Big Brother 11: Week 4 PoV Competition Results – Spoilers

The Power of Veto Ceremony is over in the Big Brother 11 house. To find out who won click “continue reading” for the spoilers

Power of Veto

Michele, one of the PoV competitors but not a nominee, is the winner in this week’s Big Brother 11 Veto competition. Will she use it to save Ronnie, her previous clique-mate, Lydia, or leave the noms as they stand? I’m thinking she’s smart enough to leave it all alone or at least I hope so!

Michele faced off against Russell, Ronnie, Lydia, Kevin, and Jessie in today’s Power of Veto competition. After the competition was over and the live feeds returned Russell has been laying into Ronnie, yelling at him to pack his bags.

What do you think? Should Michele use the Veto? Who would you save?

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  1. Michelle won. Ronnie thinks she will use it on him and acting smug. Russell just went off on Ronnie and told him to pack his bags, “YOUR ASS is OUT OF HERE” . .. . .

  2. right now, if Michelle doesn’t use the veto then we clearly have 3 vs 3….as in Kevin, Jeff and Jordan will vote Ronnie out. Clearly Ugly Natalie, Stupid Jessie and Chiapet want Lydia out. This leaves Michelle…hopefully she doesn’t pull a Ronnie and be stupid and side with the rest of the idiots, and just sticks with the plan and votes Ronnie the Rat out!

  3. well, Michelle may have said she wants the Rat out, but recently she was talking to Chima and it made it seem like she could be swayed to not use vote with the 3 idiots and effectively save Ronnie…even without using the POV. Hopefully that was just a show for Chima, but I won’t be convinced till Thursday night.

  4. I really hope she is smart enough to see through Ronnies lies and know its just a matter of time before Ronnie and Jessie want her out.

  5. It would be nice if Michele was playing those 3 just to get Russell to get mad at them. If she convinced Jessie, Chia-Pet, and Gnat that she was going to save the Rat, then their votes would surely piss Russ off. Lydia and Kevin would be mad too…it would be the whole house vs. Jessie and his pea-brained princesses.

  6. I’m so relieved to hear this news. Finally, my favorites are doing well!! They just have to get Ronnie out of there. It has to happen. I can’t STAND watching that little dweeby rat anymore.

  7. Love to see Michelle save Lydia and have Russell put up Jessie (or even Natalie) as a pawn to ensure that one of those yoyos would go out of the house. That would also keep the Jessie/Natalie/Chima side of the house from trying to flip the vote and evict Lydia. It would be hilarious to see Jessie and Ronnie campaigning against each other and it would be a win/win no matter which one was evicted. Russell could make it clear that Jessie is only going up as a pawn to ensure that Ronnie is going out.

  8. Dan…that is an awesome idea. I would LOVE to see Jessie up against Ronnie. Then Chiapet and Nat would have to vote Ronnie out. Plus, it would be awesome to see the conceited, needs two chances on BB to do well Jessie squirm.

  9. I think ROID Jessie should go first. Think of entertainment watching Ronnie squirm with out his Butt Buddy.

  10. Hell yeah…. Rat Boy is going home…. I hope the game gets more interesting than just focusing on Jeff / Jordan…. If that is BB’s focus, this will be the worst season ever. I can’t wait to see what Jeff / Jordan will do once the other is evicted… Maybe Jordan will actually have to start playing instead of acting like a helpless dame depending on Jeff….

  11. lmao im gunna start calling chima chiapet. anywayk, michele hopefully wont use the POV or if she does, then hopefully she’ll use it on lydia so russel can put up jesses personal sandwhich maker natalie or her bitch jesse. either way, ronnie jesse or fat nat is going homeeeeee! michele shoudl remember that she almost went home before the veto thanks to jesse nominating her. also it doent matter cuz jeff will win the coup’ thing.

  12. Please Please Natalie needs to go! Her voice is getting on my nerves, and the thing with her, Jessie, and Lydia,please. Ronnie is a rat but if he goes then there goes the excitement. Everybody else is to boring.

