Big Brother 11: Week 5 PoV Ceremony Results – Spoilers

The Power of Veto Ceremony is over in the Big Brother 11 house. To find out if the PoV was used click “continue reading” for the spoilers

Kevin, the winner of this week’s PoV, did just what he said he’d do: nothing. The Veto was not used, leaving Chima’s original nominations of Russell & Lydia on the chopping block. Unless Jeff uses his Coup D’Etat, one of these two will be going home in a few days.

What do you think? Which of these two should be sent home on Thursday’s live eviction night? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. now america’s player can put up jess & nat. but be careful what you wish for because now he has to grow a pair.

  2. The best case scenario would be for Jeff to put up Jessie and Natalie with Jessie going home… Then for Lydia or Russell winning HoH and putting up Natalie and Chima with either going home!!!!

  3. tricky now-will enough people vote jesse out? Lydia and kevin would vote to keep jesse (lydia because she hates Nat and Kevin to prove loyalty to Jesse). Will Russ and Michelle vote out Jesse? Both of them have had their heads up Jesse’s butt several times in the game. If Jesse survives that puts him in the competition for HoH-where he would undoubtably go after Jeff.
    Jesse and Nat need to go-best case is Jesse first-Nat has done nothing in the game-where as Jesse has won 1 HoH.
    Send Jesse packing while you can-then next week put Chiapet and Ratanat on the block-use a pawn if one of them wins POV-then go after the other one the next week.

  4. That is definitely the best case scenario. Jeff shouldn’t have to worry about about Lydia or Russell nominating him since he would have saved them, and then Jeff is still eligible to play for HOH the following week. Actually, BEST case scenario would be for all of the above to happen, but it being a double eviction week with both Natalie and Chima going home!

  5. I hope Jeff doesn’t chicken out. I don’t think he will. They (Jess and Chima) seem to know pretty well that Jeff has the power and what it is. Jess has already confessed that he thinks it would be smart for the power to be used to put up him and Natalie. Chima is laying everything out there and telling everyone that she will flip out if it is used. She could be playing this a lot smarter. She can’t play for HOH next time and is making herself a target even more. She also knew there was a power out there before she became current HOH. She seems to be playing this game very personal, and that can certainly cloud your good judgement.
    Jeff isn’t going to use the power to screw Chima over directly, he’s going to use it to split up Jess/Nat. That makes sense. Jeff knows the numbers are dwindling for him and Jordan and he needs to shake it up. Otherwise, he and Jordan will be staring at each other on the block while Jess/Nat will be voting one of them out.

  6. I have a feeling that Russell will be the next person to exit the house this Thursday night, according to my predictions. I have a feeling that Jeff will again not use the Power Of Coup D’etat this Thursday night, leaving the nominations and the entire house the same.
    Kevin Silvestris
    Worcester, MA

  7. I think Jeff should use the coup detat to put Jessie and Natalie on the block and break them up. If Chima blows so what. Every one knows she can do nothing about it. Inow this puts a target on Jeff’s back but he will have one eventally any way. Please Jeff don’t chicken out and not use the coup de tat, America voted for you because they thought you were the one to do the shake up. If any one of the other houseguests had gotten it they would have use it. So please Jeff do it up with a big bang.
    Let Chima scream and holler. Hate her big mouth.

  8. Jeff should put up Jesse and Lydia because if he puts up Jess/Nat there could be a tie vote with Chima voting off nat instead of jesse. But if lydia is still up there you know russ/jeff/jor/kevin would vote off jesse for sure. Much less risk of a tie.

  9. Are the votes there to get rid of Jesse is the question though. Lydia, Kevin, Michelle and Russ could all vote to keep Jesse and dump Natarat.
    Seems everyone will want to split Jeff and Jordan up, but they need to communicate that there is no need to believe any lies stating one of them thinks the other needs to go-at least right now.
    Watch Chiapet flip out-and then she needs to go on the block with Natarat.
    Leaving Jeff, Jordan, Michell and Russell in the final 4

  10. I think the coup d’etat should be used to oust either Jessie or Nat. With Chima not being able to be HOH next week, theres only gonna be one person who would come after Jeff that is eligable for HOH. By what I saw Jeff say in the DR in last night’s episode, I think he’s gonna use it.

  11. Does Chiapet have the tie-breaking vote?
    Would Russell keep lydia over Jesse?
    Who would Michelle keep in the vote?

  12. and if Chima flips out, that’ll just put another target on her back and reassure us of how much of a baby she is. Depending on what she does, her plan to get Russ kicked out may end up getting herself kicked out.

  13. Russ is not making it easy for Jeff. What should have been a simple decision has now turned into a case of the “good”, the “bad” and the “ugly”. The good being if Jeff simply takes Russ and Lydia off and puts up Jess and Nat. The bad: Jeff takes only one off and the other goes home anyway. The ugly: Cant hardly imagine this but, Jeff takes neither off and Russ goes home and Jesse wins HOH. Thats pretty ugly. I dont think Jeff will back down from using the CDT; i just hope he uses it in the right way. Saving Russ wont score him any points with the other hg but it will gain him an ally (for a while). And he may make a frenemy of Lydia. His best bet is to go for the good. Put Jess and Nat on the block now. Use the power you have earned. Make a POWER play they will never forget.

  14. i think jeff should put up natalie and jessie
    then that will take care of that clique
    one of them will be going home

  15. If i’m not mistaken Jeff has the power to actually eliminate one house guest, and we all know that’s going to be JESSE he needs to go and when he does then it’s anew game all over again.

