Big Brother 11: Week 5 PoV Competition Results – Spoilers

The Power of Veto Competition is over in the Big Brother 11 house. To find out who won click “continue reading” for the spoilers

Power of Veto

Kevin is the winner in this week’s Big Brother 11 Veto competition!

The players in today’s Power of Veto competition were Chima, Russell, Lydia, Jeff, Natalie, and Kevin.

Kevin is discussing now with Chima that he won’t use the Veto to save Lydia. Lydia, who was nominated by Chima, says she is okay with staying on the block as long as they have the votes to evict Russell. Chima, Kevin, and Lydia all agree that they think Jeff has the Coup D’Etat power so they discuss options to flush out the power by replacement nominating Jeff.

What do you think? Should Kevin use the Veto? Who would you save?

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  1. I think that Jeff should use the Coup d’Etat on Natalie and Chima. It’s obvious who will go home, Chima starts most of the drama and Natalie is well-liked in the house. If he uses the Coup d’Etat during the live evictionl; Jessie/Chima/Natalie/Michele won’t have the option to scheme.

  2. I didn’t know that Jeff could lose the coup if he gets put on the block is that true?

  3. @Nicole: No, that is not true. That just want to force him to use it and expose that he was selected. Otherwise he could just let the opportunity pass and then no one would ever know.

  4. Nicole , not true at all. He will still be able to take himself and the other person off and replace the noms with his own. I would think they would be Gnat and Jessie.

  5. FYI….. ***** Spoiler alert ***** Kevin / Lydia / Chima are talking in the HOH room… Kevin just told Chima in front of Lydia that he won’t use the POV to respect her wishes as HOH…. Lydia said she is ok with that since she knows Russell is going home….. Chima / Lydia / Kevin are now talking about how Chima thinks Jeff has the wizard power and will replace Russel and put Jessie up and that Jessie will be going home….. Let the girl power rain because they will be going after Jeff / Russell in the next 2-3 weeks… Any thoughts on the current situation? Anyone else watching the live feeds? ***** W~O~W!!!*****

  6. Kevin tells Chima that he wants to honor her wishes as HOH and NOT use the POV. Lydia said she’s fine with that, because she knows Russell is the one going home.

    Chima thinks Jeff has the wizard power.

    Lydia said that she KNOWS & trusts Chima when she says that Russell is going home. So in return, Lydia said that if she wins HOH next week, that Chima is safe.

    **So basically…Chima is telling Lydia to stay on the block as a pawn, and Lydia says okay, and offeres Chima saftey. Wow. lol

    Chima: “I want a woman to win this game!” (She includes Kevin.)

  7. That last entry is from another blog site….. In case anyone is wondering…. For evidence you can see this all going on now by watching the live feeds…..

  8. @Leo: Yep, that’s what I wrote above in the post. Kevin won’t use it and they think Jeff has the power.

  9. Jessie needs to go and jeff is the only one with enough balls to do it. there is still HOH after he gets jessie out. can’t wait to see big lip chima face when jeff does his thing thursday….lol

  10. **** W~O~W **** Matt did you see what just happened? Natalie just threw Jessie under the bus to his face and said she can’t tell him everything anymore because she doesn’t trust him anymore after last night…. Bye Byee Jessie boy…. Your only ally said screw you for still dealing with Lydia…. ***** L~O~L *****

  11. I think if Chima does put up Jeff that he will take himself and Russell off the block and replace them with Jess and Natalie…Jeff does have a alliance with Russell…and he would help save Jeff and Jordan at least one week.

  12. If Kevin uses the veto and Chima puts up Jeff…….it doesn’t matter b/c Jeff can still use his power and take himself and Russ off then put up meathead Jessie and his evil puppet, Natalie!!

  13. Does anyone like Jessie or Natalie…..I don’t think so…I hope Jessie goes home this week and Natalie goes next week

  14. Actually by Jeff / Russell are put up and Jeff saves them both, it will only solidify the Female alliance and give them a reason to get rid of Jeff / Russell……

  15. they are such idiots. if the replacement nominate jeff, it just gives him justification for using the coup d’etat. oh well, better for jeff!

  16. This will end up screwing Jeff / Russell and help Chima / Lydia / Kevin / Michele and their goal of having a female (or kevin) win BB #11!!!

  17. If Jeff uses the power and puts up Jesse and Nat Chima, Russ, Jordan will vote for Nat to stay,and Jess will be sent home. But won’t the whole house be mad cuz he saved Russ from going home? Jeff is in a jam because he doesn’t have an alliance with anyone but jordan. Russ and Michelle are unstable and keep flip flopping. I think Jeff might be in a bad spot no matter what. Matt what do you think?

  18. @LEO-sorry I havn’t been responsive, I’ve been napping like those silly HG :)
    I don’t think that female alliance is gonna hold up. I don’t think they really trust each other strongly enough to stick together when push comes to shove. That especially will be the case if Jeff or Russell wins next HOH.

  19. if jeff hears about the female alliance, he can use the coup d’etat to put up gnat and michelle and send one of them (probably michelle) home. then the two strongest players, russell and jeff, will probably win hoh, then send chima, or probably gnat home. which will leave gnat, kevin and lydia against jessie, russ, jeff, and jordan. so it’s best for the latter

  20. I think that Jeff will play his cards right in the end.
    If he is put up he will then take he and Russel off, and he should replace himself and Russel with Nat and Jess.
    This will send one alliance member home, and make it easier to pick off the weaker alliance of Chima, Lydia, Kevin, Nat or Jessie.
    I think Michelle will wait in the shadows to see what happens and join the stronger side.
    Without Jessie, Nat is no threat at all.
    In the HOH competition, Jeff would have the numbers on his side with Chima not being able to participate, his alloiance will only have to worry about Kevin, Lydia, Natalie,or Jessie.
    Lord help Chima if Russel gets off the block, he will come gunning for her.

  21. Tonya, Kevin is a swing guy in this. He does want Russell gone, but if Jeff saves his only friend (Lydia) and is instumental in sending Jessie (Kevin’s real enemy) home, then he’ll help out Jeff.

  22. TO BE HONEST, I don’t think you can think too far down the line in this game. The players are going to be very fickle and I think its wise to play it week by week. Long term alliances with multiple players usually doesn’t help you out as much as it helps target you as a threat.

  23. Hello Becky……. Jordan actually told Jeff about the all girl plan yesterday……. He said well I am screwed and she said not this week….. So Jeff already knows that Chima / Lydia / Michelle and Kevin want a n all female final….

  24. Remember everyone said that about Natalie in Season #9 after Matt left and she won the HOH and then was able to get people together to pick off James / Josh / Chelsea one by one…. I can see that happening now with Jeff / Russell being screwed and Jordan making it to the final 4 without them the same way Sharon made it to the final 4 in Season #9….. It will basically be Natalie / Lydia / Kevin / Michelle against Jeff / Russell / Jordan for the HOH next week…..

  25. Kevin needs to use the POV and Lydia so we can see who Chima would put up as replacement…Jeff HAS to use the coup d’etat and take both nominees down and put up Jesse and Gnat…he can say it’s because they don’t pick up their feet when they much as Jesse needs to go, take out gnat..she is the glue..the others don’t like each other.. and if Chima doesn’t stop with the threats CBS should remove her

  26. As i stated before, Jeff is in a “damned if he does, damned if he dont” situation. So i would damn sure use it and put up Jesse and Nat. If people were going to hate me then they would hate me for what i actually did, not what i didnt do. Your never going to be able to please all of them. So please yourself. Remove Chima as “Queen of the Damned”, take down Russ because he has shown “some” loyalty, Take down Lydia just to tick Nat off. Give them all your sweetest smile and proceed to the backyard to win next HOH!

  27. I didn’t think that Lydia was jeff’s friend but won’t she be mad at Jeff is he sends Jesse home? It seems her only loyalty is to Jessie and then Kevin.

  28. i dont care about no female alliance cause jeff, russ & jordan can win hoh next week…i think jeff will too…he knows that when he uses his magic powers then they will be mad so he has to win to make sure him & jordan r safe…just makes him play harder all the more…im not afraid of any of there lame threats and bs…they r all lips and azzholes :P

  29. Kevin not using the veto this week is smart on his part. Chima stated that whoever wins the veto better not change the noms because she would be angry, so kodus to Kevin.

    But Kevin not using the veto is risky for him to loose Lydia, because he really doesnt know what the powers are and how many people can come off the block, so he is taking a risk. And if Kevin believes for one minute that Nat will really not vote for Lydia to be evicted .. he is sadly mistaken. Nat will vote for Lydia no matter who is up against her. Nat wants Lydia gone more than anyone in the house, this is crazy for them to think otherwise Nat has been very vocal how she feels.

  30. I hope Kevin takes lydia down, and don’t realy care who chima puts up. Then have jeff put up Nat and Jessie, and have Nat be the one who leaves.

  31. Tonya, I don’t think Lydia would be a threat to Jeff, even if she did get mad. Afterall, if he wields his power, he alone assured she was staying. She couldn’t be that upset. Then again, this is Lydia we’re talking about. :)

  32. perfect world: jessie goes home this week
    Jeff gets HOH & puts up nat/chima
    Jeff Jordan or Russ wins veto
    chima goes home

  33. Cause even with him in the girl alience, if Lydias gone hes screwed. No one will have his back, and he needs at least one true friend in the house. Plus I’m team Kevin and Lydia.

  34. If Russell comes down how exciting to watch BB.
    If Chima clowns about the coup d’etat on live TV, she should be thrown out of the game. Why does she think she owns CBS? She has to play by their rules. I’m suprised she was not chastized last night about it. She is all mouth{literally}. This will be very interesting to watch.

  35. Like Jessie coming into this game, I’m completely against the use of the Coup D’etat. Just because you’re favorites were walking out one by one, doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. I mean god, there’s always next year. This Coup D’etat power is such a cop out and a ploy for CBS to get more viewers because a bunch of people can’t handle that their proclaimed “Nerd Herd” are winning. It’s Jeff and Jordan’s fault that they suck at competitions. They should have tried harder and win the comps. America shouldn’t have to step in because they are babies.

  36. I agree that they shouldn’t have put in the coup, but if Kevin doesn’t use Pov and it gets lydia of the block then I’m happy they did.

  37. Exactly, Brenna. Even though Jessie didn’t earn his first HOH, he didn’t choose who to nominate. Natalie & Russell did. Jessie wanted Laura up, but Russell was adamant about Lydia and Natalie & Chima suggested Chima as a pawn. Russell & Natalie even went to Jessie to backdoor Braden. So it technically wasn’t his HOH, it was theirs. The difference is, Jeff didn’t earn his power. He got it through America’s love for him. At least Jessie earned his second HOH and Natalie & Russell earned Jessie as a teammate. Jeff is still doing nothing and isn’t as deserving to win the game as Jessie & Russell are.