  13. I have a feeling Michele has won the Power of Veto this afternoon. According to my predictions, Michele will use the Power of Veto to save Ronnie from eviction during the veto meeting this coming Monday afternoon, forcing Russell to put a new nominee to replace Ronnie, but I’m not too sure who Russell will replace. I bet you that Russell may put Jeff in Ronnie’s place the day after tomorrow.
    Kevin Silvestris
    Worcester, MA

  14. Per the live feeds, Jeff/Michelle/Jordan have struck and alliance to the end. They agree Ronnie will go this week-it also is clear Michelle HATES Ronnie and is thrilled she will be the vote to get rid of him.

    Jessie thinks Michelle is on his side and that he, Gnat, Chimp and Michelle will vote to keep Ronnie and get rid of Lydia.

    This will be the first good week to watch bb this season . .

  15. I think it is to Michele’s best interest to get this brain out of the house. I think Ronnie’s has the best chances of winning a Q & A challenge and without Ronnie, Michele has a good chance of winning. Michele teaming up with Jeff/Jordon I hope is true and she will stand by it but she is hard to read and trust specially after her talks with Jesse and Nat …which just happened this early morning when everyone was sleeping, these 3 were scheming.

  16. Could someone post the time/date of the Michele, Jeff, Jordan alliance? I would like some proof on this one.

  17. If she doesn’t leave the nominations the same she is an idiot. we really need that asshole ronnie out of the house!!!! The next one that needs to go is natalie. I do agree her voice is grating on my nerves.

  18. Natalie and Chima needs to leave. Irritating as all hell. Ronnie is a pain in the ass but he’s not a threat.

  19. Jeffro — the convo was going on for a while, everyone in the house was sleeping and Michele approached Jeff. start at 5pm BB time and maybe even before you can see the convo. Michele even wants a name! Sure hope it is real. How knows with this cast this year.

  20. It’s amazing to me that an educated woman like Michele (PhD) who is probably smarter than the rest of the HGs together, is such a wuss, for the mosot part. I hope she’s smarter than she pretends to be.

  21. Ronnie will go this week. Natalie next week. I know this because my Aunt is *gifted*. Jeff gets the power and waits til next evixtion to use it. Wait and see!!!

  22. The pot is stirring now. I can’t stand Ronnie, Natalie, Jesse or Chima. Chima is laying up in Russell’s arms and stabbing him in the back. Her alliance (I think) is still with the rat pack. If Ronnie stays the game is his. He proves he is the smartest player. If he stays he will stab Jesse in the back. Why are the skanks fighting over Jesse? Popeye thinks it is The Jesse Show.

  23. Do they have the veto ceremony Sun in the BB house? (I know it airs Tues)

    Also, are we going to know who got the magic power?

  24. How great would it be if Ronnie is evicted and when he steps out of the house, he is booed by the audience?

  25. If anyone can please answer a question I have about the coup d’etat. It’s a scenerio thing.I really want Jeff to win!I know Michele is safe and Russell is safe no matter what. But lets say Michele does use POV on Ronnie. At voting time if someone uses coup d’etat could they put Ronnie up since he was saved?

  26. go to click on the yellow vote tab there when it comes up where you can vote, on the top there will be a tab that says polls click and it will bring up the polls page the coup poll is the first one click and it shows a results page for all of them

  27. I agree, I am hoping that Michele does not use the pov, but if she does, then I hope its for Lydia and not Ronnie, I am also hoping that if she does, then Russ will put up Jessie or one of his little lemmings against Ronnie.

  28. I think Michelle is smart enough NOT to use the pov. If she takes Ronnie off it would put a target on her back. Everyone has some sort of beef with Ronnie except maybe Jesse. If she takes Lydia off it would be a waste of power. Almost anyone could be put up beside Ronnie and be safe, so why not just make Lydia sweat it out. Michelle doesnt always do what we expect. Shes a little unreadable. I like unpredictable hg though. They make the game interesting.