  16. No way Jessie has the votes. Russell has never said a bad thing about Natalie, Jordan would throw her vote to Natalie since Jessie never talks to her, Kevin can vote anyway he wants to in secrecy and he already said he hates the way Jessie treats Lydia (of course, it’s okay for Natalie to treat Lydia badly…she’s female), and Michelle knows that Jessie’s a competitor that she has no connection to while Natalie is just someone she has no connection to.

  17. Jeff should use the power and get Russell and Lydia off the block and put up Natalie and Jessie. I don’t know who would go home but at least one goes for sure.

  18. Jefferson should take d nominated people and replace them with Jessie and natalie. Leaving chima alone looking her to be nicer to others

  19. I believe the best move would be for Jeff to take Russel and Lidia off the block and put Jessie and Natalie up . One off them would have to go ,which would be the best move in the game. I would love to see Jessie Cry or no one there to protect Natalie. She is the the floater in the game ,she is riding Jessie’s coat tails. I am really suprised Kevin did not use the Veto on Lidia, just goes to show you he is not Lidia’s “friend” he is a coward…

  20. Jesse is not the competitor that russ is. If jesse goes home instead of russ. Natalie will flip to russ guranteed. Those 2 together are dangerous. Jeff can outlast jesse but not russ. Russ will get him eventually. Take out the top man now or he will get u later.

  21. Jeff hung on the rope just as long as Russ did. He only came down when Russ promised not to put him & Jordan up and because Russ whined about wanting a letter from his father. He must be doing his dad proud now.

  22. Jessie or GNAT should go. Jeff using the power would make Lydia happy as well as long as she doesn’t go.Cause that would be twice they saved her.Jessie and Gnat have been up H.O.H’s Azz since the start or Jessie been H O H. and have tried to run this show and need to go,IMO even if Jeff and Jordan go next.It is the right move.

  23. hey i am in love with Jeff does anyone know how I can contact him after the show or even during the show…..i have never felt more love towards anyone in my life before…he makes my blood level rise and get me all hot and bothered….please I want JEFF

  24. Jeff has to use the “power” (and put up gnat and whomever) otherwise America would be deprived of seeing the little gnat cry like a baby….. She would go totally insane making for a memorable Tuesday night episode…..

  25. I hope Jeff puts up Jessie and Natalie with Natalie going home. Then Chima needs to be next to go home. Kevin has done nothing in the House except SLEEP, he should be going home too.

  26. I think the skank Nat should go first and let her be alone in the sequester house for a week then Chia pet the next.

  27. I hope Jeff uses his power and puts up Jessie and Natalie. Since I believe they vote on the spot, the obnoxious team won’t have time to conspire. Only Chima and whoever is left will be totally pissed. GO TEAM JEFF/JORDAN!!!

  28. lordy lets all hope jeff is smarter than he acts and does use the coup d’etat 2 get rid of nasty nat or meat head chima is over the top but nat is something else has she done anything in this game but fly under the radar and run her mouth the casey thing did it 4 me with her i think she needs 2 go

  29. Jesse is the most beautiful player in the game. Take him out and it’s not worth watching any more.

  30. i would be totally happy if jeff puts up jesse and then send him home. im just tried of seeing him lying spreading rumors around the house while having his dog doing his dirty work.
    i really wanna know what exactly would chima do if jeff uses the CDT.

  31. @joanna…Chimas bark is probably worse than her bite. Doubt if she would do anything(physical) to anyone. She might do a lot of barking though. Hopefully enough to get her thrown out or at least put on a leash.

  32. Just for Chima spitting on Russ should have gotten her kicked out. In some states they consider that an assault.

  33. The coup d etat is the best part of the game because it throws everyone’s plans up in the air. I just hope Jeff sack’s up and uses the power America gave him!

  34. I am sick of the Jordan/Jeff nonsense. I hope next week at least one of them goes home. That said, this week it has to be Jessie. Natalie will be more usless than ever without him, and completely lost. It will be fun to watch.

    My vote for BB11 winner – KEVIN!!

  35. Please Please Please put up Jessie and send him home!! I am sooooooooooooooo sick of him and Natalie and Lydia!!!

  36. I hope JEFF changes the house around by putting up JESSIE and NAT. Man the turmoil it will cause! It will stir the pot so bad, major tension will explode in the house! With Jessie the narcissistic a@@hole ranting and raving till he is booted everyone will be flipped out! Then Natalie will wander around like a lossed puppy wondering what to do.

  37. I hope Jeff uses the power he was given, and puts Jesse and Natalie up instead. It would be great to see them broken up. Natalie would fall apart without Jessie (what a follower).

  38. I see the only ones that might vote to keep Jessie are gnat or Lydia and maybe Kevin. If gnat is up Lydia may vote to keep Jessie, Kevin’s vote unknown. If lydia is up gnat will vote to keep Jessie, Kevin should vote to keep Lydia over Jessie. If J/J/M/R all vote to send Jessie all is OK, but if any one of them votes to keep Jessie he may stay. Would Michele or Russell want to get rid of gnat or Lydia before Jessie? Is it 5 or 6 votes this time? 4 votes will send who ever out, but are 4 votes for anyone for sure? If only 3 are needed it may be tight. After all that I will have to back to Jessie and the gnat need to go up because Gnat would have to work to save her self OR fall on her sword and ask to be sent out to save Jessie. One goes one stays! The team is still broken up and 3 maybe 4 twosomes left. J/J plus N/C plus K/L and may be M/R. The twosomes then combine depending where the power lands next week. Thursday just keeps getting bigger.

