Big Brother 11: Week 4 Nomination Episode Tonight

Big Brother 11 returns tonight for its nomination episode and endurance HoH competition results reveal in Week 4.

If you can’t wait for Julie to deliver the noms news then you can go ahead and take a peek at the HoH nomination spoilers. There are even more spoilers if you really want to know it all because the Power of Veto competition has already taken place leaving even more HGs in danger.

If you missed yesterday’s twists and turns then you can always use the live feeds new “Flashback” feature which works like Tivo for your feeds. Pick a day and time, then the feeds will automagically time warp you back so you can watch the hottest events of the season all season long. This is definitely one feature I’m getting a lot of use out of already. Sign-up now for 13% off the monthly rate!

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  1. Does anyone know why Jessie and Natalie were allowed to sleep in the Green room instead of the Have Not room?? Was it a concession to Kevin eating accidently??

  2. Why would people vote for Jeff to get the special powers? For one, there’s no need for him to use them this week. And if he or Jordan win next week, there really won’t be a need to use it then either. IT would be a HUGE waste. So why not give it to someone who will definitely use it to cause some major drama in the house this week? I say give it to Ronnie.

  3. hey jay go throw urself of a cliff…take ronnie wit ya when he gets evicted this week…y would we pick him??!!

  4. J/gNat sleep in the green room.. . .and Kevin eats things he’s not suppose to when he is on slop. . . .quit being so anal. . . .

    Its a game, if the BB people don’t care, why do you? It doesn’t matter, these three cheaters will be gone in the next three weeks or so.

    Cheaters never prosper. …

  5. Guess what, Ronnie the RAT,s wife is cheating for him. She is trying to get him all the POWER votes

  6. For Rat to win, it would have to be cheating. Rat is one of the most pathetic characters in BB history. He’s not like EE who was hated. . …and loved. . .. .even people who hate EE know he loves his daughter, in his own way. . but, the Rat? he’s just hated. My only question for him would be, Who would marry you? Must have been a mail order bride, or cousin or arranged. Rat is societal scum.

    CBS wants him out the door.. . as much as we do. If he wins the COUP power, then his father must be counting the votes.

  7. Well if it is ok to vote for Jeff as many times as we want, why would it be a problem for Ronnie’s wife to do what she has to to get him the power? Let’s not be hypocrites…. If Jeff can have his supporters vote as much as they want without CBS blocking it, Ronnie’s wife can too…. DOn’t be poor sports about it… Also if Nat / Jessie should be thrown off, then so should Kevin…. Don’t have double standards because you don’t like certain houseguests…

  8. Leo who are you talking to, I hope not me. Do you come here to try to argue. If you are talking to me you need to back up and regroup. I did not say any names. And if I did I can say any name I want to. If you dont abide by rules you should go home which is what I said in the first place. Now shut up and get off my back

  9. hi leo,no one here is approaching the cheater network or what ever you call get votes for jeff.apparently someone knows that ronnie is hated so much they are trying to get bots to vote for him.there fore leo no one is a hypocrite people can vote for ronnie if they choose to as many times as they like,only do it honestly.

  10. I see you have are feeling guilty Cheri…. You aren’t important enough for me to singlw out ok? If I wanted to, I would have been glad to use your name… Get a life and read the entire message…. It was a general observation about people complaining about Ronnie’s wife trying to rig the vote for him which is simular to Jeff’s fans trying o make sure he wins…. If Jeff’s fans don’t have a problem doing it for Jeff, they have no moral place complaining about Ronnie’s wife doing it for him…. Hell she has more of a reason to support her husband than strangers for Jeff because they think he is a nice guy…. Mark my work…. By the end of the season if Jeff / Jordanare there they will backstab each other and others to get the $500,000….. This game has never had a fainale with a person who has never backstabbed, lied or made a deal that compromised their morals…. Hell Jeff is already making a deal with Russell to allign with him even thoug he got into it with Russell and said he didn’t like him…. Just the other day Jeff said he would remember Michelle flip flopping last week, but he now wants an alliance with her…. This is Big Brother people….. No one will make it to the finale without backstabbing, telling a single lie or flip flopping to save themselves!!! Have a good day!!!

  11. Russel and Jeff fought, but Russel went out of his way to be nice to the group even though it threatened him and turned people against him. He earned Jeff and Jordan’s respect.

  12. Russell see’s the warrior mentalty in jeff. He knows he can out think him but not if he can out last him again. So he will play nice for now. Then show him the door later.

  13. If Jessie, Natalie and Kevin are Have Nots then they should accecpt their punishment and deal with it. I’m really tired of hearing Jessie & Nat complain about it so much. Kevin’s not complaining, as far as I know. At least, not anymore than the usual complaints about slop. At least he figured out to freeze Muscle Milk so that it’s like Fudgecicles or heat up like hot cocoa. Jessie’s fixated on broiling the squid and not succeeding. Maybe he could ask production for some tips.