  29. Ashton B. Hope you’re gifted aunt is right!That would be great…JEFF NEEDS TO SHAKE THINGS UP. This season is so slow and predictable…come on Big Brother we still are hanging in,hoping the game gets interesting.

  30. hey don forget the Coup D’etat, this can change everything. now if michelle saves ronnie she puts herself in jeopardy because they can go against her, and remember that for the next two weeks you want to have the pov or the hoh.

  31. Whoever has the Coup Power can use it this comming eviction ? and could they put the current HOH up ?

  32. Hey, hope fully Ronnie “THE RAT” Talbot outta here this week. Next, will be Jessi, “Peanut head”, & GNATALIAR.” As for the rest, have any of you tried to vote for the “AMERICA’S VOTE?” What did you find? I’ll bet you a whole lot of nothing! The reason is that Ronnie “THE RAT” Talbot has his wife trying to cheat so that the “CYBER BULLY, RONNIE TALBOT” will win. my question is this, what are you thinking? This Ronnie “THE RAT” Talbot should be gone! It is a sad day when people vote for a “CYBER BULLY” , you need to ask yourself why?

  33. Ronnie is a nerd and needs to go packin home maybe he can ride his magic wand Ha Ha !And then Jessie can go next time along with muscles!

  34. I dont think that Michelle is going to be that dumb to run up against Russell…I think that she will leave Russell’s nominations the way he wanted them to be leaving Ronnie going home Thursday….Lets just hope that CBS will do something about Rats cheating ass wife…I have never seen such a thing. If Julie tells Rat that he has won the power then I will automatically assume that his wife was able to pull off her scam with that being said I will not watch BB again Which will really suck for me seeing as how I have yet to miss an episode since BB 1. I am so disappointed right now I could puke. YOU SUCK RAT FACE RETARD RONNIE!!!! Check out RonniE!!!!!!


  35. Okay guys!Since Michele won the POV,hope she won’t use it,so Ronnie can go home,but if she does hope Russ will put up Jessie.Vote for Jeff/Jordan,but most especially Jeff for the “mystery power” next in line for eviction will be Jessie,Natalie&Chima.Go Jeff!!!!!

  36. MICHELE!!!!PLEASE DO NOT USE THE VETO!!!!!!!!!Leave it alone, we do not need RONNIE in the house another week !!!I am glad that NATALIE and JESSIE did not win it,as I feel that THEY may have used it on saving RONNIE. THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN DISASTEROUS!!!! Or worst yet,RONNIE would have won it and taken his self off the block. The game is finally coming around and is fun too watch.I enjoy watching Jessie,Natalie,and Ronnie squirm and try to stay in the game…too late guys!!! It is so funny seeing Ronnie going around to each player and trying to get them to keep him in the game.When he and Jessie were in the DR
    bragging and carrying on like a couple of idiots,I thought I’d be sick.THEY DO MAKE ME SICK!!! Russell is turning out to be a good player.I think he will go after Jessie and Natalie in time to come.

  37. I am sorry everyone but Jessie has played the best game up to this point. I just don’t understand the infatuation with Jeff and Jordan. What have they done in this game? Let’s be fair and judge the hamsters off their game play and not because we think they are “good people”. This is Big Brother, right?

  38. Jeff has done more than jesse won a pov and almost won HOH. I think he he would have hung in he would have won

  39. Michelle and Rus made a deal to get as far as can together along with J/J. I think he is sweet on Jordan but also knows J/J pair

  40. Personally I am a Jeff fan, Jordan, I can take or leave. Jeff is actually a good player. He wins a lot of competitions. He’s personable and hasn’t made much in the way of enemies. He hasn’t stabbed anyone in the back.. yet. He’s got a good thing going. He’s playing the game a certain way. He could play it ROnnie’s way or Jessie’s way or Russell’s way but he’s not.