  39. Michelle is more dangerous than Jesse could ever be. Just watch the next few weeks and you will see her I am sure flexing more power. Also Jeff and Jordan will be impossible to send home and the remaining hG’s after Jesse and Nat are sent home (Lydia, Kevin, Chima, Russell ) will have their hands full. Who from this remaining group is the Evil one/ones?

  40. jeff wont do it, he will let russell go, make no enemies, and continue to move along…he knows what he gets with jesse, everyone is sick of russell(in the house, you people are nuts)

  41. Jeff needs to take Lydia and Russell off and put on Jessie and Natalie. Jessie is still the same old Jessie and Natalie just runs her mouth but does nothing. they both need to go!!!

  42. Jeff needs to make america proud and do the right thing and put up jess and nat. Nat is the one who deserves to leave because she has not won anything. I am so sick of her and Chima!!!

  43. Ashley, I agree. Everyone wants Jessie gone, but I’d rather see Nat leaving this week.

  44. The coup d’etat must be used – it will advance the game to get rid of either Jesse or Nat. However who is loyal to Jeff besides Jordan at this point – I think he needs to feel out who would be loyal to him. Is it true he can’t tell anyone or he loses the power? I have forgotten the rules about his power/

  45. I want Lydia to go home…or jeff to change the nominations to kevin and chima…I am an athlete clique lover!!!! Dont know why as I am an outcast lol but I just like how hardcore they are…

  46. Keeping russell is a mistake. As soon as he can watch what he does to j/j. Jesse is tring hard to play this game as smart as he can. If jeff talks to him they can float to the final 4 with jesse and natalie. Open ur eyes russell is the bigger threat. And jeff didnt hang on just as long as russell. He fell for russells b.s. And let go. Be smart jeff take russell out now.

  47. “Move to your feet…Jessie and Gnat…you have new seats!!!” Hopefully Jeff will use this line when he puts them up.

  48. I am so disappointed that Kevin didn’t take
    Lydia off the block. I want Jessie and Natalie to go and then Chima. All of them are so full of themselves it’s sickening.

  49. I would love to see Jessie and Natalie go up in place of Russell and Lydia; not that Lydia doesn;t need to go but the fireworks would be so much better if Jeff removed both of potty mouth Chima and puts up J&N. Chima is one crazy and should be committed person. Where do they find these nuts? Aren’t we nuts to watch them?

  50. Jeff is such a douche-bag and he needs to leave this show because he doesn’t deserve his power cuz he’s done nothing

  51. Is this Jeff’s personal website?Or are u guys paid by Jeff?what the hell Jeff is doing in the game.I agree he is cute ,but no game!!I want Jeff to go home next week.

  52. Russel,Jeff and jessie and then Kevin go out.And leave all the girls in the house.And watch the game.

  53. I wish Casey could come back, that’s who I was rooting for. That dude looked hilarious, and his personality was good for t.v.

    p.s. “go make Jessie a sandwich!”

  54. getting rid of the strong guys, leaving weaker players is typical big brother. do you want typical big brother? or do you want to see people have to work for the physical wins?

  55. There are some rotten people in the house, and though it’s a game – they deserve to be thrown out – Shima and you too Jesse and you too Natalie

  56. Jeff should pull lydia and russ off. and put natalie and jesse up…. get rid of one of them.

  57. I think Jeff, should use the Coup D’Etat to take Russell and Lydia off the block,and put up Jesse and Natalie for eviction. I really don’t trust Russell that much,and Lydia is kind of a loon, but RATalie, and Jessie have to go! To bad just one of them will go this week.

  58. I know no one is going to agree with this, but I feel sorry for Lydia. I do think she is bipolar but I also think she is misunderstood. I think it is awful Kevin didn’t take her off the block today.

  59. If – hopefully when – Jeff uses the Coup D’etat, doesn’t he still get to participate in the HOH competition? Or does this mean both he & Chima will have to sit out next HOH?

  60. Everyone speaks of Natalie not doing anything, but neither has Jeff. If it wasn’t for this power he would continue to fly under the radar kissing up to Jordan in whatever hopes he have when it’s over. Since he has gain the power he’s become a little cocky. I hope Russell go home that is Jeff’s biggest threat, at least he stands a chance against Jessie.

  61. If it were my best friend and he didnt take me off the block, no matter that we both thought Jeff would use his “wizard” power, i would make sure payback would hurt. I would not forget that he had a chance to insure my safety 100% and didnt. If your not for me..then your against me. I would at least stick together until F4. At that point, alls fair in love and war.

  62. Thursday night scenario? Jeff uses the power to remove Lydia and Russell; Chia pet goes postal; Russell smiles ear to ear: Lydia smiles tatoo to tatoo; Jordan says ” I don’t get it “; Michelle says ” I don’t get it”; Gnat’s jaw drops and looks @ Jessie for support; Jessie flexes and kisses both biceps thinking– I hope the next house has more mirrors; Kevin goes to bed;and Jeff is thinking that Jordan sure is a nice girl.

