Big Brother 11: Week 4 Sunday Live Feed Highlights

It was a lazy Sunday yesterday on Big Brother 11. The HouseGuests spent most the day cloaked in paranoia as Jessie and Natalie withdrew further into the shadows and Ronnie scurried around the house looking for a vote. The new alliance with Jeff and Russell remains strong and despite Ronnie’s expectations that he’ll receive the Coup D’Etat power things look a lock for his eviction.

Later today we’ll have the results of the BB11 Power of Veto ceremony, so stay tuned for those results this afternoon.

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Live Feed Highlights – August 2, 2009:

11:45 AM BBT – Lydia sharing her plans with Jeff that if she gets evicted she’ll pour water on Natalie. Jeff suggests pickle juice. Ahh, the power of brainstorming.

12:10 PM BBT – Ronnie talking smack about the other HGs with Chima. Ronnie is convinced that he’ll receive the Coup D’Etat power after the PoV ceremony. Chima isn’t convinced of Michele’s intelligence.

2:15 PM BBT – Michele and Russell sharing a laugh over Ronnie’s attempts to sway the house and its votes this week. Russell recommends they both stay quiet this week and let Ronnie self-destruct. No reason to help him or let him pull them down with him.

4:00 PM BBT – Jessie and Natalie scrambling to cover their butts by explaining to Russell that lies are being spread about them and they really do want whatever Russell wants this week. Russell remains mostly unmoved by their speech.

5:40 PM BBT – Jeff and Jordan agree that if either of them gets the Coup D’Etat power it should be used to eliminate Jessie and Natalie.

7:30 PM BBT – Jessie realizes his BB world is closing in on him. Warns Natalie that Russell is on to them and they’ll need to win HoH next week to secure their safety.

8:45 PM BBT – Ronnie and Chima sharing more Big Brother paranoia. They think Russell is planning to backdoor Jessie this week. Ronnie then promises America that if we give him the Coup D’Etat power that he’ll put up Jeff and Kevin and send Jeff home for us. Sure, because that’s what we really want, Ronnie…

10:15 PM BBT – Kevin recommending to Lydia that she distance herself from Jessie immediately. He feels he has some secret information that he’ll share with her after the PoV.

10:30 PM BBT – Jessie is trying to convince Lydia that he’s on her side and will vote to keep her. She doesn’t believe him. Jessie says his true targets are Jeff and Jordan, but he also wants Kevin gone soon. Jessie starts in with his ‘roid rage and trails off.

Another quiet day in the Big Brother 11 house as the HGs prepared for Monday’s Power of Veto Ceremony. Will Michele use the power and if she does who will Russell nominate as a replacement? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Hopefully Michele doesnt rock the boat this wk and keeps noms the same. I cant see her taking either of them off as it would cause her more trouble than either of them are worth. I expect there will be more butt kissing and more paranoia after the POV ceremony. Hope Ronnie is evicted(so he doesnt go to jury house), but Lydia in the jury house might calm her down some(or make her more bitter, especially at Jesse). Which ever way it goes this week, we get rid of a problem child.

  2. Did you see Lydia and Jesse in the room together? Lydia was trying to get Jesse’s balls and Jessie had his foot in between her legs. Wake up Lydia and smell the coffee, Jesse is playing you. Lydia said she could convine whoever to keep Jesse. Come on.

  3. hahah
    ronnie is so delusional. if he thinks that he is loved by america while jeff is hated, then its ironic that this reality star needs a dose of reality

  4. this game is finally turning around!
    yay for the
    jeff/Jordan/russel/michele alliance
    its no dan/keesha/memphis/renny but its a start

  5. If they do keep ronnie, the game will stay interesting, i’m afraid that if they get rid of him the game will be oh so boring. all we’ll have are the j&j lovefests, the jessie, natalie and lydia confusion, and then theres russ and chyma boring. face it folks, without ronnie, the house will be dull. how come jessie and casey never let on that they knew each other, does anyone know?

  6. @Jan: I asked that very same Casey-Jessie question to Inside Dish and luckily Ross asked Casey. Casey’s response was pretty much “huh?” He said there was no connection.

    Both guys are from Florida so it is entirely possible to be just a coincidence and considering Casey’s seemingly honest nature I’m going to believe him on this one.

