Big Brother 11: Week 5 Wednesday Live Feed Highlights

The day started out slowly in the Big Brother house but things cranked up as Jessie and Russell started to bump chests and hurl insults. Eventually a dramatic fight broke out between the two though it may have all been more of a stage drama to intimidate the other HGs. Go figure.

Find out what happened in the house yesterday and just how Chima expects Russell to end up in prison for murder. Yep, she went there, again…

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Big Brother 11 Live Feed Highlights – August 12, 2009:

2:00 PM BBT – Jessie approaches Jordan to set up a meeting with her, Jeff, him, Chima, and Natalie. They want to discuss Thursday night’s vote and make sure they know what’s going on. Someone is nervous!

2:40 PM BBT – Chima is going around with her HoH camera, but not much to take pictures of right now.

3:00 PM BBT – Jessie is whining to Natalie about his failed attempts to have private discussions with Jeff and Jordan. He’s really concerned about Thursday’s eviction and confident that he’ll be evicted.

3:50 PM BBT – Russell tells Jeff to talk with Jessie because he wants to make a deal with Jeff to save Russell. They need just 4 votes to do it. Jeff unsure on the 4 votes, but Russell says he can get Jessie if Jeff & Jordan commit to it. He’ll find the swing vote, he says. It’d have to be Kevin, Michele, or Natalie.

4:30 PM BBT – Jessie and Russell corner Jeff and try to get his vote for Russell to stay. Jeff says he won’t commit if there aren’t 4 votes, so he turns it back on Jessie who says the same thing. Jessie then tries to brow beat Jeff by saying it’s in no one’s best interest to use the Coup D’Etat on Thursday. Sure, sure…

5:30 PM BBT – HGs are getting ready for a pizza party while Jessie recites to Natalie his discussion with Jeff and Russell on the voting. Natalie says they need to win HoH so they can nominate Jeff and Jordan together.

7:30 PM BBT – The HGs are tipsy from their partying. Jeff tells Jordan he’ll buy her some nice stuff if he wins. She starts listing off her wishlist and it sounds expensive. Jordan tells Jeff she’ll buy him season tickets if she wins.

8:00 PM BBT – Chima tells Kevin that they will be going on the block if Jeff wins. Well, maybe you, Chima…

8:45 PM BBT – Chima, Kevin, and Lydia discussing the mystery power and who might have it. Chima now thinks Michele has it, but Kevin reminds her how much Michele has been freaking out this week so he thinks that is unlikely.

9:30 PM BBT – Huge fight breaks out between Jessie and Russell. Jessie was listening in as Russell bashed on Jessie and then Jessie busted in and the screaming started! Russell and Jessie are nose to nose, shouting at each other. Michele leaves and… Jessie and Russell start laughing and hugging. Apparently the whole fight was faked to get Michele worked up.

10:00 PM BBT – Natalie, Jessie, and Russell now talking about things they’ve done to each other’s game to upset one another. Russell is mad they didn’t dissuade Chima from nominating him. Jessie is still upset that Russell didn’t pick him to play in the PoV this week. The talk goes on and on.

10:30 PM BBT – Michele and Jessie comparing notes on the things Russell has told them, like how if he doesn’t stay the rest of the house will be coming after them. Michele is sticking to the plan to send him home on Thursday. Well, their plan anyway…

11:00 PM BBT – Everyone but Jeff and Russell in the HoH room as the discussion returns to the Coup D’Etat power. They are now convinced that Jeff has the power.

11:05 PM BBT – Chima returns to Russell bashing. She says she really expects him to go to prison because he’s a sociopath and they usually kill their wives. Kevin thinks Russell would strangle a girl to death if she rejected his advances. Chima agrees. Wow, nice bunch here again tonight.

Everyone seems to be settling on the idea that Jeff has the power, but no one has decided if he’ll use it, maybe not even Jeff. Without the Coup D’Etat in play Russell looks doomed for eviction. Jump on the live feeds now to see what Russell will try and do to stay!

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  1. Is it BB Time for the special power to be used yet???? Jeff is going to use it, if he doesnt, then thats just pointless on his part of winning the game. Go JEFF!

  2. Maybe Jeff wants to et rid of Russell. If thats so, then I do nt see the point of using the power. However if he wants to et rid of Nat or Jessie then, he should put both of them up. That will insure that one goes home. Everyone should remember that if either Jessie or Natalie goes home, the other one’s game is basically over. Jeff really has a tough decision. personally, I would not use the power because, it may backfire one him (Jeff).

