Big Brother 11: Week 5 Friday Live Feed Highlights

It was the day after Ronnie’s eviction in the Big Brother 11 house and all was not calm. Nominations have a way of bringing out the worst stress and paranoia in houseguests and yesterday was no different. Find out about the deals being made and the reactions to Chima’s decisions

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Big Brother 11 Live Feed Highlights – August 7, 2009:

11:00 AM BBT – Kevin and Lydia discussing Chima’s options for nominations. Kevin anticipates she’ll nominate Lydia, but says she should remind the new HoH that Lydia voted to keep her the first week. Lydia says that if she gets evicted by Chima’s nomination she’ll never vote for her in the Final 2 no matter who she is up against.

11:15 AM BBT – Chima and Michele discussing deals. Michele says she can be an ally to Chima, but if she’s nominated she can’t vote and help her plans. She implores Chima to break up the duo (Jeff/Jordan), but Chima says Jeff/Jordan are the least of her worries right now. Russell is her main target and threat right now. Chima tells Natalie and Michele that she wants a girl to win this season, they all agree. Could this be a new all-girl pact forming??

11:20 AM BBT – Michele makes a deal with Chima to avoid nomination. If Michele wins HoH next week she can not nominate Natalie or Chima. Why is Chima protecting just Natalie like this?

11:50 PM BBT – Chima decides it would be a mistake not to nominate Russell because he is such a threat in the game.

1:45 PM BBT – HGs preparing for the Have/Have-Not competition.

4:05 PM BBTLive feeds are back from the Have/Have-Not competition. Jeff is a Have-Not. Russell appears to have won $10,000 but also been stuck with Have-Not status for the week. I’d take that deal!

4:15 PM BBT – Chima and Kevin discussing noms. Chima tells him her plans to target Russell and how she’ll need everyone’s help to secure the PoV so he can’t save himself. Chima then tells Kevin that she wants to bring Lydia into their fold and have the 5 of them (Chima/Kevin/Lydia/Jessie/Natalie) go to the end together. Ugh.

4:45 PM BBT – Jordan discussing her luxury win: getting to the watch “The Goods” which explains why Jeremy Piven stopped by (he’s in it).

7:00 PM BBTLive feeds are back. Russell and Lydia have been nominated.

7:15 PM BBT – Jeff is worried he won’t be able to get at Jessie if Russell is gone. Jordan says that Russell needs to go now. Remember, Jeff can’t tell Jordan he has the power.

7:35 PM BBT – Jordan telling Jeff that she’s going to vote along the lines of what Jessie/Natalie/Chima want. Jeff is getting upset at this idea. What is Jordan thinking??

8:50 PM BBT – Jessie, Natalie, and Chima discussing who they think has the Coup D’Etat. Natalie really doesn’t think it’s Jeff, but Jessie is confident about it. Jessie discusses a plan to convince Jeff that they want to keep Russell to keep Jeff from using the power, if he has it (he does).

9:30 PM BBT – Natalie is telling Jeff that he better not use his wizard power (that’s what they’re calling the Coup power) against her. He is surprised and asks if she’s saying that to everyone. Natalie says she thinks either Jeff, Kevin, or Michele has the power.

11:30 PM BBT – Russell and Michele talking game. Russell is convinced he’ll be evicted this week. Michele encourages him to try and win the PoV and then he’d be safe. Russell is quizzing Michele on the things she’s said and she is stumbling over her lies. She’s really bad at lying.

11:40 PM BBT – Michele is yelling at Russell, “f@#! you” over and over. She runs up to the HoH room and is reciting the situation to Chima while adding lots of lies. They have a Russell-hate-fest and decide they need to evict all the men from the house. Michele and Chima agree that Jeff must have the Power and both are afraid of what he’ll do with it.