  41. Michelle should use the veto to save Lydia and backdoor Natalie. I know Lydia is annoying, but she has no power. As much everyone hates Ronnie, losing Natalie will throw Jessie over the edge. Did you see his face when Julie said the cliques were disolved?!? Priceless!

  42. I believe Michelle should use the POV to take Lydia off and put Nichole or Jesse up.

  43. i think michelle should keep the nominations the same either one of those 2 going home is fine with me especially ronnie…who is nichole

  44. Michelle was talking to Russell last night and I hope she sticks to her word. If Ronnie is such a gamer, why did he not win the POV to take himself off. He is a manipulator and Jesse and Natalie better watch it because Ronnie will get them. If Lydia goes home, it still gets rid of one of “Jesse’s Girls”. How can you have sex with Lydia then throw her away, where is the loyalty.

  45. for the first time this season.. let then nominations stand,,

    and good job michelle, seems she is proving herself to be a threat after all.

  46. I hope Ronnie goes, then Nat the slum rat. That girl looks like a sack of potatos. Don’t know what BB was thinking putting her in the house. She is so down right nasty. Looks like she has bad habits of not keeping herself clean. She does not look 18, looks like she lives in the slums. Hope no one catches what ever she has lurking in her nasty ugly body. Lord, this girl must stink! On top of that, she is a puppet on a string and has no mind of her own. She said she went to college? College of the slum house chicks maybe. Ugly, nasty, down right stupid girl!

  47. Michelle should not use the veto and Ronnie should go home then if Jeff wins the mystery power, he can save it for next week. If Michelle uses the veto she should take off Lydia and Russel should back door Jesse. Then Natalie should go next week.

  48. that would be so cool to put up natalie let her know how it feels, she has been riding on jessie’s back this whole time,she needs tog o homer next, she looks to be a very nasty girl she needs someone to comb that mob for her….lol since she never does

  49. Anybody watch live feeds today? did they have the POV ceremony yet? i gotta know!!

  50. Tina, I would love to see your appearance. I bet you are something to look at. lol…I love how people come in here and bash someone’s physical appearance who in actuality probably looks much better than them. That takes alot of guts. You should be proud of yourself Tina.

  51. Come on Michele! Do the right thing and save Ronnie. Jeff and Jordan can not be trusted, they will cut your throat.

  52. Chima loves drama, she did act as if she was jealous of Russell hitting on the chicks in the veto comp. She said 2 subtle comments to Russell about Lydia being his girlfriend and then said “Oh no Lydia has been with replaced with Michele as a girlfriend”. I dont know what she thinks this is going to help her game. Russell doesnt want to cuddle up to her anymore so she is playing personal and causing some drama .. talking to Ronnie and Michele. Hope this chick goes next!

  53. Jeff is waiting for HOH he needs it next week or a POV. You only can trust a person maybe one time with all the lies that gone on in the house part of the game. I think Ronnie will go home because Russell made sure all the housegust knew he was lier.

  54. Vote ronnie out…jeff wins ultimate power..gets jessie out and into the sequest house..then lydia and nat fight to get voted off first to join him alone in the sequest house lol

  55. Chima is mad because Russ told Jesse he is sick of Chimaand Jesse told the gnat and she told Chima what Russ said. I wish someone would swat the dirty gnat

  56. Hello, I agree, Ronnie the RAT, PEANUT HEAD JESSIE, & GNAT-A-LIAR NEED TO GO HOME! What are CHIA-PET, LYDIA, & GNAT-A-LIAR thinking? Are they that hard up to find a date? There is always Ronnie “THE RAT” TALBOT! Or for LYDIA, maybe MICHELLE “RAT’S WIFE” TALBOT? Question is,who????


  58. I think she should leave the nominations as they are. I hope Jeff gets enough votes for the Special Mystery Power~! I can’t stand that Ronnie…get him out and then get Jessie out too.