    And this is coming from a Jeff fan.

  38. kevin should save lydiot because N/C/J will not help him. Jeff needs to save both L and Russ, put up Nat/Jess send either one home, who cares!! Chimpa goes next cause she can’t play HOH. Russ wins HOH send Chimpa home. Jordan needs to keep her mouth shut. Mich needs to stop being Ronnie. Kev, grow some and keep Lydiot. Let Chimpa rant and rave; she’s all mouth (to scare eveyone like Russ.)

  39. I don’t even get why people like j/j. Yeah there good looking but they are also r the stupidest people in the house.

  40. I agree seeing Chima go off about the CDT powers was great, she is going to make a fool of herself on Thursday and I cant wait. I dont doubt this isnt going to happen, Chima went in detail yelling so producers could hear her make threats of ruining the live show on Thursday. WOW Her family is going to be proud of her that night!!!! HAHAHAHA

    But leaving the noms the same is what I wanted (TY Kevin) … because Jeff using the CDT to save Russ will make Russ owe him and I think Russ will stay loyal to Jeff from that point on. IMO-Jeff using the CDT will not make a target on his back as bad as everyone thinks. If Jesse/Nat go on the block andJesse goes home Nat (who has not won anything yet) and Chima (who cant vote this week and cant play HOH next week) will be the ones targeting Jeff at that point. I dont think Jeff will be scared or should be. Nat and Chima will have a bigger target on thier backs. Chima just put up two people and both came off the block and didnt go home… they both will be after Chima, specially Russ.

  41. Get out J/N/C/M is all I have to say. I know they are playing the game, but the nastiness is uncalled for. Chimpa wanted Russ and he didn’t want her. She admitted it was personal not game play. Nat is a Jessiholic and we need to see her game without him. Mich is becoming Ronnie (I actually wanted her to win) J/J are not good players, but if Jeff shakes up the game he will need to come out strong and hard. Plus he is carrying Jor, I think?? I think Jor has a card up her sleeve for later in the game if she makes it.

  42. But the game isn’t just about winning the chalenges, you also have to be decent at reading people and talking your way out of bad situations. My favorites(kevin & Lydia)don’t win everything. They actualy barely win anything, but there still in the house. Lydias even been on the block about half the time, but she hasn’t left… yet

  43. Stop playing the what if game! We don’t know if Jeff is going to use the power! We don’t know if Chima will really go off! We don’t know if Russell will stay loyal to Jeff! We don’t know if Kevin will or won’t change up the nominations! He may change is mind last-minute! He may not! Point is! Stop thinking it’s going to happen when you don’t know for sure! I’ll only believe it when it happens!

  44. The power of veto should not be used. Let Jeff use the powwer to get rid of Jessie or Natalie. Way to go Kevin.

  45. Does anyone believe Chima / Lydia / Kevin / Natalie will actually want to bring Jeff / Russell to the final 4? Absolutley not because they would’t be able to beat either in a physical challenge. They will pick Jeff / Russell of ASAP to ensure they can will the $500,000!!!

  46. Just have a question can Jeff put Chima up? Does his Coup d`etat out trump her power of HOH? Then I hope he puts Chima and Jess up. Or Michele and Nat. The thing is Michele would go and then Chima, Nat and Jess will go after him. SO yes put Jess and Nat if Chima can not be placed. So looking forward to Thursdays show!

  47. Kev not using the POV is stupid. He can’t really think C/J/N would save him or Lydiot!! Let Chimpa blow her top when Jeff uses the CDT, who cares. She needs to go anyway. Does she really think Nat would save her over Jess!! She needs to wake up and smell the game. Lydiot would save Kev over Jess (unless Nat is there) Getting rid of Nat would cause Jess to rely on L/C. Lyd needs to wake up as well. I don’t understand how after all this time people in the house can’t see that N/J will save each other over all of them. Ms college grad, journalist, wanna be Chimpa isn’t even realizing this. How smart is she now. Mich as a PhD has gotten to be either pretty smart or extra stupid to think Chimpa would help her over N/J. Jeff needs to get over Jor and play his game and stop looking out for her as well. She talks and lets things out either by accident or on purpose, not sure.

    I wanted Jeff to have the CDT cause I truly think that he can come through by getting rid of one of the “crew”. Plus he wants to break them up. He said this when KC was still in. Once he does this, hopefully he will have the respect of those who were to scared to nom them in the first place.

  48. I think Keven should use the veto on lydia because if he dont then Jeffs going to know something is wrong about that?

  49. I want Nat, Jordan, Michele, and Chima gone. Jordan just bothers me for some reason, Michele turned into ronney, and Chima… well I guess I don’t mind her but i’d love to hear what she has to say on her way out the door.

  50. Andrew,

    The HGs are playing 24/7 and we are watching it and we all comment on the game as it is happening on the feeds now … I dont think that is the what if game. I agree the game changes every hour but the people who watch the feeds comment every time the HG change their minds which is often. I think that is why we see the comments going back and forth often.

  51. I have a feeling that Kevin Campbell will not be able to use the POV the save Lydia or Russell from eviction at all during Monday afternoon’s veto meeting, which means Chima’s nominations will very well be left intact as it is. According to my predictions, Jeff will not be able to use the power of coup d’etat at all during next Thursday’s live eviction, leaving Chima’s nominations intact. Russell will be the next houseguest to exit the Big Brother house next Thursday night, according to my predictions.
    Kevin Silvestris
    Worcester, MA

  52. @Matt: I try not to sweat until nominations, POV comps & ceremonies, and eviction nights.

  53. Well, this is all fun & we can speculate ’til the cows come home. Our best case scenario may be nothing like what Jeff will do! That’s the fun part. There will be lots of carping if Jessie stays another week. BTW I’ll be one of carpers. LOL

  54. Patsy 59, Kevin should use the Pov on Lydia,they are friends.Why would anyone trust Chimma..What has she really done.Russel is a good player,beware!!!At least ronnie is gone,what a slime…His mother cant be proud!!!Jessie get a job and stay out of Big brother!!Jeff and Jordon are the only 2 honest players!!!

  55. pasty hendricks. Chima is more honest than Jordan is. Chima will straight tell you to you’re face. Chima has been loyal from the get go. Not like Natalie & Jessie who are beginning to turn on each other. But Chima has always been truthful with the HouseGuests, even if she never admitted to the backdoor, she changed her mind and changed it back to getting rid of Russell. Anyway, the things you are saying about Ronnie and Jessie, they aren’t even civil. Just because you didn’t like their gameplay doesn’t mean it’s a right to jab at their personal life. That has nothing to do with the game. And why is it that Jeff treated like one of the saints when he has the dirtiest mouth of all the houseguests? And don’t act stupid and say, “Well, that’s just his Chicago-accent,” bullshit. Stop making it a double standard.

  56. Kevin needs to take lydia down, b/c i don’t think she has the votes to stay no mater what the other contestants r saying, and I can see jeff geting cold feet and not using the coup thingy

  57. it would be way more entertaining if kevin used the veto but not smart for him in the game, esp when lydia really doesnt have his back. she throws him under the bus anytime she feels the spotlight on them and that will only be heightened when the numbers keep dropping.
    jeff better use the power! theres no better way to get out jesse! and people arent as scared right now because of the numbers.
    q: if there’s a tie, does chima break it or jeff?
    live feeds yesterday showed jesse telling nat that if jeff (or mystery power holder) were smart theyd use it to get him out and he was worried kind of, nat went on to say but theyre not that smart! hahahahahahahahahahah
    karma really is a bitch!

  58. I agree JJ2 .. that is the best part of the show is trying to figure out what is the best stradegy and who are the better people and really who is going to win. I agree with you and Im right beside you with my imput LOL

  59. when did lydia throw Kevin under the bus? I don’t have live feeds, so I only know what they show on tv and what I hear here. Darn I realy liked those two.

  60. I think Kevin should not use p.o.v. that way when Jeff uses it to save Lydia he will also be greatful for him saving her as well as Russell will be. Jessie leaves kevin will be happy that Lydia will only have him to come too not jessie so dbl win for Jeff and Kevin as well.

  61. my only worry with jesse gone is just how evil natalie will get. lydia is so dumb i cant count on her to make a decision in this game! she will go and side with natalie and chima because she will think thats safety and bc for some idiotic reason kevin thinks theres safety there, when they should team with michelle secretly. she would be loyal to a player that is clearly loyal to her and she is a great game player (i think her and kev could do well). when the boys are gone, she will wipe out the comps! i truly hope chima/nat do not end up having more power in the house once jesse/nat are gone, that would be just as annoying, if not more! viewers will be tempted to break into the bb house just to slap a few people. :)
    oh and if jeff punks out on us, which i am honestly worried about but do not think he will do since he owes viewers, lydia would be going home. nat/michelle/jordan/jeff would all vote to keep russell and maybe even jesse to kill some drama and keep nat’s loyalty. idk where they got the idea that they had the numbers to get him out. i think michelle will go back on her word also bc she’d want to break up kev/lydia thinking kev will then come to her side, and she may be right. it would be pushed to a tie at most and then i guess jeff breaks it right?

  62. agreed it would be good for Jeff and kevin in a way, but I still think he’ll get cold feet.

  63. when ronnie/jesse had power lydia told them that she thinks kev might soon turn on their alliance, the nbk or whatev. she would also tell them to think of them separately. lydia is not loyal at all. whenever she is in danger, or thinks she is, she finds another victim and prepares them for the kill. i used to like her too until she backstabbed kevin and the respect of all women by sleeping with a man who obviously campaigned against her.

  64. I disagree on many points:
    1st off i don’t think lydias that stupid, but your right she doesn’t have the votes 2 stay (which I’ve been saying 4 a while). 2nd Michele is in no way, shape, or form trust worthy.

    Kevin beter use the pov and Jeff needs to use the coup. America gave him the power, and he needs to use. PLEASE Prove me wrong and don’t be the chicken I tink you are.

  65. thanks esa, tear! But honestly I still a fan of lydias even with all the bs shes pulled. I guess i’m just to stuborn for my own good

  66. Hey Breanna, you referred to Jeff and Jordan as the “stupidest” people in the house. Jeff has actually one a challenge and he could’ve been the HOH but he handed it to Russell. The Coup D’Etat isn’t that much different than Veto, it’s just twice as powerful.

  67. your right Jeff isn’t that stupid, I can’t fualt some one for not being able to spell, I’m not that good at it either

  68. If Kevin uses the POV then Chima is going to see Kevin as a traitor. The best case would be for Jeff to take down Russ and Lydia and replace them with Jesse and Scruffy. Then if theey vote Jesse out(hopefully) it will leave scruffy to fend for herself, and I doubt she’ll get HOH or POV next week and poof no more scruffy.