  14. Hotboy I dont feel guilty about anyone or anything I do no Like R/N/Jess and that is a fact and as for Kevin I dont care if he goes home either. If you dont want to play by game rules you should go home All of the other people that have been a have not have abided including C/M/J/L&R. Jess Nat & Kevin are no better than they are. As far as the vote goes they will only except 10 votes per cbs so Noby including Ronnie’s should be allowed to cheat.Now get off my back. You are not worth my time to respond back to you so I will not read your post or act as bad as you again. Now have as unpleasant a day as you want but you will not ruin mine. Good Day

  15. That was real mature Cheri…. L~O~L!!! Anyways enough of this midless chit chat with you….. Anyways…. Do the other bloggers think BB will be better or worse with no drama in the house? I think it will be more drama when and if Lydia and Kevin find out about this secret alliance between Jeff / Jordan / Russell / Michelle… That is if Russell and Michelle can be trusted…. I thin k we can all agree that Russell / Michelle will flip flop as muc as neccessary when needed right? It will be real interesting to see what happenes if Natalie / Jessie or Chima wins HOH nxt week…Do you thin k that alliance between Jeff / Jodan / Russell / Michelle will hold up? I think it would be cool to see Jeff / Russel in the final two, but I think Russell will back stack Jeff because he won’t have a chance to win the $500,000 against Jeff…. Jeff is either lying to Russell about the final 2, or he will backstab Jordan to get to the final 2 with Russell…. How does this make him any better tha other lyiars and backstabbers? Please indulge me anyone…. This is a good converstion since absolutley nothing is going on in the house now that is interestin…. Ronnie knows he will go home unless by some fluke he gets the power…. (I hope not)…. That would be interesting though!!! L~O~L!!!

  16. By th way…. I think this is way moe interesting than the live feeds now because nothing is happening in the BB house that is interesting now… Hello bluezey60….. Oh ok…. I wasn’t aware of her using bots to vote for Ronnie… I apoligize for my assumption… I was wrong… if that is the case she needs to be stopped….. I am not suprised though because if Ronnie is that smart and willing to cheat, I would assume his wife would be willing to cheat to help him win the $500,ooo…. My bad ok bluezey60

  17. Well well well……. Cheri has something to say huh? L~O~L!!! You aresuc an airhead Cheri…. If you weren’t talking about specific people, don’t worry bout the blog post….. Anyways…. Leo thanks for backing me…. Even though you don’t have good taste in players…. I haven’t like Jessie since last season, but I guess no one is perfect… You do make good points about potential drama with this new alliance of 4 which include Jeff / Jordan / Russell / Michelle which is a good thing… I can;t wait t see what happens if Jessie / Natalie / Chima win HOH…. I wonder who everyone thinks will flip flop first? I say Russell and Michelle…. Anyone agree or disagree?

  18. There is no way Ronnie’s wife could fix it so he would get continue votes through the internet etc. CBS would not put themselves in that kind od situation. Several of the polls I have seen has Jeff so far ahead.

  19. Does anyone think the alliance with Jeff / Jordan / Russell / Michelle will be able to go through the rest ofthe game in tact? I don’t think so…. I have to agree with Leo who made some good points about potential drama with this new alliance of 4 which include Jeff / Jordan / Russell / Michelle which is a good thing… I can’t wait t see what happens if Jessie / Natalie / Chima win HOH…. I wonder who everyone thinks will flip flop first? I say Russell and Michelle…. Anyone agree or disagree?

  20. Can anyone tell me how to get on the live feed? I signed up and down loaded the required soft wear and nothing.

  21. I don’t care that much for Ronnie, but I do want to see an exciting eviction. If we give the power to certain people, it may go unused over the next 2 weeks. I want to see some fireworks!

  22. hi leo.and your right it is getting interesting i want to see ronnie leave and i believe russ and jeff will make a great still hoping for jeff to get the power.were cool leo.

  23. Jeff and jordan do deserve it if you will look back at what Ronnie did to them. Jordan was put up twice, her best friend laura in the house was voted out her other friend breaden was voted out, and then lost Casey she went against her best friends in the house except Jeff. Jeff lost braden, Casey, and laura which was half of his alliance. He almost lost jordan Jessie by no means deserves it neither does Ronnie. Ronnie needs to go.

  24. i cant wait to see ronnie walk out that door and no jury house for him.russ rocked when he put ronnie up and let him know he hearde everything he said.there is still going to be drama in the house (wich we all love )just not the rubbish ronnie spews.i still would like to see nat and jesse gone jesse first.i would like the final 3 be jeff ,russ,jorden.oh,lydia is going to try to put the make on russ i think he better watch out, surprised nat didnt give her slop pass to jesse,he was so was fair and square get over it at least its not just slop.