12:15 AM BBT – Michele continues to make up lies and is now telling everyone how Jeff conspired to start the fights tonight. Kevin says she’s lying. She is, Jeff was sleeping. Michele continues with more and more lies about things that didn’t really happen. Very bizarre how Ronnie-like she has become. Apparently she didn’t notice what happened to him…

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  1. Thought Michele had more game than that. She is indeed channeling Ronnie and will probably suffer the same fate. Michele seems to be the one that is hardest to read..never know what shes thinking. I had high hopes for her but it looks like shes losing ground every day. Especially if she targets Jeff. Not a smart move. Not smart of nat to threaten jeff to not use the wizard power. HG do not forget threats. And why would you not align yourself with whoever you thought had it. Just proves what i thought of nat all along….not a champion of anything.

  2. no matter who says what right now, we have all seen things turn on a dime. It seems whatever the original thought was, is what happens. If Jeff really wants Jessie out, then he will remove Russ and Michelle, put Jessie and Nat up. Of course, if this girl thing is really moving, then Jeff needs to keep Jesse and put up two girls (Nat and Michelle?). Whatever happens, I think just the act of Jeff overthrowing Chima’s “power” is worth it.

  3. I find it odd that the Gnat seems to be threatening everyone who she thinks has CDE to not use it on her. Any rational human being would try to make a deal and make nice with these individuals. Just like a Chihuahua, yapping like it thinks it is actually a Great Dane.

  4. Everyone-go to YouTube and type in chip and zach to see Ronnie and his wifes nasty disturbing little show they did.

  5. o.k. so I am not so sure it is going to be in Jeff’s best interest to use the power now. I hate to say that, because two weeks ago I was so sick of Jesse ( still am) I was ready to stop watching. I want Jesse gone in the worst way, but will it benefit him and Jordan to use it on Russell, who the whole house hates right now, to remove Jesse? It’s obvious he is struggling with his decison? I don’t blame him, either way this could potentially come back on him in a very bad way.

  6. if jeff saves russell, russ will see jeff’s loyalty and hopefully side with him and help take jessie out instead

  7. @Haze..agree this is a potential mine field for Jeff. I dont think it matters which way he goes with will come back to haunt him. The rest of the hg will feel he made the wrong decision, whatever it might be. Damned if he does and Damned if he dont. So he might as well use it. At least get some fun out of it by seeing their reactions to his noms.

  8. @ Cat that is so true. At least that way, he shows loyalty to Russell and Jesse is gone! I just worry about one of the other houseguest winning HOH and putting up he and Jordan. I guess that is a possibility either way.

  9. if jeff does use the power and send jessie home, the only person he really needs to worry about getting hoh is gnat

  10. UPDATE: JEssie NOT playing for POV. Chima,Lydia,Russ, JEff, Nat, and (I think) KEvin!

  11. Jeff best move is to evict Jessie because he will get Russel in his side and both are really strong in competition so he has more chances of being save. now if he does not save Russel, he will keep his worst enemy Jessi, and Natalie and Chima will prefer Jessi Over Jeff, and that will not be good for him.

  12. No worries, steely, I’d think it was funny if EVERYONE said it. Jessie is not playing in pov! HaHa!

  13. i would like to see jess and nat put up also, but i am sooo over mich. her fave move is to start crap and when confronted, tries to back peddle her words, gets tongue tied, then runs crying to anyone who’ll pity her. i would to see jeff, jordan and russ as final 3 and then just play it out.

  14. I love that jessie is not playing. I know it’s unliky but I hope Lydia wins POV she needs to do something in this game. If not it is time for her to go.

  15. There sure are a lot of rats in the house now that THE BIG RAT RONNIE is gone. Michele is a very bad liar and on her way out soon. Sorry to say, but although Russell won the fight with Michele last night, he can`t be trusted either. The HG have figured out Lydia`s game. Jessie still needs to be the one going home this week. WOW!! the show is really intriguing every night now.

  16. So now we just hope Nat doesn’t get POV. If that works out, then Thursday will be a BB episode of the ages. I can just see Chima flipping out, calling CBS racist and what not.
    Man, I hope Jeff doesn’t get cold feet. I don’t think he will. He knows Jessie has to leave as soon as possible, for him to be in a good position. This power is a one time chance, gotta take down one of the big players.

