being gullible.

  39. @ DAN

    I Know, I saw that season. I still stand by what I wrote though. I’m just saying most of the AA on these types of reality shows tend to be combative and sterotypical.

  40. NO ONE in the house is thinking about the end game and who they can or can not beat. They are still doing their own personal plans, and what they think will get them farther in the game, not to the end. If anyone other than N/K/L go home this week, then natalie and kevin deserve to be the final 2 in the house with the way they played it this week. Even with the gift of CDT, Jeff still messed it up

  41. I would hope Jeff and Jordon do not believe Natalie and vote her out. However they have to become targets soon since everyone should realize they will take each other to the end. Jeff clearly made the best move of the house by using the power and deserves to go far because of they way he has handled himself and the lunatic divas of the house. But I also think Kevin and Michelle are dark horses in the game and have a chance of either being the final 2 or at least one of them in the final 2. Russell, I can’t quite figure out where his loyalty lies, but don’t think he wants Jeff and Jordan with him when it gets down to 3. One of them maybe, but not both. If Jeff and Jordan fall for the Kevin/Natalie lie then it was bad playing on their part. If they keep Russell will he go for one of them to break that alliance? Only BB knows for sure as I do think the game is about 3 percent reality and the rest creation. Fun to watch though and one of the best seasons yet. My favorite moments have been since Jeff used the power, Jesse’s eviction and Chima meltdown and eviction. It is nice when idiots like them get what they deserve. I am rooting for Jeff and Jordan as corny as that is.

  42. I really hope sugar bear come up with a win on the POV and saves Lydia. Then Russell the real RAT can get back doored. I still have not forgotton how he terrorized the other house guests.

  43. @Leo – I agree that they are underestimating Natalie. She said a little while ago on the live feeds that she only told Jeff that she would put up Lydia so she would be safe and he would back door Russ. She said she would put up Jeff. Russ is talking with JJ now so I hope he can convince them of his loyalty. I can’t stand Michelle anymore. I don’t know why she twists everyones words. Like I’ve said all day if they back door Russ I hope they get what’s coming to them and I will be all about team N/L/K, especially Kev.

  44. @Joe Jessie was removed because of the CDT there was nothing he could of done to prevent it period. Name calling him an idiot doesn’t make it right for him being robbed of the chance to continue to play his game.

  45. If J/J end up BD’ing Russell because of Natalie, then I’m sorry, but the only way they’ll have to worry about the $500k, is who they’re voting to give it to.

  46. I have to say that I won’t blame JJ if they put Russ up. I think more than Nat and Kev, they are believing Michelle who seriously is badmouthing Russ. I am not sure why Mi wants Russ out!

  47. It is looking like the end of Russell FINALLY! Come on Kevin win that POV to put team Kevin back in power.

  48. I think it’s kind of sad that Kevin masterminded this whole “lie” thing, protecting Nat and Lydia, then Nat goes to strike her own deal. Kevin’s a smart player, and Nat is a low-life, in this game…which might mean she’ll win…

  49. I’m watching the live feeds. Thank God, Russell finally started sensing something was up and R/M/J/J finally talked it out in the HoH.

  50. Fayt, I’m watching on joker’s updates and it looks to me that Russ didn’t solve anything. Do you think J/J are now trusting him?

  51. @Jackie…I think she asked him to talk to Jeff after he presented the idea…I could be wrong. Natalie is pretty big on getting others to do her dirty work.

  52. I do not want Russ to go. Say it ain’t so, Joe…er Matt…er somebody.

    I really wanted it to be a brutal fight at the end with Michelle, Jeff, Russ, and Kevin. Hell, you can even throw Jordan in there. Well, I guess I don’t control the universe…too bad though, I think Russ would have fought to the death.

    Hopefully, J/J will come to their senses, and realize that nat is playing them!!!!!

  53. Funny how everyone here was saying Jessie was having everyone making his dirty work and Nat was riding his coat tails. Now you are saying Nat is making everyone else do her dirty work. Yes very funny how no one can admit Nat was playing the game the whole time. . .