  3. Yes!! Thursday is finally here. now we just gota wait a few hours.

    I cant wait!!

    I think for sure Jeff will take Russ off, which is good because it will piss of Chima who really has be discovered as not that good of a person these last 2 weeks. It will also help the best tag team in the house known as the Natalie/Jessie alliance.

    Although eventually, Russ and Jessie will have to gun each other out, its good to see there somwhat are the page.

    Jeff i think will be pressured into using it, because its his last week to use it, and he cant not use it.

    The only thing im worried if that he puts up Jessie and or Natalie. Which for Jeff he better hope they dont win the p.o.v. because he will be out the house faster than an over-rebellious teen.

    I also think it will be interesting to see if Michelle can continue to lie herself through the game as intense as she is doing so.

    Meaning for example if Ldia won HOH (longshot) if Michelle would go and basically live in that room all the while putting everyone under the bus.

    Going agsint what I said, i knoe this is Big Brother, so nothing can surpise me. If Jeff didnt use it power, i would only think its to not stick his neck out, which is what he has been doing 90% if the game. If Jeff cared about playing, Jeff could be someone hard to deal with the house, and would be feared in the house. Laying in the Hammock just doesnt do that.

    He should start telling Jordan to start pulling her own weight because he is caring her week after week.

    A Jessie, Jeff, Russel, Natalie alliance would completly destroy anyone in the house, now that i think about it.

    Last thing, last night the fake fight between Russell and Jessie was played perfectly. It couldnt have been better executed. Although the point that it isnt clear if there really together or just to through-off the houseguests is anyone’s guess.

    Okay i’m done

  4. I was use the power. Otherwise the other side will control the game. They will put up Jeff and Jordan next week. He better use it if not I think me might home.

  5. I’ve just got a feeling Jeffs not gonna use the power.. I hope he does tho cuz Jessie and Natalie would use it for sure if they had it. But we;ll see. I don’t know……

  6. Well i hope Jeff does put up Nat and Jesse and Jesse goes home and then Russ wins the HOH and puts up Chima and Nat wow that would be AWSOME!!! Then the following week Jorden gets it and put ether nat or Chima who ever didnt get evicted and puts up Keven.

  7. The fight between Jessie and Russell I believe was real. Jessie is just a scared little punk and just backed down in the end by laughing like it was a joke to lighten the situation. I have never seen someone laugh as fake as Jessie did. You can tell Russel was annoyed with him afterwards.

  8. jessie is nothing but pretty muscle a marshall arts fighter or even a boxer could hurt pretty boy pinhead

  9. i do not like russell he plays both sides and lies really bad to everybody. I think a lot girls are falling for him only because he has a hot body. but if you check he acts just like Jessi. He loves himself so much that he keeps admiring himself whenever he finds a mirror. Jessi and Russell need to go. if you can not see that is because you don’t like Chima and most likely you are taking a side. I do not like Chima eithir

  10. I don’t think the fight was fake…I have been a supporter for Russell to come off the block and for Jessie and Natalie to go up. After watching the Live Feed on Showtime 2, I think Russell’s craziness is obvious, and he wouldn’t be a deserving winner. Sooner or later he needs to be evicted, despite the fact that he’s the best competitor in the field…

  11. I don’t think that when the coup d’tat is used that there will be a veto competition. I think it just goes to voting to evict one of them. I also don’t think there will be a double eviction tonight, because one goes home and one to the jury house and they can’t fairly say who will go where. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I do believe this eviction will go home and next evictions go to the jury house.
    Jeff has to know that Jesse and Natalie plan to put up him and Jordan if they win HOH next week, so I hope he uses it to get rid of one of them. Hopefully Jesse.

  12. This person says it perfectly down below. CBS/BB Please don’t insult our intelligence. For all of us who have Live Feeds and/or watch After Dark we know that Tuesday’s was edited to make Chima look good and Russel look bad. Shame on you. I also am very disappointed that you would cancel the Live show tonight because of her threats. If she act up and follows through with her threats kick her off the show, or perhaps you could have sent her to the HOH for time out like you would with a child misbehaving and tell her until she can play nice in the sandbox she can’t come out to play.

    CBS’s Version of Big Brother, What You See is NOT Always The Truth!!!

    Okay Yakksters, as you all know, I always do the show thread, every night it airs, I type it up for you as it happens. I had a VERY hard time doing so on Tuesday, August 11th’s episdoe though as my hands were shaking from anger.