  17. Ok, so if Lydia or Russell wins POV and takes themself off, Chima puts up replacement THEN Jeff stands up and pulls his switch? Too sweet.

  18. @ Kathy, he won’t pull the switch until just minutes before the votes on the live show Thursday. Julie will ask before they give their speaches if he would like to use it, and then boom….hopefully, Jesse and Natalie will be in the green chairs.

  19. Michelle is ronnies sister haha Rat number 2..What a bad liar she is and so bad at it. She plays on chyma, shes playing personal and takes advantage of it. It pissed me off trying to get rid of Jordan and Jeff. Get rid of Jessie nat and michell rat # 2

  20. @haze
    i agree. i hope everything works out because i want to see jessie and gnat’s face when it happens!

  21. Jessie knows it coming but to see his face when it happens will be priceless. Nat will be so lost w/out Jessie. She follows him everywhere just like a little lost puppy. I bet she’ll cry after he leaves.

  22. i bet gnat will freak out on everyone if jessie is evicted. i can already see it ahahaha it’ll be great. just hopefully she won’t win hoh

  23. jeff wont use the power to save russell…here is why.

    A: Jury House is where Jesse would be going….
    B. It would seriously make jeff the biggest target on the planet, whereas if he didnt use it, he still is under the radar.
    C. Why save Russell? Yes Jeff needs votes, but jeff never wanted an alliance and has stated only jordan is in his, and that the deal with russell was a one week deal. If he saves him, he saves quite possibly one of the biggest players.

    Think about it, Russell goes without jeff making a play that ends up with jeff as the new target, or jeff removes em, puts up jesse, and makes himself a target to russell who realizes then that with american behind jeff, hes the biggest threat.

  24. OH NO she can not win HOH. If she does she will put up Jeff & Jordan up for sure. Nat needs to go she is the one stirring up all the trouble. But Jessie this week and Nat next.

  25. I honestly dont get the Jesse hatred, the guy is smart, he sees things coming WAY before anyone else…the “look on his face” wont be surprise, the guy already knows the power AND who has it…CMON.

    And as I see it, Natalie is throwing jesse under the bus in a sense, by making a deal with chima that doesnt include him, yet chastising him for doing NOTHING except making Michelle a bigger target to Jeff possibly causing jeff to use his power on michelle instead. which in turn gets russ behind him, and jesse, with jordan, and the rest of the house in a girl alliance with kevin.

  26. After watching I really think that Michele is becoming a lot like the Rat Ronnie!!!! SHE NEEDS TO GO !!!I use to like her but lying about everyone, does not go down well with me.I hated the situation where she lied about Russell being B.D. by Chima if she had the chance.I really want Russell to get to the end with out Michele.

  27. I agree with alex. Jesse is this and Jesse is that and he has to go because ?? he is playing the game Big Brother?? Get real! He is trying to win just like everyone else in the house. They have thier own ways such as Jordan sleeping with Jeff. Michelle is the worst one of the bunch. I didn’t like Ronnie but when he made the speech before the votes for eviction I was so taken back as to why he would do that at the time. Now it’s really clear he was right on about Michelle and wanted to get it out to try to warn some of the other HG’S.

    I think it is just easier and simple and following like sheep to constantly harp on about Jesse. He isn’t the best one in the house not the worst either. IMHO.

  28. Jeff has to save Russell and put up Jessie and Natalie. Here’s why:
    A. He already said that if he gets POV the first thing he’ll do is nominate them both or else they’ll coast right to the end because everyone else is too clueless or cowardly to stop them.
    B. He HATES Chima, Natalie, and Jessie. At some point he was going to have to make enemies out of all of them.
    C. Russell sacrificed himself to get Ronnie out against everything his team said. Jess/Nat/Chima already admitted it to Jeff’s face which is why Jessie is freaking out! They threw Russell under the bus with the quickness.
    D. Russell doesn’t break his word. EVER. Michelle’s lies and Russell being on the block are proof that all Jeff needs is Russell’s good word.
    E. You can only win HoH every other week. Russell needs Jeff and Jeff needs Russell to dominate the home stretch or else they’re both screwed and it’s too late to fly under the radar at that point.

