Big Brother 11: Natalie Needs A Shower – Video

Here’s a funny video which didn’t make the cut on Big Brother 11. The houseguests confess in the Diary Room the situation with Natalie going a week without a shower. Yes, that’s right. She seems to be afraid of water, or at least cold water. So as a have-not last week Natalie refused to shower for the week and the other HGs were less than thrilled.

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  1. She was/is beyond gross, nasty, take your pick. To also think it was her time of the month and she wasn’t showering, and wasn’t swimming either is disgusting. She had to have reeked not bathing and wearing the same clothes. I hope she is embarrassed when she sees this footage, but then again there is other stuff she and other house guest should be embarrassed and ashamed of.
    No wonder Jesse kept going to visit Lydia, at least she washes, brushes her hair, applies make up, and changes her clothes.

  2. How disgusting! Yuck!!!!!!! I am itchy just from looking at that nasty girl! She needs to learn to shower EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!!

  3. That was so funny!!! What a gross girl! Who doesn’t bathe? I don’t get it. Thanks Matt for putting that on the website.

  4. Oh my GAH!!! She was on her PERIOD!!!!! That had to have been unsanitary for the other HGs. BB should have made her wash.

  5. Anyone heard rumors that they are not going live tomorrow, but really taping it because chima wouldn’t promise the producers she wouldn’t go postal?
    Its been done before.

  6. I read that on silly hamsters. That they are scared cbs will do that. I guess we will see

  7. YIKES…. If she didn’t shower in a week you’ve got to wonder if she washes her hands after taking a dump ?

  8. They are telling the llive audience viewers to show up at 11:30 AM BBT instead of the regular 2:30 PM BBT. It looks like the show will be taped….. I wonder if they are going to have the Live Feeds Blacked Out all day tommorow until after the taped BB show comes on? Anyone want to take a guess about what willl happen? I heard this happened before wth taping the eviction…… Does anyone know if the Live Feeds were interupted then?

  9. well i can guess who is walking out the door tommorow jesse..chima might get evicted by the producers,if she keeps this crap up.natalie isnt showering again eeew.maybe her game play is to stink them out.

  10. Idk. But I think that if they do tape the live eviction, than they should at least let the live feeds keeep rolling. Its only fair to the people who actually pay their money to watch the uncensored stuff. And also if chima does go off and act a mess on the live show than she should be evicted automatically and not allowed in the jury house, and instead bring back a previous evicted houseguest to keep the numbers even.

  11. this is really going to suck if cbs tapes the show tomorrow,why don’t they just do a double eviction, jessie and production throw out chima for all the mess she has caused and bring back hard is that

  12. chima is a real bitch. please BB let her be the first houseguests to be thrown out for starting trouble and for using i’m black card to get her way in the house with BB.we really look forward seeing the shows on thursday because they are please BB get her out don’t punish all of us for one bitch

  13. i agree let there be a double eviction.1 by votes 1 by producers,bring back casey or braden.

  14. I think they should just lock her in the hoh room for the vote, and then have security yank her out of the house while everyone else plays for hoh. Show the footage of her threats! Then have America vote one of the evicted guests back into the house, or skip the usual double eviction later.
    I think nat is a stinkbug because she wants Jesse to keep his hands off so she can tell her bf that it was all game. She’s gross!

  15. She is still awesome.

    HEY did anyone just see that on after dark????

    Russ and Jessie pulled off the greatest thing ever,


    They both deserve a round of auplause.

  16. Ratboy 2 aka Russell is telling Jessie that he has never said nything negtive about Jessie / Natalie to Jeff / Jordan….. What crack ok crap……. L-O-L!!!

  17. Wow, chima sure is having fun, she laughs after wcretthing she says. I makes me want to tear off my ears! I hate her fake laugh!

  18. Nat not taking a shower and the house guest sleeping all the time is an indicator that the have not room and cold showers is a bit much and is not working well. These 2 things are not a benefit to the show … the HG look bad most of the time while they are have nots and when they are in the have not room … the guest sleep all the time in every other room but the HNot room. BB needs to think of something else. I like voting for the food that was a great idea.

  19. Jordan told Jeff that she doesn’t trust Russelll and doesn’t care much for him….. She told him how Russell tells Jessie / Natallie / Michellle everything he tells Jeff / Jordan…… She wants Russell out the house….. Do you think Jeff will disregard Jordan’s feelingsregaring Russell just to get Jessie evicted?

  20. to make things worse on top of that not bathing remember when she made that bet with lydia over that game of pool she mentioned wearing pads not tampons….

  21. hi leo,i dont think that jeff will put up russ.i think jesse is going on a nice vacation.and chima right behind him unless she wins pov.jeff knows that jesse and his crew will be after him especially when america likes him he knows jesses got to go.i think everyone will vote jesse out but lydia.although i hope lydia votes him out.of course nat cannot vote b/c she will be on the block also.chima will have 1 week start on her girl thats funny.i believe once jesse is out jeff and russ work to get chima nat,michele out,then lydia,kevin will be gone nexti do see russ and jeff in final 2.jorden wont be put out by them she just wont win in the final 3 or 4.she has to start winning hoh or pov.

  22. than you Matt i understand but you know the women can say what ever thing they want to say but because i am a man??? go jeff

  23. @John: Uh, sure, it’s because you’re a man and not because I had to single out your comments for your repeated inappropriate behavior. You’re not alone on the list, if that’s what you’re implying.

  24. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! Well at least we know who’s spreading all the STD’s in the house, since she hasnt taken a bath and Jessie’s been w/ Gnat and Lydia, ewwwwwwwwwwwww!!! Thats just RANK hanging all around (Gnat)


  26. i can’t believe cbs is that threatened by her. I’m sure she’s goin to bully Michelle into putting Jeff and Russell up. It’s not BB anymore. It’s the Chima show.

  27. Ewww that’s just gross! I don’t really like Natalie, and I sure hope Jeff or Jordan win. Jeff is my favorite, and it wouldn’t be fair for Natalie to win. She’s so gross! If Jeff leaves I’m not gonna watch the show anymore.

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