  69. I completely disagree with the concept of alliances in the Big Brother house. They serve no purpose considering the fact that there can only be one winner. Your alliance may be loyal to a point but if it’s more convenient for them to evict you; they will. Vote with the majority, it’s just one less person that’s standing in your way of the prize.

  70. but what happens when your up? If you don’t have at least one person behind you people may be afraid to vote for you to stay

  71. @Brenna..agree with your first 2 points. Lydia is not that stupid, and Michele is not that trustworthy. Lydia has a decent head on her shoulders, she sometimes lets her heart get in the way. Michele is very fickle. Cant make a decision and stick with it. Both types of people are inconsistent and should be avoided in the BB house. Can really cause trouble when it comes to loyalty. As for Jeff, i dont think hes chicken. I just think hes trying to work out the best senario for himself. Cause the least amount of trouble as he can. Im afraid for him that might not be possible. Either way, use it or not, someone will be ticked.

  72. Agreed on most. And your right Lydia does let her heart or what ever cloud her decisions, but if she actualy tried I think she’d have a shot at winning.

  73. Lydia is pretty skanky, before she went into the BB House she said she’d hook up with guys and girls if it could guarantee her safety.

  74. Well shes not the only one who said she’d start a showmance if it would save her from going home. Jordan did to, but she, of course, can do no wrong

  75. I don’t think he should use the veto. I personally don’t care if either Russell or Lydia goes home. I think Jeff will use the power and put up Jessie and Natalie.

  76. yeah that’s true, and in my opinion I think she’s been floating through the competition more so than anyone else. She hasn’t even come close to winning a competiton but Jeff will always keep her safe. ugh.

  77. I don’t recall Jordan saying she would showmance,esp not do guy’s or girls to get further in the game.and she hasn’t had sex of any kind with Jeff. She has kissed him. But Lydia on the other hand has been slumming with Jessie and maybe Russ , I haven’t seen that one tho just flirting with him.She has performed acts on Jessie So don’t compair Jordan to the SKEEZZZZZZZZZ. Jeff and Jordan till the end.

  78. for those who have forgotten,jeff won a pov competition when he was on the block. so to those of you who say he hasnt won anything. at this point in the game, he has won a competition, one that mattered and saved himself. and i think that he realizes that winning HOH too early in the game, almost always leads to an early demise. so who knows he may have been waiting a few weeks to show his strength, i mean since so many others seem so willing to become utterly obnoxious, thus painting a giant target on their backs all by theirself.

    or i could be wrong, i just hope they come to the realization that it is time for natalie to go, why would anyone want her around…even jessie has to realize that natalie is using him more the he is using her.

  79. jordan said it during one of her interviews, and yeah lydia may have taken it a step further, but still no need to get so vile

  80. @shep1973..Perfect Post! Im glad somebody finally pointed out that winning HOH too soon spells doom. No one EVER wants to win the first HOH. You dont know what your dealing with at that point, so your decisions are still a bit premature. Its better to get to know your rivals first and learn their weaknesses. Then you can make an informed decision. Jeff may be hanging back for a reason. Unlike Ronnie…Jeff may actually know the game.

  81. I agree that Kevin should use the POV on Lydia.Can’t trust Chima her and Natalie are buddies and Chima knows that Natalie can’t stand Lydia. Jeff should use his power and put up Jessie and Nat. Jessie should go. Without Jessie I think Nat won’t have the backbone that she has now knowing Jessie has her back. She really hasn’t won anything by herself.

  82. In the first chalenge she probly would have won if they didn’t have the teams. B/c they stoped b4 one person was left b/c no mater what a athlete won and their team would get another player. but if you watch it again it looks like natalie could hold on for a while longer and russle was realy strugling.

    But I agree it would be interesting to see what natalie does with out Jessie there behind her, though I still would rather see her leaving this week

  83. if jeff doesn’t use the wizard power he’s still going to be a target for next week – the girl power thing makes the men a target anyway so why NOT use it???

  84. this is what i am hopeing happens,

    hopefully kevin doesnt use the veto, and jeff takes down russell, puts up natalie, which i think michelle, jeff, jordan, kevin would vote natalie out. then jeff needs to clue jessie in on the all female final four which chima seems to have alot to do with, slowing the bus down enough so she can throw jessie under the bus as well. so jessie would not be looking for revenge for natalie or to chima for a new plan, rather looking for someone else to get his back. if either of the guys have actually paid attention to seasons past, including jessie who even on last year.. they both should know that the smaller weaker players will pick the athletic bigger guys off while they still can, because they are too afraid to go up against them in more than half of the competitions, including an important physical challenge at the end.. hopefully these guys wont shoot themselves in their own backs, by taking out the best allies a big guy can have in this game. another big guy.

    that is my thought and wishes on the matter. good night all, its saturday night and a beer is calling my name.

  85. if that alliance is still good, the only one competing for hoh not on his side would be nat & michele!

  86. doesn’t chima act like this is “her game” and not cbs? its there rules, they can do whatever they want, she agreed to the game when she signed up. give me a break.

  87. i thought J/J/K/L alience thing ended a few weeks ago when The Braden thing happend. Did they decide to give it another try?

  88. I’m really confused, is the rule that Chima’s breaking the one about Coup d’Etat?

  89. once casey went home, the j/j/k/l alliance was formed. that was only two weeks ago. it was before the coupd’etat was announced.

  90. thanks wasn’t sure, knew they were close at first, but thought any alience they had ended when Braden tock Lydias place on the block

  91. If jeff gets put on the block he can not loose the Coup De taut…. its his power to do what he wants.. I think the power is intented for someone that gets put on the block… So if jeff is on the block he can use it to take himself off and anyone else…

  92. ahhhhh… two of my coments are ‘awaiting Moderation’ and in both I’m just thanking people, whats the big deal with that

  93. but why would that happen? Are there certain worlds that when used the whole mesage is held until someone can look over them or what?

  94. I’m watching live feed right now and Chima, Natalie and Jessie are still talking about the “wizard power”

  95. Chima’s been watching the Diary Room door and she thinks it’s Jeff because he’s been getting called there a lot. WOW she’s obsessive.

  96. for anyone who has the live feed, any changes in chima’s plan for eviction or the girl alliance?

  97. Chima’s been watching the Diary Room door and she thinks it’s Jeff because he’s been getting called there a lot.


    is that the rule chima’s breaking?

  98. Chima just said that if Kevin uses the power of Veto on Lydia, she’ll put up Michelle.. so much for the new “alliance”

  99. Chima’s pretty observant. She noticed that Jeff has not been acting the same as usual. A smart girl…just cant get on board with all her diva bs.

  100. Yeah I agree and I don’t get what she did to her face, it looks like she’s had work done and it doesn’t look good at all

  101. the rule chima is talking about breaking is if the wizard power allows someone to take off her nominees, she has threatened cbs that all hell is gonna break loose on live tv! she doesn’t care if she loses money, gets penalized, she’s gonna throw a “diva tantrum” that she warns big brother they don’t want to see. she says “not fair” if they take her power cause she won hoh and if there’s no power with hoh whats the point.

  102. I dont know if Chima has had plastic surgery, but she looks like she has. Whoever did it messed it up. I usually dont talk about peoples looks but Chima is very unusual looking.

  103. I have to say, Michele is still my favorite. She is smart and knows what she is doing. However, the lie spread by Jessie and Nat could come back to bite her. I also still like Natalie. I know no one else does but i think it is just Jessie that is causing her to act this way. I think she is a threat to go to the end. Michele and Natalie both have a good chance of winning. Jeff and Jordan are still pretty cool. I think Jeff should use the power to put up Jessie and Natalie. However, i don’t know if jessie would go. Lydia would vote to evict Natalie. I can’t imagine anyone else doing that, but peopleact crazy when they play this game. I hope Jeff uses the Coup D’Etat and replaces Russell and Lydia with Jessie and Natalie.

  104. Russell also knows that Jeff has the secret power because he asked c/j/n/k/l to put jeff up on the block but kevin just agreed to not use his power of veto

  105. anyone having trouble accessing the live feeds? I keep getting an error message and sent in a complaint to real player. tx

  106. i’m gonna be pissed if russell sticks it to jeff after he pulls him off and stays with the group that put his butt up and has wanted him out for weeks!

  107. the rule chima is talking about breaking is if the wizard power allows someone to take off her nominees, she has threatened cbs that all hell is gonna break loose on live tv! she doesn’t care if she loses money, gets penalized, she’s gonna throw a “diva tantrum” that she warns big brother they don’t want to see. she says “not fair” if they take her power cause she won hoh and if there’s no power with hoh whats the point


    thanks! i hope jeff does use the coup d’etat so it happens because that would be very interesting!

  108. What do i know..some men might find Chima very attractive. To each his own. As far as personality..she is ugly. She does not make the rules for BB and as far as i know she does not own any stock in CBS and has no say so over how any show should go. I hope she gets a penalty nom or maybe she will leave on her own. Either be glad to help her pack.

  109. Ronnie told Jessie before he left that Coup d’Etat has the power to take two down and put two up so Jessie knows. (I guess Ronnie’s been watching for a while)

  110. Chima just got in trouble for talking about production

    jeff just got in trouble with production for whistling

    what did she say?

    and why did jeff get in trouble?

  111. sounds like some of the jesse/natalie etc fans are getting scared over this wizard power. Don’t be mad that your egotistical players put their foot in their mouth and now are possibly in trouble. If Jeff doesn’t use the power I personally will lose respect for him. America has given him the power to shake this house up and do some good with it if he lets it go to waste he deserves to lose.

  112. Jeff was whistling into the mic and I guess it was giving feedback

    Chima referred to the production team as dumbasses and said they get everything wrong and then she was yelled at by the production team (big brother)

  113. Concerning Chima……..The Bio’s on her is that she had a serious altercation a few years ago and was attacked by a serial rapist. The guy beat her to a pulp and she had extensive surgery. He has been since caught, tried and convicted of murder and has been excecuted for the crimes. There was a segment in the 1st weeks where she told someone in the house about this. If you google it you can read the full story.

  114. no one should act like chima, expecially not one that looks like her, regardless of the reason behind her looks

  115. I also agreed with what Casey said about how she laughs at her own jokes regardless whether or not they’re funny

  116. Omg, at first I thought you made that up but I did find an article on google saying the same thing.

  117. To all big brother fans,what a year!!!Should Jeff use the power?Will Chimma flip out with CBS???Will Kevin hold to his word?And will Lydia get a chance to fix her roots???There all nice people and this is all they have to worry about ,as long as they are in the house.So we all just have to watch and see!!!Usually the best player wins.Go Jeff!!!!!!