  29. “I hated the situation where she lied about Russell being B.D. by Chima if she had the chance.”
    That wasn’t a lie. They actually showed the footage of Chima, Jessie, and Natalie wanting to backdoor Russell. She was COMPLETELY honest to Russell because she truly trusted him and he is the only person she ever trusted except Jordan. She lied in front of Chima in order to cover her tracks and not make herself a target.
    Until last night, Michelle hadn’t told many lies at all and she specifically refused to promise Ronnie a vote. Ronnie really was as bad as people thought and his attacks were completely unfair and low class.
    Michelle’s lies only started when her alliance with Russell fell apart due to miscommunication. As a survival mechanism, though, she’s turning into a mix of Ronnie and Chima and her desperation is obnoxious.

  30. Jordan is only sleeping with Jeff/no sex on the other hand Jesse and Lydia are doing the Nasty and then he votes to evict her He is a wus

  31. Jessie is too smart? Rrally??? Then how come Russell, and Natalie have manipulated him so easily??? Oh, and let’s not forget Ronnie. No, Jessie thinks he’s smart, but he is a puppet. He does not deserve to win, not this time anyway.

  32. Good afternoon BB Fans!!! The floaters will win BB 11 if Jeff / Jordan / Russell are smart they would get Chima / Jordan / Michelle out of the game and bring Nat / Kevin to the final 5…… what are your thoughts BB Fans? Remember Michelle / Lydia have already mentioned getting rid of Jordan alreasy because the say Jeff / Russell will carry her to the end of the game….. L-O-L!!!This is why Survivor and RR/RW challenges are better than BB because the let the contestants play and win and decide who wins….. Not some gimmick to get the most popular people…. if that is the case people who deserved to win Survivor from better game play would always win and not the floaters and backstabbers…. that is why Survivor is airing it’s 19th season this fall and still doing better than BB…. Amazing Race is #2…..

  33. Perfect Jesse not playing the POV. I think it will be great for Jeff to use the CDT, he should have no worries about a target really. Who is going to be upset, Chima of course- she cant vote this week or play for HOH next week. Nat will be mad as well and she hasnt won a damn thing yet. Lydia might just loose her boytoy but she isnt even trying to win an HOH. So there is no target IMO on Jeff if he uses the CDT.

    What I would like is for Russ not to win POV either and then when Jeff uses the CDT Russ will be gratefull and maybe stay true to Jeff and take it to the end. But who knows, we shall see.

  34. Am i right or wrong steelyross? The gamea outcome should be dettermined by the players and not outside interference…. Yes or no?

  35. In case you haven’t been around… Let me clarify… I was saying Natalie was right when she told Jessie they shold make a fiour person alliance with Jordan / Jeff weeks ago, but Jessie blew her off…. Secondly, I have been saying I want to see a final four with Jeff / Russell / Jordan / Natalie with Jeff / Russell making the final two, so we could see who would win…. I think Jeff would beat Russell 7 votes to 0 or at worst 6-1 only if he back stabbed Jordan…. Third, i stated before that I hated Jessie last seaon and was glad Dan / Ollie were able to get him out….. Last but not least, regardless of who I like or dislike…. Any game should be won or lost by the players like in Survivor and the Amazing Race and not by the producers or fans…. If that was the case people like Ozzie, Yao Man, Terry and other people who win the challenges in Survivor would always be the winner instead of bacstabbers…. Let the players decide the outcome… Can you imagine the New York Giants not being the Super Bowl Champions because a majority of the fans wanted to see the New Englan Patriots go undefeated, so the NFL gave the Patriots an unfair / unearned advantage? Well that is what BB is doing for Jeff….