  54. I hope Russ wins pov and takes Lydia off and Kevin goes up and it is a tie and Jordan has to decide who to evict Gnat or Kevin. Jordan is playing the oh you have to give me the money because I am the sweetest. Which I am starting to see her act out a little. I have always been J/J and I am starting to say heck with them. They are not truthful either. You know they have said them final2 J/J

  55. After the meeting, J/J are talking. They still don’t trust Russell. Also, apparantly Michelle is feeding J/J the rumors on Russell. Maybe she wants to evict Russell.

  56. J/J are about to confront Russell and Michelle about all the stuff Michelle has been saying about Russell.

  57. @Cheri – I agree with you about the how they are acting. I’ve never been a fan of JJ and they are acting very ignorantly right now. I hope Russ wins pov too.

  58. I’m watching the feeds right now and I just want to reach in and shake J/J.

    That damn Natalie biach needs to crawl back up her mama’s hole and never come out. She’s as bad as Chima.

  59. @Mike Moore…I still think Natalie is a lowlife, as I mentioned, but I’m not sure about the brain power of the others, who I would prefer to win. She is deceitful and powerless. As an athlete, she has shown very little ability. How she can convince others to battle for me amazes me…so, I guess she’s doing a pretty good job. I just can’t stand her personality and childishness…and, I did say she could win…

  60. M realizes she can make finals with Jj well with Jeff. Everyone hates jeff, so if m/JF ditch jor, it will be a toss up who wins.

  61. Nat is a GENIUS! She didn’t MAKE kev do her DIRTY WORK. It makes more sense for KEV to tell the non lie lie, then Nat and lydia. (more believable)

  62. My understanding is that the POV is live tomorrow, so, I’m assuming it won’t be endurance, it will be something quick so they can fit everything in. Maybe an all about the evicted HGs trivia thing. Someone was saying something about it being endurance and them not showing the end of it tomorrow night. Is the TV episode going to be over an hour long?? Can’t wait. Hope it’s as good as we’re all hoping.

  63. o.k everybody dont forget that this is just a game a not a particular game, but a BB game. it means you are allow to do things that you normally do not do in real life. also, it is pure entrainment so please quit calling or putting names to the people in the BB house. lets use this page to talk about game and not to insult. Thank you

  64. They are now confronting russ. Jordan says that 1/2 the info came from mich. THERE IN LIES THE PROBLEM!!!!!!!!

  65. I watched “the lie” develop on BBAD. Kevin was making a plan and then NAT was the one who said let’s make up a lie that KEVIN will tell bc he is more trustworthy and since he hasn’t lied to anyone Jeff would believe him. And, after K told “the lie” Lydia and Nat would casually say the same thing. It was brilliant on Nat’s part and I really dislike her. She is the biggest liar on the show – telling everyone she is 18 – still can’t believe that people believe she is only 18.

    I am mad that J&J are not playing smart and believing “the lie”. I still love Jeff and love seeing his chivalry toward Jordan – plus he is excellent eye candy!

  66. all hell is breaking loose with j/j/r/m in the BY and natalie and the rat pack are celebrating in the RR. I am sooooo disgusted! ;(

  67. You can’t blame Nat and Kev even though I don’t like either of them. It is great game play on their part. However, Michelle is an idiot. I hope if Russ gets Back doored, they throw Mich out on her a$$!!!

  68. Mich. has lost track of all her lies. She doesn’t know if it happenened, yet owed it. I think she just wanted russ out-for previously calling her crazy!

  69. I think the biggest alliance is now Natalie, Lydia, Kevin…Russ and Michele will each be alone for now…

  70. Arizona – keep us updated!
    My BBAD doesn’t start until midnight and I wonder if they will have everything solved by then.
    I think J&J need to keep R/M this week so the numbers will be with them. They should make an HONEST packed that they will be F4 and then all bets are off after that. Makes sense to me.

  71. Things are calming down…b/c J/J are questioning mich about “did russ say he wanted jeff out next week or out at the final four?”
    mich. -i don’t remember.
    russ-says he can’t win against jeff, and only stated that he would go after jeff at f4.

  72. Michele has lied the whole game…kind of deserves getting caught. If she’s smart she’ll align with who is left from the other side…

  73. I believe they have squashed the diaagreement and have decided to reunited the f4. They all realize they need each other to get to the f4.

  74. R/M/J/J worked it out. They are commited to working together again. They agreed that Lydia will be voted out if the nominations stay the same. If Lydia wins POV they plan to take out Kevin. Thank god they came to their senses.