  63. Well if jesse goes home thursday. Look at it this way. He seems to be lasting longer every bb season. So my money’s on jesse in bb14. :)

  64. Do any of you think Jesse could beat Jeff and/or Russell in a physical comp?
    I want to see Nat or Jesse go not sure which one has a chance of winning HOH and would be the biggest threat to Jeff….Jesse has won 1, given 1….Nat has had co-HOH. If Jesse does go first then the girls will have the numbers…right?
    I can hardly wait till Thursday’s show and we haven’t even had Tues’s yet…the suspense is killing me:)

  65. Was Lydia upset about it ?

    @Fred : Jordan says “I knew it was you who owns the CD power” :D

  66. russell needs to go he is the only one that out lasted jeff. if he does not get him now he will suffer the same fate as ronnie the other person he had a deal with oh wait he had one with jess and nat too, who is the real rat!!!

  67. Russell needs to go so bad but not now. Evicting Russell just like “let a potential alliance go and keep predators near”. Russell had a deal with Jess, not with Nat. Russell absolutely will regard Chima as a target if he stays.

  68. Do you really think Jeff is terrible at competitions? He got himself off the block by winning the POV, and is pretty much in the physical competitions when it counts. Nobody can call him an “Einstein” (couldn’t pronounce “coup d’etat”), but he’s a nice guy, loyal, and not a conniver, like most of the other HG’s. He needs to align with Russell, Jordan, and maybe Lydia after this week. If Jessie stays, assuming the power is used on Nat and Jessie, maybe things between the guys can change to form a formidable alliance…

  69. Jeff can’t spell, he made enemies right away of the other athletes, he lucked out with America voting him this power, he made no moves on his own, won nothing important. etc. He is not a player of any caliber. I can’t wait to see him go. No telling what this dimbulb will do with the Coup D’etat power.

  70. Apparently Jeff’s “power” speaks plenty about his appeal…half the people writing these messages can’t spell…but, we’re still responding to their thoughts. Who in the house is that intelligent, anyway…and who is as well liked?

  71. Regarding the subject of whether America voting to give someone special power is fair, it is not fair, it is just part of the game. Actually, for Big Brother to be “fair” all the HGs would need to weigh the same, have the same muscular strength, be the same height, have the same IQ, have the same life experiences so they would think the same, and be the same age.

  72. The HOH competitions are often about Questions or Strength. So look back from the beginning, Athletes and Brains were the ones who won. Jeff is the one that can compete them, maybe that’s the reason why Jeff is chosen to have CD power. Americans once again want Jessie out of the rat race :)

  73. @bengallancer: it was Jeff hanging there with Russell in HOH comp a week or so ago and only came down because he knew how much the letter from Russell’s father meant to him and Russell promised safety to him and Jordan. Plus, he’s won POV, didn’t he? Nat’s done nothing.

  74. As far as Jesse winning the first not going to whine about it. I wasnt completely sold on the idea but it is what it is. Jeff winning the CDT is a different story. All the hg had the same chance to win America over as Jeff did. They all came into the house knowing that America ALWAYS has some sort of say in the way the game goes. They all had the same chance to show us their good side and behave in a way that would make us want to give them whatever was up for grabs this year. If they are the superfans that they claim to be then they knew this. We see their every move on the live feeds; why would it be shocking to them that we would give the power to someone that is decent instead of demanding. From season one, when America got to vote for the winner, until now, when we got to decide who the CDT winner was, we have always had a hand in it(sometimes a small hand but always a hand). They all had the same chance to make us want to vote for them. Instead they forgot that we (America) matter in this game too. We may not win the $500,000 but we still have our small part to play.

  75. Russell has never broke his word. His team lied to him and stabbed him in the back. Even if Russell gets shady, he’s a bigger target than Jeff or Jordan.

  76. Totally right, Cat…it’s sometimes hard to understand why some HG’s act the way they do…sooner or later they get found out…such as Ronnie, who was such an accomplished fan that he didn’t learn the lesson that Brian had to learn last year (I think it was Brian…).

  77. No more caps for me haha.

    Its evident to me Michelle lies too much even for Big Brother.

    In the last 5 minutes, she has lied about Lydia 4 times.

    The biggest of all saying how Lydia leaked the info about her too Russ which in-turn is why he called her crazy. This is ofocurse b.s. because he called her crazy for lying directly to his face with the look and act of not knowing she was doing so.

    5 ways to tell Michelle is lying;

    1-she studers. Big time.

    2-she lets who ever she is talking to finish her sentences.

    3-she cant look the person she is talking to in the eye, and looks away Very frequently.

    4-she laughs to finsish her sentences.

    5-she changes the subject to how someone else did something wrong. which that is a lie.

  78. I want Jessie and Nat up. Best case would be Chima but she can’t. That girl drives me crazy. Thursday will be interesting.

  79. Unless Russ does some serious A$$ kissing to Jeff, which ive seen the past day on the Live feed, I don’t think Jeff will use the Coup. and then in my opinion ALL THE VOTES go to waste!

  80. I really really hope jeff puts the roidboy Jesse and pitbull natalie up and send the sheman natalie home. Then chiapet shims needs to go next.

  81. I can’t believe that everyone in here is so enraptured with Jeff and Jordan. Please, these two have brought nothing to the game. I am in the minority but I want either Jessie, Natalie or Chima to win this thing. They are the only ones in the house trying to play the game. Whether you agree or disagree with their tactics is up for debate but at least they are tyring. Jeff and espeicially Jordan are boring and just cruise by. The coup de tat is a joke and should not have been given to Jeff in the first place. I feel that CBS is just trying to hand the game to him since it is obvious that he would not have been able to do it on his own. Hears hoping the next 2 weeks that I see Jeff and Jordan walking out the house and talking to Julie. Lastly, I hope their is another twist in the game and Ronnie is brought back. He was the true star of the game.