  36. LEO, so you’re saying the coup d’etat power and americas vote wasn’t in the design this season? CBS and BB decided to do this willy nilly b/c they’re pulling for Jeff? Not trying to get smart, just asking?:)

  37. Personally, I believe they’re just trying to get the ratings up b/c the season was starting to drag a little.

  38. @LEO…I kind of think that if this power leads to Jessie’s eviction, then it kind of balances out the fact that Jessie shouldn’t have been on the show. That’s unfair in and off itself b/c he had a hand up by coming in by knowing the ropes and being GIVEN HOH in the first week.

  39. Think about it steelyross….. They (CBS & BB) knew Jessie was hated last year, so they chose him, Brian, Jessica and the other guy from seaon 5 I think to come back…. Anyone who was brought back was going to get the HOH without earning it…. Not just Jessie…. You just stated the rating were dragging, so they had to do something to spice it up and gian viewers… Is it coincedence? I don’t think so…. Like I said Survivor and the Amazing Race let the players decide who wins…. BB should have done a better job of casting so it could rely on its players to get viewers and not gimmicks like this… Survivor does a superb job at this and at the end of the day…. The players decide who win….. Therefor Survivor will always have better ratings. Do you remember the writers strike a couple years ago? Survivor held its spot on Thursday and they moved BB (a summer show) to Wednesday nights to accomodate Survivor… Right or wrong steelyross, the players should dettermine who the winner is by winning and losing competitions and developing alliances and not like this…. I want Jeff / Jordan / Russell / Nat or Chima in the final 4…. I do howerever belive Kevin / Lydia / Michelle will find a way to squeak by and get Jeff / Jordan out of the game to allow them to make it to the final 5 and beyond…. Do you agree or disagree with that final statement steelyross or other BB fans?

  40. Stellyropes…. CBS and BB wanted to bring back a player from the past so any clique that won would have had an unfair advantage… That isn’t Jessie’s fault… Think about it… Whom decided to set it up with four cliques? True or false… There was always going to be a player from a pst seaon playing this summer? Eve if Jessie didn’t get in…. (Which was decided fairly because his clique won the first challenge fair & square) another former BB players you might have liked would have been brought back right?

  41. @Leo: The first HOH comp was more or less rigged so that an athlete would win. Do you really think any of the other cliques had a chance given the physical conditions of each the other contestants. Of course, it can be argued that if the comp had been more “cerebral” instead of physical, people would have complained that it was rigged for the athletes to lose. Regardless, you are correct that any clique had the potential for an additional teammate at the beginning. But CBS was wrong for doing this regardless of which clique won IMHO. I think they realized this from forum feedback, etc. Therefore I believe they came up with the CDE idea and letting America decide the winner to even the scales so to speak. However, having said all that, I must say that I agree with you that the players should decide the winner. I think that if CBS had not run the first HOH comp the way they did, this may have very well have been the case. But now, this is all water under the bridge and the HG’s and the fans have no choice but to move forward with things the way they are.

  42. Has anyone noticed that when Michelle gets animated and waves her arms around her fingers are crossed? Doesn’t that mean that I’m lying, but not really?

  43. Thank you DaFerret for answering my question…. I do however think if Brian / Jessica or the other guy were brought in or even lets say Matt was the Athletes player he would have been liked more than Jessie then America wouldn’t be as mad…. People hate Jessie, which is why I don’t understand why BB & CBS chose him out of all people to come back as an Athlete…. There were plenty of other people but they chose to pick him…. Dumb….. Dumb ….. Dumb…….

  44. I would love to see Russell win POV then take himself off and then have Jeff use his power to put up Jesse and Michele Jesse/Natalie. I would even like to see him put up Nat and Michele to help break up this girl power thing that’s going on. Jordan is the only girl in the house that has an ounce of integrity so far, all of the others are 2 faced little girls and lie like crazy but get upset when someone else does the same thing to them. Michele’s telling russell to learn to respect women last night was IDIOTIC!! she needs to learn how to tell the truth, calling her a liar and crazy had nothing to do with the fact that she’s got a vagina, she must go to the Palin/republican school of feminism.

