Big Brother 11: Week 5 Coup D’Etat Poll

Normally I’d run a Big Brother 11 eviction poll today, but we’ll save that for tomorrow. Instead I want to hear which two HGs you would pick as replacement nominees if you held the Coup D’Etat power and decided to use it. Cast your vote for 2 HGs in the poll below and then tell us why you want to see those 2 Big Brother house guests up on the block!

Remember, the Coup D’Etat lacks the power to nominate the current HoH, Chima, or the PoV winner, Kevin. That leaves only 4 houseguests as replacement nomination options. Choose wisely just as Jeff, the “Wizard” must do!

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  1. No kidding, on this site it will 99.9% voting for Jessie & Nat. But be careful what you wish for. Go Russell

  2. @dada, if you like Russell then you want the power to be used also. Who do you want Jeff to put up as a replacement nominee?

  3. I’m hoping Jeff puts up Jesse and Natalie. And I hope he will get enough votes to kick out Jesse. Will there be time for Jeff to talk to people after he uses this power? Will they give the new nominees time to pack?

  4. I would love to see Jesse and Natalie up for eviction with Natalie going home. Because I want Jeff to make it to the end he is going to need some guy power in the house. After Natalie I would like to see Chima go because the powers that be should have alreay removed her after all her threats and actions this week.

  5. The only way Jessie will be evicted is if hes put on the block with a close ally (Nat). Not someone he has a side deal with or someone that is just floating through the game but one he has trusted from day 1. Jessie has been the common denominator that runs through several alliances. Getting rid of him would shuffle the balance of power. It would get rid of a voting block (maybe only a block of two, but still a block) Nominate him with Nat and they would not be able to back each other up. Also, it would show which way the wind is blowing in the house as far as loyalties go. And as a bonus we get to see them squirm.

  6. Jesse sleeps and has Natalie interact with everyone and then she tells him whats going on. Same as last year with him and Michelle. You can’t win a game like that. I want Jesse out. He’s in love with himself.

  7. Jessie and Natalie have 2 go///////Can’t take watching Jessie admiring himself anymore. Natalie is annoying.Wish Chima could go Can,t stand her anoying LAUGH

  8. If you put up Jesse and Gnat then we will get one of the trouble makers out. Hopefully Jesse although I would be very surprised to see Lydia vot Jesse out. To bad there wont be time to remind her Jesse voted to evict her instead of rat boy

  9. After the wiz power is used, Russell will realize that Jeff has two partners in the game(Jordan & America). Russell is not stupid he will ride Jeff until he see an open to take him down. Unlike America the other house guests are not in love with “J&J”

  10. I want Nat gone this week!! She is useless to the game! I hope Jeff puts up Jess and Nat just to see Jess squirm a little and then for Nat to go!!

  11. I’m not in love with Jeff and Jordan. I wanted Jeff to get the power because I think he is the only one who will use it. However, I’m starting to get worried about that. I like Russell. He is playing the best game right now.

  12. Jessie and Natalie (Gnat, Scrappy, Pig Pen) depending on who you ask. They are both annoying and not deserving of $500,000. I am really going to be disappointed if Jeff doesn’t us it. I want Jeff and Jordan to come in last. I think Jordan will probably get the $ because of Chima’s girl alliance and because they will be made that Jeff took Russ off and sent Jessie home.

    While I am here I want to mention that I am very disappointed in CBS on the way they allowed Chima to be edited last night regarding the terrorist comments. Please do not insult our intelligence by having her play it off that she was calling him a terrorist for terrorizing the house guest, we all no that isn’t the case at all. At least the people with the lived feeds and watching the after dark on Show Time. I am sure after days of doing this she was called to the DR and they spoke to her and said you are going to have to play it off that this is what she meant. These were racist comments, and meant to be racist comments. I am a white female and I think it was ridiculous that she could do this, threaten to spit on him so he will hit her, and threaten that she is going to lose it on Thursday night if some one uses the powers and changes who she put up on the block. I think there needs to be a double eviction and she can be sent on her way also. I’d hit her too if she spit on me. I am also very disappointed in the house guest who hear her calling him this and say nothing. What would happen if he called her the “N” word?
    I am so glad Ronnie is gone and I hope he will not return to the finale. He is sick and needs some help. I have witnessed several of his videos on line. I hope his hard drives have been confiscated for cyber bullying and stalking and we will hear he was unable to return (hopefully he will be wearing orange) in jail or a padded cell and getting much needed help. I wish you would have checked these fruit loops out before allowing to have them on the show. I don’t care how much he memorized of all the past Big Brother shows.
    I hope the most deserving people win the $500,000. I hate to have one of these rude people (the way they talk to the house guest and production) who think the world revolve around them, wins. GO Jeff!
    Jeff is not perfect by all means and neither is Jordan but they look like saints to some of the other people you have in the house.
    Hopefully it isn’t fixed that Russ leaves because you don’t Chima calling him a terrorist any more. I hate to think he has to leave because of her big mouth.

  13. I would like to see Jesse and Nat nominated as replacements for Russell and Lydia. At first I wanted Jesse to go home but now I am leanig towards Nat because of the all-woman alliance; I would like the men to stay together. Get rid of Jesse later on. I guess we’ll see tomorrow night.

  14. He should give the same speech Chima did when Lydia was nominated. “Jessie, I just don’t trust you. Natalie, I don’t want you giving Jessie an extra vote.”

  15. Lisa, after calling them “these rude people” you dont think that calling her Gnat is rude.

  16. Jessie and Natalie. I can’t stand either of them. I’d like to see them both out the door so really wouldn’t matter which,,, except it would piss Chima off even more because her girl toy would be gone. Chima’s laughing incessantly at her own stupid remarks makes me want to cut off my ears.

  17. I would vote off Jessie and Natalie, they seem to bring the game down and don’t feel they are really doing anything but backstabbing everyone. I find them both completely boring and just need to take their relationship off screen before I throw up.

  18. Why Nat and Jessie?? For real? The both play the game! Well more than Jeff and Jordan! they need to be evicted all the do is sit around and talk about there selves! Russel and Lydia both need to go they are the BIGGEST trouble makers in the house!

  19. The goal is to get rid of the biggest threats. Right now that is Jessie. Using the power would almost guarantee Jessie would be leaving. It would also help build an alliance with the 2 currently nominated houseguests. It would be the first time the “Athlete (NBK)” alliance was not a majority or dominating alliance.

  20. Who cares about Ronnie? He is gone so let it go. Also, this is a game so the most deserving person who is playing the game should win and right now that is Russell.

  21. i want Natalie and Jessie on the block. And i hope Natalie gets evicted. i am so tired of her after Jessie. Why cant they just evict both of them at the same time.!!

  22. They are the strongest, meanest, most over-bearing, most self-serving two I’ve ever seen. They truly deserve each other – please, please get them out – preferably Jesse first and then Natalie. I’m praying that Jeff will win HOH – Oh, there must be justice to stifle that mean bunch: Jesse – Natalie – Chema —-the most non-deserving of the entire group – conniving – whining and feeling ‘justified’ in having others ‘do for me’…..Thanks for the opportunity to vent.

  23. Cheri, if you notice I dont respond to you because you are one of the people who was spewing the code words toward chima.

  24. I want Natalie & Jessie to go up as they act like they are running the show and they all seem to listen to jessie

  25. Lisa you are so right,CBS must think we are stupid it’s to late to try and cover it up now, chima said it and meant eveery word she said to Russ and the BB production,but they sure got Jeff for sipping a drink he wasen’t suppose to now how wrong is that BB. look in the mirror you punished the wrong person.

  26. jesse and natalie i like them both but if jeff uses the power and nominates those 2 first it will turn the house upside down cause alot of drama for the live feeds which can be boring at times and also would like to watch chima squirm knowing that russell isnt going home also if he used power and kept lydia on block and put kevin up then jeff has more of a target than if he sends jesse home and gets russell and lydia on his side because he saved them both which means kevin also would be on his side chima cant compete for hoh which leaves natalie on that side now to win it and hopefully she wont and send either chimo or lydia home next week and michelle probably would go where all the power and more alliances are this week

  27. Jessie and Natlie should be put up
    why because he is a waste of space and she is a yappy dog that you want to go away

  28. Jessie and Natalie most definately! It will turn the house upside down and Chima cannot play for HOH this week! She is probably basically a nice person, but listening to her constant laugh makes me crazy on sho time! If Jessie goes, natalie will not know what to do, if she goes, Jessie will be better off even though he needs to go to! Good Job Kevin on not using the POV on Lydia. Everyone came into the house to win $500,000 not make friends!