  118. i hate Chima and Jessie. Hope jeff will use coup d’etat power to take Russell and Lydia off the block and nominate Jessie and Natalie. Russell will chase after Chima and that’s all benefits to Jeff

  119. Jeff is carrying Jordan through the game. I hope whoever is left out of the Jessie,Nat,Kevin or Michele group win the HOH & puts up Jeff & Jordan.They need to be split up.If they are in the final 4 they will not vote the other out. That’s what the other HG don’t realize..

  120. I hope whoever is left out of the Jessie,Nat,Kevin or Michele group win the HOH & puts up Jeff & Jordan.They need to be split up.If they are in the final 4 they will not vote the other out. That’s what the other HG don’t realize..

  121. Why hasn’t anyone realize they need to split up Jeff & Jordan. If they make it to the final 3 neither one will vote the other off. I would like to see Jordan go home soon then we can see Jeff show his true self.

  122. Jeff will use the power if he needs to protect himself or Jordan. Other than that he will stay silent. live feeds still not working here.

  123. if jeff is smart he will take russell and lydia off and put jessie and nat up. get make thier buddies choose sides. Not only that they are controling most of the game. get rid of the worst threats which is jessie and nat. besides anyone who sticks up for a rat till the end is bad news.

  124. @Starshine : I totally agree with u … Scrappy and Jessie are the biggest threat. On the other hand, if Russell is put off by Jeff, he will be an ally. Jordan let me down when she said she would vote what Chima needed … That’s stupid !!!

  125. @bigmon: What do you have against Jeff & Jordan? They are playing this game honorably and they should be commended.

  126. Jordan is an abundance more than an ally. She’s not good at any games. She is really bringing Jeff down. And she’s dependant too, hope she’ll be evicted soon

  127. Lydia wants to be on Team Russell so badly!!! And the DR just sent Michelle outside…clearly trying to get a fight started.

  128. Put up Chima and Nat. With either gone you not only hurt Jessie but the all girl plan. Kevin and Lydia would both owe Jeff as well as Russell for 1 more week. Next week put up which ever one didn’t go home along with Michelle.

  129. It seems like some of you are thinking that the HGs do not know what the secret power is, but didn’t Julie explain it to them all in both of the last two shows?

    But one thing I’m not clear on is if Jeff uses the power, does he get to vote on Thursday? It seems that to be fair either he does not get to vote (just like the HoH) or then Chima should get to vote too. Anyone know the rules on this?

    By the way, BB made it clear that the CD winner would lose the power if they told another HG about it, but was there any rule about anyone other than Jeff dropping clues that they might have the CD power? If I was in there that’s what I would do, just to screw with their minds. If Jordan was smart, that’s what she should be doing… make the HGs think that she has the CD power (which is plausible… I’ll bet she came in second place) to draw attention away from Jeff.

  130. Jessie to Jeff: “I just want you to know that Natalie and I…got both of your backs.” What a goon.

  131. i think that kevin shouldnt use the veto but jeff should put jessie and nat. it would totaly change the game because i htink that they are the most powerful in the game

  132. Jessie is wiser this year but I think Jeff will attack him on Thursday. When Natalie and Jessie are on the block, Jessie stands better chance to going home.

    Do all the HGs know that the CD owner can replace both of the nominees ???

  133. scott iwas wondering the same thing if jeff or chima got to vote thursday
    does anyone know?????

  134. I read in the forum that if Jeff uses the CDT power than … He doesnt get to vote, Chima doesnt get to vote either. Chima cant even play for HOH next week Jeff can. The best way to look at it is Chima is HOH and goes threw the HOH motions until last minutes of voting Jeff can jump in an overturn her noms. And Jeff will be the one to break the tie! WOOHOO! Good times, Good times!

    So what this does for us this season is Chima and Jeff dont vote. Jesse and Nat hopefully go up so they cant vote LOL. The voters would be
    Lydia, Russ, Jordon, Kevin, and Michele. So 3 votes are needed to boot Jesse. Hope it happens!

  135. Ronnie shouldn’t have gone cuz he was actual playing the game and J/J suck and don’t Even deserve to live until Jeff grows some balls and Jordan gets a brain

  136. Ronnie is a douchebag, glad he’s gone. He lives right across the river from me. I can tell you without a doubt he shamed a lot of people with his actions.

  137. If jeff put Nat and Jes on the block. Miche, Jordan, Kev will vote to evict Jessie.

    I wonder if Jordan is downplaying like Dan last year. She said “I’m not that dump”. She lays low and doesn’t seem to care if she wins the HOH or not

  138. I’m from Chicago so I’m pulling for Jeff…I hope he is smart enough to realize he HAS to use the wizard power and put up both Natalie and Jesse. He has no choice…imagine if he doesn’t do anything, then Russell leaves and Jeff/Jordan will only have Michelle on their side. And on the other side will be Kevin/Natalie/Jesse/Chima/Lydia – it would be like week 2 all over again and the Jeff/Jordan/Michelle group will start to be eliminated one by one. If Jeff eliminates Jesse or Natalie then the grouping will be Jeff/Jordan/Michelle/Russell/Lydia/Kevin against Chima/Natalie (or Jesse). Then eventually Chima and Natalie will go out and then the remaining 6 will start fighting it out, but Jeff/Jordan will likely have Michelle so they will always have at least equal numbers…SOOOOO…Jeff HAS to use the Wizard power, I hope he sees that too.

  139. @Mario : do u have the accent like Jeff ? Does anyone in Chicago have such accent ? I can’t wait until Thursday. I don’t have Livefeeds beause i’m from Vietnam. I have loved this game seen season 9. Do u have yahoo ID Mario ?

  140. CD is stupid cuz now Jeff is in the jury and Jeff is doesn’t deserve cd cuz he throws compititions and has no balls accept for jordans

  141. @Binh Vietnam

    The accent comment is funny as heck to me…I can’t hear his accent. I guess because I can’t hear it, then I must have it…lol. I think he has a little bit of an accent, but I think we in the Midwest are the purest English speakers of any region…maybe northern California would be equivalent. All other regions have distinct, deep accents – like New England, or the South, or the Seattle/Canada region. Clearly I’m biased.

    I can’t wait till thursday either, I hope he freaking uses his power. Vietnam…wow, that’s cool that you follow the game. Do you get to watch the episodes at least? If not then I would search for sites that make those shows available as downloads, such as … just search for big brother. I don’t believe I have a yahoo id…I don’t even have a yahoo email, at least not one that I’ve used in years.

    sorry for double post, could not see my first post show up.

  142. I wish Chima didnt win HOH cause Jeff would put her up real fast. But then again I am going to love her face when he over rules her Jeff has to win HOH to be safe cause everyone is going to go after him after Thursday.

    If he puts up Jess/Nat I think everyone is going to vote him out except Lydia who will vote for Nat. cause then she has Jess all to herself.

    but I think Jeff might put up nat/mich cause of all the lying Michelle is going an playing both sides. Everyone will vote for Michelle to go. Leaving Nat in the house again.

    Either way Jeff has a big decission to do and not being about to discuss it with Jordan is hurting him. Cause he has never lied to her since he meet her.

  143. I am know longer going to watch Big Brother. I hated when they brought Kaysar back after being kicked out. I hated Eric playing as “America’s Player”. I HATE THIS COUP D’ ETAT THING! Let the players play!! You get kicked off you just get kicked out because you were not playing right. When America gets involved it stops being BIG BROTHER it turns into another American Idol show where everyone picks the winner based off of popularity. This is not the way that Big Brother should be played. I like Jeff but not because of him being a good player because he is not. I like him because he looks good etc. However if he gets kicked out because he is not winning competitions or playing with strategy then oh well he deserves to go home and Jordan too. I may not personally like Chima or Kevin etc. but they are playing the game and winning when they feel they need to and playing mind games just like any other past winner has done. I mean lets be real here, people that sign up to play Big Brother are playing to win half a million dollars! They say that the root of all evil is the pursuit/love of money. LOL so I don’t think any of them are that “good”.

    I hate to say this but I feel like this year a lot of people were not prepared for the number of minorites that are in the house: Chima, Natalie, Russell, Lydia and Kevin. Everyone likes the white people and when Braedan, Laura, and Casey got sent home because they were out played then all the white people got angry. Jesse and Ronnie are disliked because guess what they are closer to the minorites then they are to the boring players: Jordan, Jeff, and Casey etc. People’s oppinion of Michelle changes day to day depending on whose side she is on. I know a lot of people are not going to like what I just said but a lot of people that I talk to feel the same way. A lot of people just do not want to admit it but its true. Not that is should matter but I am white.

    Also Jeff should not use the power not because he should not have gotten it in the first place, but because it would be his demise….think about Kaysar. The houseguests are going to go for him because of him being the favorite. I don’t think he will win the next HOH either, just have a feeling he won’t.

    So in closing I did like Jordan and Jeff because I always go for the underdogs but I feel that they should win by game play and not because they were handed power from America we are not supose to have a say we are supose to just watch. The COUP D’ ETAT things was the last straw for me and I will not be watching any more. May the best strategic person win know matter the strategy!!!

    Still a fan of Jeff and Jordan.

  144. Kathy, it’s not that I don’t like Jordan I don’t like anyone being carried by Jeff or anybody through the game.She seems phony also.

  145. Chima is so real, I love her. Why hate her game? Also, I heard someone say that Jeff was one of the strong ones. WHAT? Jeff didn’t win anything yet and can’t even spell. Why must SOME Americans be so STUPID to want LOSSERS like Jeff and Jordon to win. I Laugh at these post everyday, way to go American for wanting lossers to win.

  146. Chima has the freedom to speak whenever she wants to. So yes, she don’t own CBS but guess what CBS don’t own her or her language. GO CHIMA


  147. @ dayday….. You don’t even know how to spell loser so please don’t make fun of Jeff. I hope Chima goes crazy on thurs and cbs kicks her butt out of the house!