    I don’t work for CBS productions, so I have no idea how hard it would have to be to wittle down 24/7 feeds into 42 minutes of aired showtime, 3 times a week. That being said, if you’re going to show the fights, and the controversies, you would THINK you’d also show it in a way that it doesn’t seem slanted, unless you want to avoid bad publicity…….which is just what CBS did tonight.

    So, you ask, what happened?

    For the last several weeks, whenever Chima has been aggravated by Russell, she’s thrown out the insult of “terrorist” at him, due to his Lebanese background. Never mind her making fun of his ear, as she says “cauliflower ear” (Russells’ left ear is deformed), but she also at one point referred to him as Osama. This was an obvious reference to Osama Bin Laden, the most wanted terrorist in the world.

    On tonight’s episode of Big Brother, however, her remarks were edited and shown in the context of her backpeddling efforts, after DR advisements that she tone it down (this is our supposition). So what did they show? They showed all of his rants, interwoven with her saying he was a terrorist b/c he is terrorizing the house. They did NOT show her calling him Osama, they did NOT show her calling him a terrorist in the derogatory sense. CBS wanted Chima, after her clip on Sunday talking about her rape, to seem sympathetic. And heck, they didn’t even show her remark about wanting to entice Russell into a fight, so he’d assault her, go to jail and hopefully he’d be raped.

    Russell is no angel, by any means, but after Chima’s first week slaughter of Braden, which she later admitted to amping up to cause drama, it makes her much worse in our eyes.

    So what’s the big deal you ask? Why is this so upsetting? It upsets us b/c the casual would NOT know about Chima’s real intentions with her remarks and think that only Russell was in the wrong. If you want to show the truth, show the WHOLE truth, not just a truth spun so casual viewers don’t think some maniac is running loose in the Big Brother house.

    And let’s also not forget, Chima plans to throw a hissy fit of epic proportions should Jeff use the Coup D’etat on Thursday (which we REALLY hope he does). CBS and persons in the DR are frantically trying to figure out a way to keep her calm, but after Chima’s repeated defiance of production, why bother? Obviously they’re going to let her run loose in that house and not show who the REAL maniac is…….and it’s not Russell.

  13. @Dan: That’s true. We’ll really start getting an idea of how that Final 2 vote may go with this first Jury member.

  14. Does anyone know if Jeff decides NOT to use the power, will Julie expose him as the power holder? Who ever goes home will be in the jury house tonight, right?? TIA

  15. @Steph: If Jeff doesn’t use the power then it quietly fades out and no one will ever know who had it until Jeff either reveals it (which I doubt) or until after they leave the game.

  16. The Wizard will only be exposed if he uses the power…or, talks about it after his time is up. Yes…Jury House starts with the next one out…

  17. Scotty i think it was real too and Jesse got scared of russ becuse he is a mamas boy cry baby and know Russ would bring him down in the long run and kissing his big hunky ass!

  18. I sure hope Jeff puts Jess and Nat in there plese which is on the block tonight. And pretty boy Jesse is gone and if he is going to the jury house who cares he is only one.

  19. If I understand things correctly, (1) tonight’s evictee is the first to go to the judge’s house, (2) if the CDT power is not used then nobody knows who has/had it unless they confess, and (3) if the CDT is used Chima is going to throw a temper tantrum, and apparently the threat is strong enough that BB is taping instead of doing live tonight.

    Let Chima throw her tantrum, preferably live. It would be as good as jumping up and down screaming “pick me! pick me!” at the next evict nom. She’s going to the judge’s house anyway.

    I hope Jeff uses the CDT, and puts up Natalie and Michelle. It would be interesting to see which way the vote goes, and Jesse would feel (at least temporarily) spared. While I would prefer he put up Jessie and Natalie, putting up N & M would be a real shaker-upper.

    If Jeff doesn’t use the CDT, the question becomes: does BB expose who had the power or just let it die? To me, Jeff is boinked if he uses the power, or doesn’t use it and BB exposes him.

    I must admit that I’m a cheater: while I can’t afford to watch the (allegedly not always) live feed, I live on the West Coast and open this webpage @5pm, set to auto-refresh every two minutes. :)

  20. Pablo i live in sacramento california and John lives in Louiaiana and i ask him if he can give me the vertike on who went home tonight because he watches it two hourse before me so he is going to e-mail me who Jeff picked and went home so i will post it tonight ok sweetie? Sactown rules go sacramento california.