  7. I am so glad that Ronnie will be leaving!!! I can’t stand him or the a$$ he’s up, Jesse! I hope Jeff gets the power, doesn’t use it this week and then use it next week to get Jesse or Nat out!!

  8. i think ronnie is confident – read rumors that ronnie’s wife & gamer friends have rigged the computer voting. it would explain why he is so sure he’s getting the power.

  9. Post on another site: BB11 .. Aug. 3 .. 5:10am (Cam 1) – Jessie gets up, takes something from the kitchen, and throws it over the wall in the backyard . Is this true????? Why does bb not call him on this!!!!

  10. face it jan marie, without ronnie i think all of america will be ecstatic!…the show will be 100 times better…we will all be able to watch and eat at the same time without throwing up by looking at that fugly permafrown dorkopotamus!!!…trust me, we will all be very happy without him and Big Brother will be better off too….

    Editor’s Note: Comment edited. Do not threaten others in your comments.

  11. the riggin thing wit his wife isnt true…she wouldnt have the balls or brains to pull it off…plus she would go to prison for it…it was some1 tryin to be her and make it look bad…its not even possible to do wut they were trying to do without CBS knowing…cmon now people dont fall for somethin that stupid!…its all good…jessie will be out next week for sure…good luck not gettin ur butt kicked for the rest of ur useless life ratfink ronnie!

  12. hello! this is the perfect time to backdoor ronnie or jessie and if jessie stays use the coup d’ etat to nominate jessie and natalie its that simple people

  13. I think bb will be better with Ronnie gone. What are you thinking jan? Don’t you remember how Russell can explode at any moment? Don’t you think when he finds out how close jessie & nat. are he’s not going to explode? I just hope he keeps his word to jeff. Ronnie is just an ass. I think if russell does all that he says he is going to do, he may have a chance of winning,that is if jeff goes. jessie is such a sore looser,because when he became one of the have nots,he lost it. Did he think he would never get chosen for that? I hope jeff wins the coup d’etat. That would be awesome.

  14. Ack! Just checked coup d’etat poll on and Ronnie is listed as the only votegetter. Maybe his wife DID fix it? Don’t know how to contact CBS to alert them to the issue (like they’d care). I had checked it a couple of days ago and Jeff was doing well. Any of you know how to alert CBS or BB to potential vote fraud?

  15. i do not think the poll results being shown at are the actual results of the coup d’etat. i just dont think cbs is going to give that info away, they are going to hold somethings back to make people watch the shows on cbs.. however with that being said, with all the people on all the sites saying they are voting for jeff… it would be highly unlikely that anyone but jeff wins it (which btw, is who i want and have voted for numerous times)

    and even without ronnie, there will be some ugly moments in the house, isolation leads to insanity, insanity leads to fights, fights lead to drama, drama leads to ratings.. so fear not, even without the egomaniacs ronnie and jessie, there will still be Drama worth watching.

  16. also, ronnie thinking america will vote for him to have that power is priceless.. i laughed my a$$ off at his arrogance and self-assuredness

  17. I have this horible feeling that Ronnie is going to win that thing and if it’s fixed for him to win it, that sucks, but there’s nothing the fans can do about it or cbs must think that because we all hate Ronnie so much, but the thing is there are others to hate and want out just as much with or without Ronnie. I loathe Jesse, Nat and Chima in equal amounts. I hope CBS does not think or try and make him(rat) into a player like Dick or Will, because he is NOT IN THIER LEAGUE!

  18. What is priceless, will be Rat’s reaction when he gets home and realizes he isn’t anyones hero, and that he will forever be a Big Brother punch line. . . . a joke of humungous proportions. . ..

  19. i think if ronnie wins the vote that big brother is fixed. also i hope who ever won does not use it this week and save it for jessie and nat. the only three people likable it jeff, jordon whom i hope do not make babies together and kevin.

  20. Jen, I hope you are right! I was on, coup d’etat page, clicked on the polls tab in the green bar at the top, and chose the “who will win” listing at the top. In the past this gave me a chart with jeff leading, now it only lists Ronnie’s name 4 times. No one else shows as having received a vote. Where did you find your numbers? I need reassurance!

  21. The poll that shows Ronnie as the only vote getter, is fake! I think his wife/friends put it up (redvelvet69) i believe is his wife. Jeff is way in the lead for americas vote. About 4000 votes have been cast and Jeff has over 3100 of them.