  75. I think if POV is used, they should go for Kevin. Though I’d be afraid of Nat and Ly without Kev to calm them down somewhat LOL

  76. Oh blackgirl, I think they ALL played each other! I don’t think any of them (besides J&J) really trust one another, but they all know they need each other this early in the game.

  77. I am not of fan of Jeff and Jordan. Jordan has no gameplay and although Jeff is likable he isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. I am hoping this lie goes through tomorrow and Russell gets backdoored. If this happens then I hope Natalie wins the game. Whether you like her or not she is playing the game better than anyone else. She has won nothing in comps but yet is still a serious contender to get the 500K. I think people in here are just hating on here and need to give her credit.

  78. Jordan is playing a game. She insisted on getting Lyd out because she made that deal with Nat for F3.

    EVERYONE is playing a game. Whether its more laid back or more lying or what, it is STILL a game. I can’t stand how people are saying some aren’t playing! DUH!

  79. Suzy, they are all playing each other. At this point, they need to get SOMEONE out and everyone is playing everyone. No one is faithful to anyone EXCEPT J&J

  80. Why would they keep K/N I hope Russ wins HOH. J/J are no better than M/R Look what they are doing. If the other side gets it one of the J’s will be going home and since they want to keep N/K I hope one of them does go home

  81. cheri they are keeping k/n because they can only get rid of one person and they talk to k/n more than Lydia who they truly hate.

  82. blackgirl I believe its called being sarcastic, but I guess we’ll find out if she’s put on the block next week.

  83. Oh and we’ll find out if Jeff kills himself if he’s on the block too. WOW can’t wait for next week!

  84. alright, after reading todays events and after pondering over the past couple of days events and paranoia.. i am changing who i am rooting for… jeff may be hot and been a nice guy for most of this season, his actions and words as of late… including his new alliace with natalie.. and his unrealistically ideal final 2 with jordan, his play has become irritatingly therefore, i no longer want him to win, i am now rooting for kevin, he , imo, now seems the most genuine of the remaining players

  85. blackgirl — I’m just saying — you take this game WAY too seriously if you think I care who is nice and who is not.

  86. I wouldn’t say Lydia is the weakest player. She is close to both N&K while N&K aren’t necessarily close to one another. Kind of taking out the middle man. Smart move to me. Also they have been talking to both K&N, yet not to Lydia.

    Honestly these people are playing for $$$ … if anyone thinks that ANY of these people are going to be truthful and NOT schemeing, than the issue is with the viewer, NOT the HG.

    And they were thinking of (never a plan) backdooring Russell because of a lie that Michelle, Kevin and Natalie have been telling them. Not just because they got cocky like some people are saying.

  87. blackgirl, if you think I”m mad, you’ve seen nothing. Chima’s temper is nothing compared to me LOL I’m relaxed…chilling with a glass of wine while my 3 kiddos sleep and hubby watches a boring ass movie :)

  88. No I don’t think that. Now if she is in F3, then I will think that. But at this point, they need to get all 3 out, the order of which they do so is really up to them….

  89. everyone has to admit,, that jeff threatening to kill,even said in jest, if he gets stabbed in the back in this game.. was a step too far, very chimaesque of him.. does he expect everyone to lie down for him to walk over them to the end.

  90. I dno’t admit that at all, shep. But I say a lot of things myself in jest. I’ve been known to threaten to kill people, especially my husband LOL

  91. They should take out Nat this week. By taking out Lydia they are showing that they may want to keep their final 3 alliance with her(Nat). It is a typical JJ move by not playing a smart game.

  92. blackgirl, if she’s out next week, then how is that a smart move? Especially when her lie doesn’t look like its working!!!!!! IF the lie worked, and Russ went home, then I see your point. But it looks like her lie won’t work and they will string Nat along a little bit longer to see if Russ is lying or not.

    Ash how isn’t that smart??? They have a little pact with Nat, Russ, Mich AND Kevin. And by getting Lydia out, they are honoring their pacts with the other ones.

    Its really hard to tell right now what is a smart move and what’s not. Unfortunately until a person goes home, its hard to say when they go too far or not.

  93. wow jackie.. no one in my circle of friends says stuff like that.. guess we are better than you.. hehe just kidding, but seriously, it is quite obvious that the paranoia that he has avoided over the first few weeks, has set in, and we all thought chima got the boot, guess she has been reincarnated..