  25. If they work it right they could keep jessie on slop for 2-3 weeks then send him home. How much fun would that be.

  26. honestly there are no favorites in the house this year … I thought braden was kewl and had potential thats it … everyone else are boring as hell. big brother spice things up !! bring back janelle

  27. Yeah I am with ya that was the first thing that I thought to was that Nat would give Jessie her slop pass but I’m glad to see she didn’t Would love to see Jessie on slop for a week or 3 lolol Can’t wait to see what Lydia is willing to give up to Russell to be able to stay that should be good for a couple of laughs…Can’t wait to see bbad to night have miss it this week…

  28. Jeff and jorden sit on there butts they dont play so they should be on the bottom sorry u ppl watch but the game is to play i hope jeff sn jorden go soon

  29. hello people why r u against ronnie he is playing it is what u want. he is in the game JEFF n Jorden suck boring

  30. from what i understand mr.god wanna be and his ( for you casey)obediant pit bull( she has a slop pass)5,000$ richer man clubber are better than eveyone else.thats why they sleep where they want eat what they want.matt,doesnt bb penalize if they dont follow the rules? i thought they did in their votes.all the other hg followed the rules. when they were have nots. just shows there ignorance even surprised kevin is breaking the rules.jorden was fair the way she did it.they would have jus said you,you,you.jeff,jorden,possibly michele.

  31. I am glad we are cool bluezey60…… I am hoping this season won’t turn into the Jeff / Jordan romance with Russell and Michelle along for the ride to the final 4…. I think there should be a villian or two to keep the season uin teresting…. Does anyone really belivie it will be as good if there is Lydia (who threw Kevin under the bus already) and Kevin even though Kevin and Lydia are just floating to the next rounds of the game… And imagine Michelle, Russell, Jordan, Jeff, Lydia and Kevin as the final 6…. Do you think that would make the most entertaining show? Who will be the villian then? I think in the next week or two, Lydia and Kevin will try to get the survivor or Jessie / Natalie / Chima to join forcaes with them to take out Jeff / Jordan / Michelle / Russell with Russell / Michelle flip flopping again to whoever wins HOH…. Does anyone agree? If not, I would love to hear other peoples input… What do you think about this bluezey60?

  32. lol leo im confused…i like the jeff,jorden,russ,michele scenario.maybe not so much as villians but,winning challenges.there will always be some kind of drama due to only 1 person can win the big money.ok your final6 lydia will be the drama because she will want to sleep w/everyone behind all their backs.lolfrom my point of view lydia kevin are the followers of jesse nat chima,those 2 are expendable to jesse.again drama w/lydia she will tell nat the truth about her & jesse.i feel if there is going to be a villian it will be chima just because she is a drama queen.gotta hand it to her tho she did great in the endurance challenge.i do feel michele is capable of flip flopping.i do believe they will go after jeff next because jesse knows how most of america feels about not sure if i answered your questions leo,i really did i said im into sporting end of the game.i like to see people win challenges,i just dont care for jesses ignorance & ego.the way he was w/casey was rediculous.he has no sportman ship.i think might have shook his hand if he would have been more respectful in his speech my 6yr.old could have done better than that.

  33. bluezey60 I agree with you… Jessie is a jerk…. I didn’t like him last year…. I was glad dan / ollie booted his ass…. I just think Jordan will ride Jeff’s coat tails and won’t deserve a spot in the finals unless she wins something… I believe Kevin and Lydia will so the same thing… Have a good night bluezey60…. Thanks for your input…

  34. Go team Jessie! They are playing the best game. Not dumb and dumber (Jeff and Jordan). I truly do not see why everyone is so high on these two pathetic players. Jeff has done very little in this game and Jordan’s game play is no better than a lamp. I think it is because they are “cute” and that makes everyone so enamored with them. Say what you want but Jessie and Ronnie are in this game to win it and have played the best games up to this point. Jordan is quite possibly the worst big brother player of all time. Wake up people and smell the coffee.

  35. Great point Laura, I totally agree with you. These people in here are brainwashed with the Jeff/Jordan smut. Go Jessie/Natalie/Ronnie. You truly deserve to win this game.

  36. ok i have to admit thought jeff have done well in the competitions of late..but the first few week he was a floater same with lydia and kevin ..
    jordan’s smart because she knows she might be americas favorite even thought she did nothing the whole game worth mentioning other than hanging on to jeff like a sad little baby.
    sure shes nice but thats about it.
    lydia must go she a loser period ..

  37. I just love all the comments about who is playing the game to win or the right way. Please someone tell me where I can find a BB strategy guide. Please. Get over yourselves.

  38. steelyross run along to your corner about you getting over yourself. everyones here to leave a comment about the show. chill out buddy u don’t need a guidebook. lol.

  39. I agree with steelyross: in a game like this that is forever changing how can there be a right way to play it. I think if you are left at the end standing you must have done something right. I think what hurt Jesse more than anything was that annoying Natalie running her cocky little mouth. She always had something to say well I’ve noticed as of late she has been quiet. With that being said go team Jeff/Russell!!

  40. So the people who are the JEssie/Ronnie lovers love the complete and utter fabrication that Jessie and Natalie made up about Michelle approaching them stating that she would vote for ronnie to stay for their protection? you think THAT is good game play?? It is SO easy to verify.. They are SO wrapped up in all their stupid lies that they don’t know which way to turn. they have both totally abandoned their “best bud” Ronnie. Even to not talking to him anymore. Jess said “sorry dude, you are a sinking ship”.. Nice..
    And for everyone saying that it will be boring without villans?? We still have LOTS of villans.. We still have Jessie, Natalie, Chima, Lydia all are capable of despicable acts.. Come on..

