Big Brother 11: Week 4 Nominations Revealed – Spoilers

This is what I’ve been waiting to see on Big Brother 11. The nominations are in and I’m very pleased. Click “continue reading” to reveal the noms.

Big Brother 11 Week 4 nominations:

  • Ronnie
  • Lydia

I was worried that Russell, this week’s HoH, might nominate Kevin with Ronnie, then we’d see an easy choice for Jessie and, by extension, Natalie. But while Natalie may want to see Lydia gone Jessie will push her to vote out Ronnie instead. If the PoV goes unused this week for the first time in Big Brother 11 then I think we’ve got a great shot at Ronnie’s eviction!

What do you think of Russell’s nominations? Would you have rather seen someone else get nominated? Voice your opinion below and get into the Big Brother discussion here.

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  1. I hate Ronnie. He is so cocky he thinks he has this game in the bag. He needs to go home and back to his molly kitty and video games! Jesse and Natalie need to go too!

  2. awesome! totally awesome!
    Houston, we have a winner!
    all we need now is jeff to win the mystery power. And if the house can evict ronnie the rat this week, then jessie can be targeted next week, totally flipping the house upside down like an earthquake.

  3. All right! I love it when a plan comes through. But don’t stop yet. Be sure to vote for Jeff to win the secret power. Tell all of your friends to vote and to vote often so that we don’t see Jessie get it!

  4. I think BB11 would be boring without Ronnie. Who would we have to hate without him here? Who would we have to root against while rooting for our favorites? If only our favorites are left and there is no animosity in house… how boring would Big Brother be? We need to vote for Ronnie for coup D’etat. Ronnie would know how to use it and use it well he would. Let’s turn the house upside down and bring more color into the house.

  5. All of you Ronnie haters (and Jessie haters) may think you want your least favorite houseguest out as soon as possible, but you’ll probably end up enjoying the show a lot less once he’s gone.

    Half the fun of watching BB is rooting for your favorites and rooting against the ones you can’t stand. You probably wouldn’t like it if you went to the latest James Bond movie, only to discover that Bond defeats the supervillian 30 minutes into the movie and then just sits around sipping cocktails for the next hour and a half. So why do you want to lose the houseguests whom you love to hate?

    Wouldn’t it be so much more fun to see a final three of, say, Jeff, Ronnie, and Jessie and then watch Jeff come out on top and win the half-million?

    If you get all of the nasty people out of the house too quickly, the last few weeks of the show would be incredibly boring.

    (And for those of you who dislike Ronnie for playing both sides against each other, isn’t that exactly what Russell’s been doing? Didn’t he tell Ronnie that they have a secret alliance and that he has Ronnie’s back? So, why do you approve of Russell for doing the exact same thing that Ronnie did?)

  6. NOT TRUE! I hate Ronnie, Jessie & Natalie and would love to see them GONE in that order. I would rather not even watch this season if they stay in the house. I don’t watch to see the “jessie” show. Ronnie is a scumbag, nothin worse that a dork that thinks his crap don’t stink. Natalie is just a little bull dog that has no mind of her own. Shes so far up Jessie’s a** she can see his intestines. With Them gone we can get down to the real game of BigBrother. Don’t forget to vote for JEFF for America Choice! Go Jeff!!

  7. Dream on guys – BB HG’s much more interesting and exciting than Ronnie have been voted out of BB in the past, and the shows were much better. Who wants to watch a show where the nicest, best people in the house get picked off one by one every single show? There has to be a turn somewhere, and it can’t be at the end when most people have tuned out and could care less if ANYONE wins the money. I’d rather have only a couple of jerks in the house. Believe me, with Ronnie gone, there are still a lot of nasty, stupid people to more than fulfill the “excitement” quota. Jesse, Natalie & Chima are enough nastiness for the whole show. Lydia is in there too. Vote for Jeff so the show finally turns around the way it should be!

  8. After Ronnie there is still alot oof people I dont like. Hope to say goodbye to Ronnie then Jessie/Nat/Lydia.
    Jessie is like a scared little girl

  9. Ronnie has turned into the “Coach” this season. America hates him, and he is arrogant about how he thinks he is the mastermind and the chosen one when he has fallen into a bit of luck. Ronnie needs to be evicted this week so we wont have to watch him on the jury!

  10. Get Ronnie and Jessie’s group busted up and watch the their world start spinning. lol

  11. Thank you Another View! You got the point I was making. Villains are needed in every thing we watch. Even Disney has villains. Don’t be quick to sell Ronnie down river. To quote South Park “Without evil there could be no good, so it must be good to be evil sometimes”.

  12. people go to vote for jeff to have the Coup De Etat power over hoh foe 2 weeks could be huge !! vote as many times as ur fingers can stand

  13. Can you imagine Ronnie in the Jury House? OMG I hope the little creep is voted off Thursday!

  14. Talking about nasty, let’s not forget about Chima and her ultimatum to Casey when they had to choose which clique went on slop after winning the reward competition. If I remember correctly, she threatened to put him on the block (without the consent of the rest of her alliance) if he did not agree with her choice. Talk about your ego trips…

  15. i’m so happy he nominated ronnie but i wish he also nominated natalie or jessie instead of lydia

  16. I am glad to see most of America on the side of Jeff. He is a good guy. I was tired of Jesse last year and almost didn’t watch this year because he was back. If the good people keep leaving, I will wait until next year to watch and try again.

    I like the nominations!!!