  22. the closest one behind hin is jordan with 300 votes. NO ONE ELSE IS EVEN CLOSE! THANK GOD!!!

  23. i have tried ALL weekend to vote for jeff on computer. even used hamster link. no faces come up to vote the only thing that shows up is the ? and the vote now button but nowhere to choose, thats why i wonder if its fixed. would love to vote can anybody help

  24. Hey, how can you find these poll results that everyones talking about? I couldn’t find them anywhere on the cbs website.

    Thanks and go Jeff!!

  25. @Karen, where did you get your information about the poll? Would be much appreciated!!

  26. when you go to and go to interact then to polls and about the 3rd or fourth one down is the poll with everyone on it. If you look around cbs’com redvelvet69 is all over there begging for votes for ronnie and to be nice to ronnie auhh HACK! Oops sorry I threw up in my mouth a little bit. That happens everytime i think of ronnie. I’m not sure if she’s really ronnies wife but take a look at the blogs, and posts from redvelvet69 and you can pretty much put 2 and 2 together.

  27. Thanks so much! oh she disgusts me!! Jeff has got to win! I hope people don’t feel safe though and assume jeff is going to win and then not vote anymore. We need to vote as much as possible to be sure!

  28. ronnie needs to win the power :D haha
    there are still plenty of chances for himt o leave.

    Why cant bb be more like bb uk !!

  29. poll i saw has ronnie winning his fans pulled all niter to catch him up to jeff , thats why i want to vote but nothing there when i try to, frustrating

  30. Does anyone honestly believe Russell is less of a rat than Ronnie? Russell is still playing both sides (Jeff / Michelle / Jordan) & (Jessie / Chima / Natalie) while he cozies up to Lydia who is close to Kevin…. The reason Russell wants Ronnie out (even though he made a deal with him last week) is because Ronnie is closer to Jessie / Natalie / Chima than Russell is and Chima is catching onto his ratty ways… Does anyone agree or disagree? Does anyone want to humor me and honestly say if they think Russell is playing both sides the same way Ronnie did although he may side with fan favorites Jeff / Jordan this week unlike Ronnie did week #1?

  31. The poll is a poll of who people are voting for NOT the vote totals.
    The poll has a few thousand results. With everyone voting more than once there should be many many more. Other shows have voting results in the millions. The poll itself has had well over 100,000 views. So to think that BB fans only cast a few thousand votes is not correct.

    As far as fixing the game! THE MAGIC POWER. To be given to the HG that the fans like the most. We all know that is Jeff. He is not winning the other side is. What can CBS do about this? Give out the magic power shift the power towards Jeff without Jeff having to win it or the others having a chance to stop Jeff in a head to head face off.

  32. Michelle should use the POV to take Lydia off and Russ should place Jesse up there against Ronnie. That would be a classic Kodak moment to see these two up against each other. Would Ronnie backdown or be the rat as he is to backstab Jesse?

  33. You are right Lee Mn….. The final tally will be millions of votes to dettermine who wins…. He I like the way you are representing MN Lee…. I am currently in college in Minneapolis…… I can’t wait to hear the results on Thursday night……

  34. unfortunately russel seems smarter and stronger than ronnie … thats why he could pull it off playing both sides. theres something missing about this season, there are no loveable alliance or great players with good personalities to route for…
    chima’s decent for a passive/ dont take no crap player as much as i hate her the first few weeks. i would like to see her win some competitions and take control of the game.
    go ronnie and get your revenge! lol whats that king cobra comment about..

  35. The fix is in. Almost every one likes Jeff but he is not winning.
    What can CBS do about this?
    Offer a power that gives an unfair advantage to the holder.
    How do we get this power into Jeff’s hands?
    Use America’s Vote. Most fans will vote for Jeff.
    Is it fair to other HG?


  36. Do you think the power was set up to give to Jeff because he is
    the fans FAV and not winning on his own?

  37. Lydia had the nerve to say Jordan was going to use the guys to float her along. Lydia is giving hand jobs/and I think b/j to jesse and when Russ won hoh she ran straight to his bed

  38. I think it is really funny that Jesse wants her gone and she is still sucking up. How desperate can you get

  39. Lydia is not trash cheri. I think she is actually attracted to Jessie. This is what i was afraid of though. People on the internet judging the people on the show. You don’t know her! You don’t know how she lives! I don’t like Lydia but that i think is too far. Don’t judge people when you don’t have the guts to do it yourself! Anyway, everyone is forgetting Jessie or Natalie could still win HOH or PoV and be safe from the Coup D’Etat! However, i will vomit and probably stop watching if that happens.