  41. i hope ronnie dhe power voto on tuesday night
    ronnie has to go home from big brother house
    fr: laurie stoyles

  42. i like to see ronnie get out of the big brother house this week
    fr:laurie stoyles

  43. Janet..great post. Jesse and Nat will also be sinking ships unless they win some power next wk. Even so it could be too little, too late. I think Russ may be thinking that Jeff will win the Coup and is aligning himself with future power. Smart move. Lydia also tries to align with where ever the power is but does it in a more obvious manner. Not smart. Leo is also correct in the fact that we always want a villian in the game. No matter what happens we seem to find one. Everyone eventually has to go back on promises made. When we get to F4, who do you think Jeff would keep? Jordan or Russ. I think he could win againist both but he would have to break a promise to one.

  44. I think Jeff & Jordan ARE playing the game. They just are playing an overt game. They know how to play it cool and right now it is working for them. I was really pulling for Jeff/Jordan and didn’t like Russell, but he is winning my heart now and I am kind of in a Jeff/Russel corner now. As for Jessie and Ronnie- yeah they are playing the game, but I just don’t like mean people so I can’t pull for them. I love the new “Gnat”. LOL! She is just that- a Gnat. Always buzzing around but not worth much. If Jessie goes, where will she put herself. She has alienated herself from anyone but Jessie. Not smart.

  45. Thanks Cat. As far as all the big Jessie fans. Everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinion. I just cant get behind a player who would make up a lie that obvious that was so verifiable.. I mean..none of the people on this season can lie worth a crap!! Give me a DAN who could sell you a pile of dog poo and make you believe that you were thrilled about it..
    This is why I am behind the “good” players. The villians this season are just so limp.. you know?? The one exception to that, will be if and when Russell turns.. HE I could see being a really good villian when the time comes. I would dig him either way, I just hope he hangs in with Jeff as long as is reasonable until they can vie for it against each other. As far as Jordan goes, I believe that when the time comes, Jeff will make sure that it is not his decision, but someone elses. He is smart, and will not want to be the one who puts her out..

  46. I agree with Dawn. Russell is growing on me. He got my respect when he kept his promise to Casey not to vote for him, even though he knew this was going against everyone else. I think the Jeff/Jordan/Russell alliance could go far. They could have as much clout in the house as Jessie/Natalie/Chima. Was watching some of AD last night. Why is Chima not supporting Russell? Thought they were an item. Why do they want to hang onto the “RAT” so bad? He has already proven that he plays his own game. He only aligns with the one in power at that moment. Look at the way he tried to play Russell, even after Russell told him he was the second party at the door. I for one will celebrate Ronnie’s exit. He said last night he told his wife to watch the blogs about him. Wonder if he knows how hated he was?
    Everyone is saying don’t vote for Jeff for the Coup d’etat. I am voting for him. He may not get HoH next week and may need to use it. I only hope that he get rid of Natalie or Jessie. I would like to see who Natalie would follow around if Jessie went home. They are all such sheep following the herder. Natalie, Lydia, Kevin, Michelle, and Kevin do not know how to play their own game without their great leader, Jessie. Knock ‘King’ Jessie and ‘Queen’ Natalie off their thrones. Let them grovel among the common people for awhile!

  47. One thing, I think that Jeff/Jor and Russ need to back off Michelle a little bit. They are constantly questioning her if she is “holding strong” and asking why she is talking to Chima, etc. She has committed to them. I think that was a huge decision for her. She told Jeff that she had finally figured something out, and then she asked him for alliance. I feel like she wanted some bells and whistles, but didn’t get them. I totally understand Jeff’s reticence, and I think she did too, it was just that she was so excited to have finally chosen a side. They need to start bonding as a team, now, and quit questioning each other..

  48. janet i agree they do need to start bonding now.i believe the final 4 jeff,jorden,russ,( ? )possibly michele will realize they will have to win challenges to stay in the game w/out back stabbing of course promises will have to be broken,thats a given when you get that far in the game ( final4 that to me is not back stabbing its ensuring your place in the game to win the big prize.).i do like jorden ( cute couple has nothing to do w/it )i agree she does depend on jeff and needs to win hohs and povs.he can only protect her for so sure she knows this.gnat( who ever started to spell her name that way was right on lol)is protecting jesse w/her mouth lol.jesse knows he cannot win this game w/out his lil cult following,waiting on him.sexing him up and patting his head when he needs a mommy.and they feel they are above the rules of bb.that alone just shows their ignorance. no former or existing bb player will never respect them for just that alone no matter if its a suit or slop its a code of sportsmanship wich they do not have.rat boy is just mental living in a dream land all his own.