    It is time for Ronnie to worry. I hope he is GONE THIS WEEK

  17. yea ronnie’s time is limited no matter what. U CAN LIE LIKE THAT that quick to everyone.

    i rele want lydia out becaz she is smart and poses a threat at Nat/Jessie cuz ronnie will go unliked week after week so yea

  18. The houseguests don’t realize that voting Ronnie out is the worst move they could make.

    If you get to the final two, the best person to go up against is the most hated person in the house, because you’re guaranteed to win the half-million.

    Go up against anyone else and you might win or you might lose.

    Do these people hate Ronnie so much that they’d give up their best chance at winning the big prize, or are they just too stupid to realize that he’s the best person to face in the final two?

  19. I happy about the nom. But, I want Chima gone! What you are saying about when Ronnie, Jessie and Natalie go that there’s no more bad. There’s Chima! Russell does play both sides and Kevin hasn’t showed his bad side yet either. So there’s still lots of drama to come.

  20. Thank god Russell kept his word to Jeff.. i hate ronnie,lydia and jess. I cant wait to see them go… vote for Jeff to get the power that way they will f@CK Jessie and Natalie master plan.. VOTE JEFF.. if by chance ronnie wins pov or gets lucky i hope to god that natalie or jessie go up

  21. I dvr the after dark show, and fast forward the parts with Ronnie…I just cant stand him. Russ did a good job putting those two on the block. Jessie is such a girl, crying about being on slop…he should have known it would happen at some point, what a big sissy. Can’t wait to see him leave as well. I voted for JEFF!

  22. Jessie is so annoying. The 3 most annoying people in the house have to form a alliance. I hope Russell, Jordan and jeff make a alliance with kevin and michelle.. that way the can pick those assholes off one by one

  23. Jeff and Jordan aren’t any fun to watch. At least with Ronnie and Jessie in the house stuff is happening. I really, really hope that BB’s retarded Coup power doesn’t go to either of them. It’s annoying that Big Brother would actually cheat in Jeff / Jordan’s behalf. That Coup is so obviously going to one of them. There is no question in anyone’s mind.

  24. I hope Jeff wins the power. I want Jessie and Nat out. He is such a cry baby without the power. He is a have not, that cracks me up.

  25. I am so glad that Russell put up Ronnie, however I wish he would have put up Natalie along with Ronnie instead of Lydia.I hope Ronnie goes home.

  26. I’d be sad to see the villain go so soon. A vanilla house is BORING. I watch for entertainment.

    I don’t think Jeff’s a lock for the coup either. I’d venture to say that he won’t win it. Surely CBS can “fudge” the vote?

  27. Why are people saying CBS are going to cheat and give Jeff the vote? I read hundreds of posts all the time, and like 90% of them say they will vote for Jeff. I certainly don’t think he needs to cheat to win. And as far as the villain going too soon, Ronnie is a wannabe villain. He is just a total geek trying to act tough. Jesse is more of a villain than he is, and even he’s pretty much a dork. There are plenty of bad people left in the house once Ronnie is gone. And since when do you keep the worst one in the house through the whole show so you can go up against them in the end? I don’t think the last 10 seasons were played that way, kinda a stupid way to think.

  28. Watching bbad. Wish rus would tell shima to take her fugly a** out of his bed. please vote for jeff to get the power. the faster ronnie and natalie get the hell out the happier i’ll be. and on another note natalie’s boyfriend is a total idiot if he cant see that she is all up jessie’s arse. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE JORDAN AND JEFF.

  29. Cheating are you kidding me??? 90 percent of north amercica wants jeff to win. i dont know why ppl think cbs is going to cheat.If you want to talk about cheating why would they bring back a former contestent?? thats unfair dont you think?

  30. I have to agree with Ella thats the stupidest thing i have heard yet that cbs is fxing it for Jeff. I voted for Jeff several times..

    VOTE FOR JEFF!!!!!

  31. I think he should have put up someone that was more likely to survive the eviction, like perhaps, Jesse.
    Jesse against Ronnie is a no brainer compared to Lydia, because there are peole that would vote Lydia out.
    I Think Russle screwed up. But we can hope that Jesse uses his unexplanable power over his followers and gets them to evict Howdy Doody Ronnie.

  32. I also agree, there need not be any fixing, all of the posts and forums I have read since Thursday have everyone voting for Jeff.
    I think it’s because Jeff has been an underdog for most of the 4 weeks and he seems to be actually a nice person.
    Lets face it, there aren’t many nice people in the house this year!

  33. Ronnie is definitely the most hated contestant in Big Brother history. At least Evel Dick was split both ways as the ‘Love to Hate’ and ‘Loved’ by the viewers, but Ronnie, everyone just hates.

  34. steelyross make sure you vote for Jeff lol.. ppl are voting for Jeff because he is a fan favourite and deserves to stay in the game. Mean while you got ronnie the rat/liar, natalie the stalker and Jessie the air head. if you want drama dont worry Russell, lydia, chima and Kevin will do just fine without the 3 stoogies lmfao

  35. i cant stand ronnie and dislike jessie but i TRULY despise natalie. wish they would back door her and vote her ass off.

  36. Well I have been posting on the other big brother spoilers site more than here.
    I just wnated to let you all know what my favorite line was so far.
    You remember last year, the GEM was April saying, “She only hates me because I am prettier than she is” referring to Keisha.
    We all know that the overall concenus was that Keisha was a 100 times prettier than April.
    Anyhow, Casey calling Howdy Doody Ronnie, (My personal nickname for him), a dorkapoddamous, paled in comparison to his comment to Natalie on the way out the door.
    He said whatever I wasn’t talking to you Pitbull, go make Jesse a sandwhich, lol I WAS DYINGGGGGGGG lol That is what is known as calling it like you see it lol
    I am going to miss Casey :P

  37. I don’t want to see Ronnie go. The show will be so BORING without him. I’m sick of looking at those actor/actress wannabes. I want Ronnie to make it because at least, he is honest about his greed and manipulations. Hope he wins POV and Mystery Power! Good luck, Ronnie.