  94. The huge irony at work, as the game comes to its conclusion, is that that Team Jessie/Ronnie/Chima which lost all of its power as time progressed, will have ALL of the power in the jury house.

    If the final two come from some combination of Jeff, Jordan, Russell, and Michelle, they will only have two votes in the jury house. Add America’s Vote, and that’s still only three votes.

    If Jessie, Natalie, Lydia, and Kevin decide to vote in unison as a team for one person, they’ll
    have 100% control over which of the final two wins the half-million.

    You’d think that the J/J/R/M alliance would realize this and spend their time being polite and nice to K/L/N. They may not be able to win the top two prizes, but they definitely can control who does win the prize.

    Comparing the current season to BB10, I really wish that J/J/R/M took a page from the Dan & Memphis book and treated the departing players with more respect and kindness. Even while Dan & Memphis were plotting to get rid of everyone, they never stopped being decent to others, for the most part.

    Same goes for Dr. Will in BB2, who was utterly charming and nice to everyone, yet who played everyone to his advantage.

    Michelle’s “Put on your unitard, bitch” comment probably cost her a half-million, should she reach the final two. Stupid move.

  95. shep guess your better than me. Man I just said today I was going to kill my husband when he went to work with my daughter’s car seat in his car!!!! Luckily he surivived the day, and I believe Russ and Michelle will survive too if they vote Jeff out next week.

    I have a hard time believing Jeff is the next Chima. Last I checked, he was still in the house and CHima got the big old boot LOL LOL LOL

  96. People have been complaining about Russ making deals with everyone in the house and now that JJ are doing it, it is the smartest thing ever!

  97. Another View, that is the best part of the game. And I watch Survivor and I always say the same thing in both games…there are two ways to vote….either A) you respect the game play of someone that had the house turned against them, flipped the game, and got YOU out or B) you go with who was “nice” to you and screwed you over the least.

    In games like this, you just never know what people will vote like. Jesse himself went out of the game saying Jeff did the smartest thing by using the CDT while L/N/C cried for freaking hours on end about it. Now when/if L/N get to the Jury House will Jesse tell them what he has said out loud about Jeff being smart using it? Will someone else lie to them that tops Jeff’s move by using the CDT?

    Its the beauty of the game. And unfortunatley some people just can’t be fake enough to be nice to everyone.

  98. Ash, I have never had a problem with Russ making deals with people. I personally would do teh same, though maybe not be so quick to make F2 comments as Russ is. But on a whole, you HAVE to make deals with everyone when it gets this close to the end. I personally wouldn’t trust people that haven’t made deals with others!

  99. seems to me that since the jj4 has decided to keep russel and honor their safety to natalie, they should put up kevin if Natalie wins POV and send him packing. He’s stronger than lydia and also knows how to do natalie’s dirty workk. lydia may be crazy, but doesn’t appear to have the devious, conniving nature kevin does in addition to not being able to win anything. taking kevin out would take the hobbling wingless natalie for a loop! (poor birdy that she is without jessima)

  100. Another View,

    I agree with you some what and that maybe why Jeff is keeping Nat is the house for now is because he wants Nat’s vote in the JHouse. Jeff wants to put blood on other peoples hands … that is the reason why Jeff is saying that Nat can get out Russell because this will keep Jeff’s hands clean, instead of backdooring him like the plan WAS! Jessie just might throw Jeff a bone in the jury house and vote for the move alone that Jeff made with CDT but that would depend on who is next to Jeff in the F2!

  101. @Tracy & Another View….Good thinking! You are probably right in why Jeff is consorting with the enemy. Why spill blood when you can get the enemy to do it for you. Very clever but what about the votes in jury. If Nat and Jeff are F2, Russ would probably have hard time choosing. I will be happy with ANY outcome that does not involve Nat!

  102. I miss Jessie:( You know I like Jeff, but he thinks he has it in the bag and I find that to be very unattractive. What power does he have over America, is he an evil Leprechaun that can control the minds of others…but directed toward naked women!!! Lydia needs to use the secret…magical unicorn, num-num, to fight the evil Leprechaun, Jeff’s, powers!!! he he ha ha!!!