  49. bluez, I LOVE THAT!! “Code of Sportsmanship” That is great! We still have a lot of unsportsman-like people to get through first. Jessie and his little harem, namely. It is Ridiculous the things these people will do for him..
    Raven: the reason Chima is not supporting Russ now is because she got super jealous when he was flirting with an outside model who came in for POV comp. He does not like chima like that, but she did him. He has distanced himself from her because of her actions on that situation, and now she is just acting like a woman scorned..

  50. I agree with Laura, at least jess is playing. jeff and jordan are so stupid. LOTS OF AIR

  51. lol ( a woman scorned )i believe that might be the theme of her life( chimas ) drama queens are usually not very happy people..IM SO HAPPY HE WON THAT POV GOOOOOO JEFF HAHA.

  52. OK, what i don’t understand is why is it considered to be “not playing” when you are being honest and decent but winning or almost winning competitions. Then is it “oh, but they are playing the game” when all they are doing is telling stupid lies that they can be easily caught in, and NOT winning competitions for the most part..
    Please explain. I am not being facetious, I really don’t understand the mentality..

  53. Janet makes an excellent point. There are many ways of “playing the game”. Jeff chose the way that will let him sleep at night. Russell appears to have also. They are strong players when it comes to competitions. Since America has a vote in all BB seasons, it’s also “playing the game” to be likable and have America on your side. Or you can be a manipulator like ROnnie and go it alone.

  54. Jeff is even with Jesse Jesse won 1 HOH and Jeff won a POV Jesse didnt wint the first HOH it was given to him

  55. Janet, i agree. Doesnt matter what tactic you use(lying, manipulation, integrity, winning comps), its All playing the game. Some people choose to go the dishonorable route and some stand up to their convictions. I think this is what BB was originaly supposed to be about anyway. Would you have the “moral code” and ability to stand up for your convictions if pressured by opposing opinions, lies and minipulations? I like to think most people would but BB proves there are people out there who are willing to do anything for money. The BB house really is a “mini” society. And there are people who act like certain hg in everyday life. Those of us who have a “moral code” and act like decent human beings find it hard to accept that lies and minipulations are part of someone elses everyday life. But we all get “played” every day. By people like Bernie Madoff, Corporate executives who get big payoffs, and even possibly our own bosses. Sorry for the preaching. I guess my whole point is: From the moment you step into the BB house, its Game On. For all of them. They just have to pick their poison as far as gameplay goes.

  56. some people janet just dont understand that integrity is what most people want fromm the players.yes,sometimes they can be bad ( evil dick for example i loved him)he did it with integrety and heart & soul all the way.jess,russ,jorden,michele havw won a whole lot more than the other crew.

  57. Cat, u are so right! I had almost forgotten that that was the original premise of the game. If we look at a list of previuos winners, they were almost overwhelmingly “nice,decent” people.
    1.). Eddie
    3.) Lisa
    4.). Jun
    5.) Drew
    6.) Maggie
    7.) boogie
    9.) Adam

    These were well likes hg’s who played the good guy game and hello… Won!

  58. @Janet: I’d offer an addendum to that list which points out the winner’s of seasons 3 & 4 were selected specifically because they were the “non-evil” alternatives in the Final 2.

    Season 3’s Daniele is one of my favorite players in BB history. She was completely ripped of her win when BB made the mistake of revealing the diary room confessions to jurists pre-vote. Once they saw how conniving she had been (and I mean that in the nicest of ways) they turned and voted for Lisa because she was “good.”

    Jun won in season 4 simply because they hated Allison for her means and methods of landing in the Final 2. I was in the “anti-Allison” group on a personal level, but hands down she beat Jun by a mile in game play.

    Being “evil” can keep you in the game, but it may more than likely stick you with $50K instead of $500K.

  59. Totally agree, Matt . I specifically left Dan off the list because even though I thought he was a nice guy, he did a buttload of manipulation. The one exception to this list was dick, they chose him over Danielle, even though he was meaner, because she did nothing but ride his coattails the entire game.

  60. Matt, do you have any news about what is going on with the voting?? I can’t get into it and have seen that a lot of people are having trouble.. Nothing shystey I hope!

  61. I can’t imagine anything dirty is going on w/ the poll. CBS is probably just having their usual tech issues!

  62. I have only been away for a day and see that Leo is still stirring the pot. Not many people on this board like Ronnie the Rat and I will buy u a box of kleenex for eviction night, Leo, looks like he is going home.

  63. Good afternoon bluezey60…. Hello Bridgiet…. Let me clarify… I am not a Ronnie fan…. I thought he should have had the balls to say he was keeping Chima during week one uinstead of playing both sides…. Now do you or anyone else honestly believe Russell is less of a rat than Ronnie? Russell is still playing both sides (Jeff / Michelle / Jordan) & (Jessie / Chima / Natalie) while he cozies up to Lydia who is close to Kevin…. The reason Russell wants Ronnie out (even though he made a deal with him last week) is because Ronnie is closer to Jessie / Natalie / Chima than Russell is and Chima is catching onto his ratty ways… Does anyone agree or disagree? Does anyone want to humor me and honestly say if they think Russell is playing both sides the same way Ronnie did although he may side with fan favorites Jeff / Jordan this week unlike Ronnie did week #1? P.S. I am not stirring up the pot…. This is a good way to open people’s eyes to both sides of the game and not be close minded to hearing opinions of people who agree with you…. I know bluezey60 can respect that….