  29. I would put up Jessie & Natalie. That would mean the rest of the houseguests have to split them up. They are riding on each other’s coattails. Everyone wants to split up Jordan & Jeff? Why, they haven’t really done anything wrong. GO JEFF GO It’ll be Chima’s turn next week. Yee ha.

  30. Dear Dada,

    I am sorry your are right but if you read what I wrote:(Gnat, Scrappy, Pig Pen) depending on who you ask. I never called her Gnat. By the way why did you get upset over the name Gnat but said nothing about Scrappy, or Pig Pen?
    Before you write and call someone a hypocrite you should carefully read what was clearly written. No where in my statement did I call her anything.
    By the response from Cheri this evidently isn’t your first time you have written to someone before getting your facts straight.

  31. Im hoping & praying that it’s Jessie & Natalie! They need to go! They walk around the house like they are large and in charge! Someone needs to knock them down & quickly! Jeff is just the person to do it!! And Jeff can still play HOH! that would be the perfect scenario! GO TEAM J&J!

  32. I would put up Jessie and Natalie !!!
    Jessie because he is no fun… and Natalie because she just up Jessie butt…

  33. What are we going to do if Jeff decides not to use the Coup D’eTat? I can see him thinking that it would make him a major target the following week, and deciding it’s okay to have Russell leave. That would be a HUGE mistake on his part, as this will be his only chance to damage the Chima/Gnat/Jesse alliance. My concern is that if he does use it, and Jesse goes home – Natalie will be unbearable. And if she happens to win HOH, we’re screwed.

  34. When Jeff uses the wiz power, I hope Jesse is not evicted because Jessie and Russell are smart players. They will not sit and wait for Jeff & Jordan to be the final two.

  35. I would like to see him use the Coup D’etat on Russell and replace him with either Jessie or Natalie and break them up.

  36. Nat claims she has a boyfriend outside the house.i wonder what he is thinking when he watches the show and feeds on how nat and jessie cling to each other all the time,how they take naps together where you find one you will find the other one, they are so up each other butts.if i was her boyfriend i would show her the door when she got home,how can anyone be with someone like her , not taking baths how nasty.

  37. I hope jessie and nat go up and jessie go home without jessie there is no way anyone can beat jeff in hoh comp except russell but he will feel he owes jeff for using the power to save him so jessie going home is best scnerio for jeff


  39. bb11 i think the only one who can beat jeff in comps is Russ maybe. i so hope he put up nat and jessie and jessier goes out the door. then they all will be kissing jeff’s butt.

  40. Jessie and Natalie–Jessie was a pain last year and was disappointed to see him back this year; Natalie has only been carried by other people’s coattails, hasn’t done anything to play the game by herself.

  41. I would put Jessie & Natalie on the block. I don’t care for either one of them and they both think there untouchable. I didn’t care for Jessie last season and he stuck on himself. It gets old.

  42. Natilie and Jessie I think Natilie should go home she is the one in control over Jessie and she is also working Chima I think she is more of a threat then Jessie right now.

  43. I would LOVE LOVE to see Natalie go home. Just as the one b4 her she’s immature,low intelligence, and whiny and manipulative and certainly a tease!!!! She must go. Once she’s home her boyfriend can drop her pouty little ass, making a fool of him on national television–what vanity!!! I’d like Jessie to stay because I think it would be good viewing for competion value. I’d stay w/ Russ and remove Lydia and put up Nat.

  44. i want nat put up in russel’s place .. so that she can be voted off.. keeping jessie off the block so that he wont feel too slighted, i mean, i know he may be a lil mad with jeff targeting natalie, but come on, jessie is in this game for jessie, not for natalie, so i think he would be more thankful than vengeful. jessie could be a good ally for jeff, especially once jessie is freed from natalie

  45. There’s more than two that I would like to see get the boot, but first things first.I would love it, if Jeff puts up Natalie and Jesse, because #1 It would help Jeff and Jordan’s game,and #2 I just can’t stand them!

  46. Natalie and Jesse of course. Natalie hasn’t done anything but cause trouble and Jesse is Jesse. I wish that Jeff could evict them both on Thursday! LOL

  47. I like to see Jessie and Natalie up they both people who can not be trusted. Natalie has been a floater has not been trying that hard to win and she gives up to easy. Jeff needs to show Chima that she cannot control or threat people in the house. Kevin was afraid to use his POV taking off Lydia off the block because he might loose a vote from well Chima.He would been better off trusting Lydia.

  48. Yes, Chima did get raped by a serial rapist. He was put to death this past February. He was call the Bath tub rapist. If it’s not sick enough for someone to say they are going to spit on someone and hopes they hit her and get evicted from the show and go to jail and get raped, I find even more sick coming from some one who actually experienced it themselves. You can read about it at

  49. Jessie & Natlie. She follows him around like they are one person, so they should be put up together. I cant stand either of them. Besides it would turn the house upside down and Chima will blow up and I think that would be very funny.

  50. i think jordan needs to start pulling her own weight.. i know jeff is strong, but carrying her to the end will only get him definitely pushed down and out faster. getting rid of the stronger of the two. unconditional protective puppy love on big brother will always do you in,, especially for the guys

    so jordan needs to step up, or step out

  51. Jesse and Natalie have to go but so does Russell for trying to get Jeff out. Chima next and then Michelle. Michelle plays whatever side works for her at the time. Jeff and Jordan are good together and they haven’t hurt anyone. The athletes deserve what they get from Jeff since they basically cut him out from the beginning.

  52. I would like to see Jess and Nat go up. That would stir up that alligence and I would see them turn on each other. That would also solidify Lydia into Jeff’s good side. All would respond positively, except Chima. and she’ll be shown as the small person she apprears to be.

  53. Faced with the nom right now I would not use the power and let them vote Russell out.
    He really must go. I think the rest of the game will be great once he is out. Then
    everyone can just play the game.


  55. jesse and natalie they have got to go i coulldnt stad jesse last year nor now natalie iis a big mouth she has got to go

  56. Jessie and Natalie for sure! They think they are so powerful and cannot be touched and stir up so much crap. I can’t stand how Natalie follows Jessie around too. I don’t like some of the things Russ has done this past week but I would like to see Jessie or Nat go first. Michelle is ticking me off too….Ugh!

  57. Jesse and Nat are bullies and too sure of their power and position in the house. They run like wolves and if they are both put up it will split the two groups so there will need to be a re-think by all the players left. It would be interesting and fun to watch. Human nature will make the others align differently and perhaps change the mood as it rests now.

  58. Jesse and Natalie….they must be split…so one must go. Should be Jesse – I hope.

  59. Thats not surpising to me.

    I can not for the life of me understand why all of u guys hate Natalie/Jessie so much. I mean danggg.

    I dont get it.

    And then on the other side of the coin, everyone loves Jeff. Why is this? I mean really?

    If i could get a clear answer, as if there is one, maybe just maybe it would put some of this nonsense into perspective.

  60. jesse and natalie…..they would not have the chance to get out of it and people would have to decide on the spot. natalie needs to go first

  61. Nat and Jess for sure! I am so sick of both of them. Nat esspecially!!! If given the choice without restrictions however, Chima is my number one to vote off!

  62. I would love to see Jeff put up Jessie and Natalie. The look on their faces will be priceless. Natalie just amazes me sitting around trying to dictate the fate of the other HG ( Does she know that she has not won a single comp or even come close to winning a comp ) seriously get a grip Nastalie. If Jeff puts Jessica and Nastalie up then that leaves them no time to campaign for votes which makes it all that much better. If Jeffs plan falls in order like he wants it to then we will all see just where loyalties lie.

  63. I really think Jeff will do the right thing by stirring up the BB House by putting up Jessie and Nat. That’s going to be awesome. I can’t wait to see Chima’s face. Classic!!!!

    What was up with the Nat hygiene comment? Is that true?

  64. Jeff should take Russel and Lydia off the block just to watch Chima explode and then put up Jessie and Natalie.

  65. I wish Jeff would use the Coup d’Etat power and remove BOTH nominees. I think they would both be grateful, at least in the short term (enough time to be protected from the residual of the NEW nominee that wasn’t voted out from getting revenge) and I’d hope he would put up Jesse and Natalie as replacements.