  21. @June: Tonight’s eviction results will be posted here on the site as soon as they are revealed, just like every week. So no worries, I’ll keep you in the loop with what’s going on!

  22. jeff, jordan and kevin are the only HG to not be exposed as horrific liars. Everybody else should be targeted for eviction, but in what order. Ronnie`s eviction really sent the house into turmoil. It really sucks to live so close (22miles) from the BB house and have to wait 3 extra hours for the most exciting night on TV.

    jessie goes home 2nite
    jeff or jordan wins HOH
    Natalie and Chima nominated

  23. Hey Randy thats cool but any ways will you run down the big brother house and yell go JEFF AND JORDEN LOL!!!

  24. Evil Thought: If Jeff doesn’t use the CDT & BB decides to expose him, have Ronnie come back and inform the HG!
    >:) >:)

  25. Hey Pablo, if Jeff doesn`t use the CDT, no harm done. He creates no enemies and might earn Chima`s respect. All this assuming that Ronnie comes back. Julie will definitely NOT expose the CDT winner if that person does not use it.

  26. Please explain who is available for eviction tonight if the CTD is used. I thought Jeff could put anyone up but it seems that Chima as HOH and Kevin as POV are exempt. Am I right?

  27. wait, so even though the fight was fake, and even though all of you know it was fake, and even when jessie, and russ conspiried to create a fake fight before it happened, . . . . you still wanna say it was real, to open up the opprotunity of calling jessie a punk?

    tell me how that works?

  28. I am afraid that once again Big Brother may be leaning to the side of one player. Chima is not being shown in her true bigoted mean spirited light. I am sure production has probably talked Jeff into not using the power since that would avoid Chima’s tyrant. However if he does use it, they can edit her tyrant since the show is being taped. No feeds until 9 pm east coast time after the show has aired. Let’s hope Jeff is smart enough to use the power and let’s hope BB production didn’t talk him out of it.

  29. Ian, you are correct on the “safe” HG list. Joe, CBS will not tell someone how to play the game, but they will change the rules as they go.

    As i watched the Russ/Jess fight on BBAD last night, i did find it odd that they were nose-to-nose when showtime went to commercial. Then when SHO came back on, they were on different sides of the room laughing (hmmmm)?????

  30. Thanks Joe & Randy for confirming the “safe” HG list. So, if Jeff puts up Jess & Nat tonight, who is available to vote? Will Jeff have a vote or has he lost that privilege by using the CDT? Will Chima have a vote now that her picks have been saved?

    Why am I having to ask all these questions – is this all explained somewhere I just haven’t found or was I just not listening well enough when BB explained it on TV? They should take more time explaining this interesting stuff properly to the viewers, rather than wasting our time trying to get us to vote on stupid food for the Have Nots!

    I hope tonights show doesn’t turn out to be a disappointment – in all respects!! It has been keeping me awake at night thinking about it all!

  31. the fight btw jessie/russ clearly looks staged. And CBS is probably taping for legal reasons. But Chima complained to bb producers when they edited braden’s comments. She says” if an individual is a racist, they shouldn’t be edited not to look like one”. It’s absurd just how hypocritical she is.And Chima isn’t playing the game or using the evil dick strategy. Why knock off two people who could conceivable be on your team and secure your alliance with numbers? In fact, to any perceptive viewer Chima’s game play has simply been personal-not strategic. And here is why, Chima is a woman scorned for having her sexual advances refused by russ. spittting on rand throwing water on russ is assault, threatening to throw ding dongs is inciting him to violence in hopes that he goes to jail and gets sodomized on a daily basis is disgusting and vile. Repeatedly calling him a terrorist and bashing the fact that he is catholic and prays daily is childish (yes she proceeded to claim that russ’s god is Satan-lol she is nuts!) She behaves as aggressively as her rapist. I wouldn’t be surprised if she suffers from Stockholm syndrome/battered women syndrome and now identifies with her rapist aggressor. It wouldn’t be surprising if her pysch imbalance surfaced due to the stress of the game. Where’s the show’s psychologist clearly asleep at the wheel. Russ may be a prick but throughout the stress of the game, Russ has not once resorted to hurling racial statements. And Chima wants to educate young woman about self-empowerement and abuse?!. Please no! What she needs to do is get her head checked first before she becomes a danger to herself and others. Chima makes sane people become crazy. I wish CBS had the balls to submit to her request and show her live, as the vile, disturbed individual she really is. An even if she threatens to sue, she signed a an air-tight legal waiver drawn by CBS legal counsel. Chima needs to go!