  45. Hello Kathy….. I like your way of think…. Let meget your opinion on this ok? I think Russell will get Natalie to replace Michelle wo join Jeff / Jordan in the final 4…. Jordan said she trusts Natalie won’t target them… I think Jeff / Russell / Jordan / Natalie woul be an awesone final 4…. I want Michelle / Chima / Lydia / Kevin out in that order….. What do you think Kathy / BB fans? I love seeing people put their ideas and opinions out!!!

  46. You are right JinCA……. Jeff will get Jessie out and the girl alliance will come back and screw him and Russel for now sending one of those girls home this week….

  47. @Leo: I think the reason why they brought Jesse back is probably based upon that advertising ploy. You know those commercials with the lines or songs in them that everyone finds annoying and really hates. The advertisers say everyone may hate the commercials, but look they’re all thinking about the product now. I think CBS is adapting that premise in bringing Jesse back. ‘Everyone dislikes him, that’s all they talk about. Look how many people have BB11 on their minds now, look at all of them watching BB11, look at all that advertising revenue.’ Hooray for CBS stockholders!

  48. I told you all that michele was a crazy bitch! Jesse will win the whole thing against Chima. I was there, I know. The Jedi Master has spoken.

  49. I find it humorous how someone wants to act like they are Ronnie….. ROnnie is a true BB fan…. He knows Jessie is gone this week especially since Natalie didn’t win the POV and that means Jessie / Nat will be nominated after Jeff uses his Wizard power…. (I forgot the actual term) L~O~L!!! Anyways….. Hey Kimber…… Do you still think it will be a good show if Kevin / Lydia / Michelle and Chima were the final four…. Does anyone have a doubt that Jeff / Russell will be targeted in the next 3 weeks because they are hands on favorites to win the Phgysical challenges…. Michelle / Chima / Lydia / Kevin will want to take out all physical threats to ensure they will make it to the final 4 and even win the games…. I want to see Jeff / Jordan / Russell / Natalie make the final four…. This will make more sense because Russell doesn’t trust Michelle and Jeff and Jordan are seeing Michelle’s true colors… What is your opinion on this matter Kimber / other BB fans… P.S. I love to debate and want you to know Kimber and other BB fans that I am not trying to belittle your opinion because yu make very good points as well… if that is how I am making you feel Kimber and other BB fans, I apoligize!!!

  50. Jesse will have the votes to survive. Nat might go home but what if he puts up michelle and Jess. Jesse will stay and that crazy bitch will go be crazy by herself in the jury house. Jesse is too smart for those losers to get him. The Jedi Master has spoken.

  51. FYI….. ***** Spoiler alert ***** Kevin / Lydia / Chima are talking in the HOH room… Kevin just told Chima in front of Lydia that he won’t use the POV to respect her wishes as HOH…. Lydia said she is ok with that since she knows Russell is going home….. Chima / Lydia / Kevin are now talking about how Chima thinks Jeff has the wizard power and will replace Russel and put Jessie up and that Jessie will be going home….. Let the girl power rain because they will be going after Jeff / Russell in the next 2-3 weeks… Any thoughts on the current situation? Anyone else watching the live feeds? ***** W~O~W!!!*****

  52. Kevin tells Chima that he wants to honor her wishes as HOH and NOT use the POV. Lydia said she’s fine with that, because she knows Russell is the one going home.

    Chima thinks Jeff has the wizard power.

    Lydia said that she KNOWS & trusts Chima when she says that Russell is going home. So in return, Lydia said that if she wins HOH next week, that Chima is safe.

    **So basically…Chima is telling Lydia to stay on the block as a pawn, and Lydia says okay, and offeres Chima saftey. Wow. lol

    Chima: “I want a woman to win this game!” (She includes Kevin.)

  53. That last entry is from another blog site….. In case anyone is wondering…. For evidence you can see this all going on now by watching the live feeds…..