  40. Um come on people. Have some common sense. That page you go to obviously is not the actual votes. Do you REALLY think only 4000 votes have been placed? Some of the people who post here are so ridiculously stupid.

    For god’s sake, I personally have voted at least 100 times for Jeff. Plus there is also all the votes being texted in.

    Get with it. Have some common sense.

    And the person that said Ronnie is so “sure” he is going to win the vote, because his wife/friends are fixing it… HOW WOULD HE EVEN KNOW THEY ARE DOING THAT. Come on.

    Haha.. some of you crack me up.

  41. Haha is right. The real votes have to be in the hundreds of thousands if not millions. People can vote as much as they want. I wouldn’t be surprised if some people have voted 4000 times just themselves.

  42. WUZ UP BB Fans? I am glad to see such excellent views about BB 11 going on… How is everyone doing this evening? I have a few questions for you all….. I hope you will partake in my curiuosity…. Does anyone actually believe the Jeff / Russell alliance will make it to the final 2? Here is why it won’t…. Jeff will never choose Russell over Jordan…… Russell will never take Jeff because he woul never win te votes…. Natalie / Jessie / Chima would vote for Jeff because Russell screwed them to be with Jeff… Russel is a rat playing all sides, so I am not sure he can be trusted… Hell Jeff / Jordan questioned Russell’s loyalty this afternoon!!!I believ Lydia / Kevin will join forces with Jessie / Natalie / Chima (whoever isn’t evectied next week) and the either Jeff / Jordan / Russell (I hope Russell) will be out within the next week or two after one of NBK is ousted next week… Anyone have any other theories?

  43. did you not hear ronnie tell his wife to campaign. that was her hint. they know weeks in advance that they’re in and he’s already told us that he left all the info on which sites to go to for her. if you don’t think computer geeks can rig something up you don’t live in this century. my husband works on computers & its not difficult to do. he told his wife which sites to go to, his words. by the way, its not ronnie’s lies that got him in trouble…its his attitude that he thinks he’s god and no one else is as smart as he is. thats also why no one likes jesse or natalie. its NOT the lies, its the “GOD” complex that makes us want to puke!

  44. @Matt, if you google bb11 casey and jesse know each other…. and click on the first entry, you will see them both at the same bikini contests where casey hosts and Jesse is front and center…so there is no way that i believe they didn’t know each other before the show. As for them evicting ronnie..big mistake, there is still too much show left for them to get rid of the biggest antagonist in the house, I would really hate it if russel were to win this thing, he’s as bad as ronnie (actually he’s worse).

  45. jan marie…. you are right about Russell…. he is mad that Ronnie was a better player with more people who liked him than they liked Russell…. I see he was mad that Jessie / Naalie was always closer to Ronnie and CHima is still closer to Ronnie…. Russell is a rat… Look at him hiding outside the door and then getting called out by Ronnie / Lydia / Kevin for lying on Ronnie…. Look at last night with him crawling and sneaking around to listen to other converstions…. Look at when Ronnie was the HOH when he was crawling into the HOH room with Ronnie making deals and sneaking Ronnie food…. If you look like a rat, act like a rat….. hell yu must be a rat…..

  46. tbone you are soooo right….. i agree with you that Michelle / Lydia will do what they can to get Jordan out the game so tere worthless buts can have Jeff / Russell / Jessie and anyone else carry them to the end because they are jealous of Jeff / Jordan’s friendship…. i can’t wait to see if this happens… What will poor jeff do? He is already having doubts about Russl…. He won’t be able to trust Michell anymore if she does that? Anyone have any suggestions or thoughts on this matter?

  47. Hi, I guess we will have to have till Tuesday nite to see what happens. I would like to see Jeff,Michele, Jordan, & Russell goe to the final four. Do not know if that will happen, but Ronnie needs to go bye bye this week. Then, next week Jessie & the Gnat go up for eviction. Hopefully that happens, then we see if Gnat will still stand by Jessie. My guess is she will not, think about it, it she cared so much about Jessie she would have given him her slop pass! What do you think?

  48. Thank you for your consideration, hopefully my voice is acceptable to you. Thank you

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