  66. Natalie is Jessie’s puppet and both need to get out of the house immediately! Chima is a drama queen and needs to be next on the list. Yet, for those of you who have been accusing Chima of a racial slur are taking things too far. She meant that all Russell does is “terrorize” everyone in the house, which he does on a regular basis. Maybe all of you who are so sensitive to her word choice (and please get over it) then maybe she should have used “bully” instead. Look at how Russell throws a tantrum everytime something doesn’t go his way or his paranoia over others speaking in private, and he thinking they are talking about him. His antics are below childish, but he does make for good t.v. Chima is definitely not my favorite, and I think her personality is extremely grating, but her word choice was not meant to be racial, but again there’s Russ taking things out of context and twisting her words for his own beneficial tantrum.

  67. Marcus, Here is an answer if you want to listen. Jeff is not a bully like Jesse he doesnt whine all the time he doesnt say he wants to hit a female because he gets put on slop. Jesse has tried to bully the women that are not on his side. But he wants them to think he is being nice. He has something bad to say about everyone but Gnat. Jeff has good qualities and Jesse has none. I hope you listen and understand now

  68. @marcus, I think people like Jeff and Jordan because they are just all around americans and seemingly good people. What we need to remember however is that this is not a popularity contest. This is about money. So should the “good” people get to stay because they seem like the “perfect couple” or should the people trying like crazy to stay in the house and lying and backstabbing win? Who knows what is going to happen. Russell is good player and so is Jeff and really Jessie is nothing like he was last year so I don’t mind him much anymore. I dislike Nat the most because she has not done anything game worthy and to be honest neither has Jordan.

  69. 1st off CHIMA is a disgrace to every race and gender in this world! I have never witnessed a more self indulgent and egocentric individual in this world and that phony laugh irritates the hell out of me. Jessie had his chance and lost last time – apparently he didnt learn from his mistakes! Natalie might as well be 18 cause thats how she acts – a little girl with a big crush on someone who could never admire anyone other than himself!!
    I really dont want to see Russell go as he is simply entertaining in a boring house….who deserves to win ? The only deserving choice would be Jeff…he’s the only one thats not playing every single person in the house 24/7…
    and CBS I would screen your contestants alittle better and keep racist people like Chima off the show. She is the last ones that deserves to win this game!!!!!!!

  70. Jeff needs to use the power and he needs to put Jesse and Nat the rat on the block. They have too much control in the house and seem to feed off whomever is HOH for the week. Chima won’t be so tough if she doesn’t have both of her bodyguards. She will have to face the fact that she really is a target in the house and not the ruler of the house.

  71. All I have to say is that I really hope that Jeff doesn’t make me regret voting to give him the wizard power. This is time to get Jesse out. He needs to use it to put up Jesse & Natalie. Now, the HG’s are saying no one would be stupid to use it because they don’t want to make anyone mad, but I feel like this they haven’t liked Jeff from jump and he hasn’t done anything to anyone. So, heck why not give them something to like you for. This is a game and this is the time to make a move. Everyone in the house doesn’t like Russell, but he has played the game and everyone knows it. He has put his cards out there and as far as I am concerned he has kept his word to Jeff so far and I know that it will not last because this is a game, but right now they can work together. Natalie, Jesse & Chima have mentioned at one time or another that they have wanted to put all the HG’s up. They are wack and need to go.

  72. Marcus,,,,I like Jeff because he has an honest character. He has not walked on anyone to stay in the game. I do not like Jesse because he has.

  73. He should put up Jesse and Natalie to break up the click. Wouldn’t matter which one goes, they are both getting on my nerves.

  74. Jesse – because he’s a whiner & has played before.

    Natalie – because she is letting others do the dirty work.

    But if either of them goes home, the other will be forced to actually play the game.

  75. I’d nominate Jesse and Natalie. This would ensure that their alliance is broken. Smart houseguests would eliminate Jesse. He’s a stronger, better player and more capable of finding a new alliance.

  76. Hi Kara,
    Do you not have the Live Feeds or get to watch After Dark on Show Time? There is no question about it. Chima was calling Russel a Terrorist because of his race not because he was a terrorist. The way it was edited last night by CBS/BB was to make it look like Chima wasn’t a racist. They are trying to insult our intelligence. We all know who watched what we witnessed and it was racist, no if’s, and’s or but’s. If the shoe was on the other foot and he called her a racial slur it would have been a different story. Russel is no angel, don’t get me wrong. He is being a bully, but she is being a racist. She complains of former gouse guest not liking woman and then she goes on and wants to have woman to the end. There are one set of rules for every one else and another set of rules for Chima. She has threaten to spit on Russel to provoke him to hit her and then he will get evicted from the show. She wants him to go to prison and be raped. Come on, do you think he could wish that on her or threaten to do those things to her? I think that BB called her to the DR room and told her it didn’t look good and she can’t continue to call him a terrorist so later when she called him it again she played it off because he was terrorizing the house. That is not the case at all. She also is threatening to do some major damage if the wizard powers are used on Thursday. She is the HOH and it isn’t fair if some one changes who she put up (BOO WHO) she should like a little kid having a temper tantrum. she is so rude to the production too. So is Jesse and Natalie and they all need to get over themselves and get out. Go sit in the jury house together and fight over who is better between the 3 of them. They can’t leave soon enough. I wish it was a double eviction this week and Jesse and Natalie would both be evicted. I hope when Jeff removes Lydia she will remember what he did for her (something her best friend Kevin didn’t do and Jessie would never do for her).

  77. i just watch the big fight with chima and russ on utube, if that bi….. would have thrown that water on me like that i owuld have been kicked out,that bitch needs to go. after watching it i can’t believe BB isn’t doing any thing to her. what a bitch ..

  78. I would nominate Jesse and Natalie. They need to break that alliance and then get rid of Natalie or Chima the following week. Chima and Natalie are buddy buddy and Michele is easily swayed. I’d like to see Jeff and Jordan stick it out. Jeff and Jordan will be next if they don’t start picking off these people. Russ will need to go too.

  79. i just wish jeff could put up that racist bitch up with jessie,BB she needs to go

  80. game wise…we all know Jessie’s alliance are gunning for Jeff/Jordan no matter what, so logically it makes sense to send both Natalie and Jessie up. He would paint a target, but he’s already going to be targeted regardless. with HoH competition, there would only be 1 person to compete to win…so the odds of getting backlash the following week are reduced.

  81. ^
    Meant to say only 1 person with 100% alliance to Jessie/Natalie/Chima would be able to compete. I still see Kevin, and Michelle as wildcards, and Russel and Lydia both have scores to settle.

  82. Jessie and Natalie need to be taken down a peg or two….they’ve been running the HOH room since day ONE! I wish BOTH of them could go home! Hopefully Jeff will nominate both of them so we can see one of them walk out the door!

  83. I would choose Chima and Jessie. Chima is annoying and Jessie is way too self centered and annoying as well. He had his chance last year and is making the same mistakes this go around.

  84. Because Jessie & Nat are both big time whiners and also pains in the “royal” — ! :-)

  85. I want Jessie and Natalie nominated with Jessie leaving….I’m crossing my fingers…Jeff I am counting on you.

  86. Jessie- He’s irritable and lazy and maybe without him Lydia and Natalie can stop being crazy.

    Natalie- How to put it, she’s the second biggest bitch in the house, with Chima only being a slightly bigger bitch.

  87. Marcus, I feel the reason people like Jeff and Jordan is because they are nice to people. They aren’t always yelling at production, back stabbing people, making up lies, ignoring people from day one but then kissing up to them because they want to get further. Jesse and Natlaie are lazy, the lie. It is one thing to lie when some one calls you out on something, that is what they do in this game but the two of them go out of their way to make up lies and spread them and cause all the se fights between people. The whole thing with Michelle being in the green room was a lie the two of them made up. Jesse is lying to Jeff now about things Russel has said about Jeff that aren’t true. Is this a smart way to play, I don’t think so, I think it is the immature, lazy person way to play. I have no respect for a guy to use a girl and then ignore her until he wants to use her again, total classless. Jesse and Natalie deserve each other. Even Lydia with all her problems deserves better. She just needs to love herself. I also think America would like to see someone honest, who isn’t a taker, whiner, not lazy, doesn’t sleep all day and hope some one else is playing the game for them wins the $500,000. It’s about time the good guy gets ahead. I want Jeff to win not because I am a femal and I think he is hot but because he has played harder than Jordan. I think if it the two of them that Jordan will get the votes.
    Russel is being a bully and does some back stabbing but he is honest about it.