  64. Leo, I for one have MAJOR reservations about russ. I said in the other day that he is the weak link in that alliance. I do think he got a little bit of a wake up when his fathers letter talked about honor. But do I think he would turn in a new York minute if he had to?? Yessiree bob!

  65. I meant to add that u do think he likes Jeff and Jordan as people the best, tho and respects both Jeff and Michelle

  66. Oh yeah janet…. You are funny…. Adam backstabbed Sheila dduring season 9 remember? He made a deal with Ryan to get to the final two…. He back stabbed Natalie…. He even was caught whispering to Natalie and then lied about it to Ryan’s face even though he got cauth…. Mike Boogie during season #7 is infamous for working wirh Dr. Will Kirby and backstabbed as many people as they coule…..You say Eddie from Season #1…… Hmmmm I will let you rethink your list ok? Not one person that won or made the finale got there without backstabbing one person or lying one time…. You tell me on person who did neither…. I just pointed wholes in your list…. Does anyone agree or disagree especiallyabotu Adam (seaon #9) and Mike Boogie (Season #7)?

  67. I am glad you are actually seeing Russel for the rat that he is…. He read his fathers letter, but he is going back to his old ways minus the arguing with Jeff…. He has final 2 deals with Jeff / Jessie / Natalie and he is now telling Jordan he trusts her the most in the game? I wonder who else he has a deal with? care to guess with me? I have typos in the first posting… L~O~L!!! Oh yeah janet…. You are funny…. Adam backstabbed Sheila dduring season 9 remember? He made a deal with Ryan to get to the final two…. He back stabbed Natalie…. He even was caught whispering to Natalie and then lied about it to Ryan’s face even though he got caught…. Mike Boogie during season #7 is infamous for working wirh Dr. Will Kirby and backstabbed as many people as they could…..You say Eddie from Season #1…… Hmmmm I will let you rethink your list ok? Not one person that won or made the finale got there without backstabbing one person or lying one time…. You tell me on person who did neither…. I just pointed wholes in your list…. Does anyone agree or disagree especially about Adam (seaon #9) and Mike Boogie (Season #7)?

  68. Ok Leo just. Agreed with part of ur earlier post and u slam me. K.. I never said these people didn’t backstab, just said they had “nice guy” reps through most of the season. When u get to f3 it is anyman for himself.

  69. Janet these people (Adam & Mike Boggie) were back stabbing people the whole game…. Adam admitted to throwing comps… Rememebr season #9 when viewers thoughtBB rigge the HOH comp after Ryanand Adam backstabbed Nalatie to bring Sharon t the final four and there was a delay in Julie’s response when Ryan won the HOH? That wasn’t the final 3… Adam also backstabbed Ryan when he voted to keep Matt over him…. That wasn’t the final three… The entire BB world knows Mike Boogie and Dr. Will aka the Chill alliance backstabbed on both seasons they were on the entire time… Am I right or wrong? Also Janet I am not slamming you…. I have a post waiting to be added saying I am glad you recognize Russell for the snake that he is…. Do you hnoestly believe there has ever been even a final three with a player who never told one lie or back stabbed anyone to get there? This questions goes out to all the true BB fans like Janet / bluezey60 and everyone else who watch every season….

  70. (Adam & Mike Boggie) were back stabbing people the whole game…. Adam admitted to throwing comps… Rememebr season #9 when viewers thoughtBB rigge the HOH comp after Ryanand Adam backstabbed Nalatie to bring Sharon t the final four and there was a delay in Julie’s response when Ryan won the HOH? That wasn’t the final 3… Adam also backstabbed Ryan when he voted to keep Matt over him…. That wasn’t the final three… The entire BB world knows Mike Boogie and Dr. Will aka the Chill alliance backstabbed on both seasons they were on the entire time… Am I right or wrong?

  71. hi leo im taking another break lol.i have to say i like russel.a rat well,i think he may have had the potential when he made the secret deal w/ronnie but,then he over hearde ronnie being ronnie.i will not give this dude any credit,the only credit he has earned is winning hoh.i believe russel wants to be liked just in case he does make it to the final 2 and thats fine,i do think he will stay loyal to jeff.when final 4 gets here i believe they have to play to win the challenges to stay in the game all promises are broken they have no choice.may the best person win.i do like corresponding w/everyone.i know i have been out of line a couple time but,i do try to respect everyone.thank-you leo for reconizing personal opinion is i think chima will be your next villian but i like seeing her play hard in the still w/my group tho.

  72. Again, Leo, never said they didn’t backstab, said they were liked by most of hg’s . That is all…

  73. I appreciate your resonse bluezey60…. Am I right though…. Russell is doin what Ronnie did…. He has a deal with Jeff / Jordan / Michelle…. He also has a deal with Jessie / Natalie / Chima…. He is also getting close with Lydia which makes him good with Kevin…. He is making himself safe regardless of who wins HOH next week…. This is what ROnnie was doing week one and two right?