  148. the best would be jeff uses the power….puts up Gnat and Jessie…and a tie vote…lol…making Chima vote out one lol..That would be great

  149. Talking about being Prejudice it does not matter were the people come from, as long they can play game. In general, you tend to bias towards groups and refuse to accept belief-contradicting information,sterotype minorites. The house guest have two different groups one aggressive who enjoys to impulse the weaker group that is all have nothing to do with minorites. Big Brother has been using fans for a while to keep them interst in watching the show. “America Player” .They just trying to keep the fans inteerested. Look how Jessie became HOH just got pick on a team who won he did not do nothing. Maybe they pick wrong people I tried out but guess what they did pick an over weight women I don’t have the looks (LOL) At least I would try to win .
    Jeff is playing his way to stay in the house playing low until he has to play hard he got what he wanted from Russell so it worked out. Nattlie ,Kenvin has not played they are floaters

  150. FYI: THE CURRENT HOH AND POV HOLDER CANNOT BE NOMINATED IF JEFF USES THE COUP D’ ETAT POWER! If Kevin uses it on Lydia and Chima replaced her with Jeff to flush out the power, Jeff CANNOT nominate Chima or Lydia (HOH/POV Holder!). Everyone else is open: Russell- Jeff has an Alliance with him so No,Jordan- which we all know she’ll never go up! Jessie, Natalie, Michelle- Wild Card and Kevin- which i personally don’t see as a threat to nom. him. Either Way It looks like Jessie and Natalie Will be Nominated if Jeff uses it, and Russel:Jessie, Lydia:Natalie, Jordan:Jessie, Jeff:Jessie, Michelle: Wild Card (Maybe Jessie) Kevin:Jessie. Just my thoughts!

  151. I still don’t get this not playing the game bit that haters like you SUE keep talking about. Why come out aggressive real early and develop a big target on your back. Jeff had that HOH won but decided to let russell have it for one reason or another. If you don’t believe that then you are nuts look how long it took Russell to get back to normal while Jeff WALKED in and got in the shower under his own power. I don’t see away you can’t play the game while you’re in this house. Everything you say or do could possibly get you voted out. Why not lay low and let everyone else bury themselves first. The proper statement about Jeff thus far is that he is not PLAYING AGGRESSIVE. Jess and Gnat are hated because of the way they act just like the case with Chima. She is a hypocrit calling Russ a terrorist.

  152. remember season #9 when James / Josh / Chelsea / Sharon kep Ryan over Maatt? How did Ryan repay them? He joined Natalie / Adam / Sheila and voted them out….. Russell will do the same to Jeff / Jordan because he knows he will finish #3 with them in the finaal three and won’t beat either in the finall 2!!!

  153. Jimazoid

    Jeff doesnt get to vote because he used the CDT niether does Chima-she is HOH. There will be 5 voters if the power is used and Jesse/Nat on the block so there will be no tie breaker vote needed with 5 peeps voting. Lydia, Kevin, Russ, Michele and Jordon are going to get the voters that make Jesse go out the door.

  154. To those who think Coup d’Etat isn’t fair…what about letting Jessie back for round two and giving him a Free HoH, which Jeff and Russ clearly earned for him? The game was unfair from day one, but at least Jeff earned Coup d’Etat by having a good game plan and being honest. Other things Jeff won? POV and a tie for Russell’s HoH. That’s three things Jeff has won or tied, more than anyone else but Russell. Plus, he gave up protection to earn Russell’s trust and it paid off because he’s about to throw the house into chaos. That’s playing the game.

    Anyway, I don’t think Jeff necessarily won because he’s white. I’m black and I voted for him because Chima’s a racist and was willing to ruin Braden’s life to win money, Jessie had an unfair advantage and was hiding behind a wall of players, Natalie has never won anything, Ronnie’s a rat, Michelle was a floater with no allegiances, Jordan didn’t have a strategy, Kevin’s a coward, and Lydia’s easily manipulated by Jessie.

    So, sure, everyone is playing the game but the only one who can disrupt the complete imbalance caused by Week 1’s HoH was Jeff who specifically said he would take out Jessie and Natalie. Ronnie kept talking about how he would make some big moves in the game if he won, but we all know he would just be another free power for Jessie to add to his other advantages.

  155. J/J will be split up in the next 2 weeks…… mark my words ok? the end is near forJeff / Jordan!!! I hope it is Jordan because I like Jeff and want to see him get to the final 2 against Kevin / Natalie / Chima……. Then America’s favorite player can win 2nd Place to N / K / C…….

  156. @leo
    NBK was to Ryan’s previous alliance as Russell is to Ryan.

    Plus, this time NBK backstabbed HIM. There’s no arguing that. His shift to Jeff was provoked.

    Russell knows that his only way to get to the final 3 is with Jeff and Jordan. Michelle is a compulsive liar, Lydia and Kevin are a +2 on the Good Ship NBK, and Jeff is the strongest competitor besides him. If it’s Jeff/Jordan/Russell, Russell can at least compete to stay in the top two and have a chance at winning and Jeff/Jordan are next. If Russell tries to backstab, he knows he’s the next one out without Jeff and Jordan getting his back.

    In short, Russell NEEDS Jeff and Jordan as much as they need him. It’s no question.

  157. Eamon,

    You make alot of great points. Chima’s intentions were to ruin Bradon for sure. Ronnie did the same with Casey’s career as a teacher. I understand this is a game of disception but wow that kind of slander is not called for.

    Chima is going to flip on live show Thursday if Jeff uses the CDT powers and she realizes that she doesnt have any power this week. She has threated then producers that they will have the FCC after them because of her actions she will be having on Thurs. This girl is going to make a fool out of her self. It is a shame she is a disgrace for women, because not all women act like this who are for “Girl Power” and Im sure that she will pull out the racist card when she realizes that the noms she put up were trumped with Jeff’s power. Chima is a tough girl but I dont think she thinks before she talks….. she reacts then thinks, makes a mess of things and then she has to be on damage control.

  158. If I was jeff..I would put gnat and jessie up,…then turn to Chima and say just so it’s still fair to you…we will vote 3 to 3 so u hav ethe ultimate power and can vote one out…lol..ur own alliance…Chima now ur HOH means something again lol

  159. I wish people would realize that jeff is the ULTIMATE player! Look what is happening to all of the people that came out strong starting week one. Any competition that has truly mattered he has won! On the block got POV… No alliance…. Tied for HOH (which kept him safe that week, gave him a shot at HOH the next week, gained him an alliance, and put the blood for ronnies eviction on russell) Did nobody notice that the main reason Ron was out was Jeff and that he has seen no backlash at all. Jeff told Jordan “America won’t give it to us because they think we’re too dumb to use it” He WILL NOT CHICKEN OUT! This is his chance! Also if you pay attention to russ he sticks with his alliances until they begin to turn on him! he saw jesse and nat with ronnie and knew he had to go or they would target him ASAP! In fact the reason he is on the block now is because he was trying to get his “teams” response and he trusted them over Michelle! I think Jeff will use CDT and get rid of Jesse. Nat hasn’t won a single competition and chima can’t compete so they are done! If this happens the only person that has a glimmer of hope to take down Jeff and Russ is Michelle but she has no strong alliance and will never get the votes before shes out the door! Jordan isnt a good player, she has no strategy and she knows it! She told Jeff to worry about himself and do whats good for him! The reason she has come this far is because she is a good person and has stuck to her word…. Something all of theses people should do! I like her even if she’s not a genious, at least she is honest!

  160. I think that Jordan will sacrifice herself to make sure that Jeff gets to stay in the game…What do you think?

  161. Ok,I have just gotten up and started watching BB After Dark, and have just listened to Chima’s not so eloquent comments about Southerners. They were completely derogatory and racist. For someone who bitched and moaned about all the bad things that Braden (and I do think they are bad) said, it is awfully hipocritical of her to say bullshit like that. I hope that Jeff uses the power to change the nominations so that cuntbag will throw a fit on national TV. I can’t stand her fucking laugh and her hideous lips. Ugly bitch. Most powerless HOH in BB history.

  162. a reminder for all

    excluding the first week, where russell natalie had a logistical tie, which brought jessie back into the house, here is a breakdown of how many competitions each player has won (only counting the hoh and veto, for they are the only ones that really matter pertaining who goes and who stays)

    still in the house—–
    russel-2 (1 which was given to him by jeff)
    jeff-1 (intentionally gave one to russell)

    already sent packing—-

    so to re-iterate,

    russell, michelle are the biggest winners so far, jeff could be, but he chose to make a deal. jessie, chima,kevin and ronnie have only come through once each when it couted. we will never know if natalie could have out hung russell, my guess is probably not, considering the shoulder injury she has early in the game. so that leaves natalie, jordan and lydia as the non winners. and finally braeden, laura and casey are the ultimate losers…

    so, to those who still insist that jeff isnt playing the game, think again, he is playing just as well as almost the entire house, he is just playing it nicer. which is why so many people are rooting for him.

    imo,nat needs to go now

  163. EROCUNC1….your disgusting. From the sounds of it you need to seperate yourself from BB because you can’t handle it. It’s supposed to be a fun trip watching it all play out. There is no reason to attack people on a personal level. IT’S A GAME….hellooooooooo

  164. I do not think Kevin should use the power. Even though he is good friends with Lydia and would typically use it on her if he has a hint that Jeff has the power (which no one really knows what it is) he will let Jeff do the work. They say that they are going to put Jeff up but they are going to be super suprised when he takes himself off and puts up Jesse and someone else. OOOOOOHHHHH I cant wait.

  165. diana i know its a game and yes i understand when Chima got upset when some one said any thing about race i agree with her to defend herself BUT when she said it herself about another race and being sooo Hypocritical then its on! and it shows you where her heart is realy at she is the one that racist.

  166. Jeff should use the power to put up Jesse and Natalie or Jesse and Chema. Jesse is garbage and like before needs to be taken out.

  167. HP I totaly agree! If i am wrong let me know but i think Jesse is trying to brake up Jeff and Jorden just like he did when he sent Ronnie to stir up crap between Chima and Russ and i think he is trying to seporate Keven and Lydia too?

  168. Tanisha Chima said those southern people and i am from Luesiana and i am half black and white and i get racist from both sides but i forgive because we all are racist in some thing even if its smoking but any ways as long as they take big both Chima off and Jesse i don,t care who wins and Keven needs to wake up and smell the coffe cause lydia so loves him.

  169. I think Jeff should put up Natalie & Jessie–time to get rid of jessie, and then have the pit bull follow next..

  170. I think that He should use the POV on Lydia, than Put Jeff Up. Than Jeff Would Take Himself Off the block because he has the Power and than put someone that everyone likes up, like Natalie, than everyone knows that Russel Will Go Home and than the BB House will be great. I am Lydia’s Biggest fan so i don’t want her to go home cause she is amazing!!!

  171. They Should Use It On Lydia. Cause i think it should be a girl that wins this thing or Kevin. cause i think that Lydia, Kevin, Michelle, And Chima Are playing the best game. i think they have to get jesse out of there cause he will take down everyone!!!! LOVE YOU LYDIA <3

  172. Hi! Nobody I knows watches Big Brother and it’s driving me crazy that I can’t talk about it. I think that Jeff should use the power and take off both Lydia and Russell. He will then solidify the Russell bond. He should nominate Michelle and Natalie, that way he can break up the rumor of an all girl household. How boring. The HOH endurance competition proved to Michelle that she can beat all the women and Kevin that is why she is for an all woman household and get rid of the men. She is almost as bad as Ronnie.