  88. Oh Heck Ya… He needs to put Natalie and Jesse up. Jesse shouldn’t even be there…the “pin head” has been on (no fair) before and was booted…”she man” Natalie…is in reality a whiney baby….

  89. I thinkm he should put up Jesse and Natalie, so I quit controling everyone in the house, Then Jeff will still have Russell and they can get Natalie and Chima out the next week.I think it will be still interesting with Russell in the house

  90. It’s the perfect storm.
    Jessie: will give the ” I knew it, I told you,” (Hope he’s told to move his feet and take a seat)
    Stinky/ aka Natalie: will just be saying JESSEEEeeeee JeSSSEEEEeeee as she holds on to his ankles all the way to the door. Her meltage should be a nice twist
    Chiapet?: hee hee, she might be drugged Thursday to look like one of the Tigers at the zoo, during one of those 8 hour non-feed segments on Show day that CBS is known far.

    The perfect storm

  91. Jessie and Nat need to go up for sure with Jessie getting evicted but then Jeff needs to get Russell evicted while he has the votes to do it because Russell will become Jeff’s biggest threat in the house in my opinion. Russell is way too smart and athletic not to win the competitions and we all know how easily he flip-flops!

  92. Jessie and Natalie are behind the scenes running the house and they need to be split up. Plus, I don’t like either of them and I want Jeff and Jordan to win.

  93. Jessie has had 2 girls fighting each other and while the one has a boyfriend he should respect that and keep her afar. He puts everyone down and never has nothing to bring to the table as a friend, oh yeah he will save some of you, but he sleeps and doesn’t have fun with everyone. He isn’t social. He’s in an egg with a crack in it and just peeks out at everyone. As for Natalie, the only way she will have a boyfriend left is if she wins the money, then after the money is gone so will he.

  94. I think it would be a better game if both of them were broken up it seems the both can’t seem to be apart from each other.

    One of them needs to go home. Natalie’s mouth is just too much.

  95. Oh Man!!! I LOVE the LarryH comment…shoulda said something as equally descriptive…
    You “ROCK” Larry!!!!

  96. I want to see the guests go in the following order:
    1. Jessie – too sold on himself
    2. Natalie – riding on Jessie’s coattails
    3. Chima – Her true nature has came out this week
    4. Michelle – two faced
    5. Kevin – not doing anything
    6. Lydia – crybaby
    7. Jordan – just scraping by

  97. It’s amazing how so many feel that HG’s are playing this way or that way. Seems us viewers have different ideas who is playing the game and who isn’t.

    I really don’t care “how” theHG’s are playing the game. No one says you have to play it one way or another. Sitting around and avoiding everyone is One way to play the game, you run the risk of getting evicted sooner or later no matter what way you play.

    This being said: I want to see Jeff change the nominations and put up Jessie and Natalie. This will be the biggest shock so far this season for the HG’s. Also it breaks up the “Triplet Alliance”. Russell and Jeff will be a formidible pair but will have to watch out for the girls who I believe will use Kevin to vote someone out in the coming weeks.

    The next HOH will also change a lot of things in the game to.

    Thurday night should be a blast!!!!!

  98. Jessie and Natalie, Jessie is in love with himself and Natalie will sleep with anyone who is HOH. Can’t stand either one of them, and it will PISS off Chima. It will be an episode not to miss next week.

  99. JESSE needs to go. He keeps talking how hard it is to talk to Jeff. Thats because Jeff is a REAL man. JESSE can’t communicate with real men only mousey little women. If Gnat goes JESSE will fall completely apart!!

  100. It would be pointless to only replace one of the nominees with either Jessie or Natalie. If Jeff uses his power then he needs to replace Russell AND Lydia with Jessie and Natalie. Replacing only one of them could backfire.

  101. I think that either Jesse or Natalie should go up against someone who will not be voted so that for sure one of them will go home. So it should be Natalie to go first and then Jesse. If they put Jesse and Natalie up against one another then it could end up in a tie but if Jeff puts up Natalie he may not alienate himself from Jesse and won’t be nominated next week

  102. It would be great to see Jeff use the power to put up Jesse and Natalie. Jesse cannot be trusted and would backdoor Jeff if he got the chance and Natalie needs to go because she will just protect Jesse and she’s annoying!

  103. I just read the live previews. Can we have two leave tomorrow…why can’t america vote to have someone evicted…we could have lost two tomorrow Jesse, Natalie..Chima has to go as well

  104. Lets PRAY, that Chima is a psycho of her word and IMPLODES when Jeff stands up to use the CDT. Maybe she will assault someone and get kicked out of the show. .. .DOUBLE EVICTION night. .. .boo yahh

  105. I would nomonate Jesse and Gnat. This will insure that Jesse goes home. I think it would be a clean sweep, even Lydia secretly would like him gone.

  106. Jesse and Natalie are basically ruling the house. They’re watching each others back and screwing everyone else over. Plus I hate Natalie with a passion.

  107. JMHO, but after watching this tool, Jessie does NOT seem attracted to girls. Oh, he has no problem talking to them or using them, but “liking” them, IDTS . …………..Jessie wearing that USF sweatshirt is VERY fitting.

  108. Jesse needs to be the one evicted.

    Chima can’t compete in the next HOH and Natalie hasn’t won a comp yet!

    This gives the others the oportunity to put both girls up next week.

  109. Jesse and Michelle both are liars and especially Michelle. I did like her but there is away to lie but not right to your face and make the other person look so stupid. Bye Michelle Bye Jesse. The remaining Chima and Natalie should be easy to get out.

  110. Jeff should put Jessie and Gnatalie up because they need to know who’s boss in that house and it “ain’t them.” Besides two birds could be killed with one stone because if Jessie stops short on his way out the door, Gnatalie is going straight up his ass.

  111. I’d pick Jesse and Natalie, I can’t stand either of them two and their constant whining when things don’t go their way! Oh boy who, grow a pair Jesse!

  112. first one would be Nat. ____ she has a BAD XXX attitude that no-one can touch her or should I say no-one should touch Jesse
    second one would be Jesse he had his chance once before and blew it and now he is blowing it the same way besides he has the same attitude as Nat

  113. Here is what I would like to see happen………Jeff remove Russell and Lydia……replace them with Jessie and Natalie…….whoever goes home great!!!! Then Jeff win HOH and put up Chima and either Jessie or Natalie. Make sure one of them goes home the next week and then it will be time for Jordan to step up and win HOH the following week and send home either Chima/Jessie or Natalie……but the key here is to put whichever one up with Russell. I am hopeful that the Final 5 is Jeff, Jordan, Kevin, Michelle and Lydia.

  114. The top three that need to go are Jessie, Natalie and Chima. I will even add Kevin to the list, he is totally pointless in this game. Chima is the biggest racist person I ever met. She is totally a disgrace, even to her own race. I think she is the biggest snake in the grass, and it’s time to send her packing. If you get ride of the other two, then I believe the show will pick up in character and in moral. These three do nothing
    to add to this excitement of big brother. It’s because of these three that really makes Big Brother 11 the worst in the shows history. You never saw the likes of this game men ship on the other shows. If it wasn’t for this group, I think you would have an exciting show to watch.

  115. i think jesse an nat should go up for sure, i think chima is smart and playing a good game as far as realy knowing who thinking what wich scares me a little , in the end my favs are jeff an jorden

  116. I think Jessie and Nat should be nominated because Jessie-Chima-Nat think that they rule the house. Nat hasn’t done anything but cause fights and try to control Jessie. Plus, it would be awesome to see the look on Chia’s face if Jeff nominates them because then she’s pretty much done! I want Jessie or Jordan to win! They’re the best so far at this game.