  38. Ronnie is unbearable to listen to. Natalie is Jessie’s bulldog. She showed (stupidly) her colors when trying to take up for him when Casey was leaving. Wow, Natalie, you’re an idiot.

  39. Haha I loved when Casey dissed Natalie when he was leaving telling her to go make Jessie a sandwich hahaha. She looked like an idiot. I hate Ronnie just as much as the next person. But I get the point people are making about saying he should stay in for entertainment. But what if he and Jeff were to make it to the end and people vote Ronnie to win because they think he played the game well? You never know, like they say in the big brother house; “expect the unexpected”!

  40. I like Jeff b/c he is too honest and doesn’t manipulate. Some think thats not playing the game. Well, there isn’t a certain way to play. You can do it however you like. Also, whenever he leaves, winner or not, he comes away the golden boy b/c of the relationship he’s made w/ Jordan. Thats honorable. Others that have been sneaky and manipulative will have a harder time when they leave.

  41. I don’t want Ronnie, Jessie, Natalie or Lydia to go. They are the SHOW! I don’t get why everyone is hating Ronnie…all he is doing is playing the game and last I checked BB is about scheming and lying. With those guys gone BB will be a snoozefest and I won’t be tuning in. I would rather watch paint dry. Oh, Don’t forget to vote for Ronnie to get that special power!

  42. I wish Russel didn’t keep his word so darn much. Then he could take out Jesse/Nat/Ronnie without waiting for them to stab him in the back first…AGAIN.

  43. Ronnie fans must not have the live feeds to see everything that he is doing. Really if Ronnie was checked by BB thoroughly he would not be playing. He is known and has admitted to being a cyber-bully.

    This is a game of lies, backstabbing, manipulation and alot of other bad qualities but this is all called qualities used to play the game but Ronnie take it to personal. He underminded Casey and his career saying Casey should never be a teacher because he swears and goes to clubs. Ronnie is just taking the game to a dirty level. It is way overboard for BB and uncalled for.

  44. Nat and Jessie are going to try to go against Russ and keep the Rat. I dont think Michelle is trustworthy for anyone

  45. I too would like to see Jessie gone next week. But, even if Jeff is chosen for America’s Vote, should Jessie win HOH and put Jeff up how would that work could he still be able to save himself.

  46. Jordan’s parents already have her married off…as pretty as she is, what could be wrong with this girl? Oh, wait, if she asks you what time it is…


  47. Are you people kidding me? You like Jeff because he is honest? You call Ronnie a Rat? Do you get the concept of the game? If you want to watch people being all honest and nice…I suggest watching the cartoons for children under eight.
    Jessie coming back is more of a cheat then Big Brother giving Jeff the ability to automatically remove one of his rivals one week?

  48. I am impressed with Russell’s nominations. I didn’t think he would nominate Ronnie or Lydia because of the alliance. Now the game should start to get more interesting.

  49. Jessie is a self important wannabe. I use to have a roomate just like this tool bag at school. He thinks people are impressed b/c he was on last year. Well, just like last year, he’ll be gone. Maybe third times a charm, BB12 here comes Jessie!

  50. watching showtime from july 31. what is jessie eating?thought he was on slop…big freaking cry baby!!!!!

  51. Chima made Braden look bad calling him a bigot and misogynistic, all the while calling Lydia a dumb bitch, over and over. Pot, meet kettle.

  52. I would have loved to see Jeff & Chima, I am surprised that Russell put up Ronnie with their “secret alliance”

  53. Who ever is in CHARGE at the time of the VOTE is the HOH.
    The current HOH can not compete.
    The person that used the POWER would NOT BE SAFE the next week.

  54. I am so happy to see Ronnie on the block, will be even happier to see him walk out the door on Thursday. I know they all lie and flip sides but it’s Ronnie’s attitude that pisses me off. The way he attacked Casey’s character and morals, I wanted to reach thru the tv and slap him. Bravo to Casey’s parting words. The beefcake and his bulldog need to go next. I would like to see Jeff and Russell as the final 2.

  55. I think we are giving ronnie WAYYYYY too much credit, to say we “hate” him.. People hated Will and Dick, but both of them had charm and charisma. This little worm of a man has neither.. He is just disdainful.. Hate.. no.. indifference and contempt.. yes…

  56. linda

    August 1st, 2009 at 4:57 am
    I too would like to see Jessie gone next week. But, even if Jeff is chosen for America’s Vote, should Jessie win HOH and put Jeff up how would that work could he still be able to save himself.

    – Yes, he would still be able to save himself. Right before everyone votes, he would be able to put up two people and then everyone would have to vote right then and there. Pretty awesome! Hope Jeff gets it.