  74. As my mother used to say, “Killem with kindness.” Thats what former winners did. Yes, they backstabbed and lied. But always with a smile on their face and the thought in their head that “this is just a game”. They may have stepped on a few people on their way to the money but not too hard or harshly. It was usually with regret that they evicted someone. If you have ANY conscience at all, you do have a few things you would have done differently in the game. A “decent” person makes the best decision possible with the information they have and hurts the least amount of people. Ronnie does not play this way. He would step on his mother if it brought him closer to $500,000. Hes looking at the end game and not focusing on the road in front of him. Looks like hes about to get run over.

  75. I have HLB news on and saw a 7+ magnitude hit the baja area..not sure if thats where the BB studio is but hope all you guys in in cali and arizona are ok.


  77. Ok Leo we are just in a debate, that’s cool, I like debating with ya! I do remember all that with Adam. I was a huge Natalie(BB9) fan-aside from the Matt crap. I was deveatated for her when the boys did that to her. My point was that Adam was in that group that was not considered “evil”.

    The only hg that comes to mind that played it out completely 100% on the up and up was Lisa. There were only two so called “villians”. Dick and will. Yet they were charming and charismatic in their own way . None of this seasons “villians” have ANY charm or charisma.
    I personally think the roach is NOT a villians, he is just stupid! Actually, to me, Lydia is a bigger”villians” that he or Jessie who is just ridiculous .
    So Leo, I totally welcome debating with any true BB fan like u!

  78. Leo you are right. Russell is doing exactly what Ronnie did the first two weeks. With one exception: Russell does not run immediately to other hg and tell lies gleefully. If he has to lie he at least does it tastefully. I totally agree with Janet. Ronnie has no charisma. I dont know if hes stupid but his lies are. Ronnie is not a villian. He doesnt have enough charm to be a good villian. Villians are convincing in their lies. Ronnie stumbles like a school girl talking to her first crush. He does have one thing though: Hes dumb enough to think that hes playing the game well. He has managed to not be evicted for 3 weeks but only out of PURE DUMB LUCK!

  79. hi leo,yes i guess i could say you are right if i look at it the same way as you. but,i do not view him ( russ ) that way like rat ronnie.they approached it in a diierent way.ronnie just thought he was out playing everyone and controling their votes.he feels he is the bbs best player ever.he is not dr.will is ( just my opinion ).he tries to compare him self to him.look at the way he is acting he really believes he is going to win the power over the house,so yes rus did make secret alliances. ronnies so called true alliance is w/jesse.ronnie was throwing everyone under the bus .when he was caught he still insisted on lying.some one said in one of the blogs that ronnie acts as tho hes playing against virtural people not real people who can figure him out.i 100% agree w/this person.( i know i didnt quote them verbatum but it means the same thing.)i guess im saying ( they were doing the same thing but,not in the same manner.russ is playing a reall bb game. ronnie is playing a wonderland game in his head,not a real bb game.

  80. Ron is still going to talk to Russ yet again to tell Russ to get Michelle to change her vote and keep him. He is gonna tell Russ I will let bygones be and I am not after you. Can rat boy really be this stupid to think Russ will believe him

  81. lol cheri of course he feels he controls all of the house guests. i dont want to give full name but jt emailed me i have been looking for the blog that you responded me again and tell me what it was ty.

  82. i was just looking back at the blogs looking for something i wrote.then i saw where i wrote yay jeff won the pov ,i was thinking he won it this week.just wishful thinking i guess.

  83. hey leo, I do agree that Russ is playing both sides and I can’t decide who sickens me more Lydia or Russ. Lydia because she is constantly trying to persuade the men with her attributes, to put it nicely; and then there is Russ who shocked me with his backstabbing and claims that he doesn’t like Chima. They looked pretty cozy to me on BBAD until Chima began finding out about Russ. Regardless, I still love Jeff/Jordan it may just be because they make a cute couple and I am a sucker for love, lol. I do respect Jeff though I think he is a good competitor.

  84. Most of us agree that Ronnie and Russell have played a similar game. The key word being “similar”. Lies and minipulations have been made by both. But its not the lie you tell, its how you tell it. Ronnie lies like a school girl talking to her first crush. Trying to hide the truth but very evident. Russ is much more tricky in his lying. There is usually a kernal of truth mixed in with the lie. Therefore he has deniability and can back out of it unhurt. Russ may be a villian to some (and sometimes he is to me), but hes a smooth villian with a little heart thrown in for good measure.

  85. lol cheri,i do not know what i was thinking lol. jt ohhh ok i know now.had me thinking i owed someone an apology.lolo yes that was halarious.!!!!!!