  117. While it would be hilarious to watch Jesse & Natalie go up against each other… strategically (for Jeff), I think Michele & Natalie should face off, with Natalie as the target. Hard to predetermine which one of Jesse or Nat would go – and could even end up a tie, with Chima having to make the call ironically – which means Nat stays likely, with the girl alliance. However, with Michele and Nat up, most others will more than likely vote Nat out over Michele. (Chima & Nat won’t be eligible to vote.) Then, Jeff doesn’t have Jesse after him necessarily & it would be even better if Jesse learns of the “girl alliance” before this… perhaps Jeff says in retrospect that he was “keeping the guys alive”, having learned of Chima’s scheme. Russell and Lydia (& Sugarbear) are grateful to him for being taken off the block, and Michele and Chima can hold on to what they can – for now.

  118. Well Jessie and Chima of course just to split up their alliance, Chlamydia would then side with Jeff also since she’s a cling on. Best would be for Chima to get the boot, there’s no room for racism in any culture and and as for Jesse, once she’s gone he can go next, that boy is looking gaunt and needs to get something to eat, perhaps some mommy milk as he hasn’t been popped of the titty of life yet, mumma..

  119. Wow, we almost ALL agree. It has to be Jesse and Natalie. I would like to see natalie elave first because I cannot stand her AND because I don’t want her in the jury house.

  120. I would put up Jessie and Natalie is for no other reason than they drive me CRAZY! All HE does is flaunt power when he has it, and then complain that challenges were unfair when he doesn’t win. Natalie is just as bad! Her paranoia is out of this world, I am SICK of her hiding behind Jessie, and she complains more than Jessie that things are “unfair” when she doesn’t win. NEWSFLASH: When people pick envelopes at random and happen to win prizes it is not a conspiracy, it’s LUCK! Hopefully, Jeff will put them up and one will go home. Then next week, Jeff wins HOH and puts up Chima and either Natalie or Jessie, depending on who is left. I won’t even get started on Chima. All I’ll say is, her act is wearing pretty thin.

  121. I cannot wait to see Jessie’s face when or if Jeff nominates him.He was such a sore loser about Russell not picking him for POV it was hillarious


  122. I hope Jeff goes with the house on this one, I think it may be the only way he and Jordan can stay together,

  123. I will be so disappointed if Jeff does not use his power. Jessie and Natalie are so irritating and one has to go. Then they can get Chima witch out as well. Jeff please do the right thing.

  124. I would put up Jessie and Natalie because they think that they are ruleing the house and everyone in it. They need to get a reality check.

  125. Well it is rather obvious that the majority of us agree. JESSE and/or NAT need to be replaced and one of them need to go home. It would be extremely enjoyable to see a double nomination and the both of them go home but doubt that will occur this week. However, I would like to see either Jeff or Jordan win HOH next week and send Chima’s butt off as well. What will Bonnie do without Clyde….haha so ready to see what occurs with the wizard power. I will be sadly disappointed if Jeff backs out and doesn’t use the power or uses it against someone else. I honestly think he is strongminded and he will make the appropriate decision that will be best for him in the end. He would be completely insane if he did not use his power. GO JEFF GO!!!

  126. Using the coup d’Etat should be a no-brainer for Jeff. One could argue that he shouldn’t make himself a target by using it. Well.. it’s a game and he is already an eventual target anyway. If he puts up Jessie and Natalie he would be solidifying a strong ally in Russell, possibly making a friend in the game in Lydia (and thus Kevin), taking out a player who has been an enemy throughout the entire game. So.. make two friends, get rid of one enemy = foolish not to use it. And in the process– what mass chaos will be created in the house! And Chima won’t be able to compete for HOH either. Incredible entertainment. Go for it Jeff. We think you have the balls to do it and that’s why you got this power.

  127. My biggest fear Thurs. nite – they’re forcasting thunderstorms tom. nite and I might lose my power. Go Jeff and Jordan!!!!

  128. Jessie and Nat needs to go! Jesse because he is not playing the game he is letting his bulldog Nat do it for him. He should not be on this season, he was a jerk and lost last season for a reason! Nat should go just because she does, can not stand her. Then a real game can play!

  129. I would totally love to see Jesse and Natalie up with tomorrow night being double eviction. First off, they are both rats! Double eviction would guarantee both gone since there is nobody that Nat could win against.

  130. because natalie and jesse are so up each other azzez, it’s like they are attached to the hip and for how mad natalie gets when jesse is not with her and he is with lydia she just get so pissed, it’s funny, put natalie and jesse up and send natalie home 1 she will be pisse cause jesse will be all lydia’s and 2 jesse right nhand man will be gone no one to do his dirty work and stick up for him

  131. I agree with Teresa, I would love to see both Jessie & Gnat (opps mean Natalie) gone! =)
    Want to see Jeff or Jordan win!!!

  132. jessie’s cocky ass needs to go home for suree.. and chima is soooo annoying and wa is up with kevin not taking lydia is own friend off the block .. clearly knowing that there is a wizard power out there.. that could change the game.. next week chima, kevin or natalie needs to go home and hopefully russel or jeff win the HOH…

  133. Put up jess and nat. Keep nat – she would be different with out jess. We could see if she had any real game play or not. Nat’s mouth would be on overdrive and causing much more drama in the house. Drama is much more fun to watch than someone asleep.

  134. I can’t stand Natalie or Jessie. They are stuck up each others —–. I don’t think they can make it without each other. Jessie is just gross looking and he thinks he knows the game if he is so smart how come he got voted out last season??? And Natalie can not think for herself. They both need to go.

  135. My hope is that Jeff takes the opportunity to get Jessie out of the house now. It’s a win win situation with J/N because a strong alliance would be broken. HG’s won’t take long to get rid of Russell, Chima or Michele who are live wires and if Jesse goes home Natalie will be vulnerable.Kevin just proved he has no loyalty to anyone, Lydia is just biding her time. alot rides on Thursday’s results an alliance is only as good as what unites them. In the case of an all girl power, girls usually only stay with same sex until they have removed the threat.
    I wonder how many Psychiatry classes monitor the BB house ??? Don’t you think Maslow would be proud??

  136. I agree the most deserving person is the one who should win. I also like people who play the game. Right now Lydia, kevin, and even Jessie is not really playing the game. I can’t stand Jessie! I didn’t like him last season. I think he is worst than Jen was. I like Jordan, but I do not feel that she deserves to win. Michele has made one or two moves in the game so far. I really think Kevin was really lame for not using the veto on Lydia, but obviously he knew he could do that to her and get away with doing it. Chima needed to know taht she does not control anyone, but he should her that she did then and spit in Lydia’s face for not using it on her when she has been his loyal friend from the beginning. They were so wrong for making Chima seem as if that is why she called Russell that. I think Chima is really a bad person. I absoultely LOVE Jeff! He is playing the game, but just differently than the rest of them. I like the fact that he does not get caught up in the hype. he is not trying to be your friend just because. I really liked that he stood up to the Athletes when they tried to make it seem like he couldn’t talk to certain people because they were not on his team. Ofcourse in the game you are going to have to lie, but some people take it over board they still need to realize that we are watching and what would we think of them. I would like to see Jeff and Russell at the end, no one else right (in my opinion) is worthy of the money other than them. I am stillw aiting on it to come out how old Natalie really is and will that have an effect on her alliance.

  137. Obviously Jessie and Nat need to go up….I cannot wait to see the look on their face if/ when Jeff pulls the trigger. Nat has done nothing but skate through the whole game and Jessie is a punk b%$ch after the way he nominated Casey…..really love this season.

  138. Also I REALLY hope Jeff uses the power!! he should simply because we gave it to him and he should use it for that fact, but I really want him to use it just to see the reaction on Chima’s face mostly and to see if she really will flip out….LOL! It makes it even sweeter that is doing Chima’s HOH rein so she can be brought down a notch! I can not wait till the day that she is evicted. I think Jessie should go home over Natalie because Jessie will win some competitions, but Natalie has not won ONE thing she is all talk.

  139. I actually like Jesse better this go around. He and Nat need to be split though and if he is not with the “good guys” he needs to go. So far Nat has not been a real threat, they can pick her off later. Russell is at least honest to himself and us, he will do what he needs to in order to stay in the game. Jeff should keep him as long as it is safe. HG would vote for him in the end over Russell and I am sure Russell knows that too, so he might try to boot him before they get that far.