  57. Bb 12 should bring the past winners and runner ups only that’s it. now that would b a show not to miss!

  58. I am so happy with the nominations!!!I guess that Ronnie has FINALLY come to the end of his road.There is no way he is going to stay.Dee I also wondered what meat head was eating.I disagree with Marian about CBS “fudging” the Coup D’ ridiculous !!!I guess you don’t read all the blogs.Jeff is going to win hands down!!! To the people that say Ronnie should stay in the house,so there is ENOUGH EVIL to make the show interesting,you have to be kidding!!!!Do you really think that Ronnie is the only evil one there???PLEASEEEEEEEEE!!! Have you not been watching???STUPID THINKING!!!I have changed my mind about Russell. I do believe that he is going to turn out to be one of the best players in this game.I hope to see him and Jeff go to the finals.

  59. Great site. Get the manipulator, then the pitbull then the egomaniac OUT. ALL OF THEM!

  60. Ronnie is a bitch.. Jessie is a meat head and natalie is a stalker.ppl saying jeff votes are fixed are sooo dumb.. If anything jessie coming back is un fair he was a past contestent.. So do u think that was fixed?

  61. Thank you, thank you for the spoilers, from a person in the boonies w/old fashion dial up. Very happy w/noms. I love BB no matter who’s on. It’s characters I’ll never see in my real life. It’s fun escapism. And I love hearing from you and watching the show, too. The spoilers don’t spoil it for me.


  63. Love the nominations. I would love to see Russell and Jeff go to the finals together!!!

  64. I would love for the POV to be used on Lydia and then Jessie is put up. That way it is a slam dunk for Ronnie to go since Jessie’s sheep would never vote him out. Even if they did, no loss, either way.

  65. i would like to see jesse bd but,if that doesnt happen im cool w/ronnie going.i hope jeff has the power.i just hope he doesnt have to use it.i agree w/amy if they bd jesse he will be able have more control.i know russel over heard (ronnie say he can contol russel.) lol keep thinking it for just 1 more week.w/ your weird expressions and hand gestures. i do not mind ronnie believing he is the star of the show or bb history for 1 more week.

  66. vote out ronnie he is a rat. and can’t be trusted. although he would be great to go up against in the finally because everyone hates him just keep him from winning hoh.


  68. Matt — this is totally off the wall but is anyone having trouble pulling up big brother craze–?????

  69. I think That Ronnie will win the POV today. At Monday’s Veto meeting, Ronnie will use the veto to remove himself from the block, forcing Russell to have replacement nominee, but I’m not too sure who the HOH will replace. I am thinking it may very well be Jeff.
    Kevin Silvestris
    Worcester, MA

  70. I’m glad to Ronnie up,but I would have rather seen Jessie and Nat up first then Russ and Chima. It will be easy to get rid of Ronnie later. Jessie has been running that house since the beginning now its time for him to go. Big ups to Casey for putting Jessie and Nat in there place. I think if all those cameras wasn’t in there Nat would do more than make sandwiches for Jessie, she would even wipe his ass for him after he sh*ts and shake his pecker after he piss. I don’t think she have a boyfriend either, just like she said she isn’t 18, she is 24. Everything that comes out of her mouth is a false. Her and Jessie needs to be gone. Hey Jeff has my vote for the mystery power.

  71. All I got to say is Russell’s The Man! Finally someone is smart enough to put Ronnie up!

  72. I really hate to see Russ as hoh. He is an idiot! A few weeks ago Chima was pleading to get him out of there and now all of a sudden there like pea in a pot. Russ, Jess,Nat, and Chima should be gone asap!

  73. Jack, I am sure you put your keen and penetrating mind to this issue, but to post “I think they should have voted Jessie and the Rat Ronnie out long ago. . ” is just a brain thought. Are you void?

    Jessie and Ronnie were HoH during the first 3 weeks, so HOW COULD they have been “veted” out “long ago”? Are you not familiar with the rules of the game?

    Keep VOTING for Jeff for the Coup De’ t power.. . ..

  74. I have been watching the prime and overnite, and in every action of Ronnie, he truly fits the typical description on a dork in every way, his actions, his reactions, man talk about giving a clique a bad rap. So sorry this group ended up with him in the first place, but at least they have their own chances at revival now.

  75. If they don’t evicy Ronnie this week, then there is something wrong with the HGs. He should have been long gone by now.

  76. Before BB Natalie had blond hair but she’s so far up Jessie’s ass it’s now brown! I was sorry to see Casey go only because I think if he would have stayed he would have really stirred things up in the house. Besides, what has Jordan ever contributed besides eye candy?

  77. When someone you hate leaves, someone new emerges that you are rooting for to get evicted. It happens every year.

  78. i believe jesse is a physical threat thats why i would like to see him go although his whineing is fun to watch.ronnie is not a threat as far as i can see he is out smarted due to running his mouth to much.

  79. Cmon gang. Vote the coup d’etat power to the only one who deserves it: my boy Jesse! Jeff needs to be evicted. He is slime and all you geeners (that’s a geek and a wiener combined!) who like him are retarded!

  80. Why can’t there be other ways to vote besides Texting? I don’t know how to send text messages. I’m not the brightest crayon in the box along with Jordan.

  81. I would like to have seen Jessie and Natalie go up…that way one of them would go and they could move on to getting rid of some of the other “rats”

  82. I think Ronnie needs to go. He is a snake in the grass and needs to go home with his wife.

  83. Hey hank you, you idiot!!! no one is voting for jessie but you. you retard! if u vote for jessie you’re an A..hole!!

  84. Yes! I want to see Ronnie GONE! I agree with Russel; if I were a player I would NOT want Ronnie, the “great debater” in the jury house! Next to go, that would give me GREAT delight is Jesse, Natalie, Kevin, and Chima, in that order. Also, am looking forward for America’s vote on the player with the “coupdetat” power and how it will be used. With any luck Jeff will get it and hopefully have the intestinal fortitude to exit Jesse and/or Natalie. (P.S. I don’t think it was fair of BB to bring back previous players, especially Jesse as it turned out. Didn’t like him, or enjoy watching his last year, and the feeling remains the same this year!) Bye Bye Jesse and his pit bull, Gnat…hope hope hope hope.