  173. I think Jeff is smart enough to pull Russell and Lydia off: Reason is simple: Lydia is no threat but Russell and Jeff and stronger together than a part. Put Jessie and the Puppet on the eviction. Then go after drama queen. The final will be Russell, Jeff. Do you think I am close?

  174. @shep1973
    I include the first HoH competition, since Jeff/Russ/Natalie won it for Jessie. And I give Russ’s HoH half and half to Jeff for purposes of an alliance.

    That’s the plan he hinted at yesterday. And it’s the smartest plan.

  175. Why does everybody hate Ronnie but like Jeff it’s cuz CBS didn’t show the bad things Brayden said and so everybody liked him I hope chima Jessie or Natalie wins or a twist that let’s Ronnie back in cuz Jeff sucks at life and deserves to die

  176. earlier someone wrote that if Jeff uses the coup d’etet to change the nominees that he couldn’t vote for one of them to get out of the house. Is that correct ? Where’s the rule book, because I didn’t hear them tell him that. I was under the impression he could still vote and a tie would be up to Chia pet to break, and hopefully it will be between the pitbull (natalie) and the mask (Jesse). Watched the movie yesterday they have the same jaw line (Jesse and the mask ) smokin!

  177. It would be nice if Kevin showed some backbone and used the POV to take Lydia off. Although it doesn’t matter because I would hope that Jeff will turn the house upside down by using his power before to eviction to take both Russell and Lydia off and put up Natalie and Jesse to break up that alliance. Jesse needs to go, but I wouldn’t mind Natalie going home either. Chima will have no power the next week to seek revenge since she can’t compete and Lydia, Russell, Jordan will be indebted to Jeff. The only problem is Jeff has to win over Kevin and Michelle to give the remaining guests little to no influence.

  178. I am sorry, I sure hope jeff does the right thing, And put up NAT & Jessie. Please JEFF. Nat drive me nuts. She is always picking her nose. She walks like Jessie. Leave Nat Leave. I want to punch her soooo bad.

  179. Maybe if Jeff votes Jordan out then maybe hemight actulaly do something good. But too bad Jeff is retarded

  180. Jeff needs Jordan. She is a vote to help his side. So that would make Jeff not dumb. DUH

  181. Jeff and Jordan are a team i think if one goes the other one will be lost.i think they are so cute together

  182. JACOB YOUR JUST A HATER! But any ways yes big brother maybe only puts up the bad but thats what makes it interesting am i right?

  183. i just hate Jeff jordan Laura and Michelle and kinda Russell Casey and Brayden but everybody else is alright

  184. No Jacob i like Ronnie too its just a game sweetie? I know he is probably a great guy on the outside and my son william he is 21 and a great gamer too so you have the right to love anybody alright Jacob.

  185. i think kevin should use it 2 take lydia off. but if they put jeff up he cant go home so it dont matter.

  186. lol sharon i know when ever someone talks 2 jessie she has 2 get her big stupid mouth in the conversation i hate her i want jeff 2 turn the house upside down n put up jessie n natilie so natilie can go home then jessie can go then chima cuz i hate them 3 to death

  187. Jacob:
    BB has put some of the most unlikeable people in 11 that’s ever been in one group. Since they are all human they all have flaws. Just depends on what gets on your nerves more. Now, saying that how in the world can you wish someone dead?? They aren’t doing one thing to you plus you don’t know any of these people! Lighten up sweetheart before you blow a gasket.

  188. I don’t really wish they are dead I just don’t like them based on the they have made in the game

  189. Please would someone refresh my memory on the power of Jeff’s CDT?? Can he be put on the block if he takes someone off or does the CDT have the same power as the VETO by being safe from being a replacement?

    Thanks for any input>

  190. I feel Big Brother Producers need to remove Chima from the house for all the racial comments and threats to the shows production company. I would like to see Casey or Laura back on to replace Chima. I love watching Big Brother and enjoy the drama but enough is enough!!!! I usually can’t wait for the show to come on but am sick of her.

  191. I’m so sick of that freak jessie. and as for that lesbo natalie, she thinks she runs the show. also kevin is the fugliest person i’ve ever seen!

  192. Chima needs to go. Her mouth is out of control. If that was a white person saying all those racial slurs there would be lawsuits flying. How dare her threaten to sue the production crew if she can’t use her power. Who the hell is she. Besides Chima thinks her shi* don’t stink. Her laugh is the most annoying thing about her. Time to go home Chima and quit your whinning.

  193. Teri dont worry cause when she goes out in the real world don’t you think that people will go after her with there thoughs of what she said so be patient her time will come.

  194. Hello John so your from Louisiana too great state right!!!!LOL! But Chima is only hurting her self in the long run cause alot of people can see right through her little black heart.

  195. John if your talking to me well i have family that still live in louisiana but i moved to californa sacramento but what i am saying is that Chima keep saying racial things and sueing the net work but yet she is saying bad things about southern folks that to me is racial also and like i said her time will come out of the big house and what she said and what she lyied about will be out in the world and she has to deal with those good and bad words that came out on tv.

  196. If Chima gets really bad on Thursday what do you think should happen? If it’s really, really bad she goes off the show but bad but not to to bad deny her trying for HOH or POV for 2 weeks. Sounds fair to me. She will make a total ass of herself either way. Can’t you just see her & hear her, powerless for 2 weeks? Delicious!!

  197. Well John at least im not the only one they deleted cause i said some bad things too and they took it off to i think its because they dont want to get sued over the wrong things said.

  198. Well i got to go my daughtor wants her computer back so i’ll talk to ya all tommarro untill then take care.

  199. @john..the moderator on this board has ALWAYS been fair. To accuse him of being biased on the color of his skin is unfair and uncalled for. This board has always been a friendly place for us to discuss BB. All of our opinions can be heard here without name calling. We dont have to agree on everything, except for the fact that we will treat each other fairly and with dignity.

  200. I was a Chima fan but she finally showed her true color making those remarks.I’m from Louisiana & damn PROUD to be from Louisiana.Her mother must be proud of I would like to see her gone after Jordan goes home.

  201. Well Thank you John your so kind but any ways my daughtor is MAD at me cause i didnt get off in time she is 22 years old and i have to buy her starbucks so she wont be mad at her mama no more hey John was you there when the flood in louisiana hit cause my family was and thank god they were all right too. But yes Chima has to go man she is a wild one!

  202. yes i was june , sorry about your daughter have great night,,now “cat” is mad at me

  203. Thank you cat for spanking our butts and keep up the good work sweetie and yes i did say some bad things too and i bet alot of people did am i right Cat? So Forgive us we are people too now?

  204. Well she’ll get over it right Cat? she is just making sure we don’t get out of line ok John?

  205. Man my family was right in the middle of it and they had to save my grandpa he almost drowned but luckly mt causen saved him but he soon past on and when it hit they came down here to stay untill it was over and soon rebuilt there homes.

  206. Well got to go for sure now cause my daughtor is here take care people. Let me know the good stuf.

  207. good job cat that is 100% true im w/ you on that.i couldnt have said it better.i cannot wait to see jesse go out that door,this week nat or chima can leave next week doesnt really matter to me.did i read right kevin is not going to save lydia surprised.chima is outa control that doesnt surprise me either.

  208. Why is it that CBS hasn’t stepped in and stopped Chima from all the persolal attacks. There is no way she should be calling Russ a terrorist. She appears to think she owns the House and all the people. Time for a reality slap !!!

  209. thank you cat just that some women rub me the wrong way , its a shame i let them , john

  210. They edited her terrorist comments from the CBS broadcast of the first fight. They’re clearly trying to contain Chima’s insanity because protests forced them to kick a houseguest off the British version for using racist comments.

  211. Jeff has no reason to be afraid of using the power. The people he’d (hopefully) put up, are clearly already gunning for him so he’s got nothing to lose at this point.

    Jeff’s got to make a move sooner or later, and for his sake, I think he realizes it’s gotta be sooner. Once Jessie’s gone, Chima and Natalie will be running around like chickens with their heads cut off…they won’t know what to do because they haven’t really aligned with anyone else in the house.

  212. could someone tell me how Russell could be eating last night? He is one of the have nots????????

  213. Chima could hurt Russ outside of the house with the terrorist comment on Russell. I think she should be thrown off the show. There are lots of things you can say or choose to have some class which Chima is lacking. But with what is happening in our Country, she should be thrown off the show

  214. my heart went out to chima tonight know wonder she is so strong… on to the game that still doesnt give her the right to make ethnic commets to others.jeff is about to endure hell on heels this week. my heart gos out to him to.jesse better be loking behind him ,karma is going to bite him right where he talks out of.hehe

  215. cheri,may i ask what the terroristic commet was i missed that one.i do not know what she said i just know she made racist commets.

  216. How could you possibly feel sorry for Chima bluezey60? I hope she gets what she deserves.

  217. i do not feel sorry for chima game wise teri,i feel sorry for her being attacked by a serial raping killer.when this show stops me from being human i guess i wont be watching anymore.

  218. honu9,im not sure if you writing me but,chima talked about being attacked .he is on death not talking about russel.

  219. didn’t hear anything about her talking about it in the house , but i knew it was in her biography

  220. Yes Kevin should save Lydia with POV. They need to stick together especially if Jeff goes after Jesse and Nat which I think most watchers want to see happen.

  221. I thought Chima said he had been executed but from everything I have heard it doesnt happen that quick

  222. In fact, she was his last victim.

    This story came out 3 weeks ago
    On September 17, 1996 Dale Devon Scheanette raped and murdered Christine Vu. On December 24th of that same year, he did the same to Wendie Prescott. The women lived in the same apartment complex. (Later it was discovered that Scheanette lived there as well.)

    Scheanette became known as the “Bathtub Rapist” because after raping, strangling and duct-taping his victims, he left their bodies in half full bathtubs.

    Between the two murders police only found one fingerprint – but the semen taken from both victims matched.

    It was three-years later that Chima Simone, one of the houseguests on this season’s Big Brother, was attacked. She was beaten badly and raped. But luckily for her, she survived by fighting back. Chima’s rape brought back attention to the cold cases, and the semen he left behind matched the semen taken from the victims he had killed years earlier. Also, new fingerprint technology helped catch him. He was also suspected of five other rapes within the same area.

    On February, 10, 2009, Dale Devon Scheanette was executed by the State of Texas for the rape and murder of Wendie Prescott. He was charged but never tried for the rape and murder of Christine Vu.

    Just before he was excecuted Scheanette’s last words were: ”My only statement is that no cases ever tried have been error-free. Those are my words. No cases are error-free.”