  59. Has anyone had any trouble voting online. I hit the vote nowand then it thanks me for voting, but I didn’t get a choice of who to vote for.

  60. I hope michele dont use the veto, they wouldnt help her if she was up. I hope nat go homes next week, hoping ronnie gets outta the house this week freakn nerd.. I’m so happy russel kept his word and did’nt backstabb jeff. Go team Jeff!!!

  61. Hey does the evicted person go to the jury house this week? If so, there will still be problems with whoever the last 2 are in the house unless it is Jesse and gnat.

  62. Michele is msrt enought o not use the power and vote out Ronnie! Can not wait to get rid of the rat.

  63. I had a difficult time also with the website in not allowing me to vote either. I am ver certain that Jeff should get the Power of the Wizard. Unless CBS & BB really wants to upset its viewers.

  64. I hope that Lydia goes this week, she is a creep who is flying under the radar; keep the rat around to be tortured by Russell and Jeff. The best punishment for the rat is keep him in the House.Russell should form an alliance with Michelle. Jessie and Natalie would be toast.

  65. I can’t stand Jessie or the rest of his crew. They cannot be trusted. Every chance they get, they lie to everyone. Jessie had his chance last season……….back door him and get him out of there so everyone else that has never played the game before get a chance to win. There’s a reason why he lost last year! Why should get get another chance?

  66. I read many sites and I truly feel that if Jeff doesn’t get the special mystery power that is fixed. Every where I look he is in the lead by far. They asked for America to vote and hopefully they let America do just that. If Ronnie, Jessie, or Natalie wins it I will not continue watching because I will know it was fixed. I don’t think it is fair for them to fix it to keep the villians on longer because they think it will make better ratings. They should let every one on the show have a fair chance of winning the $500,000. I kind of think they stage some of the games in other players favor for them to have a better chance winning HOH or Power of Veto. I hope Jeff wins. I am also liking Russ more and more.

  67. Where did you find that Jeff is ahead. I’ve been hoping he gets it. I can’t stand Ronnie. If the other side doesn’t get a chance to play the game its going to be a stupid dumb season.

  68. I think that Michele should keep the nominations the same because Ronnie needs to go hom I cant stand him he lies to my fav players and is gonna get kicked out eventually

  69. If you watch Big Brother After Dark, it seems everyone believes Ronnie and they think Russel is the liar. I hope ronnie goes home. I can’t stand him either

  70. i sure hope Ronnie goes home,Russell needs to chill out until after thursday.jessie and nat are starting this shit trying to save Ronnie

  71. does anybody realize that the gnat keeps pointing out that lydia and kevin haven’t won anything but neither has she. I think its time to SQUASH THE GNAT

  72. Got to get rid of Ronnie first. Does anyone watch the showtime after dark? He’s such an A$$ He think’s he knows it all. Has anyone gone and seen Ronnie do his demo tape for BB11? he has blond hair and he thinks he’s so inteligent. I heard he didn’t even have a job. I wish the other houseguests could see the truth about him. He compared himself to Wil the other night. NO WAY ARE YOU EVEN CLOSE TO WIL, Ronnie.

  73. Ronnie actually compared himself to dr will? what a joke, he must has some serious mental issues to think hes even in the same league as will. will was the ultimate bb player. the rat is just that a rat. time to exterminate him

  74. I agree with you. I don’t get how Jessi, Chima, Nat think that Russell is lying and that Ronnie tells the truth. They sit and say how stupid Russell and Michelle are, Ronnie said that Russ and Michelle are so stupid and that he is so much more intelligent then they are. I can’t wait until Jessie and Natalie see the show. Russell, Jeff and Michelle are the nicest one’s on the show. I also like Lydia and Kevin. Who do you think will get the mystery power? God, I hope its Jeff. :-) Ronnie thinks it will be him. what an Idiot. LOL

  75. I would like either jeff or michelle to get the power. he is nice but i beleive she has the brains to be able to use it the best

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