  85. I would love to see Ronnie, Natalie and Jessie (did not like him the first time around) gone! Ronnie first, then Natalie then Jessie


  87. Counting on Ronnie winning the POV. That way noms will remain the same. Why nom someone unless you REALLY want them out of the house. Back door plans sometimes dont work out so you need to put up your 2 biggest threats. Hopefully Jeff (and im assuming he will win it) wont use the Coupdétat until next wk. Putting Jesse on the block this week would not get him evicted unless you put Nat up with him. Then it would be a win-win situation if either of them goes.

  88. I F***** hate Ronnie.. but I kinda want Jessie to go before Ronnie because if you really think about it Ronnie would be nothing w/o Jessie… Jessie is like the head of a snake, if you cut the head off the rest is pretty much useless and thats what Ronnie and Natalie are and I’m glad that Russel may have FINALLY figured it out!! SEND JESSIE HOME BEFORE JURY DUTY!!
    He’s so damn bitter and annoying and I would LOVE to see him gone around the same time he left last season…. Ronnie is pretty much nothing w/o Jessie..
    HELLOOO?? has anyone noticed that when everyone was yelling at Ronnie it should have been Jessie getting yelled at!!… now I’m not trying to defend Ronnie, but I think he’s pretty much “a little bitch”-Casey

  89. i would not mind seeing the beiner go home but what matters most is that rucsell is thinking for himself and not jessie

  90. Hate to say it but I’d rather have Jessie or Natalie gone and not in the jury house. I do not care for Ronnie one bit but he has no muscle without Jessie and Jessie still has a sidekick in Natalie. With Jessie out he nolonger gets to play the game not even in the jury house. Ronnie would give serious comtemplation to who deserves to win if he is on the jury. Just some thoughts.

  91. i want ronnie, jessie, and natalie gone.. and those that think that the show wouldnt have any drama, apparently have not watched years past.. someone may seem nice now, but as the weeks go on, the isolation brings about insanity… and insanity in itself is entertaining.

    ronnie is weird. jessie is beyond self-absorbed and natalie’s voice is worse than her butt-kissing jessie.

  92. Is anyone else having problems getting the pictures and voting area to show up when they try to vote?

  93. i agree bearded greg lol .there will always be some kind of drama. monica i havent had any problems w/ the voting but i got the sight in favs and just go there to get to it.

  94. i agree that isolation brings about insanity. I also agree that jessie needs to go cause he`s the ring leader. However, you gotta get ronnie out while u can. This is the 2nd straight week he`s been the target, and if he survives this week, somebody else might become a bigger target. Remember Evil Dick was on the block seeral times, talked his way out of it putting the target on someone else that week (the other nominee), and end up winning the whole thing plus getting his daughter 50g`s as well

  95. Who died and left Natalie boss? She is a back stabber. If she’s going to tattle on the HG’s she should tell the whole truth. She seems to be running the entire show. She needs to be back doored and soon!

  96. This show will become extremely boring if jessie or ronnie go because them and russel are the only ones playing the game and making things interesting.

  97. When SteroidJessie and PsychoRonnie go, the Game will finally begin. Seeing trailerTRASHnatalie, the mental midget Kevin, the uglyChimpa, and the rest all get sent out the door will be great.

    Jessie and Ronnie make the game unwatchable, seeing them leave will make it watchable. . .

  98. Im with you graner! Jessie is too self absorbed and ronnie the rat thinks he is above everyone else. I really hope ronnie goes and some of the other house guests get to have their 15 minutes of fame!



  101. Ronnie’s a scumbag because he lies to people’s faces. Then talks junk about everyone in the house. It’s the he said/ she said game. We all know someone like him, and we can’t stand him. If you don’t know someone like him, chances are, you are the one like him. PS. Same for Jessie. Love the way he didn’t say sh*t when Kasey told him what a scumbag he is. He’s such a big pu**y.

  102. Michelle won VETO. . . looks like she may be taking Ronnie off.. . .interesting. .

  103. Natalie drives me crazy. I’ve been watching after dark and she is acting like such a baby. She was voted as a have not this week so she is not going to shower all week or sleep at night in the have not room. What a child. Just take it like a woman. She is also complaining about the fairness of when the have not starts. GET HER OUT!!!

  104. I hope that Michelle talks to Jessie and the others to verify whether they want her to take Ronnie off and once she know for sure goes to Russell and tells him all about it and lets Team Jesse believe she will do it (Like Ronnie did to Team Jeff) and then use it on Lydia and Russell put up Jesse (Pay back )

  105. you guys obviously would rather watch jeff and jordan sit around and do nothing then people actually playing the game you people are mental

  106. Hello yeah…. Rat Boy is going home…. I hope the game gets more interesting than just focusing on Jeff / Jordan…. If that is BB’s focus, this will be the worst season ever. I can’t wait to see what Jeff / Jordan will do once the other is evicted… Maybe Jordan will actually have to start playing instead of acting like a helpless dame depending on Jeff….

  107. So Ronnie the cyber rat, is a cyberbully……
    ……..Well, he better not go to any of my game sites.

    At least he knows that everyone can’t stand him. Just one B itch slap and his teeth will be rolling in the back of his brain.