    He died by lethal injection. It took nine minutes for him to be pronounced dead.

    Chima told her fellow Big Brother 11 houseguests that she had to endure two seperate facial surgeries because of the extent of her injuries.

  223. I just went to Twitter to see what they say is going onin the big brother house and Chima is talking about spitting on Russel to get him to hit her… She is just plain nasty…

  224. Chima should be kicked off the show and I voiced a complaint to CBS. She has no right to call another house guest a terrorist

  225. I LOVE that Kevin won the POV. I hope he’s smart enough to save Lydia.. If I remember correctly, with the “wizard” power the HOH (Chima) and the POV winner (Kevyy!) are truely safe.. He can’t nominate them, I’m really hoping that he puts up Natalie and Jesse. I can’t stand that little bitch, and Jesse is her lap dog!

  226. I sent a complaint about the stupid Coup D’ Etat. America gets involved enough with the have not competitions. Let the players play!! This game should not be about popularity I can watch American Idol for that!!!!! I also feel very bad for Chima…WOW…that is some sad stuff that she has endured….

  227. Good eveing BB fans…. Do you really think Chima / Natalie / Kevin / Lydia and Michelle will not send Russell / Jeff home in the next 2 weeks following Jessie’s eviction? Be honest. I know love you love Jeff / Jordan, but I honestly they will targer the strongest players, so they will all have a better chance of winning the $500,000…. thay is how every season on BB and other reality shows go… Am I right or wrong bluezey60 / other BB fans? I am done for the night… Chat with you all tommorow with more great BB 11 scenarios!!! O~N~E!!!

  228. Natalie & Jesse have to go!!! She makes me sick..The way she thinks she is the Queen of this Game! She hasn,t won ANYTHING..and follows Jesse around like she is his girlfriend..That THEY are in control LOL

  229. Jeff should use it and put up (Gnat)alie and Jessie… if Jessie doesn’t get voted off then his little lap dog would… and there wouldn’t be any veto or anyone to save them both

  230. Russell is telling Jeff / Jordan he will back stab them both in the back to win $500,000….. Do you think he will make Jeff want to change his mind after hearing that statement?

  231. Russ is being honest with Jeff and yes Jeff is going to save him. Russ will go before Jeff will. When Jeff saves Russ and puts up Jesse and Jesse is going Russ will be the biggest target in the house. He is doing it all on purpose…. all calculated

  232. @ Tracy, Jess isn’t calculating anyhting, hes an idiot and his little gf jordan can’t tell time, and they are only still in the game because they are both too stupid to be targets

    ….if jeff uses this crap out power then his ass or jordans is going home, ideally id want jordan to go home first, because hed feel guilty ofr it and prob flip out on wheover nominated her, at least jesse and nat play the game, tho i wouldnt claim to be fans of them, and people like jeff and jordan because they are pc friendly, aside from them theres no one worth rooting for

  233. Have a good night & sweet dreams Bluezey60 / JJ2 / Jacob / Matt and all my BB 11 scheming Blog buddies…….. L-O-L!!!

  234. Leo,

    I dont think Lydia and Kevin are with Chima, Nat and Jesse. Lydia does not like Nat and is just trying to get threw this week. Kevin I think likes Chima and likes that she is strong but Kevin will vote out Jesse. So to me I think when Jeff uses the CDT and takes both noms of Chimas down to put up Jesse/Nat, Jesse goes home and Jeff in the stronger side.

  235. I think Jeff should take Lydia off the block & put up Jesse. Jesse, Natalie, Russell & Chyma are basically running the house right now & have the numbers on their side. They need to get two of them on the block.

  236. Kevin should use the POV on Bob.Jeff should use the wizard to put up Abdul and Ching-Ching.

  237. As far as I could check out Chima’s story is true. Texas doesn’t fool around too long with people on death row any more. It seems to have made her a bitter person rather than a better one. If I escaped death I hope I would treat each day as a gift. She started all this crap with Russell by trying to get in his pants & took his rejection hard.Now she’s making it look like he is the bad guy here.

  238. Kevin won the p.o.v huh? Well if he uses it then “hey” if not “hey”. Jeff is in power so he runs shyt!! You guys saying he’s a cop out! I think not america just noticed a loyal person =) TEAM JEFF WHOAAA!!!

  239. Regardless of the replacement nominee, Jeff should use it to put Natalie and Jessie up. One is guaranteed to go home, more likely Natalie. Russell and Lydia should both see it was the final straw, and side with Jeff’s band of misfits completely, as Lydia was nearly evicted by Jessie, and Russell was put up for nom by his own alliance, and probably would have gone home.

  240. Well Jesse hit two foul balls in the HOH. RUSS HIT A HOME RUN AND VOTED RONNI; Chima is going to hit three sticks shes outa there becuse of Jeff winning the cdda thing and who do you think hit the hardest of all? JEFF HE IS GOING TO HIT THE MILLION DOLLER HOME RUN AND VOTE JESSE AND NAT YAAAAAAAA!!!!! You go Jeff knox them loses out of the ball park!!!!!LOL!!!!


  242. Guess what you three? Jeffs been holding on to long and now his BIG MUSHROOM FART IS AMING AT YOU THREE AND LOOK OUT HERE IT COMES!!

  243. This is to big brother it is elegal to spit on anyone she should be removed from the house and arrested, if not i hope everyone quits watching your show. I have never missed one of your shows and sure would hate to now.

  244. Jeff should use it and take both Russel and Lydia off the block and put up Jessie and Kevin (Kevin being a pon). Only Nat and Chima would vote kevin.. Jeff, Michelle, Jordan, would vote for Jessie and Russel would deff vote off Jessie to get rid of him.

  245. Jesse and Nt shuld go up, therefore guarantee one will go home plus the benefit of getting to Chima. Maybe she will do something and get kicked out

  246. i think Kevin should use it on Lydia-if he thinks that Chima will save him with jesse Natalie in the same group he is in for a surprise – she will waste no time to see if jesse Or nat woins HOH

  247. Save lydia and put up Jeff. Jeff will be forced to use his power. It will be interesting to see if he uses it to save both he and Russell of just himself. I think he will just save himself and save the rest of his power for next week.

  248. No Debbie Jeff only has two chances to use it. and last week he didnt use it when Russ was on the HOH SO he has to use it this week or lose it ok sweetie?

  249. leo
    i was thinking the same thing when russle said that i was like what a stupid thing to say to jeff and jordan of corse everyone in the bb house would do that but do they ever actually ever say that they will. geez it might change jeffs mind but i still think he will use it to take off russ and lydia and put up jessie and nat just to send someone who is on the other side for sure away cause if you think about it russ might have said that but everyone else in the house would do the same thing towards the end of the game so he should use it cause then you know russ would praise him for at least a few weeks for taking him off and after that jeff just better hope he wins hoh cause if not the rest of the house will be after him and i would hate to see that happen

  250. I,think they should get rid of Michelle, and leave Jeff, and Jodan, alone. I,also think that Chim,Michelle,and Lydia, should all go home along with Natilee.

  251. I think Jeff should put Chima and Nasty Natalie up. At least that way you get one of the loud-mouth’s out of the house!

  252. i believe chimas safe do to being but we will see jesse leave soon.1 of those girls will be next.i do see chima staying b/c she is contender.i really think she could be in final 3 if she starts playing the game instead of other things getting her way.the way she held on to that rope when going over the diploma,thats a person who can win if they really want to put their head in the still amazed.we will soon know my final 3 are jeff,russ,jorden.

  253. YA I think that Russ would have fallen off before Chima but his paints were stuck on the rope and that held him up but any ways it was for the best cause RAT BOY RONNI IS GONE YEPPIE!!!

  254. Hey you pepole in the other side of the state you get to watch Big Bro before me i live in Californa so you guys can post who went home thursday and before i watch it i will look and snike a peek before it airs here in sacramento californa but go home Jesse!

  255. You Rock Rg104 John is from louisiana and he said he will let me know thursday before i get to watch it and tell me who Jeff took off and who went home ya!!! Thank you john. Oh what is your name Rg104 i live in the hights ya the hights Del Paso hights but in the good side by watt and I-80 LOL!!!

  256. Russell, knowing he’s absolutely screwed, tries to make a last minute final two deal with Jessie. Jessie turns around and lets Jeff and Jordan know about the deal, effectively sealing off any way out that Russell had. And though Jessie didn’t know it, he could have made the best move for his game right there, because perhaps Jeff won’t even use the Coup d’Etat because he wants Russell out that bad

  257. Ha Ha jessie just saved his ass this was posted by big brother wendsday night. Oh yea so all you jeff and jordand lovers just because they are in love welcome to that. Seei like jeff but jessie isnt doing anything wrong he is playing the game. America thats all you jordan and jeff lovers love couple and like to see dummies like jordan float through the game. well not this time folks, an actually player is going to win this time lol suckers. This reply is to the post above that big brother put out. Thanks and enjoy the rest of the show. hahahahhaahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!

  258. What are you talking about Stephen today is wendsday and its morning not night and did you see Jesse last night on Big Bro After Dark Nat kicked his ass and he wanted to cry and when they were all in the kitchen Jesse looked like he lost he’s best friend and who would that be Nat and Lydia and they had no part of him thats why he is such a cry baby mamas boy!!!!!

  259. June
    I am in north Natomas, as far north as homes have been built. Thanks for the information I will look for the post tomorrow.

  260. Oh My god i know where Natomas is its right down the road from me i live near frys electronics and Natomas market place but any ways i have to wait untill John watches it from Louisiana and then he will e-mail me who won ok sweetie?

  261. Rumor has it that Jeff did use the power and the vote was 3-2.Jessie was evicted!
    Votes to evict Jessie was Jordan, Kevin and Michelle.
    To evict Natalie was Russell and Lydia.
    Chima did get to play in the new HOH
    Michelle won HOH.

  262. June, you are right. Jesse should have been named Jessica I saw someone calling him that.It makes me sick to my stomach to look at Jesse

  263. Richie, I hope you’re right! I was hoping that Jessie and Natalie would be put up on the block. Someone needed to split the couple up!

  264. WHAT!!! Jessica’s gone oh my god are you lying Richie if thats true THANK YA JESUS LOL!!!!Hi Cheri:)

  265. Jesse is gone you can believe it Jeff put Jessica and Scrappy up and took skuzzy and crazy off. Michelle won HOH it was recorded for tonight because the thought Chia Pet would pull a nutty. That’s why Jeff spent so much time in the DR he had to let them know what he was planning. Watch the feed @8 and see.. 8^)

  266. Yes Richie is sooooo right Jesse is gone!!! Halajua thank ya Jeses! Did you here us Cheri and Rg104 Jesses gone!!!!!