  32. OK, so Jeff is safe if he does nothing, but he must at least be thinking about something (& telling BB that), since they’re going to tape the show. (Rats, I really wanted to see Ronnie again – NOT!) I agree that the show should be live – let Chima be seen for the truth.

    Sooo-oooo, I hope Jeff does what I originally hoped: nom Natalie & Michelle. I hope he doesn’t chicken out b/c of the taping instead of live.

  33. Dont worry Chima will go!! And i think before big brother calls the people in they have to sing a paper not to sue cause me and my son had to sign a paper when we sent in a cartoone and we got the top carrector but sence we singed we couldnt sue and get money so she cant sue because big bro prtects them self because of jack a@$$#$ like CHIMA! oh the cartoon was cubics and my son made the vampire villin that sucket up all the other good cubics so that was his idea the vampier.

  34. Jeff is going to do what he has planned all along. He doesn’t care what Chima thinks and he shouldn’t care . Taking Russell off the block is a smart move simply because he would still be the target if Jeff doesn’t win H.O.H. > Plus he’ll take Lydia off to protect him next week also. It’s to bad it will be pre-taped so we don’t see Chima’s true colors, they shouldn’t change the game for anybody!!!! Hopefully Jessie and Natelie are the two to choose from tonight and Russell and Lydia help protect Jeff and Jordan in the weeks to come.

    Russell’s got a crush on Michelle , want’s to take her to Hawaii and have fun. Hope all his dreams come true with Michelle. (from production)

  35. For Heavens sake, June, please use spell check! I am finding it a little difficult to decipher some of your writing. But, unfortunately, you are not the only offender. Sorry, I guess I’m a perfectionist.

  36. I don’t understand why people think Jesse and Russell have such hot bodies. I think Jeff is the best looking guy in the house. And I think he will put up Jesse and Natalie.

  37. Hi Marg i know my hubby calls me puudding brains and every one eles calls me dumb ass but i am smarter then Jorden i think????LOL!!!I know i CANT SPELL SORRY:)

  38. Hey Marg your asalutly sorry cant spell that word but your apssaluty right Jeff is soooo HOT!!!!

  39. Hello Marg just for laughs did you know god made smart and dumb people but he said we are all unique and he loves us all and thats what make the world go around because if he only made smart people then you wouldnt be smart right? But sweetie i love ya ok? You take care too hun.

  40. Maybe June and Marge should be put up for eviction! that`s some shouting match girls.

    OK, now the real stuff. Jessie is gone and the Nat sat next to him during his eviction.

    That was the good news. The bad news is Michele (bad liar and playing both sides) is the new HOH. If she listens to Chima/Nat, then Jeff/Russell go on the block.

    The ugly news is that this is a double eviction week, thus giving the crazy, unpredictable Michele a helluva lot of power she doesn`t even know she has. POV is the only way even jeff can save himself now.

  41. Why is playing both sides a bad thing .. Michele is doing it and nobody is doing anything about it, that is why Michele was the last person standing in the HOH comp. she answered 2 questions LOL because she was not targeted. Really I think good people have a hard time lying and you can tell Michele doesnt like to be confronted … she gets nervous, she is socially awkward. But give the girl credit … she is NOT stupid. She has a PHD and a near genius!

  42. LOL RANDYP YOU GO BUY!!!!But any ways i dont hate Marge yes i know i cant spell but thatnk the good lord my kids are in college and they have there fathers brains and my BIG HEART! Did you guys see Jessie put his hands in Kevens face before leving the BB house and did you see when Nat told Michelle that her and Chima are the only ones left in her alliance? What a dumb a#$ she shouldnt have said that to Michelle and did you see Chimas eyes when nat said that to Michelle. I hope Michelle see that too. Oh when Chima was crying at the table i think that wasnt fake i kind a felt sorry for her But still want her out and i think Lydia was pissed of but hidding it when Chima said Jessei kept saying yo Chima i love nat so i hope Lydia sees that too and gets the two remaning jerks out of there ( Chima&Nat) psss I Marge i checked my spelling ok sweetie?

  43. Marge i thing Jessei has muscle to hide his Cowerdness its a front! But Russ is Fine!! But i still want Jeff to win.

  44. I hope that Michelle knows that Nat wanted her out of the house and thats why Jessie put her up last time. And puts her and chima up cause there in alliance.

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