  82. Ronnie should have thought it through better bit give him credit because he was actually playing the game and competing unlike jordan and jeff who for some reason do nothing and America loves the CDT is so unfair because it is a cop out for CBS to get better ratings which makes the show not very legit Jeff doesn’t deserve the power and somebody is going to pay the price for CBS’s mistake and then it wouldn’t be a fair competition.

  83. Hopefully we can stop watching Chima and Michelle soon, because its getting boring and annoying.

    Best Case Senario is Jeff takes off Russ, puts up Michelle, and Michelle goes home.

    Russ goes after Chima, sends her home.

    But the ultimate Best Case Senario is Jessie, and Natalie final 2.

    Hey!! the America’s Vote for the food callenge, maybe its just me, but dam i would not mine having to eat mostly Pepperoni for one week. It was partnered with something else, but i mean thats not really punishment.

    Does anyone think there will be an effort to make Chima look like a racist/hypocrite?

  84. Mike i could not have agrre with you more. Well except the thing about Chima, caz she doesnt deserve to win the game.

    But thank you!

  85. I agree with mike Ronnie only left for 2 reasons
    1rusell backstabbed him
    2 Americans who voted are stupid

    Jessie nat and china FTW
    hopefully jordan goes out next week and will be alone in the jury house and she is so stupid and ugly
    Jeff has no gameplan that is not America giving him pity votes because he hasn’t done anything

  86. Ronnie backstabbed so many people it was ridiculous…he got what he deserved. His rationale that those who didn’t play the game the way he wanted them to was childish, as was his behavior in the house. At least the backstabbers of the past (Will and Boogie) were hilarious and fun as hell to watch. There are obviously many sides to this game, which makes these posts so interesting. Everybody has their favorites, and their reasons for liking these people are exactly why others can’t stand them.

  87. Too bad Chima is not able to be on the block. I don’t think I can stand watching her much longer without wanting Big Brother kick her off the show.

  88. I don’t get why everybody hates Ronnie he backstabbed Brayden and that’s it I don’t get why everybody loves Jeff and whoredon

  89. I find it hard to believe that you think Ronnie only backstabbed Braden…he backstabbed all five people at once when he set Braden up…pretty shrewd move if he had kept that course, but he then went after Russell, and the rest is history. His loving to hear himself talk, and his crazy belief that he had the amazing gift of persuasion, cost him. He thought everybody in the house was stupid…and he was close to right, but not close enough…

  90. Jeff is gonna chicken out. If he doesn’t and looses the HOH he can bet he and Jordon will be on the block next. Time for these floaters to go home. Jesse is playing the game great.

  91. best case for the whole house is if bb11 calls china into the diary room on eviction night and tells her to pack all stuff and head out the door. And calls jeff into the disary room and tells him the power can be stilly used for the next week eviction. And then tells the houseguests that they are safe and moved onto the nesxt HOH competition. That is my thought.

  92. About time someone sees Jeff and Jordan as floaters. They need to go. BB gave Jeff a break with the CDT and that will be the biggest target on his back if he uses it. Good bye Jeff next week.

  93. Don’t you guys know play low is part of the game because if you play hard at the beginning of the competitions then you end up on the block so Jeff and Jordan can play hard at the end of the game. What about Nattlie she has not won nothing just hanging to Jessie. Game play goes both way play hard win at the beginning then be put on the block because everyone is afraid of competitions. Play like Ronnie lie to everyone even though everybody else does tell the truth whole key he got caught. So if you think they are not playing you are wrong time will tell.

  94. This would be the best scenario…Jeff uses the power to take off both Russell and Lydia. Then put up Jessie and Natalie. Jessie gets eliminated then next week eliminate Lydia. This leaves Natalie wondering what’s going on in the jury house between Jessie and Lydia. Since they will be all alone…Natalie can’t tell Jessie what to do. (Natalie has a boyfriend anyway) So the little control freak will be stuck in the house wondering what’s going on. Then it would be even funnier if she had 2 weeks without Jessie…send Kevin after Lydia because Kevin will tell Lydia how freaked out Natlie was all week without Jessie. Then send Natalie and when she gets to the Jury house it would be really interesting. Can they put a camera in the jury house too? We could see what happens….

  95. This CDT week makes everything so unfair. I hope Jeff, Michelle, Jordan, Russell all go home in the next few week. Go team Jesse!

  96. 1 not every body else told the truth
    and whoredon is stupid and she will never win a challenge and Jeff isn’t downplaying the game he is just terrible accept gets lucky
    and Natalie has won as many challenges as Jeff so she is less of a floater than Jeff

  97. Mike you got to be kiddiing Jessie is like everybody else Backstaber he using people for information he won by luck that all it was wow threw a ball won HOH how hard. Firt Hoh was given to him LOL

  98. @Nina: The really Best scenerio is for Russell to go home this week. Then Jeff followed by Kevin. That leaves all the women with Jesse in the BBH. Go Jesse!