  54. **** W~O~W **** Matt did you see what just happened? Natalie just threww Jessie under the bus to his face and said she can’t tell him everything anymore because she doesn’t trust him anymore after last night…. Bye Byee Jessie boy…. Your only ally said screw you for still dealing with Lydia…. ***** L~O~L *****

  55. Leo/steely: please don`t compare BB to survivor. Their 2 entirely different games. AND please, someone compared it to the superbowl? Are you kidding me? BB has ALWAYS had different themes each year, and twists throughout the show. Everything they are doing is fair game. The person who doesn`t go nutso in that house after 11 weeks WILL WIN.

  56. Actually by Jeff / Russell are put up and Jeff saves them both, it will only solidify the Female alliance and give them a reason to get rid of Jeff / Russell……

  57. This will end up screwing Jeff / Russell and help Chima / Lydia / Kevin / Michele and their goal of having a female (or kevin) win BB #11!!!

  58. Remember everyone said that about Natalie in Season #9 after Matt left and she won the HOH and then was able to get people together to pick off James / Josh / Chelsea one by one…. I can see that happening now with Jeff / Russell being screwed and Jordan making it to the final 4 without them the same way Sharon made it to the final 4 in Season #9….. It will basically be Natalie / Lydia / Kevin / Michelle against Jeff / Russell / Jordan for the HOH next week…..

  59. Does anyone think Michelle will keep her word? She will do what isbest for herself and screw Jeff / Jordan if that will help her advance….. Wat are your opinions on this matter?

  60. Does anyone believe Chima / Lydia / Kevin / Natalie will actually want to bring Jeff / Russell to the final 4? Absolutley not because they would’t be able to beat either in a physical challenge. They will pick Jeff / Russell of ASAP to ensure they can will the $500,000!!!

  61. hate chima and Natalie. but i want to see jesse go first..see if they can formulate their own game plan and thrive..HIGHLY doubtful

  62. the “wizard power” was given to the person who AMERICA liked the most or thought was the most deserving…soooooo….in conclusion….all u have to do to win it is be someone who america can root for..its about strategy. be a good the game and dont stand in the background..dont lose your temper..dont connive and lie the whole time..its all about how u play the game. Sounds fair enough to me

  63. if BB wants to do that then they should use the CDT every year, so every player will try to be nice every yea and see how boring BB would be…… don’t usethat nice guy crap because BB isn’t the nicest person game……. Mark my words…… Jeff will be ousted in the next 3 weeks…..

  64. Good afternoon BB fans…..How is everyone doing today? Last nigt was pretty interesting on BBAD to say the least…. Let me get some opin ions on this next statement….. Russell will not go to the final 3 with Jeff who is just as strong as him and Jordan who could get lucky and win….. I guarantee he will have a role in splitting those two up in the next 2 weeks following Jessie’s departure…. He would probably want Jordan out because he wouldn’t have a prayer in beating her because he has screwed so many people and Jordan hasn’t done anything but float. This would say Russel would win, but we all see players in BB 11 are playing with emotion and not logic…. He migh want to get rid of Jeff…. hell I don’t need to explain that, listen to Jordan who is telling jeff during the live feeds and BBAD and actually is making perfect sence…(What a shock)… Russell would much rather take a Michelle / Lydia / Kevin whom he would be ale to beat in the final 4 comps and win more votes from… Therefor he will backstab Jeff / Jordan, but he will be nice and kiss there ass to their face the same way he is doing with Jessie this wee (even though Jessie is going home) and Natalie in the following weeks until she goes home….. Does this make sense to any other BB fans? Let me know your thoughts!!!

  65. Steely: leo made the comparison. FYI, BB always has gimmicks and viewer involvement. That`s what makes it unique.

    RONNIE, is that really you? dude, you and Michele are supposed to be brains, but you both got caught in your gameplay lies. If Jessie survives the next 2 weeks, he could easily win. However, if jeff puts him up against Nat, and the girls stick together, then thursday will be hs lasy day.

  66. while jeff is putting up jessie and natalie he should use the same phrase that jessie said to casey. “move your feet, you got a new seat” :) hilarious

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