  267. Great guys you got what you wanted jessie gone a guy who did nothing to no one played the game didnt get ronnie to put up jeff he never lied all you fucks hated him for last season. Jeff has done nothing this game he won a change game wow. He is just as much as a floater than anyone. Jeff has had everything handed to him he has sat outside and smoked wow. All you women voted for him 1,000,000 times cause you think he is hot. All you women are like oh i wish i had someone that cute and voted for him, again handed him the wizared. But i can kind of thank you guys for one thing his game is scwed now cause no one will vote for him if he makes it to the final 2 more people in the jury house will hate him than like him. So thanks for that fucks!!! Jeff just made the worst game play ever for himself he was right he is bad at the game cause if he doesnt do that know one has a problem with him. Here is a guy that screwed someone that didnt get a chance to play for his safty your not going to get votes for that. Plus jessie won and his team and jeff was never in danager. So hah hahaha to all you jeff fucks cause he wont win now he just fucked him self lol what an idiot and you all think he made a great play. Also you dont have to worry about him in the final 2 cause he dosent fucking win anything he has won 1 pov coin game wow thats big lol. So enjoy watching you hero fuck not win either way by making it to the final cause everyone already said they wouldnt vote for him, or the lack to win competions, or russele taking him out later cause he thinks in his mind he would have no chance against jeff. Lol biggest idiot ever by useing that he screwed him self what a dork!!!!!!

  268. Gee Steven, I can tell your IQ is on a level with the rest of the HG on BB11. You use the F word the way they do, in nearly every sentence.
    Guess what? Other than Ronnie & Jessie getting kicked this has been a dead bore & I’m not watching the rest of this train wreck because I don’t care who wins it.

  269. Stephen how old are you cause you sound young minded but i voted for Jeff because he is very loving and smart and not a cowerd and a mamas boy cry baby like Jessie is. only women that want to controle there men like Jessie will like him even Lydia is controling and she was beting him up. i like my men to be the leader and provider and protector Jessei is not that kind but a follower. People like Nat and Chima likes him because they can boss him around like a puppit! SHEEEZ Keven is more manly then Jessie.

  270. Next week is Double eviction man i hope Michelle puts up Chima and Nat if she is smart and see’s that chima and nat have an alliance and that nat always wanted michelle off and thats whys Jessie put her up last time.

  271. Stephen…It’s just a game as they say. Jeff did what everyone out in the real world wanted…pull Lydia and Russle off, and put up Jessie and Natalie…and it worked. It was all worth it to see the look on Big Lipped Chima. Her own grandmother didn’t even like how she was acting the the BB house. June, I agree with you that the next two people to go up should be Chima and Natalie! Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

  272. I think the reason why Lydia and Chima and the little Nat bug was crying is because they have no one to boss around any more. No one to use as a puppet and pull his strings what and where and who to vote. But did you see Chima pointing her finger at Kevin to tell him who to take off the HOH power compatition and to keep Lydia on the block and not veto her off well i guess they still have him amd Lydia needs to step up and save her man from the wicked witches Chima AND Natbug.

  273. i think lydia will vote anyone out but nat b/c she wont want jesse and nat to be alone w/no

  274. LOL Thats funny bluezey60! so if Nat is so sad and blue cause Jessies goen then Michelle should do her a favor and put her on the block so she can be with Jessie next week your so right bluezey60

  275. lol no you are the one who is right june., i really would like to see chima leave next,i was just

  276. Oh My god doesnt every body!!! But dumb Kevin needs to watch out for the black widow (Chima) cause she is louring him in her web to use him and bite his head off too oh well so be it he is so stupied am i right?

  277. yep,kevin has chose his path when he went w/chima he is so afraid of her attacking him.lydia will save him tho,if and when the time comes.or at least she will if she can.kevin is being controled to easily.i wonder if nats mouth will stand up to chimas in a show

  278. Well i like you bluezey60 but i got to go and take my son to game stop he got his check and hopfully he will buy mama a game too. I like Zelda;Mario;laura croft and residebt evil oh and final fantisy ya!!!!! Oh big brother do you have a video game of Big brother aww man that would sell like hot cacks man and i would use cheat codes so Chima would lose every time!!!

  279. Wow this kid Steven is a foul mouth kid isn’t she. Should be put to bed without supper

  280. Ya Richie he should and i cant say a#$ hole but he sure can say the f word whats up with that??? I love moderator.

  281. richie,i went there and made a complaint.i cannot talk about this stuff terrorists -twin towers )it brings tears to my eyes.chima should be removed from the show.

  282. It’s sad tho when people like her can push peoples buttons and get away with it. CBS is looking at the $$ and we as a group have nothing that we can do except complain on deaf ears. Maybe she’ll get nominated tonight along with Gnat. She needs to be removed one way or another. I can just imagine her at the Jury House. Sorry for you tears and sadness. It is a day we will all remember and know where we were and what we were doing. 8^(

  283. richie at the top there is a link w/a phone call and make a probably already seen it though im calling is true we all knew where we were at the moment in history…it would be nice if there was a double eviction this week,chima and nat.then we can geton w/being bb fans w/out all this bs from chima.

  284. There is a double eviction coming up and I will hope it will be Chima and Kevin. Then Gnat and Lydia will walk out to be with their love Jesse. They can fight over him in the Jury House

  285. Chima has Quit the BB11, but before she quit she took all of Jeffs clothes and threw them in the swimming pool room. There was a battle with Gnat but she back peddled and is now rading the BB11 Rule Book. Ding Dong The Witch is Dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  286. OH MAY GOODNESS Did you all watch Big Brother after dark??? well Chima and Nat are on the block and when they went out side to practice the power of veto golf game. Chima came out with rage and big brother said Chima put your mic on she said NOOOOO I DONT CARE ANT MORE AND FLIPET THE CAMRA AND BBRO HOUSE OFF! What a hyppocrite and spoild brat she is!!! And Nat i trying her hardest to get Lydia to win and get Nat off and Kevin is trying to win and get Chima off and Jorden said what if one of them gets off? Michelle said i will put Kevin on the block. So ether way if Chima comes off Kevin and Nats going home if Lydeia or nat gets the Power of veto Kevins going with Chima but if Chima gets it then Lydia and ChIMA byb byb. DOUBLE EVICTION ROCKS!!! June in Sacramento ca.

  287. Man if i lived with Chima and had to walk on egg shells i would get the biggest pair of Clown shoes and made sure i didnt miss one egg shell!!! ONE TWO THREE STRIKES YOUR OUTA HERE CHIMA!!!!!!


  289. This move by Chima will have all sorts of different senarios. There won’t be that extra person at the jury house to break the tie vote SO it could be America that picks the winner.
    I can’t believe that she turned out to be such a nut ball!!!! She is a disgrace to her family and friends. Maybe BB will offer her treatment on the Celebrity Intervention……………..

  290. bye , bye mexican trash!!!!
    that would be you….Gnat, the smelly bitch! and the worthless Kevin; who can’t dress himself!! (maybe you can learn to change ‘oil’ at a ‘garage’…i.e..”Oil Monkey”..or whatever it’s called…my car, gets serviced by a Mercedes-Benz ‘technican’…that I was introduced, personally!….not a loooser, like YOU! Bye Bye…now! Have a nice ‘life’ ! and shut the ‘f..k” up…….weenieeeeeeeeee!

  291. My My aren’t we the Homophobic one. So we know you drive a MB and hate Kevin and Natalie, and have the IQ of a snail. Anything else you’de like to offer us??

  292. Well here we go again…..I guess that Natalie and Lydia are going to be put up for eviction. I am guessing that if either one gets the POV, Jordan is going to put up Russ as a pawn and we all know what happens to the pawns. If not look for Russ to be the next on out.

  293. OK, talk about drama. How stupid was it when Natalie, Lydia dna Shema all sat around crying over Jessie being gone. I think I’ve finally figured out Shema….she’s bipolar! Her own grandmother doesn’t even like how she’s acting.

    I’m so glad she’s out of the house. I think her next stop should be to a psyc ward!

  294. micheles hoh was cut short due to chima leaving for not following bb rules.she refused to do any thing but cause problems and make demands.chima was angry over jeff using cdt and over through her nominations so that she couldnt put russ out.they had another comp. michele won put chima and nat up chima started behaving like a b….producers evicted chima .b/c chima left on that fri. after noms they decided to have another hoh jorden won put up lydia and nat.jorden is hoh right now.

  295. Jordan wins POV chooses not to use it…….house votes Lydia off and new HOH is won by Jeff….. Lets see will he back door Michelle and Russ or target Natalie?? I would go after Nat and put russ up as a pawn and see who the house votes for. Jeff/Jordie last 2 standing??

  296. Richie, that’s awesome! I’m glad Jeff won the HOH. I agree that Nat has to be the next one to leave Big Brother. The drama will settle down. Jeff better keep an eye on Russle though. Russle said that they’re even now, so he doesn’t feel he owes Jeff any favors. Russle could get Michelle and Kevin on his side and the numbers would switch against Jeff and Jordan.

  297. i absolutely agree w/you deb.this week could change my mind on my pick for final 4.we will see.

  298. Jeff nominates Natalie and Kevin, hoping that Russel will feel confident and not go all out for the POV.If anyone wins except for Russel,they will pull down either Nat or Kevin leaving the door open for Jeff to place Russel on the block, and he’ll be evicted.

  299. I thank Russel will do the safe thing if he wins pov and do nothing. then they have to vote out eather K/N

  300. That means that Russel has to win the POV. If anyone else wins, it will be used to take down one of the nominees, look for Russ to be the replacement and thus sent packing. Right now Jeff and Russ have the best chance of any endurance challange, so if Russ wins POV, your right K/N will go home.

  301. Russ knows he is on the line. He will try for POV and so will Michele. Jeff thinks M/R are as stupid as him and Jordan but M/R know what is going on

  302. Cheri…..Jeff and Jordan aren’t as stupid as you think. They are playing it their way and haven’t made a major mistake yet. They look and play as one and thats what will get them to the top. They discuss what is needed and act as a team not as a single person. Respect on both parts, if it’s a showmance or not they do respect each other.

  303. And Jeff wins POV, now he’s going to remove one of the nominees and put up Russ, So adios Russ,have fun with Jessica and Lydia.

  304. 8/24 @ 1:20 PCT Jeff removed Kevin from the block and replaced him with Russ, and all hell broke out. Jeff and Russ are about to come to blows !! Tomorrow nights live CBS feeds are going to be of epic proportions. Don’t miss this one !!!!!!!!!!!!

  305. Is anyone on here anymore?? Russ and Jordie almost came to blows today. He’s trying to push Jeff into doing something stupid to get him thrown out.

  306. Richie: go to the top of this page & click on home. You’ll see the latest posting info at what it clicks 2

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