  86. Good evening BB fans….. I have a question for everyone…. Does anyone actually believe the Jeff / Russell alliance will make it to the final 2? Here is why it won’t…. Jeff will never choose Russell over Jordan…… Russell will never take Jeff because he woul never win te votes…. Natalie / Jessie / Chima would vote for Jeff because Russell screwed them to be with Jeff… Russel is a rat playing all sides, so I am not sure he can be trusted… Hell Jeff / Jordan questioned Russell’s loyalty this afternoon!!!I believ Lydia / Kevin will join forces with Jessie / Natalie / Chima (whoever isn’t evectied next week) and the either Jeff / Jordan / Russell (I hope Russell) will be out within the next week or two after one of NBK is ousted next week… Anyone have any other theroires?

  87. I am glad to see such excellent views about BB 11 going on… How is everyone doing this evening? I have a few questions for you all….. I hope you will partake in my curiuosity…. Does anyone actually believe the Jeff / Russell alliance will make it to the final 2? Here is why it won’t…. Jeff will never choose Russell over Jordan…… Russell will never take Jeff because he woul never win te votes…. Natalie / Jessie / Chima would vote for Jeff because Russell screwed them to be with Jeff… Russel is a rat playing all sides, so I am not sure he can be trusted… Hell Jeff / Jordan questioned Russell’s loyalty this afternoon!!!I believ Lydia / Kevin will join forces with Jessie / Natalie / Chima (whoever isn’t evectied next week) and the either Jeff / Jordan / Russell (I hope Russell) will be out within the next week or two after one of NBK is ousted next week… Anyone have any other theories?

  88. hey leo,i hope you are wrong but,i think you might be right.i truely hope they stay in an alliance till the final4.then do what they have to vote is still for jeff.

  89. WUZ up bluezey60? How is your day going? Do you have any thoughts on my scenarios or anythng else you think may happen with the mystery power? It looks like Jeff / Jordan / Michelle may be already doubting Russell and if they turn on him, they would be doing what everyone else is complaining about right? I think that group of four will fail aS SOON as Jessie / Natalie / Chima win HOH and Michelle and Russell will flip flop and turn on Jeff / Jordan…. I think Jeff / Jordan will turn on Russell if it comes to getting rid of Russell o each other even though Jeff had a final 2 deal with Russell….. Let the games begin BB #11 fans!!! ***** L~O~L *****

  90. tbone you are soooo right….. i agree with you that Michelle / Lydia will do what they can to get Jordan out the game so tere worthless buts can have Jeff / Russell / Jessie and anyone else carry them to the end because they are jealous of Jeff / Jordan’s friendship…. i can’t wait to see if this happens… What will poor jeff do? He is already having doubts about Russl…. He won’t be able to trust Michell anymore if she does that? Anyone have any suggestions or thoughts on this matter?

  91. hi leo,you are making my brain work still believe jeff will get the power and use it if and when he needs to ( against jesse and nat ).i think russ and jeffs alliance will stay strong til the final very well could go down the way you are calling it.i just hope it doesnt.i would like to see an allience between jeff russ jorden ( michele) stay true until the promises have to be voided.i believe everyone knows leo that there is going to be some (back stabbing)it is just the way it is done.ronnie wasnt normal,he is charisma and no real game,he feels he controls everything.i feel cat explains it very well in the column above us.i just want to see my team win challenges so they are garenteed safety to make it to the final 4 and matter how the chips may fall im still a jeff fan.

  92. Hello, I will try one more time. We do not need “Ronnie the RAT”, we have Jessie, Gnat, Chia, to set up lies to tell Russell! Once again the America’s vote is open again. It does not count for the cou de’ta, so thank you for nothing. anyone agree?

  93. I have a question, & I can promise you that this comment will not post. The reason is my postings usually suddenly disappear because of this website. What do you think? Will you see this? Remember we live in a free country, so we all have a right to have our voice be heard. All I can say is “Realatity,what a concept!” Thank you, Matt

  94. Moderation, that is Matt’s response. What did I do wrong? You probably will not see this either, but hey I tried! So much for other people’s voice’s. Moderation?

  95. hey leo,just thought i had some sleep.jeff and russ aliance is supposed to be secret right.i really think hes pretending so hg will believe the alliance was only for 1 week.unless russ actuallly goes against jeff before the final 4 i think he will be true to his still voting for jeff.

  96. Hey bluez, hope u slept well! I think Russ would still like to be on team Jeff, but I can see Jeff hanging back a little on being BFF’s right now with him.. IF ONLY Michelle would call out Nat and Jessie on that dagblasted LIE!!
    I would like to replace Russell with Kevin on a permanent basis, what do you think?

  97. hey janet i did get some sleep ty i understand jeff hanging back to. russ has to prove him self that he can be trusted.i do wish michele would call them out it would make a big difference.i would love to see kevin join jeffs team just for his vote i just cant see him winning challenges to help further jeffs team.i do want russ to stay but only if he is going to be loyal to his alliance w/jeff.

  98. Wow, I just finished watching BBAD. Everyone seems to have had it out but Jeff/Jordan. Chima shocks me, she goes on about Russ’ love muscle and it’s size. How would she know if she wasn’t doin him. Chima is just too loud and obnoxious. Hope everyone else is having a good day. Leo what do you are your thoughts last BBAD

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