  99. Russell is this season’s Evil Dick….. People have an oppurtunity to get him out of the house but don’t…… Does this sounds familiar? This will come back to haunt Jeff….. Russell will back stab Jeff / Jordan and help evict either one of the in the next two weeks and continue to smile in there face llike he is with Jessie….. So much for trying to keep Jeff / Jessie as long as hecan…. He (Russell) knows he will dominate this game if he can get rid of Jessie and Jeff…. He will make it to the final 2 and say he won more comps than either Jordan / Michelle / Lydia / Kevin / Natalie… He will also mention how he has finished more challenges in 2nd place than anyone in BB history!!! Does anyone dispute this post? Please indulge me and give some feedback….. Thanks!!!

  100. If Jessie gets eliminated Thursday he won’t go to the jury house cuz there were 13 hgs this season

  101. Jacob what did Natalie win? I do not think she won anything she need to be put on the block just a big mouth talking to both sides.

  102. Excuse me if this has been answered but if the CDT is used is HOH allowed to vote? and who votes in case of a tie? CDT or HOH?

  103. Jeannette it is no joke. Jesse has skills. He is playing the game great. Nothing was given to he it was earned. The only one given something at BB11 is Jeff with the CDT. It should have been given to Jesse. It was probably rigged.

  104. I agree with mike then if it were given to ronnie or Jessie. Jeff or Jordan would be gone and Ronnie would probly be hoh

  105. If Russell goes home this week it would be great to see Nat win HOH and Jesse win POV with both Jeff and Jordan on the block.

  106. @Jacob : Right ON! Ronnie would of been my other choice for CDT and he would still be in the game. Ronnie is a another great player with Russell the Rat being the big backstabber. GO home Russell the Real Rat!

  107. Russell deserves being chewed out by Chima. She is playing the game and is getting screwed out of the HOH power this week. BB should do the fair thing and let Chima in on the HOH next week again.

  108. I have been reading these posts and it is about time some fans are showing support the the real players of BB11. The love romance is fake and over rated. America will see once everything is back on fair grounds Jesse, Lydia, Kevin, and Nat (if not taken out by CDT) will make the final 4.

  109. I like you Lisa. Got all the non belivers to stop blindly following the Jeff and Jordan show. Go Jesse!

  110. I think Jessie / Jeff / Russell should make an alliance and send some of these females out in the orfer – Michelle / Chima / Lydia and then they can focus on sending each other home!!! What do you guys think? I think the men need to make a move….. If not, the men will have to win every week, or Jeff will need Jordan towin to ensure he doesn’t go on the block…. If they don’t make a male alliance, Chima / Michelle / Lydia / Kevin / Natalie will get rid of Jeff / Russell as soon as any of them win HOH!!!

  111. @ Leo: Sounds great to send Michelle home but it is also good for Jeff and Russell to go home too. You didn’t mention Jordan but she needs to go home soon.

  112. I think that Jeff should take Russel and Lydia off the block and put up Jessie and his pit bull Natalie. That would totally change the dynamics.

  113. To all the Jessie fans,why?????His personality sucks,he cant even finish a whole sentence.He got kicked out of Big Brother before,It will happen again.At least Jeff and Jordan are nice people.As well as Kevin and Michell.I will say if Jeff doesnt us the Power,then he does deserve to go home…Just my opion!!!

  114. BB Happy 64…I agree with you 100%. The ppl that are taking up for Chima must personally know her to defend her the way that they do. I would gladly write to CBS, thanks for the idea, can’t believe I didn’t think of it myself. If it were a real celebrity making the comments that she did, a public apology would be mandated. Why is she so different. Big Brother if you are reading any of these post. Make Chima apologize publicly to all those that she offended, you may have to block an entire hour for her to do that but it would be well worth watching

  115. Ok..Big Brother. You must finally be seeing what the rest of us are seeing. You have created an insane asylum, hence the play doh; great idea by the way. You have managed to find something to keep the children occupied, kudos

  116. I’m so sick of everyone picking on the odd girl out. Lydia has to be one of the most interesting people on this show to date and I am most disappointed in Kevin for not sticking up for her. Hopefully she will remain in the house, otherwise we will be stuck with the most boring people on the show. Kevin, you should be ashamed of yourself.

  117. I totally agree with Wicked Child. I loved Lydia right away when she got into the house. But she’s a weak competitor, she couldnt do a thing. I think she definitely stays this week. Following week, not so sure :)

    BB this year is not so fresh and has few changes but the houseguests make it more exciting and thrilling. Up to date,we havent seen any happy scenes in the house. But no fight, no fun. Maybe next year, BB should allow 25 houseguests, it will be an ant race instead of rat :)

  118. Jeff should use the coup de taup and put Natalie and Jesse up, I would love to see the little bull dog leave……

  119. @Binh Vietnam- linguistically it means
    “stroke of state”. The sudden depostion of a government, usually lead by the military of that government.

  120. Jeff I hope will use that “power” otherwise America voted for NOTHING!!! Thursday cant get here any faster………………..:) I hope Jessie and Gnat go up!!!!

  121. I have a hunch this thursdays show is going to be a jaw dropper. I am confident that Jeff will use his power to oust Jessie and I cant wait to see that happen. What on earth made the producers pick Jessie to get a second chance ? There were many more deserving players to choose from if we wanted sloppy seconds.

  122. I pray to God that Jeff grows a pair and steps up and uses this thing. He can leave Lydia up and put up Natalie next to her because if you look at it Kevin, Jeff, Jordan, Russell will vote to evict her and thats one less threat they have to worry about. Of course I’d love to see Jessie go next.