  140. I want to see jeff put jess/natalie on the block get rid of jess then hopefully win hoh and get rid of chima bogger lips as i call her i think she because she was raped she hates all men she should tell people she is a lesbian lol

  141. What was Natalie thinking???? Just saw the video someone posted (thank you by the way) of the BB House commenting on her funk. Girl, WTF???? A whole week with out showering??? Oh Damn (*&&)(&%^$#$%&*( !!!!!!! Nasty!!!!

  142. I can’t stand Natalie. She is pushy, stuck on Jesse, she is riding his coat tails and is like velcro. Jesse needs to go. He is a pouty baby and so in love with Jesse he seems to be ridiculous

  143. I think that Jeff should use the Coup de etat and put up Natalie and Jesse for sure. But, Jesse should be the one sent home. I think that Jeff should keep his friends (Jordan) close but his enemies (Russell) closer. Jeff needs to use Russell as much as he can until the end. Chi-witch needs to be the next to go.
    America does not like her, she is annoying. Especially when she THINKS she has power. And the threatening people has got to be squelched. I don’t call that game play.
    I thought this game was about strategy, not crap talking and back stabbing. I understand the back dooring, but I think back stabbing is another story. I am thinking Jeff or Kevin will win this game.

  144. There are rumors circulating that CBS is worried about the uproar that may occur if Jeff indeed uses the mystery power. An email was sent out to ticket holders stating that they needed to be at the studio’s lot by 11:30 am, instead of the usual 2 pm. Speculation is that the eviction will be taped.

    I think this is ridiculous that they allow someones temper tantrum change their production schedule, like I said before kick her off or sit her upstairs in the HOH room and tell her she is not allowed to come down with the other house guest (she is having time out, what you give a child when they aren’t behaving)in case the wizard powers are used they don’t want to listen to her mouth.

  145. Best case would be for Jeff to put up Jesse and Nat with either one getting evicted. Chima throws such a hissy fit that she gets tossed as well. Think of it as a bonus eviction!!!

  146. I think a good pair to put up would be Michelle and Russell. Michelle because she is a sleeper powerful player. Russell, he too is a powerful player.

  147. Jessie and Natalie, what everyone sees on BB is what they really are in real life…sad to see that abuse on Lydia by Jessie when he knuckle punched her in several places on her body and that is abuse.. very much soo and the filth that comes from his mouth and his little bulldog taking up for him.It is also awful that Chima is allowed to be racial and curse Russell as a terriost as she has.. why allow her to do this?Worse BB to allow this..Jeff ..get them outta there and I Pray You and Jordan go all the way to the end..yep..sure do.Jordan is not stupid as the HG say ..really a sweet southern girl… a pleasure to see. Win..Jeff, for you and the right thing on Thursday Night.

  148. Hi guys, I’m back. I’ve been keeping up on the show and things are starting to get interesting. I’ve been reading all of your comments and you guys, and myself, seem to have our own game in play. I agree Jeff should put up Jess and Nat. I think that if Nat goes home the fun will start. The game will start all over again because now the HG’s will need to rethink their alliance’s

  149. No guys.Jeff should not use the power to save Russel.If he pisses off three jury members…Jessie,Natali and Chima,he has no chances of winning final with anybody.So Jeff please be smart and do not be a dumb.

  150. Putting Jessie/Natalie is the dumbest idea for Jeff.May be it looks good for now, but it will bite him in the final.Wake up Jeff.

  151. From what I’ve been reading and hearing, it is sure looking like Jeff will use his power to pull Lydia and Russell off the block and replace them with Jessie and Natalie. Even though Jeff won’t be able to vote, I still think there will be enough votes to get Jessie out. Nat and Chima will not be strong without Jessie. I also don’t believe the all-girl alliance will last long as Nat and Chima are big targets for eviction (especially if power in the house shifts over to Jeff’s side)and Michelle won’t stick with them. I also agree with everyone who said Chima’s “terrorist” comment was racist. I like how she is trying to spin it – saying Russell is terrorizing the house and that’s why she called him a terrorist. I think we all know that if Russell was not of Lebanese descent that Chima would not have called him a terrorist. She’s such a hypocrite! Remember she called Braden a racist – even though she later admitted she did not think he was. She’s got to go soon – and Nat too. Then we can start this game again! Looking forward to Thursday!

  152. U guys don’t know that there will be 7 jury members,and to win have to get 4 votes.If Jeff pisses off 3(jessie/Natalie/chima),he has 3% chance of winning the game.Is it good idea to go for 3%hope?

  153. Have some of you not been listening to the feeds, and the number of people who are saying Jeff has to go?!

    Some of you are saying Jeff is gonna make 3 enemies if he does this. Well, they’re not new enemies. These same people have been wanting to target Jeff for the past few weeks.

    If Jeff takes Lydia and Russell off, then there are two people who owe him for at least a week. Jessie has been whining that it’s not fair to just give someone this power, but I’m pretty sure he’d be singing a different tune if he was the one who had received it!

  154. If he puts up Jessie and Natalie at least he has a chance to make it to the final 2. If he doesn’t change it and Jessie wins HOH Jeff will be gone next week.

  155. I had heard Jeff can vote. He isnt HOH I also heard he can be a tie breaking vote. I guess we will all find out how it works Thursday

  156. I am disgusted that CBS has given Jeff this coup de tat power. What a joke. If Jessie ends up going home because of this it is a tragedy. Jeff and his sidekick Jordan have done nothing in this game that makes them worthy to go any farther. It really makes me sick seeing CBS cheat for Jeff and Jordan. They need to go.

  157. I would pick Jesse and Natalie to go up on the block together. Might as well start tearing that alliance apart now…It would also be funny to see how everyone voted…

  158. I hope Jeff uses it an nominates Jessie and Natalie. I’m so tired of hearing them throw pity parties for themselves. They have made up so many lies this season. I wish they could both go at the same time.

  159. Most of the posts on here seem to talk as if nat and jess are as good as nominated by jeff and the coup d’etat. Does everyone think that that is how it will pan out? I really want this to happen but I am not going to hold my breath. Guess were just gonna have to wait and see. GO JEFF AND JORDAN!!

  160. Send Jesse packing!!!! And if it’s true that there will be a double eviction then anyone except Nat can win, cause Chima can’t participate and then put up Chima and Nat… Best case scenario. Is it Thursday yet??? Does anyone know about the Double Eviction and if so will the 2nd eviction be tomorrow or Sunday?

  161. I definitely would nominate Jessie and Natalie; they would hold too much power if you leave them in. Plus it is obvious that they will target Jeff/Jordan the following week as they are the biggest threat left in the game. Purely a strategic move to put both of them up and get rid of one of them. As has been said, Lydia and Russel will be somewhat indebted to them for saving them; plus eliminating/breaking up a big block!

  162. Those that keep saying that Jeff should go with the house, do you know something we don’t know? The only ones who truly want Russell to go are Chima and Michelle. Michelle because she is a liar and Russell called her on it, and Chima because Russell turned her sexual advances down. I do watch after dark and I saw it. They need to put up Jesse and Natalie and let them fight for survival.

  163. I also think that Jeff should put up Jesse and Nasty Nat. But I think Jesse should be the one to go first. If Jesse is gone Nat won’t know what to do. If Nat went first, Jesse would still be around to make trouble for Jeff. I can’t say I totally trust Russell, but like others have said, if he has a heart he will owe Jeff big time. Plus, I don’t think he is all that bad. I realize he did go off on Jeff, but he apologized and it all blew over. He was nice to Chia pet until she started antagonizing him. You can only take so much from a big mouth!! She just won’t shut up and let it die. She’s just constantly on the subject. It needs to be Jesse, GNat, and then Chima. I like Jordan, but I also think she hasn’t done anything in the game, just rides Jeff’s shirttale. They will never make it if they stay together after the house, she gets on his nerves now already!! Go Jeff!!!!

  164. What, Jeff should be worried about hurting someone’s feelings about who he puts up? Let’s get real here. Do the right thing Jeff – put up the right people and be damned the consequences. Jessie the body and Natalie the Shadowdesrve to be on the block at the same time…..wouldn’t that be great to watch? There would be knives in backs all over the place!!!

  165. I have the Inside…….And I will tell you Natalie or Jessie is not going home…..that is a sure deal… can bet on it!!

  166. @ Susan B……. How can you be so sure Natalie / Jessie won’t go home? Who do you think is going home?

