The drama continues on Big Brother 11! Chima’s nominations are in and I was very close but not surprised either. Click “continue reading” to reveal the noms.

Big Brother 11 Week 5 nominations:

  • Russell
  • Lydia

Last night I expected Michele and Russell to be nominated, but considering Michele’s deal with Chima from earlier today on the live feeds to do whatever she asked of her I’m not surprised. I’d just like to know why Michele is making deals like that when she knows the Coup D’Etat power is somewhere out there to negate all of Chima’s powers. The chances of Chima having it? Not good. Perhaps later Michele can pay the blind man to escort her across the busy street. Sheesh.

To top that all off Russell ended up on the Have-Not’s list today, so Chima must love kicking this guy while he’s down. At least he seems to have won $10K in the process. Cha-ching! Either way, Russell is definitely Chima’s main target.

So what does this mean for Jeff’s Coup D’Etat plans? Hopefully all is still on target and he’ll negotiate for some sort of deal once again to save Russell even if he plans to do it anyway. Double dip that power, Jeff!

What do you think of Chima’s nominations? Would you have rather seen someone else get nominated? Voice your opinion below and get into the Big Brother discussion here.

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