    I can’t stand a know it all. What job does this creep hold in the real world. I really
    don’t think that he is a geek at all. Nerd? forget it.

    This guy is married? OMG! She has to be really beautiful or some bad road kill.

    Vote his azz out now.

    As for Jesse and Natalie, its bb9 all over again. Mattie and Nattie.

    Nattie at least was……….No both chicks have big mouth. Jesse is worthless. Matt was a honey. Loved his bastan accent.

    Natalie is a big chit. Can’t stand her whinning with the food, her poor jesse and just her outlook.

    Casey hit the nail on her pointed head. Made his point of making a sandwich for jess.

    That was too hysterical. Laughed all night long.

    I am voting for Jeff. I love him and Jordan. She is a cutie patutie. So what if they make a couple. They had it on bb9.

    Adam with his mother of a partner.

    Jeff is very nice and is playing the game very low under the radar. He is the only respectful one besides Jordan.

    I watched the after hours on this show and when Lydia came into Jesse’s bedroom to watch him sleep, her face looked to mysterious. A little tooooo creepy.

    I still like her. My personal opinion of her tatts. One too many. She is a cutie also.

  108. TY marist! Really cyber-bully is serious when people are get hurt and murdered! Ronnie was laughing at the fact that he is a cyber-bully, and loves it. This is the same guy that has gone and bashed Casey for what this guy does on his free time as a teacher when he is a known cyber-bully. Unreal!

    See Ronnie loving the fact that is can be a bully on the internet! This is a must see … and why we cant vote for this guy to have an powers from us (America)

  109. I have to say, I’m addicted to Big Brother and always have been BUT – they have all kicked off the game playing without really being sneaky. Is Ronnie really that good at the game? People were onto him right away. He goes on camera and acts like he is the smartest guy in the house. Duh, you’ve been found out. How is that smart? The power of the house has remained on one side, hopefully a shift will happen. As for Jessie, I give him credit for having a great body. That takes a lot of time and work but why is he so cocky? I know he’s young but he has no depth to him at all. He is a self absorbed tool. I truly hope he goes next. Ronnie and then Jessie. Works for me. I love Jeff & Jordan. I would like to see them take it all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyy! Vote for Jeff, vote for Jess, vote for Jeff!

  110. Now the game can truly begin! It’s every man/woman for their self & the real back stabbers will show who they are. Jesse will throw anyone (including Ronnie) under the bus. Ronnie doesn’t seem to get that he has zero personality. When he tries to act the bad guy he just comes off petty & mean-spirited.

  111. I am so happy that Ronnie has been put on the block. I hope the house is smart enough to know that he needs to go. Instead of Lydia being put up they should have put up Natalie, but I would rather see Ronnie go before Natalie.

  112. yes he should of put up natalie.I Hope she get’s Booted out soon she a trouble maker and a winnie kiss ass bitch.I looking forward to her and ronnie and jessie going then Chima. Jeff and jordin i hope they take the hole thing..

  113. I would of liked to of seen Ronnie and Jesse go up and if pov was used then Natalie be back doored that way Jesse and Natalie wouldn’t of been trying to keep Ronnie but would of turned against him instead. That would of insured that a power player leave this week…who cares about what’s her name. She would be easy to get out any week!

  114. So smart drashton……it would have been smarter to put up Ronnie and Jesse 9or Nat)….would have been a much bigger power play….Russ may have blown it. There is talk that Jesse, Nat, Michele, and Chima will vote to keep Ronnie! My only hope is that Jeff gets the CoupDe’Tat power and is able to turn the house around by getting rid of Jesse and Natalie…we’ll see

  115. I can not stand Ronnie. I have even tried to like Jessie this season but to no avail I can not do it. Natalie’s voice along with Jordan’s makes my skin crawl. Also if any of these people are really fans of big brother then they know there was only one exception made on the age issue of being under 21 and that was for evil dick’s little girl. So wake up and either smell the coffee or admit the truth, you no nothing of big brother’s rules. As for the nominees I want Ronnie out so bad I would fly to Cali and escort him out the door personally. In fact I would pay money to do just that. Then I would like to see Natalie go followed by Jessie.

  116. on the cheating network the is a email signed Rod asking someone to do a bot so they can cheat and continuosly vote for Ronnie check it out

  117. As much as I like air Jordan and jeff..I want to see Ronnie stay. I enjoy the way he is playing the game. Its Big Brother..a game. May the Best player win.

  118. If you all should remember Evil Dick was the one that everybody wanted to go and he ended up winning,So Ronnie needs to go now and there is still more too go untill whoever gets to the final two, I hated to see Casey go so soon ! but he cooked his own goose just before everybody went to vote,but I would not have voted out Jordan against anybody,She is Hot !and if I was Jeff I would have her for desert!Jeff is the only one that seems favored by most BB11 fans ,Can’t wait to see who gets the Power Coup but who really knows if our vote counts for sure ..

  119. I think the only time Rat boy reads the Bible is when he is scared of going home or people want to evict him.

  120. I guess he is hoping Michelle will save his ass but I seen stranger things happen..

  121. Ya that Ronnie is on the block not so much that Lydia is. I like her and her cute hair styles. She could stop the thing with Jessie.

  122. Hey, just wondering if anyone else has been having trouble trying to vote? I was not able to vote, so I thought check the BB forum. What I found was that “Ronnie THE RAT’s wife has started a website to cheat on the “America’s Vote” she even posted her picture with a sign to vote for “Ronnie the RAT”. RONNIE THE RAT’S WIFE A CHEATER, JUST LIKE HER CYBER BULLY HUBBY, RONNIE THE RAT TALBOT! WE DO NOT THIS KIND OF PEOPLE. THE SHOW WILL GO ON WITHOUT THE CYBER BULLY, a.k.a. RONNIE THE RAT TALBOT!