  167. @ mike-
    Jeff has done as much as Jesse-get over it.
    Jeff needs to use the power-put up Jesse and Gnat-hope enough people vote for Gnat to go home-then explain the womens alliance to Jesse.
    Next-Jeff has to win HoH next week to put up Chiapet and then use Michelle/Kevin as a pawn to make sure Chiapet goes home or backdoor Jesse. Jeff will then need to win a few POV contests as he will be the big target with Jordan used as a pawn.

  168. The magic 8-Ball told Susan that?
    Will Jesse and Gnat have a chance to beg for votes or is it a golden silence? Will Jeff get a chance to say why he putting those 2 on the block?
    Will Chiapet really loose it? If I were Russell I would pull up a chair right next to her and start giving her heck-right then and there-ask her if she wants to share a room and follow her around like a puppy just chirping in her ear the whole damn time.

  169. I think Jesse needs to go, all he does is walk around thinking he is just the s%@#t but i got news for you get over your self. An Natalie she just a b&#@h in heat an i just don’t like her….

  170. The best power competitor, hands down, is Russell…nobody else is even close. Michelle has won two POV’s and nobody else has won more than one, including Jessie, the neurotic whiner. Much of the drama in the house has been caused by the constant behind-the-back whispers of Jessie, Natalie, Chima and Michelle…fun to watch and destructive as hell. If Russell wasn’t such a lunatic, he’d be the best player, hands down…as it is, it appears that people want a little sanity, which is why Jeff and Jordan have so much support. They are playing the game…just not as loudly as some of the others…

  171. By the way, Mike, Jessie got into this game because of the way CBS set up the initial competition, which was a physical challenge, that obviously favored the athletes…so much for cheating…

  172. i hope jeff puts up jessie and natalie. then when hoh and put chima and machele up with chima going home. this girl has no right calling anyone a racist or a terrorist. there could’nt be no bigger racist than this witch, she looks like a bobble head with that big fake hair and those fat albert lips. hope she don’t get caught in a wind storm because her lips would beat her to death. machele is one of the biggest liars in there and she ‘s not even good at it.


  174. Jessie &Natalie need to go up brake up the snakes. It is past time for jessie heshould have been gone befor this.Jessie acts like he is p …..whip around Nat get rid of him Then lets see how nat will act.

  175. Jessie and Natalie are so are arrogant (did he learn nothing the first time??),and self-indulgent. Chima is just as bad, but at her age, there is simply no excuse.
    There really isn’t anyone “playing the game” at this point except Russell and Michelle (just can’t like ner). And as much as I like Jeff and Kevin, they haven’t done more than float. C’mon people, get with it….. Bring back Casey! He was at least interesting, funny, and told it like it was!!! I really am disappointed in this year’s BB. What a boring bunch!!! They are either sleeping or conniving. Do these people even know how to have ANY fun????

  176. @ Susan B–since Natalie and Jessie can’t both go home, I would have to agree ” that Natalie or Jessie won’t go home “, but it sure would be nice if they both checked in back to back weeks.

  177. I know it’s past midnight, and this may be totaly crazy but, wouldn’t it be great if he used his “wizard power”, and he didn’t have to disclose that he was the Wizard? reveal his nominations in the diary room. Earlier in the day, they would call everyone in as to not let on who has the power. I know wishfull thinking :)

  178. I’ll start by saying I’m on team jeff. i think jordon is a really sweet girl and i hope her and jeff stay true to eachother and i think they seem like they honestly care for eachother and could love eachother, so i hope for the best, but jordon is not a master game player so i’d like to see her in the 3rd spot, russel #2 and jeff #1.
    Natalie is not a threat. she’s been real lazy so far, just riding jessie’s coat tails… she does talk a lot of game but when it comes down to her aliance, jessie has final say and she just goes with him. i think if jessie left thursday (fingers crossed) Natalie wouldn’t be able to save herself. Michelle should be put up with jessie because she’s lying and starting fights. i would still want jessie to go home because he’s the bigger physical threat but sending that message to michelle would make her say, ok, power’s switching, better move to the other side again… and of course lydia and kevin will follow suite. i think Kevin has some potential to win if jess & nat and jeff & jordon both get broken up. i think chima’s reign of power and freak outs will put her out shortly… if russ won HOH again, i think she’d be out that week. i think she has more sway with folks then nat as well.

    also it’s my understanding that jeff doesn’t have to take both ppl of the block with the CDT power, which means that lydia’s name should be on that poll, but i still don’t think she’ll be going home!

    I want to see the all-powerful, (in his own mind), Jessie fall!!! loose twice!!! maybe it’ll make you eat some humble pie.


  179. I am hoping that Jeff will put up Jessie & Natalie against one another – they seriously need to break up that trio. If Jeff sticks with Russell, he will be a sure bet to win because everyone will want Russell out at the next available opportunity and everyone knows that Jessie/Chima/Natalie are a power trio right now.

  180. LOVE your idea Charli – too bad that Jeff will have to reveal himself in order to use the power. Puts a target on himself unfortunately.

  181. I liked Brayden and was sorry to see him go. I found him to be funny and entertaining along with Casey – too bad they both were out so quick. Should’ve been Ronnie first with Chima and Michelle following closely behind!!!!

  182. Jeff is gonna whimp out and not use the power. If he did use it he would be going home next.

    Jessie rocks! He is going to stay

  183. Please Jeff, don’t chicken out.
    He must know his chances are slim to none if JESS/NAT/CHIMA stay together.

  184. I hope Ronnie gets asked to return to BB11 and surprise everyone with his surprise return! Go team Jessie! Boot out the floater who have done nothing Jeff and Jordan take the love show home no room for it here.

  185. -You remind me of the BABE!

    -What babe?

    -The babe with the POWER!

    -What Power?

    -THe power of voo doo!

    -Who do?

    -YOU do!

    -Do What?

    -Remind me of the BABE!

  186. @Carli-I like you idea of calling Jeff in first ask him if he wants to use it and bring in the HG one by one and present the noms and make them vote on the spot … would be great idea. Send that to CBS!!!

  187. I want chimapet gone more than any of them except for Jessie and GNAT !!! She is a freakin racist if I ever saw one ! She got in Russell’s face first so I don’t blame him one bit for going off on her so many times !! Michele is a little liar and I hope everyone notices that. I am so sick of chimapet;s stupid giggling.. She really ruins the sound feed on here cuzz that’s all you hear is her stupid voice.. She will never win since she is a racist. I really despise when a person of color has to keep bringing up race as an issue. It those people who start all the crap…Can’t wait till bozo hair goes home!!!

  188. i totaly agree with the idea that if CBS changes the show from live to taped because of chima, at the producers discretion, they should also change the Coup D’etat to a true mystery power and allow jeff to use it behind closed doors and remain anonymous. Chima has ruined the thrill of the power and the anticipation of a GREAT live eviction. Save Jeff from chima and keep the mystery a mystery!! Then let the b*tch think about how she not only ruined her chances at 500k, but how she ruined the entire game! She may not actually care about the game, but the others will certainly think about how she ruined the game for them!

  189. Of course I choose Jessie and Natalie. They are the most powerful couple in the house so Jeff needs to split them up.

    I have a question, if Jeff use CDT, is he eligible to participate in the HOH competition next week ?

  190. Is it official ? Because Jeff is like HOH this week, dont u think it’s unfair if Jeff is allowed to take part in the competition for next week ?

  191. jeff is not the official HOH, he is the holder of the coup d’etat. It is completely fair that he has the ability to compete.

  192. Jeff should pay a tribute to Casey and tell Jesse “Move your feet, you have a new seat” (as he points to the nominee chair. See if Roid Boy likes that. I admit I loathe Natalie, BUT she in totally inept, a smelly azz buffoon who can’t win anything. How did she become a Tae Kwan Do Champ?? That must be a video game title because all of her actions show her as lame!! I prefer to see Jesse gone because as long as he is there, the women will throw themselves all over him. So, to seal Lydia’s vote when you need it, I propose this, Coup De’Tat Russell off, put Jesse up with Lydia. 6 votes then. Jeff, Jordan, Michelle and Kevin (will not vote against Lydia) vote out Roid Boy, while a deperation vote from Natalie is pointless. Russell..who knows/who cares, but I would enjoy seeing the drama with Chima. Then your HOH competition is money in the bank. No Jesse, Chima can’t play, Natalie is inept so the “other side” wins, and up goes Chimapanzee and Nasty over.