  123. After reading all the posts i see that all of us dont agree on the same person going home, For starters i believe Jeff is a smart player and is playing the game wisely. He threw 2 HOH competitions because he did not want a target on his back. I think if he would have won a competition in the past (H.O.H) he wouldve been gone out of the house. SO for people to call him weak and not a good player is foolishly. It’s better for him to lay low unlike loud mouth chima,nat, and jessie. Who as you can see are not the most liked people in the house and out the house.I believe Jeff will use the “Wizard” Jeff,Russ,Jordan,and Kevin will be the last 4 mark my words.

  124. I am so sick of people saying Jeff and Jordan are good people and Natalie and Jessie are bad. Who made you judge and jury? You people are comical, you really think you know someone’s character by watching a show. What a joke.

  125. Thank God I am not the only one on here who think that America’s Player should not win this game. He does nothing but sleep and cuddle with Jordumb. What will he do when the power is not handed to him and a big target is on his back.

  126. I would really love it if America could vote on this. The very first season of BB we got to evict house guests. That could be another unexpected for maybe next week. LET US CHOOSE BB!!!

  127. dada, there is no America’s player this year. America just voted for the most liked HG to get the CDT

  128. If America got to evict then N/C/J would be gone. lol So be careful what you wish for, as for me I would love to see these HG’s gone lol

  129. In the first season of BB there was no America’s player. We voted every week to evict. Like Amer. Idol does. I was just trying to throw in a change for this year, because the first year the man who won was America’s choice or he would not have won. It would make for interesting no matter what team you are on. Chima would be very upset then.

  130. I have my favorites. Just like everyone else. I would just like a little more “expect the unexpected” this year. I do believe that whomever is voted out will be in Jury House though. Because there are 9 ppl left and we won’t have a tie for the winner.

  131. He is America’s Player. you all went to and threatend to stop watching the show if Jessie’s team is always winning. What did CBS do, America got there wish.

  132. I do agree with DADA on that we were complaining and wanted to see some changes, so I do believe they added this for now, but it is making for interesting tv.

  133. the first HOH was given to Jesse, thus with the athletes winning the power the first week, they pretty much controled the house. The athletes had a 4 to 3 advantage. The coup d’tat I feel is to even things out. I would like to see Jesse go home this week. Not sure though if it is wise for Jeff to use this, maybe Russell is a bigger threat and he should leave it alone. Any comments?

  134. i personally would love for jessie to go home, but i am wondering if russell is a bigger threat. but also this may be the only opportunity jeff has to get jessie or nat out.

  135. right now jeff has perfect control. one would have to go. maybe put jessie up against russell, but russel would prob. go and then jessie and nat would go after jeff for sure and they would both still be there.

  136. @ Marcus (95) I agree with your 5 ways to tell when Michelle is lying, although I believe you left off the most obvious– whenever she opens her mouth

  137. NataLie???? When has she lied

    jeff deserves to leave because he is terrible at challenges and I hate to listen to the crap between him and jordumb

  138. Jesse is gonzo this week. He was no good last year and he hasn’t improved a bit. He only likes himself. Jeff co-won the competition with Russell when he needed to. Jacob, you would have loved the CDT if Jess, Natalie or Chima had won it. Ronnie deserved to go, he tried playing certain people but just lied too many times.


  140. i think chima still will have the final vote if there is a tie. am i wrong? jeff will only get to put up who he wants on the block.

  141. dada, why is it ok for Jesse to get free things handed to him, as another season, a free hoh which means the person that won didnt get their hoh. The cdt has been on before and if Jesse is entitled why isnt the other HG’s. Go team J/J. Lets at least be fair about this.



  144. The CDT is unfair if there was a compitition for it then it would be fair

    Michelle has lied more than Ronnie

    I kno it won’t happen but if Jeff was smart he would nominate Jordan with the power givin to him he did not earn that was even more unfair than jessies first hoh don’t say Jessie didn’t deserve it because nat and Russ earned it and jeffs was given

  145. Jacob, I feel to see your reasoning. Jordan will vote anyway Jeff wants her to plus she can’t win a thing, so no threat there. Jesse got HOH the first week after somebody won it for him. Jesse is just a loser who listens to whatever Ratalie says. They deserve each other.

  146. Also keep in mind Jacob that there was a vote for who should get the CDT, so it wasn’t just given.

  147. Jordumb is weighing Jeff down and the CDT will almost garuntee jeff and jordumb to be nominated and Jeff will leave unless he wins POV an then Jordan will leave

  148. CBS only show the good things Jeff said and the bad things everybody else said and it was given to him He didn’t do anything to earn it

  149. Now is a GOLDEN opportunity to get rid of the biggest string-puller and game dictator in the group: JESSIE. Jeff needs to get a handful of votes together, yank Russell off the block and stick Jessie up there. Then boot his ass out of the house. He’d take out two at once, really: with Jessie gone, Natalie would be without the coat whose on tail she has been riding all this time.

  150. Russell’s only a threat in the house to Jeff if he finds someone who he can trust more than Jeff. Russell has seen over the last week that this person does not exist, which makes him Jeff’s best ally.

  151. Jacob,
    Jeff has won a POV. All Jesse has won is one HOH. The only one that has won more than one thing is Russ

  152. does anyone notice these guys do alot of sleeping? I watch the live feeds during the night bc I cannot sleep. they stay up till about 3am. guess there is not that much excitement to keep them awake! tx cheri for the update on the POV. I really like Jess and hope he doesnt have to use his secret power.