  123. I read on another Blog that cbs had some problems at first when the voting started ,but I do not know about ronnies wife Bot remember it cost $1.00 per text vote !

  124. Jessie and Natalie need to be put up together! Then lets see who has the “power” in the house!

  125. Hey, thank you for the head’s up. i know when cbs started Amerca’s Vote, the picture’s & names did not match. But on Friday I was able to vote. On saturday, I was not, then I read on the Big brother forum that Ronnie “THE RAT” Talbot has his lying trying to cheat on America’s vote! You know the saddest part of this that “RONNIE THE RAT TALBOT and WIFE are TEACHERS?”

  126. Get Jessie out he is a snake wake up you people, He is a SNAKE.
    He wants all of you to do his dirty work for him Jessie it;s time you were gone you had achance last season and they got you out it;s time to gogogogo

  127. All I know is that they have to get rid of
    ” JESSIE ” some how. He is the most stuck-up, conceited, s.o.b. I ever saw.
    He was a waste last season and he’s just as big of a waste this season. He’s nothing and the show would be more popular if he was out of there for good. What was B.B. thinking bringing this a.hole back again?
    I use the paper with his face on it for my puppies to take a crap on. That’s how much respect I have for him. A pure waste of good paper right ? !!!
    Goodbye Jessie, your next !!!

  128. with the cheating going on ronnie does need to leave.tonight.if all the hg knew this he would be gone.ronnie is and has been liar and cheat all his life.especially if he admits to being a cyber bully.i just have no respect for this guy.teachers!!!!!IT WOULD BE A COLD DAY IN HELL BEFORE THEY HAD ANY CHILD OF MINE IN THEIR CLASS.talbot i know the name because i shop in the store talbot. if thats his family i will never shop there again.i wanted jesse to leave but at this point i would rather see jesse win over ronnie.jesse can go next week.

  129. i really want jeff 2 get the coup d’ etat thing.he deserves it and will hopefully use it next week to put up jessie and natalie if he’s smart. it would be getting one of the strongest players in the house out

  130. I so hate Jessie!!! Hated his arrogance last year and wasn’t happy to see him back. Almost decided not to watch this season because of him.

    Shout out to Jessie….Not every woman thinks you are the end all and be all because of your (steroid? …. I’m just asking) muscles. Try being nice and stop strutting around.

    Jeff is a “real” man.

  131. If Jeff gets power he can put up jessie and lydia and if his side has the most voters they can send Jessie crying out the door next week. I hope he also gets stuck as a have not again. Will be so funny to see Jesse have to eat something really bad. I think he likes the squid

  132. im w/you on sending jesse home next week now due to the going to vote for jeff some more.

  133. I watched some of the BBAD & for the most part it’s a big yawn. Glad I didn’t sign up for it! Also I thought if you were in a bathroom by your self you wouldn’t be spied on. Why is Jordon shown taking a bath & for long periods of time? Is this a guy decision????

  134. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like Ronnie but the house needs to break up the Nat/Jesse alliance if anyone has a shot at winning BB11.

  135. Hopefully, Ronnie will go home this week, Jeff will get the mystery power and next week at the last minute, Jessie & Nat will be on the block. and Jessie will go home. I think that Nat will whine to Chima, and b*tch, but without Jessie or Ronnie there, she will be gone shortly and powerless.

  136. please please, talk michelle into using the pov on Lydia and putting natalie up in her place…sooo everybody will vote Ronnie out! im begging you! please! RONNIE needs to be out NOW~ and honestly i think its about time some athlets start to get worried. they have had it soooo easy since day 1!~~~~~~~

  137. Good nominees although i sort of like Lydia’s quirkiness. I think Ronnie is a sack. ONly way it could have gotten better is if jessie would have been nominated. But maybe on a backstab, lol, if ronnie wins PoV.

  138. Ronnie thinking when power is used hoh get to name noms. He is telling Chima who to put up. Rat boy is trying to run future HOH’S

  139. @Sharon Woodall: how is Ronnie’s wife trying to cheat for him? What is she doing that none of the other families can do? How do you know this, are you with production?

  140. haha cheri thats funny jesse seems to think he is above man on earth.due to him and crew not following rules i hope by some chance get jeff or jorden or russ on the block in the future their votes dont count.their is no future for rat boy.he lives in a dream land.i hope is not mental when he gets out.

  141. Ok people I dont understan why everyone hates jessie ok yea he is a little full of himself. Why does everyone like couples oh its so cute. jeff is cool but do you people not see how dumb Jordan is she is stupid, proboly the dumbest person I have ever heard talk. Here is a girl thats playing a game that casey made up and she says who wants to see someones penis. Like are you 15. Another, I was sqauting to pee and i pooped. Dumb girl stupid, and if Jessie goes do you know how boaring the show would be. Know more jessie vs jeff, so then we would get to watch floaters like lydia and kevin and chima for 3 weeks wow alot of fun there.