  193. @Will : if Jeff uses the CDT, he is not allowed to vote to evict anyone. Michelle is no guarantee to vote for Lydia while Kevin will be affected by Chima. The best way to ensure Jessie out of the game is to veto 2 nominees and put up Nat and Jes.

  194. I see your point Vietnam…however, the flip side is, Lydia votes for Jessie if she comes down, Kevin will roll whatever way the wind blows, Michelle, who knows. I agree there. If Nat goes against Roid Boy, Nat goes then I see Jessie winning HOH, then Jeff goes home..bad gugu. I would prefer Nat to stay another week bc she is useless. Did she even get one egg out in that competition?? She is a waste of skin. Now Roid Boy, is someone to be worried about.

  195. They say expect the Unexpected..well I go for a triple eviction, get rid of roid man, then for health & safety, get rid of smelly Nat, then for the sanity of all, get rid of that laughing Hyena Chima. Could her laugh be any worse. She is like nails on a chalkboard. Yes, I am suggesting that BB have a triple eviction THIS week, no one is safe, even the HOH. How cool would that be.

  196. Where has it been said that Jeff can not vote tonight? Will he be the tie breaker if Chiapet is allowed to vote?

  197. Get rid of nasty stinky Gnat b/c she is always up Jesse’s a$$ and she doesn’t do anything on her own. Send JesseRoid home, he is so full of his self. Wish that Russell could physically put him in his place w/out being kicked off the show. But oh my, Jesse may break a nail! He makes me sick sucking up to people only when he thinks they have some power. Jeff, get rid of the two and then get rid of CHIMA!!!!!

  198. My guess would be that if Jeff uses CDT he “overthrows” Chimapanzee and becomes the de facto HOH, so Chima votes and Jeff is the tie breaker. I still wanna see Roid man go home although, not sure another week of smelly, skanky Natalie is beneficial.

  199. I understood that Jeff can vote. The ones that cant vote are the noms. Hoh only votes if it is a tie. I also heard that Jeff will get to break tie. Jeff is not HOH Chiapet is

  200. I don’t know..I guess we will find out tonight huh hope Natalie showers at least before she plants her skankiness in the nom chair

  201. The evil dragon head of Nathalie and Jessie must be slain. LOL Nathalie really needs to be gone.

  202. I hope that it will be Nat and Chima. I think Chima has a big chip on her shoulder and Nat is rriding on Jessie’s coattail. Chima will go off if Jeff uses this power, but how can he not use it. This move will change the game. I would not like to see Jessie go 1 because he is easy in the eyes 2 I think he makes the game more of a challange for the others. Yes Chima or Nat they are who I would like to see up on the block.

  203. @Molly: Chima can not be nominated by the Coup D’Etat power because she is the current HoH. It would have to be one of the 4 available HGs.

  204. I just thought of the best situation. Both Natalie and Jesse go up its a tie and Chima has to decide who goes home

  205. Matt
    Can you explain how the CDT works
    can Jeff vote
    Who breaks tie
    Does Jeff play for HOH, because he wasnt hoh and it wouldnt be fair if he couldnt compete

  206. If Nasty Nat and JesseRoid both go up, I can’t see a tie. Jeff and Jordan vote Jesse, Lydia and Queen Kevin vote Natalie, Russell and Michelle who knows IF Michelle is in the femme alliance she votes Jesse I think Russ votes Jess IF he is grateful to Jeff and he honors his word. He did in the HOH so I would “hope” he does again so if so, it should be a 4-2 vote to move your feet, you got a new seat Roid Man

  207. If Jesse Steroid goes home, that poses a BB dilemma. Who sleeps in who’s bed?? Lydia and Natalie lose their man crush. Jeff and Jordan are an item, Kevin..well he’s not an issue, Chima and Michelle are on their own, guess Lydia can try her bi-sexual techniques on Natalie. According to my wife, Natalie said if she was a lesbo, she would be attracted to Lydia, so maybe we can see if that’s true. LOL

  208. I would nominate Jesse and Natalie and really shake up that house. Jeff is not in an alliance with those 2 idiots, and I would love to see their faces. I would pay to see that happen, they think they actually run something! Lets all pray that Jeff really uses his power and one of those 2 are out the door tonight

  209. If it came right down to it Russ would kick Jessies a%%. Body builders have the muscle mass, yes, but Russ being a fighter has the strength, and the knowledge of a knockdown drag out fight.

  210. Jeff should be able to vote. If he doesn’t use the power he has I will lose all faith I have in him. He said himself that he is considering putting Jesse against Natalie. Lets wait and see if Russell blew it with his big mouth.

  211. Charli who is to say that CBS did not call in each individual into the DR and give them an envelope? Only showing us the audience that Jeff had won it, allowing the show to run its one hour course.

  212. It is in Jeff’s best intrest to put Nat and Jessie up against each other. In this case Jessie will be evicted. with Jessie gone and Chima not able to play for hoh that just leaves Nat and Michele the only two that can play on that team. Come on we all know that Nat is worthless… so them mostlikely Jeff or Russel will win. We have all seen that russel has been true to Jeff and Jordan so and we all know that Chima will be the next target…HAHA I love BB for making it a crazy season can’t wait to watch Jessie Nat and Chimas faces!

  213. These HGs may be brash, boring and immature, but according to the comments, everybody has a favorite and/or a unfavorite HG and I’m sure you are all like me…….I can’t wait ’til tonight to see what happens!!!! I watched Showtime last night hoping to see Evil Dick beating on pots and pans to keep them all awake.


  215. Jeff needs to rid of Jessie first, it will be a lot easier to get Russell later because he has no friends after the last 2 weeks.
    Jessie has support that needs busted up and he his the first one to bust out of the house.

  216. Dulce…spell’s free!! Russell will NEVER win it all, no way the jury votes him the winner. Jessie and Natalie are the conniving ones to fear. Russell staying helps Jeff and Jordan’s game, because the sheeople will focus on getting rid of Russell. The heat will be off Jeff and Jordan. Now is the time to break up that 3 some of Jessie, Nasty Nat and Chima, since one gets evicted tonight, one can’t play HOH tonight, then there is only one versus the house. Then the house can put the last 2 of the “athlete” clique” up and bury them. Russell is the ultimate distractor, he only furthers Jeff’s game.

  217. Jessie and Natalie need to be put up. I’m glad pretty much everybody is on the same page.
    They’re annoying and evil and Natalie’s kind of an idiot. C’mon, Nat…there’s a reason why everybody believed you were 18. Can you say immature???

  218. Jessie & Nat should be on block with Jessie going out the door. Jessie seems to control multiple alliances and females. With Jessie gone that breaks up a few alliances and gives others a chance.

  219. I need to go in that house and shake some stuff up…it would be game on if I walked through the door. These nubiciles can be read like open books…99% of playing the game like deer in the headlights.

  220. It’s a bold move, but I think he should put up Jessie and Natalie, and I think Natalie should go home. Natalie has no emotion regulation (not like Russel or Chima, who have anger regulation problems). Natalie only has one personality “jealous, know-it-all, bitch”.She doesn’t know when to keep her mouth shut. She will be so mad if Jessie went home, and would freak out. I think Jessie would be like “good move” even though he’d be mad at first, he’d go straight back into game mode, and maybe even try to get Jeff and Jordan to be his allies. We will see! It will take courage to do that, he might not even use it!

  221. Jeff will win hands down then. I am sure Kevin will break a nail before that point, and thus be rendered unable to compete. He is just so “sweet” LOL

  222. Chima should automatically be sent packing for her threats to other HG’s and what she is going to do if things don’t go her way. Everyone there is there to win the game. Its not the Chima show so get over yourself Chia Pet!! CBS needs to stop worrying about her and worry about what the fans of BB means to the show!

  223. I hope that jeff use his power.And there goes jessie or his gal.Then I hope they take out the loud mouth chima she talks about russ being a terroist because of his race and him yelling at other people in the house. She sould take a good look in the mirror in strat calling herslef those nasty name.She just all out crazy.

  224. charli, i like that idea also.that way they might have some peace b/c chimas tantrum is going to get worse,although maybe she will get kicked off,that might be her goal,first african-american female to get kicked off bb.from what im reading she has pushed way to many buttons.she definately does not know when enough is enough.she is very imature.

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