  153. Jeff has the cdt. Jesse has nothing now I want Jesse gone Sorry I confused you but people keep saying Jeff has done nothing and he has. When he won the pov he took himself off the block

  154. Chima spitting on Russell…She needs to be OUT!!! Come on BB11 do what’s right!!!

    My vote for BB11 – Jeff

  155. I think Jeff is playing a very smart game. He doesn’t get into all the drama, he just kind of lays low. When he does need to win something, he makes it happen. And he wasn’t just handed the CDT, America voted for him. And to me, that means he won it fair and square.

  156. I think that Lydia should go home and that Jeff should use his power to save Russel and send Chima home, then next should be Jessie and his little side kick

  157. I think even though I don’t like Russell, Jeff and Russell made a deal and Jeff should stick to his end since Russel stuck to his end, besides, if Jeff goes back on the deal and gets put up on the block, Russell will vote to get him out and I want him (Jeff) and Jordan to go to the end. I’m sure he’ll use the power of coupe De’ Tat wisely.

  158. Kevin won POV and he won’t use to any of the nominated which makes Jeff is obliged to help Russ get off the block. If Jeff uses the CDT he should put up Natalie and Jessies to break the alliance. But there is downside on this plan if Jessie wins the next HOH then Jeff will surely be nomitead. On the otherhand if either Russ, Jeff or Jordan ( at least one HOH)wins the HOH then Jessie and Chima will be on the block. Bottom lien team Jeff and Jordan ++ will be stronger.

  159. Jeff should use the CDT and put up Jessie and Natalie this will break the alliance and will make the trio’s (Chima, Nat and Jessie) team weaker. Russ and Lydia will in turn join J & J team and that would make a stronger team. stronger.

  160. Do you people have “spell check”? You might try using it!! If Jeff puts up Jesse and Gnat and there is a tie, it will be up to Chima to vote out one of her allies. LOL, talk about something to see, what a reaction that will be.

  161. I agree with you marg husband in I would love to see her face when she has to vote out one of her friends.And just maybe she,ll get kick out for doing something stupid.Who know what she goinng to pull up next.I,m hoping that jeff will use his power.And that russ sicks to his word.Will fine out soon.


  163. @ BB11 Fan……. I have been saying for weeks that Michelle / Jordan / Lydia / Kevin should go…. Michelle is the female rat who always gets caught in lies….. Lydia / Jordan want men to carrythem to the finals…… Jordan would have been evicted if it wasn’t for Jeff……. I want the finals to be Russell / Jeff / Natalie / Chima / Jordan…… I think the all girl alliance of Michelle / Chima / Kevin / Llydia / Kevin will evict Jeff / Russell as soon as any of them win the HOH by putting Jeff / Russell on the block together….. If Jeff / Russell save themselves with the POV they will replace Jeff / Russell with Jordan as a pawn, so they can evict the male who deosn’t win the POV…. If neither Jeff / Russel win the POV, they will evict Jeff to seperate Jeff / Jordan……. Any thoughts on this matter BB Fans? I love getting feedback!!!


  165. Good evening BB fans!!! My name is Leo; I am curious to se if inded Jeff does have Jessie eviced if the men will be able to over come the odds of 2 me versus 6 women (yes Kevin is in the #). I know Jordan has Jeff’s back, but I tink she will be fored to sacrifice him if she intends to hve a chance to win the $500,000. The only safety eff / Russell will have is if the win HOH competitions back to back or have Jordan wi won in betwenthem winning them. If not, Jf / Russell can be assured they wll be put on the block everytime Michelle / Lydia / Natalie /Kevin and Chima when she is able to lay again wins….. Does anyone agree or disagree? Please indulge e with your input and lay outyour toughts on what culd possibly be an uphill battle for Jeff / Russel in the same manner it was for James during BB season #9!!!

  166. Chima is a disgrace to everyone. Her parents must be so PROUD. (Joke) She needs to go ASAP. I don’t know why everyone dislikes Jessie so much. I hope that he goes all the way because he is a REAL Player. Jeff has not shown anything in this game, and I hate to say that I like Russell, but I do. He is also a player. I would like to see Jessie and Russell in the finals.

  167. I think Jeff is sitting back and watching everyone else hate on each other. Then when he needs to he will step up. Like this week when Jesse will go home. America hates him anyway. I have to mute or turn the tv channel everytime Jesse Gnat or Chima comes on. Those three make me gag

  168. As I’ve wrote before on here, Jeff will take Lydia and Russ off the block. Both of them will remember this and hopefully align more fully to Jeff. Jeff will then put up Jessie and Ratalie. Doing this and considering that Chima is HOH that makes 3 people out of the house that is on the opposite side, that cannot vote, so it should be easier to vote. The next scenario that comes along is HOH. Chima can’t participate and only Ratalie is left so a person from the right side of the house should win, then they put up Chima and Ratalie again. I have no preference as to which one of them goes first. Go Jeff.

  169. I think Jeff should use his power to take both off and put up Jessie & Natalie. Those two are the most annoying ever. And can someone please tell Natalie to brush her hair…geez!!! She is on national t.v. I want Jeff or Russell to win.

  170. I’m frightened that the Pit bull wants a particular kind of proprietor…these pet dogs, no matter how ‘sensitive’ still have teeth, are still creatures with no moral ideas and once they DO bite, won’t allow go. As in all animals…some have a tendency to be much more suseptable to instinctual habits and time and time once again, this breed tends to perform just that.

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