  103. I just watched last night’s show again. Did anyone else hear like I did that BB will send someone else packing?

  104. poor Jeff he is going home next week. Do not Trust Russell. He had will win HOH this coming Thursday, and he will go back with Natalie and either kevin or lydia and of course Mitchell. and guess what Jeff is out. hey you guys did not see that Natalie and Jessi where one person, and of course she will look revenge. and Russell never keeps his word. remember how he was paired with Ronnie, and Vote to keep Jessi. hummmm good bye Jeff

  105. @ Suzy Go back to the last comment that the moderator said.”tune in Thursday” Let me know what you think? Maybe Lydia Hmmmmmm

  106. I am very disappointed in Chima, she went through sooo much, ran a 7 mile race and tripped 7 feet from the finish line!!! This is a game and people need to respect the rules and twists and turns involved… If you stay positive and upbeat than you have a much better chance of winning the game, compared to someone who expends all there energy focused on fighting producers, who put them in the game, instead of their competitors!!! I do like Chima, at least she was entertaining Alison…ha ha ha!!! She is being twittered by “E” … Miss ya Chima, behave!!!

  107. Jeff knows that Russell is a good at competitions and there is a chance he can win HOH if it is a physical competition. So it does make sense to backdoor him. Jeff will have a good chance to win. You have to think about the end of the whole game. Russell has played both sides so can he be trusted at the end. Natalie has lied and open her big mouth she needs to be voted out. Kevin can win a game if he learn to stay focus he gets nervous. Michelle can win the thinking game so it just depends what of games they use. They usually do both at the end.

  108. There is alot going on for a live show this Thursday. Im thinking it is not going to be endurance this week. To many things happening in one live show … how will production set up, unless the POV is inside the house.

  109. ….i am pysched that they re-doubled their effords. i was getting a little worried last night when Jordo was grilling Michelle. She flat out was like ” either your lying or russell is” i’m like wow. not like her to be so blunt… i Didn’t like the idea of Kevin beingin the final 4 b/c he hasn’t gotton his hands dirty. and Natalie is just a hot mess.
    i jsutlove that Chima is gone. she was Head of house hold not the Presidenot of CBS , she can’t just do what she wants.
    wohoO!!!! Big Brother is so awesome now w/o jessie and chima!! YaY!!

  110. I can’t figure out how Jeff and Jordan think Lydia is a bigger threat than Natalie. Lydia couldn’t win a challenge if it bit her in the butt. She is so unfocused socially, she will never win.

  111. Last year I don’t think Memphis won anyting either, but he made it to the final 2 with Dan. I think Dan won because of his game and that the jury couldn’t see giving the money to someone who never won anything. So Lydia might be a threat if someone is willing to take her all the way like Dan did. Anythings possible, but I doubt it. I hope one of them wins the veto and they put up Kevin and gets him out. He is a threat. He almost one 2 HOH’s so odds are he will win HOH sometime soon.

  112. Sandy you are definetly in the minority as far as wanting Jeff or Jordan to NOT win so get over it , you will be a loser just like Jesse and Chima. Go Jeff and Jordan I for one will be happy if either of them win and this will be the best BB ever. Can’t miss one night of watching.

  113. You know what. im really starting to get pissed with all this j.j crap. everyone likes them just because jeff is good looking and so is jordan. jeff is a stupid player. and jordan cant to anything. and giving him the coup d’etat was stupid. if you really wanted drama then when the coup d’etat was aloud to be used then u shouldnt hae givin it to the ppl in power that week. u shouldve givin it to jessie or chima or natalie.. een ronnie. i wanted to see that. because i am one of the very few that are ruting for that side. and i was pissed when they gave it to jeff. he has nothing in the game. and if he wants to make it up to me then he better backdoor russell . cuz i hate russell and its really starting to bug me that everyone is on jordan and jeffs side. who is with me on this??? is anybody else rutting for n/l/k …. please … i mean i was sooo mad when ronnie was out. then when jessie was voted out for americas dooing was stupid. and then chima was kiked out. i was mad … i like ronnie he left so i liked jessie he left so i like chima … now shes gone to. i dont even think i wanna watch anymore .. just because of all you obsessed j/j fans. and most of them are just because of jeffs looks… like my mom.

  114. 190, Tracy-

    Simple: make the HOH competition a Quiet Game. See who can stay quiet the longest. Hilarity ensues.