  142. Bluezee Kev said he got an extra day because he ate something. So why hasnt N/J been punished for sleeping everywhere but have not room. This seems a little one sided to me

  143. ok i like jeff,jorden russ because they have a personality.they have respect for the game.jesse has no respect for the game or he would be following rules as a have not,like the others did.that goes for kevin to no respect for bb rules nat has a slop pass but still should be sleeping in the have not room.jorden was fair as far as brains jesse has none either.i think chima has more game than nat. i almost like chima as far trying to win a challenge.michele is no wimp either.there always will be drama w/out jesse.he is a competiter but,i want jeff or russ to win jorden come in 2nd if she can hold her own.

  144. i agree cheri.maybe kevin should be complain in the diary room.then maybe they will give them an extra day .

  145. Man this is turning out to be a good show after all look a lydia ahhahhahhah when lydia went up there to the hoh room she look like she was gona deep throat Russel hahhah when she got put up on the block her face was pricels hhahah at that moment she look like she was saying in her mind i should suck russel hahhahah at that moment she look like a slut sorry hhahaa but….hhahhaaahha

  146. That is a Great Question! “PEANUT HEAD JESSIE” was whining about being a have not. However, if the “GNAT-A-LIAR” was and or so dedicated to “PEANUT HEAD JESSIE” WHY DIDN’T SHE GIVE up her SLOP PASS? So much for “TEAM PEANUT HEAD, AND HIS GNAT-A-LIAR, CHIA-PET, & do not forget ” RONNIE THE RAT TALBOT! IT IS TIME THESE PEOPLE ACT LIKE HUMAN BEINGS! IT IS NOT HIGH SCHOOL ANYMORE!

  147. ronnie is in trouble i hope to god he gose home this week he done openend his mouth already .i think he just needs to go a head a pack his bags and go home

  148. Like I said before, Jessie has to go home. I hope they can back door him this week and get his punk-ass off the show. He does-not follow the rules and being labeled a ” have not ” doesn’t seem to pertain to him. He maybe all muscle but he has absolutely No Brains and Personality. He thinks he’s above everyone else but actually he is dumber than Jordan.
    He is also a far cry from being a ladies man and the gay’s don’t want him either.
    I’ll be Happy to see him gooooooooooo !!!

  149. I truly believe that RUSSELL is the one to watch out for….he is very condesending, and will use just about anyone he can to obtain the final spot…

  150. Why isn’t CBS doing something about “Peanut Head” and Natalie not sleeping where they are supposed to? Isn’t this, defacto, cheating? Who should we complain too? Do they honestly think they are above the rules?

  151. peanut head and the little pit bull seem to think they can do what they want.. CBS needs to make them be have not’s next week to for not sleeping where they are suppose to be.

  152. I think that Russel made the best decision yet. Ronnie needs to leave and then Jesse {the 2 year old on steroids} needs to go next. I don’t know about all of the folks that posting on here feels, but don’t you think that Jesse went from being an alpha male to being a cry baby when he was put on slop? Just because he is a “body builder” does not mean that he should get special treatment. He is the biggest dork in the house. He makes me sick with all of his whinning. As for Natalie ,Casey got it right ,she is Jesse’s bulldog and kinda favors one too. Chima acts like a 90 year old woman on Viagra and can’t find a man who wants her.She’s just pitiful. Lydia should have kept her pants up, she can’t see that Jesse is making a fool out of her. I say go Jeff. Vote for Jeff ,I have several times!!!

  153. Jeff wont get the mystery everyone is voteing for him and watch it wont happen cbs wont allow it votes are rigged they also have been in all shows. Plus it wont be used this week cause if they put him up against ronnie Jessie stays.The Jeff team has 4 people, and one of them cant vote. So if he went up he has the votes to stay and the mystery power would be wasted. Cause next week when jessie wins they will use it and put up 2 team jessie members and then the numbers will be even. And then team jeff would for sure have to win the fowlling week or it would be over for them. None the less Jessie will be in the jury house and he will get paid.

  154. Come on people Jeff and Jordon wake up and smell the coffee a Blind and Deaf person could beat these two. Russell will carry them because their gonna die, the real strategic players are Jesse and Ronnie can Jeff spell Strategic. Russell is playing personal with Jeff and Jordon because like Russell he feels sorry for them like America,because People don’t like cocky because it scares them so people get upset. The game needs fear thats what makes the show the more interesting. Ronnie might be a snake but every game needsa snake. I agree with Ronnie he’s a cobra and what do cobras do attack mongos.

  155. If Ronnie isn’t voted off, he may be able to send a few more good people home. He must go. And then that preening know-it-all, Jessie…..I HATE JESSIE.

  156. i think ronnie should go home he is the rat in the house and he is playing on both sides

  157. ronnie the cheat is going home,i cannot wait til thursday.tired of that goober acting as tho he is above and holds everyones fate in his hands.michele proved her self i think she could be part of the final 4.

  158. yea ronnie is gone finally now the show will get better now ronnie is gone no more rat or 2-sided player

  159. Please, someone, make Jessie go away. Did y’all see how he slammed down that “door” that covered true or false when he lost?

    And he can eat anything cause he is a body builder. Thanks for reminding us you muscle bound dork.

  160. Bye Bye Ronnie….you sore loser.

    So great Jeff won….

    Shemale was so excited when she won HOH….her team was so excited!!!! They think they are in charge and can get rid of anyone….Can’t wait to see their faces when Jeff turns everything upside down! Next Thursday can’t come soon enough for me.

  161. Wasn’t it just too fab that Chimpa won HOH? An entirely worthless HOH this time. She’ll put up Russell & Lydia. Jeff, if he’s smart will put up Jessie & Natalie. Then the cheese (Chimpa) will stand alone. How GREAT is THAT??? Hopefully neither Jessie or Gnat will win POV.

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