  115. Ive been watching the live feeds and the show, which really are not in sync time wise. I think we all agree Chima needed to get the boot. I think Jeff being given the coup de ta was brilliant. I voted for him, my daughter for Jordan. we both thought they would use the power wisely for the house and they did, although I was initially shocked that Jeff didnt just take russ off the block. I think he wanted to make a real statement that the game needed to be played fairly and not bc of overbearing egos on team chima. I really liked natalie in the beginning but think she is an immature girl, not in actions, but by age. Lydia is all over the place but really came to the frontline for her team when chima was evicted calming natalie down and offering to pack her stuff. when jordan won HOH of course Jeff threw it for her, the ultimate kind favor. I had no idea her home situation was that bad and and hoping she makes it to the final 2. my original picks were natalie, lydia and chima. this group of people are finally acting like they are playing the game and not whining over ‘whats fair’. Jeff I initially thought was immature for his age but have come to realize he is just an easy going man. I like the protector image he gives to jordan although in the long run I dont see them as a couple outside the house bc of age and life experience. Jeff using his power finally balanced the game and made everyone actually play it instead of everyone voting the same, etc. so as not to be a target the next week. he took a huge risk but it paid off. I see either J&J in the final 2 or russ & michelle.

  116. PLEASE get NAtalie off the show before Russell or Lydia!!! If they only knew what a backstabber she is!!!!!!!!

  117. i think these reality shows have been so predictable ,coutos to the couto,,,,,lol,it made the game a game,chima gone was a bonus,lydia is doin more damage than good and kevin will be the power in this house if they dont watch him,,,,

  118. OK, did I hear correctly, that the J/J/M/R alliance is now back in order and the original vote goes down as planned, or is this just malicious gossip?

  119. @ Alex t #197

    I’m sorry, but if the vast majority of viewers like Jeff and Jordan, it’s because they’re decent humans. My wife and I picked them as our favorites on the first episode, and it has nothing to do with their looks: they, unlike most people in the BBH, behave like adults.

    Incidentally, I’m curious about your “rutting” comment. Do you know what rutting is (are you even old enough to know)? Or did you mean “rooting”?

  120. I wanted J/J but now they are showing they are no better than anyone else. So for what they are doing and for being so stupid I hope they both lose and I hope Jordan goes home next week. I have no favs now. Maybe I hope Russell beats them all

  121. Jeff needs to hang out with someone else, because I guess stupid does rub off. Jordan has officially made Jeff stupid

  122. I am on the JJ bandwagon…not because of their appearances but the simple fact that they have morals… which obviously the other side lacks!In all the seasons I have watched Big Brother I have never seen such a group of mentally ill people.It is a game and they were fine with it until the the tide turned.I was glad the power was given to Jeff.It changed the whole dynamic of the game in my opinion.I think people tend to pull for the people who have the same morals as they have which is good because most people pull for JJ… I notice it seems the people who pull for the nutcases seem to think it is okay for them to act the way they have in the house.Lydia pouring the beer out the other night…what the ?? How old is she?And she flipped out after the competition… I truly believe Jesse put some kind of Mojo on those women for them to have acted the way they did.

  123. For some reason the girls thought Jessie was great because He had played before. He did not play well either time. It was the thing to happen in the game when Jeff got wizard power. No one else would stand to Team Jessie’s bullies. Jessie backdoored Brayden & Casey, so jeff did the same for him. I still don’t know why the girls were crying after Jessie got evicted. The Gnat has to go tonite.

  124. The reason people like Jeff & Jordon is they do scheme & lie, it is part of the game. But the one thing J/J never did was mistreat people like team Jessie did. That is the same way Dr. Will & Mike Boogey played the game. Team Jessie just kept bullying people, the longer they had power, the more they were mean to people. The Gnat needs to go tonite.

  125. Jeff is starting to realize Jordan is having her do his dirty work. Then they will get rid of him and keep her

  126. Sorry goteamjeff.i did mean rooting. i apoligize. anyway. i actually do honestly like jeff and jordan. well more jordan. but i just dont see why everyone thinks there so perfect. i do like them but i did like the other side. but now i dont because all my favorites are gone. so right now i like kevin and jordan. so yah ive fallen under the JJ spell :(… oh well

  127. question for everyone since chima was kicked out do you think they will bring another player back so they can have 7 people in the jury house?

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